What You Can Learn About Being A Man From The Vikings

In 982, Erik the Red took a boat and set sail for the west. He had been recently sentenced to three years of exile from Iceland for a series of killings that he committed. A wild temper was inherent in his family, evidenced by the fact that his father had also been sentenced for manslaughter in Norway. He was banished to Iceland and took little Erik with him.

Erik grew up to be a huge man, one of short temper, but also curious and thirsty for adventure. Unlike most people, who would have probably sailed for some other known lands, he decided to put trust into chance and decided to sail for unknown lands in the west.

He was not the first Norseman to go to these lands, as there were several others who had gone to explore them before him, but he was the first man to actually try to settle them.

He spent his three years of exile exploring the vast new lands. After his period of banishment was over, he went back to Iceland to recruit people to help him settle the land. In order to entice them, he named the land Greenland.

The Vikings Were Fierce Warriors

From the 9th to the 12th centuries, the Vikings were some of the fiercest people in Europe. The sight of the Viking longship would always strike fear in the hearts of all the people living in lands bordering the sea.


The Vikings participated in many raids of coastal areas ranging from Russia to England and France, sometimes sailing to places as far away as the Mediterranean. However, they were not only known as fearless warriors, but also as merchants and most importantly, explorers. They plied the northern seas and settled many inhospitable lands.

All these events would later be retold in stories that were passed from one generation to the next. The heroic deeds of the ancestors would be preserved for the posterity in order to teach them about the past and help them better prepare for the future. These stories were known as the sagas.

Ancient Norse Wisdom Literature

The sagas however were not the only type of literature that has survived from that period. One series of poems that has been preserved is called the Havamal, which can be classified as wisdom literature.

The Havamal is a collection of old Norse poems that deals with giving advice on how to live your life and conduct yourself in different situations. It was meant as a guide for the Viking man, with much actionable advice. It serves as a good source of the ethics of that culture. Its wisdom however is often transcendent and can be applied even today.

Reading the work can also make you reflect on your place in the world and your life as a man. The most powerful passage is probably this one:

Cattle die,
Kindred die,
You yourself die,
But I know one thing that never dies;
The glory of a dead man’s life.

You are a sum of your actions. Your life is what you make of it. The way you face challenges and overcome them will come to reflect on you long after you are dead. You will die one day, just like everyone and everything does, but you can leave a legacy. A legacy is immortal.

The Havamal extols the virtue of hard work:

Wake up early if you want another man’s life or land.
No lamb for the lazy wolf.
No battle is won in bed.

If you want something, then you need to work for it. If you spend your entire day lying in bed dreaming about it, you will never get it. Only the people who work for something will get it.

You also always have to come prepared. Never assume anything. Danger might be lurking just around the corner:

Never walk away from home
ahead of your axe and sword.
You can’t feel a battle
in your bones or foresee a fight.

There are many haters in the world who will try to bring you down. The Havamal also gives advice on how to deal with them:

The wise guest has his way of dealing
With those who taunt him at the table.
He smiles through the meal,
Not seeming to hear
The twaddle talked by his foes.

The Havamal deals with different aspects of a man’s life, and includes a part on how to deal with women and on their nature. There is a small theory part, followed by what today someone might call field reports. It talks about how Odin, the supreme Norse God, tried to pick up the daughter of a man named Billing (he failed) and also how he picked up a girl named Gunnlod (he succeeded).

All in all, any man can find a lot of practical wisdom in the collection. This wisdom has helped guide many a Viking to lead a life of glory and to not falter when the going got tough.

The Last Viking In Greenland

The colony that Erik the Red founded survived for over 500 years, but eventually it faltered. Here too we can learn some practical lessons.

In 1540, a German merchant ship, blown off course, sailed into the coastal waters of Greenland. The skipper of the ship sailed past some of the islands and decided to land on one of them. The island seemed desolate, but in the distance he could see buildings that were familiar to him. He had seen very similar ones in Iceland.

The crew of the ship disembarked and decided to check out the houses. In front of one of them, they found a man lying on the ground. He was covered in sealskin and woollen clothes, but he was dead. Beside him lay a knife. Apparently he had died recently, the last of the Vikings of Greenland.

This man struggled on, even as the rest of his countrymen died off or abandoned him. He continued on living his life, surviving and making the best of it in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. The seamen from the merchant ship took his knife as a memento of this remarkable and brave man, who continued to tackle all challenges until the final end.


What was the reason for the demise of the colony? There have been many reasons proposed: environmental, economic, nutritional, climatic, mismanagement, destruction by attack and many others, but we can safely say that one reason was not among them: the human spirit.

For the Vikings were able to survive for hundreds of years in harsh conditions, even thrive. Their lives were a testament to the tenacity and perseverance of the human will. Courage was the preeminent characteristic of the Vikings and they displayed it whenever they could. This characteristic is something that is often missing in the modern man.

A little bit of courage can go a long way. Take example from the brave men of yesteryear, have their spirit guide your own actions. Never give up and continue to work hard until the very end. You will end up leaving a powerful legacy behind you, one that will live on and serve as an example for countless generations to come.

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  1. Deyr fé,
    deyja frændur,
    deyr sjálfur hið sama.
    En orðstír deyr aldregi
    hveim er sér góðan getur.

      1. It’s the authentic Old Norse (i.e. Icelandic) version of the translation in the article:
        “Cattle die,
        Kindred die,
        You yourself die,
        But I know one thing that never dies;
        The glory of a dead man’s life.“

        1. War is Hell.
          But only through defeating hell can a man become.
          I was oddly sympathetic to Gabriel’s cause in ‘Constantine’

  2. Viking history has always intrigued me an o admire the adventurous spirit an practicality of their culture. Too bad the ancestors of vikings are now the feminized brow beaten men in the world.

  3. The speech of a maiden should no man trust
    nor the words which a woman says;
    for their hearts were shaped on a whirling wheel
    and falsehood fixed in their breasts

    1. Fragments of that verse made it into an episode of VIKINGS, where they lament that women’s hearts are turning wheels, after uttering this:
      ‘A creaking bow, a burning flame, tide on the ebb, new ice, a coiled snake, sons of a king, a witches flattery, an ailing cough. No man should be such a fool as to trust these things. No man should trust the word of a woman.’

    1. ya they were the jihadis in their days(in terms of not giving a fuck and taking what they wish). Morality aside, the worst crime a man can make is wasting his time.
      curious I read that they were a tall people, im curious how tall were they and how was that possible. I read they averaged 5′ 8″ but not sure.

      1. Interestingly, their descendants were much smaller. My old man is an archaeologist so I have been to a number of reconstructions of old peasant buildings. You have to stoop to get through the doors and the roof was low.
        Their nutrition was similar throughout the centuries, so… lifestyle?

        1. I read they purposely made their doors small so if someone attacked they would have to bend completely forward to get in the door which would put them in a defenseless position while trying to get in and would be easy to kill even for one of their women or older kids

        2. The Norse had to be slightly more resistant to scurvy as well. They used every part of the animal, even the blood. Frozen blood is sold in Scand food stores still. Mixed with bread or pancakes ‘blood pancakes’ are to native Scands what chitterlings are to the southerner.The place is being flooded with Somalis today like France is with refugee muslims.

      2. Two types of Scand’s basically. The taller Nordics and the shorter stalkier Baltics like Tavastians and Karelians. Finland is mix of tall and short Sweden/Denmark is average, fijords of Norway have many talls.

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          Sweden should have been overrun decades ago, only US guns have kept their country from being enveloped and sold off one juicy ass at a time.

        3. This would be their comeuppance for having spirited away all the beautiful women of the British Isles, depriving Anglo-saxons of the gene for female beauty.

        4. Imagine some kind of antislaving ships sending the the uglies from England up to Sweden.

    3. Whats crazy is there wasn’t much difference between Sweden in 980 or so and 1700. But that comparison could just be said about “the West” or “the Anglosphere” as well.

    4. dudes in bottom pic look like they are in a Poison cover band

      1. Tom Leykis doesn’t believe what he says on air..as he puts it its just his schtick.

    5. Seriously. Any men here from Denmark, Norway or Sweden? What the fuck happened to you?

      1. I’m from Denmak. And what happened to us is the same thing that happened to you. And I’m not really sure anyone knows what it is.

    6. not trying to break your mystique about the vikings, but male vikings had a more feminine physical traits and female vikings had more masculine physical traits compared to men and women today
      both men and women vikings wore make up to appear younger, both men and women of the vikings were obssessed with fashion as seen with the many beard and hair stylings they have

  4. I hope people are watching the show VIKINGS from the History Channel. It’s really good, and at its best it’s fucking great.
    It doesn’t shy away from the brutality of the Vikings as murderous raiders but it also shows them to be pragmatic, loyal and loving in their way.
    The show is a little less concerned with their shield maidens (apart from Lagertha, the wife of the main Viking Ragnar) but it acknowledges the role of fighting women in their campaigns.

    1. I don’t think there’s actually much historical evidence for the existence of shield maidens, apart from a single mention from a Byzantine report regarding a battle against the Varangians. I could be wrong wrong, but I’m pretty sure that for the most part they didn’t exist. The show is entertaining, but not very historically accurate.

      1. If you don’t believe in the existence of shield maidens check this gal out.
        ‘Thor’s daughter’, indeed.

        Imagine having those pale, muscular thighs wrapped around your face. A path to Valhalla if ever I’ve heard one…

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        11. Let me stipulate that you have some point or other:
          You’re still trashing the thread.

    2. Agree, it’s a great show. Also doesn’t pull any punches about paganism and human sacrifice. Hey neo-pagans, you appear to be doing it wrong.

      1. There’s really no evidence for that either. The show is a ton of fun, but if you’re looking for history that’s not the place to find it.

        1. You have to take those medieval historians (and many ancient ones as well) with a few thousand grains of salt. They’re well known for wild exaggeration and outright falsification.
          It was common practice for writers back then to invent things like human sacrifice and sexual perversion to show how much more civilized they as Christians were compared to the heathens.
          I’m not saying that places like the Temple of Uppsala didn’t exist, but really there’s just no actual evidence for things like human sacrifice.
          Think about it–if you’re a religious leader trying to maintain the coherence of Christian society in a barbaric and chaotic time, are you going to be upfront and honest about the people you’re preaching against? I doubt it.

        2. “Think about it–if you’re a religious leader trying to maintain the coherence of Christian society in a barbaric and chaotic time, are you going to be upfront and honest about the people you’re preaching against? I doubt it.”
          Critics used to doubt the existence of various fringe sects as described by the Church Fathers. For instance, Gnostics who made Judas into a good guy? Well, we can’t expect Orthodox Christians to “be upfront and honest about the people you’re preaching again. I doubt it.”
          During the 1970s, a Coptic papyrus codex (book) was discovered near Beni Masah, Egypt which appeared to be a 3rd- or 4th-century-AD copy of a 2nd-century original,[63][64] describing the story of Jesus’s death from the viewpoint of Judas. At its conclusion, the text identifies itself as “the Gospel of Judas” (Euangelion Ioudas).
          The discovery was given dramatic international exposure in April 2006 when the US National Geographic magazine (for its May edition) published a feature article entitled The Gospel of Judas with images of the fragile codex and analytical commentary by relevant experts and interested observers (but not a comprehensive translation). The article’s introduction stated: “An ancient text lost for 1,700 years says Christ’s betrayer was his truest disciple”.[65] The article points to some evidence that the original document was extant in the 2nd century: “Around A.D. 180, Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon in what was then Roman Gaul, wrote a massive treatise called Against Heresies [in which he attacked] a ‘fictitious history,’ which ‘they style the Gospel of Judas.’”[66]

        3. Even after the human sacrifices ended, there were really disturbing pagan practices that continued on, until at least the 17th century.
          The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft houses the only known intact pair of necropants:
          If you want to make your own necropants (literally; nábrók) you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after his dead.
          After he has been buried you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants they will stick to your own skin. A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently the coin will draw money into the scrotum so it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed.

        4. As new evidence comes to light, then our understanding of the past is revised.
          That still doesn’t change the fact that so far, there is no known evidence for human sacrifice amongst the European heathens, beyond the writings of medieval historians whose veracity is suspect due to a propensity for exaggeration and falsification.

        5. As I see it, there are two accounts from unequal faiths (Muslim and christian), but both say essentially the same thing. In the absence of anything to the contrary, I am inclined to believe those historians.

        6. “Even after the human sacrifices ended . . .”
          What do you call The Charge of the Light Brigade and the execution of Breaker Morant?

        7. Therefore, Thietmar and Adam’s accounts have long been dismissed as pure fabrication. However, archaeological finds from recent years show that human sacrifice was a reality in Viking Age Denmark. In particular, skeletons recovered from wells at the Viking fortress of Trelleborg and the magnate’s residence at Tissø, both in West Zealand, have made archaeologists think very differently. Human Sacrifices at Trelleborg
          At Trelleborg a sacrificial site was found from the time before the Viking fortress was erected in 980-81. In five c. 3 metre-deep wells human and animal skeletons were found, together with jewellery and tools. Of the total of five human sacrifices, four were young children aged between 4 and 7.

          Source: http://en.natmus.dk/historical-knowledge/denmark/prehistoric-period-until-1050-ad/the-viking-age/religion-magic-death-and-rituals/human-sacrifices/
          Well I guess your dear pagans were not flower eaters after all…

        8. “As I see it, there are two accounts from unequal faiths (Muslim and christian), but both say essentially the same thing. In the absence of anything to the contrary, I am inclined to believe those historians.”
          Old Norse epic poems:
          Thralls could be sacrificed during a funeral so they could serve their master in the next world.[2] The sexual rites with the slave girl symbolize her role as a vessel for the transmission of life force to the deceased chieftain.[14]
          Sigurðarkviða hin skamma contains several stanzas in which the Valkyrie Brynhildr gives instructions for the number of slaves to be sacrificed for the funeral of the hero Sigurd, and how their bodies were to be arranged on the pyre, as in the following stanza:
          Því at hánum fylgjafimm ambáttir,átta þjónar,eðlum góðir,fóstrman mittok faðerni,þat er Buðli gafbarni sínu.[15]
          “Bond-women fiveshall follow him,And eight of my thralls,well-born are they,Children with me,and mine they were As gifts that Buthlihis daughter gave.[16]

        9. Haha. And here I am slaving away trying to make money in various entrepreneurial endeavors.
          All I needed was a pair of necropants!!

    3. well its like that in any band of men be it rebel groups like isil to gangs like ms13 to ancient warriors like the vikings zandes barbarians etc. They are loyal to each other and vicious to outsiders.

      1. Because modern technology, knowledge and sensibilities count for nothing in the face of mindless savagery.

        1. pretty much. but interesting to note wgen the conquest ends the age of enlightenment begins…until decadence and collapse comes.

    4. ”but it acknowledges the role of fighting women in their campaigns.”
      I don’t think that is realistic:

      1. I love the clip of Markland battle. Frankly, as a long standing member of the SCA, the difference between men and women in ‘combat’ is absolutely clear.
        Women in close combat are referred to as ‘kites’. No matter how large they are, or in what physical shape they are, they cannot fight heavy. It is as simply observable a fact as watching an NBA team play against a WNBA team.

        1. Yeah. Women can only fight on par with men if both sides used guns where superior musculature is not the deciding factor but rather firepower. Considering that the heavy lifting is done by gunpowder rather than muscle power in launching the bullet towards the enemy. Both men and women can pull the trigger just as easily as each other.
          In the same way women can only do jobs men can do because of mechanization. Press the button and presto.

        2. Except that all the other functions of battle, carrying firearms, supplies and ammunition, getting to the battle site, creating covering positions, maintaining positions, enduring battlefield conditions, on the fly tactical assessment, manning heavy weapons such as artillery, and all non-lethal population control are all jobs that men are far superior at, if women can do them at all.
          Especially the last… police departments all over the country are discovering that women must use a bullet to accomplish what men can do with a little training and some zip ties. Female combatants are forced to escalate combat situations in a huge number of otherwise controllable situations. Not to mention the sociopsychological effects on morale, troop cohesiveness, and vastly expanded medical and tactical support needed for female troops.
          Women make good urban snipers from prepared positions. I will give them that, almost as good as men (not quite as good because even urban snipers need to frequently change positions in order to maintain combat effectiveness, in this case ‘combat effectiveness’ meaning ‘not dead from countersniper fire’) although, of course, a really effective sniper will still need to haul a heavy rifle, ammunition, and supplies from position to position, which takes a toll on both combat effectiveness and efficiency.
          Even in the era of push-button battles women make vastly inferior warriors. enough so that supporting women in combat is actually a net negative to combat effectiveness unless you have no other choice. You cannot control an urban environment with drones, you cannot hold a position with jets, and you cannot use push button warfare to conquer or control a population without massacring them all.
          Even were technology to advance to the point of power armor, women’s combat reflexes and instincts are vastly inferior to men… so I don’t see how women will ever be capable of having a meaningful use in combat.

        3. Well consider the news about YPJ women kicking ISIS ass with light weapons and snipers. With the caveat that they recieved substantial training before allowed to fight at all. And consider the fact that they are fighting alongside the YPG men though the kurdish women make up 1/3 of the force.. And so far the combined forces are winning by large margin. With a 1-6 to 1-9 kill ratio. And Rojova a socialist kurdish political state allows women to fight on the frontlines due to their feminism and belief in gender equality.

        4. Well I double checked the facts and it seems their very high kill ratio only seemed to occur with the assistance of US airstrikee.

        5. Anyone can use a 30mm ACAA emplacement… even with little or no training. A (brave) child could. I used one with a bleeding shrap hole in my arm once.
          I am totally willing to believe that defensively, with entrenched positions, mixed units performed more than acceptably.

        6. Is it just me. Or does it seem that ISIS has incredibly poor quality infantry that cannot fight a conventional war and that it even loses out against mixed sex units of the socialist Kurds.

        7. It’s not just you. Isis literally scrapes the bottom of the barrel, not even prison scum… beggars, homeless, and millenials are their chosen weapons.

        8. In that case the high death rates of literal human scum is a great service to the world. Destroying ISIS too quickly will cause it to stop being a garbage magnet that can then allow such men to be disposed of.

    5. “I hope people are watching the show VIKINGS from the History Channel”. I hope they are not. I saw the first episodes and found it so contaminated with modern values I had to stop watching. I do not recommend that show.

      1. Wow! I’m sure ‘Anonymous’ opinions will make people take your posts seriously.

        1. They should. I have been steeped in viking history since I was a child, and the series from the history channel is a complete and utter joke.

        2. Name your sources, please.
          I’m not being an arsehole. I genuinely want to know where you got these Viking ‘facts’.

        3. RolandDeschain1 has outed himself as a tranny-fucking queer on this very thread. He’s basically a couch potato gay pretending to be a straight man. Ignore him, “he”‘s a troll.

        4. Oi gevault. I am certainly not going to drive to Washington state to raid my father’s viking library. but, I suggest you check the links below.
          Essentially you are asking me to prove a negative. “Shieldmaidens” were almost entirely fabricated, using a few hints of ‘man hearted woman’ customs combined with historical evidence that a few childless wives were brought as servants and camp followers on campaigns.
          Yes, the ‘man hearted woman’ tradition was well documented, essentially XXY cases and very masculine women that were assumed to be incapable of being wives or bearing children. This practice was FAR from widespread, with perhaps two or three cases per generation, and has never been in argument.
          So far, there is NO evidence whatsoever that ‘shieldmaidens’ aside from the ‘man hearted woman’ and the ‘camp follower’ ever existed, in any form. This myth was created solely as a sop to political correctness.
          Frankly, if you cannot simply compare yourself to women physically, and see the lie in the whole concept of women warriors, then perhaps you need to get to a gym, because you clearly are a physically pathetic specimen.

        5. Typical gay passive-agressive snarkiness. Too unmanly to do anything but whine like a woman.
          You dig your grave with each post, fairy.

        6. I think I unlocked something in our friend here.
          Something he is not ready to deal with.

        7. Note the tranny-fucking queer’s feminist-like attempts to blame any criticism on his tranny-fucking queerness on the criticizer. Because he denies his disorder.

        8. Actually, I simply note that his inability to see, with his own eyes, the difference in physical capacity between men and women, and the ridiculousness of the concept of a female warrior class, means that there is clearly something psychically inferior in his own makeup.
          As has been proven countless times in the modern day military, a much easier and less physically demanding corps than the old warrior class, women are incapable of becoming warriors even remotely equal to a male warrior class, thus rendering the idea that women fought ‘side by side’ with their warriors absolutely absurd.

        9. You’re arguing with a mentally deranged, disordered tranny-fucking queer who claims he’s straight. He’s an SJW-troll. Ignore him, his comments aren’t worth anything.

        10. Now, now, tranny-fucking queer, we all know any facts that contradict you are “hate facts” and can be ignored, right?

        11. *shrug* He’s still male, thus he deserves at least an attempt at logic… every red pill man started out as a blue pill pussy worshipper.
          The fact is that every ancient society that started worshipping pussy was nearly instantly overwhelmed by a younger, more vibrant, male-dominated society.
          I am not going to say that such feminist societies didn’t exist… they obviously did, but in every single case ‘females equal to males’ has been the death gasp of a civilization within two generations. Whenever women are considered equal to men, the very first thing they do is ALWAYS to reject motherhood, and lack of reproduction among women is always a cultural deathblow. Generally, other destructive behaviors follow like clockwork… child sacrifice, unlimited licentiousness and a relaxation of sexual and social mores, hypergamous behavior, ‘human as god’, witchcraft and a belief in the ability of the occult to solve all problems, downgrading of the status of warriors, to eventual complete dissolution of society… The form of that dissolution is always different, but from without or within, there always emerges a period of chaos during which women’s status is immediately plunged into nothingness before a new, male-dominated society emerges.
          In most cases, being conquered by another culture has a more positive result than internal collapse, but the cycle is apparently unbreakable.
          Philosophers and historians and other literate sorts have tried to pass the warning to civilizations that follow theirs, but those warnings are always ignored.
          Interestingly, Larry Niven realized a solution for social stabilization that would end the cycle, although he never really explored it in much depth as of itself, instead allowing his known space writers to label it as ‘evil’ and then utterly disregard it. His Kzinti simply bred their females to possess nothing more than animal intelligence, incapable of speech or thought processes much beyond taking care of cubs. When one really explores the concepts behind this development, it becomes clear that this is likely to, in practice, actually work quite well to produce a stable society.
          Perhaps in 300 years men will develop a drug to give to female children to abort their intellectual development, and thus create a final, lasting stable social structure.

        12. Would you like evidence that women are incompetent in close combat? simple, straightforward and clearly visible in an unmistakeable fashion?
          Join the SCA. go to a few battles. See for yourself why women do not engage in ‘heavy’ combat. Regardless of their physical fitness, size, weight, or the amount and type of armor they wear, they get badly hurt by fighting heavy. They get knocked out of battle lines, thrown great distances, and NEVER are capable of lasting to the end of a battle.. simple strikes that the men shrug off (even the fat middle aged men) break bones, leave massive bruises that are physically incapacitating, and send women to the hospital. And I have seen some seriously physically fit women try.
          Honestly, just participate in a few battles and you too will realize the absurdity of the ‘woman warrior’

          Not to mention the whole ‘dancing bear’ concept.

    6. There were no “fighting women”.
      No Viking ever brought his wife into battle.
      The whole show is utter feminist-crap from head to toe.

    7. I had a laugh when they hacked through dozens of fully trained and armored saxon warriors on the beach. In reality the vikings would have been torn to pieces: you don’t win when you are tired, in enemy territory, with less than half the men, no armors and when the enemy has armors and spears.
      That was bloody ridiculous.

  5. The mighty Amon Amarth is required listening for all who seek inspiration from tales of Northern men who endured hardships that we cannot imagine.

    “The warming sun returns again
    And melts away the snow
    The sea is freed from icy chains
    Winter is letting go”

    1. Yes!
      Amon Amarth makes you connect with the Viking inside yourself. If you can’t feel manly and strong and inspired listening to them then you are an incurable Beta and should probably just go listen to Mumford and Sons records.
      Or, ideally, just kill yourself.

      1. ROFL! Well stated, my good man. My grandparents spoke Polish, but Amon Amarth resonates so strongly with me that I suspect a few Norsemen contributed to my family tree, at least in the genetic/biological sense.
        As you know, when they rode the rivers of the eastern trail deep in the land of the Rus, they must have surely impressed the native women there as much as the Varyags of Miklagaard impressed the Emperor to the south!

      2. As you should, you disordered homo. go bang your tranny and pretend it’s a girl, freak.

    2. Amon Amarth?
      Oh my friend, everybody knows Bathory is the true god of Viking Metal!!!!

      RIP QUORTHON!!!!!

  6. And now they are nations dominated by women and being flooded by third world immigrants looking to “muh dik” them into oblivion while getting fat on their welfare payments.

    1. just reminded me of some arabic saying, where women cannot lead men or run an empire, after this queen got defeated in battle and lost her kingdom.

    2. I’ve read that Sweden now is a haven for third world welfare scum.
      That makes me very sad indeed.

  7. Oft him anhaga
    are gebideð,
    metudes miltse,
    þeah þe he modcearig
    geond lagulade
    longe sceolde
    hreran mid hondum
    hrimcealde sæ
    wadan wræclastas.
    Wyrd bið ful aræd!
    Not Norse, but they were similarly hard.

  8. All the ancient warrior cultures from the Spartans, the Vikings and the Samurai learnt about wisdom by confronting hardship and violence. It’s a pity that modern living and technology has totally eroded the human spirit making this generation of people the most useless, narcissistic and moronic.

  9. And today the descendants of the vikings allow the most ridiculous feminism in the world.

  10. A truly amazing tribe of people.
    Much of what they did went on to shape the future of western civilization and Europe especially. The Dark Ages was an absolute hurricane of world events and the Vikings steered that storm for decades.
    One of the most famous, Ragnar Lothbrok, had his oldest son Bjorn become the first king of Sweden, his deformed son Ivar the Boneless led much of the great heathen army into Ireland/Scotland/Britain/France, and later Vikings pushed deeper eastward into Russia. Thus, the “Rus” people can also trace their lineage back to the Vikings
    Ragnar’s brother Rollo was Christened Robert and became the first King of Normandy. Which began the absorption of the pagan Norse culture into Christianity that conscripted these fierce warriors to defend the church they once raided for centuries. The Crusades naturally followed and many warriors were given a holy mission.
    Radical islam is the new heathen army terrorizing the wilderness. I pray the people of Europe, Russia and America call forth their Viking spirit and push these animals back into the sandy pit from which they crawled out. It’s been done before and can be done again.
    The day will come when the people of our world will silence the feminist and her weakling male accomplice. They will ask their Viking men to go to work and save their useless lives. If the Viking man still exists in our world, he will oblige them or not.
    Either way, he owes them nothing after what’s been done to his culture and country.

    1. This viking says no. Let the proponents of weakness and degeneration fend for themselves. This is no longer my country and my people are long since dead.

      1. Rabbits have grown to depend upon a high level of predation of the individual to maintain the health of the species.
        While this fact may present certain moral dilemmas, it is, nonetheless, fact.
        If the rabbits are not subject to an unrelenting, predatory pressure, they will turn into a ravenous hoard that overwhelms and destroys everything; including themselves.
        Each man must come to his own decision on how he is going to deal with this, but no man can escape it.

    2. If only the armies of Russia, Asia and the Western coalition would unite in the complete destruction of the Arab world.
      Kill them savages off for good. They’ve contributed nothing to the world.

      1. But where will you get your oil-sheik-tranny porn, you fucked up little queer?

      2. I smell an Hasbara troll, egging on the ficticious “clash of civilizations” meme.
        Arabs and Muslims contributed a great deal of art, science, mathematics, philosophy and architecture to the world.
        Unfortunately, the worst underclass of Arabs and Muslims were flooded into Europe by activists and central bankers who all belong to ‘a certain tribe’ with the specific strategy of diluting and undermining white, Christian Europe.
        It’s not the underclass of Arab and Muslim immigrants who are the problem. It’s the puppet masters who are the problem.

        1. “Arabs and Muslims contributed a great deal of art, science, mathematics, philosophy and architecture to the world.” –
          Hahaha. Everything they contributed was stolen from the cultures they conquered (Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, India etc.). For example, arab numbers were actually from India. If they were so smart, why modern Muslims (as a group) are the most illiterate people in the world?
          “It’s not the underclass of Arab and Muslim immigrants who are the problem.” –
          Right now they are the ones who behead people in Syria, Iraq, Somali, Nigeria etc. They are the ones to massively rape innocent white girls in Europe etc.
          “It’s the puppet masters who are the problem.” – it’s like saying “OMG! The muslims raped 2K British girls / beheaded British souldier in London… but wait! Let’s think a little! We can’t blame them because of X Y Z. Let’s blame the fucking Jews! Why? Because fuck you, that’s why!”.
          By your proposed conspiracy:
          A 20 million nation rules over 7 billion people. For me it shows that these 7 billion are just dump losers. Does it humiliate you?
          Most of the people in this site have an IQ above the average, so your bullshit is not going to work here.

        2. How does it negate my previous comment?
          So you base your assumption on an example of one individual? Sorry, but it is not a proof. It just shows that you don’t have any solid basis but your personal thoughts.

    3. the Vikings became a far more fearsome and organized army when galvanized by Christianity.
      It is… sad, to look at modern day Norway and imagine that these pathetic little men were once the gigantic warriors of legend. Although there is quite a hint that the vikings were not, in fact, very large… their stature was exaggerated by their enemies, but they were really a lot like the 12th century mongols. (and in fact may have come from similar stock… constant raiding for women and interbreeding has changed the race every bit as much as the mongol’s conquest and settling of China altered their stock… 7th century chinese did NOT look like the chinese of today.)

      1. The latest from the geneticists is that Europeans are of Turkic stock, more specifically, that they share a common ancestry with Khazaks 40k years ago.
        What I find interesting about this is that it has long been assumed that Europe was colonized via Anatolia into southern Europe. It is now asserted that it was done from Kazakstan across the northern plain, via the Ukraine and Belarus. That would make northerners the first Europeans, who then spread south.
        Under the Mongol Empire Turkics and Mongols began to intermix. Uniting the Turkic and Mongol tribes of the steppes was the first victory of the Great Khan.

        1. New evidence also suggests that cro-magnon descended humanity might have actually had it’s origins in eastern europe rather than sub-saharan africa as was initially assumed.
          But don’t let Africans hear you say that. They’ll kill you.

        2. Although I suspect the Han will through throw everything they’ve got into supporting it.
          It may not be exactly what they’re looking for, but it would put a solid plausibility under it.

        3. The Han have been thoroughly mixed with far northern mongol blood stock… the classic ‘chinese’ appearance didn’t exist 1400 years ago in China.
          I don’t give any credence to the ‘intelligence studies’ that prove Han chinese are more intelligent than Europeans… Mostly because the only SOLID test results we have are from immigrants (who are almost always of superior stock than those who do not take the risk and rewards of voluntary immigration) and reports from the socialist-controlled Chinese government studies, who have a solid history of lies and misrepresentations in order to present Chinese culture as superior in every way.

        4. No argument at all, but that doesn’t affect the hypothesis that the original Han stock were a parallel evolution from Erectus.
          That’s why I suspect they will put their weight behind anything that challenges Out of Africa.

        5. Maybe they will all jump off chairs at the same time and knock us out of orbit.
          But, if you assume that the Han were a form of erectus, then what happened? Southward expansion across the Sahara, while at the same time westward expansion and interbreeding with neanderthalis?

        6. Ya got me swingin’. Fortunately I don’t have any dog in the hunt beyond wanting to know.
          And I can’t say I even want to know all that badly. It won’t help me bicycle any faster.

        7. Pre Ice-age migrations are quite a puzzle to figure out. Core samples 300 feet beneath the Carribean sea floor hit a ‘layer’ of crushed matter. Bones of large animals and human, trees, foliage and get this, something that resembled a modern day spark plug, a molded porcelain shell encasing an iron rod core!

        8. The cartoon depiction of the squatting ape gradually becoming upright and then becoming a 6 foot englishman with a bowler hat, suit and briefcase is the asinine best. It beats Al Gore’s cartoon explanations of how humans shouldn’t be allowed to breathe in ‘Inconvenient Truth’.
          ‘Lucy’ is another. You’d need many more examples to demonstrate the entire progression of evolution to prove it. JUST LUCY isn’t enough. Man was obviously seeded or placed here on Earth and GIVEN architectural plans to follow. Radical JUMPS in technology are too steep to be supported by cro magnon/neanderthal sketches. Aboriginals too differ much from cro magnon.
          Aboriginals have one thing in common – they never civilize and they pre date the evangelncal civilizer and conquerer tribes. Aboriginals can also intermarry to a greater extent than Asiatics or Nordics for example. Every civilized country has laws against marrying your sister because it would BLOW THE LID off the junk DNA coverup. With too close relation, junk DNA combines and what’s hiding in the ‘junk’ is manifest AND REVEALED. Marry your sister and you see what’s REALLY INSIDE YOU. Oink oink mooo cluck cluck.
          Unlike breeding rabbits, humans have 130 common genetic defects including heart/organ defects, club foot and cleft palate. Siblings interbreeding for three successive generations combine 50% of traits otherwise locked away as ‘junk’. Yes you become a genuine ‘monkey’s uncle’ if you interbreed, and a fourth generation inbred has an acute club foot that resembles a porcine HOOF. A pediatrician calls it a defect but a veterinarian says ”Oy, that’s a beautiful hoof – nothing defective about it whatsoever”
          Tay Sachs anyone?
          So how the hell did PIG DNA get into human? Ans: Man was not only seeded here but genetically ‘tweaked’ with the digestive tract of species native to Earth which could metabolize the specific plant and animal life found here – and a respiratory system which can respirate on the specific mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium found in our atmosphere. Cattle mutilations indicate a roundup of fresh DNA for a NEW CROP of human seeding. I hope modern ‘MAN’ hasn’t been slated as ‘obscolete’:(
          We’re not from here. Man isn’t pure. Earthly man that is.

      2. Skeletons from viking graves (haugur / kuml) prove that the vikings were tall, especially for their time, 5’11” to 6’1″.

        1. it depends on which area they were from. Icelandics and swedish were of very different physical characteristics.
          Although it’s interesting to note that human height has NOT varied from the middle ages as originally supposed. Tribes of humans that had a lot of protein in their early diet were entirely as large as humans are today, and were bloody smart, all things considered.
          Historians have often used peasants as their ‘baseline’ to determine human size and health, but their baselines were often fed on a diet nearly free of protein and frequently malnourished. There’s every bit of evidence to suggest that your average effectively nourished individual would be ‘smarter’ than most modern humans as far as learning ability, and more physically effective and healthy.
          Nature weeds out the stupid and the weak. Idiocracy isn’t somewhere in the future, it is today.

    4. A funny thing about the word rus, from scandinavian languages it translates to intoxicated or drunk, so rusland (ryssland) would be the land of the drunken people, so apparantly the old russians beat the old norse in their drinking habits.

      1. Me, I’m a wee bit of Irish, a fifth scotch, a drop of Cherokee and a shot of Finnish and Russian and I’ve NEVER had a problem enjoying a little ‘hydration’. . heh

    5. Any culture or tribe whose young females make the warcry ”BITCHES RULE” is doomed if they don’t duly and quickly silence their childish, riotous insolence and discipline them accordingly.

    6. Scandinavians embraced christianity for one reason: it would give a divine right to rule to the top dog. Before that, it was all petty quarrels between clan chieftains and no political tool that would allow the formation of a real kingdom. Monarchy changed this. Vikings were greedy and opportunistic. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, it served them well.

  11. When times are hard, men become hard.
    When times are soft, men become soft—and queer, like RolandDeschain1.

  12. The vikings were some of the first people to offer women some rights: in family life women were the ones in charge of finances, and they had total freedom to divorce their husbands. Rape was also harshly punished…

    1. Yes, Lagertha ‘divorced’ Ragnar when she found out he had been knocking boots with Aslaug.

    2. Incorrect. Viking women did not have ‘total freedom to divorce their husbands’, they only had the freedom to declare that they were no longer married if their husband chose another viking wife or lover against their will. ‘booty’ wives and slaves were NOT part of the arrangement, as they had no status compared to viking women.
      As far as other freedoms, considering the raiding lifestyle, viking women were in charge of ‘the home and hearth’, and the leading wife was the lady of the hearth when he husband was raiding. When he was home, she was expected to be as utterly meek and accomodating as any other wife, and rape was only punished if the girl assaulted was the daughter of another warrior… at which point, father and brother of the girl were allowed (encouraged) to beat the shit out of the offender, which often resulted in his death. ‘Marital rape’ was an unknown, although in some cases if a viking abused his first wife the girl’s father or brothers would intervene or remove her from her husband’s household.
      That’s a far cry from your ‘women’s rights’ though.

      1. Well, Cracked.com had lately some articles where they totally destroyed the stereotypical image of the vikings – they were apparently very progressive, they gave women rights, they also groomed their hair and beards carefully and always carried purses with them, with combs and other girly stuff…

        1. I tend to think most feminists get their knowledge of vikings from ‘What’s in your wallet?’ commercials.

        2. Purses were invented by men, for men. They stopped carrying purses as they became sissified, and woman started carrying them as they started taking a man’s money from him.

      2. Viking women could get a divorce if they felt they weren’t fucked thoroughly enough by their husbands, like Unnur, daughter of Mörður, in The Saga of Burnt-Niall.

  13. But you can count on the Hivemind to rewrite history as in the new Vikings TV series by History Channel, where defensive shield-maidens have morphed into full-out offensive warriors fighting side by side carrying massive swords:

    1. yeah, I saw that and almost shit myself laughing.
      Viking women were expected to defend the hearth when their husband was gone, but it was more a matter of all the women and kids swarming an attacker with any convenient weapon-like objects rather than alloowing them to become a warrior.
      What self-respecting warrior would wish to come home to some warrior harridan? And one not even strong enough to carry a sword, to boot?
      ‘shield maidens’ were warriors the way ‘ball girls’ were baseball players.

      1. Give feminists enough time and they will pervert the American Wild West with stories of glorious female sharp-shooters and entire bands of female soldiers. Of course it’s ridiculous and completely moronic. Women fight, when the bare survival is at stake – the US settlers sometimes had to defend themselves and armed women and children. Also women now fight against ISIS, but that does not mean you send women and children against grown men.
        In previous times there was also the case of much greater importance of strength – this makes the Viking female warrior even more a feminist propaganda point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF-YeWnIJfU

        1. That movie was hilarious, especially in retrospect, both for the ridiculous plot and as it was filled with a lot of cameos, both big and small—and the main love interest for her was a pre-notoriety Russell Crowe, if I recall.
          It was a Sam Rami film, so I think he meant it as an over-the-top parody of feminist-revisionism, but Sharon Stone wasn’t smart enough to realize it during production.

        2. Sharon Stone isn’t smart enough to realize a lot of things during production.

        3. Ha! I remember her Basic Instinct argument too, but it was clearly an after-the-fact lie when she thought that openly admitting to it would hurt her career and the movie.

        4. Here in Canada, they had a show on our left-wing public broadcaster called “Strange Empire”… that was precisely that… a feminist revisionist Western. I like Westerns but I couldn’t bring myself to watch even an episode of feminist crap like that. And it seems like I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t interested… The show was cancelled after only one season. Good riddance. It makes sense though.. women aren’t going to watch Westerns. Women want mostly soaps and drama. And most men, even the heavily feminized men here in Canada, aren’t really going to find a feminist Western appealing to them… as hot as the lead women might be.
          From the description of “Strange Empire” on IMDB:
          “A fateful meeting in 1869 Alberta-Montana border country leads to tragedy, a struggle for survival and the search for justice and renewal. STRANGE EMPIRE is a Western whose heroes are women.”

      2. Women fight to defend the children when the perimeter of men defending the women fails for some reason.
        They do not fight like men, they fight like the cornered cats they effectively are.

    2. I also lol’d at the difference in fighting: male Viking vs. male Englishman -> bloody sword fighting going directly for the kill. female Shieldmaiden vs. male Englishman -> Englishman does his damndest to punch her with his fists and sword HILT. Can’t have any of our brave and strong women being treated just like men and getting killed, gotta protect them even in the midst of a normal bloody fight.

    3. Female warrior nonsense. Nothing in the Sagas nor the Sayings of the Vikings or even archeology bears this out. It’s the trope of the day, that’s all.

    4. I quit watching the series after I saw that shit. I go to the history channel for history, not fiction.

  14. I saw a doc on the Greenland vikings. When their ability to feed themselves was failing, the evidence suggests no consumption of fish, even though they were highly available.

    1. They didn’t have very good netmaking materials, (wool nets suck) and fishing poles were not in their technology tree.

  15. When I saw the picture I hoped the story would be “What You Can Learn About Being a Man From LARPing.”
    Now THAT would have been both controversial and provoking.

  16. Let’s not forget about Wagner’s Ring Cycle–‘Der Ring des Nibelungen,’ which was loosely based on Norse Sagas. This four-part epic is one of the great contributions to Romanticism.
    Here’s a snippet, which is one of my favorite renditions of Siegfried’s Funeral March (Thielemann is great here, however in the end, Karajan is still my favorite conductor):

  17. The descendants of Vikings ought to take a lesson from their ancestors right about now, get a grip on their women, and stop their feminized bullshit from infecting the rest of the world

  18. im curious to ask, What is the origin of europeans? from what i heard we came from eastern europe.

    1. Europeans came from two mountain ranges in Europe, the Caucus and Ural mountains

  19. Ok I stop you right there. The fierce warrior BS has been debunked many times. Vikings weren’t very good warriors. In fact, they got systematically crushed when facing an organized army led by a real leader. However, they were smart enough to pick their battles and their targets. They noticed for example that the best time to raid a big city was on Sunday, when most of the inhabitants were in the church.
    They also did a lot of damages in France when the French king (Charles the bald) was struggling against the Bretons (the Vikings attacked both and even fought a couple of battles with the Bretons).
    Basically, Vikings were opportunistic merchants that could switch to “pillage and plundering mode” quickly if they felt like they could get away with it.

    1. All true as far as I’ve read on the subject.
      I’ll take the Seljuk or Ottoman Turks as a better example.

  20. This is a wonderful article.
    As for why the Greenland colony faltered in the 16th century, clearly the reason in my mind would be because of the mini-ice age which swept across Europe and the World at that time.
    And, scientific evidence shows that we might be headed for another mini-ice age at the moment.
    We must FIGHT against leftist/warmist ideology like Norse Vikings.

    1. lol..Nah, I’d rather fight leftists and SJWs like a Mongol . Mounted archery, burning arrows, unfair battle tactics, scorched earth.

  21. sadly look at what the viking counties have become, leftist hellholes full of feminism

  22. I always tell people to read the havamal and to research the ways of older pagan warrior cultures. It’s amazing how much of what they say still rings true today. Also check out the book of the five fings.

  23. The more I read about Vikings, the more impressed I am with them, men willing to risk it all for what they wanted. There is a great book of historical fiction called The Long Ships that you can find ironically on thepiratebay. Read it now.

  24. Modern Scandinavian men are the exact opposite of their forefathers the Vikings.What a puff of shame it has become.

  25. Vikings wtf? I really wonder if people are going to write articles like this about ISIS in 1,500 years.

    1. Dude, don’t compare the Vikings to ISIS.
      It’s not just historically inaccurate, but morally wrong.
      When reading about the Vikings, you gotta’ remember who wrote it. i.e. The people who got their asses kicked.

  26. You forgot a couple pertinent lines from the Havamal.
    “Never trust what a maiden tells you.
    Nor count any woman constant.
    Their hearts are turned on a potter’s wheel,
    their minds are made to change.”
    “I saw a man stabbed so deeply
    by a wicked woman’s words
    her deceitful tongue was death to him
    yet all she said was a lie”
    A bit misogynistic for my tastes, but I have to admit there’s some truth there.

  27. They were also filthy pagan homosexual savages. Thor and Loki both cross-dressed, like the degenerates they are. They were a pathetic society, and were rightfully exterminated. If you wish to admire a warrior, choose the Knights Templar Crusaders, who took the Holy Land back. DEVS VVLT

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