The Elites Are Not Smarter Than You

For the longest time I held in high esteem those who worked in distinguished institutions. I’d revere the Congressman, New York Times journalist, think tank strategist, anthropology professor, non-profit director, and literary novelist. They got to where they are through merit, intelligence, and hard work, not through connections, nepotism, or by being a useful idiot for a specific agenda.

My doubt about these servants of the elite increased as the war against men ramped up in earnest, culminating with my many direct interactions with them.  Those encounters confirmed to me that they are no smarter than us, and in some cases, severely lacking in knowledge and context to make better decisions to lead society. Here’s a passage from Free Speech Isn’t Free where I try explaining to a well-known think tank commentator that the homosexual agenda is deliberate.

“It’s hard to see the problem from your nice office here when you associate with people who are not touched by these issues, or if you only read mainstream media outlets, but I’m meeting with hundreds of men on this tour alone and I have interacted with thousands more through the internet. We clearly see the absurdity of lifting all other groups in society except for men, while we are forced to suffer under policies that stem from hatred. No one has the backs of men except a few lone voices like myself, and that’s shameful.”

She was taking notes. I continued. “For example, look at the homosexual issue. Suddenly for the past five years, the needs of 3% of the population have become a huge, all-encompassing matter, where they are deemed more worthy of money and beneficial social policies than the men who compose nearly 50% of the population, with a complete coordination of all major institutions to re-write legal codes and cultural norms to accommodate their alternative lifestyle.”

“Oh that, well that issue just went viral.” She genuinely thought the homosexual agenda’s ascension into mainstream life was like how a funny cat video gets ten million views on Youtube.

Individuals such as herself would also think that groups like Black Lives Matter and ISIS are “spontaneous,” developing out of thin air without deliberate planning, coordination, or funding behind them. Of course you know that this is not the case: Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros to destabilize the United States while ISIS was initially armed by the United States and funded with oil purchases from Turkey. I have no doubt that globalists have heavily donated to homosexual organizations in the past twenty years to advance that cause as well.


When you’re at the very top, you sponsor individuals mainly for their ability to advance a particular cause or objective. There’s no need for them to be the smartest guy in the room. In fact, being too intelligent will actually prevent their hiring because then they will be able to see that their boss doesn’t care about “race equality” but fostering race inequality. He doesn’t care about “love not hate” but destroying the family unit. Therefore, to work for the elite, you must have huge blind spots that prevent you from seeing the big picture, or at least be sociopathic enough that you are willing to work for an immoral agenda so that you can get closer to the seats of power.

All the people I mentioned earlier, the journalists, politicians, professors, and think tank insiders, were hired primarily for their usefulness in advancing a specific set of goals. This is where the term useful idiot comes from. As long as a particular journalist can channel the narrative competently, she’s hired. As long as the politician will follow the directives of his sponsor and vote yes on a bill like TPP, he’ll get big campaign donations. As long as the professor infuses SJW talking points into his lectures, he gets tenure. These individuals have enough intelligence to do their jobs at a standard level, but that is secondary to their usefulness.

Growing up in America, you come to believe that people advance through their merit and ideas, but if you start examining these institutional positions and what allows individuals to rise to the top, you realize that their merit and ideas were only secondary. They were hired because those one level above found them to be useful, and no more. Intelligence is optional, and only necessary if the job demands it, but far more important is the ease of which they can be controlled to help usher in a pre-determined goal.

The biggest barrier to improving your society is thinking that people in influential positions are better or smarter than you. Unless you are unusually dim-witted, and can’t understand what I’m trying to explain to you right now, I assure you they’re not. At the most, they’re more connected than you and more willing to sacrifice their dignity for a chance to control others. Their power mostly stems from the system and structures they inherited, not their own internal strength. Understanding this fact gives you confidence, because if you can survive the onslaught from their institutions, defeating the individuals behind them will be a simple matter. Like a game of whack-a-mole, you just have to take one down at a time, until there are none of them left.

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138 thoughts on “The Elites Are Not Smarter Than You”

  1. The Elites surely aren’t the World’s Computer Programmers, Carpenters, Electricians, Engineers or even Architects.
    They are simply Rich, Powerful and in Control.
    To think for a second that a single one of them got to Elite Status because of brilliance, is foolishness.
    It is by Blood they rise and by Bloodshed they fall.

    1. I agree and disagree. Sure there are a handful of people in the elite that got there through inheritance and cheating but alot of them go there through hard work and determination. You dont get rich off of doing nothing

      1. There was a recent study showing that high society drop-outs make more money in their careers than the best college graduate working class people. Connections and being of the right ‘stock’ means everything.

  2. Journalists are some of the dumbest, least qualified people on earth, and their pay scale reflects that. That’s probably the main reason why there is so much corruption in media. Nobody wants to work their ass off on an investigative piece that takes a year for researching and cultivating sources while they’re pulling down $50k annually (if they’re lucky). So they whore themselves out as mouthpieces or entertainers.
    Politicians are a different animal. Many of them are incredibly dumb as well (“a series of tubes”), but they have naturally magnetic personalities so they can bullshit their way to the top. And/or they’re born into the club.
    Both groups of people need to wiped out, frankly. Neither performs any useful function in a modern society and in fact are actively harming it.

    1. I think you need to distinguish between the profession and the current incumbents of that profession. Done right journalism should be one of the guarantees of a free society

    2. As an ex media guy I can vouch for Onetruth. The vast majority of media types come from schools that don’t register in the top 1000 university list. Now that I think about it I would say one third came from a technical colleges, another third from Christian colleges (SJW) and the remainder from dodgy universities. At these schools they are told what to do, not how to think…and Bob’s your Uncle!

  3. To rise in politics requires only a narrow set of skills and attributes — skills and attributes which would be considered useless or harmful in other fields. Neither intelligence nor good character is found in that set. That makes it extremely risky to assume that any politician, regardless of his identity, background, alignment, or statements, really has your well-being at heart. Indeed, it’s much safer to assume that he’d as soon cut your throat and roast you for dinner as shake your hand. After all, haven’t skilled politicians in other lands done that and worse?

    1. Never forget that the Black-majority electorate in West Virginia kept a Kleegle of the KKK in office for over fifty years. Surely that’s evidence enough that the electorate isn’t the brightest, the leaders’ desires are not for the people, and the system is sustained by stupidity and lust for power.

      1. I begin to question the merits of democracy when the average voter has something akin to an eighth grade reading level.

  4. We seem to credit the elite with near supernatural powers:
    They know all. They see all. They are connected with every corporation across the globe. The have unlimited funds and resources.
    We have portrayed them as gods and forgotten they are mere humans. They can make mistakes. They can overplay their hands. They can downright fuck up.
    The people who go on wailing about the terrible (((elites))) seem to be the worst in this regard. They act like they’re powerless to resist and we should all just grudgingly bend over and take it because there’s no way we can beat them.
    No one is perfect. No one.

    1. Just because they wield the power of the sword (that is, the given right to employ force not permissible in the citizen) does not mean they are all powerful.
      And, as to their individual intelligence, it’s worth noting that those obscenely large bills they sign have never been read by any of the signers. In fact, as a rule, none of the signers even wrote part of it. Their lackeys (often unpaid interns) draft the bills, they sign them, and we have to live with it.
      Frankly, there’s nothing most of the elites do that couldn’t be done more efficiently by a printing press and a rubber stamp.

    2. preach on brother. I kinda annoys me that people hype up elite as if they are superhuman. They are human just like us. Sure they have force but most people choose to follow them anyway because it leads to a life of comfort

      1. what if they believe they are Gods, and act accordingly. Might not change the fact of their humanity but it might be something one needs to factor in

    3. Not only this, but at the end of the day, the “elite,” by definition, are much fewer in number than us. Unless we are willing to kill each other to do their bidding, people forget that we could literally do whatever we want with them. Take Soros for example, how much security does he really have? Likely less than you would expect, and I bet that with two or three months to plan, and a trained fire team of my old Marines, we could kill him pretty easily. I am not advocating this of course. I say this only to show that much of the power that the elites have is only the power we allow them to have.

      1. Remember he’s a Sith Lord. They can literally zap you with arcs of electricity from their pointy witch fingers

        1. I would put it another way; the elites have power only so long as people accept their legitimacy. Once that evaporates, so does their power. The fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the old Soviet Union is a case in point. It fell when people stopped believing in it’s promises.

        2. Yep. Its most important that those who serve them no longer believe in them. Hence once they cease to obey they only have power over their own body.
          If for example every armed man ceases to obey then they only have as much power as their own body.

    4. Power is never stationary. Before the Rothschilds were the Medici banking dynasty, whom at the time, no one thought would ever fall. In spite of funding the Rennaissance, dominating European finance, and producing a few popes, fall they eventually did.

      1. “The Fall of the House Rothschild”
        There’s the title for you. Now someone just needs to write the book

    5. “We seem to credit the elite with near supernatural powers:
      They know all. They see all. They are connected with every corporation across the globe. The have unlimited funds and resources.”
      But why is that? A flaw in the perceiver? Perhaps, but the mythos of the all-seeing eye etc is primarily propagated by those pushing the symbolism. And the symbolism is pushed out there. One might make the argument that the point is to persuade the demos that they are indeed being watched, monitored, and that the powers that be (which may well have a shared interest in presenting themselves as united even when they are divided amongst themselves) are all powerful to the point of omnipotence

        1. They are only as powerful as technology allows them but those who create/understand/reverse engineer that technology (think hackers) can subvert the technology and yield higher power. Sadly a lot of hackers are themselves SJWs (think Anonymous)

        2. Doesn’t mean an opposing force won’t eventually rise up in opposition to them and groups like Anonymous. From what I’ve seen, Anonymous’s hacking powers are amateurish. They are more bluster than bite.

    6. And you think that by avoiding mentioning the bracket people you achieve more? Not mentioning them is discriminatoon as everyone needs to b included.

      1. Not sure I follow. I used the brackets as more of mockery of the people who are hung up on all the Jew conspiracies like they’re some lizard people who control everything. To them Jews/Illuminati/Super Elites are all interchangeable.

    7. Are they smarter than a 5th grader, yeah, probably. Trouble is most people don’t seem to be. So the elites rule over them.

  5. I recall a joke I heard in my youth:
    A politician from New Mexico went onto one of the Indian reservations to meet with their elders. He was amazed by their wisdom, clear thinking, and knowledge about all things political.
    At the end of the meeting, he remarked to the chief that he should run for office. The chief laughed heartily and replied, “No one sends their best to Washington!”

    1. An alternative twist:
      A politician from the state government of Oklahoma needed to get an Indian consultant for political reasons. The chief listened patiently to his explanation, and agreed he could select a candidate.
      The chief brought the official past all the artisans, philosophers, economists, and workers, until they arrived at an old squat where some ne’er-do-wells set up shop. When the official protested, the chief said, “I’m just looking for an idiot who will fit in!”

  6. You will know that you are truly rattling the cages of the elite, instead of doing something they want, if they flex their muscles and come after you with their intelligence assets and their military prowess an their stooges in various positions. Unless that happens, no matter how much of an “activist” you might think you are, you are merely playing into their hands by following one of their Pied Pipers down a pre-cut path that they created for diversionary purposes. If they bug your home; if they break into it and steal things or move things around to let you know they were there; if they follow you 24/7; if they intentionally destroy your life by sending agents into it who appear to be your friends and wind up getting you into trouble; if they kill you, or someone you know who is involved in whatever you are doing, well, hey, congratulations, you know something of true value and they don’t want you to spread it around. Othersise you’re a poodle barking at the moon…

  7. You will know that you are truly rattling the cages of the elite, instead of doing something they want, if they flex their muscles and come after you with their intelligence assets and their surveillance prowess and their myriad stooges in positions of influence and importance. Unless that happens, no matter how much of an “activist” you might think you are, you are merely playing into their hands by following one of their Pied Pipers down a pre-cut path that they created for diversionary purposes.
    If they bug your home; if they break into it and steal things or move things around to let you know they were there; if they follow you 24/7 and send intelligence assets after you, to harass you, or threaten you, or stalk you; if they intentionally destroy your life by insinuating agents into it who appear to be your friends and wind up getting you into serious trouble; if they kill you, or someone you know who is involved in whatever you are doing, well, hey, congratulations, you know something of true value and they don’t want you to spread it around. Otherwise, you’re just a poodle barking at the moon…and you are one of their assets, wittingly or unwittingly.

  8. Actually, as a result of interbreeding and nepotism, the elite is actually mediocre compared with spontaneous individual talent.

    1. They hire the best students as spooks though, and have them sign the Official Secrets Act and own everything they know.

  9. The elite don’t succeed by overpowering us. They succeed by pitting us against each other. Which is precisely why they’ve manipulated the big-tent anti-SJW movement into Alt-Right white pride so they can pit formerly-aligned groups of people against one another. And many have fallen for this conflict model hook, line, and sinker. By pitting racial groups against each other, instead of getting everyone, of every race who is against the elites together on one team, they will divide our energies; we will exhaust ourselves fight amongst one another and never get to the point of challenging the elite.

    1. You seem to be missing the point; this racial conflict is targetted at whites and the civilsation whites built up. The Alt-Right/ white nationalist is an attempt to preserve what we built, i.e preserve it from the hordes of non-white vermin which want to parasite off us. The (((elite))) are openly stating the goal is the destruction of the white race, to be replaced by niggers and mud people. You are saying whites essentially need to be allied with the people that are our historical racial and cultural enemies, who are invading our civilisation, in order to defeat the (((elite))). No, we defeat all of them, kikes, muslims and niggers or we lose everything.

        1. Whites will be a minority in the coming century in America, and with the birth rates the way they are in Europe combined with Muslim and African immigration and their prospective birth rates, whites could be a minority in every country around the world. They only way we can fix this issue is to recognize it and to create a plan and push for white interests.
          One question needs to be asked, with whites the minority in formerly white countries, will said countries be able to maintain the standards of the past?
          After asking that question, I will now ask you another.
          Do you care if whites become the minority in formerly white countries or are you just an idiot?
          Now, if you do not care and are glad to see whites slide slowly off this planet, well that is another thing entirely and I respect that, but if that is not the case and you just refuse to see the truth, well then, your the idiot. Either way, who the fuck are you to call somebody who is concerned with this serious issue an idiot.

        2. If you’re worried about African and Muslim influence, I have a decent solution for you to consider. Start promoting mixing with Asians. First, they tend to appreciate existing white culture, and enjoy the benefits it provides. The ones that reach out and emigrate are happy to adapt, adopt, easily integrate into existing cultures, and as such tend to be high achievers. The ones that don’t emigrate tend to be tribal, racist, and realistic about human nature. The only downside is when they lack a strong sense of self, they can be influenced by the likes of islam. Strategically combine these traits, and you’ve got an actual super-master-race that could dominate, well, everything.
          Whiteness is recessive anyway. It’s a losing battle over the long term.
          Do you know what entropy is?

        3. Why waste words when simply admitting that you want the white race extinct would have sufficed.

        4. Well we find our selves in a pickle. How do we protect the future of white children, American and European culture, without having to go full kkk?
          This is a pertinent question. One that could determine the trajectory of the human race for the coming centuries.

        5. I put some decent measure of thought into my initial response. I answered the European-derived cultural questions there. And it was indeed without going full KKK, rather, decidedly against full KKK. And it did implicitly address the trajectory of the human race. It’s not a pickle, it’s practical.
          White guys tend to find Asian chicks attractive anyway. 😉 It’s a win any way you look at it.

        6. I will say that the Japanese girls I see when I go to Vegas are some of the most elegant and feminine creatures I have ever laid eyed upon. With that said I’m not willing to accept this solution and neither will other white men who share my thoughts.

        7. There is no white genocide. Europeans are committing demographic suicide. Want to stop it? Go and have your brood of white children. However, I see a lot of talk and no action. Put up or shut up.

        8. And you sound like a fucking moron who can’t accept the truth.
          There is NO WHITE GENOCIDE. You are committing demographic suicide. Everything happening to your countries is your own fault.

        9. He is quite anti White and pro Jewish, his posts prove it. He should be ridiculed for his Anti white racism.
          Having said that, there is little to be gained by calling people who are not White, mud people. I am not interested to demean anothers culture as I do not want my culture demeaned. And as much I despise the Islamic invasion into Europe, the real blame for this lies on the Europeans and (((others ))) who are promoting this invasion. And it wasn’t Muslims who promoted abortion and feminism in our societies.

        10. Are you kidding me??
          That is the most defeatist position one can take towards our current situation. Advocating we erase our lienage is plain stupid.

        11. Oh, I know that got you.
          Sorry reality doesn’t fit what we want it to. Everything happening to the west is because of the actions of western people.
          By the way, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise, white is not a race. Never has been, never will be. Deal with it.

        12. It must be nice to live in fantasyland.
          I know nothing I say is going to get through that thick, single-digit IQ skull of yours. I’m done.

        13. What’s more, “whites” are not a homogeneous group. Yeah, standards of living in western nations are going to decline if Somalis become a majority. But the same thing will happen if you import a large number of Serbs, or Russians. Populations are not interchangeable, within and between groups.

        14. And this is why the alt-right is doomed to fail. You refuse to accept uncomfortable truths about your own group.
          Keep on living in fantasy land with your boyfriend Hugo.

        15. I understand you feel threatened that white men are starting to talk about our issues and we are banding together. But that’s okay because you should. Now, I will say this, take your liberal nigger bullshit somewhere else.

        16. And now I know that you have absolutely no intellectual value whatsoever.
          Like I said, want to stop “white genocide?” Man up, marry a western slut, and shell out as many white children as possible before the divorce rate. But I don’t see that. All I see is a bunch of bitching and moaning on the internet and throwing of epithets.

        17. Hahaha
          Yes we will both have children and rid the land of the parasite called nigger. Mexicans are fine by me because they are civilized but you and your ilk are parasitical oxen and there is nothing you can point to in the real world to show otherwise.

        18. I’m not black, dipshit.
          By the way, Serbs have an average IQ of 89, only four points higher than American blacks.

        19. Nope, you’ll continue to be just a bunch of losers shitposting on the internet anonymously.
          A friendly reminder, Roosh is a “kebab” who has made a living writing books telling men how to fuck your Aryan goddesses.
          I think you’re on the wrong website.

        20. You described yourself so well.
          Nope, no white genocide. If a bunch of Somalis and Guatemalans are really such a huge threat to “the white race,” then clearly that whole “master race” nonsense is even more bullshit.

        21. Also, it’s not “white genocide” when white women refuse to fuck you because you’re an autistic, overweight, all around repulsive sack of shit. That’s just your own fault.

        22. You’ll succeed by having gay sex with Hugo?
          I always knew the alt-right was full of faggots…

        23. I think I may be on the wrong site, it has shifted clearly to left in the past year. Liberals like you frequently post here with weak attempts to shout down your opposition.

        24. First correct thing you’ve said all day. You are on the wrong site. Roosh himself has said this is not an alt-right site. You want to drivel on about Jews and “white genocide,” there are a thousand other sites waiting for you.
          Let the grown-ups focus on reality.

        25. Such an angry little Zionist troll.
          Careful what you wish for. Whilst your fantasies of the demise of European people is slowly coming to fruition. A world without us may not be so pleasant, especially for a low rung worker ant Jew.

        26. I don’t get their reasoning myself. White women have control of your reproduction. They aren’t having kids because they want to ride the carousel. Who’s fault is that?

  10. Over the past 7 years I’ve worked alongside people at the very top of major government institutions and blue chip companies … no they are not smarter than us

    1. I brushed shoulders by happenstance with them in the legal and corporate sector. They are a gaggle of buffoons who wouldn’t know what day it was aside from accomplishments, causes, and being surrounded by each other. They are the epitome of group think. Guess you can liken them to a legal mob.

      1. About 20% are genuinely quite brilliant.
        The remainder are either token, largely talentless figureheads, or Machiavellian chancers.

        1. Out of interest, which group do you see as running the show. The brilliant 20% or the Machiavellian chancers?

        2. I would assume that NASA would have the brightest members of the government (though they’re only technically government – they do a lot that’s apolitical).
          I know ten absolute geniuses and a few hundred who seem to think there’s a T1 cable running to the Space Station.

        3. Not doubting your experience, but you could find groups where the brilliance % or quotient is much higher because they had the integrity to weed out the weak links. If you worked directly in a “global brain-trust” sort of situation you can gain exposure to the formidable collective intellect it takes to run scenarios and make big decisions. I have some experience in this area. There has to be a massive trust bond in order for proprietary information and intellectual discoveries to be shared and/or capitalized upon. They have a sixth sense for mental weakness, but it’s very subtle. “Machiavellian chancers” (nice quip BTW) and other mercurial, possibly flawed beings are often craftily quashed/removed by those who lead by quietly constructing their long-term reputations on merit. Eventually this creates a harmonic feedback loop, and it has its own detection system.
          I somewhat disagree w/ the leading post that “they are not smarter than us” — yea, though merely mortal and tending toward hypocrisy, self-dealing and other common sub-virtuous aspects of mankind, there is a natural Bell Curve and a rarefied, “elite” or elevated plane and they occupy it, often deservingly so. I’ve seen them gather like iron filings on a heavy magnet to increase their intellectual density (even if that sounds too good to be true).
          I think the big debate is often around “DID they deserve it?” Who DESERVES the status, rank, title and power they somehow received in this lifetime?

        4. well yes. Machiavellian sorts often take over even if nerds design the system behind the scenes.

        5. “are either token, largely talentless figureheads, or Machiavellian chancers.”
          OK. So what are the men like?

        6. Even the nerds (productive people) are sucked into the politics game. 60% of their efforts absorbed by pure Machiavellism

        7. This deserves a considered response. In the immortal words of Arine, “I will be back”

        8. Read Nassim Talebs book antifragile and Black Swan. they are are intellectual yet idiots. They are not as smart as people think they are.

  11. FWIW – the gay issue “went viral” in the same manner as many or most “overnight success” stories – after years, and years, and years, and , yeah, years, of pushing the agenda.
    After laying enough groundwork over enough time, adn enough different attempts at getting positive attention, something was going to take root and “go viral”

  12. The O’Keefe videos and wikileaks have really driven home the point that a lot of these people are just dumb – but willing to give up all pride to work for an old corrupt crone.

  13. The “Elite” & the “Gopher for the Elite”
    Elite – Insane Clowns
    Gophers – Retarded Monkeys .,..
    This is the right description of those psychos !

  14. Good article Roosh. I think there are often smart people who make it to the top, but one might also ask: what exactly are they smart at? Many of them are profoundly machiavellian, and are smart with regard to ‘people’ rather than in a more stereotypically ‘intellectual way’. These are people who knew how the world works to begin with, and never laboured under the illusion that it was just about contributing something new, original or better. The elites are ultimately smart in the sense that they understand and they at least work around the corruption at the heart of all (at least current) power politics. Corruptability means after all that you can be put to a task (as the articles suggests) and that you are prepared to be a instrument towards that end, in exchange for all the material and social benefits that will accrue from having made that contract with dark powers.
    The point about people’s blind spots though seems to me on point. People don’t necessarily know they are corrupt. They believe for the most part that they are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and get their validation from acting in that way, getting legitimation through social prestige and financial reward. That kind of incentivisation ensures that – like a dog waiting for its master to reward him a choccie drop – they are likely to have an exclusive or at least primary focus on pleasing the hand that feeds them and will defocus from that part of reality that rewards them not.

  15. They don’t have to be smarter than us, just 51% of the voting public. Which they certainly are. They know what buttons to push on women and non-whites

  16. “or at least be sociopathic enough that you are willing to work for an immoral agenda so that you can get closer to the seats of power.”
    This is the key point. I don’t think that they are necessarily stupid. They are pretty much the same as most of us working a 9-5: we do what our boss tells us. Do you really expect them to turn down their lucrative salaries and prestige on the matter of principle?

  17. Of course our elites are just ordinary mortals. This shows the problem with conspiracy theories that our elites have superpowers which enable them to carry out elaborate plans across the generations, like Alex Jones claims.
    And it also shows the folly of obsessing over things like where Ashkenazi Jews come from or what happened on Jekyll Island before the founding of the Federal Reserve System. We need to deal with the harm caused by living people, not long-dead ones.

  18. Therefore, to work for the elite, you must have huge blind spots that
    prevent you from seeing the big picture, or at least be sociopathic
    enough that you are willing to work for an immoral agenda so that you
    can get closer to the seats of power.

    Yup. It’s called M-O-N-E-Y. Money seems to be the end-all-be-all reason for most men to get up in the morning (with pussy a close 2nd for the younger men out there). As long as men chase money there will be a large pool of useful idiots who will gladly grow a blind spot to work for the elites.

  19. Been saying this for years but the liberal social justice system or any absolutist group that disallows free thinking is no different than the Catholic inquisition or any other tyrannical religious establishment. To rise up the ranks of power all you had to do was say “God [insert positive remark]. It’s very ironic that atheists act in absolutism as well, they’ve become what they hate, no doubt raises in a Christian family, learned to speak like an evangelist but think it’s okay to use that as long as it’s atheism

    1. Give me a break, the Church is quite possibly the only positive institution remaining in the West. Tyrannical? You can believe the religion or not. But to deny that it’s been the backbone of the west is ignorant.

      1. I was raised Catholic, and though I consider myself more agnostic than anything today, I also hate seeing the constant Catholic bashing. However, I have to say that the assertion that Christianity (Catholic or otherwise) is what made the west great is, if not outright wrong, certainly flawed. If anything, the reverse is true. The west is what made Christianity great.

        1. If I’m not mistaken Christianity over the past 2000 years founded the majority of schools, universities, hospitals and many other institutions in the west.

        2. And didn’t ancient Greece and Rome have all those things (except maybe hospitals) without Christianity?

        3. They did but didn’t spread education amongst all the peoples of Europe and build schools and universities on a grand scale.
          Education which led to modern science, although some altercations with religious edict and scientific discovery ensued.

        4. It would have happened eventually. If anything, Christianity might have made it happen a bit earlier. But if it hadn’t been for Europe (and particularly northwestern Europe) Christianity likely would have remained a Semitic cult in the middle east which would have been largely wiped out after the rise of Mohammedism.

        5. Says you, “eventually”, “might”, “likely”. Assumptions which have no basis in the historical record. As we say “if my Auntie had balls she’d be my Uncle.”

        6. We have to be careful about praising an institution such as the RCC. If we be red pill men who are against the elites, just know it was the jesuits who (along with their Masonic fellows) who brought the indoctrination in schools. Marxism and cultural Marxism followed, Stalin and Lenin being masons as well. And the current state of the RCC has been in planning for some time now. You think Francis is a talking piece for Obama and Merkel is a coincidence?

      2. No, the only true church is not the elite’s one world religion stop and shop RCC. It is the people. Church refers to the “body of believers” (body of Christ), not a building, clergy and tax free codes. Much like the republic; the government is the people, not an old crone who deletes emails indicting her treason, or agencies telling you how to live for your own good. It all belongs in the individual who makes up the whole of the people. Both the church and a nation.

    2. “the Catholic inquisition or any other tyrannical religious establishment.” I am not Catholic, but why do people give the Catholic Inquisition such a hard time? They were probably one of the most moderate theocratic institutions…

  20. What is called conspiracy theory is actually standard, normal human social behavior. People understand this in their daily lives. They see people working together. They see the politics at their place of work. They get it. But they can’t end up then using this knowledge to see it where it really counts. Where lives and millions to trillions of dollars are at stake and much more when it comes to power. So people are conditioned to coincidence theory. Where they see things as random events. The media and government reinforce this. The people who want to be informed and begin following the money and the organizations and the human connections are ridiculed as tin foil hat wearing conspiracy kooks. This results in less people looking. Coincidence theory becomes the socially enforced norm. So yes, that’s why various things are seen as random events and ‘going viral’
    Realizing people higher up aren’t smarter comes easily. However what they are is more ruthless or have political protection and cover. Be that corporate or government politics. As things go forward merit becomes less and less important. Without merit society begins its decline.
    What has built the modern world has been benefits from merit. When the top of the pyramid takes everything society stagnates or even declines. The 0.01% have been strip mining everyone else for the last two decades or more. In the process merit benefits have nearly vanished. What is left is politics. Social manipulations.And of course violence to make it all work. It’s only a matter of time on this course when productivity slows to a halt and this society reverts to the norm.

    1. Its not a conspiracy at all, it is simply a matter of hiring or giving grants or contracts to applicants with the same worldview as the boss. Those with alt views will always be on the outs.
      The current and dominant worldview is collapsing. It’s demise is due to the disconnect between what we see and what we are told what we are seeing. The so called rulers never wanted a smart, creative population. Smart creatives are almost impossible to manage and keep on the farm.
      Frank Zappa summed it up better than I when he said:
      “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as
      it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the
      illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the
      scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables
      and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of
      the theater.”

      1. “Its not a conspiracy at all”
        That’s my point. It’s normal human behavior and that the things people believe to be so are indeed illusions. I’ve been called a conspiracy kook for many years but I see it the same way you do. It’s very simple. The Rockefeller foundation finds people who believe in their vision and funds them. Same with the other big foundations with social engineering utopian worldviews that are to be foisted upon human society. The masses are so well conditioned to shut down and dismiss things as kooky conspiracy theories it doesn’t matter how many government documents, legislation, and other iron clad proof you have.
        Go against this and there’s barely two nickels to rub together for most. The ones that make it work are few and far between.
        No they don’t want smart, creative people that think for themselves. That too is my greater point. The schools, everything is set up that way. It’s the reality I live in every day for decades. Sometimes it feels like it would be better to just be plugged into the matrix so to speak instead of suffering through seeing things as they are.

  21. Listening into my uncel’s executive meeting by phone on mute, while we were doing work in is his basemennt about a few years back I also came to realize these were no scions of business.
    The language they used was not different than that used in university baffle gab. “Paradigms.” “Outcomes” etc. or in TEFL teaching english as a Foreign Language commmunity Collge courses I took in the late 90’s
    Lots of talk without much being said. This is a top 50 international engineering firm.
    It seems the world has develoved into this group talk language of bullshit where nobody says anything usefull..
    I’m sure not all companies are like this but most are I think..
    Besides anyone who supports runaway public spending, abortion no matter what, gay marriage/adoption and importing terrorists from 3rd world shitholes into your developed nation is clearly a moron or a traitor..
    These are our so called “elites.” They most definitely are not smater than us.

      1. Good question listening to the meeting it had nothing to do with engineering from what I could tell…

    1. Haha reminds me of this website where you can generate corporate bs fluff automatically. Here are some of the pearls you often hear in real business communication: “energistically leverage existing enabled resources”, “assertively deliver next-generation collaboration and idea-sharing”, “efficiently transform sustainable niche markets”.

  22. It depends on your definition of smart.
    Intellectually I’m not at all smarter than an engineer, I personally never completed a degree. I was however wise enough to learn early on in life that the smartest man in the room is the one who learns how to cultivate power and leverage the knowledge, experience and education of others for their own gain..

  23. I disagree, Howard Stern is smarter than Trump. Not much smarter, but smarter enough. If Trump kept his guard up and saw he was being played, he’d be equally smart. The elites are smarter than you with their guard down. They work to infiltrate you, cause division, divide and conquer. The moment you keep your guard up, you can out-smart them easily. Always stay true to your goals and purpose, and when you see someone distracting you from your goal, causing drama, dividing the group, they are probably sent by Soros, FBI, Anita Sarkaseeian’s friends, etc.
    Elite are smarter than you when your guard is down, the way a mountain lion watching from the top is smarter than a clueless gazelle. Don’t be the gazelle. Be the crocodile that watches then eats the lion. Keep your guard up an you can outsmart the elite.

  24. Much like wild animals… These people are more afraid of you more than you should be of them. I grew up with a handful of so called elites and honestly the ones I don’t talk to still are the weakest yet are some of the most evil people you would ever encounter. Sickening to see a peer who was clearly inferior elevated due to pure nepotism. It’ll all return to the mean when these crazy assholes or their parents squander their “power”.

  25. Posted this on FB yesterday, and seems pertinent for this discussion:
    “When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”
    ― Steve Jobs
    My summation in the context of this article: Stop being a fucking sheep, and remember that you, too, are lion! Roar, fuckers!

    1. Yea, but jobs was one of the elite’s puppets. I guess that’s why he “died from cancer” fairly shortly after giving that speech.

  26. Are they geniuses, the 30,000-odd people who rule humanity? No. They are far more intelligent than average though. That’s why there are few women and almost no blacks among their number.
    Women and non-whites are useful idiots because they are not smart enough to be a real threat to the established order. They come in handy beating genuine threats into submission though.

    1. Non-whites? You mean the khazars who *are* the elites and who are not true whites. Agreed with women. But your stormfront-esque rhetoric is baloney.

  27. I think it’s the wrong way to view the elite.
    They don’t HAVE to be smarter than you, just most people and you can become one of them.
    It’s an opportunistic role that will always exist.

  28. This 2010 piece from the New English Review states it all:
    “Our country is not a meritocracy, since those in charge have no merit. Nor do we possess anything that can reasonably be called an “educated class.” What we have is a ‘credentialed class.’ We have a set of persons who have obtained all the outward markings of prestige, without developing a single one of the virtues which constitute a real and intrinsic entitlement to honor.”

  29. To make a long story short, they got up there by kissing ass. And they promote people based on how good they kiss ass.

  30. “Individuals such as herself would also think that groups like Black Lives Matter and ISIS are “spontaneous,” developing out of thin air”
    That smooth talking hot guy that she’s banging just developed out of thin air. #game.

  31. Great article. I take issue with only one thing. Everyone you described here are the elites minions… not really the power elite themselves. So yes, the minions don’t have to be truly intelligent. Only smart enough and clever enough to push the agenda.
    When your talking about the true puppet master’s however… the entire scene changes. These are master manipulators and are usually in the top tier of intelligence, else they do not last long.
    I would wager that the majority of us here on ROK are smarter then your average bloke and the power elite’s stooges. It pays to realize that even Hillary is a mere pawn in this game and is not one of the real puppet masters… Hillary is only a favored task master in the kingdom of the real Power Elite.

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