Syrian “Refugees” Fake Passports And Illnesses To Get Maximum Government Benefits

Dutch reporter Harald Doornbos recently purchased a very high quality Syrian passport for just $825, using the photograph of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The whole process took just over a day and a half, commencing with a simple phone call to the fake passport producer. Casting aside, however difficult, the incredible opportunity that the fake passport industry gives to terrorists, it represents a bonanza, too, for millions of future migrants.

The cost of fake documents equates to only a week or half a month’s worth of potential welfare as “refugees” in high-income European countries like Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. The projected return on investment for many people aspiring to suck at European’s prodigious social security teats would be astounding. And sadly, the fake passport producer Doornbos dealt with is only one of many. Many tailor their prices to particular buyers, especially for customers keen to haggle and after manufacturing equipment has paid for itself in the first days and weeks of increased operation.

Using Rutte’s photo and fair complexion would obviously raise eyebrows at any border checkpoint (assuming the EU can even marginally police its periphery, which has been proven to be grossly false) but it is a brilliant way to virally show how easily migrants can assume identities taken as Gospel truth by self-hating European governments and SJWs.

Fake asylum claims have been going on years

So if Britain lets these people in to determine their asylum claims, how many will actually be sent back?

In the case of just one couple using fake identities to claim asylum in Britain, they were able to steal £134,438 (around $200,000 USD in October 2015) worth of welfare payments over just half a decade. The retort you would expect from SJWs, that this happens rarely, is nothing but a smokescreen for the fact that investigating authorities substantially lack the resources to test the veracity of asylum seekers’ identities, let alone the claims for asylum they make.

Determination of an asylum claim rarely raises questions of how the individual is threatened or faces persecuted. Broad brush arguments like being a member of a minority are immediately invoked, with little appreciation of personal context. And the person claiming asylum is the one who reaps the underlying economic rewards of entry to a welfare system that mollycoddles them ad infinitum.

Better yet, the culture of “let them all in” disregards how asylum seekers have that funny habit of crossing incessantly into new countries until they find one with a particularly large welfare teat. They don’t stop in Greece, Italy, Serbia, or Croatia, states which either have smaller welfare states or more hostile (read: common sense) attitudes to uninvited, illegally-entering foreigners.

It’s not just about the deception of fake passports

Mike Cernovich and others have highlighted the fact that migrants to Europe are already being coached to feign illness. The internet is replete with other examples of how Western do-gooders are abetting non-lawful and oftentimes criminal exaggerations and falsifications of asylum seeker narratives.

European elites like to avoid proper conjecture on why hundreds of thousands are entering Europe (I guess those sub-Saharan looking asylum seekers are Syrian as well?), preferring to believe the fairytale that people only come if they have no choice. But the promise of generous and constant welfare payments has nothing at all to do with it, they say.

Not only do these economic migrants have the desire and ability to craft a favorable story to try and get (for them) a positive outcome, they are increasingly armed with low-cost but sophisticated means of achieving it. From lorry trucks delivering payloads of human cargo, which travel with impunity 99.9% of the time due to European Union states having open borders with one another, to the fake passport industry, there has been no better time to come to Europe with an unsubstantiated claim for asylum.

A true refugee can stop in the first safe country they arrive in

Want to stop a population’s on-the-street anger about immigration from reaching critical mass? Call them “Nazis”, as has happened to hundreds of thousands of Greeks who have supported Golden Dawn over the last five years.

SJWs and European elites are high on rhetoric and low on evidence and facts. We see this time and time again in areas as diverse as “rape culture” hysteria, invented allegations of Western racism and the promotion of obesity to obtain so-called self-esteem for all. What is left in the dust regarding the present European migrant crisis is a) why non-Western (i.e. non-European) countries around the world are doing nothing and getting away with it, and b) why apparent refugees do not stop their trek at the point at which they are safe from harm.

These issues will not be answered by our opponents because they force a complete rethink on why Europe is somehow obligated to house entire nations of human beings in the first place. Saudi Arabia? No. Japan? No. Korea? No. But the West? Open your borders or you’re inveterate fascist-racists who institutionalize global oppression.

Europe is now the toilet expected to flush every problem in the world. The problem is, there’s no plumber that can fix what will become of this sick continent in a decade or so.

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116 thoughts on “Syrian “Refugees” Fake Passports And Illnesses To Get Maximum Government Benefits”

  1. Maybe I need a Syrian passport to continue my NEET lifestyle which right now consists of welfare and trying to apply for Autism bux.

    1. already fail. you said “trying to apply for autism bux”
      As soon as you TRY you are kicked out of neet lifestyles.

        1. correct….however…trying is for people who aren’t entitled to things. They should just have shit handed to them. Their mantra is “BECAUSE I’M MEEEEEE”

    2. I had to look up NEET, I’d never heard it before.
      NEET: Not in Education, Employment, or Training
      Impressed: 1/10
      Rolled Eyes: 8/10
      Shakin’ Mah Head: 9/10

      1. Yeah, it was mentioned in some article I read a while back. Can’t remember if it was here or somewhere else. I remember just staring at the computer screen with a perplexed look.

        1. Totally OT:
          Dude claims autism. I was only vaguely familiar with this, as we didn’t have “autistic” kids much in my day (though I’m certain somebody, somewhere was). As far as I can see it is apparently something that was really rare in the past, but which has grown exponentially and not just due to improved diagnostic techniques. It occurs due to early stage brain development issues (no causes noted though) And of course, it affects boys disproportionately more than girls.
          Wondering if any of this might tie back to The Pill being in the water supply? Or something else?
          Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify around 1 in 68 American children as on the autism spectrum–a ten-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years. Careful research shows that this increase is only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness. Studies also show that autism is four to five times more common among boys than girls. An estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States.
          ASD affects over 3 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of
          millions worldwide. Moreover, government autism statistics suggest that prevalence rates have increased 10 to 17 percent annually in recent years. There is no established explanation for this continuing increase,although improved diagnosis and environmental influences are two reasons often considered.

        2. apparently,
          there has been a 600% increase in the last two decades…
          from 2007-2009 it went from 1 in 150 to 1 in 110, at this rate…..half the people YOU know will have it …by 2030
          in 1995 1 in 500…

        3. It’s because females don’t care about their offspring’s health anymore. They are too busy riding the carousel when young and than, at age 35 or later, DADA…another autistic or mongoloid child is born.
          At least mommy had fun and was freeeeeee.

        4. You think so? Because women drank in the normal course of pregnancy, and smoked, prior to Millenials, who are the Autistic demographic it appears. No damage done. It’s got to be something more environmental I’d think, since it occurs due to early brain development issues.

        5. Yeah, it is crazy. I seem to remember that every school had that one kid who was really fucked up and maybe a few morons. Effect of the pill? Water? Both possible. It is also possible that the moment the kid doesn’t feel like sitting still in class, you know the way every single kid in the history of the world feels in the 3rd grade, the parents rush them to some quack who diagnoses them autistic and sells them a bill of goods. The prophecy is self fulfilling because since the kid is treated like a retard that is what he grows into.
          Again, i am sure there are as many reasons as there are retards.

        6. I think continuous use of mobile phones and computers before pregnancy is leading to a substantial increase in autism as mutations occur due to electromagnetic forces that these devices give out. Likewise, I think the over-exposure to these devices when kids are young, increases autism as a result of purely environmental/social factors.
          There’s always been the village idiot throughout human history (often they were sociable and eccentric), but, I must admit that the type and quantity of them is increasing exponentially these days.

        7. Yeah, pre 1980s mommies gobbled them Virgina Slims cigarettes(Youve come a long way, baby).
          How many chemicals were rubber-stamped in the 70s bc their ingredients were deemed “proprietary”?

        8. My theory on why autism rates are increasing is because more women are having children in their late 30s and 40s

        9. Easy. Post-wall bipolar/BPD women on antidepressants + alcohol getting impregnated as a result from excessive carousel riding (add telegony to the mix, plus the odd std), with a side order of some pathological condition transmissible from cats to humans.

        10. My own 2 cents on this whole autism/aspergers thing is that (as autism allegedly affect boys more than girls and as these boys often exhibit expertise in areas females usually suck at) it’s actually an attempt by feminists to marginalize men that are good at stuff that females suck at.
          It would be just like a femcunt to pathologize anyone that is better than them at something (especially if that person is male).
          And so this is the reason why any male child these days that exhibits the slightest bit of eccentricity is immediately labeled as autistic or aspergers.
          The kids haven’t changed at all.
          It’s the mental health field that’s changed (has become almost entirely female dominated so go figure).

        11. The Unabomber famously said, “human beings with technology is like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine”

        12. The unabomber… ‘ol Ted Kaczynski. His assertions he made in what… 1993 are panning out right before our eyes. He did manage to secure a nice retirement plan for himself. Life sentence in a prison with food and electricity.

        13. Research autism and aging males. Especially males 35 +- there are other paternal age- related disorders as well. If you are nearing thirty five or so and childless- a man might wanna consider freezing his sperm. Also I work in drug rehabilitation. So MANY autistic children from drug addicted parents. Most of the mothers were below thirty. Of course the multiple vaccinations might play a role.

      2. It’s not bad. I don’t have to worry about hygiene or maintaining friends. I’m hoping to save up enough NEETbux to buy a prostitute one day, assuming she isn’t completely repulsed by me, as most people are.

        1. It reads like “/r9k/” spillover after the Oregon shootings stirred things up at a certain Chinese cartoon board that was, until recently, owned by a cuck.

        2. I guess when you have tendies, you don’t need to make sense. heh

        3. Could be it, I’m betting it’s more in the category of all ROK people are “virgin, basement-dwelling, small-dicked, misogynist, racist, middle-aged losers etc., etc.” thing and is trolling with the intent the account is more a parody of the users here.
          Creativity: 3
          Derivativeness: 9
          Condescension: 7
          Effiminism: 8
          Truth: 0

        4. The pathetic thing is, I get the vibe that the dude is trolling whilst describing his bona fide situation, kind of like douchebag comedians such as “Woody” Allen.

        5. The kid misspelled “tendencies”, as in same-sex attraction action interfered with and impeded by severe masturbation addiction.

  2. The Quaran permits a Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim under certain circumstances. Of course it is up to the Muslim to determine if those circumstances exist.

    1. Europe is not facing a refugee crisis, but a Hijrah. Hijrah, jihad by emigration, is to move to a new land in order to take Islam there. Hijrah is to emigrate for the cause of Allah. In Islam, Hijrah is considered to be a highly meritorious act. The Quran declares: “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations in abundance.”

        1. There seems to be a delusion among leftists that even without maintaining demographic hegemony, their country will remain liberal regardless of who and how many immigrate. In their eyes, the historical examples of the Byzantines being overrun by the Turks, and the Coptic Christians even today being persecuted in Egypt, have no bearing on the discussion. The way things are going, only another bloody Reconquista can undo what they have wrought in Europe.

        2. Why would they see the demographic issue as a problem? How could immigrants not love SJW and their liberal values etc…remember too, that the majority of young pre 30 something girls who are SJW have never visited, let alone, lived in any of these places where the immigrants are coming from. As you say, they are delusional…but also very devious and dangerous.

        3. You’re right. The new ruling class won’t be so tolerant. The SJDubs are completely blind to it. There is no “social justice” with sharia.

        4. They seem to think they will still have a say even when whites are a minority in their own countries, because minorities have a say in white-majority countries. Its unbelievably stupid.

        5. I agree. It’s akin to being in a plane and being somehow incapacitated in your seat while you watch a bunch of kids in the cockpit saying they know what they’re doing- while you see a big mountain looming right ahead and the ground proximity alarm calling out….still despite the danger they fly right into the mountain because they know better than everyone else. The moral: no amount of evidence or objective warnings can convince ideological driven SJWs. They’re myopic and have lost all sense of situational/external awareness, which is the key relation to a reference point that allows a pilot to get his bearings and navigate.

        6. The immigrant’s will not have much to agree with sjw’s about when it comes to the discussion on sexuality, gender etc…
          When transgender citizens start getting thrown off of roofs the sjw’s might start to think they should have listened to Trump….

    2. That’s such BS. You should only lie to people when it serves your advantage in position, money or sex.

  3. Passports are a symptom of a larger problem, that is, European nations and the nations that the colonized (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are far too altruistic with their cultures. They no longer recognize what an invasion looks like, as long as the invaders don’t have their scimitars drawn. There should be no passport question, because Europe should *NOT* be letting their so called “leaders” admit millions of the hordes of mostly military aged young men into their nations.

    1. “are far too altruistic ”
      the economy is already wrecked in europe, these people will not be able to compete economically with natives of the countries they enter who already speak the language, are already educated etc…
      to make matters worse for these migrants, germans are historically, the highest-IQ european stock, and these migrants unfortunately are reported to have an iq of 80 which is 3rd world, going to germany from a stupid and poor country is like getting thrown in a ring with no experience, they will need severe special privilege to be employed
      Germany thinks that welfare is temporary with these people and that it’s an investment to give them welfare like 20,000 a year to eventually make tax-payers out of them
      there is a very high-tech police state making it difficult for them to get away with any crime and they are going to learn very fast when they break the rules in a western country what happens to them,
      these people have been sold a big lie about european paradise,
      welcome to europe, land of the sausage fest, high cost of living, bad unemployment and 1 million barriers to entry to get anywhere,
      once they realize how expensive everything is in europe, and how they can’t get away with fuck all in the west , they will be RUNNING back to their countries
      Welfare does NOT keep up with the cost of living over-time, so enjoy being poor in europe, with severe laws
      if they dont already hate whites before they enter, they certainly will soon =D
      europe does not need you ,go home! fuck off

      1. Or, as in Sweden, they start throwing hand grenades and raping the women wholesale.

      1. Europe is under siege by its own elites. The invaders are a proxy army, useful idiots for the cause. Whatever that may be.

        1. I’d say all of Europe. Norway probably is the only country left that has no economical issues (because of their oil reserves)…but they do have a huge problem with leftism up there.
          Otherwise, E.U. and all of the EE countries are pretty down right now. Some more (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria), some less.
          From an economical point of view Germany is still very strong but considering their immigration policy, this will be over soon. They will need billions of Euros for social benefits and for the police and health system.

        2. Germany has a huge surplus and £6 billion is nothing for them
          France? They have their industry and engineering on point and their economy is going well
          England and Wales? The economy is fine here! Believe it or not, there are jobs here
          Scotland, NI? They’ll be in shit without England funnelling cash into them
          Italy? If they collected half the taxes they are owned and manage to collect some cash from the mafia,they’ll probably break even. People tend to forget that Italy has a few car brands, clothing giants and many more to keep them afloat. Corruption is the main issue.
          Poland, Hungary, Baltic Countries, Romania and Bulgaria? well they were communist and they are in shit but they seem not to crumble like Greece,Portugal or Parts of Spain.
          Ireland? They have the lowest taxes in the EU, therefore most US tech giants are based there.

        3. I’m being non-specific but I know that Spain, Italy, and Greece for example are strapped financially and demographically. I can’t speak for all the other European countries although I know things like Germany has a negative population growth rate despite their relatively higher wealth (i.e., feminism).

        4. In term of demographics you’re right, Germany is in trouble, Mediterranean countries even more and their older generations live longer because they lead a healthy lifestyle. Britain on the other hand, doesn’t face the same demographic problem, many people my age already have like two kids already.
          London’s minority white British inhabitants is the one which is pushed forward by right wing leaning media to stir shit up but the rest of the UK is having too many kids (believe it or not).
          EE is even worse.They don’t have kids and the youth emigrates en mass.

        5. I think todays economy in Europe and North America is just a fake house of cards seconds away from crumbling. All our politicians do is nothing but keeping everything artificially alive (with the help of made up numbers and statistics and credit rating agencies). They ran out of real ideas a long time ago.
          Prosperity can’t go on and grow forever, it has it’s natural limits and we are close.

        6. Norway has a double advantage they have quietly enjoyed for years….
          Vast oil reserves and a tiny population.
          Most of the country is uninhabited. If you stick a flag pole in the ground, oil comes out.
          They are laughing.
          Fucking cold mind…

        7. No economy is fine at the moment.
          I speak with some of the most elite personalities on this issue.
          We are headed for an enormous collapse.
          One moment all clear.
          Blink, close your eyes, open them and the very fabric of reality will be in recession.
          The UK economy is not fine because there are jobs there.
          It is not fine at all.
          I’m told shit hits the fan this side of the year. lets see. But it WILL happen – even the mainstream are starting to let slip and/or cotton on.

        8. Exactly.
          We have also built a financial system on ridiculous dynamics.
          You used to have to apply for a credit card. If you were a CEO, maybe Amex would send you an offer.
          Now, as soon as a girl starts her period or a boy grows some pubes banks are sending them credit cards with crazy offers of credit.
          How did we ever end up having to print money from thin air!

        9. Available jobs don’t mean anything. There are lots of jobs all over Europe but people can’t do them because they’re the shitty, poorly paid jobs a normal man can’t afford his everyday needs with (look at rent prices). To be honest, I totally support this kind of attitude. Why work when nothing comes out in the end? Pay more and you get your workers, no question about it.

    2. Yes, indeed. What is it going to take for people to realize that these leaders do not care about their own citizens (including the U.S.).
      Money (taxpayer money) is sent overseas for whatever (pick a reason), jobs are sent overseas and now the E.U. (plus U.S.) are taking in too many of these so called “refugees”. At some point, people need to realize that their own government has turned on them. These so called leaders should now be considered an enemy of the people and the state.
      Hungary has the right plan, build a wall and defend your border. Regardless of war or peace, a nation should always defend it’s borders.

      1. Did 9/11 not demonstrate to you that the US government has well and truly turned on the US people?
        Or at least that criminal elements within the government could do so with impunity and immunity should they so wish…?
        the US has been a failure for a good while now. The place is a laughing stock when you look at recent history.
        Can’t believe the people still vote there.

        1. Oh, I’ve been around for awhile. Vietnam showed me what was possible regarding our government and how little it cares about “the people”.

    3. Would be a good policy to make all military age young male immigrants have to serve 4 years in the army of the host nation who will train them up and send them to fight ISIS to get their country back… if nothing else, they earn their keep and are not in the host nation potentially being ISIS plants…
      Actually, I wonder how many young men who love their home country of Syria refuse to flee but instead join the army and fight for their home…?
      Makes you wonder how many of these young guys think about their home country…?
      I mean, if there was a civil war in the US, can you see yourself fleeing or staying to fight the position you agree with?

  4. ISIS are apparently in disarray only 72 hours after the Russians engaged with them directly. This is the first real military force they’ve encountered and already there are 600 European ISIS “mercenaries” who are fleeing Syria to get back to the comfort of their infidel homes in Britain and Sweden. ISIS fighters and supporters should never be allowed to resettle in any European country. Hopefully, the Spetsnaz will exterminate most of them in the field.
    Also, makes you wonder, what if anything the allied forces were doing against ISIS over the last year, if they’re in reality so weak. When the history books are written the current president will not come out whiter than white regrading his dishonestly, hypocrisy and cynicism on this issue. He’s a disgrace to your nation.

    1. He might come out that way even though it would represent him in a manner that is far from the truth. Imagine the “history” we might already be accepting without question that’s been manipulated to favor one side.

      1. He’s a failure. He’s been weak, duplicitous and deceitful . He’s diminished the standing of the USA in the international community.
        Russia saw this early on. Trump (despite some reservations) is the only person who can restore some creditably to America. Himself and Putin will get on like a house on fire, they’re both men who made themselves from scratch, built empires and have values. They’ll respect each other, even when they differ.

        1. Exactly, I laugh when the news media asks Trump something like “How can you be sure you can deal with Putin”. It’s obvious idiot, they both have balls of steel. Meanwhile the mulatto is out chasing “global warming”

        2. Trump should run with Dan Cathy. They’d make a great tag team. Cathy is a businessman (COO of ChickFilA) and trad Baptist who is known for putting his mouth where his beliefs lie in the past. Trump with his chips and Cathy with his loyal cult following. Go for it all. ”get a chicken sammitch, don’t gripe don’t ‘beep’ ” . . .

        3. Bluster and chest-beating bravado doesn’t preserve an empire. Prudent policy does. If Trump were president, Putin might back down just a bit as a tactical retreat, because all he’d have to do would be to hang back while the American Empire self-destructs.
          Trump didn’t make anything from scratch. He inherited 200 million bucks.

        4. Prudent policy. In international relations the United States has an abysmal track record when it comes to foreign intervention. Look at Chile and Argentina, only after the american backed juntas in both countries failed did a normal civic society return. Why don’t you learn from the brits i.e keep out of the affairs of other sovereign nations, you’ve no more business to be in the middle east in a military capacity as China or Russia would in Mexico. I like a lot of what american was founded on, but, you need to revise the interventionist role in all types of regional disputes that’s been the driving force in US foreign policy since the 1950s. It’s neither prudent or wise.
          Trump…yeah I’d have reservations too, but….anyway in the land of the free are there no true portraits left in public life? probably not?

        5. Hey… don’t forget the mulatto boy wonder is also out there doing everything he can for LGBTOMGWTF rights.
          To say he is a disgrace to this nation would be a gross understatement.

    2. “ISIS are apparently in disarray only 72 hours after the Russians engaged with them directly.”
      Heh, no Mujahideen are they.

      1. Fedgov wanted air superiority in the region so there was no way those accidental weapons drops contained anything to stop Russian air power.

        1. Tough guys hey. I said it before, you can’t negotiate and make deals that will be honored by other Arabic groups who happen to be the US’s lesser enemy today. I can’t believe that this has been the US policy against ISIS over the last year. Arabs will always play one power off another, you cannot take anything they say with credence. The only thing that has stopped the ISIS insanity is might and force, not, lukewarm appeasement that Obama used. Arabs only respect force, that’s the way they’re made.

    3. ISIS is a tool of US fedgov and its allies foreign policy objectives and to serve as a boogieman for domestic policies. This explains the way ISIS has been “fought” and the accidental equipment drops and so on.
      Knowing this is it would not be surprising if Russia routed them quickly. It’s not like fedgov would allow them to be too strong, certainly not strong enough to fight off the Russian military.

      1. Well said. Spot on. I can’t believe that it has taken the West so long to pick up on the usual pattern of Western involvement in the Middle East.

        1. The West, especially the US, is too burned out from a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Russians are tanned, rested, and ready. And they enjoy a good fight.

        2. Putin’s timing I think has more to do with shitting all over Western leaders.
          I’m in the UK. The Express news paper is calling Putin a hardman president who makes ISIS fear for their lives for good reason. They are really singing his praises – AND THIS IS A BRITISH NEWSPAPER!
          I cannot remember the last time a UK prime minister was talked about like that by our press. Now they talk abut a Russian leader this way. Incredible.
          Putin basically has pulled his enormous dick out, forced Cameron and Obama to get there little peckerwoods out, and had western journalists photo the dick line up.
          “Do you see Westerners? your leaders have been lying to you and bullshiting you for centuries, sing the praises of a true leader who will liberate you from Jihadists without breaking a sweat”.
          Putin not only has devastated ISIS in one week, but he also played the Western press like puppets on string and has totally outmanoeuvred Western politicians and media.
          It started with Ukraine…

    4. “Also, makes you wonder, what if anything the allied forces were doing against ISIS over the last year”
      Oh dude have you been under a rock?
      The allied forces have been protecting their investments over in Syria…

      1. Lad, you’re a smart one. I see we’re back in the world of the immoral imperative. Investments in Syria! Can you describe some of the allied investments in Syria please.

        1. Don’t buy that they were directly funded by the US. The leakage is far too obvious for that. ISIS grew because of wiping out other groups that were funded directly by the US plus the general light touch approach Obama used was not helpful.

        2. I’m saying ISIS are a US ‘asset’ in Syria whatever the back story.
          They are not a faction the US has any major interest in getting rid of as they could have done so within a week as demo’d by Russia.

        3. A fast depreciating asset I would say. I don’t think the allied forces actually thought the proxy strategy out initially. I think the cards just fell that way over the last 6 months and they ran with it. The rapid Russian intervention completely blind sided the allied forces, as it effectively has blown to pieces their cover story. Obama will have a lot of carp on his face when the dust settles.

  5. well to be fair, getting the real passport is a pain in the ass and they can choose to not give it for any stupid reason and still keep your money……instead of sorting out the matter

    1. A breath of fresh air has been coming lately.
      You have probaly seen this allready but if not here you go

      1. she got arrested for it. Its was on world star like 2 weeks ago I think. no pussy pass unless you a white dyke with neon hair mybe

      2. Seeing her in the squad car is a bit bittersweet. It takes the might of three different branches of fed flack jackets to put her in zip tie bracelets? Reeally? I think if you look closely out towards the horizon of the 45 sec. video, you can see 52.5 or so illegal ‘terrorists’ just snuck across the border. Where are america’s ‘finest’ (snick) men in blue, I’m sorry, I meant ‘men in ‘black’ bomber jackets, doc martens, and helmets with bug shields, belts full of flash bangs and ghetto buster with mag lite slung over shoulder’? Hmmm? Where are they at?
        Of course they are where they’re expected. Delivering FPO’s and restraining orders against dads and depatriarching trad households at a mile a second like they were stormtroopers on speed or something. Or they’re busy providing backup for local Leo’s and deputies as strongarm support collecting petty amounts of delinquent child support blood money. It is all so bittersweet. The same cops that give token service on the ‘terrorist’ lady no doubt racked up a kill count of ten families meanwhile and at least as many dads forcibly separated from their children. ‘WWPD’? (What would Putin do?)
        I find the black bitch repulsive. Even my white bitch says she’d slap that bitch if she saw her. She’d ”’knock the black off of her” so she claims. But the ‘anti terrorism jedi knights’?? haha. What does it really take? Come on. Well all right, all right I’ll get the popcorn and watch the court hearing. And vodka. It will make the evening less bittersweet.

        1. People need to be aware that the government could use this new branch of FBI (JTTF) Joint Terrorism Task Force to press it’s own citizens. This potential move (group) reminds me of the KGB in the former Soviet Union. This group has increased, 4 times in size, since before 9-11 in 2001.
          This force could be called in on anything that they perceive as a ‘domestic terrorist’ threat to investigate. I’m wondering how we are going to have any transparency with this new group when we can’t even get it with all of the other agencies out there in our government (who are supposed to work for us and protect us). This, in my opinion, will be another group that will be let out (to do whatever) and they’ll make up the law “as we go along”.

        2. If there could only be transparency. The old saying that government doesn’t have to have cover ups. AND WHY? Because government is so massive, over reaching and oversized that any graft or conspiracies simply cover themselves up.

  6. As Putin is kicking terrorist asses in Syria right now, I expect a lot of these terrorists to give up and go to Europe as “refugees”.

    1. I didn’t think about that. You’re right, patriote.
      But don’t need to panic, It would just add more to a many…

    2. No they won’t. ISIS straddles the Syria-Iraq border. They will just flee to Iraq and refocus for a bit, just like ISIS has done whenever one side of the border has become unbearable for it.
      Not that it’s implausible that Putin might intervene in Iraq too, possibly even invited by the Iraqi government. That would allow it to finally sever its last ties with the US government. Imagine a Russia-aligned Shia Bloc of Syria, Iraq and Iran.

  7. Ah, so some people fake it to get into the country. As it happens, so did Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I wonder, how many of the self-proclaimed defenders of Western civilization here hold that against her?

    1. I think we can live with a handful of fakes, especially if they’re otherwise law abiding. But the numbers now entering Europe are quite staggering. 1.5 million migrants might enter Germany this year alone.

  8. And meanwhile they are protected from any criticism by the likes of a certain Anetta Kahane (Not German) worked for the East German Stasi who as been funded to set up a anti-free speech cabal on ((FaceBook))

  9. The real question here is why hasn’t tom petty been called. They don’t, after all, have to live like a refugee.

  10. In Canada we’ve had to deal for decades with these immigrant interlopers. Arrive at a Canadian airport, declare refugee status and out comes the welfare red carpet.
    The Canadian Government spends millions on free healthcare to visitors from foreign countries. Arrive, get ill, go to the hospital, get open heart surgery and use the bill as toilet paper.
    Go to any predominantly immigrant area of the Greater Toronto Area and count the limping cane carrier pyjama wearing brown skinned disability claimants.

  11. “Europe is now the toilet expected to flush every problem in the world”
    yeah europe is a big leftist shit and it begins to smell so much, it is becoming uncomfortable for non-leftist european themselves

  12. Throughout history, Islam has invaded Europe. This is just another form. Islam does not and will not permit a secular government allowing for freedom of religion.
    Bye, Bye Europe.

    1. Muslims could say the same about Europe or Christianity. If you extend the concept of “invasion” to mean whatever that feels like an intrusion, they could identify plenty of things as invasions against them.

  13. This would be a non-issue if eligibility for welfare was made conditional on either citizenship, a minimum period of residence, a minimum cumulative amount of work done, or a minimum cumulative amount of taxes paid.
    Until then, they can live in barrack housing and be fed by soup kitchens, and get just the cheapest most basic healthcare. If they really are as desperate to flee war as they say, they should regard that as a massive improvement.

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