8 Proven Methods To Stay Unattached To Your Friends With Benefits

Whether you’re a man who has chosen to be a lifelong womanizer or indulging in some reckless slut slaying before settling down for a while, we all know that one of the main components of the player lifestyle is staying emotionally unattached to women who don’t provide value outside of notches.

Any man who has experience with women will tell you this is much easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that the longer you have sex with a woman, the greater the odds become that you’ll eventually catch feelings for her, even if she may not be all that high value—it’s a mathematical inevitability.

There are, however, quite a few ways for you to keep those feelings at arm’s length and remain the stoic pussy pirate you set out to be when you first started banging her. Here are my top eight:

8. Share very little personal information with her

This would be a good place to start

One of the main things a woman does to lock a man down is pretending to be the woman she thinks he wants her to be. Red pill awareness forces men to realize that most women within the context of a sexual relationship are actresses.

A female will quite literally mold herself into the woman she believes her man wants her to be in every way, and the way she accomplishes this is finding out what makes him tick.

To steer clear of this pitfall it’s imperative that you share very little personal information with her. This doesn’t mean you’re not going to share anything with her. It’s natural for nuggets of personal info about yourself to slip every once in a while during conversation.

But long talks about your hopes and dreams, past relationships, and the like are a no-no if you want to keep her from fine tuning her personality to trap you into committing to her.

Sometimes girls realize your lack of forthrightness and will straight up ask you: “So what are you looking for in a woman?” My go to answer for this is:

I’m not really sure, but I’ll know it when I see it.

7. Limit your time with her

Less is more

I touched on this in the introduction and this cannot be overstated. Your time, being your most valuable commodity, is also her most valuable commodity. She knows that the more she occupies your time, the more attached you’ll become.

The two rules I employ to keep this from happening to me with girls I don’t see as long-term contenders are: 1) don’t spend consecutive nights with her and 2) don’t take her out.

Now it’s not always going to work out this way. When the sex is awesome and you don’t have anything else lined up for the following night, you may decide to plunder her pussy for a second straight night on occasion, and sometimes you may want to let her tag along when you grab a bite to eat every once in a while.

It’s no big deal to bend these rules every now and then, but so long as you’re exercising discipline and not making it a habit, you’ll be able to maintain frame and keep her scarcity mentality in tact.

6. Do not spend money on her

Hos aren’t worth it

This should go without saying but even the most experienced players will slip on this particular banana peel.

Girls are keenly aware that man’s investment of any sort is necessary to secure a commitment from him. Emotional investment is what she’s after because she knows financial investment comes soon after.

If she’s a low-level girl, don’t let her get her foot in the door in the slightest. If you’re at the movies, say “You get the tickets, I’ll get the popcorn.” If you’re out getting food, make her pay her own way. Not only will this increase her respect for you while simultaneously decreasing any perceived thirst, this lets her know that the your arrangement is strictly sexual and nothing else.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pony up $4 for her coffee or any other situation where it’s just a few bucks for whatever she’s getting. You definitely need to avoid being viewed as an ATM, but being a cheapskate is a huge turnoff.

Just remember that at the end of the day this is the ironclad rule you must adhere to in order to keep her from getting a foothold on your finances or emotions.

5. Do not name her contact on your phone



This may seem inconsequential and unnecessary but I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth on both counts.

Assigning a name for any given FWB automatically creates an emotional commitment to her. That commitment may be small, but it’s significant nonetheless. When you replace her number with “Michelle” it psychologically elevates her status which automatically lowers your value.

However, by not assigning her name to her number keeps her status at exactly what it should be—a number. True players know that a woman they’ve fucked is no more important than any of the others so there’s no need to give her the privilege of being given a name in your phone.

Personally, I like to assign names of objects, verbs, sex acts etc. to my stable such as “Anal on 1st,” “B.J. addict,” or “Swallower 2.” Not only does this help me keep them straight by word association via objectification (which further disconnects you to them emotionally), it comes in handy when I get a text from one after not hearing from them for a while and texting back “who is this” which almost never fails to moisten her panties.

So whether you decide to leave her number in as just a phone number, take the Donovan Sharpe objectification method (patent pending), or put your own personal spin on it, whatever you do do not use her name. If you do, you may as well assign the name “My Everything,” “Soulmate,” “My Love,” or whatever other name that would make the vast majority of the ROK readership to throw up in our mouths.

4. NEVER introduce her to family or friends

Huge no no

This is another obvious one but I see dudes violating this commandment on the regular and it almost always causes problems.

Once you introduce her to family or friends it a) elevates her status in everyone’s eyes b) gives her a backdoor entrance to learn more about you which is essential to molding her personality to fit your desires, and c) allows her to infiltrate your inner circle, which makes it very difficult to get rid of her.

All women are cognizant of what’s at stake in terms of being introduced to the people you trust and love which is why the are always pushing to meet or hang out with your family and friends.

Be especially aware of dark triad women or women with dark triad traits. These chicks will start the process of manipulation immediately because when the shit hits the fan (and it will) you’ll realize much too late that everyone around you has been brainwashed to the point that they’ll automatically take her side and even assist her in your dismantling.

Dark triad or not, it would behoove you to stay extremely vigilant of keeping your fuck friends away from your most stable social infrastructures like your friends and family.

3. Only text for logistical reasons

Setting up the date

This is another rule in Pickup 101. But women are very good at creating a crevice of conversation out of nothing to draw you into long conversations in order to extrapolate valuable information out of you. Even I fall into this trap sometimes.

The solutions to this are simple. When she tries to strike up conversation with open ended questions like “So what are you up to?” or “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” you can either ignore the probe completely or just give brief answers like “stuff” or “yep.”

The only extended conversations via text should be setting up the time, day, and venue of your meetup and even then your texts should be short and sweet: “I’m going to xyz bar at 10pm Friday night. Meet me there.”

Anything outside of logistical texting is setting yourself up for failure on many levels.

2. Assume she’s fucking someone else

Don’t take it personal playa….that’s how they are

If you have a fuck buddy arrangement with even a decent looking American woman there’s a pretty good chance she’s fucking at least one other dude on the side.

Men are territorial by nature and rarely commit to women who show signs of sexual disloyalty (thirsty simps notwithstanding). As a man with a good understanding of a woman’s true nature, resolving your mind to the fact that she’s probably getting cozy with someone else will automatically disconnect your emotions.

Your logic tells you that low-investment, perfidious pussy, while good in the short term for getting your dick wet on the regular and keeping your abundance mentality operational, is a bad bet in terms of any sort of commitment. As a result, you’ll find it very difficult, if not impossible to catch feelings for her.

1. Ignore what she says

Don’t fall for this shit

Ever heard these before?

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

“I feel so safe and protected with you.”

“I know we’re just fuck buddies but I swear you’re the only one I’m fucking right now.”

And the big one….

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” Or something to that effect.

Me too. I’ve bought into these statements before and after some reflection I’ve found that these proclamations were probably untrue at the time they were stated.

The best defense against this beta bait is to ignore it. All of it.

Girls throw this particular brand of bullshit out to try and rope you in and elevate themselves out of bargain basement pussy status. It’s also a subconscious shit test to see if you’re as gullible as the last mangina she played like a fiddle while she fucked her way through every member of the local cover band.

Never forget that what women say and what women do are two different things. Even if they truly believe what they are telling you at the time it’s important to keep in mind that it can and (likely) will change in a heartbeat the minute you lose frame, a better option comes along, or for no reason at all.

Do these apply to all fuck buddies?

You bet your ass it does. Any girl who agrees to be your pussy pal and nothing more needs to kept away from your emotions, your resources, and your inner circle. Access to any of these will ultimately lead to your undoing.

Keeping all of these rules in mind when running a harem will all but assure that you’ll never get emotionally roped in by a woman who deserves nothing more than a roll in the hay.

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118 thoughts on “8 Proven Methods To Stay Unattached To Your Friends With Benefits”

  1. “Do not spend money on her”
    Time is money.
    Just because you aren’t getting paid does not mean your biological clock is not spinning, but life and time are fleeting, can you remember what you did today 5 years ago? nope,
    women usually jump from cock to cock because secretly the walls get looose, the average dildo size since 1980 has literally doubled in volume! So , most men have a 6 incher and only 15% of men have a penis longer than 7 inches, but women’s average vagina size is at least 8 inches and tons of girth, dont believe what they say otherwise
    So it’s hard for them to find that stallion and they pretend they are carouselling, but the walls are looose, Something that has changed for the worst for women along with all the new negative qualities we see today
    Woman not call you back? Your penis is not big enough. It’s always the answer, dont fool yourself thinking its game.
    every 10 you see has on her phone pictures of a big hung dick in her mouth that she shares with friends to brag
    Why do relationships tend to last longer with women who had less partners? the truth is , it’s not because they are “sweet”
    a) They had less partners because their sex drive is lower
    b)they aren’t as loose because they’ve had less partners because their sex drive is lower
    See, a) is the truth because if the woman had a normal sex drive, shed be on all those apps like the others browsing for that 10/10 hung alpha and be sized around 8 inches girth already. Than if you find a woman with a low notch count, shes gonna have the mental energy of a tortoise and never be in the mood,
    So here you have it, Open an average looking chick account online and 100-200 messages a day, 1% alpha males,
    Thats 7 alpha males a week, she probably has 3 more trying to fuck her offline aswell and some on social sites, So thats 10-14 a week,
    520 a year. I said 1%, If it were 2% itd be 1040 Decent males a year
    And here we have rok culture, trying to turn the 1-2% alpha males into 5% alpha males, That means 4000 options for women a year.
    as the magnet moves closer to the force, the force of the magnet pushes it away
    i was at a bar recently, and i notice all the men in relationships look terribly terribly insecure and miserable knowing this to be the truth, the woman can and DO treat them like shit, they know what they’d have to deal with to replace her women now KNOW they have all the power

    1. Quantum physics suggests were all at war trying to shrink eachother’s time
      when you control someone’s income options, you literally control how much time/life they have,

  2. Unrelated but has anyone heard of Sarah Jones and introverted aplha??? Read an article about how she makes ’bout $20,000 a month for doing the same thing as Roosh but she doesn’t seem to attract criticism. Worth an article about his broad; I see a few red pill learnings coming out of this. Oh, she also seems to take a stab at PUAs.
    Her company has been acclimated by the likes of Cosmo magazine and The good men project which makes me even more suspicious.

      1. Pretty much.She’s trying to appeal to the introverted men by proposing a dose of snake oi…..uhmmmm I mean a solution to becoming an alpha without changing you ways. Feminism in a nutshell.

    1. It would be good for its entertainment value. Never take relationship advice from women. Only from well trusted men.

        1. “Just be yourself!”
          “Whew, thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! It’s about time to stop acting like a well adjusted member of society and let my real serial killer come out! Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t do this before!”

        2. Treat a girl right.
          Buy her presents.
          Wash the dishes.
          Fuck her gently.
          Stay home to look after the kids while she’s having a girls night out.
          Pay her bills.
          Buy her the latest smartphone so she can ignore you better.
          and last bit not least, yes
          Just be yourself.

        3. In a funny way that advice “Just be yourself.” does sound legit. Yourself in being your natural male self and not the beta conditioned self we’ve been taught since we were born.

        4. You’re right, but we both know that’s not what they mean. They mean “Keep repressing all of your natural urges like you were taught and get back to being the nice boy your momma raised, so that my sisters and I don’t mistake you for a man we might want to have sex with”.

        5. “Just be yourself.” The ultimate display of a womans solipsism.
          The only thing a woman must do is put down the bitch shield, stop hanging around fat friends, and be yourself. No wonder this is the only advice a woman can give.

        6. Women can’t be themselves because there is no themselves to be. They are 100% chameleon. If they tried to fid out who they were, by the time they figured it out they would have changed 100%.

      1. That, I second. You never take advice from people who never have picked up chicks. It’s that simple. Having a female wingman is a different kettle of fish as she is pretty much like a job reference; from one employer to the other.

        1. Back when I was a “nice guy” every bit of advice I got from women about how to attract women was wrong. Apart from my mum mentioning women like bad boys once which I couldn’t understand.

        2. Ahhh, the beauty of youthful rebellion!! Hehehe, 95% of people would have received the opposite advice: be nice to every woman.
          I just couldn’t do it as a youth, seeing all that some girls were indeed very sly and I was hella competitive.

        3. Unless your wingwoman really wants you for herself. Then she’ll sabotage you. She ain’t going home alone.

        4. Wish I’d listened to my mum in that regard, thing is I was raised by my dad my mum actually lived interstate as they broke up when I was young. My dad is what I’d call purple pill, but I believed society in thinking be nice to women and they will respect you, the opposite proved true but fortunately I could see that.

    2. “From a woman you can learn nothing of women.” Nietzsche.
      “Woman does not betray her secret.” Kant

  3. To number 5 I’d add, don’t name her to ANYONE. For example
    “Hey Casey what did you get up to over the weekend?”
    “Oh just saw that slag and some other bint”.
    If a girl’s worthy of voluntarily having your friends know her actual name then maybe she’s a keeper.. maybe.

    1. Good point. I always refer to a fuck buddy as “some slut” to my friends. It reinforces the concept…this is what she is and always will be.

  4. What’s interesting is that it appears that no small number of men are starting to catch onto this. Some things I’ve heard women say to each other, not realizing I was listening:
    – “1: The guy brought a dildo to the date! OMG, what a creep! 2: Ewww! 1: I told him I wasn’t interested in going out with that kind of man! 2: You go grrrlll!” Later, she’s over chatting up the guy who brought the dildo, twirling her hair and leaves the event with him.
    – “1: I can’t believe he hit me! 2: OMG! that’s awful! You deserve better! 1: I know, right? This is the third time, if he keeps it up I swear to God I’m leaving him! 2: You go grrrrrllll!” She walks over and continues to hang on the bad boy biker man’s arm while he basically ignores her after 2 leaves.
    – “1: The dating scene is awful, men only seem to text me to set things up, they’re so superficial! 2: OMG! You’re so right, I hate that!” She gets a text, reads it, shows it to 2. “1: See?? ‘Meet me at Bar X in twenty minutes!’ 2: OMG, what a creep! 1: Ok, so anyway, I have to get going” Leaves
    Have actually heard this and witnessed this. Makes me laugh.

      1. The shitter is, all women are like this, American or not. Some just keep it under wraps better, heh.

        1. I think it comes down to training. Look at how beta our society has been able to train most men. Beat down their egos, constrain their libidos, and steal their desire to succeed. In other cultures women are taught to be faithful,loving and dedicated (the beta of females). There has always been a war of the sexes, and the winner varies on economic success or failure and Male/Female ratios(primarily from wars).

        2. I think its the opposite. A faithful, loving woman is an alpha female, the woman that most men want. Sluts are betas.

        3. European women, are very different. They have, at least the ones I knew, no problems with being Feminine. Unlike the fucked up American women, who thing being feminine is weakness. And of course there are many other delightful differences, but that’s another story.

    1. I’m not sure if that’s evidence of more guys learning that women respond to emotionally aloof or aggressive guys or it’s just that these guys have a monopoly on the sexual marketplace which is why that’s what you hear from women. For every red pill guy who understands women that I know there’s a heap of beta nice guys who can’t score with women.

      1. Well, if it were over a lifetime, sure. I heard all three of these this year over the summer.

        1. I hear it from women non stop coz that’s the guys they’re fucking, they don’t talk about all the nice guys because they’re irrelevant to them. I don’t think it’s a massive increase in guys learning game it’s just guys with game get talked about by women.

    2. 9. never promise anything..apart from fun times
      10. but leave a chink of hope..dont kill their dream dead that you may indeed be with them one day…but this is just by not stating clearly you will never be an item
      11. never lie but feel free to say that you are free to do as you wish and they are free to do as they wish
      12. ‘when we’re together we’ll have fun and great times. as soon as that’s not the case we won’t do it anymore’ a great line
      13. if an ultimatum comes..say you understand and give them the option of continuing as you are and having great fun but you also understand if they want to stop seeing you completely and if they take that option make clear you will respect it 100% and never see them again
      14. always be willing to lose or walk away or for them to take up your ultimatum

      1. Great additions my friend. This is basically how I conduct my dating life these days. The less said to women the better. I get called aloof a lot lately but they love it-I’ve never saw this level of interest in my 20’s. Here I’m 37 and having the best success with women…once I ditched the beta mentality and reinvented myself.

        1. and because your with them for brief times its easier to make these times intense and great….compared to their bf or ex bf, it makes their long term relationships look boring

        2. but how do you actually do that and not just become exhausted? I mean… maybe i just suck as a person but I don’t think I could spend every day just being an event planner and I need sex a lot more than time and money I have to making their life great. Hell, I agree its a great idea, but how in the world do you date more than one girl at a time… I don’t think I could make sure all the time is great time for even 1 girl much less 4-5.

      2. I always thought it was smart when a guy would be asked the “what are we question” and he would respond by saying how much he liked the fact that the relationship didn’t need a label or buy into societies need to categorize things and then he actually thanks the girl for being “cool” and not trying to force a label. get’s them every time.

      1. The only thing that is consistent about women is their inconsistency. However, this is not a problem as long as you recognize this and proceed accordingly.
        Women know they are full of shit. That’s why they need us to keep them pointed in the right direction

        1. They know it on a gut level not a conscious level. Keeping em pointed in the right direction is exhausting! Especially when their Grrlfriends are hell bent on giving them bad on giving them bad advice.
          I sometimes get the impression that they love to fuck up. Like a calling in life.

        2. They know some male is going to fix all their problems someday. Fucking up is fun if you have a safety net.

    3. As long as girls are raised with no accounatability or reponsibility like they have in the last 30 years, chicks like this are always going to shame a guy for hitting on them and then later hook up with her fuck buddy of choice. This is the root of so called rape culture.Girls not wanting to own up to wanting to get fucked. I see a contradiction in the manosphere. A lot of these guys dont want a girl thats fucked a lot of guys. They want some pristine virginal neo con robot yet they dont want girl thats comfortable with being as promiscous as the guys are. This virginal reputation mentallity is what fuels girls rape culture mentallity. Girls dont want to take the fall if she gets found out that she banged the football team or even a bad boy. She’s going to deny any responsibility and call it rape just to cover her ass. I know you guys dont like feminazi slutwalks but I think it might be the one of the ways women start owning up to their sexuality and take accountability for actually owning her sexuality.
      Lets call a spade a spade. Chances are she probably wont believe in rape culture if shame is taken out of the equation when it comes to casual sex.She’s probably fucked no more guys than the so called good girl that has a repuation to uphold and she’ll do that by putting the blame on the guy that fucked the daylights out of her.
      If you haven’t noticed by now, religion is the foundation in shame and guilt yet a LOT of you guys rant n rave about keeping to the tenets of christianity.You want to get rid of the so called idea rape culture? You cant do it without the heavilly religous concept of shame.You cant have it both ways.

      1. I agree with almost all of what you said, and the part about rape culture being a reult of slut shaming is gold. The problem is that if shame is completely removed from sex, hypergamy goes off the rails like you see today. Shame is the only weapon that can stop women from throwing their vajayjays down the drain in their early 20’s. If women had the foresight to see the awful, irreversible consequences of sluttery they might control themselves but as we have learned, women don’t do well in the delayed gratification department.
        So we have to find the balance between letting women express their sexuality healthily, while preventing them from destroying their sexual potential when they are too young to understand how valuable it is. The society tells women what kind of guy they SHOULD want (nice, kind, supportive) and it makes her feel terrible when she follows her instincts and throws herself at the men she really wants (selfish, rough, aggressive). Maybe if women were educated on their own biology they would stop making themselves feel guilty for simply being a woman.

        1. Since feminism has taken over higher education perhaps making accountability for your actions might be added to human sexuality classes.I couldnt believe how slanted and biased the curriculum was against guys. They talk a good game about porn being addictive to men yet they dont want to educate about girls about getting into “sticky” situations that they cant get out of. Like getting isolated at a party by a frat douche and it getting ugly really fast if theres no one around to step in IF the girl isnt down to fuck. No they want to reinforce that guys are the predators without teaching girls about having common sense. Girls like to play the doe eyed innocent little lamb card all the way up to after having sex. Unfortunately you need a lawyer and a form of consent to avoid being called a rapist after the girl decided she doesnt want to own up that she actually likes taking it in the ass and facialized. The internet and the millions of amatuer attention whore girls tell otherwise.

        2. Oh they’ll never do that. Its the opposite that they teach.
          I actually used the argument, if a white guy in a 1000 dollar suit gets piss drunk and passes out on the side walk in Compton at 2 AM on a Saturday night with a fat wallet in his back pocket by himself… and someone steals his wallet… is he partially to blame for this? The girl and professor I was talking to said, “absolutely not.. the only person responsible is the person who stole the wallet”. I of course said that I agreed the thief was in the wrong, but that the man had played a part and was partially to blame, she called me illogical. I understand her argument, but I disagree with it. I feel the same way about rape. You shouldn’t rape, but if a girl gets drunk as hell and begs a drunk guy to have sex with her, yes it is legally rape (because she is drunk) but she is begging him to do it, knowing he is also drunk, so she is contributing to the act.

    4. I have seen the last two personally as well in the field I work in a lot more often than the first story.

    5. Agree. I think I’ve heard all of them (or something similar to them). Women will bullshit you (if you let them). The key is to keep these types at arms distance and let them know when you want to see them (not when they want to see you).
      Always keep control and always let her know that you’ll stop the bus and let her ass off if she acts up.
      Control is key.

      1. It really reinforces the notion that you shouldn’t listen to a girl’s words, but instead watch what she does. The Hamster is a very, very real thing.

  5. I can’t imagine the shit men (including the past me) will put up with to wet their dick in a hole roughly the size of their dick. One fuck up and your in “emotional” territory and you lose. When you cross that threshold you are a scout in a foreign land.
    The “Game” should be finding a quality woman of character, that already has a good foundation and is teachable. Difficult as hell and a minefield today but it is possible. If they watch TV and belong to Facebook immediately scratch those off your list of possibles. Travel light and keep moving forward.

    1. I finally found a cute girl who didn’t have facebook, but she had a hyphenated name and short hair. She had a lot of really good qualities but at the same time was too assertive and ‘girl power’-ey.
      They can have a lot of good qualities but even 1 bad one can have really insidious consequences. It seems any female born in America has a natural disrespect and disregard towards men.

      1. Be very careful of women (in the first world) without social media.
        I know 3 women that deleted ALL their social media because they were “called out” shamed for some bad behaviour. One had an affair and was called a homewrecker. Another’s drug habits were revealed.
        These women will burn down everything to keep their secrets from the next guy (I mean chump). Move to another city and start over, etc.

  6. This is good stuff. I had a fuck buddy for about 4 months, and though she was very low value the sex was good and I caught feelings. Not the type that lead to a relationship. But the kind that allowed her to shit on me a little bit. So fuck that, best not to allow that emotional connection to happen. Just blow your wad.

    1. I think a major point to be outlined is the Time Span of the fuck buddy it must be established and striclty followed. I think up to 4 months is the limit, or else they start to develop feelings for you and get clingy. and it prevents you from developing any slighlty sense of feelings.

      1. Yea, even the most self sufficient, non needy women who know that you’re out of their league start to talk about relationships. Na, fuck that. At 4 months, you’ve done too much stuff together for it to be 100% casual.

  7. I haven’t seen any discussions in the manosphere of the book SEX & CHARACTER by OTTO WEININGER. To my mind, it is The BIble of the sexual dynamics. Freud was very influenced by it. All of the most famous intellectuals at the time considered young Otto to be a very special genius.
    Today, of course, the book is known as “perhaps the most misogynistic work ever written in the world”, and you know what that means.
    It means, it speaks the truth.
    It is impossible for women, because they are only sexual to recognise their
    sexuality, because recognition of anything requires duality. With man it is not only
    that he is not merely sexual, but anatomically and physiologically he can “detach”
    himself from it. That is why he has the power to enter into whatever sexual relations
    he desires; if he likes he can limit or increase such relations; he can refuse or assent to them. He can play the part of a Don Juan or a monk. He can assume which he will. To put it bluntly, man possesses sexual organs; her sexual organs possess woman.

    The book is even available free online, if anyone is interested.

        1. I believe boys became men much earlier in the past out of necessity… and considering the expanded capability of a younger brain to learn it’s quite possible that a higher level of thought was achieved at a younger age in those days… (if a stimulating environment allowed it of course).

        2. That is true. Over all intelligence has also been declining since then. But even so, no one at the time could believe he wrote this at 21. If you read it you’ll understand why.

  8. I routinely use the hand-her-my-phone maneuver to get the number close and this is how I learned #5…one chick entered herself as “Hot Buns”
    And yeah, they weren’t too bad.

  9. Stellar article, quickly becoming my favorite writer on ROK. Notice how this applies to ALL women? Don’t make exceptions, ever, this is how you get burned.
    #1 is vital–even if the girl is not being dishonest, you cannot trust what she says because Even if they truly believe what they are telling you at the time it’s important to keep in mind that it can and (likely) will change in a heartbeat…for no reason at all. I’ve seen this, I’ve seen girls who were head over heels for me make big promises that they totally forgot about a week later. There’s no explanation. Their word is just meaningless. I don’t know how a guy could ever trust “till death do us part” coming from a woman’s lips.
    Unrelated, I have a current girl who I fool around with but haven’t banged, mainly because she cooks meals for me, bakes pies and brings them over, keeps my dog for me when I go out of the country to bang foreign chicks, buys me tickets to shows and concerts, and I’ve decided that these rare domestic skills are more valuable to me than risking losing them for her wet hole (she’s also just not my type, but she does the best with what she has).
    Eventually she would get jealous, would demand a relationship or just go crazy. I generally subscribe to the “women are only good for one thing” rule, but I just play it cool and distant with her, make out for a bit, feel her up then say I gotta run. This is an experiment really, kind of like the game a faux virgin would play on me..string the person along as long as possible without banging them and in the process extract time, resources, and benefits from them. We’ll see how it works out. There’s also the hope of her introducing me to hot friends but her friends are all tatted millennial sluts so far.

    1. How do you say you’re fooling around if you haven’t banged her? She most likely has a FWB on the side since you are not tagging her. She’s buttering you up for the beta bux showing all these good qualities. Her friends being tatted millennial sluts says it all.
      Don’t fall for it.

      1. I wish she would have another guy. The other day she brought up someone because I laughed when she mentioned me buying her something and she said “Oh, that’s fine, I’ve got a guy who will buy me whatever I want.” GREAT! I said, smiling! And then she got all pissy because I wasn’t jealous. It turns out it’s some guy with money who “creeps her out” and she won’t go out with.
        I truly wish she would meet a guy that would date her, because I limit my interactions to once a week, but she is always begging for more. I’m really just not attracted to her, but we have some similar interests, and it’s hard to say no to “OK So what kind of pie did you want this week?” I’ve been dragging it on since before summer, and the FWB thing would have burned out already if I had banged her, I’d rather have the food and tickets anyway haha. The girl just loves being around me.

        1. Sounds like the skill I unintentionally mastered in high school. Paid off for me in everyway except sex (back then it was a natural instinct of mine to do this to girls who showed obvious interest, but who I was not really into) so when the time came I almost always passed on sealing the deal.
          Later (early adulthood) I figured out what was going on and experimented with techniques and girls till it became a skill I could confidently exploit. Now almost 10 years later I have a quite attractive “work/social wife/mistress who i’ve been stringing along for nearly a decade. Even with bouts of separation – overseas and continental.
          The best part is she endorses and introduces other females to me. She even does so knowing I’m in serious relationship.

    2. “Unrelated, I have a current girl who I fool around with but haven’t banged, mainly because she cooks meals for me, bakes pies and brings them over, keeps my dog for me”
      Small penis ^
      You don’t want to show her your penis because she’ll run
      “I just play it cool and distant with her, make out for a bit, feel her up then say I gotta run.”
      Small penis anxiety^ covered up as “game”
      Women are very eager to see what a man has for a penis especially once they like you personally, it seems to me like you don’t want to disappoint
      “she’s also just not my type, but she does the best with what she has”
      Sounds like a toad.

    3. Your comment on item #1 is exactly correct. And this is even if you *are* in a LTR or married to her. She can and will change her mind on you at the flip of a switch. Don’t be caught unprepared, think that her word is her word. Sure, guys can lie and flip the script on occasion, but it’s not a natural nearly Orwellian thing for most of us, whereas with women it seems to be a built in “feature”.

    4. It’s their upbringing. These women have been taught by the media, their parents and the schools they can do what ever they want as long as their excuse invokes a common pussy pass of some form. If it is at the point they think they will suffer no repercussion for permanently disfiguring their bodies, the only cure is a push in front of a train.

  10. My current FB expressed the fact the she has been gaining emotional feelings for me. I reminded and reiterated the fact that from the very beginning we agreed that our situation was going to be an emotionless arrangement and “no strings attached” (i.e., strictly physical). i then told her if that’s too much to handle she can always walk away from said arrangement, we’re all adults.

  11. I think a major point to be outlined is the Time Span of the fuck buddy it must be established and strictly followed. I think up to 4 months is the limit, or else they start to develop feelings for you and get clingy. Which is a problem, then they’ll start to take night outs as dates and start to demand more serious attention contrary to the normal, get down to the point style. It prevents you from developing any slight sense of feelings. Fuck buddys have a time span and a man must have a constant rotating rooster of girls. Just like a soccer team you need to keep the players flowing and adding new prospects.

    1. There is no such thing as a woman spending time with you “just for sex” without trying to get something from you. Either short term or long term. Many want to get YOU to like them, just for the pleasure of screwing you over as an ego boost
      Online she gets 200 messages a day from her various apps,
      though she “pretends” she would never meet anyone “it was a dare” “it’s just for fun” That is total bullshit , as once that alpha male comes along, suddenly they want to meet up , never believe a word of what they say
      at a 1% alpha male conversion rate, that’d be two men a day.
      That’s 14 a week, thats 728 a year or 60 a month, she could go on 2 dates a day with top 1% males for free who would beg for her if shes just an average in looks
      +3 a day on social media and at least 3 in real life
      so lets just round it off to 1000
      yeah, the odds are 1-1000 that she’s only with you for sex
      and you are an idiot if you think her motive is just sex
      why is she screwing more than you? proof of concept. It’s because shes looking for the next best deal but wants to maintain you as a rebound incase the bigger alpha shes currently trying to secure runs off than you will be rebound for a while

    2. In my experience…it has been max 2-3 months.
      they do tend to get attached after you fuck them a few times.
      It’s like their biological minds telling them they should be in love with the guy they are fucking or something is not right.

      1. I’ve been smashing this hoe on and off for over 2 years, we rarely talk unless i tell her shes due to see me, she’s knows im out of her league and is just full cooperation, I’ve had no need to cut her off, I think the trick is getting a girl whose a hoe, so she’s mostly occupied, pay her no compliments, keep the rare conversations sexual, tell her when she’s due a smashing rather than asking, short replies, sometimes none, and most important of all, being sexually satisfying, which will always have u in high demand….

  12. I like Sharpe’s article. I think a good way of achieving these goals is to use some internal imagery. Each man should think of himself and his most personal aspects as a strong fortress with thick, impenetrable walls. Then, imagine each relationship with a woman as a rickety screen door cut into that wall.

  13. while this is true, there are exceptions to the rule. good women can become jaded and get tired of meeting guys that don’t have any substance, so on the flip side, look out for these kinds of high value women parading as something else.

  14. 9. When the subject of feelings and attachment come up, grind out a long, greasy, three burrito inspired fart and then hold her head under the sheets. That kind of blows the whole idealized vision she has of you pretty quick. Badda bing, Jack’s your uncle, she finds the exit pretty quick.

    1. Emitting foul intestinal gas while sitting naked on her dead Grandmother’s antique heirloom petit point cushioned vanity stool will definitely have you off the potential husband list. True story.

  15. When a girl texts me “So what are you up to?” This ususally means she’s board and wants to initiate a date. in the past I usually say something like “I’m busy at the moment but I will be free tonight, want to get together?”. Usually what happens is take her out for a drink, go back to my place, order a pizza, Fuck, and watch a movie on my home theater system. I tell her that I have to get up very early tomorrow so it encourages her to leave so I can sleep alone. Unless I want some good morning sex from her I usually try to get her to leave. I prefer to sleep alone. When you spend the night with someone it increases the chance of emotional attachment.
    If she’s asking if you have any brothers or sisters she’s trying to get a phycological profile on you. I would be suspiciaous of this.

  16. Maybe you could minimize drama over the phone by making every meeting very fun and the contact outside of that very cold and pragmatic. That way she know’s that the only way to get something out of you is if she sees you. I’ve had so many hours of texting hookup girls that never payed out in more frequent lays. It was just because they wanted an emotional tampon for the moment. So for your own protection…
    Saying less is good. But don’t interpret that as saying nothing. A lot of women won’t take the initiative to call you or to text you. You are going to miss out on lays if you don’t take action yourself. She might think you aren’t interested anymore. So you have to keep them “warm” in a way.

    1. In 2015, you should only be texting or calling to set up a time and place to meet. Conversing with a new prospect over the phone is the quickest way to the beta zone in her mind. It seems cold but today’s women aren’t looking for warmth. They want to see you behave like a high value male that has better shit to do than talk to her.

      1. I actually was talking about texting. Those lengthy textconversations people now have on instant messaging. When texting was expensive that didn’t happen. But now with cheap cellphone plans it’s gone berserk.
        But anyways. If you do call, you will stand out now. Especially with new prospects. But it all depends on her character. Most people don’t want to pick up a phone anymore, unless it’s a relative, or their boss, because they’ll have to.

        1. I meant texting too, I dont know how old you are but any girl over 21 isn’t trying to text at length with a guy she is sexually attracted to.

  17. Solid advice. I follow all those rules, except for the name in the phone thing. I save their first name, followed by a description of what they look like.
    Im going to add a few more rules here…
    1. Dont pick her up and drive her anywhere. Dont even pick her up to come to your place to bang. Tell her to get an uber.
    2. Send her home after the bang. Dont let her stay the night. If she doesnt have a ride, uber the broad. The last thing you need is a slut trying to cuddle and talk to you about shit.
    3. If she leaves her cell phone charger, underwater, Oakleys, whatever at your place…throw that crap away. Women leave crap so they have an excuse to hang again. So throw it away. When she calls asking if she left something behind, say you cant find anything.

  18. My Three step process I go through when I feel that I’m starting to get interested in someone I’m just supposed to be fucking:
    1. Stop talking to her, delete her number, unfollow on social media, don’t respond when she initiates conversation. If you see her in person have somewhere else to be and leave as soon as possible.
    2. Stop thinking about her, practice this policy with all women: “Out of sight out of mind” as they say. Any second a woman isn’t servicing you she’s wasting your time, especially if she can waste your time without being around. Ya’ll mother fuckers need to stop thinking about girls all the time, gets in the way of self improvement. (the single most important thing in the world.)
    3. Fuck someone else. Then move on ya big pussy.

  19. Well I fucked up. I’ve come up with a back up plan though. If I want to make a girl lose interest and decide that she wants to move on I could start acting all cringey and weird. I haven’t fully fleshed it out. Any input on how to put a girl back in the friend zone? I also think it may be as simple as laying down the law and saying that aspect is off the table. If she thinks you’re alpha she’ll probably do it.

  20. I’m so glad I am a lesbian. It is SO satisfying to reject the pathetic men like you who hit on me with such disgusting intentions.

  21. Had to laugh seeing number 5. I’m the father of two girls and don’t refer to their boyfriends by name, just a number. First was dash one, second was dash two…
    When they ask why I’m calling them by a number instead of their name, I just explain– ‘If I give you a name I’ll start to think of you as human, and it might make it a little harder to do what might need to get done.’

  22. Most usual in my experience is the anti-slut discourse:
    “Ouch! It hurts. It’s been so long since I have slept with a man like X years ago”
    “I have never given a blowjob”
    “We’ve just met. I do not do this often; I am not like this”
    …and after a few notches then it comes the affectionate discourse
    “I love you”
    “I have never felt like this before”
    “I think we can make each other happy”
    I keep my head leveled by comparing words against facts:
    If I get inside without effort and lube then that vagina is used to it.
    Her bed skills will provide a clear indicator of her inexperience (or lack of).
    Saying I love you while texting your beta BF after we had sex is clearly a red flag.

  23. Why wouldn’t someone want a meaningful connection with someone if they are sexually connected? I really don’t get our culture at all. If I had a concubine, I would want to be best friends not just screw and forget about each other until next time. OK why do I try so hard to understand this place…..

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