13 Common SJW “Arguments” And How to Dismantle Them

It is very clear based off of the past several months that many problems with contemporary society are being exposed, and that more and more men are willing to change. As a result, I predict that much of the conversation that we’re having on ROK will start to become common—first colloquially, then eventually in the news.

This was made evident by the Canadian media “coverage,” or rather spinning Roosh’s State of Man tour. Thankfully, however, we won. As more and more men start to join our underground community, discussion of the issues which modern men face will become more and more common.

Consequently, feminist opposition to said discussion will also grow.

This is why men must be prepared—we must have our shit down pat, because the feminists are damn sure going to use every single underhanded tactic and emotional appeal that they can. Thus, I have compiled a list of the 13 most common SJW arguments. Not only should you be able to clearly and concisely explain why these arguments are wrong (as shown below), but you must do so without growing overly emotional.

The second that you get too emotional, you’re entering into a territory that SJW’s have dominion over—and you best be sure that they will use this against you, either by faking victimhood when you grow angry and shout, or by eagerly using your rage to support their claims that you’re a cruel, bitter misogynist.


Now, before I delve into the arguments, I want to make something clear. You must be extremely careful with who you say these things to. Saying them to the wrong person may only incite violence or a false rape accusation. I recommend only responding to these SJW arguments when there is either a large group of men surrounding you who may be open to hearing the truth, or when you are discussing it with a single man (or level headed woman) who is open to hearing the truth.

Do not say these things to your coworkers–you’ll probably be fired, unless you work on an oil rig or something, in which case you can say whatever you want.

man behind bars

“I knew I shouldn’t have argued with my girlfriend about women’s rights!”

And whatever you do, don’t waste your time on hardened SJW’s–their beliefs likely stem from a very dysfunctional childhood, and no amount of reasoning will undo their daddy issues. Stick to people who you have a chance at converting. The truth is a very powerful thing, and you must be sure that whoever you’re telling it to won’t get you fired (unless your boss is a cool dude, or you’re self-employed).

That being said, don’t hesitate to spread the truth if the situation permits.

1. “Patriarchy oppresses women!”


Patriarchy frees women from having to work for a living—instead they can do what makes them happiest: develop relationships with men, and spend time raising children. Patriarchy ensures that women are respected for their feminine characteristics and maternal qualities as opposed to being seen as sexual objects.

Contrary to popular belief, it is feminism that encourages the rape and oppression of women. It removes the sexual morals which patriarchy upheld, thus encouraging women (through social pressure) to have as much sex as they want. After being raised around women who are sexually promiscuous, men come to view them as mere objects of pleasure.

In short, patriarchy ensures that women are protected by strong men, that they don’t compete against men for wages, that they can spend time doing what is fulfilling (raising children), and that they are respected for their personalities as opposed to being valued for their mere appearance.

2. “Women deserve equal pay!”


Women have equal pay—they simply make less on average. This is because women tend to work less hours than men, choose less profitable careers than men, and accept less dangerous and demanding jobs than men. In addition to this, women also demand that men pay for them, a hypocrisy of the highest order. If you want to be treated as an equal in the workforce, then stop using your sexuality to manipulate your male coworkers and bosses, and stop expecting men to pay for you.

If you want men to pay for your things, and if you want to use your sexuality to manipulate men, then get the hell out of the work force and stop pushing your power hungry agenda under the guise of equality.

3. “My body, my rules!”

toronto slut walk

I care not what you do with your body, but I care how it affects others. You walking around with your muffin top hanging out of your shorts is offensive not only to my eyes, but also to families and children walking around in public. You wearing a t-shirt with offensive language on it is a bad influence on children, and quite frankly it’s very irresponsible.

In addition to this, just as you are entitled to do what you wish with your body (so long as it does not negatively affect others), I am free to do what I wish with my mind—if I find your body disgusting, I do not have to sleep with you. No, men do not like curves. If you want to be a fat pig, that’s fine, it’s your decision. But don’t get angry at men and try to guilt trip them because they don’t find a 300-pound ham beast sexually appealing.

4. “Men are violent!”

Spartans Engaging in Battle

On average, men are more violent than women. However, women are equally at fault. When a man has an issue with something, he confronts it directly—his often results in physical violence. When a woman has an issue with something, she simply uses sly underhanded tactics to destroy someone’s reputation, get someone thrown in jail, or get a man to do the fighting for her. Both men and women cause problems in their own ways. The only difference is that women are sneakier.

In addition to this, the aggression often found in men is a good thing if harnessed properly. When men are allowed to confront one another over a dispute, it clears the air, and it allows them to express their feelings in a natural, albeit primal, way. If somebody called you a slut and spit in your face, would you expect your boyfriend to beat them up? The problem with modern society, is that everyone is completely feminized and scared shitless of violence, so something as simple as a fist fight is treated as if it is a murder.

Examples such as how “He got punched, then hit his head on the concrete and died!” are thrown around very often to support this, however the fact of the matter is that these examples are few and far between, and getting punched in the face (if you deserve it) is a very healthy way to learn to respect others, and a very concrete demonstration of how there are consequences to your actions.

5. “Women cooperate better!”


As said before, it only seems this way, because with men there is more direct conflict. Women only seem to cooperate better, because they never attack one another in the open. In reality, they let bitterness and grudges fester and never confront one another about it. They simply resort to petty passive aggressive tactics, emotional warfare, and manipulative techniques to harm their enemies.

At least with men, when there is a problem, they confront one another about it and it’s very clear who stands where. With women, you never know who stands where, and nothing ever gets done, because everyone is passive aggressively hindering one another.

6. “Immigration is a good thing!”

migrant 2

How? Is it good economically? Culturally? Legally? If you cannot provide proof aside from emotional appeals, then your opinion is of no validity. Economically, high immigration rates flood the labor pool, thus increasing supply of workers, thus lowering average wages. This works out to a lower average quality of living for everyone.

Culturally, immigration is horrible—introducing 30 different cultures into a nation causes a severe sense of disunity, and actually destroys cultures by watering them down and mixing them all together until they’re no longer distinguishable.

Legally, immigration is also horrible. The men and women that are sent here by other countries are not their best. It’s usually rapists, thieves, and general scum either trying to chase a fortune in America, or escape the legal ramifications they’ve experienced in their country.

7. “Women are the most victimized group on the planet!”

Female Privilege

Quite the contrary, they’re the most privileged group on the planet. All throughout history, women have had everything provided for them: food, shelter, safety, and they never had to lift a finger to attain it. Men were off working hard to provide women with everything that they needed.

Men are drafted to fight and die for women, who sit idle at home playing with children. Men were expected to work 16-hour days in coal mines to feed their families, and to figure out a way to put food on the table, despite horrible job markets.

In addition to this, women now also have economic and political power, in addition to the sexual and emotional power that they have over men. As has clearly been shown, women are actually the most privileged group on the planet, and they always have been.

8. “You’re racist!”


Because I don’t want to allow numerous immigrants into my country? Because I admit that most of the violence in this country is due to immigrants living in ghettos?

If you disagree with my claims, this is fine—you have the right to do this, because men have died before us protecting this right. I do, however, expect you to postulate a logical explanation as to why you disagree. Simply calling me a name will not do because it’s the stuff of middle school arguments, and holds no evidential weight whatsoever.

9. “Rape is a real problem! We need to listen to the woman!”


Rape is in fact a real problem; this is why rapists should be in jail. We cannot, however, convict somebody with no evidence of their crime, especially when there are numerous social, emotional, and financial reasons to lie about being raped.

No, we should not simply “listen to the woman,” we need proof. Yes, women do in fact lie about rape very frequently. Why? Well, it’s simple—women are extremely judgmental towards sluts. If a girl feels as if she’s a slut for sleeping with a man, she would often rather accuse him of being a rapist than tarnish her social reputation.

In addition to this, women are clearly the most mentally ill demographic of the modern age. Those that are mentally ill often have victim complexes and suppressed anger, thus providing a serious emotional incentive to accuse someone of a false rape. If there is evidence of a rape, then the man who did the raping should be thrown in jail. If there is no evidence, however, it is not fair to potentially ruin an innocent man’s life.

10. “That’s so offensive, you can’t say that!”

So in other words what you’re saying is that your feelings take priority over the truth. That is an extremely solipsistic, narcissistic, and selfish way of interpreting reality, and you should be ashamed.

11. “White men have oppressed the world for centuries!”


Have we now? Do you see that phone in your pocket? This building that we’re standing in? The electricity that powers these lights? Do you see your car, and the gas which is used to power it? They were all invented by white men.

Yes, white men have done their fair share of conquering, raping, and enslaving – every single race has done this, however. We are no different than them. You focus in on the bad things that white men have done, and selectively ignore the good things they’ve done. White men built the western world. They invented the vast majority of things which make our lives easier. They built civilization.

12. “Men aren’t sluts, but women are. Double standard!”

wedding sluts

This is in fact a double standard, however it is a very reasonable one, such as how men are expected to provide for women, and not vice versa. Men aren’t sluts, because if a man wants to get laid very frequently, he has to actually be worth something. He has to be confident. He has to have game. He probably has money and looks. He has probably spent years developing himself through working out, cultivating good habits, and grinding away at his finances.

If a woman wants to get laid, however, all she has to do is open her legs. Women have an abundance of suitors, even if they are appallingly unattractive. In short, men have to actually try to get laid—women just say yes. This is why men are not judged for having ample sex, while women are.

13. And lastly…the good old “You’re sexist!”


For pointing out that men and women are biologically and psychologically different? This has been very clearly shown in nearly every single branch of science, from anatomy to psychology to evolutionary biology to medicine.

Men tend to have higher levels of testosterone, which makes them more confident, ambitious, and assertive. Women tend to have higher levels of estrogen, which makes them more insecure, satisfied, and passive. Men tend to be left brain dominant—this makes them more logical. Women tend to use both hemispheres, which makes them more emotional.

If you disagree with these facts, then this is fine. However, please propose a logical argument as to why I am wrong, as opposed to simply calling me a name.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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285 thoughts on “13 Common SJW “Arguments” And How to Dismantle Them”

  1. It is a folly to think that you can use logic and rationality with these feeble minds. You have to shout and shame them into silence. That is the only language they understand.

    1. You say these things for the audience. To make them reveal how childish they are and how childish you are not.
      People dont believe this shit, they just think they’re alone. You show them that they are not.
      But shaming is always good. Do both.

      1. This is what it looks like when you try to have a rational argument with a feminist. They understand only power. That is why they are supporting the feminist movement in the first place. The guy in the video would easily have been a member of the SS had he lived in Germany in the 30’s.

        1. Haha. wow, that’s great, taking a page right from Ghandi, showing them nothing but love and respect and they respond with anger, shouting, obscenity and violence.

        2. “We’re inclusive!”
          To anyone who disagrees with them: “Get the fuck out of here! You’re not welcome here!”
          Pot, meet kettle.

        3. The only thing I disagree with those guys doing is the use of labels and doctrines. IE calling the cursers Marxist leftists or whatever. Maybe they believe in Marxism, maybe not, but that’s the one hypocrisy they make–accusing strangers of ascribing to a belief the same way they are assumed to be rapists because they want to hear some guy speak.

        4. I don’t call them Marxists, I call them things like stupid and idiot. I seriously doubt most of them would be able to comprehend Marx so I don’t think it’s a big factor.
          To me they just honestly seem dumb and scared they will wake up one day and not have 1000s of Instagram friends or whatever it is they do on it, and they will have nothing because in themselves they are worthless and know it deep down.

        5. Well, they are obviously dumb and idiotic, but using those words to their face is the fastest way to shut off any kind of discussion and turn on irrational emotions. IF you are you going to try to confront them and have a dialogue the way the guy in this video is doing, it’s best to ask general, curious questions, and let them hang themselves.
          If you call them an idiot, and they scream back at you, that seems somewhat normal, whereas if you say “What exactly are you here protesting” and they scream back “FUCK YOU” they seem insane.

        6. Has that ever worked for you beyond them making a fool of themselves which they do anyway?
          I just start laughing when they scream at me anyway… I can’t help myself hehe. It’s like a kid throwing a tantrum, that’s exactly what I see.

        7. Honestly I don’t try confronting them, but I can critique the attempts of others, like in the video. I know they don’t respond to logic or reason, so unless there is a crowd observing who are semi rational and would get your message, there is usually little point in attempting it. Usually they are doing it from a “safe space” around here anyway, like writing a newspaper article, or tweeting, not out doing a slutwalk or anything where I would be tempted to confront them.

        8. I do occasionally if they spout that shit within earshot of me, but with the only objective of making them shut up and/or going away.
          Usually works, can’t think of a time it didn’t.
          I confront anything I find annoying around me that is abnormal. My objective is to dispose of it not engage with it.
          Just housekeeping sort of.

        9. Yeah, a bunch of anonymous men sitting behind computers bitching about how stupid she is. No wonder feminism is winning.

  2. Just curious, how many others also have an automatic uncontrollable response of chuckling every time you see Big Red?

        1. I think she’s a classmate of Clark Kent’s in the Great White North. He probably forgot to play with her in kindergarten or something.

        2. Is she a bird? ….. not really
          Is she a plane?…..she is very plain, but technically not
          No She’s supermanhands
          but otherwise looks like a japanese tosa

        3. When I was 14 I brought a chubby vegan activist chick into my bedroom.
          She said she’d do anything to suck my dick, so I told her to eat a chicken leg. She was like WTF NOoo I’m Vegan you Asshole!!!
          After she ate the chicken leg I told her I changed my mind and wanted to go to sleep.
          Fifteen years later and feminism has taken over the nation… I think I’m going to hell…

        4. A perfect example of why you should not even try to use logic with these creatures. Use baseball bats instead.

        5. This other time my girlfriend was cussing me out downtown in front of her friends so I picked her up and threw her in the public fountain.
          She was so confused that me and her girlfriends were laughing our asses off at her reaction. My highschool gf was probably the coolest girl I ever hung out with.
          I’m convinced people were more fun before smart phones…

        6. not sure you’d get away with that today. But maybe – if it was done right, and clearly came across as playful

        7. Throwing water in someone’s face is assault, so throwing them in a fountain would easily qualify.

        8. You son of a bitch ! I wish I could get to meet some of you guys one day and have a beer !
          ,,she said she’d do anything to suck my dick, so I told her to eat a chicken leg. ” – Incredibly funny…

        9. She’s clearly mentally ill. A common strategy for people in masking their psychopathology is to hide behind extreme political philosophies that can provide flimsy excuses for their bigotry and hate.
          You can just imagine her poor bf in their apartment which he pays for trying to reason with her, while she struts up and down barking bigoted absurdities and a variety of logical fallacies with that scowling deranged expression.

        10. “She’s clearly mentally ill. A common strategy for people in masking their psychopathology is to hide behind extreme political philosophies that can provide flimsy excuses for their bigotry and hate.”
          Reminds me of a certain presidential candidate.

    1. That’s the thing I hate about video games that force me to kill females, the females are NEVER the ugly hags like Big Red, who I would kill without a second thought.
      Instead the game industry makes every single enemy female combatant a hot chick.

  3. The arguments are all good. But they will persuade the rational. Most feminists and people strongly involved in the equalist paradigm are not rational.
    We have 3 groups : the sheep, the wolves and sleepers
    Sleepers are people not yet awoken to the anti-egalitarian paradigm, but are intellectually honest and capable of taking “the redpill”. Awaken them.
    Sheep are people that go with the flow. They either do not care or are afraid of the consequences of the redpill. When the social norms change overnight they will go with the crowd. Ignore them.
    Wolves are people heavily involved and benefiting from the egalitarian paradigm. Feminists, SJWs, Corporations. They do not care about truth, they promote SJWism because it benefits them. Destroy them

    1. And then there the sheepdogs, people capable of recognizing threats (wolves) and keeping them at bay – if necessary, destroying them. The flock benefits and is protected, but only so long as the sheepdogs outnumber the wolves. Without the sheepdogs the flock would be slaughtered.

      1. It sure is thankless job being a sheepdog these days.
        They make you pay for your sheepdog privillege. Sometimes I wonder if the flock is worth protecting, might as well let it be eaten, seeing how they think I am cis-speciesist to those innocent wolves.
        They seem to feel guilty of their sheep privillege. Might as well let them get rid of it.

        1. In this scenario I’d be like Godzilla or some shit haha, didn’t you get the point that sheep in this scenario are useless?

        2. Not really. The sheep are the backbone of civilization. Are you going to let 90 % of the West die ?
          Sheep are needed. They are our extended family wether we like it or not.

        3. Sheep have to respect and submit to their protectors to be worthy imo. And I do this in practice too, even at work. And some throw tantrums, some get emotional, some just get with it right away but they all get with it or they leave.
          If we had a breakdown scenario I would do the same thing.
          You chose what you do, but if you lead, you have to know that in crisis saving everything and everyone is often impossible, and you would bring people who could have made it, to their deaths.
          The other thing is that you aren’t gaining anything by sheepdog behavior really… It’s like white knight but out of sight kind of…

      2. And then there are the Shepherds. For a flock of sheep go nowhere unless the Shepherd directs them.
        Beware the false Shepherds who intentionally direct the flock right into the mouths of the waiting, hungry wolves.

    2. This. Logic does nothing to persuade those who don’t have it. Aristotle recognized this in Ars Rhetorica more than two thousand years ago.

      1. These mental midgets will never admit to being wrong. Instead you must use the Socratic method to let them arrive at the logical conclusion.
        So they can convince their ego that they figured out the right answer all by their lonesome!

      1. BlackPigeon is legit.
        He made a good point in another video that the reason Eastern Europeans are not accepting the “refugees” is because they have recent history of communism.
        They realize that growing government and removing power from the people can lead to disaster.

        1. Indeed, and the above video is assuming that we take the very worst other countries have to offer.
          This other video tells what happens when we take the very best from other countries.

  4. “and getting punched in the face (if you deserve it) is a very healthy
    way to learn to respect others, and a very concrete demonstration of how there are consequences to your actions.”
    Agreed. I have always fully believed that everyone needs their butt kicked at least once, not only the consequences aspect either but also it forces you to acknowledge limitations in yourself (and hopefully work to overcome them).
    Nice article and advice all around.

    1. That’s largely true but some exceptions apply, I’d say everyone needs to be in a proper fight.
      You don’t have to lose it hehe.
      I guess you could call me a retired bar brawler more or less.

  5. Womyn say they are equal to men, and then turn around and say the patriarchy has always held them back. As if throughout all of history women have been repressed due to the superior physicality and cunning of men….yet they are our equals.

      1. And when they are confronted with these contradictions and asked why, they respond with, “I don’t know!” Cry. “You’re mean.”

    1. They’re so superior that in all of recorded history, sans the past 100 years, there have been about 3 female rulers that have wielded the power of a man, tribes not included.

  6. All any woman who complains about “patriarchy” or “sexism” has to do is look at how women in the Islamic world are treated, and they can shut the hell up. Well, any “feminist” in general, and that includes the most feminized of men. Until the poor souls in that part of the world actually achieve a higher standard of living and are treated at least halfway decent, women in the west really need to zip it.

    1. No, they need to go the fuck back into the kitchen and finish my sammich, who cares what they think.

    2. You know, many of the women in that “oppressed” culture actually like having a place where they are desired and honored for being feminine. And where their bodies are protected from men ogling them, because let’s be honest, if my best friend has a hot GF in yoga pants, I’m gonna check her out and think dirty thoughts of her. Unless she’s in the beekeeper suit.

      1. I’m talking specifically the Muslim world; yes, there are women in East Asia and Central/South America who do keep and cherish their femininity, and that’s fine.

        1. FFS, it’s the freaking Guardian. They are in love with the Islamic world and all of the genuine racism/intolerance/misogyny/women-beating/slave-owning/beheading “culture” that lies within.

        2. Are you saying the Guardian invented that story? Or they were just pleased they could report on it. I don’t think it changes the truth. There is a group on twitter for muslims against feminism. I don’t know what it is exactly because I don’t have twitter, but I’ve seen it before. Anyway, it’s their culture, let them figure out human relations on their own. It’s not my job to tell them how many kids they should have, what type of inheritance system they should have, or what roles the men and women should have in their society. They are one of the only traditional, patriarchal societies left.

        3. That article is three years old anyway; wasn’t there recently a female airline pilot in Saudi Arabia?
          Anyway, if they want to keep their “culture,” fine. Just don’t export it to the west.

        4. Do you know any Muslim women who are traditional? I do, we obviously don’t know eachother in person as that isn’t allowed, but we chat.
          She is not unhappy or complaining about the system or anything like that, but when she goes apeshit and her husband smacks her etc, she gets angry for about a day or two, and then she is not acting like a hysterical crazy person which we all know virtually all women to be, especially just around that time of the month. My wife told me to not take her seriously if it’s that time of the month lol..
          Anyway back to the Muslim girl, she was a virgin of course, has never and never seriously wants to be with another man. She thinks the role a man should have and a woman should have are those of Islam even if you don’t care about the faith, she has said more or less exactly this.
          I actually know several and quite well, and they all say pretty much exactly the same thing.

        5. Things change INCREDIBLY slowly in the Muslim world. Think hundreds of years. While there are certainly girls over there who think feminism will liberate them (just as there were and are in the west) I don’t think views have changed much in 3 years.
          Their system, while not something I would want to live in, does have one huge redeeming aspect: It is pure patriarchy. I say export as much of it as you can. We need it.

        6. If it’s maintaining the traditional female gender roles in the home and lessening SJW nonsense, that’s okay. Not dressing them up in burlap sacks and screaming about jihad; all of the West could really could do without that shit.

        7. I know people don’t want to hear it, but that’s really a minority of the religion. Indonesia has over 200 million Muslims and you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They’re culturally really just brown skinned versions of American girls of maybe 60 years ago. The only parts we hear about are where the oil is, and I say people of any religion and color there are all nutty.

        8. A “minority” that’s in the tens of millions, and given everything that’s happening the world, especially in Europe, not something to take lightly. It is really up to them to reform.

      2. Most of those women are completely brainwashed. And a hijab/burka has never stopped a Middle Eastern Man from ogling. Never stopped them from honking in traffic, never stopped them from catcalls, sexual thoughts, etc.
        I don’t think any of them enjoy being set on fire for being raped, or because the wrong guy ogled them when their brother/father/son was near them. I don’t think they enjoy getting the shit beat out of them in private. Or acid in their face.
        Here’s an anecdote. I worked with a bunch of Arabs in a far away land, and went out with them one night. Man and his wife are arguing in public. The man rares back to smack the shit out of her in public, just for arguing. My coworkers stop him. “No, no, don’t beat her. Don’t beat her here. Take her behind in the alley, or wait until you get home to beat her.”
        Fuck those people.

  7. Here’s some common universal responses:
    If woman: “I know you’re a feminist and I think that’s sweet but this is grown up time now.”
    If man: “Still a virgin, huh?”
    Of course, you can always call them a pedophile as well. Works better than reasoning with them.

    1. just randomly call them a paedo? That might just work. Or just say that’s creepy to everything they say

      1. Misappropriation of language is their game, not ours. A paedo is specifically an adult who is sexually interested in a pre-pubescent child (it is usually misused when referring to pubescent teenagers where the correct term is oenophile).

        1. I prefer rapophile personally.
          Damn I will try that next time someone calls me a sexist or racist hehe.

        2. That is straight up the most sensible, non-obfuscated, straight to the point thing that a politician has ever said.

        3. but the ancient greek wine probably involved an older grape showing a young prettier boy grape how to grape right

        4. Having a glass or two of the good old ultra violence, dancing around with a giant white shiny penis

    2. I think it was family guy but maybe simpsons:
      Wife: I wish my opinion mattered to you
      Husband: Well it matters to you and that’s the greatest gift of all

    1. No, it’s real. It was just hijacked by leftists/SJW-types. Being racist (even perceived)–or a white man–is the absolute worst thing in the world in their eyes, apparently.

    2. My sentiments were not invented by SJWs dude, I will not see races as equal ever. Period. Same for men and women. And for normal people and various freaks of any form.
      Edit to clarify, I openly am racist to some degree, and all the other stuff and when people say I am a racist, I just say yes – backed up by .. And start rolling off the facts which by now to a large part I know by heart.

  8. For the love of The Gods, will you PLEASE provide a Trigger Warning when you are about to put Big Red in front of me? The next time I see her creepy face, I am going to stab my eyes out!

        1. No, that’s my bad. I got her confused with the chick in Montreal who spilled beer on him. Big Red above is just your typical unpleasant feminist.

        2. I think we’re all going to check under the bed tonight. She’s the Freddy Kruger of our time

  9. How do you deal with people who say Christianity is a religion based on a beta jew being cucked by his wife?

  10. All great arguments, but here’s the problem: Western leaders are either diehard SJWs, or are too scared of diehard SJWs to present these arguments. My rational friends who don’t know any better? Sure, I can convince them. But the people who REALLY need to hear this and either accept it or provide rational arguments against it either won’t listen or will resort to calling you every horrible name known to man. Right now, rational thought is suppressed and maligned by mainstream outlets, while the rantings and ravings of mentally unstable SJWs are passed off as common sense.

        1. I’ll raise you something more relevant, quicker and less annoying
          This is also oversimplification since brain weight is higher in men so total mass of either type of tissue is often greater, and sheer IQ difference like at IQ 145 you have 8 men for each woman.

        2. Millions of people would disagree with you on the annoying part. And albeit an over simplification. All the sources are in the description. Infer your own opinion.
          Also, what you linked isn’t popping up for me.

        3. Do I ‘vibe’ to you like someone who would give a shit what millions of people who I think are stupid think? To clarify, I don’t even care enough to fart at it.
          I’m saying reload the page, the magic link should show:-). And then we can get back on topic which your video was not.

        4. If you don’t care what millions of people think, why should you interject your opinion that the video was annoying? Your opinion on the flavor of the video did not contribute anything to the discussion if not derailed it entirely. The facts in the video remain the same even if it was narrated by chorus of a million shrill Hillary Clintons on a stump speech from hell.
          Anyways, re-post your “magic link” or break it into two different parts so it doesn’t embed.

        5. Because that’s what I think, I take the freedom to interject whatever I please where I please. Your video remains Irrelevant to the point of the functional difference between male and female brains. That’s what the video I linked is about and also the article you commented on.
          The stuff in the video as far as I could tell did not discuss the sex difference. I can’t say for sure though as I didn’t finish it.

    1. He is wrong about the brain x hemisphere being dominant.
      He is right in the sense that men’s brain is more lateralized, specialized. The corpus callosum in women is bigger because her brain is smaller, so both hemispheres need to communicate to each other, this being inefficient.
      Also there are indeed parts in the brain where females process with one side, and men with the opposite side. There is no doubt that men are more logical, far more intelligent than those IQ biased tests show, while females are very emotional, but not because of some right vs left hemisphere thing.

  11. “Yes, white men have done their fair share of conquering, raping, and enslaving” White people were in fact the first to abolish slavery, rape, and pretty much the only people to voluntarily give up conquered land.
    “12. ‘Men aren’t sluts, but women are. Double standard!’” Just want to point out that completely different people argue this. Promiscuous men aren’t held high by the kind of people who disdain promiscuous women.

    1. Not sure about the latter paragraph… The only thing I get is guys don’t want me around their girlfriends hehehe.
      Girls have hamsters for that, men have an investment to protect, but that has never been an issue professionally.

    1. Jeebus! That’s like industrial scale cucking. I predict he will shoot himself in a few years…
      He probably doesn’t get laid either, look at him.

  12. Look, broads, if you show your “empowerment” from your ability to reject all the men you don’t want in your lives, then we white men show our “empowerment” when we reject all the nonwhites we don’t want in our communities and countries.

    1. Race doesn’t have to be the criterion, make it crime, abuse of government support, etc, and you can purge them without as much of the noise.
      The criterion is also more fair and allows the good guys we want to stay while the parts that cause issues is expelled.
      I’m a racist maybe in the sense that I don’t see races/groups largely as equal of compatible, but I have many friends from all over the world and at an individual level race is not an issue and should not be.
      I often discussed racial differences even with friends from other parts of the world and they largely agree. Sometimes they object on the basis of culture affecting things in a positive or negative way and give great insight into the real issues on a local level.

      1. If you don’t see them as equal or compatible, then you have to admit that allowing them into your country is the recipe for disaster. The criterion HAS to be racially based, because many people are deceptive, and can easily infiltrate a group by pretending to be one of the “good ones”, and then go on to destroy that group from the inside. This is what we see happening today in the US, with immigrants we welcomed with open arms after WW2. Turns out many of them were traitors and communists, and their fellow Tribesmen will protect them to the death. No, multiracial societies just don’t work on any level.

        1. Hmm, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. What I meant was not as a criterion for entry but for expulsion. Societies where small pockets of ethnically different people are present have existed successfully for generations.
          Large scale ethnically different immigrants should never be allowed, that for me is a given. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be absolute, the reality is that there are many exceptions to he norm, in fact it’s always a bell curve, IQ or crime etc.
          And it is in some way about justice too, I think.
          Freedom is one of he most important things there are, and that includes for example marrying who you want, while of course being responsible for your choice and your children.
          Edit to add that to have a system to prevent immigrants who haven’t otherwise broken laws you need an extra layer of government, and that shit is always bad news.

        2. Good comment. I pretty much agree with all that you said. I think a society needs to have a healthy foundation of shared ideals for freedom and liberty to grow. Until we figure out a way to depose our monopolistic and destructive mainstream media, and replace it with a more accurate voice of the people, then it is difficult to envision any progress toward a more free society. The media and academic complexes have been carefully tuned to sow maximum division and hollow consumerism.

        3. Academia’s influence is insane. People completely isolated from the real world dictating what’s best for people in the real world.

  13. Feminists mock us for using the Red Pill as a metaphor of enlightenment about the real natures of men and women.
    But then look at who goes through life feeling the splinter in their minds. Traditional women who marry early, without premarital sexual experience, and have babies tend to wind up feeling more satisfied with their lives than women who live according to the feminist model and die alone in their apartments with their cats.

  14. You have to wonder how much of this SJW crap goes on in Israel. No one talks about Israel’s decline, decadence or collapse; and I bet no one in Israel publishes books telling young Jewish men how to “enjoy the decline.”
    In other words, the Israelis seem to know something about the future that we don’t.

    1. Not sure how much you know about Israel, but it’s not one country or united in the same way as most countries are even. The Haredim are the ones making kids, the ultra orthodox, not the secular Jews as much. My ex is an Israeli Jew, that’s why I know about this stuff. Secular Jews are on par with European countries and thus in decline, off memory something like 1.6 kids per couple.
      Edit to add, the Haredim have also been excluded from military service, but I think they are trying to change that now. Oh and also, the men don’t work, only the women do.

    2. They have mastered the art of exporting social and financial degradation to their rivals, while preserving their own society.
      It is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew in Israel, while Jewish media executives in the US push miscegenation non-stop.
      It is not possible to gain Israeli citizenship if you are a non-Jew, while Jewish thought leaders all throughout the West (such as Soros) promote open borders and multiculturalism.
      Jews know that they are promoting poisonous ideas to their enemies. They are doing it on purpose.

    3. Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world. Not San Francisco, not New York; Tel Aviv.
      The Jews in charge are definitely trying to maintain their separate identity (while accusing of whites of being racists when they do the same), but more and more they’re also dealing with liberal Jews raised in the same SJW universities that they helped corrupt in the first place. It’s interesting to see.

  15. Some of my close women friends tell me there’s no way in hell they want to be men as they understand men have it hard and were often harshly judged based on our gender alone. SJW’s are usually sociopaths or cant empathize with men as they don’t have meaningful relationships with men. They don’t understand the trials and tribulations within men’s lives and have a false belief that men’s lives are easier (grass is greener theory). Most men are taught to be tough and showing emotion is weak. We are encouraged to work harder no matter if were in pain or if were having any difficulties as there’s no excuse and the job has to be done. Most of our childhoods are full of violence and in fact men are #1 victims of violence throughout the world. Men are sexually assaulted as much as women but 9 out 10 men won’t report the assaults and the stats don’t reflect the mass of unreporting. There’s also very little help for homeless men or shelters for men who have been victims of domestic violence or sex assaults. So men go through hardships and we often face the same challenges like women, just we don’t publicize it, don’t talk about it (as were taught not to) and we don’t blame monger like SJW’s.

  16. We don’t need to argue with SJW’s, that’s just a waste of time. The mind of the SJW’s is rotten beyond salvation. Do you really think that a fat, hairy, ugly and dumb feminist is going to change his ideology?
    The best form to argue with SJW’s is giving them the best argument in the world: a 9mm to the head, and a couple in the torso, I call it the triple tap.

    1. Seems reasonable, but only if they trespass against you. An expanding supersonic.22LR might be more economic though, you don’t want to spend too much on them. The world would be too boring without a few wild running crazies to break the boredom.

      1. It is trespassing if I leave my door open, put a couple of grams of weed, some cheap beer and an iphone in the middle of my house and then just wait them to enter my premises?

        1. To me trespassing is spouting nonsense close enough for me to hear it and not stopping after being warned twice. So in your case you’re green lighted even to go for the parents, for raising a degenerate who breaks into someone’s home.
          Home invasion is to me a death penalty offense. If you don’t know the owners and you don’t announce your self, you cannot go in even if the door is open. Someone’s home to me is sacred really, and anyone entering mine without my permission will meet a swift end.
          Edit to add, if you’re trapping for vermin, you want meth not weed. Weed is harmless mostly, meth is deadly serious always. But I think there should be some regulation like if you shoot someone’s pet methhead you are liable.
          On second thought if you have a pet methhead you should have it collared.

      2. Supersonic .22LR? Nah, subsonic .22LR, spewing forth like silent death from a suppressed sidearm. Gotta think of the neighbors and such.

        1. Good point. I wish I still had my old MK II, I actually hit 2/10 on 120m with it when I tried for shits and giggles. I definitely didn’t expect that as the drop was over 1m at that distance.

        2. MKII’s are nice. I thought about getting one, but opted for the 22/45 Lite, which is basically the same thing only configured to train muscle memory for a 1911. Fun little piece.

        3. Nice! Would definitely be better as the MK II is a heavy SOB, doesn’t work as a carry. The shorter one with a suppressor would be damn near perfect.
          Sometimes I wish there was a .25 ACP small gun with a proper mag and feeding, it would fix the only issue these guns have.

    2. Short of felony, any other suggestions? Perhaps simply to treat her as a stand up comic and laugh uproariously at every remark. They are demons, and product spirits such as those cannot bear to be mocked.

      1. As you know, in this upside world what is right sometimes is illegal. I honestly do not consider wrong to shoot some pajama boy or some uglyfathairyfeminist, but of course it is illegal.
        Talking seriously, I have to interact with a lot of SJW’s, and I’m not talking of your typical college student who considers himself Trotsky or your typical landwhale with pink hair who is triggered a lot; I’m talking of honest to god SJW’s, the kind who write articles for mainstream media, the kind who worked in medium-to-high posts in “human rights” organizations, etc, etc. When they start with their tirades of feminisn, human rights, etc I simply say “I’m not discussing politics with you” and then I changed the subject to climate or traffic.

  17. Wouldn’t waste my time trying to explain any of these truths to an actual SJW. The fact of the matter is that if an adult doesn’t come to these conclusions on their own through research and experience, they are dumb and not worth saving.
    Great reference article for reaching a kid or a young adult who demonstrates some red pill tendencies but hasn’t quite figured out exactly what is wrong with the world, though.

  18. Has anyone actually watched Big Red in that video for the full length? I got through 20 seconds before I X-ed out.

    1. (X_X) after a few seconds. I don’t want to smash my iPad but I thought for a moment it might be worth it just to punch her by proxy.

  19. This post is great. but actually you cant get into a disccusion with a feminist, it is in vane you are not going to archieve anything

  20. Most of these are arguments against completely nonsensical beliefs. If you’re talking to someone that genuinely believes half this shit, there’s nothing to do but walk away. More cogent SJW arguments (if you can find some), and Socratic dialogue format would’ve been more useful – my two cents.
    The immigration one only makes sense if you’re talking about illegal immigration. I can tell you as a Canadian immigrant that coming to America legally is not that easy. It’s like getting into college: you bust your ass to get in, arrive and realize that maybe you fucked up… links don’t seem to be working too well, but find the Yuri Bezmenov interview on youtube. He points out what any rational person discovers upon arriving in the US.

    1. There is more you can do. You can insult them, piss them off, then laugh at them and then walk away. You should try it sometimes if you know you’re safe to, it’s quite fun :-).
      Unfortunately most shut up and leave when I just insult them…

  21. All right. Just one thing about violence: if we admit that killing unborn babies through induced abortions (which includes IUDs) is a form of violence women are much more murderous than men have ever been since the beginning of history. And you see, it kind of makes sense. Because women appropriate to themselves the right to give life and to take it away since the first moment of conception, so by extent they are much less careful about killing. What they put up is simply a show, and we fall for it each and every time. Actually, most women do not even know about it consciously. Do you know that at conception there is a WAR going on inside that woman’s flesh you just have ejaculated into in order to kill and get rid not only of the majority of spermatozoa but also against the implantation of the fertilized egg inside the uterus? It’s called “intrauterine war,” and no one seems to talk or be aware of it. The amount of embryos that are killed and expelled by the woman’s body are the majority. After fertilization, If the extravillous trophoblast does not penetrate the uterus forget it, the fetus gets expelled. And there is a whole effort on the part of the female body to just do that, as if the fertilized egg would be a cancerous growth. You will tell me “that’s just nature and women are not responsible for it.” I say “Hell, it sure gives another image of the loving nurturing mother” doesn’t it. Women are destroyers “by nature.” But they must not know. Man have to be made killers through coercion or brainwashing (thought various means), otherwise they are the real protectors of life. Of course, they have to kill to eat and to give food to the women and children, but that has nothing to do with gratuitous violence. Look up the myth of Kali… her name derives from the Sanskrit meaning ‘she who is black’ or ‘she who is death’, in the early authentic traditions she is the one devouring all things while being irresistibly attractive to mortals and gods…. See if by extension you can come up with some more examples of the destructive attitude of the female compared to the attitude of the male, which is always about “building, constructing, accruing.” Now, don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against all that. It’s perfect as it is, just needs to be known and knowing it makes people much less prone to incurring useless mistakes and suffering.

    1. The hostile environment of the uterus is evolutionarily beneficial. It ensures that only the strongest embryos survive.

    2. How do white feminists get away with aborting fetuses fathered by nonwhite men? Doesn’t that show racism or discrimination or white privilege or something?

      1. Black women are the largest abortion demographic. Liberals care so much about blacks that they let them be aborted en masse.

  22. I’m pretty sure the Big Red feminist cunt is hopped up on anti-depressants at epic levels since being humiliated on youtube forever!!! She should kill herself, in reality.

    1. I would argue that not giving two shits about her actually would be better.
      I didn’t read any of the specifics, to me she is just big red from the Internet and just a meme.

    1. Good lord that was painful to listen to her. Like Patrice Oneal said, women can’t tell a fucking story.
      Pretty hot though WB.

    2. Wow I wish I had the six minutes of my life back that I listened to the bulk of her “story”.
      Yes obviously the guy was going to murder you. That is a completely rationale thought.
      Also, where is her feminist independent “I don’t need a man” attitude? If you wanted to leave the guy’s apartment why didn’t you just get up and walk out? You really needed a guy to drive you back to your dorm? If his apartment was really just “five minutes” off campus you just couldn’t call a cab? Also if you were concerned about a friend knowing your location why not just text someone really quick? With how much modern women are into their phone you would think it would be really easy to just send your roommate or friend a quick text without the guy really knowing.
      Man…modern women are delusional.

    3. So basically this video translates to: she hooked up with a pot dealer she met on tinder that she talked with for a month(BS she maybe talked to him 1 day before hooking up), she put out for ice cream (and probably weed)then let his roommate and friends run a train on her. When he dropped her ass off she realized her dormmates saw her and in her post coital state, so to head off any gossip of the skank she actually was turned this walk of shame into a video of her “brush with danger”. In the next six months, when he never calls her again, this will transform into the story of how she drug against her will to his “lair” and gang raped by him and the monsters he runs with.

  23. If most immigrants were attractive and docile Slovakian and Ukrainian women then SJWs would be rallying against immigration. “They took eur jawbs!l

    1. That’s great; I’m part Slovak. I love that comment. And it’s funny, too; Czechs and Slovaks have been among the most vocal in opposing the current migrant invasion to hit Europe.

    2. In the 1990s, Canada had a program where Romanian women could submit a video of themselves stripping professionally so they could get a work visa because there was a shortage of Canadian girls who wanted to work in the clubs. I believe such programs do have some social value.

      1. Having spent several years living in Romania, I can believe it…..Bucharest was full of beautiful, slim girls. (You could always tell the ‘foreigners:’ we were the overweight ones)!

  24. You know who’s calling a woman a slut 90% of the time? Other women. You know who wants to see pretty, attractive women in advertising? Other Women.
    Women create almost all of their own problems for each other, and then proceed to blame Men. It’s laughable.

        1. Damn right. I keep telling my friends that all the women they know supporting Hillary aren’t really going to vote for her. They only say they will because it’s part of the herd-maintaining game. But when alone in the voting booth they’ll vote for whoever is running against her, regardless of the guy.

      1. I think glorifying fatties was the homos. Fags are always telling fat bitches that they look good, telling them they have a great rack (because fags don’t know the difference between big boobs and fat boobs) and pushing a fat chick agenda.
        One possible reason: fags all have that one fat chick that hangs out with them. I think the homos are giving them attention to hypnotise them and then using a reverse lipo machine to put all the fat they have from their sugary appletinis and margaritas into the girls while they yammer on about the latest guy who they blew after a party and how he is a douche for not calling back.
        It explains why homos are so pro fat in women while anti fat in men, why they tolerate the ramblings of pigs and tell them how pretty they are and how they can lead such deviant lifestyles without getting fat.
        (Ps I am only like 1/3 kidding)

      2. I know you hate women posting, I am curious what you all have to say about the latest SJW, #TrigglyPuff http://www.therebel.media/we_must_weaponize_trigglypuff_and_stop_the_social_justice_agenda_by_making_her_the_face_of_it … You have to see what happens when glorifying ill-health and toddler tantrums does. Warning: I had no idea what trigger warning even meant before I saw the video I linked to here. Now I do, but its needed for the ones who complain about it. I get info from the warzone to the news room, saw plenty of graphic war content in my life, and thought nothing could shock me. This feminist university student did. I would like men’s honest opinion about her. You are not afraid of political correctness, what do men think of her? How much money would you pay to date her or how much money would one have to pay to make you go on a couple dates with her, after you read her dating ad?

        1. I don’t have much to say except #trigglypuff….I was never a Pokemon fan, and even I think that is gold!

    1. For real. Over the years I’ve been accused, as a man, of putting all these crap demands on women, when it’s only been other women telling them what men want. There are a lot of sweet, non-issue girls who keep in shape, seriously try to educate themselves, and refuse to play the whole “society expects this of me” game. But even they default to accusing men of creating the whole thing. Women would have less body and health issues, and less mental illness, if they would quit competing with each other by creating this fake list of demands. But they won’t.

  25. Even when it comes to getting back in the dating game, single women have the edge over men. Men have less options. Either you really revamp yourself and your game and get back on the dating game or you take a step back and reevaluate yourself. I took choice two and so far I’m fine and peachy. The woman I was supposed to marry 4 years ago? Well, two weeks after I dumped her she began dating a married man with two children, got pregnant by him, and rumors have it that he’s cheating on her. Of course, when it comes to single parents going in the dating game, it does make a 180 degree turn. Maybe it’s an evolutionary trait where women see a single dad as a man that’s guaranteed to actually reproduce. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t need to lug his kids around. Maybe it’s because even if he is having to pay child support, women assume he still carries cash around for him to spend. But for whatever reason, women live dating men with baby mamas. Single mothers? Meh, not so much.

    1. Women view married/divorced men/fathers as men that have already been proven, valued or coveted.

      1. Thank you! Couldn’t have written it better. Better yet, it shows the double standard, set by women, of all people. Go figure.

  26. And here’s a take from Dr Shaym on feminist questions. Hilarious and a must watch.
    And she might be a bit bitchy, but the girl at 0:28 has a nice rack. Would motorboat.

  27. Why even bother though? SJWs are all fucking nuts. If some guy came up to you on the street and started blathering about UFOs and secret radios commanding him to self-destruct, would you spend one second trying to convince him he is wrong or would you just walk away? There are so many pleasant, sociable people on earth, why waste one second talking to a SJW?

  28. Queen Victoria on feminism:
    “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights,’ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.”
    Sorry if this is a repost but it is just too good.

  29. I guess the feminist cat ladies have figured out they have no future:
    U.S. suicide rate has risen sharply in the 21st century

    The U.S. suicide rate has increased sharply since the turn of the century, led by an even greater rise among middle-aged white people, particularly women, according to federal data released Friday.


    1. This article was written to draw sympathy for white women. That first sentence led you to believe that white women led the sharp increase in suicide rates in the US. Later in the article, it said American Indians and Alaskan natives led the greatest rate increase in suicides.
      So which is it?

  30. This whole article is pointless. To be an SJW you must forgo all logic and any sense.
    You can’t argue with them.

  31. In my early days swallowing the red pill, I would argue with feminists in social gatherings, parties etc. I realized extremely quickly this was a mistake and that I should stop.
    I realize that actions speak louder than words. I should live my life according to the principles I believe in, and if I’m right then it should be the reward of its own.
    The girl I argued with was a fat, school teacher who recently went for a skrillex haircut, and her boyfriend is a chubby beta (he’s a cool guy when he talks about his job with him, but I feel extremely bad for him being with this woman, and I can tell you 100% he will be cucked). After talking to her I realized it was useless to argue: reality is already doing the job.
    Most feminists are miserable inside, everyone has to pay the price going against its own nature.

  32. Nicely done. I’m a woman and I completely agree with this article. I know other women who would, as well. I especially like when you address the silly “White men have oppressed everyone for centuries!” argument. I hear that one a lot, and it’s obviously ridiculous. White men have created almost everything useful in society – don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  33. SJW madness is part spiritual and part manmade psy-op. On the one hand, the LGBTQ campus folks and rainbow brigades who rail for the destruction of traditional family and tribe, and on the other hand the family women who bizarrely go nuclear and self destruct their own intact families ARE ALL of the same thread. The same pathos. Whether they’re of the spiritually afflicted and demon posessed camp of sjw spinning heads or whether they’re prodigies of the wind up brainscrew sjw zombot psy-op programs, they’re all different sides of the same coin and they collude in a multi pronged attack on the heart of our species. The sjw mania is a parallel layer of simple feminism and is dispersed throughout society affecting both the young and old. From the legions of young indoctrinates who go berserk on their own sustaining culture to the established family members and spouses who go berserk on their own families, they’re fundementally all berserkers. Anyone young or old who is incapable of critical thinking can be ravaged by the sjw plague. It is airborne and contagous culturally and is also physically transmitted by evil humans who force the agenda malicously by force of hand, with hands-on instrumentation and by siezing the tools of institutions and infrastructure within the civilization to force feed the agenda. It is the nuts and bolts of civilization itself turning on its own creators turned captors.
    An example of spiritual affliction which may actually be psy-op affliction is the spouse who suddenly goes rabid or outright abandons their nest, pleading that they’re disaffected or that they’re time confused, simply rewinding and completely forgetting their entire bloodline pact and loyalty. They ‘forget’ their family. Their memory of family and tribe is erased (this is actually more likely a psy-op). In some communities, a mass lemming-like flock of females will suddenly make a lock-step into the courthouse and file no-fault divorces for example. This ocurrs in close and highly henpecked and controlled confines like gated communities and homeowners association developments with females engaging in aggressive covenant enforcement. I’ve seen within a two year span, entire neighborhoods of functioning families completely disintegrate and this ocurrs in clusters, almost like the area had been hit with a brain scrambling frequency ray beam. There’s the usual ding bat flakiness which is to be expected from any woman and THEN there’s the same woman being ray-beamed crazy who is totally uncontrollable and unstoppable. Her full blown state can’t be fought by psych meds or physical restraint when she’s being beamed. She’ll literally chew her own hand off to flee her nest. Psy-op is very powerful. Get the woman and kids outta there asap when your area is being smacked with a psy-op. When you see neighbor ladies go shit stupid and start throwing everyone near and dear to them under the bus, you know the place is a hot zone being hit. Talk to your local teachers and compare notes. Teachers hear third graders talking ”my mom’s doing that too” or ”my mom ran off last month” and so on. A geographic area of 90% defection is no coincidence. Same neighborhood, same takedown. Women do a kamikaze dive to disavow their nest and uncreate their bloodline bonds. They ‘forget’ who their spouse is and toss their kids away. It’s like a branch of a community gets sick and is steered stupid by a woman figurehead. Neighborhood and homeowner’s associations are majority headed up by women and a few token manginas. Two or three leading members are usually local psy-op string pullers.
    Flock defection of women is similar to animal flock dyslongitude. Migrating bird flocks can have a leader become disoriented or sick and fly the delta into a storm or in the wrong direction, (north vs south). Improperly controlled women quickly forget their reference of time and ‘forget’ or blot out decades of timespan with an amnesiac like erasing of identity and memories to then proclaim that they’re ‘starting fresh’ or ‘finding themselves’, and they do this irregardless of a real and concrete timeline that in fairnes everyone is constrained to.
    GLOWING RED EYES, THE DEMONIC SPIRITUAL SIDE: I heard a story of a couple, man and woman who married. They were an average couple and soon had a son. She was a seemingly loyal mother at several years into the marriage when she decided to take on a part time night job while dad watched the kid in the evenings. She then starts coming home late frequently, out with coworkers unwinding, girls nite. Then the ‘girls nites’ become more frequent and then nightly. Soon dad can’t remember the last time she was home before kid’s bedtime. She bitches. Constantly. She’s been nagging him to hang some venitian blinds on the front windows. Then she comes home one night and sees the venitian blinds still in box with the kid and dad asleep on couch. She’s furious and wakes the dad by grabbing him by the collar. What’s bizzarre is she’s a small petite woman but she strangely has the strength of a large man. With her arm stretched out she lifts the man in the air by his collar as he wakes to see her staring at him with GLOWING RED EYES. As the story goes, this guy reportedly packed up and got the hell out of there that night and never looked back. He took his young son with him of course.

  34. Great timing for me with this article. Been dealing with a chump at my workplace and despite the risks, I’ve been unable to keep my mouth shut and challenged his brand of cultural Marxism. I know I have to be careful and that this culture is not the one my grandfather fought for in world war II, but fuck em,sometimes the truth just has to be spoken. Here’s to not being unemployed by the end of next week.
    The real absurdity of all this cultural Marxist philosophy and politically correct speak is do the proponents of it really believe that just because people are too afraid to say what they think, that they don’t still think it? Do they really believe like the perpetrators of the inquisition, that if you force through fear an individual to espouse the required beliefs, that suddenly they really agree with you?
    I think it was the philosopher John Locke that made this point, and as he was an enlightenment thinker you would think manginas like my colleague would have taken heed. We really are living in very sinister and unjust times, the realities of which continue to creep into my everyday life.

    1. They don’t and never will care about the truth, only about appearance. I suspect it is because they have never been authentic themselves, they want to project that onto the world and make it in their own sick image.

      1. Most SJWs just want to assert their “ideological superiority”, but some are as toxic as a beaker full of Ebola and will insert their toxins into any unrelated conversation and aren’t shy about heaping personal condemnations upon those who disagree with them. Walk away. They aren’t worth one rumbled jimmy.

  35. An infographic I found that lists the common arguments made to shame men (and the response to them).. But as @SomeRandomFellow said, it will only persuade the rational

  36. 5. “Women cooperate better!”
    A woman will utterly destroy another women when she’s not around, then smile in her face and be “besties!” when she is around. It’s amazing to watch, and what’s more, they’ll admit it all up front. How they think it doesn’t apply to them when *they* are not around I’m not entirely certain.
    A “friend” of mine had a younger, hotter girl join her team at work. Now my “friend” is all kinds of gorgeous, but the new girl was younger and, due to more youth, she was more paid attention to by men. My “friend” cannot savage this woman enough when she’s not around and she and I are talking, yet when they are together you’d think it was all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns and that they had a lasting and enduring friendship. The moment the girl walks out of the room though, out comes the claws and venom. A sight to behold, to be certain.

    1. This is so damn funny to observe indeed. The switch is instantaneous, quite frankly it amazes me. One of the few things about women that actually do, but not in a good way.

    2. I’m obviously a woman and this is the one thing I hate about us gals. I have plenty of female friends, sisters, aunts, and female cousins. But I cherish my one male friend so much more: he’s simple, honest, and an all around good person.
      Being friends with women can be great. Women can engage in a kind of mindless chatter with each other that can often be funny and light. Women can be thoughtful in ways men just wouldn’t be, they tend to remember important dates or insignificant things you say, and can emotionally understand you in ways guys just don’t.
      BUT they can and will turn on you in an instant to get revenge for any imagined slight, their own jealousy, to make themselves feel better, malicious fun, or for no reason at all. And once they do turn, they will use the mental dossier they have on you against you. The very information that aided them in providing you with emotional support morphs into a kind of emotional arsenal to target you.
      Example, that friend who once genuinely smiled at you and complimented your hair or nails can become the enemy who can use those exact same compliments to demoralize you behind your back to others or even to your face in some insincere passive-aggressive tone.
      Women: we love each other and hate each other at the same time and that’s the truth.

    3. Women dont have friendships, they have competition.
      I cant even count the number of times ive seen lifelong best friends trash, degrade, and manipulate, behind each others back for access to a top notch man.

      1. It’s the literal equivalent of shaving and putting on a clean shirt, and then getting pissed off when not getting sex.
        Gotta love the part that “no means no” is only for females, pure gold.

  37. 14. “Patriarchy hurts men too”
    “While patriarchy sets an unrealistic standard for women, it demands unrealistic expectations for men too: it expects men to be rich, smart, brave, etc”
    I don’t think it’s unrealistic do my best to be the best version of myself as a man, and you as a woman should do the same and try to be a cute girl, a loyal wife and a nurturing mother. Otherwise, you are a disgusting lazy person and you aren’t in the path of self improvement

    1. It’s a weird mantra isn’t it?
      “It’s not fair to expect people to maintain themselves and strive to be better people! Waaaaa!!!!!”
      I mean, what the fuck is the alternative? Getting fat, lazy and bitter? Yeah….no.

  38. “if a man wants to get laid very frequently, he has to actually be worth something. He has to be confident. He has to have game. He probably has money and looks. He has probably spent years developing himself through working out, cultivating good habits, and grinding away at his finances.
    Just felt I needed to point out that these days, men don’t always have to be worth something… shit, worth ANYTHING in a lot of cases, to get laid. I think that causes a lot of pain for pre red-pill guys seeing all the: “this idiot is a lay about drug user getting laid all the time, and I’m over here working my ass off just to get friend-zoned”.
    Not at all knocking the author here… thought this was a great article as the point still stands… guys have to work for it, girls just have to say ‘yes’. Just consider this a minor nit-pick… it’s friday, I’m bored at work ha.

    1. Yeah, once you get acquainted with “game” and understand the game, you realize it doesn’t have to be that much work. Hell, if a girl spends an hour doing makeup and you go to the bar and just make her laugh and tingle for half an hour with good exciting conversation skills before closing the deal, she’d have worked for it more than you did.
      The reason women who have many partners or those who hookup recklessly are looked down on is because for most of human history, those who just fucked around ended up producing bastards with no one to care for them and those have always had lower chances of survival before modern civilization. That’s why this behavior is instinctively considered reckless and shameworthy. Yes, I know, today there’s child support, welfare, tens of contraceptive methods, so even though slut-shaming doesn’t always make sense rationally in every case, most of us and society in general still feel it instinctively.

  39. Great article. These are all rational and logical counterarguments to common SJW bullshit. I find that these arguments can persuade someone who is a moderate, but they can’t ever convince a feminist or a SJW. I think they are past the point of having a rational debate with. I just end up getting interrupted with a cacophony of yelling, and swearing with a made-up politically correct vocabulary.

  40. Effective arguments against SJW
    1. Point
    2. Laugh
    3. Flip off
    4. Walk away
    In that order.

  41. Testosterone = masculinity. Nothing to do with being a female.
    Rape = stealing. This is what females answered for some research, can’t remember where, but it was a culture not influenced about rape as it happens here.
    Also men should NOT care about rape in general anymore, enough lies to care…
    Violence = Well, females are naturally more chaotic, but men face more situations of risk or confrontation, otherwise see: domestic violence, abortion, infanticide, child abuse, and historically when they had power given to them through privilege.

  42. You cannot fight emotion with logic, I’ve tried many times and whenever you offer rational arguments, you’re instantly called a racist, sexist, hater, etc.
    Those indoctrinating these idiots know full well none of their points hold water, so they give catch all solutions.

  43. Law 9 — Win through your actions, never through argument.
    Go to Audible and get the 48 Laws of Power audio book. Download it to your phone and listen to it in your spare time until you have that fucker memorized. Lift some heavy weights.
    You will rule

  44. I have been reading this website, including archived articles, for about a month now. It has been pretty enlightening, as most of the time men’s rights issues come up in comments or anything the sentiments are expressed in a way that reads as delusional as the feminists they mock. So, thank you + the other site contributors for rationalizing important perspectives.
    I am a bit confused over one recurring theme – promiscuous women being “shamed” primarily by other women, “sluts” being unhappier and less successful than “studs,” and women necessitating extremely low sexual partner counts to be considered worth committed relationships. I realize that these assertions were expressed in multiple articles by different authors, but I understand that most sentiments expressed through this site are pretty universally accepted among the group.
    My question is: how do the aforementioned assertions reconcile with one another? If men appreciate promiscuous women only on a superficial level, how is criticism from females more resonating when the males are presumably who the female in question hopes to engage in a relationship with? And if promiscuity among males is natural/to be encouraged, who are the men hooking up with if women should, ideally, be sexually involved with whoever they wind up marrying? Is a certain portion of the female population basically just considered “expendable,” i.e. useful for “farming” sexual experiences even with the knowledge that it costs her a future relationship with a respectable male?
    I am honestly seeking information, not interested in debates since I haven’t developed an opinion about these issues. If something reads as provacative, it’s due to sleep-deprivation. Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide insight.

    1. I think if you look at it from a different perspective it’s not that there “Is a certain portion of the female population basically just considered “expendable,” i.e. useful for “farming” sexual experiences even with the knowledge that it costs her a future relationship with a respectable male”, so much as the elite males should only seek LTR status with high quality females who maintain themselves. The women that such “alphas” go through ( the easy lays) have plenty of “beta bux” and omega orbiters to buoy them when they are discarded by such alphas, that alphas need not concern themselves with such easy conquests. Conversely, high quality females will reserve themselves for only the most worthy of males (high earners, strong, etc.). It’s similar to pro athletes playing a pick-up game of basket ball with amateur friends, it’s an easy victory with little to no effort, but the prize amongst superstars (championship rings) are the coveted prizes that they must truly exert themselves to earn. As for women being slut shamed more by other women than men, this is more akin to the competitive nature of groups competing for the same resources, while people with larger selections of possible choices have the inclination to be more discerning in their picks.

      1. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I wonder then if the “slut shaming” from other females is perhaps not always jealousy or what have you so much as a form of nagging because they perceive on some level that promiscuous women generally have to “settle.”
        I previously thought the men’s rights organizations sought to empower absolutely every male to rise to “alpha” status. As a result, the math didn’t really seem to add up in terms of “worthy” female availability. Thanks for explaining.

        1. You can’t get all men to alpha, as it requires superiority of some form. Alphas wife up pretty well bred girls who have kept themselves. The rest of the stuff is just utilitarian or for fun.
          It could be that the slut shaming is because of the reasons you say, but in my experience the shamers are not really less promiscuous…
          And generally speaking if someone wants to get married they can find someone to do that with, and on average they match closely in relative status etc. But for women this means that the highest status mate for them is one they get when young.
          I know many married couples in my generation and it’s not many who are mismatched.
          I think the only group who by and large tend not to mate up are prostitutes.

    2. If more women married and were taken off the market young/early, an equal proportion of men would simply withdraw from the hookup game and settle down themselves because there wouldn’t be so many potential short-term or medium-term partners. And a lot of this can be solved by men marrying women in their early twenties if not late tens. Not only would they have more women with short cock-count that most men would consider marriage-material by doing that, but they would also encourage more men to get themselves established and marry a younger woman like themselves instead of just hooking around and chasing flings.
      So yeah, that’s my solution. When a guy gets established (financially, socially, ect.), usually between 27 and 34, he gets a himself a college-aged girl he likes and then propose after a short while of dating.
      I don’t see other solutions. Because that alpha-beta-omega thing… I just don’t see it. Guys out there don’t strike me as all that different or that rigidly stratified into these categories. That’s especially true of college-aged guys who’re all broke and generally have the same levels of fitness and social skills. And as long as they’re not socially awkward or total wimps, they usually get laid nowadays, hook up, or have girlfriends, and that’s been made easier with “game”. This contributes to the problem because it doesn’t incite them to get established and settle down and it makes more of those girls most guys say aren’t marriage-material.
      That’s why the solution to me is taking the girls off the market early. Guys in their late twenties to early thirties who are considering settling down and are reading this, go for the 18-to-23 age bracket and make settled wives and mothers out of them. You’d be doing society a great favor and you’ll be less worried of how many sexual partners they’ve had before you. That’s what I’m gonna be doing anyway.

  45. One of the things to keep in mind if you choose to pick up the fight with die hard SJWs is that you are not arguing to change the immediate opponent’s mind, but the enlighten others who may observe the exchange and to embolden others who may YET not have the confidence to express such viewpoints. You don’t risk yourself for your enemies, but for allies and the bystanders.

  46. Just for my knowledge, does anyone know who that fat red haired cunt is that appears in the title picture of this article? That face really pisses me off.

  47. When I first thought women didn’t know what they want I began to realize there are some damaged men in ROK that makes certain takes in their articles like this where they don’t know what they want. ROKers hate immigration but say to go get foreign women? Remember if you bring them to your country you are committing immigration plus you marry them they get their green card and then you will see her evolve to a western woman in a blink of a eye or she disappears. If you stay at her native country you are an immigrant… you see the hypocrisy? Also all this white men demonization I don’t know where that is coming from. White men demonization? Give me a break that is nonexistent check how short men are treated and you can go back to real issues

    1. Ehm, are you seriously equating bringing a wife into the country whom you take responsibility for with letting in hordes of uneducated low IQ people?
      If you think they are the same thing I feel sorry for you.
      Regarding the war on white men you can just web search it to find many prominent researchers discussing it, there is no point in me reiterating it here.

  48. 12 argument is the most dumb i have ever heard.
    Regarding my body my rights please also tell that to men with many tattoos and piercings, men with bicycle shorts, men who looks pregnant because of alcohol, etc..

  49. Number 11 is bullshit, you simply don’t know shit about world history lol. European’s have NEVER made anything on their own merit. Read a book sometime on GLOBAL world history pre 1492AD, and pre 332BC.

  50. “Work for it…” You’ve obviously haven’t seen the losers so many women hook up with nowadays.
    The reason women who have many partners or those who hookup recklessly are looked down on is because for most of human history, those who just fucked around ended up producing bastards with no one to care for them and those have always had lower chances of survival before modern civilization. That’s why this behavior is instinctively considered reckless and shameworthy. Yes, I know, today there’s child support, welfare, tens of contraceptive methods, so even though slut-shaming doesn’t always make sense rationally, most of us and society in general still feel it instinctively.

  51. I give you arseholes fair warning.I intend to propose marriage to Big Red.And you are ALL invited to the wedding…and just so you know…any excuses for not attending our nuptuals(god willing my red princess accepts)WILL NOT BE FUCKING ACCEPTABLE!!!!

  52. Not an SJW, and have often critiqued that line of thinking. Still, I have to note that this article makes some ridiculous generalizations. For example, regarding immigrants. For one thing, supporting general amnesty could just as well be a libertarian/conservative argument. For another thing, suggesting that immigrants are to blame for declining wages is laughable. Corporations and small businesses themselves have far more control over that. Aside from that, wages would undoubtedly be low with or without a sudden influx of immigrants, simply because capitalism tends to want cheap labor.
    Then there are the gender stereotypes here, and the general impression that there are no women’s issues. I’d say that not being able to vote for a long time, or to own property, or marriages which treat women as property — were all fairly legitimate women’s issues.
    Finally, there’s the whole part of fighting being a good thing. It’s basically not, and it sure as hell doesn’t assure a proper outcome.
    It’s just a bunch of “might equals right” bullshit, and anyone with a
    brain ought to know that one..

    1. No one has a problem with legal immigration that goes through the correct application channels – it’s illegal immigration we have bones with

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