15 Ways Masculine Schools Can Turn Boys Into Men

Let’s face it, the education system today is a total disgrace. The boys who are forced into schools are socialized to behave like girls, their imagination and dreams are crushed, and they’re fed progressive propaganda in every step of the way. The SJWs we see today are the direct results of decades of social conditioning in these educational institutions.

So, as a counter, I propose a new education system that will revitalize masculinity and stabilize society as a whole.

1. Separate the sexes

They look more like men than half of the millennials.

Systemic emasculation of men begins in our schools where boys and girls are treated as equals. It’s time to abolish that and have different standards for different sexes. There’s no practical reason to keep boys and girls in the same classrooms.

2. Get male teachers for boys


If you’re going to separate the boys from the girls, you need male teachers to guide them. China is already doing the right thing by trying get more male teachers to make men out of boys. If you’re not teaching the young ones how to be men, what are you teaching them?

3. More physical education


The boys are growing and they’re full of energy. But with modern technology, many are staying home glued to electronic screens. In fact, the majority in the UK are spending less time outside than prison inmates.

I don’t think they need to be crowded into classrooms and given Ritalin for not sitting still; just let them be more active. Make them strong by teaching them to cultivate their body from a young age.

4. Teach boys how to fight


Bullies don’t pick on kids who are strong and confident; it’s always the weaklings who give off a loser vibe who get targeted. So I say teach the boys how to fight so that they’ll be strong. Boxing or martial arts should be a requirement. Bullying probably won’t stop, but it’s better than leaving the boys defenseless.

5. Start schools later

This was me in high school and university.

When teenagers go through puberty, their circadian rhythm shifts by three hours only to be corrected in adulthood. This means that it’s nearly impossible for them to sleep early as their melatonin production in the brain doesn’t start until late night. And the fact that schools start early only leads to sleep deprivation that damages their physical growth and ability to learn.

So I say start schools around 10 or 11am and let them get all the sleep they need.

6. Shorten the hours and give less paper work


Overload, the fastest way to kill motivation and the desire to learn.

There’s no need to waste money and time force-feeding facts into the mind. Teach only the essentials and let their own curiosity lead to discovery. Studying is not learning.

7. Teach them the fundamentals of life

Meanwhile in Russia…

A typical class today is like this: the teacher dumps facts for the students to copy and memorize, the students do their homework and tests for grades. If a student performs poorly due to whatever reason, the teacher blames the student for being dumb and lazy. It’s a moronic system.

So, instead of dumping useless knowledge in hopes that they’ll soak it up, why not teach the fundamentals of life? Teach them about discipline, perseverance, courage, honor, leadership, accountability, to not be discouraged by the critics, to never give up, and to stand up again after each failure.

8. Train them in physical labor and skills

Most of what boys learn at school are worthless and forgotten after graduation. Instead, they should be taught how to do physical labor and learn useful skills that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Today, far too many young men are losing out on opportunities because they don’t have technical skills and refuse to work with their hands.

9. Teach them about money


Our current education system seems to be developed specifically to breed a horde of minimum-wage workers for corporations to exploit. It’s easy to look at today’s pitiful youth and blame them for their economic station. You can tell them that it’s their fault that they’re poor or don’t have a decent job, but the fact is, most of them have been trained to be that way because of our education system. They were taught to be passive and obedient, and that they can have their dream job if they just believed in it. And they all fell for it.

So, instead of keeping a blindfold on them regarding finances, teach them how to save and make money. Let them know how money circulates around in our society.

10. Teach them how to start their own business


Speaking of money, there’s no better way to teach the young how to become independent and responsible than by teaching them to be an entrepreneur.

Many people in the manosphere have a habit of simply telling someone to start his own business from ground up, but the reality is that today’s youth are clueless because they’ve been trained to conform and not think for themselves. They’ve been taught to be safe and not take chances. I don’t think there’s a better way to solve the current youth unemployment and underemployment than teaching students to be their own boss.

11. Teach them values


Without values, boys will simply slip away into the culture of decadent consumerism and hedonism. I find it amazing that schools today barely teach anything that will keep the society’s moral fabric together. When I went to school in Canada, the only “value” they taught me was multiculturalism and progressivism. (Yeah, thanks assholes. Looks like this one backfired badly and turned against you.)

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christian or Confucian values—teach the youth something. Any traditional or national value is better than nothing.

12. Make them pay for their education


I don’t think it’s healthy to teach kids from a young age that they can get freebies from the government courtesy of the tax payers. In exchange for their education, they should do volunteer work for their communities and clean and maintain their own schools. This way, they’ll appreciate their education more and be better motivated to learn.

13. Destroy their egos

Today’s parents are sickening with the way they spoil and shelter their children. The result of their piss-poor parenting and pandering is already apparent for all to see. The majority of adolescents now are narcissistic attention-whores who are lazy and entitled while being emotionally insecure and immature. To think that these whiny, self-absorbed gremlins will grow up and lead the future is truly frightening.

My suggestion is that kids today should have their egos crushed in schools and learn to earn the respect they desire. No more telling them how special they are, no more sheltering their precious feelings, and no more lies about how great they are. No, you kids all dumb and worthless sack of monkey shits until you can prove me otherwise.

14. Sex roles and dynamics


Sex relations is one of the most important aspect of human life, yet they’re not even taught in schools. Teach boys how to be men and teach girls how to be women, then tell them how to get along. Is that really too hard? Yes, because today’s society wants to androgynize the population into economic units while destroying families and sex relations in the process.

Besides general sex education, boys should be taught about the female nature and the dynamics of sex relationships. Even just one hour a week of red pill knowledge would make all the difference.

15. Let them be free


Once all of the above are accomplished, boys should be set free. They need to learn how to be autonomous and try new things for themselves. They need to let their own curiosities and imagination lead them to their dreams. They need to fail over and over without a net to catch them so that they will learn on their own. Let them make their own decisions and face the consequences. Let them fulfill their own potentials without anyone holding them back or holding them up. Let them be men.


Sadly, even though it will create a better future for everyone at a far less cost than all the money governments are wasting, none of this will happen due to political correctness, bureaucracy, and the general state of our decaying society. The best you can do is to train your boys yourself and minimize all the toxic influence of our current culture.

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214 thoughts on “15 Ways Masculine Schools Can Turn Boys Into Men”

  1. I’ve noticed that the manosphere seems to despise consumerism but how would your enterprise make money if we taught everybody to be entrepreneurs and shun consumption? I think there can only be winners if there are also many losers to win against. Consumerism is the tail side of the capitalist coin imho.

    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed the hypocrisy on this one too. I think these authors are against sloth and lack of ambition to better your station in life, but falsely think this is the meaning of consumerism.
      I say better consumerism than communism!

      1. I always understood consumerism to mean needlessly living beyond your means. For example, leasing a Mercedes you can’t really afford instead of buying a reliable Honda that you can.

        1. According to Aaron Clarey, few people who take out a loan for a luxury car will ever pay it off. Approximately zero who take out a loan for a horse will pay it off, either.
          Consumerism is about becoming a slave to the process of acquiring things. When you live in debt, building up a facade of wealth while actually owning less-than-nothing, you are a dog of consumerism. When you live hand-to-mouth not because you are poor but because you spend so much, you are participating in consumerism.
          It is not wrong to consume, but it is wrong to allow that to control your life.

        2. Part of the problem is giving a fuck what other people think. They are trying to portray this image that they are not. They worry what other people will think of them.

        3. I’ve had acquaintances try to pressure me into upgrading my television, my couch, my car, what have you. I cut them out of my life – I have what I want to have, not what you want me to buy.

        4. And ironically those who are the most avid consumers are often the sickliest in appearance: the men I see carrying a little bag by the string from a boutique store are invariably a picture of ill-health: short, scrawny or pudgy, prematurely balding, etc. It’s almost as if to compensate for the unhealthy visage they present, they are driven to consume. I’m like bro, you’re 25 and balding: something ain’t right with your genes. It’s not normal. But those Birkenstocks and that luxury watch totally make up for it.

    2. Not necessarily, one of the great ways for a society to get rich is to make money and then plow it back into the economy with new investments, etc., as opposed to spending it all on pure consumption. It also helps because it provides a buffer against inevitable economic downturns if you have some saved up or in fixed assets.
      Consumerism in America is dangerous because it frequently means borrowing money (either individually, or corporately through welfare) for things that don’t last and defaulting on the loan (again either individually, or corporately through a currency devaluation).
      Again consumerism, not consumption. A lot of consumption, food, etc., is obviously inevitable, just don’t go into debt to do it or let it jeopardize your long term.

    3. The problem with consumerism is unrelated to entrepreneurship. People going into debt to buy shit from a corporation just don’t have the mental capacity to do anything productive, or even to buy from people doing something productive. Entrepreneurs can find buyers in other entrepreneurs, but not in indebted drones.

      1. And who should teach children to despise Greed?
        And how to recognize the difference between Greed…and Ambition? )
        It is about Ethics…not “Morals”.
        Ceaseless Questioning…instead of Dogma.
        Hebrews manage to do it quite well (among themselves, anyway). Observe and extract the useful. Discard the superfluous.
        Learn…even from the adversary, if it benefits you.
        Diabolus dixit. ;))

    4. You can make products and services that people need. That can sustain an economy (durable goods). I think consumerism refers to the piles of junk people accumulate, like enormous wardrobes (walk in closets anyone?) and other soon-to-be-obsolete electronics. Just think of what useless overpriced junk they sell in Brookstone as an example.

      1. We should never buy stuff in case it becomes obsolete? Spears used for hunting are now obsolete but would you argue we should never have spent time making them?
        Yours is an argument against technological progress my friend.

    5. I think the rejection is of mindless consumption, especially of luxury goods: expensive watches, jewelry, expensive faggy clothes, etc.

      1. I think the danger with mindless consumption is that humans are never satisfied with the status quo for too long.
        So I don’t think it’s the expensive watch or nice clothes as much as it is the lifestyle of constantly buying new things because the old ones aren’t as exciting as two months ago.
        If you buy an expensive quality watch and spend years wearing it, I wouldn’t see that as a problem in itself. In fact, I prefer to always buy quality over quantity. It will generally last a lot longer which means you don’t need to buy new for quite some time.

  2. The problem with schools is the fact that they have been entrenched with feminist dogma and political correctness mantra that essentially, the idea of boys being able to develop masculinity becomes rendered void. Boys today are wearing skinny jeans, behaving in a very feminised manner, not maintaining a tidy haircut and in all essence, behaving no different from a girl. Seriously, I have complained about this a lot and as much as I despise having to see it everywhere I go, it has become so rampant that one can tell that there is no way of fixing the educational establishment.
    I remember when I went to school, it was a different world. Nobody would do what today’s young boys are doing. We did not play around with smartphones and social media. Instead we would be playing intensive sports, understanding the concept of losing and learning to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. But in today’s world, everyone is now a winner. Everyone is so scared now to behave with even a slight remote sense of masculinity, that it may result in the child being subjected to unfair punishment.
    But forget about the schools, just look at the colleges. These educational establishments have essentially manifested itself into the most repugnant environments that the very idea of one going there to attain an education, has diminished. Men are hunted down and falsely accused as rapists that one now has to proceed with caution if deciding to enroll in these places. It is disgusting and leaves one with the curious thought of what is happening to our world. You keep hearing about how there are more female graduates from colleges, more women in the workforce and so on and so forth that as a rational man, it will drive you to the conclusion that feminism has indeed, deprived men of their reputable place in society.
    The many important topics of financial management, budgeting, entrepreneurship and understanding the many perils of life such as globalisation, will never be taught to young kids because it deviates from the goal of keeping the sheep in line and distracted from the real world. I remember one day turning on the television and there was an episode of “Malcolm In The Middle” being shown, in which the character of Hal teaches his son Dewey about the real outcomes of life such as paying health insurance and other bills in the form of a fictional game board he made up. As amusing as it was to watch at the same time it left me to ponder in sadness as to why parents across America are not doing the same either. If a child is taught about these life lessons from a young age, it would wisen him to such a point that he would have an early start in adulthood compared to his peers.
    This is why a lot of parents are now home schooling their children but in particular, boys. I believe that this may be one of the best ways to help teach children the fundamental concepts of building a successful life and what it truly means to be a man. From teaching him the lessons on how to build financial wealth to spiritual wealth, all this if taught right, can guarantee him a life of success and to prevent him from falling into the pitfalls of poverty and debt, something the current schooling system is clearly in part, responsible for doing to kids.

    1. Great comment. The case for home schooling is even stronger now. It’s becoming the only way that parents can get a handle on what goes in to your child’s brain.

      1. My chief concern with homeschooling is certification.
        The High School Diploma is worthless today, as it is so easily obtained and signifies no learning, but yet it is still a nigh-universal barrier on jobs that homeschoolers have difficulty hurdling.

        1. Confucian-type state exams (minus the corruption) could be the solution. With high-set criteria.
          (or low, if You study limbo…;))

  3. The same-sex classrooms helps promote homosexuality. In the old days, the same-sex classes weren’t created to promote homosexuality: it just happened that way.
    This pushing of a return to same-sex education is just a disaster. Separating the boys from the girls will not help either of them. It is just another way to traumatize them and it has been part of the long term project to isolate the sexes. If men and women are separated from each other, mistrust each other, and are constantly bickering, not only can they not make alliances or successfully resist the governors, they cannot even gratify one another in the old ways. The financiers don’t want males and females gratifying one another for free. That doesn’t put money into anyone’s pocket, does it? They want you purchasing porn and sex-toys and hookers and the various other sexual crutches of modern society. Those are billion-dollar industries—industries they now control.

    1. Here’s my problem with your argument. You assume that separation of the sexes will lead to resentment, but I believe that overexposure already does lead to resentment. Men and women are integrated forcibly in a work/school setting, and segregated in social settings. Separating them might lead to more anticipation, instead of exhaustion.

    2. Yeah, well, as a same-sex public school graduate myself I’m calling ‘bullshit’ on that one…
      Yes, it happened, but very few of the Men produced by the English public school system are faggots.
      In fact take a look at the proportion of them *now*, being churned out by mixed-sex and marxist-SJW-feminist infected schools and repeat what you just said with a straight face….

      1. Britain isn’t filled with sodomites? That flies in the face of centuries of stereotypes 😉

      2. Personal advocate of a return to same sex schooling system myself. One couldn’t afford to be a weak minded, weak spirited & physically deficient cunt to survive the experience. Looking back, I’m glad I went through that.

    3. Having never gone to a boy’s school, I can only go by what I have heard from those friends who did. If I compare my experience with theirs, we might see where the value lies:
      Standard School
      – Primarily female teachers, testing and grading on their standards
      – Hours of nightly homework (many kids had no time for extra-curriculars)
      – A collective hour of time with friends (passing periods and pre-school time)
      – Little physical exercise, usually solo activities
      – Constantly in the presence of girls, all in their own cliques, most of whom couldn’t write effectively, asked dumb questions constantly, and had no interest in not-boyfriend guys
      – Any outburst punished severely
      – Gossip and lies spread like wildfire
      – Female counselors with no experience with aggressiveness or anger
      Result: Substantial homosexual percentage, Lots of beta men, No female virgins, Most guys pedestalize
      Boy’s School
      – Primarily male teachers, specialized in a field they had worked in, grading according to correctness, testing on core principles instead of minutia
      – Reduced homework loads
      – Many hours spent with other guys, playing games, hanging out, or working. Camaraderie usually established fairly quickly.
      – Boxing classes, team sports, and the like mandated by the school
      – Boys see girls during holidays, score, and report on how the girls act to the other guys. Some degree of game spreads throughout.
      – Boys who fight punished, but it’s accepted as something that happens
      – Rumors spread, but rarely vengeful gossip
      – Male teachers act as surrogate fathers and uncles for the boys
      Result: few homosexuals, fewer betas, less pedestal impulse
      This is based solely on my experience and those of my friends. The experience may not be universal, but it is telling.

      1. I went to an all boys Catholic high school. There were no boxing teams or any type of self defense training. And sports team participation was not mandated. In fact, they basically would let a kid fall through the cracks without intervention, as long as your grades and behavior were OK and your folks paid the tuition (which was quite low back in the early 80s). What we did have was physical discipline. I saw some kids get the cr*p kicked out of them by teachers. I avoided beatings because I went to Catholic grade school and got hit their, so I knew what to expect.

        1. This is true – fewer and fewer boy’s schools do those things that the schools of our ancestors did.
          But at least most have not forgotten that boys need to be physically put in their place. Corporal punishment speaks to us in a way few other punishments truly can.

        2. You should be a millenial or younger. My father’s highschool was all male and from what I gather from him and his friends’ tales, sport participation was almost mandatory (and they enjoyed it) and fights were common (but punished if they caught you)

        3. Did your father go to high school in the early 80s? And was it Catholic? I don’t know of any all boys Catholic high school in the NY metro area that is anything like what you describe, and there are a whole bunch of them here. Very few fights among students on school grounds, but the teachers would hit the boys without batting an eyelash. Most of the time they deserved it, but once in a while the beatings went way over the top. Parents usually did not get involved and the kid took his lumps.

        4. No, in the 60s and it was Catholic, led by priests. Alas it wasn’t in US (I am not American), my point was that modern Catholic schools (I guess 70s onward) are not the yardstick to be used for comparisons since they have abandoned all their doctrinal structure a long time ago and along with it, the classical education and ethos they used to inculcate to the students.
          Maybe my father’s generation was the last one to be educated in a Catholic school the traditional way, even for an all male school. Sorry I cannot offer you modern examples because they are what you just described and my highschool was in the later 90s early 2000’s

    4. The same-sex classrooms helps promote homosexuality. In the old days, the same-sex classes weren’t created to promote homosexuality: it just happened that way.

      Hahaha, whatever you are smoking you should share.

    5. No. I went to an all boys school run by Irish Catholic missionaries in Asia in the late 90’s. Boys were allowed to be boys.
      Boy scouts, Military cadet programs (of which I was a member), sports programs & strict disciplinary codes were the main stay.
      I learned to stand up to bullies, crave adventure, learn woodworking & basic workshop skills.

  4. Interesting article. With a very few exceptions (make them pay, sex roles and dynamics) you have just described the classical English Public School system (read ‘Public’ as ‘Private’ for those in the USA). Of course many of them today are rapidly being infected with marxist-SJW-feminist drivel, but as originally conceived this was pretty much it.
    Did it work?
    Turned out the generations of Men who ran the British Empire (when that was pretty much co-extensive with ‘the world’).

  5. You can forget that ever happening. All you’ll get in school now is brainwashing, especially if you’re white.
    Just read yesterday about a school in new York I think that is separating whites and minorities to teach the white kids about all the terrible things whites have done to minorities throughout history. And to teach the minorities all the awesome accomplishments of their races and giving them cupcakes and shit. Pretty sure there are other schools doing something similar too. This is what school is now.

    1. Funny thing about HS is the snowflakes will leave and discover no one cares what they believe and the fact they are illiterate will make them unemployable.

        1. Uncle Rico?! LOL
          I would encourage anyone to attend at least 1 HS re-union. You see for yourself that your standing in an artificial environment in your teens has absolutely no impact where you end up in life.

        2. I’m a class of 2002 graduate, and I hadn’t attended one reunion. Mind you, I had a blast in high school and I cherished it. But I don’t have the desire to see my classmates for some reason. Plus, I can tell from Facebook how their lives have turned out, or at least what they put as the truth online.

        3. So many girls that would’ve never given me a second look back then are now morbidly obese, with morbidly obese husbands, and morbidly obese children. They constantly complain about their finances, jobs and hollow lives.
          I was looking at stats online, and if I never do any better with my life from this point on, I’ve already done way better than the average person ever does over the course of their entire life.

        4. So many girls that would’ve never given me a second look back then are now morbidly obese, with morbidly obese husbands, and morbidly obese children. They constantly complain about their finances, jobs and hollow lives.
          I was looking at financial statistics online, and if I never do any better with my life from this point on, I’ve already done way better than the average person ever does over the course of their entire life.

    2. I thought “Black History Month”, when public education robs the actual inventors of credit and attributes their work to those who truly “dindu nuffin”, was as low as it could get but your example has me rethinking that.
      I thought my school districts here were pretty liberal, with them teaching tripe like “Christopher Columbus was a war criminal” but they’re miles behind that school in NY when it comes to liberalism.

      1. Dindu Nuffin sums up most accomplishments. At least there’s peanut butter… oh, wait, nevermind…

  6. Start school later? 10AM or 11AM? Is that even remotely serious? Kids will just stay up even later because they know they’ll just sleep in later, which in turn defeats the purpose. It just caters to the lazy.
    How about getting more exercise to achieve better sleep? How about not using blue-light emitting devices until midnight? Those both boil down to being responsible parents. Routine, exercise and lack of devices past 8pm all make for an excellent night sleep. For 4 years straight I slept from 9pm-5am/6am and never had an issue in High School.

    1. Exactly. I actually developed the habit of getting up early from high school. It’s not something I necessarily enjoy, but such is our burden.

    2. You were able to sleep until 6 am in high school? Lucky you. 😉
      High school really ought to be made to start later. My local county has conceded that the research confirms the benefits, but now it is just making excuses about bus rescheduling being too expensive.
      Anecdotally, a long while back ’round here, our high schools were so overcrowded that they had to operate in “shifts”, with there being a morning shift and an evening shift (similar to the modern AM/PM kindergarten system, if you’re familiar with that), and the grades of the evening shift were markedly superior to those of the morning shift.
      Also, early high school start times are hellish for teachers. Some of mine had to get up at 3 AM in order to accommodate the ludicrously early start times of HS here.

      1. Interesting. Well 1st Period class for me started at 8:20AM I believe, so I doubt they had to get up as early as your high school teachers had to.
        I think we’re in a sleep crisis. Lack of sleep, lack of quality sleep and lack of consistent sleep. All of that can be blamed on blue-light emitting devices which suppress the development of serotonin. I see little benefit for starting classes later because teens will just stay up later. And good luck finding a unionized teacher (in our area) who would volunteer to work outside of normal work hours.

        1. I have to disagree that the sleep crisis is caused by blue light emitting devices as this problem tracks back to well before they were a problem…or in existence.
          What I really don’t see is a logical reason for why school starts significantly and progressively later as students age. The only defense that my local school district can muster is the cost of procuring more buses.
          In my local city, where students just use the general-schedule public transit buses, they can’t even muster up that excuse and pretty much fall back on “this is the way it has always been done”.

  7. I recall a movement, at least as far back as the early 90s, where some black communities started some boys only schools, with only black male teachers. The sensible idea was to expose the young men to strong and honorable role models rather than the fatherless, criminal-justice entangled male losers that were no doubt the only role models they were being exposed to. 60 minutes did a story on them. Haven’t heard much about them since then. Curiously, Rush Limbaugh always flipped out at the idea of same sex schools, at least for primary grades. He wasn’t being sarcastic, but he never offered an argument against them, he was just completely appalled at the idea. Very odd reaction from someone you’d think would be red-pill on this.

    1. Limbaugh is a puppet for the elites. He is for the Republican party even all those fucked up shit George W. Bush did.

  8. Really like this idea, not sure how it would be implemented successfully for a long period of time. Especially the teaching boys to fight and shoot two fundamental skills that are going to help them in life. I just feel the society and government are so opposed to this if one started gaining traction it would only be a matter of time before it was shut down for some asinine reason that SJWs will dream up and then enforce through their government.

  9. This is all great advice.
    Especially #4 and #7.
    It is essential that boys are trained to become men. But sadly, this is never done in the American public school system, and even in the parochial system where I was educated. What you are describing is something similar to a military school, and that seems to be the best environment for a boy.
    But given the fact that most kids will not attend a military school (and most parents can’t afford one), the role of training a boy to be a man falls squarely on the shoulders of his father. Some kids are lucky to have a father who teaches him some, most or all of the items listed above. And some kids are not. My father was a Mechanical Engineer, Naval Officer, Golden Gloves boxer, successful business owner, and a landlord. He was also very successful with females. But he spent not one second of his life training me to do the same. And boy, did I need it. Skinny, weak, no friends, no girlfriends, nothing. He left me to my own devices and allowed me to become a failure in life. To all you fathers out there, please don’t let your son fall through the cracks.

    1. My father was a former farm boy who grew up with a slough of brothers and became an engineer, as well. He did train me to be an engineer from my youth, and I was better for it. But, more importantly, he spent a lot of time with me, so I picked up a lot of his better mannerisms that have served me well over the years.
      The importance of good fathers cannot be overstated, at least not in this gynocentric society. A boy who does not learn how to be a man will never succeed in life.

      1. You were very lucky to have him for a father. My father could have done that for me, but chose not to. Too busy with golf 4 days a week, and other extra curricular activities. I don’t resent him having fun, but he could have cut down a bit and taught me some things. The only advice he ever gave me was to get a Comp Sci degree in college. I did that because I didn’t know what else to do, and I suppose it paid off for me, at least financially, as I have done OK from a monetary standpoint. But in all other areas I consider myself a failure, and my father did nothing to prevent it from happening. He never even tried.

        1. I feel for you, brother. But you’re not a failure while there’s yet breath in your lungs.
          You are here. You are in this moment, in the (digital) presence of better man than either of us. Who you are today cannot be changed, but who you will be tomorrow is in your hands.
          We each walk alone through life. Your decisions and your will shape your future, and no one can ultimately take that power away from you. Your father failed you, but that’s not the end of the story. If you choose each day to become more than you were yesterday, you will stand atop Everest.
          Godspeed, my friend.

        2. Thanks for the kind words and advice.
          I’m 50, and 2/3rds of my life is over. Its getting tougher & tougher to give a damn. But you are right about the positive outlook and not giving up. Something I have to force myself to work on, I suppose. Take care.

        3. Don’t view your life is 2/3rds over. See it as a new beginning from this day forward. You could live to be 100 for all you know. Take great care of your health and learn. Forget about the past. What’s past is past.

        4. 52 here, and I can tell you that life just keeps getting better and better, and our greatest triumphs are still in our future!
          Sort that mind out, and the rest will follow…
          Take care.

        5. I’m 58. Living can’t be forced, it’s a mental game. We all live in the moment that exists at the end of our lives up till now. Your life may not get better from here, it may totally fall apart; the question is, do you want to LIVE and will you be actively directing it? Or will you choose suicide whether slow motion with inactivity, bad diet, drugs, social withdrawal, or a quick exit, it’s all the same thing when you decide not to LIVE.

        6. 28 is still pretty young. Do you have a significant female in your life? If not, make it a priority. Being alone is what wore me down to the point I am at now.

        7. Well, I work out 4 days a week, stay fit & trim, no drugs, but I do drink more than others. As far as “social withdrawal” is concerned, that is something I never believed I had any control over. I have been socially withdrawn since the first day of kindergarten, and it has been that way ever since. Have always been an outcast, reject and a defect. For a long time I got by with booze & escorts, but the last few years those things not enough. I see guys my age with families who love them. And even if these guys are divorced, they get younger girls who love them. Girls just as young and pretty as the escorts who don’t give a damn if I live or die. There’s got to be something better than this.

        8. Would like to agree with you but they definitely suck the life out of you as well… Double-edged sword indeed

        9. I suppose you are right. A grass is always greener type of thing. I can say this, when I see some poor guy with a miserable cow of a woman, I am not so sad about being alone.

        10. My parents divorced before I was even 5 so I grew up as a single child with my mother. She never tried to prevent me from spending time with my father, she even encouraged it, but him living somewhat far away and all my friends naturally being where me and my mother lived, I didn’t end up spending much time with him.
          My mother asked me several times during my childhood if I thought the divorce had been traumatic or left some big scar. I said that it hadn’t and as far as I knew then, that was the truth. I wasn’t hurting over it since it had happened when I was so young and I didn’t know anything else.
          But once I became older, I started realizing just how weak and spoiled I’d become from growing up as a single child with a single mother. I also lacked a lot of skills in general. So I’ve worked to compensate for that ever since but it’s been an uphill battle.
          The importance of fathers indeed.

    2. Man, that sucks. My dad told me straight to my face; “As soon as you finish highschool, I’m kicking you out of the house. Until then, I will teach you want you need to know to succeed on your own. You will never move back in with me and your mom. However, if you need advice, I’m willing to give it to you anytime, anyday.”. Taught me loads of shit, which really whipped my whiny ass into shape.

      1. Marge: “Homer, you do remember your promise to the
        Homer: “Sure do. When you’re 18, you’re out the

      2. That’s a good dad for sure. He did his job and whipped you into shape. I am sure you are a good father too.

    3. If you can acknowledge where the shortcoming was, half the battle is won.
      My mother died when I was six and my father put his girlfriend and her child before me and my siblings. He served in the Air Force and did various jobs as the job market during that time was sketcky. The majority of the lessons I learned was not to make the same mistakes others have made.
      Though my father was not around me and my sibs most of the time, I was lucky to pick up his work ethic which I will give him serve me well to this day.
      I was raised by my aunt and uncle and though it wasn’t a loving household, they were family who would help me in any situation and for them I am grateful.

    4. #16 Allow Bullying
      Of course women and those with female sensitivities want to outlaw one of the rights of passage that turns boys into men. No matter how ugly bullying is portrayed in the cultural dialog, bullying is what boys do to test each others manliness and jockey for social status by establishing who’s alpha and who’s beta — who fights and who flights.

      1. Which is why #3 is so important.
        Sure, boys will be boys. But if the kid has no guidance in self defense, like a father, older brother(s) or friends to teach him, he will be a sitting duck.

        1. Agreed.
          That’s why if/when you have a son, you’ll teach him self-defense like I did, and give him guidance on when to use it. Now keep in mind that in today’s police state, even fighting back in self-defense can result in arrest and criminal charges — even for minors. So, while necessary, teaching self defense (other than teaching your kid to dial 911) carries a level of legal risk.
          My son had to deal with several neighbor kids bullying him by fighting back. I instructed him what to do the next time he was bullied. He did it. And you know what? Problem solved. No more bulling occurred once my boy established that he wasn’t putting up with their shit.
          Teach your boys how to fight, when to fight back, and reassure them that you’ll back them up 100%, even if it means bailing them out of jail, which is a real possibility these days. Also find the one or two good criminal defense attorneys in your area before you need them. This is the age when men are more likely to be accused and arrested over trivial crimes than ever before.

        2. Good for you & your son!
          And guess what, even if he lost the fight, the problem would still be well on the way to being solved as hanging in there and scrapping it out is a great self esteem builder.
          One thing about your earlier comment, though, regarding alphas & betas. In war & in life, the alphas need the betas to succeed. What would leaders do without good soldiers to lead? So in addition to the occasional bullying & needling, I believe it is the responsibility of alphas to also train, guide & mentor those not as physically gifted as themselves. Sure, weed out the weirdos and wackos, but sometimes even the skinny weakling can be a tremendous ally. I am sure you know who Audie Murphy was. He was 5’5″ and 110 lbs. when he was inducted. An extreme case, I know, but my point is that instead of constantly wailing on the weak kid, perhaps every now and then give him a chance to prove what he can do? If not, those kids end up being omegas, and believe me, it is not a good place to be.
          Great job with your son, though. Take care.

        3. Yup. Fighting is a skill just like solving algebraic equations. If you win, it’s an accomplishment. If you lose, you at least know you can take a beating and maybe decide you need to gain some fighting skills. Either way, if you don’t give in to the situation you grow.

    5. Interesting that you didn’t pick up a lot of it just by spending time with him. But maybe that was the problem. Not so much time spent with his son?

      1. Almost none. The only thing I picked up from him was his work ethic. He was out of the house before 6AM every morning. But nothing about running a business or owning property or being successful with girls and most importantly he never trained me to be a fighter like he was. Maybe because he was a natural alpha and I was not he thought I was not worth his time? Not sure, but it was a crappy thing to do to a kid.

  10. Great article. I would also add to teach them how to problem-solve as opposed to teaching them memorization. If you go into STEM at university, this happens almost by default, but if not, you’re screwed into trying to figure it out for yourself (or in my case, not even realizing that you lack the skill until well past your graduation date and entrance into the work force).

    1. Moreso in Engineering than the rest, based on my experience.
      The scientists I knew could rattle off facts on the most obscure aspects of chemistry, but had relatively little grasp on problem-solving. And you’d think math would teach problem-solving more than it does, but it’s usually more about applying a few previously-established theorems than solving from base components.
      Engineers usually end up doing more research than any of the rest, just because we have an odd problem that needs solving. We learn how to quickly find relevant facts required to construct a solution for the (often vague) problems we have been assigned. The entire program, properly implemented, teaches us to create our own patterns and general solutions.

      1. Also with engineering is that eventually you’ll discover how all the science subjects inter-relate with each other. Calculus derives the formulas in physics and chemistry. Physics explains the way reactions happen in chemistry.

  11. not so sure about #13. There’s a lot of nuance to doing it right and perhaps it wasnt described correctly. The way it’s described sounds like despotism or not far away from the current model in which the boy is a trouble making rapist and a dysfunctional girl until proven otherwise.
    crush their egos the way life does when the time is right and you know how to pull them through it. If you’re going out of your way to crush their egos and bring them down then all you’ll have is a boy who is quiet and timid like an Asian boy who doesn’t do anything because no matter what he does he’s going to be shat on.

  12. Good points made, but unfortunately a school such as you described would be shut down in a week in the USA.

  13. Next article: “15 ways how masculine boarding schools can teach buggery to boys…”

    1. Yeah because mixed schools have been so successful reducing buggery and pederasty…hahaha

      1. Actually, they did. With an unfortunate side-effect of “slutification” of girls, alas…((
        But, believe me (or not…if You wish so..)…Your boyish laugh would significantly subside in its intensity, after being gently “initiated” by the older boys in Your dormitory, Victorian style…;)))
        This way, of course, You would learn how to “take it like a man”….;))))
        Solutions? Difficult to say.
        Segregation is good…but, parental supervision is needed, as well.
        Hell…it is PARENTS themselves who should be supervised, too…if they pursue the gender-correct children-rearing agenda, or not.

        1. Maybe because British men are wont to try the least traveled path….
          Joking aside, I don’t support boarding schools , schools shouldn’t try to replace parents when they are alive. And moreover boarding schools and education in general is, unfortunately, a magnet for all sorts of frustrated perverts that want an excuse to be closer to the objects of their desire, and boarding schools provide the perfect cover for them since the boys would be 24 hours under their surveillance, unlike a regular school that would close let’s say at 15h. In my vision, so to speak, boys and girls would attend to the same buildings, but the classes would be separate, only allowing mingling of the sexes in the recess and in gym class (when it’s not boxing or fighting) as well in extracurricular activities.
          Besides I don’t know how can anyone say that today there are less homo and dykes when all things point to the contrary thanks to sanctioned propaganda from the state run schools, academia and mainstream media.

        2. I kinda assumed you were a troll with the childish comments and intended to ignore you, but sadly you seem to be persisting in your trolling… So I’ll bite…
          I hope you have some hard evidence (pun *not* intended) for your pederastic imaginings?
          I went to exactly the kind of masculine boarding school you are maligning, and noticed a distinct lack of ‘initiations’ (insert high-pitched, smutty, childish, giggle here) and indeed a distinct lack of pederasty all around…
          The very few effeminate ‘boys’ who did participate (and my guess would be there was a *lower* percentage of fags at boarding school than in today’s wider population) were derided and mercilessly bullied.
          So… evidence, or STFU.
          Feel free to keep imagining those rituals, but just know that this is something you are enjoying in *your* head, and is not reflected in the real world.

        3. Your words are true now.
          Nothing to add, or subtract.
          Nevertheless…scientifically seen…percentage of homosexuals in population is approximately always the same…nowadays, they are only MORE VISIBLE. (sigh)
          The opportunism of deviants in such schools bears risk of exposing MORE of gender-normal youths to unnecessary traumata.
          My criticism was directed toward that.

        4. Nevertheless…scientifically seen…percentage of homosexuals in population is approximately always the same…nowadays,they are only MORE VISIBLE. (sigh)

          With state sanctioned propaganda starting ever earlier, I am not sure that’s true anymore….I think they are more visible and more now…

        5. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/05/06/private-schools-painful-secrets/OaRI9PFpRnCTJxCzko5hkN/story.html
          Etc, etc….;))
          You can also read UN study “Indigenous people and boarding schools”, where the rate of abuse is even higher. 🙂
          I also won’t ask You who was Your “Gaius Scribonius Curio” during Your schooltime, oh Mighty Warrior..
          Don’t worry… if it’s not on Internet – it didn’t happen !!!!
          (no giggle…full laugh))))))

        6. They ARE born that way. However, it is NOT the norm…and we are NOT obliged to like it. Or, fear it.

        7. Really?
          Look, where do you think this anti-male boarding school propaganda came from?
          And why-oh-why do you keep repeating it?
          Think for a moment, and don’t parrot what the feminists and SJWs have taught you to parrot…
          The anti-public school propaganda is the same kind of feminist lies designed to *destroy* a valid, masculine, patriarchal tradition!
          It is *exactly* the same kind of propaganda that seeks to demonise RoK and other masculine groups (we are all ‘rapists’ you see).
          It is *exactly* the same kind of propaganda that seeks to brand any kind of relationships between men as ‘homo-erotic’ or whatever shit those sick minds come up with… the kind that has to see Bucky Barnes’ relationship with Captain America as homosexual (perhaps a ‘trivial’ analogy might get through to you).
          Try thinking… you may even get used to it.

        8. Sigh is much more polite than a bite. (You see?!! I resisted to exploit it!)))
          And You are preaching to the choir, my good fellow. 🙂
          I am glad for Your good luck…which wasn’t shared by ALL of the attendees ( alas) of such schools. And I am/was not involved in such.
          Still, to mistake good luck for wisdom is unreasonable.
          p.s. Cicero was NOT a SJW. 🙂

        9. I’ll continue to believe that boys’ school buggery is a stereotypical British problem because of British stereotypical homosexuality, so it wouldn’t be an issue elsewhere.

        10. Unfortunately – it is.
          It is NEVER wise to simulate prison…or trans-oceanic sailing trips, with bunch of insufficiently supervised horny adolescents….or even worse, youths supervised by opportunistic pedophile teachers, or priests.
          One should not make it too easy for Nether-Fiends to compromise the nether-regions with nether-nonsense. ;))
          p.s. Some references are quoted below.

        11. I don’t accept that men, left relatively confined with only other men, will become like Milo Yiannopoulos.
          Normal men repress or redirect the urges until they can interact with women…and they don’t “redirect” them into their fellow man’s poop chute.

  14. I think boys and girls should go to the same schools, but the only class that should be co-ed is gym. Lunch too. Less distractions in the classroom that way, but it would never happen, it makes too much sense

    1. Gym should be the last class to be co-ed.
      I remember having a Weight Training class that was co-ed and having it be co-ed was a waste, as were all the other co-ed gym classes.
      There were still vestiges of sex-segregated physical education at my high school. There was still the women’s weight room, rebranded in the age of Political Correctness to the “Aerobics Room”.
      When the coeds were isolated from the men, physical education spiked: “hardcore” equipment like ceiling ropes were used, real weight was lifted and team sports became competitive again.

      1. Aerobics room…..what a hoot! Bet they wore spandex one suits, leg warmers, and frizzed hair. Oh, and they probably had Patrick Swayze pasted all over the walls

        1. As great as spandex aerobics suits would’ve been, I’m glad they didn’t wear those as the gym uniforms were pretty much unisex and that would’ve been a disaster lol.
          From my experience, the room was filled with girly weights (ie: what 0bama lifted in Poland), aerobics equipment (jumpropes, medicine balls, steps) and the classic hip abductor/adductor machines, which our puerile & prurient minds thought were endlessly hilarious.

  15. Number 5 is so true. When I was in middle school I dragged all day long, but on the weekends, staying up later and getting up later, but getting the same amount of sleep, I was fully rested. That never made sense until I learned about the circadian rhythm. Plus, I’m a night owl by nature, why I work third shift. If only my kids weren’t morning larks …..

  16. You guys gotta see this…
    Black Lives Matter Toronto VS. Gay Pride Parade Toronto.
    The BLM crowd halted the Toronto pride parade (i.e., unexpectadly stopped the parade for 30 mins) to protest that the gay community doesn’t do enough for black people. There was supposed to be a parade float for Toronto’s LGBT police officers, but that wasn’t cool with Toronto BLM.
    The left eating the left over who is the “real” victim class.
    This is not the same Toronto I grew up in.

    1. Their ‘homophobia’ and ‘racist’ cards won’t work on each other.
      Let the two cannibalise each other.

      1. Man, I’m so stealing this. I can’t believe nobody realized how racist gay people were before.

      1. Just Google “toronto gay pride parade” and you’ll see why that is a horrible idea. I’d rather watch myself get eaten by a crocodile.

      1. When I’ve banked enough cash and credentials.
        I’ve still got some projects going on that I need to complete.
        I’m doing well for myself right now but there’s no doubt that Canada is becoming a complete freak-show.
        The population of Toronto seems more brainwashed than ever. This year we had “pride month”, whereas last year we had “pride week”.
        The height of Canadian culture has become men fucking each other up the ass and everybody (including men) talking about how sexy and progressive Justin Trudeau is.
        Yeah you aren’t missing much…
        How’ve you been?

        1. Masculinity has been redefined: 200 years ago it meant being a self-reliant fur trapper or grizzled prospector. Now, it’s Justin “in touch with his feelings” trudeau trying to navigate an awkward 3 way handshake with 2 other effete political leaders.

        2. Same old, I can’t wait till I finish my book so I can live.
          I think I hate Toronto more now now that I’m out. It makes me regret not getting out sooner. Toronto is the kind of place that makes you angry and depressed for no fucking reason.

        3. Nice and good luck.
          Good to hear that it was an improvement for you to leave.
          Motivating to hear actually.

        4. Have you ever considered moving to a rural area north of Toronto? There are far more traditional communities up here and a lower cost of living.

        5. Trudeau is a national embarrassment to the once proud and masculine Canadian nation.
          Female mounties? Please.

        6. Hes proof women shouldnt be allowed to vote. Before i deactivated my Facebook account, so many women were saying they were going to vote for the cute one. Hows that gonna help things?

        7. Canada sounds pretty gay. Literally…my son unfortunately lives in TO and I heard about this BLM vs fag parade vs police float being dissed on 1010 am talk radio. What a bunch of fags….seriously…my son is being raised by single mom, is 12 and is afraid to learn how to swim because he was traumatized by previous swim lessons which made him take off his floaty and try…swimming….I think this new generation has some very anxious young people in it….I hope they man up soon..

        8. Wait till they try to start Sharia law and shit…it will not be reported of course…

      1. hehe well put.
        Who will be the bigger victim on tonight’s exciting episode of nobody’s lives matter?

    2. I read that this morning. I’m surprised Rebel Media and Breibart haven’t picked up on this yet.

      1. That seems to be the case. A lot of “protestors” from BLM who are burning down neighborhoods don’t seem to actually *be* residents of those neighborhoods. Bused in protests, a normal par for the course Leftist strategy these days.

        1. Also, the approach that they take. Al Sharpton was annoying but he had his limits. These guys are going beyond simple protest to out and out violent behaviour.

        2. Where’s the Ohio National Guard when you really need them? Heh.

        3. The ones throwing bricks and stones at them and acting like violent socialists hooligans of the same mind as the modern BLM crew?
          As with almost everything I’ve been taught in school, I looked into Kent State and found that the modern narrative is nothing more than the Left creating “heroes” out of thugs.
          The actual events saw these hooligans burning down storefronts and throwing things at people in an attempt to harm them. A fair number of the group were simply pissed off that the governor had ordered the bars closed in order to try to stop more uprisings (which was a bad move, but given the violence I’m not sure what the right move would have been). There were open plans on burning, bombing and rioting that were being called into many places, so the authorities decided to nip the thing in the bud by putting a temporary prohibition on large gatherings on campus. Right or wrong (I think an argument can be made in either direction on this call, honestly), when the NG showed up it was to disperse crowds who had been warned repeatedly not to gather and start carrying out the plans that they themselves *phoned in to the cops*. When the students responded to the calls to disperse with violence, then they get shot, and we now have something on the history books.
          The National Guardsmen mostly fired into the air (upwards) as “warning shots”, the few who didn’t were the ones to actually take these thugs down. Nobody wanted to harm the students, that wasn’t the point. Stopping the hippies from emulating the BLM arsonists and rioters was the purpose, and only AFTER these people had demonstrated that they would 1) burn down shit 2) be violent towards others and 3) riot.
          Fuck the hippies, and fuck the Left’s need to canonize this kind of shit as somehow holy. I rarely stand with government troops on things, but Kent State hippies deserved what they got.

        4. Two professors here said the exact same thing in a paper they did concerning it. It’s a nice change of pace from the liberal English department.

    3. More to the point of the article, I think the straight forward answer is to get the State out of our education system. Hand the education of boys back to their fathers.

  17. Lots of good ideas here. But if all that manliness comes at a price of worse STEM education (and if you teach them more of someting you have to cut somewhere else), your school will not be competetive in the modern world.

  18. Lots of good ideas here. But if all that manliness comes at the price of worse STEM education (and if you add so much you have to cut somewhere else), your school is not gonna be realistically competitive in the modern world.

      1. I’m not saying it’s good now. But it exists. And having less of it is not gonna make things better.

        1. How including girls has improved the STEM education lately? Even in university standards have fallen due to the massive entry of women.

        2. You tell me. You were the one who implied simple gender classes with a masculinist focus would hurt STEM education.

        3. I did? Please do point out where I “implied” that simple (I assume you mean single?) gender classes hurt STEM. All I ever said is basically the time is limited, if you add so much to the curriculum you’ll have to cut somewhere else, and if you cut STEM, good luck.

        4. I did? Where? All I said was adding so much to the curriculum means you also have to cut somewhere. And if you cut STEM, good luck

    1. Why wouldn’t STEM education improve at an all-male school? By and large, “STEM” covers everything that males are naturally inclined towards learning.
      All male school is a STEM magnet school by another name.

      1. Without doubt, you COULD do STEM much better at an all male school. In the OP kind of school though it sounds like there won’t be much time left for it.

  19. Great article, and in today’s times, much of it is unrealistic. What isn’t unrealistic, however, is parents taking a more active role in their children’s education. Sitting by and trusting that some state-paid drone who’s mandated by several absurd laws

  20. Parents need to take a more active role in education. Assuming that a government employee is going to teach your kid life skills is like expecting good customer service at the DMV. The current system is built to repress children’s minds, not nurture them. That’s why you have college interns who are dumb enough to petition their employer about a dress code.
    I’m a fan of homeschooling, but only if the parents aren’t doing it to shelter and isolate their kids. It might be time to setup community homeschooling where tight knit friends and family teach their kids together. Public schools are indoctrination centers where even the valedictorians are idiots. If you can’t afford a better school, then you must be active in knowing who’s teaching your child, what your child is learning, and correcting any of the bullshit the your child regurgitates. Otherwise, you have no one else to blame when your child is still living in your basement at the age of 30.

    1. Good points. I would suggest get active on the school board and nip the marxist trash early. When you have a leftist indoctrinator in the school, Alinsky that twink out of the picture quick.
      There was a book out in the late 80’s by Bloom called, “The Closing of the American Mind” that was observing the trend from incoming college students who did not have the ability to think. At this point, it would be better to close all public schools, liquidate public unions and start over.

      1. If your schoolboard is like mine, you can’t get active on it as the system is rigged.
        When I was in the public school system, my folks tried to get involved and discovered that the system is designed to keep “common folk” out.
        Here, every member of the school board is appointed, as are the School Superintendents (bafflingly referred to in some areas here as “CEOs”).
        The only “direct” public involvement is that the public can join the “schoolboard nominating committee”, which gets to assemble the lists of candidates from which the appointees are selected. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, that process is a complete farce.

        1. Various local and state government officials and their proxies.
          Governor picks the bulk of em, and our governor has historically been a raging lib so our board has been screwed from the get-go.
          Biggest insult is that the hated local Teachers Union gets to appoint a member, giving the teachers more control over the schoolboard than all the parents combined.

    2. “I’m a fan of homeschooling, but only if parents aren’t doing it for x, y, and z.”
      Then you’re not a fan of homeschooling. Either the government owns your children and has the right to force parents to have their children learn a certain curriculum, or parents can teach what they want.

        1. Direct quote: “I’m a fan of homeschooling, but only if the parents aren’t doing it to shelter and isolate their kids.”
          The drive to criminalize homeschooling is based on this. People are afraid of what parents will teach and what their motivations are so they want to give the government control of kids.
          Parents have a right to shelter and isolate their kids.

        2. Let me clarify: Parents should socialize their kids. Some are overprotective and hardly take their kids out of the house. No, this shouldn’t be legislated (something you implied and I never said).

        3. Fair enough. Most people however, don’t stop at saying should, and will vote for it. They consider not having kids in a classroom full of degenerates and minorities child abuse, so they’ll take away your kids.

        4. Kids generally are not mature enough to make a decent choice based on reason and what’s best for them. Until well into the teen years they work solely on a pleasure/pain principle and their universe consists of “me me me!”. The only choice a kid (and by kid I don’t mean a 17 year old, I mean more along the line of grades k-8) should be given in regard to his education is what time of the day to do his homework and study.

        5. I’ve never met a homeschooled kid who was kept in a basement and refused socialization. In fact, the parents usually over compensate for it if you ask me, putting their kids in a whole mess of extracurricular activities.

  21. I use to teach and I know that boys and girls learn VERY differently. Boys need to be smacked around a few times before there ready to learn. Its hard to find a teacher who can cater to both. Separating the genders is the best thing schools could do.

    1. Research from the last few decades all show this as well (that boys and girls learn and interpret the world very differently). But contemporary political dogma is stopping most attempts at actually putting the knowledge into practice.

  22. So single sex schools (for girls) are allowed but single-race schools are somehow haram. There are so many female only Catholic schools, academies, etc. Somehow this doesn’t count as segregation or discrimination.
    I’m pretty sure girls weren’t getting raped or sucking off 2 dozen guys back in the co-ed one room school houses on the plains of the American Midwest back in the 1800s. Those schools had both boys and girls but they were all of a single race. Perhaps that had something to do with it?
    Not sure that single sex schools are the way to go: didn’t mariners and pirates start resorting to homosexuality and seeing sea manatees as beautiful mermaids after not seeing a woman for years at a time?

    1. We’re talking about children here. Many of the arguments for single sex schooling integrate the sexes at puberty, have the majority of women end their school at that age, and/or stop mandatory schooling at that age.

    2. I’m pretty sure girls weren’t getting raped or sucking off 2 dozen
      guys back in the co-ed one room school houses on the plains of the
      American Midwest back in the 1800s. Those schools had both boys and
      girls but they were all of a single race. Perhaps that had something to
      do with it?

      More like they had a religion back then…and teachers willing to nip it in the bud if need be. Besides American morals were always fucked up, were less fucked up back then but still, you are no example to anyone when it comes to morals.

  23. If we are to have mandatory schooling, it should be over around age 13. If you can’t prepare a child for adulthood in 8 years, you’re going to waste his next 5 years. Let the kids work and learn industriousness. By the time they reach 18, they’ll have skills and years of experience.

    1. I’d advice the same but with the change that they start later (need to mature more before school, se my comment above for more) and end schooling at 15 or 16.
      And really, university education has just become way too long and inflated. If you have to attend university, I’d say it should aim to being no more than 2 years long and then “work-learning” (apprenticeships if you will).

  24. This is in contrast to the current representative school schedule, which would read something like:
    Period 1: Legacy of Colonialism: Why You’re Privileged, Unaware of it, And Should be Ashamed of it
    Period 2: The Donner Party: Aztec Cultural Appropriation Or Punishment for Manifest Destiny?
    Period 3: Arts Elective: Where students will labor to create murals of Civil Rights readers or murals of evil white plantation owners getting their comeuppance being tortured to death during a slave revolt
    Period 4: Lunch (Reduced Cost or Free of course)
    Period 5: Music Elective: Only Aboriginal instruments like the didgeridoo will be allowed
    Period 6: Health Class: Instead of learning about changes as part of puberty, instruction will be on auto-stimulation and breaking heteronormative desires
    Period 7: English; Not no “old dead white guys” because all of their literary output is somehow racist. Only books decrying whites written by the oppressed

  25. Point #12:

    In exchange for their education, they should do volunteer work for their communities…

    Technically that isn’t volunteer work 😉
    That said, my state’s public schooling already requires something along these lines, students must obtain so many “community service” hours to graduate, and it is structured to further liberal “blue-pill” inculcation. 🙁
    While I agree with point #12, the best way to achieve it IMO is to finally end mandatory public education.

    1. Forced volunteerism? So Orwellian. They started to phase in public service as a requirement for graduation right around when I graduated high school.
      Why should you send your daughters to bathe homeless men again? Why should your son pick up trash? Isn’t that why we pay half of our income as taxes?

      1. Speaking of trash pickup, picking up trash along a road was one of the tasks I had to complete as part of my required “community service”.
        I thought “community service” and roadside litter pickup duty were for prisoners…
        Probably the worst part of it was that students who did any community service themselves outside of what was scheduled by the school had to fight tooth & nail to get the school system to honor it.

      2. Forced volunteerism? So Orwellian.
        That is what I thought of it when assigned forced volunteer work in junior high. I already shoveled the driveway (no charge) of the old lady who lived across the street from me. She babysat me as a little kid and in was a substitute grandmother in a way. So she just signed off on the paperwork that I “volunteered” to help the elderly.

      3. I think the idea is to make kids less spoiled. To teach them that few things in life are free.
        But I’d prefer the “community work” to actually be helping people in your actual close community, not just anyone anywhere.
        On that note, we should probably go back to caring for our elders ourselves instead of putting them in homes and/or living far away from them. That would both give the young work do to and give them/us valuable experiences about family, community, aging and interacting with a wider range of age groups on a daily basis.

  26. i liked this article alot , i like when the website has more articles focusing on self improvement then racial and retarded feminist articles

  27. I agree, aside from 11. Values should come from the inside. Kinda contradicts with 15, too. So, set them free or indoctrinate them with values, what will it be?
    Assuming that without some form of ideology worship they will grow up to be total losers does not seem very logical to me. Sounds more like you are blaming the idea of multiculturalism for some mistakes you made in your own life.

    1. No value comes from “inside”. You think about things you’ve seen and experienced and then come to values. Without external stresses, values would simply not exist. For example, modern society with almost no stress present, has an entire generation of people who are basically amoral and without any guiding values or principles outside of “don’t get caught!”

      1. Why would you need guiding values and principles? If you’re a confident person without extreme self-worth issues, it will do to listen to your heart.

        1. That’s a recipe for a life of no rudder and aimlessness. You need values and principles as bedrock foundations upon which to help you make good decisions in life that are not self destructive. You’re “self esteem” won’t mean crap if you’re constantly letting your passions govern you (“listen with your heart”, pshaw, wtf does that even mean?). That’s how women live, we should aspire to better than raw hedonism.
          Besides, self-esteem is earned through achievement, achievement comes from pursuing a specific path, activity or goal based on finding that goal worthy of pursuit. Finding a goal worthy of pursuit means that you’re engaging in weighing values and making a moral determination of good vs. bad.
          End of the day amorality will lead you straight off a cliff or, at best, make you effeminate and aimless. There are better ways to live.

        2. I did not mean self-esteem. I meant self-love.
          Call it gut then, if you don’t like heart. I don’t care about how you call it. Instinct. Intuition.
          Besides, if no value comes from the inside, how can you claim that a value is anything but a random option deliberately declared doctrine?

        3. Instinct and intuition?
          Spacecraft and skyscrapers are not the product of working on instinct and intuition. Intuition has always been fronted as the realm of the feminine, I strongly urge you to reconsider your choice here.
          How do you come to a value in a vacuum, precisely? You make the choice of values “on the inside”, obviously, but only in response to the world and its external objective stresses and observations. Ergo, why values can be taught and should be taught. Leaving it to chance produces a society of amoral hipsters.
          As to self-love, love is a response to values. For example, I don’t love Charles Manson’s women because they did really, really bad things to other human beings and as it happens, my set of values informs me that harming innocent human beings is wrong. On the other hand, the few women I’ve loved in my life I’ve loved because they express things very highly that I value, such as kindness, a genteel nature, charity, care for others and their sexuality. These are things that I consider good in the overall view of my life, they are values I hold as more important than others. The love of self comes from the same thing as love of others.
          This is not to say that some deluded psychopath won’t claim that he “loves himself” as he’s murdering 40 people on a lark. But strap him to a chair and probe his mind and I guarantee you that his self loathing runs deep and wide.

        4. Then how did scientists come up with their discoveries? How did great artists produce the works that have stayed with us for centuries? By following rules? If so, who came up with those rules?
          How does a person form a scientific theory, if not more or less out of nothing? Out of intuition? The logical mind can only process that which already exists, but it can not come up with anything original. To shut down the logical mind and simply let the divine (if that is not too corny for you) be expressed through yourself. The best things I have created come out of such a vacuum. I could never possibly plan to create something great; it simply comes to me. Sure, you may need to master a craft a little first, but even the wish to do that comes from beyond the mind. There are many skilled craftsmen whose works nonetheless are empty and devoid of real inspiration. Of the sublime, if you will – although I would not claim that I ever created anything you could call that.
          Yes, I get it. You feel love when you like something and something else when you don’t. It’s not surprising. As you imply, the emotions you feel are a reaction to the judgments you make. I would simply say that it is not necessary for me to judge someone (even a mass murderer) as “bad”. All that really matters to me personally is to be safe from him. For that, I need neither judgment nor fear nor hate. I can protect myself from a wild lion by putting a fence between us, and yet I can love the lion for what it is. Would you say a lion is “bad” if it follows its instinct to eat you?
          All these kinds of decisions that you propose do not need to be made on the basis of principles or values. A healthy instinct will tell you to steer away from dangerous and toxic people. And it will direct you where you will find joy. I think that is the principle of confidence. To trust that your instincts will guide you, even if you do not logically understand it – instead of trying to control the experience.
          You can say that this is a typical woman’s way of approaching life. Perhaps. That does not mean that it is inherently a female concept. Just means that women are more prone to live that way. I personally had not much liking for it either, but I am coming to. So far, it has done me only good – while trying to control the experience purely rationally has caused me endless and pointless pain and suffering in the past.

        5. What does following rules have to do with anything? Instinct is acting without reason or logic and simply doing what you’re “programmed to do”. An ant works on instinct, and to a lesser degree a dog acts on instinct. No higher reasoning at all, just responding to stimuli in a predictable pattern. In fact they are precisely following the rules of their programming, that’s why it’s called instinct.
          I would simply say that it is not necessary for me to judge someone (even a mass murderer) as “bad”. All that really matters to me personally is to be safe from him. For that, I need neither judgment nor fear nor hate
          Oh come now, you’re talking circles here. If you feel the need to be safe from somebody, you’re immediately judging that he’s unsafe in some manner such that you want protection from him. That’s a judgement of being afraid of him. If you didn’t fear him, you wouldn’t want to be safe from him.
          I can protect myself from a wild lion by putting a fence between us, and yet I can love the lion for what it is. Would you say a lion is “bad” if it follows its instinct to eat you?
          A healthy instinct will tell you to steer away from dangerous and toxic people.

          I’d say that you fear him and what he can do, regardless of your urge to snuggle with him, ergo the call for protection against his instinctual amorality.
          Instinct is innate and not taught. A child will not steer clear of a van with “free candy” on its side, without being taught right from wrong. A 10 year old boy sees absolutely nothing wrong with jumping from a roof with a towel around his neck because he “knows” it gives him super powers and the ability to fly. These are healthy normal kids by any measure, they simply have no “instinct” to avoid what you and I recognize as dangerous, because as it turns out, they actually need to be taught right from wrong.
          Shit ain’t built into us. Trying to re-frame values as “instinct” makes zero sense and doesn’t pass even the first test of being true.
          So far, it has done me only good – while trying to control the experience purely rationally has caused me endless and pointless pain and suffering in the past.
          As a point of order, perhaps the problem wasn’t rationality, but rather, that you’d not been taught to reason properly and thus had errors in your methods of “pure rationality” that you did not recognize that caused the pain. Dismissing reason and logic because “Pleasure Pain!” doesn’t seem to me to be a case of reason and logic failing. Or better put, if you plug in the wrong value for a variable in an algebra problem, it doesn’t matter how sound your logic for solving the problem is afterward, the end result will always be wrong. Don’t blame algebra for that.

        6. I’m not blaming anything. Reason and rationality has its place. And it also has its limits. Its great for analyzing technical stuff, mathematics, logical connections. Its somewhat mediocre when it comes to be in the moment and make important life decisions. When you get the flu, your body will tell you to slow down and take a rest. Of course, you could say that rationally, you know that a sick body simply needs rest, but this belief (it’s a belief even when it’s true) is only a generalized observation that is unnecessary when you are in touch with your body, because you will simply know what to do.
          I’d say that you fear him and what he can do, regardless of your urge to snuggle with him, ergo the call for protection against his instinctual amorality.Well, yeah. I sense that the lion would care little about my life if it was hungry. But I also sense that a lion is not simply “amoral”, but rather unable to operate on moral principles. He has not evolved a mind for that. Thus, it is pointless of me to judge the lion, to say that the lion is “bad”. It would have no effect on the lion. And yet, were it a human man trying to kill me, I would likely judge him. Why the difference? I think it is because we sense – instinctively – that the power of judgment is indeed that: A power. When we judge a normal human, he feels shame and thus we gain a certain amount of control over him. I think that is what morality comes down to. Which is fine, of course.
          You may say I “judge” the lion to be dangerous. I would rather call it an act of discrimination, in the sense of differentiation. Without values attached to it. I can say the lion is dangerous without saying the lion is bad. I can say a cliff is dangerous without saying that the cliff is “wrong”. It just is. And then again, it may just be dangerous to me, not to everyone.
          Maybe kids will do the things you talk about. I don’t know that, so I can’t discuss it, unfortunately.
          One thing that also came to my mind is the tautology of judging amorality. Amorality is just that: Amoral. It only is bad from a perspective of accepted morals. An amoral person would not say that a moral person is bad, while a moral person would say that an amoral person is bad, simply for not having the same restraints the moral person has.
          As an example, I grew up with a lot of shame around my sexuality or masculinity. To me, those were basically what you could call values. They informed me that it was bad of me to want girls. They were ingrained judgments. Morals, in a sense. When I sensed that another man did not have these restraints, I predictably judged him as “bad”, “asshole”, “jerk” or whatever. And yet, the less I have these restraints, the more I realize that there is not actually anything inherently bad about male sexuality. It was simply the judgment that made it appear bad. So the tautology lies in this: The judgment only exists because the judgment exists. “Badness” comes into existence through judgment, not the other way around. A judgment, on the other hand, is not an objective observation of an inherent “badness”.

        7. It sounds to me like you’re blaming the bad things that happened to you in the past on virtue and morality, without taking the time to think through that virtue and morality are not the same between any two individuals. So your dad was a bad person (that’s basically what you’re saying while backing away from being perceived as judgemental), and he had what I assume he called virtue and morals. So has every bad person in history, just as most good people in history.
          Again, the algebra example springs immediately to mind here.

        8. I just think that the concept of morality and virtue makes people self-righteous and arrogant. And – the thing that bugs me the most – naive. As if nature cared about anything. As if God really wanted us to behave any way other than the way we actually always do. It does not sound logical to me. In fact, it does not make the tiniest bit of sense to me that anything should be inherently bad.
          If my dad (I grew up without my dad, but let’s take the example) was bad and had what he called morals and virtues and followed those, how can you say he was bad indeed? How is it not simply the same thing from a different perspective? Would he not see you, with your different values, and think of you as bad, too?
          You talk about mass murderers who are full of self-loathing. And yet, the moral men and women at the top of our government used to send people into pointless wars, sacrificing their lives for their moronic ideals. They do not hesitate to kill, not in the least. As they say: Kill a person, they call you a murderer. Kill a million and they call you a hero.
          And the same people who do not hesitate to kill in the name of so-called justice, virtue and morals (although those may not be yours) are quick to judge me when I throw a single blow into a copper’s face. It’s hypocrisy. Worse, it is intellectually inconsistent.
          I am not saying that amoral people are better people. But I will readily say that moral people are not better than amoral people. They merely justify all their “badness” by directing it against those whom society does not deem worthy of respect. They are sitting around with their hidden badness, waiting for someone to transgress their morals, so that they have a reason to put that person down and judge that person and impose their world views on them.
          Objectively, being amoral, how do I tell a “good moral person” from a “bad moral person”? I can’t. I just see two people with different sets of values. How am I to choose? Why choose at all?
          The only way I would accept morals were if there was any conclusive evidence that it is somehow God’s plan or that morals are 100% deducible from observable reality. Which I have yet to see. And as I said, I think God wants everything to happen as it does, always. If morals were God-given, they would be laws of nature, like physics. They would be impossible to transgress.

  28. I was fortunate that I went to a private all-male Jesuit high school. It was a small school and most of the priests were dedicated, intellectual and tough teachers. If you fucked up, you would get smacked. If you fucked up too much they just kicked you out. The guys were all very competitive academically and in sports. We had to wear shirt and tie to school (it was torture). Despite having only 350 students we were very competitive in sports with the larger public schools. We all took the same courses that included the sciences, mathematics and latin (it was a college prep school). Most of the kids who attended the school have gone on to be high achieving successful adults.

    1. The Jesuits, so disciplined and dedicated, yet so rebellious, even the Spanish crown kicked them out of its American domains.

  29. My last two years of high school I spent in military school (Navy JROTC). A lot of what you described above I had there, in particular male instructors most of which were retired military. With no girls, the classes were free of PC. After my first year there, I retook the SATs. When my scores came in, I was informed I would likely be investigated for cheating as my scores went up dramatically from the previous year (pre military school).
    Sadly, the school is long gone as it was not well managed financially.

  30. While i agree with this list some of these things should, in a perfect world, be taught by the kids parents. However more practical skills should be taught i believe.

  31. Field Trips, Recess, Shop Class, Engineering Classes, Financial Management, Home-Ec, actual Fitness/Sports classes
    You should know how to cook, change your oil, plan finances, and tie a tie before you graduate HS.
    Uniforms are a big one too. I fully believe in uniformed schooling.

  32. I worked as a High School Teacher for 10 years and I said it many times, our schools need (no order of priority) :
    1. Separate classes for boys and girls
    2. More Male Teachers
    3. Uniforms, to put all the kids on the same level
    4. More extracurricular activities
    Needless to say, I have been accused of being a sexist, a migogynist, etc.

  33. May i ask for thoughts on possibly going back to when school ended between age 12 and 16? Thats when many could go learn a trade when it was apparent their futures were not in academics. Just thinking that with the decline of decent, useful college education it could be something to consider?

    1. The Amish end it at 8th grade. They figure, rightly, that this is when you’ve learned everything of practical use in life and thus need to get off of your fanny and get to work. Turns out, they have a highly successful community built by people who, if you talk to them, are every bit as intelligent as your normal “highly educated” person, while also possessing about 100% more common sense.

      1. I wonder if there would be a lot of support for going back to this. In many countries there are trade shortages, this could help. It seems so sensible that i wonder why we stopped doing it.
        As an aside, it may also help minimise the demographic of overgrown children claiming to be adults (sjws).
        Oh in other aussie news, cory bernardi seems to be starting his own conservative party. Yay!

  34. Solid article, and excellent points. However, too many parents these days are telling their kids that their shit doesn’t stink and not to take a teacher’s authority seriously. Combine that with the mass media and schools indoctrinating kids with the mainstreaming of homosexuality, gender fluidity, and other forms of deviancy and the current system has essentially doomed kids and modern society as a whole.

  35. Same-sex schools were still the rule in Latin America during the ’80s. Far from a perfect system, lots of memorizing, phisycal education was mainly calysthenics and occasionaly kicking a ball, but an all-male enviroment is the best way to learn to how to behave like a man. What I value the most was the male-bonding and the sense of comradership that evolved among us. By grade school bullying was gone ’cause everybody was your friend, partner and comrade, maybe it has to do with the fact that mine was a middle-class (catholic) private school with no such huge class differences like in many American public HS, but for my it was rather because there were no girls around, so there was no point in showing alpha-ness and beta-ing the rest.
    Some of the conditions yo

  36. Excellent list!
    I’ve done a lot of thinking and reading on this topic and I think you’re spot on.
    The only thing I’d add is one more dimension to number 5, starting school later (in the day). Boys mature slower than girls (which is another reason co-ed makes little sense) and would as such benefit (long term) from starting school a year or two later than what is now the case (at least if by school we mean sitting down for hours, being instructed by a teacher).
    Kindergarten has now turned into what used to be first grade. Sitting hour after hour, learning reading and writing. Doing this too early has a tendency of turning boys away from school before it has even officially begun. The greatest tragedy of school is when it kills our natural curiosity. Some of the greatest individuals in history didn’t have much formal schooling but their curiosity and self-learning was boundless and life-long.
    But above all, we must have more movement and physicality. Away from the endless sitting. If teaching a subject requires being stationary, let it at least be at a standing desk. But whenever possible, it should be connected with movement.
    It has been said that one reason why the ancient greeks were so creative was because they walked everywhere. It seems to stimulate the mind.

  37. Shameless plug here: Boy Scouts is a great program, as long as your local chapter is not inundated with helicopter moms or overburdened with bureaucracy. I am a Scoutmaster, working with the 12-13 year old boys. We will do a monthly camp out, and work on various skills/merit badges. The virtues taught are masculine, although safety has been overemphasized lately.

  38. I agree with everything, except for the item 1. I don’t think physical separation of the sexes is a good idea because boys should be able to socialize with girls and perceive their differences since early ages. In the beggining of teenage, boys begin courtship. This is useful to adquire experience for later years. In this process, their classmates are the easiest targets for them. Also, girls have to able to socialize with the oposite sex since young ages. Although it would be a good idea to raise girls in a reserved form in order to preserve their purity, girls would be too naive to chose their own husbands. Then this reality would be possible only with arranged marriages. It’s just too utopian to Western society even if masculinity become the guide of society again. So it is better that girls know how to deal with the opposite sex than subject them to unnecessary ingenuity. We all know that not all men are good, and I don’t know how you feel, but I’d like to protect our girls.

    1. Both sexes separated until they are 18 years old, with differentiated education. Forget about the pointless teenager “courtship”.

      1. Really? I don’t think it will work. Teenager courtship may be pointless, but I think it is important to interact with the oposite sex at a early age. Even the arabs don’t do such a thing as to completely separate boys from girls.
        Boys who don’t interact with girls in young ages become stupid adults and don’t learn how to treat a girl.

        1. You don’t “treat” a girl. You marry (and respect) her according to a given religion. And yes, arabs put girls at the back of the class.

        2. “according to a given religion”
          Girls should not be treated as inferior beings. Before christian God, girls are different only in functions, but equal in value. In west, to treat girls as inferior beings is a disrespect to God’s law. Yes, you “treat” girls, that’s how a man learn to respect them. Arabs, africans and ancient asian culture have no respect for females, which is not in accord to western society.
          We should not assimilate their culture, we just have to rescue ours.

        3. And teenage courtship is not pointless at all when the boy is serious about the relationship and he receive good advice from older men.
          I will marry my High School girlfriend, this have to count something.

        4. I thought I forgot to put the word respect in my comment. But yeah, you can keep your blue pillness for yourself .

        5. So, I’m blue pill for believing that girls are not inferior beings? For being Christian? Interesting. Tell me more about your misguided thoughts, dear atheist.

        6. They are equal to men in every way except authority. There is a principle that you find in the bible and in society where the “Name giver” asserts authority over the “Name receiver”.
          If you’ve studied your bible you will know that it was man that gave woman her name meaning that she comes under the authority of the man. Now be a good Christian and refute that for me.

        7. Man, why are you saying this to me since it is exactly what I said? I totally agree with you.
          The one you should give this argument is the guy who I was talking to.

  39. Re: #13. I can’t believe how disrespectful and aloof kids are these days toward hard working adult men. I yell at them and watch them crap their pants (last time this happened in the Whole Foods produce section a couple of weeks ago). So far, no mom standing by has challenged me. Kids are not superstars, they’re kids! Crush their egos before someone asks them to clean a sink or take out the garbage at their first job and they cry and melt into a puddle of goo.

  40. Went to a middl-class catholic all men school from early 80’s to early 90’s (same-sex schools were the norm in Latin America by then). Far from perfect, courses were mainly about memorizing stuff, physical education consisted of jogging, calysthenics

  41. Went to a
    Catholic middle-class school from early 80’s to early 90’s (same sex schools
    were the norm in Latin America by then) with all-male teachers. Far from
    perfect, courses were mainly about memorizing stuff, physical ed consisted of
    jogging, calisthenics and practicing for the next school parade, with some
    breaks for kicking a ball from time to time. But what I rescue the most from
    that experience was the strong male bonding that developed among us. By grade
    school you felt everyone was your partner, buddy or comrade and there was no
    bullying on those final years. Maybe ‘cause there were no huge economic
    differences among us, but I’m pretty sure the main reason was the absence of
    girls, so nobody felt the urge to display his alpha-ness. There was a lot of
    mockery and physical pranks indeed, but no one was particularly targeted, if
    you felt one time, you just took it and waited for retribution time, nobody
    whined or played the victim card. I think young boys shouldn’t be deprived of
    that chance for developing their masculinity.

  42. Very interesting article man I stumbled upon this site by accident. Well obviously anything to do with positive reinforcement for men and boys is quickly swept aside for “rape culture” headlines. Great work man I will spread the word as much as I can!

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