Roosh Q&A: 19 Answers To Globalism & Politics Questions

The next Q&A video is on globalism and world politics:

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“Why do you care about what happens to Western civilization, or Europeans for that matter? Is it a disgust for injustice, source of intellectual stimulation, you’re mostly attracted to white chicks, or is there a deeper conviction than that?” (CLARK KENT)

“The outcry against the world tour in Canada last year, and the strong opposition to the Tribal meetups in February 2016 was a clear sign the establishment see us as a real and credible threat….how can we regroup and become stronger together to bring about the changes in society that we want to see?” (MERCENARY)

“Do you think Germany and Sweden will look like Latin America in the future? With a extremely racially mixed population and no dominant culture?” (KRATISTOS)

“What do you think are the odds of stopping the globalists?” (THOMAS)

“Hey I see that they are growing tensions in Europe to the point where there will be civil war and mostly in France Germany and Sweden because of the high rates a sexual assault and sexual molestation that the immigrants are doing, how do you think it will turn out will the local population win if there is a civil war or will the government beat them and have the migrants completely take over and demoralized the local population? Do you think the outcome will be?” (DARRIUS)

“Do you think the West can turn itself around and prevent the major collapse, or will the West have to fall apart entirely before we can rebuild our civilization?” (BARTLEBY THE SCRIVENER)

“You constantly refer to the elites and the establishment (i.e. as a specific group of people) as the cause of the west’s ills. In your opinion, why is it that the elites of the 21st century west are destructive, whereas in the 17th,18th&19th centuries (i.e. enlightenment onwards until WW1) they were constructive?” (PHOENIX)

“Do you think there is an agenda involving the genocide of white/Caucasian people?” (JAKE THE MUSS)

“Of all the propaganda out there, which method have you found to be the most interesting and/or surprising?” (SNOWPLOW)

“What do you think about Milo and the other attention whore that kissed him publicly?” (BETTER DEAD THAN RED)

“Are there any arguments from feminists that you do agree with? Do you have any sympathies for the 20ish American girl? How does that contrast to the perspective they have?” (COSINE88)

“What can we do on our everyday life for changing the current course taking place in western civilization? Your bang books showed us how to take a profit out of it, and your last book freedom of speech isnt free showed us what’s wrong with the world. How can we find a healthy place in the middle of those two worlds you’ve been mastering in the last decade, Roosh?” (DAVID HANS 3344)

“How are we going to prevent The Male Happy Hour disaster from happening again? How are like minded ROK member suppose to meet in public without being lynched by angry mobs and lose our jobs?” (BENDER BENDING RODRIGUEZ)
“I just would like to know what you think we can all do to get the meet-ups started again, safely and successfully?” (NICK BLACK)

“Do you believe in the Holocaust? I know you are Iranian so I know you don’t but anyway I’d like to see if you answer this question.”

“Why are we making the Jews an enemy? If anything, Netanyahu and the Jewish ‘tribe’ are an example to follow to preserve our traditions, but not stagnate ourselves in a neo-luddite anti-technology binge.” (FITZ ROY SOMERSET)

“Your theory of depopulation by ways of immigrants makes sense. I always believed the world was overpopulated, however. But it has a possible hole, people equal taxpayers. Do you believe this means that the “lower population” then simply pays more taxes?” (TYKO STEAMBOAT)

“What makes you think that Yuri Bezmenov is telling the truth now? (Meaning up until his death.)” (DEBEGUILED)

“Now that you know the massive Jewish influence behind Western culture nowadays, do you still believe “White nationalism is another term for White knighting”? (If it was you who said that, don’t remember for certain) Should White guys white knight white girls so that White civilisation doesn’t go down in flames?” (CENTURION)

“Your latest video, the future of the world, suggests that the future may not be so peaceful and prosperous. My question is what should we do to protect ourself and the people around us from the worst case scenario?” (IL SORPASSO)

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13 thoughts on “Roosh Q&A: 19 Answers To Globalism & Politics Questions”

  1. Good stuff…38:11…the elite have all the money and power they need. Population reduction is the key for them – or a safer bet, as you put it. Yeah buddy. Death by a thousand cuts, and the mercenary immigrants help make that happen…

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    1. I agree with your sentiment. Mr. Russo has some interesting comments on the right to vote for all. Comments specific to it are in the last minutes of this clip:

  2. Personally I am more concerned for things like yellowstone or a local volcano or earthquake than the govs of the world duking it out with a nuclear exchange,
    My focus is on food, water, and air filtration via carbon filtration and extremely efficient fans.
    Volcanic glass can tear one up pretty badly and I like oxygen. I got some in my eye from the Columbia river weeks ago and got some nice scratches on my eyeball.
    Weapons and armor are a no brainer if you can afford to buy them and use them if the time comes.
    I can’t recommend anti-material rifles highly enough since it would cost a whole lot to defend against and the versatility of it is just a must have.
    Just remember that the eyes in the sky are becoming increasingly advanced
    and eventually “they” will be using it to keep people from being able to get away with ANY use of firearms.
    In a perfect world we would not need to bear arms but the governments and their peoples have conspired to create this imperfect world and we need them more than ever.

  3. The Jewish holocaust was largely circumstantial.
    Yes, the Nazis put Jews and other ethic groups into labor camps
    Yes, the conditions were terrible and atrocities were committed as they were in many wars.
    However, the large scale ‘annihilation’ of the Jews was not a planned deliberate large scale endeavor. What happened was in northern European winter with allies closing in, food and fuel shortages, etc. the camps ran out of supplies in minus 20 polish / german winters.
    now you have piles of bodies and frozen ground and the only way to get rid of them was to burn them.
    in addition you have under nourished guards, heavily outnumbered by the inmates, potential unrest and the last thing you need is the camps breaking lose in large numbers, so you exterminate them. it was war sense, not a plan to wipe out the Jews.
    the combination of those two factors created a mass deaths of those in the camps, but they were not death camps originally, they were work camps and they made uniforms, boots and many war supplies etc.
    the same kind of chinese whispers applies to the so called globalist agenda… it’s just a fashion… there’s no one really pulling the strings… no one is setting an agenda… it’s just a group think….. a TV presenter, a producer, the people funding them and so on, they buy into the fashion of the day…. that’s all… that’s all it is…. understand that and you can make changes more easily….
    understand how the group think works… there’s no one in charge… no one setting an agenda….. it’s just a fashion… people buy into it…. Roosh was not taken down by ‘the system’ it’s a process of Chinese whispers, a viral process, where some rumor blows up, gets into mainstream media and goes out of control…. it’s not actually real…. it only appears to be real….
    If Hillary wins Roosh says he’s going to be like a little mouse ?
    Come on…. all it takes is for good people to be silent….
    We’re basically fighting against shadows that don’t really exist…. there is no plan… there is no agenda… it’s just a group think….. the more people make it clear that they don’t believe in the group think the better it will be….. the more likely it is that a new group think will begin…. when group thinking is real and genuine and based on facts and necessities, society grows in the right direction – when it’s based on half truths, lies, exaggerations and a politically correct attitude… you can be sure it’s rooted in a mindless fanatical belief system…

  4. Roosh,
    Thank you for your answer. However, even if Jews in the Media are working to subvert the United States, we can learn from them. They have maintained a very cohesive, “nationalistic” tribe over centuries of people trying to undermine them. They have a resiliency that is worth studying to see if their methods should be copied.
    Further, when you question their loyalty, I could question the loyalty of some writers at RoK (which one could technically call me, although I only wrote one article); often times there are articles complimentary of Putin, Russia and various Eastern Bloc nations at the expense of the United States or Western Culture. This could reasonably lead to questions about those writers loyalty to the United States.
    Personally, I feel a greater loyalty to the Anglosphere in general (That is, the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia) than to the U.S. We should be striving to make the whole Anglo-sphere bastions of Churchill-like nationalism and a re-establishment of the British Empire that values our National Honor above the lives of our enemies.
    Great Britain and her Anglosphere colonies have the opposite of the German Malaise. While Germany has often struggled with a certain darkness in their souls, Great Britain always found themselves on the side of God and the Right…even when they tried their damnedest not to be. For a time, they alone stood against Bonaparte and Hitler, two of the greatest evils the world has ever faced. Churchill railed against the evil of Ghandi and Communism while Thatcher re-asserted British Military power against an unprovoked attack by Argentina.
    Here at RoK, we must strive to be warrior-intellectuals: men who are willing and capable of doing violence, but value intellectual scholarship as well as military acumen. And the only way we can be intellectually honest is to hold ourselves to the same standard to which we hold our enemies: do we love the United States and/or the Anglosphere with the same reverence that we demand from our political enemies?
    Lets at least give that some thought.

    1. Biblical Christianity is the model for nationalism done right, not Talmudic Judaism. Like you said, Britain was on the side of God. In like manner, Jews and Talmudism (Phariseeism) have always been the complete opposite. Most of Protestantism, and all of Catholicism, has failed the West over time and it’s not this I speak of, but Biblical Christianity. Look at the Lutheran church today compared to what Martin Luther taught about Jews.
      The subversive Khazar and Separdic Jews can definitely be learned from in a “know your enemy” sense. Understanding who they really are, and their connection to history and religion, does exactly that. However, their “models” are completely ungodly. The Western man’s concern with Jews is putting them back into their historical prospective and dealing with them as our forefathers did. Otherwise you end up with the subversion we have today:
      There are many non-Christian religions on planet earth, but only one anti-Christian religion, and that’s Talmudic Judaism. One cannot be on the side of Yahweh (God) and look to copy Jewish methods:
      “… the Talmud is the central pillar, soaring up from the foundations and supporting the entire spiritual and intellectual edifice. In many ways the Talmud is the most important book in Jewish culture, the backbone of creativity and of national life. No other work has had a comparable influence on the theory and practice of Jewish life, shaping spiritual content and serving as a guide to conduct. The Jewish people have always been keenly aware that their continued survival and development depend on study of the Talmud.” (Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in his book The Essential Talmud)
      By all means learn about the “Jews”. Until everyone does, the problems caused by this undue foreign influence on the West will continue. The Western man adamantly refuses his Biblical heritage and he reaps the whirlwind for it. I agree with Roosh about the gullibility of “whites”. They’re most definitely “sheep” without their “Shepherd”. The Shepherd has the “model”, not the Jews.
      In closing, I used to think whites were the most gullible before better understanding the stranglehold the Arab world is under with Islam. Try finding even an honest translation of the Quran to read for study. Most of them are horribly perverted there’s only one decent literal translation from the original Arabic . Only 20% of the Arab world even speaks Arabic so the religious leaders translate their holy book however suits them. A culture this brainwashed with such an ungodly ideology is definitely a contender for “most gullible”.

  5. Amazing how Roosh nails it exactly as I see it, in his reply to KRATISTOS at 4:33, “Do you think Germany and Sweden will look like Latin America in the future? With a extremely racially mixed population and no dominant culture?” Here is my comment that I posted to Judgy Bitch:

    There is indeed no white genocide taking place in Europe. It is white suicide motivated by nothing other than the toxic self-loathing of leftist groupthink, and energized by the hypocritical narratives of their traitorous leaders. Though time is running out, this could all be stopped even today, if decent people would just stand up for what they believed in. But hey… that Europe is so easily intimidated not by formidable armies of invading hostiles but by lone, cowardly murderers of children and innocents is its own unique category of mindfuck. White genocide, this is not. Europeans are doing it to themselves.

    As a westerner who also now calls the Czech/Slovak/Hungarian quadrant home, there is so much that I can relate to here.

  6. Great stuff roosh. I was first led here by my views on gender politics, which, while independently arrived at, closely correlated in many respects with the findings many of your brethren have divulged on this site. However, there are many more important matters in the world, of a which the struggle between the sexes is but a small part. These articles have been great, and i hope you can continue to press forward with a broader outlook. You have led many men to the tip of the iceberg, now it’s time to start going under the surface. Keep up the good work!

  7. If there are any men in the Western NY area (Buffalo or Lockport, NY that is) please private message me.

  8. I just read that it is not possible to send a private message via disqus….is there a way around this?

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