Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape—Should You, Too?

Via Daily Mail:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears to be concerned about being spied on.

A photo that he shared to help celebrate Instagram’s 500 million monthly active users shows the camera and audio jack on the billionaire’s Macbook covered with pieces of tape.

In the photo posted on Tuesday, Zuckerberg is sporting a wide smile and his signature gray T-shirt and dark denim jeans.

He’s holding a life-sized Instagram frame that reads: ‘Thanks to everyone in our community for helping us reach this milestone!’


After posting the photo online, several Internet users spotted and pointed out the tape covering his camera and audio jack on his Macbook at his desk.

It’s rumored that skilled hackers are able to take over the front facing cameras on laptops when they’re not covered up.

It appears as though Zuckerberg, who is worth $35.7billion, is trying to prevent that from happening by placing a piece of tape over his camera, making the webcam useless.

Zuckerberg has been previously photographed at the same desk.

Roughly nine months ago while on a tour, he showed off the same desk that’s complete with the same items on it then as it is now, according to Gizmodo.

This isn’t the first time businessman was concerned about his security and privacy.

Back in February he was photographed out on a casual jog while on a trip in Berlin with at least five security guards running alongside him.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg has no less than 16 people who protect him, his wife Priscilla and their daughter Maxima at their $7million Palo Alto, California home.

In five years, the 31-year-old’s company has spent more than $16million protecting him and his family.

The firm disclosed the staggering amount spent on security for Zuckerberg – the fourth richest person in the world – in a regulatory filing back in April.

It reveals that in 2015, $5 million was invested in bodyguards and other protective services to ensure the safety of its founder and CEO.

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264 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape—Should You, Too?”

  1. Well, the commoners can’t say they weren’t warned…and just for the record what he is doing is nothing strange to those in the know when it comes to computers…

    1. Same here. But why the audio jack?
      Do I need to invest in more tape?
      Addendum: Just checked it out, the mic is being covered, so yes, I need to invest in more tape.

      1. Unless you’re on a headset throwing anti Semitic rants, I don’t see why you would worry. Then again, none of us are Zuckenberg.

        1. Who knows what is being uploaded without your knowledge. It probably happens more than you think.
          When I bought my Samsung Smart TV back in 2009 I was pretty paranoid and ended up reading the whole privacy agreement. It did say it would record everything you watched and save whatever you stuck into the ports and give it to third parties (this has been mainstream knowledge for some time now). One night around 3 am I saw a blinking light coming from behind my TV, it was reading my bloody USB stick even though it was turned off. Sure, there was nothing but pirated TV shows on it and despite knowing that it could do it, I was pretty annoyed that it was actually doing it in such a surreptitious fashion.
          So in short I better tape up that mic port.

        2. Speech processing is hard, so if I remember right the Smart TV’s and the XBone Kinect send everything their microphones hear to a third-party server for processing.
          If right, that means everything your TV can hear (which could be the whole bloody home) is being shipped to the internet all the time.

        3. It is scary, but I guess they already have the perfect stealth device. Smartphones, with mic ports and cameras on both sides.

        4. And they really don’t even need to access them. People willfully use these devices to disclose personal information to the world without even the slightest need for government to compel them to do so.

        5. I love that “Facebook stalking” is considered to be a real thing.
          It’s like being upset that someone is listening to all the shit you shout through the loudspeakers.

        6. That’s not even a theory, it’s plain fact. People disclose more personal things that they shouldn’t, on public pages, that twenty years ago would have required a cop with a warrant signed by a judge to compel people to disclose. I’m not talking funny anecdotes or opinions, I mean shit like posting crime, video of crimes, flashing cash and bragging about stealing it, etc. People are just fucking nuts.

        7. I guess IQ scores are on the wane across all societies and races. It’s scary when you come to think of it. It’s like the parts of the brain in charge of long term associations and decisions are being shut down on a massive scale.

        8. It is quite possible that this is true and I think easily explainable. We’ve taken the danger out of being stupid. Used to be, you do something stupid, you got to die or at least be injured enough to be taken out of the gene pool. Now we’ve made everything so safe and foolproof, both through technology AND the legal system to where you dare not make something fun that is even remotely dangerous. Combine this with allowing stupid people to take revenge on the competent people because of their own stupidity, and it really isn’t surprising that it’s manifesting in the gene pool.
          Back in the day, stupid fucks go to die or live their lives under bridges because they did stupid shit. Now we reward them.

        9. I don’t know man, I think the change has been too swift and too fast (less than 2 or 3 generations) to put the blame solely on DNA changes…

        10. Let’s not forget that IQ is a measure of potential, not final ability. Even if IQ is only dropping a little bit, a society which rewards stupidity will restrict people from achieving the utmost of their potential.
          I learned as a small child that I would have to dumb myself down tremendously to socialize properly with the other drones in my learning prison. I chose not to do so, but I saw many smart kids get dumber over the years.
          Now I’m an engineer, and the second-brightest kid in my elementary class is now a heavily-indebted slam poet.

        11. Why so? It only takes two dumb people fucking to create a new batch of dumb people. We’ve been protecting the stupid and weak for well over 70 years now, give or take (figure the 1950’s forward). Dumb people make boatloads of babies, generally speaking. And we’ve been rewarding *really* stupid people with Welfare since at least the days of LBJ. If all of the inner city morons had been thrown under a bridge or left to die on a street corner instead of given “help” they wouldn’t have bred in as great a number. Also consider this applies to idiots in the middle class as well, except regarding all the “new, safe” things that the law has created to assuage their fears.
          Your typical hipster, by philosophy and actions, wouldn’t have lasted 10 days in the year 1942 without being beaten to a pulp and possibly tossed off a bridge. Now we have to “respect their diversity of opinion” and thus, they are allowed to reproduce.

        12. Agree with your first paragraph.
          I tried socializing with people who were as smart as me, but over time became really, really bored with them. Either malicious conniving pricks, or so ivory tower and out of touch with reality that they had no base for me to relate to them with. Instead I chose to simply keep my words to myself (well, 90% of them) and hang with bikers. They’re honest, loyal, fun to hang with, funny and have a sense of adventure and danger that “smart” people rarely if ever posses. I figured that I can use the interwebs to talk to people on my level intellectually when the urge strikes.

        13. It took me a while to get there, but I’m finally in the same boat. As a small child I wouldn’t socialize much at all, as a teen I socialized only with those I thought on a similar intellectual level, and as an adult I socialize with anyone.
          The people who are smarter than you, the ones you reference, I imagine they’re not actually of greater intellect. Your writing suggests that you’re a standard deviation or two above the norm already. Rather, the people you’re describing are almost certainly the want-to-be-smart types.
          Now bikers, they tend to be smart fellows. I’d hang with them over my average millennial kinsmen any day.

        14. Gotta agree. Welfare programs are our society’s attempt to thumb our nose at nature. The only problem is, nature always gets the last laugh. You can only prop up the weak for so long and the problem is, the longer we continue to prop them up, the harder the downfall is going to be.

        15. Right, I actually meant as smart as me, which I edited in my original post. I can and have hung with doctors and physicists without any issues of feeling inferior intellectually.
          Bikers can be crazy common sense type smart. Your average academic type probably couldn’t begin to understand the workings of their motorcycles that they tear apart regularly, nor their blue collar electrician type jobs.

        16. It is a marker of high IQ to be able to quickly adapt to new situations, quickly identify patterns of behavior or design, and quickly discard patterns that don’t work. Most academics cannot do these things very effectively, indicating that their IQ’s are roughly average.
          Riding a motorcycle at any appreciable speed requires that adaptivity. Being able to swiftly diagnose a problem and make a repair or modification to a motorcycle requires pattern-matching abilities. Thus, it stands to reason that the majority of long-time bikers have high IQ’s.
          I’ve got some of the most redneck people in my family, but even I am consistently amazed by their applied intellect.

        17. I’ve known a few guys like that. One guy I grew up with got a 32 on his ACT without even trying. Landed him a full ride at a nice college and everything, but he then proceeded to screw it all away by skipping classes and partying. I prefer the guys with common sense over book smarts; both is preferred though.

        18. When charity was private and means tested, you’d have charity given to men who had bad luck, but weren’t life’s losers. If you became a loser, you stopped getting charity and died as a hobo alongside a railroad track. Welfare eliminated means testing so now millions of idiots who should rightly have perished are out making 15 kids and demanding that “somebody has to take care of these kids!”.

        19. Hmmm the behaviors we witness daily are so stupid (bragging on social media your exploits as a thief/rapist/murderer how stupid one can get?) and across all races and societies (gangs bragging in social media, white SJWs that long for the downfall of their own societies, subzero fertility rates, welfare…) that I don’t think it’s just dysgenic breeding.
          I think we are seeing a perfect storm: massive poisoning (environmental toxins in water, food and air) that is causing mutations and reducing health in general, education standards on the wane, neuron altering technologies (yes modern tech seems to make changes in the brain structure) and dysgenics (what you just posted). At least that’s my humble theory.

        20. Eugenics is not a bad thing. Whenever two intelligent people have kids eugenics is happening.

        21. Very true. I have always wondered how natural selection and human evolution has been affected by our garbage society.
          This is also why I don’t support shipping foodstuffs to Africa. It just promotes their breeding, especially since starving children are great for those videos the charities use.
          Let nature take its course!

        22. Ever since phones that everyone has now has a camera people take pictures every 10 steps they make I mean if you were doing that with an actual camera you would loo like a dork. It’s like people could no longer use their brain to keep photographic memories anymore.
          And taking pictuures of people without their consent someone needs to go mafia on these guys

        23. The true obscenity is that cUNTries doing this already have their own poor and malnourished (poisoned actually) children

        24. There was also a Barney Miller episode about that. The Mensa crook told the Mensa Sponsor that he didn’t go to the meetings any more because the Mensa group was boring. Finally he begged to be taken to the Tombs to get away from the tight ass Mensa sponsor.

        1. need a coma to make that sentence great. Like:
          The inbuilt mic is in the audio, Jack. That’s why.

      2. I’d guess without any real knowledge that electrical tape, being rubber, would be better for damping the sound than scotch or masking tape.

    2. Let’s also be honest, does anyone ever really want a video to surface of this statist dickbag jerking off to weird porn? Unless it’s guaranteed to get him thrown in prison, I’ll pass.

        1. Yeah, I’d never call you a statist. Heh

        2. Wait…did the joke whoosh past you?

        3. Man 1: “That guy on the corner called me a third rate, hedonistic, suck ass douchebag”
          Man 2: “I wouldn’t say you’re third rate.”

        4. Zuckerberg.
          Damn, dude. I trust you’re not a statist dickbag.
          However, I’ll also clarify that I don’t want to see any videos of you jerking off to weird porn!

  2. Zuckerberg may be a code-stealing, pro-censorship moron, but that’s one of the better practices you can possibly employ.
    You’re probably a smaller target, but there’s almost no cost to remove the risk altogether. After all, if your camera is hacked, odds are good the light won’t turn on to inform you you’re being watched.

    1. Until we all unplug for the Matrix, we all should cover cameras, mics, and our arses. I’ve been doing it for years because I”m a paranoid conspiracy theory ascribing nut job.
      Glad I’m not alone.

      1. Here’s the bigger problem: smartphone mics are always on. In fact, there’s a degree to which they’re active so long as there’s any power at all in the battery (even when off).
        Meditate on the problems herein.

        1. Last I checked it was some but not all of them. One I know because I checked myself, blackberry. You simply cannot turn it off.
          It pings the towers regularly when “off” too, it’s easy to check.

        2. At least some of the iPhones and Androids were the same way. It’s been a couple of years since last I checked, but what are the odds they took that highly-invasive feature out?

        3. Actually it’s worth checking again. The iPhone 6s has a *huge* battery life compared to the other models. I don’t think they have a different kind of battery (actually, I don’t know this for a fact), so I’d assume that they’d switched off some of the goofy bullshit. Maybe microphones were one of those things?

        4. I’ll design a sleeve that you slip your phone into when not in use. It will
          come with an app that will direct the following video and audio to the camera and microphone(s) inputs.

        5. What scares me is that there is so much about the design of all Apple products that is completely opaque to users. We’ve all heard about the unreferenced functions Apple uses to get you back into your phone, but without knowing what they are there’s just no telling what happens in there.
          The battery life thing is likely due to an improvement to the chips in the phone. As the transistors get smaller and the designs get better streamlined, it requires less power to do everything. My desktop has an 80W power supply and can do a million times more per second than the high-power mainframes of the 80’s.

        6. I was under the impression that the guts of the 6s were the same as the 6. The 6 has a stinky battery life.

        7. I’m just having trouble imagining what software changes could make that great a difference without a hardware change. I’m in the industry myself, and it’s my experience that it takes tremendous changes to the operating system to produce that kind of modification.
          By way of example, I ran the same laptop with Ubuntu and Lubuntu (lightweight Ubuntu). The difference in battery life and processing speed is produced by completely replacing the user interface code with the express purpose of improving efficiency. As such, my new laptop can do a lot of things with greater power and resource efficiency, but the standard GUI is very similar to Windows 95.

        8. Well my being under the impression of something, doesn’t make it so, heh. I’ll defer to your expertise on this subject.

        9. Again I mention that there’s really no way to know without being a developer on the project. All my assessments are based solely on my expectations, not on any real study of the devices.
          As a final note, it dawns on me that it’s possible that they improved the efficiency of the radios (maybe they cycle Bluetooth when it’s not actively sending and receiving data, for example). Those take a bit of power to run, so there are definitely software changes that can make that more efficient.

        10. I generally turn off bluetooth and wifi by default, unless I actually need to use it.

        11. Hence for Android, rooting your phone and putting on custom ROM makes you phone more secure. Downside to this methods is no user friendly unless it very popular phone.

        12. It could come in handy if we ever need to locate the joker.

        13. I have 6 plus and confirm that battery life is really long. Further, I can go into settings and dictate what gets passive battery juice.
          One thing for IPhone users…there is something that happens when your battery gets down to a certain percentage called low battery mode. It essentially shuts down all non essential features.
          That mode, however, can be manually turned on at any point. Don’t really know what it does and I don’t really care if anyone spies on me so I don’t bother, just something I noticed.

        14. I finally bit the bullet and bought my first smartphone fairly recently. It looks like the low-power mode automatic and toggle features are more-or-less ubiquitous in Android, at least.
          Your guess is as good as mine about what it does to save power besides dim my screen.

        15. From what I understand (and I am a real dummy with stuff like this but I read about it) some apps which may be open but not currently used are draining battery. Further, some other apps are always draining your battery like if you have something that is displaying the current weather or a stock ticker scroll and it temp pauses all of those. Still, loads of more comp savvy folks here could be more exact.

        16. Lots of apps GPS ping all the time, and if you have wifi on and it’s not hooked into a network there’s constant scanning. Stuff like that eats up battery life.

        17. I *loathe* that the term “Chi Tea” even exists. Chi is Russian (and many other Slavic languages) for “tea”. Ordering Chi Tea is actually saying “give me a tea tea”. Now I’m all for ordering titties, but it’s not the same thing, and it’s redundant.
          чай being “chi” (actually we say it “chai”) when pronounced.

        18. Now see, that’s actually “tea tea titties”. It’s no end of confusion.

        19. If a Chinaman stutters, do we consider that a chink in his armor?

        20. That’s awful! And yet, funny.
          My favorite pranks on Chinese are from the Howard Stern show where he’d call one restaurant and place an order then get another restaurant on the line and have the order repeated back *to* the second restaurant from the first. Hilarity ensued.

        21. ha! I didn’t know that. I get the same feeling when people say “the hoi polloi” because hoi is just “the” so it is “the the many”

        22. Being proficient at several languages, as well as being really good at the etymology of English words, has put me in direct conflict with modern marketing across these united States.
          There was a Barney Miller, I don’t know if you remember it, where they had some guy under arrest because he was acting out against some marketing campaign. He cited many correct facts and was really going off on how Marketing basically assumes everybody is stupid and he couldn’t take it any longer.
          I relate strongly to that dude.

        23. For me, it’s people asking for Chai Tea, because “Chai” is Hindi for “tea”.
          Kind of like people talking about Indian Curry, when “curry” just means “sauce.” Since every Indian region has its own slate of sauces, you can’t ever order “chicken curry” over there.
          Or, to bring it closer to home, “PIN number” or “ATM machine.”

        24. Same word. They’re both Indo-European languages. I think “chai” is present in a lot of languages actually.
          Good to know about curry. I don’t do Indian food so I haven’t encountered that yet.
          I used “chi” because that’s what lolknee used, I don’t know how they spell it at Starbucks, but I know how they pronounce it.

        25. “Curry” isn’t even the completely accurate phonetic interpretation of the word – it’s what the British heard, so it’s what we use. They used it to differentiate the fusion foods they created (Rogan Josh, Tikka Masala, etc) from the traditionally British foods that lacked the same spices and cooking techniques.
          But the word “tea” and all its forms appears pretty universal. I know the Chinese is “cha”, and the Japanese is “Ocha”.

        26. Ha. I miss Barney Miller. Don’t remember that particular bit.
          Funny, I used to have a couple of languages. German, French, Classic Greek and Latin (thought the latin was dodgy, the greek was good). They have feel by the wayside for the most part from lack of use.
          At one point I thought about taking summer classes at the Goethe institute to bone up on my german than I thought…that’s absurd. My goal isn’t to speak more languages. It is to speak less.
          I don’t even really like speaking English, but I do it because how else can I read tin foil had theories on the song of ice and fire message boards and reviews for toasters?

        27. Some people in my family, myself included, have this weird ability to remember basically everything and instantly recall it. My youngest sister is the same way. We had a discussion a few weeks ago about a conversation we were having when she was 8 (she’s 32 right now) as if we’d just figured “Eh, we need to finish this discussion” and picked it up right where we left off as if we’d never stopped talking.
          This is *great* for languages, and remembering word use, definitions and origins. I can traipse through Europe and basically switch languages at will if I speak the one in the country I’m in.
          This sounds cool, but it’s really not because I can also remember every slight, insult, put down and bad deed done to me, in excruciating detail, decades after the fact. I also have this huge amount of “stuff” that has no purpose but, there it is. Like the conversation my 8th grade English teacher had with me when I was staring out the window after finishing (and acing) a test early. “Are you on drugs?” “What?” Just loops a bit then recedes then I have another random memory pop up.
          And that just sucks. It is good when remembering details when the wife wishes to argue though, and it’s trained her not to mess with me in the way girls do when they’re trying to catch you up in your own words. Ain’t happening toots.

        28. I get interested in universal-looking type words. We’re told that there is no way to trace back a universal “once upon a time language” and in a way that’s right, but I strongly suspect that we can go back much further than we have today. Of course the Chinese could have borrowed that from the Russians (or vice versa) and it just got re-borrowed by the Nips. It’s really hard to say sometimes.

        29. Basically. It’s weird because usually something will fade, and then two weeks later I’m like “Motherfucker!” It’s why I can recall basically every GenX cultural reference known to man, it’s just “there” and when something reminds me of the reference, boom, there it is waiting for me to type it out.

        30. I’m pretty sure the Nips took it from the Chinese, probably in the same general timeframe they got the Kanji (literally “Chinese words”) writing system.
          Cultural appropriation is the source of culture. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

        31. Absolutely. But there’s appropriation and then root words that belonged without appropriation (or long faded unattributed appropriation).

        32. Side topic: I have had people do the uncomfortable giggle when I say “Nips” or “Japs.” It continues to amuse me, because they’re just shortened forms of “Japanese” or “Nippon-ese.”

        33. Dinna know lad. My grandfather was sharp until the day he died (and, according to his third wife, annoyingly horny, which I did not need to know about my grandfather). On the other hand, others in the family are just normal or get that whole “forget shit” thing going on. It’s a dice roll.

        34. I just love being politically incorrect. Women go insane when I refer to them as broads to their face. Heh.

        35. It reminds me of the “mitochondrial Eve.” We know that all living people extend from a single female ancestor based on mitochondrial DNA, which is passed through the matriarchal line. Since everyone has basically identical mitochondrial DNA, it stands to reason that they derive from a single ancestor, but there are still such variations in populations.
          It’s a fun puzzle to work out.

        36. I’ve recently been discovering the parallels between the Nordic wisdom, contained in the myths and the Havamal, and the “Aryan” teachings behind Hinduism found in the Veda.
          Of course, there are more than a few parallels in the Confucian works, as well. While it’s probable that the Aryans were connected to both the Norse and the Hindu peoples, there might be some universals bound up in the human brain.

        37. Aryans, as in Persians (Iran -> Aryan)? They are definitely connected to us, they are under the same Indo European language tree actually. If they *didn’t* have many similarities it would be surprising. Confucius, you’re on your own there, I don’t know. I think a lot of universal truths are easily worked out by smart people and would more or less match the works of others even if separated entirely from each other culturally.

        1. Boooo. That just made my pocket stickier…
          EDIT: Oh duh, the phone.
          EDIT2: Nope, now the chicks are just staring at me funny because I’m sitting by them and talking to the bulge in my pants pocket (which is still sticky).
          EDIT3: Thought the day was getting better when one asked to see who I was talking to. But now she’s accusing me of trying to make her stick her hand in my pocket and video record it on my phone.
          EDIT4: My ringtone is not helping…at all:

        2. It creates a mysterious look. People will think that you’re in the Secret Service. Chicks dig that.

        3. old fashioned bugging was better (go on, name that movie)

  3. He doesn’t want anyone to see him making corrupt censorship deals with Merkel again.

  4. I wonder how many of his bodyguards are packing heat? I assume that Mr Suckerberg is of the opinion that us lowly peons should not be armed.

  5. I had my laptop camera turn on once by itself despite my having previously disabled it from device manager. It’s been taped ever since.

  6. Zuckerberg has one of the most punchable faces on the planet. Looks like such a fucking goober.

    1. I can not upvote this enough. Fucking little thief makes a billion stealing other people’s hard work. One punch wouldn’t be enough.

      1. Then he uses his celebrity status to spout inanities that make national news. I’ve written articles (rants, really) on some of the shit he said that my university took to heart.
        And he’s a thief. It can’t be repeated often enough that he stole the base code for Facebook before he was fired from a contract where he contributed absolutely nothing to another social media service.

        1. Sometimes I subscribe to overkill. With a pissant like him it would be cathartic.

      2. To be fair, if I had the slightest inkling that doing what he did would yield me 35 billion dollars I wouldn’t fucking think twice about lying, stealing and cheating. I would even wear the gray t-shirt and be a total cunt…at least until I disappeared.
        I think people who make that much money and don’t have the decency to vanish onto some island where they hunt men for sport and get blown by sets of blond Uruguayan twins that were genetically altered by escaped Nazis to have European features really need to re-evaluate their lives.

        1. Some boys have been losers for so long they don’t know when they’ve won.

        2. I’d at least have a modicum of respect if he’d just went on the lam and was never heard from again. No, he has to use that stolen loot to go out and advocate for putting people like you and I into chains on a daily basis. Fuck him.
          I also can’t bring myself to steal another man’s hard work.

        3. This would have been the perfect comment construction if only you had somehow managed to include ninja monkey pirate cyborgs and Jim Beam w/ RC Cola.

        4. girls not boys from brazil presumably? We already know you’d do Sally Kohn, so it’s not so clear anymore

        5. Right. I can respect that. If you’re going to be a thief, be one with class, not some new age SJW Leftist.

        6. oh no….im totally on the fuck him bandwagon. That said, for 35 billion dollars I have very few lines I would cross.

        7. nice. Had to read through it twice to really grasp concept but very good construction. Not only true, but good revamping on standard line. Well done. Have yourself a bourbon …. man.

        8. I am with dizzy on this….salt peanuts salt peanuts.

        9. Yeah, that was a guy who knew what to do with internet money.

        10. That and I can’t stand the fact that he thinks he knows what’s best for society and trying to tell us what to think then spying on us with Facebook…Fuck him!

        11. $35 billion? I’d troll the entire world. Like, buy expensive art work and 12 gauge shotguns and do some target practice while filming it for YouTube. “Hey ladies, remember that Klimt painting you all had a print of and hung in your dorm at college? Well let’s see what happens when we shoot the original full of 00 buck”

        12. Id do that for a little while too but I feel that after a year of it id probably settle down and live a quiet life on a little island

        13. Ofcourse you would, it is endemic behaviour of your people. That’s why im not surprised to see you defending a Zionist comrade.

        14. Ha!
          Asylum let out early or are they giving computers to the lunatics in the insufferable cunt wing now?

        15. Ha, a tenth of that would be twice as much as necessary

        16. The only other residents of my island would be a harem of White/Asian 10s.

        17. Remember, facebook is who catapulted the non-binary gender argument mainstream by claiming there are really 50 genders or whatever the current total is.

        18. McAfee (and I believe Snowden) have also publicly stated it is “trivial” to take over the camera and audio of a smartphone.

        19. Hey knee, you’re always going on about the French-colonized islands.. are these islands typically full of single French hotties on vacation?

        20. “That said, for 35 billion dollars I have very few lines I would cross.”
          That reminds me of when I was a lowly stock boy at the grocery store in the early nineties, we used to play this hypothetical about “what would you do for a billion dollars?” We would then try to come up with the most fucked up, twisted shit to see if there was a line anyone wouldn’t cross. For a long time, no one could come up anything that was out of bounds, until a friend of mine drew the most horrific line that nobody would cross. He asked:
          “For a billion dollars, would you…………….pause for dramatic effect…………

        21. >Spying on us with Facebook.
          How about NOT USING it then? I don’t and I live perfectly fine.

        22. Notice all the rich people are mostly bad people, or they done bad things to fuck there way up in the system, except a few like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, the rest all stolen idea’s or done something bad to get rich.

        23. Mine is dead and a billion dollars buys a lot of forgetfulness. Let me see the fliff

        24. They are filled with many hotties of various nationality. Even Marigot in St Martin, once the cruise people go back to the Dutch side of the island, is filled with beautiful women…many French.
          However, the best that I have found are the ex pats or people working. Back in the 90’s I actually changed my return tickets so I can stay longer because of a Parisian girl working in her aunts shop. I was young. It was great.
          The beaches are packed during the day, the bars in the evening and the clubs at night and with a much different (and higher) quality of woman than the tequila smashing whores in cancun

        25. See I would swap out a different nationality every year. This is the year of the Finnish Harem. This is the year of the Sri Lanken Harem. Will be a blast. You and I can open formal lines of trade.

        26. actually it seems to me that it isn’t that most rich people are bad people, but that not rich people are whining, butt hurt pussies.

        27. I can’t fault that choice; it is one I would make. The only difference is I would manage my money such that it didn’t run out before I died.

        28. Look into one of the founders of DHL. He spent the bulk of hs adult life in the Philippines. He took on one 16 year old virgin after another. He always provided for the cast offs very well so no one bitched. His compound was surrounded by much smaller homes of those prior girlfriends. That is the way to go; 16 year old virgins, two when ever possible.

        29. I’ve spent a lot of time in Cancun and have never seen a girl (non-tourist) that I would give the time of day. The local girls are mostly built like fire plugs and the imports that moved from the DF are not prizes either.

        30. correct. I find that St. Martin, St. Barth and Antigua have really high smv girls open for business.

    2. maybe he has one of those haptic feedback punch in the face laptop cameras, hence the tape

      1. True, the guys got about $40 billion, but it doesn’t change the fact that he looks like he eats his own boogers.

    3. Yeah, Fuckerberg’s face is really punchable. So glad I got rid of Facebook years ago. Nothing of value exists there.

    4. And this is the guy who is against ‘building walls’ and ‘guns’ while having security guards with guns protecting him and walls protecting his large mansion.
      Total hypocrite.

    5. Now on close inspection of his face something’s off like his face and all parts of the image of that level was cropped/cut, is this image photoshopped or something?

  7. I like to tape it in order not to be taped while raping my tapistry.

    1. Ooooh….I like that. You don’t want their mouths agape when you neglect to use tape before you rape, especially if you wear a fashionable cape.

      1. Exactly. Once I raped an ape, while eating a grape, it couldn’t escape, for I was in great shape. Still got it on tape.

  8. I always tape it, but *because* of Zuckerberg and his legion of mindless idiots, not because I’m emulating Zuckerberg.

  9. I don’t tape mine because the worst thing they would get would be a picture of me picking my nose.

    1. You can glean a lot from a camera. It doesn’t take a picture of you alone on a neutral background.

      1. If my camera suddenly turns on I could just wipe a booger on the lens I guess.
        Seriously though, I realize how much someone could get from that, call me paranoid but, I don’t care for the multitude of ways that someone can keeps tabs on me if one were so inclined.
        I also don’t care for the old line of” if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about”. Even if I’m not doing something wrong it’s none of anybody’s business what I’m doing unless I choose to make it so.

  10. I do that too. But when you do they send detachments of insect drones with cameras mounted on their feet to make good on the missing surveillance footage

      1. It’s a joke. But I think they’re actually developing that kind of technology…..I don’t mean according to conspiracy theorists….I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some Darpa videos on youtube like that

        1. Yes. I frequent tech sites, the mosquito type drones are not fantasy. Shoot, I own a micro drone for playing around with the cats that is small enough that if the lights weren’t turned on you wouldn’t notice it hovering directly outside a window unless you were looking for it. No camera of course, but some cameras are small enough to fit on it I’d wager.

        2. Heh, I have a camera drone smaller than some of the big beetles out there.
          Anyone can pick one up, it’s called the VIDIUS drone, look it up.
          If you can buy this for $150 as a private person, what do you think DARPA has now?

        3. Two of them treat it as a toy, the third still has not, to this day, stopped jumping back in fright like it’s some electronic cyborg killer bug out to assassinate her.

        4. They are moving fast. Darpa have probably got a base camp in your Amgydala as standard these days. Pick your nose, kill an intelligence op

        5. your cats are probably all like “do you remember ball and string..sigh?”
          ( not sure if cats can sigh)

        6. I have lasers for them too. They would be totally lost on how to play if the power goes out. I suppose I’ve been crafting Millenial cats. Heh.

        7. Cat’s are fucking weird, that’s what’s up. I’m a dog person, but don’t mind having cats around. They have their own personalities and weird traits too, they’re just a lot more anti-social and I know that they’d eat me if I died, as opposed to staying and guarding my body loyally like a dog would. Opportunistic little bitches, to be certain.

        8. Only the highest quality, hand crafted, organic mice, certainly. Because they know I’d be paying for it.

    1. If you tape fluorescent light bulbs to your head MK Ultra brain control waves no longer affect you because they can’t pass through a vacuum. It makes it kinda hard to see where you’re going though and when you sweat a lot the tape comes loose.

      1. yeah, I used to do that too. I need a safe space from my MK Ultra trigger word

        1. Coating your clothing with organic free-range 90wt mineral gear oil makes you invisible to insect drones.

        2. And, it’s a sharp fashion statement too.

  11. I go one step better than tape. I am going to rig something up with an extension arm and a picture of trigglypuff. Hackers will regret this move.

    1. That will break your camera then you wouldn’t have to worry about it.
      That woman is uglier than a slop jar full of armpits.

      1. ha, might need special ugly angle lens.
        The way the north Koreans hack computers we might actually be able to do more damage to Pyongyang if we all put the trigglypuff picture on and caused mass heart attacks than both bombs that hit japan.

        1. That would start an economic meltdown of North Korea causing them to lose all.59 cents in their central bank.

        2. I thought number 42 was white rice with black bean sauce….yeah, it’s a Jackie Robinson joke…

        1. I think the scientists of ROK need to come together to define a third sex-or some other descriptor because that thing cannot be female.

    1. No no no. He doesn’t believe *you* should have privacy. He’s elite, so he gets a different set of rules and standards, you see.

    2. At least he believes in free speech! :^)
      (As long as you’re not talking out against feminism, or liberals, or muslims, or gun control…)

  12. I had a green Post-it note covering the camera lens on my Apple desktop machine for about 2 years until it finally dried out and fell off. I have an orange Post-it note covering it now.
    It’s just a good privacy practice.

    1. what will you do when you run out of different post-it note colours. There’s only about 4 of them. That’s about 5 more years and then you’re out of options.

  13. google: everfocus applet 1.3… should take you to IP’s that have cameras setups online.. they never change the logins.. its admin/admin!!

  14. Yet another prime example of the hypocrisy of the left.
    Zuckerberg wants total government control, but doesn’t trust it at the same time.
    Good thing it’s all coming down.

  15. Hey Zuckerberg, no body likes you! Don’t go off and try to act cool and hip.

  16. Government security apparatus has backdoors into everything. Just assume everything you do is being recorded or monitored. Likely where you are going as well with the abundance of cctv cameras everywhere in public.
    Meanwhile, real terrorists just go low tech: letter dead drops, human couriers and operate in small cells that cannot identify other cells if infiltrated Battle of Algiers style.

    1. A few years ago, we discovered that all major hard-drive manufacturers have been mandated by entities in the U.S. Government to include particular forms of spyware on their drives. The spyware is loaded in an un-erasable section of memory on the drive itself, and it is capable of storing data in a fashion that cannot be removed even by a complex disk formatting.

      1. Citation?
        And does this apply to flash memory, which is replacing standard hard drives?

        1. I seem to recall something indicating that the malware itself could be written to ROM alongside all the control software for the disk. If so, the data could be gone but the problem would remain.
          (Written from a computer that almost certainly is infected)

  17. Zuck has one of the most punchable faces i have ever seen. I can see why he spends $15 million a year on security.

    1. God made people proficient at science and technology hideously ugly and repulsive to women, so their lack of sex lives would force them to focus on inventing things for normal-to-beautiful people to enjoy.

      1. When did he get proficient at technology? Did he finally read a 21-days book or something?
        I take a bit of umbrage at your notion that smart people are ugly and repulsive to women as well, Scooter. Heh.

  18. All of those 16 people protecting him are most certainly armed. Yet cuck is all about disarming everyone else. #doublestandardmuch?

  19. Classic socialist wannabe from the “new economy”, love, rapefugees welcome, taxation, inmigrants and socialista for everybody, but for him a stronghold, a private army and low taxation.

  20. You only have to look at who is backing him.
    ACCEL corporation gave 12 million in start-up money to Facebook, and ACCEL has direct ties to In-Q-Tel—it may even be a secret arm of In-Q-Tel as well as DARPA.
    What is In-Q-Tel? It is the venture capital arm of the CIA, as is admitted at places like Wikipedia.
    What is DARPA? It is the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, the new technology arm of the US Department of Defense. Part of the new technology of “defense” is data mining. In 2002, it became known that DARPA included the IAO, the Information Awareness Office, which was data mining American citizens. According to Wikipedia,
    This would be achieved by creating enormous computer databases to gather and store the personal information of everyone in the United States, including personal e-mails, social networks, credit card records, phone calls, medical records, and numerous other sources, without any requirement for a search warrant.
    After public outcry, the IAO was de-funded by Congress in 2003, but even Wiki admits that it persisted, “and merely ran under different names.” It is alive and well today. Facebook is one of its arms.

    1. It throws off the tracking from the black helicopters who have been following me around since I first read this article.

  21. I really want to know why he has the audiojack covered though… That seems a bit odd.

    1. Turns out the mic pickup is actually in that general location on the MBP, check it out on the apple website

      1. Oh, so he was blocking the speaker, not the Audio port. Well that makes sense then…

  22. How can an individual who does not sell anything obtain such great wealth? The only example I can think of is the Federal Government.

    1. Zuckerburg sells a product…you the consumer. FB databases are more valuable than gold. The information contained within makes him a powerful man.

  23. I dont bother covering the camera on my macbook, usually the lighting is too low when I masturbate.

  24. What I have found out is you can make as many Fakebook sockpuppet accounts as you want and nothing happens.

  25. (((Zuckerbug))) is nothing but a crook who ripped off the Vinklevoss twins when they developed Facebook while at Harvard. They had hired (((Zuck))) to write some code on the platform, and he proceeded to steal it right out from under them. They went to Harvard president (((Larry Summers))) for help, at least to expel the little thief, but of course they got no action.
    In the end, the twins got like a $75 million settlement. Which sounds like a lot, but is obviously chump change compared to what Facebook ended up being worth.

    1. so why (((round brackets)))? why not <<>>?
      it’s like <<>> spreading into both directions sniffing out for <<>> and Palestinian <<>>!
      much cooler.

      1. wow that’s too weird… i don’t know where the =”” thing came from. i never typed it – and i can’t delete it. plus i typed Einstein-Bronstein with capitals – but it appears in lowercase. <<>>

  26. Because on phones, laptops and tablet no physical switch that realy, physicly can disconnect camera, there is real possibility to someone looking to you without your known about that! Tape covering camera is OK for me!

  27. Something wrong with that image, looks like it was cut and the image was raised up higher or the bottom half lowered down.

  28. if you have visited certain websites, the NSA will activate a beacon on your computer which will install software in the BIOS/UEFI section of the firmware. Your power usage will go up, your cooling fans will spin furiously. Your videos will drop frames due to the high cpu loads placed on it…Everything you view is encrypted and put on the silent side of the hard drive where it will slowly be drizzled out to their various servers which will keep a complete file on what you are viewing, where you are commenting, etc.
    Beacon – Covert Command and Control for Cobalt Strike
    You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOY9pXxzLm8

  29. I understand suckerberg has a large panic room built on his property. My only wish is that he ends up being cooked alive in it as his security staff leaves when the dollar collapses.
    Globalist enablers should be purged with cleansing flames. Fires destroys all disease.

  30. I’ve often been wondering if the LED that turns on when the cam is in use is independent from the cam or wired in series. if it’s the latter then it’d be obvious if a hacker had turned it on against my will.

  31. I used Facebook for about two months. I realized I was feeding the monster of attention whoring and narcissism so the next step was simple, get off Facebook. I deleted my account in 2003 and never looked back. I guess I’m part of the minority. I have this conversation with my friends and they all say the same thing; “well, I just use it to keep in touch with my family and send pictures.” Are you and your family out of touch? Funny, I just email pictures to my dad. And it’s more personal, he knows I sent the picture just for him and not my 21,218 fake friends.

  32. I want to start a human centipede project with Angela Merkel in the front and Zuckerface in the back. Who would go in the middle? You can ad as many people as you want.

  33. No, if hackers see me beating my dick like it owes me money I feel bad for them.

  34. Seems like he could just disable it. Oh yeah, he doesn’t know shit about computers.

  35. In the bay area of CA, most of us do that taping of laptop cameras. By the way, it is not rumor that hackers can take over them. Deep web already has a site through which people entertain themselves by watching others through hacked cameras.

  36. An evil, money-grubbing Jew. Stole the idea for FB, stole the program, stole the business, steals user information and browsing info, lied about profits and stole an incredible amount when FB went public. Put the money in his wife’s name in case he’d be made to give it back. . . It just goes on and on. He’s the perfect tool for the Plutocrats who’re running the world right now.

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