8 Reasons Why The Leftists Win

In my last article, I went over reasons why leftists are losers as people. Today, I want to go over how they’ve been managing to win in spite of their loser nature. It’s not by accident that progressivism, feminism, and other illusions became mainstream in the West and beyond. The effectiveness to which the leftists have managed to change entire culture and society is something we must acknowledge if we’re serious about countering them.

1. They have government support

Who needs a female minority to lead social justice when a cis-gender white male is the prime minister?

Most of the countries in the West are globalist or globalist leaning, which means its ideology gets trickled down to the masses through schools, media, and policy. In a way, it’s not that the leftists are winning, but that the governments have effectively molded the majority of the population to accept the ideas of multiculturalism, feminism, progressivism, etc. Unlike what the leftists believe, they’re not fighting against the system—they are the system.

2. Material force is on their side

The wall alone is not going to reverse the demographic changes.

In my last article, I said the leftists were delusional because they believed that the spirit of times was on their side. But the truth is, they are correct in a way. Just look at the countless examples of what’s happening today: As technological advancement accelerates, so does globalism. The demographic landscape of the West is changing dramatically in a way that even a complete halt of all immigration will not prevent the minorities already in the nations from growing in numbers, which contrasts to the declining birth-rate of native population.

And with consumerism becoming the dominant religion, people today lack values which they compensate by taking up social justice causes while rejecting “outdated” traditional norms. The truth that everyone needs to acknowledge is that social development through materialism is dictating the political trends, not some ghost called “Cultural Marxism.”

3. They control the narrative through institutions

The leftists dominate the mainstream media, academia, tech industries, and the entertainment industry in numbers. Although a counter-reaction has been fomenting in the past few years, leftists are still dominant in any platform that is “major” and “official.” How they achieved such level of dominance is up for speculation, but I’m strongly convinced that it has a lot to do with the above two points plus the fact that a group of highly successful people were able to influence the system from where it matters.

4. They have the celebrities

America loves celebrities and the vast majority of the stars in Hollywood and elsewhere have a clear and unabashed leftist leaning. And it isn’t just the actors and musicians who are shaping the people’s political consciousness, there are many liberal political commentators like Jon Stewart (who got me into American politics during the Bush era), Bill Maher (I still enjoy his show from time to time even if I disagree on half of the issues), Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Young Turks (horrid, but they have a large audience) and many more mainstream political commentators who make political issues fun and easy to digest for the young Americans. Alternate viewpoints that appealed to younger generation were just not available until very recently.

5. They don’t concede

When leftists have an issue, they bite on it like a bulldog and don’t let go. Just look how they operate: They fought for abortion and once they got it legalized, they moved to gay marriage. Once they got homosexuals having weddings, they moved to bathrooms for transsexuals, and so on. They fight until their issue becomes normalized. On the opposite side, however, concessions are made every decade to appeal to the general population that ever so slightly slides over to progressivism.

For example, homosexuality has been so normalized today that people calling themselves conservatives tolerate it and are even openly supportive of it. If this trend continues, I expect to see a pro-abortion, pro-multiculturalism transsexual woman calling xerself a Christian conservative in twenty years time (note that there is already a trans-gender Republican called Caitlyn).

6. Not as much infighting

Perhaps due to their message of equality and harmony, the leftists don’t tend to engage in as much infighting as the right. You’ll usually see liberals, “anarchists”, feminists, BLM, gays, of all colors and sexual orientations forming one large blob to fight for social change. Yes, they occasionally eat their own, but they’re usually individual cases and not full blown divisions.

Compare that to the anti-leftists who are divided and often averse to one another because those with similar views are: not white, neo-Nazis, Christian, atheist, pro-Russia, women, gay, statist, libertarian, and so on. Does this mean they should unite as one like the leftists? No. But leftists will always have numerical advantage for this reason.

7. They act as a mob

As they are somewhat united and are collective-minded, the leftists use an effective strategy of swarming individuals or organizations using a mob attack. They make people afraid to voice their opinions as their employment or business might become threatened along with their reputation. Corporations and universities seem particularly cowardly with the way they kowtow to the whining tantrums of the leftist infants as they must guard their profit. The silent majority usually prefers to remain civil and focus on building their own lives, which the institutions view as acquiescence, which is why those said institutioins will continue to cater to the leftists who cry ever louder.

8. They use passion

Last, whatever the leftists may lack in intelligence, they compensate with their passions. These individuals are often accused of being dumb and irrational bunch, but that may be exactly why they’ve been so successful all these years. Being reasonable and making sound arguments may win you meaningless intellectual debates, but to win in politics, you need to be driven by passion to fight and impose your will upon others.

The leftists inspire changes because they make noise, they’re not afraid to take it to the streets, they don’t care about breaking the rules, they get in your face, and they put their ideology above themselves. Their energy is directed towards changing the world around them rather than their individual lives. That makes them a loser as a person, but as a group, they become a formidable force. They are also highly effective at keeping their messages simple and rousing to rally the people instead of drawing out convoluted truths that are hard to comprehend. The human passion trumps anything logical and rational.


Now, let me just say that I don’t condone these methods nor am I suggesting that we or others should adapt their techniques. I am just pointing out what makes them an effective force. That said, I’ve noticed that the opposition is starting to mirror the techniques and strategies used by leftists seeing how effective they are. The younger generation has especially been active on the Internet to propagate opposing viewpoints to counter the current leftist trends.

As the socio-economic situation around the world continues to deteriorate, I expect to see further polarization of politics and for the ideological battles to get even uglier.

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274 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why The Leftists Win”

  1. You forgot the most important one: we fail to counter their emotional narratives with our own. Reason and logic will not work on people who are immune to it, so you have to pander to their emotions in the same way their leaders do.

    1. we fail to counter their emotional narratives with our own.

      The best way to counter a typical leftist emotional response is with the words “I don’t care.”
      That takes away everything.

      1. I agree to a point. This response is like an inoculation to further spread of a disease. But to those already infected, it doesn’t reverse anything. For that, you have to offer a competing emotional narrative that they find more persuasive. Oddly, the right didn’t used to fear this. It was not so long ago that you would have heard widespread cries against rampant illegal immigration destroying our culture, for example. But for some reason, the right decided to abandon those arguments in the face of the left’s new cudgel – “fairness and compassion.”
        This is like any other type of warfare, it evolves and you either evolve your tactics or lose. When cultural destruction was no longer sufficient to counter fairness and compassion, we should have made our own fairness and compassion arguments. For example, how is it fair and compassionate to our own black and hispanic citizens and their children to import a bunch of illegals who take the unskilled jobs, depress wages, and avoid taxes while taking the services designed to benefit our poorest and most vulnerable citizens? To support illegal immigration is not compassionate – it is literally a life sentence of poverty to those already in the ghettos.

        1. You’re right about the left running roughshod over the right by way of emotional arguments, but I don’t think any of the emotional argument examples that you cited would have swayed anyone on the left to change their minds. Your point about giving priority to illegals at the expense of minority citizens is 100% correct, but it didn’t do much in terms to sway large numbers of voters of the same communities to accept those arguments.
          The funny thing of course is how many times did the left stop calling us racist, sexist, white supremacist, etc. when we caved on their emotional arguments? The answer of course is zero.
          That’s why “I don’t care” (for now) is the best response. At the very least, it will force some of them to realize that rational debate, instead of name-calling and hysterics, are a better way to discuss issues.

        2. Actually where I am anyways immigrants beyond second generation recognize the problem and even first generation immigrants don’t want any more immigrants. Unless they are from the same area of course.

        3. I certainly don’t mind immigrants who embrace American values and who want to pull their own weight. What we don’t need are immigrants from any country who want to push the policies that turned their home countries into failed states.

        4. Absolutely, also, why not ask why we need immigration. Do we have too many jobs ? Too much affords em housing etc ? Are we money looking for a problem and they problems looking for money.

      2. Fagit losers use the “whateva i dont care ” argument when verbally annihilated by opposition

        1. I think you are right. I feel what Obsolete man should have said is that the best counter to leftist emotional response is to not care rather than to just say “i don’t care”
          I honestly do not care what most people think….especially politicians and by not caring what they think or say they have no power over you.

        1. If you really want to fuck with them, say something like “If you don’t like me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best.” 🙂

        2. When I am called sexist I respond as if they said sexy.
          like: oooh, thank you I feel pretty sexy today.

        3. Exactly. Kids in the hall-“sex girl patrol”.
          Female reporter: “how do you respond to the allegations that this is a sexist movie” ?
          White Rasta director: (smiling) “yes, it’s a very sexy movie”.

    2. They are not immune to it, they are to stupid and ignorant to engage in an intellectual disagreement, their emotions are stirred up and due to a low level intellect that overrides everything, you cannot argue with emotions, unless you are more emotional and more self-righteous than they are.
      We will have to adopt some of their technique, to counter their emotional outbursts, point and laugh…

    3. Not just that but when their side is shown to have cheated people are happy with a peon getting a slap on the wrist. The woman behind Roe vs Wade admitted they lied before the supreme court to make their case better. The IRS targeting conservatives should be meet by an equal number of left orgs targeted instead of slapping Lehners wrist.

  2. #8 is big. The right uses logic and stats to try and win arguments, that is why they fail. People make decisions on emotions (mostly). Trump understands that. That is why he eliminated the Republican competition so easily.

    1. Trump was also helped by the fact that the elected GOP had done absolutely nothing with the votes and mandates that we had given to them. Many people were tired of hearing the same old tripe out of the GOP, knowing full well that the political class would do nothing if elected.

      1. Absolutely and that is the reason that milquetoast cocksucker Mitt Romney lost the 2012 elections. That bastard has a very punchable face. For instance he proposed Romneycare when he was the Governor then he opposed it during presidential campaign and then went back to brag about Romneycare after he got his butt kicked by Obama.

      2. One of my big worries is that the congressional Republicans will utterly misunderstand the implications of Trump’s victory. The last thing I want is for them to go back to using social issues as a smoke screen to distract the hoi polloi while pursuing Globalist policies and overseas adventures.

        1. hoi means the. hoi polloi means the many. “….smoke screen to distract hoi polloi” not “the hoi polloi” as that would be saying “the the many” It is like using “very unique” as it sounds right but is actually a misuse. Professor Kneeman to the rescue.

    2. Meh. Right-wing economics tends to fail, and nationalism, despite having certain positives, is a self-fulfilling prophecy as it tends to create tension and then point out how the tension they created results from immigrants arriving.

        1. Those are leftist tactics since they have no leg to stand on. Would you ban a flat earther?

      1. “right-wing economics tends to fail”
        LOL you must be kidding me or you are delusional. What was better, the Golden Sixties USA or Venezuela/North Korea/Cuba? 80s socialist India or post 90s current day free market India? The USSR?

        1. > What was better, the Golden Sixties USA
          It was hardly right-wing. The effective tax rate was much, much higher than it is now.
          Capitalist econonomics doesn’t necessarily equal state socialism. There is a great degree of freedom to which one can tax.

        2. The post-war growth happened despite taxes & unions, not thanks to them.

        3. Taxes were spent far more efficiently than they are now (due to business not getting handouts). As for unions, they’re a mixed bag, though they tend to be more often than not extortion racket.

        4. Government has never spent more efficiently than private entities who have to compete and follow supply/demand to stay in business.

        5. Except of course private prisons and most private law enforcement, which makes more money by simply allowing the offenders to reoffend.
          Also, supply and demand is not the ultimate arbiter of goodness. Most Apple products are horseshit that are designed with planned obsolescence in mind.

        6. Not at all. You assumed that “private institutions move money around more efficiently”. I disproved that with two examples.

        7. You didn’t disprove anything at all. You just threw two red herrings that have nothing to do with the macro-economic benefits of right wing economical policies.
          There are, however, enough real life examples of the failure of leftist macro-economic systems: Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, USSR and probably some more.

        8. > You didn’t disprove anything at all. You just threw two red herrings
          that have nothing to do with the macro-economic benefits of right wing
          economical policies.
          By right-wing, I mean “no taxes”. There are leftist systems (social democracy) that are not state socialist.
          > There are, however, enough real life examples of the failure of leftist
          macro-economic systems: Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, USSR and probably
          some more.
          What about Scandinavia? They’re more to the left and seem to be going strong.

        9. Those that can work collectivism have an average IQ over 90. IQ is mostly genetic. Scandinavia gets as much of its money from oil as Venezuela. Muslims from the 3rd world are bankrupting Sweden.

        10. Bankrupting is a big word. I’m going to need citations on that.
          What about Christians and Yazidis? They’re from the third world to.

        11. “Taxpayers in the European Union have paid over €10 billion ($10.7 billion) to provide services for the flood of nonwhite Third World invaders pouring into Europe.” in 2016 & 2017 budgets.
          So far from propping up the aging population of Europe these non-working asylum tourists are an extreme drain on social services.

        12. “It’s unsustainable and it’s basically Sweden is slowly going towards a cliff’ – research fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm:

        13. Right. We’d see what kind of product that they would produce if they had to adhere to domestic market conditions. Including not using slaves to manufacture their products.

        14. … Except that both examples are really Provate at all but essentially government corporations. Try again without any government subsidies, contracts or handouts.

        15. To all those who postulate the alleged success of Scandinavian Socialism I can only point you towards prof Nima Sanandaji’s excellent “Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: Culture, Markets and the Failure of Third-Way Socialism”.

        16. This is just EU costs to help member states and third party countries and doesn’t include local costs for housing and welfare, policing, etc., I believe.

        17. Scandinavia is not socialist at all. It actually has far less business regulations than the US. It simply has higher taxes and a bigger and more effective private sector.
          Not being right-wing =/= Being socialist

        18. Sweden has worked tremendously well for most of history. Immigration needs to stop or be held under control. Lofven is giggling with his donors as he counts his money.

        19. I think employment is low, this was just an easy to find example.
          According to this article, based on a merkur.de news story, average German workers make less than the ‘refugees’, when housing costs are added in. So even if they were qualified, they are better off on welfare. That seems to be the goal, note the migration through safe countries to countries with higher social services, Germany, Sweden, UK. (Which is illegal, they should stay in the first safe country according to asylum rules.)
          (Newobserveronline uses extremely non-PC language like ‘invaders’ and ‘non-whites’ but showcases the worst stories from the refugee crisis.)

        20. Why are you hell bent on wanting high taxes, like it’s a positive thing? How is confiscation desirable? Are you a government employee, a politician or a welfare bum?

        21. I’m actually a self-employed freelance paralegal.
          Ideally, I wouldn’t want taxes, but until we can find a private, non-mandatory welfare solution, I’ll stick to my guns.

        22. I read somewhere that, eventually, when the refugees start spending that welfare money, the economy goes up, jobs get created, and they get into work. Whether that will be the case with this much immigration is up for grabs.

        23. Unions exist because employers fail to follow basic labour law. I worked for the Government and had a Union. Ask why Government workers needed a Union when the Government is the one who creates and enforces labour laws. I am not going to work for free, I am not going to be screwed out of vacation time, I don’t want to be hassled if my mother dies and I have to go to the funeral, I will not be fucked out of overtime pay. Government doesn’t follow it’s own labour and safety laws so how can you expect private corporations, industry and other employers to follow it.

        24. I currently work in corrections. If regular citizens knew what goodies these inmates get they would burn the jails to the ground. Many indigents rely on the jail system for three hots and a cot, healthcare, and a shower – beats sleeping in a dumpster. Got a headache at 3am., a nurse will come and assess the inmate and give medication. Boy!!! that’s service. Veteran in need of healthcare, screw you. Senior who has worked hard, obeyed the law and paid taxes, fuck you starve and no you don’t get an extra Depends.
          The system thoroughly relies on recidivism. Kind of a hotel type heads in beds mentality. Please don’t think the rich are getting arrested because most of the accused further cost the system through public defenders, ongoing chronic care, special diets, expensive medication and social services.

        25. This doesn’t require HIGH taxes. There is something as a law of diminishing returns and more taxes mean less incentive and does not lead to more gov income.

        26. I’m shocked that I didn’t even immediately noticed your blatant contradiction btw. You lcaim that Scandinavia is not socialist at all but you used it as a counter-example to my no socialist country ever succeeded argument.
          Excerpt from the conversation above:
          There are, however, enough real life examples of the failure of leftist
          macro-economic systems: Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, USSR and probably
          some more.

          What about Scandinavia? They’re more to the left and seem to be going strong.

        27. Point. I did contradict myself, but that’s because after having read Reason magazine (a fiscally conservative libertarian publication), I’m convinced this is not the case anymore. Nick Gillespie, the editor, claimed that Sweden was less left-wing than we are. Sweden did not bailout its companies on the tax payer dollar. Sweden has no corporate tax (though higher income tax). Sweden has very little subsidies. The only thing that makes it more “socialist” is its large public sector.
          Socialism does not work, but a capitalist economy having a large public sector isn’t necessarily bad.

        28. Taxing a billionaire (who likely uses a lesser percentage of his wealth for things like consumer goods than an average joe) much higher than the average joe and then reinvesting it in services that will make it so that average joe has a higher disposable income benefits the economy more than a flat tax rate.

      2. Tension is always created when different cultures live closely together.
        Also, if there are “immigrants arriving” in noticable quantities it is hardly a very nationalist society.

        1. > Tension is always created when different cultures live closely together.
          It is exacerbated by nationalists preaching this as well.
          > Also, if there are “immigrants arriving” in noticable quantities it is hardly a very nationalist society.
          Capitalism and nationalism do not go together for this reason.

        2. You are confusing (((crony))) capitalism with capitalism. (((Crony))) capitalism is like when bee sting kits were $12 in the 90s, but thanks to a jewish capitalist buying out & using lawfare against competitors the only kits on the US market cost over $700 each.

        3. Crony capitalism is inevitable when a liberal democracy has a class of people who can afford rent-a-legislators. And it’s not just Jews, though they are represented at abnormally large rates.

        4. “It is exacerbated…”
          Where do you know any nationalist outlets or any media with reach doing so?
          Either way it is true that the more diverse a community is the less they trust their neighbors which is obviously tension.
          I would also argue that such diverse communities tend to inhibit people that don’t neccessarily hate the idea of it and are not really right wing.
          “Capitalism and nationalism…”
          Because big government that prevents immigration also prevents international trade or the expansion of businesses?
          Well, that might be true to some degree but there has to be a counterbalance to the businesses. As long as it is held back to the degree needed then there is hardly any arguing against it.

        5. > Where do you know any nationalist outlets or any media with reach doing so?
          Either way it is true that the more diverse a community is the less they trust their neighbors which is obviously tension.
          Plenty of Muslim migrants have told me about how they fear going into public life because self-proclaimed nationalists. Whether or not critics of immigration agree with this doesn’t mean their more crude brethren’s actions are excused.
          > Because big government that prevents immigration also prevents international trade or the expansion of businesses?
          Big business isn’t stifled by government, it just directs funds into whichever business it fancies and creates regulations to better the businesses that fund politicians.
          > Well, that might be true to some degree but there has to be a
          counterbalance to the businesses. As long as it is held back to the
          degree needed then there is hardly any arguing against it.
          Most nationalists, with the exception of American ones, are to some degree economically left-wing. Most realize that handing over power to big business is going to mean everything is going to be charged on profit, which means the nation’s policies will be dictated by it. Libertarian morons seem to believe big business is some sort of holy entity that can do no wrong.

        6. “…exacerbated by nationalists preaching this as well”
          That is a very telling statement. Perhaps “nationalists” simply recognize the problem whereas you don’t ? Also, you DO recognize that it causes problems.

        7. You recognize the convergence then ? What is the end result of government imposed population replacement ? Without nationalism power becomes far too centralized to become anything other than exactly what you describe.

        8. Did they fear going. Into public life when they were home ? How safe would you feel if you knew that you were imposing yourself on your hosts to their detriment ? Have you considered that this is a sympathy ploy ? Big government ENCOURAGES immigration. Why ?

        9. > That is a very telling statement. Perhaps “nationalists” simply
          recognize the problem whereas you don’t ? Also, you DO recognize that it
          causes problems.
          Do you think shouting slurs and calling immigrants rapists is going to make them want to acculturate?
          Do you realize that you don’t either have to be an open-borders socialist or a nationalist?

        10. Well, it is true that if people take their ideologies seriously, which they should, that more tension will be created.
          Of course destructive behavior should be punished.
          I also see now that I have been arguing with you because of an misunderstanding on my part due to being too rash. I generally agree that big business isn’t a good thing especially for a nation with values.

        11. I know for a fact that refusing entry to said immigrants will completely remove not only the need to justify their acculturation (which as we can not whiteness, is NOT a priority to them) but also will save us from the obvious street crimes and rapes, the special programs in schools etc etc etc. I prefer that those resources go to our elderly and downtrodden. Rather than me telling you why not, why don’t you tell me why ?

        12. Absolutely correct, if too little factional violence and unrest is ones problem. You libertarians really do believe the best in people lol

        13. Not really. I just think government shouldn’t prevent anything except for crime and excess immigration. Anything else is prone to (((cronyism))).

        14. A sound point. What happens when someone decides to dump a thousand litres of benzine into a river ?

        15. They get fined several tens of millions of dollars and will probably get thrown in the deepest, darkest jail cell for a very, very long time if they don’t. They’ll also probably be stripped of their assets (a very useful penalty for avoiding fraud and (((corruption)))).
          The only reason a state exists is to provide protection, prevent degenerates and excess immigration from getting in and to fund services via a system of bonds, commonwealth tax (on land and common stock), lotteries and sovereign wealth funds. It also exists to prevent (((cronyism))) and (((economic manipulation))).

        16. By whom ? Communities better protect themselves from individual threats from degenerates and any “excess” immigration etc. I do t really understand how someone powerful would be thrown in a dark cell forever and have all of their property removed from them though. This doesn’t sound very free for him.

        17. Freedom isn’t something people who commit a crime deserve. Freedom is exclusively for the law-abiding members of a nation.

        18. Correct. I am having trouble understanding who it would be that would have the power to punish but not to remove anyone else’s freedoms.

      3. Nationalism creates a healthy society that invites parasites or invokes vengeance from outed banking cartels.

        1. I think you mean “that rejects parasites”. The fact you define foreigners as parasites proves my point.

        2. It’s getting them off welfare that’s the goal now. There are also plenty of whites on welfare you probably extol as the “whtie working class”

        3. If only the diversity could reconcile that they always want to rule Rhodesia and always need to flee Zimbabwe. That’s the same land space by the way.

        4. NO it’s getting them out of the country, that’s the goal. There wouldn’t be as many US citizens on welfare if we had not been subjected to globalism.
          Actually think about your posts before you send them next time.

        5. Of course getting them out of the country that’s the goal. Because you really fucking hate browns and all browns are on welfare.
          Globalism is a by-product of capitalism. You’re a nationalist, or you’re a capitalist. No middle ground.

        6. LOL you are a physical manifestation of the above article. No logic, no facts just pure emotional ad hominem attacks.
          You can call preventing catastrophic rape/crime/killing sprees hate all you want and I really don’t care what you call me. Just admit it, you obviously hate white people and relish the fact that they will be displaced in Europe and America.
          It’s absolutely not, don’t try to pigeon hole your ideas here . America was a capitalist country way before banking cartels had their complete take over. What you’re thinking of are Libertarians.
          This is not even an argument. It’s your emotions vs reality.

        7. Here are some things I HATE:
          I hate seeing over 1300 sexual assaults by rapeugees in one night
          I hate seeing London taken over by islamic 3rd worlders
          I hate reading every day of another murder/molestation from a “refugee”
          I hate seeing precious art and monuments defaced by “refugees”
          I hate being called a “supremacists” for protecting my culture
          I hate seeing American servicemen/women die for (((globalists))) agendas
          I hate seeing the destruction of Europe by planed invasions
          I hate having ritual false flags upon my country killing thousands at a time
          I hate being scrutinized in college classrooms of how everything is my fault
          I hate the indoctrination of false propaganda in the minds of my coeds
          I hate “refugees” attacking citizens with machetes, shooting up nightclubs and mall stabbings
          I hate being under debt slavery by the (((federal reserve)))
          I hate the the gov cucks who have shipped off jobs not because of “capitalism” but for their own interests and paybacks
          I hate having our politicians being bought out by Saudi Arabia/Israel
          I hate dual citizens serving in congress
          I hate the false immigration act of 1965 turning a 93% white country to 60% in 30 years.
          I hate not having a secure border that will ensure safety for my family.
          I hate paying “refugees” 30k/year while our veterans starve in the snow
          I hate the importation of those who seek to do us harm financially/physically
          I hate the MSM for propagating violence against cops and other innocents
          I hate the MSM for their blatant lies and fear mongering
          I hate having ancestors dying needlessly in world war’s that was for the banker’s benefit
          I hate history being distorted and deluded to a bastard it once was
          I hate America fighting wars for Israel
          I hate politicians selling out their own needs above their countries
          I hate Soros funding and promoting violent uprisings to destabilize the west
          I hate the (((globalist))) who divide people so they are never known as the real threat
          I hate those who spread feminism and virtually destroyed the western female
          I hate hollywood brainwashing
          I hate being lied to and paying triple the amount for less health care
          I hate having a gay pedophile president and his incumbents
          I hate the daily veteran suicide rate
          I hate giving Israel 30 Billion a year but we starve and lack modern infrastructure
          I hate the media influence on men to turn them into beta cucks
          I hate being poisoned by my water and food supply
          I hate paying 30% of my income on INTEREST for Fed Debt
          I hate that we are getting more in debt to pay for millions of Illegals
          I hate the CIA/Mossad creation of ISIS
          I hate ISIS having a confirmed Twitter account but we get banned
          I hate not having enough time to write down more things I hate.
          I hate to protect what I love.
          Most of all I hate having to explain reality to spoiled, brainwashed cucks who live in a delusional fairytale.

        8. What exactly IS your point ? You seem to be scuttling around having the foundations of your perspective taken apart then scuttling away before acknowledging the rubble.

        9. No, getting our heads straight and deporting the dregs is the “goal” now. Assembling a ready made gaggle of serfs is the goal of some though certainly.

        10. Why do you love the “Browns” ? Could you cease using such racist language please ?

        11. Very interesting you don’t read my factual responses before saying that. Go away moron.

        12. Nationalism is about loving your country and hating all those that are not your country.

      4. Nationalism is the idea that your country and the people who are its citizens come first. This transcends race, class, and etc.

        1. Those citizens are almost always defined by nationalists as not being ethnic minorities. Nativism and nationalism go hand in glove.

        2. Then what about nationalism in the soviet union? You can have a vast difference between the southwest part of Russia and the far east. Yet they still all identify as Russian.

        3. I’m talking mostly about European nationalism and how “identitarianism” is oftentimes code word for “no brown people”. Many Tatars identify as Russian, but are oftentimes pushed aside by ethnic slavs.

        4. I don’t really deal in double speak so these “code words” are merely your interpretation of the matter because all you see in the media is extreme fringe nationalist groups, which can also be said for the opposite side of the spectrum. If any European country wishes that people born and raised there remain the majority that is their prerogative. If you saw an inverse influx of immigrants to the middle east I bet you there would be much greater nationalist sentiment and violence.

        5. It’s very interesting that most educated mainstream nationalists use things such as an “Australian points system” to vet immigrants. Pity that most of the immigrants allowed are white, disproving your point.
          There’s already nationalist violence in the Middle East. It’s called Kurdish people.

        6. The Australian point system is based on your ability to assimilate and provide to the country. The fact that whites are most likely fluent in English, have skill in a desired occupation, and meet educational standards is more based on culture than race. I’m sure an educated person from say Japan or china has just as much chance as someone from Europe. I guess if you ran a country you’d just let anyone in regardless of how well they would adapt and contribute to your country.

        7. If you are going to speak in code what is the code for jews who profit from importing the 3rd world into the 1st? The inquisition was the result of jews selling Christian slaves to muslims.

        8. That’s exactly what happens in Australia, and exactly why it’s basically, in practice, a tool for enforcing whatever racist prejudices the government holds.

        9. It assumes that assimilating is the only thing, as if culture is the number one thing.

        10. The code phrase for jews who profit from importing the 3rd world into the 1st is: “fucking kikes we will send to the oven soon”.

        11. Culture is the number one thing…it encompasses all aspects of life right down to a societies set of morals…

        12. In fact, they absolutely will not accept refugees of any sort at all. They actively enslave them.

        13. … Once again, save for the fact that on its face that is simply not true. Australia is a very diverse place with a LOT of immigrants predominantly visible minorities. Other than their cloying desperation they really don’t have anything to offer. Well, that and the potentially orgasmic release of humanitarian feels inspired in those who are insulated from the reality of their treason of course. Can’t forget the feels.

      5. I feel like right-wing economics aren’t properly implemented even when we have Republicans in office. American companies chafe at regulations and taxes but are quick to run to the government to ask for bailouts, restrictions on their rivals, no-bid contracts, etc.

        1. The government in the US is designed to offer cash-grabs to corporations under the guise of “regulation”.

        2. Both warriors work in unison to undermine democracy for the sake of control. Trump wasn’t a right wing backlash, he was a rebellion against the establishment.

      6. You’re right. Wages aren’t depressed and I don’t have a 50 year old Indian guy and his and his wife’s parents delivering my newspaper. Stop thinking macro.

    3. It’s much easier for a communist / socialist agenda to attract the attention and support of the masses and attract the armchair type twitter ranter and march on the capital protestor that frankly involves doing next to nothing – not even taking responsibility for their own life.
      It’s much harder for a capitalist to stand up and say well – people should be responsible for themselves and suck it up.
      The fact is that every wealthy successful businessman tends to put back into the community – even murderous drug lords and Escobar himself threw money back into the community. That’s a type of socialism itself.
      It’s natural for wealthy people and especially celebrities that came from nothing to want to give back and that makes them lean left and support causes. It’s easy to raise up a common cause. Even Trump although he’s an opportunistic deal maker and capitalist… from a political point he’s a socialist just the same… championing the working class and appealing to the masses who need the ideal that some big brother will give them a better life.
      Lenin, Stalin, Hilter, Obama, Trump, Hillary all wank on about the working class and a better lot for the proletariat – it’s the oldest trick in the book.
      All government from Trump right back to medieval kings – is nothing more than a protection racket… it’s a mafia based on thuggery…. pop into the Trump tower with a gun in your hand and you will see what happens. Nothing has changed and it never will until this whole ‘parental big brother’ ideal of government is gotten rid of entirely.
      If a virus that only attacks government employees wiped out the entire bureaucracy tomorrow, roads would still get repaired, schools would still be open and communities and motivated people that take responsibility for themselves would still get shit done.

      1. No, the reason that we enjoy what we do is because of the middle class. The situation that you describe is Mexico.

      2. Actually, government is by God (יהוה), as it puts limits on human depravity, which has been in our nature since the fall. Of course, governments (being run by fallen human beings) and the societies that they seek to serve (being composed of fallen human beings) always runs amuck with time, which is why יהוה regularly resets them.

    4. True somewhat. But the GOP’s arguments were flawed to begin with. They had carved out the substance of their arguments, in order to better emulate the left’s bogus pseudo-intellectual flash.
      Trump’s message was at least on point in substance, for the most part (LOL), but also close to simple and braindead enough for people on both sides fo the isle to relate. The way he says things basically is simpler to understand than the “high sounding” rhetoric the left often uses.
      This is the subtle catch the left utilizes all the time. Their subject argument possesses no substance, nor intellectual weight, but boy do they make it sound good. To the unwashed masses they so easily dupe and manipulate.
      The right holds to outdated ideals, but substantive truths. Essentially, limited government and wise fiscal policy is great, but the way they do it is outdated and in-relatable to the blue collar worker who just barely passed high school.
      Also, morality and virtue have never been fashionable. It is always vice that comes dressed like Dorian Grey, artistic, fashionable, but totally hedonistic in it’s casual tryst with debauchery and self-absorption.
      Like Dorian Grey, it leaves those it charmed hollow, and wanting. But always stringing them along like a player with a small haram who will NEVER marry, but always bang their rectal cavity before not saying good bye as they walk out the door.

        1. neocons and liberals(redundancy) get flagged and blocked. P.S. Straight guys go by Jim or Jimmy, gay dudes go by James.

        2. what? that’s crazy talk. Any adult male that uses a y at the end of a nick name is clearly a peter pan complex type…

        3. Jimmy Carter? Jimmy Fallon? Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy Buffet? Jimmy Stewart? You go by: dummy.

    1. Baio support is crucial in any election. As it is often said, “as Chachi goes so goes the nation”

      1. and if you dont like what he has to say, you can just go “waa-waa-waa”.

  3. 5, 6 and 8 are the big ones, and we should emulate these qualities if we are to have continued success.
    I look at the recent election as an example of 6… there was (and still is) a sizable number of cuckservatives who’d rather have had Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife win instead of Trump, simply because he beat their preferred candidate. The only reason we won is because many of these people realized what they had to lose if Trump lost, and voted accordingly.
    But the whiners remain. You almost never see this coming out of the left.

  4. The left is winning because the right is infiltrated with false actor-politicians (incidentally) all coming from the left spectrum. Two major names spring to mind – R. Reagan an D. Trump.
    The latest one, D. Trump has managed to literally (yes, like Hitler) hypnotize the whole of the right voting electorate. He is not even a sworn in yet and so far he has made FOUR major U-turns on his pre-election promises. The latest one being on the man-made global warming.
    Donald Trump says he believes there is ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change in major U-turn
    The worst enemy is the enemy within.

    1. I stand corrected the U-turns are already five.
      Ann Coulter: ‘Sounds like the big sell-out is coming’ from Trump on immigration
      Coulter, who has made it clear her staunch support of Trump was mostly contingent on his hard stance against illegal immigration, expressed that she wasn’t so hopeful her candidate of choice would follow through on his promises. She sent out a tweet on Friday expressing her discontentment with Trump, who doesn’t take office until January.
      On the other hand, Coulter has been a regular critic of both Vice President-elect Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan, both of whom are considered untrustworthy on immigration issues. When rumors first ciculated that Pence would be Trump’s VP pick, Coulter tweeted:

    2. The one on globull warming saddens me the most. I had some hopes that we’d totally reverse the Kyoto protocol and COP 21, 22 etc.

      1. To be honest, even I, as a trumposceptic, was quite surprised about that one too. The man is a total liar.

    3. To admit that he is not a climate scientist and that most people are probably lying about it is not a ‘major U turn’

      1. He is a crazy conspiracy theorist then as he claimed that it was a Chinese plot against the USA to make it less competitive. LOL

        1. He say a lot of things without really thinking it through. I remain cautiously optimistic that his actions will be a little more sound than his verbal/digital outbursts.

    4. trump is not u turning he is just playing politics. fact is he said grab em in the pussy and then called it locker room talk. can you imagine mittens romney saying something like that and thusly making men great again? FAT CHANCE!

  5. Good article and correct. I would like to see more of an analysis of these issues but of course that would be a book and not an ROK article. But I think this is pretty much bulleye spot on. The funny thing is, when you boil it all down if you want to say what it is in a nut shell it is simply “they use the dark side of the force”

        1. LOL, all I saw in all 3 of those pics was that one chick’s tits. Which aren’t half bad.

      1. Luckily if the top picture was a few minutes earlier you would have seen him on his knees there as well.

    1. Trudeau won this election in the following way…
      – pandered to women (acts like a mangina)
      – pandered to minorities (“diversity is a strength”)
      – pandered to youth (legalize weed)
      – pandered to old people (bring down the pension age from 67 to 65)
      – increase taxes on the rich, reduce them on the middle class
      He also said he would have to raise the deficit, and has already tripled on his initial estimates. He’s also saying we need to increase immigration (because we need their money and our system is unsustainable without it).
      So effectively this is everyone’s and no one’s country all at the same time. The only thing that will save you here is money, but it’s hard to compete when we allow rich foreigners to effectively buy citizenship status.

      1. He won the elction because He gave the women the tinglez and the manginas looked up to him.

    1. Even worse 1-12 in common core they will never see a picture of a white girl next to a white boy. Do a search on google for “White couple” or “white man with white woman” to see how converged it is.

  6. They are actually willing to fight, and if need be..bleed. If the right wants to make progress, we have to be willing to pick up a brick and take risks.
    And they also have a vast mob of professional agitators who dont need to take a day off of work to protest and riot.

    1. The sad thing is even when protesting doesn’t involve active work many conservatives aren’t willing to take part.
      Take the Target boycott for example… many conservatives are opposed to their bathroom and dressing room policies, but they still continue shopping there. Or these anti-USA protests during NFL games. Many conservatives still go on and on about their favorite teams every Sunday, even though they hate the anti-USA protests that go on during the games.

    2. Right-wingers, as said, lack the unity required to pull this off. Congress isn’t entirely on board with nationalism, as evidenced by Trump filling his cabinet with the swamp-rats he spoke out against.

      1. Only 3% of Colonists fought against the British. What can your rent a mobs do if the lights go out other than rob liquor & weave stores?

      2. “Right-wingers, as said, lack the unity required to pull this off.”
        I bet you said that before November 8th..

        1. Yes, and I still do. Trump’s cabinet is full of those he claims he hated and wanted to “drain”

        2. Maybe so but, never underestimate an angry electorate. This time around the left, big media and especially the HRC got their asses handed to them because of their outright arrogance and hubris.

    3. Exactly. I’ve said this before, but too many people on the right are too comfortable with their 401ks, their McMansions, and their trophy wives/kids.

    1. the “chosen people” are on their side because they are the ones who want to conglomerate power under them. Any self respecting conservative wants to just leave people alone.

  7. Leftists”win’ because they are the usefull idiots’ of the moment.
    They are pawns of the Elite.
    They got ‘feel good’ rewards, and crumbs of the cake (and out of jail prison card sometimes)
    Understand how they work and you can make them destroy themselves, attack each other or fight back their puppeteers.

    1. “you can make them destroy themselves, attack each other or fight back their puppeteers”
      couple of bullet points of tactics buddy

      1. Just learn from some of the best. Rosh make pretty good points. but you can study the work of Lucian (freedom alternative), Milo Yannopoulos, Cassie Jaye. ..
        They have all done a marvellous work against the regressive Left, and we can learn a lot from them.

  8. Win? Really? They have temporary wins sure, but in the long run all it does is drag the 1st world down to 3rd world levels. For example immigration. Merkyl and her supporters letting in millions of illegal immigrants into Europe. Paris is fast becoming a tip.~ Sweden, Germany? Rapefugee free for all with added media black out. How will these leftists like it when the streets are no longer safe to walk down so they can get a latte? All the leftists do is turn everything to shit with their “progressive” movements.
    As I said above, yes they win but what do they win? The right to make everything turn to shit. If that’s the case and Trump is a shill then enjoy the decline…… find a nice spot on a beach and watch the world burn……

      1. A few burned down a recreation centre a few weeks ago. They were pissed off there wasnt enough chocolate, nutella, and gummi bears (No gummi bears? THAT is the final insult! Never forget the Gummi Wars of 1898!)

        1. The sad thing is that actually works for them. The left will gladly spend other peoples money to rebuild that center & give gummy bears. Veterans dying with maggots in their wounds at the VA, but plenty of money for illegal aliens in the US.

        2. They come from places full of poverty and strife! It’s not their fault they were born in such horrible conditions and act “unconventionally”! Let’s welcome them all with open arms and open legs!

  9. Here’s a tip, when someone talks to you and jokes around with you, even if they don’t look like you or have the same accent, RESPOND to them. You guys wonder why black people and Muslims are “left-leaning” (not in practice) maybe because they want to actually feel like humans?? Truth is, we don’t want special treatment, I’d take friendliness from the general public over a scholarship any day (don’t worry my parents pay my tuition.) I don’t “refuse to assimilate” by wearing hijab or being Muslim, I keep it to myself, yet I go online for 2 seconds and I’m seeing people argue I’m not a true American for that. I’m not talking about this site. All the time on twitter I see people with “conservative” or “Christian” in their name saying stuff like this and calling people like me “backwards camel-jockeys” for covering. Like stfu I’m a better Christian than you. But I know that’s not everyone, my mom interned at a family business, they were all Trump supporters, and they were friendly and weren’t weird about the scarf thing. It’s that simple to get “minorities on your side”

    1. I don’t “refuse to assimilate” by wearing hijab
      Or just maybe the exact opposite is true. It’s not part of traditional western culture to wear such a thing, so it’s easy to imagine why some might interpret it as a rather strong signal that you don’t wish to assimilate.

      1. why should wearing a scarf that I bought in America be anti-American? I’m not making a political statement by wearing it.

        1. That’s fine. You may not be making a political statement, but others do. I’m not necessarily asserting that wearing it should be considered Anti-American or not. I’m explaining how some people think about it. You are welcome to lament the perception of others and spend time fighting it, setting yourself apart in the process, or accept it.

        2. You should be able to wear whatever you want. I do think the full hijab, with just eyes showing, doesn’t seem tenable in a society based on photo ids.

      2. To me, if I were to fully assimilate, I’d move out my parents’ house, get a boyfriend, follow all the trends, and pretend to not believe what I actually believe. I wouldn’t take care of my aging parents later on. I’d network for the sake of my career. That’s what I see around me, and that’s what assimilation would mean

        1. There’s good and bad things to assimilate with. Discriminate – identify and embrace the Good.

        2. That’s what I try to do, but I’m not abandoning the scarf, because I think modesty is good. And other things like Christmas, I don’t celebrate it but I enjoy it and think it’s a beautiful holiday, and I don’t get “offended” when people say merry Christmas

    2. Also I’m not dumb, background checks should be done on immigrants, because citizens’ safety should be prioritized. And I don’t think it’s “racist” to deport illegal immigrants with a criminal record, or to criticize someone’s behavior. If you live somewhere, you should abide the law.

  10. Liberals want bigger government, conservatives want smaller government. In politics, that works fine for the liberal. Those who want to control other people’s money or lives get into power. For the conservative, that is still the case. Those who want to control others (the neocons) are the ones who run in politics. The true conservatives, by their very nature, will keep to themselves.

    1. Its amazing how the usual suspects never seem to get voted out. The avg age of a D in congress is 76!! Im sure the R’s arent much younger.

        1. Pelosi has been the house minority or majority leader for 15 yrs now- how many people turn out to vote in her district? 7,000 mabye 8,000? She reps a tiny district right? She aint from LA or SF…

        2. She has been House Minority Leader since January 2011 and was just re-elected to that post by the Democrat Caucus.
          Her district is most of the city of San Francisco.
          But for conservatives this is good news. It means that the same failed Democrat leadership that’s been losing since 2010 will likely continue to do so into 2018 or even 2020.

        3. Oops, well there you go. I thought she repped some tiny suburban country out there.

        4. No kidding I saw somewhere that Hillary might try to run in 2020 and the DNC would be powerless to stop her.

      1. The other problem is that the current system rewards seniority. If an incumbent is voted out that state or house district goes to the bottom of the pecking order in terms of Congressional priorities.
        If the Founding Fathers could see how such an entrenched political class could have developed, they’d have insisted on term limits for Congress from the git-go.

        1. I was listening to an ex-musician turned congressman turned musician again- the freshman politicians are pretty much ignored and expected to bow down before the more senior guys- kinda reminds me of pledging a frickin fraternity- not much differences there

        2. My guess is that the Founding Fathers only knew of lifelong monarchs as being the ruling class. It is why most detested the idea of politics as a career, and why every president until FDR respected the two term convention for president.

        3. With regards to Congress I’d love to not only see term limits but also the minimum age for service raised to something like 35 or higher.
          Right now it is 30 for the US Senate and 25 for the US House of Representatives, meaning that someone on their parent’s insurance policy could be elected to the latter. We need elected officials who at least know how to handle basic adult responsibilities.

        4. The other problem is most people who get into Congress are people who have served in state or local level government positions. They rarely have any private sector work experience.

        5. I guess geezers like Reid, McCain, Pelosi, and the like are such a sorry waste of air that they cannot find anything else to do with their time. It’s bad in both parties. The only one I ever made an exception for was Ron Paul.

        6. Check you state legislators. Usually a lawyer or real estate or insurance related occupations. The rest of us have mortgages and the like to pay and have to do real work.

        7. Keep in mind that the average lifespan in the founding fathers day was the same as gays today. Also no one would have believed a 75yo man would want to make trips across the country on a regular basis before the interstate or Wright Brothers.

    2. A few years back, a Mexican Democrat in the CA state senate put it very
      succinctly to a GOP (viz., loser) colleague: “If I win, I get to take your money. If you win, you just get to keep your money. But there doesn’t exist a scenario where if you win, you get to take _my_ money.”

  11. Great article, though I do have to disagree a bit with the conclusion that we shouldn’t adopt their methods.
    Failing to fight them using the techniques they’re using is just going to lead to more of the same failure that conservatives have experienced for 50 years. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.
    Yes, it will be distasteful, but do we want to win and utterly destroy these people, or do we want to lose “honorably?” There’s no in between when you’re fighting Alinsky tactics.

  12. Where is an American General Pinochet? Damn shame we can’t give these leftist bastards helicopter rides followed by the GOPe anti-American cucks who have also so us downriver.
    Leftist are pretty dimwitted. They are always the first to call you ‘stupid’ or ‘da rasis’ or whatever. Conservatards will at least listen to some facts, logic, and reason.

  13. “The demographic landscape of the West is changing dramatically in a way that even a complete halt of all immigration will not prevent the minorities already in the nations from growing in numbers, which contrasts to the declining birth-rate of native population.”
    This is where minorities like myself (and perhaps Roosh) will have to break from the alt right movement. Trump winning was fantastic in that it crushed SJWism. But what it’s done is give rise to a “White is right” movement that I can’t possibly get behind as a minority. Not that I blame whites– they should do whatever it takes to keep America a white-dominated country. But that being said, there will come a breaking point where non whites on the right like myself will have to break from the group as it is now, for self-interested and survival reasons. It’ll be interesting no doubt.

    1. THANK YOU. I’m seeing people getting mad at minorities for not agreeing with “pro-white” trump supporters, which is dumb af

      1. Because the (((globalists))) want whites to be destroyed as they are the only people to catch them in their scams before the scams played out. Have you ever meet a leading white man as stupid as seen on TV or a non Asian minority as smart?

        1. White people seem to be top priority on the hit list but their endgame is to destroy all nation states. The new world republic will consist of multiracial divided masses unable to organise and rise against a globalist elite.

      1. What do you mean by “pro-white?” Do you mean “not anti-white” or “prioritize whites?”

        1. I mean if you are OK with whites becoming a minority in America and Europe in 20 years (which they are set to) then you are not alt-right.
          Just as I would be “pro Japanese” if their country was been destroyed b/c of globalist agendas.

        2. Difference is you don’t live in Japan. So it doesn’t really affect you personally if Japan was forced into diversity and quotas. On the other hand, I live in the US, which is now gaining a sense of pro-whiteness. As I said before, I totally understand it and even support it intellectually; but since I can’t be part of it, there’s no reason for me to get behind it. So in that sense I can’t be pro-white.

        3. You will be far better off in a stable, white society than what you’re headed for.

      2. Yep which I’m not. All I am is anti SJW. That’s what I’m saying: all minorities who read ROK aren’t pro-white b/c there’s nothing in it for them to be pro-white. And thus the divide will grow.

        1. You make my point exactly. No one was speaking out against anti-white policies thus the ALT-RIGHT was born.
          (((globalist))) are using other races to take out white identity and homelands. Don’t think they will stop with whites. If you don’t fight them on this you going to be in the same position.
          So either help or get out of the way.

        2. Exactly, The Globalists are not going to stop after Europeans are eliminated or subjugated to the point they can never regain sovereignty.
          Their goals are to destroy all Race/Nations/Culture/Religion except the (((chosen people))) and rule the new world republic.
          To combat the globalists I believe its going to take all the different ethnicities to form their own alt-right and co operate as a collective to defeat them. The globalists will do everything to stop this creating division wherever they can.

    2. In the past, the definition of alt-right seemed murky and loose. I’ll suggest that, especially recently, the definition of alt-right has solidified, and it’s basically a repackage of the groups we used to call skinheads and neo-nazis. I do not think the people here, for the most part, care to associate themselves with that. That is, we’re not alt-right.
      Perhaps, for now, treat them like our useful idiots. Use them for their votes, but keep them marginalized.

      1. I’m not white, but I prefer western culture that mostly whites created. I like diversity up to a point, but prefer majority white places. I’m not fond of ethnic immigrant neighborhoods with funky smells and exclusionary cliquish people like in Chinatown’s, barrios, little________. SJWs clamor for more diversity, but not in their hood. But what happens when there isn’t a whotopia to flee to while protesting sexism, racism, patriarchy? The SJW will become the dodo among turd worlders with low morals.

      2. Yeah I used that term loosely as well. My point is, whatever we are calling ourselves as a group on ROK, eventually there will be a divide between the whites and non-whites.

        1. Not 100% on board with this prediction. I suspect a lot of the vocalizing right now is just a wave of backlash. Much of it will subside.

        2. No, it’s evident already. 95% of ROK readership is white. They start all their comments with “We have to push back against the slow genocide of our people” — “we” ofc referring to whites. Naturally minorities like myself can’t fit into this. Division will be an inevitable result.

        1. I’m a passive observer trying to make some sense of what is going on, and I don’t even care that much, it’s just everyone seems anxious over something that’s been poorly defined as best I can tell. It’s just my latest read. I’m open to being wrong, because I admit I still don’t understand it much.

    3. the sjw leftist bigots are anti-man first.
      But, mostly anti straight white male.
      This needs to stop.
      Doesn’t mean we are opposed to women, or anyone else…
      Just don’t be against us…

    4. Most of us aren’t neo-nazis but I have similar hangups with theists not making me feel that welcome as an atheist either. I broke away from online atheist activism (which was strong around the Sarah Palin era of laughing at creationism on Youtube in 2006) because of “atheism+” which is nothing but SJWism and feminism but I never found myself to belong 100% here either because of the convolution that theists make between atheists and leftists. It’s a point that this article actually brought up, our inner divisions.

      1. Why does it matter? I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Christianity is dominant here. I’m not a Christian, but I’ve no sense of division or not belonging.
        Maybe you can find something useful in my approach. Start by not wearing your beliefs on your sleeve. Recognize the historical basis of Christianity in the western world, and the good in our society that has come from it. And you needn’t concern yourself with Christian oriented discussion. They’re not scheming to commit evil deeds in those conversations, so there really isn’t any reason you should feel the need to intervene.

      2. “of the convolution that theists make between atheists and leftists.”
        As a Christian, I have no problem with anyone who seeks higher truth or seeks to improve their life without making trouble for others.
        Looking at the ‘making trouble for others’ part seems to mostly apply to homosexuals, atheists, progressives, and the moral prigs (eg the kind of Christians who want to ban drinking and playing cards).
        “I never found myself to belong 100% here either”
        The only reason I’m here is that the Manosphere articles contain better information than the typical Churchian sermon, (which says more of a commentary on the state of the Christian Church).

      3. I can’t stand it when atheists cry about feeling left out of Christian American. I had to listen to an ugly vegan atheist whine about how Christmas is discriminatory against atheists and makes her feel left out. Boo hoo! You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy Christmas you cunt. Ditto for the Jews who whine about the christmas. Christmas is a secular holiday you fools.

        1. As an atheist I do enjoy xmas, a pagan celebration, and I’m not vegan either. Stop lumping us all together in one homogeneous group, which was my very point.

      1. Yep. There will be no choice – minorities in the Alt Right won’t have any reason to be on the same team as Alt Right/Whites in the coming years.

    5. The media is branding it as white, but its not. Thats their attempt to ostracize you from it and weaken the conservative movement. There are plenty of religious latinos and asians with conservative values. Hang in there.

  14. This is absolutely the best summation I have ever seen about why the leftists have been winning the culture war for many years now. Simply, the major and most influential institutions/entities are on their side, they never give up, and they are all in perfect synch on every issue.
    Yes… the majority of America (i.e. whites) were sick of the status quo and voted Trump. And he has the potential to help our side a lot. But the mainstream media, universities, celebrities, and millions of garden-variety lefties are not going to concede 1 inch or 1 single tiny issue. And they are going to make Trump’s life as miserable as possible for his entire presidency. Whether it is 4 years or 8.
    And then one day, when the country is majority minority, then all bets are off. We will have seen the last of any conservative progress in America. Every aspect of our country and culture will devolve.

    1. That’s what I remind people of. We got a brief respite from leftism from 1980 to 1988, but they were right there after with “Democrat lite” H.W. Bush running as “Reagan’s third term.” From there it wasn’t a far step to Clinton who was “Republican lite” economically, but effed up everything else especially socially. Then to W. Bush and finally to Obama, who was supposed to be the crowning blow but somehow we survived. The left will have their day in the sun again, and they learn more and more as time goes on.

    2. Bloomberg spent hundreds of millions for gun control over the past 8 years and has only seen failure

      1. I don’t know…Bloomberg and Giuliani before him spent a lot of money on all sorts of draconian police state measures and the result was a total 180. The city was never better. It took our current fat fuck like 3 weeks of declawing the NYPD to reverse decades of forward momentum.

    3. It’s gotten to the point where saying a marginally nice thing about Trump like agreeing with his stance on TPP — even if you didn’t vote for Trump — could get you fired or worse.

  15. Need to take back schools /education /academia. Private schools or home schooling . Quit funding colleges . Starve them of funds. How about no college? On line degrees. Apprenticeships . Push the Trades

  16. #8 really hit it. We do have passionate conservatives that will fight to the death. Unfortunately, we sent them all to the Middle-East.

  17. The number one visible national security threat to every western nation today is progressive liberalism. Its leaders, movers and shakers should actually be executed and the rest of them should be utterly ostracised, even if they are friends or family, otherwise what has happened to Sweden will look trivial compared to what will go down everywhere.

  18. Single men. The deck is stacked…If you’re ever going to a job interview, just wear a wedding ring. Believe me on this. You’ll be viewed differently. Also, if you’re filling out a questionnaire, mark “married”. Because you could conceivably be “married”. For example, I consider myself “married” to my “-fill in the blank-“…house plant, DVR, dog, snowboard ect.
    I’ve done this in USA & abroad & it makes a difference. I’ve even blatantly stroked my beard & scratched my chin so it’s visible. But it won’t go unnoticed…Don’t be afraid to do this, just do it
    Then simply ditch the ring after you land the job & don’t look back.

  19. I’d hate to say this, but I think liberalism is the end result of too much freedom. Children that are pampered end up resenting their parents, disrespecting them, and squandering their privilidged opportunities.
    People who had everything handed to them their whole lives have no problem biting the hand that feeds them (business owners) and voting the jobs right out of the country.

  20. Corey, I will disagree with you on one key point. It is precisely BECAUSE of cultural Marxism that the left controls the media, academia, public schools, churches, modern “family values”, etc. Thereby allowing them to alter the culture into one of leftist globalism

  21. Well I am sorry, but the writer of this otherwise kind of good article is still just somewhere in the middle of the learning curve. Because:
    1. He clearly does not understand what Cultural Marxism is, and
    2. He does not adress the Jewish Question,
    two things without which you will never really understand who the enemy are and never will be able to devise a succesful counter-revolution.

  22. Leftists think they are fighting against the system because they believe everything is cultural, they don’t understand that they are really fighting human nature and that they cannot win.

  23. The only reason the left dominates is because the adults are too polite and calm to deal with them.
    As soon as enough people tire of their bullshit it ends. Completely.
    It only takes a few minutes and a few thousand bullets to completely get these violent tantrum throwing Soros funded terrorist groups under control.

    1. We have too much to lose and little to win short term. But long term, we have much to win than to lose. The only thing we need is a casus belli. I am anxiously waiting for that.

      1. Exactly. Because when shit does get real these Leftist retards will know they are completely fucked. Brings to mind the ‘Wrath of the Awakened Saxon’ by Kipling; when it does escalate all those whom are against guns, whom are frail and weak and low testosterone and are unmanly will get crushed and it will be absolutely merciless.

      2. The Jews have too much to gain long term if no one stops them. This cycle is lost. We are the last generation that can sacrifice themselves in order to save our people and our nation from complete destruction.

  24. God, every time I see a pic of Trudeau I just desperately want to deck the faggot. Such a little pussy bitch!

  25. The fake left has been engineered. Injured in testosterone production, mentally damaged by toxins, and safe spaces, they are minimally thoughtful and maximally emotional. Which is why you’ve never seen so very very many tears as when Hillary lost this election. The fact that they cried so much for a woman who has had more people killed than most mass shooters should give you deep pause.

  26. “This is the necessary unavoidable consequence of the fact that, according to Marxist doctrine, you do not consider the possibility of dissent among honest people; either you think as I do, or you are a traitor and must be liquidated.”
    von Mises, Ludwig (1952). Marxism Unmasked
    The elimination rhetoric from the western left will be no different.

  27. Very superficial article, dealing with the obvious consequences but not with causes.
    Cultural Marxism is not a ghost, it is a sophisticated strategy for political control used by the elite to gain power.
    Read Gramsci and Alinski, they wrote the practical manuals. The Frankfurt School wrote the theory.

  28. Yet on the home page today for ROK we see an article with the title ”
    12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be Losers”. Can some one speak to the two very different perspectives that we seem to have offered?

    1. If you actually read the articles you will see that they are talking about two different things. Leftists win infrustructurally and bureaucratically. Leftists lose when it comes to things that matter – internally

  29. They also have the women. Let’s face it; women turn to “society” to find out what they’re supposed to like. The radical left has the platform to make itself look mainstream. The perception that “all the cool kids are doing it” is what motivates women. If someone has a problem with this assertion, we’re talking about the gender who read fashion magazines to be told what they should wear every season; down to the color.
    Women have been using sex and the natural attraction men have for women as a club, to beat men into submitting to the insane ideologies they themselves have adopted. (South Park is raising awareness of this process, in its latest season.) War has been declared by women, on white, heterosexual males. Anyone not of this group is given a pass, but if one belongs to this vilified group, he must tuck his brain between his legs, along with his balls; lest he suffer ostracism. The radical left has become so incredibly crazy, that even “moderate” women who don’t identify as social justice warriors will still extort compliance with their narrow world view. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” “Happy wife; happy life.” Just do a Google image search for “lips that touch alcohol”. This little act of demagoguery during Prohibition is exactly the same methodology used today; only on a different topic.
    This current environment of political correctness is just another witch hunt or Inquisition. Radical leftism is the newest religion, and to reject it is heresy. No logical discussion is necessary (or actually possible) with someone who rejects the social justice warrior narrative. They can simply slap labels on any dissenter and have him socially burned at the stake. Even with the gradual wakening of the human mind and spirit, you’ll notice the people on YouTube who are sort of allowed to speak against the hateful dogma are women (Lauren Southern), blacks (Brunell Donald-Kyei), transgenders (Blair White), Jews (Ben Shapiro), and homosexuals (Milo Yiannopoulos). They get a bit of a pass, even though they’re seen as traitors; but woe unto any white, heterosexual man who would dare argue to be treated with a modicum of decency and respect. He would be crucified.

    1. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”
      I’ve recently heard ever more White women repeat this (stereotypically) Black expression. And it signifies something very bad: the West is being Africanized. It sounds eccentric but just hear me out.
      The best summary of this issue is probably Roger F. Devlin’s article ‘The Re-Africanization of the West.’ He’s a smart author and he argues that young Whites are being ‘Africanized.’ After all, women working and raising children on their own, the hook up culture, and hyper-emotional behavior are all traits described by early Western explorers when they ventured into West Africa. And those traits are now common in the West too.
      The media itself has encouraged this change: Black culture is constantly held up as cool, hip-hop music is promoted everywhere, Black men are portrayed as automatic alphas, etc.
      This isn’t about bashing Blacks, just pointing out that this trend is extremely unnatural and unhealthy. Feminism is part of it, but there are so many other aspects to it.

  30. These days, white women push dogs around in baby carriages instead of human babies.
    That’s why whites will be minorities & that’s what you get for failing to keep your bitch on a leash.

  31. They are not going to win. They are just another expendable tool.
    The left is nothing without the government and look how quickly they will scatter like rats
    when they no longer have that group’s back.

  32. “They fought for abortion and once they got it legalized, they moved to gay marriage. Once they got homosexuals having weddings, they moved to bathrooms for transsexuals, and so on.”
    This is exactly why Feminism is still intact despite achieving equality. They have a passion and position of influence do when their objective is complete instead of revealing in the success they look for other issues to tackle.
    It’s why none of Feminisms issues relate to rights but social interaction now. And when they win and make it impossible to have legal sex and secure more money for women than men in the workplace they’ll move on to other facets of society to reshape them to women’s advantage over men, moreso

  33. Your article is well written and makes some valid points. However, Nazis are leftists (even though they rose to power, in part, by attacking communists, who are also leftists), and anarchists are ultra right wing extremists.
    By definition, taking rightism to its ultimate form is no government (anarchy), and taking leftism to its ultimate form is a government rules every aspect of an individual’s life senario (totalitarianism). While this might aid in proving your last point, it is important (to me) that leftists (like Nazis) be kept in their proper group and not be given to the right, merely because the left pretends not to like them.

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