How Leftist Indoctrination Tactics Resemble Maoist Brainwashing

There is a document from the BBS days about cult indoctrination tactics, exploring the similarities to Chinese Communist brainwashing.  This quotes from Chapter 22 of Robert Jay Lifton’s classic Thought Reform And The Psychology Of Totalism.

Let’s explore what media manipulators and other minions of cultural Marxism have in common with old-school Maoist brainwashers and cult recruiters. Their heavy-handed tactics are pretty similar. Coincidence?

Milieu Control


The most basic feature of the thought reform environment, the psychological current upon which all else depends, is the control of human communication… [T]he totalist environment seeks to establish domain over not only the individual’s communication with the outside … but also … with himself. It creates an atmosphere uncomfortably reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984… [Totalist administrators] look upon milieu control as a just and necessary policy… At the center of this self-justification is their assumption of omniscience, their conviction that reality is their exclusive possession. […] To the extent that [the target] does this, he undergoes a personal closure which frees him from man’s incessant struggle with the elusive subtleties of truth.

For decades, media manipulators were information gatekeepers, molding the public’s minds.  Recently, the Internet provides alternatives to their one-sided narrative.  Despite social media censorship, the usual suspects can’t shut down opposing viewpoints.  Further, although multitudes still get all their information from television, the media blew their own credibility.  Today’s dumbed-down and politicized educational system still serves this purpose.

Mystical Manipulation


The inevitable next step after milieu control is extensive personal manipulation. […] Initiated from above, it seeks to provoke specific patterns of behavior and emotion in such a way that these will appear to have arisen spontaneously from within the environment. […] [T]hey create a mystical aura around the manipulating institutions—the Party, the Government, the Organization. They are the agents “chosen” (by history, by God, or by some other supernatural force) to carry out the “mystical imperative”… The individual then responds to the manipulations through developing what I shall call the psychology of the pawn. […] This requires that he participate actively in the manipulation of others…

As Lifton’s analysis shows, this is easy once milieu control is in place.  Today, this happens by the use of dialectic strategy to manipulate world events.  Further, anarcho-tyranny causes a societal Stockholm Syndrome reaction by the government’s increasingly hostile stance toward the public, while tolerating things that will justify more security (control).

The Demand For Purity


In the thought reform milieu, as in all situations of ideological totalism, the experiential world is sharply divided into the pure and the impure, into the absolutely good and the absolutely evil. […] This is perpetuated by an ethos of continuous reform, a demand that one strive permanently and painfully for something which not only does not exist but is in fact alien to the human condition. […] Since ideological totalists become the ultimate judges of good and evil within their world, they are able to use these universal tendencies toward guilt and shame as emotional levers for their controlling and manipulative influences. […] Moreover, once an individual person has experienced the totalist polarization of good and evil, he has great difficulty in regaining a more balanced inner sensitivity to the complexities of human morality. For there is no emotional bondage greater than that of the man whose entire guilt potential—neurotic and existential—has become the property of ideological totalists.

Social Justice Warriors base their worldview on the “privilege ladder” (Victimization Olympics), lacking objective standards of right and wrong.  Whoever has the greatest “privilege” is considered wrong.  It’s a backward rationalization for cultural Marxism’s politically correct pecking order.  Some groups are encouraged to have solidarity and express their interests; others doing so are vilified.

The Cult Of Confession

Chinese Communist struggle session

Chinese Communist struggle session

Confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal, and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself. […] [T]his purging milieu enhances the totalists’ hold upon existential guilt. Second, it is an act of symbolic self-surrender, the expression of the merging of individual and environment. Third, it is a means of maintaining an ethos of total exposure… Finally, the cult of confession makes it virtually impossible to attain a reasonable balance between worth and humility.

Here, Lifton describes the “criticism / self-criticism” technique.  Today, this became the SJW mobbing ritual and the inculcation of guilt trips.

The “Sacred Science”

Oblabla-halo-composite 2

The totalist milieu maintains an aura of sacredness around its basic dogma, holding it out as an ultimate moral vision for the ordering of human existence. This sacredness is evident in the prohibition… against the questioning of basic assumptions, and in the reverence which is demanded for the originators of the Word… and the Word itself. […] The assumption here is not so much that man can be God, but rather that man’s ideas can be God…

During the Middle Ages, people were pretty obsessed with religion and supernatural matters.  Today, we’re just as obsessed with ideology.  When leftists terminate friendships over dissenting views (and encourage others to do so), they’re already taking it too far.  Further, they make their revered figures into saints and smear their historic opponents.  Communist wars and mismanagement were more destructive than all the wars of religion in history.

Loading The Language


The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. […] Totalist language, then, is repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon, prematurely abstract, highly categorical, relentlessly judging, and to anyone but its most devoted advocate, deadly dull: in Lionel Trilling’s phrase, “the language of nonthought.

SJWs use buzzwords such as intersectionality, microaggression, and “privilege” to enforce their PC pecking order, among other ways they frame language their way.  As for thought-terminating clichés, these include “devil words” (often ending in -ism or -phobia) to shut down arguments and attempt to delegitimize policy arguments.

Doctrine Over Person


This sterile language reflects another characteristic feature of ideological totalism: the subordination of human experience to the claims of doctrine. […] The underlying assumption is that the doctrine—including its mythological elements—is ultimately more valid, true, and real than is any aspect of actual human character or human experience. […] Rather than modify the myth in accordance with experience, the will to orthodoxy requires instead that men be modified in order to reaffirm the myth.

If the facts don’t fit the theory, they “change” the facts.  This includes outright refusing to face the truth (something Objectvists call “evasion”), dismissing evidence (for instance, demanding proof from an academic peer-reviewed journal, while expecting you to believe their own assertions), calling the facts something ending in -ist or -phobic (see above) even if it’s actually from peer-reviewed journals, etc.

Willful ignorance is actually pretty easy for them; many disbelieve in objective reality.  Some others are just too crazy.  They’re interested in feelings (their own), not logic.

The Dispensing Of Existence


The totalist environment draws a sharp line between those whose right to existence can be recognized, and those who possess no such right. […] Totalists thus feel themselves compelled to destroy all possibilities of false existence as a means of furthering the great plan of true existence to which they are committed. […] Existence comes to depend upon creed (I believe, therefore I am), upon submission (I obey, therefore I am) and beyond these, upon a sense of total merger with the ideological movement. […] Also, ideological totalism itself may offer a man an intense peak experience: a sense of transcending all that is ordinary and prosaic, of freeing himself from the encumbrances of human ambivalence, of entering a sphere of truth, reality, trust, and sincerity beyond any he had ever known or even imagined.

Again, this is seen in the “privilege ladder”.  Traditional Communism was about class warfare.  Cultural Marxism added several other favored/disfavored categories.  This is why they push racial agitation, feminism, GLBT stuff, and all the rest of it.  They believe those high on the PC pecking order are “disadvantaged”; all others thus should be miserable and suffer.

This is also why these memebots are hell-bent on wrecking Western civilization.  They’ve decided that we don’t deserve to live.  I say they’re the ones who can go to hell.

In conclusion

Lifton provided quite an insightful look into the Maoist brainwashing process, later adopted by cult recruiters. Today, far-left ideology is basically a religion.  They’ve put the “cult” in cultural Marxism, a lousy form of totalitarianism.  Even if they got everything they want, they wouldn’t like the results.

Reducing their milieu control will help get them off our backs; without it, they couldn’t get away with the rest.  This is narrative warfare, so we must discredit their cultural Marxism memes as much as possible, along with the lying media.  Further, cut off their money.  Spending selectively will show the corporations that fund this stuff that their virtue-signaling hurts the bottom line.  For those of us with children, don’t send them to expensive SJW factories.

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117 thoughts on “How Leftist Indoctrination Tactics Resemble Maoist Brainwashing”

  1. Fucking disgusting. Death to the puppeteers. Cut your strings and recognize your own sovereignty over your soul and fate, something these ass clowns never had a right to and never will.

  2. Can you be an atheist without being a Socialist or Communist? sure you can. Can you be a Socialist or Communist without being an Atheist? Not really (maybe some very narrow definitions of socialism). Reason is, they view people as needing control and they discredit the individual. People being “heirs of God” (Romans 8) are subject to God’s law over man’s law, and they cannot stand to see people who are not controlled.

    1. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?
      People forget that in the parable of a rich man Jesus never tells the rich man it is impossible for the rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven, but that it is very difficult……The easy way to gain entry is to leave your possessions behind and follow the path…but not everyone can…in fact almost no one can which is kind of the point. The point is that the rules of god are already pre-transgressed. We are born sinners and seek the compassion and clemency of the Christ. People make this out to be some socialist wonder quote when in reality it is just reiteration of other impossible to follow rules like never lusting or never having anger in your heart. Impossible to follow rules are what necessitate forgiveness.
      Sorry, sometimes the bible thumper in me comes sneaking out.

        1. I don’t see it that way. I think it uses the idea that all people are flawed and finite and seek solace in perfection and the infinite which they can achieve through prayer and right action. I am not a religious sort, but I’m not hostile to it nor do I think the ideas in Christianity are bad

        2. Not really, you have to see what the purpose of life is. Think of it logically.
          Universe is not random, what caused the order? God
          Why would God put us here? Scriptures say (Romans 8) that we are offspring of God. Here we are subjected to evil, temptation, sickness. Must be a learning experience.
          We are now imperfect, unable to come back to him. That is where Christ comes in.
          Yes, there is the fire and brimstone stuff, but there is also repentance and forgiveness.

        3. Christianity suggests a Way to prevent your life from being defined and ruined by the flaws of human nature. The catch is you have to willfully choose to pursue this.

        4. When all is said and done, we will be happy we had this 80 years of misery, joy, pleasure, pain, good, evil, etc…..
          You ever went through a crappy experience that you are glad you went through once you were done? How much did you learn? That is what we are doing here.

        5. Wrong, Christianity teaches communism & pacifism, & attacks human behaviour, in order to create easily controlled deviants
          A prime example are Christianity’s teachings of celibacy, is the root cause of homosexuality
          Catholic convents are cesspits of lesbians & radical feminists
          While catholic monasteries are cesspits of homosexuals
          By repressing natural biology, christianity creates hordes of homosexuals & lesbians polluting our society today
          Those who dont succumb to homosexuality, turn into the pussified leftists & sjw’s we’re seeing today
          Christianity creates deviants

        6. Christianity, particulary Catholics, build a doctrine and a sructure wich provide the western world the power to be the first set of nations in the world.
          Civilisation are build by people ready to die for their Faith/Values.
          The values AND the flaws gives us power.
          Why did Putin bring back the Orthodox Church ? Do you think this old KGB agent cares about Heaven ?
          Hell, no. He is a pragmatic. He prefers a comon cultural background that unite Rusian people rather than nihilistic liberal values that turned his contries into a third world HellHole.
          Another example/ Jewish people. They are not particulary kind to each other. They are not from the same origin, they are a tiny minority.
          Most of them are not even very religious.
          But without this religious background, they would have No real influence.
          They don’t car to brake the ‘taboos’ of their cult as long as these comandments still exists… Most of them are not believers, but they believe in the Strenght that religion gives.
          Religions are the best Tools to unite a nation. And everything that unites a nation became a religion.
          But we have to be carefull. Most religion dies quickly.
          The point is not to be logic, but to use what works best, for the longest time.

        7. LOL christianity has nothing to do with seeking solace through perfection.
          Since when is a communist religion, which preaches pacifism, defeatism & selling all your shit, as its core message anything to do with perfection.
          Creating a religion around a guy, stupid enough to get himself nailed to a tree is THE height of stupidity.
          Christians worship a guy nailgunned to tree’s …. lol
          Christianity is a traitorous & treasonous religion, which needs to be eradicated from the vocabulary of western civilisation.
          Its disgusting socialism & filth stands at odds with patriarchy, capitalism & the incredible greatness of man.
          Western civilisation PROVES MAN IS PERFECTION
          The accomplishments of man PROVES MAN IS SUPERIOR TO ANY GOD
          Western civilisation has had it with kike religions, shitting on its civilisation & embellishing its great works. Fuck religion & its jew kikery.
          Christianity leeches & parasites off the great works of man, all the while shitting on men & have the nerve to call men sinners …
          Man is SUPERIOR TO ANY GOD
          We are involved in a battle, those who believe man is a noble, perfect man, superior to all beings & perfect in its own right, its ability to create wonders is wonderous indeed
          VS those who believe man is not perfect & needs to be controlled. 1st by religion,then government, then men with guns telling you youre a disgusting sinner
          Choose the autonomy of man & his ability to create wonders, or choose a religion which calls you a filthy sinner every second of the day …
          Man IS SUPERIOR, FACT

        8. Wrong we had far superior nations, long before the jewish filth of christianity & the catholic church
          Just another idiocracy trotted out by parasitic religions who produce nothing, yet demand shekels for telling you’re going to hell … lol
          The civilisations before rome & greece were FAR superior to anything we have today. Look at the kingdoms of solomon & king david. Ghenghis khan managed to conquer the entire globe.
          Where are the Genghis Khans of today?
          Christianity just like islam & judaism produce inferior civilisations, all the while cucking the shit out of any country they touch …
          Organised religion is a substitute for goverment, instead of politics you have priests dictating the shit out of the local population.
          Just like politics is a haven for pussified faggots, christianity is a haven for pussified spineless freaks …

        9. Beats telling people theyre sinners & need to be saved by the blood of a man, stupid enough to get himself nailed to a tree …
          The jokes write themselves when it comes to the idiocracy of christian cuckery …

        10. Calm your tits dude. You sound like the kind in high school who wears all black and thinks they have shit figured out. I’m not trying to tell you what to believe. As for inferior, from what I can tell that is a word you should think long and hard before using. Chill brah, no one be proslitizing over here.

        11. Werent you just prostelysing for your religion? Scroll up before you tell others not to prostelise …
          The fact is I have got shit figured out … A man who believes in the superiority of his hands & his ability to live off the blood & sweat of his labour, is kryptonite to the cucked parasitic christians of today
          Christians live off charity
          Man lives on his greatness
          Man is Superior, anyone telling men are inferior & need to be saved by some thing in the sky, is a fucking cuck …fact
          Why believe in moderation, Why believe in respecting other views, if it means debasing myself.
          When you have faith in something, have the faith of a mountain, everything else is cuck.
          Stand for the greatness of man, or fall like the cucks.
          Stand & believe for the superiority of man, or be annhilated out of the gene pool, your choice.

        12. Actually, no. I specifically said I am not religious and was merely explaining something.
          You couldn’t figure shit out in a german scat porn dude, but thats not my problem. You will either figure it out or not. I’ve not got the time or patience to help low functioning, low IQ humans be better men.
          Wish ya luck with all your greatness lol. Have fun stormin’ the castle

        13. So bible thumping isnt prostelising? You were bible thumping a few comments back … Keep backpedalling …
          The fact is you’ve bought into all this man is inferior, imperfect horseshit, & cant let go of the cultural christian conditioning.
          All of that christian piety shit is pure poison, its designed to make you a pliable vassal for the ruling class …
          Grow up & stop thinking your imperfect.

        14. Actually no it is not. The first is an appreciation for the exegetical study of a book dating back milenia the later is the active attempts to convert.
          I said man was flawed. Speaking to you I am confirmed in my opinion. I’ve rarely been accused of thinking I am imperfect, the flaws of hubris and arrogance are quite strong in me. You seem to really be passionately devoted to this. As I said before, I wish you the best of things. I’m sure everything is exactly as you think it is lol

        15. The great Greeks were unable to unite toward a comon ennemy, and became roman dominion.
          Rome collapse on his inhability to integrate his ‘citizens’ to a comon goal. As long as it fed his econmy with slaves and conquer, it works… but when the plebe failed to support the ‘Elite’, nothing could save them. No more affectio societatis.
          The western Empire Collapse, but the eastern Roman Empire (Bizance) united behind a new religion, worked well for 1000 years.
          Gengis Khan empire keep during until their was no strong leader, and collapse in a few years.
          There was no will from their population to stick to the values of their Elite.
          In fact, traditional China digests the Monghols in a few generation.
          The confucean model, with all his rigid rules (respect to familly, hierarchy, etc) won.
          We can say it is not a religion but a philosophy, but don’t fool us.
          Everything that last and structure a state by structuring the belives of its people IS a religion.

        16. Birthed from some dark part of Fatheroffour’s persona perhaps. A separate entity nourished with crap and kept in the dark like mushrooms. And now, armed with a Disqus account 😀

        17. I stated before Rome & Greece
          Rome & Greece were inferior civilisations, also christian rome plunged all of europe into the dark ages for most of its 1000 years, by genociding all the far older & more stable pagan europeans
          Christian rome destroyed europe, it took the renaissance to recover from the luddite backward vatican dark ages.
          Civilisations far older & far more stable then christian rome, still exist today, china & japan as prime examples
          China & japan have population booms, precisely because they refuse to practise christianity

        18. As I stated before you still havent broken the christian cultural conditioning.
          You still believe in the christian piety, man flawed horseshit.
          Man is never flawed, stop focusing on your weaknesses & believe in your strengths.

        19. Ok bucko. You made your point. It isn’t a particularly good one and shows ignorance, arrogance, lack of intelligence, lack of reading comprehension, lack of experience, inability to thing in large concepts, general stupidity and a weak mind, weak body and weak soul but it’s a point and you made it.

        20. Thanks for conceding the point, without whining like a 5 year old … lol
          I care too much for the human spirit, for it to be attacked by unexamined ideology
          Christianitys focus on mans imperfection instead of his greatness, is far too flawed to benefit the poor or down trodden …
          We should strive to give the weak & helpless, strength & hope, tell them they have the strength to be strong, calling them sinners & imperfect, merely excarberates the weak & those in need of strength & courage
          We should strive to give each other courage to change the world, this is what seperates us from the victim whoring leftist scum
          It is all about controlling your perceptions of belief, & leveraging them for your benefit & your world

        21. Dude, I get it…I intro to philosophy, exerpts of Nietzsche, Heath ledger’s joker. Very cool and edgy. You’re a cutie pie. Have a good day controlling your perceptions lol.

        22. I am new here, so forgive me, how are Japan and China great examples of anti degenerate & anti communist societies? Although there are things I admire about those countries, I thought Japan’s degeneracy is well documented & china…isn’t exactly a bulwark of freedom.

        23. You think Putin (KGB agent) help to restore Othodox Church by love of deviants … or because he wanted a well structured society, stable families, and comon societal values ?

        24. Forget whatever conception you have of the Bible and God. One essential
          aspect of religion, specifically Christianity, is that it affirms or provides to people a single external and absolute Reality. From this reality comes Truth and the possibility for knowledge. This knowledge becomes a standard by which to measure ourselves in accordance with that transcendent Reality. By obtaining such knowledge we can achieve true understanding of ourselves in relation to that Reality, and thus strive to govern our selves in a harmonious (and yes hierarchical) society etc. etc.
          Religion has done this in the past, and it has done it better than any other alternative provided. Does that mean its perfect and never made mistakes or was forced to make harsh actions? Of course not. Does it mean all religions are equal. Of course not.
          Socialism and Leftist politics
          have yet to do anything resembling what I stated above. In fact, they often achieve the opposite. They can only exist within chaos, and so often they stir up dissent within a harmonious society (in fact, ideologically (and lets be real economically) they NEED that higher/religious opposition in order to exist at all–that original standard precedes their ambition to destroy it; and this is partly why they ignore or deny history, and have no mythic ground to stand on.) They deny a single absolute and external reality, disbelieve in absolute Truth and thus confuse and confound people. Truth is at the whim of any rhetorical argument a governmental body or a purple haired feminist declare it. Most importantly, however, they do not provide an idealism which gives people purpose or meaning or comfort.
          The importance of that external, transcendent standard cannot be over
          stated. Now you can argue like most atheist sperg morons, “b-b-but muh
          Science!” Look at the state of “Science” today. It’s a reflection of the State, nothing more. Infinite multi-verses, atoms which change due to perspective, a lesbian planet created from the clashing of two female named planets, there’s no race, blah blah blah. The metaphysical base of knowledge is the standard which keeps all other sciences honest. Science today is a joke precisely because we do not believe in a single external and absolute reality, and thus have no standard to protect or refer to. We do not stay true to our methods for absolute truth/objectivity in part because we are all gods now with the ability to transform or “perceive” the world into being. And so all of sciences high priests are really following their own self-interest.
          Like that atom, this study is true if you squint at it just right, and that survey is only acceptable if you reword and re-frame it so, and of course we can skew the statistics or deny the facts if we deem them immoral, unpopular or inconvenient. Science is predicated on a thousand different and special interests. If you want to claim God died well then Science sure as fuck died soon after.
          I may be wrong, and forgive me in my harshness (sometimes its necessary) but you seem to be approaching religion from an adolescent perspective.
          Your arguments are simplified caricatures common to the media-infected plebian of today i.e. “GRRR! There’s no bearded man in the sky! Its just a lie to oppress people. The events of the Bible didn’t LITERALLY occur. RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ARE DUMB! Let me cherry pick and inflate historical events, and never come to grips with the way the world works. GRRR!”
          Ironically I’ve found that people like this have never given religion a chance, and thus never brought the intellect necessary to engage with it. And so they proceed foolishly from false assumptions.
          You look dumb is what I’m saying, and give off the vibe of a petulant, spotty, pubescent loser. Its not a good look.

        25. Theyre great precisely because theyre nationalist dictatorships.
          Nationalist dictatorships in the service of the country, is far superior to democracy.
          A governments role isnt to give freedom, its role is to preserve the genetic race, cultures & traditions, as well as create a stable racial gene pool of its people.
          The preservation of racial DNA takes precedence over EVERYTHING, including freedom.
          IF racial DNA isnt carefully preserved & protected, the entire i.q & intelligence of a country reverts back to the stone age, because of genetic defects & damage to the gene pool …
          Civilisation isnt designed to give freedom to men, its designed to preserve the racial DNA of its people, & pass it along to future generations.
          A dictatorship is viable, as long as its nationalist & preserves the racial DNA, as well as the cultures & traditions of its people. China & Japan tick ALL of those boxes …

        26. Honestly if this isn’t either a straight up joke or a teenager trolling right now–than my GOD you’re a fucking moron. Man is flawed you faggot. Would you rather believe we have a billion little gods walking around? That’s exactly how the SJW mindset comes to exist. Part of being a man is through understanding the world, by assessing boundaries, accepting limitations and recognizing your flaws.
          One reason why the Church stresses man’s flaws is to remind them of that absolute reality, that higher standard which grants us a transcendent goal to strive for. You’re living proof that such emphasis is necessary.
          Its morons like you that contribute to the decadence and decay of society as a whole, and to individuals. You’re just as bad as that blue haired feminist spouting BS or that enraged SJW burning shit down for baseless reasons.
          You think you’re masculine, that’s why you can’t “get religion?” You don’t even have the discipline necessary to live up to a higher purpose. You lack the courage to accept meaning, purpose or mission. You’re a fucking coward, with nothing to protect and nothing and nobody to fight for.

        27. There is no absolute external reality in Christianity, as its a supernatural theosophy, the exact opposite of an absolute reality
          You’re confusing absolute morals with religion.
          Christianity cannot give absolute truth, precisely because it is not based in reality. A supernatural theosophy like christianity, exists outside the realm of reality & truth, precisely because it is supernatural.
          Absolute morality is the rationalisation of our biology. Our sense of justice & ethics are all rationalisations of biology & the preservation of DNA, hardwired into our dna.
          Religion is the degenaracy of the absolute hard wired morality of our biology.
          Man is optimised to advance the absolute morality of our biology & the preservation of our DNA. Making man superior to religion morally & spiritually.

        28. Only an idiot goes around thinking their inferior & needs to be saved by some thing in the sky.
          Man is all about destroying limitations & CORRECTING THEIR FLAWS.
          Only an idiot accepts their flaws. You’re supposed to CORRECT YOUR FLAWS.
          All this horseshit about accepting your limitations & flaws is precisely why, christianity is a cucked religion.
          Man is superior, precisely because he destroys his limitations & corrects his flaws.
          Grow up & stop thinking your inferior.

        29. Alright man. So DNA is your transcendent external/internal mystic reality, and living in accordance with it is the standard by which we become transcendent, superior?
          So are you saying DNA and thus evolutionary biological studies provide us the mythic past which the Bible does as well. So to you, understanding DNA as a biological function (and all the studies which stem from it) provides the necessary narrative which gives us purpose and meaning, and the means by which to understand the world. This alone will not only inform people and align them with a truer reality but also organize them (not just in a vacuum but in a world of countless other competing systems and factions) inspire them, and govern them in a harmonious way?
          What are you trying to say here?

        30. How old are you? Honestly. I don’t want to be mean here, I’m just curious. It sounds like the rootless idealism and wishful vagueries by someone with little experience in life and reality in general.

        31. You’re a smart guy. But you lack wisdom. Humility and gratitude is absolutely necessary, now more than ever. If you want to live as an island unto yourself in the midst of a raging social sea around you that’s your prerogative. Though on an island you’re not helping things, you’re at least not making them worse. However, you can’t draw any lines in the sand on that island that will matter to anyone else. You came in here to hole poke, nit-pick and critique other holistic arguments before you thought everything through. You never provided any answers besides “I’ve got it all figured out cuz DNA proves we are better than religion (what the fuck kind of statement was that by the way)” You say “absolute truth isn’t based in reality.” What do you think its an element like gold that God wears around his neck, or written in the ether? When you say truth do you literally (hitler) picture a secret key to unlock the doors of the universe, or a scroll with the answer to the riddle of existence?
          Give me a system. Give me a theory. Show me how muh DNA can describe the world and govern society.

        32. Purpose & meaning are merely rationalisations of our biology & the need to preserve our DNA
          Once we realise absolute morals & ethics are hardwired into our biology, we realise all men are inherently good
          Man is not flawed, man is not imperfect, PRECISELY because he is driven by his biology to optimise his biology & preserve his DNA.
          Once we realise man’s entire existence is driven to optimise his biology, we know all men have absolute morals & ethics hardwired into their biology
          It is precisely because all mans biology, forces all men to have absolute morals & ethics, makes man PERFECT
          This is why man is superior.

        33. Again. This isn’t an answer. This is like the liberal argument that race doesn’t exist. Obviously the concept of race does not exist like a tree or a stone exists. But like a tree or a stone the differences of race through genetic expression do exist regardless of our current classification, and they exist whether we were there to be conscious of them or not. We only have the language we inherited to describe the reality of the stone and the tree, and the intellectual mind to create system by which to recognize, identify, and classify those differences. But that’s enough for you to not prioritize external reality as having absolute actuality regardless of our perception of them? Again you are smart, but it seems like you are stretching out your muscles, trying on new theories like new clothes. You are trapped in the deconstructionist Leftist mindset. I call them “hole-pokers.” You have not provided anything of worth.

        34. Dude. I will very respectfully bow out of this argument. “Fiction does not exist.” I don’t mean to be insulting, I just want you to step back and read that again.
          You had somewhat of a system (it was deconstructionist, I assure you. Do you identify with Leftism?). You had your little exercised thought about DNA, but at best that’s merely one block by which to start the base of an actual argument. Keep going, but you need humility. Without humility you’ll never learn about the world. You’ll never gain true understanding.
          I don’t have it figured it out. But you need to recognize you sure as hell don’t either. Until then you’ll just go around in circles, or hammer on that one block you hastily shoved in the mud.

        35. You’re a smart guy. But you lack wisdom. Humility and gratitude is
          absolutely necessary, now more than ever. If you want to live as an
          island unto yourself in the midst of a raging social sea around you
          that’s your prerogative. Though on an island you’re not helping things,
          you’re at least not making them worse. However, you can’t draw any
          lines in the sand on that island that will matter to anyone else. You
          came in here to hole poke, nit-pick and critique other holistic
          arguments before you thought everything through. You never provided any
          answers besides “I’ve got it all figured out cuz DNA proves we are
          better than religion (what the fuck kind of statement was that by the
          way)” You say “absolute truth isn’t based in reality.” What do you
          think its an element like gold that God wears around his neck, or
          written in the ether? When you say truth do you literally (hitler)
          picture a secret key to unlock the doors of the universe, or a scroll
          with the answer to the riddle of existence?
          Give me a system. Give me a theory. Show me how muh DNA can describe the world and govern society.

        36. Race exists, its a scientific fact, the more racially pure & racially segregated, the more stable we are
          Perception doesnt exist, we are designed to rationalise our biology, not perceive reality
          We are designed to optimise our biology, not perceive reality
          The more complex our rationalisation & optimisation of our biology, the higher our i.q & intellect

        37. Lol I should be hitting the ole dusty trail here but this is too good. Honestly how old are you? If you don’t answer I’ll assume you’re a shill because what you keep posting are statements loosely strung together which never cohere into an actual argument.
          I agree with those top statements about race, and evolving to “optimize biology” But the rest was incoherent vaguerizing. ( and my my we’re getting a bit theological aren’t we: “we were DESIGNED to optimize biology” Is DNA the little artificer within us just like God is that great bearded artificer without? Absolute truth and reality don’t exist and yet we were designed by some mystical and higher somethingorother within us, in such a way that we must optimize and obey its laws in order to transcend what we are by instead fashioning ourselves in its image)
          Go back and define and distinguish every major term you just used i.e. Reality, Existence, perception rationalization, science
          I know you have it all figured out. But I’m not sure you’ve properly defined the basic terms you’re using. These are more blocks in your argument, in your understanding of that reality which doesn’t exist (but how would you know, perception doesn’t even exist). You’ve merely clanged them together and threw them into a pile. You’re argument has more than one stone now, its just a fucking pile of garbage. I may rescind my gracious description of you as being generally smart.

        38. If a fiction exists in reality, it is not a fiction … the very definition of a fiction is something not existing in reality
          If something does not exist in reality, it does not exist … hence it is a fiction
          Are you seriously saying you dont understand the difference between fiction & reality … ? lol
          Humility is for cucks, leftists are faggots
          I dont deconstruct, I seek absolute truths

        39. I said absolute truth & reality do exist because our biology is absolute. I stated perception doesnt exist.
          I never debated the existence of god, I merely stated we are superior to god, hence my use of the term created …
          Perhaps its your christian cultural conditioning causing you to see my comments as vague.
          What blocks am I missing?
          I stated clearly why we are incapable of perceiving reality. It is a scientifc fact we are incapable of perceiving reality.

        40. Lol
          No it just shows how you’re still skimming the surfaces of the actual topics you so confidently have figured out. “Fiction doesn’t exist.” Do geometrical laws “exist” oh wise one? Does the law of non-contradiction “exist”( a law which states that two contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same
          sense at the same time, so “A is B” and “A is not
          B” cannot both be true statements it’s one or the other)? What qualities achieve “truth-ness” to you. Oh yeah I forgot you don’t believe in it “because we were built to rationalize our biology” and NOT to perceive truth because perception doesn’t exist either. How convenient. Little boy creep who cried non-existence. If only I could cry “off with their head/Done with existence” to every term or concept I hadn’t even grappled with yet.
          Again O master, what functionally is “reality?” It’s the gold stone on God’s necklace right? You’re just testing me…
          Oh yeah its the fact that DNA proves we’re perfect. We just keep forgetting that, not only because perception doesn’t exist, but also because we were designed or built or constructed (unlike your arguments) and “willed into being” by the secret ways of the DNA god-quality which lives in each and every human being in the world. I forgot you have it all figured out…
          We honestly cannot advance in this discussion until we have an understanding and a general agreement of the basic terms used.
          What is your definition of reality, existence, and truth?

        41. Lol Stop referring to the term “scientific fact.” Its lazy and makes you sound stupid, and I’m sure science wouldn’t like you tarnishing its name and giving it bad advertising.
          How in the fuck does science prove we are incapable of perceiving reality. I thought it didn’t exist? Again define your terms. Nothing you say actually means anything right now.

        42. Wait, so now absolute truths DO exist? Its just a perception by which to understand them, does not?

        43. I answered most of this in an earlier comment
          You’re the one debating the existence of god, not me, I merely stated man is superior to god, i have never stated god doesnt exist
          Reality is an infinite absolute, existence is a finite absolute, only absolute truths verifiable in reality is a truth
          Reality exists to create the absolute

        44. Lol I gotta get going. That was so stupid. I want you to look at what you just wrote. Look at it. Read it. Try and fucking understand that hot garbage. And then say to yourself: You know what buddy, (and DNA godquality inside me) you really DO have it all figured out.
          And then go back to that statement you made to that other guy about you having it all figured out and reassert it with all the girlish pubescent gusto you can muster from the very depths where your DNA dwells.

        45. Dude I wasn’t even arguing god’s existence. I was providing an excuse to look into religion, and providing a fresh “perspective” (those don’t exist though because perception doesn’t exist either, excuse me I forgot) other than the simplified teenage angsty one you were forwarding.
          When you were being disrespectful and so confidently stating your genius while wildly mishandling the proper equipment , I couldn’t hold back.
          Again, you seem like you have the potential to be a smart guy. Humility is needed. You will never be a whole person if you don’t understand this. The fucked up decadence and degredation will never change if the majority of people have the same mindset as you have (not your beliefs about race, genetics, etc. but your arrogant, quite honestly stupid core assumptions/ your worldview i.e. humanity’s “perfection” and the statement that humility is bad due to some retarded crude dumpster-fuck of a theory about DNA).
          You don’t have to take up God right now, or become a devout “bible-thumping” Christian (because Christians are exactly all like that) but for your own development understand humility, gratitude. You can start by going over your hasty theories and recognizing what a pissant you are right now.

        46. You’re probably right oh master on highest. I came into this argument late, and our discussion has been hopping back and forth between several different comments.
          Beliefs that we are perfect “cuz muh DNA” and statements like “we are better than god” and “fiction doesn’t exist” and “perception doesn’t exist” and believing that you DO have it all figured out made me wrongfully accuse you of not believing in absolute reality, truth.

        47. I explained precisely why man is perfect. You haven’t disproved my statement or even provided a valid explanation why it is not true.
          You have provided no explanation why i should look into religion, if i believe man is superior to god.
          Do you always demonstrate humility & gratitude by calling people a pissant?

        48. I wasn’t even sure of the entire argument you had laid out with that other guy before I came into this discussion. The few posts I had seen before commenting was absolute garbage and I had to jump in. In the end though I have no idea how you reached your conclusions because you’ve done fuck all to make a convincing argument (I think this is because you have not defined the terms you are working with, and then built from there)
          But I’ll reiterate.
          You have some seriously flawed assumptions. You are working with ideas that I don’t think you have even really thought through. I don’t think you have a basic definition of the basic terms and concepts you throw around. You never really had an argument at all. You just referred to actual things like DNA and race and at least grappled with concepts like our evolution/design and how that effects or has determined how we process reality etc. But those were just ideas you probably got from red-pill (which has its worth don’t get me wrong), inflated incorrectly and then misapplied here.
          In the end you somehow came to a bunch of retarded conclusions, which again, I think is due to your inability to define or understand the basic terms you were working with.
          Honestly can you look at what you have written here and stand by it confidently?
          And you never answered me. How old are you. I need confirmation now or I have no choice to assume you are an angsty teenager or a completely inept shill.

        49. Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just rant.
          This is more about some axe you have to grind than the truth of the matter.
          Feeling better?probably not.

        50. Your biology rests on the premise that humanity is equal to marauding power-lusting apes-this is hardwired into your DNA.
          Wither absolute biological morality- it doesn’t exist. .

        51. What rubbish- biology does not conflate with rationality but instinct- the hardwired argument. .
          Think about what you’re saying.

        52. Christianity is the religious manifestation of being a subservient beta cuck to authority. It breeds weakness of mind, body and soul. And it is a religion for the weak and downtrodden, for the sheep of men so they can be led by the shepard’s miasma of dogma and promises of redemption when they no longer can be obtained. Christianity and the purveyors of it are just snake oil salesmen in robes accumulating wealth and power for their own religion of Judaism.

        53. True, it isnt the media or leftists wrecking our society, pussified degenerate christians have always attacked masculinity & male power
          While turning entire countries into liberal hellholes, filled with spineless christian freaks & manjawed feral whores
          What we’re seeing today are results of centuries of pussification & homosexuality taught in all churches
          Christianity is the root cause of everything we face today

        54. While I do agree Christianity is the root cause, the Mainstream Media and Leftists don’t get a pass in my book as they act as a catalyst to multiply the effects of this weakness a hundred fold.

        55. Celibacy is a Roman Catholic perversion. Has nothing to do with the bible or the teachings of Christ.

        56. I totally agree with you, it is impotant to remember just how much more damaging Christians are then lefitsts, as Christians outnumber the leftists, the vast majority flooding europe with immigrants are christians, jews take second place for flooding europe with immigrants
          Christian tradcons like vox day, are using leftists & sjw’s to cover up their real role in destroying europe.
          Christians are alot worse then jews, as they have NO RACIAL collective or sense of racial preservation. Theyre entire religion is to basically destroy society by pussifying men & drastically retarding male births through their genocidal monogamous marriage.
          Monogamous marriage has no natural selection for i.q, so low i.q chavs & criminals & thugs out-reproduce the higher i.q, reducing the population i.q with every generation, as well as increasing the welfare state, with the mentally retarded monogamous marriage produces at an exponential rate.
          Also christians & tradcons enacted the divorce & feminist laws we see today demonising all men. Leftists & sjw’s dont have the numbers , as europe & the u.s is still a christian majority continent, or the political power of the christian lobby
          Rightwing christians are not to be trusted, as they have no doctrines of racial collective or racial preservation, yet their entire religion has hundreds of verses about destroying race & destroying the racial preservation of all race’s.
          Christians & catholics have committed millions of atrocities against white people over the centuries. Their acts of betrayal & treason & especially their cooperation with the jews to destablise white culture & families, litter the history of white people.
          Where were christians the last 80 years of leftist, sjw & homosexual rule?
          Where are all the christians in the antifeminist, pro-right white movements today? Too busy sucking on jew dick as usual.

        57. All kinds of crazy people out there, hoss.
          For some twisted reason, the RC church added it to their bylaws

        58. He must be one of those milo lovers who happens to be an atheist gamer; spend too much time commenting on YouTube videos and you start feeling your own “edge” lol

      1. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.- Karl Marx
        We know how that turned out.

    2. Socialism and Communism are nothing else but religions too. so sure as hell if someone is a Communist he can’t adhere to another religion. it’s like you can’t be a Christian and Muslim at the same time.

      1. Much of Christianity is a hybrid of some sorts. organized religion will always adapt to try to bring in more numbers (money/power). Take my grandparent’s faith of Pentecostalism: 60 years ago no Pentecostal woman would dare cut her hair or wear pants, ect; now the vast majority of the Pennys are indistinguishable from any Hollywood whore in appearance.

    3. ”Christian theology is the Grandmother of Bolshevism” – Spengler
      ”Christianity and communism are very close spiritually and ideologically. This is a fairly well known concept that has been adopted by various thinkers, from Thomas More to Lev Tolstoy. Few people know that the world’s first socialist state was established in Paraguay and was based on the ideas of Catholic Jesuits before Marx created his teachings.”
      “The “Society of Jesus” – the Jesuit religious order – in the Catholic Church was roughly equivalent to the KGB in the Soviet Union.” Pravda

      1. Meh, according to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise: ‘Communism is Judaism’. I just figure left-leaning individuals in any religion or creed warp their father’s faith to fit the new religion of Marx. Though I agree with you on Jesuits being way to comfy with Bolsheviks doctrines.

    1. great, and now Patrick Stewart is cast as the voice of the poo emoji in the upcoming emoji movie.

  3. That picture with (ostensibly) the father and the son is downright nauseating

    1. I agree. What an example of a complete idiot for a father. Probably thinks white people invented slavery and only blacks every have been enslaved.

      1. Trump’s handlers are pressuring him to dance with him tomorrow night, cant make this shit up…

    1. I agree for the most part, but there are great reruns of old show you can watch with your kids- Little House on the Prairie being one of them…there is so little you can watch as a fgamily anymore, that show is one of them…

      1. Agreed, there is some TV that is okay, you have got to be careful though. Even some of those benign shows can normalize things that shouldn’t be, even if they don’t have any foul language or suggestive behavior. Corporal Klinger from MASH for instance, he seems harmless enough, but in all seriousness, that character is normalizing cross dressing. Note how all the other characters just accept him as is.

        1. They accepted him because they knew he was just doing it to be declared unfit for service and sent home from the war. He wasn’t a deviant.

        2. No, but that cracked open the door. Now we are supposed to consider people like Bruce Jenner as just harmlessly exploring the other side of his sexuality, and not a deviant.

    2. I remember when my parents threw away the tube when I was 11. I was sad at first but later realized they did the right thing for me.

  4. Trump just came out to “Heart of Stone”; lol, what does that mean? Harbinger of things to come?

  5. Just watching the party in DC……. who the fuck is Obama….. Donald and his family on the steps of the Lincoln memorial with the fireworks going off behind….. this is going to be some 8 years…. boo yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    1. Obamas last call as POTUS was with Merkel. Just proves again that she was his best puppet. Merkel would have been a great, great puppet for Mrs. Clinton. #sad

  6. This has a lot in common with classic cult conditioning techniques. To break down recruits, cults expose them to unrelenting criticism. It does not matter what the recruit does..they get criticized for it. The purpose is to render the recruit incapable of independent moral judgement. Once this stage is reached, the cult will then provide the recruit with a new moral code that, if followed will allow to recruit to become purified and for the criticism to end. The recruit, relieved to find a way out of endless criticism accepts. Thus the recruit is made dependent on the cult for moral decisions.
    The most fervent recruits are allowed to become recruiters and indoctrinators themselves, giving them the pleasure of illusionary control and power over the impure.

    1. That is why appeasement never works. No matter how much you give them thinking they will stop they always demand more until the subject has nothing more to give by which time it is too late and they are beaten.

  7. “Intelligence is not a privilege, it’s a gift. And you use it for the good of mankind”
    Leave it to a fucking Spider man movie.. This goes for every advantage someone can have— you use it to better the world; you are a gift to the world around you.
    If Black people and women are less accomplished, that means they’re less intelligent and that it turn means they have less responsibility— they must enjoy it! There is zero inequality and unfairness, everybody fulfills their biological potential.

  8. Anyone else see parallels between Mao’s “Hundred Flowers” initiative and Obama’s early exaltations of whistleblowing? Make the opposition feel safe, then come down on them like a ton of bricks…

  9. YES, THE DO! Very astute observation. I myself stumbled on this revelation about a month and a half ago when I began reading “The Three-Body Problem,” which features scenes from China’s horrifying cultural revolution in its first few chapters.

  10. I knew that white women were next on the block as soon as I heard the word “microagression”. The fuck is that skinny weirdo doing tied up with that little kid up there ?

  11. If Trump has done one thing , to his everlasting credit , is a blow to PC. Not a death blow but serious pushback…

  12. Can we start killing insane liberal, evil, psychotic jews and non-White subhuman vermin, now? 14/88!!!!

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