How A Sitcom Shoved The Blue Pill Down Our Throat

One of America’s most popular sitcoms of the last decade, How I Met Your Mother, concluded on March 31st of this year.  For those who are not familiar with the show, How I Met Your Mother takes place in New York City (seemingly like every other sitcom), and follows the lives of the lead character, Ted Mosby, and his four friends – Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky.  The show was at its best in it’s earlier seasons (1-4), but predictably became a money-milking part of CBS’ weekly lineup in its later seasons.  Despite this, I continued watching the series until it’s conclusion of this year.

Warning: spoilers below.

When the final episode aired, I was filled with disgust.  Not because I was particularly upset with the way the plot of the show ended, but because the show blatantly shoved the typical bullshit young men and women are fed every day directly in the audience’s face.  The show was never a “red pill friendly” show, but the last episode reinforced every blue pill lie society feeds to people.  So, how did each particular character play a role in this?

Marshall Eriksen And Lily Aldrin


These two were the “dream couple” – they met in their first semester at college and have been madly in love since.  By the end of the show, they have two children and are expecting a third.  Everything seems good on paper, which is exactly what is so wrong with the relationship story they tell.

For example, in earlier seasons, Marshall left his high-paying corporate lawyer job to volunteer his time as an environmentalist.  Now, we at ROK know that your status, and therefore, your job, are directly tied to a woman’s attraction to you.  Is money everything?  Absolutely not, but it is foolish to think that a move like that would increase a woman’s attraction.  Overall, throughout the series, Lily gives off the typical entitled, selfish attitude of your average American woman – and of course, Marshall puts up with it and only falls deeper in love with her every single day.

I would never want a relationship like that.

Barney Stinson


When the show first began airing, Barney was a prolific womanizer and New York City playboy.  He was so good, Law Dogger even dedicated an entire article to lessons that could be learned from Barney’s ways.  He was the prime red pill example of the show – so of course, they cast his character with a gay man in Neil Patrick Harris.  But, I regress.

As the show progresses, Barney begins to mature.  He used to declare things along the lines of, “The point is, marriage is stupid. Every day new 22-year olds go into bars…” and “Oh…you’re thirty?  Bye.”

However, everything changes.  Instead of banging his way through the tri-state area of New York eternally,  he ends up in dysfunctional relationships that make him fat, has multiple engagements with sluts (stripper included!), and ultimately ends up marrying one of the other main characters, Robin.  Ultimately, Barney becomes blue pill to the core, as he hangs up what he enjoys so much for the “everlasting” company with one special, which rarely works out.

Robin Scherbatsky


Speaking of Robin, by the end of the show, she is a career-obsessing, carousel-riding, post-wall woman waiting for a beta to come in and save the day.  Throughout the series, she consistently turns down the affections of nice guys (save for a few exceptions), instead she revels in dating men based off of the firmness of their abdominal muscles.

More on Robin in a minute.

Ted Mosby


Ted is the ultimate blue pill dork.  In the show’s pilot episode, Ted meets Robin in a bar and goes on a date with her.  At the end of the night, he professes that he loves her – and really means it.  He also steals a blue french horn from a restaurant as a gift to give her – on their first date.  While it doesn’t work out with Robin in that specific circumstance, he eventually does date her on and off throughout the show.  Throughout the show, Ted does date a plethora of beautiful women by being a nice guy – which we all know doesn’t really work.

Due to his neediness and overall attitude, Ted dates women who are simply out of his league (see below) because that’s politically correct.  Every man wants to think that they can obtain this kind of talent while being a supplicating wuss.  While Ted in the show as portrayed as a beta male who succeeds (good job, good apartment, nice to girls), in real life he is simply the chubby man hanging on to his girlfriend at the party, wearing an over sized polo tucked into his khakis and rocking a pair of white New Balance tennis shoes to top it off.


 HIMYM Conclusion And Final Lie

How I Met Your Mother tops off their politically correct show in spectacular fashion, in an attempt to shatter every red pill theory.  As I mentioned earlier, Barney gets married to Robin, the washed up slut.  In the meantime, Ted finally meets the girl of his dreams (the majority of the show revolved around his search for love) and ends up having two children with her.  She is cute, but not extremely hot – in real life, she’d be happy to settle down with a guy like Ted, who has excellent status – good-looking, sociable, and holds the honor of being the youngest architect ever to design a New York City skyscraper.

However, three years later, Robin and Barney get divorced.  Barney goes back to being a player, and Robin throws herself into her career, forsaking her friends because she doesn’t want to hang out with her ex-husband all of the time.  A few years after that, Ted’s wife, Tracy, passes away due to illness.  So what does he do?

Of course, he runs (literally) back to Robin a few years later when his kids give him the approval to date again.  In the final scene of the show, Ted shows up at her apartment and rings the doorbell – holding the same blue french horn from their first date many years ago.  So here we are – Robin is (by the show’s timeline) about fifty years old, and she still has beta men pining after her.

This is a terrible message the show sends to young men.  This show is enforcing the idea that it is good to pursue washed-up, over the hill sluts who, frankly have already had their chance in life.  By all accounts, Robin was a hot girl in her 20s living in New York City – she had every opportunity to make better choices, find a good life partner (rather than a former player), but she wasted the majority of her prime being your typical entitled and selfish American girl.

It’s too bad that she got rewarded for that with another blue french horn from Ted the beta.

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200 thoughts on “How A Sitcom Shoved The Blue Pill Down Our Throat”

  1. A few things in the post miss some details, but on the whol yes.
    I’ve been waiting for someone to call this show out.

    1. Also…the last five minutes of the show ruined it. Ted and the Mother both seem like the type that are ideally suited to the white picket fence with 2 & 1/2 kids, and a 9-5 job type existence.

      1. Yeah one of the only episodes I watched had Lily passing out for Marshall just cause he wore a bracelet that made him look like a rebellious teenager. Which doesn’t seem very blue pill to me.

        1. I also saw one episode where Ted decides to just say “fuck it” and act like a complete asshole……and ends up surrounded by women.

      1. A valid point, some of the exceptions would require describing specific events in specific episodes.

    2. Isn’t the main actor who portrays a womanizer actually a homosexual? Actor/homosexual is redundant so I am making no astute observation here.

  2. I’ve hated Ted Mosby since S1E01… his betaness was written so well it turned me off of the show in the first minutes. that was years ago
    HIMYM is THE MOST blue pill television series for men of the last decade

    1. The American TV road is littered with blue pill sitcoms going back decades….therefore spreading it’s poison around the world…
      Everybody Loves Raymond
      The King of Queens
      Malcolm in the Middle
      Always the same format…idiotic hopeless submissive husband…..powerful controlling intelligent dominant wife.
      However…every now and then there is some hope from the likes of HBO…like True Detective….Alpha stuff!

      1. In defense of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray’s father (played by Peter Boyle) actually has some great red-pill lines throughout the show. Granted, he’s using them on Doris Roberts, but his masculinity and his lack of beta respect for his wife remains pretty consistent. “You’re a trophy wife?! What contest in hell did I win?”

        1. That is another good point….the Alpha/Semi-Alpha in these sitcoms tend to be portrait as cantankerous ignorant dinosaurs…like Ray’s father!
          Mind you…his wife (despite the bad treatment she gets) is always cooking his favorite things and keeping the house nice and clean….

        2. co-sign, we should aspire to be like Frank and not like Robert (definition of blue-pill) or Ray.

  3. In what possible post 1990’s universe would you ever…ever…expect anything except the wuss-bag message, on any show produced by Hollywood or NYC?
    Still setting shows in NYC eh? And probably, I’ll guess: Los Angeles, Miami and when they need to go all “Midwest” on yo’ butt, Chicago (which is as midwest as eastern Tunisia). All conveniently highly leftist “model” cities of course.

    1. Funny thing is….you notice how the most profitable show on cable television wasn’t set in any leftist “model” city, but was about a bunch of rednecks in Lousiana?
      How a lot of the more successful dramas lately(Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, etc) have nothing to do with white collar, urban liberals?
      Also notice how that despite that proven formula for success they don’t seem interested in adopting it?

      1. I’ve actually watched Breaking Bad on Netflix, riveting, commercial free, highly “not-anti-male” and with writing I hadn’t thought I’d see again on the screen. The others I’ve honestly had no interest in queuing up.

        1. Game of Thrones…not my genre, but I hear it’s good in that regard.
          SoA isn’t as bad as most. The guys are pussies compared to actual bikers, but much more masculine than the rest of TV and definitely not betas. Every woman in the show is treacherous,competitive and manipulative….and even the most sympathetic one is shown early on to have her own agenda.
          I actually like the character of Gemma Teller…..she’s a spot on depiction of what your nasty, manipulative, sociopathic post-menopausal woman is like.

        2. Breaking Bad shows a surprisingly accurate portrayal of women – Walt’s wife Skylar was the most reviled character of that show. And Jesse’s girlfriend Jane (season 2 or 3?) was in love with him but suddenly saw dollar signs and exhibited an instant control-freak makeover when she learned Jesse was owed $500,000.

        3. Wait, do actual bikers commit MORE murders than they do on SoA?
          I know what you’re saying though.

      2. You need to take a step back and reevaluate your definition of successful. Because only Duck Dynasty came close to HIMYM in terms of eyeballs.

      3. It’s called the “CNN syndrome.” Double down on the unpopular ideological bullshit at the expense of ratings and earnings. Somehow, despite all laws of economics, they’re still in business.

      4. If it walks like a duck…
        if it quacks like a duck…
        if it shoots ducks for the sport of it….
        then it’s a male dominated dynasty!
        Long live Duck Dynasty!

  4. Most TV and commercials are directed at female audiences. Crap, now you can’t even watch a documentary about Nazi super-weapons or fossil-hunting without female “hystorians” showing up to narrate it as if women created civilization. Saw a Civil War documentary recently that would make you believe women did all the fighting.
    My wife wanted cable because it helps her English skills. But I have taken steps to cut the connection and bought a Roku, as well as a $10 antenna for free local broadcasting. Should have done it years ago. TWC resisted my attempts to reduce service to internet only and finally offered 20 free channels of crap for the same price as internet only.
    ROK should feature an essay on how to cut cable. Program or be programmed. Though most of us would simply be better off without media intrusion in our lives. If you have a wife you may need to compromise, but damn it offends me to see the relentless sex and diversity propaganda spewing from commercial TV.

    1. It doesn’t really need an essay. Cut cable, use Netflix if you want to watch a series, find something more productive to do in life. Books, I hear, are amazing to sit down and read, and nothing beats going outside and doing something in the real world.

      1. Plus you’ll save some good cash. I’m going to be cancelling my television service in the next month or two as well….mainly due to the fact that the informative and foreign shows I used to like have dried up.

        1. There is a astonishing amount of free HD content on youtube. My wife recently took up crochet, and there are endless high-quality instructional vids available. The Roku provides a good remote and interface for only $90, but you can use a laptop to do the same thing. I had done this but having a remote was a problem, though you can use your “smartphone” as a youtube remote. As I won’t use a smartphone the Roku was a better alternative.

        2. No need. I’ve got an old PS3 lying around that I will use as a set-top box. Now that the newer model has come out, they’re not a bad buy for entertainment. For just over $100 used you get a good blu-ray player(and support for almost every storage format out there), the ability to stream from a PC media server, and functionality for every major online media service(including youtube).

      2. Here’s what needs an essay; women finding the Red Pill then refusing to swallow it. A female (feminist) entrepreneur found the Red Pill then her hamster went into overdrive. Hilarious, must read:
        “I don’t want to hire any more women.
        I have become profoundly tired of being a therapist and a babysitter, of being drawn into passive-aggressive mental games and into constantly questioning my own worth as a manager… I have had women cry in team meetings, come to my office to ask me if I still like them and create melodrama over the side of the office their desk was being placed… I have developed a different approach for offering constructive criticism to male and female employees. When I have something to say to one of the men, I just say it! I don’t think it through – I simply spit it out, we have a brief discussion and we move on. They even frequently thank me for the feedback! Not so fast with my female staff. I plan, I prepare, I think, I run it through my business partner and then I think again. I start with a lot of positive feedback before I feel that I have cushioned my one small negative comment sufficiently, yet it is rarely enough. We talk forever, dissect every little piece of it, and then come back to the topic time and time again in the future. And I also have to confirm that I still like them – again and again, and again.
        I am also yet to have a single male employee come to my office to give me dirt on a co-worker or share an awkward gossip-like story. My female employees though? Every. single. one.”
        The post ends with a message from the Hamster di tutti Hamsters: “WARNING: People in the past 2 hours I have had to Spam 63 comments from losers who tried to inform me that “men and women are psychologically / emotionally, etc. different.” Once again, anybody who embarrasses him or herself by chirping idiotically “yes, men and women are different” will be banned outright. This will be my small investment into sparing these losers further public embarrassment. Stop wasting your time, such comments are not going through on my blog.”

        1. Doesn´t want to hire these capricious women? The governement disagrees…

      3. No kidding; why is this an issue? I can’t imagine having wasted a second of my life watching most any sitcom, let alone this one. It seems axiomatic to me, that modern television has no place in a man’s life, let alone his family’s.
        The occasional movie on Netflix or, better yet, a dvd (because even Netflix holds out a stream of always-available crap). The rest of the time, there are prayers to pray, books to read, trails to hike, beer to brew, music to play, kids to wrestle with, a wife to bed, weights to lift.

        1. I agree. Honestly I tried to give this show a chance but dropped it like a burrito turd as soon as I saw Barney chumping up. I do watch the occasional series on netflix, Breaking Bad, House, and the occasional horror movie (dl’d cause hollywood makes SHIT horrors – I’m looking at you Paranormal Activity series).
          I dropped cable and videogaming a long time ago and I’ve been trying to limit computer use. Just built a garden in the backyard using as little money and as much improvisation as possible (walls made out of free pallets to keep those damn deer out, and doubles as upright pallet planters). Blood sweat and tears > 99.9% of television. 🙂

    2. I think the takeaway from ROK is that TV is bad all around. Even the good series are at best a waste of time.

    3. I will not pay for cable TV, because why should I pay to watch commercials… and trash? I do however pay for TWC internet and discovered that they also pipe local “air” HD channels through your internet connection. So, just install a splitter, run one line to your computer for internet and another to your TV, and poof, you’ll have the standard local channels in HD (Fox, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc.).

    4. Just like other time consuming non productive activities harmful to self improvement, watching TV is at the top of the list. TV has become mentally poisonous to men, the only real way to stop being brainwashed by that shit is to stop watching it. About a year ago I stopped paying for cable and bought that 10$ antenna you were talking about. Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made. the only thing you have to watch out for is the severe liberal public television shows that spews the propaganda you mentioned. If you can watch those while viewing them from the red- pill perspective you’ll be okay..

      1. wait, there are channels other than discovery, Park City Television, and the Food network?

    5. “Saw a Civil War documentary recently that would make you believe women did all the fighting.”

    6. I only have internet, no cable and no TV. If I want to watch something, I just download it using utorrent. Was at a friends house the other day, there was a decent movie on, tons of commercials, never realized how many there are now since I never see one at home. They turned a 2 hour movie into a 3 hour show.

      1. I don’t know how people deal with commercials. As you said there is 1 HOUR of crap and manipulation you willingly consume when watching TV channels.

    7. It’s literally “sex AND diversity” propaganda. The amount of blatant promotion of race mixing – with black male/white female pairings as the rule of course – is jaw-dropping. You can hardly make it through a single commercial or program of any sort, without this revolting portrayal of race traitors laughing it up having a great time like it’s the most normal thing in the world. All brought to you by YKW, with a very specific purpose behind it.

  5. Never did really like, nor watch that show. Now I understand why. Even the few snippets of the few shows I saw I watched for Barney’s antics. Didn’t know he ended up such a pussy-whipped beta male. Ewww. The Barney Stinson (B.S.) character, is just that, B.S.!
    I guess the PC producers of the show thought they’d stick it to dominant red pill alphas by creating a caricature of an alpha and have him played by a flaming homo. Nice.
    Oh well, another turd of a show gets flushed down the toilet to the cesspool of the culture. Sayonara to HIMYM!

    1. I don’t think they think about sticking it to us, they probably just want to assuage the egos of beta wimps. No better way to do that then reinforce every lame bullshit theme of blue pillness, and take down the red pill and show how awful he turned out.

    2. Watched the early seasons while deployed. It was obvious that the early Barney character was, more or less, a parody of Neil-Strauss style PUA game….and trying to play that kind of game straght made for some good gag humor.
      Trying to move in a more serious direciton with the character just doesn’t work.

    3. He might be gay, but NPH is pretty fucking alpha. Or perhaps Sigma if you allow for the expanded universe.

      1. Well, they say every gay couple has it’s dominate (alpha) and submissive (beta) partner. I could see how NPH would always be on top in that situation.

  6. I’m not a big tv watcher, but I did watch the Californication series. One of the only red pill movies/shows I’ve seen. Most movies and a TV shows, even action movies, are 100% blue pill like How I Met Your Mother. Can anyone name any Alpha characters from recent movies/tv shows? There aren’t many.

    1. Unfortunately you’re correct. The only “alpha” or close to alpha are from the childish rehash of all of our childhood comic book series. Of those I guess Thor (first one, haven’t seen the second one) was pretty damned close, though of course they had to have a female warrior (of course, oh yes, of course) and naturally the gatekeeper for the bridge to earth is black, as you’d expect from a Scandinavian based pantheon of gods. Not that I have any real problem with blacks in general, it just smacked of utter PC nonsense to put him there from a casting perspective.
      Most of the other superhero crap seems intent on injecting loads of Grrrrl Pwrrrrr.
      I hear the first season of Vikings was incredibly red pill, but it’s not on Netflix yet (that I’m aware of) so take that with a grain of salt.

      1. You should see how Mad Men is finishing up the Don Draper Character. They are making him super blue pill for the end for the end of the series.
        Even in fantasy, feminists and their cohorts want to emasculate men. They simply will not allow for anything traditionally masculine. It’s gross.

    2. Just grab every Arnold Schwarzenegger film you can and continuously watch them on repeat, especially Commando. Honestly if I wasn’t raised on that who knows how things would have turned out with all the shitty fem powered TV. Californication he was nothing close to an Alpha, he fucked a lot of women sure, but he was the biggest white knight pussy worshipper imaginable.

      1. I think for me… in movies… the trope of the noble underdog man saving the damsel in distress has been replaced by the noble underdog man saving the innocent young person.
        Like I just don’t sympathize that much with women anymore… I feel bad for them but I personally think it more noble to save a young person who still has the potential to lead a good life.
        For example.. District 9. I was rooting for the alien and his son the whole time… get off this shitty planet and GTFO!!!

    3. Californication was *barely* red-pill for about the first season. At this point it is entirely blue-pill. Hank does get laid, and he does behaviorally emulate lots of game aspects, but he’s infected with oneitis for this mother-of-his-child, a child which can now take care of herself and does not need a parental structure. Almost all of the power in that series is displayed by the women, with a few exceptions. Runkle is a disaster of a male, a supplicant to shame most supplicants. Hank is completely incapable of telling his woman off that her hangups over his behavior are childish and entirely hypocritical considering her own behavior.
      I like David Duchovney, but Californication is entirely blue-pill oriented.

      1. A straight-redpill series plot curve does not lend itself to drama, or even much of a compelling plot, though. You are right about Runkle, the power-hungry bitch characters…and yes come to think of it Hank fails to put women in their place most of the time when they behave horribly (aka the ‘Carrie’ character).
        However, when he is ‘rejected’, he blows it off in about 2 seconds and finds some other woman to sleep with ASAP. And yes, these woman all serve as his ‘temporary muse’, but he’s a writer, and that’s where the drama happens. Because he’s whipsmart and ballsy though, he *does* put women in their place via snarky witticisms which often serves as ‘pure panty peeler’. It’s only when they blow a gasket that he more or less surrenders. But at every turn he *does* understand their nature and adapts to it.
        Also, the fact that he naturally sees something beautiful in every woman – I actually think that’s a good thing and leads to more lays. It’s certainly better toward that end than is feeling hostile and bitter towards them.
        He does supplicate to Karen, his one-itis. But think of how many women he beds that he lets walk away without giving 2 shits (or in many cases, he sees that they’re psycho and *wants* them to walk away and he schemes to that end). Do the math.
        So that’s my case for why Californication is still mostly redpill.

        1. I don’t see it as red pill. It has good examples of game, youll get no disagreement over Hanks behavioral examples of game. I just see the feminine imperative ruling that fictional world.

  7. There are a number of sitcoms that have made men into the sensitive types, Friends, Rosanne, Who’s the Boss, etc… Gone are the days of the Archie Bunkers that said his mind and kept a household in order

    1. Not entirely gone. Both Breaking Bad and SoA(the first 2 seasons) portray male lead charcters who don’t take shit and aren’t cowed by other’s judgements.

      1. Hmm. Regarding SoA, I wrote it off without giving it a chance. I did this after watching grown men become obsequious fan-boys of the show. Starting to wear more black and then more leather and shit, replete with the SAMCRO long sleeve T’s. Thought it was fucking pathetic how so many grown white men aspired to live vicariously through the show. Perhaps I should give it a shot in spite of that.

        1. That reaction actually isn’t a bad one. Men seem to really be craving masculine role models these days, even if they’re from entertainment. It gives me a bit of hope really, if men had shrugged and went off to tend to their gardens with their boss…er…girlfriends/wives and the show disappeared, well, that would have been more along the lines of what I’d been expecting. So, well, there is that.

        2. Not to mention stupid. Wear a bottom rocker in an area where the REAL MC’s don’t approve of that and it could result in your vest getting “pulled”.
          Just understand that it’s not a real life. While the show does try harder than most TV shows to get the technical details right(ie, you’ll see them take their cuts off before they get in a car), it’s not what most bikers are really like.

        3. Yeah, the Outlaws took some issue with other MC’s Florida rockers and “solved” that problem rather quickly as I recall hearing.

      2. I have only seen the first 2 seasons Breaking Bad so far, but near as I can tell it is about a beta who has to alpha up in order to meet his beta provider objectives.

        1. Keep watching, it evolves. That’s what’s so fucking cool about it, it doesn’t keep to one expected storyline and the characters actually do change and evolve in personalities.

    2. All in the family was the biggest liberal show to date. You all hate Jews and Archie basically had an adopted Jewish daughter. Archie was the biggest joke on the show because he was a bigot. Archie wasn’t respected because of his views. People enjoyed him because he was a loveable idiot.

    3. I think Friends was the beginning, with Ross being the ultimate in blue-pill, supplicating beta-assery. Even in my blue pill days I hated the cunt.

      1. “Friends” destroyed an entire generation of men. Even red-pill Seinfeld couldn’t save the 90’s from being overrun by PC feminism.

  8. I grew up watching Three’s Company which has to be ultimate blue pill indoctrination when one is just starting to hit puberty. That show seriously fucked up my views on proper masculine behaviors and attitudes.
    But bottom line is that all American TV is shit for boys to be viewing. Yes, lose the fucking cable.

    1. I don’t even watch cable. It seems to be more of a Boomer thang nowadays.

    2. The only thing I learned from watching Three’s Company was that I really, really wanted to get between Suzanne Sommer’s thighs and master them.
      I can’t even remember 90% of the shows from my yoot now that I think about it. Happy Days was…meh…at least after the first few seasons, Hee Haw provided me with ample appreciation of busty women and Dukes Of Hazard introduced me to the then godess Katherine Bach (may peace be upon her). The only ones I really liked were Green Acres which was in re-runs by the time I was old enough to enjoy it, Gilligan’s Island (no shame, plus MaryAnn), Star Trek because cowboys in space with hot chicks was cool and I think…well, I really can’t remember the rest.

      1. I used to like Monty Python. Their constant ribbing of the ridiculousness that permeates ango society planted the seeds of my awakening.

        1. It’s too bad not all of the Monty Python group is still alive.
          They ought to do a movie strictly about American society. It would be so hilarious no one else would top it.

      2. The Prisoner. Time Tunnel. Lost in Space. Deam Martin and the Goldiggers.
        And the chick from Buck Rogers in the spandex.

        1. Oh yes and I too remember Buck Rogers and all the skanks in that show wearing spandex.

      3. Yup – Daisy Duke was a nice streamlined piece of ass back in her day. I recall a made for TV Dukes Of Hazard reunion show that aired I think in the 1990’s. Bach played Daisy but she was much older and was sporting a huge crapper. No longer young and hot they got some other young trollop to play an object of desire.

        1. Speak for yourself and your own limited expectations. I have treated my health as the precious life resource that it is and at age 51, am now regularly mistaken by appearance for being 12 – 15 years younger. Some of this is basic MGTOW.
          Take care — good care — of your self first. Find a sport you like and make time for it, no matter what. If participation opportunities are limited, then find exercise substitutes and practice forms or move to a better neighborhood. Sound body and a sound mind.

        2. Every guy thinks they look 10-15 years younger…. None of you ever look as young as you think you do….

      4. Warning: don’t type her name into google images without also specifying “Three’s Company”. Her more recent photos are a red pill all by themselves.

    3. I never even watched HIMYM but even from the title and premise alone it was obvious that this was going to be another “Here’s a bunch of betas chasing after women” show. But after reading this article, I think I need to vomit. People watched this stuff for 9 years? Fuck. No wonder when it comes to dating everyone is retarded.

  9. Barney Stinson’s evolution was actually accurate… but backwards.
    There is no way in h*ll that one can go from “Every day new 22-year olds go into bars…” and “Oh…you’re thirty? Bye.” to blue-pill AFC. (both those quotes rock)

    1. Barney was a blue pill guy that got his girl stolen by an alpha and then went on to emulate being an alpha.

      1. Heh, that just makes the scenario even more unlikely. A Natural might end up as a beta pansy due to his lack of perspective, but I don’t see how a recovering AFC would.

    2. “Ted, the only reason you wait a month for sex is if the girl is 17 years 11 months old.”

  10. Never watched one single show. I didn’t know who this Barney Stinson guy is. Never watched “lost”, “prison break” or even this super famous “breaking bad breath”… The last TV show I watched was “McGyver” and “Knight Rider”.

  11. Biggest plot hole with Marshall and Lilly:
    He left a corporate job to be an environmental volunteer, and she was an art major and was a primary school teacher.
    How the fuck did they afford to even SHARE a mid-level apartment in NYC? From what I saw of the show, it cannot be done. At all.
    Realistically – as there was no indication of their parents supplementing their cost of living – they should have been out in the boroughs clipping coupons to get a decent meal.

    1. That is the problem with all of the sitcoms set in Manhattan. At least with Friends they said it was an illegal rent control situation, but that didn’t explain the other characters apartments.

    2. Speaking of Lilly, funny how noone mentioned how she left her loving Beta boyfriend and ran off to San Francisco to “discover herself”

    3. And while we are at it, how the hell did Seinfeld’s Kramer afford an apartment in Manhattan without a job? These sitcoms are as real as WWE Royal Rumble.

  12. So many American television shows are ultimate propaganda. I hate every minute of it. One must be a total idiot, borderlining retardness, to enjoy shows like that.
    Only shows I enjoyed last 10 years was Dexter, Breaking Bad Prison Break, Two and a half men and Frasier.

    1. That America is long, long gone. You live in Feminazi America now, where every aspect of your life is controlled by them.

    2. Even Van Damme flirted a bit with the queer side but at least he was cool to watch.

  13. A visual illustration of how hard Robin hit the wall. From the first episode of how I met your mother (age 22) to a recent appearance at Comic Con, now 31.

    1. She’s rather plain looking even when young, not awful and her elbows aren’t that pointy, but still, kinda plain Jane donchathink? This is what passes as a hot chick on sitcoms these days?

      1. C’mon man. You’re telling me you’ve been with better? Even on the other side of 30, this chick is WAY hotter than any guy on this forum can attract. Don’t deny that.

        1. Nobody on this forum is crushing pussy like that, no matter what they say. Lots of keyboard “alphas” with made up sexual conquests here.

        2. Yes, I have. Anyone who reads the forum knows I dated a girl who appeared in a Playboy “Girls of the Ivy League” issue. Beyond that, right off the bat I can tell you one of Roosh’s exes I’m friends with is hotter than her — then and now. She is Hollywood’s version of an attractive women, not men’s.

        3. Seriously? She’s average or just barely above average. Based on the comments I have to wonder about the level of talent most guys are exposed to.

        4. There are 50 girls in my small town that are as good looking as she is or better. So yes there are dudes doing better.

        5. You cannot possibly ever do anything other than play on the computer if you think this girl is anomalously attractive.

      2. I think she was quite cute at 22, although she does have the hollywood man-jaw.

      3. Q: Hello children, you wanna hear stories about the woman I humped before I met your mother?
        S1: Oh yes, daddy!
        S2: What position did you use, daddy?
        D1: Did she like it rough?
        S3: Do you have more paper pictures? Last ones where very nice!

    2. This chick used to be very attractive. She still looks ok, good actually, but her encounter with the wall is undeniable. She’s still thin though, and that’s important. Nobody can fight the effects of aging forever, but it’s refreshing when chicks stay thin.

    3. Same thing happened with Penny from Big Bang Theory (played by Kaley Cuoco). She was such a hottie in Season 1.

      1. I saw Big Bang Theory for the first time on an airline flight to Hong Kong. That’s another one of those shows that forces the blue pill down their throat. Sad thing is, the show actually seemed like it had some red pill potential. Leonard probably could do all right if he just learned some game, but his one-itis prevents him from doing so. Sheldon, his IQ could push him into alpha in his circle, and if he disguised his social awkwardness as aloofness, he’d probably do well too. Instead, he allows that beak-nosed fugly from Blossom to go push him around. The guy from India, not much you could do with him other than make him blue-pill then progress him throughout the show until he finally goes full red-pill and picks up enough game to finally get laid. Instead, he’s the hapless dork. And the Jewish guy that dresses funny, he channels that into some sort of game strategy similar to that PUA Mystery he’d do well too.

        1. There was an early episode of BBT that explicitly dissed on game. Howard talks about peacocking and using negs, which of course doesn’t get him anywhere. Because what girl would ever WANT to be insulted?!

        2. Caught the Big Bang theory for the first time in December when I was holed up in a Cancun hotel. A procession of finely manicured betas if I ever saw one.

    4. Goddamn! talk about aging. She looks closer to 41 than 31. I guess hitting the wall for women is comparible to going broke for men.

      1. or going bald and gaining a gut. don’t buy the lies, mens’ looks DO matter. unless you are a billionaire, your looks matter.

    5. As Sherman McCoy described his wife as she aged (in the book Bonfire of the Vanities):
      “soon enough they’ll be calling her a ‘handsome’ woman.”
      Insert scream of horror here.

    6. she got older, so what? everyone gets older. it’s not a crime. i see plenty of middle aged, boring betas that lose their hair and gain a gut and guess what? i don’t find them less human or less valuable, just because they look like shit and have boring jobs. a good person is a good person, no matter the packaging they come in. grow up.

  14. Regardless of the content what you can take away from the show – is that you can have a laugh about shit. Even if things are fucked up look at them with a grain of salt. Now be careful about falling into denial. That’s a trap. But there’s no need to get so fucking cynical , depressed and screwed up every single day. That is absurd and this website encourages a lot of that.
    Also there are deeper issues in our psychology and sub conscious that DO exist and the writers of the show are pretty good at highlighting it. Robin’s daddy issues, Barney’s parental issues , Marshall’s relationship with his dad etc. These are facts of life.
    Our relationships with spouses/girlfriends don’t exist in isolation. You are a complete person bringing everything you have experienced from the day you were born onto the table.
    You need to start looking at things in perspective and with objective clarity.
    Children sans siblings are messed up and spoiled. Its a universal fact. Similarly there are other issues at hand.
    Its time to stop complaining and start looking at situations objectively. That’s where your intelligence kicks in.
    Anyway my $0.02 on what I have seen on the show – It doesn’t really fuckin matter. Its a TV show just like tele tubbies or whatever the fuck is out there nowdays. If anyone is stupid enough to be influenced by it then good luck. You don’t need to be a returned king to think that through.

    1. You don’t have to be “stupid enough to be influenced by it”, it’s a simple fact that people, even smart ones, respond to propaganda in any form, especially electronic. It communicates and reinforces desired behaviors and attitudes, and it does it to the smart as well as the stupid. To dismiss it off hand is to not recognize its meme transmitting and creating powers.
      Put another way, if it didn’t work on most people then there would be not a single company paying for advertisements via that medium.
      So, there’s an objective view. Counter point?

      1. The manosphere, Christianity, conservativism, cultural Marxism is ALL propaganda, Cochise.

  15. A lot of discussion of this show at the office etc. Never watched an episode and by this pathetic review of what sounds like a bunch of wussy bull shit characters won’t be watching an episode in this lifetime.

  16. I watched every episode of himym until 2011-2012ish I started realizing how TV in general is affecting my life and the way I see the world… it’s amazing how pop culture can be shoved down your throat if you’re not having your guard up to this bullshit

  17. Well, it makes sense. Target audience is the post-wall women who grew up on ‘Sex in the City and “Will and Grace” on, but have learned what a ridiculous joke that was. HIMYM filled that hole.
    Men weren’t watching that BS anyhow. We all had sports, National G and Discovery on, if we watched TV at all.

  18. This show blows, always has. I was told how great it was by, no surprise, a female acquaintance. I watched one show and it was one too many. This is before my exposure to the red pill world but even then I knew that main guy was a supplicating puss. He always has that “please just love me” look on his pathetic face.

  19. Reminds me of a good quote from a movie:
    “Whores don’t get second chances.”

  20. I dont really watch tv but occasionally I’ll hear about a show and download a season or two. One i’d recommend is homeland. Definitly the first 2 seasons. You get to see an alpha male dominate and absolutely ruin a post wall-bipolar-drama queens life…and you see her love him for doing it.

  21. As the legendary director Robert Altman (often accused of misogyny himself) said, TV is an advertising medium. Who watches TV the most and who spends the most money? Answer those questions and you will know who TV is meant for, and who it will be geared towards. Nearly all TV is not for us, it’s for women or losers. And thus why so much of the advertising is aspirational in nature.

  22. This is my least favorite popular tv show EVER. Just listening to Ted say one sentence has me puking in my mouth a little bit. Robin is not much better, with the contrived deep, flat, know-it-all voice and masculine attitude –> gross. Most people who watch the show think it is so funny that a gay guy plays the PUA, but the fact is that the creators wanted to make his character a mindfuck that could not be taken seriously, because they were scared to seriously represent the red pill. They know if a straight actor played Barney, he would win a million converts to our Holy Cause.
    Many shows have been anti-redpill, but this show was on another level: it was like a blue pill instruction book. It flirted at times with the Red Pill Truth ONLY to keep it a little believable. Half lies are the most convincing. The default of the show, which was intentionally portrayed sympathetically, was Ted being a shmuck. And it is excruciating to watch.
    I really don’t see how so many of you guys can watch this shit.

  23. Never watched the show or any sitcoms nowadays, better things to fry your corneas on.

  24. Seriously, what did you expect from modern popular american sitcom? Red pill knowledge? Victory of male dominance? Slut shaming? Girls at fault? Masculinity? Image of mariage as a type of enslavement? Vilifying fat whales?

    1. No, but HIMYM is so bad that it makes me suffer. Unwatchable. I used to at least expect television shows to be watchable.

  25. Propaganda is always most effective when it appears in the form of entertainment, because your psychological defenses are weakened, and your emotions are wide-open, waiting to be pleased-n-teased by tv. Television over the past forty years was the primary vector of feminism and PC — not academia, and not government. First the minds are wiped clean. THEN, and only then, do the “laws” follow, and the institutions become PC and feminist to the core.
    Tell-a-vision excuses, validates, and encourages female selfishness, greed, and evil, normalizing these as “finding herself” and “becoming empowered” etc. Simultaneously, TV conditions men to enable, fund, and permit female malevolence, whether practiced individually, or at collective levels via the west’s gyno-governments, colleges, media etc. Watching television, outside perhaps sports, is paying to be brainwashed. It is called “programming” for a reason. And everybody thinks that they are just too darned smart to get zoomed. The proof of U.S.culture tell a different story.

    1. Television excuses, validates, and encourages male lust, gluttony, and greed, normalizing these actions as “boys will be boys” and “bitch better recognize”.

    2. Although, we may be on the upswing. I saw a show marketed to little girls with my niece and it showed a “careerist” character who sawthat her ambitions did lead her astray and that it was better to be loyal to her friends and family.
      She managed to rectify her mistake before it got too bad and was a little too easily forgiven but overall she was a pretty strong character from what I saw.

  26. I stopped watching at the end of Season 4, looks like I haven’t missed anything good

  27. Hollywood feminism knows no boundaries and nothing is sacred. They will use any vehicle to push their dysfunctional world view: from a chewing gum commercial to a children’s movie.
    You almost have to adopt the view of the Jehovah’s Witness, and just blanket anything they do as the work of Satan. It’s a bit extreme, but you are better off that way.
    All it takes is one show to destroy a woman. Pretty soon she is drinking cosmos and lying on her back with virtual strangers like Carrie Bradshaw. Or, she starts taking karate lessons because she wants to be Xena Warrior Princess.
    Between the constant Hollywood barrage, as the far left feminist education mill, it’s no wonder so many women end up lost and alone, addicted to anti-anxiety pills in their mid forties.

    1. (Laughs) it’s not “Hollywood feminism”, it’s mainstream America. Get with the program!

  28. I could never sit through an episode of this garbage show. Top Gear UK & Always Sunny are the only shows worth watching for me these days. Jezza and Dennis ftw ~

    1. Always Sunny is a good one. No real alpha characters, but it definitely ain’t PC.

  29. Never watched an episode but when I heard Dougie Hauser liked to suck cock and rim guys starfishes I could never look at him in the same light as when I was an impressionable youngster and wished I could write a diary on my computer….

  30. the title of this show told me all i needed to know about it and i’m proud to say i never wasted a single second on it, beyond this posting now…

      1. So feminism has had an effect on the former (among other factors of course, just makes it worse) and diversity on the latter.
        I am willing to bet that those high scoring countries score high due to homogeneity.
        As homogeneity leads to better policies, better investment and as a result a more sophisticated society which nurtures intelligence better.

  31. I watched this show from start to finish. Before taking Red Pill and after, had to finish the series.
    Anyways, remember Robin at the end:
    Short Hair = Crazy
    5 Dogs = Compensation For Lack Of Real Men In Her Life.
    Thanks for sharing. -dcl

    1. NPH’s acting as Barney was too contrived. Like a gay actor who was trying to hard to be over the top.

  32. I can’t stand TV shows today. The women are always bitches and the men are betas. I only watch shows before the 80s. Before feminism totally fucked up our society and family life for personal gain!

  33. What’s up with CBS sitcoms? Shows like 2 Broke Girls and Mom, not merely unfunny but downright vile. A sustained, sociopathic assault on society, reveling in the degradation of those they have power over.
    As far as HIMYM goes, the worst character was Lily. Every time she spit out one of her blackisms (like “bitch”) I just wanted to punch her in the face. The epitome of SWPL hypocrisy – living a segregated, wealthy life while consciously promoting the pathologies of the black underclass as a weapon against the classes below them and against traditional society. As I said, a sustained assault.

    1. I happened to enjoy 2 Broke Girls. I’ve always thought this show was a redemption for the lokh who produced Sex and the City and destroyed western society. Something amusing about these dysfunctional women.

      1. same here, i’ve only watched that show purely for comedy (if any…) and not for real-life advice.

  34. Show is a good reflection of society and current trends but that is how you steer the narrative. Adapt, reflect, inject. Propaganda 101
    It’s hard to find anything worthwhile to watch on TV for the unplugged. I think the key is to laugh at the ignorant, not laugh with them and box all the outrage with current society.

  35. > But, I regress
    no, you “digress”. But good points anyway. TV is 99% blue pill bullshit today fit for the IQ 100 sheeple.

  36. you guys need to stop watching TV plain and simple. it is a big vagina with a HD screen and antenna.
    It drains away your charisma and you life force by numbing you.
    Go do some real shit…like camping….yeah camping…never talked about on here…that shit really makes you a man….especially alone in the woods for a week. Gotta use every once of your discipline to resist hunger….ration food….hunt a wild bore with a tapered knife( cause you ran low on the final days on your camp)…make a fire( you know that shit men actually invented that allowed us to make technology we have in the first place) … with stand the environments…the icy cold dewy nights….the hot nights with mosquitoes stinging you through your sleeping bag.
    Fuck TV, Radio, watching useless youtube clips, video games. Hit that gym and get your dick sucked by sluts in the club

    1. How do you manage to maintain your Disqus account in tandem with this supposed lifestyle. Carrier pigeon?

      1. He maintains Disqus through his own dick, as the TV, in his own words, is a “big vagina with a HD screen and antenna.” xD

  37. When did a television show ever deserve this (or any) level of analysis? I’ve never watched this show, but if it was so awful, why did you spend so much following it?

    1. I was invested it in back when it was good and when I still subscribed to the blue pill. It was one of those things I didn’t quite break away from, I just wanted to know how it all ended.

  38. Q: Hello children, you wanna hear stories about the woman I humped before I met your mother?
    A: Yes, daddy!
    B: What position did you use, daddy?
    C: Did she like it rough?
    D: Do you have more paper pictures? Last ones where very nice!
    What awfull, asining garbage, this must be the kind of thing countless followers of Mohammed had to endure while in Guantanamo Bay Hotel.

  39. The purpose of a US network sitcom isn’t to tell a good story or to teach lessons to young men, its only purpose is to provide an effective marketing vehicle for Chevrolet Silverados and KFC Double-Downs.

  40. Hahaha I think you missed the entire point of interpersonal relationships here. Although the show is incredibly cliche and unoriginal, the point isn’t to ‘blue pill’ promote “going after over the hill sluts”, but that the relationship that ted and robin developed was ultimately meaningful. (to them, not us). You lack some basic observational skills in terms of the modern psychological human condition my friend, and are instead reading into the ending of the show to satisfy your own presumptions of what human relationships are like. Unconvinced by the illogicality and subjective content of this site.

  41. I’m pretty much done with any sitcom, TV melodrama or just about any movie that takes place in NYC. Seriously, what a redundant and trite locale to tell a narrative in, and a good story should manifest anytime, anywhere (think There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men, two of the best movies of the last ten years that took place in Podunkville). And what about the OTHER 275,000,000 Americans that don’t live there, how do we relates to these stories, characters, and scenarios? That’s right, we simply don’t!

  42. Who takes TV shows seriously? it´s all entertaiment even the news are entertaiment.

    1. 60 years back, they took it all VERY seriously. Those were popular shows, huge in fact. You have to remember, there were three networks. Folks hung on All In The Family, a truly trendsetting show like fiends, similar to waiting for the next episode of Madmen today. Saturday night was a big night back in the 60’s, Akmed. They absolutely were trendsetters.

  43. How I Met Your Mother? No, no, let’s go back a bit to the early 60’s. Start with say, Dick Van Dyke, progress to Dennis the Menace. Beta husbands. Father Knows Best. Danny Thomas, uber-beta, actualy father of feminist-puppet head Marlow Thomas. Ward Cleaver was Alpha, but the era was beginning-beta. Move on to All In The Family, Mike Stivik and Gloria, Gloria (Fat Sally Struthers) set the new-age standard for ball-busting feminist and her foil of a “husband” (who she later divorced in the show), a pussy-beta Meathead Mike Stivik, Archie Bunker’s son-in-law. Mike was played by Rob Reiner (Feminist Beta), son of Carl Reiner (Alpha) of Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show fame, Alan Brady.
    How about M.A.S.H. and “sensitive” Alan Alda, and especially that pussy BJ Honeycutt with his guilt over fucking a nurse? The beginnings of men “sharing” their feelings. Remember Brady Bunch? That was so beta/omega, the main star was actually gay, the part played by Mike Brady. He died of AIDS a few years after. Florence Henderson was fucking the actor that played the oldest son Greg. I could go on and on, but you whippersnappers think “How I Met Your Mother” was the root of decline? I have news for you.
    The roots to all this feminist horseshit and entitlement rest squarely in the early 60s. That was the end of Alphas like John Wayne, Bogart and Holden and DesiLou and the beginning of feminist, ball busting female entitlement and the beginning of portraying American men as buffoons. How I Met Your Mother might be a lame continuation, but you have to go back 60 years to get a taste of the beginnings and impetus of the war on men. Watch Adam 12 on Netflix sometimes, contrast that to MASH, also on Netflix. Those guys drank beer, said the word “Broads” and treated women of the day in the manner they ought to have, like morons. Pay close attention to the nuance and display of each. One Alpha male, MASH beta male. Things went on from there. And of course, All In The Family to set the guidelines of political correctness as regards race and gender. Those were the roots of true evil and division. It’s a new day.
    Shit. I just wrote another weekly article. ROOOOOSH!

  44. i have many guilty pleasure sitcoms in this category….but the one that you would probably be most familar with that ill mention is married with children. Yes Al Bundy is red pill, and boy does he try to be red pill, but he fails miserably constantly.
    well one other guilty pleasure show that many will know is Seinfield….many hilarious moments, but every last one of those fuckers is blue pill as hell, its nearly ruined my watching it.

  45. I don’t understand why the author of this article has to be so blatantly rude. It’s okay, good even, to criticize things (shows, movies, plays etc), but when you go out there and write a full article in such a whiny and offensive way, it really takes away from your good points, You spend a majority of the article personally attacking the way that the actors look, specifically Cobie Smulders (Robin). You call her a washed-up slut numerous times, and though I personally did not like the Robin character, I would never call her a slut because it’s not a word that should be used to describe anyone. Though I don’t believe that everyone is beautiful (that’s just evolution at work), Cobie is a very attractive woman and does not deserve the bullshit you’re stuffing down her throat. I don’t understand the author’s obsession with the “Blue pill” and the “red pill” and frankly, the last few lines of your introduction seemed a tad batshit crazy. You need to become a less hateful person and give your opinion in a way that wouldn’t make someone break down and cry. work on being a better person before you write more articles; I suggest therapy.

    1. Fuck off back to Thought Catalog, mate, they have better filters to stop the Nasty Words there.

  46. When I watch this show back in my high school and college years, I used to be Ted and seemed as a role model. A hopeless romantic constantly chasing after girls and daydreaming about girls who I thought could potentially be “The One”. Having grown in a church and valuing monogamous relationships and marriage, the Pickup Artist lifestyle of Barney perplexed me. After the constant reality of rejections, let just be friends speeches, one sided infatuations, disappointments, and romantic idealism shattered, I eventually discovered the manosphere and took the red pill. Barney’s lifestyle of picking up multiple women became interesting. I developed abundance mentality and started to dislike Ted. Rewatching the show as a Redpill adult, I see Ted’s constant attempts to woo Robin and multiple women with romantic gestures, getting too attached, and desperately wanted the ideal marriage life as pathetic and sad. His relationships failed because he came on too strong and too soon. Robin did not even want kids and housewife life, she wanted to be independent woman with short term flings with guys, television news career, and traveling the world. The show loves to criticize Barney’s player lifestyle but he want to have fun times before settling down. Ted needed to hang out with Barney to learn living an awesome life and stop worrying about marriage. Ted probably became attractive to women because he is focused on improving aspects of life(career, personality, friendships,etc.), as well as letting go of his oneitis with Robin, before He actually met the quality woman in the “Mother”.

  47. Just began to watch the shows about one year ago and from the start it became clear to me that the main characters are just caricatures, not real full-dimensional people neither least of it, role-models for relating to women. Barney Stinson is the womanizer, the guy who has banged 100’s of chicks, but is also childish, inmature with big “absent daddy” and “my mom was a bigger slut in the seventies that many of the ones I’ve banged” issues to overcome. And Ted is for me “the dude who acts like a woman” when it’s come to relationships, taking stances traditionally atributed to women like expecting that every encounter will lead to happily-ever-after marriage.
    I’ve read some complaints about the show being misleading for telling men that just by acting nice and needy they will bang hot women. But there’s more about Ted Mosby than his neediness and one-itis. He’s a renowned architect truly passionate about his work, so passionate as to manipulate one of his hot girlfriends in order to move forward on his career, is financially affluent, has an smart sense of humour, always takes the first step at approaching women and comes up with clever phrases to break the ice, plays the piano, dances pretty well, knows how to cook and keeps himself thin doesn’t letting his belly to grow. Not quite sure if those are alpha or beta features (I’m neophyte to this stuff) but they do certainly attract women. Is after he shows his beta-ness that women get bored and leave him, like the time when he was dumped at the altar ’cause the bride chose to go back with his more masculine ex-husband. If a man with all Ted’s qualities can settle with a nice, decent, not sex obssesed and slightly-over-the-average woman like Tracy (the mother), the world will be certainly fucked up. And if you’re an overweight male who keeps complaining about his shitty job and spends the night faving and commenting on selfies of average woman (something that fictional Ted Mosby never does) who thinks that just by being the nice guy will get him good looking women, you simply didn’t get anything from the show.
    But if you’re an overweight

  48. I truly despised that show even in my biggest blue pill days…dorky, shallow and garnished with artificial laughter from a tape. Crap.

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