7 Reasons Why Boomers Are The Worst Generation Alive

Some weeks ago, I went to a relative’s wedding. There were many boomers, including close relatives of mine I had not met for years. Too many boomers in fact. All of them with no exception are deeply flawed, which is also true for many non-related boomers I intersected with occasionally.

One of these boomers is a journalist. Everything that applies to an average journalist applies to him at an even more pronounced degree. He’s a leftist who follows blindly everything the media says on any relevant topic, which makes impossible to even speak honestly with him on a number of daily millennial’s issues.

Another one is a female. She claims to be friendly to traditionalism, but tends to mix it with New Ageism, has a long history of alcohol abuse, cannot keep money for long on her bank account and believes she’s always right. You can speak with her about a number of relevant issues, and even about things to talk about with a girl, as long as you let her take life decisions for you.

Another is an engineer, who hates the journalist for being more erudite than himself, but also thinks his grandfathership makes him impervious to mistakes and falsity. He invited his daughter-in-law at home when she divorce-raped his son and believes feminism, as well as most lefty “progress”, is great. Not to mention several others of the same kind.

Here are some reasons why, truly, boomers are the worst generation alive on Earth—or at least inside the Western world—today.

1. They live in bubbles of comfort

If they weren’t damn leftists, ardently supporting all the “minorities” against their own sons and grandsons, this would not be such a problem. But they do, and their bubble allows them to feed on mainstream media daily. They went through decades of prosperity, knew nothing but growth and full employment, and now that they’re old and rich, their preach us from their easy position without having the least understanding of what the millennials are going through.

2. You can’t talk with them

This is a peculiar boomer thing. I have two grandmothers (78 and 91) whom I can talk with about almost anything, including feminism and mass immigration. Both grandmothers tend to disagree at least a bit with me, but they can hear and process what I say. One of them agrees that the reference point today is completely skewed against men and marital stability—even though she was once betrayed by a man.

Boomers are younger than that, but boomers can’t hear. Try to mention a relevant topic and they’ll shoot you down without second thought. Get attacked by SJWs or so-called minorities and they will rush to virtue-signal against you even when their blood runs in your veins. Boomers become hysterical when you mention how wrecked, dispossessed and disenfranchised we are.

The worst thing is, they are often the ones who tread on the “forbidden” topics but they won’t accept hearing anything non-leftist about these topics. They have absolutely no respect for either difference of opinion and think normal that they can decide 100% on what can be said on anything, whereas their adult children are supposed to behave like passive, dignity-deprived slaves. What kind of older parent behaves like that?

3. They are as self-righteous as they are irresponsible

Boomers know about just everything, they are absolutely wise and ripened and, as many say, “you won’t teach life to me, I’m XYZ years old.” They ask at best superficial questions and want to do all the talking about, say, absolutely everything. Their narcissism projects into every area. They tend to stifle and suffocate everything way more than the Silent Generation—remember, their parents who went to war against the Axis and got labelled “fascists” by their ungrateful hippie sons—ever did.

Boomers don’t have to take any responsibility, as they already have real estate, life insurance, 401(k) and so on. They can sip wine between a trip to the spa and another trip to a touristic destination, cowardly skilfully avoid the mass of thugs and/or immigrants they often supported, and pretend they know better about immigrants, womyn, food, how to find a job, who we are, up to conspiracy theories when the boomer you meet with is so inclined.

Some boomers provide financial help, others do so only a bit and reluctantly, others won’t help at all, but sooner or later all take that unbearable preaching tone. No matter if they follow the mainstream to the core or pretend to dissent, they all tend to be dismissive towards their younger peers. And even though they assume no responsibility and behave more like arrogant parasites than inspiring figures, they want the same respect than the ancients of before—the very same respect they often fail to give to the Silent Generation.

4. They are biased against young men

I have noticed that boomers will accept discussing relevant topics only with guys who are older than 40 or with girls. When you, a millennial or an X who’s less than 40, beg to differ on one of these topics, they automatically assume your views and your experience are worth nothing.

Again and again, I’ve seen boomers discussing globalism, freemasonry, the shortcomings of feminism or other non-mainstream topics with +40 years old people, to dismiss younger fellows on sight—even when they started discussing said topics.

Same boomers think it is absolutely normal to have their little princesses saying things like “all guys are idiots” or suggesting that no man is worth their inflated egos, but will be offended if you mention how difficult it became for a sane man to find a sane woman. Boomers’ daughters are pure angels who would never err or offend. Boomers’ sons are dirt to be trodden upon.

Don’t tell them you are going from skinny to buff, even when you already gained 10 or 15 visible pounds of muscle, they will laugh at your quest for strength and say you should eat less proteins or something.

5. They keep, and eat, all the capital

Who bought off all the real estate? Who keeps benefiting from retirement pensions in a system that will collapse well before we age? Who keeps most important positions to retire as late as possible—and then live in luxury with retirement pensions higher than a honest, qualified young man’s wage? Who is OK with forcing the young into paying astronomic rents, putting us in a cutting-throat competition for ill-paid jobs and women, then forbid to even talk about the arena we were thrown into?

The more a boomer talks about equality, humanity, the Other and many other totem poles, the greedier he tends to be. And when a boomer actually helps, which sometimes happen, he does so in such a meddling and patronizing way you wish you’d rather live close to starvation owing nothing to this generation of poisonous twats.

6. All their culture is but a pile of toxic waste

The more red-pill you get, the more alienated from dominant boomers’ culture you feel. John Lennon’s Imagine was a piece of globalist psyop. “Women’s lib” destroyed families and women while bossy feminists do everything they can to brainwash male children into submissiveness and conformism. Rampant individualism led to everyone having his interests pitted against everyone else’s. Exoticism or xenophilia goes hand in hand with ethnomasochism and a lack of core. “Know yourself” skewed with cultural Marxism turned into navel-gazing, insecurity and drama.

We grew without proper fathers, without incentive to act on our own, all too often in broken families—but hey, divorce and killing babies is so cool!

Boomers’ culture took the place of what had always been there. Now we have to reconnect with what they discarded while discarding their hedonism, deconstruction, intellectualism, pathological care towards the Big Other combined with having abandoned and betrayed us, and so on. Every PC conditioning inside millenials’ minds has been enforced by boomers first. Salvation of the West has become virtually synonymous with getting rid of the boomers’ grip.

7. They decided to disinherit you long ago

They spent their lives forfeiting their native culture, selling their countries, submitting to an anti-white, anti-male, anti-Western political ideology. They believe their own disenfranchised sons are somehow “privileged” and give the heritage to “minorities”, at best their own daughters, at worst any adopted piece of flesh.

Discriminating against “white males” (yeah, that’s us), that is, against the very legitimate heirs because we are so, and pushing us towards poverty or a heightened competition is deemed normal among them.

Do not expect them to give you anything but debt and the finger when they pass out at last.

Before concluding, a striking example. Two French celebrities, cook Paul Bocuse (1926-2018) and singer Johnny Hallyday (1943-2017), have recently died. The first fought the Second World War, the second did not. Both had many affairs as high-profile men often do. However, polygamous Bocuse still managed to get his “empire” in order to hand it down to his children, whereas Hallyday disinherited his son, daughter as well as their mothers to give everything to his late gold-digging whore and two adopted Cambodian girls. Typical boomer move.

Hey David (Johnny’s son), say goodbye to your money! Have you seen my new younger wife and Ali Express dolls? So diverse!

ABALT (All Boomers Are Like That)

Boomers rebelled against their parents who had toiled and struggled dutifully. Now, if we rebel as well against the corrupt, passive-aggressive parasites they turned into, we become “racists” and “Nazis” and anything they’ll spout and we get repressed like these spoiled children of the 60s-70s never were.

At the end of my relative’s wedding, I felt a huge relief when the boomers went away. I spent days pretending everything was along and well, while I had to constantly restrict my speech whereas they would spout leftist points as if it was a normal thing to do—and as if non-Leftist political identities deserved no respect. I almost threw a glass of water at a boomer’s face after he silenced me mockingly while enthusiastically talking about some media-hyped hag, and the only reason I didn’t do it what out of care for my grandmother who was also present.

Before, I would have crippled my own thought by accepting the NAXALT argument as a rule of thumb. Now, not so. Besides Donald Trump I still have to see a respectable boomer. On investigation, even those who pretend to be  political opponents are compromised and degenerate.

It is a pity that life expectancy has risen so soon. Many boomers are likely to live more than their own children. Doesn’t matter to them as long as their bubble of comfort remains. Truly, they won’t be missed.

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296 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Boomers Are The Worst Generation Alive”

  1. Well I don’t see the next generation as any better either so …
    They are rich and they pulled up the ladder. They are happy to keep it pulled up. Usury is the problem as that inflated property values along with restrictions of land use. In an old white society a white man and his father would biuld the home to have his family in. We could all do it as white men. This generation land use rules mean we cannot even do that and the courts would award it to the woman anyway.

    1. The millennial generation is in huge trouble mostly because they’ve been fed ridiculous lies all their life. I’m a millennial, and it took me years to realize everything we learned in school, everything on T.V., everything on social media, and everything in music, is being used to groom our generation into being morally corrupt leftist heathens.

      1. The media is getting less and less honest every day and all dissent on the web is cracked down on. There may be 10% of the new generation that is woke but its probably the same in the boomers. I see the envy for how easy they had it before usury was so extreme as it is today with everybody soaked in debt to graduate college at 21.

      2. Yeah…but at least you have a false sense of self esteem for just being you!
        Just kidding.
        The hippies are now in charge…

      3. Today I have thrown out my TV and I feel great. I am no longer under the pressure to get any kind of “news” which are useless in fact. I am refocused on my DVDs if it comes to movies or my record collection when I wanna hear good music.

      4. You are right. It takes long time and a lot of struggle to leave this shit. Only truly bold people take this path, the rest prefer to stay in darkness for they own “comfort”.

      5. Okay. Granted, Millenials were fed a diet of post-boomer propoganda and fairy tales by their Gen-X’er parents as well. However , keep this in mind; boomers were the first mass-media TV fed generation.
        While some Boomers wax poetic of the “good-‘ol days” when they may have only had a Philco radio for news and entertainment, they also were the first guinea pigs for the indoctrination weapon of mass destruction — television.
        No one boomer, much less their parents, had any idea of how powerful the new media was. BOomer parents only had a brief period of radio as any kind of baseline for how mass media influences mass group think. It’s akin to impact of the Internet on my generation (X’er) and social media on Millenials.
        Not only did the media usher in a epoch of political, cultural and social change and new order, but it also occurred in a time unseen in human history — a nation triumphant as the lone superpower after World War with all the resources, money, control and military might to push it’s agenda forward. It provided Boomers the unbefore known luxury of an entire poplulation, outside of aristocray and nobility,, to indulge in and engage every philisophical question, write every social and political wrong, and navel-gaze into the meaning of life and the outcome of the future, which for the first time in human history presented the reality of destruction of the human race via atomic weapons and warfare.
        Now, we criticize Boomers,, and rightly so. However, keep in mind that many of the BOomers, like today’s Millenials, started out as idealistic crusaders railing against “the man,” and standing up for just causes at risk of life, limb and property. However, the very forces of mass media and policial and social propoganda was enough to turn them into money-loving wealth horders as they became “responsible” mothers, fathers, career men and women, and productive member’s of society. Look up the term “born again capitalists” and understand was coined to describe Boomers approaching maturity and middle age.
        I mention these things not to defend Boomers (I think they are the most money grubbing generation in this history of this country), but to admonish you young guys that the same dangers await you, are twice as strong and attractive, and can thwart the idealism of the Millenials in Internet speed rather than taking a generation to occur.
        Beware that you don’t turn into your parents grandparents.

        1. @PrepZ
          Another Gen Xer, now on the cusp of 44 — you nailed it, adding nicely to observations crystallized by André.

          If you haven’t yet, I recommend a book called “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” by Marshall MacLuhan. The defining impact of some of the things he wrote about in 1964 (electronic communications, etc) are only now being felt in society; intelligently prophetic analyses of the impact of new media, famously coined the phrase/philosophy behind “the medium is the message” etc…I read the book as a young dude in 1989 and read it again in 2007.

          I also sent this article to my Boomer parents to see what they think. We have an open dialogue and a lot of love, but they’re completely fucking spoiled and tick off most of the check-boxes on Andre’s shitlist here.

        2. Gen XY
          People born from 1973 on are kind Gen XY. We really are not quite true Gen X and not Gen Y but somewhat overlapped.

    2. wristcel
      A couple of three things
      1) Working class whites do not have houses with inflationary property values in places like Detroit or Baltimore or Chicago or most cities. The opposite. Their shit is worth nothing.
      2) Divorce actually ruins the lives of everyone although I understand that in the case of some marriages it is absolutely necessary. But in most cases it is because Dad fucked around or Mom wanted to find herself at age 40.
      Lawyers are expensive and at age 60 twenty years after the divorce neither of the parties are going to have anything. Divorce leaves many boomers in poverty.
      3) Boomers are the parents of Gen X generally. And by the time the younger boomers were having kids in the the 80’s they were older and more mature. It is the 70’s Gen X who REALLY SUFFERED because of this time when society had zero morals (Or morale) and Joe born in 1970 grew up watching his mother and father smoke pot and have free-love orgies.
      Gen X born in the 60’s had parents who were too old to be hippies and Gen Y born in the 80’s had parents who were more conservative but Gen X born in the 70’s really grew up when society was fucked post-Vietnam and Watergate.

      1. I agree! I’m a 70’s gen x and we have endured everything millennials have but for much longer due to being a little bit older.

    3. Why, Mr DN Jensen why are you so bitter black pilled and nihilist?
      Its easy really, look around what do you see, one big sh*t show that getting bigger everyday with more people who deserve a catastrophic crash. Pardon me if I stay for the final entertainment and popcorn and the IDGAF attitude. With nothing to look forward to, been lied to and cheated all my life and too honest to want to lower myself to go roll in the filth. Nah, I’m good with global destruction. there is no fixing this. Bring on Gods wrath and the Nephilim. This sh*t show isn’t fun wasn’t fun and isn’t magically turn fun. best I can hope for is to watch it all burn.

    4. Yes boomer’s are fukked, yes white women, millenial’s, gen x etc are also fukked. But we must stay focused and not be distracted and divided as to (((why))) we are all fukked.

    5. Usury is indeed the problem.
      Savings (and thus real interest rates) is not needed for capital since currency is created out of nothing (not taken from savings / safe) when a loan is signed.
      The purchasing power of the newly created currency comes from the invisible tax on savings and wages through the inflation of the currency supply.
      This newly created currency is issued as debt at interest. Importantly, the interest is not created so that interest payment decreases the currency supply inevitably leading to bankruptcies and dispossession.

  2. Fair call but they were the first generation after WW2. The death of the white race and healthy white patriarchal civilizations began a slow death after WW2 because as no one, not even self proclaimed red-pill men will admit, we really lost that war and surrendered all our power to a (((nefarious))) force intent on our destruction.

        1. You seem to be forgetting that the Wehrmacht had most of its resources and best troops tied up on the Eastern Front fighting a holding action against the Red Army.

        1. I’m not sure the result was predetermined… I think ‘they’ simply pitted all sides against each other, funded everyone, and sat back to watch what happened (while reaping massive profits). Whoever won, would’ve brought ‘them’ one step closer to world government… Whether under the Nazi, Soviet, or US banner, matters little.

        2. I strongly believe it was. Why? By looking on results exactly. Lets take WW1: major colonial superpowers fight each other for…exactly what? This is crucial question, because in fact they had no rational reasons for that. Post Napoleonic order witch was established in Versailles worked just fine, everyone benefited from it…and now the results: 3 major continental monarchies destroyed, communism implemented in Russia, soon Nazism in Germany, war in Spain, rise of women “empowerment” etc. 20 years later another war begins, this time let’s say reasons for it could officially defend themselves, but look on the results again: communism spreads rapidly around the world, most powerful nation in Europe – Germany, divided on two to serve as client states for Soviets (EG) and USA (WG) respectively, Britain looses her colonial empire, so it’s France…list just go on and on. Most important question now: cui bono?

        3. I always though WW1 was set up by the European ‘Royals’ to get rid of their excess agricultural workers after the industrial revolution had removed the need for them.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot. No one with a brain buys your bullshit or attempts to divert and divide.

        1. Not worth a response, but I will say, ad hominem attacks won’t get you very far.

    1. Many of the thousands of GI’s returning from WWII were traumatized. In retrospect, it seems as if society didn’t grasp the magnitude and long term consequences of that trauma.
      My dad was a poor, white Southerner, born 1913. He was drafted at age 28 and fought in Europe for 4 years with no home leave. Once back, he used the GI bill to get an engineering degree at LSU in Baton Rouge, La. He lived in a tent set up on campus, along with hundreds of other GI’s. Dad never once spoke to his four children about his war time experiences, or about his post-war college experience. Only at his funeral did we learn he did underwater demolition off the coast of France during WWII.
      It’s odd that the children GI fathers turned into anti-establishment hippies. Maybe the GI dads were too traumatized to raise their children properly. Maybe too many men who would have provided a stabilizing influence to society died in the war. This created a vacuum of leadership that allowed (((Other People))) of an alien, hostile culture to step into positions of power they would never have had, absent the devastation of war.
      These duplicitous interlopers took control and the Long March through American institutions began in earnest. “Our” new (((elite))) proceeded to turn Baby Boomers against their own culture, religion and even against their own traumatized GI fathers. Since then, (((they))) have brought in reinforcements, importing millions of foreigners even more wildly incompatible and hostile to traditional Americans. Now we have Muslim Arabs, Hindu Indians, Israeli dual-citizens, La Raza Mexican dual-citizens, Asian Buddhists and African Communists ruling over us. The coup de grâce was to turn American women against their own menfolk.
      It’s been 70 years and the Long March is nearly complete. Trump is merely a minor speed bump on (((their))) path to total conquest and domination.

  3. Good article, but you should’ve proof read it first, many mistakes.
    My dad isn’t a boomer, so he says, but he act’s just like you mentioned. I’m a grown man with a wife and kids, and he still has to tell me what to do before I make any decisions. Also, when I went out and bought a Jaguar last year, not to be outdone, he went and purchased a Hummer that he couldn’t afford, and didn’t need, only months later.
    I’m the first born white male in my family, and my sister who is adopted and half black, will get any inheritence that would’ve been mine. She also disowned my family to go find her black prostitute mom who gave her up for adoption.
    The world we live in is ridiculously stupid. Wish we could start our own island or something.

  4. My 16 year old son and his grandmother recently had a conversation about gun control and mental health. She told him “What do you know, you are a 16year old boy. I am 65 years old, who are you to question me!” My son was actually correct about the facts, but they had different opinions. Pretty much sums up her whole approach to life. Now he has no respect for her.

    1. Isn’t it funny how the most far removed from what is currently happening in our culture are also the first to think they know everything about it?

  5. Awesome post! I’ve even heard boomers say that they will spend all of their money and that their kids can fend for themselves. “I worked for it, I deserve it,” they say. That is not their attitude when it comes to The Other, but nevertheless. That picture of Johnny Hallyday is perfect. He exudes extreme douchiness, so does his nasty wife. Love the Chinese symbol tattoos and fax rebel affect. Those poor little Cambodian girls are totally screwed, they’d be better off in their own country, or at least given to normal parents to raise. Burn in hell boomers!

      1. Lest we forget pre-Internet the whole media was fully controlled. Small cracks have appeared in this hegemony (such as ROK) and light pours through them. They were just dosed with print newspapers and the controlled TV spoon feeding them prescribed medicine. We can see the other side to begin to question as well as see that our societies and communities are being thoroughly gutted.

        1. If you think of the two stages of our genocide the first was to destroy the natural waxes of our coat which kept us from getting water logged such as xenophobia which is now the main behavior the whole state is in one way or other angled at flattening. You then had all the results of that such as equal opportunity migration and human rights and every thing else which all will lead , of course, to the eventual collapse of the West as a viable civilisation and our own lives within it will become far more difficult.

  6. Questions for Gen Y (Born 1982)
    …You guys were born and grew up in a fairly nice period of time-the 1990’s. Are you disappointed with life after the year 2000?
    …What is it like to live at home as adults? I moved out at 19 which was the average age in 1993. How does it feel to be a grown man living in your parents house?
    …How do you fuck living at home? What about jerking off all day to porn. Are you afraid your mother will catch you?
    …Why don’t Gen Y girls fuck white guys as much?
    …Why do Gen Y girls love to fuck black guys with no job and no money and have out-of-wedlock children?
    …Why do Gen Y smoke less cigarettes but more marijuana?
    …Why is it so difficult for Gen Y to pay for university?
    …Why don’t Gen Y travel like Gen X did?

    1. I think that the two species coming together means that white guys get cut reproductively. The black women struggle for committeement but they can still reproduce. Obvious to anybody with a brain in their head its genetic onewayness of attraction. They breed and abandon half the women in many areas and the white men live worse than any holocaust. Life is about reproduction so when they cut that is the same as to kill a man.
      Asians would be riding this boat but they see that and block migration. The next generation after this will be in ten times worse trouble than ours.

      1. Species genetics favor the opportunists that adapt the best to conditions, manipulate and coopt the resources through the least effort with the highest gains. Its a bitter truth, and it doesn’t necessarily benefit any particular skin color. Just saying, the ones that BEST get all the resources they want through the least effort will be the survivors. Least amount of effort for the most amount of resources. Too simple Mother Nature favors the most adaptive, not the most fair or moral.

        1. The problem is that those who suceed in society have few children. The left denies this is an issue because they effectively deny heritability of traits and favour the convenient but false culture narrative.

        2. wristcel
          Well if you are even moderately successful you want your kids to attend college and this costs money.
          If white men adhered to the savanna fucking patters of the Groid and his dick was actually big enough to provide the orgasmic pleasure or his rhythm as satisfying to the female partner and white women were have 4 or 5 kids than we would have the same situation as the ghetto.
          Except, and I have noticed this, on some Deep State level the government does not let white sluts who have one or two kids out of wedlock with white trash (Usually claiming to be part-Indian) brutes end up in a situation as bad as a Negress with 5 kids.
          The intention there is possibly to discourage whites from ended up as totally useless to society in order to prevent the welfare system from collapsing entirely.
          I don’t know but the Deep State seems to say to poor whites “Listen you fucking white trash your IQ is on the Bell Curve so you know better than to be as stupid as these Non-Asian minorities”.

        3. It’s not all babes getting banged to the Congo drum in the distance, most mudshark broads are ugly White trash that no one else would fuck. Maybe a the primitive blacks alligator brain is in tune with the base thumps found in hiphop, like a mating call. Even black freaks are stupid, a group of Whites could devise a better plan than “drown whyt bytch n muh sheet”. The real taste of (((diversity))) is from the shitbowl.

    2. – Night and day. Spent the 90s listening to Alternative music. Get to college after 2000 and it is all atonal jungle junk music, great for dry humping (basically the antithesis of dancing.) Realized in my 20s US society was a joke.
      -I don’t get hyped up on feelings because I am an adult. Basically it is normal. I don’t let mass media or random internet people needle me with mock shaming when almost every woman under 35 has shown her tits to strangers on the internet.
      -If you have to jerk off all day because you don’t have access to pussy it might be a sign of neurosis. Or a deep seated compulsion. I don’t know because as far as I know no one has ever died from not getting off.
      -As much as what? Dogs? Cats? Themselves? Because I can tell you ghosting on fat white millennial women in their 30s is fucking hilarious and fun.
      -Because the high point of their life was shaking their ass to some shitty rap music and smoking a blunt. “Gangsta crunk!”
      -Because we are working two jobs for shit pay while running a side business or two. We can’t just slack off for five years after high school like Gen X.

  7. I’m born in early 80s and the worst people I found in my lives were all born prior 1968 – men and women included. They fucked more than us, manipulated more people than us, broke more morals than us, had more advantages than us, but still hated on the people who were born later than 1977. I simply feel no sympathy for them because they fed us the blue pill lies to drone us.
    It’s no wonder than most men and women in that period will be abandoned by their children. Seriously, they need the government benefits else no one would save their sorry entitled ass.

      The 1980’s was a better time to be born. I was born in 1974 and you cannot grasp how crazy it was to be 5 years old in 1979 in the waning days of the 70’s.
      Parents smoked pot in front of their kids; Moms did love-ins and let their kids see men fucking them in orgies; kids were born in communes watching naked dudes trip on acid.
      The disco era was in full-bloom. As a child I saw people fucking everywhere.
      Reagan got elected by the Silent Majority who were just tired of this but the total amorality of the 70’s went on until about 1983 and then the Just Say No era of Morning in America cleared out the 70’s nuttiness.

        1. For a time Nick… now people (mainly gays)still don’t give a shit because they expect the tax payers to part subsidise or pay for their expensive retro viral medications.

        2. NICK
          If you watch FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH you realize just how amoral and nuts the US was to be teenager by 1982.
          Mom went love-ins and Dad was a swinger.
          30 year old men were fucking 14 year old girls; people were smoking pot in school parking lots; if you were a 15 year old male and a virgin you were taunted.
          Things got better in 1983.

        3. Only homos get AIDs, you need to really learn about STDs and stop repeating government propaganda.

      1. @Marz And then Reagan gave amnesty, lowered baby boomer taxes, started our debt spiral, kept us a wasteful nation addicted to oil, proudly selected the first female supreme court justice, he was a huge supporter of Israel, was a big supporter of free trade and literally came up with the idea for NAFTA which was then signed into law by Bush. Yep, the good ol baby boomers. If you actually look at Reagan’s presidency it is just like every other Republicans presidency since then….allow liberals to push the overtone window, give into liberal demands with almost nothing in return, and just make sure that conservatives win in the short term while losing the war in the long run.

        1. WES
          Reagan had to lower taxes to stimulate the economy which did nothing to help ghetto blacks whose situation worsened but did galvanize the middle class.
          Reagan kept us addicted to oil. What are you Wes, a Greenie? He brought the oil prices a fuckload down from the 70’s bro.
          Huge supporter of Israel. Obama was not, but was he a better president?
          Conservatives win in the short term? 1988 was better than 1978 for white Americans overall. And much better than 1968. It was worse for blacks-crack, a lousy economy, lower taxes.
          NAFTA. True. Clinton however was the President who really wanted a global village. The real damage was in the 1990’s that we live with today.

        2. @MArz…yep, I am a greenie, why are you not? Oh, you one of those fossil fuel obsessed inbreds who likes “muh big trucks and shit”. Our country consumes 3 times as much fossil fuels per capita than just about every other developed nation, and most of it is wasted on nothing but luxuries and consumerism. Usually it’s just people too insecure to drive a small vehicle.
          Being wasteful with a precious resource is not conservative, and it is not intelligent. BTW, renewable energy is doing fine and growing rapidly, and coal companies and coal plants are still shutting down regardless of what trump will do. Texas already gets 15% of its electrical power from just wind, Iowa 30%+. You need to learn a little more about the environment, and then you need to get out and see it some time, maybe do some man shit like hunting and fishing in the backcountry. Conservatives use to be the most “greenie” party, but I guess the baby boomers changed that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/energyinnovation/2017/12/18/utilities-closed-dozens-of-coal-plants-in-2017-here-are-the-6-most-important/#52e14955aca5
          Bro, Reagan sent us into debt and had to raise taxes numerous times to try to keep from going to far into debt, then his vice president Bush raised taxes after him because he knew that debts needed to be paid.
          What about Obama you fruitloop? I could care less that Obama did or didn’t like Israel, I am talking about Reagan and this baby boomer, neo-con obsession with Israel.
          Reagan was all about that free trade, along with almost every other Republican. It was Reagan that started this whole white trash inbred libertarian movement that we see in the republican party today, “muh free trade”…”muh individual”…”muh taxation is theft”…”muh fuck the environment, I need oil for my truck NOW”…”muh rich people love us and will take care of us”…”muh regulations are stupid, der der der”
          Just lowering taxes and giving white america the illusion they were winning is not actually winning. The whole time Reagan was in office third world immigrants started flooding in, he gave 3 MILLION illegals amnesty (aka liberal voters), he didn’t really repeal of the degeneracy of past liberals, he didn’t stop feminism in any way, and his low taxes just added to our debt with minimal and short term gains in productivity (remember, at the expense of our debt). He essentially practiced Keynesian economics, he just used tax cuts without government spending cuts to accomplish the same effect as a stimulus packages.

        3. WES
          Would Carter have improved the eighties if he had been elected?
          Those were the choices when I was 6 in 1980. Aren’t you ABOUT my age?
          Whether a US president supports Israel or not seems to make little matter ultimately-please do not bore me with “wars for Israel” because stupid rednecks vote for a Bush and not gay Jews in Manhattan. There is no draft (And if there was Jews in NYC would cut their trigger finger off to get out of it) and we have a volunteer army.
          Reagan pulled the US OUT of Lebanon so he could not have been that eager to fight their wars, could he?
          Was the economy better in 1985 or 1975?
          Was crime higher or lower after Jimmy Carter?
          You could argue that Reagan’s proxy wars in Latin America resulted in the crack epidemic that drove ghetto blacks crazy but this also part of a collective low IQ to smoke some shit you know will get you hooked-its the same reason that white trash are hooked on Oxy.
          As for illegals I agree with you there. Completely.

        4. WES
          “Muh Individualism”
          Poor whites are so incredibly stupid much of the time that it is really hard for a middle-class white from the North to truly want to bond with poor, rural, dim, reckless hicks.
          I am not willing to support the kids they have at 21 with a GED because they have them.
          I’m not willing to care about their endless drug epidemics-Joan the 45 year old ex meth addict who finally stopped tweaking in 2010 now has a 20 year old son whose hooked on Oxy. I’m tired of their drug epidemics, their stupid capacity to be bamboozled by the media and Old Money morons like Bush; their reckless personal habits like drunk driving until they end sucking the cocks of black thugs in a prison work farm; their lack of initiative in leaving ghost towns in Southern Ohio (THOUGH WHEN THE SITUATION GETS AS BAD AS DETROIT THEY DO LEAVE)….
          This is not to say that ghetto blacks are better and Mestizos are often mindless savages as well. But I do not feel solidarity with Bubba or Cletus. Sorry, I cannot.
          As for the J themselves, they lack the muscle mass or aggression to sway people through physical violence. This is why Asians and Indians and even the Arab-Americans are not manipulated by them. Persians in Los Angeles are doing just fine and it is not because they much-loved by white hating Hebrews either but simply because when you strip away the judicial system and the media the only thing Hebrews are is good talkers-they are not well-organized fighters or fearsome powerful one-to-one killers like blacks or Mestizos.
          I am not affected by them personally.

        5. Wes,
          “You need to learn a little more about the environment”
          Looks like you are a full member of the SJW club.
          Environmentalism is just another way for you to be controlled through fear and misinformation. There are no shortages of fossil fuels, it’s just lies.

      2. Really….I was 17 in 1980 which makes me a boomer. I must have missed the all those love-ins. Also the cocaine 80’s were much worse than the 70’s They don’t call it the decade of excess for nothing…..

        1. BILLY
          I am from Detroit and cocaine did not really affect middle class white teenagers as much pot.
          Cocaine was snorted by Yuppies with money and porn stars; ghetto blacks smoked crack.
          Don’t get me wrong, crack cocaine ruined a number of lives but it was not all-pervasive in high schools. It was too expensive.

        2. BILLY
          Did 6th graders smoke more pot in 1977 or 1987? I think the seventies was the decadent low-point in recent years.
          Cocaine? Were you yuppie who could afford a habit like that? Also crack ravaged the black community but not really the white suburbs.

      3. Cmon dude, people have been fucking everywhere since day one. I grew up in the seventies and I have good memories, people were happier, no sjws, no homo propaganda on tv, no mass immigration like today and above all no fucking cellphones !

    2. I’m also born in early 80s and I had similar feelings towards babyboomers but they were deceived as we are. Let’s face it: they didn’t have internet and access to all useful information when they were young as we have and how many millennials are red pilled? Only few, rest is even dumber than any generation in history.

        1. Absolutely, but internet is double-aged sword for elite – it allows them to corrupt society faster than ever but on the other hand they can’t control all informations in net. How I became red-pilled? Thanks to internet access (50%) and my own observations (another 50%). Guys in 60s or 70s didn’t have as many possibilities to learn as we have.

  8. I have to agree, taking a heritage built over a thousand years and throwing it out is the biggest temper tantrum in history.
    God only knows what people will write of this mind boggling mess in a hundred years.

    1. The victors will rewrite history. Don’t pretend that they will know what was ever lost. The entire apparatus of the state and media revolves around talking up multi-racialism and crushing those who oppose it.

  9. I’m gen X. This article and the comments are some crybaby shit. A real man deals with the circumstances he faces, doesn’t whine about an inheritance, and doesn’t give a fuck about the dumb opinions of others.

    1. Funny thing, Adonis, whenever it hits the fan at my day job, something is broke down and needs competent repair, a fire needs to be put out, or a snowflake needs a week’s bereavement because his/her parakeet died, they always seem to go to, or dump onto, the old guys. I give this site another 6 months, maybe a year (and that’s a stretch), before they fold.

    2. No, the “man” you are referring to is a demoralized, de-nationalist, nihilistic fuck who cares about nothing and just sticks to himself. Calling out a generation of dumbasses who are STILL FUCKING US OVER with their trad-con, neo-conservative cuckery, and daughter worshipping bullshit is not being a crybaby. Adonis, you are a moron.

  10. This writer, and his fan base, has quite the vitriol and animus for folks like me (born in 1958). Incidentally, if you archive back about 6-8 months ago, you’ll see an identical article on this exact same topic written by this very writer, and with the same type of talking points and rhetoric. Not sure why the editor let this fly, but it’s his monkey/his show. To point 4, on men under 40 being dismissed by virtue of their youth. That’s not what I’ve personally experienced in my years slugging it out in the workplace trenches, especially in more recent years. I just turned 60, and despite having some distinct specialized skills, being impeccably dependable, having a work ethic, and being as diplomatic as humanly possible, I’m frequently snubbed, dismissed, and treated disrespectfully by my employer’s 29 year old atheist son (the president), and his 25 year old left-wing sister. Neither show much interest in the business too. Reading this article reminds me of the lectionary for my scripture readings for my private devotions recently. It was Isaiah Chapter 3. Fom the Septuagint LXX, verses 4-5 in particular, “And I will make youths their princes, and mockers shall have dominion over them. And the people shall fall, man upon man, and every man upon his neighbor: the child shall insult the elder man, and the base the honourable”. Strange how technology has changed over the past 2,000 plus years, but the nature and conduct of mankind remains the same.

    1. What the fuck does your anecdote have to do with the article at hand? We don’t care about your personal situation.

      1. You don’t understand the point, because, and I’ve noticed, common sense and reasoning eludes many of you young folks on this site, and you have to be walked through the commentary. Single mommies and public schools, thanks for the exemplary performance you did with this generation.

        1. I’m not a “young folk”. I’m well past the millennial bracket. You just sound like a cranky old fossil. Did you have to walk up the hill in three feet of snow both ways when you were a kid, too?

    2. Antonio, from your comments over many months I know you are one of the good guys, from your generation. There are some others out there, especiallyVietnam veterans come to mind.
      The anti baby boomer thing is a generalization, a lot of them are greedy self centred turds, that expect everything, and have had every advantage available and still want more. Each generation has its fair share of turds, the boomers in general have a bit more than the rest.

    3. You seem to think being a wage slave entitles you to a pat on the back. You work, you are paid, and that is that.
      It does suck that people lack grace and manners, but that is the business mindset.

    4. Every generation has its share of shitty people.
      But in general, millennials have to take up heavy debt to buy a house, get a college education and yet face bleak job prospects having to compete with workers globally.
      you seem disgruntled that some rich kid is having control over your well being – it seems like you do not have a safety net which so many in your generation enjoy (thanks to stocks and properties bought on a cheap). it’s puzzling that your diligence did not translate into huge savings and wealth.
      perhaps if you had invested and saved wisely, you could have retired comfortably like many people of your generation (generalisation).

  11. I had a boomer grandmother(she was a widow and my mother and father died when I was young) who sold half of the family estate before I went to college, she would give me nothing and I had to work to pay tuition. I cut all ties with her and the rest of my family soon after as I knew that before she died she would sell the rest and I would not see a penny anyway. (Oh yeah and she was a total bitch to be around anyway, bossing me around and treating me like a dog).

  12. My father is a democrat, lives in an all-white neighborhood. him and his boomer neighbors are so self-righteous about being for ‘the little guy’, and ‘minorities’ (who are the majority already basically). yet they completely insulate themselves from being around them. The arrogance is sickening. I asked him why he lives in a white neighborhood and he just brushes off the question.
    They deserve to die alone, fuck ’em.

    1. The terrible shitheads brush off EVERY question. They cannot process facts and logic, and don’t believe that they need to justify any of their hare-brained ideas with any sort of evidence. Boomers will refuse to debate in almost every case because they are intellectual chicken shits who have lived their whole lives in a bubble of falsehood.

  13. Boomers would see all of western civilization burn before they’d miss a single benefit check. They are truly disgusting, traitorous worms. The most self-centered and self-important generation to ever walk the earth, and what did they do? Did they put men on the moon? No. That was their fathers. All they did was force negros into White classrooms and dissolve our constitutional right to freedom of assembly. And for that, they are eternally proud of themselves. Wretched beasts. They not only ripped off their own children, leaving a $20t debt behind, but they salted the earth so that no prosperity will ever again grow in an America full of savages and lemmings.

    1. That is a pretty good way to put it…but don’t ever tell them that, according to them they are the greatest, most badass, hardest working, unbelievably wise people to ever walk the earth and everything wrong with society is their children’s fault….you know, the children who are getting out voted by non-whites in our generation, the children who grew up in our F-d up society and stagnant economy where college is 5x more expensive than it was when they grew up, the children who also grew up in a sexual wasteland full of narcissistic whores and entitled feminist brats who will take you to the cleaners in family court if you accidentally impregnate them, or god-forbid, marry them.

      1. WES
        “Out voted”
        Oh, you are going to cock-block Tyrone and Fernando? Because fucking with a rubber for them is food without the taste. They’d father 4 kids anyhow whether there was welfare or not because their gonads and thinking are differently balanced than yours or most white people and also possibly women are more fertile than ours (We even see higher fertility with Sicilians).
        “Stagnant economy”
        Part of this is technology. If it were ONLY outsourcing that would be a better thing than the truth of automation, the internet-though this has enabled outsourcing to a horrendous degree.
        Unless you want to blame boomers for inventing the internet…this is really just progress.
        “Our f*cked up society”
        We can blame the Abbie Hoffmans for paving the way but are white Boomers and Tim Leary without blame.

      2. Wes,
        At least we boomers managed to fuck women of our own race, and not wank to porn in moms basement all our lives.

    2. Excellent arguments! Black and white male children are so different when educated together the white boys take serious violence and it is hell but this cannot be mentioned anywhere. The Js quickly leave to religious schools which are just a shoddy excuse to segregate – and they are a form of racial segregation in effect if you look at them. Why is there excuse valid?
      And if they ride a different vessel why let them navigate?

      1. ADAM
        I am not a Jew but I do not blame Jews for putting their kids in private schools where they do not face serious injury or at best, just becoming junkies.
        I’ll real off Detroit incidents of junior high horrors-
        1) One white girl was a Mud Shark and a bunch of blacks guys took shits in a toilet and then nearly drowned (I mean she was unconscious) her in the bowl full of shit after luring her into the boy’s toilet.
        2) Another white girl got brain damage.
        3) A 16 year old 9th grader (Blacks are always a year behind) stabbed another white kid for no reason. This was back before metal detectors and 13 year old black kids would bring old guns and knives to school everyday.
        4) I went to a Catholic school. Otherwise I might have been seriously assaulted.

        1. ADAM
          When I was young tuition was too high at Catholic schools for blacks too attend. That was before athletic scholarships.
          Also Jewish private schools were not free at all. Many poor Jews, and there are poor Jews in US society, could not afford them.

        2. The point is you shill fuck that white people are not afforded private schools of their own race yet Jews are allowed racial supremecist schooling where they salute a foreign flag learn their tribal language, get the opportunity to have a good education free of diversity and multicultural crap and are taught gentiles are the enemy.

    3. One of the main things the author and a lot of commenters are missing is a lot of Boomers are still having to pay for their grown children.
      I have seen a few things that have led me to suspect two things: 1) Some people are paying for their kids to get decent career jobs, 2) and a lot Millennials who get married and have kids do it for the grandparent pay off (“Aw mom, dad I just need a small loan of ten thousand for a new car. You don’t want me to have to drive little junior around in my old Honda Civic do you?”)

    4. It was the WW2 and silent gens who put negroes in white classrooms and ruined freedom of assembly. Even the oldest boomers were barely 20 yo when that happened.

  14. My father left my family when I was 3 to marry a feminist, career woman. I’m now 41, and my dad and stepmom are the biggest fucking cunts you can imagine. Narrow minded, judgmental, and just downright rude. I’ve cut ties with them as much as possible. And yes,they are both sociopath boomers.

  15. Probably the most truthful article on RoK in six months.
    Boomers are contemptible. They squandered their inheritance and will pass nothing but endless debt and war to their own children. They ran up $20T debt in our names just so they could guarantee themselves a huge suite of benefits that their children will never get to enjoy. Then, instead of fulfilling their end of the bargain by raising healthy, hard-working children, they lived only for themselves, barely bred at replacement level, and taught their daughters to hate the idea of creating life through childbirth. The inevitable result is that they need to import millions of high-fertility third world savages into the West in a desperate bid to make up for the collapsing population figures and pay for their unearned benefits that they voted for themselves.
    To add insult to injury, they subverted and destroyed everything that was once good about our society, crammed multicultural poison down our throats, embraced feminism and cultural marxism, and sabotaged their own sons. As if all that wasn’t bad enough the have totally reamed the next generations when it comes to employment and real estate opportunities.
    If there is a hell all Boomers will be in it. But first they will get their just rewards here on earth, as they are abused by third world animals in state-run nursing homes because their children can’t be bothered to have anything to do with them.

  16. I am a boomer. Their are a lot of us who went against the mind set of what you consider the typical Boomer philosophy. For example, I fought in Vietnam and ended up career military and then became a first responder. I have always fought against the prevailing conventional wisdom. I feel there is a sizable portion of the population that wants to destroy the traditional United States and Western civilization. They need to be stopped. I predict a bloody conflict or a coup. The best thing that could happen to the United States would be to become an empire. The Constitution is dead because of the judges. College students and high school students have been brain washed and are basically useful idiots. It will end badly. Like this website. I am over 65 years old and a white male who is not ashamed of who I am.

    1. You’re not a feminist public sector Baby Boomer living on a large pension somewhere in Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador and even South of France!

    2. Hey Commodore, for fighting in Vietnam no doubt that you’ll come to hell in boomer mainstream opinion.
      But in hell live the more interesting people and the more beautiful women

    3. You, sir, have all my respect and support. I can (barely) imagine what it is to go through decades of being cut off and rejected from the mainstream. Millenials are poor, but dissenters in general have way more possibilities these times thanks to the Internet.

    4. The Vietnam generation did really get fucked over by their blow hard GI generation parents.

    5. Their are a lot of us who went against the mind set of what you consider the typical Boomer philosophy. For example, I fought in Vietnam and ended up career military and then became a first responder. I have always fought against the prevailing conventional wisdom. I feel there is a sizable portion of the population that wants to destroy the traditional United States and Western civilization. They need to be stopped. I predict a bloody conflict or a coup.

      Commodore, since you are a Vietnam Vet, can you please enlighten us on WHY, after so many truths has been divulged on the Internet (ie. Gulf of Tonkin false flag to start Vietnam War, 9-11 false flag, Iraq War WMD ruse, Libya, ISIS/Daesh mercenaries armed, funded & train by NATO allies etc.) for ALL to SEE that boomer war Vets have never banded together with their military logistics expertise to relieve hard-working American citizens of the parasitically, destructive war-mongering ZOG/Bankster demon in Washington DC?
      Ironically, the Russians appear to be a lot more exceptional in this area by dispatching the New York led Bolshevik scum through purges. You don’t see dumb-fuckery policies by its military in contrast to the exceptional $700+ billion GI Joe military which seems to love overthrowing secular societies.
      I don’t know about the mindset of many ROKers here, but if my loved ones were ever to be collateral damage due to a Deep State/ZOG operation like Sept 11, Libya, Syria et al, I would be looking to dish out a serious lethal dose of vengeance on the enablers of these unjust events. Many military Vets appear to be just earning a paycheck (I get it!) while America is destroyed by foreign & domestic enemies – in business suits, mind you. Yet so many soldiers have died senselessly in these wars. Has no one (or the families of soldiers) in the military EVER thought about serious payback to these treasonous bought and paid bastards whom have KILLED their fellow comrades?
      War truly is a racket.

      1. Most afternmilitary service took their disability and pensions and turned “go along to get along” aboandoning principles along the way…if they had em to start with. also, if you look at the rest of American society, there really is very little that those veterans would want to sacrifice their lives for being that so many of them hate the veterans anyway. tell me the 90 percent of the non vet population deserves the sacrifices of the active duty and much less post-service sacrifices of Veterans for them as they go on their merry Anti American and American hating ways. I’m a veteran and there’s damn few people that I’d throw my life under a bus for outside of some rather close friends and my immediate family.

  17. I was skeptical about the Boomer Question, or really any generational differences until the last few months, but it’s true. Boomers use their atavistic ‘way of life’ (something they destroyed for everybody younger than them because it was ‘groovy’ and ‘righteous’) to ironically Boom-splain everything to us whippersnappers about what we are doing wrong with such absurdly aggressive naivety.
    Take, for instance, the ‘Mike Pence Rule.’ Well, you can’t get #MeToo-ed if you never allow yourself to be in the same room as them alone without witnesses, right? Well, guess what else is going to happen if you are married, but aren’t a successful politician like Mike Pence and you are actively avoiding women? Your wife will stop being attracted to you because your SMV decreases without the constant reassurance (to her) of outside female attraction (that signals he has better/other options), and guess what happens after that? Your marriage is wrecked. So the Boomer-dialectic replaces one dilemma with an even greater dilemma.
    You can even see it in the comments here about how all of life’s problems will be solved if we just ‘find Christ’ and stay male virgins deep into adulthood, holding out for a ‘trad-con’ gal. Then at church we will all meet a ‘nice’ girl who may have taken 100 dicks, needles and tattoos, several divorces, a few mixed kids and is over-the-hill, but she did the right thing, and now it’s your turn to rescue her, young man.
    That same simp self-flagellation operating-system stems from the need to blame men for everything back when men actually had all the power in the 1960s…almost like the ‘pick yourself up by the bootstrap’ saying turned on its spur. Like they think the gynocentrism they are unwittingly encouraging is a form of rugged individualism for men because the man is blaming himself for not just his problems, but women’s problems, and will solve all of it by taking credit for all failure. Boomer cataracts do not allow them to see this contradiction.
    Had it not been for Boomers, we would not have multimillionaire athletes that assert their dumb political views and bastardize society with their ghetto culture. They would still be porters slinging dope in the hood as a side gig to the part-time amateur job of chasing a ball instead of representing a city or state with misdirected ‘civic’ nationalism. But Boomers are the barflies, the season-ticket holders, the cable-subscribers subsidizing this bizarre worship, wearing his favorite buck’s name on his own back in public, even getting into arguments/fights with other Boomer voyeurs about who is the bigger ‘fan’ or who has the better team of sweaty thugs in tights.
    They tell their ‘ungrateful’ kids they have to get married, accumulate debt in college and buy a house or else the world will end. Their autism does not allow them to understand inflation, obsolescence or supply/demand. They initiate uncomfortable conversations with everybody at the gym because they are the only ones who do not wear earbuds since they still get their information from newspapers and nightly news. Don’t even get me started on their warmongering patriotism that they seemingly misplaced during Vietnam when they turned 18.

    1. Out-fucking-standing comment.
      The best you can expect from any Boomer is CivNat Conservative Cuckery. Anything more realistic than that and they fold up like the cowards they are.
      First generation in world history to intentionally screw over their own sons, almost irreparably. And they have not a shred of remorse – on the contrary, the more their wrongdoings are exposed the more they double down.

      1. No real conservatism in the west any longer. What kind of “conservative” supports bigger gov an “gay marriage” like for example UK’s Tories? People now are so illiterate that they’ve lost ability to understand written definitions of some ideas not to mention lack of common sense.

        1. The “conservative” in NeoConservatism is usually code speak: “more for me and my crony capitalist pals, less for you peons. And there’s nothing you can do about it because we control all 3 branches of government. Bitchez!” 😉

    2. “They tell their ‘ungrateful’ kids they have to get married, ”
      That’s correct, private, I have 3 daughters. Do you think I want to pay their expensive lifestyle until I die?
      Satcadir, 1956!😎

      1. I should have said sons. Of course, if it’s your daughters you should send them off to the highest bidder since they benefit entirely from marriage/divorce.

    3. “Your wife will stop being attracted to you because your SMV decreases without the constant reassurance (to her) of outside female attraction (that signals he has better/other options), and guess what happens after that? Your marriage is wrecked. So the Boomer-dialectic replaces one dilemma with an even greater dilemma.”
      That’s so ridiculous I’m sorry I even took the time to read it.

  18. One of the main critiques of Millennials is OUR constant need for acknowledgement, admiration, etc. While I wouldn’t disagree with the general premise of your article, i.e. that Baby Boomers are a nuisance and should accept their replacement, you do in some way discredit your opinion by the complaint that they don’t pat you on the back for your “gains.”
    Nevertheless, as a millennial I do see your point in the inability to discuss many topics with these people, as they can simply revert to their age as prima facie proof that they are correct in any assertion. I don’t mean to tout my own education (a majority of which was self-taught regardless of my Masters degree), but I can discuss at length, and in depth anything I have found to be of substance with even “experts” in the field. Still, boomers rarely accept this as any more than conjecture, and due to my age they are not completely unjustified in doing so (have you seen most Millennials?).

  19. Boomers retire with lavish pensions to cause housing bubbles as far as Ecuador! Fuck all of these Boomers who support feminism and leftism! May they die in hell!!!!

  20. Canadian Boomers have voted in mass immigration so that they can sell their bungalow that they paid about CAN$50,000 for in the 1980s for over CAN$1,000,000 to some money launderer from China, India, Iran, Eastern Europe or UAE. By the time Generation X, my generation, reaches 50, house prices will probably quadruple in price at today’s level. Boomers are also more likely to live to 110 years, so we have another 50 years with these entitled leftist flocks!

  21. The feminist Baby Boomer Professor who says that all men are rapists will retire with a pension that can afford an affluent lifestyle in Costa Rica, while you Millennial feminists will have to suck d.i.c.k. for $20 and work at Walmart as a greeter until you die.

    1. Tzuno
      Dubai Indian Immigrants to Brampton
      I am American and worked in Dubai and Brampton gets the real criminal shitbags of the Indian population.
      Their utter contempt for white Canadians is unbelievable. Now of course many Canadians working in the US sneer at Yankee rubes but the Indians really despised white Canadians as polite, naive, middle-class, honest people. All qualities taken as weakness by them.

    2. TZUNO
      This is actually true-no matter how “fem-friendly” things get middle class white women are no longer anything but a vagina, anus and mouth due to social-economic realities.
      As the middle class evaporates more and more young women are becoming strippers, porn actresses or prostitutes who would never have even considered such a thing 25 years ago.
      They will say it is “empowering” but the reality is that males today no longer need to marry to have sex and women prefer to be concubines to Chad the stud than be monogamous so they get shit and are left with no option but to suck the penises of beastly males for money.

    3. Tzuno
      True. Now that marriage is non-existent women are reduced to holes that provide friction.

  22. He strikes me as a whinny european nancy man without the guts to stand against the moslems over running his homeland……….soooo, he comes here to lecture Americans . Screw him!

  23. You guys paint with a very broad brush. So let me get this straight. Me (born 1962) Bad….You (born 1964) good. Thanks for defining me.

    1. Don’t take it so personal. Our Generation Y is ridiculed endlessly as they should for their tranny, SJW, participation awards, but we don’t internalize it because a lot of us hate all of those things so much that we take glee in their self-destruction since we know they do not define the rest of us.

      1. Yea I hear you. But I thought the whole point of this site is for men to better themselves. Bashing on each other is counter productive and will get us nowhere.

        1. Well, in the Current Year, nothing is immutable. Roosh lives off this site, so of course if it affects his bottom line, he’ll be receptive to it. But the manosphere overall seems to be in flux, where all of its elements have converged into one confluence (nationalism/MGTOW) since there is no market for the rest of it anymore, as it is no longer relevant IRL. The ‘bashing’ is kind of a ‘burn-it-all-down’ thing right now. Boomers are not so much the target themselves, as much as their cliché hedonistic disposition is because every bastardizing element in society is under scrutiny. People want the Current Year to end and they will turn over every stone to ferret out everything that contributed to it.

  24. If Millennials couldn’t complain, make excuses, and/or blame others they would all be a generation of mutes.

  25. Articles like this–and there have been many of them, starting in the mid-90s–used to upset me. They are so full of shit in almost every way. Most Boomers I know are dead broke. While many of them are hard headed about the things that they “learned” while growing up, as is every generation, the Boomers had several different stages of growing up: the beatnik/hippys, then the stockbrokers and pro-Vietnam war ones later. So, you never know what type of Boomer you are talking to.
    I say these idiotic articles used to upset me, but now they make me laugh. The reason? Becasue for some reason, all recent articles bashing Boomers omit an entire generation that came after: Gen-X.
    And it’s sad, but in the end hilarious. When I was in my 40s, in the early 90s, I hooked into a huge group in the city I lived in that were almost all Gen-X, meaning at that time they were in their 20s. I still am acquainted with a number of them via sockal media. They are almost all, to a man (or woman), SJW’s, virtue signalers, 3rd wave feminists. And they raised their kids, the Milennials, to believe that they could do anything and that everybody wins.
    Yet, these ignorant writers seem to have forgotten: the Boomers are more grandparents to the Milennials than parents. Yeah there are exceptions like Mic Jagger having kids at 70 or that guy you referenced who left nothing to his kids only his new trophy wife and new babies. Those guys are grandpas with money doing what men do: marrying younger women. Women want babies. They have babies even though they are grandpas. Stop bashing Boomers, you dick.
    Start bashing Gen-X. Hell, start even mentioning them! You have one reference to that generation and you trucated it to just “X”. Bullshit. The Boomers are history, buddy, save for all but the rich ones, and even they can’t live forever. Your daddy and momma were Gen-X, not Boomer.

    1. restless
      Few things:
      The real cynical and deadbeat Gen X are the later ones (Like me, born 1974) who were born during the unlovely 70’s when the amorality and hedonism and cynicism were at a fever-pitch.
      People born in the middle 60’s were Gen X but also Yuppies whose parents were really too old to be hippies.
      To be a real Gen X “slacker” you had to have been born from 1970-1979.

    2. restless
      My parents were “straights” by 60’s standards (Dad was an army medic, Mom an architect) but most hardcore hippie boomers who are 60-75 now don’t have a fucking pot to piss and are dying poverty with their baggie of pot and their poster of John Lennon.
      The real hardcore hippies ended up being of little consequence and I know this from being from Detroit.
      To be a 40 year old hippie in 1987 was regarded as totally pathetic by most of society in the Reagan era.
      When I went to college in 1992 at age 18 there were some old hippies my Dad’s age hanging around on campus and I thought…these guys are fucking pathetic to be 43 and still hanging around college campuses talking about 70’s.

    3. Dude, I hate neo-con, conservative boomers too. You know, the “Muh Drill oil Baby” retards, and the idiots who in many cases sold us out with all these free trade agreements and H-1B visa imports….ya, this has nothing to really do with hippies, this is about the most ignorant, naive, and stupid fucking generation that ever lived…the baby boomers. For a baby boomer to criticize their children is honestly the most pathetic things a generation could do since you WERE THE ONES THAT RAISED US, you created the environment that molded us. Is my Millennial generation retarded, YOU BETCHA, but for you baby boomers to deny your MASSIVE part in making this country the shithole it is is beyond cowardly and pathetic. YOU WERE THE FUCKS IN CHARGE, LITERALLY THE LARGEST WHITE VOTING DEMOGRAPHIC IN AMERICAN HISTORY, AND YOU STILL ARE!!!! I think a lot of you baby boomers think that all millennials are white kids, when in fact it is probably about 40% of my generation that are not even white and they LOVE all this anti-white shit, and they vote for liberals and socialism. However, the reason they are in this country is thanks to you DUMBASS BABY BOOMERS!!! BYE

      1. the hatred between generationS all hinges on the one thing you just mentioned, RESPONSIBILITY FOR FAILING THE FOLLOW ON GENERATIONS. Yep the horrible R word, responsibility. Boomers deny its their fault, and the follow ons deny its their onus to fix it because damn, thats more work and sacrifice from being set up by the boomers. Im gen x apparently, and my entire life has been toil and lose, work and lose, slave and lose, sacrifice and lose. and yet i always keep going. fuck im tired of it, so now IDGAF anymore. im gonna run a little interference for my kids, but they are fucked too. at least i will go out with a big fuck you to the world.

        1. A big problem Neal is that baby boomers are still fucking us over…sure you can fix a lot of things as long as the generation in charge isn’t continuing to fuck you over. It is also hard to do anything when your generation has already been invaded by foreigners. Baby boomers literally allowed us to get colonized. What the fuck are we suppose to do? You still have all these old baby boomer republicans telling men to buck up and get married, these baby boomers are still passing pro-women legislation, they are not taking immigration issues seriously and will probably give out another amnesty, they think EVERYTHING revolves around taxes, they continue to try and appease minorities (which will get nowhere), they all worship their daughters and they were the ones to raise them to be narcissistic “empowered” whores, regardless of whether they did it intentionally or just because they are naive idiots who just followed the social trend. Fuck baby boomers, ALL OF THEM; conservatives, centrists, liberals…they are all dumb as hell. They are children that never grew up.

    4. where the fuck do you live??? I’m in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and every single fucking boomer I know is RICHER THAN GOD off their fucking houses they bought for 120k and sold for 2 million… not too mention they had solid steady jobs with benefits and pensions. You can’t bring up the unfairness younger dudes like me have to face because its just “whiny” and we need to just “work harder”… yeh ok… I’m facing facts and just grinding, but it kills me that I can’t afford a $500k house 2 hours away from my job, my father gives me shit about it constantly…” why don’t you EVER have ME over for a BBQ??” I don’t know dad could I get a loan for a cinema camera so to attract higher clients???? LMFAO hells no, ask the bank…

  26. Boomers were the most selfish generation to ever live they fucked over all other generation including mine(millennials) after them.If it was up to me all boomers would have hung for treason. But hopeful the boomers pension collapses within there life time.

  27. Another rule about the Boomer: They all, without fail, cuck for Israel and the Jew.
    I moved to Vietnam and I don’t make enough money to pay U.S. taxes, so I never have to support Boomers in their spoiled rotten retirement or deal with their degenerate, disconnected politics.

    1. Bingo. My pops(born ’57) sends $10k annually to israel benefits(persecuted christians) Would he help out his sons from the dregs of poverty? Nope! Now one boy is dead (H) the other on his way.
      Truely i see now that the entire world really IS against the young white man. I work p/t at a retirement complex. Upper mid level place. A few geezers are decent. Most are toxically negative.

  28. Is this ROK or Jezebel. Sounds like a bunch of feminists bashing on men. It’s the Boomer patriarchy keeping you down……

  29. Does anyone else have to deal with hourly Boomer employees? These fucks will try to fart around in the office playing Bejeweled after hours and will eat up the quarterly overtime budget in two weeks if you don’t police them. And I’m sure they go home and pat themselves on the back for “working” 14 hours a day.
    If it were solely my decision I’d hire nothing but Gen Xers and the older(30-36) Millennials.

    1. Ya, those baby boomers who always talk about how much they work and how unbelievably productive they are…yet most of the time they just walk around the office talking about politics, culture, and how stupid the millennial generations are. I quite a job because I was surrounded by a bunch of neo-con, oil obsessed, Rush Limbaugh baby boomer types….they are truly the most retarded people on earth, and they are so disconnected from reality is is unbelievable. OMG, and their amazing daughters, many of whom seemed to be nothing but single mother career types. Or then you get those real religious types who go around and preach their morality while then turning around and laughing about their adventures at strip clubs and shit when they were younger. I swear, baby boomers are fucking degenerate.

      1. They’re huge sycophants to the brass, too. Worked in a building with a facilities guy who closed tickets with notes like “ill fix it later” and never came back from lunch half the time. A manager(younger Gen-X) tried to raise the alarm and was canned for mysterious reasons. And it turned out facilities man was friends with the district manager. Go figure.

  30. Let me put this as politely as I can.
    Fuck you.
    Your representation of “all” boomers as being libtard hippy trash is intellectually disingenuous, and in fact is the very behavior that I would expect from that crowd.
    Whatever I have, I worked hard for and earned, which is what a man does. Next time consider separating the wheat from the chaff before assaulting the character of an entire “generation”.

    1. Come on. The short-haired, greyed ladies your age driving the Lexus with the Obamacare bumper sticker is just as destructive as the blue-haired bitches our age with the abortion/gay marriage bumper sticker. Stop getting so butthurt. We take a load of abuse for being wimpy failures-to-launch, so you can take a little criticism too.

      1. Work with mostly women. They used to start out pretty and slowly start to look prison butch, the new crop of girls are fat and butch out the gate. I don’t care for an age pissing match, the new gen has more work to do though.

    2. If you think the article is talking about literally every boomer then you are probably one of the stupid boomer faggots the article is talking about.

    3. @Robert, another NABALT argument smashed a thousand times in the ‘sphere. The general rule is undisputed: Boomers are the most selfish and reckless generation living, starting from 80’s corporate hostile takeovers, replacing safety nets like corporate retirements with 401ks, gross fraud and abuse of the financial system like Enron, the housing bubble, synthetic derivatives, $20T in debt (Thanks GW-Bush, Clinton and Obama Boomers!), acceleration of the destruction of the family unit. Boomers “worked hard” at gaming the system is all, and left a pile of wreckage for succeeding generations to clean up.
      Thanks a lot motherfuckers.

  31. First of all to the author fuck off. Wish I could say it in person.
    1. Total horseshit. Your lumping an entire generation, blacks, whites city people, suburbanites, country bumpkins, everyone born in a certain generation. There have been study after study showing most boomers DO NOT have enough money to retire. So shove the bubbles of comfort thing.
    2. The only people I can really talk to are a few of my surviving boomer friends. They know more about history, geography, politics, demographics, culture you name it. Not one of them is an SJW or a liberal. We are the last generation that had a semblance of an education. The ones that came after us are dumb as dirt and have the test scores to prove it.
    3. Those liberal assholes you describe do exist but let me remind you that if it were up to those younger than us the bitch would have won going away. We voted for Trump and God help you when we’re gone.
    4. Older men have always been threatened by younger men. That is as old as humanity itself. Some of the best mentors to young men I have ever known were guys I grew up with. Teachers, coaches, cops, clergy. We have kids and grand kids. You think we hate them and want them to die like you asshole seem to hate all of us?
    5. Who is buying off all the choice real estate in Canada, the west coast of the US and other choice american metro areas? It ain’t us dickhead, it’s the Chinese. Did you ever here of Terry Savage? She’s one of the best financial reporters in the US. As early as the 1980’s she was calling us boomers “the inflation generation” because of the hyper inflation occurring then that was preventing many young people from even buying a house at that time. It’s true that many boomers have benefited but mainly those who live in pricey metro areas. Not so much if you live in a midwestern or southern community. These inflationary forces in the housing market were something we had to deal with, not one we created.
    6. When I was young jazz was much more popular than it is now. Jazz being the highest form of musical expression. Every genre of music was better in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I got banned previously by an ROK heavyweight because I called him out for his love of gangsta rap. The culture is in the trash barrel and the worst of the worst came after us.
    7. The recession of the early 80’s almost wiped me out. Family was two days away from living in our car. It took me a decade to recover. Then I survived two near fatals in my mid and late 40’s. Wiped out three times, had to come back each time. In spite of a very modest wealth build up we have been super generous to kids and grandkids.
    8. Is this the territory you want your “brand” to go Roosh?
    9. I haven’t even read any of the comments. If this is the way it is the hell with this site. I don’t personally know or deal with any of the stereotypes you have written about here. All you have done is proven that no matter how bad we may be you are dumb as a post.

    1. “Not one of them is an SJW or a liberal”…it doesn’t matter you fucking moron. Libertarian, neo-con conservative baby boomers are just as fucking stupid and naive.
      “It ain’t us dickhead, it’s the Chinese”…ya, who was around in the 90s and early 2000’s who let these people in? Who was in charge of the companies that hired all the Asians/illegal immigrants, etc etc??? What generation was in charge at that time, and is still in charge today?
      “Is this the territory you want your “brand” to go Roosh?” Oh, so we cannot criticize a generation that was in charge during our decline…really…wow, you are a stereotypical baby boomer.
      Ya, and even while you were poor back in the day you didn’t have to worry about getting fucked over by racial issues, and potentially getting fired for say something politically incorrect. You think it is bad for you? PFFF, imagine what it will be like for us, we won’t even really have a country.

      1. WES
        Clinton was the one who really “let the Chinese in” with NAFTA agreements.
        This was after the Japanese bubble burst and trade wars with that country were over. If you are younger than me (Born 1974) you don’t remember when Japan was our China, especially in Detroit.

        1. Bro, NAFTA had nothing to do with Asian immigrants. Asian immigration and even Muslim immigration really only set off at rocket speed under Bush Junior. Yes, the oil obsessed, “muh individualism”, “muh diversity is our greatest strength”, neo-conservative, Republican, baby boomer dumbass Bush Jr. was the one who got the globilist open borders thing rolling. At the very end of Clinton’s administration our immigration was less than half of what it is today. Hell, even Obama was better at deporting illegals than Bush Jr.
          Japan having a large, technologically advanced industrial base, and a strong economy has nothing to do with open borders and immigration. Japan’s economy was also nothing like China’s…Japan is actually a civilized democracy that has environmental regulations, decent pay, and worker rights…they are not the Asian slave nations that we import from these days. American companies actually had a fair chance at competing with the Japs.

      2. “It ain’t us dickhead, it’s the Chinese”…ya, who was around in the 90s and early 2000’s who let these people in?
        The Immigration Act was passed in 1965 and took effect in 1968. When it was passed the oldest Boomers were 19 and the youngest ones still in their cribs. The demographic tidal wave started long before the 90’s. In fact Reagan had a chance to shut it down in 1986 but let himself get bamboozled by a Democratic Congress. Reagan was born in 1911.

        1. @who cares…the immigration act was designed for southern and eastern Europeans, and our immigration rate for the following decades after that barely changed. The immigration tidal wave didn’t start to take off till the 90’s and especially the 2000’s. “The demographic tidal wave started long before the 90’s”…not really, and even Reagan’s amnesty didn’t really contribute that much to the demographic decline COMPARED to the late 90’s and 2000’s. We have literally seen more immigrants (especially non-white) in the last 20 years than in the previous 100 years.

    2. @Who Cares, you and your friends may be an exception that proves the rule, but it is well documented (The Fourth Turning and generationaldynamics website), Boomers have the greatest contempt for the Greatest Generation, winners of WWII.
      You can’t deny that Boomers are the aging hippies of the 60s, and most are exactly as described in the article, notwithstanding deviations from the mean such as yourself. Your personal experiences are a data point of exactly 1 and prove nothing with respect to the general rule – that Boomers are monumentally selfish and have been reckless with the future of Our Posterity, Bush II, Clinton, Obama, leaving the US in a hell hole of debt that will contribute to financial collapse. Boomers architected the greatest and grandist housing bubble and subsequent Great Recession, ushered in “Greed is Good”, hostile takeovers, and raped companies retiring in grand wealth time and again.

      1. You can’t deny that Boomers are the aging hippies of the 60s, and most are exactly as described in the article, notwithstanding deviations from the mean such as yourself.
        You are describing a subset of Boomers that definitely exists. The MSM ordained them as the definers of a generation. They are a small subset. Do you think a black kid in Woodlawn Chicago, a Polish kid in West Mifflin Pa or a farm boy in you name the state was likely to become a hippie and retain that persona up until his old age? A few. Not many. Nobody I grew up with I can tell you that.

  32. This is a fantastic article but leaves out an entire generation, the Gen Xers (or ’13er’ generation). I guess they’ll be the only hope for any possible return of Western prosperity, with the newest youngest woke Generation Zyklon acting as the foot solders.
    It’s true Boomers are a scourge upon the West in all the ways mentioned, while the ‘Slacker Nation’, Millennials are handicapped by helicopter moms and crippling feminism.

    1. BURNER
      Gen X was too old to really be at the forefront of any of this. I was 29 when the Iraq war started, for example.

  33. Problem here is that one generation blames another for present situation or proof that gen A is still better than gen B. However when you put your time and effort to carefully study the history you will notice that society started eroding slowly long before babyboomers and millenials were born. Who I should hate? My blue-pilled daddy for being weak naive or his asshole father for treating him and his family like rubbish?

  34. So now (((they))) are trying to put the blame for everything on “Boomers” a.k.a. your own grandparents.
    I see. Everybody but (((them))). And I mean everybody.

    1. Have you ever met a Boomer who doesn’t absolutely WORSHIP the Tribe? I haven’t. The Eternal Parasite and the Boomer are symbiotic species. The Parasite was able to completely mold the Boomer to his way of seeing the world with nary a protest. The Parasite taught the Boomer that his own country, his people, his religion, and his history were all wrong, and it all needed to be wrecked and destroyed and turned inside out to pay penance for imaginary past wrongs.
      The Boomer ate up all the lies with a smile on his face and asked for a second helping.
      The Boomer fell and prostrated himself at the altar of feminism, multiculturalism, multiracialism, atheism, globalism, materialism, and narcissism. He never questioned a word of it for he was too busy patting himself on the back for being so enlightened.
      Even at the cost of his own descendants prosperity, the Boomer forged ahead, more determined with each passing year to permanently destroy our nation by inviting in millions more low-IQ parasites and racking up unpayable debt levels.
      Now that the writing is clearly on the wall, that the Boomer has destroyed the greatest nation in the history of the world – and he has done this all over the world in every single White nation on earth – the Boomer recoils from the truth like a vampire from holy water.
      The Boomer ruined his children’s lives and ruined the world but he just can’t bring himself to admit it. He still to this day continues in his Cucked ways, worshipping negros, sportsball, mass immigration, forced integration, miscegenation, drug abuse, single motherhood, and every other form of radical (((left-wing))) social warfare that has been unleashed upon us.
      In short, without the Eternal Boomer, the Eternal Tribesman never would have found fertile ground in which to sow his nation-wrecking schemes.

      1. Boomer’s worship them because Abie Hoffman et al were at the forefront of the 1960’s counter-culture.

        1. Abie Hoffman and Allan Ginsberg were at the forefront of the counter culture because it was a phony culture created in think tanks by Frankfurt School hebrews intent on subduing Western power and clipping America’s wings.
          It was the same as all so-called counterculture movements. Led be the very same (((folks))) who created all the original problems, playing both roles in the puppet theater, constantly promoting their own into positions of influence through endless repetition, endless free exposure.
          The solution is to unplug the Talmudvision – permanently.

      2. All I know is that hatred towards our old people, our own parents/gradnparents is peddled in the Media by the (((tribe)))

        1. Arabs too, but they do not give a shit and Emirates are doing well.
          Just visit Dubai, where I worked.
          They make more money than the “tribe” (Must be some convoluted J conspiracy here) and do not give a shit.
          See a big part of this is that the “tribe” somehow can make whites in the Flyover (But probably not Irish-Catholic millionaires in NYC) care about this garbage.

        2. Nazis don’t even have a country in the middle east. Wealthy Js are smart enough not to downgrade their race or nation, they won’mix with significantly less intelligent races or leave European quality of life. Js in the West are a bigger beast to tame. To influence the West is more of an accomplishment than being born on some oil.

      3. Have you ever met a Boomer who doesn’t absolutely WORSHIP the Tribe? I haven’t. The Eternal Parasite and the Boomer are symbiotic species. The Parasite was able to completely mold the Boomer to his way of seeing the world with nary a protest. The Parasite taught the Boomer that his own country, his people, his religion, and his history were all wrong, and it all needed to be wrecked and destroyed and turned inside out to pay penance for imaginary past wrongs.
        I’m a boomer and I grew up with them in a large northern city. Have you ever met a Jew? Ever heard of Ayn Rand, Aaron Russo, Mark Levin, Murray Rothbard, Wayne Root? Ever listened to Lee Konitz, Benny Goodman, Herbie Mann? I’ll ask again, do you even know any Jews or one thing about them? They are a lot more complex and complicated a people than you could ever imagine. Some of the most vicious leftists in the history of the world had not one drop of Jewish blood coursing in their veins.

        1. Exhibit A. Every Boomer in the fucking universe is a huge nation-wrecker apologist and Israel-Firster.
          B-b-b-but muh Benny Goodman! muh Sandy Koufax!
          Shut TFU Boomer scum, you make me want to vomit. All these decades and you still haven’t figured it out.

    2. ((amazing insight)) everybody but THEM keep’ em divided & fighting while I go to the bank. Sounds like a horror movie,Divide & Conquer starring((THEM)) Creepy candles and all. I really feel sorry for anyone under 30. You better learn how to handle firearms and make explosives cause ((THEM)) already have a plan going for you!

  35. Grouping all people under one label is problematic. While I generally agree with your article there are always exceptions. Usually those boomers who spent significant time in the military (I’m certain this isn’t the only exception)are an exception as they have been taught the meaning, and value, of self-sacrifice. Although this too is not always the case. I find this also to be true with regard to Millennials.

    1. Military Boomers are usually Oath Keeper types – total CUCKS and CivNat FAGGOTTTS who would love for their daughter to shack up with Jamal the running back.

  36. “Boomers rebelled against their parents who had toiled and struggled dutifully.”
    Leftism/Marxism began to take hold of the West in the 1800s, when Marx lived. Every generation from that point on became more and more leftist. In Eastern Europe, communism took hold. In the West, it was cultural Marxism. Same shit (basically).
    First wave feminism became a thing in the early 1900s, before boomers were even born. “Women’s rights” had been a thing even in the 1800s.
    Just because the “greatest generation” (notice the quote marks) fought in WW2 doesn’t mean they were truly traditionalist and non-leftist. The fact that their children (the boomers) turned out the way they did says a lot about them.

    1. Very good comment, but I would like to correct you in one important thing: cultural Marxism is FAR more dangerous than communism was in Eastern Europe. I was born in Poland in 80s so it was few decades after soviets “honoured” us with this “gift” but people saw the results as enemy was visible. For example: finding decent women in 70s or 80s in Poland was relatively easy for someone who wanted, relations between neighbours usually were warm – people help each other often. Trouble kicked out when we regained our “freedom” and whole shit from the west started corrupting our minds. Now polish women have a reputation of massive whores and many polish men, who’s fathers teach them old school “chivalry”, are massive simps. Anyway Marx said that communism will start in west, everyone was laughing few decades back…but now? Well…

    2. Bro, the greatest generation didn’t take shit to the lengths baby boomers did. AT THE VERY LEAST the greatest generation protected the demographic and upheld the culture as much as possible, that is why the boomers grew up and inherited so much economic wealth in a nation that was 90% white. The greatest generation actually pushed immigration down to some of the lowest levels in our history. Also, when it came to feminism you have to cut the greatest generation some slack, they never could have imagined that wifey, grandma, mom, sister, and daughter would ever vote against them, and vote in favor for mass colored dick immigration….all men thought back then was, ok, so women get to vote but we still hold all the positions of power and make all the calls. This is why it took till the 80’s to pass the Equal Rights act, and the late 60’s to pass many of the degenerate shit we have today. Also, remember that the great generation only really lived till the age of 60, so it is not like today where baby boomers are still in full force in their late 60’s with probably another 20 years to go. Not to mention that baby boomers were a much larger generation than the great generation to begin with, so add increased lifespan to that and it is no wonder the baby boomers took over so quickly when it came to culture. A good example of the generational difference between the greatest generation and the baby boomers would be to compare the politics and social views of the wars in Korean war and Vietnam.

      1. The greatest generation actually pushed immigration down to some of the lowest levels in our history.
        Actually the “greatest generation” passed the Immigration Act of 1965. Look it up, see how easily it passed both houses of Congress.

        1. Bro, the immigration act of 1965 was passed with the promise it would not change the demographic. It was literally designed to unite southern and eastern European families. It was not till the 90’s and 2000’s that the tidal wave, especially the non-white tidal wave, of immigrants started. We have seen more immigration in total numbers in the last 20 years than we saw in the previous 100 years, and at the same time white birth rates have fallen dramatically (thanks baby boomer, female empowerment, culture).

        2. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 had a far larger impact on the demographics of the US then the 1965 Immigration Act. In 1986, the US was at least more then 80% white. The 2nd half of the Reagan administration was completely different then his 1st half. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why.

  37. I disagree with number 5. I think a person should make as much money as they can and work as long as they want to. If they bought a house when housing was cheap good for them.
    The lack of good jobs is because of liberal policies that encouraged companies to build factories in other countries in the 80’s and 90’s and a lack of response to protectionist tariffs and taxes by countries like china. They Also keep flooding us with immigrants. Its supply and demand. Lots of people and few jobs mean low pay.
    The idea that old people should quit their jobs to make room for someone younger is not something I agree with.
    You will notice that most of the places with large housing issues are liberal enclaves. They make it extremely costly to build anything new. They limit how tall structures can be, where buildings can be built, what kind of studies need to be done on the neighborhood and environment before construction can begin, they regulate what it can look like and who you can target to live there. This all limits what gets built and keeps the supply low relative to the population.
    I blame the concentration of liberals for this mess.
    More boomers identify as conservative than liberal by a large margin.

    1. They identify conservative for all the wrong reasons….they just want low taxes for themselves and their late life crisis, they want more oil to fill their RV and trucks up with, they want less regulations on their business so they can dump more toxic waste in our environment and consume excessive amounts of resources, or they are just Jesus freaks who want abortion banned and the bible to be taught in school. Guarantee you that none of them really care about immigration. They are usually the CivNat fags who just want the illegals to “just go back and then come in legally”. They are all woman worshiping pussies, especially when it comes to their daughters. They are trad-con retards who still don’t get reality, and they continue to preach the same Marxist BS of “diversity is our strength”…”women are equal to men”…”race don’t matter”…”I am so proud my daughter is so independent and career oriented”…”nationalism is fascist”.

    2. Thank you Eric for a reasoned reply. The American economy boomed between 1946-1973. It has been extremely problematic since then. Back to back severe recessions in 1974-75 and 1980-81 were devastating to the industrial and farm belts. The generation that actually benefited most from good times was not the Boomers. It was not the so called “greatest generation” either. It was the “silent generation” those born between 1925-45. They were a smaller cohort, most born during the Depression and WWII years and they came of age when the American economy was at its peak. They were in the right place at the right time when it was possible to really make a good stable living.

  38. This article was written by a millennial. Like Mr. Burner said above, he’s right. Andre can fuck off. I was born in 1960 and raised by parents and grandparents that lived during the Depression and WW2. Hence, no one gave me anything, I worked everything I have. Meaning- I earned it. (I.e. I therefore appreciate and value what I have.) And the same can be said to those born before me. Boomers didn’t sit back and wait on the entitlement gravy train. It didn’t exist. On the contrary, jobs were plentiful, a good education could be gained- not given. And companies rewarded their commitment and years of service because they- apparently, ended up being productive members of society. AND THEY HAD YOU. So, if they now enjoy the fruits of their labor, so be it. Boomers may have been loosely associated to the hippie movement by default, the vast majority of us refused to participate in that retarded clap trap. Boomers created the computer, was the force behind the greatest economic engine the World has ever seen, went to the Moon, fed the starving, cured diseases…, we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves to a generation that hasn’t done dick, and then possesses the moral indignation to complain about the circumstances. What a shit article for someone to judge an era he didn’t participate in or contribute towards.

    1. Sorry pal, this one is 51 years old.
      This article is at least 80% correct. Before you reply remember that I saw all of this happening as a kid, and guess who was behind it? The man-bashing feminism, the political correctness, you name it?
      You shot yourself in the foot and don’t even know it. If the economy was so good when they were young, then who ruined it not long after? Who had the numbers and who was in charge? Who gave us NAFTA? Who sold out the younger people with H1B hires and outsourcing? Who created the massive deficit?
      Checkmate. You lose.

    1. Ray- These guys know shit about history. They just see their world coming apart and need someone to blame. They take the easy way out never knowing who is really pulling the puppet’s strings. It’s sad how easy it is to manipulate men. Even in the so called red pill manosphere.

  39. Compared to millenials, Boomers are normal and sane. IT is the millennials who tell us that there are 161 genders and believe the ridiculous notion that someone can change their sex with surgery and makeup. Millennials are the ones dying their hair unnatural colors and piercing their faces and genitalia with various hardware. It is millennials who slaughter us in traffic accidents as they text while driving. It is millennials whose intelligence has diminished and who are addicted to their smart phones and social media.

    1. Sure. Just listen to Trigglypuff’s ranting in those audio interviews and tell me that she came up with all of that herself. Couldn’t possibly be Boomer professors and Boomers running the media.
      Boomers are the ones behind it. When a Boomer says “well do something about it” it never occurs to that one that doing so means, by definition, going against Boomers and their works.
      And we know how well they tolerate that, now don’t we?

    2. Eric
      Sad to say but Gen X started the hair-dying, genital piercing, bisexual chic, tattooed “alternative” thing.
      As late as 1990 when I was 16 only biker chicks had tattoos and nobody pierced their dick but London punks squatting in the East end.

      1. That shit was all forced from the top down by the (((usual suspects))) who by that time were in full control of creating phony American subcultures designed to subvert the youth and erode the national character. Hippie rock, disco, punk, gangster rap, glam metal – all of it traces back to the pernicious tribe of narcissistic sociopaths who have attached themselves to our cultural organs like tapeworms.

        1. JOHN
          Couple a three things
          1) Jews manage to RAISE the money to make motion pictures and so on. I don’t know why but it is much more difficult for non-Jews to raise $100,000,000 to make motion pictures.
          Compare Jared Taylor’s crude Power Point zero production-value videos with the sort of shit Hollywood can create.
          EXAMPLE: “Lethal Weapon II” This film was probably intended to grease the wheels of anti-Aparthied and it worked. Watch the film now. It is ridiculous. South African Ambassador decides to SELL HEROIN in Los Angeles and SHOOTS COPS. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.
          But because of all the money that went into that budget…it worked.
          2) Whites eat up the shit.

    3. Look at the newest article that blames millennials as wimps….and not a single Gen-Y commenter bitching and moaning like you geriatric crybabies….’wahhhh NABALT!!’ You guys take EVERYTHING too personal. We are tougher than you despite all the weirdos. This proves it. All you care about it Medicare, Social Security and spectator sports. Pretty entitled compared to anybody else.

  40. At its heart, the anger towards the boomer generation is based on the in-distribution of wealth. Gen X’s, Y’s and Millenials are facing a declining economic system, high rents in proportion to declining wages, impossibility to buy their own home, which was one of the goals/standards of the boomers as well as less job security. So there are a lot of angry young and middle aged men struggling to raise families or just get by and it doesn’t matter how hard they may work or how committed to their jobs they may be. They are frequently finding out that they are disposable and undervalued and paid accordingly. So they look around and want to know why, and then they see the one generation that seems to have had it all – the home, the stable career or work opportunities and salaries able to support a family. They then see the cruises abroad, the Harley’s bought from midlife crises or the constant dinner parties and they say – “that why – the reason I’m working 2 jobs and barely able to afford rent on a 1 bed flat with 2 kids and a wife working part time, whilst boomers parent are divorced and living in their own 3 bed houses, going on their second exotic holiday of the year and basically having a party “spending the inheritance” then you’ll understand where the anger is coming from. There is no smoke without fire. It is unnatural for one generation to have so much hatred towards another. There is reason for it.

    1. You described what I’m going through and my parents to a T. I tried calling my mom the other day to ask tax advice and she didn’t answer, she was in Honduras, scuba diving, she doesn’t even bother telling us (her kids) where she’s vacationing now with rich af husband no. 3.

  41. Lots of angry boomers here! I’m sure you’d have no problem jumping on the latest “Let’s blame the Millennials for XYZ” article. And before you try, no I’m not a millennial.
    You can dish it, but you can’t take it. Buncha slack jawed faggots!

    1. Lots of angry boomers here! I’m sure you’d have no problem jumping on the latest “Let’s blame the Millennials for XYZ” article. And before you try, no I’m not a millennial.
      We voted for Trump. They voted for the bitch. That fact seems to be completely ignored here. No, I don’t hate millennials. They are my grand kids and I love them. Do my best to red pill them in small doses. They’re the ones that really got the cultural marxist crap rammed down their throats. It’s very hard to get them to see past it. No I don’t hate them but I don’t think that generation is prepared for the hell that will be unleashed upon them.

  42. I was born in ’65!
    And how I wish a source of information like Return Of Kings was around back then. If there was a book or something similar to the content here, I never knew about it.
    Long story short. I won’t argue.
    I agree with the article and the comments here wholeheartedly.
    I also want you all to know, until recently, I lived in poverty all my life. No inheritance. No scholarship. No benefactor.
    Young men. Are you angry?
    I don’t blame you.
    At least there is neo-masculinity now. When I was growing up, we got Jimmy Carter.

    1. If nothing else Jimmy Carter was an honest man, willing to do physical work with his charity.
      To blame him for the 1970s recession was ridiculous. He became President in 1975. Before that we went off the gold standard, the costly Vietnam War had just ended, and does anyone here remember the OPEC oil embargo and those mile-long gas lines, “odd/even days?”
      The best President in the universe could not have averted the financial problems that resulted.

      1. Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976; sworn in 1977. According to Secret Service Agents who protected him, Jimmy Carter was a gigantic liar.
        Economic woes during that time were not his fault. TRUE!
        Hostage crisis that dragged on for 444 days in Iran IS.
        Anyway, there is no genuine leadership to be had in America, no matter where we look. And I remember the gas lines. I also remember sky-high unemployment and people’s hours at work being cut.
        Happy to hear from you.

        1. No he wasn’t, unless you want to credit him with time travel and probability/timeline distortion.
          How could he possibly be blamed for those economy-wrecking factors that occurred before he was President?

        2. No he wasn’t, unless you want to credit him with time travel and probability/timeline distortion.
          How could he possibly be blamed for those economy-wrecking factors that occurred before he was President?

  43. The boomers’ attitudes you describe only apply to the rich. My parents are broke and broken emotionally.
    ALL boomers should be blamed for the “free love” and drug movement. ALL male boomers should be blamed for accepting more and more feminist bullshit. Especially in the christian church. I’m from a christian family in Ohio. My mom has been divorced 3 times. My sisters are man hating feminist-atheists now, and one of them cheated on their husband and became an alcoholic. My dads been divorce-raped twice. He met both of his ex-wives at the same church.
    He still tells me God has a good church girl out there for me haha.

    1. Too true. The worst part is if we Generation Xers and younger ever get an effective anti-feminist movement off the ground those same Boomer males will try to hijack it.
      Just ask them where the blazes they were when all of this went into high gear.
      But folks, I am tired of the bashing of Millenials here. Look at what they had to grow up with: at least when the fumes grew too toxic my generation could still find somewhere else to sit. Millenials literally are expected to go along with things like transsexual insanity, soon even to be punished or disgraced for not wanting sex with “transwomen,” mostly by science-worshiping leftists.

    2. DAVID
      I hate to say this but your parents do not sound all that bright.
      Divorced THREE times?
      To be totally honest being out of the US for ages I can stare at the average life of the white man with horror and sorrow at how the forces of social and economic change have ravaged his life.

  44. I’m a 51 year old Generation Xer.
    Trust me, Boomers have no more respect for us than 35 year old Generation Xers.
    A few years ago I almost got into a fight with one when, after he kept calling me names, I called him one back. It was only the fact I was close to his size and looked ready to kill him consequences be darned that he backed down.
    Overall, the Vietnam veterans are the usually sensible ones among that lot.

    1. And I’m a 55 year old boomer. Are you really going to argue that there is a difference in our situations……

      1. Sadly, according to your generation there is.
        The local paper had an article about how younger managers and bosses must discuss things and compromise when Boomers do not want to follow orders- never once did I ever hear about it the other way.
        When you were eighteen I was fourteen. The bossiness and bullying was abnormal. And because of when and how quickly the economy collapsed in places like where I live, those four years gave you a tremendous advantage.

    2. I’m an older Millennial and I remember my parents and their friends trash-talking the Gen-Xers when I was a kid. I suppose that I should have seen the current Millennial bashing coming a mile away.

  45. Yawn, generalizing an entire generation is pointless. I suspect the author will still be unhappy in his upcoming “boomer” years. Another waste of time article.

  46. The problem with most boomers, and most people in general really, is that they still think 9/11 was done by a bunch of terrorists and orchestrated by a man in a cave. Can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with these boomer fucks that just can’t believe that their precious government would do such a thing.
    Boomers love being lied to and cucked

    1. I think they miss having The Communists as the villains. That kind of Manichean divide is comforting to morons.
      Actually studying the Middle East raises too many uncomfortable questions. If Assad and Iran are the baddies why are they the ones protecting the Arab Christians? Why are we teamed up with the oppressive Saudi government? Why do the CIA’s proxy armies keep turning on us? Why is a small country kept afloat by our generosity dictating our foreign policy to us?

  47. Having Boomer parents, extended family, and acquaintances this definitely hits the nail on the head, especially point number one, two, and possibly seven.
    Best quote:
    “Boomers become hysterical when you mention how wrecked, dispossessed and disenfranchised we are.”
    My dad is anti-tariff because he still believes a free economy is good for America. Try mentioning the normal alternatives with low pay/benefits, the points of government, or how Britain became an empire, he will write that all off as people just being lazy and they should “get a job.” Most Boomers seem not interested in changing the economy/society because they already got theirs (where I live all they care about is resource development and consumerism) and will write off your ideas as unrealistic.
    Between the Millennials and Boomers, we might occupy the same space but live in totally different realities. They grew up in a culture (thanks to the greatest generation) where hard work ethics and teamwork came natural and a man expected a loyal feminine wife and pleasant lifestyle in return.
    Boomers might have had Viet Nam (most Viet Nam vets are silent and broken for some reason) but us millennials grew up with the Gulf War, 9/11, OEF/OIF, and inherited a bad economy that sucks the wealth out of us and corrupts our women. A lot of us Millennials are very battle hardened and keep the streets safe and buildings in-tack and very well educated but most of these boomers still refuse to recognize our realities.
    I like to think of Boomers as the last generation that saw what it took to build a proper civilization since they are the downward part of the very peak but when they leave, the United Sates (and possibly the world) is going start resembling more Medieval Europe (not a lot of tech/academic advancement like we see in other ages) and many of us will have to make a warrior culture if on the winning side or others can be cultural pagans on the loosing side.

    1. There is a factor many leave out: the Asians.
      If white countries fall the already-powerful Asian nations, especially those like China and Japan, will dominate. They will likely forget past differences since they will see what the garbage that did in the white nations is like, and refuse to go down the same path. Japan has much to offer to China and China has the resources and sheer power that can help Japan.

  48. I love boomers. For a simple reason. Call a boomer a boomer and all kinds of hilarious unwarranted bullshit vomits out their mouth as eyes get glassy and shakes start to happen. The way many of them try to spin themselves as genX is solid gold every bloody time. Tell me more of the snowboarders saw on your ski trip boomer.

  49. So its now settled science…Boomers are responsible for everything bad in the world.
    That said, the rest of you have been dealt a shitty hand. So are you going to rise to the occasion and be part of the solution or go out with a whimper……..

  50. Thankfully both my parents and my in-laws don’t fall into the traps you mention above. I was at dinner with them two nights ago and my father loudly proclaimed – not caring who heard that ‘all fags will burn in hell’. And as we have an election coming this saturday the conversation ended up being about who to vote for and thankfully not one of them was going to vote for the incumbent left party (Labor in South Australia)

  51. Nope. Wrong. It’s the Millenials, and it isn’t even close. Not even Boomers wanted gay marriage, trannies in bathrooms, and gun bans.

  52. “and then live in luxury with retirement pensions higher than a honest, qualified young man’s wage?” That shit makes my blood boil.

  53. No joke. My boomer aunt (and sub-C-level corporate husband) of 57 is adopting a kid from Haiti. Meanwhile their two sons, 31 and 35 dont have any kids. They are borderline reproductive failures.

  54. War is the only thing thag can fux this.
    An ocean of blood from millions of degenerate useless spoiled dumbfucks put to the sword.

    1. Nothing says patriotism and familial duty like calling for the widespread murder of your fellow citizens.

      1. maybe they will find a spine and testosterone when the time comes, of stay on their knees head bowed like supplicating cowards…who knows? i doubt though it will hy by fellow countrymen, but rather the illegals they let invade. MS_13 copies ISIS because it gets the word out they are serious about their agenda and means.. you dont see a peep from any American male that will actually or can actually fight them but a smart capable american man would NOT throw his body on an invaders sword anyway for the USELESS hateful anti american cuck scum that do the most public whining. I d step aside and let them get their due if surrender is all they will do. its not incumbent on any man to rescue anyone who will make attempt tobrescue themselves…fuck em.

  55. I have Boomer parents. They are successful, well-regarded in their professions, and, they are scum.
    I and my siblings have mostly cut them off…oh yeah, we’re civil, but not much else.
    When they die their ashes go in the toilet and their photos go in the shredder.
    Their names to be forgotten.

  56. The issues I see the so called “baby boomers” have caused
    1/ Paid University the boomers were the last generation with Free University education they then forced future generations into massive debts.
    2/ Rezoning land so they can then profit from the ability to build more houses / apartments per normal block of land – one reason why land/house values have skyrocketed.
    3/ Starting wars they never win or finish then allow the very people they bombed the crap out of into Western Countries.
    4/ Transferring Western jobs to second and third world countries therefore shafting future generations of the very same jobs they secured when they left school and University.
    5/ Uncontrolled feminism – need I add to what this has done to Western Countries
    6/ Introduction of the welfare state – again we don’t need to see how this has destroyed Western Countries.

  57. Agreed, Boomers(tm) are a very big problem, not only for the country but for the rest of the world. The current president is one, the Bush/Clinton gangs are another, the big shots at the major corporations are still more of the same. Drug them, stone them, kill them is the mantra of the day among many others.
    California is a perfect example: the Boomers displaced the working whites of both genders making their precious world safe for themselves. Especially in FRISCO! where the working class was pushed out and let in the paper-pushers and “immigrants” of whom are more worthy than the Whites.

  58. GEN Y
    Cannot go anywhere because no money…not worldly.
    Cannot get skills because schools to expensive.
    Blacks today outrageously feral.
    Parents were sluts and fags.

  59. When your adult life becomes completely worthless and hopeless I guess the only thing left to do is to blame all of your own failures on someone else. In this case Baby Boomers are simply a convenient scapegoat for life’s losers to have no personal accountability.

  60. Trashing Gen X
    People have to understand the following about Generation X born from 1969 to 1979-
    1) Our parents were pure boomers and some of us saw Mom in free love-ins and Dad smoking pot. Not all of us of course, my parents were born in the late forties and were totally straight, but there was a lot of amoral decadence in the 70’s.
    2) We were born in an awful decade and even the early 80’s were shitty.
    3) The Cold War was an uneasy time to grow up.
    4) Crack really destroyed Negros because they were stupid and had nothing to lose and got addicted. So we grew up when our cities like NYC had 3,000 homicides a year. That is a great deal.
    5) The media had much more power than now. There were only 3 channels and print newspapers.
    6) The 1990’s was a decadent and aimless time between the Wall and 9-11.
    7) Pure Boomers from the 60’s were really in the zenith of their power in the 1990’s.
    8) Gen X came through an early 90’s recession and then when they reached their late 20’s the Wars hit.
    9) We were ALL children of divorce. We were semi-feral watching Dad fuck his secretary and Mom get bitter. We were latchkey kids. Gen Y are the children of Yuppie faggots who came of age during the 1990’s and wanted to remain together.

    1. I sorta, kinda can relate bc my friends same age had this type of upbringing. My parents had me really late, so I’m an odd-ball Xer. Born in ’74, but my mom was born in ’39 and my dad ’37… mom had me at 35yo. So they were pre-Boom, but most other Xers – my so-called friends, most of which turned out to be total piles of shit- were kids of Boomers. Virtually ALL of them saw divorces in their elementary & Jr. High years bc the no-fault divorce moron Reagan signed in perked the ears of women’s true nature. My best friend essentially lived in a household where father was uber-successful while mom sat home all day and smoked and drank until she died from heart attack at 49. And just like a script, he married his secretary who he was probably banging for years before his mom died. My parents were one of very few who kept a mostly traditional household. That partially seemed to disarm my dad from the knowledge he needed to pass down to me to watch out for the shady shit-head kids of these Boomers who were my friends. It wasn’t even naivete, or ignorance, just lack of knowledge as to what was “really” going on in the world on my dad’s behalf (public educator bubble), and the middle-middle class neighborhood we lived in. I grew up on a street with about half blue collar, half-college educated people. But on that same street was literally a 12yo white coke dealer from a very, very troubled family.

  61. Geez a lot of anger here. Judgement and overgeneralisations. I think “the elites” whose purpose it is to keep men and women blue pilled would be proud of the commentary and very hopeful for a bright future – for themselves.
    All generations since history was recorded have had the same intergenerational claims and complaints.
    It’s bullshit, designed to keep people distracted and off their game.
    My old man was a gentleman, popular with the ladies. At 16 his life went from very comfortable upper middle class to fugitive one step in front of the Russian army in ww2. Luckily he ended up on the right side of the Rhine river, came to Australia and prospered.
    Things change, nothing stays the same. If people cant deal with change, change will fuck them over sure as eggs.
    So instead of whining about each other, what are you gonna do to either fix it, or if that is not possible, how will you learn to cope and still live a life with strong values and some happiness.
    Geez entitlement gives me the shits no matter how old you are. Get over it…

  62. They really don’t matter and the damage is done. Boomers catchphrase is “you need to learn from me” The only thing we can learn is as a generation we can turn society around. Each one of us should start red pilling their relatives and friends. No one is going to disown you just do it!!

  63. I think if you speak to conservative boomers your perspective would be much different.
    I can’t help but notice all your complaints are really complaints about Liberal Boomers. It is not that they are baby boomers it is that they are liberals.

  64. One thing that always makes me annoyed with the people born just before and at the very beginning of WW2 is that any discussion leads to the holocaust. Every time. The only difference being how long it takes.

  65. I am a 57 year old physician and am stunned by the level of entitlement and lack of gratitude in Boomers +. Only real self worth and gratitude I see in boomers + is from veterans. There is a small group of Yx men who are conservative, Independent and motivated. I would guess that the majority of people ( women > men ) are nearly or completely dependent by age 55. The only way forward is to leave them behind with the consequences of their personal choices. The country club types will be useless in coming years.

    1. I’m almost 44, and re. Gen Y, it’s refreshing to occasionally meet the guys (mostly, not girls as much) who are brilliant. There really are some brilliant youth and I partially attribute that to wise use of tools we simply didn’t have. Internet w/high speed & massively valuable information with a key stroke. Agreed re. vets, and you often find re. the country club types… they’re not that damn smart at all, quite dumb actually, just keen on politics and mastering the political ladder in whatever endeavor they chose.

  66. Sometimes I wonder why the world is so fucked, then I remember my father wanted me to be a leftist, my mother wanted me to be a beta and my grandmother wanted me to be fat.

  67. If none of your older relatives wants to hear what you have to say, perhaps the problem isn’t them.

  68. Five and six are the only ones I’ve experienced in all my contact with boomers! Perhaps your country is different, but in (my region of) America, Boomers are very conservative, especially socially. They don’t care for anything that doesn’t involve blind submission to Christianity and money. If they hire minorities, they’ll be sure to let you know that it wasn’t their first choice. Every boomer I’ve interacted with was deeply traditional.

  69. All boomers, right and left, are the problem. Back when Mitt Romney was running for president and said 47% of voters won’t vote for him because they just want stuff from the government, I was watching Fox News in the doctor’s waiting room. The talking heads went on and on about how so many Americans just want free stuff…
    This was followed by 4 different commercials, each showing the audience how to get free stuff from the government: get a free mobility scooter, workman’s compensation, medicare, etc. It was surreal.

  70. Nope, as a boomer myself, I HAVE TO, agree with almost all of the writers accusations. I prefer to call them accusations too, because the damage done to the U.S. by so many of my clueless peer group is too great to ignore. I have decent money, a home, etc. and it’s true, those things can keep most people fat and happy. But the older I get, the more I realize that striving for a state of ignorant bliss, is not what life should be. PEACE.

    1. As gen Xer, I get a clear view of Boomers as I’m required to work with them and for them growing into adulthood. The one thing I’ve taken account of, is that our lives are: 1) much, much more complicated than any Boomer ever had to deal with, 2) Non-stop work beyond what I’ve seen any Boomer deal with – unless you’re lucky enough to be from a wealthy family. Meaning, for the same amount of correct decision making in life-planning-strategy, and execution, our ROI is about half of what Boomers got. Almost every Boomer I know really didn’t live with any level of intensity, but have very comfortable lives seemingly presented on a golden platter. Nice house, new cars, stable everything, kids long gone, an enjoyable retirement. By age 40-50, most Boomers were 5x better off than same-aged people today. So many saddled with deep debt tryin to “live the dream” they feel they deserve, a goal that was modeled after what they saw the Boomers achieve with minimal struggle in comparison. Certainly I’ve added some opinion here, but mostly just objective observation. In the Boomer era, you didn’t have to get involved in institutionalized careers to maintain stability on the back of tax payers. Now, you have to either work for a large company upward in rank, medicine, education, STEM that ultimately applies to institutionalized sectors, or government, to have ANY dependable stability of the “American Lie Dream.” Those that go-it-alone in emergent fields, well, you only hear about the great success stories in those fields. No one talks about the guy who got into SEO for instance, in 2002, who was doing great, then got royally screwed, or the app developer who’s getting paid shit. You really have to be riskier than ever to get the rewards once expected by the masses.

  71. As a boomer with what I sincerely believe, an open mind, I completely agree with almost every single point and the examples Andre cited. That’s all I’m going to say. Yes, you younger guys have been left with one hell of a mess. The average attention span of most of my peer group is somewhere between 10 to 20 seconds, so my advice is to totally ignore them, in MOST cases.. I could go on and on with the authors main thesis, having longer and and more first hand knowledge than he does, but what would be the point. The the sheer idiocy of most of the things my peer group believe give life value, is utterly sickening, with few exceptions. There are some boomers who have magically wised up, but not many and this is true for females as well as the males among my group…sigh…

    1. I’ve sat through entire oratories in public and private meetings where the boomer speaking made a lot of very valid points…. then… like from another galaxy, they underpin the entire premise of their thesis on 1 completely irrational causation. I wish I had those blocks of 10-20-30-60 minute wastes of my life back.

  72. GEN Xer here. Some of the attitude from both the Boomers, and the Millenials has hit my generation. But, for the most part, we were the first generation to make this statement, thus being labeled GEN X – “We know something is terribly wrong, we can’t put our finger on it, and we’d fix it if we could define the problem.” Well, now the problem is clearly defined, but most of us are working on setting up a reasonable retirement…. even 1/2 as good as our parents have/had, and the resources for our “world saving” activities have been instrumentally filched by the worst Boomers primarily in politics and big business in bed with governments.

  73. Author worote: “”Another is an engineer, who hates the journalist for being more erudite than himself, but also thinks his grandfathership makes him impervious to mistakes and falsity. He invited his daughter-in-law at home when she divorce-raped his son and believes feminism, as well as most lefty “progress”, is great. Not to mention several others of the same kind.”” >> You just defined my primary beef with Boomers. Claim and like to prove how educated they are, well read, etc. BUT, when you probe – or they audaciously blurt out – how they’ve applied their “knowledge” in their lives, usually in the first few words there’s an immediate and obvious skewing of said knowledge to conveniently bend to their lives conveniences, instead of what the “right” honestly moral path to take would have been.

  74. It’s a bit of a tangent but…
    The Beatles suck ass!
    I love saying this to Boomers, because they seem to be laboring under the delusion that they are the “best band ever!” Frankly they have more in common with Ke$ha and her stupid fucking dollar sign s and Selena Gomez than The Smashing Pumpkins or Soundgarden. They were the first juggernaut studio band to be unleashed on the public, that’s it!

  75. You don’t need to go into all the fine details of why this generation is full of turncoats and apathetic degenerates…I only point to 3 examples of why the babyboomers were working against the best interest of the US and the white male in general:
    1) Bill Clinton administration and the Neo Con Republican Congress elected in 1994. The first set of national sexual harassment laws were passed.
    2) George W. Bush-Need I say anything
    3) Barack Obama
    I, myself, had a chance (as bad as that sounds) to work for babyboomer bosses during my early years in the job market between 1997-2003. During those years I primarily worked in retail/office/bank jobs. Let me tell you, if you were a good looking white guy that made one mistake or were accused by a female employee for allegedly looking at her the wrong way (yes, that happened to me at one job in 2000 and got fired for it), you would be hitting the bricks. I probably went through 15-20 jobs between those years.
    After 2003, I went a few years with no job but majored in Accounting at a 2 year school. After that, I seemed to gravitate more towards hard labor jobs in landscaping and flooring demolition and installation. I always preferred to work alone or with only one other person since. I prefer not to deal with too many people.
    From what I’ve seen of babyboomers, they look like they live in a bygone era (say 1987 or so) and refuse to notice that many of the suburbs and places they lived in are becoming part of the urban hellscape (chock full of millennial druggies of any race, immigrants on Section 8, and violent inner city youth leaving the old rust belt cities).
    Many (not all) balloon headed babyboomers are flying to Costa Rica, Phillipines, and other safe havens with their pension. Hoping to buy a little resort on a beach with a 29 year old, tanned native girl while their sons and grandsons suffer paying for a coffin apartment with no backyard. That’s reality jack!
    My grandfather was born a few years after the WW1 generation, born in 1903. I remember him reading to me and smoking pipe. I remember the smell of the pipe tobacco. If you knew the hard work that man did. He was Irish but only drank a shot of whiskey once on New Years. Not one mean bone in his body.

  76. The things I really hate about Generation X and Y is since about 1993, white guys trying to emulate black urban culture (hip hop). As Eminem became popular by 1998, it metastasized to where at least 70% of young white guys were acting and dressing like 2am street thugs all the way until about 2010 with those stupid chinstrap beards. After 2009 or so, the millenials took it to the next worst level (skinny jeans, sjw liberals and Starbucks coffee). These people are really just feeding off the degeneracy of the babyboomers.

  77. I’m a Boomer who became Red Pilled later in life (late 50s) Would it surprise you that I totally agree with this article? I am still a hard working, tax paying, small business owner and employer. I am also a Second Amendment supporting right winger in an ocean of SJWs. I have stopped discussing things political with my boomer friends and family because it totally stresses them out. I know how difficult it is for millennial young men because my son is one of them. And yes, I have planned for his future when I am gone. And he won’t be visiting me in no nursing home since I subscribe to the S&W Retirement Policy.

  78. Your complaints are right on. I am a baby boomer, and most of us are spoiled. However, your complaints are no different than the baby boomers themselves when they were your age. “Don’t trust anyone over 30”, “Your just don’t understand me,” “You old people have all the money.” When I was young, it was called the “generation gap.” We baby thought we knew better and wouldn’t listen to your parents and our parents thought we were nuts and had no opinion because we were young. It seemed our parents wouldn’t listen to us, we believed we had something to say. We boomers have turned into our parents, as much as we fought it, that is what happened. Well, we boomers got what we wanted, it came with time and age. It is not what the next generation wants, they want what they perceive is theirs and they should have it. This will happen to the millennial generation generation as well. Their kids will complain about them. It is the circle of life.

  79. I was born 1960. The peak year of the baby boom in Canada. Couldn’t agree more. I have been up and down through many jobs and owned several businesses. Currently am climbing back up. Again.
    No cushy pension for me, and don’t own any land. Can’t afford vacations, but will be ok in another 5 years. I hate hearing pompous ass boomers in my age group go on whining about money when their net worth is half million plus. Most never saw hardship, there was always a choice of jobs.
    You might check out Jordan Peterson. He is a boomer but absolutely brilliant. He gets the under 40’s and is very inspirational. A true futurist.
    Tons of videos of his on youtube.

  80. The guy who wrote this article is full of it. He has no clue how hard we worked in the face of rising inflation coupled with supressed wages. Not ALL baby boomers are like this biased writer says they are. And if he is not left an inheritance, it is because his parents have absolutely no confidence in his judgement or his decision making.
    The reason why baby boomers want their social security and medicare is because the actually WORKED for it. Not only did the baby boomers pay for their parent’s social security and medicare, they also had money taken out of their paychecks for THEIR social security and medicare – 15% in fact. It is not the baby boomers fault that Congress and the federal government raided these trust funds by “borrowing” the money in the Social Security Trust Fund and replacing the money with Federal Reserve Savings Bond and Securities in order to fund the government’s increasing bloated budgets to pay for the next generation’s Pell Grants, Medicaid, and other unearned entitlements the younger generations wanted and demanded from the government.
    So all I can say to this writer is, “Get a clue and own up to your responsibility to take care of your parents, who raised you and provided for your every need.”

    1. “So all I can say to this writer is, “Get a clue and own up to your responsibility to take care of your parents, who raised you and provided for your every need.””
      So tone deaf. so self absorbed, so denying RESPONSIBILITY for yourselves and the damage you have done to this country and to the future of your progeny. we would not be fucked like we but we set up a complete pipe dream turned nightmare while take no responsibilty at all for what you created and now have the audacity to say WE are reaponsible for your care in your feeble years as you live in stolen wealth and obscene comfort. fuck you. change your own soiled sheets and nasty Depends if you are so responsible.

  81. This was a funny and true piece to read. Sad thing is though that there’s Always plenty of great people who are born into shitty ass generations like the Baby Boomer gen. I know a few old folks who were born in that era and they’re pretty trad.
    Good thing is though about the future is that across Europe and into America, the amount of young people identifying with alt right trad views are rising significantly. And I can only assume it will continue to rise for many decades to come. Hopefully we will have a real Golden generation again soon. And I mean a REAL one. Idk why boomers think they’re the golden gen when they are arguably the lamest and most passive

  82. I don’t think I have ever met one person (male or female) of the boomer generation that I liked or respected other then my 8th grade English teacher. And that was back in 1993.
    There might not be any diversity, political correctness, sexual harassment, affirmative action, and you might not of had the 2008 Economic Collapse and TARP bailouts if this generation grew up with at least some basic morals and ethics.
    Fluoride in water was heavily pushed onto big cities water municipal facilities beginning in the late 1950’s-early ’60’s so some minor-moderate brain damage probably caused them to go hippie by 1968. When you look at peoples clothing and hairstyles prior to 1967, almost nobody looked like an idiot.
    The only redeemable quality seems to be their work ethic. They were working hard to hopefully screw over a white male Gen X dude or turn women against him. In the late 1990’s-mid 2000’s, they would call Gen Xers the ‘slacker’ generation. Since 2009 or so, they go relentlessly after the ‘Millenials’.
    They’re a ‘POINT THE FINGER’ at someone else generation for all the problems caused by rich old man babyboomers and their cohorts. Even though young Gen Xers and the Millenials generation have been poisoned neurologically and permanently by all the 50 plus vaccines by age 6, every other day chemtrails, GMO foods, fluoridated ice cream, anti-depressants, Wi-Fi, and 4G cell phone towers.
    What type of sick generation wants to be 65 years old and get botox done to look 35? A babyboomer, that’s who…In previous generations, a grandmother would be more interested in her family and how her grandson is doing versus how hot and younger she can look into old age.
    I have nothing against babyboomers…This post only describes 60% of them…There are great, caring, loving people of this generation…They need the most attention, not the 60% that decided to bathe in self-indulgence and wreck the West.

  83. What state do you live in, I wonder? Your description fits progressive neolibs regardless of generation. While I live in one of the worst (Washington), I still know boomers who aren’t like that, and I am a boomer. Plus, a lot of the BS that my fellow boomers preach, we got from our parents’ generation. A couple of examples: Robert Bly: “Follow your bliss.” Timothy Leary: “Tune in, turn on, drop out.” And remember, Second Wave Feminism began with the Silent (or Greatest) Generation: Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Kate Millett, and Germaine Greer to name a few, all Silent Generation. Every generation has its share of stupidity. Mine is no exception.

    1. Thats funny, my babyboomer parents parents (my grandparent) were WW1 and depression era adults. They were very hard working, very thrifty, very generous to their kids and to charities their entire lives, very traditional, family oriented and children of immigrants (my great grandfather was a General in Kaiser Wilehelms army, killed on the battlefield, my grandfather emigrated as a child before the war from Germany before WW1, to escape the economic situation.) babyboomers ain’t shit compared to their parents. talk about not learning anything about living through the depression, the spared themselves no excess. My folks were just like their parents, but their contemporaries…….pieces of shit. mostly drunks and in many cases opportunists and contractors con artists that cheated others every opportunity. my contemporaries in school were entitled bitches, the lower end economic scale students very hard working trying to get scholoarships while the entitled had em handed to them…good ole boy system, but many were so spoiled the scholarships were wasted in the end, just like their parents….

  84. What’s with all the anti boomer shit all over here and alt right sites this week. No brainwashing, we can form our own hate opinions, thanks

  85. Please! Give me a break. Maybe that’s the way baby boomers are in your cuck European country, but we don’t let savages rape our women with no consequences here. By the way, who do you think elected Trump? It wasn’t Gen-X or millennials. We’re the ones who brought a no-bullshit man into office, causing you to run to your safe spaces and blankies for comfort. Get real, pussy.

  86. Second anti-Boomer screed in a few months from this guy, who cites no stats, no research. Starts with describing a few people at a wedding and goes on to generalize about an entire generation. The Boomers I know have excellent relationships with their children and are planning to pass on the bulk of their estate.
    This guy seems to have issues that he doesn’t want to, or can’t for whatever reason, bring himself to face so he’s deflected his problems onto Boomers. I believe that’s called transference.

  87. Great article, well done ! Here ! Here ! Guess that’s why we Generation Xers are so fucked up. We were raised by hedonistic liberals who were simultaneously greedy conservatives and big spenders with everyone else’s money on social programs to make themselves feel better.

  88. A very funny essay. The author sounds just like the boomers did 40 or 45 years ago… Arrogant and taking a disparaging narrow minded view of the previous generation.
    Travel the country. You will find millions of folks born in the post war period that went to school, did their duty to family and country. They fought, some died and were maimed in an irresponsible war when they were called upon. They took jobs they hate and drag their butt out of bed every morning to support your sorry arrogant ass because it’s the responsible thing to do.
    Don’t lump the boomers in with the noisy minority that marched in protests, gobbled up the leftist indoctrination and took residence in our schools and universities claiming to be “the elite”.
    Just wait a few years. Your generation will be spoken of in similar terms. I will have a good laugh through my 90 year old smile.

  89. This article is a good example of why the left will succeed and the right will fail. Since the election of Trump, every group on the right (or at least non SJW) has used every opportunity to virtue signal that they are better than the other groups instead of, like the left, finding common ground and focusing on their common perceived enemy.
    I’m a boomer and, yes, lots of boomers suck. However, so do lots of other people in other generations. Ann Coulter, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire and many other boomers have been trying to fight the good fight about the decaying culture and war against the masses by the (((elites))). The older someone is, the more likely he voted for Trump or Brexit.
    Instead of finding ways to form alliances with boomers who have a large mass of people and, if middle class or above, money, younger generations have been trying to drive a wedge between the generations. Contrast that to older lefties supporting young communist thugs like Antifa and Antifa willingly doing to bidding of the older leftist power elite.
    A big part of the problem with boomers is that we were the first modern, mass media generation that got the full propaganda treatment without having red pills easy to find on the internet. The alternative media, like the mainstream media, was heavily owned and run by Jews.
    Based on my anecdotal evidence and reading opinion polls, it seems as though, outside of maybe France, each generation is more delusional and greater chumps than the proceeding one. This trend may be changing with Gen Z but too early to tell.

  90. Boomer here! The reason many conservative men(non-hippy, patriot, white male European cultural-loving) won’t talk to younger “men” is that we can’t find many who aren’t metro-sexual, male feminists! I can count on one hand the number of young guys who go to my gym and actually , you know, WORK OUT with the intent of becoming real, physically strong men. Guys who can actually change a flat tire or chop wood!
    OTOH, the yoga classes are usually full, with soft, pasty types, kowtowing to the latest feminine whims, in hopes of getting laid!
    You want to talk with me? Come to my gym and ask me to spot you on the bench press! Then, let’s talk.

    1. They weren’t born like that – you and your pro-feminist, spoiled and entitled pasty white asses created this environment. If you don’t like what you see, ask what you could have done to prevent the cultural decline.

  91. “We grew without proper fathers, without incentive to act on our own, all too often in broken families—but hey, divorce and killing babies is so cool!”
    Best part of the article, which started out lukewarm but got better as it went along. Needed to be said – the boomers are ungrateful cucks not just in America, but all over the west. But don’t let them ruin your ambition – fuck ’em!

  92. Millennials are actually the worst generation. Boomers fought in wars, millenials eat tide pods.

  93. Haha this is spot on. Here in Australia, the boomers are a disgusting arrogant lot exactly as described in your pithy portrayal; they all became as rich as satan due to the housing feeding frenzy but attribute their wealth to their own genius. Now they are spending it all on wine, cheese and cruises around tropical islands. Naturally, they all collect hefty pensions even if they live in a looming 100 square McMansion and go to Paris to eat cheese there three times a year. Most of them own large property portfolios of crappy overpriced shitboxes and are very aggressive about raising the rent every year and putting the squeeze on their tenants. Worse still, the government are boomers and it’s obvious they are only concerned with keeping the Ponzi scheme going until they can slide into their own comfortable retirements, and then to hell with those who pick up the pieces. The Australian boomer is an utter parasite who thinks beam of sunlight radiate from his asshole. Good riddance.

  94. Most of we Boomer veterans who fought in Vietnam detested then and still detest the hippies the OP has been describing, as did the crowd that cheered to Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee” that included “We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee. We don’t take our trips on LSD…” I’d say that as many as half of the Boomer generation doesn’t merit the reviling we get from millennials, who certainly are not angels of enlightenment worthy of emulation any more or less than any other generation you care to mention.

  95. Wow, this article is pretty harsh…
    Seems like there is plenty of agreement, but I would like to ask, are there any good black people? I would like to use the “N” word for emphasis, but that’s banned. So a conversation between a couple of white guys might be where one is shit talking an entire race of people while the other says “oh, there are some good black people”, so one must ask, are there any good boomers?
    The next thing the haters here will promulgate is just send the boomers to the gas chambers then off to the crematoria! Since all are exactly the same and there are no exceptions. WOW…
    What the writer is describing are spoiled-assed liberals, and I can agree there are quite a few out there. Must be a regional thing since here in red state fly-over country, you don’t find those kind of people. So spare us the chambers!
    Seriously, there are legions, millions of boomers, who are completely appalled by liberals and the state of things created by them. Hell, lot of us are even DEPLORABLE.
    It used to be that the liberals were just amusing, but now they have amassed power with the backing of ilk like George Soros, Jeff Bezos et al. Actually the biggest threat the Millenials are facing is within their own ranks. Thats right, it’s not Boomers, it is the rise of socialism and communism that seems to be preferred by more than 50% of Millenials.
    A lot of Millenials have been brain damaged by institutions that have been taken over and are run by the left. Not all Millenials are snowflakes…I have friends and a business partner who are Millenials, and not snowflakes, and knowing these people gives me hope fore the future. So, not all Boomers are the same, likewise not all Millenials are the same, but again, this could be a regional thing.
    Believe it or not, there are a lot of Boomers who see what a shitty hand the Millenials have been dealt, and are trying hard to fix that. Yep, we know what needs to be done, but it’s a hard battle. You need the same opportunities we had, but these have been removed by just a few greedy individuals with an incompetent or complicit government, however this another conversation.
    Bottom line, some Boomers are trying to help you Millenials, but you gotta clean your own house too…don’t let communism or socialism be YOUR legacy, that would be far worse than anything left by the Boomers.

  96. Tail end Boomer here…
    Between the article and the comments I haven’t read anything this naive and ill-informed in a long time.
    I only stopped rolling my eyes to have a good laugh from time to time.
    I have to share this one…

  97. Micahael Laplante, thanks for demonstrating exactly why we hate you smug arrogant boomer cunts; you’re a marvellous example! Get back to your wine and cheese.

  98. When I read this article, I was actually waiting for a punchline, it read like a long joke. It’s everything Millineals represent… what about me, me, me?
    Yes, I’m a Boomer. But it was not all sex drugs and rock & roll. My parents instilled in us the importance of working and saving, all three of us ‘kids’ retired at 62 with our houses paid off. I may have money to leave my nieces and nephews, after I take care of my 90 year old mother. The same nephews and nieces that don’t care to know anything about me, in other words the millineals, but on the other hand donating it to the humane society sounds better all the time.

  99. When I think of baby boomers, the first thing that comes to mind are the lying, crooked, self righteous, war-mongering bureaucrats who continuously lead We The Sheeple into senseless expensive resource wars. I also think of all the wonderful & exceptional Ivy League grads who run the global Bankster Mafia (99.9% white by the way. lol) – printing money out of thin air while buying hard assets from stupid, naive self-hating imbeciles in developing countries. 😉
    This is how they do it, ROKers: corrupt the brightest kneegroes and bring them into the ‘club’ so they can fuck their own ignorant citizens economically with Neoliberal business policies & BigPharma drugs.
    Business Daily Africa: Yale president eyes Kenya’s brightest minds in visit
    What can possibly go wrong when these black Ivy League trained brainiacs return ‘home’ to ‘serve’ their ignorant god-fearing masses? Where’s my popcorn? 😉
    I need to get the fuck OFF this insane planet before some exceptional Ivy League hack decides it’s ok to push the button while hiding out in some underground bunker city stocked with all the latest & greatest technologies which has been suppressed for us lowly peons.

  100. Born 1945.
    Allowing for exceptions to the rule, unfortunately the article is mostly valid, relevant and damning. I love the young people today and I am really sorry for leaving them with a poisoned inheritance. I pray that they find their way through this mess.

  101. Boomer here. Glad the article started with #1. Within their bubble of comfort, there is no reaching my peers on how the pension they are going to rely on are broke, the home equity from “investing” is mere money inflation from digital printing, the doctors and drugs they prescribe are simply parasites on their health and wealth, their food numbs, fattens, and poisons, and their media and “news” keeps them dumb enough to not wake up and change.
    Don’t call them “boomers”. Call them what they are, zombies. Just haven’t finished rotting out and fall over, yet.

  102. Well written and accurate piece……..mark my words, some dumb fucker is going pop in here and blame the jews, and overlook all the truth in this article

  103. Point two says, you can’t talk to boomers. Sure you can talk to boomers. They have at least 10-15 seconds they can give you on any given subject.. Yeah, point two is dead on correct.

  104. As a boomer, everything this writer says is wrong. Ha. Seriously though, you’re describing fat leftists, not me or my peers. And actually you’re whining. When I was your age I railed at the status quo because I was working hard and seemingly getting nowhere. But I didn’t quit.

  105. I like your writing. I am a late boomer (born 61), came up in the 70s, liked punk the first time around (VERY anti-hippie and anti-boomer). So I don’t identify with many of the boomer tropes. yeah, they’re annoying.

  106. The boomers on this thread who are trying to declare what amazing citizens they have been are missing a few fundamental points: did their parents check out and leave them with a world enslaved by an astronomical debt mountain and a world dying under enforced globalism? No, everything was peaches and cream. When they were young, did they inherit a housing market where they had to save up until they were 30 just to get enough for a deposit? NO. What about their education? Did that leave them with a crushing debt that will in itself take decades to pay off? I could go on, but why bother – boomers NEVER listen…
    They inherited a world that was in great shape and fucked it up utterly within one generation, leaving a hellish Orwellian dystopia behind them.

  107. Pathetic victim rant. Pure millennial brat. Nothings free bi tch. “Bought up all the real estate” I own tons of real estate because I wasn’t blowing every dime I made on fashion and travel. I used to work 60 hours a week regularly for years at a time. I pulled a six month stint working 84 hours a week. Yes, when you pull that off and listen to whiners like this idiot you have no sympathy. Any of you worthless punks want to know how to get ahead. Take on some responsibility and quite your whining.

  108. Thank you for your article. As a young boomer I completely agree with everything you say about the boomers, it is the truly most conceited generation ever.
    Can someone tell me what the author means when he refers to blue pill and red pill-ism?
    What I have found interesting about dealing with people in their 20s and 30s is that their seems to be 2 distinct groups.
    One group is kinder, more compassionate, and harder working than we boomers ever were. The other half are useless, sucking off the system, welfare whores.
    You are right again when you tell young adults to raise their children with their eyes wide open. The world is changing, we live in interesting times, however you want to say it, prepare them.
    The truth, while sometimes harsh, will save your butt.

  109. Thank you for your thought provoking article and thank you for SPEAKING OUT. The fact is what you say is overall correct about too many boomers. The good news is there are boomers that are not that way, although way too many are exactly as you you say (And I am a young boomer/old gen x).
    My message to boomers is listen to what this gentleman says. He is making valid points.
    To address each point:
    They live in bubbles of comfort: Every point is true, I will tell you that many in the generation before that, including my parents, are exactly the same way. They hide out in their fancy community and preach about multi-culturalism (secret code for racism against whites and sexism against males).
    2. You can’t talk to them: OMG this is so true, if you disagree with them, watch the thin veneer of kindness melt away. And your point is well taken, young people live in a world of crushing student debt, stagnant wage growth, and intense competition for the good jobs. But too many boomers want you young adults to shut up and do as your told.
    3, They are self righteous as they are irresponsible: They are self righteous and opinionated and they are happy to be indoctrinated by a mainstream press that wants to destroy western culture. As far as irresponsible, I will partially disagree in that responsibility is a real mixed bag among boomers in that it depends on the boomer.
    4. They are biased against young men: Unfortunately, I am sad to report that way too many boomer are completely sexist against men/sons in favor of women/daughters. Too be honest, I think that is the path of least resistance with radical leftist feminism and crap like the metoo movement And since they are self absorbed jerks that is the path they choose – and if their sons get screwed – what the hell.
    also, I am a male who has been repeatedly subjected to sexism – why isn’t this being addressed? When I was young more than once gay predators tried to trick me into having sex with them.
    And recently I had a boss who was completely prejudiced toward women and put me through hell with his bullying and hostile work environment. What happened to that boomer boss despite my repeated complaints – nothing. What happened to me – I went through hell and was almost fired.
    5. They keep, and eat, all the capital: And don’t produce anything while sucking out most of the wealth.
    6. All of their culture is a pile of toxic waste: You are again right on point. I do want to RE-EMPLASIZE that young adults need to turn off the main stream media and get back to basics. Unfortunately too many boomers have whored themselves out and will fight you every step of they way. That said, look for boomer allies because we do exist.
    7. They decided to disinherit you long ago: I cant speak to this because I have no personal experience. But I do believe this happens way too often.
    Thank you again for your article

  110. As a boomer, Andre’ is correct in thinking that I don’t want to listen to whiners like him (irregardless of age). This piss ant thinks that everything that I accomplished in life was just handed to me and that I didn’t work hard to achieve what I have earned. I am not biased against all young men, only against people like him who are full of shit. Instead of trying to unify men and the red pill cause, he apparently finds it useful to try and divide us.

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