Let The World Be The World

I watched President Obama speak on Tuesday night. He spoke about intervention in Syria. A lot of people I have talked  to about it have many different opinions. The most common ones were that he was unpresidential, indecisive, too limited with his intervention, and that he capitulated to the Russians. I did not get that vibe from his speech. It appeared to be more like a child beholden to his parents making a fake apology. It seemed that he said the things he was told to say with no meaning behind it and included things in his speech that are against intervention. It seems a vast majority of his advisers, courtiers, and lobbyists want a massive intervention in Syria and that they actually have the power to influence the President to say and do things he might not want to do.

Secretary of State Kerry seems to be adamant about intervening in Syria. I find this odd due his opposition to the Vietnam War and the things he said in protest to it. Looking through his history, he changes positions with the wind, as long as that wind is profitable. It seems a lot of other people in Washington DC work on this concept.


There have been many polls to show the American people do not support any intervention in Syria. I have emailed my Senator who is actually on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and voted for intervention in Syria and asked for a reason for intervention. I’ve not received an answer. I therefore started to think the shot callers in Washington don’t really care about the will of the people. I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is not much that the people can do to stop this intervention. It seems only the might of Russia has put a hold on it.

There is a world that should be, and a world that is. While it is admirable to have idealism and hope for a world that should be, it is more pragmatic to plan for the world that is. Therefore I decided it is better to plan for a Syrian intervention and find ways to profit from it.


An intervention in Syria would utilize products from many publicly traded companies. Such products include Tomahawk cruise missiles, ammunition, services from military contractors, and gray market media productions. A wise man can find out who makes these products and what their symbol is on the stock exchange. Also the clash of Western and Eastern technologies in such an intervention could jump start innovation in engineering which should be a boon to intelligent men.

While many can espouse the horrors of chemical warfare or the suffering of people in a faraway land, a Syrian intervention is not in the interests of the people of the United States. It only might be in the best interest of a certain political class that overlaps into a corporate class. Because of this there most likely will be an intervention and a wise man should plan for it. Although investment in this intervention carries the risk of peace, I’ll gladly take that profit-loss if there is peace.

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52 thoughts on “Let The World Be The World”

    1. Boom. Mulitply my upvote by 1000 please. And I bid $0 Bob on this dude’s opinion on Syria.
      I concur on his take that the elites who are not in office, rotate out to cushy “advising” jobs at corporations before their next political buddy(read sponsor) gets them a new government office gig.
      Other than that….Obama, like the vast majority of presidents before him is just another lackey. No revelation there.

    2. It’s frustrating how some writers, like this Douglas asshole, are ruining this site with their horseshit “articles.” And going by Douglas’ bio, no, this isn’t “shaking people’s beliefs.”

  1. I’m shocked to read this warmongering bullshit on ROK. Seriously if this blog is going to switch from a game and male culture blog, to copy-pasting Fox News propaganda, i’m out.

    1. I agree this article sucked, but not a single sentence is something you’d hear said on Fox News. Reflexive regurgitation of liberal buzz words (Koch brothers! Fox News!) shows as little thought as the pundits you claim to hate.

  2. Soooo basically the world is a corrupt evil shit hole and I should just accept it instead of trying to change it? Gotcha k thx…

    1. If you look at who underwrites the corruption and evil in this shithole, it’s governments. Justifying their own existence by reference to evil “other governments”, while they themselves are deeeferent! The only change worth pursuing is trying to get rid of them all, and replace them with nothing. Pretending to try to change something by supporting one of them vis-a-vis another, is simply adding to the evil and the corruption. Which is why you shouldn’t do it. Apathy may not be some ultimate ideal, but it sure beats actively working to be part of the problem.

      1. Ehh, I see your point, but I don’t see it exactly the same. I am not trying to AMOG you, I just think that government, as shitty as it is, is necessary.
        Yes, sometimes government goes to one extreme or the other and both are bad. But the times where they are in between is the best we can hope for.
        Having no government at all just leads to chaos unrestrained. Great if you are the one guy in charge, until your butchered/murdered/assassinated and your family, like you will have to do to others.
        As bad as our government is, trust me, it could be a lot worse. I may desecrate feminist ideals, and have desecrated more than several father’s daughter’s vaginas and back door taboo holes; but ultimately, an extreme chaos guy I am not.
        Too much government, or too little is no way to live. Just have to keep an eye on it, and whatever your generation’s challenge may be (my grandfathers was Hitler/Stalin, mine is feminism and false flag government/corporation control), you have to try and make the best of it and leave something for your kids. Or maybe in your case, something better after your gone.
        The rest is just defeatist attitude.

        1. It’s an OK article.. it provokes discussion….
          GW and Tony Blair blew a few decades worth of public support for invention on Iraq…. It’s is telling to see Kerry who ran for president on an anti Iraq platform, now gungho in exactly the same way Colin Powel was… where is the real proof…. ? Where is the man’s substance and moral backbone… fucking two faced lying power hungry politician….
          I think it is important to consider these things, and certainly they could be changed… and saying it’s not as bad as all that… is just opening the door for it to get a whole lot worse….
          I’ve lived and worked in Latin America and once you go back north of the border you start to see through red pill kinda eyes… in that the US is just as corrupt and messed up as Mexico and Brazil and all the others…..and in fact has almost as much poverty it’s just more hidden…..
          please tell me vast tracts of under privileged LA and Chicago don’t look and feel just like Mexico City….
          Please tell me that backroom deals even involving mafia and so forth aren’t being made by local politicians in the US just as they are made in Mexico…
          once you take the “it’s not so bad” googles off… and see it for what it really is… it is appalling….
          And with the level of communications we now have, the entire Govt. is just a relic from the 19th and 20th centuries… They are as valid as a type writer or horse and cart…
          They know their time is done…. and this is why they have to start wars and nonsense… because other wise they’d have no job….
          Insurance companies could easily maintain law and order and the court system.
          Large Corporations could maintain education to breed the next generation of wizards.
          Transport Companies could maintain all the roads and infrastructure.
          What does that leave… ah military… and this is why we have to have all these pretend enemies… or the military would fade to no much more than a well equipped peace corps….

        2. Government itself is not, the people in it are. Why we limit their terms in office as much as we can.
          Look, I have been around the world myself. I can tell you, the US is not as bad as a lot of other places. I did not read the whole comment, sorry, don’t have time tonight, but I will say that the problems we have had here are the problems all societies have faced since time immemorial. Or at least since we were building cities, if not since we first started banging stones for fire.
          Getting rid of one or all of them is not going to help. At least the only time I have ever heard of all politicians and corrupt leaders getting ousted is after failing to stop an invasion from ousting them. Then it is not the crooks you know, but your conquerors who will tell you what to do.
          Basically, in this example, I rest all my arguments on these sorts of topics. Hurrican Katrina.
          Look what happened, politicians on both sides wanted to cash in for fame, money, political support, or all of the above. A couple of tourists were raped, amongst others. And looting began.
          So many people were trying to get out. Few were staying to try and defend their city.
          Now maybe I am being harsh, I saw the devastation. But what I saw besides inept politicians trying to turn calamity into political gain; I saw people not owning their crap.
          Imagine this.
          All the able bodied people got their families to get their vulnerable loved ones; then reported to the authorities to start policing streets and fixing streets. Eventually getting their homes Making makeshift shelters, and started taking rounds policing their streets and fixing each others homes as the water receded.
          Yet, to an extent, we did have that. We also had people come out to help, including government soldiers. It may not be perfect, but we take care of our own. Whether we are inept or not, we try. No one sends help to us when the going gets tough. Yet we do that around the world.
          As bad as it may be, it could be a lot worse. More people still want to come here then want to leave.

        3. “It’s is telling to see Kerry who ran for president on an anti Iraq
          platform, now gungho in exactly the same way Colin Powel was…”
          This is the most pathetic thing in all of this.
          Oh and Obongo is the same btw.

        4. on face value and according to the image presented to the world, the US is not that bad…… but the reality is millions of people below the poverty line…. a huge amount of violence, corruption on every level, and career politicians lining their pockets…. just like any Latin American country….
          worse still the country that was the world’s economic powerhouse, is now some $18 Trillion dollars in debt….and essentially bankrupt…. just like any tin pot African dictatorship…
          the only reason you don’t see the crows coming home to roost just yet, is because the world still has faith in the US and the US Dollar… but this faith is waning, as is the respectability of the US around the world…..
          The US has fallen into exactly the same hole that the UK fell into in the early 20th Century…
          too many wars, too many troops overseas, a terrible arrogant attitude, an increasingly socialist system that creates more and more useless members of society with their hands out for benefits and free healthcare…. and career politicians in bed with bankers and corporations lining their pockets before the house of cards collapses….
          and where the US was happy to see the UK lose it’s position as world super power…. now it will be Russia, China, Latin America and the Arab world that are more than happy to sell, sell, sell to make sure the US can never rise up again to where it once was…….
          Finally the US will find itself just like the UK does today, having to join some cheesy union of American nations or bowing to some world government or increasingly held to its debtors…..
          just like the UK did……

        5. Maybe, or I should say most likely. It is social gravity, a country goes up, it comes down. However, though we are at fifty million in poverty and climbing, some nations temporarily rise back up.
          Whatever your opinion, whatever our actual status, I am unsure what your point is? It is easy to point fingers, and assign blame, then leave or throw in the towel. It is an entirely different thing to make a solution, and get others on board. If you are not working towards that end, everything you say is just more meaningless words. For how do you know you are right in your social calculations, if you don’t actually apply them to your problem hmm?
          Had I been in Katrina, as corrupt as their cops were, they were trying to get a handle on things. I would have gotten a bull horn, regardless of whatever treatment good or bad I received, and asked people to listen. I would try to get as many like minded people, and form a group and start taking action.
          Chaos may bring destruction, but opportunity swims in its wake. Only those who fail to see this complain bitterly as if there is no hope. For if there truly is no hope, working like there is will dull the pain of ultimate destruction. For you won’t see it coming, nor will you share in the shame of the wanton complainers.

        6. Even Somalia and Afghanistan have some form of government. They’re just more properly restricted. Not because they want to be, but simply because those they fancy themselves governing, is not stupid and well indoctrinated enough to lay down their arms and bend over, naively believing that everything will be OK; as their “rulers” promised them the reaming would feel good.
          Government is good when it has the consent of the people. Which logically requires the people; that’d be all the people; have a realistic means of withholding such consent. Which requires the ability to resist those in government who might wish to overstep those boundaries. Everywhere I am aware of where people have the ability to go it along should,they so desire, the result end up being direct government limited in extension to some few hundred people, largely extended kin groups living in and around a village. While all decisions made by larger bodies, are done by representatives of each such village meeting as equals.
          If you don’t particularly like the rule of your village’s ruler, you can always move across the valley; since as long as you are productive and militarily useful, you’ll be welcomed. This puts a very effective limit on how scummy any ruler can act; unlike in the US today, where your supposed recourse is to beg a bunch of overpaid lawyers and judges to take pity on you; if only you let them have their way with your daughter…
          If you look at those societies, very often the worst punishment they extract, is simply excommunication. You’re on your own. Yet people obviously feel their village is governed well enough that they’d prefer to remain a part of it. Comparing that, to how most people on this very site seemingly wish for nothing more than finding a way of getting the heck out of here; should give you an idea of how well the whole bending over strategy worked out.

        7. People who want to come to America, do so because they are broke, and there is still some wealth here. But that wealth was created on the back of a legal and political system that is no longer close to being the same. There is a lot of inertia in big social changes. At least until/unless the nuking starts.
          But look at movement amongst people who have no need to try to grab their own little piece of the wealth in the US; i.e. those who are already rich. You don’t see them clamoring to come to be part of the “great American progressive experiment”; instead willingly putting up with hot, humid, cramped environs like Singapore. And, in a desperate attempt to keep the whole cardhouse together; the government here is all too happy to allow the biggest corporations, and wealthiest individuals, here; to domicile and operate in less invasive jurisdictions; just as long as those few benefiting, consent to support the politicos in robbing and harassing everyone else.

    2. If you look at who underwrites the corruption and evil in this shithole, it’s governments. Justifying their own existence by reference to evil “other governments”, while they themselves are deeeferent! The only change worth pursuing is trying to get rid of them all, and replace them with nothing. Pretending to try to change something by supporting one of them vis-a-vis another, is simply adding to the evil and the corruption. Which is why you shouldn’t do it. Apathy may not be some ultimate ideal, but it sure beats actively working to be part of the problem.

  3. this article would be more coherent if you just called it “how to profit from gross injustice”.
    you would list stocks related to the military industrial complex, the incarceration/”law” enforcement industrial complex, the federal finance cartel….basically any corporation whose revenues are guaranteed by uncle scam’s generous teet.
    while you’re at it, start buying up tax liens on peoples houses and foreclose on those elderly deadbeats like that faggot on the late-night infomercials.
    if you’re gonna stack dirty money, at least do it with some gusto, man.

    1. None of this would work by the way, with respect to the public equities (no knowledge of foreclosure investment). Syria is far too small to move the needle on any of this stuff, and any potential action is already priced in. You wouldn’t be “outsmarting” the powers that be by trading this way… you’d just be handing them commissions.

      1. my post was not related to syria. its a facetious extension of the concept (poorly) introduced in the article of making money from injustices that you have no control over.

  4. I appreciate that ROK is trying to be a more serious site, but the articles on culture and politics need to have more relevant insights if it wants to arrive at thatgoal. There is nothing in this article that is unfamiliar to anyone who reads any alternative news sites.

    1. Not only that, but if one is going to do a hit piece like this, you need substantively researched information. It is my opinion that most of the men who read these articles, are of the intellectual capacity to understand in depth concepts and abstract reasoning; but appreciate something more than just opinion cleverly worded into insult.
      Add something yes, but just don’t add very little of something. From academia to business and politics; that is the crux of all feminist thought. Little intellectual weight behind the emotional backstabbing we have come to know as feminist drama.
      We loathe it in our relationships, why we come here. So why would we accept it as substantive opinion, when it is merely low class gossip akin to feminist narrative?

  5. “I therefore started to think the shot callers in Washington don’t really care about the will of the people.”
    Don’t worry. Just because you’re a bit slow I don’t think any less of you as a person.

    1. They don’t. Because they can’t. Because there is no “will of the people”. Because there is no “the people.”
      That’s how deep the rot goes.

      1. There is no people, because the people have been dumbed down to the level of Latin American peasants…. or worse… USA peasants drip fed on a diet of over hyped fox news, fatty hamburgers and fizzy cola drinks….
        Where the 20th century saw the latin American nations that were once rich and prosperous fall off the face of the earth into poverty, corruption and decline….. in the 21st Century… the Mexican border is about to move a hell of a long way north…. as the cancer spreads right up to the article circle….
        It will be funny to see in a couple of decades time…. the Canadians employing drones and building huge fences to keep impoverished Americans crossing the border…. trucking back illegal Americans who jumped the border to Canada…..
        but this is pretty much what is coming…..
        USA = Latin America….

  6. Or, quite simply, just invest in gold / gold mining stocks and wait for their inevitable rise due to central bank incompetence.

  7. “I therefore started to think the shot callers in Washington don’t really care about the will of the people.”
    Started to think?? Well, better late than never, eh?
    Arguments about why aside, Colorado has recently recalled two senators, effectively ending their terms and replacing them with other senators. Maybe more shit like what happened in Colorado needs to start happening elsewhere.

  8. This is good advice. The world is what it is. You can try to change it, but you will probably not succeed. Adapt to it instead, profit from the world you live in.

  9. How about organizing to vote out the Democrats in 2014?
    Cynical detachment and a “why bother?” attitude just play into their hands.

      1. They screwed up, and got voted out. Saying “they’re all the same” just plays into the hands of the totalitarians.

        1. You know, after “they” have “screwed up” and gotten “voted out” about 100 times, and absolutely nothing have changed, isn’t it about time to question the value of the “voted out” mechanism in itself. It obviously isn’t doing any good.

  10. What a crock of shit. America should intervene because thats what they do? America’s foregin policy is based on 21st century imperialism where if you dont cooperate with the US, you get overthrown or invaded. We dont need anymore fucking wars. “Yeah, survival of the fit, man!” This is not a joke Doug. The west is getting involved in some pretty bad shit that will only hurt you guys in the end. The citizens of the world have nothing to gain from this. It is a civil war between the corrupt government and radical Islamist gangsters. Stay out.

  11. “While many can espouse the horrors of chemical warfare or the suffering of people in a faraway land, a Syrian intervention is in interests of the people in the United States.”
    English translation please?

  12. This is a somewhat cynical, somewhat pragmatic take on the current situation. Having followed American politics for more than a decade, I can see that the author hits some valid points. American citizens don’t have any more say in this Syrian situation than Chinese or Russian citizens have in how their governments act. If Republicans and Democrats can guarantee a certain return to their handlers, they’ll take us to war.

  13. “It seems only the might of Russia has put a hold on it.”..Yeah, I would contest that. Try bluster. That said, Putin is definitely the alpha to Obama’s beta at this juncture. KGB colonel vs. an academic and community organizer… Hmm… Strategically, Russia is a colossal has-been. Putin’s play on this issue and the Snowden case is an interesting twist as a despotic kleptocracy and its leader attempt a re-brand as global savior from American imperialism and overreach. Unfortunately Russia’s antics are probably a necessary antidote to the actions of our once-fine republic and its “leadership” which has completely gone off the rails of realty.

  14. War can be redefined as the rich of one country fighting against the rich of another country.
    Let us boycott as many multinational corporations as we can and prevent the young from joining the army.
    We do not raise and care for our children so that the elites can use them as cannon fodder.
    Fuck you America and fuck you Syria and fuck you pop music industry. I do not know which one is worst.

  15. Is this the guy that brought up precious metals stocks 2 weeks before they cratered 50%. Buddy if you’re giving financial advice you gotta do the mea culpa if you’re wrong or you are no better than the mainstream talking heads.

    1. It’s not the guy and I don’t see any particular buying advice in the article. You seem big on misattributations

  16. This guy needs to seriously listen to Ron Paul, man.
    America can’t afford any more wars.
    America has already pissed off enough muslims.
    A big reason why America got hit by tons of terror attacks, apexing at 9/11, is largely because we go in and interfere with a lot muslim countries. Lots of civilians die, and muslim blame us for the collateral damage.
    And all this for what? So some big corporations make money at our expense.
    It’s our brothers and hot sisters that are getting shot up over there, not the asshole pricks’ kids from D.C.
    Stop to critically think for once man. Stop reading the dumb [email protected]# shit you read from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, idiot new york times, etc.

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