8 Tips For Getting Laid At Work

The modern corporate world is a difficult space to negotiate. What with ever-increasing constraints on personal freedoms through draconian HR laws, it’s surprising that anyone stays employed for more than a week. And of course, the ‘job for life’ certainties that the baby boomer generation enjoyed are now as quaint as the Charleston and smoking indoors. This is why many men from this corner of the internet choose to opt out, establishing lifestyle businesses that enable them to work remotely to a much freer schedule.

For those still chained to the corporate treadmill, though, a recurrent question occurs: should one game at work or not? If you’re like me, you work in a contemporary office environment servicing an industry such as finance, travel, law or advertising, then it is likely that you are surrounded by a plethora of hotties. I am employed in a huge office complex in London housed in a tower overlooking Canary Wharf, the city’s key financial hub. Every day thousands of young women in their early twenties, many of them hot, pour in through the doors. Given that the requirements for female work-wear are commonly a lot more lax than for men, many of them are impressively attired in high heels, slinky pencil skirts and strappy tops ballasted only by the generous breasts contained within.

Given this high traffic, fecund with erotic opportunity, should I wade in and treat the place like a nightclub on ‘Free Shots for Ladies’ night, or should I keep my gaming for outside my place of gainful employment? Many guys would argue the latter: ‘don’t defecate on your own doorstep’. A contrary view would be that, given the transient state of the employment market, the likelihood of both you and her both still working there in even six months time is slim, so why not take advantage of the environment simply as another venue to meet women? Each man must make up his own mind on this. If you decide to go ahead then proceed with caution: know your company’s polices and don’t do anything that could get your fired. Then, observe the following tips for pulling an office dime piece:

1. Be Clear In Your Mind About What You Want

First off, you should be very clear in your own mind about what you want. Obviously this will vary depending on the girl and your situation, but think carefully. A long-term relationship with a colleague is not ideal (unless you’re ready to throw in the towel entirely — hopefully not the majority of ROK readers!) because you’d be together all the time and would have no privacy whatsoever. A quick pump-and-dump, while possible, is not advisable either. The girl might get clingy, leading to all sorts of problems. In my view, the best arrangement is a casual fuck-buddy — a girl willing to engage in no-strings fun from time to time without any hassle or emotional involvement. This is entirely achievable, if you follow my ground rules.

2. Avoid the Colleague-Zone

Similar to the friendzone, the colleague-zone is a feature of the modern working environment that’s easy to fall into, and almost impossible to get out of afterwards. When a  new girl starts in an office environment then typically a chode crystal of hungry guys will form around her pretending to be interested in the minutiae of her boring corporate CV. Oh wow, so you used to source market data for agricultural product start-ups? That’s so cool.  Cut that shit out right now—don’t be one of those guys. If you start off by making tedious small talk about work, you might as well cut your balls off. She will compartmentalize you as just another workmate and you will get nowhere.

3. Take Your Time: Be Mysterious

Sometimes truly great game is doing nothing. Hang back. Take it easy. Watch others make their mistakes and wait. I usually don’t say a word to a new girl for several weeks. This will mark you out as not thirsty, and also somewhat mysterious. Remember, girls love guys who are unobtainable and who are enigmatic . Be that guy. She will be intrigued — all the other guys have been falling over themselves to take her to lunch or out for cock-heavy, sexless post-work drinks: why haven’t you? Create attraction by refusing to fall into the typical beta frame.

4. Dress Well And Walk Round Like You’re the CEO

‘You can’t play hard to get if you’re hard to want.’ If you’re a scrub, then you can hang back for as long as you like and she’s still not going to be into you. Fortunately the work environment offers almost unparalleled opportunities for dressing and acting like you’re the man.

First off, suit the hell up. Girls love that Don Draper shtick. Many workplaces in the marketing and digital spheres allow their employees to dress down these days, but coming in wearing a pair of ratty chinos and an ill-fitting polo is not going to do you any favors. I’m not going to talk too much here about how to dress (there are plenty of great resources online for this, Christian McQueen’s blog for one), but it’s all about fit and details. Buy a decent quality suit then get it tailored so it’s snug round the waist, shoulders, arms and legs. Wear cuff-links and pocket squares. If you like, experiment with waistcoats and braces. Avoid having everything grey and black — splashes of bright color can be really effective.  Good shoes and a good, classic watch will finish off the outfit to a tee.

Once you’ve got your clothes right, think about your posture. I often get comments from girls who say they were attracted to me because of the way that I walk. Think about it like acting — imagine you are a slightly arrogant CEO. How does he walk? Head held high, shoulders back, with a swagger because he doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks? Start walking like that yourself immediately. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel congruent with it yet. Just do it. You’ll soon find that your confidence catches up with your physicality. Meanwhile, your snappy dressing and your cocky poise will send out pussy moistening gamma rays to the ladies around you.

Sexy office girl

5. Be Man to Woman: Avoid Cockblocks

In the early stages, if you pass her in the corridor then simply smirk and fix her with a knowing look. The idea is to establish a flirtatious vibe between you before you’ve even spoken. The external reality of the office structure is immaterial to the alpha male: he sees the women around him not as co-workers but as women.

When you do finally get talking to her, keep it light and jokey in front of other people. Don’t seek approval: just be cool. You are keeping your powder dry for when you are alone together.

Wait for an appropriate moment, then, when she’s alone and you’re both out of earshot, ask her directly to come for a drink, just you and her. Look her in the eye, speak slowly, and leave no doubt in her mind that this is a sexually motivated invitation, rather than a meet-up to discuss the Robson Asher account. Remember, passive cockblocking can be a problem at work—mother hens rise up quickly in offices looking to ‘protect’ younger women they’re jealous of, and even if the girl likes you she may be nervous about looking bad in front of her colleagues, so keep it discreet.

If she rejects you then no problem, back off—nothing lost. If she accepts, then great—game on.

6. Get Sexual Quickly

Take her out for a couple of drinks and escalate quickly. Initiate touch early on and ramp up tactile and verbal flirtation fast. The aim is to get her off the fence and to either reject you quickly or to go to bed with you. Ideally the latter, ideally on the first night. Push for this. If you don’t have sex after the first meet-up, she’ll have time to consider the effects going with you might have on her standing in the company, career, relationships with other colleagues etc. Circumvent all of that by seducing her quickly.

7. Be Very Discreet

Whatever you do, be very, very discreet. Resist the temptation to tell anyone at work what is going on between you too. Typically guys get a lot of validation from telling their buddies about their conquests—the desire to do so can be even greater in work, where you might gain man points for sexing a particularly cute girl. Don’t. If word gets round then the girl will likely retreat and you will have killed the golden goose. No more illicit  sessions in the stationary cupboard. Keep it strictly on the down-low between you two. Also, don’t communicate with her via work email—use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger as normal. Don’t leave a trail. Ideally, no-one at your office should even be aware you know one another. I rarely speak to my girl at work: most of my colleagues would have no idea we are even acquainted. This is how it should be.

8. Pick Your Targets With Care

Standard game advice applies here — don’t use this article as an excuse to fixate on one particular girl at work you’ve been lusting after since the millennium. If you’ve been working together for more than a few months and there is no flirtatious vibe between you then game over — it’s not going to happen. You’re better off going to your local club to game there instead. In fact, you should be doing that already. Work game should never be a mainstay, and the only way you’re going to get good with women in general is by going out a lot and practicing. You can then brings those skills to the table at the office for the right girls. Ideally you want to work on someone who is new and so hasn’t had time to colleague-zone you yet, or better still, someone who works in your building but in an entirely different department. It’s easier to maintain an illusion of mystery that way, and there will be fewer ramifications if things go wrong.

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  1. As long as you don’t give a rat’s ass about your job, go ahead and pound chicks there. But if you like where you work and the pay is good, absolutely do not make any advances on the fresh meat there. The moment she gives you any bullshit and you put your foot down, guess what? Women have a huge advantage over you at work, it’s called HR. It’s not worth it, don’t do it boys.

    1. Quote: “As long as you don’t give a rat’s ass about your job, go ahead and pound chicks there”

      1. My experience with this is you don’t have to be guilty of anything to have your reputation slandered…
        My colleague ex (of 4 years) cheated on me with a good male colleague friend of mine.
        Guess who got screwed??? Guess who was the innocent victim???
        Its been a year but I can’t handle being in that environment anymore… Having to play it off like I don’t resent the people who were willing to watch my whole life fall apart is no longer worth the effort…

        1. A sadism channeling psychic vampire scenario, Hell itself, But now you are wise to the true hell of others and when you improve your situation you will appreciate the upgrade more. You CAN handle that environment. One day at a time, you must practice having a mental defense to this kind of shit via the sun tzu art of war, pretend to be soft, kindness leads the enemy to underestimate your power so the enemy does not prepare well and this gives you a tactical advantage. Let them think they are affecting you, project EXTRA kindness, Go out of your way for the enemy make em think you’re a real gullible chump. Than, Use their pity against them. One day at a time you will conquer, its all a petty chess game with the psy-vamps in our midst,

        2. Agreed. Might be time to re-read the 48 Laws of Power.
          I haven’t read Sun Tzu’s book but that will go on the shelf.

        3. I’m wondering if the art of war is worth reading if you’ve already read the 48 laws of power.
          Can somebody who read both explain me the main differences?

        4. Quit. Move. Find new work. Get out of there. That job is not worth losing your peace of mind, brother.

        5. While both are about managing self, 48 claims you manage yourself to maximize yourself. Whereas in the Art of War, you manage yourself to control your opponent. While both heavily overlap, its about why you are seeking power not just the most effiecient way to obtain it. Also, Art of War allow you to manage your assets properly. I find Sun Tzu’s book more useful because alot of the priniciples I read in 48, I learned in the New Testament. However Sun Tzu help me internalized y the proper way to wage war was not only beneficial but damn near mandatory to living a life I deem productive.

        6. “. I find Sun Tzu’s book more useful because alot of the priniciples I read in 48, I learned in the New Testament”
          You mean the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

    2. I second this. Mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea for a reason.
      Even if you own the company where you work, doing this sort of shit will hurt the morale of those that work for you.

    3. As far as work goes you are always enaged, married in an LTR. Same as most if not all politicians or CEOs. All workplaces enjoy the idea that you have your nuts in a vice. This to them means you will obey the masters. Not pipe up. And are living pay check to pay check. There is good reason that corporatism and feminism are such good bed fellows.

      1. Great insights Fisherking, absolutely true, even if it’s not intentional they do go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

        1. Search the story of Lewis McLeod. He’s in the process of suing Duke University after being acquitted of rape yet the uni will not give him his degree therefor the job on Wall St he has lined up fell through. Those hooked in the matrix have no idea that one slip up with an emotionally unstable girl is all it takes for you to be the pin up boy for sexual violence against women.

        2. Recent headlines are about CEOs being cashiered for imprudent emails they sent to their frat-bros years ago. This has stoked increased demands for technical startups to be reigned in by the government so that women (one-half of the population!) can be guaranteed safe work-zones and career actualization.
          Were men to mine women’s digital droppings for compromising data there would be screams of outrage over “cyber-stalking”. Yet self-appointed female busybodies are spending their days searching for evidence instead of making a practical contribution to economic society.

        3. that’s a hell of a story. dude met her at a bar, not at work so he wasn’t doing anything different than the majority of ROK readers and still got his planned life thrown upside down by one crazy ho

        4. This is why I think it’s time to live large. You have nothing to lose now. Seize the day.

        5. That’s why a well observed female at work might be a good thing. By the time you fuck you know exactly how batshit she is and can plan accordingly.

        6. I can’t wait for the facebook generation to start running for political office. Especially the women. What raunchy photos will be uncovered from facebook, twitter, or instagram. Unlike the working word it is politics so anything and everything is fair game for men and women.

        7. “even if it’s not intentional they do go together”
          Good point. One might enter into conspiracy theories anout the connection, but I think both happened separately.

        8. “I can’t wait for the facebook generation to start running for political office. Especially the women. What raunchy photos will be uncovered from facebook, twitter, or instagram”
          I hear ya, and it will be interesting, but it all depends on the zeitgeist of the time. If generation buttplug / facebook enters the era of running for office, if society is still staunch gynocentric it might not matter that a female candidate posted a photo of her having double anal penetration while sucking off a horse.
          There was a famous porn actress who was elected to the italian parliment
          Given that the decline in the States is far worse, the word “virtue” may as well be removed from the dictionary.

        9. Any woman called on the carpet for filming a her college gang-bang would immediately start a false rape accusation about it. Saying that she was raped all those years ago, but is just now coming forward. Then the company’s balls are in the vise. When you’re a protected class you get away with any insane lie.

    4. the one thing missing is competency or rather “mastery” at work. This isnt a boss-subordinate. Best among peers thats’s the real deal.

    5. I work at a corporate firm where there is a policy of no vertical dating (i.e. partners can date partners, associates can date associates, but associates cannot sleep with paralegals.) Female lawyers are not worth the trouble, and I won’t break an explicit policy.
      However, think you can overestimate how prevalent the sexual harassment HR culture is. Yes, there are horror stories, but it seems like almost everyone at a lot of places I worked were having sex with each other.
      There are also horror stories about getting falsely accused of date rape, but that doesn’t keep anyone from saying “don’t do drunken hook ups in college”. I know more people in college who were falsely accused of date rape than I do people in the workforce who got accused of sexual harassment, and those were for drunken passes at a Christmas party.

      1. Does the “no vertical dating” policy apply if you’re from a different department?

        1. I’d be more interested in the “horizontal dating” anyway. Seriously though, the only time I ever did this, it didn’t end well…

        2. You don’t have different departments really. You pretty much have three levels: partners, associates, and support staff (secretaries/paralegals etc.) There a few non lawyers (accountants etc.) whose status and pay are probably closer to associates than paralegals, but I don’t know the policy, but most of those people are men anyway.

        3. Its true… its usually easier to fuck her when she isn’t standing up straight.

    6. I agree with this post. There’s plenty other places to fuck sluts, not in the workplace. If you are looking to be fired, getting into the shit book of HR, go right ahead…… Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you first.

    7. Not only are you risking losing your existing job but an accusation of sexual harassment will follow you.

    8. The key is to look at woman from a purely objective perspective. Female exist to serve male, and to do whatever the male demands it to do.This is because males are intellectual and physical superiors.
      It is very important to remember that human female is little more than confused, untrained wild animal. When you capture (or, in this case, seduce) a wild animal you sure as hell don’t let it run freely all over the place, shit on the floor and tear at the furniture. Instead you break it in and firmly train it to follow your rules, not the animal’s.

      1. Night Strike – this is exactly what I’ve been saying. Total agreement here.

    9. It’s not really advisable to stay in any job you give a rat’s ass about. Professional oneitis is no healthier than the romantic variety.
      Currently, I’d actually go one further: The world in which we are stuck living and working, is an unmitigated, undifferentiated shithole. Giving a rat’s ass about anything in it at all, is strongly contraindicated.

    10. I have seen when a guy broke up with a girl or it wasn’t working, the girl would keep a trail, selectively record everything, and go to HR and falsely accuse the guy of harassment to avenge him for breaking her heart. I was also surprised that seemingly normal girls did that … and guess which side the biased ladies in a HR, usually a female dominated place, would take? If you hate your job, have other work in the pipeline, are finishing your contract, have another contract signed and really good friends at your next work place .. I warn against that. I have seen some bitches screw guys up with this – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and in the age of feminism, it doesn’t take much for a woman to feel scorned in the first place.

    11. Stop being such inferior gender. We can change our world, we can take back control “women have a huge advantage over [men] at work” will be history soon. We just have to take ACTION and start the REVOLUTION.

  2. A decent piece of ass at my job, one of the only ones I’d even have considered, has really been riding the carousel, with at least 6 “boyfriends” in just as many months. I was initially somewhat interested until a) she stopped wearing makeup and b) I didn’t want to put my cock where so many others have been. I’ll just stick with the other girls I’m currently banging. Too much potential drama for a worn out carousel rider.

  3. The problem is that the moment the relationship goes sour, so does your employment. In a Femi-centric HR world, your word against her’s means that she wins by default because vagina. Lots of guys have jobs that do in fact last longer than 6 months, though if you’re in a very turbulent field then I guess the advice in the article is solid. Hey, if you’re in and out inside of six months rather consistently, screw the broads as you will. If you’re in a job for years and it appears with years ahead, proceed with caution or ideally, don’t do it at all. There is no mercy for being a male in the modern corporate female dominate HR department. None.
    Buy a decent quality suit then get it tailored so it’s snug round the
    waist, shoulders, arms and legs. Wear cuff-links and pocket squares. If
    you like, experiment with waistcoats and braces.

    Outstanding advice. The people at the drive through window are going to be *stunned* when you hand them their cheeseburger and fries! heh
    Fun article though, and tends to apply to outside of work venues as well.

    1. Mate I have met girls like her in and around work. Its strange but at work I have “shields up”, meaning I just won’t touch them. Its not a conscious thing but I guess its a natural defense mechanism. I will flirt though and it drives them crazy – its great to watch.
      The worst thing about girls like the one in the picture is that they tend to be the receptionist. They open their mouths and stupidity falls out. You start wondering if you would last two drinks with her before she melted your brain with inane utterances…

      1. Right on, I know they’re ditzes by and large. But I’m not interested in having a long rhetorical discussion about Voltaire with her.
        She’s just my “type”, give or take (prefer a C cup, she seems to be a little less endowed from what little I can tell from the photo). A similar woman in brunette or auburn would still catch my attention, but not enough for me to disregard my own general rule about work.

        1. Quite right. A ditz makes for an amusing evening. I made the mistake of dating one once. It made for extremely painful phone conversations.

        2. The girls who I have discussed philosophy, poetry, history, economics, literature and politics with are the reason I’m on this site. It’s listening to the same rehearsed echo. They all pose the same questions same answers. To me meeting anyone ignorant to these topics is a great blessing.

  4. One caveat: The woman must be from a different sector (or floor, at least).
    You do not have daily direct interactions with her, otherwise you will watch her emotional fallout in front of your coworkers, not to mention both of you getting fired. If, at the same time, you have a policy of jumping companies after a couple of years, fucking workmates is perfectly possible.

    1. “…not to mention both of you getting fired…”
      I found a typo in your post… you meant “Just you getting fired”.

      1. True, the mangina will want to keep the vagina around with hopes that they have a shot.

        1. Even female bosses dude…
          Feminist women simply cannot acknowledge how perverted and unfair the system is to men…
          If they swallowed even 1 redpill their heads would explode… They gotta keep the narrative going for as long as possible.

        2. Female bosses *especially*. They have a vested interest in protecting the Sisterhood from being exposed and all of their Grrrrrl Pwrrrrr!(tm) being shown to be nothing but cover for their true nature.

        3. You are behind “enemy” lines then? right?
          Enjoy the battle of the sexes. don’t let it intimidate you into inaction. Some of these broads will have female friends outside the office looking for hookups. Impressing them might well find you pulling their GFs. (that’s happened)
          Fear of the mental and physical contests will lead to you losing out and failure to find your natural level in the pecking order.

      2. Your are absolutely correct. I just wanted to not excessively discourage our fellow men.

    1. I’m not sure the analogy holds.
      Controlling the dramarama is the key to it.

      1. Only possible if you’re the General manager or the Director of the company, like Larry Ellison.
        Even Mark Hurd, CEO of HP, got fired because of office romance in 2010.

  5. Canary Wharf is definitely a haven for punny. I have to say though, I rarely date girls I work with. Primarily because most of the girls in the office are fugly but also because of the potential complications. If there is a cute girl in the office I’ll flirt with her and keep her moist but never actually ask her out… unless one of us leaves….

  6. Workplace women are your enemy. They cannot help you but most certainly can hurt you. Avoid them. Keep your sexual dalliances outside your industry where the inevitable scorn and rejection by women or their bloodlust for revenge does not threaten your livelihood. The indifference you attain by sowing your oats elsewhere gives you strength and power over your female co-workers, otherwise you are enmeshed in their endless games of sexual rivalry. I have witnessed hotties command a room full of beta engineers merely by walking through the door of the “all-hands meeting”. Don’t be one of those guys. Ignore her.
    Many females at Encorpera will invent sexual intrigues out of sheer boredom or as a way to manipulate you and the other females. They will try to fix you in the sexual pecking order constellation as part of their personal strategy for advancement. Taking down an alpha is an achievement, dissing betas is like breathing. The lesser females are a bunch of damn groupies to the perceived alphas but just as dangerous. There is no end to their perfidy.
    Of course, if you have taken the flunkey path and are merely hoisting boxes on the loading dock, then by all means rogure that gal in Finance as another crappy job can be easily found when she has her inevitable meltdown or reports you to a confidante in HR about how you soiled her so rudely.
    By the way, married men trapped in their cages are the absolute worst offendors as they fancy that some marginal female co-worker may be an option for them. These idiots can cause you no end of grief if they preceive you as a threat to their fantasies, which is egged on by the playful wench who is actually getting plowed by Dontelle who wears a hair-net while he works at the meat-wad sandwich shop across the street.

    1. You got it absolutely right.
      I’m the only male worker left in a competitive office with a mangina boss and I have to get the hell out of there… They’re all backstabbers who act like your friend to your face and then try and destroy you when you aren’t expecting it.
      The dumbest thing about it is they all hate each other… When there were guys in my lab we’d actually become friends and try to help each other get ahead… No exaggeration… Now that its all women the whole lab is fractured… The mangina boss’ lab is falling apart but he would rather die than discipline his female workers.

      1. Check out “The Predatory Female” by Lawrence Shannon. The bitches you’re describing sound like they’re acting a scrpit out of the book!

      2. Check out “The Predatory Female” by Lawrence Shannon. The bitches you’re describing sound like they’re acting a scrpit out of the book!

      1. Watched half of “Jack Reacher” with my sons Shemp and Hermann before we could stand no more of the laughably predictable thriller. The writer, Lee Childs, excretes a similar book very two months. If I would just stop posting stupid comments on the internet and worked 15 minutes a day on a blockbuster novel I could probably sell it to Hollywood and retire.

    2. Unfortunately true. What used to be friendly workplace socializing is now some kind of forbidden speech minefield.
      My dad had this one female employee complain to him about harassment, and it turned out it was just some old guy calling her “hun”. He didn’t even work for my dad, he was just delivering a message. This is why I have him send me all the resumes of people he considers hiring, so I can check them for any trace of social justice bullshit.

    3. If a run aloof game with these attention whores they get offended and retaliate with gossip and recruiting beta chodes for bullying. Some of those Betas have position of power ready to serve those bitches. I have had to adopt some beta behaviour giving them unearned validation and attention from time to time in order to protect my ass.

  7. “Be that guy. She will be intrigued — all the other guys have been falling over themselves to take her to lunch or out for cock-heavy, sexless post-work drinks: why haven’t you? ”
    Did that last night… went with a work colleague to the gym (which didn’t work out so well because I WAS thirsty after doing squats… and seeing her do the splits and bring her face to the ground totally fucked up my Game haha) and then took her out for food afterwards. I was definitely thinking afterwards that I gave up the mystery too quick though… told her too much about myself too fast.
    Its ok, practice makes perfect… At least my cock is heavy.
    PS: This article is good, nice to get back to Game talk on RoK.
    PPS: What is your guys’ thoughts on dating women at work? If it doesn’t work out she could brand you to everyone else as a loser… Hell, if she ends up cheating on you you can also become the loser… In my experience, mixing work with relationships with women can be extremely dangerous…. attractive women don’t have to do the same things in the workplace to get success… they just gotta smile and they’ll be showered with opportunities and attention… at least in my field where it is all thirsty manginas.

  8. I don’t know how women are over there. But here in the States, women in the corporate world spend all their time talking shit about their co-workers. I hear it all the time in every corner and cafe. They spew negativity to anyone that will hear it. If you entertain that then it is only a matter of time when the whole office is talking shit about you because your little fling decided is was time to open up about your relationship to Becky the Loosey Goose.

    1. “But here in the States, women in the corporate world spend all their time talking shit about their co-workers.”
      – Women in the States talk shit about EVERYONE.

  9. I’ll be an occupational therapists soon…people in our line of work dress bad. But there are lots of nurses/physio/occu therapists women in this workplace.
    how should a man go about navigating and gaming in this sort of workplace.

  10. I’ve also played the aloof game with success when it comes to attracting a woman’s attention at the work place.
    But the thing is that I kept aloof because I was sexually disinterested in getting involved with women at the workplace, I don’t mix business with pleasure.
    But strangely women kept making subtle passes on me.
    There were some I liked. But I didn’t chase them.
    I went up and picked up the most feasible hooker at the bar or the escort on the net who looked closest to those women, and fucked her, paid her and left.
    Saved me a lot of sexual tension, and from potential problems had I reciprocated interest to those girls.
    Don’t go for office sluts. They can fuck up your career.

  11. Actually work is an excellent place to find a mate.
    It’s also a good place to find a fling. Anyplace is as good as any other place.
    Of course you need to be a bit careful.
    other tips:
    1. Point out to her at a good moment that it’s just one of those things do it early enough to set a boundary.
    2. Look at how the office romance in the original office goes. Make sure there is actual chemistry there. Make sure the interactions are all have a slightly bashful but sexualized nature. If you can’t pull off the John Hamm act try Martin Freeman. Never be a David Brent. He’s poison.
    3. Find a dweeb type cubicle dweller to playfully “bully” in front of her. She’s a cruel bitch at heart.

    1. “3. Find a dweeb type cubicle dweller to playfully “bully” in front of her. She’s a cruel bitch at heart.”
      Yeah this is true. Women are cruel bitches at the workplace. Bullying someone to impress them does get their juices flowing, they regard you as an alpha then.

      1. Freeman was the Contextual Office Alpha in the original. He had a quite a bit of game. I’m not sure about the American version which I found to be a bit unreal. Gervais was believably lame, Carrell not so much. The attitude of Freeman and his comebacks were classic office politics.

        Definitely find a spastic to shove around in a clever “real” way as it will also get you a promotion.

  12. Had a great work FB for a couple years at my last job. She was a cute latin girl and we’d go fuck in her big SUV out in the parking garage at lunch or after work. She was the perfect setup-no strings, just wanted to screw around, and was very discreet. She never told anyone about what we were up to. I highly recommend it if you can find this elusive creature. The problem is, you’ll generally find the ones that want to date you which is a big no-no in my book. As the article states, don’t get into relationships with any female coworkers. If things go south, you have to see this girl every day and she’ll most likely c-block you against any other potential tail in the office.

  13. How about no? I won’t mess with any coworkers at all.. EVER
    When I go into the Air Force, I will do my hunting off base. Especially if I end up in a place like Germany or Japan. One can only hope

  14. You have an affair with a co-worker and you’re looking to get your ass fired. I’ve seen it happen twice.

    1. Exactly. It’s just not a good idea, especially for men.
      Keep work and sex separate.

      1. So that brings up an important point – if a guy is living in such scarcity that he feels *relegated* to pursuing chicks at work, that’s a recipe for failure. If you’re meeting chicks anywhere and everywhere and have created financial abundance for yourself, however, you don’t need to fear hooking up with chicks at work. Just be discreet, and do your best to leave things on good terms if the fling ends or one of you gets a new S.O. at some point et al.

        1. Domination of the women in the office is a pre requisite for promotion and advancement. Not shagging per se but social and emotional control. You are, in the modern office, marketing to broads all the time.

      2. The irony of this social policy implemented by the Anita Hill’s of the 90’s was that until then, women were the ones who liked dating men in the office. Because the men’s livelihood was there, she had tremendous power to demand he live up to the role of a gentleman. She also didn’t have to go very far to validate he was gainfully employed.
        My wife’s friends who met their boyfriends and husbands in clubs often griped that the “players” were losers and simultaneously, online dating is a “catfish” game. Of course it is. That’s the world men have been living in for millennia. Welcome to equality, ladies.

  15. If you plan on keeping your job, this is a dangerous strategy.
    The lesser females, crazy old cat ladies, fat married women and the chubbies about to and hitting the Wall, greatly envy the youth and beauty of the fresh meat just starting at the office.They will also hate an apha for gaming her, well knowing their chance passed many years and/or pounds ago.
    If you don’t care about your current job or a good reference for the next one, then by all means go ahead.

  16. A lot of this article depends on what kind of environment you work in. I worked in a factory that was loaded with women.
    Completely messed up dysfunctional women. The kind you would not want to touch with a borrowed 10′ pole.
    The article seems more geared for a corporate environment though – all the better. “Higher quality” women flock to that environment, as the TV and “Sex and the City” has programmed them for.
    But still, I would think twice about crapping where I eat. In the corporate environment, I’m Mr. Nobody and keep it that way. I’m the gray man. I’ll do the job (efficiently enough that that actual work is only 30 percent of my time) and take the pay and GFTO at the end of the day.

  17. Great article, Troy.
    While I do uphold that, in any setting, a firm ‘no’ does mean no and must be respected, that is amplified here. If she says ‘no’, back the fuck off and simply say ‘Hey, I understand’ and never invite her out for drinks again etc…
    Remember – if you’re that afraid of losing your job, you’re living in scarcity. Your company/boss has all the power over you if you need your job more than your company needs you. Create financial abundance and your ‘fuck you’ money will empower you to do exactly as Troy suggests.

    1. I digress.
      It’s not the point of ‘fuck your” money. Money is not the only issue here.
      It’s about your future options too.
      It’s word of mouth, and your professional history too that counts.
      You can’t go to the next job interview and lie about why you left your previously job, especially when you were ‘unceremoniously’ fired for dicking the loose slut from your office. Employers today can report your history if they want to.
      You can choose to fuck around only if you know VERY WELL what your backup options would involve if you got fired for fucking around, and are prepared to face the consequences. The place where you should definitely not listen to your boner is at work. Unless if you own the joint itself.

      1. If you plan on living paycheck to paycheck, and have accepted the frame that you will always be an employee working for a hierarchically-superior employer/boss, then I agree with you 100%.

  18. It also depends on the industry and ratio of hot females.
    In sales, for example, there is an ample supply of hot young sales managers, but all tend to flock towards bery high value alphas (meaning having senior managing positions, or multi-million dollar accounts).
    The truth is that even an alpha without the capability to protect and/or advance their carreers is only a good fuck, and most hot young women will save themselves the gossip within the office.

  19. While many men rightfully think it’s not wise to hit on any female at work, I’d say the principles in this article are still valid for social circle game. A good read.

  20. “Oh wow, so you used to source market data for agricultural product start-ups? That’s so cool.” LOL!!! I’ve seen guys do this. Never works, either.

  21. Know your target-rich environments: HR and Marketing.
    Now, there is one type of guy out there that seems to be able to pull off office sex well, I have known a few, but am absolutely not this guy: you have to be continually flirtatious in all encounters with office women, no matter how unattractive. The response will be, “oh he’s just like that with everyone” (provided one is already at a base line of attractiveness) AND you must possess skills that are hard to replace, you must add value to the company
    With plausible deniability and worth, with some discretion the pick of the office should be yours.

    1. I couldn’t work in HR, but Marketing’s great, less formal, more creative and still well paid.

      1. I didn’t mean to work in those departments, I meant poach trim from those departments; they have the hottest and easiest women.

  22. “…many of them are impressively attired in high heels, slinky pencil
    skirts and strappy tops ballasted only by the generous breasts contained
    within. Given this high traffic, fecund with erotic opportunity, should I wade in…”
    Sublime poetry, this, Monsieur Francis. And a Merry Friday evening to you. May those London nightclubs reveal their plush bounty to you in a mere matter of hours, that you may soon thereafter findst yourself frenetically thrusting into young, taut, heavenly and supple female flesh come the light of morrow. Good evening, sir.

  23. BAD, BAD, BAD Idea!!! I can’t even believe this article was posted on ROK.
    Even IF you think your job will only be a 6-month stint until the next one, you run the risk of getting a sexual harassment complaint on your record with HR. Then, when you apply for your next job, your future employer will do a background check and find out about your record. You will be considered a HUGE RISK.
    Do you think you will get hired ever again by any employer with any business sense?
    As Private Hudson said in Aliens, “It’s game over man! It’s game over!!”
    Just bang outside of the workplace, no exceptions!
    Don’t be stooopid for pussy. Just don’t.

    1. Curious, how precisely can a company do a “background check” on your personnel files in another company? This is assuming no criminal charges are pressed I mean, which are in fact public record.

      1. They do it all the time. I’ve had my background checked by Dunn & Bradstreet. They phoned each and every one of my past employers going back 10 years! They managed to get feedback from all my former managers and HR departments, down to the nitty gritty. I know because I was still friends with some people at HR at my former employers.
        I was quite frankly shocked at how much information former employers were willing to divulge.
        Luckily my record was clean. Because I’m not stoopid at work! 🙂

        1. That’s messed up. Every company I’ve worked for had a strict “We will only verify employment” policy regarding others calling asking about you after you leave. Wonder if that’s just because I got lucky, or if it’s a matter of corporate culture that differs across the various states? Dunno. Sucks that it can happen though.

        2. My guess is that it varies widely by company and corporate culture. The smaller (less than 500 employees) companies I worked for were very candid, probably because they had no corporate wide policy on the issue. So a D&B checker would just phone up the HR dept. and start fishing for info.
          Most of the larger companies that I worked for (Fortune 500) only verified employment. They probably had corporate policies on the issue due to past litigation.

        3. Most companies, even the medium ones, usually have an online verify employment service available for such things as getting bank loans, insurance, etc. They’re a part of the payroll system. Any problem references, use that 800 number or web address with the verification code. For manager names, use one that no longer works at the company. Done. Dead ends for the inquisitive reference checker.

  24. This applies to burger king and other non serious jobs. I have far too much invested in my company and enjoy my paycheck. No tail is worth risking that.
    I think this article is terrible advice. Don’t shit where you eat unless ^ like I said you work a temp job or don’t care if you lose your paycheck.

  25. I advise against it. It isn’t really worth losing your job and your state of mind for some slut. Dime a dozen, gentlemen, dime a dozen.

  26. Terrible article all together. Poaching at the office is a terrible idea even if you own your own business. Remember, females are capricious creatures that have no compulsion against lying to get what they want or to tear someone down for because they feel they were spurned.
    If you work for someone else, all she has to do is go to HR and complain that you pressured her and you will be walking out the door no matter how valuable your skill set is, and no skill set is so vital that a company can’t replace that employee. I’ve seen it happen.
    If you own the company and she is an employee….Do I even need to point out where this can of worms ends up? Just don’t. If she is a customer and you later take out for a fun-filled evening and nothing more, her and all her friends can start posting negative reviews about your business and sink what you started over the fact that you didn’t call her back.
    Your business/work reputation is valuable and you should protect it at all times, that is just sound policy. Do not leave it exposed to others, especially when those others can destroy it with just a few words. Most of my conquests know what I do for a living but nothing about the my company or my employer.
    WorkWomen that are available. Don’t ever let the two meet.

  27. Are you out of your mind with this stupid “advice” or are you trying to destroy as many young mens’ careers as possible? You’re daft if you think you aren’t been closely monitored by the other women in the office, including the ones you think you are friends with.. If you can’t control your hormones to protect your livelihood for a mere eight hours a day then you are a liability to the company and yourself. Be smart, don’t dip your pen in company ink, those office women have games going on that you don’t even know about.

  28. I’ll pass. I want nothing to do with some HR cunt. I rather be fucking HS seniors anyways. I work next to a HS so i just use these girls for free rides. I can’t tell you how much tail i got just by asking random girls for a ride to my apartment. LOL.

        1. The ones who have fake id’s. Someday, I’ll be reading about you in the newspaper regarding your underage sex fetish.

  29. If you work at the local donut shop for minimum wage, sure. Glaze her face!
    But in your career job? Suicide! You are putting your hope and trust into a female who will lose her shit one day and destroy your career.

    1. But in your career job? Suicide! You are putting your hope and trust into a female who will lose her shit one day and destroy your career.
      That is a fair point. If you fish off of the company pier, you have to be sure you have a deft touch. It reminds me of this, for some reason:
      “Remember Jimmy McIlwaine on the yard used to say, ‘You wanna
      be making moves on the street, have no attachments, allow nothing to be in your life that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner.’”

      À bientôt,

  30. “…mother hens rise up quickly in offices looking to ‘protect’ younger women they’re jealous of, and even if the girl likes you she may be nervous about looking bad in front of her colleagues, so keep it discreet.”
    Better to keep it discreet, anyway. And pre-qualification is important also. No crazies, and ideally, she will have as much/more to lose than you do (I formerly banged an HR chick*, and really, could she say she didn’t know the gun was loaded?), which will make things easier when things end.
    The most important thing to remember, is that such liaisons typically have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The key is to stick the dismount (both literally and figuratively).
    In another case, I was tapping a young secretary (which is what young secretaries are *for*). The truly hilarious thing was that the “grandmas” were encouraging me, b/c this girl was fine, and the “office playa’” had his sights set on her–(the general view of the grandmas was that I would at least be nice to her, and I had spent some time cultivating the grandmas early on, b/c a lot of offices run on ‘hen power’ and it’s not a bad idea to have a deep bench. Also, it’s gentlemanly (in the good way) to be kind to elderly ladies. 😉
    The real problem was a late-20s/early-30s twat who was miserable and didn’t want anyone else to be happy. You know how that goes. So I got (only sort of) busted by HR. The female VP of HR was actually a cool chick, married to a much older guy, and I’m sure wast totally DTF in her day. Her little femcunt ‘mini-me’ was not, and started a lecture that began with “Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances….”
    Me [using playful-but-condescending tone]: “Stop right there. There is nothing ‘unwanted’ about any ‘advances’ I may, or may not have made towards [name of hot secretary]**. In fact, ‘encouraged’ and ‘welcomed’ would be better descriptions, so it looks like we’re done here.”
    I winked at the HR VP (who I had previously cultivated as an ally) and “Well that’s that”, and then I was gone, with a tip of my hat.
    À bientôt,
    *I know. But she was hot and DTF. Accounting chicks are usually closet nymphos, too.
    **I was particularly fascinated by her hindquarters as she pretty much had the ‘Rear of the Year’.

  31. There is a saying, “Don’t shit in your own sandbox”. Pursuing affairs at work is one of the worse things one can do. Work is for the purpose of gaining bio-survival tickets (money). You do not want to risk this with sexuality. It is much better to pursue one’s sexuality completely separate from the work environment.

  32. Um, the baby boomer generation hardly experienced a “job for life”. Perhaps you refer to the “silent” generation before it.

  33. DON’T DO THIS I did it and now the bitch is trying to make my job living hell (I broke it off). My friend got fired over this kind of thing also, they claimed sexual harassment, but the company fired him and the two chicks (which surprised me since they like to axe males so much in this society but I guess they cover there asses fully lol). Might possibly be a third but she might have gotten fired for something else but I dunno. I was eyeing her to and I know she had interest but like I said your job is worth more than some chicks poosy. Not to mention the chick I dated (who is now making my job hell) is probably a sociopath she exhibits 90% of the characteristics. Now that im writing this i could only imagine the lies she is spreading about me at work. So those of you who know what those are know when I say she tries to make my job a living hell I mean it. I just reported her today to one of my bosses, don’t know if that was a mistake or not since she lies so much but fuck I had no choice…dont do this shit guys, it will not work out well for you trust me. It will not work out well for you!!! I just hope they transfer her or something!

    1. You ought to write more about this, not just general details. Really write about what happened, & share. Might even be a great article!

  34. Bad advice. Don’t do it.
    The women in your office are men. Except, if they decide they want to make your life miserable, they can go to HR and complain about you.
    Stick to making allies with male colleagues. And forget about screwing chicks there. Your job is to advance in your career. Maintain that focus at work; chase girls in other venues.

  35. Women don’t belong in the workplace. Men will behave like total assclowns to get some female attention at work, including phony intimations of violence toward male co-workers and affecting a faux authoritativeness (cutting off male co-workers in conversation, talking really loud to drown out others, pointing their fingers at other men and asking them what they’ve accomplished). It’s turned the workplace into high school. It’s said to see ROK promoting this douchebaggery.
    Men should ignore female co-workers, no matter how attractive they are. You’re opening a tinder box by pursuing these broads. As others here have pointed out, women will make false sexual harassment charges against men they perceive as “creepy,” or just for the hell of it. What if you get in the sack and she develops an attachment to you, and you later decide that you don’t want to get that deeply involved? Sexual harassment.
    Don’t do it guys.

    1. You are an absolute moron. The Alpha Male is able to deftly navigate around any potential minefields. Clearly, you are a beta.

        1. i would say the “beta” sees a lack of options and will fuck any girl that will lower themselves to his level, even if it means loss of employment.

  36. Don’t mess with women at work. Unfortunately the odds are if you work around women you have a terrible thankless low-pay long-hours salary job in a soul crushing cubicle city. I left that world behind and went to work in heavy industry. I no longer work around a minefield of female co-workers and I’m paid about 3 times more hourly then I made as a salaried guy with a MBA. Less hours, more pay, no nonsense, and no dumb bitches or mangina pussies.

  37. Ever heard of the saying don’t eat where you shit or don’t shit in your camp. Its best to walk 150 meters to shit in the forest or 150 meters between where you shit and eat. Likewise its best to walk 150 meters between where you fuck and work.
    HR will rape you silly if one of your escapades go wrong. You have to bear in mind this is a country where men are charged with sexual assault for trying to dance with women (google the dude who it happened to at york university). You better not care about your job nor about be labelled as a criminal. As long as your job doesn’t matter if you have sexual assualt charges or were fired for sexual harassment then sure.
    When your at work your goal is simply one thing and one minded focus, complete domination and moving up the chain until you are the boss. Why waste your time and resources at work chasing tail when no good can come of it. You can chase tail on the side, or pay for it like most rich guys. Better to lie and say you are married or dating. And here is a major tip, women are far more interested and more likely to approach a man they hear is taken than a single one. They are more likely to respect you and probably fuck you than fucking some weird single loser who cannot attract women.
    You have no clue how many woman flirt just to get you to touch them and them whammo game over. I had a doctor, a good good friend doctor, who this happened. girl came in the office, started coming onto him, putting her hands threw his hair and bending overon the table and he got arressted infront of all his patients. How does that sound?

  38. A married woman at work once propositioned me at work with the pitch that since we were both married, we both had something to lose and a strong incentive to be discreet…

  39. This article I feel would only doom a true man. As others have said wisely before me-
    1.) Don’t shit on the table you eat from
    2.) Don’t dip your pen in the company inkwell
    3.) Assuming makes a ass out of you and me…
    If you assume that HR is going to be ok with you banging
    little miss sunshine in accounting, who is a AW/WW, and things go bad and she
    senses she can get you fired or get money from hurting your career- I highly
    doubt you would survive the onslaught. Look around at how many corporate men,
    owners of companies, athletes, men of power and prestige have lost their
    family, health, tons of money, their jobs and years of holdings and trappings
    all because of a little fling at the office.
    I feel that the author of this post, is probably younger than some of us and really doesn’t have a whole lot of years under his belt just yet. Any fling at the office can or will be cause for dismissal and termination. Yes, it can be a target rich environment… but ask yourself deep down- “Is my career and future, truly worth it for this piece of ass?”

    1. ‘I feel that the author of this post, is probably younger than some of us and really doesn’t have a whole lot of years under his belt just yet’
      Ha! If only!
      Lots of interesting points in the discussion here, gentlemen. Most, it would seem, oppose the idea of office flings. Fair enough. I haven’t responded until now as I feel paragraph three of the original article speaks for itself:
      ‘Should I wade in and treat the place like a nightclub on ‘Free Shots for Ladies’ night, or should I keep my gaming for outside my place of gainful employment? Many guys would argue the latter: ‘don’t defecate on your own doorstep’. A contrary view would be that, given the transient state of the employment market, the likelihood of both you and her both still working there in even six months time is slim, so why not take advantage of the environment simply as another venue to meet women? Each man must make up his own mind on this. If you decide to go ahead then proceed with caution: know your company’s polices and don’t do anything that could get your fired.’
      You have to decide for yourself, depending on your particular circumstances and the culture of your company whether this is a course you pursue or not. If you are tied down with alimony and mortgage payments, then yes, of course it would be stupid to do anything risky. On the other hand, if you recognise that the employment market is inherently unstable anyway, and you are looking to get out to start your own business, then you might decide to take the plunge. In that case, hopefully some of the tips here are helpful. But it’s entirely up to you.
      One thing I would say is this: many of those opposing work relationships are citing worst-case scenarios: HR, legal action, etc. In my experience, having worked in offices for the last decade, things very rarely reach this stage. In fact, a lot of people end up getting together at work for short flings or LTRs.
      However, in this area as in any other, each man must make make up his own mind.

    2. Hitting on women at work makes you a liability to the company. The boss has to get rid of you or he/she is risking the company along with their own job. Corporate America is a brutal soul crushing place.

  40. The only time I have seen an office romance work is when they immediately become a couple, forsaking all others. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your work days ducking your ex, just don’t start.

  41. Too risky. It’s a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen and the company will side with the woman every time. I’m afraid to even smile at women at my job for fear that she will go to the boss and tell him I was ogling her.

    1. You have to side with the woman. If you don’t, you’re risking your business when she decides to sue the whole company. Hitting on women at work makes you a liability to the company.

  42. Screwing women you work with daily is a bad career move. Screwing those you see twice a month or their friends is ok. I’ve done that. Screwing women that you supervise or supervise you even indirectly is career suicide. Remember this: ITS HARDER TO REPLACE YOUR JOB AND INCOME THEN REPLACE PUSSY!

  43. Ugh,
    Move to a foreign country, start a business, and bring in hot temps to do your dicktation. Watch their hourly billings and make sure you’re getting what you pay for. It’s so much easier than trying to run game at the office and deal with the emotionally and mentally ill females you’re sure to encounter at the office.
    Besides, I’ve worked in many offices and large companies and I don’t recall seeing to many girls that look like the blonde in the pic. It’s more like swatting away horny cougars if you’ve got any kinda game going.

  44. why in the hell would you want to get laid at work? are you in a town of 200 with one business and 100 miles from the next town/city?
    looking to get laid at work is a sign of desperation.

  45. Allow me to illustrate how stupid this advice is. Say you make $80K / year and have a good job. You see a hot coworker and think “Well, why not?” ….. Some time passes and now you have to work with your ex-hookup/girlfriend/whatever. SHE now has all of the power over you at work and can have you brought into HR / fired very easily. Have this happen in more than one workplace and it WILL follow you through your career.
    A better question would be to take 5 years of your pay (80 x 5 = $400K) and ask your self “What woman truly is worth this amount??”
    No quickie on the planet is worth close to half a million dollars.
    Play it safe, play it smart. DO NOT fish off the company pier. I’ve literally seen it detonate careers too many times.
    Now the day you post your resignation at a company? Feel free to ask her out. 😉

  46. Lol.. Well #4 is wrong – a $1 muscle shirt will trump the most expensive suit (if you have muscles) because it states that your genes are superior
    but anyways if you work in a large corporation sure… small company you are dead.

  47. What a bunch of cowards. “Don’t game at work”. Blah! That stuff may be good advice for most men, but a few are quite capable at gaming at work depending on your industry. I have seduced several of my female managers, or led ugly ones on that I could at some point seduce them in order to achieve higher raises and promotions. Now i’m the manager.
    My female subordinates all adore me and so do my female bosses. While I would never sleep with 99% of them. Occasionally a new girl starts and gets attracted to the boss. I may or may not take advantage. The latest temptation just started today. 24 and fresh in town out of college. Training her today felt more like a date than work.

  48. There’s a reason Gene Simmons has topless pics with every woman he’s ever slept with: to avoid fake rape charges. Most professional playboy’s homes and entertainment tour buses have hidden cameras and recording devices installed for this very reason. If you’re having casual sex with any woman in America and not finding some way to document that it is consensual (stealth or otherwise), you are literally risking your corporate job and your life. Texts, audio, video, photos even signed agreements in underground fetishes. This is not as difficult as it may seem: Take note that the best selling book of late wasn’t some feminist drivel; it was “50 Shades of Grey.” Women love a man who knows what he’s doing and that they can trust. In the event it goes bad with a psycho fuck bunny, drop her immediately, play it cool like James Bond, creating a family crisis or “scheduling conflicts,” Call her out and confront her and she can accuse you of stalking and file false charges on this as well and will also put you on blast to her FB, snapslut and instawhore lists. There is a continuum here that spans everything from histrionic online smear fits that can cost you thousands to have removed, to outright felony legal criminal charges. My personal recommendation is to lock down a live in GF or take the sport fucking to other man friendly countries —

    1. “There’s a reason Gene Simmons has topless pics with every woman he’s ever slept with: to avoid fake rape charges. ”
      I respectfully doubt that. Simmons was just a guy who liked to photograph the bitches he was plugging – and his prime fuck years were during an era where the vast majority of skanks didn’t simply fabricate false rape claims. The baby boomers really had the best time in America. That said, I noticed he is rather beta these days with that has-been soft core porn actress whats-her-stinkbox-name. Dunno why – Simmons has his own money and still does not to bowdown to a female for any reason. Makes me wonder if as men get older they become more like timid little boys. Look at Ozzy.

  49. Return of Kings logic: Have sex with lots and lots of women, and after you are done, get married to a virgin, because somehow there is an infinite supply of women.

    1. Beta boy logic: put women on pedestal, be content with them banging a succession of bikers through their 20s, pick them up post 30 and post the 160 pound mark, have children with them using their clapped-out eggs and uterine cavities, willingly hand over half your assets and all your children after being married a couple of years to them because they’re “not fulfilled”, because somehow all women are “worthy”.
      If she won’t give you the best years of her life, why should you give her yours?

      1. “pick them up post 30 and post the 160 pound mark” I assume “pound mark” means the number of sexual partners. Holy shit! That is a high count of sexual partners by male or female: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/05/06/why-millennials-have-sex-with-fewer-partners-than-their-parents-did/ But back on topic…
        “have children with them using their clapped-out eggs and uterine cavities” Worn out eggs? Warn out uteri? I believe you are ignorant of biology sir… Eggs are one time use, the uterus is an organ designed for baby making, I assure you that it isn’t taking any wear unless there is some sort of problem…
        “If she won’t give you the best years of her life, why should you give her yours?” You seem to be mistaken about the point I was attempting to making. I am saying that if you expect your partner to wait until marriage, then you should also wait until marriage. If you don’t think you should wait until marriage, then you shouldd not expect your partner to wait until marriage. Isn’t that fair?

        1. Oh, well gaining 13 kilos from age 20-30 doesn’t seem bad… It seems pretty healthy amount of weight game for that amount of time…

        2. ” Worn out eggs? Warn out uteri? I believe you are ignorant of biology
          sir… Eggs are one time use, the uterus is an organ designed for baby
          making, I assure you that it isn’t taking any wear unless there is some
          sort of problem…”
          Talk to a gynaecologist about your chances of conceiving and the rate of genetic defects at or after the age of 35. I suggest he will tell you to take your fact-free assertion that the uterus takes no wear and ram it up your own asshole.
          “If you don’t think you should wait until marriage, then you shouldd not
          expect your partner to wait until marriage. Isn’t that fair?”
          Nope. And attempting to demand a principle override best practice is an intellectually dishonest debating tactic.

        3. I had a healthy child at 35, my two older sisters 43 and 46. All three have high intellects-no health issues..
          What exactly are the best years of” her” life?
          Oh, I get it, Marcus is referring to a woman’s “prime’ age- when she is young. After she hits the wall- “she” does not count.
          Marcus says he is a Christian…..
          As was Hitler
          .Skin deep mentality. And the men of ROK complain about women being superficial

        4. Calls me skin deep, and thinks her single, unverifiable subjective experience displaces statistical and biological reality.
          Post verifiable proof of the “high intellect” of your kids, as well as proof of your not using donor eggs to achieve those results. Protip: censored medical results does not count as verifiable.
          The best years of your life are the ones that are, by definition, past you.

        5. Do try and keep your lies straight. You just said one post ago that you had a healthy child at 35. Or is that just more lies about your personal circumstances, including the health of your kids?

        6. Actually, men’s earning capacity and career performance peaks in the late thirties and forties. Too bad men and women aren’t the same.

        7. –and not to your husband, I would wager. Again, post verifiable proof of your assertions that displace statistical reality, or get back to drinking.

        8. But not your capacity to bear children, unfortunately. Or your capacity to attract men under the age of 60.

        9. –because only men like us risk themselves on battlefields to protect women like you. Especially against Asians, who on your posting history you seem to have a real problem with.

        10. Oh, I can, dear. It’s why I’ve been scoring points off you all morning. You need to lift your game.

        11. You are the one who id drunk and not making a lick of sense.. rephrase please..

        12. If you’re having this much trouble with plain English I somehow doubt the intellect of your offspring. But then someone who consciously decides to play chicken with her biological clock isn’t terribly bright.

        13. Are you that stupid? Got pregnant at thirty four- had a birthday, then delivered my son six months later… Are you on opiates? you used to be so sharp…

        14. Men also are at risk for healthy offspring after the mid thirties. I could care less about attracting men other than my husband- most are pigs anyway

        15. Not according to your own posting:
          “Is your wife Asian?Or from another third world country? They don’t care
          about sexual attraction- will screw/marry anything that puts a roof over
          their head and food on the table”
          Does your husband have a thing for younger Asian women? Is that why you’re so inappropriately prejudiced against them?

        16. “Also”? Then you do admit the statistical reality that women shouldn’t be conceiving after 30, and the Russian Roulette you played with your child’s health by waiting until your ovaries had dried out to have a kid. Thanks; point proven. It’s encouraging to see that women can see reality — if as a male you persist through their little emotional spasms.

        17. You have some personal experience of opiate abuse to be able to go for that diagnosis, I take it? Also, I notice you didn’t correct me when I pointed out you didn’t get pregnant to your husband. So I take it I was correct in that prediction.

        18. Try harder, dear. Your sentence complexity is dropping with every reply, although that’s understandable as you get angrier and angrier.

        19. Annnd. I stated i don’t blame them for marrying the bottom of the well Western men- I might too if placed in then same position.
          Men love to have women at each others throats- I refuse to do that
          I also offered thanks to God for my birthplace.. I am luck indeed to vote, marry who i want etc..
          Post the whole paragraph- you big pussy-
          Are you a Western Reject married to an Asian?
          edit; i am lucky indeed

        20. “Talk to a gynaecologist about your chances of conceiving and the rate of genetic defects at or after the age of 35.” Well every man will have a wife with this problem whether you are “beta” or “alpha”. Women have this problem because they are old, irregardless of how much sex they have or how “beta” their husbands are. You can avoid this problem fairly easily: have children younger…
          “Nope.” Well how so?
          “And attempting to demand a principle override best practice is an intellectually dishonest debating tactic.” What? Please restate what you mean by this. Also, the statement I made is only applicable to you if you feel that you can only marry a virgin, so if you don’t find that to be a necessity, than I don’t find anything disagreeable with your opinion…

        21. How amusing that you think calling me a part of your anatomy is an insult. Self-hatred much?
          Men don’t love to have women at each other’s throats. Women understand each other and hate each other without anything to do with men.
          Spare thanking God for your birthplace, your vote, and your choices in who you marry. Thank men instead. We make sure you have those rights. Men disproportionately make up police, military, firefighting, and medical services. Women take advantage of every protection men offer them and, as your shit attitude demonstrates, offer little of substance in return. You are given enormous privileges by men and should know your place.

        22. “You can avoid this problem fairly easily: have children younger…”
          …or just have a younger wife, i.e. one who hasn’t wasted her prime fertile years fucking bikers., i.e.e. one who’s less likely to be a slut and more likely to be a virgin.
          “What? Please restate what you mean by this.”
          Read it again: you are being intellectually dishonest. You are applying debating tactics that are not addressed to the facts or logic.
          You are asserting, a priori, that you should wait for marriage if your partner also waits. There is no basis for that principle, and given sex differences, it’s not best practice either. Arguing principle should override best practice is intellectually dishonest: it’s akin to a doctor asserting that he should not set a broken bone because bodily integrity is more important.

        23. “or just have a younger wife” I was referring to women anyways, the average age for a women to get married is 27 and they don’t start having kids until they are in their mid 30’s, this is way later than it should be…
          “one who hasn’t wasted her prime fertile years fucking bikers” No, it doesn’t have anything to do with that. It just has to do with people having children too late. She should already be married in her prime, and it doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t “fucking bikers”…
          “one who’s less likely to be a slut and more likely to be a virgin.” No it doesn’t have to do with that either. It doesn’t matter if she was a virgin or no a virgin when she got married, it just has to do with her not producing children early enough…
          “You are asserting, a priori, that you should wait for marriage if your partner also waits. There is no basis for that principle” Yes there is a basis – there is an equal number of males and females. Those males and females are generally going to be married in pares of two at some point. It is “best practice”, in your own words for the females to be virgins at marriage. Sense there is not an excess of females for men too loose virginity, then for the sake of males who want virgin brides, it is best practice to also be virgin at marriage. Please, tell me what here is not based in “fact”? You keep pushing this claim, but you have yet to give me one thing that is scientifically or mathematically inaccurate.
          “and given sex differences, it’s not best practice either.” Well again, you are making a priori. You give no basis for this and no citation. And as I pointed out, if men want virgin wife’s, it’s best practice for them to not have sex with them before they get married. You can’t eat your cake and keep it.
          “Arguing principle should override best practice is intellectually dishonest” And I am not arguing for “principle” I am arguing for your own sake. I am not the person who is wining that I can’t find a virgin…

        24. Decent, good men fought alongside decent good women for our current rights. Your kind has the mindset of Islam. I wont thank men like you for anything- except for leaving the planet early..
          edit: human error; I apologize, gppd= good.

        25. Decent, good men permitted you your current rights. Rights which, as sex, you have proven both too cowardly of standing up to defend. Or would you like to specify in which armed forces women make up 50% of the active duty personnel?

        26. Many men posting here have never served in the Armed Forces. . Roosh included. Is it your opinion that he should not vote? I work with two females who have military experience. Come up with a better argument.

      1. Well explain, how could it possibly work for people to have sex before marriage and then be virgins when getting married? You do realize that the population ratio of males to females is basically 1:1. There aren’t extra women to have serve as prostitutes or sluts or whatever. Also, what is the logic behind it being okay for you to have sex before marriage, but not your spouse?

      1. “Grow a pair you dickhead!” Sir, I think you dropped your noun, what do I need to grow a pair of?
        “dickhead” Ad hominems only make you appear mentally weak…

    2. Hello, SJW mangina. You need to take some time to read the articles on here, learn the truth, and take the red pill. You’re better than this. It’s not too late for you to control your destiny. White knighting will lead to nothing but a lighter wallet and a life of wanking to tranny porn

      1. Well explain to me then. Mathematically, how can people have sex before marriage, and still marry virgins?

  50. Don’t do it. You can get fired even if she wants/likes it, and the whole ‘don’t shit where you eat’ thing.

  51. One tip: DONT.
    If I have to explain why, you’re too stupid to listen and I suggest you read other articles in the manosphere.

    1. Agreed. Even if you keep your mouth shut at work, she is a walking sexual harassment case against you, a Damoclean sword over your head for all your time employed in that job.

    2. Depends on who you are and how well you do. I can’t recommend doing it but I have never gotten into problems for it at work. Privately with the person in question sometimes yes, because of work related things, but not the other way around.
      Anyway, it’s a big risk but far from impossible or something that always ends bad.

    3. “One tip: DONT.
      If I have to explain why, you’re too stupid to listen and I suggest you read other articles in the manosphere”
      Better said. Thanks.

  52. Troy in many ways I respect you as a writer even though I don’t agree with everything you say But this article is just plain stupid. Things in the work place are becoming unbearable and extreme. As fisherking states “nuts in a vice”. Never shit where you eat.

    1. Way I was always taught: never get your meat where you get your bread.

  53. This article is two years old. It was stupid idea then, it is stupid idea now. Why was it re-published?

  54. I have seen people make it work-sort of-and in the sshort term. Even when women came onto me, I never mixed work with sex though.
    (I made an exception and tried to hit on a girl in a place I was only working for a month once about 25 years ago.)
    Keep your jobs, folks.

  55. It’s better to fuck your friends’ colleagues at other companies, while offering your friends help in acquiring pussy at your company.

  56. 1st and most important problem I see before I even read this was that the picture depicted a time before sexual harassment and rampant feminism.. workplace fucks is just a bad idea period 100% of the time.
    The Point of Game is to not have to settle for the low hanging fruit… right?

  57. This article is rubbish. Never ever dip your pen in company ink. Too dangerous. You could get hit with a sexual harassment accusation and since HR in most large places is run by vaginas and manginas, you risk getting fired and/or sued. I wouldn’t ask any co-workers out until after I have found another job and put in my two week notice of resignation

    1. The power you lose banging a gal; if she gets mad — your out the door. Let it go- that’s dangerous pussy.

  58. No way. You’re asking for trouble. In a corporate setting women are extremely empowered. On my first day at my job, we were informed that any accusation of harassment had to be investigated even if it turns out to be baseless. Even if the girl likes you, she immediately gains enormous leverage over you.

  59. You know what—- DON’T get laid at work.
    Work is for work. Period.
    Women are for another place and time. Excel at your work, and the women will gladly wait.

    1. So agree. I work with a lot of gals; but in mgmt – you don’t push it unless your getting drinks after and she is hanging on your words. Your asking for a HR and an exit if you start messing with gals; they can turn on you like a wild animal.

  60. Roosh is right. If you don’t push to close the deal in the first time you go out, it will probably never happen. (Unless you are cautious enough to keep it cool for the office X-Mas Party).

  61. Article was secondary after I saw the pic of Megan Draper (Jessica Pare)…… had to crack one off to “Hot Tub Time Machine”……? modern classic….. Cusack at the pinnacle of his craft……

  62. Just don’t. Don’t get laid at work. Don’t shit where you eat.

  63. I just came here to say that I really want to smash my boss’s warm wet spots with an unequivocal, monstrous ferocity. You’ll have to excuse me bc I have nowhere else to say so, and I really had to get it off my chest. Thanks team

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