How Fast-Approaching Sexbot Technology Is Making Women Fearful

I just had a funny experience that illustrates the imperious power of the female narrative in our society. I was sitting in my living room with a 25-year-old, who we’ll call Teri, watching a technology documentary when a segment came on about sex-bots and the technological advancements that are making ever-more realistic ones possible.

At first she seemed intrigued and amused at the sight of dozens of featureless rubber torsos hanging from hooks, waiting to have nipples painted on before being attached to jointed metal frames; but a moment later, there was an interview with a guy who had journeyed to the shop to help design a mechanized companion that was being made just for him, and Teri’s expression changed. Here was a man, neither creepy nor overtly awkward, and exhibiting no outward sign of disability, stating without shame that he would rather pay $7,000 or more for a silicone-and-circuitry simulacrum of a woman than take a real live one out to dinner.

She wasted no time with subterfuge (I like that about her), her id marching indignantly to the forefront as she huffed, “I don’t know about all this. It seems like they could just replace women with those things.” As you might expect, I failed fantastically in my attempt to stifle the ensuing chuckle.

A New Enemy Emerges

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While most females will never be as direct as Teri, preferring instead to couch their arguments in talk of “dehumanization” and “exploitation,” the truth is they are scared of the competition. It’s bad enough that we already have FleshLights and RealDolls, but the thought of a fully functional female shaped robot who walks, talks, laughs, fucks like a pornstar, and (if designers are smart) knows how to cook and clean?

Plus you never have to feed it, take it shopping, meet its parents, or listen to it cry? Now the ladies are starting to sweat. They know that access to this sort of technology will compromise their bargaining power with men. While you may be tempted to point out that women have had access to dildos, vibrators, and even more complex contraptions involving power tools for quite a while and it has failed to replace us, you would do well to remember that women don’t want the same things from men as men want from women. Men look to women to be their companions, keep their homes, and provide sex. Women, on the other hand, look to men for everything else.

Narrative Under Attack

If women en masse had some way to meet their needs for shelter, protection, child-rearing resources, and status without trading their beauty, companionship, and homemaking skills for it, the power of a man to secure himself a desirable woman through the cultivation of superior provisioning skills would be greatly diminished.

Oh wait… that already happened. If men succeeded in leveraging half the power through technological innovation that women have managed to through modern governments and their myriad social justice programs, the dynamics of the marketplace would tip dramatically in their favor. Basically, the mass production of sex-bots with all the above traits could cause as tumultuous a tremor in the sexual market as the advent of feminism itself, only this time with men getting the better half of the deal.

In today’s world, the men we call betas and deltas, or those who actually produce all the wealth SJWs are so busy redistributing, are incentivized toward all this surplus production by the dream of having a woman to love who will both admire them and help raise a family in their image. While this American dream remains attainable for a select minority, modern society and its many forms of “progress,” feminism chief among them, continuously drive that goal farther into the realm of fantasy for the average man. As women gain more and more “freedom” and use it to pursue and attain (briefly) the minority of men who they desire, your average Joe must submit to ever-intensifying erosion of his bargaining power if he is to even scavenge the leftovers.

As the MGTOW movement illustrates, men have already been feeling the squeeze for a while now, and many are starting to drop out even with the knowledge that this will likely lead to childlessness, loneliness, and a lack of a support network in old age. If that’s already the case, how many men will join them once sophisticated robo-lovers and artificial wombs consign these worries to the dustbin of history? Is our society prepared for the potential results of a precipitous drop in its productive and innovative capacity? The next generation of men could turn a century’s worth of social engineering on its head by dropping out and refusing to produce the wealth that feeds the various organs of the globalist machine.

Preemptive Strike

In predictable fashion, this looming revolution in the marketplace is inducing histrionics among certain segments of the feminist population, notably Kathleen Richardson and her acolytes in the Campaign Against Sex Robots. So worried are they, in fact, that they advocate a global ban on the development and production of “machines in the form of women or children for use as sex objects, substitutes for human partners or prostitutes.” (Emphasis added)

Machines in the form of men are excluded from the organization’s definition of sex-bots, as males are apparently never subject to victimization or exploitation. The organization also repeatedly laments a link between the sex trade and the production of robots made for sex, without any causality being proven. In a bid to instill maximum feelbads, Richardson herself stated that a sex toy company that sponsored a report favorable to sex-bots “profits from the sex trade.” She neglected to specify whether it was the prostitutes or the johns who were driving this demand for dildos.

While there are few if any laws currently addressing the specific issue of sex with artificially intelligent machines, some scientists, along with CASR, are beginning to call for legislation. It may be slow in coming however, as it seems difficult to articulate a reason why sex with robots is wrong without appealing to the traditionalism that is so abhorrent to feminists and their mobs of useful idiots. Short of actual legislation, SJWs will work to shame people into their point of view.

For example, they recently expressed delight when Malaysian authorities “asked for the Second International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots to be held somewhere other than Malaysia,” and used the opportunity to make a tenuous link between this meeting and the child sex trafficking industry in that country. Ever since the women’s suffrage movement, feminists’ strategy has not been one of independently seeking their own power, but of shaming men into relinquishing theirs. They are indeed dependent on men’s surrender for their every victory, and this fight will be no different. If SJWs can’t get this sophisticated new form of (presumably male) masturbation defined as rape, they will simply use shame to discourage men from designing and using the technology by likening it to child abuse and slavery.


We live in exciting times, to be sure. The war of the sexes, like all other wars, has long been influenced by technology. Females of late have been given a huge leg up from male-made technology in the form of birth control, egg-freezing, and in-vitro fertilization. But while women love to shout about how independent they are, deep down they realize they are only afforded a soapbox by the same “patriarchy” they so disdain and the men who pay the taxes to run it.

If sex-bots become as ubiquitous as some hope and others fear, men may find themselves with less and less incentive to maximize their productivity as they opt in large numbers for cheap robots over expensive families. Women better hope the Campaign Against Sex Robots is successful (it won’t be), lest the next generation of men truly go their own way, leaving women to prove how capable and independent they really are.

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  1. They may ban the sale of them but good luck stopping men from making them.
    If the parts are out there to be had they will be made. And who says they have to look like a woman. It would be nice but in truth a porno toss in some VR and any device to get off and all is good.

  2. Why don’t women just learn to be polite, considerate, well mannered, trustworthy, and clean?

  3. I’m not sure why I would ever want to fuck a robot. It’s honestly not that hard to train women to be pleasant.

      1. I have always said that the day the holodeck becomes real and easily accessible we begin a 12 year count down to the end of humanity.

        1. That is exactly correct. Unchain men from the need to even associate with women and it’s over.

        2. yup…we would start like unabashed said…war simulation, flight simulation, having sex with Bridgette Bardot simulation. We would starve while eating virtual food. We would eventually get bored and get so degenerate. The things that would happen in the holodeck…oy. The world would crumble. 12 years is an optimistic timeline.

        3. Funny you say that, the first thing that popped into my mind with “holodecks” is that I’d probably spend a lot of time in a “real” Skyrim. Boffing the shit out of all the Nord babes most likely.

        4. Until you take an arrow to the knee.
          Honestly, I’d probably spend most of my time in any medieval/feudal war simulator. The thought of rushing into battle with melee weapons sounds fun as long as you don’t run the risk of actually getting limbs hacked off.

        5. as long as everyone had their own individual holodeck and could create their own reality where the universe existed for them as the star and it was impossible to make a conscious distinction between “real life” and the hologram the world would be done….

        6. Winter time only, and only a select few. Ohio becomes so freaking boring once the clouds hit in November and stay around until April that it’s quite depressing. March is when it brightens up a bit, the Arnold show hits town (Columbus) and then St. Patricks Day starts things back up. But man, those three months of clouds and cold (Dec, Jan, Feb) just sap your energy and will to live.
          So yeah, a bit, but in context of the season.

        7. if that code meant getting to do filthy horrible things to Stormi Heneley without my conscious mind knowing it wasn’t real then I am all for it….but the point is, you can do your world your way…that is the beauty of the Holodeck.

        8. In the British comedy show “Red Dwarf” they had an episode about a 100% immersive video game called “Better Than Real Life”. The punchline at the end of the show is they found out human life on Earth went extinct due to this game.

      2. Do you mean on the steps of the capital? Of course she later asserted that her congressman husband forced her to do that.

        1. I actually read that too at that time, that she was down for kinky sex. It only added to the attractiveness. Unfortunately her throwing him under the bus detracted from it. It was a push. End of the day though, a 20 something long haired her? Of fuck yeah, every day of the week and four times on Sunday. I like those kinky types.

    1. I’ve wanted to ever since I watched those outer limits episodes , you can teach a woman to be pleasant but most are dead fish in the sack

  4. This reminds me of those hot robots in Ex Machina. But I think an android would cost significantly more than $7000

  5. I think the best thing about a female sex bot is that it will come with an adjustable volume knob and a mute button. That alone is worth the price of admission.

    1. Do you remember the R Crumb comic “the perfect woman”
      Man, I liked that.

      1. I’m on the world’s longest and most boring conference call and the posts are just flowing like water in a stream on a lazy summer day.

        1. Yeah I’m between projects myself and needing a boost of “interest” to stay awake. I tag-team RoK to keep from firebombing an entire sales department and stapling a resignation letter to the CEO’s head.

        2. Between projects as well. Doing everything I can to not office space this cubicle farm hellhole.

        3. The beauty here is, I work from home. Don’t have to hide shit. It’s why I post so much on some days (and nothing for a while as well). I get work done right the first time, ahead of schedule and that leaves me all kinds of free time.

        4. Fucking lucky. I can’t do the whole work from home thing. Sleeping is way easier than working while at home. I already have gotten rid of the whole “ring the bell” attitude my managers have. Now, I have ample time to complete projects and I always get them done ahead of my “projected timeline”. But I’m not gonna tell them that.

        5. I work from home most days of the week, my most direct coworkers are veterans. Were I having to deal with a “real” office, like physically, with millenials, I would not last.

        6. ALWAYS make it seem like it’ll take longer than it really does. ALWAYS.
          But never finish ahead of time.
          Once you get to a point where you can do 8 hours of work in like 2 or 3, use the extra time, in any way possible, to get your own business started. This is called “Daylighting”.
          It’s how you “escape”.

    2. I keep telling people how realistic a future of sex robots is, people don’t take me seriously. Feminists will look back at the good ol’ days of “rape culture”. They’ll still have their dildos and cats, though. On a side note, Whole Foods is going to start putting tattoo parlors inside their stores to attract Millennials. I shit you not.

      1. I heard about the tattoo parlors yesterday and almost puked. Guys are getting these weird wrist tats now that are supposed to symbolize rebirth or some shit.

        1. Oh no. sheesh. Dinky little tattoos is for the ‘wanna be edgey trendy’ professional career women & private school girls. The trend I’ve seen lately in men’s tattoos is geometric designs with lots of black ink.

        1. Sometimes you just want to mark the occasion of when you bought your first organic tomato, and what better way to do it than with ink?

        2. That whole “mark of the Beast” thing from Revelations is starting to sound a lot more possible by the day.

        1. I do seedy hand poke tats sometimes,my business went up like hell after someone gave me one of such “organic inks”,I also added naturedumbass consumer points when I used “organic desinfectants”

      2. “I keep telling people how realistic a future of sex robots is, people don’t take me seriously”
        I’ll believe it when I see it. And even if it does come the elites will outlaw it to prevent men from being freed from the shackles of feminazism.

        1. I’m not saying sexbots would be bad, Im just saying the powers thst be will make thrm difficult to get because sexbots will allow men to not be dependent on hormonal driven beasts, which is not what the elites want.

        2. It wouldn’t surprise me that there will be pressure to outlaw them or limit them in design realism at some point when the average joe might be able to afford one. What you might see is them limited to brothels in some countries.

      3. Science fiction often turns out to be science fact. I read that besides inventing most of our technology, Nikolai Tesla also predicted future developments such as the Internet, interplanetary space travel…and robotic personal companions.

        1. Neglect rape. Good one. Tack that on to the fake rape epidemic. Case in point. This disgusting, fat, stumpy, fireplug of a skank filed a false rape report with SFPD against an Uber Driver when the femcunts were pulling some histrionic crusade against Uber.
          Naturally, the police never held her accountable even after they found out that she filed a false report about being sexually assaulted by the Uber driver.

        2. Naturally, the police never held her accountable even after they found
          out that she filed a false report about being sexually assaulted by the
          Uber driver.

          That has got to change. We need to at least file civil cases against these harpies when they pull an act like that.

        3. You should have seen the faggot White Knights on social media and SJW places like Yelp writing all kinds of reviews for this fat attention whore, trying to ID and help the cops catch her non-existent rapist. Those shit reviews got took down quick once word got around that the whole thing was faked.
          It got really ugly because her status on fb was set to public, all these worthless attention seeking females came out with their own fabricated stories of being assaulted by Uber which is “strange” because NO ONE has ever been arrested in spite of this epidemic of sexual attacks.

      4. Feminists will be ordering Christian Grey sexbots programmed to scoop kitty litter, spoon feed them Ben & Jerry’s and nod sincerely while they talk about their feelings.

        1. Funny thing is, the market won’t be there. If sexbots cost like 30 thousand, they’ll be marketted towards men, not women. Mark my words on it.

        2. Females will cry to the government and go on about how because they have a vagina male robots should be an entitlement if you have a Vagina. Eventually all men will have to subsidize all male replacement robots. It will be part of divorce laws. Since your human resource robot grabbing tool got you used to being provided for. The husband will have to buy her 30k male robot.

        3. If women orgasmed faster then men on average and men took longer to orgasm it would be a sign of men being selfiish and not in-tuned with a woman’s body to orgasm as quick as she does. Feminists and non feminists would go on and on about how women cum faster which makes them better of course. If women had balls in between their legs their would be no one complaining about woman spreading to make room for her balls. It would be a GIVEN that women need to spread their legs further apart. Their would be whole commities on why a woman not having room for her balls is male oppresion over a womans body and how men are trying to control her body and her balls by keeping them squished.

        4. It really is a no win situation with females of today. Either we revolt and stop the shit, or its only gonna get worse. We as men need to shut down the bullshit in every aspect. Women will never stop. They will go on forever being the victim. Women use manipulation to get what they want. Men use war. Women as a whole are at war, and men are not taking it seriously.

        5. Women can have male robots but they still require real men to function and leech off from.

      5. In countries like AUS/UK/Canada/Scandinavia I expect there will be pressure from feminists that once they reached a critical threshold in realism and function, they will put pressure on the govt & media to ban them and will shame any men who don’t support them. It will be pitched along lines of threat to the decency of society by making men see women as sex objects. The makers if smart with pitch their sex function in small print and companion android in big print. You might even see them only legal for brothels.
        When I’m old I wouldn’t mind a sexy female humanoid like out of the movie ‘Ex machina’. I’m not into double standards so I’m fine for older women to have their Fabio / Chris Hemsworth lookalike who enjoys listening to her talk about her problems at work and is into discussing feelings. Most young men wont be into a sex bot, except maybe the hard luck bottom 20% if they could afford one. Divorced men 40up will be the ones who will want one.

        1. I have found that if you have spent any amount of time in east Asia, there is nothing left in the world that can shock you.

      1. I have a classmate who married a girl because when he asked her to get him a beer she not only got him the beer but opened it for him before handing ti to him. They are still married over 35 years later.

        1. He had the correct filter test. Being very serious here.

      2. Maybe the stomach area could be a storage keg. Beer could be dispensed out the breast (glass optional) or another part of the anatomy for kinkier guys.
        I can think of a million possibilities.

      3. The perfect sexbot is 4′ tall, no teeth, and has a flat head you can rest your beer on.
        And it makes pizza.

    3. That reminds me of those androids from the original Star Trek series episode “I, Mudd.” Conartist Harcourt Fenton Mudd has taken control of alien androids and even has a duplicate made of his estranged wife, Stella. She nags him for his amusement until he tells her to shut up, at which point she turns off. Problem was, Captain Kirk freed the androids from his control and then paroled him to their custody, and he then is shocked to discover to he has 500 Stellas to contend with…and no off button. Ouch.

      1. Yeah, Kirk white knighted in that episode, which is shameful really. Normally the dude was Captain Alpha Kirk.

        1. Another film to watch in this regard would be “Brainstorm” starring the late Natalie Wood, in which a group of scientists invent a device that can record and play back anyone’s experiences, including sexual ones. As one character puts it, “it sure beats dirty magazines.”

    4. GOJ: are you following the Title IX complaint against Peyton Manning? Speaking of volume buttons.

        1. It is pretty bad. From like 13 years ago some physical therapist or something from U Tenn said she was working on his foot and he put his junk on her head. She has changed the story a bunch of times, it is totally flimsy and Peyton flat out denies it so I am sure he will pay

        2. No doubt of course she went to the manager, or the authorities and filed a report, right? And there were witnesses to this, right?
          How do I know without an answer that it’s “no”.

        3. I honestly haven’t read up all the details yet, I will do that tonight. but yeah, I would guess that is exactly what it will be.

        4. In Tennessee unless it is a class A felony (15yrs), the statute of limitations is already up on any criminal proceedings (excepting involving minors), and I think for any civil litigation as well (the longest is for Judgements at 10yrs). This incident was in 1996.
          Though it’s not as though Title IX follows any kind of legality to begin with.
          Worse, the trainer in question had already settled the suit a year later on the condition she leave the university. And has since tried to sue again based on a book Manning put out in 2003. Smell the $.

    5. Honestly I would prefer a mechanical (very female looking) servant over a functional sexbot. I had a roomba once, it did its job well.

    6. Im sure it will have an A.I. similar to the robot in the movie interstellar.
      Humor setting….90%. No,Make that 80%.
      Then the robot says some sassy bullshit…
      Do you want to make it 50%?

    7. Wait … it will have speakers integrated ? Nah man i opt out , the most sound i want to hear from them would be a 8 bit song from the internal speakers. But full blown voice? That defeats the purpose. The mute button will be the first to break , from to much using it.

    8. Man can invent a robots to sex him, cook for him, and clean his crib. But women lack the ability to invest a cash-bot produce income for her without anything in return.

  6. “it seems difficult to articulate a reason why sex with robots is wrong without appealing to the traditionalism that is so abhorrent to feminists and their mobs of useful idiots.”
    I love seeing these morons get screwed by their own logic. You’d think these feminists who are crying over little things like catcalling would love this because they would no longer be looked at as just sexual objects, right? Obviously not because they know white knights/beta males will be the number one customer for these products. Thus, taking away the power they hold over these sycophants who kowtow to them in hopes of being reward with sex.

    1. That’s the irony of it all. Feminists say they hate being looked at as sex objects, but hate it when men don’t look at them as sex objects. They do things to themselves to amplify their features to BE viewed as a sex object.
      Let’s call it out what it really is. All women want to be viewed as a sex object. It’s their deep inner desire.

      1. I don’t even recognize what “sex object” means. We’re all sex objects, it is our built in function to reproduce, it’s hard wired. We see women and think “yum, sex!” and, if the mood is right and there is enough wine present, they do likewise.
        I find feminists sneering about “sex object” laughable. They go home and pull out vibrators. Talk about “objectify”, amirite?

        1. It’s a ridiculous expression. People don’t get turned on by objects (excluding a handful of specifically designed objects like vibrators, sex-bots, etc), they get turned on by people.
          Looking at a woman and thinking she’s hot is exactly the opposite of seeing her as an object.

  7. It has been mentioned here before that civilizations since antiquity have depended on the deaths of a certain percentage of young men (almost ALWAYS in warfare) to maintain gender stability. A slight surplus of women helps keep women competing for men and the resources men provide and provides men with leverage.
    In the modern era, we have a surplus of young men. These guys are the pathetic white knights offering women free stuff and limitless privilege for the honor of licking girl’s dirty asscracks.
    I think sexbots might be an answer to the “surplus male” problem, and therefore tremendously stabilizing for gender relations and an ENCOURAGEMENT for family formation. If the bottom 10% – 30% of men can detach from society and live meagerly with only their sexbots, they will be, as far as the SMP is concerned, dead. Their removal recreates the female surplus at the least.
    Men no longer needing to actually provide for real women also diminishes their need to slave away in the workplace, which will out downward pressure on wages and taxes, which further diminishes women’s surrogate husband in the government.
    Men resorting to sexbots also effectively creates SOCIETAL level dread game to the benefit of all men, and therefore the benefit of Patriarchal social structure, and therefore the benefit of civilization itself.
    As a Christian man, who wants to raise children, and live peacefully, I 100% support other men having access to sexbots. Hell, I’ll help white knights and male-feminists buy their sexbots if it helps detach them from society.

    1. Here here…! Let the sexbot revolution begin! Oh yeah, and fuck the feminists and the crippled horse they rode in on (no, not literally).

    2. Dalrock calls feminism a society wide shit test, and I think he’s right. This may just be the society wide dread game we need to counter it. Roll on the robots!

    3. The entire premisse of your argument is incorrect.
      There are is a surplus of women, not of men, in the West.
      The fact most men are white knighting as a sexual strategy has nothing to do with the absence of women. Quite otherwise, women are in excess, but since birth control, sexual revolution and no-consequence for sexual encounters for women, they sleep around with a minority, never settle and go into their 30s riding the carrousell and having white knight orbiters.
      The removal of many men from the sexual market will mean nothing to women, because they already despised these men and would only get in sexless longterm relationship with them after they hit the Wall.
      They will just be even more brutal in their fight(with other women) for the few men they perceive as leaders of the pack.
      They don’t care about these “ewww, creepy” (In women-speak) dudes fucking robots.

      1. The premise of your counter is incorrect.
        The greater population of women than men is entirely a function of OLD women outliving OLD men. Neither group is in any way relevant to the sexual marketplace or any discussion of societal function.
        The gender birth ratio is, at least according to a quick search, closer to 107 males per 100 females. Males and females of acceptable sexual desirability are the people we’re interested in, so if you understand how male and female SMV works, then you know without any doubt that there are more relevant males than females. Thus, the “male surplus”.
        Next, Look through this excellent breakdown of male social hierarchy
        You need to understand that the incentive shift from sexbot availability manifests differently depending on the hierarchical class a male lives in.
        Omegas (+ and -) and Deltas (+ and -) are absent from the SMP already. Them buying themselves a robot to bang makes no difference to anyone other than themselves. These losers will do stupid crap like hold conventions to celebrate their sexbots and further tank their social value. With their sexbots, they now throw out fewer white-knighting and feminist comments on social media. In person, their attention means less than nothing, but their online validation for women does ego boost the lower-tier women a bit. These men are who used to die in the first battlefield action they saw so they’d never bother anyone again.
        The Gamma Negatives start to shift things. The Gamma- is very likely to be a white knight or feminist. They’re the first class of males to buy themselves a sexbot in private and further detach from society. This is the first big positive shift. Did you monitor the RoK meetup threats and attacks? 70% of those threats were made by Gamma- males. They provide lots of unearned validation to all kinds of women.
        The Gamma Positives also buy their sexbots in private. They are not actively in the sexual game, but they are often good marriage candidates for predatory post-wall women looking for a paycheck. These guys will often have a blindspot for women due to a relative lack of social interest. Sexbot availability will act as a barrier preventing these men from marrying aged women. This is the first batch of “beta bucks” removed from old women’s options. Their removal won’t be visible directly, but it WILL manifest.
        Beta Negatives are where things start getting interesting. The Beta- haplessly pursues female attention and social interaction. They are a smaller percentage of the worst white-knights, but they’re the most likely to act violently. These guys are prime orbiter candidates and the better of the Beta- males are prime BetaBux material. Sexbots dramatically change this group because huge numbers of these guys will take their bad attitude and check out of the SMP altogether. MANY of these guys take the easier path to Delta or Gamma town and never look back. Now, the BetaBux potential for carousel riders starts to plummet.
        Alphas (+ and -) are rare, awesome, and will never change. They’ll slay more short-sighted poon than they ever imagined, at least at first.
        The Beta Positives get the best of the market shift with the lower-tier marriageable men dropping out for life with their sexbots. Women are going to pick up on the diminishing supply of BetaBux and look to lock them down earlier. Women ride the carousel because THEY CAN. Because men let them. Women have long known with certainty that the cock carousel is fine because the Betabux has always been there. If the Betas are visibly drying up, women WILL act to secure the resources they want. Fewer men available to secure means women will have to compete herder for them, which means only good things for women’s behavior.
        Get it, we’re not just talking about the removal of men from the SMP, but the removal of men from social interactions entirely. All the worst female behaviors in women exist because women know that MEN must compete for WOMEN. It’s not a fair game. Sexbots even the playing field.

        1. @RYC, great last reply, except, the “Male Social Hierarchy” chart is false, due to being almost entirely based minor nuances propped up by modern civilization (also your “die first on the battlefield” comment also needs clarification).
          Modern humans have existed for roughly 200,000 years and civilization has existed for roughly 6,000 years, that long span for evolutionary change invalidates quite a large portion of what is typically described in charts like the one you posted. I really wish people here would seek out alternative charts, showing something that is truer to the actual breakdown of “Male Social Hierarchy”, based on biological evolution and not the wishful thinking touted in “Social Darwinism”.
          So to recap, I see charts like this a lot, but they always fail to consider the “biological evolution of man”.
          So what do I mean?
          Modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, which has rules that we are FORCED to follow, is a little over 200 years old. What this means, is that MANY of the people whom we THINK are Alphas today, may in fact, NOT be Alphas at all. Simply put, the last 200+ years has given LEGAL advantages to crafty, backstabbing, two-faced, Betas, whom gain undeserved Alpha status, due to LEGAL protection from PHYSICAL retaliation, whereas in the previous 199,800 years of “mans existence”, these guys would have been the “follower” or quickly dispatched through physical retaliation.
          If you have any doubts, just think of people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Could either if these schmucks have lead men and convinced them to give their lives for a leaders “personal conviction” , like say, ALEXANDER THE GREAT or HANNIBAL? Of course not, BUT, people like these guys are given a type of “Alpha Status” today because they can act TOUGH, without any real threat of losing their heads or getting Tarred & Feathered by disgruntled peasants.
          I’ll clarify further, “Pseudo Alphas”, like those shown in the chart above, win in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been designed to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics that were used against stubborn business owners and how you don’t see similar tactics being applied any longer. Once you recognize the overt influence of “undue physical & legal protection” it becomes easy to understand why “Pseudo Alphas” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership or any amount of endowed masculinity. It is because these “Pseudo Alphas” are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these “leaders”, limb from limb. The current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the time of the Teamsters or Tarred & Feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
          In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. “Successful leaders” in those times tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be “bold” versus “when to hold back”. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth or children in a world based on hand-to-hand battles and hunts.
          In today’s world we have set up a legal system that solely rewards the “most fierce” warriors and it is contributing to our eventual downfall. In the past, when mortality rates were high, due to living in a dangerous environment, these were the LAST people you wanted running ANYTHING. Today, these types of people get to go to the front of the line for leadership roles. Remember, just because they are “bold” and “fierce”, in a safe, OFFICE setting, doesn’t make them a real ALPHA, in the world of nature.
          If you need a modern example, look no further than the post-war years, after WWII. Who do you think returned back to the USA, alive, after the war? Was it the foolhardy or the yellow bellies or the ones whom could properly weigh the situation and take PROPER action? The answer should be obvious because not coincidentally, that was a period of stable employment and high wages for EVERYONE. With that said, it should safe to assume that it was the most “balanced people” returning alive from the war that became captains of industry in the post-war years. The foolhardy and yellow bellies died on the battlefield or returned home too physically and/or mentally damaged to function in civilian leadership roles.
          Culturally we have had a big shift in the USA, where those given “appointed authority” seems to be trumping those that have “natural authority” more often than not. Make no mistake, the “winners” that we are seeing and hearing about day-to-day, are “Pseudo Alphas” at best. Since the early 2000’s I see MORE and MORE spineless Beta types easily surpassing people with stronger personalities and leadership ability, both in personal life and professional life. However, at one time, in the not so distant past, people displaying “natural authority and leadship” would have EASILY been the first choice of BOTH women and corporations and put in charge of most things, due to simply having REAL leadership qualities.
          What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
          Well it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men” and “yes women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule, with no exceptions being made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of poorly run projects, useless conversations or bad policies. Once people get past a certain age, their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “endowed masculinity”. Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas when they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden mangina” with a perfectly crafted okcupid or Tinder profile.
          Do real Alpha types still clean up? Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of both “first looks” and “last looks”, than they would have received in the previous 50 years (heck, even the last 6,000 years of civilizations existence for than matter). These days, this situation applies to both the career tracks and women’s surface preferences.
          Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (we all know they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners and hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” list of traits, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with, a “Pseudo Alpha”. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well.
          I always use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds”, from 1984, as an example of where we are as a society today.
          When the JOCKS were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior was tolerated and everyone was having a good time, with few harsh consequences for bad behavior (hence the term, “boy will be boys”). As we all know now, in hindsight, when the JOCKS were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (use your best judgement was a common phrase), people didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good.
          Then one day the NERDS gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started sucking, people had to kowtow to PC behavior (so as not to offend anyone), EVERYONE became micromanaged (i.e. Lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences for uncouth behaviors were jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
          So I ask, was “life” better for EVERYONE, under the rule of the JOCKS or better today under the rule of the NERDS, whom are nothing more than “Pseudo Alphas” with “appointed authority”?
          Long live the “beta types” with “appointed authority, I guess, to our own civilizations demise, I might add.

        2. I don’t think so.Female homosexualuallity and the divorce rates because of it is at an all time high.Women nowadays have become brainwashed,flawed,corrupted and they HAVE to be replaced by an improved species.Forget children and reproduction!The world we live in and what’s about to come is not suitable for kids anyway.Trust me when I say that the”Alpha Males”will also go for the sexbots because they’re getting tired of paying millions in alamony and child support.

    4. Yeah, but I used to be a sex addicted atheist. Then I heard the Gospel and all that stuff and now I’m the only non-dysfunctional in my family. I have my own family and made it out of the ghetto. Don’t you wish others would be steered away from sin and toward prosperity?

    5. China has a huge surplus of men due to their one child policy and the practice of infanticide which usually involves baby girls. Another consequence of excess men is using them as cannon fodder i.e. war…

      1. “Another consequence of excess men is using them as cannon fodder i.e. war…”
        Do you mean another SOLUTION to excess men is using them as cannon fodder? That’s exactly the case, and humans have slightly more boys than girls because we are SUPPOSED to lose a significant fraction of out young men to war.

        1. And other misadventures that used to be common when men worked, hunted, and defended their tribes.
          Hunting accidents, farming accidents, industrial accidents, etc.
          Many of our young people alive today would have died on the way to the outhouse 100 years ago, such is the degree of child proofing our society has undergone.
          The species is weaker as a result of removing all natural predators and our obsession with safety uber alles.

    6. Woa woa, don’t push that last part. I don’t want this to become a government sponsored “right”. If sexbots cost twenty grands, fine. But don’t make taxpayers foot the bill

      1. I am PERSONALLY willing to help buy a male-feminist his sexbot if he agrees to cut himself off from society and make himself essentially dead.

  8. Something about the delta/beta/average male dropping out due to “lack of companionship during old-age” is easily reverted by having a strong willpower and adapting a lot of the already taught out techniques right here of ROK into their daily lives. Even this day’s articles cite some things such as saving wealth (and improving one’s health on purchasing less crap such as pleasure and more on self improvement for instance), that should not really be a reason for NOT dropping out of being a provider in the sexual market nowadays, for instance even funding the very bullshit that runs against the patriarchy, it’s only sad to see that it might only stop forward with the advent of yet another technology to fulfill the bloody sexual urge of man with robobts and whatever, which will also fund more sex trafficking from those very bots, thus increasing their price as commodities depending on the model… tl:dr-Only when the average man open his goddamn eyes will he trully be free from the shackles that binds him to the feminist machine and stop fearing the future and what it has for him.

  9. The ironic part is that women realize just how fucked up they are. Or else the wouldn’t be worried about being replaced by robots. Of course instead of actually learning to be decent human beings, they would rather try to prevent the creation of the bots. My guess is that they know that their power doesn’t only come from between their legs, it also comes from men’s thirsts. They really fear that one day they just might have to earn all that attention and those favors.

    1. They are in scramble mode. Earning is the keyword. They will have to work for men if this happens, the same way men had to work for women’s attention against daddy government.

      1. I don’t think most women are in scramble mode quite yet. Once this catches on, the smart ones will up their game. The rest will shriek and gnash their teeth all the way to their post-menopausal, lonely, cat filled apartment.
        Should be fun to watch.

        1. Well the bots could take decades or more of innovation before they can seriously complete with women. The smart ones are the ones lobbying against it now before the bots could advance to that point.

        2. True. I don’t see the technology being there for awhile. Not to mention how long it will take the stigma to wear off. Shit, it took almost a decade for it to be socially acceptable to use internet dating.

        3. Yeah but the stigma won’t matter much because men will do it in secret. Men would only need to make sure they can hide it very well.

        4. Exactly. I think this will take off like a rocket ship. Every technological invention is first utilized for sex. That’s how we ended up with VHS over Betamax. The first DVDs, Blu rays, and 3dtv were all sex-focused. First commercial use of the internet was all sex related. Hell, I think for a while the ONLY money making sites on the net were porn sites. The fact that this can be done in private will only escalate its usage. This will be a permanent game changer.

        5. Probably 5-6 years ago. Literally almost everyone under the age of 30 is using Tinder, OkCupid,, etc.

    2. I can see after the first batch of real sex bots hits that market, all of the fatties fighting to get on the treadmills…

      1. That’s what they’re really afraid of, that all the sexual entitlement and privileges will no longer be a given.

  10. I love that feminism has hated men for so long, but when those men start to move on they throw a shit fit. Shaming will happen. Apparently you can shame a man about his sexual habits, but never fat shame.
    Also, I love all those quotes that include “women and children” because women alone would not be enough to make the point. Horrible on their part. That right there shows how they manipulate feelings, as stated in the article.

    1. Woman using vibrator: Empowered, self assured and confident in her sexuality. Lionized, praised, lauded and lusted after.
      Man using a sex bot: Pathetic loser wimp who lives in his mom’s basement and isn’t man enough to get a Real Woman(tm).
      Basic Feminine Imperative 101. Maximize female sexuality while minimizing male sexuality.

      1. You flipped my light switch so hard that the circuits blew out. I have heard this since I can remember; men are losers if they masturbate, but women are exploring their sexuality. I never really thought about it before, but I have been programmed since a young age to out women on that pedestal.
        Old man that is alone = nasty pervert
        Old lady that is alone = strong and independent, cougar

    2. To put it bluntly, it’s my hand, my mind, and my dick, and I can do with them whatever the fuck I want with them. Screw them.

    3. The women with low SMV know their days are numbered the moment fembots enter the mass production for low cost. Additionally, the last nail for feminists will be when artificial wombs are created. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a customized fembot that would look and act like the woman of your dreams if it saves you time, energy and finances compared to what a human woman is capable of?
      Here’s a peek of where artificial robots are at the moment, and they’re nothing like the SJW mutants that are walking around.

        1. Agreed. It’s amazing what’s being created in regards to robotics. So far the biggest hamper is the power that is required for them to run independently and the small movements that would make them more natural in their appearance and actions.

        2. Damn…
          Looks like we’re one or two company research agreements away from this actually happening for real. Put Japanbot’s realism together with Dancing Borg Betty here, throw in a realistic voice and a sexy, submissive programming AI and you’re golden.

        3. I cued in on that too. It’s almost like it’s a faked video and that’s a trained real life dancer or something.

        4. Yeah. From all the research I have done, the whole balance on two feet is still a hard feat to master. Even the 4 legged skynet drones fall over all the time and can’t get up. Seems like God is a little smarter than the brightest of Japanese.

        1. Kinda creepy. Wouldn’t want some robot’s hand on my dick. Damn Skynet would kick in and rip my dick off.

        2. Well, women now are a kind of robot. 😛 At least we are not screwing the dogs, though. We can always rest our heads at the end of the day sated by the fact that we are only screwing non-living objects!

      1. You left out one of the biggest appeals–changing their appearance. Men are attracted to diversity (meaning different women) by our nature. We tire of fucking the same girl after a while. I’ve never been married, perhaps something special happens when you pair bond with a woman for life and have kids together, but I’m sure you could have the face / voice upgraded once every 6 months on your sexbot for a nominal fee.

        1. Heh, forgot about those possible features. Should have remembered that after watching Ex Machina

        1. The Who movie is the best music video film I’ve ever seen (I’m not sure how you describe it actually).

    1. Prime evidence for why we shouldn’t allow women on the front lines.

      1. I try my best to not be an ass when it comes to suicide, but this is ridiculous. I’ve fucked up so many times in my life and I’ve never even considered suicide. She loses once, and goes on the attention seeking rampage. Me thinks she’s freaking out because maybe no more Fast and Furious movies for her.

        1. Think of her behavior before this. She’s a classic narcissist, and when the narcissist is exposed as a fraud, they self destruct (or at least think about it). Nothing she’s said surprised me, it would be surprising to me if she *didn’t* go the “me me me!” attention whore route.
          Stupid broad, and to think, some idiot white knights slobber over this teenaged-boy looking freak.

        2. Unrelated…kinda….Gina Carano is in the new Deadpool movie and she looks massive. Not sure if it was the camera angles, clothes, or she’s pumping some roids but holy hell. She was pretty attractive when she was slimmer…still a bit of a manjaw, but…

        3. The “Handlers” sure are intent on switching sex roles aren’t they? I can’t recall the last feminine woman that I’ve seen in a movie. Even the movies flashing back to “the old days” all now either mock the feminine women, or have “Strong, Empowered!” versions of Laura Engels.
          Totally unrelated, but if you haven’t seen Revenant yet, I highly recommend it. Fantastic flick from minute one to the rolling credits at the end. How a movie that fucking masculine, in a real sense that we recognize here, made it past the gatekeepers is beyond me.

        4. Dude, watch it on the big screen. Very few movies need to be seen on the big screen, but this is one of them. The cinematography just won’t translate well to a smaller venue.

        5. DiCaprio may finally win an Oscar for this one. And he did it by following the Duke’s advice; Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much.

        6. That movie was so much Win that it’s hard to describe. I actually, for the first time since the early-mid 1990’s, felt inspired as a man walking out of it.

    2. no one contemplates suicide. People either kill themselves or not with a small margin of people who earnestly try and fuck it up.
      “contemplates suicide” means “seeking attention”
      Let me know when there is gun shot residue on her forehead or she jumps off the golden gate bridge or something.

      1. I lost a lot of respect for Rousey after her loss to Holly Holm. Thought she was full of shit, but you gotta give credit where it is due and she had an impressive record.
        The fact that she hid her face and wouldn’t let reporters see her at the airport because she was too ashamed was pitiful. Handle your loss with dignity and show off the battle scars.

        1. I give her 0 credit. Her “impressive record” a) isn’t that impressive and b) comes from fighting girls.
          Beating up girls does not make a person an athlete.
          Women’s sports are bullshit. Let me know when RR fights Tyson Fury. If she wins…hell, if she goes the distance, then we can talk about respecting her as an athlete.

        2. Well in response to part B of your argument, it’s a girl fighting other girls, so biologically they are on a level playing field. It’s impressive in that sense (not like it was a guy fighting girls). Would still like to see Rousey put her money where her mouth is on Mayweather…especially after the beating she took from Holly.

        3. Wouldn’t mind seeing women fighting men for money….except it’s exploitation, misogyny, men should never hit women….bummer.

        4. Mayweather can’t win that fight. He would knock her to death in 10 seconds and then everyone would blame him for hitting a woman or he would play with her and win on TKO and then everyone would call him a pussy.
          Women fighting women isn’t a sport. It is just women being cunts. RR is not an athlete, she is just an ugly chick who beats up other ugly chicks.

        5. that’s just it. Men could never win. Any man would beat any woman as soon as he hits her. Then everyone would blame him for winning. I believe that with about 6 months of conditioning I would, even being twice her age, beat the snot out of roussey…and then what…be the guy who beat up a girl?

        6. This guy won. He’s a winner (seriously). And smaller than her in height even.

        7. I’ve seen this…..I love it obviously….but where is his sense of victory. He beat up a significantly outmatched opponent. So even winning isn’t winning.

        8. Given as she was man hating and bragging on this kind of thing, I think the sense of victory doesn’t come from the physical act, but from knocking the feminism clean out of her soul.

        9. ha….yeah, I guess I could buy that. There is 0% chance that she didn’t find some bs hamster explanation why she didn’t dominate him. He cheated or she had a twisted ankle…maybe like Pac-Man she started crying about injuries that she failed to report before the fight

        10. 10 bucks says at least one white night mangina said something to the effect of “i’d like to see him try that with a real man” to a woman, very far from his (or his fellow marines’) hearing.

      2. Good point. Shes just attention whoring for pity like every other woman out there. Go ahead betas, feel sorry for her and make sure you see her in the new roadhouse movie where she kicks ass better than swayze.

  11. After a quick scan of the campaign’s site it becomes obvious what they really mean by equality. They want to strip men of their superior status and wealth in relation to women, and to maintain a higher sexual capital for women.

  12. Back in my day, a sexbot would have been considered to be degrading.
    But they made being married to a post-wall fatty who was only thin and pretty for alpha cock in her 20 even more degrading.
    They made having to put up with fatass and “man up” and accept it more degrading.
    Having kids they made degrading. Don’t be a bad dad! No no no. Let them be screaming brat kids doing what they want whenever they want and if you don’t tell them how special they are every two seconds, you are a horrible dad and an ogre. Your fat wife will punish you.
    They made being divorce raped in court degrading. Even after years of STFU while she got fatter and the kids ruled the house you STFU anyway until your hair fell out and she decided to divorce you and take you to the cleaners anyway.
    Sexbots don’t seem so degrading now.

      1. Aye. Should put a real dent in the “pedophilia” thing for men that like 16-18 year olds too. It’s win win!
        I mean, why wouldn’t feminists embrace it? What, do they approve of child rape?

        1. There have already been cases of people going to prison using “fake kiddy porn” meaning that it was not real imagery, but photoshopped stuff. So the precedent is set.
          While I don’t care for pedos getting sent up the river, the precedent set in those cases was dangerous. The whole idea for kiddy porn was that it victimizes kids in production, understandably.
          My ex had a son who I once busted for Anime porn. My main point on taking away his computer was this: that in Anime you don’t know from looking at it if the comic is depicting adults or kids. Being politically active at the time, all that I needed was my IP being connected to one of those sites, and I can imagine a couple of feds saying to each other “Oh, look, we can SAY those look like kids, and then that’s the excuse we need to raid him and shut him down!! HIGH FIVE everybody we got him now!!!!”.
          (I still think Anime porn is a legal time bomb and that’s why the media is trying to tie in “alt-right’ with “people who masturbate to anime porn” – they tried it recently even)
          But the argument was made in the courts was that it will cause more harm because of “ideations” or something like that. Meaning that if you got pervs using fake porn and fantasizing about messing with kids, they might go on to mess with real kids. A good argument considering human nature, except that the same argument can be used against anything else, like literature, other fantasy novels, wargaming, paintball/airsoft, etc.
          This happened during the neocon era (GWB) and it’s seemed for a long time like the SJWs and the neocons are all the same operation. The neocons were Trotskyists after all, and their MO was “Oh you don’t support war in Iraq? You are an anti-Semite!!!”.
          Now in the “SJW era” where a rape story parody gets inflated into armed rage mobs, I would not put it past government to pick up on that and carry the case precedent all the way to the end. As a juror in a case I already had to deal with an assistant prosecutor, a woman who was looking like she was under 25 and certifiiably millenial and SJW in every mannerism.
          And as we can see in our collapsed “justice” system, it’s not how innocent you are, but how destroyed you will be trying to prove it. When the bridge is made from the SJW “ruin your life” tactics combined with “lawfare” tactics (their antics becoming criminal cases by default), we’re basically lost and the only thing left is to wait to raise the black flag.

    1. The feminists will still try to shame men who purchase them: C’mon you aren’t man enough for a real woman?
      But I think most guys TRULY don’t get give a fuck at the moment because of all of the hell that you just mentioned.

      1. When the sexbots go on sale, the feminists can scream into their twitters as loudly as they want, and we will never hear them.

    2. Pyjama boy would have been beaten on principle 40 years ago. Now he’s the poster boy for the millennial West.

  13. Right now, due to social media, women are only willing to associate with the top 10% of men. Women have unrealistic expectations, fat chicks think they deserve a man with 5% body fat, and even though we are in the worst economy since the depression…women think only losers make less than 6 figure.
    Sexbots will wreck women. When there is a robot that can clean as good as get fucked, men will only tolerate to hang with .01% of women. The few guys that choose to chase real women will slay like never before.
    There was a time when society was structured to where even borderline autistic 30 year old men could marry slim 19 year old women. Every women was provided for and every man had a reason to work. Sexbots will make women beg for those patriarchal days again. No woman will be taken care of and no man will work long hours to support a wife.

      1. I work with a bunch of millennials and all these guys care about is porn and videogames. One of the young guy told me “it better than dealing with women”. I try not to be pessimistic but if porn and games are this good, a bot and games will wreck the value of women. Whats the point of buying a new home, getting a fast car, or starting a business if you can get all you want in life in a small apartment?

        1. Unsettling and unhealthy is it may be, there isn’t much motivation for we millennial males right now.

        2. The trick is to find motivation within yourself, and tune out from the idea that it has to be provided by others. Fuck what others think, try new exciting things, learn amazing skills, be the ball wrecking party dude and earn more money than Jehosephat doing unique shit that nobody else is thinking about because they’re not “motivated”.

        3. Ghost, with all due respect, it’s really difficult when the system is totally stacked against you and is actively trying to get you to fail. I have a couple friends who are not exactly all “porn and video games,” but are pretty damn close. The one guy’s in college for engineering, is really big on anime (has the figurines, the occasional plush, no waifu pillow though, thank God) and plays video games a lot. My other friend, despite being intelligent and an anglo ideal is pretty similar. Games, 4chan and anime all day, self described NEET. If an Anglo ideal can’t find motivation, what chance do the rest of us have? Not much. Not trying to complain, Ghost, just telling you the situation.

        4. The thing is, the system has always been stacked against us. Even in the days of “the patriarchy” it was stacked hard against the common man. Sure, you could come home to a nice adoring wife and loving kids, but you got to die by the age of 35 most of the time. Life always throws shit at us in one form or the other, now is no different than any other age in history except in the kind of shit we’re being fed.

        5. This situation isn’t likely to change soon either, you should keep improving yourselves, but in the end you will still be left with privileged, entitled tramps rather than the idealized princesses Disney and anime promise.
          Until women change, maybe simply through men no longer tolerating, or settling for, less than the best many younger men will go solo. That or just go with what you get and marry one anyway despite your personal standards, but that isn’t any kind of long-term option for a man.
          We all have to work toward changing not only the politics, cultural, and dynamics of masculine/feminine interactions back to traditional social norms, but also keep young men in the fight rather than disheartened and out of it all.

        6. Self improve, get rich and happy, then travel to some village in remote Peru and snag a hot piece of ass to settle down with. Life is more than inside our borders or situation, methinks.

        7. That’s true and likely other parts of the world would remain possibilities far beyond our lifetimes.
          But unchecked, this is like a cancer and it is already spreading. Do we act now for our son’s sons or do we leave and let them sort it out?

        8. Been thinking about hunter-gatherer times. I would likely have been a warrior, had 3-4 women and ten to twenty kids and died young. And I would have been happy. What use is an extra 50 years of misery?

        9. My great grandfather, a fine strapping, red blooded Englishman by anybody’s reckoning, married a young woman, fathered 5 children then died before he hit 30; crushed by a train at the rail yard where he worked. The kids were, thankfully, teens or almost teens, but I suspect he’d probably have liked to have stuck around a bit longer, as would they.
          Just saying that life is tough no matter how you slice it, it is only in the last few decades that things have become effortless, which leads to this weird delusion or perception that we see in most Millenials. They (most of them) have zero clue that it hasn’t always been like this, and that they are living in an isolated and likely very short lived period of history where they do NOT have to worry about that tiger eating them, or getting crushed to death at their jobs, and so forth. What they worry about is another kind of stress or challenge, which we were discussing, but do not know that they’re supposed to get up and tackle it head on, for some reason (well, a lot of reasons really).

        10. That’s exactly the point tho. We need to live a life threatening life in order to develop the amygdala, and without it society ends up like this. An safe life is a bad life. There are worse things than being hit by a train.

        11. Not hit. Crushed.
          I’m just saying that the challenges the Millenials face, such as we recognize here, are just another form of the shit other men have endured forever in history. Today it’s man-hate and feminism, in 1919 it was being made into paste by a train, and in 900 B.C. it was trying not to get invaded by a foreign army and have your family made into slaves or killed.
          Life has always sucked. This is their challenge, the Millenials, and to some extent ours as well. Personally I’d love to be back in the days of sacking Nazis, etc. but we don’t get a choice it seems.

        12. Men are still the ones dying in workplace accidents, nothing has changed there. We have the problems we used to have, plus more.
          As far as your dead great grandpa, my condolences etc, but here you are. He won. And from what you have written about your kids, he keeps winning. The only thing that ultimately matters is that your line lives on. For whatever that is worth.

        13. Well, the point was that we really aren’t dying like we used to in the workplace, I guess. And even mundane “middle class” jobs used to be fraught with danger. Today the most danger you’re going to encounter in a cubicle is self inflicted heart disease or terminal boredom.
          Agree on reproducing. It’s why I have kids, as you note.

        14. And again, physical danger grows the amygdala which increases empathy and feelings of being one large unit instead of atomized individuals. The dangers of the past is why we have the modern society we are presently squandering. We NEED life-threatening danger in order to have a functional society.

        15. I know exactly what you mean man. Im 33 and single and i remember what it was like when i was 23 and single. Young men today have it 50x harder to pull ass than it was for me at the age of 23. The standards set for men is so high, yet the quality of women today is so low.
          Today, im in far better shape and have far better game with women and i dont slay nearly as many ladies as i did 10 years ago. Once a smartphone was in every womans hand the game changed. You may compete on a local level, but you will be judged on a global level by women. Yes, those 19 year old girls that are chunky actually believe that they deserve the south african, roided out, physique model that spammed a like her way. Funny thing is, 10 years ago i never even saw young fat chicks. They would never even think of approaching me. Now, they approach and think i am lucky to talk to them…lol.
          Just realize that it sucks for everyone now. And the few guys doing all the slaying have herpes.

        16. I guarantee you sir, feminism/Marxism is life threatening and very real. The suicide rate among young white males is shocking, to say the least.
          I get what you’re saying. I’m just not fond of “no motivation” type statements is all. Life sucks, life has always sucked, embrace the suckage and sally forth.

        17. Yep, i have a friend that struggled, started his own business, and at the young age of 40 married a 19 year old swimsuit model from costa rica. Girl ties his shoes for him everyday. Young men need to follow his example.

        18. My thoughts exactly. It seems like right now our only solution is to cut and run? But how long until the cancer spreads to the east? And what’s more, why SHOULD we leave, just because loser leftists want to make life miserable for everyone?

        19. Lee, that option won’t be available much longer at the rate things are going now. Guys like Roosh say that our only real option of having a family is to run away to other countries. Maybe he’s right. But all that does is push off the inevitable. Eventually, the cancer WILL spread to the East.
          I don’t know if you want children, but if you do HAVE THEM NOW. You’re about Roosh’s age. Guys like you will be the last generation of men to have the chance of a stable loving family. Like Matt Forney (whom I learned recently is only seven years older than I am, I thought he was older than Roosh) said elsewhere, most guys our age will never have that opportunity. The chance to be a patriarch. We will either be dead ends or married to whores. You still have the opportunity to do otherwise.

        20. The point of getting a fast car, is to drive fast and live on the edge. Love me those fast cars, women don’t even enter the equation on that score.

        21. Actually, I think that by getting married you could end up in a small appartment (after the divorce), whereas living alone could let you start a business, have a fast car etc. But the point is still valid.

        22. I used to do that. Hardcore WoW. Small apartment. Close to work. Was a fatass. Now I eat better, exercise, and am renovating my house prior to move in, like total renovation.
          I have enough money, and stable employment. The only thing I could use a woman for is social proof, companionship, and children. Social proof you can get other ways and really don’t need, and a dog provides companionship. If you don’t feel like having kids, sex is the only thing women have left.
          I suppose I’m still looking for the unicorn, but I’m tempted to do the Vasigel or whatever it is and just go for one night bangs every few weeks.

        23. They aren’t really all that good. They are sufficient. These guys aren’t shacking up in small apartments, playing video games and whacking off to porn because it’s all they want in life.
          They’re doing that because for whatever reason, they don’t want to put forth the effort required to achieve anything more.

        24. It all went barmy in the last five years especially after apps became big and Insta and Tinder broke through. I was talking to some chick last night and now she does not respond. She has all these options and whoever brings the best deal gets the “prize”. I personally blame the small beta dudes who work out and give so much attention to fat chicks.

        25. There’s some good and bad in all of it. The bad part is the obvious low quality women, bringing nothing to enhance a man’s life, expect their every whim catered. Additionally, the economy in most of the US really sucks. I relocated simply to start building something for myself, but I needed to be in an area where money flowed freely. Now, the lucky millennials that got high paying jobs will throw money at people to get things done, since they lack motivation to do them themselves. I supplement my income greatly by being willing to do shit for these spoiled kids with money. I take that money, in addition to a significant portion of my salary, and find ways to invest. The trade off is, I live in an entirely too liberal town and most of the women are overweight and have skrillex haircuts, but if I keep at this for a few more years, I should be doing well enough to break away from the work a day world and live more freely.

        26. Sir, you are the wind under my wings. That’s how you do it. Build the fortune, then get a broad if you’re inclined. It’s what men have done throughout history, it’s why “older” men married 18 year olds just 100 years ago. Build the fortune, hit 30, snag a 16-19 year old, spawn a brood and life is fucking good.

        27. I must confess, it is a bit silly when you really think about it. Not 300 years ago people were afraid that they were going to die from diarrhea. Now, our great danger is non-physical (in a way): misandry. However, as said by others, even a semi-autistic schlub could nab a decent looking chick ten years his junior who could cook, clean and would bear and care for his children. Now, you might as well try to swim to the moon.

        28. Man, I wish I had started this when I was younger. I’d be in a better position now. I had to learn it the hard way. I got married young to an entitled woman that could spend some money. Luckily we never had children together. When we got divorced I got to work fixing the financial damage that had been done. If I knew then what I know now, right? But there’s no sense in bemoaning all of that. It happened and the only thing that I can do is look to the future.

        29. Here. But amass a decent life and head to South America (if you’re so inclined) or Russia or the Orient (your taste dictates). You’re a god there. Western women have priced themselves out of the market, but that doesn’t mean that this is the only market you have access to. The world, sir, is your oyster, but you may not realize it yet.

        30. For my anglo-ideal friend yes. He can go anywhere and be in demand, especially the Orient. (Glad to hear you say the word “orient,” I thought I was the only one around here using it.) Even if all American men were gods overseas, how much longer will that last? People around here seem to think the good times overseas will last forever. In reality, from what I’ve read it seems that they’re going to end very, very soon.

        31. Some cultures are resistant to this bullshit. Russia comes immediately to mind. They had full blown communism and rejected this idiocy. The Orient I don’t know, and central/south America is anybody’s guess, although their hard line Catholicism does help.

        32. plus the sugar daddy dynamic is only going to make it more and more difficult on young men. young women are continually seeking instant gratification, and as the money flows to the 40 and 50 y/o men, women will be more and more tempted to give up the abercrombie model and go for the cold hard cash. sick world.

        33. its funny because most times I ride my motorcycle without a helmet. people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that. I hate the nanny state and the nanny society.

        34. South East Asia is being westernized and feminized at an alarming rate. If you live in Bangkok, you might as well be right back in the USA. The small towns are better, but you will need to learn the language.

        35. leaving might actually be the only viable solution as it will hasten the fall of western society which it appears is the only way out of this mess…collapse and rebuild. Red Pill men remaining apart of modern society only lets the lie continue on. let it crash and burn, and I hate to admit that.

        36. we’re turning Japanese. from what I can tell,the Japanese are always one step ahead in term of the Zeitgeist. They had “grasseaters” before we had redpill/MGTOW. Also, I gather the current state of affairs in Japan is downright depressing, so the west doesn’t have much to look forward to.

        37. The last 4 women ive gone out with and banged turned out to have a past escorting. Instagram, twin peaks, escorting…i guess thats what all the ladies do these days. Sad thing is they all charged around $150 a bang. Some beta loser out there is probably $300 deep on the 3rd date hoping for sex…so sad.

        38. I don’t know about you guys, but I have trouble even *MEETING* women that I care to date. I agree, I’m physically, financially, and mentally a far superior guy than I was a decade ago, but I don’t even have decent female *OPTIONS* to apply these assets towards. Unless I’m travelling, I come across maybe 1 female a month that is even physically passable, not to mention other factors (mental / attitude, etc.)

        39. “Sure, you could come home to a nice adoring wife and loving kids, but you got to die by the age of 35 most of the time.”
          Few have ever died in their thirties. If you make it to your thirties then odds have always been in your favor to live well into old age. It is all the child mortality that brought the average lifespan down to the thirties.

        40. Whats the family background like? I find that 9 outta 10; they have no drive because they had a simp of a dad or no dad at all to instill any into them.
          All of my son’s friends are bitch made or aimless for that very reason. They look at my sons and see how they work on cars, are expected to fix things, do lawn work, and cook and clean with amazement and a tinge of resentment – especially when they witness them being trained on a task by myself or when they come by and we are working together.
          I try to get them involved, but it becomes sadly apparent that they have never dealt with a male in a mentoring role and many times they can’t handle it.

        41. Their fathers are in their lives, but I don’t know how their relationships are.
          Honestly, I think my friend the NEET has the right idea. I know this part of the internet pushes for self-improvement above all else, but what’s the point? Things are not likely to change soon, if ever. It’s very possible that this dysfunction we see in the west, and increasingly overseas, is just going to be the norm from now on. Why get a great job when most of your money will be siphoned off to non-producers? Why get in great shape to attract women when women are just getting uglier and uglier? We might as well just collect as many entitlements as possible, live minimally and watch the world burn.

        42. This right here. I’ve got friends in a small city and all the local women just marry guys 20 years older than them who inherited their parents’ businesses. These women go on and on about being independent and empowered but then have no problem sitting on some old guy’s wrinkled dick pretending it’s the best thing ever as long as they don’t have to work for a living, or better yet get an exec-level position at the husband’s business and tell people what to do. They’re all harpies.

        43. You’ve described the Japanese syndrome known as “grass eating” or “herbivores” to a “T”.

        44. Motivation only goes so far. I am a Gen X-er, and I gave up on women because of the many failed intimate relationships (and the baggage brought in). I’d love to have a woman and a child, but I don’t want the baggage and drama.
          Now you see the fruits of the labor coming from people that are tired of a cat and mouse game: Something that won’t get mad, something that will sit with you watching that cheesy movie and laughing with you, and won’t simply block your advances. Lastly…. it will never leave you.
          What will this do to women? It’ll eliminate any bargaining power they’ll have against men, who, like they would that broken tool, will leave them in the trash, and if not careful, they’ll clamor for the womanizer when they could have had stability.

        45. They’re not rejected. Feminism and female empowerment started in USSR and continues in Russia. Russia has lots of female bosses and STEM workers. Women here are rude, bitchy, career oriented

      2. Rape culture will not disappear for the same reasons that Goldstein remained a fixture for the hatred of Ingsoc.

    1. It’s funny that the most sought after betamales women are after will be the first adopters of this tech due to cost. Stay at home moms will go extinct in a generation thanks to this. Oh the irony of it all. Women wanted all the positive perks men enjoy and none of the responsibility and soon they will get all the shitty ones to, one after the other. Karma, got to love it.

    2. I always loved the “You want a 6’2 man with a great job and a hude cock but all you can offer are issues and a used up pussy?”

  14. Mixed feelings. On the one hand, for traditionally minded men this may be the way to go. Hire a surrogate to have your biological children, then have your fembot to bang and clean and take care of things. On the other hand, it’s really scary to see how close we are to this actually being a reality. It might just be another step towards machines taking over.

  15. This is the end of physical interaction between humans we’re witnessing. Not sure if it’s something to rejoice about.

    1. It’s the beginning of the end of beta/gamma interaction with females.
      The field will be *ripe* with women competing for the attention of men who have real options (alpha). The word “fatty”, I predict, will disappear due to lack of use in short order.

      1. This entire robot thing is going to change the species in an unhuman way, if shit don’t hit the fans before.

        1. A good resolution would be a combination of Blade Runner and Fallout 3, where the SHTF but the chick bots are at Priss level (with longer, more attractive hair of course).

  16. Re frame the debate.
    “Why would a sex-bot be any sort of competition for real women? We all KNOW that women SHOULD be appreciated for their minds and not their bodies. So what is the issue?”

    1. They’ll never admit it, but they know the second sexbots are produced en mass, the bottom of the food chain mutants that refer to themselves as women know their days are numbered.

  17. The same feminist women who claimed that conservatives were trying to “suppress” technology because they didn’t support EMBRYONIC stem cell research will be screaming for this new technology to be banned. They’ll have some reason they don’t think is hypocritical but it won’t matter. The best they can hope for is some social media “shaming” of individuals owning the latest “Monroebot”. As the purchase and production becomes more common then that really won’t work either.
    These advances in biotechnology particularly will change the landscape. I recently was talking to some female friends, many of whom were the LGBTQ-friendly, no-limits on abortion types. I asked, should the government restrict “gene-shaping” type research. The answer en masse was a resounding “NO!” I then asked, “what if someone develops a “gay test” in utero?” After all it is has been the contention of the LGBT community (and many scientists) that homosexuality/bisexuality/transgender is largely biological. It is conceivable a geneticist could develop a test for this gene. Possible also a way to affect the outcome of the child’s development. I know many parents that would be tolerant of a gay/lesbian child, but would prefer, privately, that the child is straight. Know if there were a test and, given the outcome, a hormone injection is introduced early in the pregnancy and the child is 80-90% likely to be straight… What then?
    What if they find the transgender gene and could match the child’s gender to the gene or vice-versa? What then?
    One woman said “that’s monstrous”. I said, “well maybe, but then you would have to call for the ban of certain types of research.” I could tell this thought had never crossed their minds.

    1. Of course it didn’t cross their minds, they are indoctrinated with the libtard religion. A similar case in point is the special Olympics. Many western countries now cannot enter teams for certain events as they abort so many retarded children.

      1. It’s just critical thinking, I constantly take stock of my more vehemently held positions and examine them for flaws/inconsistencies. Someone above rightly noted “I guess the left’s motto of ‘Stay out of the bedroom’ is all over now.” So true.

  18. Sex with robots already exists and it’s been known for ever – it’s called masturbation.
    Proper sex is an exchange of energies (yin and yang). You will never be satisfied with just having sex with a robots as the energy exchange can not happen. Which is why homosexual sex leads to an even increased promiscuity and why masturbation is never fully satisfying either and why pissing is like an ejaculation orgasm but not really.
    But let’s recap:
    RoK encourages the pursuit of Muslim, Indian and yellow women of all sorts but at the same time it speaks against multiculturalism and the extinction of the white race and Western values.
    And now RoK, the blog of neomasculinity, promotes sex with robots while at the same time it speaks again the declining family values and birth rates.
    So on which side of the fence do we sit?
    To think that we can scare the feminists with a … doll … oh come on get real!

    1. We agree with you. We are only recognizing the shift in dynamics brought on by these bots.

        1. I think it will remove more men from the market than what simple masturbation via hand does. A well-made modern fake-skinned vagina that self heats and fucks back will indeed cause a dent. However, if the cost doesn’t come down…then it won’t because there is no way a neck-beard will buy a 10 grand sex doll. But also keep in mind that sex dolls are a few years out still. So, the whole male/female dynamics will only get worse. Who knows…the article is only a hypothesis. Do I think it will? Maybe but only slightly. I don’t care what tech comes out…real vagina is always better. But every man is different. And I also recognize basic consumer economic…meaning when a the cost of product outweighs the demand of the product, customers seek an alternative. Just look at the gas crisis and how it brought on an onslaught of hybrid and electric vehicles. People need gas like men need pussy.
          Who knows. But we can’t deny that sex bots are coming and we will see the results fairly quickly.

        2. “real vagina is always better”
          Absolutely correct. That’s why sexbots will never lead to some major population collapse. Automated pussy is, however, far better that none at all. Those blue-pilled men getting nothing are a huge part of the problem, because they are still freely giving away attention, validation, resources, and time.
          Effectively eliminating those men from society will work wonders.

        3. Agreed. If sex bots keeps those losers in the house for 5-10 more minutes per day and effectually removes their attention from these basic bitches…I see it as a success.

    2. Your mistake is thinking that we speak with one unanimous voice.
      This isn’t a Leftist site, different opinions are thrown out there all the time by a variety of men.

        1. No.
          It promotes men exposing themselves to different ideas and thoughts. They are of course charged with sorting through the bullshit, or just simply asking questions if they don’t understand.
          Duck Yoo above mentions that Leftists generally aren’t welcome here, for example. He’s right. That alone shows it’s not “anything goes, all ideas are equal”.

        2. It’s a mish-mash of ideas which why it couldn’t pass the major shit test a couple of week ago.

        3. The reason it couldn’t pass a “shit test” is because Roosh flinched, it had nothing to do with the content on this site.
          Different men write different things, all along a similar idea (red pill). They are examined, some embraced, some rejected. And of course, Kratom jokes. There’s nothing relativistic about that at all.

        4. Then it’s destined to remain a fridge movement, a sort of online basement.
          For the record, I’m not complaining. I’ve known this place for quite a while.

        5. I believe you’re interpreting things here entirely wrong, but can’t frame a proper way to respond to you in a way that I think you’ll be receptive to.

      1. ^True^ Reasonable men can meet in a forum (apparently not IN PERSON, though) and discuss different ideas/approaches. There are atheists and believers on this site, single men wishing to stay that way and men wanting more traditional family lives.

      2. And the men who stray too far from the Roosh reservation on social relations, or from conservative, “free market” economics are condemned as “betas” and “manginas.” So it’s not “let 1000 flowers bloom.” Its more like let 3 or 4 flowers bloom.

        1. In a marketplace of ideas you will have winners and you will have losers. This market desires alt-right/right/libertarian thought over other options. It stands to reason, since we’re inundated with Leftist bullshit from every other channel and venue in the world right now. So Leftist does not and will not get play here. That’s what a free marketplace of ideas is about, accepting and rejecting ideas as *you* wish.

        2. GhostOfJefferson, you could change your name to VoiceOfReason if you wanted to. Not to insult anyone, but lots of people are very, very good at missing the point, but you definitely show the talent for cutting through the BS.

        3. Thanks for proving my point. And much of the “leftist bullshit” out there is faux, corporate “leftism” that might be socially left but doesn’t threaten the established economic order. Libertarianism doesn’t threaten that order, either

    3. “And now RoK, the blog of neomasculinity, promotes sex with robots while at the same time it speaks again the declining family values and birth rates.”
      You say that like they’re mutually exclusive.
      Sexbot availability will lead to a significant number of men leaving the sexual marketplace altogether.
      The central problem in civilization right now is the surplus availability of betas provisions allows women to act with immense market leverage and live the most hedonistic degenerate lives that any humans have ever lived.
      If sexbots eliminate a significant portion of beta males from the SMP, then the free availability of male attention and resources for women decreased rapidly. The relative value of all men increase, and negative pressures are put on female promiscuity, reckless divorce abuse, hypergamous behavior, etc…
      Basically, sexbots may SAVE the Family and Marriage

      1. Beta males are the cornerstone of civilization. You got it mixed up.
        Plus, I argue that sexbots WON’T make males less thirsty for real female flesh.

        1. We have an excess of betas right now, so much so that ALL men are devalued. We need the best of our betas treated better by women and more incentivized to create. A portion of betas need removed from society to create that incentive. Sexbots remove the lesser betas.

        2. The sexbots will contribute to a further decrease in T levels as the element of pursuit of a woman and competition with other men is removed.
          So betas will in fact grow in numbers.

    4. This article was not an editorial. It’s the writer’s opinion. This blog is not a monolith, which applies to you: you’re allowed to have your own opinion.

    5. What is this energy exchange you speak of. There is no conclusive research to prove any of this “yin yang” nonsense.

      1. Sorry I looked it up and you are correct it is 2000. My mistake is that it was shown on Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000.

        1. Seriously? How did I freaking miss that? I actually liked Cherry 2000 as a movie (despite glaring faults), but having Mike (or Joel) and crew MST3K it would be gold! Gotta find that.

  19. Someone who probably has a different dildo for each day of the week is telling men they can’t have their own sex toys.

  20. “At first she seemed intrigued and amused at the sight of dozens of featureless rubber torsos hanging from hooks”
    Ah, the Ed Gein deluxe model. I’d avoid that one.

        1. hahaha, I’ve got that before.
          No, no murders and assassinations for me.
          It looks like a lot of work and I am really busy already.

  21. How long do you think it will take for them to pass a law that protects bots against “sexual abuse”, since they can’t consent?

    1. It will probably be attached as a rider amendment to a bill allowing female teachers to have sex with students without any legal consequences.

    2. If these so-called robots are more capable of giving consent than a toaster, there is an easy test. Sit the robot down with a lawyer and some other witnesses and verbally ask the machine if it is sentient, and if “She” would sign a contract for sexual relations with the man sitting in front of her. If “she” actually agrees by a nod of the head, or verbally, or reads the contract and then agrees and signs it, then things get interesting. I doubt that such a robot will exist for a long time. That being said, the SJW’s would not let any kind of logic stop them from declaring that an inanimate object has rights.
      Except dildos.

  22. For real women: We could sell licenses to sport hunt them. The fatties would of course be the first to be taken down. Only the athletic girls would survive and those we could keep around for procreation purposes, until the artificial womb becomes a reality.
    Imagine a group of men doing a drive through women’s natural habitat. Hmmm, the mall at the Starbucks would probably be the mother load.

  23. In many ways, this is only the logical response to the steady enfrigidation of First World women, and their penchant for making life difficult for men as a form of sport. But that having been said:

    “Who is called Sulva? What road does she walk? Why is the womb barren on one side? Where are the cold marriages?”
    Ransom replied, “Sulva is she whom mortals call the Moon. She walks in the lowest sphere. The rim of the world that was wasted goes through her. Half of her orb is turned toward us and shares our curse. Her other half looks to Deep Heaven; happy would be he who could cross that frontier and see the fields on her further side. On this side, the womb is barren and the marriages cold. There dwell an accursed people, full of pride and lust. There when a young man takes a maiden in marriage, they do not lie together, but each lies with a cunningly fashioned image of the other, made to move and to be warm by devilish arts, for real flesh will not please them, they are so dainty (delicati) in their dreams of lust. Their real children they fabricate by vile arts in a secret place.”
    [C. S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength.]


  24. A quick scan of the campaign’s site reveals what feminist really mean by ‘equality’. They want equality with men when it comes to our superior status and wealth, but they want to deny men of sexual outlets so they can maintain sexual superiority.

    1. All one has to do is look at the literature of all women societies. They’re always presented in a Utopian light, whereas there’s almost no literature in regards to an all male society.

  25. Most modern women ARE programmed robots, which is probably why they are terrified of this turn of events…but an actual Bride of Frankenstein with a pretty face and a hot body who not only puts out 24/7, and does it without using sex as a bargaining chip and/or simultaneously destroying the man in the process? Are you fucking serious??? (God I hope so.) A built-like-a-brick-shithouse sexbot who has been programmed to fuck, suck and swallow like a nympho porn star – and I can disable her freakin’ vocal cords, too, if I’d like, and perhaps she’ll even cook, clean and get me a drink as soon as I walk in the front door? Holy shit, where do I sign up! (Put me down for 10K in your crowdfunding campaign, like, right now.) Awesome article, by the way…

  26. Why the hang-up on techno-bitches? Why don’t we just breed monkeys to look like human females?
    Weird I know… But once we start fucking robots, it’s not about men and women anymore, it’s just about getting off. If it’s just about getting off, then why not take the extra step and start fucking giant blobs of goo?

  27. Their argument is insanely irrational even for feminists: “Objects that are not people” should be illegalized because rape happens to people sometimes.

  28. I had a friend in college who stole an ethnic “jockey” off the lawn of an affluent person’s home in the Midwest. You know, the one with the lantern that he holds in his right hand. My friend removed the lantern and substituted a metal drink holder. Then he put the modified jockey by his reading chair, inside his dorm room, and he’d slap it on the head occasionally, and then grab his drink, sip it, and put it back in place…heh.

    1. That’s funny as shit!
      Where my mother lives there are still two houses with those exact jockeys at the end of their driveway.

      1. Those lawn jockeys used to be everywhere – I guess the SJW crowd stole most of them, in a fit of outrage, and summarily melted them down in order to make sex toys for feminists…(???)

  29. Very nice. A nicely shaped female sex-robot fully befits a King. He will be able to switch her off after playtime to be free to take care of important business.

  30. Scientists should be working on terraforming other planetes right now, not creating handjob machines or walking dildos.

      1. If robotic/virtual hedonism is the ultimate goal of technology, then that was the biggest waste of intelligence in the history of mankind.

    1. I hear you brother. I grew up most of my life until my 20’s thinking I was going to be living on the moon. Then poof, “No! We want the resources!” screamed the Marxists and here we are today, stranded on a planet that we’ve named “Dirt”.

        1. It’s a good enough name. I had hoped for the longest while to use it to refer to the place that the aliens who look like us lived. C’est la vie.

      1. This is, in my opinion, the only way out of the coming global totalitarian system.
        If we don’t do that, then all the science stuff would have been for creating fat soulless and spineless creatures stuck in escapists virtual paradises. What a waste of brain cells.

      2. Yep. When asked why we are not on the moon yet by kids who see movies from the 1970s-1980s and look around, I tell them EXACTLY WHO AND WHY we are not.
        They are less egalitarian and tolerant of gibsmedats when I’m done with them.

        1. Paul Kersey over at wrote a book about that subject, “Whitey on The Moon”. If only we hadn’t wasted those trillions of dollars on affirmative action and welfare!

    2. It’s just that women used to be inspiration and motivation to men for millenia, but that now that our generation of women got fucked up, we have to make new women first. Just a little setback, I guess. And I’m trying to be joking about that, but it seems it’s gonna end up like that for real. Let’s just hope that something good will come out of that.

  31. “men may find themselves with less and less incentive to maximize their productivity”
    I think that overall productivity will go up, not down.
    Imagine what a bunch of clear headed Engineers can do.
    It will be a boon for investment banks, hedge funds, stock markets, and mutual funds, as all of that money has to go somewhere. The incentive won’t be sex, it will be boredom.

  32. “But while women love to shout about how independent they are, deep down they realize they are only afforded a soapbox by the same “patriarchy” they so disdain and the men who pay the taxes to run it.”
    And this is all we need to know about western women…… bravo Rex!

  33. There’s a theory for this and I’m not sure what it’s called. It’s bigger than men and women, and it covers more areas. “The Path of Least Resistance” is a close idea, but it’s more than that. “Parasite Theory” is a good working term, we’ll roll with that.
    Ok, the theory is that somebody accomplishes something and that is to his benefit. He is the prime mover in the effort, and the reward he receives is his purpose in doing the effort, plus maybe some enjoyment in doing the work involved in the effort. The parasite is people or society, and they put a burden on the effort of the prime mover that he must endure to get to his reward. A certain amount of burden is acceptable, any more is not, and results in unrest and refusal to do the work, or, more commonly, a finding of an alternative method.
    Music piracy is an example. The work is money, the reward is music, the burden is the unnaturally high prices of any digital product that costs way more than the actual unit costs, and so some arbitrary price is assigned to balance out the production costs. Some people feel that price is ok, and buy the CD. Many people did not, and that’s why piracy was HUGE in the 2000s. However, iTunes and other services have hit the happy medium for most people, and piracy is less now. A dollar per song you like is better than 22 dollars for an album with only one song you like.
    Parasite theory works in technology. Cars have emission controls that tap power. They used to really rob power, so they were bypassed to a large degree (plus it was easier). Now, the cars behave better, so most people are satisfied enough to leave it alone, and it’s harder to bypass them.
    Now, to the matter at hand. The formula used to be that men worked hard, and provided for a family, and they scored a pretty, virgin, loyal bride to fuck and keep company with and be loved by. Men are the movers, women were the reward, and the work was you busting your ass. It wasn’t fair, but it worked. Now, men still have to work hard, but the virgin bride is gone. The parasite load of a post-wall woman with mental freight (we’re beyond baggage, here) that you had to support, but would not love or fuck you or keep you company was substituted.
    This is too much, and is proving to be unacceptable to men. However, other than porn, in a fat, ruined society, there are no alternatives other than occasional sex with a fat woman who is a bitch. But now, technology rises to fit the need of men, and women realize that anything unbalanced will eventually fall over in favor of a more reasonable way. You cannot artificially limit those with power from what they want, eventually they’ll figure out a way around your false limits. Women have unbalanced marriage, the only solution is to rebalance it, either through destroying it, or returning to what it was.

  34. Sexbots will be a game-changer, and there will not need to be mass-adoption for them to have an effect. Just their existence will be enough to force change in female behavior.
    However, I suspect that VR is where the game will REALLY change. Immersive VR with realistic AI characters will likely be as addictive for women as for men (VR porn for men, VR ‘romance’ for women).
    The thing is, immersive VR will likely be the final piece part that many men will need to live a decent life without a woman whilst for women it will likely make them feel more keenly the lack of partner, children and family in the real world.
    And VR will be here much sooner and more quickly and easily adopted than will sexbots.
    Interesting times.

    1. Anybody here see the Bruce Willis movie The Surrogates? It was about life in VR superceding life in the real world. I loved it. And I could see it happening. They didn’t even really directly discuss the sex aspect (although it was clearly present).

  35. I hope they make boy sexbots too. I want one that looks like a chubby Tom Chaplin circa 2004. Question is, would a boybot cook and clean like a girlbot or replace the traditional husband role by working to earn money for it’s owner? Strange idea, sending a bot in your place to do your job and earn money for you. I think I’d rather do my job and pay for Tommy 2.0 to have homemaking functions.

    1. So basically, you want to be a man, except sexless. Got it.

      1. No, not sexless, I would want Tommy 2.0 to have a functioning penis, too. So basically, I want to be a gay man.

  36. i’ve just visited realdolls website and these robot women cost about 6 to 7k…..hmm. First it was corporation outsourcing to robots and computers, now is men having robot women. This shows us how bad feminism has done for the relationship of men and women. I think science fiction is no longer fiction.

  37. Many years ago I was reading the Navy Times. I read an article where Patricia Nell Scott Schroeder (born July 30, 1940), Congresswoman from Colorado (and momentatily considered as a vice presidential running mate on the Democrat ticket), had toured the Subic Bay Naval Station in the Philippines. She was shocked, shocked I tell you, that there was prostitution going on there. Her shock and disgust was not about the degradation of the guys going to prostitutes. It was not about the spread of STDs. It was not even about the impact on thesse poor Filipina women degrading themselves as prostitutes. No. Her issue was that the American Naval women stationed at Subic were having their social lives impacted by the availablity of sexy young women that didn’t make men jump through hoop after hoop and degrade themselves for a maybe sniff of pussy. The FI was her entire concern. She demanded that the Navy do what ever was necessary to make sure these fat ugly bitches in sailor suits could degrade men and get their entitlement fixes. And this was even before or at the leading edge of second tsunami feminism.

    1. And of course the men went on about their whore chasing and whiskey drinking ways without batting an eyelid.

      1. The effort started then, and was pretty ineffectual. However, the current incarnation, anti human trafficking, is going strong, and making real inroads to one of the few international well established male paradises where English is a main language. I figure in the next ten years the pressure will be off or the scene will be gone forever.

    2. And yet, as I noticed with Air Force girls, no one complains when dirtbag servicewomen use their girly parts to get ahead in life. You go girl indeed!

        1. I was, but the way it was done was just straight out blatant. Needless to say, I don’t feel bad for the officers and NCOs who got caught doing the hanky panky. They deserve it for not taking advantage of female weakness for men in uniform and instead went for the female equivalent of a Hot Pocket.

    3. This is exactly why there is hardly any prostitution in America. No quick access to pussy gives women a shitload of power. This is also why I will never return to America, or live in any country where there is no widespread prostitution. You don’t even need to frequent the prostitutes to reap the benefits in the form of women actually being women vs. SJW feminazi scum.

  38. It is quite sad that our society has reached the point where the sexes don’t need or even want each other. It really is sad. But we only have detestable bitches like Hanna Rosin to blame.

    1. Feminist leaders are not totally responsible. The bulk of women followed them over the cliff willingly. If the damage was limited to the outlier freaks of feminism, such as Andrea Dworkian, we could shrug our shoulders and get on with life. But instead, every woman in the west is infected with the virus and it is spreading worldwide. There are so few women who are not like that we can say AWALT with confidence of no one being able to come up with a counter example. This is true especially of women that shout they are not feminists. Feminism is so ingrained in the culture that is like fish not being able to see that they are in water. However, we bicycles can see the water, and wisely choose to stay out of it.

      1. Your comment makes me very worried about unleashing my daughter on the world. Girl can bake cream puffs, cook an excellent meal and has the same measurements, give or take depending on the season, as M Monroe. Her grandmother was a model in the 1960’s. She can shoot and clean guns and knows how to gut and filet a fish. And…she openly despises feminism and doesn’t hide it.
        I’m actually not humblebragging (well, I am a little) but I really worry about her these days. She’s the unicorn and every guy from here to Kansas is going to be gunning for her.

        1. I did. “Watch out for men like your old man. If one can beat me in mortal combat, that’s the one”.

    2. i don’t know how guys like me will have to deal with family pressure.
      dad and grandparents: “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”
      guy: “Dad look at girls today.. most of them go for one night stand and bad boys”
      dad and grandparents: “aww come on not all women are like that..”
      guy: “but dad…..i just can’t anymore.”
      months later or even a couple years later.
      dad: “son why aren’t you getting married?”
      guy: ……says nothing.
      I mean what do guys have to show for to their parents and grandparents that comes from a time period where love was obtainable and it was easy to get a girlfriend. Is like we got nothing to show for.

      1. I’m a father of a son who is going to be 20 soon. Don’t count your old man out, if you’re my son’s age your dad is likely GenX. We get it.
        Grandpas I can’t help you on.

        1. Your son’s lucky. I’m a bit older than he, but my old man’s a Boomer, so you know how that’s turned out.

        2. Yeah, my folks are boomers as well. It’s a dice roll.

    1. Or both. If there was a bot that looked and moved like that girl and was pleasant, there would be threesomes in this house that depended on electricity.

  39. A global ban on sexbots? I see a Black Market trade starting up! They can complain all the they (Feminists) want in the end if there is a wanting for it then someone is going to supply it

  40. I recall Japan, a county that sells more diapers for the elderly than children, is moving quickly on making robots to care for the amount of old people they have. The tech is coming in one form or another.

  41. I don’t see this happening in a very long time. I mean, creating a robot that perfectly resembles (an attractive) female body is one thing.. I’m sure we’re close to reaching that, if we haven’t done so already.
    But the way a woman moves her body, the way she looks at you, how she breathes and etc etc.. I don’t see us anywhere near making something like that. And can’t imagine how such a thing would be possible. Honestly I don’t think it is. I feel like fucking a robot that can perfectly mimic a female having sex would disturb me more than anything, because it’s not human. I think it would just weird me the fuck out.
    Add onto that the fact that it would be kind of like video games. Sure, beating a game is a great feeling. But in the end.. you know it’s a video game, and you know in reality you didn’t accomplish a god damn thing.

    1. Scroll down in the thread to the video of the girl who dances (girl meaning robot). It’s shocking how realistic most of her movements are.

      1. I saw that one, but part of the reason the movements were as realistic as they were (and they weren’t perfect), was because of that bar supporting the body.
        The human body is extremely complex. The way it moves is a work of art. This robot came close, to be sure, but the necessity of that bar means we are still miles away from making one that can move that way unsupported.
        I can’t say these things with 100% certainty, of course, because I’m not a scientist and there are so many things involved in creating these kinds of robots and making them move that I don’t understand. I could be wrong and we could indeed be very close to creating a robot that can move just like a human. I dunno though, it just seems like something that’s going to take a while to me lol
        Edit: I saw the other video too with the robot girl talking and what not, its movements were somewhat jerky because it didn’t have a bar attached to it to keep it steady. That’s the kind of thing I was talking about lol

        1. I understand that. Everything starts with a prototype. Jet engines in the Skunk Works are mounted to hard frames to keep them from flying away uncontrolled. Eventually, they figure out how to work them.
          I recall what seems like yesterday (seriously, it does) that the concept of a self parking car was being marker boarded and was basically silly because of constraints. Now it’s being offered as a feature.
          Give it time.
          Agree that the way women move (and men, I guess) is a work of art. We’re pretty good at art.

        1. Keep hitting show more. When you get to the “pretty” blonde with the sheer white dress doing ballet, you’re there.

        2. I kept hitting ‘show more’ on my Candy3000, but she keeps putting on clothes and asking me if her ass looks big in these pants. FUCKING WINDOWS 98!

        3. Microsoft sucks. Plus who names a company “small” and “flaccid”?

    2. The thought of these creatures gives me the willies- picture this: soulless eyes looking into yours.. rubbery skin( probably?) and maybe the scent of a Barbie?
      And yes, not a challenge in the least- unless you want a slave of course..
      Disturbing in so many ways..

      1. Sure. Now, picture this: soulless eyes looking into yours, artificially chemically smooth skin and maybe the scent of bath soap.

        1. I still picture rubbery skin and despite the bath soap there would still be an underlying chemical fakeness and lack of saltiness both in scent and yes- taste..
          I guess one could season their bot..😁
          But really- it’s the soulless eyes that would be the main deal breaker..
          For me anyway

        2. I’m not going to do bots. Just offering up the Devil’s advocate argument.

        3. Ha! No worries- wouldn’t think sexbots would be your thing for some reason.
          And I did finally get your analogy. To be fair, I live in a rural area and don’t know many females with “souless eyes, chemically soft skin”.. Having watched some of the ” Housewives” series you triggered a memory. ..
          Would rather of forgotten that.

      2. “soulless eyes looking into yours”
        So…. um… how are real women different than machines?

  42. This could be a positive development, as many men would likely prefer a childless life in the company of a robot, while other men might like to have multiple living wives and many descendants. So, to each his own. The only losers are future women who might have otherwise been able to secure a living wage in prostitution, but who will be priced out of the market by machines. The human hooker will go the way of the buggy whip maker.

  43. Let the shaming begin:
    Translation: “Any man who buys a sexbot is lead purely by his sexual drive. *Real* men are lead by more than just sex. You’re not lead by your sexual drive are you? You’re a *real* man, right???”
    And then there are the links to websites dedicated to “helping men”.. the usual litany of loathsome “teach men not to be bastards” sites.
    It really is amusing to see the harpies running this site (and other like it).. you can almost taste their terror. Maybe they should put a running ticker on their banner, like the “US debt” or something, representing women’s value. Except it’d be rapidly counting down instead of up.
    But as I said below, these detestable leftists and feminists only have themselves to blame, and for dragging all women down with them. 50 years of hating men adds up.

    1. Every single pseudo-lesbian running or contributing to that site owns a dildo though, guaranteed.

      1. Not necessarily a dildo. Some use a Hitachi magic wand that can vibrate a hole through drywall.

        1. Or they just dump a particularly large load into the washer-dryer, and sit on it during the spin cycle.

        2. This strange science you speak of, it fascinates me. Heh.

  44. Hope these bots are UL approved. If you insert your “plug” into the um … socket, a shock would be quite painful. Best to boff one of these beauties with both feet on the ground. And I can only imagine how Consumer Reports would test these gals! Love the article graphics btw. RoK has a helluva art director.

  45. Dark Matter character Wendy
    I was surprised to see something like this in the series ‘Dark Matter’ with the character, Wendy, that was an entertainment model android.
    If (When?) these things become operational, I think the effect on society will be far worse than iPhones. People already seem to have lost the ability to deal with each other, this would be the first step towards something were people would not have to deal with each other anymore. If these could be made, then anything requiring manual human labor could be replaced.
    I fear that the end result would be something like the book “The Naked Sun” where the citizens no longer have to deal with each other. They live on vast estates where robots take care of everything. No one ‘sees’ each other anymore since that would require being within visual range of other people, instead people view each other through things like videophones (iPhones?) or holograms that are so good that it can look like the person is seated at the same table.

  46. One thing, they’ll have to make them smell like real females just out of the shower. I’m not interested in a girl that smells like car seat covers.

      1. They probably won’t be a suitable environment for unpleasant bacteria, just the ones that smell right. They’ll be designed that way.
        They’ll also be programmed to keep themselves clean so you won’t have to do it.
        But they might produce or convey pheromones you need…maybe they’ll spray them on.
        They’re machines. What else are they going to do but keep clean once their housework is done (without their complaining)?

    1. I thought the same thing at one time. Just pack up and leave.
      But consider: The U.S. starts convulsing and getting uber butch, forcing others to adopt its “freedom”. Your armpit nation turns into target numero uno in time. Then, you turn from charming outsider to “them”. Look what happens to “them” in history, recent and past.
      I’m going to Wyoming or Montana. If I’m going out, it’s going to be surrounded by a hell of a lot of men with guns who are on my side.

        1. Strange, most of the people I meet when I head there are young and, surprisingly, almost 1950’s level pleasant and nearly naive.
          If I go to Costa Rica, with my pale Scottish/English complexion, I’m a target the minute the U.S. decides to demand that Costa Rica become a protectorate.
          Just offering advice, do as you will. End of the day we’re on the same team.

      1. “The U.S. starts convulsing and getting uber butch, forcing others to adopt its “freedom”. ”
        Have you seen the US military these days? Good luck deploying those “butches” to enforce doctrine.

        1. It’s diplomatic. Do it or else holds weight when your navy consists of rubber rafts and a few motor boats, which is standard across central/south America. We can’t bully Russia/Ukraine much, but here, hell man, you and me could probably form a real threatening force with a week’s work.

        2. Yes we can (hat tip to Obama). I won’t underestimate the stupidity and arrogance of the current crop of politicians, especially the US democrats and European socialists, but I believe the state fears an organized and open counter opinion. The over reaction to Roosh is evidence of that. The Pegida demonstrations as well. Violence doesn’t intimidate me nor many others. In fact, some of us have a high capacity for it if the need calls. Former military are like that.

        3. It’s not about fear or what the media will do. It’s what the village will do. I want to be in a place with allies, not “every single living thing that is sentient is my enemy”.

  47. Realistic sexbots will fundamentally alter human society in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. The same psychological mechanisms that allows people to “fall in love” with fake Facebook profiles, to humanize their pets, and even to develop one-itis will drive men and women to seek out sexbots and make them meaningful parts of our lives. We will humanize them, and the software algorithms that make them respond to individual people will cause them to develop what we will perceive as unique personalities. In the future, people will come to live their personal sexbots far more than they would love any human being. Men, especially, will finally get the perfect woman, programmed not only to give him sex but also to “love” him unconditionally, to truly appreciate and value him for all he does. Man’s ability to lie to himself will allow him to ignore the fact that “she” is programmed to do these things. A well-programmed sexbot will give him just enough to allow him to believe it is real.

      1. If women have been conditioned/programmed to be cultural marxists/SJWs, surely we can reprogram them back to their original state? A far better option than having sex with robots, me thinks.

  48. Wouldnt it be simpler and more effective if men stopped backstabbing one another and agreed to help each other put our fucking women in their place?
    Most of this bullshit only exists because too many men are too weak and broken to spank their women, and the rest olay every trick in the book to murder ad destroy the other men.

      1. after their hearts get stomped. sometimes never…
        though i do realise you mean that rhetorically

    1. “Wouldnt it be simpler and more effective if men stopped backstabbing one another and agreed to help each other put our fucking women in their place?”
      Yes, but where are you going to find that level of bad assery en mass?
      Not in the western world for damn sure.
      Maybe in the Muslim world but then there are also race and ethnic issues aren’t there?
      If our women were the ONLY problem we could all just team up with the muzzies and feminism could be done away with in short order.

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