4 Reasons Liberalism Is A Cult

The American Presidential election looms ever closer, with the liberal candidate Hillary Clinton seeming to still win the (rigged?) polls despite ever increasing scandals. I want to use today’s space to examine some of the apparent inconsistencies of the left, the underlying motivations of their views, and how those views are fundamentally incompatible with the ideas of us here at Return Of Kings.

Modern liberalism, or leftism if you prefer, possesses several contradictions that make it seem logically impossible to hold all their ideas at one time in your head without suffering from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance. Whether it be simultaneously embracing the gay rights movement and feminism while having sympathy for fundamentalist Muslims, or how you can be for gun control to save all the toddlers who were lucky enough to survive your pro-abortion policies, any liberal platform point is so weak that any rational person sees his point made and won with no effect at all; the lefty simple rattles on to their next talking point without having the good sense to know that they lost.

How can someone have an unreasonable political philosophy that is self-defeating and irrational and still hold their head up as a person of sense? They can’t, and the reason that they appear to do so is because we are mistaking modern day liberalism as a movement of rational thought and philosophy.

It’s not. It’s a religion. More accurately, it’s a cult. Here are four hallmark behaviors of the liberal that are cult-like.

1. They “feel” instead of think

Rational thought is what sets humanity apart from the beast; we are born significantly premature to allow our oversized brains out of the womb. Using tools and critically perceiving our surroundings and making rational decisions is what allowed us to dominate larger animals and survive and flourish over thousands of years.

Liberals don’t think; thinking leads to examination of yourself and the world, and if you don’t like what you see, you will feel bad about yourself, and liberals don’t like feeling bad. While the rational way to deal with feeling bad would be to improve yourself and feel good about your successes, liberals would rather feel good by ignoring their situation, which is one reason why marijuana use is so popular with the left.

This is why many liberal arguments make no sense. Liberals agree that one should not feed wild animals in a park lest they become dependent on artificial aid, yet they have no issue giving money and food to bums in person, nor do they have any issue with even the most exorbitant welfare programs.

It is about FEELING. A liberal feels good when he gives money to a homeless person, even though that money might keep the homeless person in complacency instead of finding the will to better themselves. Writ large, the liberal feels good about their taxes supporting welfare programs and really good about your taxes being used for welfare programs as well.

Liberals are pro-illegal immigration, even though illegals commit much crime, because it feels good to help disadvantaged brown people, and it assuages their institutionalized white guilt. Liberals are pro-gun control, because it feels good to make guns the villains and make criminals victims as well. Liberals are pro-abortion because women that don’t have kids are in better physical shape than women who have had them, and it feels good to be hot, and you don’t have to feel bad when an abortion happens as the kid was not a person yet.

2. The only crime is not being liberal enough

Liberalism, being of a religious value, excuses everything. Running for President of the USA on a pro-woman ticket yet your husband is a rapist and you covered up for him? Not a problem, you two are liberals, and you’re excused since that makes you a good person.

How can Hillary Clinton attack Trump for the birther thing when she started it when campaigning against Obama? How can she criticize Trump’s comments to women when her husband’s acts against women are far worse and far more numerous? How can she consider Trump too reckless to have control over the nation’s nuclear weapons when she drops classified info about them on national television?

She’s a liberal and she is excused from all evil; he is not.

This sort of “for me, but not for thee” thinking is the bedrock of a cult. Everyone who lives in the USA as a citizen is supposed to be considered your fellow man; one nation under God. Hillary, with her infamous deplorables comment as a prime example, has shown that she is possibly the very first American Presidential candidate that hates a large segment of the populace of the country. Even Barack Obama values me for my tax revenue.

Compare this with the viciousness with which a liberal will turn on another liberal when they are not liberal enough. Any Bernie Sanders supporter will be able to attest to this. Truly, the only sin you can commit while liberal is not towing the party line hard enough. This is straight from any hard-core religion or cult’s manual on keeping the believers faithful.

3. Everything is pro-them

Once you look beyond the hypocrisy of their standards, you can see the hypocrisy of their stances. Wouldn’t it seem a little illogical to be pro-abortion, which murders little kids, but be pro-gun control, in order to protect these little kids? The only time the Democrats won’t use children in their campaign platforms is when they’re talking about abortion rights.

Liberals are pro-abortion because it gives them power and privilege to end their casual sex “oopsies” at any time they want. They’re pro-gun control because they don’t own guns, and if the only people who do are their obedient agents of the State’s power, then there won’t be any crime and the deplorables won’t be able to fight back against their statist programs. It doesn’t have anything to do with children at all; it’s all about what benefits them, and only them.

4. They want everyone to be like them, by force if necessary

Liberals fear independent thought, and so they hate the middle class. Rich people have so much money, and probably more than a little guilt to exploit, that they can be co-opted into the liberal cult easily and used for their money.

Everyone else, however, needs to be poor enough to be dependent on the liberal machine. The liberal view is that people need to be powerless, because, even if they are miserable, prosperity and happiness will be assured because the state will tell you that you are so and you will not be allowed to disagree.

What can you do?

You can’t reason with a fanatic. The greatest debates are had when there is either no proof, or there is, but one or more sides will simply not listen. We can extol conservative or libertarian values all day long and point out how they are backed up by reality, but, if they are blinded, they will not see.

If Trump wins, do not gloat to these people, for their machine will take a long time to dismantle, and even a headless snake is dangerous. If Clinton wins, do not lament around them either, for you merely mark yourself as a target.

The best thing to do is to get people of the left out of your life the best you can. Friendships can be stopped, and acquaintances through social activities can be distilled down to only interactions of that activity, though you should really ask yourself if a hobby that is shared with liberals is really worth keeping. Same thing with churches, although it is hard to find a church that is still traditional and not yet corrupted by feminism and liberalism.

Work will be a difficult one. We have covered being in a “man’s field” before, and that helps to a degree. Beyond that, simply not speaking with leftist coworkers other than necessary conversations for business should be your goal, and this will go double if you have one for a boss.


We’re in a transitory stage between reasonable and friendly disagreement and open physical violence being the norm. Open sabotage and various legal and illegal acts used by the left against their ideological foes is the order of the day.

We must be hard targets against the hate of the left, as there is nothing that a liberal hates more than a successful, middle-class, white, Christian, straight man. Do not allow them access to any vulnerabilities, but do not draw attention to yourself either. Great forces are at play during these current times, much can be accomplished by simply stepping out of the way at the right time.

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411 thoughts on “4 Reasons Liberalism Is A Cult”

  1. Fucking liberals. Here’s another line of reasoning that sums them up: So we have the media telling us who the good candidate is (Hillary), and we have the media telling us who the bad candidate is (Trump), and we have the media telling us the election is already over and Hillary will win, even though nobody goes to her rallies and Trump’s are overflowing. And we have the media pulling out as much slanderous material as they can possibly find (most of it fabricated), as they hurl it at Trump in unceasing fashion, while uttering barely a peep about Hillary’s shenanigans, which include sending classified emails over an unsecure server, using the Clinton Foundation to secure sweetheart government deals for wealthy donors, and being at least tangentially involved in the deaths of over 100 people.
    And yet, there are people out there (most of them liberals and SJWs), who still believe the media is fair and balanced, and its talking heads never lie. In my opinion, those people should be forced to undergo sexual sterilization, in order that they don’t reproduce. They should not be allowed to vote, as they are incapable of discernment. I’ll take that a step further and say that they should all be institutionalized, or given lobotomies. There, I got that out of my system. And I feel much better now.

    1. I’m not going to lie, the older I become, the more I agree with Robert Heinlein’s society in “Starship Troopers” where only veterans have full citizenship.

      1. I’m with you on that score. I have a buddy who is mildly retarded, for example. Nice guy, just didn’t get a fair shake when god was dealing out talent cards. And he votes. He’s a hardcore Democrat. There has to be a better way…

        1. Oh yes. I’ve known this guy for 20 years. Can’t read, for all intents and purposes. I’d put him at Kindergarten level, and I’m being generous. So he gets all his info from the television. Rode the short bus back in school, literally (Hitler). And he votes, and he shoots his mouth off constantly about how great the Democrats are. The guy should be in a home, but he’s out there, driving around, working, pretending he’s normal – just like liberals. And just like liberals, he is flat-out mentally ill. What can you do though…I mean. I don’t know.

        2. That guy is the kind of person that Liberals want to make everyone in America to be like. No independent thinking at all. Be controlled.

        3. They don’t even “want” to make people like that. They have no will. They are just automatons running around repeating the same (literally) oppressive slogans that were used on them too.

        4. I’m seeing the pattern. First it starts with the liberal indoctrination in schools. Then kiddos are encouraged to head off to a 4-year college where they’re put in huge sums of debt. They come out, struggle to find a job and are mired in crippling student loans.
          Now here comes ObamaCare. It’s dependent on young people contributing. They’re not. So now they’re going to spike “fines” in order to make young people cough up cash.
          This should be the moment where youngsters begin to question big government, right? But they won’t. As they can’t afford rent, student loans and the fines from ObamaCare … government is going to usher in Single Payer as the savior.
          This is clearly all a pattern of getting people to be controlled and dependent on Centralized Government.

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        6. At least he has a legitimate reason for being a liberal/democrat: he’s not all there mentally. Can’t say the same for most liberals I’ve ever known.

        7. Well, liberalism is a mental disorder. In fact, the left would prefer that we were all babbling, useful idiots regurgitating their propaganda. There should be a vaccine.

      2. “I agree with Robert Heinlein’s society in “Starship Troopers” where only veterans have full citizenship.” Agreed. Or at the very least only those voluntarily agreeing to be subject to military conscription. That would get the attention of the feminists.

        1. Fair enough. To clarify, one could choose to volunteer to be put into the draft system in case conscription were to be needed. In the US in which I live, we men are forced to register for Selective Service on pain of losing voting rights, losing federal student aid, and even facing imprisonment or fines. Our female peers, not at all, yet I have never once heard an American woman verbally acknowledge this inequality to me, much less thank me or any other man for enduring this second-class and often life-destroying treatment. Most of us know of our forefathers or uncles who have suffered from combat-related injuries or mental pathology.

      3. I’d extend it to those who worked in law enforcement, medical fields, fire and rescue, the emergency services and people who build solid infrastructure for the state. E.g. Housing, civil engineering projects. Basically anyone who has had to graft for 10 plus years.

        1. Have you been smoking crack? People who work for the State? The people actually creating, desiminating and enforcing the liberal laws we all hate so much?

        2. The majority are decent people and much more switched on than you think. Having seen first hand, police would try to negate the full impact of these liberal laws. Police don’t create the laws.
          I’m also suggesting that with this hypothesis they would have to be nominated and not automatically given the right to vote.

        3. Police don’t create the laws? Like how the Nazi concentration guards didn’t make the rules? That’s not an excuse. Every police offer knows what he’s getting into and that’s pushing people around.
          I have experienced first hand police pushing the law to the limit and beyond. I’m sorry but a police officer doesn’t deserve a damn thing. The State wouldn’t exist without people to work for it.

        4. Explain how modern policing is anywhere equivalent to guarding a concentration camp.
          Every police officer joined to push people around? Every? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?

        5. I think you already explained how modern policing is equivalent to guarding a concentration camp. It is essentially the same activity different only in scale and obviously the level of violence.
          Police spend virtually their entire day pushing people around. I suppose its conceivable a few of them joined for another reason (“to make a difference!”).

        6. Absolutely not, don’t twist my words. The onus is on you, who has come to a conclusion to outline the premises by which you came to the conclusion. Not me. Your argument is, currently, fatally flawed.

        7. You haven’t even delivered an argument – You’ve just emoted a starting opinion, without backing it up. Deliver an argument and then I’ll contest it.

        8. So what you’re saying is that my argument is flawed even though I haven’t delivered it. Clearly you are my intellectual superior since I am finding it impossible to follow your logic.

        9. Are you going to give your reasons why modern policing is the same as guarding a concentration camp or not?

        10. I think not.
          Let’s call it a day and hit the bar. I’ll get the first round but the second’s on you.

      4. I’ve been advocating for that for years. It’s about proof-of-stake (something usually spoken regarding crypto-currencies): Those who have stake (risking your life for the country counts) are the only ones who have say.
        It’s one of the reasons why the aristocracy during the Victorian Era flocked to the military: it was an unspoken social more that those who had stake in the nation (gentlemen and nobles) were the most obligated to fight for it. That, and glory, riches and stories to tell ladies back home.
        Those with no stake (ie: not paying taxes) should not have a say in how tax money is spent.

        1. Once upon a time “elites” did try to lead by example. But as democracy replaced monarchies and republics that came to an end.
          Democracies are about strip-mining the wealth of the population since nobody is ultimately accountable.

      5. So in order to have citizenship you have to join the regime’s military risking life and limb to support the very people who are oppressing you?
        I’m not sure that sounds like a good idea.

        1. Actually, military service only guaranteed citizenship. There were other ways to earn it (over time) if memory serves. The idea was that in order for a resident to be granted the franchise, he or she had to be invested one way or another.
          Heinlein’s thesis was that a society that was not virtuous enough to find enough volunteers to fight for it did not merit survival.

        2. The thesis as you have stated it sounds reasonable. I expect that the current US state will therefore implode since they will struggle to find volunteers as things progress. I for one, would not be fighting for Hillary’s military.

      6. how does serving the empire in it’s wars of foreign adventure for the benefit of the so-called elite mean anything? Some people wake up that way but some don’t and some wake up in other ways so that’s not a good reason. Some double down on believing in wars and so on.

      1. “I’m insane, look at me, my insanity matters, black lives matter, vaginal discharge matters, look at the butterfly, my tits are cold”, etc.

        1. I think this SJW chick is trying to get a profanity tirade out too…. but she’s struggling with some emotional gut cramp.

        2. ROK should market itself more.
          How about hiring a helicopter and airdropping hall of fame articles onto university campuses and gender studies units

        3. This video actually enrages me. It angers me knowing this female is going into huge sums of debt while the endless social justice bull shit and womyn’s studies on campus have made her absolutely deranged. Look at this shit. We have 18-22 year olds going into debt to become mentally ill by academia.

      2. They’re impossible to listen to. You could argue with them for hours and nothing will ever come out of it. They can’t even agree to disagree.

        1. It’s nearly impossible to watch this video simply due to the cunts talking over him about stupid LGBT pronouns. And of course their push for BIG Government legislation to make it easier to sue & silence anyone that crosses them.
          I have to think there’s plenty of good professors (like this guy) in disbelief over the present movement on next to every college campus to censor and silence language by these f-ing trans, feminist LGBT nut jobs.

        2. He’s already been talked to by the university administration to stop, and other professors have come out to “criticize his bigotry”!
          I’m actually happy about this particular SJW outrage. There has never been a more glaring example of just how cucked Canadian (specifically Ontario) political correctness is, and they haven’t yet encountered someone as educated and accredited as Dr. Jordan Peterson.
          I’ve been a fan of his calling this shit out for years and I couldn’t be happier than to see him challenge these institutions publicly like he is.
          I just hope it doesn’t hurt his career.

        3. Appreciate the video as I looked at few of the others with him. I like this guy a lot. I’m sure he never envisioned a day when arguing for freedom of thought in the Western Hemisphere would have him labeled as a nazi bigot with threats of censorship and perhaps even prison time should this madness press forward.

        4. I just tell them I’m not abandoning my family’s welfare because they called me a name, and then proceed to laugh at and call names. A lot of their power depends on other people buying their crazy premise at face value.

    2. “In my opinion, those people should be forced to undergo sexual sterilization, in order that they don’t reproduce”
      I don’t want to be a dick but then you could as well support abortion too. Let them abort themselves out of the gene pool.
      As an atheist I see no moral wrong with it, I don’t have that pro-life fetish that Christians do. It’s not like a fetus can actually regret not being born anyway, neither is it a “gift” when you are.

    3. There is coup in progress in the United States. Hillary has already been chosen because she is a neo-con and will continue the plan to convert the United States from a covert to overt dictatorship. This how Hillary stole the Democratic nomination and will steal the presidency, assuming she doesn’t die from her illness.

    4. In their minds, no one cares about politics, so turning on the tv and listening and blindly agreeing makes them more ‘informed’ than everyone else.

  2. “…as there is nothing that a liberal hates more than a successful, middle-class, white, Christian, straight man.”
    There is. A conservative or libertarian minority, especially a woman, is something the left hates most of all. Straight white men simply make up the biggest portion of their enemy’s ranks.
    Great article Luke.

    1. True. You can’t mention any support for conservative causes because of this all or nothing mentality of liberalism. Just mentioning conservative stances publicly makes you seem like a raving loon as opposed to someone with an opinion that is different.

      1. I pointed out that once to a guy I was arguing with regarding American intervention. “Whats with your faulty logic? If not A, than B. You seem to always revert back to that same form of logic no matter the topic. Life is a lttlle more complicated than that no matter how you simplify it for your understanding.”
        Bascially amounts to if you cannot save all cancer patients with your medicine instead of only some, than save none.

    2. Liberals, especially feminists, say that a woman can be whatever she wants to be in her life/career, and then lashes out against her for deciding to be a stay at home mom.

    3. More specifically, the left hates the loyal trad mother and spouse of the patriarch. They hate her more than a regular opinionated libertarian/conservative woman because she aids and abets in weaponizing the patriarch man. A loyal woman is like an accessory sidearm to her master. She provides backup support. A trad family unit that’s tight and where the woman is an unflinching servant to her patriarch man is very very dangerous to the corrupt system.
      A weak woman who whines and complains is what the system wants. A ‘CITIZEN SNITCH’ is what the system wants. A woman who will snitch on her man and who answers to the system first. The system wants your woman to be an unflinching consumer who is triggered by every boob tube advertizement and billboard. They want her loyalty towards them and not towards you.
      This is why women’s advocate groups turn very hard against women who flake out and run to shelters and then leave. To leave a feminist cult is like the hazing a gangmember must go through to leave a blood gang only worse (for the weak woman). They tell the women “don’t you EVER go back to so-and-so (husband) or else. OR ELSE!!” . . or in other words “you must flake on your man and that’s what the system wants” But if the woman then turns around and flakes on the system and goes back to her man/clan/family, then the bitch brigade issues a literal FATWA against her. They know they can never change the nature of a patriarch, but once they have a woman inductee in the palm of their hands, she has inside knowledge of their subversive nature and she can bring fire back down upon them if she leaves them. Scorned women and feminized women will group or ‘nest’ in a cultlike formation. It is an un natural order and formation and is nothing like the trad order of the patriarch over his clan. Scorned women have denied and rebuked the power and authority of the man.

      1. Astute observation.
        The women who do that never seem to find any happiness. I see a few of them in public on occassion with their fat middle-aged girl friends who most probably will go on to be a crazy old spinster with cat hair constantly on her coat.

        1. Would cat hair still stick to a coat made of cat hair? Might be a biz opportunity right there

        2. If you are looking for a business opportunity, check out how much money is spent on pet pampering products annually.
          There is green between those cat hairs.

        3. It takes a lot of positive reinforcement to get animals to go anywhere near a blue-haired landwhale’s c*nt…

        4. Yep. Its almost Halloween too- cant wait for all the dog pics of em dressed up to appear on social media(easy “like”).
          I know someone who took their pooch to a Halloween party for other pooches- its sad, you know they would rather be dressing up the kids they never had

        5. Once these groups of feminized (independent) women gain cultlike inertia with their group or organization, that’s when the wrath and retribution is seen. ‘BITCH-WRATH’ of a feminist is something quite creuel by civilization’s standards. Cross a feminist and betray their cause and they go on and on forever about it. Look at all the professional skirt women who post and tweet about the female competitors they get into cat fights with. I saw smearing and slanderous ads once of some pissed off real estate lady who couldn’t stop plastering negative shit on one of her female competitors. Women in the legal field are far worse with their in-profession catfighting.
          THIS IS WHY Hillary must be looked at seriously for the numerous deaths surrounding the Clinton crime family. WHO DO YOU THINK called the hits on Vince Foster and the many many others. THE BITCH. Catfighting and occasionally chomping one of her own is the nature of the scorned bitch who has rescinded her loyalty to the patriarch. The bitch has accumulated many many notches on her lipstick case.

          Oh but what a sweet face Hillary has. Like one of those grandmas on Golden Girls.

        6. “I know someone who took their pooch to a Halloween party for other pooches”
          I find that to be incredibly tragic.

        7. True. I would go just to be the asshole who woud simply make asinine comments like “wouldn’t it been better if they were actuall children you never bothered to have instead of ersatz-children you lavish your affection on? So Amy, how long has it been since you actually had a date– Bush was still in office yes? Nichole did that guy from the pizza parlor ever return your 100 phone calls?”…all the while pouring wine.

        8. I get a slightly sick kick reading and hearing about how much abnormality there is out there in the world makes one feel extremely normal..

    4. You should see the look on a liberals face when I tell them I’m against open borders. “”But you’re Hispanic! How can you be for closed borders?”
      Simple. My great grandparents came to the U.S. through legal means in the early 1900s and learned to speak English, going so far as to discourage Spanish being spoken in the home.

      1. I know a few guys in the same boat in Ohio. Vets who are doing well personally actually, but they tell me the (female) family members are who make issues with it.
        Who will be paying the taxes to support all the illegals (and many are not from Mexico— IIRC they caught 3 guys from Ukraine in TX)? Who will they be competing against for (the few) jobs? Us.

        1. Given the social engineering that is going on I wonder about two things.
          1) How are the so-called elite going to maintain their lifestyle? There are so many things that just won’t be doable without economies of scale. Some products require billions to get into production. It’s fine when it’s fairly expensive and has a market size in the 6 or 7 figure range or more. Even a small margin makes it back pretty quick. If it’s something like a car the production volume can drop into the five figures. But what if there are only three people left who can afford it? Are they going to pay a billion each? Not even the billionaires can afford that.
          2) The welfare statists. Where do they think the wealth is going to come from? It seems they think it comes from magic. If they keep punishing the productive people there will be less and less of them until the wealth engine dies. Once the wealth engine dies where they going to get the welfare? The central bank creating money followed by price controls? That’s Venezuela. Instead of goods at some price there just won’t be any.

        2. Thomas Sowell has a book called “Visions of the Annointed” that covers some of your concerns. The so-called elite are not that bright nor do they have much foresight as those concerns are below them.

        3. The first generation was certainly intelligent and ruthless. And maybe that’s the problem. The current crop is still carrying out a plan that has an end game that made sense in 1935. They haven’t the brains to realize that grandad’s plan doesn’t make a lick of sense in the 21st century the way it turned out. In 1935 craftsmen and such could make a fine automobile or anything else for a wealthy elitist at a price he could afford. There were no consumer electronics beyond radios and phonographs for the most part. But today’s complexity requires economies of scale. Today’s stuff just wouldn’t be worth the manufacturing capital expense without a large market.

        4. Yes and that’s another reason why there is less innovation taking place. It’s a risk averse environment for the reasons you stated.

      2. I have always been perplexed by the line of thinking that just because someone is Hispanic they should be in favor of illegal immigration. Even beyond what you note – why should Hispanic citizens want a bunch of freeloaders sucking up free services and goods so that you can be asked to pay more taxes. It’s not like you get a “I’m a Hispanic so I don;t have to pay for illegals’ free shit” tax break. When some prison in Mexico kicks out a bunch of dangerous people and sends them north across our border, why should Hispanic citizens be like, “that’s awesome – more brown skin Spanish speakers!” So many of these assumptions are just retarded.
        If Germans were coming here illegally under the same circumstances, I would be one of the loudest motherfuckers saying we need to put them right back on the boats they came on and either send them back, or sink them into the ocean.

  3. I’d go further. I’d say liberalism is Occult.
    Read the morning star. See the light

    1. Doesn’t occult mean “hidden from view?” I would assume because there is nothing tangible there just tyranical ambition.

      1. Yes, but I was referring to the western esoteric tradition etc. Ideas typically come from somewhere. The key ideas of liberalism today are not liberty but ‘equality’ and ‘progress’. Arguably these have an occult origin. At the very least they feature heavily within the occult tradition but I would say there’s a lot more to it than that.
        I would also point out that the above does not depend on taking any kind of religious position.

  4. The base, the core of liberalism is one giant lie: human equality. And in this order of ideas, doesn’t care if you are white, black, or brown; normal, mentally ill or completely fucked up (like the trannies); etc, etc,etc.
    However, there is a contradiction in this premise: all humankind are equal EXCEPT the white race. We white people are racist, we are opressors, we are the patriarchy, we created nothing of value (another big lie), and all our culture must be exterminated in order to secure all the mankind.

  5. Social Justice is a religion substitute. There is a reason why this shit is rising at the same time as islamic extremism..they are both part of the same phenomenon. I think the current wave is actually what the Americans call a Great Awakening..a wave of religious renewal. But this great awakening has been perverted away from christianity and towards social justice.

  6. lib·er·al [ˈlib(ə)rəl] ADJECTIVE
    1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values
    That’s the dictionary definition. Ironic that it does not even remotely come close to defining liberals, who are as close-minded a group as you will find anywhere…
    close-mind·ed ADJECTIVE
    1. having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook

    1. I am going to put some mayo on my fries. I am a liberal through and through.

      1. In Europe that would make you…. Belgian!
        Except you’d also have to call your fries chips…

        1. Ha indeed! Stop making me hungry!
          They may be insane leftist Euro-Fags, but they do make exceptionally good food!

  7. “You cant reason with a fanatic.”
    This all goes back to amygdalae hijacking (look up the Forney article, he reviews a book about the problem). Its basically low-level bain dramage, and the people with this problem tend to have the liberal mindset.
    Its pointless to argue with them.

  8. Great list, but you missed the central pillar that all cults have to establish in the minds of their zombie-foot-soldiers…
    All cults have it, once the inductees passionately take up belief systems that are *clearly absurd* and/or *impossible* it creates the in/out dynamics so necessary for True Believers(™) while simultaneously disabling the part of the brain responsible for analytics and logical reasoning.
    Get them to swallow some nonsense, identify with it, and passionately assert it in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence…. and then you can feed them *anything*!

    1. “Get them to swallow some nonsense, identify with it, and passionately assert it in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence”
      I frequently get them to swallow some nonsense and occasionally assert it in their faces. Kneeman for the win!

      1. Well quite… you know I share you view that they should be encouraged…. forced if need be…. to swallow as much of this as possible!
        Makes for improved relations between us and them!

        1. I got one plate in my stable that if she swallows one more load of my DNA I fear we will technically be related.

        2. Ever try this one…pay a girl $20 every time she sucks you off to completion. Incentive. They eat it up.

        3. Andrew Dice Clay used to have a great bit. He said that when you cum you cum all over a girls face and say “look what I did to you” Then the next time and the time after that and every time you cum with her you cum right on her face and say “look what I did to you AGAIN!” then when she starts acting like a cunt just turn to her and say “hey bitch, how many times have I said “AGAIN” to you”

        4. I barely recall Clay, but didn’t he have a big public melt down and boo-hoo to the feminazis eventually?

        5. You should check out Anthony Cumia’s Diceman (formerly of Opie and Anthony). Diceman does the Ice Capades is on youtube

        6. No idea. I remember him when he was big in the late 80’s early 90’s and then being made fun of by Anthony from the opie and Anthony show.

      1. JIm Jones. That old mass murdering cult master and democrat vote fraudster. Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter’s vice-presidential candidate, met personally with Jones as did Carter’s wife, Rosalynn. I think you can still find the pics of them all being chummy.

      2. The Jonestown massacre was a very curious event. I looked at scores of photos from the alleged mass-suicide scene. It supposedly took place in the jungle in British Guyana, in November, at a time when the mean temperature is 80-86 degrees with high humidity. And yet, virtually none of the dead were wearing shorts – almost all of them had pants on; especially the people in the foreground of the photos. The photos were allegedly taken the day after the mass-suicide, at least 12 hours after the fact. Which means the bodies would have been displaying signs of livor mortis and rigor mortis. But there wasn’t any of that to be seen. Also, almost all of the dead bodies were face-down. Their faces were hidden. In addition, the cult practiced suicide drills on a regular basis. And Congressman Leo Ryan’s resume reads like somebody who was CIA…I think the whole thing was staged. Dead bodies don’t look fresh 12 hours after death. That was the kicker for me. No rigor, no livor…impossible. In addition, there is video footage of the alleged incident where Leo Ryan was gunned down. The camera shows Ryan and some others, but then cuts away, and then we hear gunfire, but we don’t see anybody getting shot. Add it all up and it spells b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t…

        1. Actually in the high heat, especially in and around a jungle or desert, you want to wear long pants. Water retention becomes a problem in the desert so you want to not have sweat evaporating from bare skin at the speed of sound, and it keeps critters off in the jungle.

        2. Right. It was some black op event the scale of 9-11. Russia had opened up its arms to the People’s Temple knowing Jones preached ‘communist utopia’. The cold war statutes were in full effect in 78 and a defection to Russia would require bills passed to let down some blocks against visas. That would make news and a potential run on visas to Russia by many radical leftist Americans was anticipated. The gov wanted to keep the cold war walls in place.
          CIA handlers were among the residents and they managed the ‘suicide’ as per their orders. They drank safe kool aid, laid down and pretended to be dead, then when there was no movement, they got up and grouped in their huddle, then proceeded to off anyone that was still twitching.

        3. Right, I wasn’t really trying to disprove your observations, just noting that when you’re in the deep heat, you generally don’t want to wear shorts. It seems counter-intuitive, but when I spent time in Honduras during the high heat you couldn’t have paid me to wear shorts. When I hit the South West I also tend to wear long pants (and my “cowboy hat”) for water retention reasons.

        4. Maybe if I made a video, and used Muppet characters, and proceeded very slowly, a few people would understand that there were no dead bodies in those official photos…but then again, maybe not…heh…never mind. Forget I brought it up. Better that way.

  9. At least cults tend to stick to themselves. Liberals on the other hand demand that their social experiments take place throughout society, even with people who don’t want anything to do with liberalism.

  10. Is there someone who can explain how liberal in the UK means, essentially, what conservative in the US means (or tell me if I have that incorrect).

      1. I didn’t know. For some reason I thought liberal was conservative. I don’t know why.

        1. Once upon a time there was a connection… Churchill was a old-school UK ‘Liberal’ first before becoming Conservative.
          The classic Churchill quote was “Anyone who is not liberal in his youth has no heart. If he has not become Conservative when he grows up he has no brains!”
          These days Liberal is synonymous with ‘Gay’.

        2. so liberal is gay but fag is still a cigarette? Man, what a crazy world they have over there.

        3. smoker as in “kills them?”
          having trouble in my transatlantic translation software here….

        4. because you shaved your eyebrows beard and hair and glued them to a TomArrow handpuppet? Girls dont dig ventriloquists anymore

        5. How bad could it be. I remember back in grad school when a girl had a house party to welcome incoming PhD students (I was in year 2 or 3) I upper decked her toilet.

        6. nice.
          I will still never forget my time in London when I nearly died every time I tried to cross a street and looked the wrong way for traffic. It’s like opposite land over there.

        7. You got it wrong. The cars in London drive in the same direction as they do everywhere else. Only thing that’s different in London is the time’s running backwards.

        8. Hey, have you ever watched the original Star Wars movies in German? I was wondering if Yoda, in the german translation of the movie, speaks with a subject-verb order that would make sense in English so that it sounds funny in german or if Yoda just sounds normal.

        9. Yup!
          Rubber = Condom
          Eraser(head) = obscure 80’s movie
          Fag = Cigarette
          Boot = Trunk (of car)
          Hilary = Decaying faecal matter
          Clinton = Cunt
          Lift = Elevator

        10. I remember when I was in 7th grade a girl named Colette started my school from Ireland. She was the first Irish from Ireland I met. One day she asked me if I had a rubber. If you can imagine how immature I was then — woah

        11. I’d like to see a porn version of Star Wars…Luke Skycocker, Darth Invader, Princess Lay Ya, Chewblacka, et al.

        12. That was interesting. I have to say that, based on the psychiatric lore, you are absolutely normal.

        13. It’s comforting to know that my warped thoughts are not only shared by others, but brought to life…

        14. Oh like the click bait on ROK that is always trying to convince me that Paris Hilton joined Isis?

        15. For instance:
          “How’s your father? Fancy a ride on the lift with a slapper leaking claret from the fanny?”
          Roughly translates as “time to catch my flight.”

        16. Her daddy was a liberal
          Her mama was a tramp
          And now she chases bad boys who
          Make her vagina clamp…

        17. I would have thought it was Count DooDoo the german lord of the scat

        18. Yes, but in the past passive vocative alternate Present Perfect Continuous, and Past Perfect Continuous sense, and only in mid-hobbit-kingdom High English you meant, surely?

        19. Yes. Raised in that kind of family. I try to fight it. Sometimes it slips out. But then, everybody is a bit elitist. I’ve met elitist bus drivers. McDonald’s employees. Etc.

        20. Alrighty Guv, time to go Dog and Bone, go up the Apple and Pears and have a good old Donald Duck with the Trouble and Strife, and fill her with a big load of Brandy and Rum….
          Not necessarily your own Trouble and Strife of course! This is jolly old England after all!

        21. That whole driving on the left thing is a myth. There are just a lot of drivers in England who don’t like foreigners

        22. Try driving there. I pulled out of gas/petrol station on two occassions momentarily forgetting where I was. Thankfully on coming traffic and alot of flashing lights reminded me.

        23. You sure that was England? Most of our…. er…. fine young citizens would just slam into you, feign whiplash, and claim their next years smoking and drinking money from insurance!

        24. apples and pairs is stairs and I think “china” means friends. Other than that I would have to guess. John Arthur may mean to jerk off.

        25. Not bad for a Yank! but remember that English for ‘Jerk Off’ is Wank.
          My favourite one from a few years back was the politician Douglas Hurd (you probably never heard of him) in Thatcher’s cabinet who became synonymous with ‘Turd’ as in “I’m off to drop a big Douglas Hurd”…
          Cockney Rhyming Slang is hilarious folk art….

        26. Yeah, I have always thought it was good fun. I have never heard of Douglas Hurd. That said, I have no idea who either of my senators are and no fucking clue who represents my district in the house or, for that matter, what my district is. As I type this I realize I do not know who the governor of NY is either. It is truly blissful. That said, I think the Douglas Hurd joke is like my line “I am going to drop the Obama girls off at the pool”
          Not sure when and who employs cockney rhyming slang. However, during my time in the UK I got a chance to visit a few places in Scotland and am 103% sure that the Glasgow accent is a total put on. That they only use it when they know there is a yank in the room and they do it just for giggles.

        27. hmmmm, maybe… the Glasgow accent is pretty impenetrable to, er, everyone outside Glasgow!
          LOL to the Obama girls!
          Oh, and yes China – China Plate = Mate (English for Buddy)

        28. Yeah, I knew the China = China Plate = Mate for a long time though for the life of me forgot where I picked it up.
          As bad as Glasgow was the most impenetrable accent I found was that of county cavan in the dead center of Ireland. I was there for 2 days, drunk as a skunk and didn’t understand a single word said to me. I think I made a bunch of friends and got a blow job and never knew a word of what was being said to me.

        29. Outside of Bristol. It was a cheap rental and they were at a distance however I noticed they were actually speeding up while flashing those lights.

        30. You think you got a blowjob…must not have been very memorable. “Hey, don’t take offense, girl, but did you blow me last night?” Heh.

        31. I’m quarter Irish and I can tell you that you weren’t the only one to be drunk as a skunk *OR* not understanding a word of anything. It’s pretty much part of the Irish charm….

        32. Cavan? I helped a friend move from county Meath to Cavan once and it was wierd. You would drive through some village and everyone would stop and stare at you as you drove by.

        33. I honestly didn’t really get Ireland. I didn’t enjoy it as much as some people did. That said, I got pretty good at distinguishing accents. I can tell a Cork accent (Cork City being my favorite part of Ireland) from other southern cities like Wexford and Kerry. I picked up that Kerry is the place that the rest of Ireland makes dumb jokes about. I could pick a Dublin accent out of a crowd and learn, very quickly, how to diffuse conversations with people from Derry (as well as not to call it London Derry in the wrong pubs).
          Real conversation I had with a Derrymen
          “Sooooo are ye a catholic or a protestant”
          “I am an atheist”
          “Are ye a catholic atheist or a protestant atheist”
          “I am a drunk atheist”
          This was a conversation that could very well have landed me in a very bad spot had I not been paying very close attention to locals.
          That said, as drunk as I was I always picked up local customs and accents and bits and bats of different stuff. But when I got to County Cavan I was just like “what the fuck”

        34. by the way, while it isn’t slang, I giggled every single time dinner ended and someone said they wanted a “bit of the tickler” in England.

        35. Bob, I am not sure you have ever drank what the Irish call potcheen but trust me…..”I think I got a blowjob” is about as good a memory as you can expect. That shit is like if someone liquefied Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, mixed it with Kratom and yellow cake Uranium and then, deciding it didn’t taste rancid enough filled it with the old Sucrets cough drops which, if memory serves, were filled with government grade morphine.
          The only known cure in the morning is a proper irish breakfast roll (eggs, rashers, pudding, sausage) 2 lucazades and then to immediately begin drinking again.

        36. I went to Mayo and also to Sligo and then from Sligo I went to Belfast and Derry.

        37. That stuff is a holy horror bob and I have a bit of drinking in my past. My family makes homemade grappa from the leftover mash from wine production and has for generations (fucking Italians) and I drink that stuff like it was water. I love Chartreuse and greek Raki and Romanian Tsuika (spelling?) I drink it all. But potcheen (potin) was unlike all other shit. And I don’t mean the commercial shit you buy in the store. I mean when you have been drinking with friends and the bartender has some unmarked wine bottle from his personal stores. FFS, it is a good thing I was young. I would rather mainline everclear than touch that poison again.

        38. My old local pub used to be also local morticians. Pub up front with their embalming room in the back.
          There old joke was that some many Irish drop dead in a pub, it saves time.

        39. Well thanks for warning me about that stuff. I used to like ouzo and tequila back in the day. Spent a fair amount of time imitating a lawn sprinkler back then, horking all over the place. Only drink beer and lager now. And an occasional scotch. Sounds like you come from a family of big drinkers. Me, too. My stepdad could put ’em down. He drank and smoked his whole life. Just died five days ago, a month shy of his 98th birthday – hit golf balls his last day on earth. Maybe drinking is good for a person…

        40. Now that was funny…ha. Saves time. Actually, it sounds pretty practical, now that I think about it…

        41. yup. on both sides of my family I have never seen a dinner table without hard liquor and wine on it. Everyone lives forever and his healthy. Not ig smokers though.

        42. also, the warning won’t help. I have discovered that if you are ever in a position where you are offered potcheen you are a) never charged for it and b) never able to turn it down

        43. I am not sure you can categorize it even as booze. You would need a real Irishman to really explain it to you. I was a tourist. I think they like to get tourists to drink this shit. It was closer to hallucinogenic than it was to booze.

        44. Potcheen is translated to “break fluid” in Russian.//sarc
          I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

        45. The irish root is from Pota which means pot (it is basically pot distilled spirits.

        46. You could write a tour guide!
          Indeed, Belfast and the North generally you need to keep your wits about you, but it really has got so much better…
          We all say “WTF?!!?” about County Cavan!

        47. That’s because you have a filthy mind!
          The poor woman was merely noting that she wanted a good hard fuck in the local vernacular…. totally innocent!

        48. Amongst the dozen or so books I want to write there are two tour guides.
          1) A New Yorker Visits The World which would be about my travels around Europe, Northern Africa, Central and South America and
          2) A New Yorker Visits America (which would be about my time visiting fly over country)

        49. I’d prefer reading about your experience with Trinis 😉
          Escaping with your life, and relatively few scars, is always the trick…

        50. I thought you visited the Island (now that *must* be ‘poosy paradise’!) too?
          Crazy? oh yeah….

        51. I have been to many islands but not to Trinidad. Some places scare even me. Also, I will no longer go to islands which weren’t civilized by the French

        52. Hey, you picked up the local cure too!
          Irish Breakfast! You’re making me hungry again dammit!
          The lucosades are optional btw…

        53. Jeez you guys have been naming the good stuff! Grappa! Ouzo! mmmmmmm
          Sorry to hear about your Stepdad, but a pretty good run…. My Irish Grandad smoked and drank and womanised his way through life (in true Irish tradition) and made it into his late 80s…. A lesson in there somewhere methinks…

        54. I love a breakfast roll. I was telling @unabashed about them and he asked me what “black and white pudding” was. I do not believe he will be trying it.

        55. that totally violates my image of @unabashed! Surely he’s not afraid of a little oatmeal mixed with pig’s blood?

        56. yup, at that point it turns into a short fuse…
          many of the unexplained ‘bombings’ in NI can be explained in this manner…

        57. Nothing wrong with a natural elitism based on merit. There is a huge problem with elitism based on appointment or birth though.

        58. He had a long, colorful life. I wasn’t really saddened by his passing because he’d been ill for the last year and he was tired of it. And yes, there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe it’s something like, “Dance, dance for tomorrow we die…”

        59. Yup. I don’t swallow the birthright-elitism concept. Hard to completely erase my family’s influence on me in my younger years. I catch myself sounding like my father occasionally, and I cringe…that being said, well, the notion of earned elitism?…gosh, I simply know that I am smarter and more talented than anybody else whom I have ever met. Is that elitism, or is that certainty? (Smirk…)

        60. Shouldn’t mention swallowing around here…. @lolknee:disqus will make a smutty comment…

        61. I work with an ex-English Guy who tried to explain Cockney to us….
          ho-ly shit – if only that level of effort could be channeled into something productive…

        62. Yeah… Dog and Bone…. Phone….
          I mixed up my rhyming slang here – meant to say ‘home’ in cockney…. out of practise…

        63. I once knew a girl with a Betty Paige hair do and a lot of tats. Great bod. Looked like a pin up girl. Not a keeper but a fun ride. On her shoulder she had a tattoo of two birds, swallows, holding a banner that said “swallows” in their talons

        64. “Birthright” is shit. Falling out of a Vag in one place or the other entitles you to approximately dik in my book.

        65. I am not sure. I fucked her bent over a pin ball machine in a now non-existent bar called Marz Bar back when it was a rough joint

        66. I love driving in the UK. At first it was a nightmare, shifter on the wrong side!
          I like that if you want to go 110mph there’s a protocol, people have to move over for you.
          I also like the roundabouts. If you’re going to city A, you just have to remember there’s cities B and C along the way. Then at every roundabout if you don’t have a sign for city A, look for B and C.
          They are introducing roundabouts in my locale, but each one is very peculiar, with its own set of rules, like be in this lane to get to city X, this other lane for city Y. It’s not as relaxed as: if you miss your exit, just drive around a couple of times.
          I pity the really old people.

        67. One of these days I’ll live my dream of driving a proper DB8, shifting with left hand and blazing through England

        1. By extension – of course!
          The UK Political Lexicon:
          Labour = Insane Leftist SJW
          Liberal = Faggot
          Liberal Democrat = Paedophile
          Conservative = Cuckservative
          UKIP = Totally Fucking Bonkers (except about leaving the EU)

        2. …sound’s like there’s only one thing left to be by the new definitions – a right wing extremist. Well give it a more positive twist and just say you’re “right of centre”

    1. Liberal in the U.K. is the original meaning of Liberal, as in, those who adhere (or try to) to the ideals of the Enlightenment. Basically, the ideals of the Founding Fathers in the U.S. We used to be called Liberals too. Conservatives, over there, are more or less monarchists.
      The Progressives/Socialists over here in the States, right around the 1920’s, did a meme shift and co-opted the word “Liberal” in order to sneak their agenda. People had wised up to “Progressive” and were actively rejecting socialism, so they basically took over “Liberal”. The true Liberals (aka today’s conservatives/libertarians) shifted to conservative in order to disassociate themselves from the insane anarchist socialist types who took over that label.
      And now, you know.

      1. Classical liberal (Jeffersonian) as Alex Jones says. More better description of sjw’s and the like are ‘shitlib social marxist’. The dem rep parties flipped in the 19th cent (Abe Lincoln was Republican). They also flipped the red state / blue state designation for the 96 elections because the the shitlib dems didn’t want to be associated with being ‘red’ as in commie. Reagan/Bush sr states were ‘blue’ in 80, 84, 88. George W in 2000 states for the first time were red vs the shitlib blue. THEY FLIPPED another one on us. Who knew? Who knows what the next flip will be. Now its republicuck and demozombiecuck vs MAGA and there’s undoubtably another flip in store that the elites have up their sleeve. Keep watch and the aware people will do the flipping instead of the elites this time.

      2. Aha!, you did the serious answer!
        Yes indeed the *original* meaning of Liberal in the UK was the precise original meaning of Liberal. The Classical Liberal. It was to this I was referring when describing Churchill as originally a Liberal, which he was.
        Sadly modern Liberals are a dim, dim reflection many times removed from the true Liberal conception. It’s last iteration was basically slightly less leftist than our ‘Labour’ party. They are pretty much dead now after a brief power-share with the UK Conservatives.

        1. Right. My observations regarding Liberals in the U.K. extends only up to the late 1940’s, at which point I lose all first hand examples (my grandparents voted so far right that they’d make Genghis Khan blush, but would sometimes call themselves or certain hard right policies “liberal” in a positive sense).
          I do go to the U.K. on occasion, but generally avoid political discussions if I can (although this is not always possible), so I really don’t have a firm grasp on modern definitions of this, that or the other.

        2. My comments on modern definitions were clearly tongue-in-cheek.
          Classical Liberalism had many admirable elements. In it’s original form it emphasised *liberty* and only later was corrupted with notions of ‘equality’ (and the death-spiral that follows). English Liberalism, as you noted, was indeed synonymous with Classical Liberalism and unsurprisingly as the philosophical underpinnings were all pretty much worked out here. Locke, Bentham, Mill… and so on.
          Of course it crossed the pond, and I believe had a little to do with your own fine nation’s founding… I certainly agree with your assertion that it was grounded in the Enlightenment and was the Founding Father’s core philosophy. Look what am amazing impact it had in its original form!
          Of course what it has become these days, on both sides, is a little different to the original conception.
          By the late 1940s UK Liberalism was beginning it’s long tragic decline, and was soon overtaken by our ‘Labour’ party… basically Leftists of all shades.

      3. So apparently this actually did happen… I didn’t believe it at first but I found the clip.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am not Liberal nor Republican. I am a female that despises such simple divisions of mankind. By the way – I’m Polish, so forgive me mistakes I am going to make while giving a respond to your article.
    I had no chance to participate in the discussion below the article “Unwed mothers should give their children up for adoption” so I’m doing it now. Please, Sir, for the love of God, don’t think that just because your mother was a stupid, careless, selflsh, abusive slut every single mom is. It’s not the case even in America nor GB, not to mention more normal countries (like mine). You shun unwed mothers, especially teenage mothers and selfishly deny them the right to any welfare. You also state the don’t really live their children. Well, if you weren’t an insensitive bastard with no morality and reason, you’d know, that suporting EVERYONE in need should get support from either society, or private organisations or the state. The question is, HOW we should help, not IF.
    I object to any mother, single or not, to be parasite. But raising children is not being parasitic at all. Just like going to a public school or getting medical assistance funded by the state. As an immature, horribly selfish person, you support astonishingly silly views on how marriage, parenthood and raising kids should look like. I understand you and many of your readers had a miserable childhood and thus blame your single mothers for it. But not every single mother’s child ends like you. I’m glad that the days when fucking Christians took unwed mothers’ babies away are over, since single mom are not the worse option than married moms. A mother is a mother, no matter whether she remains in a relationship or not.
    That doesn’t mean that a father is less important. In the further stage of a child’s life he is. But the bond between a mother and a child is absolutely irreplaceable. Your mom was stupid and slutty, hence you are unable to understand that. But there are a lot of wonderful, wise and strong single mothers. You don’t know them obviously, otherwise you would never compromise yourself by writing such nonsense about unwed mothers. It’s usually not their fault they are to give birth to an illegitimate child. It’s the father of the baby who abandoned the woman, so how can you even hint that the child would be better off with such a bastard? Your father didn’t even fight to see and take care of you. Is that the best role model?
    Of course I agree that it’s far better to be raised in a two parent household that in single mom household. Just like it’s better to be a wise and noble person than being a selfish and immature Republican like you. But hey, sometimes you can’t have it all. The society should ALWAYS support, back up and in every way help single moms in their pursuit of being a GOOD mom. Never ever should a mom and her child be separated on the grounds of her being poor, single or very young. The society which gives thumps up for such bestiality, is no better than a clan of savages.

        1. Certain parts just pop out:
          Calling his mom a slut, etc., funny how women do that to one another constantly.
          Blames men for it all, since they must have abandoned the mom.
          Dad’s aren’t important until after a certain age.
          Ad hominums such as immature, selfish Republican as if it’s all one and the same.
          Single moms are just as good as married.
          I sincerely hope the mods leave it because it is “textbook.”

        2. It’s not me blaming men, it’s the author and many od his readers blaming single moms for their failures.
          The author showed himself how he loaths his mother. So I figured he expands his bad experience on every single mother.

        3. That IS my name. Polish one. I know, you’re a believer and Republican, so you don’t use reason and are ignorant about the existence of Poland.

        4. I’m sorry too… will you comfort me? I find breast feeding helps at times like this….
          In fact she was only a single mum later in life, she started out as a bricklayer called Derek, but found having a penis disqualified her for welfare.

        5. Poland? Never heard of it.
          And no, I’m an unbeliever and a Democrat. I intend to vote Hilary if I ever move to America.

        6. Don’t try wit, it doesn’t suit you.
          You are a grade A troll. You have no interest in discussion, you came here simply to sneer “me me me me me!” and throw out invective.
          Don’t you have a husband who needs a sandwich? Geesh.
          Not going to bother to read your response. Troll feeding is complete.
          You are dismissed, cupcake.

        7. Soon I’ll be breastfeeding my first child. Out of wedlock, of course. Don’t want to help financially – don’t have to. 🙂 But don’t ask for help from the gov. when something happens to you.

        8. If a men abandons his pregnant lover, then HE is a crap.
          Not the case with my boyfriend.

        9. We’re actually an online magazine. Got an editor and advertisements and everything. You can see who wrote an article by looking at the top left where you’ll see an icon and name. For instance, if it has a blue-lit Altman Instrument Wrench that looks like a stylized cross and the words “Luke Stranahan” followed by some text saying how much of a baller I am, then I wrote the thing. The single mom article you mention I did not write.

      1. If I were a single mom at 15, bearing a son, I would never give him up. It’s the society to be blamed for intolerance not moms themselves.

      1. I read a few of your articles. Married mothers are just as psychotic as unwed ones.

        1. Yeah yeah. They probably are. Women are crazy. Which is why you need a father to shield the kid from some of the craziness.
          Then again, if the mother attracted a man who wouldn’t stay around as a father, you can kinda guess she did not do so in perfect judgment and possession of her mental skills and such either.

        2. You don’t know much about womanfolk, so you are mistaken. Lots of single mothers are sane and loving. Don’t mistake yours for everyone.
          I the father flees from the mother, then what good would he be to the child? What could he teach his son? That fapping is OK? Probably. That a man should bear responsibility for his child? NOOOO. 🙂

    1. I am not sure. How does this help me earn $89.99 form the comfort of my own home?

      1. She lacks a profile pic that displays ample cleavage as well. That’s one of the reasons why I dinged her a point in my reply post to her.

    2. “Just like it’s better to be a wise and noble Person..”
      Who ever told you that sugar tits?

    3. It’s usually not their fault they are to give birth to an illegitimate child.
      Wrong! It is her fault for slutting around. If her husband left, she picked a loser.
      Punishment is a deterrent from bad behavior. Welfare and such just reward bad behavior.

      1. Having a child out of wedlock is NOT a crime. Marriage itself is NOT a remedy for everything. Children suffer in two parent families as well as being raised by single moms or dads.
        Having a child out of wedlock is NOT equal to “slutting around”. Another fact. I know, you are Republican, thus simpleton, so can’t accept facts.

        1. No one said it was a crime. Neither is committing adultery, but we shouldn’t encourage it.

        2. Did a republican rape you? You keep throwing it around like an insult for some strange reason.
          Statistically chldren raised in two parent homes do much better than those who don’t. You are welcome to disprove the mountain of evidence compiled over the years.
          No one here personally cares if you have children or not. The government subsidizing you through taxing/punishing us is what we are concerned about. If you get afford your brood, have all you want. Just leave us out of it.

        3. Your arguing with a liberal John. expect no logic, reason or sanity. Its a fools errand. All they can do is throw around insults.

        4. “Statistically chldren raised in two parent homes do much better than those who don’t. You are welcome to disprove the mountain of evidence compiled over the years.”
          Children of rich people almost always do better that those of poor people. So shun the poor instead of single moms. Besides having fewer chances to succeed in life doesn’t make anyone worse. Do you always judge people according to their earnings? If so than promote DINKs. Double income, no kids. They statistically earn more than parents. Parenthood is almost always a challenge and costs a lot.
          “If you get afford your brood, have all you want. Just leave us out of it.”
          If you say the same about married couples and their offsprings, that would be logical.
          I believe the government should offer reasonable help to everyone in desperate need. Plus public health care. You Americans often find youselves indebted cos you have to pay huge medical bills. Not the case in Poland.
          If you think the government shouldn’t help ANYONE, then you are not just Republican. You are living in a fantasy world. But hey, you may leave USA and move to Africa or somewhere where the poor receive no help. You shouldn’t be made to help anyone.

        5. A typical troll’s answer. The author may bitch about single moms and scorn HIS OWN mother, but when I point out not every single mom is like his, then I’m accussed of being out of reason.
          Not a total liberal, dummy. Not in favour of abortion (except rare cases) or the state inflicting ANY morality on the society. Just in favour of goodness and wisdom. You hate single moms? Why not stupid married moms? You’re awfully biased.

        6. Read the post about single moms destined to ruin their children’s lives. The author had a terrible mother himself so he despises all unwed mothers. But what shocked me most were the comments. Never have I read so many insults thrown at unwed mothers. You surely have a serious problem. Were you born to such women or did your married mothers taught you to show contempt for “slutty” women?

        7. You speak like every other single mom crack whore demanding government pay for your fuck ups. Men pay taxes so you can continue being the stupid little bitch who blames everyone but become a responsible woman. I will love watching your world burn down.

        8. So sorry your mom was a whore who raised you for a selfish crap. Yet I believe you should be able to obtain help from the government. 🙂
          As for the welfare itself – if it exists, then the poor (not only single moms) should use it. If it doesn’t – well, to bad… I know Republicans are usually youngsters fed and taken care of by rich mommies and daddies but once they meet the real world (bills, medical care, loans, kids), their point of view changes drastically.

    4. I stand in awe of this professional level troll attempt. We get a lot of really poor trolls who only come in and sneer, but it’s clear you put in some work and thought into your troll. A solid 7/10, which these days, is a high mark. Well done.

      1. agreed. This is much better than the likes of our current troll crop.

        1. Trolls do not engage in a discussion. I simply couldn’t do it 2 years ago, so I’m writing to the author of that post here. It wasn’t an attempt to get YOU involved.

        2. your not engaging in discussion Karo . Your engaging in emotion and no logic or reason. You are pure liberal. You believe you have no obligation to put forth a worthy effort in life. Someone else owes you and if you can’t get it- you go off on a tangent. Read your post.. where is the logic? Where is the reason? I doubt you could defend.. I do say, you did a great job of poverty pimping.. all you have left in the article is race baiting. A perfect liberal.

        3. Don’t label me. I am not to be put in one sack with every liberal. One lefty says I’m extremely right-winged. He’s as much mistaken as you are.
          There are facts and there are opinions. Since the author of the blog claims that single moms are BAD moms, I feel the urge to correct him. This is a LIE. A single mom is as good/bad as a married mom. Period. And if she lacks a man by her side then why no blaming the man instead of her? That would be logical. Or at least we should never judge her on the sole ground she’s single.
          Opinions. I expressed mine, you expressed yours. I NEVER said it’s good to be on welfare. I advocate WISE help to EVERYONE in need (if there is money for it), maybe except drug addicts and totally careless people who take huge loans and are unable to pay them. Is this “liberal” to you? To me it is making world less miserable.
          If you are against helping umarried mothers, then someone else can be against helping married ones. And why should we actually help anyone? – A Republican might ask. Either you’re a resourceful or you should wither and die. If this is the world you want, then spare me the talk about reason, morality and so on. You are not logical. You express OPINIONS, not facts.

      2. They probably work for the government with the time put in and the message. Perhaps a “Lean In” sycophant.

  12. Great article.
    People with common sense are savers. They save their money. They save their wives and children from their own irresponsible impulses. And they save their industries/co-workers from going bankrupt by producing. They literally conserve, and society prospers because of it.
    Liberalism/leftism is a child’s utopian fantasy. It saves nothing, permits everything, and inevitably leads to chaos, as we are seeing now.
    Liberals have controlled the US for a generation. Where’s the utopia?

    1. It is coming. We just need to come together and sing kumbaya after giving it that final push with a 95% tax rate.

    1. For destroying a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star? Seems like a bit of lingual overkill.

      1. No. The statement wasn’t made in response to the article, rather the article was offered in support of the statement. You’d be correct to observe that it only supports the ‘destruction’ part, but I didn’t feel the need to support it at all. It was just an opportune time to share some recent new news.

  13. The reality that there are so many mouth breathers and simpletons is quite disheartening. I believe the path to escape this insanity is independence through self-sufficiency. We are entering a time where feudalism is coming on strong so why not get a chunk of that for oneself? The vast majority of people are boastful slaves so keeping your group of real men close will become increasingly important. Numbers are very telling and seeing massive unemployment among young males in their prime has never foreshadowed tranquility. What direction this is all going; I have no clue but know I don’t want any part of what the masses are hamstering.

  14. It pains me to say this, but once again I’ve given up on Christianity. Other than that, solid article!

    1. you get out of Christianity what you put into it. Sunday school is just that, school. How you apply what you learned into your life is where the rubber meets the road. If all you do is go to church, then go home and ignore, might as well stay home.

  15. “I exploit you, still you love me. I tell you one and one is three. I am the cult of personality.”

  16. How to form friendships with like-minded people? Liberals are definitely a majority and there are a bunch of conservatives leaning to the left (probably seeing this as an end-game and desperate to save themselves in a new paradigme) or simply scared to say anything. Traditional institutions like church have been infiltrated and coopted by liberals. It is very hard to identify and build trust with conservatives. And it’s a herculean task to find any conservative women!

    1. I’ll bet you live in California or NYC or Chicago. Leftists are actually the small minority in flyover country and right wing dominates.

      1. The place where I live is drowning in liberals. And they are loud, aggressive, and blind to any logic. There is absolutely no reasoning with women; even the moderate ones have been subconsciously affected. Just this morning a friend from grad school posted an article about gender-wage gap. After I refuted her claim using pure logic and numbers, such as that the difference comes from the fact that women choose lower paid jobs in a certain professions (e.g. choose to be a pediatrician instead of a neurosurgeon because this gives them an opportunity to work less hours and spend more time with their children – therefore when you take an average for all physicians, than yes, men are paid more, because man are willing to work in more difficult fields and put in more hours!) No one is oppressing women in the Western world, they choose to work less! But to no avail. Since they only use their “feelings”, no amount of logic works with them. It’s like me telling them that the Earth is round but they “feel” that it should be flat. So, I am left talking to my husband and his male friends when they come over and it can be very lonely. Heck, I would even “settle” for a liberal girlfriend if she was at least logical and used reason instead of feelings.

        1. The place where I live is drowning in liberals.

          I feel for you. It’s all right/libertarian around my neck of the woods.
          There is a solution here though, you can pack up and move, perhaps?

      1. got a funny side-effect by doing that (at CSS-level) though:
        scrolling sidebar disappears and every link becomes unclickable; took me a bit to realize I have to press ESC to switch the now-invisible Ad layer off.

  17. The one thing that annoys me is they want kids to eat healthy yet bitch and moan
    when Republicans want restrictions on food stamps with unhealthy food.
    What’s worse is when gas stations are have EBT approved foods that will cost more.

  18. Great article, I think I’m possibly as paranoid as the author.. Keeping away from the lefties – I can smell them quite quickly and generally just humour them and even when tempted to become friends a little something seems to stop me. Them not getting access to vulnerabilities and also not being roped into some kind of battle. But, liberals would rather feel good by ignoring their situation, which is one reason why marijuana use is so popular with the left. has also been a thought I’ve had a lot lately, have developed a reasonably strong aversion for the weed smokers. Can think of 3 people I more or less avoid partly because of it, people who I just somehow can’t trust who are left or anti-racist or hippy.. Dangerous shit. You can sort of see why the government made it illegal. Then I personally have trouble agreeing with banning a plant which just grows and then so many darkies loitering around the streets selling it round where I live.. Also fits in with the left and their white guilt having them around.

  19. It seems the core disagreement with the right and the left is one of personal responsibility. Right wing is pro-personal responsibility (mature enough to look after a firearm safely, raise the kid if you accidentally get pregnant, take the fall if your business goes bust). Left wing is about avoiding responsibility – find someone else to deal with the problem, i.e. government.
    Right wing says “I can deal with this”; left wing says “I’m scared, someone make this problem go away for me”

    1. The left is trying to blame obamacare on the right.. These liberal loonies have no honor when it comes to their own failures.

  20. Awesome article. Agree 100%. Liberals – devoid of logic, reason and most IQ. Its like arguing with a fool and expect them to “get it”. They don’t and never will. I run from the left. Its why I can’t watch an NBC, CBS CNN or read the NYT or WP etc as they are corrupt and stupid. I don’t want these people around and don’t want their stupidity to infect me.

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