You’re Homophobic If You Don’t Accept The New Gay Abbreviation

As we begin to enter a post-politically correct apocalypse of social justice fascism, we can see that freedom of speech is dead. Ostensibly, you can still say whatever you want, but, in any area of your life that isn’t anti-fragile, you can suffer retaliation from those who wish to punish you for saying things with which they do not agree. In today’s article, I will describe how the culture of the American workplace oppresses the majority of its workers by following the hyper-politically correct agenda of the homosexuals movement.


June is “Pride Month,” and it is recognized by my employer by putting up all sorts of banners and flags and signs depicting the joys of homosexuality. It gets worse every year as it trends with society’s illness of recognizing every mental aberration and plea for trendiness as a legitimate “lifestyle choice.”

The anti-harassment training rolled out last year had been upgraded to reflect “identity” and the latest crazes, although the trannies in the bathrooms epidemic had not yet occurred. This Pride Month, however, featured a rollout on the new gay abbreviation.


I’m not kidding, either; they took the somewhat long standing acronym for gay, kinda gay, and “had my dick inverted” and added a whole bunch of the latest hotness on it. Here’s the list and some Red Pill style definitions.

Lesbian: Gay female
Gay: Gay male
Bisexual: Half gay
Transgender: Gay, but on the other team
Two Spirited: Both gay and not gay
Queer: Hipster gay
Questioning: Trendy liberal who is possibly gay
Intersex: Gay by virtue of hardware deformity
Asexual: Going gay out of desperation from lack of success with opposite sex
Ally: Trendy liberal who is not gay

You’ll notice it’s all some form of being gay, and some of them are redundant with others, or have very little difference between them. All of these were considered mental illnesses at one time, and I suppose some of them are still technically that way.

The race for the Attention Prize

I don’t know of anyone with whom I work or interact that actually cares about the sexual habits of someone they know, and, being purposefully located in the conservative Midwest, I know very few flamboyantly gay people at all. Yet all you see in the media, and all you get out of the more “progressive” parts of the country is a push to constantly create new sexual preferences, expressions, and identities.

I don’t know why what genitals people prefer to have and to encounter is such an important thing, but you are more “relevant” if you have the latest preference, and thus, more protected by virtue-signalling. Perhaps it’s a method of defining a sense of self for people that have none, or a plea for acceptance and group membership, but I think it has very little to do with what people actually prefer sexually and, instead, is merely a form of social expression, like dressing in black all the time.

Regardless of why people are doing this, the problem is that the corporate world (what matters in a capitalist society like any western nation) is taking them seriously.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. —1 Corinthians 13

Like most problems, advice can be found in the Bible for this one. It’s a plea for attention, it doesn’t matter in a work environment, and the corporate answer should be “Good for you, we don’t care, go back to your desk, please.”

The persecution of Christians in the workplace

The problem with the tolerance of stupidity is that that stupidity eventually becomes widely accepted as the truth, and those who are not stupid are forced to accept it or face persecution for their non-belief. As the Overton Window inevitably shifts more and more left, behavior that was widely considered an execution worthy taboo in the past is now encouraged and desired today.

What if you march to a different, or additional drum than what society wants? What if your religion has something to say about the matter? If you’re Islamic, you’re good to go, as no SJW would dare question the word of Allah. I guess the true test of the strength of your SJW-ism is, if you’re gay and a Muslim tosses you off a building for your heresy, do you scream on the way down, or just quietly accept your fate? After the Orlando shooting, LGBT gun purchases are really increasing, so it looks like they are rightfully choosing survival and the right to live over being politically correct. Good for them.

But, if you’re a Christian, you’re in for a world of grief. Unless you follow every single thing in both the New AND Old Testaments (proving that SJWs don’t really understand what Christianity actually IS), expect to be called a hypocrite and have your views discounted. If you had sex before marriage or ever had divorce, you’re not really a Christian, so you don’t get a say on being gay or anything else, so goes their dismissal of you.

There’s an inherent logical flaw in claiming that a core part of your movement’s ideals is the acceptance of all opinions and views, then dismissing views and opinions that disagree with yours. A true believer of a legitimate philosophy should not be afraid to debate and defend his stance.

The ideological fallacy of speaking for many with a single policy

I leave it to my colleague, Br. Moner, for speaking of certainty, but I will apply an engineer’s logic to the failings of HR policy here. There are two problems with proclaiming policy on such a nebulous and irrelevant thing as sexual identity, preference, and practice in the workplace, and either one of them should have been enough to persuade anyone with sense to never make such a thing in the first place.

Homosexuals and other people comprise way under 10% of the population, usually 3-5%, depending on your source. Christians are around 62% of the population. Despite varying beliefs and statements on homosexuality in Christianity, even if we took it as a 50/50 split, that’s still 20% more of the population that thinks it’s wrong than thinks it’s right. This is not an argument for “Gay Is Not OK” signs at work, this is an argument not to get involved at all.

Second reason not to get involved is that times change, and what is legal or trendy today may have been taboo yesterday. Progressives like to think that everything new they think of is an improvement, possibly only because they thought of it, but a large percentage of people do not agree with the multi-gendered, multi-racial, out-of-wedlock, multi-partner sexfest fueled by abortion and the pill that romance in our day in age has become. There is no reason to endorse current societal thinking on such things as it WILL change and NOT necessarily for the better.

This may be the new “thing” soon. On a side note, do NOT look for images by googling “horse love.”


Dictating policy, even in the guise of acceptance and promotion of individuality, is contrary to the ideals of free speech and the freedom of expression. The only ideals that forcing the SJW agenda down peoples’ throats endorse are those of the SJWs. That’s not freedom, that’s fascism, and, even if it is cloaked in the righteous guise of equal rights, it’s only equality for those that they care about, which are women and minorities of racial, sexual, or religious nature.

When you buck the narrative, you interfere with their vision of how the new reality should be, and, rather than debate with you, they seek to eliminate you professionally, socially, and perhaps, one day, personally. If someone does not welcome your ideas and speech because they think it’s dangerous, it is their speech that is dangerous, not yours. Roosh’s new book is on such a subject, and I am currently reading it and enjoying it greatly.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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183 thoughts on “You’re Homophobic If You Don’t Accept The New Gay Abbreviation”

        1. I’m just a white boy,
          I get no sympathy
          ‘Cause I’m a privileged,
          Middle Class,
          Average kid
          Any way the wind blows
          No one pays attention to ME
          To ME

        2. Mama…don’t have a dad
          She wanted to get laid
          Daddy left when I was made
          Mama…didn’t want a son
          And now I’m really screwed up in the head

        3. Too late, my time has come
          Sends shivers down my spine
          Body’s aching all the time

    1. Dissociate Identity Disorder, but your identities are gay, so you’re not mentally ill because being gay is awesome.

      1. Or, if you’re a teenager on Tumblr, faux DID. Because being awesome is hard, but pretending you have a mental disorder (that’s not a disorder, because reasons) is easy.

    2. Native American society never discriminated against so-called “gays.” In fact, “two-spirited” men were given special status in some Native American societies. So that is where the term comes from. Among native people, it is considered a “neutral” term.

  1. Funny how people who don’t wish to be defined by society’s labels have put so much effort into labeling themselves.

    1. Leftism is the opiate of the landless. Cultural marxism has destroyed Western ethnicities and the orphans need to create new identities.

      1. I’d add not just landless but resentful of the success of others, resentment against achievement.

    2. Once again, the left goes out and does the exact opposite thing they originally set out to do.

  2. In my area, there is a restaurant with a pride flag sticker by the door. When I go out for lunch, I go anywhere but there. Hopefully no one will find out I am doing this, or I would be accused of being an homophobe. I just dont want to give any money to the promotion of homosexuality.

      1. Dont get me wrong, I had lunch there once, before I noticed the sticker. Both food and service were excellent, no complaints in that regard. I have no problem with a gay owner or any member of the staff being gay. In fact, I dont even know if anyone gay works there. I just cannot support any kind of propaganda of homosexuality. My wife always wants us to go there for lunch, but I am adamant about avoiding the place and giving our money to some other business that does not have such displays of support for homosexuality.

      2. or you could tell them that you didn’t order any dick with your pork chops…what the hell?

    1. “, I go anywhere but there. Hopefully no one will find out I am doing this, or I would be accused of being an homophobe”
      Who knows what the future brings with this – people acused of homophobia could get fined.

    2. How can you live where you live? I have no such fears here, flag = fag = I avoid. Nobody cares.

  3. That is going to really be something when that chick makes love to that horse after they marry.

    1. That person may have the appearance of a young female but you have no idea what zhe is identifying as.
      Zhe might be a filly for all you know.

  4. Liberals are just normolophobic, anything normal or wholesome they fear.

  5. Phobia – A persistent, abnormal, or irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid the feared stimulus.
    So, knowing what the word phobia means, wouldn’t homophobic be an irrational fear of gays? But that’s not how the media (and its sheep) use that word. To them, the word homophobic is meant to demonize anyone who doesn’t approve of men who fuck men. So basically, the irrational are trying to relieve the rational of OUR freedom of speech. Not only that, but they’ve taken it upon themselves to make words up AND alter the meaning of already existing words, based on what agenda they’re trying to push. Sounds about right.

    1. Most of these (x)-“phobic” terms should be changed to Mis/o-(x). Most of these so called phobias are really motivated by disgust, repulsion, and hatred, not fear.
      “Homophobic” is more aptly, “Misohomia”
      “Islamophobic” is more aptly, “Misoislamic”
      Why is misogynist, misandrist, misanthrope, etc given the mis- (hatred of) modifier, but anything that’s part of the degenerate NWO globalist agenda gets slapped with the “phobic” (fear of) modifier? Because they want sane people to be shamed and bullied into submission by implying that fear and irrationality are the motivators rather than aversion and contempt.

    2. That is part of the semantic war, marxism has been imposing on Western Culture. The logic is simple: if you are a critic of something they adore or defend, like the homosexual lifestyle or Islam, you are labeled a “phobic” of something. Its nothing more than a totalitarian device, in order to shut people up and make them look as bigots.
      A phobia, (as you mentioned) is a irrational fear, that as for example physical demonstrations like heavy breathing or cold sweats, and i never had that whit a gay. And i know what i criticize when we are talking about Islam.
      We must turn the arguments against them and tell them what they are: the real totalitarians, the real monsters, the real enemies of liberty of thought!!!

      1. My sentiments exactly. “Phobic” is the way to instantly dismiss anyone beyond the groupthink who may have reason to simply be “anti”/against. They would prefer you were as they wish you to be — insipid, one-dimensional and scared…or completely lost in time by shouting that you’re scared of change. At which point they anoint themselves the arbiters and agents of change, disqualifying you yet again. And around and ’round it goes. Alas, the favored punching hand starts getting twitchy in those moments…

        1. Fear is the key issue, because people are so afraid to be labeled (by the media, the state, friends, neighbors, etc) as something they are not, that they censure themselves.
          I mean, its so easy to argue and destroy these phobia crap…I recall talking to a female friend of mine, some years ago, about the law of adoption and co adoption of children by gays.
          I was calm, rational and giving her no chance of winning the debate, she was just talking loud, waving her hands and with her face red and, you guess it, calling me a homophobic. So lame.

    3. Well done, you’ve cracked the code sir.

    1. I’m fond of the Lettuce, (bacon) Grease, Bacon, and Tomato sandwich, as well.
      Grabbed the image, though. Gonna help spread the good meme.

        1. There’s no point in doing so.

      1. If you want to piss off the lesbians put the G first and say your gay friend said that’s the way it goes. Right now many are drunk on power and forget pendulums swing back.
        None of my exes I contacted have changed their minds about guns or moslems after Orlando. Most would bring a candlelight vigil to a 1400year jihad.
        Jenner killed just one woman to identify as a woman driver but an Afghani moslem that shoots 102 gays gets mislabeled a WHITE NRA MAN, even after calling up 911 to say aloha snackbar.

        1. Yep, told one the other day that she represents Gay Bacon Lettuce & Tomatoes everywhere. I think she had an aneurism.

    2. Cinder ella has it right, make this into a fridge magnet and you’ll be a millionaire by January.

    3. very ‘brokeback mountain’ pic ya got there, pardner ! ya do know what a ‘pardner’ was, right, bucko ? these days we would call it a ‘friend with benefits’ and it looks like the two cowboys on the right are about to get all pardner-y any minute now.

  6. They forgot to add “C” for copros = those who shit on the open street.
    India seems to have the largest coprophobes and even have a campaign against it. Now, there are levels of coprophobes: there is the full coprophobe who always uses the toilet and TP and there is the semi-coprophobe who uses the toilet but doesn’t flush or use TP.

    1. What’s with not flushing? We have a generation raised on auto flush toilets. Piss and crap then walk away.

      1. The inventor of the self-flush toilet was a HUGE coprophobe. His invention was an attempt to squelch the natural behavior of copros who live to see their shit out in public.

  7. If a politician “came out” as atheist, their career would be over. But if they “came out” as gay? Congratulatory media propaganda blitz!

    1. Lots of very influential men have “come out” as atheist. Coincidentally they’re still Jewish, and still doing quite well.

  8. Every time somebody mentions LGBT I think of BLT sandwiches, man. I am so hungry.

    1. BLT’s can be a weapon against terrorism, mandate BLTs before entering airports and secure areas.
      It’s also awesomely delicious.

    2. mmmm bacon. The dominant powerful smell that says “eat me”.
      My roomie brought home turkey bacon and I called it “fakin bacon”. It was like high class bologna.

      1. Disgusting stuff. We got a Muslim kid in our Boy Scout troop toward the end of my tenure, and our scout masters forbade pork products. No more real bacon, and after we tasted the fake shit we didn’t bring that, either.
        (For reference, the one Jewish kid in our troop had no problem with other kids eating bacon or pork chops.)

        1. You should have rioted and thrown the PC scout leader off a cliff. Your right to eat bacon was violated – it’s in the Constitution. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness by eating bacon.

      2. Turkey bacon is like trying to mess up Gods master plan, whoever invented that sacrilege should be flogged with a chinaberry limb and boiled in 90wt for his evil transgressions against mankind.

        1. It gives some people the idea that they are doing something good for their body. Same people that buy “skinny girl” wine.

  9. I’m exempt. I have been telling even gay people for years that I’m a homophobe. To their face as needed.
    I don’t, never have, and never will give a shit about their stuff whatever it is.
    Just don’t bring up gay stuff around me, and I don’t care what you do privately.
    That’s my rule. I work with gay people, and this works pretty well, not 100% but close.

  10. I don’t even think any of them have the brain capacity to memorize an acronym that long.

    1. Love knows no gender, no lack-of-gender, no age, no species, and no organic boundaries.
      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my toaster.

      1. There’s a term for that: Objecumsexual. Someone did a documentary on it. A nutso lady loved the Berlin Wall so much, she petitioned the government there, to let her sleep in one of the guard towers. She carries around a piece of the Wall, wherever, she goes.

      2. Toaster is a bigot, it only takes bread.
        Take a look at that sexy oven, fighting for the social justice. It takes all kinds of food and doesn’t discriminate.

    2. Pedophiles used to been and probably in shadier circles still is part of LGBT. The founder of LGBT was in fact a gay pedophile

  11. Is that horse in the pic male or female? How can anyone ‘judge’ the gender identity of another species? Can female humans be gay for horses?

    1. I don’t know what the horse identifies as, sorry. The young person looks at first glance like there might be a vagina somewhere in those shorts but that person might be identifying as a horse so it doesn’t matter.

      1. Humans ‘identifying’ as different species would negate the beastiality laws. Just get a written letter for a shrink that says you have species dysphoria. I’m guessing its just a matter of ‘social acceptance’ now.

    2. Look closely. That horse is feeling up her ass so it makes it a pedophile no matter what it identifies as. The government needs to do something right away about pedophile horses and right now!

  12. I’ve just accepted that I’m a racist and I’m a sexist…..tacking on homophobic is just a bonus.
    This is what happens when you tell a white man (for decades) that he’s racist and sexist, privileged, etc……he becomes it. Once you accept it, then you are free and nothing stands in your way. I openly talk about whatever at work and if someone makes a remark then I tell them “then don’t ask for my two cents on it….cause I’ll give it to you”.
    It must be a shock for many of those younger people to hear me openly and brazenly just say it. They would never (in a million years) be able to say what I say…but then again I don’t take any shit so…..

    1. It’s the same for me, these days. Fortunately, since I dislike social networks and daily small talk, I can keep my views out of scrutiny. I don’t fear PC mongers and thought police in general as I make them uneasy around me from the first second onward. And even more importantly, I feel safe from blackmail or «shaming» (since these are typical of small/closed groups’ environments that don’t belong in my life at all).

    2. I couldn’t agree more. And to extend the list, let’s add the whiny “women stick it to me” types beginning to infest this site. There WAS a point in time when this was about neo-masculinity which was defined as self-improvement, self-care, etc.
      From where I came from that would be defined as “being a man” and there was nothing new or “edgy” or out of the norm about it. Now, it seems that standing up for your beliefs and doing something about it is some sort of new movement.
      MGTOW? Hah! That used to be called being a normal male making sound decisions. It has changed into some Stephen Crane Red Badge of Courage derived from running away from the problem and saying “You’re sure gonna miss me when I’m gone.” Hell, country music lyrics are less depressing.
      Go ahead and tell me about how “lucky” I am and make excuses like it’s because you didn’t have a Daddy and your Mommy was f’ed in the head. Tell that to someone who overcame REAL adversity and see how long it flies.
      Most of this shit is because people abjectly refuse to grow the fuck up.

    3. Can’t say I’ve ever feared anything irrationally.
      Don’t accept their language. That’s how they gain power.

      1. I honestly don’t acknowledge many of them when they speak. Much of the time, I’ve noticed, it’s about feelings and getting attention. I treat many of them like a 5 years old (I ignore them) and they’ll usually go away. It’s a shit test to see if you’ll flinch when they say the words. I’ll ignore or laugh and move along…it’s too funny dealing with kids with these issues.

    4. Agree. When I’m talking with friends, I don’t keep my mouth shut. I care less and less what other people think.
      I was sitting on the train once and when I was referring to feminism as an ideology based on crap and hypocrisy, the guy told me to keep my voice low…. I didn’t.
      EDIT: I’m sick of those morally superior übermenschen telling me what I can say and what I cannot say. If they don’t like it, then it is their problem and they can run to their safe space where they can cry as much as they want. If they are so weak that they even can’t handle jokes, sarcasm or criticism, then I shouldn’t care about their feelings either. Everybody experiences bad things, but not everybody choses to play the victim card or act like a crybaby. Those who play the victim just have never experienced struggle or bullying, because they have been sheltered from all ‘evil’ the day they were born. These people are getting mentally castrated by a generation that was mentally castrated before by early baby boomers and is now, unfortunately, in power. They like to claim that they are ‘brave’ and ‘strong’ but the moment you question their hollow narrative they shit their pants and run to the government for help or to silence you.
      They don’t have a backbone because they have never learned to grow one. So let’s offend the shit out of them, it might make them realise how weak they are and, if circumstances are positive, make them improve themselves.

    5. Young Americans are easy to shock because they grow up in a nice safe environment like the people in the movie Demolition Man.

      1. I looked at that movie the other day and damn was it terrifying especially the man who was talking to that machine about his feelings. That movie was so prescient that it is sickly.

        1. Not a great movie but an understated work of genius with respect to the prediction of the path society is taking.
          Have a look at the Judge Dredd comics if you have time. Also quite prescient.

        2. Thanks I will. We know that Hollywood is the propaganda mouthpiece for Washington. I wonder if things are prescient, or are we simply being given a heads up?

    6. True. There is an agree and amplify on some meta scale to all of this. I’ve accepted my badges as well. While I don’t wear them on my sleeve, I also don’t self-censor.
      I used ‘fags’ in conversation the other day and it was a pleasant little titty twister to the typically SJW women I was talking with. It wasn’t even about the gays, but simply the old-school pejorative. They were of course shocked but they were also suddenly quite interested in what else I had to say, in that kind of panty-dampening way that properly delivered truthspeak can elicit.
      The ubiquitous labeling of such ‘phobias’ is working against them. Their attempt to accumulate power by shaming the normal people and using our natural altruistic and empathetic tendencies against us has reached its upper limit.
      Weaponizing language, as the progs have done, has obviously worked for quite some time, but then again its tricky to put the Comp. B back into the grenade after it has already cleared the room.
      I remember as a kid saying certain words over and over again and sure enough they would lose all meaning – and stripped of that meaning they just become silly sounding noises. That’s where we are at.
      The presumptive unity of all types of gender and sexual deviations from the mean is a false premise and ultimately it should be insulting to those who occupy one of those stations along the continuum,

    7. According to the new “black hole” definition of racist and sexist, I am definitely both and I’m owning up to it. Denying it only continues the downward spiral and increased sensitivity. The definition is constantly degrading to something more minuscule and irrelevant. imagine what it’ll be a few years from now. Tell them all to fuck off or enjoy your government issued plastic bubble.

    The point in the expansion of the acronym is that with every additional letter heterosexuality – conceptually prior to statistically – becomes a little less important, and a little less significant. When the world was either hetero or gay, then gays could claim equality, but knew they were a tiny minority. With the addition of other special friend varieties to the rainbow army its a lot easier to claim that heterosexuality is the new tiny minority, for within the array it now is the minority. Just one old boring flavour of ice-cream. You still like vanilla? Try chocolate flavour ice-cream (buggery) or one of the many other wonderful flavours like blueberry (sounds like like buggery) or fudge err.. but who the hell’s going to stick with boring old vanilla when you could be scoffing chunky monkey or wiping cookies and cream off your face

  14. I may be homophobic, but at least I’m not hobophobic (hating on people, like city governments do, for the “crime” of being homeless)…

  15. Se they could abbreviate the title… To just “You are a homophobe” because by any measure if your reading this article, by the SJW definition you MUST be a homophobe. As if that’s a bad thing somehow.
    I’m not ashamed for saying I avoid men who like sleeping with other men like you would with a woman.

  16. The new ideal corporate employee is malleable, without family, and submissive to authority. Because they have no family to support, they’ll work for less,and still treat the company as their family. Homosexualists fit this profile perfectly. The next best is a divorced woman receiving child support. She exhibits characteristics similar to the homosexualist,and her work income is merely supplemental. The driver for corporations is reducing the cost of labor both in wages and training. It’s a win.

    1. As I say, the only value you’ll ever have in life, was either given at birth (your genes, physical and mental attributes, and a family, nation and race to guide you) or conquered by strenuous effort, and not without some casualties.
      All that was awarded, paid, distributed, borrowed, taught and extolled (usually, obedience, in the fashion of Pavlov), are just illusions, designed to make you happy about complying, but which will be taken away/forgotten/worthless as soon as you are no longer useful, usable or used.

    2. Absolutely right. But good luck sharing your wisdom. There’s still millions of purples who will suck and fuck “for the cumpnee”

      1. Even those, the number of tits is too small for all the piggies, and getting smaller. I wonder if this will ‘force men to be free’.

  17. Notice also how popular it is to cross dress. You see celebrities on TV, instagram, sports. Usually they are wearing female clothing as a “spoof” or “joke” but really what kind of self respecting man is going to wear female panties as a joke?? Its disgusting soft indoctrination into making sodomy and transgender perversion mainstream and accepted by all. I dare you the next time you see a crossing joke comment about how perverted it is and see how much hate you receive back. America is drowning in sexual perversion and deviance.

    1. America is in decline, sexual perversions run rampant in empires that are in decline, dont be surprised when pedophiles come out the woodwork

  18. Yes. Your sexuality is none of my business. I don’t want to know. Go away.

    1. That’s the bit which blows my mind. In the grand scheme of things, nobody gives a shit. Is this a quest for forced relevance and forced homosexuality?

    1. I think the focus should move towards preventing the P and Z from becoming mainstream. Analyze everything the gays did to become acceptable and then call out the paedophiles and zoophiles as they organize.

      1. accepting muslim immigrants could be stopped for once they actually have a serious pederasty history and the level of pedophilia on both underaged girls and boys is actually very common among muslims in fact the qu’ran embraces the idea, muslims do not see pedophilia as a crime

        1. Agreed that will help a lot. I have heard stories from a Marine friend of mine who said they paedophiles transporting boys across the desert. Needless to say they weren’t allowed doing anything about it.

  19. I’m not scared of fags, I just don’t like them because it’s fucked up.
    A man could be a bridge builder and build the biggest,strongest most beautiful bridges on the planet but, if he sucks one dick he’s a cocksucker and it doesn’t matter how many bridges he builds.

  20. No, I’m homo intolerant. I don’t fear a one of these dunderheads, and certainly not irrationally (phobia = irrational fear). They are weak, snarling little cockroaches when the light is turned on in the kitchen at midnight. You don’t fear them, you simply wish to stomp them out of existence and then crawl back to sleep.
    I also don’t want to hear or see how horses fuck. Not my problem. I acknowledge that they fuck, I don’t care how they do it and I don’t want it in the public square. Do I fear horses? No, I just think that there is a time and place for things and the public square is not one for horses (nor any other mammal) to be fucking. Big whoop.
    Take away their power by challenging their language. Really, just like Satan, it’s all they have, words. So weak, so easy to defeat, it’s a wonder that we’ve fallen so far in the face of such a weak enemy.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, its actually irrational to fear sodomites. I’ve run accross many flamboyant sodomites and one thing thats always consistent is that they have repulsive personalities and an aura of self-hatred/masochism.
      This is why I have no conscientious scruples when radical muslims chuck them off rooftops…

    2. It is the ultimate misnomer. Whenever someone pulls that shit on me I correct them and say I have ‘homonausea’ as what they do sickens me; not ‘homofauxbia’ which is a made up condition they try to peddle.

  21. The main goal of LGBTTQQIAA is to create disorder and confusion in the mainstream culture. It’s another Maltov cocktail, hailed at 1950s America. It’s a revengeful attack against the “cool” kids from high school – people who are now the normal heterosexual Americans with families.
    Remember that progressives are, by and large, broken people: incels, drug addicts, obese, etc. These schemes are nothing more than their way of “getting back” at those they feel have spurned them.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with your post. This is exactly what this is, the degenerate losers throwing firebombs at those they hate, because they themselves never amounted to anything.

      1. AND those who attempt to become the next buzz-victim fall right into that crowd.
        But take heart as normal will become the new minority…

        1. My college attending son wears a “Men’s Rights” t-shirt on campus and gets a pantload of female followers on his social media (yeah, I know, he’s a Millenial so I can’t really stop that shit). He also wears Trump buttons. He *destroys* any Bernie Sanders fucks who walk near him rhetorically. He’s read and internalized Anthem and The Fountainhead. He laughs openly at feminists.
          We have hope.

        2. A 1% patch does much the same. In fact, feminazis and faggots seem to feel no need to approach and state their position. There’s a concerted effort to remove that culture from all angles, but I don’t see us going away any time soon. Adapt and overcome, OORAH.

        3. We’re not going anywhere. As a parent I’ve done my part. If the future is hate and totalitarianism, if my line goes down in defiance and with a middle finger to the world, so be it. At least we did our part.
          Plus, most of the boys in his high school (nationally ranked for academics, very highly) hunt and the girls are cheerleaders and we even have home-ec. Flyover country isn’t dead, we’re just quietly doing what needs to be done.
          They underestimate us greatly, and at their own peril. We’re on the same team Tooj.

        4. There are many surprises coming to those who want to acronym the Midwest. Four boys taking care of business here and the youngest dropped by the other day to show off his AR that he just ceracoted. They give me shit just for participating here “with all the babies” as they so elegantly put it.
          I’m not always so quiet when it comes to doing what needs to be done, though. Hell, most can’t even handle a strong spoken or written word, let alone what is in store.
          Gotta look you up some time and put some miles on the rubber. Ever get out KC way to show off that scooter?

        5. I pass through Missouri every two years or so. This coming year is my next trip.

        6. I don know if your thoughts on Ted ever changed but it’s nice to see that you joined te Trump train.
          Anything but Hillary.

      2. The scary thing is that now there are so many of them; they are joining forces to form a Mongoloid army. It appears that Jessica Valenti is the lead general.

        1. We are gathering forces as well. You should hear my gun shop, aye, I never heard stuff like that until this decade.
          We’re going to win this, but it WILL involve pain, suffering and loss.

        2. I hope you are right.
          When you watch the BBC, you would think that London is a giant transgender disco. And then Brexit happens out of left field, and you realize that the leftist, BBC media is censoring at least half of the English population.
          We have already seen a conservative turn in the Phillipines as well, and I am hoping that the US will be the next domino to fall in November.

        3. So many of them? Shirley, you jest. There isn’t enough testosterone in that overall bunch to sprout a hair on the ballsac of a man.

        4. Regular people are cluing in.
          Hard working people are getting fed up with being told how privileged they are

        5. And the blood of that great and abominable church, which is the whore of all the earth, shall turn upon their own heads; for they shall war among themselves, and the sword of their own hands shall fall upon their own heads, and they shall be drunken with their own blood.
          And every nation which shall war against thee, O house of Israel, shall be turned one against another, and they shall fall into the pit which they digged to ensnare the people of the Lord. And all that fight against
          Zion shall be destroyed, and that great whore, who hath perverted the right
          ways of the Lord, yea, that great and abominable church, shall tumble to the
          dust and great shall be the fall of it.

    1. I wouldn’t like it when it’s angry?

      1. Yeah on second thoughts, Go to town brother! Angry up those queers and sit back and watch the show.

        1. All right then. Don’t mess with a man’s brisket. Jazz? Maybe. But NEVER brisket.

  22. I have a buddy in the Army. He tells me soldiers will get in some sort of trouble if you so much as make a little joke against a pole smoker. Funny how just a few decades back in WWII, all homos were expelled from the military. The fuck is this world coming to? I’m glad my asthma barred me from being able to join now.

    1. That was the entire point of it, so any man of integrity and honor would avoid the army. Which means the army will be composed of men of no integrity or honor, who would obey orders to violate the constitution.
      Look at Venezuela, the only men with guns are in the military, the only men in the military are human filth. Which means the animals at the top can utterly break and smash the country and the common man can do nothing. It’s one of the most resource rich areas on the planet, yet right now they have riots over food rationing. People can’t even get toilet paper.
      When you allow power to be concentrated into one place, all the sociopaths make a mad scramble to acquire that power.
      Which is exactly why sociopaths and gutless narcissists tend to encourage that concentration. The sociopaths so they can rob, rape and murder. The narcissists because they can’t stand to see anyone else do well.

  23. Apply the Mars Colonization Test to these defectives: They would fail it spectacularly, and probably for more than one reason. They don’t represent healthy, authentic human life, and they no business wasting resources in the struggle for survival. They only have a livable niche now because of all the surplus wealth modern economies can produce.

  24. The cat’s out of the bag now, it only needs to be monopolized and spread out.
    There’s a youtube video out with a ( let’s call her girl ) talking about fucking her dog.
    10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs
    You fucking kidding me ??!?!?!??!?!
    Horses ? No shit, a few decades ago, rich women would have stables and would have been the dirtiest of dirty whores, but because of political influence, no one would dare smear their image because of fear of retribution.
    Princesses fucking their horses.
    Girls fucking their dogs.
    Gay propaganda being fed to the kids.
    Somebody with horns is having the time of his life right now.
    And then come the atheists and say – ,,There’s no such thing as God, dude.”

    1. Is a little bit pleasant to realise that there are people out there a helluva lot more abnormal than oneself..

  25. Anybody else want to see that girl split in half by that stallion lover of hers? I do.

    1. My brother said he saw that at some club in Chihuahua, Mexico. Some stripper brought in this horse with a harness under it’s belly for the girl to lay in.

      1. Yeah. It’s not hard to find on the internet, you know… but all the girls who do it are ugly as fuck and I don’t watch it.

  26. I actually googled “horse love”. I’m curious like that. All I saw was images of horses fondling each other, no big deal.

  27. I have seen comments in here about how the next big “normalizing” project would be pedophilia….well, gentlemen, I submit this for your perusal….
    It was only a matter of time. Proceed with caution. Eye bleach may be necessary.

  28. There was a time when the first meaning of the word “gay” meant “happy” or “merry” but I think these fuckers have in the last few decades changed that.

    1. Kind of like the way they used to be called “queers” (meaning odd or different because people thought it queer that one man would want to cornhole another man.

  29. The elephant in the room is the question about religion. Is man the offspring of God (Romans 8:15-19), and expected to “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect”, or are we like Darwin states, that we are just a more intelligent animal?
    If we are created by God, we are expected to overcome the natural man, learn to control our appetites. We live in a fallen world, but through overcoming sin and temptation, we become more able to control ourselves and more Christlike. Of course, we fall short, everyone does. God knew this and had a plan for that. “the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall
    prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them”. We can become perfect through Christ and the process of repentance and work.
    If we are the offspring of animals, and there is nothing beyond this life. Then, yeah, do whatever, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. If this life is as good as it gets, might as well live it to the fullest. Like Tom T Hall states, the secret of life is “Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey and more money”. It may be.
    One thing though….I have lived both lives. I grew up in an irreligious home, up through my mid 20’s, I lived a life that Tom T Hall would be envious of. I had fun, but was empty inside. Shortly thereafter, I found religion while attending college. The philosophy of science did not fit very well, there are too many holes. I guess I was getting to the point of settling down, and did so. Now, my family attend church regularly, and I could not be happier.
    The next time you complain about some religious zealot trying to ram religion down your throat, remember my previous paragraph. We (most of us) are not trying to force it because we believe it is our duty, we are doing it so others can find happiness in their lives as well.

    1. Hey I’m religious too and agree with what you said. However, technology and today’s creature comforts etc, I’m hear to tell ya, life is still not easy, in fact, its very hard and down right sucks many times. The kind of life philosophy that underscores leftism, which includes homosexualism i.e. do whatever you want whenever…simply does not work in reality. Take the recent post a few days ago on ROK discussing recent studies on how unhealthy homos tend to be. This is a great example that the life of excess leads to consequences. aids is yet another example. Even a homo that is under control and is relatively monogamous is, at least, a sign of good self control and responsibility, hence, said homo is unlikely to get aids or an STD. But, such a homo is rare and everyone knows it. No, this is a group of people, an ideology and worldview that says anything goes and that is simply wrong on all levels because it will lead to ruin and even if these people only fuck each other, as with the case with aids, their excesses eventually take from public coffers and general posterity by sucking precious medical resources and R&D for a disease that IS a product of personal irresponsibility.

  30. Maybe if all the sodomites agreed to be branded, it would cut down on the ‘offense’ as all the normal people would say ‘oh, one of those khunts hey?’ and be done with it
    A wise man once said

  31. My guess is that pedophilia and bestiality will be on the new agenda for the puppet Clinton.

  32. I predict this will backfire. Unless TPTP can convince a substantial number of people to actually become sexually deviant in one of those latter bizarre ways. There are and have always been gay people (also have always been people with birth defects that force them to be a certain sex, but that is such a miniscule number that we won’t even discuss it, other than to acknowledge it exists and is a sad fact of life like any birth defect).
    But the plain gays and lesbians, the ones who are simply naturally attracted to the same sex, don’t want to proclaim it or have pride parades, or who aren’t even proud of it per se, they have always disliked the trannies and the bisexuals. Bisexuals, they think, are just narcissists who will have sex with anything (if you can enjoy sex with the opposite sex, you are not gay). And trannies are just sick mental cases who want to mutilate their bodies. And in some cases pretend to be hetero (ie Caitlin Jenner is a dude who claims he still wants to date women even while wearing a dress). I can only imagine the other letters are even more offensive to a “plain” gay or lesbian.
    As long as the BTQRSTUVWXYZ members are in the small minority, this will backfire and fail. But the dangerous thing is, it could work, if society can convince enough people to actually become asexual or tranny or nongender or whatever other BS to where they actually outnumber the natural gays and lesbians (I think something like 2 or 3% of the population is born gay). The disturbing thing is I can honestly see that happening.

  33. Aside from the Orlando shooter to be allegedly gay, there were many accounts of muslim immigrant pedophiles raping boys
    turns out in middle eastern countries like pakistan it’s the norm to rape boys as young as 6 to 11, the muslims hate homosexuals and have a similar twisted thought of what a homosexual is similar to that of the nazi, they either go around raping boys out the streets or pay them as little as a few nickels to have sex with them!
    a homosexual to them is the male that gets fucked in the anus while the penetrator isn’t, denoting a masculine gay theme

  34. Gayness is as unnatural as it can get. Gays have more STDs. Gays says anal sex hurts, it’s a bloody mess and stinks. They also say that if it doesn’t stink it is hurtful and humiliating to shower your anus everytime before sex. So it’s not a good option at all. Also, research points out that gayness is not inbor, innate or imutable. Another thing is that the 10% gay population is a fake created by Kinsey liar, a statistic created by an angry homosexual in the 50’s, based on his two books (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female both released in 1948). Don’t give yourself a chance to believe homosexuality one more second or so. It’s all a lie promoted by strong propaganda and deceiving political beliefs from people who were too lazy to look at their lifes objectively and seriously at least once in their life time.
    But you don’t need to believe me. Read My Genes Made Me Do It before reading any other book in the subject, even by pro gay activists, and make your conclusions.
    Gays couldn’t get their minds right in the front of a troublesome attraction and now try to convince everybody lack of responsibility shoud be rewarded as freedom. That’s a psychological issue all and by itself. The ones who could be better than that were convincend by propaganda in their adolescence and young years. If you have anything new to this info, please share. I’d love to hear more gay gene charades.

  35. Sorry, I didn’t read your article past the title because yes, you are homophobic.

    1. And you are a mentally ill misanthrope. Happy new year wallowing in your mental miseries.

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