Two Movies That Showcase The Invisible Caring Father

No matter how loudly feminazis shout their gay propaganda from the rooftops, genders will never be interchangeable. Men and women will always have inherent biological imperatives which are diametrically opposite. A man desires to get a woman’s body without expending any resources. A woman, on the other hand, dreams of securing resources from a man without having to stoop down to actually having sex with him.

Neither of these is inherently good or bad, it simply is. When romantic relationships are pursued with full realization of these biological imperatives, the hurt, pain and disappointment disappear and you will actually start to enjoy the emotional tug of war with females. On the other hand, when they are sugarcoated with abstract concepts such as “love” or “loyalty” is when the problems begin.

Historical context of marriage

Now kiss!

Now kiss!

Traditional marriage was an institution where male and female biological imperatives could find an equilibrium. The husband would commit his resources to the marriage, creating an environment of material prosperity. The wife would commit her body to the marriage and provide her husband with ample sex and children. The result were two satisfied adults and the most stable environment for raising children.

This kind of marriage actually required a set of conservative religious values to thrive. It sounds butthurt, but it’s true—as soon as liberal values were accepted as the norm, the full power of female greed became apparent. In short, women no longer had to commit to anything and were given total custody over their bodies, children, and the husbands’ wallets.

Of course, to maintain such injustice, a massive amount of deception has to be used on a constant basis, and the mainstream media were more than happy to oblige. Wives are without exception portrayed as innocent victims, no matter what happens. On the other hand, good and caring fathers are invisible as long as they dutifully provide. Only when they lash out or dare to show any backbone does the lynching, shaming, and vicious persecution begin.

Not only were male virtues ignored, but they were transplanted and presented as inherent female characteristics. What else do you think the phrase “women can have it all” means?

But at what cost?

But at what cost?

While Hollywood usually serves as a Disney propaganda machine, brainwashing the youth with romantic fairy tales that ignore their biological imperatives, a movie will occasionally slip through the cracks and offer a glimpse into the true workings of modern marriage and divorce rape. These movies from ages past can serve as a great reference point and pinpoint exactly when the radical feminist propaganda took hold in the US.

The two most notable movies in this category are Mrs. Doubtfire and Falling Down, both released in 1993, which is surely just a coincidence. Both had the same budget, $25 million, but the former earned 18 times that amount, while the latter didn’t even manage to double it. The discrepancy is most likely due to how sappy Mrs. Doubtfire is and the fact that the general audience prefers such delusions to the raw reality presented in Falling Down

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire starts with Daniel Hillard, a freshly unemployed voice actor, throwing a birthday party for his son, Chris. His high-earning wife, Miranda, comes home and pulls the plug on the party.

Literally pulls the plug

Literally pulls the plug

Then she gives him the “I can’t do this anymore” speech in front of the children and asks for divorce. It makes sense, since he can’t provide any resources, so what good is he anyways? The court proceedings follow and Miranda is summarily awarded full custody over children. This scene, where Daniel pleads the judge for more than one day per week with his children is just gut-wrenching. And it’s just 15 minutes into the movie.

Daniel then gets the idea of getting back into the lives of his children by pretending to be a Scottish centenarian housekeeper named “Euphegenia Doubtfire.” He gets the job and has the chance to finally instill some conservative values in his kids. This is followed by zany events, the kids learning about Euphegenia’s true identity and the grand reveal at the end.

Though Mrs. Doubtfire ends with an obligatory happy ending, the points it makes remain poignant. No other movie manages to display father’s love towards his children and the infinite sacrifices he is willing to make just to stay in their lives with such acute precision.

How many of you would be willing to wear drag?

How many of you would be willing to wear drag?

Pay attention to everything “Euphegenia” says to Miranda and you will have an idea how the enforcing of marital norms used to work and how older women used to keep younger women in check.

Falling Down

Right from the establishing shot, you can see that Falling Down is not going to end well. The movie starts with the freshly divorced William Foster stuck in a rush hour, trying to get in time to his daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately, everything conspires against William: the line won’t move, the heat is unbearable, his car window won’t open and there’s this fly that keeps buzzing around.

William just walks away from his car and tries to get some change for a phone call. That’s when shit hits the fan and things just go downhill from there.


Ready for shooting lessons

People keep dying around William but he goes through it all with a detached attitude. Nothing really matters to him anymore and he just wants to see his kid. Of course, the ex-wife, Beth, is less than pleased with his decision and calls the cops. One of them takes her statement and then we find out William doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, isn’t violent but she still asked for a restraining order and the judge happily obliged. Why? So William can be made an example of, which is eerily similar to how easily real courts issue orders that can ruin a man’s life in an instant.

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236 thoughts on “Two Movies That Showcase The Invisible Caring Father”

    1. That video accurately reflects the subtext in almost all courtroom divorce proceedings. Mel = the father, and Gary = the mother.

        1. What’s next? No jury, no judge or courtroom…just off to jail (or death) to keep the peace? Society (more like men) needs to push back on these issues (laws). It weakens a society, it doesn’t make it better.

        2. I didn’t say it would be easy and it will probably take some kind of “revolution” to get things back in order.
          I didn’t think they (women and the system) were just going to hand that power back. Feminism, today, is nothing more than a power grab (it’s not about equality at all).

        3. lol….ugh…not the washington post.
          Again, it can only go on for so long. At some point the tide, eventually, pushes back (see history). I’ve read many of what you’ve posted and it is a shame…but it will (and can) only go on for so long (something will happen to spark change).

        4. >Again, it can only go on for so long
          You are mistaken. I am hearing this “Men are about to wake up” and “We are nearing a tipping point” since 25 years.
          It never happens. Men don’t wake up, instead the newest feminist madness simply becomes the new normal. Feminism survived world wars, currency collapses and coups.
          It cannot be any different because feminism is female nature and women are the majority of the electorate.

          Your best bet would be MGTOW, Fembots/Virtual sex, drugs that kill white knight reflexes, asteroid crashes, UFO take overs, some esoteric global spiritual awakening.

        5. Nope..and so have I. We’ve seen this before (or a type similar to it) throughout history. It only goes so far until the tide does push back, eventually.
          I’m not saying it will happen soon…it may not happen in the next 20 years. But it will happen. Change does take time but some of the little things that we’ve seen over the last decade, alone, has hinted that a change is in order (and it’s not just men, some women are now seeing that it’s gone too far).
          I don’t expect change to happen right away. But it will happen (always will, always does).

        6. >We’ve seen this before (or a type similar to it) throughout history.
          No, we haven’t. Feminist principles are currently codified as international law. Never before has something like this happened.
          >some women are now seeing that it’s gone too far
          And yet they won’t lift a finger for men. Lip services.

  1. Nothing beats the forced absent father figure of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Walter was willing to do anything for his family despite his wife’s infidelity and desire to remove his image from his children’s minds. Was a very Red Pill series. Other movies highlight the need for a strong male father figure- “pursuit of happyness” comes to mind but they often do not feature a white father.

    1. I think Walter White is a terrible example. The man was vain and egotistical and put personal gain ahead of the safety of his family. There is a reason why his son hated his guts.

      1. I agree it started out as him doing things to support his family but he got caught up in his ego then he simply wanted to become the biggest drug kingpin regardless of the negative affects on his family. His wife was a typical Americunt though. I found it interesting that she gained weight in every season too.

      2. His son hated him because he was not given the full image of him and was taken in by the image that Skyler had portrayed of him. Walt Junior was in no ways his real son and was lost to him and this was shown by the changing of the name to Flynn. We also know that Jesse was far more of a son to Walt than Flynn could ever hope to be because of his almost unwavering loyalty until women were involved in Jesse’s life. Further Walt saw the need to hold the family together and Skyler’s slow mental break down as a reason to not weak her further mentally. He held the family together till the end until he saw it time to die.

        1. I thought Jesse was a fucking lil bitch. That said not many people in that show come out of it smelling of roses, except maybe Fring’s right hand man. Walt fucked up a lot of things for a lot of people.

        2. Jesse is shown to be weak on purpose. He is the white boy that is being lost in the western world to video games,drugs and meaningless sex with limited real employment opportunities and coming from the upper middle class (all shown in the show)but only weak in the sense that he has a moral compass that limits his ability to be ruthless. this is town in the character of Todd. A purely ruthless character who has adopted the male traits of his Uncle. jesse craves guidance and discipline in his life.Something he is only ever give to by Mike and Walt too older aged men who both have their own faults. We see that Todd craves guidance too and desires to be strong however Todd unlike Jesse has real issues showing any sense of emotional depth. In life you need a balance. Jesse was too emotional while Todd lacked emotion and was cold.

  2. The unrestrained cruelty that some women dole out to their husbands in the process of divorce is mind-blowing. I just can’t grasp some of the hatred I’ve seen. Yes men sometimes cheat and do fucked up shit, but I’ve never seen a man set out to destroy a woman’s life. A woman he shared a life with for years.
    In my life I’ve known a few men leave a few women, and a few women leave a few men.
    But I have never, NEVER seen a guy leave a woman then kick her out of the house and threaten to call the police if she tries to see her kids, or reclaim her car, but at the same time demand that she continues to pay all the household bills whilst she is cooked up in a motel, or on her Brother’s couch.
    Or put public messages up on Facebook saying that he’s glad he’s got rid of her and now he’s going to destroy the loser and fuck all her friends where possible. Or try to get her sacked by spreading malicious gossip about her. Basically defame her online to all her friends and family because he got a bit bored with the long hours she was working, or he was jealous that the family next door drive a slightly newer SUV, or went abroad last year skiing.
    And finally when the divorce comes in, legally extract the home, half the savings, half her pension, and allow her a measly 1 night a week with her kids.
    Never seen a guy do that shit. Yes guys leave their wives and this can be hurtful and destructive on its own.
    But I’ve never seen a guy actually, gleefully set out to destroy the life of his wife. If anything, they have all cushioned the blow as much as possible.

    1. Here’s another difference. When women do all that vindictive shit, other women cheer them on and encourage it.
      If one of my friends did half that stuff to his ex-wife, and came to me looking for encouragement, I’d tell him this: “Being vindictive is petty and unproductive, and it creates poison and animosity that will negatively affect your children (a.k.a. priority number one). Grow the fuck up.”
      When men criticize the way women act during divorce, are they holding women to the same standard as men? Nope, says the feminist, just misogyny.

      1. I agree.
        I’ve seen women’s core instincts to circle the wagons and support their friends, even when their friends are behaving like monsters.
        It’s all “yeah but he might have done this or that”
        If a male pal of mine said he was trying to destroy his wife I’d probably call a psychiatrist

        1. This can be a terrible thing. My fiance fucked me over to help out her friends. How do you like that for loyalty?
          We didn’t get married.

        2. It’s weird because women often display no loyalty to each other in the conventional domain.
          I can’t count the times in the past that me and pals had girls when were we technically meant to be seeing a mate of theirs. Sometimes even their cousin.
          Guys betraying guys was rare. So rare that when you heard about it, it was a massive thing. Girls betraying their pals was a weekly occurrence.

        3. Women hate eachother, but they will side with their friends over a man, any time. Women make no sense sometimes. I’m sure their is some ancient biological reason for it, but still. It makes no damn sense.

        4. Women are creatures of emotion first.. In past society , men knew to tip-toe around them.
          Everyone was polite with “Yes, Ma’am’ , not because of the good nature of the man, but because of the horrid emotional nature of the woman.

        5. In my view, girls display loyalty to girls beneath them, as long as they stay beneath them in the hierarchy. If the girl is above them in the hierarchy then either overtly or covertly they will try to bring them down. So a covert way to bring a female friend down, who for example has “the perfect man”, is to do her level best to sabotage the friend’s relationship by convincing her that her man is no good and that the friend should break up with him.
          I have seen this many times myself. If you are dating a “hot chick”, from time to time her non-man having friends will try to break you up by pretending that they are trying to support their “friend” (the claim is that you don’t do enough for her, etc.). My response to this is usually to say “so which of your friends has a perfect relationship?” to which the answer is silence.
          Women are truly foul to each other.

        6. One very common scenario is you’re dating a 7, and all of a sudden her 5 and 6 mates are throwing themselves at you.
          And without a second’s regard for loyalty. It’s uncanny how many times I’ve seen this. Not just with me, my pals were running through entire groups of young women because of this dynamic
          Something really taps into some deep seeded shit when a lesser attractive women sees her more attractive friend hook up. It’s like war. Fucking primeval stuff

        7. I can’t believe how consistently ruthless they are as cock-blockers. It’s a genetic disposition to mating jealousy. What horrible creatures they are.

        8. Worse, a woman will believe anything another woman says most of the time. The friend I have had a woman hear his wife go off on a rant. Wife found out her number and called playing Mrs. Innocent and the gal gobbled it up.

        9. not exactly true. guys will snitch each other out, even their friends, to avoid jail time, avoid getting fired from work, etc. that’s how drug dealers get caught, how police interrogations work, and so on.

        10. It’s the rationalization hamster working over time (for women) when they set out to destroy their ex-husband’s life. It’s not enough for the courts to take the money, house, kids, etc….she has to literally destroy him “because of this and that…blah, blah, blah…could happen”.
          And yes, it’s sad to see all of the girlfriends pile on instead of one of them being the voice of reason. Women already know they’re going to get everything in court….but that’s never enough.

        11. I got you beat as I’ve had a similar experience. My mother in law is a three time divorcee. Before I married my wife, we were both in the understanding that we would live a scriptural life/marriage. My wife saw how fucked up her mother was and vowed not to repeat her mistakes. (She ended up doing so anyway regardless, you can’t beat how you’re raised) One day, we get into an argument over nothing & the MIL uses it as the ammo she needed to ruin her daughters life & marriage by convincing her daughter to divorce by labeling me as abusive. The ultimate reason being because I won’t bend over and put her daughter on the pedestal like she expects. The MIL’s husband is a complete pussy who supplicates to her and she thinks I should be the same weak man her husband is. I think it all boils down to jealousy. Her daughter got it right the first time and mom can’t stand it.
          It blows me away still. A mother so vindictive that she will destroy her own daughter when she herself can’t gain her own happiness.
          Women are foul.

        12. That is something else. Mothers can be insanely jealous of their daughters. My ex-fiancée’s mother went to criminal lengths to fuck up her daughters.

        13. ” My response to this is usually to say “so which of your friends has a perfect relationship?” to which the answer is silence.”
          And then they will completely dismiss what you said and carry on like nothing had happened. After all, it’s not like you did anything to deserve their ire in the first place, so why should your actions have any bearing on what they do?

        14. This happens because they know their weakness, and in groups they can protect themselves against a single man.

        15. Good thing you didn’t. Imagine finding that out about that character defect after you’re married.
          That’s why a period of courtship is usually recommended to see if you’re both compatible…and are playing with a full deck.

      2. One reason why I do not believe women should be allowed to vote. Laws encouraging this kind of behavior are the result.

        1. Women vote for what they think they want and for their own interests .
          The first thing women did in every country they were allowed to vote………Prohibition. They decided that their husbands shouldn’t be allowed to go to a salon to spend the “our money” And by “our” they meant the man’s money that belonged to them.

        2. Women voting is a complete joke once you realize how their mind works. They don’t give a shit about what happens in the world. They are wired to accept what others decide and suffer the consequences. (This is reflected in their biology. Once they are pregnant, they will suffer through it – sort of thing). How many times have you heard a woman reflect about politics and how they influence us. They simply do not give a shit about anything and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
          Edit: I live in a country where voting is mandatory.

      3. So much this. I know a guy that’s toughing out a marriage to a shrew that only started putting out after he got caught cheating. She still dodges sex whenever possible. She stays fat. She expects him to do tons of shit work. She’s never really happy, and complains to him constantly. Still, he won’t leave cause he knows that (no matter what she says) she’ll make sure he hardly sees the kids.
        He’s given her subtle clues that he doesn’t give a shit when he does. He’s gotten in shape, and makes sure she sees he has other female friends. Not too closely, she lied her ass off to a couple (playing the wronged, innocent wife and they just scarfed it up), wrecking those friendships. Since she can’t get a hold of them she’s left in a bit of a panic, and he uses that to extract sex from her.
        I tell him it ain’t worth it, but he says he’ll do anything to keep his kids close.

    2. Well, at least this system will melt down eventually. just be patient a few more years.

        1. Yeah I guess the Romans said that to Jesus as he hung on the cross. “Don’t worry mate, in a couple thousand years this practice will be outlawed.”

      1. When women gain power, their true nature is revealed. In the past, religion kept the evil nature of women in check. But, as we all know, in Amerika today, God is dead. Then everything turned to shit: women slutting aroung, disrespecting their husbands, and keeping honest, hard working men away from their own children! When will the insanity end?

        1. “god is dead; and no one cares. If there is a hell, Ill see you there.” NIN

        2. That’s why I can’t understand why people shame MGTOW. We are starving the system. I don’t have anything against pick up artists. I think they’re doing a good job by using women. But in the end we both share similar objectives. To never marry and not waste money on women. We are all starving the beasts and adding to their well deserved misery.
          I choose to look at the glass half full. Women have such evil and hatred because they’re already beaten. Be thankful you are a man and that you can be happy with simple things. They truly cannot and no sympathy is necessary as they are the authors of their own miseries. Women are like babies although I am sorry to compare them to such a truly innocent creature with infinitely more honour and infinitely less starved for attention. They are in a world of make-believe that men outgrew when we left kindergarten. They make-believe many things like being princesses but most importanly, gods. The thing about believing yourself to be a god though like women do is that you are constantly confronted with the fact you are NOT a god. And therefore you must constantly try to keep up that illusion. They do this with their constant need for power and control and also their ideas of punishment.

        3. yup. my fave album is With Teeth.
          Bow down before the one you serve, youre gonna get what you deserve…trent was 20 yrs ahead of his time.

        4. you guys should listen to this song when you girl is bumming you out:

        5. red pill thru and thru. Someone should compile the a list of the 100 best red pill songs. All the mooks on this site could submit their top ten to the admin.

        6. Some people think MGTOW are omega males. MGTOW don’t have harem like alpaha males, but MGTOW can be banging attractive females now and then, among other meaningful pursuits in life.

        7. Yea going MGTOW doesn’t mean you don’t pick up women although some choose to do so. I really don’t see the distinction between MGTOW and PUA to be honest. There is no MGTOW law.

        8. Ain’t that the truth. There seems to be a lot of “infighting” and talk about what is and what isn’t MGTOW.

        9. Alphas have harem, or groupies. They always have several women orbiting them. MGTOW don’t have harem, but ingested too much red pill wisdom to be compliant beta. Beta males do what women tell them. Omega males aren’t in the game.
          These terms are loose. Some people say there are only alphas, and other men lumped together. For example a female sports groupie who targets athletes only sees a world with alphas, and other males.

        10. I don’t know if MGTOW do or don’t for the most part but there’s no rule against spinning plates.

        11. beast of burden, heart of stone…the whole 100 could be the Stones haha

        12. best part was when you found out she was a lesbian, white girls used to get down on the sneak. Now it’s all out in the open

        13. We must continue to starve the beast. Being MGTOW takes away a woman’s power over us, which is why they get so pissed; we are basically rejecting them indirectly. Keep it up! Fight on, my friend!

        14. MGTOW have done nothing o deserve shaming. Actually when you think hard about the feminist epidemic the west is in, being an MGTOW seems to be the only reasonable solution. Sure banging up women now and then is fine, and so are the PUA’s and players. As long as your aim is to starve out the system that threatens to put you in jail or snatch your kids from you, you are on the right track. In the end all men whether you are a PUA or a MGTOW are unconciously doing the same thing. So stop the hate about each other man. All of us are victims of the system.

        15. There! you have hit the nail on the head. Fuck women if you want,. Use the condom always. But never marry. After all what should you marry for? You are forever at the mercy of women. Its in their power to ruin your life anytime and you can’t do anything. Better safe than sorry

        16. The risks of dealing with western women are too high. I’ve started to ignore woman and focus on studying, reading, writing a story, drawing, and lifting weights. Fuck the pussy police!

        17. amen. Their album aftermath is probably one of the most red pill albums ever made. Just listen to the song “stupid girl”
          ” she’s the sickest thing in this world
          Look at that stupid girrrrrl”

        18. ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ is an awesome song. It’s pretty catchy. It’s one of those songs I can listen to over and over again especially while working out. It’s on my workout playlists.

        19. Nice me too.
          I found a cheap-as-hell ghetto gym near my house that has a boxing bag and no supervision.
          I bring my music-box and just go at it. Great feeling when I wanna blow off some steam.
          Got any other recommendations for work-out music?
          I’m pretty open to most music… Last time I went there I blasted a best-of-Slipknot mix.

        20. If you want to take the pack mentality comparison to their full length, the MGTOW is the lone wolf. Classically, the alpha, the beta, and the lone wolf were the three kinds of pack behavior. I understand the necessity for the omega term being added. The lone wolf is all alpha, but with no desire to game/get women.

        21. They shame you because you are a pack of wretched cowards. Do you see Russians having these problems? Are the Muslims having these problems? No? Why do you think that is? Here is the reason:

      2. What you wrote is ridiculous. It’s like saying once you come to terms with the evil of a parakeet the better.
        Women are not meant to vote. They are not meant to lead. They are not meant to fight. They are not meant to decide policy. Their job is to work for a man. Finis. Getting angry at them for taking advantage of insane laws and psychotic judicial rulings written by pederast ego maniacs elected to office is like getting angry at a cat for eating your goldfish. You put a damn cover over the goldfish tank. And you make sure that you have your women in their proper place.

    3. Scary thing about the comment below from conservative website is that the woman probably thinks she’s a good conservative and clearly thinks such evil things about her ex. Her current husband didn’t even want her to bother with extracting the money from her ex, because they didn’t need it, but she insisted on ruining anyway, and yet claims it was “all about the money” for HIM (not her).
      Jan. 21, 2015 at 11:30am
      Yup, my ex got to court and demanded that he NOT pay
      child support because my new Husband made more than he did. HUH? He kept telling the Judge that it was not fair (YES, HE WAS A DEMOCRAT) that I have a new house and he has to pay child support and had to sell his house. THE JUDGE SNICKERED and told him to pay child support anyways. Get a 2nd job. Of course, at that time, there was no child support enforcement so I rarely got the child support. My new Husband didn’t want it. Then, a new Child Support Enforcement law came into affect and my ex to me to court again. Oh, did he hate me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND NOT ABOUT HIS KIDS. Such a selfish evil person he was. Now he is alone, decrepit, ill, and still selfish.

    4. It happens, as some women will tell you, but ultimately you’re right. The reason the guy “got away with it, so not all divorces are like that!” is because she is bat-shit crazy.
      Almost to a woman, all of them did not have to pay support. Or just didn’t, and were strangely never arrested, in college, and receiving full government bennies.
      So, I would argue that if you assume that joint custody with physical-custody/primary-residence belonging to the mother, the actual number is over ninety percent mothers get custody. 85% is most likely the number of sole custody. If you consider that a large portion of what’s left is joint custody, with the father having primary residence, then women still can expect better treatment than men.
      IN almost every case where the mother did not have the kids in her home/with her, she was almost literally, to clinically insane. If not literally psychotic!

  3. Falling Down was an excellent movie.
    “You forgot the briefcase!”
    all of a sudden I walk in here and I’m calling you Rick and Sheila like we’re in some kind of AA meeting… I don’t want to be your buddy, Rick. I just want some breakfast.

    1. and the ex-wife had zero empathy; Im surprised more doods havent flipped out like this given the sad state of the economy…

      1. I think those “Doods” shoot their families and then themselves. You can read about them of page 39 of the paper.

      2. Indeed…but let enough of us (men) fall out of work for too long. It’s not a good thing when too many are out of work (with a lot of free time). Society needs to sit and pay attention….because we are on that path right now.

  4. The invisible caring father is everywhere and nowhere. U won’t know about him because no one cares about him or acknowledges him – not society and certainly not his wife. His children take him for granted and the government is always ready and waiting to exploit him and degrade him.
    This man, in spite of all of this, still cares. He will continue to provide for society and his family even though much of what he does will go largely unappreciated. He maintains his positive frame of mind regardless. And when the kids grow up and he dies and mommy is all that’s left and things begin to fall apart they will know the truth of what daddy really was.
    They’ll know all the bitter things their mother said about him were in fact lies and that he was only one that truly cared.

  5. Those movies perfectly show the desperate lengths a man will go to see his child.
    Unfortunately, it is now common knowledge that the family courts and the legal system is corrupt. Most times, women will indeed get everything. Not only custody of the kids, but also the house, cars and other property and assets. Heck, those vampires will suck your into your pension and savings as well.
    I remember reading a story of a Canadian man who had to flee the country, because everything he made was awarded to his ex-wife. The stories of unfair settlements where the women gets everything, keeps getting ignored by the court systems, and it simply goes to show you that men are most likely, by default, to be screwed over. And what makes me even more angry, is the nerve of these women and the legal system, who determine that the outragous amount of child support given to ex wives, is what is considered “sufficient and necessary” to raise the children. So take a look at some of those rappers, singers and actors, who have to fork out $21,000 a month, because it is necessary to raise the child. Most likely, it is needed to pay for her Mercedes, toyboy and jewellery.
    Everything, from no fault divorce, unfair settlements, ailmony and unfair child support, have made many men realise, that marriage is a gamble.

    1. Men need to stop being so naïve and stupid about women. The courts continually fuck over the husband and theres still suckers lined up to get married

    2. Agree. Who decides how much someone “needs” to raise children. Plenty of children are being raised on or below the poverty line but when it comes to determining “how much” the court determines the amount by how much is being made?
      And yes, it’s usually the women who gets everything (regardless). She has to be really fucked up (drinking, drugs, etc…) and not have a stable environment before good old dad gets the kids (just the kids, no money awarded to him, no house or cars….just the kids).
      It’s pathetic and the MSM always ignores this white elephant in the room. You never hear enough stories about the man being taken to the cleaners….we just hear all of this “feel good” bullshit on TV anymore.

  6. feminism says women can have it all. They can at the moment, but its not sustainable in the long term. At some point, women will have to choose between having (and keeping) children, and their careers. Not until women run the risk of losing motherhood, and therefore their womanhood itself will they understand what is really at stake. Men already know what is at stake

    1. Not until women run the risk of losing motherhood, and therefore their womanhood itself
      Many women have already reached that point. This will not be the first generation with a large number of women who pass 40 or 45 without children and realize they made a mistake.
      Article by Mallory Millet (sister of pre-eminent feminist author Kate Millet)
      I’ve known women who fell for this creed in their youth who now, in their fifties and sixties, cry themselves to sleep decades of countless nights grieving for the children they’ll never have and the ones they coldly murdered because they were protecting the empty loveless futures they now live with no way of going back. “Where are my children? Where are my grandchildren?” they cry to me.
      We’re on the second or third crop of women “having it all”.

      1. It depends how long society can pretend draconian divorce settlements are sustainable.
        At the moment a girl can marry a guy at 28, have 3 kids with him then divorce him 8 years later, sending him into financial servitude whilst she still has a reasonable quality of life.
        The system as it stands rewards immoral behaviour.

        1. I love how the fucking system takes into account your total household income (when you’re in need of any support from it to live or eat) but it could give two fucks about your household income when determining child support. An ex-wife can live with another man (or remarry) and the court still insists the ex-husband pay – household income is not used to determine support.
          Meanwhile, the ex-husband can get no financial assistance from the government (again, to live or eat).
          It’s a one way fucking street….and you (the man) pay either way.

      2. they’re beginning to feel it, but while the system remains designed to compensate them for anything and everything, and while they are encouraged to blame men for their unhappiness they’ll remain indoctrinated. Mallory Millet is doing good work in exposing the agenda of the likes of her sister but most women are still too busy collecting snowflake points to see where this will lead

      3. I know a few women like that. I’ll tell you an anecdote about this one woman that stands as the crowning example in my personal experience.
        Last year I was playing my guitar in front of the corner store around midnight. An older Russian woman (late 30s) comes and sits beside me… yadayadayada three weeks later I’m running to the bathroom for paper towel so I can wipe the cum off her back asap…
        She starts telling me about how badly she wants children but can’t find a man to get with… Later on she then tells me she is getting propositions from older men who are doctors and lawyers… A major red-pill moment for me. I’m just laying there thinking to myself “So you’re telling me that you have rich older men offering you children and a future, but you’d rather be here getting pumped and dumped by my punk ass? You know I’m not calling you after this right? Ok then… fuck this gay Earth.”

    2. Feminism maintains that women can have it all.
      What they never tell you is that its at the other gender’s expense.
      Women have been granted the ultimate free ride: ride thousands of cocks, receive luxury treatment in the courts at the husbands expense, affirmative action, never responsible for anything, politically correct female narrative, free-reign on abortion, ability to be incompetent yet be career fast-tracked, the list goes on…

      1. part of correcting that will be to hold them accountable. There’s only so much denying you can do

        1. hold women accountable? they don’t even take responsibility for their own emotions. I’d like to see an exercise in trying to get a woman to take responsibility for something – they’d immediately deflect and say it was some man’s fault and if all else fails – they cry

        2. This is why they need to be placed under the responsibility of their man, like they used to be. Giving women all these rights is like giving equal rights to children. Imagine the disaster that would occur if five year olds could vote…

        3. they don’t have to take responsibility to be held accountable? I doubt any woman has ever said “its a fair cop, gov”

        4. I agree and I do that often. Hold them accountable and point it out, often. They’ll usually try to rationalize or deflect….you just have to hold frame and not buy into it. It is truly like dealing with a child sometimes.

        5. Women are children period. Letting them vote or do anything beyond running a household should be highly discouraged. I understand some need to work outside – the unmarried, the widowed, etc but this should be the exception and they should NEVER be given any control or authority over a man as this is ALWAYS abused. Islam has it right on this and Christians need to adopt this again as they did in times past

    3. Feminism is sustainable as long as beta males keep wifing up the single moms and believing their side of the divorce narrative.

  7. The best solution is to leave the country. Leave it. Just go. If you stay and continue to be a slave you only prolong the life of the evil system. You aren’t a father – you have no authority – you are simply a slave. You are less use to your kids as a slave than as a man in a far away place. You won’t be able to stop your daughters from being raised to be whores, your sons being raised to be blue pill castrated wimps, and the only thing you can do is to LEAVE. In time your children will contact you. In my case what I will tell them is this: either I didn’t see you from jail or didn’t see you from where I am now which is the situation I was in. Paying child support is simply a ransom to *not* be able to see your children. Whoohooo… why not get the f*** out and build up a nest egg for them abroad. Don’t tell me it’s impossible – i’ve done it.

      1. You can’t escap feminism unless you want to convert to Islam and move to Iran. But you *can* move out of the U.S. and not let the family courts make a slave of you.

        1. The devil is usually quite thorough. I can’t speak to this as I am not a Muslim and I’ve no first hand experience in Islamic countries but it doesn’t surprise me sadly.

      2. I personally don’t mind going to France and telling the locals outright how they’re only enabling local women to emulate Gwenhwyfar, via laws that prohibit paternity testing.
        It’s really pathetic how the Anglosphere is only spreading Gwenhwyfar’s deeds, normalize them locally, and export it. Embarrassing. No wonder pre-WWII Filipino men rather demanded independence from the USA than help promote Gwenwhyfar’s shenanigans, to the point Filipinos don’t play soccer.

  8. A woman, on the other hand, dreams of securing resources from a man
    without having to stoop down to actually having sex with him.

    Not so sure, women seem to love sex, with or without money.

    The wife would … provide her husband with ample sex and children

    It seems to me that women want children much more than men do.

    by pretending to be a Scottish centenarian housekeeper

    He pretended to be 100 years old?

    1. 1. Women love sex but will keep many male “friends” around for resources with no equal exchange.
      2. Subconsciously yes; consciously no. (Thanks fembots).
      3. Lol good call.

      1. I guess what I am getting at is that women will give you sex for other things besides “resources”. Women are also seeking “security” and “intimacy”. Until they become “unhappy” of course.

        1. Yes but that contradicts the author’s point which is also my point. A woman can’t have sex with you by not having sex with you.
          Women want to have sex with a strong man who provides security and feelings of protection. This is innate to their being. I do not buy that they dream of vague “resources” without having sex.
          Btw, I didn’t understand:

          2. Subconsciously yes; consciously no. (Thanks fembots).

          What do you mean?

        2. New model:
          They want to get sex without giving resources children/ home care (feminism).
          Old model:
          They don’t want to give sex without getting resources (mate pairing)… and will try to take resources without giving sex (friend zone).

        3. Feminism has confused women in a deep way. They do want to have sex with a provider and protector (alpha with well controlled beta attributes). They want to trade sex for this deep down. They also know they can get easy resources from betas and not give them sex. Feminism tells them they want sex without getting resources and without giving resources. Basically being a female pua. However… every time I see a baby in an enclosed space (i.e. a train) these young career girls look up from their phones, an amazing feat, to stare and smile at the baby. The deeper parts of the brain long for it but the upper part tries to tell them babies are gross and annoying.

        4. My model:
          They can’t wait to slip out of their panties and jump on my dick, resources be damned.

        5. Agree…and that’s where we are, today, in society with women. They have it all: their money (from a job), the ex-husband’s money (alimony) or the government taking care of them so they need no resources.
          They’re free to ride the cock carousel at any time – all of the time.
          But many are still not happy – figure that shit out, right.

        6. I have never heard a woman say her baby is gross and annoying. Are you sure those aren’t your feelings?
          I also don’t think women think very much about feminism. Most of them behave instinctively. They see a guy they like and they make themselves available to him. They rarely think about resources. It is more about the feelings the man triggers in them such as feelings of being protected etc. These are not resources in the sense that the author meant them. I suspect he was thinking of material resources such as a car, house and money. These feelings are satisfied by physical interaction such as hugging and sex. Make no mistake, women need sex as much as you.

        7. I think babies are hilarious. Messy, sure… but I was talking about chicks who claim they’d never want a baby. Sure, they love sex too. They actually do compare what men offer between themselves all of the time… from car to cock size to money to the vacations.

  9. Falling Down is also a telling metaphor for the right-wing boogeyman so feared by Hollywood and Washington. “I got lots of guns.” He hasn’t actually DONE anything wrong or threatening, but they just know he’s a threat. Therefore deny him his rights and sick the cops on him for what he MIGHT do.

  10. As bad as a divorce an a vindictive ex wife can be I’ve seen it turn men to the red pill so there can be a small silver linning.

      1. Yea now I think about it that’s true, at least it should stop a man doing the same thing twice if he’s smart also if he’s young he can get his shit together. I’m fortunate I’ve never been married an never want too.

        1. Good for you. We men must teach other men not to make the same mistakes we made. Unlike feminists who rather have the younger girls suffer just like them.

    1. Red pill is only good because it helps you make decisions which benefit yourself. If a man has already lost his youth, money, children over a bitch then it’s a little too late for silver linings. Information about womens’ real nature has been present in the bible and now everywhere online. There’s no excuse to get fucked over that badly anymore, the game is clearly rigged to fuck you.
      No woman will ‘teach me a lesson’ via divorce rape cause Im not getting married. Ive learned enough through dating and observation of others what their real nature is. You can learn the easy way or the hard way…

      1. I’ve seen enough to never get married myself but the majority of guys still have their head in the sand about women. There’s a large amount about women’s true nature but only of you search, the mainstream media an education systems an Hollywood are still very feminist. I agree if you’ve been divorced raped it’s probably too steep a lesson to learn red pill but if the guys divorced young it can still be a valuable lesson.

      2. and that’s what is great about us (ROK and sites like it) and now. We can get the word out and we can educate younger guys on the pitfall of marriage and how the system is against men.
        Many have been brainwashed so it’s going to take time for some of these guys to “adjust” to this thinking (it’s a shock to their system).
        They’ve been lied to for so long….it really is hard to swallow (at first).

  11. Am I the only one to see the irony that the only woman’s comment on here (albeit a spammer) is one pushing get rich quick schemes?

    1. The “job” the spammer is mentioning is probably sucking dick for pay. Yes, the symbolism here is just sickening.

  12. Michael Douglas to gangbangers: “Well maybe if your fucking sign was in fucking English I could fucking read it,”

        1. Lol and the scene with the golfers was classic.
          “now you’re gonna die wearing that stupid hat. How does it feel?”

        2. “Where are your pills? What? In the golf cart?
          Well you’re just shit out of luck, aren’t you?”

  13. In fairness, Michael Douglas’s character always had temper issues, as the birthday video he watches shows.
    I think a better example would be “Kramer Vs. Kramer.” In that film, Dustin Hoffman is a good, hard-working man whose wife walks out on him on the same day he gets a major promotion at work because she’s unha-a-a-py. She’s later awarded custody of their son Billy, even after she admits to being a failure as a wife.

    1. I want to know what happened to the man in “Eat, Pray, Love” hopefully he lived happily ever after.I’m guessing with that shock so early in his life i would venture to say he is somewhere on these message boards.

      1. Covered elsewhere a couple of years ago at Dalrock and I think a couple of sites now gone. In short, he married another elite woman and they have kids.
        The woman who wrote EPL eventually married her lover, for legal reasons, so he could continue to be in the USA with her.

    2. Good example. Yes, hard working and provided a safe environment for his son. But that didn’t matter. The court makes it “their business” to intervene and decide the kids are better off with mommy (no matter what) so dad can go fuck himself.
      Mom runs off, dad provides and he is there for the son…but mom gets the kid. Yes, let’s see more of those movies, today, and let’s see if the tide turns. Maybe more people will wake up; see what’s going on.

  14. The only precaution against the common hellish divorce is a prenup. I cannot stress how ESSENTIAL prenups are to your well-being in a marriage, be it healthy or otherwise.

    1. Even that won’t save you if the judge decides your prenup is unfair and throws it out.

      1. Accumulate no assets that you can’t pick up and disappear with. Have a second passport so you can leave the country and protect your income.

      2. The best thing to do is not get married. Dangle that carrot in front of her to give her hope, just like she does to the white knights and beta boyfriends of rewarding them with sex.

  15. I don’t know about falling down, didn’t the wife already have a restraining order and he lived at home with his mom pretending to go to the job he was fired from like 6 months ago? Not a good pick of a movie

  16. Like ive often said men would have no problem paying support if visitation was enforced just as vigorously. You know we are living in fucked up times when the better parent(in most cases the dad) is pretty much denied his god given right to raise his kids… while mom is usually so wrapped up on the next dick the kids go neglected. Meanwhile no one does or says anything and these fuckin fags n stank twats concentrate on stupid shit like street harassment or that one and 5 bullshit. All that headache for a couple of days out tha month?? Dont be surprised if more men just say fuck it and start shooting….

    1. More men need to call out women on this one and their behavior. If the well being of the kids are (and should be) the most important thing, then why does mommy have a stranger over every other night?
      The mother gets the kids (and the house) but has the nerve to bitch about “having a life too”. If that’s the case, then why didn’t the court award the kids to dad?
      The rationalization goes on and on. Poor mom (on all fronts)…she has it so tough.

      1. Meanwhile grandmom is stuck with raising the kids because she benefits somehow or is too weak to tell her “im not raising your kids”…but your right, she has it soo tough….

        1. It’s a shame. Some of the older generation trying to “help out” has really handicapped some of the younger people. I understand they may have had good intentions but there should always be a line.
          Many have handicapped their kids (with the latest generation) and it has done more harm versus good. Never let anyone else tell you how to raise your kids (including the government). They need discipline and they need you (the parent) to give it to them straight all of the time.

  17. The life-long player lifestyle becomes more appealing by the day.
    The incentives for marriage are completely gone.
    I can’t imagine at 45 all of a sudden I’ll cry for wanting children or something.
    Monks never have children and they are perfectly happy.
    I think women have a deeper craving for children than men do, except they don’t realize it until it’s too late
    With a career, hobbies, friends, banging sluts every now and then, there’s no reason you can’t go your whole life single and be happy.
    Ive seen many, many good Christian men get fucked over by their wives and I’m not going to let it happen to me.
    Ive realized getting fucked over by a girlfriend is very small potatoes compared to what a wife can do to you. You can learn the easy way or the hard way

    1. Right. You really can’t let anyone (friends, society, etc..) tell you how your life “should be”. There are too many people listening to other people. Misery does love company and if someone is married (and miserable)…you should be too, right?
      Fuck it…do you’re own thing and never let anyone tell you how to live your life.

  18. My opinion of mrs. Doubtfire was rather mixed as a child. I thought it was awesome that Williams character made the effort to be with his kids but I was incredibly freaked out that a man would ever dress like a woman. “Puh Puh puh piss off Lou”

  19. “A man desires to get a woman’s body without expending any resources. A woman, on the other hand, dreams of securing resources from a man without having to stoop down to actually having sex with him.”
    Another piece of solid gold from ROK that I will be interjecting into casual conversations as much as possible!

  20. Its sad that most fathers either get screwed by the courts or don’t care and give up control to the mothers. Most modern women who become mothers are fucking terrible people and are probably going to raise terrible kids. This blog article was posted on Jezebel today where a new mother admitted to loving being a mother and it being a positive experience. Gasp, right?!? The professional fucking victims jumped her like it was a MS13 initiation.

      1. Agree. If you read enough of that site (besides wanting to kill yourself) you’ll get a better understanding of how fucked up women can be on average (and to each other).

  21. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is hilarious yet at the same time is a good story because it shows a father’s love to his children. The main character in the movie went as far as pretending to be his kids’ nanny just so he could see them after a divorce he went through with his wife.

  22. My last breakup culminated in a flurry of name calling, threats of violence, and the omnipresent threat to call Daddy Government if I didn’t kowtow to her wishes exactly how she wanted to the letter.
    The irony of it all? That same day we went looking at houses to rent or possibly buy together. Her idea, her selection of houses. The initial shock of it all still resonates two and a half years later. Still, thank Hell we didn’t, otherwise there’s no telling where I’d be today.
    Amazing how fast women can do a completely 180, and quite literally in the same day, over mere trivialities. Best to just play the field, stay detached, and keep a harem in your arsenal.
    Life’s just THAT MUCH easier as a result.

    1. The man should dictate where to live and when. Your girl got a little whiff of ‘I wear the pants-itis’ on that fateful day. Thank god it’s not 2084 and you weren’t taken out by snipers when she squealed. Never let the woman so much as even think that she could don the pants – ever. Not even if it’s a make believe game. Or she just wants to play dress up. She can dress as a chick-fila cow if she wants to have fun but NEVER PANTS on a woman. The costume goes to her head and SHE CAN’T HANDLE PANTS any more than she could win a real pissing contest. Go ahead and challenge her to finger her dribbler and try to aim it as you stand beside her with your bazooka and both of you PISS. I thought so. But above all YOU PICK THE HOUSES man.

      1. Im envisioning Nicholson screaming at Cruise: “The pants? YOU CANT HANDLE THE PANTS!”

  23. I live in the Christian world
    they do the same thing
    any recommendations for how to deal with these anti-male Christians.
    IMO The bible is really rp but these new christians do not follow the bible

    1. Let me know when you find out. I agree, the bible is straight up red pill, but no one or very few follow it. Sad.

  24. Honestly, Falling Down is about a hard working man who sees a world built on lies favoring the ignorant and dishonest. In trying to see his daughter, the world finally gets on his last nerve and he starts setting the assholes of society straight even if it means killing a few of then.
    From the guy at the convenience store being an asshole about making change for a phone call, to the jerkoffs at the Fast Food joint adhering so stupidly to Breakfast/Lunch time (by literally a matter of a few minutes), and even taking out a Mexican gang (through some stupidity on their part) and killing a Neo-Nazi, this guy just wanted to see the scumbags of life pay for lack of consideration of circumstantial things because of technicalities that allow people to not have to think. (“Well, yes, we could throw a sausage patty on the grill because the breakfast stuff is still out, but we won’t because it’s 3 minutes past 11:00 so technically it’s lunch time.”)
    The fact that all William’s wife needed to get the divorce was just because he has a temper. Up until this day all he ever was was just angry, not violent. Anger =/= violence in a realistic sense. Hell, even with the violence he displayed on this one day, it was acted out with something of a justification from the observational standpoint of a person who doesn’t see the difficulty of taking a dollar and giving a man 4 quarters in return. A man with his observational capability sees nothing but stupid excuses and extended deception all to enable one’s own complacency, apathy, and laziness; why a burger looks so full and delicious-looking on the menu photo, but when you get the burger in the box it looks like it was found under someone’s car floormat.
    At one point of the movie, after scaring the shit out of an old guy at a golf course causing him to have a heart attack, William finds himself in the presence of a family of a caretaker taking care of a plastic surgeon’s house. The people are terrified of him and we see that he has no qualms with people who try their hardest to make life work without being assholes in the process. We see a man who spent his whole life building defense systems for the US government and barely getting by and an elective surgical doctor makes massive loads of money sticking silicone into women’s chests. His anger is truly understandable to anyone who’s busted their ass for barely anything. He even as a moment where his true humanity comes through when his cut hand is bleeding onto the man’s daughter’s hand. William freaks a bit thinking he hurt the little girl. It speaks volumes about how he really doesn’t want to hurt someone that truly is innocent.
    The biggest tragedy of the whole thing is the ex-wife Beth and Sergeant Prendergast. You see what makes a person like William do things blowing up a construction site because it shouldn’t have been one to begin with. William spent every day of his life doing what he’s told going against his greater sensibilities and common sense coming to find out he wasn not only not going to be rewarded for his service to the country, but he was to be shitcanned after being dripped dried for everything he had to offer. Even worse, people who do misdeeds, lie, and manipulate people are rewarded with generous bank accounts and a sense of entitlement so wide you need the NASA Crawler to move it. Over all, the ones who lie also make the rules and ultimately love taking advantage of the honest ones.
    The problem: the honest see everything. The honest can’t act on what they see because the honest are always kept under thumb. One moment of honesty gets out, the honest man is ruined. When an honest man can’t take it any more he figures if he’s going to be ruined he’s going to go for broke.
    When you see the glimpses of personality and humanity come through, the actions being common sense responses to the evil and basic complacency that is rewarded, you come to the conclusion Beth is either an over sensitive idiot or a manipulative victim. You feel as though William really is a true protagonist while Beth and Prendergast are the antagonists. It’s almost like you can see that everything William does is natural to true world frustration of too many people telling him he’s worthless while still syphoning all his talent. Beth being the victim-enabled woman who was “afraid” he might do something uses the courts to legally take what she wanted. She was afraid. Despite being a strong empowered woman, she had to play weak to the courts even though she admitted he’s never raised his hand in anger. If women were really as capable as men, she’d have a physical fight with him and show true strength. She might even be able to best him if the odds were even.
    Then there’s Prendergast. A cop who is just following here William is going. Really, aside of his useless idiotic subplot of being a day from retirement and moving to Lake Havasu City (where the London Bridge is. Get it? London Bridge? Falling down?) he does a whole lot of not much and in the end shows what kind of pathetic fuck he is as shown by this dialog exchange between him and Foster:
    Sergeant Prendergast: Let’s meet a couple of police officers. They are all good guys.
    Bill Foster: I’m the bad guy?
    Sergeant Prendergast: Yeah.
    Bill Foster: How did that happen? I did everything they told me to. Did you know I build missiles? I helped to protect America. You should be rewarded for that. But instead they give it to the plastic surgeons, you know they lied to me. Sergeant Prendergast: Is that what this is about? You’re angry because you got lied to? Is that why my chicken dinner is drying out in the oven? Hey, they lie to everyone. They lie to the fish. But that doesn’t give you any special right to do what you did today. The only that makes you special is that little girl. Now let’s go. Lets go!
    Oh, fuck you, Sergeant Cockbite! If you’ve ever seen Boondock Saints, you’d know not taking a stand to make the liars and shitheads of the world get away with not delivering on their promises and do your job to look at things fairly and justly just shows you’re part of the problem. “They lie to everyone”? “They lie to the fish”? Are you seriously telling me it’s okay to be lied to? By extension that means it’s okay to lie, right? Wait, I can’t lie to you, a cop, but you can lie to me? What fucking logic is that?!
    “But that doesn’t give you any special right to do what you did today”? Do you even know what the fuck HAPPENED?! I understand freedom of speech is all oh so important, but just because you’re speaking lies with your freedom doesn’t mean it wouldn’t enable anyone else to act on violent impulse, either using your ideology to harm others, or killing you because your ideology has that potential. It’s almost like Batman always keeping the Joker alive. Joker escapes again, kills 100 people, Batman refuses to kill him enabling more people to be killed later, ect.
    If no one tells the liars to stop, or forces them to stop, Beth would likely marry another man, have another kid, some bullshit trigger will make her divorce again, and the cycle continues. While I don’t think she was intentionally written to be such a way, it’s still more accurate than most other movies. If William did do what he did that day, that could have been said for everyone in the movie, actually. Now, they’d have to be more conscious of their technicalities; the Korean store owner will allow change to be made without purchase; the Neo-Nazi is dead, so no more shady weapon sales which would have killed people; the road is now actually destroyed, so they really do have to fix it now; the manager at the burger joint will be slightly more lenient with the time for breakfast; the gangs of the area will not fuck with any more white dudes; the fucker pestering him to use the phone booth won’t be so impatient with people who were there first; ect.
    The fact the LAPD Sergeant is doing the standard, “That’s life, suck it up,” moteiff pisses me off and proves that someone being lied to has less rights than the butt kissers and anal rangers conning and stealing society playing victim over trivial emotional blackmail. This fucker might as well have said, “You got the raw deal and they told you you were horrible before you actually did anything bad, but you have no right to bitch or do anything about it because I don’t want to hear it.” I hope when you go to Lake Havasu City the Mojave desert heat causes to you to have a heart attack, you worthless fuck. And while you’re retiring in a pine box, your fellow LAPD officers will merciously beat the shit out of a black man and lie about excessive use of force.
    And for Beth? Frankly, she would be the only one that won’t learn anything from something like this. She already played the victim once to get her way, something like this would further enable her to do basically whatever she wants. Their daughter was really happy to see her dad and now on her birthday she’ll remember how mom let the cops kill him when he wanted to be there. With any hope, their daughter will go the rest of her life knowing her dad died on her birthday and that because of her own mother’s narcissistic and selfish worrying, she will reject her mother. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it, mind you, but honestly I couldn’t see happen any other way unless the kid will perpetually have the intelligence to a used diaper.
    I have a hard time watching this movie. I see everything William goes through and I can relate to his actions, but when I get toward the end I have a real hatred for Beth and Prendergast because of their lack of seeing his side of things. Instead of asking what went wrong and asking how to help – like much of the people he was in contact with that day – they thought only of their own problems and got mad at him for not just accepting the lies and shutting up like a good little puppet.
    Frankly, it’s a good movie with a lot of hard truth and that makes it the hardest to watch.

    1. This could truly happen (one day) on a larger scale with more men “waking up”. Could you imagine a whole city of men (like the character in Falling Down) just “waking up” one day saying enough is enough?
      That’s when society will correct itself and balance will be restored. It really takes some kind of disaster to set things “right” again. I believe it should have happened with the financial crash in 2008 but the “people in charge” stopped it.
      It was needed to “right the ship” – at least in the U.S..

      1. That’s what OWS was supposed to be, but it got co-opted by SJW’s and hipsters wanting to get a free handout. Completely missed the point. Like in the movie, William wasn’t, “Economically Viable,” just as the rest of the people starting OWS were, hence why it was started.
        You’re right, we need a disaster to get us out of this shit, but it needs to be so big and improperly reported on it’s obvious to the general public. It needs to go beyond the threshold of dupability of people to where the average fox news watcher doesn’t believe the news anchors. It’s the only way to shake people from their little microcosms of comfort and show that yes, they are a part of this.

      2. We’re already seeing the first stirrings as people start to randomly pop cops. Power brokers higher up the ladder will be next.

  25. to make a marriage work, you will always need conservative values. Be it religion or whatever, a healthy marriage needs these values. And when these values are removed the shit falls loose. And thats bcoz patriarchy is actually fair to women. The current culture where you practically give your balls to women never works. Women have no sense of justice, pity, wrongdoing or conscience. That’s their nature. Don’t ever expect them to feel pity for you.

  26. I hate America. If I didn’t have kids, I’d seriously consider taking one of those Asian pilot jobs, live there and find me a nice Asian girl…….

  27. I’ve always felt “Falling Down” was an underrated, excellent movie. It clearly shows a man who did everything the “right” way, only to have it shoved up his ass sideways.
    I remember that scene very well, when the cunt, err, ex-wife calls the police on him and admits that the Michael Douglas character didn’t do anything to warrant a restraining order against him, but, some tyrant in a black robe issued one against him anyway. I thought (and still do think): “This guy got fucked for nothing.”
    He did. That movie’s over 20 years old and it’s worse today. Sad.

  28. Fortunately, I was lucky to get burned by the incredibly destructive hurricane that is a girl’s emotion through a relationship as opposed to marriage. Now thanks to this site, I will not have to experience it again when it really matters and you can’t undo the damage (marriage).

    1. Maybe i was luckier. I saw my mom rip my dad apart for years and got progressively worse at doing it much the same way that indian man mentioned in an earlier article. Its saved me a lot of time putting the pieces of women together.

  29. Good examples but not enough commentary on the movies themselves.
    i watched falling down years ago and i really empathised with the main character. Dont drink dont do drugs stay in school be respectful to women and stay out of trouble and every thing will be ok and youll be successful… fuck. Other things are far more important. You can lie and steal peoples money get rich have a harem of women and snort coke out of their ass and everythibg can and will be ok… amd even after you go to jail for that shit you can still get wealth back and be a millionaire. Jordan belfort is my hero.

  30. I can not watch Mrs. Doubtfire, and I hate even hearing about it. A man must dress as a woman to have any access to his children. It is times like these where I welcome the muslim hoards and who knows? I may just join them when the time is right.

  31. Dear god almighty… I fell upon this site by complete chance… I thought I was utterly alone. Thank you for existing you wonderful wonderful like minded people…

  32. Hi author, are you a cocksucking retard? In Falling Down the marriage got divorced BECAUSE Michael Douglas’ character was violent towards his child. And he didnt go home to “attend” his childs birthday. – He decided to pick up stalking his c hild again after urban malaise made his life of self-deception unbearable.
    Youre a retard.
    Edit: i just scrolled down and saw that a child has written this es say

    1. The author isn’t, but from the way you quickly went there, I’d guess you are the block expert on cock sucking.

  33. Dude I am in my fifties. So I have seen these things acted out repeatedly. And just like you say it is always the woman being vindictive to the man. And yes he men get mad and fight and say hurtful things. But it is amature hour compared to the utter cruelty and meaness of women.

  34. Another excellent movie that illustrates the depths a wife will stoop to not only to hurt her ex husband but her own child all because of her own blind hate is “The Fighter” with Mark Walberg. True story and shows the hell he goes through trying to pursue his dreams in boxing and the interference of all the women in his life. His mother, ex wife, sisters and even the sympathetic character of his new girlfriend.
    A real badass boxer who is completely ruled by his blue pill existence and has no clue how to overcome all of these pain in the ass women.
    Good movie.

    1. Yep. Great movie and I couldn’t take either one of them in the ring, but both Mickey and half-brother Dicky are total blue pill. So is Mickey’s dad, btw.

  35. Falling Down is one of the best/saddest movies I have ever seen. Very relevant and a hell of a performance from Michael Douglas.

  36. If we where to emphasis about the bound of the father and his family, then my recommendation is The Road.
    Please; No spoilers!

  37. Anyone reading this would think that only women are cruel and all fathers are loving, heroic victims. Let’s temper this commentary with a little reality. Anyone can be a bad guy. And “family” courts are exceptionally adept at making rulings to cause the maximum amount of pain for all involved. Whichever parent is least fit will nearly always win in a contest for custody. Children are the ultimate pawns in the battle for control and financial annihilation of one’s spouse.

  38. To be fair, Robin Williams does bring a shitload of animals inside the house, although that’s also a big pet peeve of mine. I’m not a woman, but if I was, I would whoop his ass.

  39. I read this article two years ago, I’ve seen falling down, and in a “red pill movies” article I mentioned falling down, but after reading the authors commentary on falling down again I want to see it again.

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