Rammstein Is Germany’s First Red Pill Band

If you have grown sick to death of the whiny chick music with femcentric themes that permeate Top 40 radio in America, you may be interested to know there is a an alternative if you like rock music with masculine themes. Rammstein is a popular Neue Deutsche Härte industrial rock band from Germany. Formed in 1994, they have sold 35 million records worldwide. Their award-winning concerts are renowned for their use of live pyrotechnics.


More importantly, they created a spark for red pill knowledge and promoted men’s self-interest before the film The Matrix was even released. These are some of the music videos and lyrics that echo popular sentiments in the manosphere. Their first big hit was Du Hast, released in 1997. The lyrics of the song are clearly about avoiding marriage:

you have
you have me
you have asked me
you have asked me and I have said nothing

Do you want, until death separates you,
to be faithful to her for all days


Do you want, until death, which would separate,
to love her, even in bad days


Watch the video:

The video has a dual meaning. Adding to the song’s theme of avoiding marriage for a life of freedom and dignity, we see a woman in a red dress speeding to a warehouse with her lover in tow. Bear in mind a woman in a red dress is often used in art to symbolize socialism, and feminism/male oppression has been packaged with socialism in the West. Her lover pulls a gun out of her handbag, ready to do her bidding. As her lover prepares to enter the warehouse, we next see men in masks, representing the elite fat cats he would be enslaved to in order to provide for this woman upon marrying her.

Once entering, the man driving the car realizes his friends are wearing the mask as a ruse, perhaps as a warning of the type of life he’ll have upon taking the vows. The men in the warehouse are screaming in the face of an unseen person, who is a symbol the of the state apparatus who subjugates men once they submit to a female and get married. After taking the masks off, the men all have one last hurrah together.

The woman, all the while, is nervous that she will not be able to subjugate him, and paces nervously outside, hoping he doesn’t uncover the ruse. The men then burn the symbolic state apparatus in the warehouse, and decide that freedom and male brotherhood is more important than becoming an indentured servant then exit the warehouse. Upon realizing that the lady in the red dress (symbolizing socialism/feminism and a wife/slaveholder) was only using him to do her bidding, he returns, friends in tow, and the car explodes, taking the woman with it, a powerful expression of a man refusing to submit to either socialism or feminist orthodoxy.

Next song is Sonne.

The theme of this video is based on the German fairy tale Snow White and her seven dwarfs. This is of course symbolic of the typical Western woman and her supplicating beta orbiters. The dwarfs are all slaving away in the diamond mine trying to find a gem that will satisfy her. We see early in the video that she readily accepts one of the dwarf’s offerings to her, but quickly slaps him down, symbolizing how women treat beta providers. All the while, she has a sadistic side, enjoying the mistreatment of her dwarfs/beta orbiters.

In this video, Snow White really takes on the princess role, and we all know most Western women see themselves as just that. Midway through, Snow White snorts some golden powder, retires to a bath, and later dies. Her death can be seen two different ways: either she dies from overindulgence in the “golden powder” made possible by her beta male slaves, or one of the dwarfs gets sick of her bullshit and poisons her. In any case, she is taken to the top of a mountain and laid to rest, only to have an apple fall into her hand at the last minute. This has the effect of giving her a second chance to the delight of her beta dwarfs, and possibly to the chagrin of the dwarf who wanted to get rid of her. Back to the diamond mine, boys.

Another video that shows how manipulative females can be is Rosenrot.

These selected lyrics tell the story:

A girl saw a little rose
It bloomed there in bright heights
She asked her sweetheart
if he could fetch it for her

She wants it and that’s fine
So it was and so it will always be
She wants it and that’s the custom
Whatever she wants she gets

At his boots, a stone breaks
He doesn’t want to be on the cliff anymore
And a scream lets everyone know
Both are falling to the ground

It’s really easy to see the theme of this video just by watching it. A girl manipulates a priest into killing for her, then she’s first in line to burn him at the stake. The lyrics to the song serve as a dire warning to men who supplicate to female desire.

Another song and video that has manosphere themes is Amerika. It’s about America pushing its empty, materialistic culture through mass media, brainwashing other cultures of the world, and turning them into mindless consumers. As the lyrics tell, “freedom” is the product that’s being marketed, but what’s really being sold to people is chains.

This is the video with English subtitles:

I hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to Rammstein. Their music is a great way to practice German, one of the major languages in the world. While Rammstein illustrates one aspect of the German language (the harsh-sounding, rough side), if you delve deeper into the language and music it can also be one of the most tender, emotive languages you’ve ever heard. It’s also enjoyable to realize that men actually have an ally amongst the world’s popular musicians.

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186 thoughts on “Rammstein Is Germany’s First Red Pill Band”

  1. I like Rammstein very much and I also agree with your analysis of these songs…
    It is also true that in their videos they mostly emphasise their masculinity (OK, let’s not talk about Mann Gegen Mann for the moment), which can be seen in Ohne Dich, Benzin, Seemann…
    but don’t forget that Rammstein – although they remain mostly politically neutral in their songs – have positioned themselves on the left in their song Links 2, 3, 4 (which was their answer to the media in regards to allegations that they are a neo-nazi band)
    Nevertheless, their songs span a wide variety of other topics that I can not directly place in a red pill context (like cannibalism, incest etc…)

    1. They should also add the lyrics
      America still occupies Germany as well as the rest of Europe.
      Amerika has military bases circling the globe
      Amerika has the NSA NSA etc

      1. From what I understand the american agency that monitors all cell phone conversations throughout the world has the facility in Germany.

      2. I think the first 2 (about Americanisation and military) are implied in the videoclip…
        They should also make a song about feminists. Can you imagine them burning feminist literature during their live shows then? It will not only attract more people, it is also a good deed that saves the world from more garbage…

  2. Cool article. I speak german and have heard these songs over the years but never stopped to really think about them or watch their videos. Thats some powerful messaging, thanks for enlightening me.

  3. You forgot their best video “Pussy” where they fuck on camera:
    “You’ve got a pussy!
    I’ve got a dick!
    So what’s the problem?
    Let’s do it quick!”
    Watch the video:

      1. Not a single scene that shows their faces and junk while visibly fucking one of the actresses, that is not interrupted by a video cut.
        Except for one band member. Guys, do you know how porn movies work?

    1. Since they did a Hardcore version as well fucking porn stars in the video the lead singer was asked in an interview what their wives and girlfriends thought about the video. I think the response was a mere smile and shrug.
      It was clear that their women knew fully well that music stars are unlikely to remain monogamous. The Red Pill reality of HIgh Level Men sometimes getting some honey on the side was taken.
      Cool and smart guys – real Alphas as well – not just some pussy celebrities.
      My favorite song and their gracious contribution to fat-shaming:

        1. Does not matter. Likelihood is 98% that they fucked them anyway.
          “Honey. I am going on that video shoot for the next week – you know the one with all those porn stars.”
          Most women prefer to be the main wife and baby mama to a HIgh Value Alpha, who pets a few kittens on the side, than to be married to a monogamous Beta. That reality is even valid in our feminist times.

        1. Agreed. Unless they’re taking fashion advice from Alex’s Droogs in “A Clockwork Orange”, the eyeliner does nothing to enhance their “masculinity” (quite the opposite in fact).

  4. I’ve been told by many Germans that no one in Germany actually likes Rammstein.

    1. Same. Every German I’ve met hates Rammstein for being THE German band the world over.
      I think they’re fucking awesome.

    2. Yeah I’ve heard that too but it’s bullshit. Rammstein have been very popular in Germany since their inception.
      Their last album in 2009 sold over 400,000 over there, which was easily the most they sold in any given country.
      The period of them being more popular in the U.S was short lived, it was basically in the late 90’s.
      Many Germans disown them because of their unsavoury qualities and the fact that they appeal to ‘plebs’, but it’s just snobbery.

  5. These guys were not Western-raised, and you can see it in their art.
    This is why when you see western artists create stuff that’s little more than the usual beta crap (and coming soon, PC crap), and they act like they are all original and different, they come off as fools. They are in fact conditioned, weaponized. Compare Rammstein to anything out of the West and you can see this difference.

    1. You’ve touched on one of the top reasons I love to travel. The U.S. is only 5% of the world’s population, yet some of the people in it imagine they are lords and masters of the universe, even though the nation as a whole is declining morally, spiritually, financially, and for Caucasians, demographically.
      “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

      1. It’s because during the 50’s and 60’s, a bunch of circumstances (WWII, cheap foreign oil) conspired to make America briefly enjoy the status of containing literally half the world’s wealth and even more of its production capacity. Of course, by the time the 80’s and 90’s came around, that temporary high was fully over, but Americans are mostly still stuck in that period culturally – especially the right wing. And they mostly delude themselves into thinking that the reason the 50’s were so great was because they were God’s Chosen People, and the reason things aren’t so great anymore is because of all the gosh darn blacks and immigrants.

        1. Yes if only America had not brought black people from Africa or allowed any immigration at all. Then you would just have Native Americans and vast rolling meadows. Not a single sky-scraper.

        2. Right. Because the only options are “celebrate diversity in your back yard now, or else,” and “kill everyone who is different from ourselves.” There is no middle ground. To refuse to participate in the degradation of your cultural identity, is necessarily to advocate genocide. May I ask why you are even here? What are you contributing, besides these childish ejaculations of left-wing thoughtlessness?

        3. You don’t know what “left-wing” means do you?
          In the context of human evolution yours concerns about “cultural identity” are quite laughable. You fret over trifles like an old woman.

        4. You dumb imbecile, of course immigrants harm the country economically. Cheap labor makes it hard to make a living for the workers.

        5. “In the context of evolution?” Everything is a trifle, if you want to view it in the “context” of a mythical process spanning alleged eons of time. Your posting on this site could also qualify as a trifle, and as “fretting like an old woman,” in that context. I’m talking about the context of the lived eudaimoneia of our experience in the present, in which case, the degradation of one’s cultural identity is obviously not a trifle.

        6. Human evolution is about two million years old. Mythical? You might want to check the facts. Point is only one species of human survived. Us. In that context, the cultural difference between you and a West African is trivial believe it or not. As for cultural degradation of the European I assume you mean? The European is doing this himself without the help from immigrants.

        7. Many in the right are trying to make out with the darkies in the hope of converting them to libertarianism, it doesn´t work so well so far.

        8. This is like saying, “in the context of interstellar travel, Madgascar is actually really close to Santa Fe.” Or, “in the context of all the catastrophes that have happened across the cosmos, your family being systematically murdered by Jihadists isn’t really a big deal.” Those contexts are irrelevant. In the actual context of current, lived, human experience, the cultural gap between me and the average West African is quite large, and I would not be content to endure his culture. That’s the only context that is relevant. Unchecked immigration is not a separate thing from European cultural degradation; it is part and parcel of it. Obviously Europeans are degrading themselves; they had to degrade themselves to the point where they could invite hordes of immigrants in to accelerate the process.

        9. Or you could say in the context of modern travel options Madgascar is very close to Santa Fe. You could be there in a day. Not so 100 years ago. My point is that so-called “race” does not exist. There is only one species of human. I am not saying you are a racist but some commentators on immigration here do seem to be driven by racism.
          Superficially the cultural differences between you and a West African may seem large but I think you will find more similarities than differences. Not only that, I know plenty who have completely assimilated Western values. The only difference between you and them is appearance.
          I don’t think immigration is the biggest threat to Europe or America. I think it is the political class. They use immigration as a scapegoat. Lets not forget the political class and their intelligentsia are the ones who brought us socialism, which is the main reason why our societies are crumbling.

        10. We weren’ talking about race, primarily; we were talking about culture, which often does coincide with racial divisions, but not necessarily so. I agree that there is one human species, but the reason why DNA tests can determine whence you’ve originated, is because there are identifiable genetic differentiations between sub-groups of people, which you may as well call “race.”

        11. Forgot to mention: I agree with you that the political class is the greatest threat; massive, unchecked immigration is just one of the arrows in their quiver.
          I am not anti-immigration. Intelligent, moral, capable foreigners who want to come and be productive people, would be welcome guests in my society. I think it is dangerous to encourage the incubation of guest “societies within a society” – i.e., even if all the West Africans that come are nice people, you will probably begin to have problems if they all live together and have an exclusive network of shops, schools, hang-outs, etc., forming a group that perceives its interests as being distinct from their neighbours’ – but otherwise, I’m not opposed to immigration on a limited and sensible basis. I’m not a racist in the least, in terms of thinking that one race has more intrinsic, human value than another, though I do think different races and cultures may have different strengths and weaknesses.

        12. Are half the men on this site white supremacists? You know its been scientifically proven that angry white men who detest other racial groups are just losers who couldn’t keep up with the competition.

        13. Since when was America not being “destroyed” by the unwashed masses of immigrants? This is our story. A combination of puritanical fanatics, elitist free thinkers and hordes of convicts. That’s us. Nothing has changed. Embrace it motherfuckers.

        14. Not wanting diversity in white countries =/= white supremacy. The fact is that none of these immigrants are alpha and interrmarriage rates between them and white females is low. White women are the least likely to marry outside their race.
          These immigrants are criminal omegas who commit massive levels of crime and have tons of kids.

        15. Yea, apparently Sweden’s education and social services are also just crumbling, but good sources are hard to find. If you can help me out with Why Sweden Sucks Now it would be great since I have a friend who is somewhat aware of the issue but isn’t red pill. I want to use the opportunity to plant the seeds.

        16. It’s a mixture of their weird social policies, gender nonsense, there’s an excellent blog by a swedish mathematics phd, she’s against the whole gendermadness as she calls it and is on Russia Today. They have a bizarre feminist film rating system, and also have shed-loads of muslims raping people.

        17. It’s full on propagandist madness, much like Al Jazeera, but it’s actually good in the critique of the west stuff.
          Keep an open mind and fact check everything like any news source.

        18. No worries. Take all new with a pinch of salt and fact check it to death, well like anything really.

        19. Amazing how physical anthropologists can identify a “social construct” from a skeleton, isn’t it?

      2. it is declining demographically for everyone. Yea, blacks and mestizos gain more but ultimately that will be a minor reward.
        This has been happening ever since the WASPS abdicated their position as the nation’s leaders

    2. All of the top 40 feminized beta crap is what sells albums, sell-out concerts, and makes money. The music industry is all about the mighty dollar.

      1. You know what’s super beta? The lyrics to dance music, particularly house music whenever there are lyrics. Try paying attention to them and you’ll get it. It’s so freaking beta

        1. Really how beta? Gee whiz I have to laugh at how everything you hate is Beta are all the girl singers beta males too? cause that seems to be what your insinuating but then again your not truly alpha are you sir?

        1. I realize that the Soviet Union administered a portion of Germany for 40 years, ending 25 years ago. However, I would hesitate to call that area “The East”. Its not the same as Ukraine or even Poland. A very different culture.
          I have been to Leipzig btw (where some of those guys are from). Its the West.
          Also, consider Western groups of similar age (NWA, Ice T, Public Enemy). They have a similar style of anti-establishment and un-PC views. I would say its their age and historical background that has a bigger impact on their music, rather than growing up in East Germany.

        2. No one listens to Rammstein in Germany anymore. That to me was the most amusing part of this article.

    3. saw these guys live a few years ago. It was flat out the best act i have ever seen! unreal!

  6. The criticisms of America are spot on. Reminds me of a documentary, The Century of the Self, which was created for the BBC. It’s certainly the most “red pill” documentary I’ve ever seen produced by the mainstream. It’s basically about how corporations and governments used the developing fields of psychology to manipulate the irrational masses. There are four parts. This is the first one, and IMO the best one.

    1. Great film, and highly recommended for Red Pill men. I’d also recommend The Power of Nightmares.
      Both films show you how far that Red, White, and Blue cock has been shoved up our collective asses.

    2. What we call the “matrix” was originally called “propaganda”. It was developed by Bernays, a student of Freud, who recognized that techniques of psychology could be applied to a mass audience rather than just individuals.
      It was refined as a political tool by the Nazi party.
      From Berney’s manifesto, published in 1928:
      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.”

    1. yep Bohse Onkelz did a pretty good job indeed
      but I wouldn’t say they are better… I place them on more or less the same level as Rammstein…
      But their song Ohne Mich is just epic

  7. Rammstein rocks pretty hard. I never knew the meaning of Du Hast before-very interesting. I want to party with these guys

  8. I have listened to Rammstein for quite some time, I am pretty sure “Du Hast” is You hate not You have…but I could be wrong

    1. It’s a play on the words “hast” (have) and “hasst” (hate)
      It’s a representation of women’s dual attitude towards the men they marry. Quite genius actually.

      1. Yup, until you reach the line that reads “du hast mich gefragt” (you have asked me) it could literally mean one or the other – phonetically at least, as long as you do not look up the lyrics first where the spelling clearly indicates that you are dealing with the verb “have” in past tense.

        1. Strange that Rammstein translate this music to english, where they say You hate, no You have…

        2. Bad attempt to translate the original ambiguity into a language where it simply does not work. Better to look at their songs that were already composed in English from the start.

    2. Its “you have me”. They are making fun of wedding vows in this song. They repeat multiple lines that are said at traditional german weddings then he replies…”no”. Rammstein writes songs in multiple languages and they like playing games with similar sounding words to leave room for interpretation. In this case he saying “have me” but it kindof sounds like “hate me”.

    3. “Du hasst” (you hate) and “Du hast” (you have) is phonetically identical. As I first heard the song, I also understood it like “you – you hate – you hate me – you asked me…” .oO(wait what!?!)

    1. Exactly. Germans make Drake look masculine. Every black man know how to pull it. To wit Raphael Saadiq:
      This place is crowded, don’t know ’bout you
      I need some sex, some sex with you ’cause you’re on my mind
      I can feel your sweat, your body’s wet
      And I need some help, girl you know what we need to do
      Girl, let’s take a walk outside
      Let’s take a walk outside
      Let’s talk a walk outside

  9. some red pill truths about feminists of a pre-Rammstein era: Rabauken with their song Emanzen:

    This song was released in 1992 or 1994 if I’m not mistaken. Be sure to check out the lyrics as well

    1. No it isn’t, it’s pretty friggin horrible. We live in a social and cultural wasteland in the west and this but another example.

  10. I love the end of the Du Hast video when Christoph Schneider looks down at his watch as if he’s wondering, “Just exactly how much time did I waste on that bitch?” Haha.

    1. Nathan, do not find it hard to believe if German nihilism stemmed from Nietzsche’s reaction towards Victorian England wholesale.

  11. This makes me appreciate German culture more, in addition to Germany’s contributions to the world like the Diesel engine, Ode to Joy, the automobile and now, Rammstein, to name a few.
    As for Nietzsche, I will not find it hard to believe if his nihilism was concurrent to Victorian England’s heyday.
    Victorian England: 1837-1901
    Nietzsche’s life: 1844-1900
    *sarcastically waits for a white knight to dish out the Hitler card, just to derail this topic out of spite and spew British right wing shenanigans along the way*

    1. As a German believe me if I say those times are over. Our men are beta boys like Americans and our women crave the Turkish alpha dick.
      The “Germany is a social graveyard” article here on RoK is pretty accurate.

      1. That got me thinking, “Uncle Sam is a total mama’s boy towards its European mother, England.”

    2. While we all like to bash the Anglosphere here for their many social and cultural failings as these relate to feminism and other current ills, you appear to have quite a fixation on them for some reason. Those people must have done some number on you in one form or another, amiright?
      Then again, Winston Churchill himself was believed to have said “Don’t talk to me about (British) naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash.” So should we really be that surprised?

      1. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the notion “The cover-up is always worse than the crime.” Guess what’s the cover-up for whose crime.

    3. And the first powered flying machine (Gustave Whitehead) and the rocket engine (Werner von Braun).

    1. Bullshit indeed sir. This needs to be circulated. I love the part about “women reach maturity at 32″…what a coincidence, that’s when they hit the wall. Us boys just can’t handle a “mature woman”. If you ever have read rational male, he does a great job splitting out all the phases in a woman’s life. 32 is the start of security anxiety which is exactly why she’s going on about guys 11 years older. If anything, they’re predictable…

  12. Rammstein has been worse for Germany’s reputation than Hitler. AC/DC was every nation’s first red pill band

      1. Actually, much of the band are Scots and Brits by birth, that doesn’t mean people from all nations can’t enjoy their music. Point being, Rammstein is not very listenable for non-adolescents

  13. I fucked a Russian to this song, and if memory serves, she squirted.
    Fuck, after two kids she was loose as fuck and you’d be better off fucking a plastic bag, but she did squirt, God bless her! ha ha!

    1. I banged a chick like that once. Felt like sticking it in a hot bucket of water. No friction at all. Haha.

      1. God bless Filipinas…..their Docs do caesarians automatically and preserve the vaginal tightness.

      1. Exactly, the Jews convinced everyone to lower their ability to please women, probably because they know they cant compete.

  14. I never listened to rock but rap and I lived in Germany for just over 5 years. I remember hearing Rammstein for the first time and I kind liked, didn’t fiend for it but I didn’t mind listening to it. I remember someone telling me ‘du hast’ mean you hate’ but then again that’s why you wrote this article not me.

    1. it depends on how you spell it…. “du hast’ = you have…..
      and “du hasst (haßt) = you hate…
      check out the way they spell it in the lyrics and that should give you the truer meaning….

  15. The problem with analysing Rammstein this way is that it’s often hard to tell whether they are serious or not. The impression i get is that while they emphasise certain aspects of masculinity, it is not necessarily for the purpose of celebrating them.
    Anyway, i loved this band back in the late 90’s/early 00’s, which was undoubtedly both their creative and commercial peak.
    It doesn’t always seem like that long ago, but it was culturally. People actually bought albums in record numbers then and most of the world was still on dial up. There was also some heavy guitar based music in the charts too, unlike today where most ‘rock’ is complete pussy shit.
    The younger generations seem far less interested in rock than what the X’s and Boomers were. They are more into rap, electronica and dance pop.

  16. oddly, femicunts are drawn to supposed mysonigsitic music and musicians in a sorta, “look I be down with thugs”. Hipster women love to display their hood credit by showing off their love for Oakland or other gentrified hoods.

  17. Personally I gravitate toward viking metal but that may be because of my Scandinavian heritage.

  18. A comparably red pill American band might be Tesco Vee and the Meatkrew, also known as the Meatmen. A punk rock band from mid 80’s, the singer was a former sunday school teacher, reminds me of the carreer flip of Sam Kennison.
    Although the Meatmen were also known for having the nastiest lyrics of the time:
    ”cruisin’ down the pike in my Z-28, bambi’s drumsticks lookin’ great . . . slammin’ into overdrive, tapes blastin’ Iron Maiden live, so glad to be alive . . . I caught her in the back with her buns in the air, her big white ass pumpin’ bare . . . black leather seats slidin’ clean, dorkin’ in my mean machine, I live for it – you know it . . . ”
    Other works by them include:
    ‘god’s bullies’
    ‘lesbian death dirge’
    ‘dutch hercules’
    ‘wine, wenches, and wheels’

  19. Yeah its kind of interesting but I think NWA and Ice T provided more useful insights into women in their music during the Eighties.

  20. Although I agree with the general sentiment, Necrophagist was formed in the early 90s and is definitely a red pill band. Unfortunately, their level of talent and musical understanding is not very well-received in the manosphere:

  21. Who in Amerika that was into rock/metal in the 90’s doesn’t know about Rammstein lol?

  22. I can speak German and I loved this article. I have been thinking about the same things about Rosenrot, that it shows how fucked up women are. I love this article mega mega alot!

  23. Great article on a truly unique band whom I have seen twice in concert myself. Rammstein certainly embody admirable traits of masculinity: strength, creativity and burning passion. Their humble roots as members of the bleak Eastern German proletariat fostered within them a gritty determination to excel and to persist. This spirit can be seen in the fact that they still have all original band members, showing loyalty and co-operation and the fact that they work tirelessly to perfect a spectacular live show. Not to mention Till’s masterful handling of verse which attack western taboos and evoke an effluvia of masculine emotion, backed up by the simple, yet expertly composed accompaniment. Its great to see a review of one of the best German bands on one of the best manosphere websites.

  24. Awesome article. I saw Rammstein in 2012. Amazing show. Their hits ‘Links 2-3-4’ and ‘Mein Land’ could be construed at pro-Nationalist songs.

      1. You see now, why most of us Germans try to disassociate us from Rammstein? It attracts naive plebs.

  25. Pretty worthless article, but part on lyrics was mildly interesting.
    Du Hast is in my Top 100 songs all-time though.
    Matrix and Fight Club, really the only movies from my youth that still hold up.

  26. Sodom, Kreator,Destruction,Violent Force etc. German Thrash Metal kicks Rammstein’s faggot ass.

  27. Great to see ROK run an article about Rammstein. They are so good. Now I live in Germany and speak German well enough to understand them? They are a GREAT band….full on.

  28. If you guys want to see one reason I live in Germany? Watch these videos. Notice how there is no “man-hating” in them. This song was HUGE in germany. It became the #1 song for my fav#3 and I.

    Halt Dich an Mir Fest
    Du hast mich lang nicht mehr so angesehen
    hast mir lang nichts mehr erzählt.
    Unsere Fotos hast du abgenommen
    weil dir irgendetwas fehlt.
    Du rufst mich und sagst ich weiß nicht mehr,
    weißt nicht mehr was dich berührt.
    Die letzten Jahre haben dich aufgewühlt
    und dich nur noch mehr verwirrt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn dein Leben dich zerreißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn du nicht mehr weiter weißt.
    Ich kann dich verstehn.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Ich lass das Licht an bis du schlafen kannst
    doch du wällst dich hin und her.
    Schläfst die Nächte von mir abgewandt,
    bist du einsam neben mir?
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn dein Leben dich zerreißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn du nicht mehr weiter weißt.
    Ich kann dich verstehn.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Siehst du den Weg aus dieser Dunkelheit?
    Willst du raus, ich bin bereit.
    Das kann nicht alles schon gewesen sein.
    Ich glaub an uns und unsere Zeit.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn dein Leben dich zerreißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn du nicht mehr weiter weißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn dein Leben dich zerreißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn du nicht mehr weiter weißt.
    Ich kann dich verstehn.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn dein Leben dich zerreißt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, wenn du nicht mehr weiter weißt.
    Ich lass dich nicht gehn.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Halt dich an mir fest, weil das alles ist was bleibt.
    Hold On To Me Tightly
    Versions: #1#2
    You tell me not to consider it so long
    I have said nothing more for a long time
    Our photos you’ve taken
    Because you’re missing something
    You call me and say I don’t remember
    Remember what affects you
    Recent years have stirred up
    And confused you even more
    Hold on to me tightly, when your life breaks up
    Hold on to me tightly, if you don’t know everything
    I can understand you
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains
    I’ll leave the light on until you can sleep
    But your walls are up back and forth
    Sleep the night away from me
    Are you lonely next to me?
    Hold on to me tightly, when your life breaks up
    Hold on to me tightly, if you don’t know everything
    I can understand you
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains
    Do you see the way out of the darkness?
    Do you want to get out, I’m ready
    This could not have been everything already
    I believe in us and our time
    Hold on to me tightly, when your life breaks up
    Hold on to me tightly, if you don’t know everything
    Hold on to me tightly, when your life breaks up
    Hold on to me tightly, if you don’t know everything
    I can understand you
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains
    Hold on to me tightly, when your life breaks up
    Hold on to me tightly, if you don’t know everything
    I won’t let go
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains
    Hold on to me tightly, because that is all that remains

  29. I am a big Rammstein fan, but I can’t say I’d call them “Red Pill” or masculine. Their music and live performances have a lot of verbose sexually degenerate and homosexual overtones. Their image and sound is more liken to something out of a dark underground Western European fetish club than any kind of traditionally masculine ideal.

  30. These guys rock. See a show if you can, you won’t regret it. Thank you for featuring a sweet band. Men and women love these guys. O so masculine with the leather, vinyl and makeup

  31. O yea and the song about hermaphrodite. And the man on man song. Zwitter and Mann gegen mann. So alpha

    1. Hands down best live show ever. I saw them in Vegas front row pit. I’m surprised my eyebrows were intact after all the pyrotechnics. It was hot and somewhat painful. The gigantic penis jizzed on the crowd with soap bubbles and ticker tape to cool it off

  32. Hi guys, I am from Germany. Yes, the older people from the former eastern germany have a different mentality than those from western germany due to their communist upbringing etc. The people from western germany are by trend more capitalistic (influenced by the US).

  33. Seen this guys and their predecessors Laibach live, brilliant life affirming stuff; people don’t ever get why I like it.
    Beyond the language and humour in the lyrics, their links to the late HR geiger, Korn are also pretty good on the live life by your own standards scheme as well.

  34. Have you considered the track ‘Mann Gegen Mann’, or ‘Mein Teil’? The former is a song about repressed homosexuality while the latter is about a famous cannibalistic homosexual relationship. You losers, like the worst in media, cherry pick your facts to tell the tale you want. Rammstein are in favour of equal rights for homosexuals and women, and are not the neanderthals you would so happily find company with.

    1. So bragging about fucking other men in the ass makes you ‘enlightened’.
      Brilliant. How about you go enlighten yourself repeatedly.

  35. Rammistien’s really great non Disney narcissistic femtopia themes.
    I think guys in these bands also get a different lifestyle, because they have so many experiences with women, they really get a good realistic understanding of what women
    are really about. And the themes of there songs naturally express these experiences.
    Like Led Zepplin and Stairway To Heaven, a song about a social climber gold digging woman. No its not about the Satin and 666 as Christian fundamentalist asserted. (maybe they unconsciously meant women are are Satins lapdogs?) Or The Eagles
    and “Lying Eyes” about a woman chasing older rich guys.
    Today much of the female PC songs make me want to puke. Its the shit all over guys message that make me sick.

  36. Hi, the translation is not correct:
    Du hasst mich= You hate me.
    They play in this case with the words: du hasst mich, and later (it sounds the same), du hast mich gefragt= you have asked me.

  37. Rammstein is shit. A typical example of what’s wrong with modern music. It’s harsh and grating to the ears. This from the same country/culture that once gave us Beethoven and Bach. Puleeze.

  38. Interesting – I’ve been thinking about the Red Pill themes of Rammstein, I always listen to them when I work out. I searched Red Pill Rammstein to see what I’d find, and it brought me to a site I’ve long bookmarked. Reise Reise and Mein Hertz Brent are very emotionally charged as well, for those who want more. Thanks for the great article.
    Funny coincidence – I decided today before I came across this article that I would learn German using Rammstein lyrics.

  39. What a load of shit.
    Men have never been “enslaved,” “subjected” or “oppressed” by Western women at any point in Human history. Historically, it has been the other way around and has only inproved in the last forty years. The same can’t be said, unfortunately, for the lives of Third World Women as can be seen in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
    Perhaps you need a break from the Internet and some fresh air or counseling as to why you direct your anger at women just because you’re a total failure in life?
    Please do send my sympathies to the poor woman who carried you for nine months while she made you, the poor woman who went through horrendous agony and suffering risking her life giving birth to you and the poor woman who breastfed you and wasted her life raising you. Frankly, she would have been better off if she had miscarried you.
    PS: “Manosphere” is that a gay nightclub?

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