The One Sure Way To Make A Girl Psychotic

Half an hour after banging we’re all showered up and sitting on Sally’s couch. Sally’s sprawled out, head on my lap, thoroughly engrossed with the reality show about weddings on the TV. I’m sitting there flicking my eyes every ten seconds to the seemingly frozen clock on the wall. Out of courtesy for the otherwise free sex I’m waiting a nearly intolerable hour before leaving. After only twenty minutes of reality television I already feel like a Vietnam vet sitting in my foxhole wishing night would come already and Charlie would just get it over with.


This look every time I hear Sharp Dressed Man

Like Manna from heaven, a commercial comes on three seconds before I snap my own neck. Before I can implement my brilliant idea to go sit in the washroom and pretend to take a twenty minute donk, Sally walks her fingers across my leg. I foolishly think she’s still in the mood for friskiness so I put off the retreat to my washroom refuge.

“So when’s our wedding already?” she asks.

In retrospect I can see that this was a clear shit test, even though Sally and I were bang buddies and had not gone on one date in the two months we had been messing around.

Without thinking, I jokingly and immediately answered, “Sorry babe, for this guy’s wedding only teenaged virgins need apply.”

I honestly can’t recall what all was said in the ensuing fracas. Five to ten minutes later I found myself standing in the doorway of Sally’s apartment, asking her sarcastically if she was really so stupid to think we were dating.

I said something along the lines of: “We met at the club! Do you think any guy would date some chick he banged before he knew her name?”


A spiked heel hit me dead center between the eyes. Sally had thrown a shoe at me and nailed a bullseye. I was more shocked then hurt – and that’s saying something since the heel hurt like hell. A few minutes before we had been sitting on the couch thinking our insignificant thoughts – then suddenly all was chaos and anger and frickin’ shoes.


Trigger warning

I felt like a kid from Columbine as I stood there, not really comprehending everything that happening. Seriously, when I look back at the argument Marilyn Manson’s The Nobodies begins playing in my head:

…while Michael Moore sappily narrates the whole thing.

For a very long time I had no idea what set Sally off so badly. I thought it was her realization that we weren’t dating and never would, or that she was just bored and wanted to live out a Taylor Swift song. A few days later she apologized and I accepted but needless to say we never ever ever ever got back together.

A different woman, Erin, was blatantly, annoyingly into me during University but I never found her attractive – at least, not nearly as attractive as the girls I was able to get. Even without my penial knighting ceremonies Erin still got banged aplenty by thirsty dudes. In our third year she got really drunk at a party and pulled me aside. She asked me, crying, why I never wanted to date her. Now despite my internet persona, for the most part I’m nice to girls in real life. Instead of telling her that I was out of her league, I answered with what I honestly thought was a rational response she could understand and appreciate:

“Erin, like, first year before I even met you or whatever you totally slept with three guys on our floor. Why would I date a chick like that?”

A tip for those guys who don’t know it: never, ever, try to be rational with women. Especially overly drunk, recently dumped women surrounded by white knights and some of your former lays. Being persona non grata among some people you sort of like isn’t fun…even if for the most part they all some apologize after learning the full story.


I know that feel Brazil bro

Looking back on these two events, and the other major fights I have caused with women, there is always one common theme: they only really erupted when I called out their sexual promiscuity, whether sometimes with sublime elegance or more often with a string of four letter words. Accusing a woman of being a slut, skank, whore or any of word for sexual deviant is an emotional Hiroshima for them. Even the tough talking proudsluts feel the sting of such accusations; notice how many girls in slut walks hide or mask their faces, or won’t mention their source of pride to their parents and boyfriends. Usually if you’re actually proud of something you don’t have any trouble talking about it with your loved ones. Or what do I know; maybe these whores do have conversations like this at the supper table of today’s modern ‘family’:

Slut “So guess what daddy? I totally sucked three dicks and got DP’d last weekend! By next month I should be able to take eleven inches!”

Dad “Aw sugar lumps that’s great! Good for you! Someone definitely takes after their mommy.”

Mom “It looks like we’re all going to need a lot more Valtrex!”

Everyone laughs, cue Full House Theme.

fullhouse porn

Everywhere you look everywhere you go, there’s a heart, a hand to hold ontooo

For all their bluster and rah rahing about being sexually liberated, women intrinsically know that them sleeping around with men – even if it’s as little as four or five over a lifetime – degrades themselves. This is why women can only use euphemisms when describing their sex lives. They’re not being used by a man who sees her solely as a series of holes for his pleasure; they’re ‘empowered’. They’re not spreading their legs for random strangers who yank their hair, slap their butt so hard it leaves bruises and then drops a load of baby juice on their face; they’re ‘hooking up’. They’re ‘conquering’ these men, even though their conquered foes immediately leave after they come (rightly not giving a squeaky fart about her orgasm) and will outright ignore their mighty vaginally equipped conquerors once any wrinkles on her appear and the inevitable sagging begins.

And really, if random sex is so great for woman how come the vast majority of them have to be drunk or high to go through with it?

I’ve said some bizarre things to women I’ve tired of banging just to see what I can get away with before they go away. I’ve been overtly racist with many (and found a lot of them to be sincerely racist themselves). I’ve told a few that they need to get back in the kitchen. I managed to convince one particularly bright bulb that historians proved the Holocaust was faked. I didn’t even have any preamble. One night we were laying in bed and I straight up out of nowhere asked if she knew the Holocaust was fake. When she asked where all the bodies came from, I told her that the Allies dug up Germans that had been killed and then posed them. “Wow, that’s awful,” she said sincerely. “Totally,” I agreed, unable to stop myself from guffawing. I also taught that one how to do a proper Nazi salute, with the heel clicks and everything. She loved it.


I had the same ‘seriously’ look on my face as that Nazi officer does

Yet it never failed; any mention of a chick’s promiscuity always resulted in a fight. Whether said accidentally or with sincerity, if one implies a woman is a slut – even if it’s warranted – watch out. I learned it the hard way.

A pal of mine made a bizarre choice and dated a noted whore. He probably heard ample rumours about her infidelity and rampaging cum bucketry but for whatever reason my buddy stood steadfast for six months while they dated. This guy had seen her, before they started dating, make out with other men at parties and often go home with them. One time she took off her shirt and gave out drunken lap dances in the middle of a soiree. It took him finally coming home and seeing her in the middle of being banged on his couch by another guy for him to call off the relationship. Eric, a different friend, and I were at Eric’s place talking about it recently. His girlfriend Alisha was there as well.

“I seriously don’t know how he put up with it,” Eric said. I worded that. “I mean, I’d go crazy every time she was out of my sight. We all knew she was a slut. He knew she was a slut.”

Alisha, normally a cool chick and not a slut herself, cleared her throat. Eric looked like he had just farted in the Queen’s presence and quickly changed the subject. Alisha is not friends with the slut. Alisha is not a slut herself. Yet just mentioning a woman’s sluttiness in front of his woman was enough to earn Eric a reprimand. Eric knows full well the black abyss that opens up whenever any woman’s sexual practices are scrutinized.

For many women the topic of a woman’s sexual deviancy ist verboten, regardless of their own sexual history or views on the subject. Why do you think we at Return Of Kings get so much hate for our articles which center around sluts, regardless of whether they’re written for the purpose of Real Talk or satire?

There is a primeval part of women’s lizard brains that flares up when it comes to female sexual promiscuity, especially if it’s their own. They cannot handle allegations of whoredom even if everyone knows they’re a skank. A Slane girl can blow a guy in front of a thousand people but the moment she gets called out for being a slut the masses will rush to protect her, lest that slut spotlight gets turned to illuminate their skankiness. Woman would rather jail men with false rape accusations then admit that they slept with them. I’ve seen girls reduced to tears by being called a slut – even when the accusations were false and levelled by whores. Women have straight up killed themselves because of being labelled a slut, regardless of whether or not the accused slutdom was true. The label was enough to destroy them.


I just noticed there hasn’t been a picture for awhile so here’s whatever this is

So gentlemen, save the atom bomb of sexual shame for an enemy that really deserves it. It’s more effective then you think. Sure, the accused might roll her eyes at you or proudly agree that she is indeed just a sperm receptacle but I can guarantee that when she goes home she can’t look in the mirror without feeling shame. You might be mad when your woman ruins dinner, but shouting, “YOU BURNT THE GRILL CHEESE YOU SLUT!” at her is probably going to make things a hell of a lot worse for both of you.

And with that Billy’s out until January! So for all 7 of you who like my articles and the rest of you jerks, I hope your Noel is tres joyeux. And remember; drunk driving is an art and most of you ain’t Picasso. Don’t be that douche that dies during Christmas.

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    1. “Brunch having New-Yorker” – why am I not surprised? The hamster is strong with this one.

    2. Authour picture is of her feet. Any female writer who thinks they’re even remotely attractive always shows face. She must be one ugly momma.

  1. It is why feminists continually pathologize men’s desire for chaste brides by calling it a “virginity fetish”.
    Feminism damages women.
    On the other hand it liberates men to have much wanton sex before settling on a less abused woman.

    1. Thank goodness. 3-notch wife garbage (-40%=80%-40%) from the thrift club is SOOOOOO much better than 15-notch wife garbage (~-50%=-80%-30%) from the refuse bin, unless the misery of the husband is being quantified (5-year marriage mark, such an achievement), which is the relevant difference. Still got the NWO mindhexing (~-20%).
      See Rector, Johnson, Martin, and Noyes, Book of Charts, chart 15:
      So to the successful PUAs, how often do you enjoy raw dogging all that plenty? I don’t think sex is all that good with a condom as the last line of defense between you and a princess skank who will own you if it comes down to a trial of public opinion. Without a condom, I’d be cycling through the littany of VDs I know about in my mind. Such riches are these numerous ‘just sex’ wretches had for free if you have the alpha value. Yah, it beats divorce rape any day. Patriachy has to start somewhere.

      1. Better using condom with fresh hotties than not using one with one only (and aging) LTR. But to each his own, have fun when she decides to “forget” her pill.

      2. Not that hard to pick up girls in late teens/early 20s and run LTRs for six months to a year. Get tested, get her tested, when it’s clean, go ahead and rawdog. (You do have a vasectomy, don’t you?)

    2. Settle down, I think it’s time your geriatric diapers are changed, you irrelevant dinosaur.

      1. Take a look at the world around you and tell me that feminism isn’t dying.
        The sheer rage of the feminazis is testament to the fact that they know this also.

        1. Hardly. As a socio-economic system it cannot be sustained as the cost of ensuring careers and protective mechanisms for women exceeds the productive and resource capacities of the host population. Google(“Uncle Elmer Women are competing for jobs but not creating them”) for more information.

        2. Sure it is. It’s ‘getting stronger ‘every day, just like you ‘get stronger’ with every dick you suck, you sexually liberated uppity twerp.

      2. Go occupy somewhere else. Like a transgender bathroom, for example. Seriously, what are you doing here?

        1. Slut’s gonna slut. The sluts come out whenever you mention sluts. Just scream slut in a room full of em and they’ll all suddenly appear, desperately trying to cover their shame.

      3. What are the odds that Uncle Elmer is actually younger than this woman?
        I’d say fair odds.

      4. He’s a hell of a lot more wise than you are, hipster-wannabe feminist that thinks you know everything.


    “But after all,” Lenina was protesting, “it’s only about four months now since I’ve been having Henry.”
    “Only four months! I like that. And what’s more,” Fanny went on, pointing an accusing finger, “there’s been nobody else except Henry all that time. Has there?”
    Lenina blushed scarlet; but her eyes, the tone of her voice remained defiant. “No, there hasn’t been any one else,” she answered almost truculently. “And I jolly well don’t see why there should have been.”
    “Oh, she jolly well doesn’t see why there should have been,” Fanny repeated, as though to an invisible listener behind Lenina’s left shoulder. Then, with a sudden change of tone, “But seriously,” she said, “I really do think you ought to be careful. It’s such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man. At forty, or thirty-five, it wouldn’t be so bad. But at your age, Lenina! No, it really won’t do. And you know how strongly the D.H.C. objects to anything intense or long-drawn. Four months of Henry Foster, without having another man–why, he’d be furious if he knew …”
    . . .
    “Of course there’s no need to give him up. Have somebody else from time to time, that’s all. He has other girls, doesn’t he?”
    Lenina admitted it.
    “Of course he does. Trust Henry Foster to be the perfect gentleman–always correct. And then there’s the Director to think of. You know what a stickler …”
    Nodding, “He patted me on the behind this afternoon,” said Lenina.
    “There, you see!” Fanny was triumphant. “That shows what he stands for. The strictest conventionality.”
    . . .
    “And after all,” Fanny’s tone was coaxing, “it’s not as though there were anything painful or disagreeable about having one or two men besides Henry. And seeing that you ought to be a little more promiscuous …”

    1. Right on. It always amazes me how eagerly our society seems to be craving what were once considered the “nightmare” societies selected in brave new world and 1984.

      1. Wouldn’t surprise Dante. In Inferno, Canto III, Virgil explains to Dante that the souls of the damned rush to their eternal punishment because they yearn for what they fear, probably the best description of self-destructive behavior in all of literature.
        I read BNW and Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land in high school, and at the time these depictions of sexual utopias sounded really cool. Then you get out in the real world and have to deal with real women; and you realize that women just don’t work out as reliable companions after they’ve hooked up with a bunch of guys before deciding to give you your turn with them. Our ancestors’ allegedly “superstitious” priests had a good intuition about female sexuality when they preached that young women should save themselves for marriage.

        1. Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is another interesting dystopia–a world in which books are burned. Anyone reasonable has become a slave to television, living seemingly innocuous lives but in reality despise every moment of it. As tech advances our desire to be injected in the matrix grows ever stronger.

        2. “Few discoveries are more irritating than those which expose
          the pedigree of ideas”.
          Lord Acton

  3. Excellent article; I just couldn’t restrain myself. The “more -then-” mistake was stabbing me in the eyes.
    That aside, excellent work, brother.

    1. Then and than always escape my eyes during editing, even when I’m looking for them. And of course there’s no competent spell check to catch their misuse either – at least, my Office 2003 can’t. Hell, the solutions to sentences Office 2003 tries to correct absolutely boggle my mind.
      Thanks for reading brah.

  4. Alas, more and more it feels like this divide we have with women is turning into the Israeli/Jews/Arabs/ Palestinian conflict. We never get anywhere except bicker like babies. The liberated women of today want to be able to have sex with as many guys as possible without remorse, yet still be treated like a princess. I guess we are just supposed to shut up and obey the Gynocracy. What sad times to live in to be a single white guy. Even looks, success and money dont alleviate all the pain that Feminism has wrought our nation.

    1. Given a choice between a single well-behaved, feminine, eager-to-please, virginal girl, and a hundred freaky sluts, most *wise* men would choose the virgin. And that’s what feminism has fiercely tried to deny men. It’s what really pisses them off. Even if you’re banging 100 sluts a day, you’re still far less happy than you could be, thanks to feminism.

      1. Is it me, or has the public opinion here (this site and/or the Sphere) changed? I’m more used to the players saying how great it is to get laid like pipe.

        1. It is wise to get it out of your system when you are young but continued use of sluts leads to disillusionment for the majority of men.
          Pussy is just another drug. Eventually, the highs get lower and the lows get higher.

        2. Yeah. I’m 27 and I’m already feeling it. Roosh is definitely feeling it. Just read his posts, he sounds tired.

        3. I think it’s mostly a boredom with the women themselves and not the sex. I started to befriend girls when I was 12 (didn’t lose my virginity until 14) but my two years of being a platonic friend with 3 different girls was very disillusioning. Despite being from different backgrounds all 3 had near identical mannerisms, had the same boring interests in pop culture and fads, had the same selfish attitudes. All 3 HATED their parents, whom always treated me nice so I think it was typical teenaged angst.
          When I was 14 my parents moved from Eastern Canada to Western Canada (nearly 2400km according to Google maps). I befriended more girls after the move, but even though most of them came from more prosperous economic backgrounds they all still had the same attitudes as the ‘low class trash’ girls back in my home town. For comparison’s sake 2400km would take you across the entirety of Europe, right up to the border of Russia. Yet there was no discernible difference between either group of girls. The ones I met after I moved out of that city when I went to University were the same, and the ones in my new city are the same.
          It’s disillusionment with women in general that’s wearing us out. It’s just more of the same. Imagine if every restaurant you went to, despite the décor and location, served the exact same food. Even if you love the menu eventually you just get sick of it.
          I can only think of 3 girls I’ve had consistently interesting conversations with, and that’s out of hundreds that I’ve personally met. In fact, those 3 were the only girls I ever had genuine fun with as well. From what you guys out there say it’s the same situation damn near everywhere in the western world. And I have no idea what the solution is.

        4. Billy: Of course it’s boredom with the women themselves. Still, though, it’s extremely unrealistic to expect a girl to be both beautiful and be intellectually interesting.
          I don’t expect intellectual stimulation from women. I only expect them to be *women*, not men with vaginas. It’s really not that much to ask, yet most western girls seem to lack this.

        5. Really interesting Chubbs, your experience in Canada. A country so large with such a homogeneity of pop culture worship. I’m curious as to this phenomenon’s history in your country.
          Though I’m sure it has similar timelines in the US, the effectiveness of the technology plus the efficiency of modern propaganda based off mass human psychology are huge reasons why our culture has shifted so quickly. But what does this show?
          I don’t think women and men have really changed that much biologically since our beginning. Women have always been easily deceived and probably always will be. Eve was completely deceived by the serpent in the garden. She got fucked by that serpent and adam became the first official cuckold!
          Adam walked with the living God(if we took that literally) and saw what He was capable of. Throw a pair of tits in front of him and God who?
          It appears his biology got the best of him and now we are all fucked for that? Why was adam such a pathetic beta?
          Presently speaking, men checking out in large numbers is what is needed to really bring the pendulum back to their side. No society can function without males upholding it through and through.
          I enjoy women thoroughly because I keep them in the designated compartment I allow them. Knowing just exactly what their value is…..that is key.
          For guys like Roosh and others who have travelled extensively and bedded all sorts of “different” women what then do you suppose women’s value is in their eyes?

        6. Allow me to present the principal argument that shall be marshalled as an excuse for not admitting the obvious truth …

      2. There’s always been sluts. There always will be, no matter how sexually repressed the culture is. If you want to bang dozens of women there’s never been a time where they weren’t available.
        Problem is, if the whole female half of the culture starts slutting it up, men start checking out and our economy and technology process slumps. I’d rather live in a culture where it was harder (even significantly harder) to Game girls and was prosperous then one where with a bit of persuasion I can sleep with practically every woman I meet, married or dating ones included.

        1. yes, i agree… with one caveat… just because the women slut out and fail to hold down society doesn’t mean we need to be their betas and follow them down the rabbit hole….. we could become better at controlling sluts…. monogamy is largely imposed by females… now it’s broken… we have to make lemonade with all the lemons…. instead of sitting hoping for one huge tasty grapefruit… get all those lemons and openly grind them… the results could be super.

        2. We must remove the phrase “sexual repression” from our vocabulary. It’s a term that Freud (the fraud), Alfred Kinsey, Wilhelm Reich, and other degenerates that the elite sponsored put into our new speak. It’s a term that makes non-feminism sound unhealthy, and degeneracy sound healthy. We’ve been socially engineered to twist good into bad and bad into good and then beg for more.
          It makes it sound as if a society that respects human nature is being repressed by some patriarchy or morality and is thus deemed by feminists and degenerates as “unhealthy”. Then they say that being slutty, sexually “liberated”, hungry for empowerment, narcissistic, etc. is “healthy”.

        3. THE best way to bring sluts under control is to trash the welfare system, “affirmative action”, and feminist divorce laws.

  5. I’ve never noticed this before, but in hindsight, it all makes sense. There has to be a way to manipulate this to skirt the edges of plausible deniability making inferences to the slut factor in a chick without her actually assigning blame to you.

    1. No! You MUST lie! They lie to you because they MUST. There are two ways to manage (practice husbandry of) women. The Because-I-Said-So way has been abdicated to the Nu Wurld Oder. You must out-female the females: that is Game. You are playing whether you like it or not.

  6. I have a beautiful ex-wife (who abused my easy-going nature and wrongly assumed I was her bitch..heh heh) whose best friend is a man-eating slut and who financially supported a young man half her age for a while in order to boink him. I called her friend a slut and a ‘john’ and she of course defended her and said she wasn’t paying the lad, she was just “helping him out”…yeah whatever. A while after my wife and I separated, we were considering getting back together, and I told her, “It’s me or the slut,” because I wasn’t having a wife whose best friend was such a slut (she left her husband of 20 years, took him for a pile of cash, and left her teenage sons at home to cook and clean for themselves while she was out screwing any engorged penis she could find…what a role model, but apparently my then wife admired her). She wouldn’t give up her slutty BFF, so I bailed and I’m happy I did!

    1. come on man… call the ex… invite her over…before she’s even taken her coat off, you get the hand cuffs and blind fold on…. tie her to the bed, fuck her silly with plastic as well as meat…. do it until she passes out… then wake her up and tell her to leave…. she will be on the phone begging to be your bitch… i guarantee it…. surfing broken relationships can be real fun…. it’s a bit like diving on a ship wreck, you never know what you might find…. maybe there’s no treasure but at least it’s a good place to find tasty lobster tails.

      1. What the fuck are you trying to do, get me falsely charged with spousal assault (again)? Part of the reason we separated is because a drunken night with her pretentious idiot friends got me falsely accused by an Alpha of spousal assault (when a woman’s slapping your mouth with her hand, she’s bound to get toothmarks 😀 ….charges were dropped the next day of course). Alpha thought he’d take charge of the situation instead of minding his own fucking business. A Beta might have slunk back with his tail between his legs; however, this Sigma scared the fuck out him. 😀 Couple socializing is for retards.

      2. Sounds like a good way for you both to go to federal pound-me-in-the -ass-prison. You do realize that you just told the dude to commit a crime (Rape + Assault), if he went out and really did it and got caught the first quesiton the police are going to ask is why. And then he will say because you told him. And they’d throw your ass in prison for life and Sam Rogers would get a slap on the wrist for testifying against you.

  7. Brilliant article.
    Its so true. Women just can’t do facts or logic. I had a recent run in with a particularly fucked up feminazi called Bidisha. She can be found at
    This “woman” is almost certainly a sociopath, is way too ugly to ever get a man and responds to even the smallest criticism of her genocidal view of society with complaints to twitter that she is being harrassed.
    Her writing is also the worst, worst thing in history. I challenge anyone to read all of the following which is so bad it actually hurts people’s brains.
    Naturally Bidisha believes herself to be a genius.

  8. Again we see the entire reason why Feminism endorses female promiscuity. Sexuality is what every female brings to the table, it is their greatest weapon, but it degrades with each use. A virgin’s sexuality is such a weapon that in days of old men would literally fight to the death over the right to enjoy it. The issue with feminists is they don’t realize which gender ultimately enforces the branding of sluts: women. To think that men, who generally shoot for getting laid as soon as possible, are the source of why sluts are so devalued is preposterous. Women know that if they do not have their sexuality and exclusivity to rely upon, they could never snag a high-value male. What high-value male would commit to only one women and her sexual services if he could so readily and easily receive the same or even better services simply by going out and finding a slut? None. And so you see that it is in women’s best interests to box sluts out so that their man depends solely on them for sexual service.

  9. You can pretty much say whatever you want to a woman if your words are accompanied by the threat of violence. The threat should be implied by the words and tone; it’s not necessary to say, “I’m going to smack you” (even though that’s how dad rolled). Being passionless in the delivery is one of the keys to success.
    Alternatively, if you act like an overly emotional manboob, make wild hand gestures, contort your face like a jerk or a retard, use sarcasm, smile ironically or condescendingly, or raise your tone a few octaves, then you can fully expect to get smacked yourself.
    My counter to female hysterics: lean in, slightly widen an eye, visibly restrain an impulse to physically reach out, and exclaim, “Hey! Calm, the fuck, down,” with clearly enunciated words. The woman’s reaction is predictable- a stunned, deer-in-the-headlights terror washes over them as they contemplate the seriousness of continued offense. It’s like a child getting whomped on the ass and pointed at by their father, “just wait until we get home.”
    It should go without saying that this only works if you have a credible reputation as a serious and morally stern man. If you’re a jokester or if your woman doesn’t take you seriously, then comedy will likely ensue.

    1. I want to be a fly on the wall the first time you try that schtick on a BPD bitch. The fallout can be truly life-altering. Like having your own little personal Fukushima following you around. Anything but predictable. Good luck, bro.

      1. True. BPD women are TRULY fucking nuts, and there’s no way to defuse their timebombs. Learn about BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) — what the traits are like [#1… extremely seductive, but usually in a vary non-obvious wa — so while you THINK you were seducing truth, she seduced you]. Once you understand BPD (I don’t mean being able to recite the diagnosis points as described by clinicians — I mean, how do they play out in real life ) at that point, once you see about 3-4 of the traits, you can pretty much predict with high accuracy that the girl will have AT LEAST 4 other BPD traits.
        Once you identify it… DO NOT even think about an LTR with her. As we all know, women have their own version of pump-and-dump — they’ll claw your heart and then rip it out., and BPD women are guaranteed to do that to you. Andn if all she does is rip your heart and self-respect to shreds, you’re getting off lucky.
        Basically, BPD girls are good for ONS and nothing else.

    2. yes, you are absolutely right… it’s got to be non emotional… all women’s shit tests are designed to get you off balance and make you emotional… bring you DOWN to their level… you don’t go there… you remain like a rugged Clint Eastwood with that sizzle of the six gun always there…..
      this site explains a lot of how the rabbit brained female works… how it’s so easily frightened, that to keep it under control you must not scare it, or it runs for the rabbit hole… then you can’t get to it any more…

  10. I have to say, I feel sorry for a lot of these younger girls. They’ve been sold a bunch of lies and they don’t realize it. How could they possibly know otherwise when all of society has been lying to them since the day they were born?

    1. They don’t feel sorry for the men who have also been sold on the romance/marriage/divorce lie so why should anyone feel sorry for them. Women are ruthless.

      1. Well I’m older than most of the ROK crowd so maybe I have a slightly different perspective. But you are right. Boys and men are lied to about girls, women and life in general.

      2. Because we are morally superior and care about civilization? Not that theres real bragging rights in that, but still.
        I actually think women get screwed worse by Feminism, because many of them don’t see the damage its doing to then until its too late. Men at least get the opportunity to have reality kick sand in their face while there’s still time for them to change.
        Many of those women seem to really enjoy the gravy train whilst its still on the tracks though, and given this I can understand your lack of sympathy. And on the same train of thought, just because I have some small amount of sympathy for the way women are getting screwed by Feminism doesn’t mean I’m going to marry one of them or anything. Fuck that.

    2. They’ve been sold a lie but they love it. That is, until age and party wear on her face starts to set in and all her frivolous living expenses begin to really add up. Usually around the age of 26 and onward do women really start regretting their lifestyle. If they could look 20 until they died women wouldn’t care about anything. Notice how many ‘retired’ (aged out) models suddenly start talking about how beauty is on the inside? Or how women only seem to lament how degraded our sexual culture is when they’re 28 and desperately looking for a man?

      1. Exactly! The two lies are not even comparable.
        The girl lie: You can fuck freely for a while and then find your alpha prince who will pay all your bills and love you no matter what.
        The Beta male lie: treat a woman like a princess and she’ll love you forever.
        Notice how much the girl lie appeals to total selfishness, while the beta lie appeals almost to altruism.

    1. Relates to what WoI said: “Can you imagine the anarchistic state we would live in if they ruled the earth?”
      No, apparently I can’t, but life seems to have the knack.
      Fine. If the only way to end feminism is to give women what they want, so be it. I am more concerned with state social worker’s imposing castration. So ridiculous is will happen. Now warm up your voices for beta’s lament, ’cause in ignorance they will walk right into such traps, every trap but a vagina.

  11. “ Out of courtesy for the otherwise free sex . . . “
    “‘So when’s our wedding already?’ she asks.”
    In other words, it wasn’t free sex.
    “women intrinsically know that them sleeping around with men – even if it’s as little as four or five over a lifetime – degrades themselves.”
    Crazy religion teaches that sex is something dirty men do to women. It ignores how our own mothers got pregnant with us.

    1. Our own mothers did not bang the football team, did not attend slut walks, did not want to be empowered by multidicks, and they always knew that promiscuous women are low value sluts. Ask your grandmother; she’ll agree.
      Sex need not be dirty to devalue loose women. It’s a great thing for men but it cheapens women who give it away too freely.
      You’ve been pushing this anti-religious meme on several threads. If not for your otherwise excellent commenting history, I’d say you were a feminist.
      Eating is not something “dirty”, OVEREATING is the problem. Now, take that analogy and apply it to women.

    2. I could have just left immediately, which in hindsight would have been the smartest move, but if I stay around an hour or so after sex their weird female minds seem to label me as a boyfriend. That makes future attempts at sex easier. Zero game needed for repeats. Hence way I said the otherwise free sex – most of the time I don’t mind sitting there staring at nothing to make the girl more attached to my frame.
      And I’m not going to address my views on the religion thing in the comments; I have an article planned for the far off (January-ish) future to address my take on the whole affair. FYI though, I’m agnostic, not religious. Thanks for reading bud.

  12. I thought this was only true for girls with bipolar disorder. I’ve had a nice little experience with this, albeit with a bipolar girl, who I didn’t know was bipolar at the time.
    Got drunk at a small party (more like a get-together) at a friend’s place and started expressing red-pill ideas about marriage and the optimal type of guy. Surprisingly, everyone in the room (which had feminists and blue-pill betas) agreed enthusiastically.
    On the way out, one of the girls (Miss Bipolar) who just had a text-argument with her boyfriend decided she wanted to cheat on him. She saw a group of jocks walking by and asked us if they’d sleep with her. While everyone else encouraged her to go on, I told her that sleeping with more guys would diminish her chances of getting a great husband.
    And then she lost it. She called me a ‘slut-shamer’ (which I took as a compliment) and burst out crying. She had to be restrained. I realized there was something wrong with this girl and decided to bail.
    Next day she sends me a text saying ‘I’m still angry at what you said last night but you’re still invited to my party’.
    Moral of the story: Get drunk more often if you want to make sluts cry.

  13. 1.BILLY CHUBBS is a straight DOUCHEBAG. I find it hard to believe that he is not a racist even though he says that he was just trying to get them to go away.
    2. Women don’t like being called sluts because deep down they know all guys want a girl who has a low-notch count or a virgin and they know if they are a slut it reduces their chances of some guy marrying them which is something almost all women want. When you call them out like that it makes them feel guilty cus they know they really should be saving sex for their husbands or some guy that truly cares about them.

    1. The definition of the word “Racist” is: a White man winning an argument against a non-white (which is always). It’s akin to the word ‘sexist’: A White man winning an argument versus a woman.

      1. Nope, it is a guy thinking that he is a better human than another human just because the color of his skin. Which is ludicrous.

        1. Apparently Herr Podhorzer is not aware that IQ, which measures the quality of neuronal activity, varies consistently among human groups, in terms of both mean and the location of the standard deviation on the IQ scale. Traveling to Papua or Africa would change his views if he is capable of objectivity.

        2. Israel is a notable country that does not seem to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of DIEversity… hmmmm…

        3. Well, it in fact does (“Silicon Wadi”). But the rate of intermarriage between Ashkenazi Jews and Mizrahi Jews is pretty low (in their 20%s). What did the Israeli statistics bureau to solve the problem? They decided not to count ethnic ancestry anymore for 3rd gen. Israelis! The result: now we can´t do reliable statistics about ethnic differences, and we can´t find solutions to the situation. Ufff.

        4. Starvation and possibilities. Take an African mother, put her into a rich family in Europe or the States (or South America or whatever), and I can bet that the third generation will be as smart as any white guy in the same situation. You need to wait for the third (maybe) to discount the effects of starvation and sickness.

        5. Do you know where the Roman Empire was located? Guess what, between Europe, Asia, and… Africa.
          And to answer your question: probably for the same reason that Dubai or Tokyo or Hong Kong or Bangkok or Rio or fucking Potosi are more advanced than lots of towns in all-whitey fly-over states. One hint: nothing to do with the color of the skin of the population.

    2. What is your point? So you don’t like Billy Chubbs. It’s well understood why women don’t like being called sluts. It’s for a good reason… It’s just gross to settle down with the sloppy seconds of many men. Think key vs lock analogy.

      1. Plus girls that have taken many a dick are more likely to become unhaaappy in marriage

        1. Unhappy in life in general. Short term pleasure and ego boost causes long term low self-esteem.

    3. Straight as in reference to my heteronormative privilege? Or straight as in I’m literally a plank like creature you could use in place of a ruler? Either way, straight is an odd affix to my douchebaggery. Massive, colossal or repugnant would be more apt.

    4. When you call them out like that it makes them feel guilty cus they know they really should be saving sex for their husbands or some guy that truly cares about them
      Yes, and if we called out sluts a bit more maybe some women would make some better decisions about who they chose sleep with. Then there would be no need for the guilt.

  14. Can I use this to get what I want from a woman, as in “if ya dont suckmadick I’m gonna tell evwybody an’ their dawg waddaslut ya are” – I mean, would it be effective?

    1. I’m sure it will work on some. Just aim for the ones with lower self esteem and keep on swinging. Something that might also help is not sounding like Super Mario when you ask.
      Unless you actually wear a Mario costume while asking. Then you’ll probably get the ‘tee hee you made me giggle’ blow job.

  15. This shit is true. The only two words no woman will forgive ,cunt and slut. There is good reason these words are often in unison with each other. Most men of any character will dump a women due to past or current slut behavior ( unless he is living off her, or pimping her). There was a crew of girls me and my boys used to run through, good time girls. A cousin of one of my friends unknowingly began dating one of them seven years later. My friend saw her at a family function and immediately alerted his cousin to the details of her befouling by our crew from 1995-1996 ( sharing of all her and her friends, all holes penetrated, lesbian acts, videos of all said acts, ect) and he dumped her on the spot. When she cried to my friend how she was not a slut and ” just did that for y’all ” all he could do is shake his head.
    To any woman reading this how many men you fucked is secondary only to your looks in terms of whether or not you are LTR material.

      1. Ann, you don’t ask because your mouth’s full of rug.
        Slut-repulsion is a man thing; you wouldn’t understand, you being a lesbian and all.
        Your frustrating lack of penis ownership makes you envious and is driving you crazier.
        You: poosy, poosy everywhere and not a dick to spare. Sorry about that.

  16. The reasoned i read this is most probably because im stoned. For a second i thought i read some news about stock market.

  17. Women from Judeo-Christian societies are more sensitive to being labeled a slut, but even women in Buddhist cultures are sensitive to it to a smaller degree.

  18. Excellent post, Billy Chubbs — probably the best, most insightful non-Quintius Curtius post I’ve read on this site. You’ve put in very eloquent terms my own experience of and suspicions about this topic. Not too long ago, fearing the type of violent reaction you describe, I myself felt compelled to reign in the real reason for “breaking up” with a girl I was banging when she made it clear she wanted more and wondered why I didn’t — it was because she jumped into bed with me on the first date.

    1. women are supposed to hold out, at least for a few dates, to prove they can…. otherwise if you fuck on a first date, you have absolutely no way to be sure she doesn’t do that with every guy she meets…. if you met a girl on the subway late at night and the first thing she did was blow you…. how would you know that she doesn’t do that to every guy she meets on the subway….

  19. Women interact based on no more than three criteria as the whole concern of their right-now, solipsistic minds:
    1. Relative Personal Status
    2. Relative Personal Status
    3. Relative Personal Status
    Her mind is there exactly to advance her Me-Me meme. Success with women is getting her to believe what you want is good for her status. They are vicious but not complicated, like a shark.
    P.S. I like your article, Chubbs.

    1. Brilliantly put.
      It’s only modern Western society that allows the entitled little brats we call “adult women” to behave like the precocious children that they have never progressed from.
      Me-Me meme indeed.
      Their viciousness is well displayed in their attempts to shut down dialogue here. Can you imagine the anarchistic state we would live in if they ruled the earth?

      1. If women ruled the Earth we’d be living in mud huts alongside the livestock. We wouldn’t be able to form societies big enough to achieve totalitarianism.

        1. Well, not really “livestock”. More like carrion and whatever is dumb enough to wander by the ramshackle collection of dirt and straw “mansions”.
          Liberal Arts programs were created to make the typical Western self-appointed baroness’s feel like they are actually intelligent and contributory to society.
          The “brilliant” responses from these collegiate countesses you see all over these threads is a good indication that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

        2. Haha 🙂
          I was thinking of the mosuo, a matriarchal society, when I wrote that. They do have livestock. That they live in the same building as.

  20. Of course they’re mad, you made them realize they are sluts. Woman never want to feel like sluts even when they really are.

  21. great article, i’ll take notes from this read.
    IME, it’s almost always girls who feel they have a warrant to call other girls sluts behind their backs.
    there is the occasional admission, where a girl asked me, how to say “i am a slut” in another language, so a direct admission, maybe.
    As for girls who always talk about “dick” or anything sexual in front of me, i have a hard time believing they would be the worst.
    I’m not 100% sure of this of course; but out of instict, the worst to me, seem to be the kind who litterally say with attitude; “i know i’m hot, a lot of guys hit on me… guys just want to get in my pants”(and who like rejecting guys in the rudest possible way when they feel like it) to which i may answer when i hear it”don’t let your ego flatter yourself”.
    and on a sidenote, if the guy feels waaay too desperate, and is practically writing poems to his girl about how much she loves him on a daily basis, and he’s paying her rent… there is something wrong with her.

  22. I’m not interested in the PC “masculinity” on display here. I’m sorry but if you feel the need to drop holocaust references and chastise “racism” in your articles I’ll pass. I’ve been listening to that sort of shit from stary eyed obese little grade school teacher ladies since forever and I’m sick of it.
    In fact you know what I don’t even agree with it. The term racism is so nebulous and really just a dishonest way to pathologize normal human behavior in one group (whites) which is in it’s own way racist, that is if you could ever pin down the elusive definition of the term. It seems impervious to being considered a double standard by the shrill leftists who sling it about.
    And I’m tired of hearing about the holocaust too. Don’t need to hear another word about that shit and you know what, I don’t believe half of it anyways. Take your PC routine somewhere else you effete clown.

    1. Sieg heilarious! Ah, Nazi’s… They dangle so pretty when executed for war crimes…

      1. ^ What one of those starry-eyed obese little grade school teacher ladies would have said after a beer. Don’t you have anything more exciting to contribute Mr. I hate goring etc. person??

        1. Look, after you’re done choking yourself with a Reich War Flag while spanking it to naughty pictures of Eva Braun NOTHING will seem exciting. It’s a tough act to follow. Don’t judge.
          Hitler, has only got one ball
          Goering has two, but they are small
          Goebbels is very similar
          But better one ball than no balls at all!
          Hey, what’s your stance on Turkish people, numb nuts?

        2. Thanks! See? It’s a great big world out there! Knew you’d come around.

        3. I’d go with “impish,” but whatever gasses your chamber.
          Guys, can we all agree that Nazis are bad? Should the question even have to be asked?

        4. I had to look up that emoticon. It’s a cat face. A fucking cat face, David. Men don’t communicate with each other in emoticons, and if they do they sure as hell don’t pick the cat face. Cat face is sassy. SASSY, for fuck’s sake. That’s what Google says.
          David, are you by chance a girl, or perhaps a gay Nazi? Cat face plus “Mr. I hate Goring etc. person” plus your rather fey elementary school teacher reference has me wondering. This is not meant as an insult. I think it may actually be true.
          My other theory is that you are one of those guys from the omega Japanese shut-in site and you’ve developed a Nazi fetish. David, are you a wizard? Seriously, are you?

        5. Thanks. I’m being trolled, aren’t I? You really ARE a girl. Well, you’ve just uncovered the anti-Nazi bias of the men’s movement! Still, this was fun. I like your style, kid.
          Everybody else: the only thing a swastika is good for is defacement. If you want adults to take you seriously then don’t deny the holocaust.

        6. Sporting of you to halfway admit it. I bought your initial posts, but as we went on it became clear that you don’t argue like a man. Then it became REALLY clear that you didn’t want to insult the guy who was arguing against Nazis. Plus, is a White supremacist really going to select a lawn gnome for an avatar? PLUS you use “his or her” while criticizing PC notions, which is not something a fringe right man would do. I feel like Sherlock Holmes! This has been very interesting!
          Signing off!

    2. Hey David. If this article of mine is too PC for you, perhaps you’d be interested in reading a different one of mine detailing my first encounter with people who aren’t white, middle-class subalterns like I am.

      My First Multicultural Experience

      See if you can glean my true feelings about racism from it. Have yourself a Merry Christmas! 🙂

      1. Bet that’s the first time you’ve been called politically correct. Better throw in a few slurs against the Jews next time just to be safe.

        1. I like how, in one article, people accuse me of being racist trash. Now here in another one I’m accused of not being racist enough. It really feels like this sometimes;

          Though it’s funny you mentioned the Jews Apollo, I actually have an article on the back burner trashing Israel; I’m just waiting until around May 14 to release it.

        2. that clip is so good, ever since then I have made my opinion known that I will vote for any candidate who is for mandatory abortions.

        3. May 14. Had to look that up. Now I’m both amused AND better informed about the world. Bravo sir.

      2. I’ve actually read that article before. It was pretty good, seemed like a politically incorrect, cathartic release for a writer looking to dip his toe in that area. Sort of hovering over the idea of hypothetically including the white man in the victim parade through sarcasm, which is an interesting notion and your writing was funny enough to pull it off.
        But in this article you inject yourself into the story and explain your politically correct belief system in a few quick sentences which to my way of thinking is more important than what you ascribe to in satire or sarcasm.
        Basically I don’t think PC-isms and holocaust talk have any place in a genuine resurgence of masculinity in post-modernity. And while gentleman may differ, there are many places for a PC inclined writer to hawk his or her wares, (and get paid well for doing so) but I don’t come here to listen to that type.

  23. “cum bucketry”, classic…… also I find that asking a feminisminist to do a search for “rimming” on a poon tube provokes a major meltdown…. my ass is super clean….

  24. Survey says…
    I wished I thought to ask this on this comment thread earlier: Is the following statement true and to what degree?
    “And really, if random sex is so great for woman how come the vast
    majority of them have to be drunk or high to go through with it?”
    It has major implications on Game. Seems that if taken too simplistically literally, to wit if ‘random sex’ means any sex close via seduction, there would be no day game. I understand there is day game, not that I have been able to make it work. The club is the one environment where women expressing slutiness is regarded as high status behavior. Makes it downhill on rare occassion; yah, your mileage may vary.
    I would be interested in all personal opinions of those who have attempted Game in the spirit of peer review as per the scientific method. Might be more appropriate for the Roosh forum but as yet I have not joined, and this is fine for me for now.

    1. Yeah you should go sign on up the forum and ask there, I’m still quite the amateur at Game myself, and especially right now during winter in Canada? I’ll be lucky to hook up outside of a club atmosphere 4 times before April.

  25. I’m hurt…I am a Picasso behind the wheel after a long intense night out.
    GREAT article…I just started following RoK and these pieces are what make it so great…thumbs up

  26. ” I managed to convince one particularly bright bulb that historians
    proved the Holocaust was faked. I didn’t even have any preamble. One
    night we were laying in bed and I straight up out of nowhere asked if
    she knew the Holocaust was fake. When she asked where all the bodies
    came from, I told her that the Allies dug up Germans that had been
    killed and then posed them. “Wow, that’s awful,” she said sincerely.
    “Totally,” I agreed, unable to stop myself from guffawing. I also taught
    that one how to do a proper Nazi salute, with the heel clicks and
    everything. She loved it.”
    Holy crap. You, sir, are an Evil Mastermind, and I salute you.
    Next, try to convince some other bright bulb to buy some bitcoins.

  27. In order for her to having something to push against, you have to provide resistance… so for example “when are we getting married” as a shit test….. the answer is to yield and play her game, so she has nothing to resist…. “dunno isn’t the bride meant to organise the wedding ? are we going elvis in vegas or barefoot in the caribbean… ?”
    most of these kinds of female fights i’ve been in, i end up being the bad guy by putting up resistance to what is pure BS in the first place… that’s why you just agree and amplify…. let it run… show her you she can’t get under your skin…. in time she will give up trying….
    it might be fun to wind them up and play them at their own headgames, confront it with pure male logic, but it’s also stressful… why ruin a perfectly good evening….

    1. I’ve failed so many blatant shit tests that people would cringe if I dared to tell some of them.

      1. “Without thinking, I jokingly and immediately answered, “Sorry babe, for this guy’s wedding only teenaged virgins need apply.”
        But would any of them be as entertaining as that one?
        It made me laugh, cringe, wince and duck for cover all at the same time. You have to admit, you didn’t fail that shit test, you Nuked it with extreme prejudice.
        Never let embarrasment get in the way of a good story.

        1. If your definition of passing a shit test is “never having sex with that woman again”, then yes, I’d agree, he passed that test with flying colors.
          The response was as still funny as Hell though, and its an awesome way to burn a bridge.

        2. If your definition of “Nuking” has nothing to do with “burning”, then yes, I guess you could forcibly construe my comment as implying the original poster “passing a shit test”

        3. Oh I see what you were saying now. I assumed you were using “Nuking” to mean he destroyed/obliterated/”burned” the shit test, thus passing it.
          One who “Nukes” something would in most uses of the word be considered a victor, destroying some obstacle in his way, as opposed to your usage, which appears to mean a failure fucking something up in a spectacular fashion.
          Not too much force was required to misconstrue that I’m afraid.

      2. yeah me too….. i didn’t even know what a shit test was until a couple of months ago…. i guess that’s why they call it the red pill…. a whole different world appears around you…. most of what women do is instinctive and emotionally drive…. but i think once you understand that you can surf on it rather nicely….. i’d rather have some glassy barrels than whip it up into a messy chop…. if you’d surfed the marriage shit test in the right way… something about the standards your future wife had to meet, (anal and frequent threesomes)… you could have had her sliding the butt plug in while she was on the phone to her hottie friend to come straight over…. that’s how mechanical women can be….

      3. We all have. That’s what originally brought us here. Fortunately, we learn.

  28. Saying directly, or implying, that a woman is a whore is not the only sure fire way of getting her to go bat shit insane. Sincerely pointing out that she is stupid will also do it. Look her straight in the eye and calmly say, “You really are a dumb cunt”. What what happens.

    1. Its more the “cunt” than the “dumb” in that particular statement that’s going to set a woman off. I’ve known a few women who go batshit anytime that word is used.

  29. in one of my drunken nights I called a girl a ‘fat thunder cunt”… you would think an atomic bomb was coming

  30. You are a persona non grata to her. Evidently unacceptable to you. Your honesty and ability to engage other men is commendable. Mind your words. You have not the ability to make anyone psychotic. Psychotic is not throwing a shoe; she was simply too smart to engage emotionally.

  31. “I just noticed there hasn’t been a picture for awhile so here’s whatever this is”

    1. Really? It rang pretty true to me.
      In fact something similar happened to me back in 1992.

  32. I may not be as eloquent as many of you gents, but Chubbs is 100% right. An ex and I had a stupid argument and a few days had passed, all I wrote to her was I don’t know why you aren’t speaking to me but I’ll draw my own conclusions. This indirect statement was exactly what she needed to tell me she was indeed seeing someone. Sometimes suggesting sluttiness is also a necessary evil, reveals the truth and turns the white into dark.

  33. God I love this article. I had a, ahem, friend that I was banging six ways from Sunday. She found a boyfriend but it didn’t last. She came back, but I had replaced her and the new girl was prettier, and decent enough in bed. She was crying and asked why I wouldn’t take time to get her wet anymore. I was so annoyed at that point that I just said, ‘I replaced you the day after you stopped f*cking me. You were fun, but really, it isn’t like we dated or I was heartbroken you left. We were f*ckbuddies not lovers.’ Explains her reaction when I wasn’t even trying to be mean. Ho-lee shiat. I never saw a girl go from seductive to super angry throwing shiat so fast in my life. Literally one moment she’s desperately trying to wrap her lips around my cock and a split second later she is throwing shiat at me! Womyn, so angry that feminism is a lie.

    1. Heh…I can imagine. You should have kept her on the side as your number 2.

  34. I’m adding this to my list of things never to do to a woman.
    One of them is “never display anger towards a woman”. Well, “never accuse a woman of being a slut.”
    Now, calling her a slut and a whore in bed? No problem!

  35. Which is worse: a girl who has had countless one night stands and lies about it (you remain blissfully ignorant) or a girl who has had only 2 or 3 relationships but is dumb enough to tell you the details?

      1. Assume the worst… one night stand girl did disgusting shit. Lies blatantly. Relationship girl is squeaky clean, but way too honest. She goes overboard trying to clarify details & fails to convince you that you are her biggest and best.

  36. ROK is desperate to keep real men (white nationalists ) visting its site, they troll articles with racist hints, just like billy jew chubbs has done with this one.

  37. That was one if the rare perfect articles. There is nothing he missed in it. I absolutely LOVE sluts and whores! They are great to bang and use up. You can bang one, two, three etc. having them in rotation during the week or month. If you are on top of your game, you can tell them about each other and arrange threesomes etc. you can take them to swinger parties and not care who bangs them while you try other chicks. You can pass them around to your boys. You can do all the freaky nasty stuff your heart desires to them and they come back for more. Sluts are the best because they are broken, damaged women. They look for love and acceptance through sex, never realizing that it will never be found there. They don’t love themselves for whatever reason but they are driven to have a human connection and be “loved” but in all the wrong ways. God bless them, they are a gift that keeps giving. Enjoy them! Use them up. Keep some on speed dial when you need some quick ass but under NO circumstances do you marry or date one. They are for your pleasure and entertainment. Nothing more. Act accordingly and you can enjoy as many as you can handle while looking for women of worth for long term prospects. Sluts make the world a better place. All men of worth (alphas) should have at least two on the side.

  38. Lie about anything to a woman, anything, and she’ll be fine with it. Lie about her: how pretty she is, how hot she is, how much you love her, how cool, sweet, accomplished, blah blah blah she is, and you’re in like Flynn.
    HOWEVER, an electron-sized particle of truth hitting her brain starts a chain reaction that destroys the myths and lies she’s been harboring in her hamster brain. The result is nothing short of a violent explosion of irrational thought and behaviour that manifests itself in thrown objects, slammed doors, shrieks, screams and legal action against her attacker. Prepare for a maelstrom, for hell hath no furry like a woman beliefs being scorned.

  39. Have you tried not calling women sluts because it’s mean and disrespectful to them? Slut is a term that women are faced with from middle school onward and it hurts them. It hurts them because it punishes them for wanting a sexuality, which this article clearly states is not okay for a woman. God forbid a woman decides she wants to suck some dicks in her lifetime (or not suck some dicks, in which case she is also punished for not being sexual; it’s a vicious cycle, really). You also make it clear that sex is not about all parties involved in the act but rather just one, which I find utterly disgusting. It seems to me that you need to pick up a book and educate yourself on feminist theory. You’ll see it’s not all bad and pretty inclusive on helping dudes out, too.

  40. I have to say I love this site, its funny and incredibly accurate. Keep it up guys 🙂

  41. being female, having worked in kitchens with blokes, and being engaged myself (and a very faithful gal). I wanna give a shout out for other girls like me. reformed slut guts! my future husband calls me a slag or slutty pants etc. on a regular basis, he obviously knows I was no angel before we got together by the fact im a damn good lay! but I just point out I was merely honing my skills so I could make him a very happy man for the whole of our marriage! I have gone apeshit when the topic of past boyfriends has arrived. no-one likes to be reminded they gave it up to what turned out to be an utter asshole. and you get annoyed with any guy who brings it up coz you know that when they are stupid enough to rub your fuck up in your face you cant just take it! you have to emphasise that you don’t take shit off anyone, including them, to try and save face. this means 2 things… either we calmly walk away and say nowt (the better option, less energy required) or we spin out at you in the hope you will instantly apologise and you can both use the tension created in the bedroom. unfortunately you guys don’t back down, and all hell breaks loose. so next time, bite your tongue and force out a quick apology (you don’t have to mean it, we just don’t want to look like utter idiot doormats) and take us to bed!!!!! im hoping this insight will prove helpful to you. promiscuity is what it is, we know what we’ve done! its not the calling us out on it, its the fact you may make us look like a stupid dickhead who takes crap from any asshole! its like we have to show the rest of the pack of wolves we are not some weak little runt so we don’t get ripped to shreds by them. capishe?

    1. I feel sorry for the Schlub if he actually goes through with marrying you.

  42. There’s a problem. I know someone who likes to call herself that. Who’s said that she knows other’s opinion of her is that. Slut. WTH happened here? Why?

  43. Once I dated an exceptionally gorgeous, very religious, bloke who killed off that beautiful greeting card of a fling by explaining to me how Lucy, the skeleton, was planted there by satanists to discredit creationism and, of course, God.
    Now I getting some doubts about his intentions.

  44. Good article. Unfortunately, you’ve got a bit of Beta about you and your friend Eric sounds completely Whipped.

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