It’s Time To Start Demanding More From Immigrants Who Wish To Live In The West

Several months back, I flew fourteen hours away from my home country to embark on an undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom. Of course, the battles that we see on the political arena and even on the ground between immigrants and “fascistic, racist, far-right” nationalists (as the deceived world today believes) do not concern a group of immigrants called foreign students. Nevertheless, I realized the realm of tertiary education can be seen as a microcosm of the society outside it.


Stereotypical image portrayed on brochures, flyers, booklets pertaining to university advertisement material – as if ethnic diversity in reality is that charming.

So, in the first place, what are some reasons why a university would open doors to foreign students? These are probably the “official” reasons given:

1. Money

Foreign students pay much higher fees, and they also have to spend on non-academic products and services for sustenance—not only are liberal policies embraced by education administrators but government has rationale for opening the floodgates to foreign students.

2. Diversity

A more diverse student population should benefit the home students as they will be exposed to different viewpoints, perspectives, etc. Their minds are broadened, their knowledge of how other cultures are like will somehow make them more “well-rounded students.”

3. Talent

The very best universities in the world already have long histories of attracting the brightest minds in the world. Opening doors to foreign students increases the chances of the university educating a future revered leader of a country or the next multi-billionaire.

The “red-blooded” ones among you may already sniff a faint, foul smell of modern-day, liberal philosophy garbage at the sight of the word “diversity.” Steady there, this is just the whiff from a mile away, it gets better—or rather, worse.


The truth is that money is the only benefit for the destination country. Paralleling the world outside the university, a cultural enrichment that is hoped to be gleaned from mass immigration is only in theory.

Do you think the ethnic enclaves formed by immigrants in a part of a city—or even an entire city—has no similar phenomenon in universities? Wander around the university campus from late morning until early evening and you will see what the social scene is like: cliques of white students, white couples, black students together, bearded Arab guys together, and large groups of Asian students of various nationalities or ethnicities. Of course, sometimes you see interracial couples or one black guy in a clique of white students, but what I tell you is the majority of cases, and you can see it in plain sight when you walk about a university campus.

Where is the integration? How are the benefits of cultural enrichment (if there is even such a thing) going to materialize if the cultures do not entangle? How is it any different from foreign ethnic enclaves taking over British towns when a Chinese student speaks only in Mandarin with his Chinese friends, shops at the Chinese supermarket, eats out at Chinese restaurants, goes back to his accommodation full of other Chinese students, watches Chinese dramas online, and the list goes on. I am sure you get my point.

Chinese students—probably the most isolated foreign group in universities

In the first place, many foreign students do not even have a decent level of proficiency in English. If you cannot even communicate properly and sufficiently in English, then my question to you is, “What are you doing here in the UK?” How can you participate in classes, and share your supposedly “diverse, interesting, out-of-the-box perspectives and ideas” when you cannot even speak English in England? This has been my experience in all of my group assignments so far: work gets allocated early on, naturally, work is split as equally as possible. When the time comes, the foreign students produce their horribly inferior work and the rest of the group have no choice but to re-do the parts contributed by the foreign students.

Worse yet, in this world we red pill men realize, criticism cannot be given out of “respect for others of differing nationalities”—purely for the sake that they are different and we should be understanding. How about these students understand that they are making life difficult for their peers because of their ridiculously poor level of proficiency in English? Just as with other types of immigrants, most foreign students do not give two hoots about the history, geography, and culture of the destination country. Their only purpose is to get the piece of paper and fly back to their home country, and apply for jobs while selling the notion that they studied overseas and have an edge over those who did not.

There is absolutely no interest in learning and engaging in the culture of the destination country: whether it be music, sports, film, festivals, etc.

I highly doubt many—or any at all—of my fellow foreign students can describe the English culture in the terms shown below the water surface level in the picture above.

Responsible Immigration

Now, does it not seem hypocritical that I would be so critical of foreign students when I am one myself? If I may say, is it not the same dilemma that a Trump-supporting Hispanic may face?

I must realize that I am not the majority. What this means is that while I condemn foreign students as a whole—we are truly not giving anything else back to the destination countries apart from money, and we are not gaining any of the advantages that are supposed to arise from studying overseas. Is this not the same with immigrants outside the university? While the liberals will say that they contribute in certain ways, are they not also destroying the social fabric of the destination countries? For every immigrant taking up a job or applying for social benefits, are they not taking away that which could have been given to a local?

The paragraph above gives rise to a debate over open borders. I will leave that for other writers or an article by me in future. In short, I believe every country should accept a small number of immigrants for the sake of tapping on the talents, the brains, the perspectives of someone from “outside.” It is vital to understand that immigration in theory is supposed to be a good thing, but the massive immigration we see today (or actually, in the last few decades) has destroyed the ideal picture of immigration benefiting the destination country.

The reason is simply the number: with massive immigration, you are basically transplanting an entire race or nationality of people into another country, and as many articles here on ROK have commented on, the immigrants will slowly devour the culture of the destination country.

Allow me to propose to you what it means to be a responsible immigrant from the perspective of a university student. I am sure there are parallels can be drawn and applied to outside of the university campus. To start off, this should be the first rule for any immigrant:

  • Embrace the culture of the destination country; if you abhor it, go back home.
  • Second rule: do not bring your culture over wholesale when you move to another country.

These two rules alone should be preached to all Muslim immigrants in Western civilizations. Problems with women’s covering, lack of Halal offerings, not enough road signs in your mother tongue, etc? Then go back to where you came from.

Now, I will look at the different facets of society that relate to an immigrant. I will try to portray the image of a Responsible Immigrant—an immigrant who should be embraced in this age of a flood of uncontrolled, uncivilized, ungrateful, demanding, and parasitic immigration.

The Responsible Immigrant


First, you must ask yourself what is the purpose of moving to another country. Why is it that you cannot pursue your endeavour in your home country? Why would you want to “flee” from your home where your loved ones and friends are?

After much deliberation and observation of the different profiles of immigrants, I have an idea of what is one kind of immigrant who will turn out to be a good immigrant—one embraced by the destination country. Somewhere in that sea of immigrants, there lies that Responsible Immigrant. He has decided to emigrate because of many “push factors”: he does not feel like he belongs in his home country, he feels like he is very different from his family, friends, neighbours, countrymen. Not only that but he is probably feeling frustrated with his current environment, and needs to move somewhere else.

Next, after the Responsible Immigrant has decided that the grass will be greener on the other side, he then has to choose a destination. What are some of the common considerations? Language is a very strong point of consideration. It is very difficult to assimilate into a society when you cannot speak the language of that place. Communication plays a big part in the progression of societies. So what good is there between a migrant and his destination country if the migrant either does not know the local language or does not strive to learn it? The last few words before this sentence are very important: it serves as one of the litmus tests differentiating between a responsible immigrant and an irresponsible one.

The next factor will cause controversy: religion. I know we live in an environment (at least, in the Western sphere) that is embracing atheism but like it or not, most countries have their dominant slants, and migrants have to know and understand the implications. I am a Christian, and I do not need anyone to tell me where not to go. The point to stress here is this: religion matters a lot, and so the migrant must think of the implications with his own beliefs and that of the destination country.

Personal Account

The first reason why I believe I am able to connect with the people is because there is no language barrier at all. From my writing, you can tell I am truly fluent in English. Now, for those of you here who are living in an adopted homeland where you are not fluent in the local language, fret not: strive to master it. Prove to the people there that you are willing to be like them in language by trying hard to learn the language. Do not be that irresponsible immigrant living in that immigrant enclave and not needing to speak a word of the local language.

Even though I was born and raised in an Asian country, my upbringing has been largely based on Western ideals and entertainment. Notwithstanding that, I remember that in the months prior to flying to the UK, I devoured British sitcom after sitcom: Hi-De-Hi, Dad’s Army, Not Going Out. When you start enjoying the entertainment—music, film, etc.—from the destination country, it does teach you certain things about the society there that you just do not find in Wikipedia. Many times, I surprise locals when I steer conversation to local entertainment. It brings a smile to their face when they realize they do not only have to keep asking me, “So, in your country, do they…”.

If this is your only form of entertainment in the UK, for example, there is no way you are going to integrate with the locals socially.

Finally, the mindset I have adopted ever since landing in the UK has helped me understand and appreciate the UK. Is it so probable that I have not met with things that I dislike or even hate? Of course not. For one, I do not binge-drink, and I am an “early-sleeper.” On many nights in the week, the student accommodation areas will be very noisy until 2 or 3 a.m. Although under the accommodation contract, I have the right to call in security to my flat to break off the parties, do I do that? As a Responsible Immigrant, I jolly well accept that the culture among the university students here includes late-night partying, loud music, and cliques of students screaming popular choruses late into the night.


Perhaps, it is not so much about the immigrant issue but the issue of being a minority: you’re black, you’re a woman, or maybe you’re a Muslim but somehow you find yourself subscribing to the beliefs this website. You may be wondering how to reconcile your life or your beliefs to this new-found philosophy. You need to realize you are truly a minority. Your people are not like you. You are different.

If you are an immigrant right now, I urge you to be a Responsible Immigrant. Do not expect the same kind of treatment as locals. If you feel slighted, insulted, and discriminated against, who cares? Your ancestors did not bleed for the sovereignty of the destination country and culture. Keep your mouth closed, flash a wry smile, and fight for your honour and dignity through deed and character. I appeal to you on the philosophical level too: how often we slam our ideological enemies for always demanding for this and that. Are you going to be a hypocrite demanding for equality? Or are you going to win over the local people by making real effort to assimilate over the long-run?

Trust me, when the only difference between you and your adopted country is your skin colour, you are that Responsible Immigrant who will be embraced by the local people.

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452 thoughts on “It’s Time To Start Demanding More From Immigrants Who Wish To Live In The West”

  1. For starters, how about we repeal Ted Kennedy’s monstrosity from the 1960’s which basically makes immigrating here as a European nearly impossible, while ensuring that everyplace except “white nations” can come over and immediately apply their lips to the government welfare teat?

    1. That will require a strong sence of solidarity and racial unity among whites. Those 70 million + of minorities already in US will overbreed anglo-stock even if you bring immigration to a complete halt.

      1. I get the impression in real life and in reading comments across the interwebs that white people who 10 years ago were saying “diversity is strength” are starting to really wake up to this ruse.

        1. Sarkozy and Merkel admitted diversity push was a failure a few years back…

        2. I think from what I see in Quebec in Canada, Merkel and Sarkozy is the symptom but feminism is the problem. English Canada is normal but Quebec is very European. The feminism is extreme there, only immigrant women get free French classes pre-citizenship which is radical feminist indoctrination and secular feminists don’t have kids. Due to social experiments, 40 year old Quebec white women are busy trying to figure out why their boyfriend won’t commit to them or just left them to marry a baptist African/Muslim Arab/ Catholic Philippina/Korean woman. Quebec feminists are wiping out their white race.
          Then they bring immigrants because white feminist women don’t have kids, but no sane immigrant wants to integrate into self-genocide imposed by feminism like in Quebec? We see how the white race are wiping themselves out because of feminism in Quebec. As an Arab, frankly, its scary. I am lucky to be in Ontario and there are enough non-cucks here, like Polish and Ukrainian Canadians I can relate to, so I feel at home in Ontario as an Arab Canadian. I help fundraise for a Ukrainian church and involved with the Ukrainian community here, because it feels like something I can relate to as an Arab, the Polish community here is awesome too. No communist crap. I married a Ukrainian. Would I have integrated this well in Quebec? No.
          It’s easy to blame Merkel and Sarkozy but they are only a symptom of the disease, which is feminism. Merkel and Justin Trudeau want to be cucks and take in refugees instead of fight ISIS, which shows ISIS and other terrorist weakness and they create more refugees, infiltrate with them. Then also as immigrants, our kids aren’t going to be white pure ligne Quebecois. White people got to go to church to pass down culture and have their own kids if they don’t want their race wiped out. It’s a shame, such a rich culture white people have, and then bam, wiped out by feminists

        3. One of the problems I have encountered is that people who use the term “diversity is a strength”, or “open borders we have lots of land” and “free the refugees”, have not done any research into what makes society beyond these points.
          To open borders and integrate into society, that can require more housing, more housing requires electricity, plumbing, water supply etc. Then jobs need to be available, stores need to be available to purchase groceries (that requires appropriate farming etc), roads and infrastructure. To quote field of dreams “build it and they will come”, it cannot be “hop off a plane or a boat and we will work something out”.
          Then when people arrive, they need to have researched the destination and be prepared to tolerate customs and values and behave in accordance. I am not saying a Muslim needs to become a Christian, but they should understand they are in a country with deep rooted Christian beliefs and accept that. If you want your own micro-society to mimic the country “you just had to leave because it is so terrible”, then you cannot create a replica of it in your new place of residency. If you miss it, go back.
          It is very frustrating to try and have this debate with a SJW, as their argument is often ill-thought out, without wider implications to society, and any discussion just ends in them trying to be reductive on the complexity or they will attempt to label you to get off topic and paint you as the bad person.
          The one successful argument I make against this that they cannot argue is when I ask “when someone comes to a new country, should they integrate with our values?” and then they will inevitably say “no, you need to be tolerant they can do what they want”, and then I say “when you are in their country, do you abide by their rules, or do what you want?, what would happen if you drank alcohol, dressed inappropriately or showed any signs of public affection in middle eastern countries?”, then they will argue ” yes but you are in their country, you need to know and respect their values”. At which point they are trapped and can just say “exactly, your whole thinking is inconsistent, in our country, respect and accept their values and subjugate your own, in their country, respect their values and subjugate your own.”
          I do agree, I think the west is starting to wake up now after the events of last yr and the start of this yr.

        4. Try and watch at least half of this.
          Watch how they cast the spell
          I challenge you to make it thru the whole thing.

        5. “I married a Ukrainian.”
          Good for you. I wish you a happy life.
          “Merkel and Sarkozy is the symptom but feminism is the problem… Quebec is very European. The feminism is extreme there”
          Feminism is just a part from what’s called “Cultural Marxism”. Also immigration multiculturalism and diversity.
          The problem is:
          – “european” before ww2.
          Did you hear about School of Frankfurt, Antonio Gramsci or Coudenhove Kalergi?
          – “american” after ww2.
          Did you hear about “Operation Paperclip”?
          Reality check:
          – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.

          – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

          – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’, But no one dared to tell you

          – Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

          – What is Cultural Marxism?

          – Repressive Tolerance, by Herbert Marcuse (1965)

          “Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated “scientists” from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.”

        6. I agree. Diversity is a strength. Besides, I like dating foreign women. White women are just fat trailer trash.

        7. Something is definitely very wrong with Brussels. No real European pride just pro Islam pro multiculturalism Trojan horse

        8. The question is who used feminism to destroy our culture. Trudeau should be hung drawn and quartered, then pissed on.

        9. May allah bless you! Now we need to find our next non-crack smoking version of Rob Ford.

        10. the boss Roosh V said it’s a men’s forum, so I won’t comment further but if you know any women that I can build a red-pilled women’s forum that would be great, my twitter handle is @al_masani

      2. Yeah it they abort and murder each other like dogs, if everyone who wanted out of Europe had a home in both America it’d be a nice cheat.

    2. That and immediately end the absurd and racist Cuba policy which gives them immediate public benefits and automatic citizenship if they should arrive here. Public welfare benefits not even you and I qualify for I would add….

      1. I’m for ending all “public benefits” aka social welfare net. Come here and work, or stay home.

        1. Every movement has to start somewhere. Lots of commies never lived to see the USSR come into being. But they started the movements that resulted in it. This is the long view road I’m taking, for posterity.

        2. Dude they would flip out, Walking Dead- style, and steal all of your zucchini

        3. popcorn zucchini…deep fried zucchini…zucchini on a stick….

        1. You know it’s funny, the “Spanish” pic cracks me up. The Spanish actually have a strong history of Moorish occupation and influence, yet you still never see people walking around like sheiks. It’s all white Europeans. At least, the last time I visited. We shall see.

    3. The immigration policy did exactly what it was intended to do- whites were increasingly going to college, enabling more of them to move into middle and upper management, move out to the newly created suburbs. The third world sopped up a lot of the lower income jobs whites no longer wanted, and it kept the rentier class’ pockets fat by making sure all the apartments in the cities were occupied.

      1. When the GM plant closed here in Columbus in the 1990’s, I don’t recall all the whites that worked there saying “Gosh, I’m glad that happened, I really didn’t want that job anyway”.

        1. GM is a low income gig? Im merely pointing out their plan worked out well for those who designed it

      2. “whites were increasingly going to college”
        Not all whites all the same. White societies were structured by classes for centuries.
        “lower income jobs whites no longer wanted”
        This means rise of socialism and welfare state.Tthis means “security”.
        socialism = welfare = “security”

    4. This explains the importance of the 1965 immigration act
      and the who, why, how and for what purpose behind it.

    5. Agreed! This monstrosity was a game plan by the infamous Jewish intellectuals to enforce either an extinction level event for a certain sub-species of mankind. Or, the destruction of the White Nordic, Or the infamously quoted “We are all the same” bullshit, when we are not – we have 8 races. And the perverse movement when a white nordic is bedding down with an asian or black or hispanic for example, and deastroying their child as an unfamiliar unidentifiable genetic ruin for all to see.
      This is a game made by Jewish intellectuals and was called out for years, but unfortunately everyone ignored it.
      Amazingly, here is a video of a jewish family being enraged at a prank call their daughter made by simply stating that she’s going out with an italian:

  2. No offense, but my understanding is, when Brits ruled India, they didn’t integrate well with the locals.

    1. Didn’t have to. Conquerors are under no obligation to be nice to the conquered and subjugated peoples. Besides, Britain raised the level of civilization in India by a huge margin. Indians should bow down and thank them for ever bothering to occupy India.

      1. Really? My impression of India has always been that it’s been a shithole, regardless of who governs it.

        1. It is a shithole. The Brits introduced things like sanitation and other concepts that seemed to have evaded Indians for centuries. Not that it took well, but still.

        2. I always look at India through a Kipling prism and most recently even more aptly so, as they had no qualms in turning his house into a museum, yet wrote him out of their history due to “political sensitivities.” That really says it all.

        3. he is using a KPCB graph. Now, I am not betting man, but I would venture to guess that a venture capital firm where Al Gore is one of the partners might be putting a political spin on this stuff…then again, what do I know.

        4. I am willing to bet that you are unable to substantiate your claim that Britain’s philosophies are bankrupt. Those philosophies bred the concepts of a right to trial by jury, freedom of religion, property rights, and the right to bear arms. The ball is in your court bruh.

        5. He probably saw the graph and said to himself “Oh, I agree with this so it must be true!”

        6. I’m just beginning to see how the combined message of your commentary and the information contained on your graph make no sense. You are arguing that Britain’s philosophies are bankrupt. Among those philosophies are classical liberalism and the free market theories which was a product. These ideas would go on to influence China, the United States, and Europe. Did you notice how they make the largest contributions to global GDP? I think it is safe to conclude that the cases with Latin America and India have much to do with culture rather than a bankrupt philosophy.

        7. If you new anything about market statistics you would know that the 19th and 20th centuries were periods of vast GDP expansion, furthermore the graph you have provided is a zero sum graph. India’s economy during this period grew faster proportionally to any other time before it, it is just that the European and American markets grew faster.

        8. Well we disagree on that the entire US history is liberal. To my knowledge, the success of the USA can be attributed to the Federalists and early Republicans and not to the disastrous presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson, whose policies led the burning of Washington, the panic of 1837 and eventually the civil war.

        9. How to provide evidence that the philosophies are bankrupt? Just look at the West today. Now that there are no more countries to loot, the West is imploding in its own hedonistic degeneracy. Or do you actually believe that the West is imploding because of the Jews and illuminati?

        10. The funny thing is that you never addressed anything I pointed out. Nothing. Nada…… nada damn thing. Is trial by jury a bankrupt concept? Is the right of property a bankrupt concept? Is the right to bear arms a bankrupt concept a bankrupt concept? Unfortunately we’ll never know this because YOU CHOSE TO SIDESTEP THESE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CHALLENGES TO YOUR CLAIM. Nice job!
          AND THEN, there is your failure to understand historic context. I’m gonna go out on a limb and presume your mention of “looting countries” to mean the practices of colonialism and imperialism. If this is the case, then you need to read a history book and I don’t mean something by Howard Zinn. Start with something basic or general. Here is my point: Britain was not the only imperialist entity. So was Ancient Egypt. So were the Aztecs and Mayans. So was the Soviet Union (and there is nothing British about Marx). So was China.
          Why don’t you re-frame and come back again. Thanks for playing.

        11. There are so many problems with what you’ve just said. You need to straighten yourself out before writing comments. Here is what I mean: you said the success of the USA can be attributed to the Federalists and early Republicans. You then followed by identifying the presidency of Jefferson as disastrous. We have a problem: Jefferson was the first of the Republicans to hold office which makes him an “early” Republican.

        12. The rights you cited predate the British Empire. Also, how are these extremely important? Property rights trumping human rights is certainly not something to support. Locke’s attempt to impose hereditary serfdom in South Carolina’s constitution is something to note. The right to bear arms of merely a wedge issue and not this great idea as the Tea Party wants you to think.
          Of course the British Empire was not the only imperialist force though you are absolutely wrong to claim the USSR was an imperialist power. You would have to change the definition of imperialism for that. You probably think Crimea is a victim of Russian imperialism right?

        13. I would not consider our culture to be western today by any stretch of the imagination. Our own leaders tell us that we are multicultural countries now. Compare western culture, the real western culture, of 100 years ago to what is being practiced today and it is irreconcilable.

        14. I’ll clarify. I meant the NRP and the early GOP founded in 1854, not the party of 1792-1798. When Jefferson was a president, the party had already been gone for a while.

        15. No, but Afghanistan, Latvia, Finland, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Armenia were.

        16. Stop. Seriously, cut it out. Now you are trying to switch your argument in the middle of the discussion. Remember the time you included “liberalism” as among the “bankrupt” and “tragic” philosophies of Britain? I certainly do. Here is you comment:
          “The British and their bankrupt philosophies (materialism, liberalism and empiricism) are the greatest tragedies of the modern world.”
          Dude, you now are trying to say, essentially, that you meant something different. Nice try. C’mon man, do better. In fact, go home and rethink your stuff because you’re now making conflicting claims.

        17. What are you talking about? You told me to address your property and gun rights and I did.
          I have no idea what switching of an argument you are talking about? Is this an attempt to confuse me? Lol

        18. Imperialism implies economic exploitation. There was none. Not to mention that the countries of the Eastern Bloc were even relatively independent.

        19. They were so independent that the USSR built a giant wall to keep them from visiting the west, invaded Hungry and Czech when they wanted to change their governments, and forced them all into the Warsaw pact which solidified their nuclear annihilation in the event of a world war. There was tons of economic exploitation, besides communism is economic exploitation dummy.

        20. So you narrow the definition of Western civilization to mean ‘White British liberals of the 19th century’? It is way wider than that. We should include the entire Western thought starting with Ancient Greece. I also don’t view it negatively, there are plenty of Western philosophers I am a fan of.
          Modern liberal West is certainly not really influenced by non Western philosophers. Or you think Asian and African philosophies have taken over the Anglo American world?

        21. That is not what I said at all please stop misrepresenting me and then going off on tangents.

        22. How can you call me dumb when what you wrote made no sense.
          The Berlin Wall was constructed by Germans, not by the Soviets. The Warsaw pact was a defensive response to NATO and nobody was forced to join it. Albania even withdrew. It did invade Czechoslovakia and Hungary and these were certainly acts of aggression, but not acts of imperialism.
          The entire industrial base was home owned in all of these countries, not like today when everything is owned by Germans. If anything, Eastern Europe today is a giant colony.
          How is communism an economic exploitation? Besides, what does it matter, there has never been communism, these were all socialist states.

        23. That is exactly what you said. You said that the modern Western world is not part of the Western civilization to which I replied addressing your nonsensical claim.

        24. They were absolutely forced to join it, because small albania withdrew later does not mean that they were not forced to join it. The Iron Curtain was a soviet controlled and created monstrosity, manned and built by its puppet states. Comparing the situation today and then saying: see its worse (it is not) does in no way disprove that the USSR was an Empire. Maybe just maybe that’s why when the USSR government fell it broke into like 20 countries. Yes, much of the industrial base was owned by the party, see: solidarity. How is communism exploitation: private ownership is illegal, you cannot own the fruits of your labors.

        25. No what I said was that what passes for Western Culture today is not Western Culture. The proofs are not the thesis. Please try to read at a higher level of comprehension.

        26. The Warsaw pact was a mutual agreement, what are you even talking about? Of course your mind is made up, I have no problem with it but don’t you can make me believe your nonsense. I am from Eastern Europe and I live here to this day .

        27. Stop obfuscating. You just repeated what I said. Yes modern Europe is Western culture, precisely the Western culture you represent, which is liberalism. When liberalism fails, obscurantists like you start spitting nonsense about magical outer forces controlling the West. No it is not the Jews, it is not the NWO, it is not illuminati nor the feminist multiculturalists, but you, LIBERALS.

        28. An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
          An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

        29. If rights to property, self defense and justice are not “human rights,” then what, prey tell, do you consider to be a “human right?” In reading your communist apologist comments below, I suspect you only value an individual’s forcible submission to the state, but perhaps I am wrong. What other human rights do you recognize?

        30. English Common Law. The basis for Acts of Law & regulations in many Commonwealth nations. I’ll thank the Brits for that.

        31. The Kremlin told their puppets to sign on the dotted line. “Mutual agreement”

        32. Ah but Western culture is not liberalism. Western culture is Christianity and classical thinking refined over 1500 years by the Catholic Church and the Aristocracy. Even much of classic liberalism is based upon classical principles and natural law. Neo liberalism, which ks really marxism, is far from even this. Stop projecting.

        33. Ah so you stand against neo-liberalism of Friedman, Rand and Mises while being on the side of the Platonic philosophy of Christianity. Why do we even argue then? We are on the same side!

        34. This guy seems to be an old guard commie. Everything is spun as benign and things the reds did wrong are the fault of others.

      2. “Conquerors are under no obligation to be nice to the conquered and subjugated peoples.”
        With that logic you just gave a free pass to the present and future migrant hordes that wish to subjugate you.

        1. I plan on fighting back. Plus this is a human trait, they already hold this view. They don’t need my “pass”.

        2. It’s a manifestation embedded in humankind’s violent nature, man. Being aware of that truth & implementing control measures to manage the outcomes from that truth are the key to keeping your tribe alive & thriving.

      3. Nailed it. The strong do what they must. The weak suffer what they should. And so the wheel turns.
        The libtards must have skipped school that day.

        1. In this case, it’s not a matter of ignorance. It’s a matter of denial. They don’t want to believe this is how the world operates. They think if they can close their ears and scream “la la la la I can’t hear you!” loud enough, human nature will change.

        2. True. The cure for ignorance is the dawning light of awareness. There has to be good faith on the part of the individual in being open to the realization of truth.
          I don’t even mind the benign denialists, really. They’re free to live in their own reality as long as they don’t have the means to disrupt actual reality.
          It’s the dangerous useless ones with the keys to the kingdom I have issue with…

    2. The British brought sanitation and education everywhere they conquered. There are still many people in the world who pray every night that the British will come back and once again rule their countries.

      1. Do you honestly believe that the Chinese and the Indians are praying to be starved by the hundreds of millions again? You personify the ignorant arrogance of white supremacy. The West is done and clinging on its failed ideologies will only speed the downfall.

        1. That is such a ridiculous straw man argument. The British government never starved hundreds of millions of people. Nor did Britain ever rule China. Famines existed in those countries millenia before and have existed after British rule. Britain however did remarkably improve India from what existed before, India did take a big step backwards when it was granted independence. The British Empire improved most if not all of the places it went, here are some: Rhodesia, America, Canada, Jamaica, Australia, and Kenya.

        2. Of course if he does want to bring up factual accounts of hundreds of millions of starved Chinese, no need to look any further than Mao.

        3. Do you even know what a straw man argument is?
          British imperialism sure did take place in China, ever heard of the Opium wars?

          What happened to the Chinese people in the graph in the 19th century?

        4. Taiping Rebellion. A pseudo-Christian Chinese cult not recognized by any Western power, and eventually put down with help from Western mercenaries and a Han Chinese army. Cost some 20-50 million lives from social disarray.

        5. Communism itself is a liberal fantasy, and look what it did to China’s people and its culture. Mao respected the Taiping rebels as noble progressives.

        6. China was divided into 5 spheres of influence in the 19th century between the Russians, British, Americans, French, and Germans. These were essentially trade zones that granted trade monopolies to those powers. To say that China was part of the British Empire is absurd.
          It looks like China had an increase in population what is your point?

        7. Lenin took out a lot of the liberal poison from Marxism. Mao was the beginning of the successful modern China.

        8. Mao’s goons were cannibals. Literally. They ate people during the cultural revolution.

        9. Yeah, that Cultural Revolution was a model of progress and civility unseen in the world hence. So were Stalin’s Purges. Just good old fashioned success with a topping of Win Sauce, right there mate.

        10. Russia was never better off than under socialism. That is why even Russian Christians pray to Stalin to this day.

        11. Nothing smells more disgusting to me than a communist apologist.
          Over a hundred million dead. I think they’d beg to differ with your glowing memories of communism.

        12. I could totally live in that society without an issue, if it was done as planned and not as Hollywood’s mockery of the Tea Party (which is what it was).

        13. Dem poow put upon minorities an’ po folk were aww gettin’ duh shaft an’ shit. Dem welfy folk done deserve none dere sheeit.
          Which makes no sense. After the first purge or two, the problem children would have already been dealt with. After that society functions well with a 1% or less total crime rate.
          It’s billed as an “authoritarian” place, but the rules seem not that bad during non-purge and people own guns.

        14. Not even modern Western liberal scholars use the propagandist fraud called ‘Black book of communism’, which uses fraudulent methods of counting victims (counting the unborn and migrants as murdered by communism). Using the same methodology I could say liberalism killed 40 million Russians since 1991.
          By the way aren’t the one praising Russia on this site every day? You view of Russians is very skewed if you think Russians embrace liberalism.

        15. Ah, right, Stalin’s Purge didn’t happen.
          My bad. That changes everything!
          Go be an apologist for the most murderous political philosophy in the history of mankind somewhere else, I have no interest in engaging with you further.

        16. The purges did happen, but the famines that killed 80 million of course did not, these are made up numbers.
          The most murderous philosophy int he history of mankind is British liberalism, which to this day kills millions upon millions of people in the 3rd world by stopping industrialization and modernization. Every attempt results in a new Lumumba or Kaddafi.

        17. Oh go fuck off, red. Famines happened because of the commies insistence on controlling everything.

        18. Stop deflecting, I exactly told you why is the counting methodology wrong. What do you not understand about it?

        19. So that excuses millions of deaths due to failed Communist economic policies and executions/purges?

        20. “successful modern China”
          Modern China is a black hole in terms of culture and lifestyle. The Communists eradicated all traditional culture, especially during the insane Cultural Revolution. The “culture” of modern Chinese people are consumerism and their Communist government. They also give zero shits about the long-term health of their people or country, polluting and poisoning everything in their path for the sake of money. To see real Chinese culture today you have to go to Hong Kong, Taiwan, or even the fucking USA. You won’t find it in China.
          This is why mainland Chinese people are hated the world over.

        21. Because you’re distorting. In addition to the Purges, we also have mismanagement of historic proportion regarding crops and logistics. So once again, socialism failed miserably.

        22. Lies. Never met a Russian who would agree with that bullox you just spewed.

        23. Lies?
          Watch this

          A Russian orthodox channel called РУСЬ ПРАВОСЛАВНАЯ (Orthodox Russia) made a video a couple months ago dedicated to praising Stalin.
          You probably live in America and all of the Russians that you meet are upper class self hating smug liberals that hate everything Russian and love America. They unfortunately don’t represent the average Russian.
          Sorry but you just got REKT!

      2. I concur with this message. In Djibouti [Horn of Africa] the locals literally thank Americans for filling the vacuum the French left behind, because it’s the only time their country has had any stability.
        The other two HOA nations [Eritrea and Somalia] do not allow “white man investment” and are failed states. Go figure.

        1. You seem to have a lot of experience with Africa. Check out a book called “Shadow of the Sun” by Kapuscinski. talks all about the African mindset, fascinating

    3. It is funny, there is a restaurant near me that is Anglo-Indian food. Really good stuff. The place is made up like a 19th century supper club in India which would cater to English officers. Really nice glassware, good selection of scotches, cricket balls on the door knobs and indian food which has been altered for a Eurocentric palate so that it is still a little foreign, but not so much. It is actually an excellent place. Indian guys in crisp white shirts with black bow ties. Fucking cool stuff.
      Anyway, I asked the owner about Indians and English because I was curious and have no idea about cultural shit.
      He told me that there are two basic attitudes of people from india regarding British occupation. Some think that the brits were terrible colonialist monsters and the others think that the brits brought education, clean water, medicine and, generally, some fucking civilization to a terrible back water. This restaurant is firmly in the camp of the later owned by an oxford educated, cricket playing, anglophile indian who, in his own words, wouldn’t go back to india on a fucking dare.

        1. That entire movie is a huge middle finger to SJW’s in every single way, long before there were SJW’s.

        2. as a side note, I am a big fan of the Caribbean but will only go to islands that were civilized, er colonized, by the French. Say what you want about those fruity mother fuckers, they know how to colonize an island. Speaking to some gendarme there I could tell you, they are not fucking around.

        3. that is back when they were all individuals….instead of now when they are ALL INDIVIDUALS!

        4. I was told one interesting story in St. Martin which is half dutch and half French. I was in a bar talking to a Gendarme who looked like Rambo if Rambo also really liked art and wine. He told me that once a year the people who are bad for business (remember, tourism is the only thing that they sell on these islands) are rounded up and put in a shit boat and sent out into the storms during hurricane season. Then he said “the fucking dutch marry them” and that is why you can walk around drunk at 2 am in Marigo or Grand Case and never worry about getting robbed.
          Not only that, they brought food, art, education and, for the locals, a quality of life that they would be loathe to get rid of just for the chance to show whitey a thing or two. Plus, they all speak French very well and also do a good job and English, German and Italian.
          There is nothing to my mind better than a Caribbean island where you frogs have landed, civilized and opened for tourism.

        5. The movie is offensive to Christians, Jews and SJWs. That’s pretty much an accomplishment in itself

        6. “who looked like Rambo if Rambo also really liked art and wine.” That’s the French ideal I would like to embody one day.

        7. Don’t know if you have ever come across the Gendarme they have patrolling the Caribbean outposts but they are deadly serious, fucking huge and generally you get the sense that beating the fuck out of someone would constitute a “good time”
          They are great guys for the most part if you get to know them. But they have their orders. There is to be no fucking crime and the money spending tourists are going to feel safe and fuck all with anything like civil liberties and rights of man. Rousseau be damned, there is money involved now and the grown ups are talking.
          That said, the locals who fall in line are treated very well.
          It’s the old carrot and stick….

        8. I’ve known a handfull of military guys who worked and fought in black skin lands. Mostly from the Marine Infantry (like your marines, except they used to be our Colonial infantry so they have a tradition of working in those places).
          They fit the description you made of the gendarmes. I think in general our army is really good (if not the best, without pretention) at keeping primitive places together.
          The locals can be really crazy from what they said to me (like mothers using their babies as missiles against gendarmes during protests) and are incredibly lazy…
          Also known two former French French Foreign Legionaries. I said French twice, because they were actual French who volunteered for the Legion. They’re usually the toughest ones, for they have no economic motivation to join, which is usually the strongest factor that leads people to join the FFL.
          They were very impressive and had kind of crazy eyes too.

        9. It is amazing though that with proper training and knowledge and in the absence of a government which is overly sensitive, that these naturally lazy (not a bad thing, if I was born in the Caribbean I would be lazy as fuck too) and often times violent and psychotic people a small and well supported and trained force can not just keep them in check but make them into productive people.
          I met a load of creole people, locals, who work just as hard and sometimes harder, who are smart and creative (at least at their trade) and a genuine pleasure to be around. 50 good French military guys are able to keep a whole fucking island in check like that.

        10. The locals can also do great soldiers. The Tahitians from French Polynesia, for example, have a long military tradition and are very proud of it.
          They’re like werewolves though : the nicest people during the day, but they have this weird costum of absolutely wanting to get into fistfights when they are drunk at night.

        11. I’ve always wanted to go to FP but I just couldn’t stomach that long of a plane ride…not when I have the carib just under 4 hours to me. I believe it though….it has something to do with the sun I would imagine.

        12. Some recent content of Cleese being outspoken against political correctness.

        13. Actually, if you step back it is only offensive to one group — idiots.
          Christian, Jews, Muslims, socialists, whatever…the movie was poking fun at things and doing it at a very high level and if the response is offense, despite ideology, then that is a clear step that you are a fucking idiot.
          Being offended by comedy is almost always a sign that you are a fucking idiot.

        14. well then I guess that’s probably the biggest demographic on the planet, with the most dominant culture to boot, given we live in a culture of taking offense. More specifically I’d say people take offense because their beliefs are inflexible and therefore fragile

      1. The Indian subcontinent was ruled and destroyed by Muslim invaders. Not Arabs, but nomadic Turkic people from Central Asia, who adopted Islam and wanted to spread this toxic ideology. The Indians couldn’t get rid of them, so they were ‘happy’ that the British destroyed the Moghuls (= Islamic Turkic rulers).
        The British however had their own agenda, which was exploiting all the wealth of India. The country was already messed up because of the Muslim invasions and the British destroyed it to African levels, where people shit on the street and had to live like animals. Compare this to Indian cities of 3000 years ago, where they had sewerage and city planning. Things that are nonexistent in Indian cities of today.
        Indians who admire the British simply don’t know their own history. I can’t blame the previous generations, because the British corrupted the educational system, but we live in a time of internet, so everyone can learn about their history.

        1. Maybe, but the guy who owned this restaurant (and several others), went to oxford, spoke with a British accent and lived in a pretty nice part of New York seemed to like the British empire and he seemed anything but ignorant to me. He seemed like a well cultured, well educated and intelligent business man who had come by quite a bit of success. Compare that with the Apu’s I see who stink like shit and haven’t been able to properly westernize…well, they may have a better grasp of their own history but I would much rather be the successful and clean restaurateur all the same.

        2. I’m admittedly ignorant on the topic, but why don’t Indians just NOT shit in the streets then? What does Britain have to do with that one way or the other?
          Also, you’re talking about the ancient Indo-Aryan people, right? Are the modern brown streetshitting Indians we know today descended from these Turks?

  3. Integration? Your kidding right? What planet it this? Ask a US Citizen what language they speak and where it comes from, that cracks me up the most!
    Then the Mexicans, they are the only ones who have ever hugged me and been nice, the ‘so called “natives” here’ crap on me.
    Integration is not the way, just bee cause there is mass turmoil, no right to bee nasty!
    When in college (that’s a cruel joke and a topic best left alone) I went out of my way to welcome foreigners and went to mixers, what local does that?
    Is this learned or instilled?
    So this purple non gender will wander some more….
    For those inept at words, read between the lines!

  4. What if you emigrated to a foreign country and embraced their culture because you find it ideal, but then the culture changed due to Leftist ideas which is not what you believed in. You enjoyed it before the infestation.

  5. The issue is White Genocide. Period. Diversity=White Genocide. ITs a crime not a ‘policy option’.
    And ‘assimilation’ and ‘compatibility’ is not the issue.
    You can ‘assimilate’ 2 million Chinese and Indians in Vancouver or Toronto and what you have is a non-white city. The Whites are destroyed and lose their right to their identity and control of their nation

    1. Genocide
      The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political or cultural group.
      That’s pretty much what is being inflicted upon Europeans.

      1. – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
        – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.

    2. Whites (about 1 billion) occupy the Americas, Europe, Asutralia, and Russia. Meanwhile 3 billion Indians and East Asians live in a space smaller and of far worse quality than North America. Be glad that these immigrants obey the laws, generally learn English, and have a hard-on for white culture. Whites aren’t in danger from these people.

      1. Whites may not be physically in danger, but their influence and right to exist in their own countries definitely are.
        “Be glad that these immigrants obey the laws, generally learn English, and have a hard-on for white culture”
        Haha, most immigrants into the US today definitely do not do these things

        1. The ones in the subsets I mentioned tend to.
          Point is that not all immigrants come from the same background and to roundly accuse them of harming the country is stupid.

        2. “Whites may not be physically in danger, but their influence and right to exist in their own countries definitely are.”
          This is a more valid point, but it goes hand in hand with an unwillingness to preserve one’s own culture. Germany only started getting swarms of uncontrollable immigrants in the last generation, but the social liberalism that caused the decline of German culture and national identity began in WWII and picked up speed in 1968, before immigration to Germany was a major thing.
          Likewise, America before the 1960s was doing pretty well even with a large minority groups, but the left radicalized them and the youth.

    3. I agree with the main point but here you are arguing with a strawman…in Canada 2 million are unassimilable let alone two million in a single region. 10k in a good day in a generation and these 10k mist be willing to assimilate…

  6. Ugh. Cultural Iceberg. Again with the Jews? I think, by the way, that that is the guy behind the sinking of the titanic.

    1. “Again with the Jews?”
      Yes again and we will continue this way forever.
      – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.
      – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
      – The Barcelona Declaration. Euro Mediterranean – EU’s dirty secret.
      – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’, But no one dared to tell you
      – Repressive Tolerance, by Herbert Marcuse (1965)
      – Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America
      – What is Cultural Marxism?

        1. “what, do you have all of this ready to copy and paste any time”
          I have some lists in my bookmarks. Right click plus “open all in new windows” can do wonders.
          “your feel threatened”
          Not at all. I am eastern european and i know what this “people” did here and still doing it. Waiting for ww3 to start. It’s payback time!
          You should guess where the “song” will end.

  7. Why should they integrate?
    In a few decades they will be the MAJORITY, and they will tell our children to integrate in THEIR values or get the hell out. Because once they have the right to vote, this is how democracy works. The vote of a conservative Muslim has the same weight that the one from a westerner. And, if he has a big number of kids, it’s THEY who are destined to rule the western countries.
    You can see it right now in US. Most of white males, the descendants of the people who built that country, support Trump. On the other side, blacks and hispanics will support Clinton, and it’s likely that it’s they who will decide the president of US.

    1. Um, whites built the world, prove me wrong…
      I am going to get me a mud hut and some, wait, I didn’t build that!

      1. And look what that got us:
        The destruction of the family
        Social atomization
        Sure, we got a lot of stuff that we don’t really need, but get off your high horse.

        1. I’m pretty sure that not living in mud huts and not dying at age 28 is a good thing.
          The philosophy of socialism is evil, but it is not the only thing whites did. As it looks, there is coming a final confrontation that may well bury this decrepit philosophy once and for all. Then your complaints go away.

        2. Ghost, I’m not saying everything white people have done is bad, a lot of it was very good. But let’s face it, who has bought into this new age liberal bullshit more than any other race of people? Europeans. Western Europe has fallen, and Eastern Europe is in the process of embracing liberalism. Europeans are spreading this degeneracy everywhere in the world. Say what you will about Africans, but I think if some calamity befell where all civilization disappeared, Africans would continue to survive. If civilization fell in Europe or America, most of us, white or non-white, would be dead in no time flat.

        3. ” If civilization fell in Europe or America, most of us, white or non-white, would be dead in no time flat. ”

        4. You really think these trigglypuffs and manginas will survive a post-apocalyptic Europe?

        5. Just look at how whites react to tragedy compared to minorities. Katrina = minorities and martial law, meanwhile tornadoes tear down entire towns in Idaho and the whites there band together and rebuild without even asking for a dime from the FedGov. Or homes and barns burn down in Amish communities and the entire town turns out to rebuild it without being asked.
          We’ll be fine if shit collapses. Hipsters, not so much, but they are not omnipresent.

        6. Blacks in America, yes. However I am still inclined to believe that the reason the black community is as dysfunctional as it is today is because the black family has been totally destroyed. There is no social cohesion in the black community anymore, and I think this is something you and I have agreed on elsewhere. I can’t speak for Hispanics and Asians how they would deal with a SHTF situation.

        7. I like my high horse. It gives me a good view over the pleebs and chicks seem to dig it.

        8. When you say high horse, are you referring to a tall horse, or a horse that is under the influence of certain mind-altering substances?

        9. I park him in the garage downstairs from my Ivory Tower.
          All kidding aside, I really hate all this uplifting nonsense about the greatness of the common man. The common man is shit and the primary reason we are in all these fucking problems. The common man needs to come to heel and heed the wisdom of his betters. That will bring the tide up and with it all the boats in it.

        10. The problem is our “betters” tend to be more often than not a synonym for the people in power. At the moment our “betters” are globalists, professional race baiters and SJWs who have damn near succeeded in destroying the United States.

        11. That is the fault of democracy. What we need is a strong empire and autocratic rule with Hereditary Rights of kings. Yeah, we will get a few bad eggs here and there, but overall it is just a much better system.

        12. I am going to need some leather gloves and a riding crop.

        13. I just need to locate a hot chick named Giselle to reign as my queen and I think we could go a long way towards re-establishing the Viking kingdom of Normandy, here in Ohio.

        14. Hmm, never thought you were a monarchist, lolknee. I must respectfully disagree. What we need is the return of a Republic, voting rights reserved to only tax-paying men of a certain age, and term limits for all political figures. In the west at least the age of monarchy is past.

        15. And a review of what was circumnavigated the first time so we can close those loopholes. Agreed.

        16. The only problem will be that longships really don’t have many places to go, outside of Lake Erie and the Ohio River. Need to work on that.
          Sure you can immigrate. There’s just the matter of donating a firstborn child as well as the Trial by Arms to work out.

        17. Your idea is preferable to the current system, if we can even call this chaos a system, but I feel still inferior to absolute power being held centrally.

        18. If he was alive today Copland would have written Fanfare to Common Fucking Scum and it would have become a staple of the classical repertoire even quicker

        19. It’s the only way to test your mettle. We only want the strong.

        20. I’m pretty sure she has some reserves built in. I think two to three months at least.

        21. That is a rouge nation run by lunatics, I’m talking about grand monarchy.

        22. Isn’t absolute power what the state has now? Do we really want that kind of power held by some person who rules simply because he happened to be born to someone in power rather than someone who has earned the right to lead?

        23. Actually if you go to Anglo Saxon (and Scandinavian) monarchy prior to the Battle of Hastings, you’ll find that it is quite a good system. The king was basically elected by the “Thing” (however they spelled it), which was the meeting point for the areas residents. It was not hereditary and if the King started fucking up he could be replaced, his power was vast but not absolute. This was the system used for greats like Cnut and Aelfred the Great.

        24. That doesn’t really sound like a monarchy, though. It sounds more like a Republican dictatorship (for lack of a better phrase).

        25. Kinda sorta. Given as our government, originally, was based heavily on British concepts of governance, it stands to reason that it would be similar. The English started reasserting some of those traditional Anglo Saxon norms with the Magna Carta, although they never fully went back to the pre-Norman ways obviously.

        26. I don’t think so. What we have is what I like to call a scenario of power. Power has been so far decentralized that it no longer exists. In the vacuum it left there is something that takes on what looks like power but in reality is nothing, just a show. The state has to power what epcot center has to the Eiffel tower.
          We talk about blue pill / red pill here all the time, but where the matrix misunderstands the fundamental problem is that they are positing this old fashioned binary world where there is the real world and the false world.
          What the modern world is is the false world without an underlying reality. There is no one creating this image, no superposition over an actual reality, there is only the image. And because there is only a false image and no underlying reality the image becomes a sort of quasi-reality and power isn’t power but a scenario.
          Want real power, think about the ceasars. We have three generations of people totally informed by an unstoppable machine of popular culture which bleeds its way through.
          Thinking about the state as something with power is at best a fragment from a former time when the world operated in such a way that it made sense to human beings. We are pre-wired to look for the kind of power structure that we are finding. At worst it is more along the lines of us fooling ourselves into seeing what we really want….real power….when in reality there isn’t.
          The average citizen looking at the politics game is a lot like a person who is watching a reality show and thinking it is real.
          The next level of consciousness are the people watching the reality show and knowing it isn’t real but thinking there is something real and intentional behind it.
          Further evolution and eye opening will have you come full circle and realize it is not real, there is nothing else and as the only thing that actually is just a scenario we are playing along with.

        27. As for who should lead…no one. My desire for monarchy is, as you rightly pointed out, a yearning for a time long past…a time when the world made sense. I am of the opinion, as many here know, that we are way beyond the point of no return and enjoying the collapse and just being happy that I am old enough that I will probably be able to eek the rest of my life out before the whole thing falls off the edge of the cliff will have to be enough for me.

        28. I too am of the notion that Europe is gone. West and East. I’m not even sad about it anymore, I’ve just accepted it. Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I still think America has a chance of surviving a bit longer, but we will never be great again. Our time as the world superpower is coming to an end. As to who will fill that vacuum, I don’t know. China? Russia? West Africa? Your guess is as good as mine.

        29. cock eye.
          Things come to be and things pass away. America is donzo bud. It’s the roman empire working at the speed of now. That’s ok….there are some good points to the collapse of an empire. I mean, if you can let go of your morality cuffs and just enjoy them.
          I like to think sometimes about the whole idea of sacrificing virgins to the volcano. I don’t know if that is something that people really did and if they did which people and from which place, but imagine it….an annual festival where virgins are sacrificed to the volcano.
          Can you imagine the night before. Ya know, like “wow, tomorrow is the big day. We are gonna roast a pig tomorrow and sacrifice a virgin from town” “oooh, it’s gonna be so fun…I wonder who we will sacrifice?” “Well, let’s go out and see if we can find a virgin”
          Can you even imagine how much fucking went on the night before? I mean, it’s not enough not to be a virgin. You need to make sure that everyone in town knows you aren’t a virgin. I would think that if the tribe is going to sacrifice a virgin in the morning that the night before there will be so much rampant fucking that everyone, man and woman, will be walking bow legged for a month just to make sure that no one could possibly imagine that they are a virgin.
          Night before virgin volcano day is kind of how I see the united states. Tomorrow the volcano gets appeased and it is going to be pretty horrible. But tonight, tonight is a big night. Loads of partying

        30. Also the state has practically zero soft power today. Look at the past the way the people would line up to hear any word from the king, or families would crowd around their radio to hear him broadcast to his people, and would solemnly obey. Today the government can’t get anyone to do anything without the threat of force. Hell, even when the first lady tells them to practice common sense like eat healthy or read, they laugh and ignore her. Soft power is the key to civilization and order (how else do a handful of gendarmes control an island of thousands).

        31. Yes, because, in my humble opininon, monarchy is the only system that doesn’t always put the commands in the hands of some psycho obsessed by power, and the only system in which the said ruler has been trained to rule since birth (as opposed to trained to take the power, which is the case in most republics).

        32. just a scenario of power. It is basically the night light that keeps the monsters in the closet from coming out. There are no monsters and it isn’t really effective as a light either. It might look nice, but it works on children.

        33. Except that this system fails when the voting aristocracy wants to keep the power for itself and then vote a malleable fool to power. Like Bergeglio in Vatican.

        34. Vatican runs on the old Roman Imperial model though, just like the Norman kings did that replaced the old Anglo Saxon methods.

        35. Louisville is a fun town. I always try to go up for the big fireworks show at Thunder Over Louisville (just missed it this year)… I may need to check this out.

  8. Albert Pike said it, DARPA contracted the Rand Corporation to produce the plan, it is all online and not so easy to access, it’s there, you can read it, for now…
    Well after this, might wanna hurry, it’s on a .mil site – you need to do your homey work, I won’t give hand outs!

    1. I have a bunch of rand corp slide rules for calculating nuke fall out. Haven’t thought about them in forever. Need to go dig those out of my storage place.

    2. Pike the freemason? Darpa? Plan? Homework
      Too cryptic. Can you not just spell out way you mean?

  9. I’m polish immigrant (permanent resident) in Canada. Came here 3 years ago at age 21. I feel obligated to learn English on highest level. I read articles, books, listen to podcasts, radio stations, read aloud and talk in work environment. I’m also shopping in other stores than polish and eat in different restaurants, bars. I can’t even imagine how some people create small isolated community of their country and live only in it for whole life. Ofc I love my country, food, culture and I dont avoid saying Im polish. Every immigrant should know English in 5 years for example or go back home 😉 Sorry for any grammar errors, Im still learning.

    1. I am Polish! Oh so miss Grandma’s glumpkies! (I know I spelled it wrong!)

      1. It more ‘golumpkies’ which is cabbage rolls. My grandma came for visit now to Canada and man, shes spoiling us big time 😉

    2. Nothing wrong when you’re in the process of learning the language.

    3. “I can’t even imagine how some people create small isolated community of their country and live only in it for whole life.”
      I’ve seen this all the time in the Northeast US like NY and NJ. You have the Polish, Italians, Dutch, Irish, Germans, and so on and they congregate in their own little communities. They do intermix well with each other because they all share somewhat similar religion (Christianity).

    4. Arabic or Chinese may have been better languages to learn, if you’re living in Canada.

    5. and if you ever have a daughter she will likely have big tits, so that’s a bonus!

    6. What bothers me are people who think all immigrants, and thus people, are the same. Poles and Syrians are not the same thing, Germans and Nigerians are not the same thing, French and Indians are not the same. Immigration to particular countries needs to reflect that. Even during the Raj Britian never let Indians move to England, and the Portuguese never let Angolans move to Lisbon. We need realism in politics not an immigration free for all based on self-professed admiration.
      P.S. Your English is better than 40% of native speakers, don’t worry about it.

      1. My big issue with immigration as an immigrant is I am here, and lucky to be Ontarian but in Quebec the feminist white women because of feminism, don’t have kids, so they wipe out their race. They have lots of immigrants. In Ontario we have skilled immigrants, so people who bring technology, other new skills lacking in the work force. It’s white women around the world who embrace feminism and secularism – thus do not have kids. Even if you bring in other immigrants – feminists are still creating a white self-genocide and wiping out their own culture. Even Russian immigrants on the Quebec side refuse to integrate into feminism but gladly integrate in less feminist Ontario
        In the past, England did not need workers from India, it had its own. Now because of feminism – it lacks people to pay for the bill for pensions. Women just party, have fun, engage in behaviors that make them to repulsive for men to risk losing half their life savings for by committing to marry them. They delay family until they are infertile and so on. So among Quebec women I know, few had kids on purpose in wedlock, fewer married. Its so secular in Quebec they use church words as swearwords. Mass migration is needed to pay for pensions as a result of feminists deciding to party and experiment instead of promoting family values and having kids. White people and Christians these days have few kids, there is little white Christian immigration. That’s why you have Muslim, African, Mexican, Asian immigration – feminists don’t produce kids.
        Feminism and secularism, break down of the traditional family unit and western family values gets western feminists replaced by stronger family units from countries less infected by feminism, thus have surplus kids for immigration.
        I feel that western feminism is the root of this problem as a woman, from what I have observed. I wonder what are your thoughts on that?

        1. I totally agree, Maria. White feminists are the root cause of white genocide. We all should recognize that immigrants are our allies – Immigrants are supportive of a patriarchal society and most importantly, immigrant women respect men. Everybody in North America is an immigrant whether they came from England or Philippines.
          It is disturbing that some articles on this site are starting to have a racist tone or tries to appeal to racists. I think Roosh himself is an immigrant and ironically he seems to tolerate these sentiments on immigrants from authors on this site. Yes I realize that some immigrants fail to assimilate, but those are a tiny minority or very old people who have difficulties learning a new language. Besides, it’s a bad idea to assimilate to feminist culture!

        2. My experience in Ontario is that the majority of immigrants are either isolationist Chinese with absolutely no loyalty to Canada beyond free healthcare or some 50 year old Indian guy nailing a satellite dish to a tree and delivering newspapers while living in a house with 6 other families.

        3. No, white British immigrants are not the same thing as someone from the Philippines.

        4. World population is expected to rise to an unsustainable 10 billion by 2100, Africa’s population will double by 2050. Most of this growth is in the poorest areas. Unless some people somewhere stop having babies there will be mass human extinction events where billions of people die. The idea that the white race or any race will become extinct thru birth control is a fallacy. All racial traits are in the gene pool. If every white person died today, white would simply emerge out of the other races and again grow.
          Also on workers from India, Canada didn’t need any them. Example, I knew many IT guys in Toronto, replaced by worker from India because they work for less, not because they are needed.

        5. Let me explain to the uneducated the fallacy of the white race or any race dying out. There is only the gene pool, each individual has the genes of every race, they just aren’t expressed. As long as there are breeding humans all the races will reemerge. For example, if all Chinese people die, eventually people will again emerge that look Chinese with the same racial traits. People who think they can breed their race or religion to dominance are fools that are leading us down the road to extinction through out of control population growth. If the earth’s population doesn’t stop growing we are finished. That is the latest science, the old idea that population would level off and decline has been proved wrong. Without human effort to decrease population, the writing for humanity is on the wall – mass extinction.

        6. I don’t mean the whole white race. I mean Quebecois. Do the math, few women are having kids, usually by accident. Lets say out of 5 Quebecoise girls, one has a kid by accident, the rest party and have fund with different guys until their fertility is gone – so their population is aging. They bring Africans and Arabs – mass migration. In a couple generations – you’ll have all the French buildings, but the culture of Quebec would be Afro-Arab (french speaking immigrants). The majority of Catholic churches will be converted into African Baptist churches and mosques. So we look at them and don’t assimilate with Quebecois but Ontarians are normal, quite a few anglosaxons have families and go to church even though only occasional, so we assimilate with them.

        7. What I see in Quebec is that they are just not having kids. I agree about Ontario, you don’t need that many workers. But in Quebec, women I know in their 40s, 30s, one had a kid out of wedlock by accident – the rest are still looking for their man to commit to them. Meanwhile in the developing world we have the opposite problem – too many kids – because before that was the number you needed to have so that 2 survived. Modern medicine and a lack of contraception – we have this boom in the developing world.
          What I am seeing, Quebecois don’t have kids … and so they import doctors, nurses. Etc. There is a shortage of doctors there. While I think white people won’t be wiped out in English Canada and see even other races do assimilate, even Russian immigrants have a hard time assimilating in Quebec because they see feminism – the religion of Quebec today – as cancer. My question is how can you get immigrants assimilate into a progressive feminist society whose population is shrinking and thus has mass migration, when immigrants think feminism and progressivism is foolish

        8. My experience is the opposite – people I know are ready to fight for Canada, in the event of war, are grateful for our freedom here, and locals won’t fight for their country – some aren’t into waving their flag on Canada day and so on. Conservatives are great but I cant stand white self hating Canadian progressives in university – they don’t understand the hell people go through to fight for the same things Canadians take for granted. I am from Yemen, an Arab country, so I appreciate so much what I have here as my people lay down their souls and bodies to fight for their freedom in Taiz.

        9. I think its important to establish a dialogue with rational racists – I have managed it with some success – that they are scared of the white self-genocide caused by feminism. They are seeing their culture wiped out, replaced by people like me, with different traditions, from the mountains. If I have kids, they’ll never really be Anglo-Saxon or Quebecois.
          It would be great if this site can bring rational racists and immigrants together. I ask racists why they hate us. 99% give me something I can work with and I point to feminism or political correctness & cultural marxism as the problem and they support me. 1% are just racist because they are miserable people and hate other racist and can’t be helped.
          I think it would be amazing if we can get an article in this site that brings immigrants and racists together – we share the same problems of feminism, political correctness, cultural marxism. That would be powerful. I like that this site is not a safe space. There was a pro Saudi article, a racist article, all ideas are explored. Now it would be good to bring all these people together as a strong united force against feminism and cultural marxism destroying the west

        10. Yes they are. British immigrants are indeed immigrants to North America. Each of them have to legally immigrate and process their immigration papers just like all other immigrants.

        11. “All other immigrants. .” illegal Mexicans don’t. They can get drivers licenses and bank loans with no i.d. what so ever. And if they get pulled over or arrested, they just claim they can’t speak English and cops let them go.

        12. Illegal British immigrants going to US through mexico can do the same thing. What’s your point?
          We are talking about British immigrants vs other immigrants!

        13. You have a point. Any U.S. citizen who wants advantages over others just needs to pretend they can’t speak English. If you pretend that you’re an illegal immigrant from Mexico, go to the places set up for them to help them get free housing, food, cars, etc., you’re a step up on your fellow Americans. There are even people with no insurance now who go to the emergency rooms and pretend they’re illegals with no papers, and they get free treatment.

        14. That’s cool. If you are smart you should do the same and get free stuff.

        15. It’s completely unfair to we people who’re born here. We have records that go back to our parents and before, with college, medical records, homes. . .All that shit. So when we go to a bank, or deal with a cop, they treat us with the beaurocracy and we get screwed over. But when confronted with an illegal they don’t have a system or any idea what to do. So they give him a free pass. And I’ve known a lot of illegals who have crap degrees from South America, and U.S. companies will hire them, knowing that their SS#’s are stolen, to drive down wages. And the SJW’s are just out protesting and making us a third world country.

        16. You could also argue that it’s not fair for the Native Americans too. Everybody who is not Native American (aboriginal/Indian) is an immigrant.

        17. white women and feminism in general have abandoned their men, shamelessly

        18. I was born in Canada, I’m not an immigrant. Your spouting politically correct bull crap.

        19. I have no issue with immigrants, I have a huge issue with people who want to change our country in to the same intolerant shithole they came from.

        20. for that you have to thank feminists. By the way Arab countries including Saudi Arabia think that European second generation Arabs are very radical and crazy and don’t want them in their countries … they are pretty crazy, behave like intolerant gangsters without a father ….
          So you have to accept responsibility for creating a monster. Not yourself, but the cucks in your community who didn’t not stand up to progressives and feminists who broke the family units through vice and debauchery. Second generation Muslim kids in western Europe didn’t have Republicans or anyone to identify with except insane progressive culture and wanted to fit in, so they rebelled, sex, debauchery, drugs, crime…. and that created a wedge between them and their parents & community. Then eventually they hit their twenties and after they graduated had a hard time finding work and learned that Feminism is Cancer and progressive ideas are shit. …. but they cut off the bond with their family. That’s what feminism does.
          So they went to look for something like what their family had… but no connection to their own community that they broke ties with. This is a stage that makes them very vulnerable to ISIS recruiters, radical extremely intolerant ideas and so on. Frankly, myself I was much more tolerant in Yemen. But why I am not ISIS is that when I moved to Canada, I met some conservative Poles and Ukrainians who still go to church and found them normal, married a Ukrainian. But white progressive people, sorry I can’t relate and feminists are hypocrites, and feminism is cancer …. but in western Europe you don’t have the Christian safety net for Muslim immigrants. With progressive leftist feminism – you can’t integrate.
          A lot of guys who are feminist …. rebel against their dads, they learn they can’t get a girl… then they see jerks getting drunk sluts, they try that… they get drunk sluts, they are happy then sad, they realize this is not the same happiness their parents had, but they cut off relations with their parents … so there is no where for them to talk to about getting red-pilled, so the feminism -> redpill thing that naturally happens turns into disaster when they don’t have white guys who aren’t cucks to show them the way.
          You want to stop intolerance – channel the red pill experience of immigrant kids and immigrants to return of Kings instead of ISIS.

      2. Traditionally, and all over the world, immigrants were expected to blend in, while they were still able to keep their identities. In today’s U.S. they’re encouraged to NOT blend in, and are allowed to behave like they were in Mexico. Which means stealing, shitting in the street, etc. And when local authorities try to enforce codes that everyone else live by, SJW groups jump in and shout them down. It’s insanity. We’ve become second-class citizens in our own country. And believe that the illegals know it. They’ve now become uppity and defient about breaking laws and show off that they have immunity.

      3. Are you sure about that? Whether you like it or not most of the reformers that arose during British India were actually quite “Westernized” so to speak, and were also well-versed in European ideals. Gandhi, Nehru, Sir Syed Ahmed…etc all the big fish attended British universities. Heck, Jinnah (the founder of Pakistan) lived in London and led a pretty wealthy life because of his successful law practice.
        I agree with the author here. A small community of immigrants of various communities is good. A huge swarm of immigrants? Not so much unless you want your culture swallowed whole.

        1. Whatever bud. I dont identify myself with rainbow bullshit and leftists. You have us citizens who are far more dangerous and degenerate without values than some skilled, educated, redpilled immigrants who are thankful for opportunities they get and treat the country with respect. I advise you to think out of the box and team up with right thinking people. We had communism in Poland and I despise socialists and commies. I hope the next president of US will make America great again.

        2. Your immigration story is good to hear but cant be equated with current migration issues. Polish is another name for white people and you migrated to a white country. Whites have shared fundamental values of civilization and morality regardless of language that are not shared by most non whites. We dont need them, red pilled or not.

        3. And you are right here. I agree with all these issues presented. I can see it clearly with my eyes. It is not good what happens here in Canada for example. Whites are running away to other cities, more and more people coming here, exploiting the system (making kids, sitting on welfare, taking retirement money from people that are dead for many years scams etc.) I heard these stories from people here. I definitely am against taking people from middle east and people from completely different cultures. I have couple red pilled friends who say Canada is done or people who are afraid to say things aloud about the liberal nonsense going on. My canadian friend says always: dude we (white canadians) are becoming minority here. Socialist try to put that immigration shit in Poland too and I would say 80% of people dont accept freebies (polish people money from taxes) given to syrians or any arabs while young people are leaving the country due to no jobs or having financial problems.

        4. Of course white people are going to become a minority because white culture has a disease called feminism. Because of feminism – white feminism culture is the root cause of low fertility, divorce, discrimination against men, etc. etc. So please explain why you are blaming immigrants who are pro patriarchy? Imagine if we get more immigrants from feminist France, men will keep losing more. You guy need to educate yourselves and realize that our greatest threat is FEMINISM not immigrants who are our greatest allies.

        5. Dont stop at feminism, get to the root.
          Feminism is just one weapon wielded against White people by jews. Not all of them, just the dynastic top.
          They created feminism, pushed civil rights, open borders, central banking, gayness, drugs, porn, meaningless wars, etc.

    7. Awesome.
      I wish we had more immigrants of your caliber here in the U.S.

      1. I had a great time in U.S. I was in Washington, inside Capitol, checked all Smithsonian museums (theyre fucking amazing, airplanes from ww2, v2 rocket, blackbird and lots and lots of cool stuff), white house, jewish and other one of the biggest cathedrals in US, all memorials, obelisk etc. I was driving through Pennsylvania mountains, beautiful views, saw amishes taking care of horses etc. I think they have one of the best drivers in the world. Everybody driving right lane and pass on left. Not like in Ontar.i.owe xd

  10. Immigration has become a tool for leftists and elitists to control the vote. Unskilled, uneducated immigrants = loyal sheeple dependent on government welfare. These are guaranteed, easily manipulated votes.

    1. Hmm, so that’s my new job, welfare, well to fare eh? Pirates!
      Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, blew the whistle in the `80s on government activities withheld from the public. Her inside knowledge will help you protect your children from controversial methods and programs.

  11. As a foreign student in western Europe I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m constantly sorrounded by people of my own nationality. After almost two years in Germany I have no german friends and my german is shit. I hate this situation but it feels like there is nothing I can do about. It’s like invisible walls separate me from the locals, It’s like a code which says everybody should only hang around with people of their own nationality…chinese with chinese ,arabs with arabs,russians with russians etc. There is no breaking it. I’ve talked to my friends about this stuff and told them we’re not accomplishing shit this way but they don’t get it. This problem is so underrated and overlooked by the governments too. They are doing nothing to help with the integration of marginalizedgroups such as foreign students.

    1. Same boat.
      But it isn’t really a problem. If you’re European you are probably fine. Being respectful and learning the language is enough.
      In the west the most problems come from muslims anyway and some africans. For better or worse, Chinese or Russians are less of a problem than Pakistani or Somalians.

        1. See if you can find a part time job. That would give you some inroads into making local friends I think.

    2. It does sound like your expectations are too high. Language fluency is no minor issue. The problem is languages are hard and are pretty much a minimum condition rather the keys to the city.

      1. actually I keep my expectations to a bare minimum…just some everyday interaction with the natives would be appreciated. Have to agree about the language though.

    3. “They are doing nothing” is suppose to mean someone else is responsible? Good blame game.

      1. All I’m trying to say is that if you import people into your country you better worry about their assimilitation or you have the place filled with molenbeeks. I’ll be fine.

    4. Kids that emigrated to another country assimilate well in their new home. The older you get, the harder for you to change.

  12. Re the UK; although the women from EU countries are far more feminine (say, compared to our own brand of land whales/princesses), the impact in my home town in the east, has been dire.
    The typical blue collared jobs have now been swallowed up by migrants, and has caused the usual strain on: housing, healthcare (longer waiting list), schools, etc.
    We also seem to attract the uneducated, and the lowlifes too.

    1. I walked away from my so called white collar job for a blue collar, then noticed I didn’t like being collard at all! Low life? HA, how about life!

    2. That’s what welfare does, attracts parasites. That’s why it needs to be eliminated entirely and we get back to private charities and means testing.

      1. That, or let local governments run welfare programs as they see fit.

        1. I’d prefer “no socialism” actually. We need to kill this political bullshit once and for all, burn it and stomp its ashes into the earth.

  13. For integration to work you need people who are compatible with integration.
    For the West it is whites, east asians and a small carefully selected upper-tier minorities for elsewhere.
    The number of immigrants should never be more than 5 %, 15 % at worst. And they should come from compatible groups, see above.
    Mass migration of low IQ savages from the Third World does not work, period.
    The magic dirt theory is a crap. They won’t suddenly become just as intelligent as us if they inhabit the same geographic territory as us.

    1. The main reason is that people from the 3rd world are poor and this is reflected in their cultural attitudes. If you got immigrants from rural inland China or some of those godforsaken post-Soviet communal farms in Siberia instead of well-educated professionals from St. Petersburg or Beijing, they’d be as bad as Syrians.

      1. Too many comfortable Americans do not understand this. They believe the 3rd world is the 3rd world because of white racism, not enough food aid or education, etc. But a society is a reflection of its people. You go to third-world areas and the people can’t be bothered to show up on time for anything (“African time” has its own Wikipedia article), they drag down anyone better off than them, crime is rampant, they bribe and extort one another, etc. White Americans simply can’t comprehend people being that disorganized and corrupt, but they’re just simply culturally and racially different from us that way.
        We need to leave these people alone and let natural selection take its course. (Or potentially utilize them for resources, as China is doing worldwide now since it’s rayciss for Europe to do it.)

        1. Or because of corporate backed Governments keeping them poor?
          The bigger the Government = the smaller the people

      2. It’s not about education, it’s about low IQ!
        Africans have the lowest IQ. Read:
        – Race by John R. Baker
        – My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding
        Here is a simple explanation:
        – The Intelligence Problem [Race and IQ]
        We are not equal. We are not the same.
        Only morons are equalitarist.
        This example it’s clear enough for you?
        – Woman Blows into Cow Anus to Help Boost Milk Yield
        Send blacks back to Africa and muslim back to Desertistan. They have the lowest IQ and are savages. There they can kill each other and interbreed freely. Nobody cares about savage monkeys.
        This is not “racism”, this is reality. Start “ofending” stupid people and call them exactly what they are: SAVAGES and STUPID PEOPLE!

        1. i always laugh when bernie sanders mentions sweden and scandinavia as some sort of utopia. they were mostly white natives and didnt have to deal with blacks and arabs until recently and now stockholm is the rape capital of the west

  14. Immigration is not the issue, board errrs are, UN needs to rule, with a different measure! Mark my words, with some kind of yellow high light errrrr….

  15. The picture with all of the Indians looks like a commencement ceremony where students are sorted alphabetically by last name. They could very well all bear the Patel surname, donoting a higher caste in Indian society.

    1. The day I stop seeing Dr. Patel signs in hospitals all over the place, I will be shocked.

      1. Ding ding. Yeah there’s loads of em. The name was for village leaders.. And being that India actually has an ‘oppressive class stucture’ you can often guess a lot about an Indian guy by his skin tone and surname.

  16. Great article. Using the university as a point of reference for society at large is smart. My nephew is currently at a large university in a major east coast metropolis and the stories he tells me of the fractured nature of the student body echoes the author’s.
    The whole immigration thing would be so much less problematic if the flows were more controlled and the immigrants themselves had the same attitude as this guy. I think that was the case early in the previous century.
    Multiculturalism is a really stupid policy for social cohesion. However, multicultural is not the same thing as multiethnic. I think you can have a multiethnic society that functions quite well provided there is commonality in culture and belief systems to bind the population. That distinction is lost on many people and hence criticisms of multiculturalism gets tagged as racist. It’s the same way that a criticism of Islam gets labelled as racist. It’s a creed and a belief system, not a race!
    On the other hand, I can’t say I blame immigrants for not wanting to integrate into Western culture. They take a look around and conclude that the popular culture is decadent and degenerate so they retreat into their ethnic enclaves. In all appearances I’m integrated into Western society but the truth is, my view of Western culture is, in many ways, no different than theirs.

    1. Go to an ethnic enclave, and you will see traditional values in action.

    2. If you are in your own country, your opinion matters and as such your critique of society.
      If you’re an immigrant your opinion doesn’t and shouldn’t count for shit in regards to the society of the country you are in. Actually you should STFU, bow your head and work hard, or GTFO.
      There. I’ve lived 90+% of my life in countries other than my own, and never asked for concessions, handouts, or that the locals change one iota. When I get fed up, I move somewhere else. Rinse and repeat.

  17. When a migrant rejects the enclave and embraces multicultism like the Anglo he/she generally becomes just another lost individualist consumer without culture or direction.

    1. Ideally the culture that he is giving up his own culture for is rich with history, values, food, entertainment, etc in its own right. But America these days is kind of an amorphous gray blob in terms of culture, as you say.
      I’ve heard some complaints of that sort from mainland Chinese expats. They came to America to become American and get away from their Communist overlords, and now our government is basically turning into the same damn thing.

  18. Im an immigrant to Canada, fully integrated, but 90% of WASP Canadians I come across are cucked Leftists I dont want to associate with.
    In Nationalistic countries you dont really need immigrants because you would have high local birth rates propelled by traditional values. High immigrant intake is a sure sign of a Leftist, complacent society.

    1. Quoting Terry ‘death to equality’ Xu
      “To fix a country’s economy by replacing its indigenous people is to cure a disease by committing suicide”

    2. I am an irreligious American “Anglo-Saxon,” which is somewhat of a nineteenth-century ethnic misnomer which English and Anglophilic chauvinists misleadingly, pseudoscientifically, and pseudohistorically used to distinguish themselves from Scots, Irish, and others because of muh-Marchin’-Looter and other political reasons.
      But you’re right; most of the middle-to-upper-class English-speaking Protestant world is a bunch of prissy cucked courtier-type pussies. Also, the limey commonwealth criminalizes so-called “hate speech” ( ). This is one area in which the United States is truly exceptional; America may become the Byzantine Empire while Britain et al. comprise the demoralized and debauched Roman half which won’t defend itself and doesn’t really want to.
      White people must get over whatever is left of the old ethnic and sectarian snobbery and unite against our largely Jew-orchestrated supplantation by Arabs, mestizos, and blacks.

    3. I have the same problem. I am an Arab Canadian woman, very feminine for an Arab woman from the Muslim country of Yemen. I am Sufi. I won Miss congeniality at a Trump beauty pageant, dress like 1950s Barbie with today’s hair and make up …. but men here make me feel like I am Genghis Khan or Atillia the Hun. They are so delicate fragile little flowers, reminded me when I was a 4 year old little girl, but I grew out of it, in the mountains of Yemen.
      The Ukrainian, Italian community and Polish community are nice, and are the white people I mainly associate with and can identify with because they are not cucks. You are 100% right, when you have no feminism – the population is at replacement level, so there are only some specialists brought in, a strong mother culture, law and order like in Dubai or Singapore. I found it easy to make female friends my grandparents’ age as I could relate to them. Girls my generation need to be saved. They are little monsters to any man until they fall in love with a jerk, they don’t like any other kind, then they become like a sex slave with no personality to the jerk who moves on and respects and marries someone with standards. They become very clingy, and say “he mistreats me, did …x,y,x but I love him”. I am like, “if you complain, why don’t you leave him, the world is full of men.”
      The culture is passed down through the church/mosque/etc. from generation to generation, and through having kids. Feminists do lots of crazy social experiments that result in them being single cat ladies at age of 42, and the eggs dried up. They wipe out their own race… so you have to have a high intake of immigrants because of the self-genocide. And when immigrants figure out the local people are doing self-genocide, they keep and exaggerate their own culture rather than fitting into the feminist cancer that they know would wipe out their families. It’s a shame, Quebec has beautiful music, food, a beautiful culture but white people are wiping themselves out through secular feminism.

      1. You make very good points and your comments are very interesting. Do you have a blog or Youtube channel? I would love to hear more. If you don’t I think you should consider something like that or perhaps speak at University. Anyways, keep up the good work. Thanks.

        1. thank you. I do have a youtube channel Here is one of the videos. I’m an anti-feminist Arab women’s rights activist – but in the west I frequently defend men’s rights from the assault of progressives and radical feminists. I think if I speak at a university – I will be banned by angry feminists. I am trying to get the message of what’s going on in Yemen past feminist and progressive censorship, especially the horrible things going on in my home town of Taiz and how progressives are covering it up – one thing led to another – led to a youtube channel.
          Thank you so much. I want to get the message out there that not all women are emotional feminist harpies, who are destroying our men’s ability to fight and defend our countries. I wonder how to get the message out there. I don’t see women as victims – one thing I campaign about for women’s rights is ending child marriage and child soldiers by teaching rural families in remote areas of Yemen family planning. I love men, I have an awesome husband, awesome dad, I don’t hate men … so this drives western radical feminists nuts. The Arab view is that women are half the society, when a woman is raised up, she has to raise up her family and community – including the men in it. Western feminists are marxists who see everything in terms of class and class struggle. Men and women aren’t classes but human beings who love each other and should live in harmony. I advocate for ending female genital mutilation and feminists cry about man-spreading. I am real, they are a fraud and they know it.
          I don’t know if I give a lecture like this if feminists will boot me out of the university LOL.

      2. Completely agree, and you know I had no idea about any of that when I first moved to North America. Then after meeting some Anglo-Saxons I found out that our brains wired way too differently. Even my fellow Russian women who move here pick up on the feminist disease rather too fast.
        Then I started leaning toward other immigrants, mainly Latin Americans. They are not as affected by Liberalism for some reasons. But white Canadians – I do chat with them sometimes, but I try to stay away.

        1. Hang around Ukrainian women – they don’t pick up the disease as easily. I am part Russian, from my mother, but I grew up in Yemen. I noticed Russian women are ridiculously submissive, beta, and pleasing – you’d think its a good thing – but no, they are quiet, quiet then explode, instead of politely tell you want they want in a way that makes you feel happy to do it and appreciate their gratitude. The result of being hyper submissive and too eager to please, no backbone is Russian women copy their friends. Ukrainian women friends, they are fine, but often end up supporting Azov and Right sector to the point Ukrainian women are like “girl, chill… you are going too far, we like you the way you are, no need for the Azov stuff”. White women friends, many Russian women become feminist. Russian men have more of a backbone, so I don’t see that with them. I am glad I grew up in the Middle East, lol, I Arabized my mom. She married a Lebanese after my father past away. By that I mean she’s very feminine, anti feminist, and has personal boundaries rather than thinking sacrificing her identity to please is cute.
          I think so many years of Tsar after the Mongol Tatars, then communism, women who survived in Russia – a lot are Omegas, forget betas. It’s sad. Among females we have our hiearchy too. Latinas get what an alpha female is. A beautiful, attractive woman, who respects herself, others, strong and charming. But assertive, not aggressive and not the shy passive aggressive type. Feminists are weak crybabies who instead of having the internal strength to go to the gym, lose weight, grow their hair long, make themselves attractive to get a man, they are lazy, blame patriarchy and eat what they want.
          White Canadians – I found some at Conservative party events are normal – I mistook two white anglo saxon girls for Arab Christians, because of the way they walked and talked.
          This brings another point – how can immigrants like you and me assimilate into a progressive society… or any immigrants from not rich countries assimilate into a progressive society – we try that shit in our country of origin, it would wipe that country out. How can immigrants who thrived from where survival is not reassured fit into a country where self-harm is the culture and religion? Like us moving to a progressive Canada? I found some Ukrainian and Conservative enclaves, also have Latina friends, my husband and I go salsa dancing, involved with that community. Everyone else is dead. Progressive people bring immigrants but immigrants can’t assimilate with them, we have to find conservative enclaves to be able to relate to people, whether latinos, Ukrainians, Arabs, etc.

  19. This article doesn’t make a distinction between students and actual immigrants, and that’s where it fails. People from India, China, and Russia, if they actually want to stay in teh West, end up learning English and integrating pretty smoothly. Their children may speak the old language but English will be their mother tongue and the old language dies out by the fourth generation.

    1. Their children may speak the old language but English will be their
      mother tongue and the old language dies out by the fourth generation.

      This is true. I’m 3rd gen (actually more likely 2nd since my grandparents were born in the U.K., not sure if they count as Gen 1). My Gaelic is similar to how 3rd Gen Hispanics call their kids “hijo” but don’t really speak much Spanish per se. They have household words and phrases, but conversationally they stutter, hard.

    2. 3rd generation Whitezican here, and the best I can do with Spanish/Tex-Mex is address family members and cuss at people. The fun part is when Mexicans expect me to know Spanish and I’ll reply in German.

      1. I used to live in Italy, and I’m a typical Scandinavian. They often tried to speak to me in English or German. Their expressions when I responded in perfect Tuscan accent were priceless.

  20. If you live in another country, then it’s logical that you learn the language and some of the basic rules in society. You can’t participate in a society if you don’t understand the language or do things that are considered ‘not done’. I can easily integrate, but would never assimilate and give up my own culture and identity.
    The problem with a lot of immigrants is that they don’t want to integrate and thus fail to function in society. You don’t need to assimilate to be succesful in society, but you need to learn the language and some of the basic rules. That’s all. I would btw never comply to degenerate norms and values. Not from toxic white people and not from retarted negroes and Muslims.

  21. The West resembles more and more an International Airport, thats the feeling I get when Im in any major North American city. Just a motley crue of races, ethnicities and sub-cultures with nothing common, but a desire for the economic gain.

    1. “The West resembles more and more an International Airport,”
      And that’s for the nice parts.
      In some parts of the biggest city near where I live, I feel like being in the middle of Tanger.

      1. It’s not entirely that bad I don’t think, except in big cities. Hit Cheyenne WY or Billings Montana and you’re in Whitetopia. Same with UP Michigan. Central Ohio as well. Actually most of flyover country, except Chicago.

        1. I’m talking about where I live in France. Thought he meant western Europe.

        2. Oh, yeah, my bad. I got the impression in Paris, around Gare du Nord, that I had walked into a very intricate and beautiful Caribbean Island full of local Caribbean natives. Felt weird.
          Funny, most of flyover country America is more white than Europe now.

        3. I doubt our rulers read Harry Stotle : he listed the absence of ethnic cohesion as one of the major causes for civil war. No amount of Enlightenmentalism is going to change that old truth.

        4. I’d say that he’s right. Folks will band together immediately out in the Midwest and Old West here, without even being asked. It’s just assumed that you help out folks when they need help. You can’t find that attitude in Multi-Culti Paradises known as big cities.

    2. Exactly. The melting pot has turned into a witch’s cauldron: eye of newt, toe of frog…

    3. America has been reduced to a giant marketplace. An open air bazaar, A souq.
      A bunch of different colored pigs snapping at each other in their rush to feed at the teat.

  22. Immigrants should be ineligible for any sort of assistance for several years, until they’ve paid a certain amount of tax. Period. If you’re not coming here to work and bust your hump… we don’t want you. Period.

    1. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again here, immigrants of any race should not have voting rights. This does not mean they cannot own property, seek employment, start a business or expect due process under the law if they are here legally and paying taxes. But someone who was not born in a country, and therefore has no ties to the country, should not have a say in its future. If I were to move to Japan, I shouldn’t have a say in Japan’s future, I’m not Japanese. Why do we do this in the west?

      1. In Europe foreign nationals cannot vote in local elections anywhere I know of.

      2. At first I was like “well maybe you can earn that place” yadda yadda. Honestly the more I think about it… the more I think you’re right. No 1st generation immigrant has any business voting… citizenship or not. Citizenship merely means we let you stay… so you can have children.. who then can vote.
        And only people who pay taxes have any business voting

        1. Property ownership should also come into play, if you ask me. And no women are allowed near a ballot on pain of death.

        2. Property ownership can only come into play if the price of buying a home becomes reasonable again. I don’t see that happening any time soon. I think tax-paying is the best requisite for voting rights.

        3. Under a system of just governance where government cannot hold land as its own but only acts as the referee regarding deeds and titles, property prices would plummet. Put those Mortgage Vultures right out of business. Death Agreement, that’s what Mortgage means. Fucking people have no idea about it either.

        4. I always did think that mortgages were a rip-off. You pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to own a house, and yet you still have to pay taxes for it even after you’ve paid it off.

        5. Property taxes would go too. The notion that the government is merely leasing you your own property is anathema to actual private property rights.

        6. I’m an immigrant and I absolutely agree. I should not be allowed to vote other than with my feet if I don’t like it.
          It would be ridiculous of me to move to a country and then try to change it.

        7. What? No, no!
          I as an immigrant can and should only be able to vote with my feet. Taxes are for services rendered(cough), and not a stake in society.

        8. I’m halfway on the idea of property ownership… but after all that is exactly what the Founders intended. The whole idea of universal suffrage is universal stupidity. Clearly a large portion of the population has no business voting. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just start with a simple reading test? You can’t read… you have no business deciding the policy or course of a nation.

        9. Yes. Voting is not and has never been a “right”. That’s socialist drivel. It’s a privilege and should only be extended to people who show through their words, deeds and actions that they are valuable members of the community. And by “people” I mean “men”.

        10. Taxes, Property, and Native Birth/Birth Abroad with Citizenship-Holding Parents.

      3. Taxation without representation. That’s what the colonists fought against.

      4. It truly is infuriating when you see how brazenly the immigrants here are. Even the so-called mild-mannered or well-behaved Indian and Asian immigrants start agitating for more visas, more lax immigration policies, creating and signing petitions to advance their own interests in a nation they aren’t eve a citizen of! Try starting a petition in China or Iran to change their system and see what happens.

    2. Some European countries have similar setups but the rules only apply to ‘productive immigrants’ not to Muslims, rapefugees etc. So it’s useless…

  23. As someone who was born as an immigrant (my passport is that of my parents, not my birth country) who has almost never lived in ‘his own country’ and is married to an immigrant, I agree.
    This stuff is just common sense to most, but there are enough out there that it does need to be pointed out. And repeated as well.

  24. “Money is the only benefit to the home country”
    What is the primary purpose of public education? The idea is that by investing in the education of a people, the society as a whole benefits because then those educated are able to perform at higher levels, building, creating, inventing, exploring, discovering, things they would not without their education. The hope is to create talent that will discover new cures and medical discoveries, to build new and innovative products, and to explore the unknown, so we can perhaps find things like TANG along the way.
    The hope behind much of the foreign student attraction is that they will make friends, learn to enjoy or accept the culture, be tempted by its high paying wages, and stay after graduating. The worst thing is (as many, but certainly not all Chinese students are doing) is when they take this talent and return to their home country. But the main goal is to get them to stay, and benefit the entire society.

  25. Maybe I am missing something but I do not believe immigration is the problem. Many here have admitted to being immigrants or the children of immigrants. In large areas of NY I have met mostly immigrant and immigrant children and by in large, those who had to apply effort to stay here, will do what they can to stay here. There is already an exam to take to prove your knowledge of the USA Constitution. There is also a waiting period before clearance to become a citizen. That is bull that a potential law abiding citizen should be forced to hide in box crates or serving some servant seeker because they see the value in staying in America over whatever country they fled.
    We can all cherry pick at certain segments, from the students who never plan to learn english strongly but know the currency value a strong USA college degree holds. Some political leaders from my own original country have gained degrees from the more influential countries. It isn’t an impossible idea that foreign citizen will only come to take a slot from your education hub in college and that is fine. Survival of the fittest is all that is.
    The simplest thing to do, which won’t necessarily affect work study and foreign students, is ensure the waiting period and Constitution exam are enforced for all immigrants. Just make it a five year period and enforced. Also remove the Foreign language favoritism. Large communities where the language isn’t English tends to hide illegal immigrants. Hiring people from those groups, especially a group that further promotes a law breaking group such as gangs, will only be promoting other illegal activity. This isn’t rocket science. Just screen immigration policy to apply to all and screen citizens/illegal groups for criminal potential. Very few people who work so hard to enter the country are seeking to destroy it.

    1. If one is a student of history, one finds that the immigrant or outsider or Jew or communist or terrorist or whatever the fear of the day is, is always the scapegoat for problems at home. The immigrants I have talked to in America know more about America, its government, and its principles, than your typical Murican, and they are also more conservative than the average voter (this surprised me for years, because the conventional wisdom is that they are just freeloading takers and should support democrats, but they are almost always more right wing than me).
      What we don’t have in any way is any sort of common sense to our immigration policy. Unfair visa rules for those who wish to only visit, and harsh TSA policies keep many from coming here as tourists. A lack of a temporary worker program for the farming community of California puts millions in a state of legal limbo. Just a few years ago the conservatives were all for this idea (Reagan would have abhorred the idea of a wall and wanted to issue temporary work permits to fruit pickers).
      But things suck in America today, and as history repeats itself, the outsider will be blamed.

      1. Very well said. I have dated a few people who are immigrants who wish to be law abiding. They house the American flag. They stay to themselves and their job. They operate in a highly conservative fashion because they realize the opulence that surrounds them. They are very well versed on the USA Constitution like few natural born Americans are and are very worldly because there is an ever present fear of being sent back to their home country.
        Hiring illegals who refuse to learn English has allowed complete neighborhoods to operate in our country with a foreign language and we all say, it’s okay they pay taxes. Most operate with a TIN and this can technically allow them to operate without paying any taxes. This is essentially cheap and free labor that has helped to erode the manufacturing circuit.
        The conservatives change their blame every few years to coddle citizens to believe they are with us. They are with their wallets until they pass on and their children assume this wealth. That is their only concern. Always has been.

      2. “The immigrants I have talked to in America … are also more conservative than the average voter”
        Pfffffhaha, you must only be talking to Europeans who came here three or four generations ago. Definitely not the case with immigrants today.

        1. I’m talking about Arabs, Hispanics, Indians, taxi drivers, restaurant owners, etc. Not the white ones.

        2. Then I’m not sure which ones you’re talking to. My experience has been the exact opposite I suppose.

    2. Immigration is one of the problems. We simply do not have, and wont in the future, have enough jobs- why keep importing the bottom of the barrel? Peak private employment was back in 2000. I just read an article saying 50% of remaining jobs in UK and US will disappear in the next 20 years. We dont need anymore people, we have enough already

  26. This is what I’ve been saying all along: you need us, we don’t need you. British culture of the Victorian Era was fundamental in creating the opportunities I have as a non-white person today.
    Had I been born in 1845, I’d have realized that the British Empire doesn’t need me, I need the British Empire. And if I want part of the Empire Upon Which The Sun Never Sets, and I’d better get on board with their Empire and leave Asia behind.
    Asians were once thought of as dumb railway workers. By the 1960, they were outperforming whites in many areas. Now, they are the Model Minority. Asians in the West are a success story. Latinos, blacks and Arab / Semitic people would do well to learn from us.

    1. The only way non-whites anywhere will be able to get anywhere in the world is to both stop being dependent on the white man while at the same time to stop blaming the white man for all our shortcomings. All of us, be it in North America, South America, Asia or Africa need to take control of our own destinies and become independent.

  27. Great article.
    Say you’re in the UK, naming your sons Alexander, Peter or James and not Jamal, Raheem or Muhammed is not a sign that you’re losing your culture and renoucing your origins, it is the sign that you are embracing the culture you live in and giving it your full support and respect.
    One thing we all hate is hearing someone dissing your country whilst benefiting from its aura.
    And that raises another point : a lot of people spewing hate of their country are nationals, from families that have lived on the same motherland for generations. If the authentic countryman doesn’t exhude pride at the mention of his country, how can you expect a migrant to pick up the banner when the time comes ?

  28. “Trust me, when the only difference between you and your adopted country is your skin colour, you are that Responsible Immigrant who will be embraced by the local people.”
    What you are calling for is not only completely unrealistic, it is also unimaginably cruel. You are basically telling them to give up absolutely everything about them except for the amount of melanin in their skin, and conform to our shallow, materialistic, nihilistic Western values.
    Before you fags call me a libtard SJW, let me give you my solution.
    They. Have. To. Go. Back.

  29. I went to a large art school in the south and it was pretty rampant with international students. Many of which you described here. Especially the ones from China or any other asian country. The group from China had their own dormitory and pretty much always stuck to themselves. Rarely getting involved with student organizations, government, or even special events. They stayed alone in their building not integrating into the west. The ones that did were pleasant enough, but you could tell they didn’t really want to talk to anyone. There was a pretty korean girl that I hung out with a lot, but after she met up with other Koreans, she too became pretty reclusive and didn’t want to socialize outside of her circle.
    What pissed me off the most recently was a friend of mine here in and town attended the same university as I did, her and her boyfriend were both in my major but a few years behind. Her boyfriend, a Chinese national, was given an absolutely free ride scholarship to the school. Doesn’t owe a single dime in student loans. After graduation, he decided that he didn’t want to pursue art as a career and now spends his days working part time at a rent-a-car establishment and plays video games all night. His GF (my friend) has to work long 12 hr days sometimes at a starbucks down the street to help pay their bills and her student loans. They’ve been engaged for 6 years now….

    1. The thing here is that the 2 cultures are not compatible. Sure that cute gal hung out with you a lot, so this is where you can detach her from her ways and show the good side of incorporating your culture. She can then socialize with different groups and would not feel out of place.

    2. Same story in the school I am currently in.
      I get along very well with the Chinese community, but ultimately it is clear that they are for their community. They have their own communication channels online and offline, and have strong ties to their homeland.
      I can have conversations with my Chinese friends about stuff I could never have with local Canadians. I’ve straight up told my buddy that wealthy immigrants like him are gentrifying Toronto and driving costs way up, screwing up the locals like myself. Because he isn’t from a gay-ass culture and has actually seen the real world, real poverty, real government corruption, we had a discussion about it one afternoon.
      A local Canadian would just immediately get uncomfortable and label me a racist.

      1. we are all tribal in nature. I would say the same thing about koreans in nyc- stick together. I asked my coworker, jokingly, when he was gonna invite me to his haunt in koreatown. He told me “cheese, the bouncer wouldnt let you through the door…”

        1. Yep, but American [White] women are all for “exotic” men and find American men boring and pedestrian by comparison. They like to spice up their diet with Tandoori, Mextex, Jamaican Jerk, or Kebab men.
          White American men aren’t able break into these other close-knit insular groups.
          I live in NYC and the Asian men here have it so fucking good. It’s not even funny. Koreatown, Chinatown, etc. Guaranteed supply of beautiful women who would be shunned or ostracized if they dated outside their racial group, thus allowing the men to become complacent and slovenly.
          Only White men are forced to compete with the rest of the fucking planet for women and jobs.

        2. Dude, in all seriousness I have no idea what you’re complaining about. If you are a white western male you are at the peak of the SMV chain. All a white man has to do in Asia to get women is show up and have a pulse. How else could a guy like Matt Forney do so well in the Phillipines if not for the white god factor Asian women have for white men? An Asian woman will throw her family, her culture, everything under the bus to get with a white man. It’s not quite the same in Latin America, but white men still do very well with Latinas.

        3. It’s all a matter of the numbers. How many White men are in Asia? 10,000? Less? Only a handful of White men go abroad for school or work. There aren’t that many international playboys or English teachers. In all of Asia, how many White men are there compared to the tens of millions of Asian, Central American, Middle Eastern males flooding Europe and N. America?
          For most of us, Japan and the exotic Orient are about as real and practical to visit as Candyland or Middle Earth.
          We’re like insects in amber: stuck here

        4. Aside from American GI’s stationed in Korea and Japan, are there even 10,000 White men in Asia?

      2. Isn’t it funny how the Asians maintain a strong affinity (to the point of obsession) for their food but Americans are derided as Homer Simpson type simpletons for preferring “simple” grub like pork chops, meatloaf, etc.? Americans and Europeans must denounce their own cuisine as dull and bland and adopt the “more flavorful” and “exotic” foods of India, Thailand, etc. Funny how all the guys I grew up with in the Midwest were raised on “bland” American diets and all grew to 6ft4-6ft6. And yet we’re supposed to believe there’s something lacking in our diets.

        1. That is a fantastic point. If our traditional foods (the real stuff, not fast food) was that awful why were we the largest and (still) strongest people in the world forever?

        2. Haha very true. This friend I mentioned is always adamant that we need to go to the local traditional Chinese restaurant. I think a lot of Asian food is delicious but it is certainly lower calorie and sometimes less nutritious than Western food.
          I stand a solid 40 pounds heavier than this guy (who is taller than I am) because I grew up eating pasta, cheese, bbq, green vegetables, olive oil, mashed potatoes, garlic, etc.
          Little doubt that food has a profound effect on culture. I wont defend Americanized fast food culture, as it obviously leads to bad health and obesity, but you make an interesting point about why should continental dishes be considered “bland”.

      3. I’m actually a third generation Hispanic-American myself. I don’t speak any Spanish or have any affiliation with Mexico/Mexican culture (outside of food). Being an American I ran into some issues trying to get to know kids from Mexico and South America. The cultural gap was pretty big being that I was a full national and not being able to speak the language. I later learned that a lot of them thought I was rich and stuck up cause apparently upper class Mexicans won’t even speak Spanish to other Mexicans they think are below them! A lot of the girls were very attractive, feminine, but very puritan in their values, as opposed to the slutty white girls that they saw in the school. While I could appreciate those values, it made it very hard trying to “crack” them so to speak.
        The pretty Korean girl started out friendly as I mentioned, but once she started hanging out with the other girls form her country she became very materialistic as that seemed to be the attitude at lot them had. They were just “twinkies” so to speak. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. After she started hanging out with them it got pretty impossible to talk to her as the group was always around and sizing people up.

        1. The Asians I’ve dealt with maintain their little niche and I actually prefer it. In many ways I relate more with them than I do my liberal white counterparts.
          I find this group of people, who maintain their own traditions and history, to be even more tolerant of ideas than the locals. I’ve had great conversations comparing and contrasting Western and Eastern cultural values.
          When you go back far enough into either of our histories red-pill ideas start to pop up everywhere.
          What I think is bad is that Western history is branded as “evil colonialism” by modern academia. Colonialism, sexism, and all the rest has become associated with European culture, despite the fact that every other culture on the planet was doing the same thing since forever…

    3. And that is the difference between Eastern girls and Western girls: that Chinese girl takes Tammie Wynette’s message and “stands by her man” even though he’s a slacker loser gamer weibo. An American bitche on the other hand will divorce or cheat on her husband who’s working hard and bringing in money because she doesn’t feel the gina tingles anymore.
      And the truly fucked up thing is that the Chinese girl’s family and friends would think less of her for dating an educated and ambitious White man than for staying with a loser who’s of the same ethnicity.

      1. Actually my friend is Hispanic herself. The boyfriend is the Chinese national. Also since he doesn’t have full legal resident status, he can only work part time jobs, so he couldn’t even get a full time position if he wanted. Which I think he doesn’t, as that would take away from his video game time. What pisses me off the most about it is that he doesn’t seem to care that the school spent over 100k on him giving him an education, food, and room and board for 4 years. All of which they could’ve given to an American student who would’ve appreciated it more. The school (SCAD) is so intent on having an international appeal that they’ll accept any foreigner with a hint of artistic talent to appear P.C.
        Then these foreign kids don’t become a part of the student body, stick to themselves and leech off the social system after graduation.

        1. Only in America is it advantageous to not be a citizen. If you’re a citizen, you have to register for selective service, go for jury duty, pay full freight for school, get fucked over in the hiring process for jobs…

        2. Foreign students get to keep to themselves and preserve their culture while American students must be inclusive and shed any vestiges of their culture.

    4. That is a perfect vignette or case study of the difference between women of the Occident and women of the Orient. Be a lazy unattractive colored male and you have the never-ending loyalty of your women. Be an industrious educated White man and you encounter nothing but derision and mockery from “your” women.

      1. They met the dude a few times when he came to the art group that me and his GF went to. Tall, thin, nerdy looking and probably hadn’t lifted a weight in his life. His GF would’ve been cuter if she put some effort in her appearance. However I think having a BF for so long that doesn’t seem to care much about anything probably had the effect on her. She doesn’t need to keep up her appearance. Unkept hair, no make up, or fitness routine. She seems like she’s given up. Which is kind of sad.

  30. Making a few assumptions (that we mean legal immigrants here since people who have entered illegally should be sent away, etc.), I am for demanding more from people who live in the West in general.
    Honestly our standards now are very low, and it is just as common to have, for instance, American-born citizenry advocating for altering our homeland or outright condoning sedition (which is supposed to be treason and illegal).
    Of course you have to take those “street interview” clips we used to see on Jay Leno with a grain of salt, but we do have far too many people who can’t even identify their public officials or correctly identify the year we declared independence. Those who don’t know the difference between the major forms of government/economics. Yet they can vote.
    The things that we are supposed to teach in school (rather than fluidity) are things legal immigrants have to get right to even gain citizenship, but our own darlings can’t tell you anything about our history unless it was featured on Jersey Shore and don’t care that liberties are being stripped from generations of future children, so long as the can virtue-signal.
    That said a lot of cultural problems are imported. At one time, we all knew what the American Dream and the American Way meant, we knew what Baseball, Apple pie, and Elvis meant. We rightly took pride in our worthy accomplishments and tried to learn from our mistakes, rather than the current concept of “doubling down.”
    On a micro-scale we’ve seen communities that were happy and prosperous corrupted by people moving in from out of town because “they loved the lifestyle and scenery” then did everything they could to change it to be more like where they came from.
    On a macro-scale we’ve seen ideologies not our own brought in through media and celebrity culture along with people who wanted to live here for the financial benefits and relative freedom (the yogis and late Beetles, dashikis, entire self-segregated communities of immigrants like China Town, etc.).
    And all that without even bringing in revisionist and fabricated history meant to demoralize/guilt the locals. We should demand better.

    1. nobody cares. You were handed a civics book in public HS until the late 50s and were expected to understand it…

      1. I think apathy and laziness have a lot to do with it.
        I was born in the early 1980s, and my father used to sit me down at the table after school and go over the lessons with me, wanting to make certain I got what I didn’t at school while also trying to make learning both fun and responsible (responsibility was big at my house).
        It wasn’t until later that I found out I was an exception, some dads weren’t around, others were but took no interest in child-rearing. Realizing that was probably more mind-expanding than any of the drugs my friends were doing.

        1. A father is a boy’s best mentor. You are very fortunate to have a caring dad in your life. I am doing the same for my son. Learning things here on ROK helps me understand what is the best way to raise my son and not be misguided by the BS in the mainstream today.

        2. Which is exactly correct. It’s why my son is a grown man now and not a manchild, but a friend of his from a single mom is a drug addled loser who sits in the basement playing video games all day long instead of finding employment. My son has stopped hanging with him.

        3. Yep, my experience is similar. I grew up with a single mom. My dad didn’t let her stop him and he remarried very soon and banged out two sons, and stayed married until he died.
          They filed for divorce the day before my first birthday so he didn’t loose much time with her.
          Most of my friends from childhood never even had a far away figure to look up to, and none of them married or had kids. Just nerd stuff and many doing dope and drinking a lot in unsafe manner. I’m the exception but I visited my dad whenever I could, and as I grew up my mothers favorite “insult” became to say I am just like my dad. Hah!
          One of my dads other sons is married and has children, the other is engaged.
          As I have mentioned previously my mom is a feminist and she has been trying to put me down and telling me I should not have children, that I’d be a bad father more or less and that I have no right to bring a new life into this world etc etc.

  31. A brilliant article outlining the modern hypocrisies of western culture, as well of those who settle here. I’m all for controlled immigration where the individual is required to assimilate into the culture they have become a part of.
    We used to say to members of the communist party here in England during the cold war that as you hate it here so much, and you’re so committed to your socialist ideals, why don’t you fuck off to Russia or somewhere in the eastern block? Funnily enough none of them ever did.

  32. Why do we need immigration of any kind at all? We have 320 million people here already, roughly 45 million of those being foreign-born. That’s no less than an invasion

    1. Watch the movie Rampage: “Thanks for coming out but we’re at capacity.”

  33. The local people in a country genuinely appreciate it when an immigrant entirely embraces the culture of the country into which they have immigrated.
    As an immigrant to Russia from the west I can sincerely relate to what you have written. The point of immigration is to entirely assimilate into the culture into which you have immigrated. For me this means essentially becoming a local Russian. That is, by the way you relate to and socialize with others, by speaking the Russian language, making Russian friends, adopting Russian values and even religion. Some people may hesitate to change their religion, but it is a question of genuine desire to fully integrate. You won’t integrate by bringing in foreign beliefs and values. Of course, you won’t change your race or nationality, but the first and foremost obligation of any immigrant should be to embrace the culture of the people of the country, in which you intend to live.
    I strongly believe that immigration should be opposed, if the immigrant does not assimilate. In some cases, an entirely assimilated immigrant is even more patriotic than the local people. If you are unwilling to assimilate then you should stay in your own country.

    1. That’s the problem: The European immigrants to America integrated too well. They lost their heritage and culture. They shed their European heritage and traditions like a snake shedding its skin or a crab molting its exoskeleton. The Italians, Poles, Germans even gave up their mother tongue.
      By contrast, all of the Mexican, Central American, Middle Eastern, African immigrants keep their “culture” alive, speak their mother tongue and demand America publish everything in their ugly pig languages and accommodate them.

      1. That’s exactly right. It’s hard to say why exactly the Mexican, Middle Eastern, African etc refuse to adopt the local culture, whereas immigrants of other nationalities willingly gave up their cultures to immigrate into American culture, despite the fact that their native cultures are arguably more worth holding onto than those of today’s mass immigrants, but the question of why really isn’t important. The question is what to do about it.
        The fact is that SJW’s, feminists and the like are running these countries, and their acts are having a severe severe negative impact on traditional, patriotic citizens of the European countries victim to the mass immigration. The leftists even went as far as to defend a pack of immigrants who gangraped a 13-year-old Russian girl in Berlin, claiming that she made it up. They harrassed the girl and sympathised with the rapists, to the point where Russian officials were forced to intervene.
        At this point in time, neomasculinists, traditionalists, red-pillers aren’t holding governmental positions, in which they can directly deal with this issue. Until such time as we get into positions of power, nothing will change, at least for the better.

        1. Slave morality at work: downplay or reject any claims of rape of a White woman by colored men while simultaneously fabricating stories of rape by blonde blue eyed lacrosse playing fraternity members:
          Violence by the (real or alleged) victim against the (real or alleged) oppressor is not seen as something wrong

        2. An accurate summing up of today’s American culture. The SJW’s are a racist group of people, against people of their own colour. I must say it’s a shame for the good coloured men, like Indians, who were also invaded by Muslims, that the scavages share their skin colour.

        3. Rape is a bad thing, but if it does occur then it would be infinitely better for a White woman to be raped (and impregnated!) by one of those blond, blue-eyed lacrosse players, than to be respectfully wooed, married and impregnated by a non-white male.

  34. And the greatest irony is that these so-called “cultures” these immigrants try to preserve are an absolute joke: eating with sticks, pocky, noodles, hotpot. And all the while, Western culture – the only real culture in any sense of the word – is denigrated and disparaged.

    1. ha! I love this one WP and it is so fucking on the nose.
      Whenever the Olympics are on and I hear all the national anthems I always think to myself “what the fuck are they singing about?” Seriously, the Kirgizstan national anthem? WTF could that be about? All the soviet block? O Estonia, we rape our nieces good (sung to o Canada).
      Really though…forget about all the African places. THe Ethiopian national anthem? What the fuck is that about? THe one time someone found some grain?
      The only national anthem should be the old French National anthem Marche Henri IV
      Vive Henri quatre
      Vive ce Roi Vallant
      Ce diable a quatre
      A le triple talent
      De boire et de battre
      et d’etre un vert
      De boire et de battre
      Et d’etre un vert galant
      I am sure M. Charette will translate for us

      1. Ha!
        I hadn’t heard the Henri IV anthem. That’s fantastic!

        1. the rest of it is great too. This is the kind of kIng I could support!

        2. I’m a fan of Henry the 8th as well (England). Dude was a friggin’ badass in so many ways.

        3. good king, but this guy actually had a national anthem about boning women and getting drunk. One verse is something like “to hell with war lets get drunk”

      2. I’m going to embarass myself and try.
        Long live Henri IV
        Long live this Valiant King
        This quarter of a devil
        With three talents
        Who drinks and fights
        and (to be a green?? WTF?)
        Who drinks and fights
        And to be a (green?) gallant.
        Vert has to mean something else colloquially? Or was that part of his heraldry?

        1. a green gallant….
          they called him the green gallant because of his, er, success with ladies….granted not that hard when you have divine right, but nonetheless. It is most often translated as “womanizer”
          His three talents are fighting, drinking and womanizing.
          Now that’s a king worthy of an anthem. There is a history

        2. So then I was right with green gallant. Good. I didn’t know the background.

        3. I am not sure why it was green, but Henry was known by that knickname…kind of like a more polite and French way of calling him Henry That Fucker of Many Women.

        4. Kind of like saying “The Virgin Queen” instead of “The Butt Ugly Queen Who Can’t Even Get The Royal Hound To Sniff Her Nasty Crotch” then, is it?

        5. pretty much, only instead of being about a butt ugly woman it is about a guy who did his level best to stick his dick into all of western Europe and got about as close as anyone in history until Mick Jagger came along.

        6. Oh, I’ll bet Rasputin would give him a run for his money. That dude had *major* badass game in his day. He’s a hero in so many ways. Heh.

        7. he would have, but he simply didn’t have access to as much western European vadge as either Henry IV or Mick Jagger. I mean, I am sure he did extraordinarily well, but it takes a certain amount of mobility to play in their league.
          By the way, divine right of kings game is pretty much as good as it gets.

        8. Jus primae noctis really just makes the whole PUA thing seem like weak sauce, no doubt.
          Rasputin banged so many hot Russian chicks that I’m not sure that there is an accurate count after a certain point. What a fucking life man, sit around, scare people a bit, drink like a fiend, bang every hot Slavic chick in the nation and then survive a whole mess of assassination attempts. Man lived an *epic* life.

        9. That is a pretty good way to live….I would know.

    2. Why pick on Japan of all places? I’m rather fond of their culture and saying it’s not a true culture is a bit odd.
      I’m rather thinking the issue lies with the European/western people for some odd reason seem to think that anything different is better, and then they combine this meaningless hodgepodge of elements from all world cultures while denigrating anything old of their own.
      I suspect that part of this tendency is what made them so successful actually, the continuing struggle to find new and innovative ways to do things is what drove them to greatness, and now into ruin.

      1. Was actually singling out China: Japan seems to have much more in the way of culture (history, architecture) than China as well as less ethnocentrism.
        The Japanese were fundamentally Westernized since the 1800s.

        1. Chinese culture is actually comparable if not greater in richness to classical Western culture, but lot of it was destroyed by communist campaigns. The Japanese you laud, for example, pretty much got all of their nice stuff from the Tang Dynasty, for example, and then built on it.

    1. We already understand the destructive causes of cultural diversity, so who are we trying to convince? The leftists who are allowing and endorsing the immigration? They understand the destructive causes perfectly well, but to them it is useful. The more disunited a nation is, the more likely it’s people are to adopt their bullshit.

      1. These videos are aimed at people on the fence, undecided when it comes to these topics.

    2. Black Pigeon Speaks makes fantastic videos. In one of his videos, he explains how the migrant crisis will demographically cripple Germany. Bleeding heart liberals love to ask “what’s one or two million refugees in a country of 80 million?” Well, the problem is those 2 million are all men between the ages of 18 and 30. There are only 5-6 million German men in that range. So it will skew the gender ratio in that range (the most critical range for having children) horribly.

      1. That one is a great video as well. It is based on facts, like his other videos.

      2. Yes, “Black Pigeon Speaks” makes great YouTube videos, and the one that you mentioned (about the impending extinction of the German nation ) is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on that topic. He’s a black man, by the way, but even an old White racist such as I am can appreciate his good work.

  35. As sensible immigration welcomes the smart, wealthy, and beautiful. Nothing is to be gained from welcoming dumb, poor, ugly people.

    1. I like the cut of your jib, sir.

  36. In the words of Rudyard Kipling: “East is East and West is West and never the two shall meet.”

    1. Kipling’s catalogue of work is masterful beyond reckoning. That more don’t read him today is saddening.

  37. “Embrace the culture of the destination country; if you abhor it, go back home.”
    The entire immigration issue can be boiled down to that quote. Immigrants are coming here because their homes are shitholes. Period.
    It’s illogical to yearn for a better place and then precede to turn it into the same shithole that you were desperate to escape. If you want to suck off America’s teat, you’re fortunate because America is the most generous nation in the history of the world, and all you have to do is learn English and follow American laws like the rest of us.
    Or you can go back to your shithole.
    It’s really that fucking simple (unless you vote Democrat, of course, and then you can stay even as you go on murderous rampages).

    1. Hardly the most generous in monetary terms, but in freedoms it used to be. Now it’s neither.
      The issue however is that these people are not logical nor do they aspire to be. The Muslim immigration is openly stated to be an invasion in a hostile sense.

      1. It’s still the most generous in terms of freedom and individual liberty. A day is coming (probably soon) when that will no longer be the case, but I can’t think of a single nation that even comes close in 2016.

        1. Been to Europe? Many places have lower total taxes, less regulation, and better social systems like pensions, welfare, etc etc.
          His could be said to be objectively true almost, there are lots of statistical analyses made and also polls and so on.

        2. We don’t count “social systems” and welfare as “liberty” over here.
          Agree on taxes and regulation. Thanks to Clinton forward, we’ve gone from nearly least taxed modern state to one of the heaviest taxed modern states.
          But…no “hate crime” laws, I can say “jews are bad” or question the holocaust here without going to jail, I can flip off feminists and laugh in their face and publish shit highly critical of them, police still generally need a warrant to get into my shit (except, sadly, electronic) and I have an arsenal of guns that would put me in the running for a fair contest taking on the nation of Belgium single handedly.

        3. It’s been over a decade since I went to Europe. Which countries have less regulation than the US?
          The social systems and pensions are a primary reason why the region is going bankrupt, so I have a hard time putting them in the liberty column.

        4. I think Australia is, but they’re not Europe. I do know we have the highest corporate tax rate in the free world. But I also think that our income tax rate is minimal compared to most of them. Regulation is anybody’s guess, we are pretty fucking regulated these days.

        5. We don’t count them as Liberty here either but if you are paying a shit ton of taxes, it’s better when you get something back than when you get nothing, all other things equal.
          Where I am I can say what I want, but if I take out an ad calling for public executions of all members of a specific group I get in trouble, but from what I hear that shit is the same over on your side of he pond now.
          Guns? Well, two things. Belgians are some of the most well armed in Europe believe it or not. They had very lax laws until recently and still relatively for Europe. And I can get a gun if I want, legally too, it’s just a hassle and expensive if you want an something decent. Most annoying is the qualifying stuff that is a yearly requirement for the license.
          Warrants of sorts exist here too, much in the same way, but probable cause or suspicion does give a lot of power to the cops. I almost said blues but they dress in black with body armor now…

        6. See my reply below to GoJ for parts regarding social systems. There is an index of economic freedom that collates the burden of regulation and corruption etc across branches of industry and several countries, most in fact if memory serves me place higher than the US since a while back.
          Some areas of business are less regulated in the US but many are not since some time.

        7. Nobody has ever been able to call for the mass execution of people I don’t believe, in any nation, without falling into trouble. At least at the billboard level. It is still legal here to make a case for killing XYZ ethnic group, you just won’t make many friends for doing so.
          If you have to jump through thirty hoops to get a shotgun that’s nowhere near as free as my ability to walk down to the store and pick up fifty StG-58’s, a case of Glock 21’s and put an order on an M2 machine gun and several silencers, hoss. I can own these outright without a “license” or permit. Plus, I can carry them out in public without hassle, hell, I can open carry without even a freaking license.
          The standards for warrants are much higher here I think, which is good. They also can’t really order us around just kicks and grins, generally (although Bostonians pussed out after those bombers, certainly, but they didn’t have to).

        8. The guns are a clear advantage, true. Another is gas prices. Here open carry or any carry on your person is forbidden. I used to live up north where no one gives a crap and you could run around with whatever more or less openly, not in the city centers but for the rest.
          I have to say I don’t know much at all about the differences in standards but in some instances what I have read in the US didn’t really seem like high standards. Like people getting SWATted based on one phone call… I haven’t heard this happening in Europe.

        9. SWAT-ing is starting to be looked into as a serious abuse. This isn’t a matter of liberty, the presumption on a SWAT raid is immediate danger to life so the whole “probable cause” goes away, just like it does if you’re seen running out of a bank with a gun and jumping into a car. I forget the legal term for it, but there is exemptions in all legal systems for when immediate threat to life takes precedent or a crime is actively in commission (you aren’t looking for a warrant in that situation iow). The problem in this case are the idiot teens doing this, not the SWAT.
          That it’s being investigated as abuse is actually to the credit of our system.

        10. Hang on a sec there. It should not be enough for a potential prank call to result in getting SWATted. That’s my issue with it.
          A phone call is not the equivalent of an officer seeing the threat or commission of a violent act. Big damn difference and to me this displays a lack of common sense and quite bluntly intelligence or thinking and reasoning ability.
          I am not saying SWAT should stay home, I am saying take a more cautious approach and check.

  38. Hm, I agree with your ideas, but I think the immigration system is too far gone for this to be remotely realistic.
    Just today, there’s a story in the Canadian media about a report showing that, basically, the Canadian immigration system is a piece of shit that’s woefully open to fraud and exploitation. There was the example of 50 different applicants all claiming to live at the same address (in order to fulfil residency requirements).
    You know it’s bad when even Vice News is reporting the story:

  39. I know you aren’t into women comment – and I want your opinion on how anti-feminist women like me ) could integrate in a radical feminist uber progressive Quebec. I agree mass immigration is a problem – but so is feminism.
    I immigrated to Canada, I am lucky to immigrate to Ontario not Quebec (so I am lucky and loyal to Her Majesty the Queen), but how are you supposed to ask immigrants moving to hyper-feminist progressive Quebec to “Second rule: do not bring your culture over wholesale when you move to another country.” If the mother culture are feminist sluts who destroy their own family unit and are wiping out their white race where they live. Too many Quebecoise women look like Chanty Binx or Triggly puff with tatoos, are single, usually have kids outside of marriage or cats. They are rarely happy except for immigrants who don’t embrace their atheist feminist progressive culture. Church words are swearwords used by Quebec SJWs.
    Feminists are wiping out the white race – how do people expect Muslims and other immigrants to fit into that form of self harm? How to integrate into Trigglypuff and Big Red? I had to go back to my parent culture as an Arab, because gender roles here turn a woman into a 40 year old cat lady wanting kids, complaining her live in boyfriend doesn’t commit… and he leaves for a devout Catholic Korean virgin. Part of the problem of integrating immigrants are feminism and progressivism.
    A Russian immigrant friend was offered free French courses – she wanted to integrate but all the courses were about “Bonjour, je deteste les hommes.” She said they learned how to hate men and patriarchy, how being a single cat lady is wonderful, more than French Grammar. Being a refugee she’s stuck, can’t go back. If you want us to integrate – give us something to integrate towards. In Quebec, in all the carriages, I see Muslim women with their husbands making out in their hijabs or with their families. Most families in Quebec with a mother and a father of a normal age to be parents are Muslim if not African Baptists.
    In Ukraine, the country is free of feminism and leftism, while is very pro-women, pro men, pro family – that women work if they want to, stay home if they want to, and get married and are happy. Muslims integrate very well in Ukraine, Poland. Also when it comes to immigration – Singapore and Dubai are non-western multicultural centers of innovation. They have strong law and order, strong parent culture, don’t tolerate non-sense. For example, Dubai foreigners can drink alcohol but are asked to respect parent culture, and those who have sex on the beach are warned, but then arrested if continues.
    People don’t want to harm themselves and integrate into progressive leftism and feminism. I live on the British side, proud Canadian, loyal to the Queen – because I wasn’t forced into feminist courses to learn English. Progressivism and feminism are harmful and wipe out the white race – when you want people to integrate be like Ontario or Ukraine and give them something healthy to integrate towards. Reach out to immigrants – only countries that haven’t experienced hardship are radical progressive feminist. Only the left with their weird gender roles and ideas reaches out to immigrants. Both the right and immigrants have reproducing sexually incommon, while the left reproduces assexually through marketing its toxic ideas to children of conservatives and to immigrants. If immigrants and conservatives are united – the progressives won’t have fresh souls or bodies and will die out.
    You can’t expect immigrants to continue the white race – you need white women to have kids. Also maybe go back to church, because any religious institution is what passes down culture and traditions, and get your women away from feminism so they produce 2 kids each, so you don’t have to import so many immigrants that you wipe out your culture. Progressives don’t reproduce because of their dumb gender experiments. How about seeing immigrants as your ally on curbing excess immigration through putting the breaks on feminism. Trust me, a black Angolan French kid’s grandchildren aren’t going to be Pure Ligne true Quebecois. You can’t expect immigrants to carry on your culture – you want to carry on your culture, go to church for Christmas and easter, pass down the traditions and get your women off feminism into sane healthy gender roles outside the work place so they start producing kids.

    1. White women don’t want children anymore. And if they do, they want to wait to have everything else in their lives perfectly arranged: education, career, travel, sexual experimentation, bucket list. They want to squeeze out one Autistic child at the age of 34. Children are an afterthought.

      1. Interestingly that’s starting to change at a cultural level.
        Check it out. You’ll come away with a smile on your face.
        There is also a new trend of rich white men having huge families as a symbol of status. I know that in our neighborhood we have many neighbors with 3-5 kids, all white families.

        1. Right now my max is 3, I’ll snip if I get to that point. If my financial situation improves to a much great position, I’d contemplate raising that number.

      2. You can have a healthy child at 34, but 35 is when that starts to result in birth defects. The problem I see in Canada is 40 year old Quebec feminists crying why their live-in boyfriend won’t commit. My white non-Eastern European friends who do have kids, its an accident out of wedlock and they have a tough time, plus kids need fathers/father figures to be well adjusted adults. I think the whole Hollywood, society, everything isnt child friendly. My friends who have kids who moved here from Yemen, a couple returned who could afford too because its a society that’s not child friendly, based on the feminist break down of the family unit.
        I notice among people who don’t go to church, there is no community – without a community people are selfish, me first, bucket list, etc. “Children are an afterthought.” That is the best summary what I see among British and especially French origin Canadians, where you go to Polish, Ukrainian, any Muslim event, you see kids running around, they order some entertainment for the kids. It’s always the immigrants doing that. Your race will be wiped out if you build your community on “Children are an afterthought.”

    2. This goes against the grain for most readers here, but I can’t help but have a certain respect for Islam. For all their faults, and there are MANY, they are still strong and patriarchal, something most of Christianity has lost and likely will never have again. Except for African American women, white European/American women have bought into feminism more than any other race of women.

      1. Islam isn’t the same as Islamism or the criminals and rejects of Muslim society who made a home for themselves among European cucks because they know Muslim men would kick their butt. I think if Muslims and conservative men of Christian heritage work together against feminists and radical islamists, sane people unite against the crazies, the other two have no choice but to be wiped out. Notice feminists and Islamists need each other, both have a victim culture.
        I noticed Ukrainian women in Canada still go to church and defy feminism, live a happy well adjusted life. That’s a good place to start. Feminists and their low birthrates brought us immigrants here, but they are going to get everybody killed. I think its imperative that conservatives and Muslims unite against them destroying our youth, economy and national security.

    3. Interesting view. On some things I sort of agree, in my opinion there is nothing wrong in keeping positive aspects of your original culture so long as they are not violent.
      That’s what me and my wife do, we just
      I’m not sure there is much to be done about the feminists currently here, other than wait for them to die and stop them from breeding.
      One thing I’m curious about, how can a Russian be a refugee?

      1. Thank you. I keep the non-violent parts and reject violence – but I look at the Quebec women not going to church not having, kids and watch how fast their culture disappearing. Like a white-self-genocide. It’s really scary. Putin is going bonkers now. So Moscow and St Petersburg are decent but he’s corrupt, so outside of there, the country is falling apart, so he does the Bush thing and go to war in other country to try to hide it.
        I have family in Russia, so its awesome in Moscow but places like Siberia are a disaster from the corruption. My friend was a scientist and she said politically incorrect things. Not anything too anti-government, just politically incorrect. So they tried to kill her. She’s not the only one, there is a wave of people being assassinated, imprisoned, so on. Basically imagine if SJW feminists had a military coup, what would happen to Christian Sommers or any professor who said “men’s rights movement isn’t 100% evil, there is more to it than that”. SJWs come from the marxist system, it’s the same story. My friend was to “triggering” and a bullet missed her head. A free thinking colleague of hers who wasn’t perfectly politically correct was assassinated. Imagine if Obama had more power. We’d have physics professor refugees in Canada, who said MRAs “are not 100% the devil, it’s more nuanced than that” who survived assassination attempts. Obama decided to be a cuck, so Putin is doing things to maintain his corruption and dumb economic policies he never imagined trying in Bush years.
        Russia is nothing like you see in the news, neither mainstream or alternative. Moscow is like Dubai, the countryside is a mess from all the corruption.

        1. I am familiar with the self genocide of the west, I’m a Scandinavian with an Asian wife living in Western Europe. I gave up on part of the whole European concept a long time ago so my views are not any example of anything.
          I haven’t heard of any particular increase in suppressing dissent in Russia of late, it has always been their thing, but I see how you mean she is a refugee. I know people like that too.
          Anyway I appreciate your input and eloquence, and I’m quite sure the general ROK policy against females was not meant against people like you commenting.

        2. Asian wife? High five!!! Scandinavian on this site with an Asian wife! May Allah bless you, and bless you with many strong sons! You got away from the feminists! Brave man! Mashallah, wow! I am proud of you!
          About Russia, you won’t hear anything from outside of Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia unless you are Russian, the propaganda warfare is intense. There is a Siberia separation movement that started over poor conditions in remote villages so there is a paranoia of any dissent in the provinces. The refugees I know of are in mainly Ukraine, Poland, a couple in Germany. It’s very recent.
          I am trying to figure out this whole cuck-ization of feminism – its pretty frightening. I made a video about it, and I’d love your opinion. I do talk about rapists from the Middle East going to Europe and feminists being silent about it.
          I think its good though that the website is a man’s space and women who want to comment should be respectful of that. It’s really great when guys do guy things and meet up together, than they have a sexy masculine personality- I love that about my husband. If they are only around women they become weird, girly, low energy vibe. It’s saw awkward with cucks, I feel like I am Rambo in my kitten heels. You’ll see the video, I am no Rambo or WWF wrestler. It’s wonderful to speak to you, men like my husband where I feel like a woman for a change speaking to a European man. Good for marrying that Asian woman and being on this site being from the land of feminist Scandinavia – escaping the prison of the mind- may Allah keep blessing you!

        3. Thank you for your blessings.
          What I wonder is what do you propose as a solution to what is going on in Syria?
          I know my sources are not like yours but it seems to me that there isn’t much of an opposition aside from daesh? or am I wrong on this?
          My wife is a housewife, and she is very traditional. I was raised in Sweden of all places and still when a mind is strong enough it will find a way.
          It may be gods will or nature or whatever you want to call it, but when things are the right way, you are happy.

        4. I know the situation in Syria intimately. Well Assad runs Daesh, and Saleh always used alqaeyda as a cash cow. Most of the opposition in Syria is moderate opposition, as in the local people fighting. Assad is leftist marxist based government – so you have a far worse economic situation with more unemployment and a lot more corruption and men unable to get a girlfriend or wife since they can’t get a job to afford living outside of their parents’ basement. Syrian girls aren’t easy, neither Muslim or Christian – an engagement or wedding ring is required before sleeping with them. If they get pregnant they want to make sure the guy can afford to financially take care of the kid and be a good father.
          Assad regime is basically no jobs for young men but the army that gets you killed, and they pay miserably (not enough to get something aside from a landwhale) unless you are a commander (those positions are rewarded by nepotism) and if you start a business – you have to be a friend of the regime or family (nepotism). They had a marxist-fascist combo economic system with corruption that led a huge sea of unemployed and underemployed young men unable to get laid. When young men even joked or spoke out about it or said something politically incorrect – they get arrested and tortured to death – PC police on steriod. I can later tell you an UnPC Syrian joke that send one woman to her death. It is a combination of a marxist and Nazi system, Assad’s father brought ACTUAL Nazis like Alois Brunner who killed 124,000 jews in the Holocaust, worked for Eichmann to design his prison system.
          So it sounds familiar right. Now imagine if Obama had one more term and more powers, and imagine if Roosh was tortured to death in Abu Ghuriab God forbid and imagine that was the fate of anyone who dared question feminism or progressivism “because its good for you”. Now imagine if more feminist propaganda was pushed, most women became disgusting morbidly obese short haired angry man hating tatooed land-whales after getting high on progressive propaganda – and imagine if Trump were forced in exile in Dubai. You’d have a revolution and it would be bloodly – you see all the tricks SJWs, blackslivesmatter – and all the journalists play, like agent provactuers and so on. If Obama and his progressive friends were cornered and fighting for their life after they really abused their power badly and shut out dissent, destroyed what’s left of the Middle class – they are going to fight dirty, very dirty.
          Look at what happened with Social Autopsy on GamerGate – how she discovered Zoe Quinn self doxing – feminism, Assad, and radical Islamism all has the same marxist root – so they use the same tactics. So ISIS is Assad regime self-doxing on a bigger scale. If you want to understand Arab politics – follow GamerGate. The middle east Arab spring stuff is GamerGate with oil and guns, with bullets instead of tweets, much higher stakes.
          So Free Syrian Army is basically the Donald Trump and Brietbart of Syria. Hated by the media, especially the left and some cucks on the right but also ignorant people on the right who have no idea they are supporting social marxism in Syria. Many are Christian, Muslim, they aren’t social marxists – so one Chrisitan division is called The Jesus Christ Brigades. There are some Druze and Alawite divisions. Obama is cutting any support to moderate rebels to protect ISIS and Hezbollah, the terrorist loves of his life. That communist supports any terrorist or dictator he can get away with.
          Now Assad isn’t secular by western standards. His army is finished, mostly raping women in Europe, as pretend refugees – and I know people who document that. Russians teach rape as a weapon of war, so they are in a way raping Berlin twice. So the people who do the fighting are Hezbollah Shia Islamists. If you see video of Syria, not propaganda, but regular people uploaded from youtube, you’ll see the women in Hezbollah controlled zones (outside of parts of Tartous and Damascus) are covered up. I went to Syria, it wasn’t this way before. This is because they don’t want to get in trouble with Hezbollah. Basically Assad is increasingly becoming a figurehead for the Mullahs of Iran and he has less and less power, so they are Shia-Islamizing Syria.
          On the anti-Assad side, Obama blocks aid to the Free Syrian Army – many go to Turkey or Jordan, find work to pay for their food and bullets, and then from that go back and fight until food and bullets run out, and then return. Free Syrian Army are not given any aid from abroad usually because Obama prevents aid from being given to moderate people and tribes. Syria isn’t an Islamist country, the people are moderate. Obama wants Syria to be either ISIS or radical Shia Islamist – he doesn’t care which way it goes.
          Bad fake opposition is ISIS-Nusra- and they sell oil to Assad. Assad kills 96% along with Russia, ISIS 3.6% of civilians. Assad is basically like Beyonce and ISIS is the guys that wack the cops at the black lives matter protest, and then Assad supporters cry “hands up don’t shoot”.
          So where oil is involved politics is more complicated. There are local people who are moderate who still oppose Assad and still fight, though half the country is in exile. These are the #1 enemies of Obama – Obama is protecting ISIS and Hezbollah – pushing those theocracies. When the Arab spring happened in Egypt – Obama at first condemned it – then found a way to push his corrupt socialist Muslim Brotherhood buddies. And Egyptian Muslim brotherhood is not the same as in other countries – they basically are marxist anarchists with Burka mask.
          Many westerners supporting Assad have no idea they are supporting Obama’s Radical Islamization project for the Middle East, which Middle Eastern youth oppose – youth want jobs and to get married and establish families. What the west can do is an aircover – support only moderate rebels – the way Islamists on all sides are supported. The only side in Syria not getting support are moderates, because Obama is an Islamist loving asshole. By evening out the equation, the locals will take Assad down will be our people. Assad will fall sooner or later or be a bitch of Iran – and then Ayatollahs will burn churches like they do in Yemen once they have full power. What we can have an impact on from the west, is if Assad falls, then the government will be moderate – like Bosnians are after western aid. But warning – Syrians and a lot of Arabs hate leftists – so it better be Trump who helps out.
          Now the other issue is we can’t pull an Obama’s Libya. Obama loves Islamists – so he pulled out before police were trained and the moderate new government was able to stand on its own feet. So Gaddafi’s people joined up with Islamists and created a Libyan ISIS. I think the west has to stop being PC about Obama being black with the a Middle name Hussien… in the Middle East, his nick name is Ayatollah Barak Hussien. He is doing everything he can to promote radical Islamism, firing scores of generals and soldiers from US army, the Syria/Libya/defense files have the highest turnover of any president of the United States – I can’t believe there isn’t a military coup or a bigger scandal. He vetoed 50 plans for Syria to stop the spread of ISIS, he cancelled the Anbar Awakening program that almost destroyed ISIS in Iraq forever – so it spread. I hate people who go around talking about Elders of Zion or 911 was an inside job with dynamite and no planes – because it blinds people from asking serious questions about the US president forcing radical Islamism down the throats of Arab youth who just want a normal life like in the west before Obama.
          I am proud of you finding a wonderful Asian wife. I am from Taiz, a warrior woman of the mountains – we have two kinds of women – housewives and warriors and society needs both. And our warrior women are feminine at home, my husband is my man, not my enemy. But feminism means I have to treat my husband like a co-warrior colleague at home or an enemy – and in a house, without traditional gender roles, it falls apart. My father said “if there is a will, there is a way”. I think its so amazing you have a strong mind. Good for you. I am so glad you found a normal wife, so you’ll have a happy life. I have an amazing husband so very happy too. We are so lucky to be red-pilled and sane. I feel so bad for all the blue pilled people out there, they all are so depressed. Really good for you, to be smart, and find a way to live happy as a Swedish man. You should teach being you to more Swedish men, start a revolution.
          My favorite metal band is Sabaton – one of the few remaining bastions of masculinity in Sweden and this is one of my favorite of their songs, about your awesome King Karl .

        5. I’m with you on that a lot of stuff these days is distracting from what we can and should do. Peoples minds are full of fog.
          A lot of what you said I will have to take your word for, I don’t know anyone on the ground in Syria, and what you say is similar to what I’ve heard from some others.
          I think you should share this with more people, I hope you do.
          Now more than ever I think we in the west need to actually listen to the voices of the locals more than our politicians.
          Regarding wives what makes me worry is that many of the “men” around me don’t have what it takes, neither in attitude, income, or understanding to actually have a real wife. That is a bigger problem than most people think.
          I have tried many times to explain it and even show it to colleagues or friends. Mostly they just get jealous and shun me. What I do is I first try to explain to them a bit about how women actually are, and then how a guy should be to be very attractive. So they pick a girl I have to get to prove what I’m saying. And when I do it still doesn’t count because of whatever….
          So now I’m mostly trying more incremental things, but I always make a point of being the focus of the prettiest girls publicly just to push people to think about it.
          My wife doesn’t care what I do so long as I don’t bring it home. Her words. I’m a very competent and caring provider for her and our family.

        6. Thanks, I think I’ll put up a video on my youtube channel on that about Syria.
          Your wife sounds like she is awesome, confident, beautiful and happy. I point out attractive women to my husband all the time, I am always fascinated now going into working in fashion to de-stress from politics – what is girl hot vs guy hot. What men find attractive vs what women and gay men think straight men find attractive. I love this website, have to thank Roosh – I get more about women’s clothes, hair, grooming, weight etc. that guys find hot vs what girls think they do. Sorry to go on a tangent – but I annoy more poor husband – I think she’s hot.
          If a beautiful woman you are happy with is happy with you and is your wife, and knows you aren’t going to trade her for an “empowered feminist” who sounds barking chihuahua and has STD collection larger than Louvre’s collection of paintings, is chill. You must be so happy in your marriage, I can tell because I’m happy in mine and have friends who are “empowered”, deeply unhappy, walk on eggshells for their live in jerk boyfriend and then attack all the beta men at their work to feel a sense of control.
          I can see what you are saying about the men. My immigrant girl pals and I said that’s it, we are not dating non-immigrant guys, they are just too creepy, or they are creepy AND a jerk to try to look less creepy. A beta is a beta is a beta. No amount of negs can cover that up. There is nothing more annoying than fake platonic male friends who pretend to be your sister. You think its like a sister and then they show interest in you, it’s like your sister or a creepy uncle confessing an incestuous crush… ewww. Or they go too thirsty, or there is the think that works magic on white girls that someone who is not a miserable feminist gets annoyed at – time waster. My friends went out with guys who showed interest like a man, invited them on a coffee date like a man, and then dinner and it was clear he was flirting. Then he shows up late and then responds to their thank you email 3 or 4 days later, played mind games or added a neg in the email. They click delete, are on a coffee date with another guy by then – and said it was like a conveyer belt. And some bumped on a date with a coffee guy they ghosted with another guy on a coffee date. Or then there is Mr. “Nice nails, are they real.” Why can’t people say “you are beautiful, can I have your number,” with a body language of a man, not a frightened kitten, dressed decently, not like a homeless bum. Or they try too hard, come across as fake.
          You should teach more guys like you do, I feel bad for them. One doesn’t have to be a billionaire to ask a pretty girl out. One can’t live in their parents’ basement either. It’s important to be chill. What you are saying is so true, why is it so hard for men to understand that? For feminist women – they see I am happy, that they are miserable, they ask me what I do to be happy and try to copy. The advice I give is shocking to the core – that feminism and all they have been taught is all wrong, and disempowering and will make them unhappy.
          In Russia we have a saying, the man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck, the head can’t exist without the neck. Women just don’t get what they are attracted to, so they sabotage themselves, fall for jerks who disrespect them (alphas stay away, jerks use what they see is a feminist crazy to check if their male gear is still working and then dump them). In politics, my nickname is General Maria, some of the guys called me that and they were in the army before, lol.. I am vicious and fierce. Like a mother tiger caring for her cubs. But I don’t bring that energy home.
          A woman is happy deep down if a man can protect and provide. My husband and I are in different work areas, he studied engineering, which fascinates me, but I just am not as good at math as he is, so I am always fascinated at his coding. I ask him to help me with coding, computers, math, questions in science, physics. It feels great to not have to be in control at home, to be able to admire a brilliant amazing man. He walked with me through Tenderloin in San Francisco – nobody went near him, bad ass in his leather jacket, it felt great. I admire his technical knowledge of military equipment, how it works. What he has been doing as an entrepreneur – I look at that an scratch my head and think – wow- how did he manage that. I am the Queen of Yemeni security issues, I know Middle Eastern security like the back of my hand, but I am fascinated with startups, just getting feet wet with that, and he’s a startup entrepreneur, engineer – so its wonderful.
          I think a genuinely helpless woman is a recipe for disaster – she gets resentful, passive aggressive. A woman should be able to stand on her own, not be miserable by herself, but able at home to let herself be led. Having good boundaries is key, so husband won’t hurt and disrespect her, but considering her boundaries, then he leads. A man has to feel needed for a woman to be happy. It goes both ways. Keep teaching what you are teaching to guys. Immigrant girls after a while boycott non-immigrant men for being betas, so God bless you for increasing the dating pool. When they get hot girls they might discover though they aren’t into shrilly man hating angry harpie tatooed expanding feminist walruses.
          You should teach more men. I have a Syrian refugee friend in Sweden – he was saying the same thing about many Swedish men, especially cops – he said a 5 year old Syrian girl has more masculinity than the cops – so all his Swedish male friends are anti feminist men. He came with his mother, sisters, and said that the cops won’t protect them from other refugees. He’s a UN certified legitimate refugee and said because of dumb feminists in power, Swedes took a lot of criminals, you name it, professional warzone rapists, without checking, complains of too many unaccompanied males without families. So he had to get all sorts of alarms to protect the women in his family because he said “Swedish cops are nice, but would you trust a 5 year old girl to keep your sister safe from a rapist that came from a warzone, they don’t screen here!” He told me there was one Somali refugee who raped a male straight Norwegian politician, and the politician felt sorry that the criminal got a prison sentence and deportation. I feel bad for the refugees from the stories I hear – they think right wing, but the white right wing attacks their women instead of working together keeping everyone safe. Then the left wing and feminists try to use them and pretend to be their friend but the refugees think the left wing are screwed up in the head and the cause of the problems, like not screening, being soft on rapists, etc. The normal people don’t like them and crazies love them, invited them, they had no idea they were crazy and can’t go back. Other Muslim/Syrian friends work together to catch rapists and war criminals and notify authorities about them. My refugee friend said that feminism seemed to be gradually wiping out Swedes, not as badly as Quebec but he could see since feminism the native population is shrinking and wondered if that is why right wing people were bitter. You are doing the right thing, reversing the population decline by standing up to feminism. I am glad you are teaching other men in the heartland of feminism. You should do more of it, eventually you should start a school to teach men.

        7. You are very right about the men in Sweden often being less threatening than a 5 yr old girl, I have seen this in person many times. Unfortunately their claws do exist and come out when someone is contrary to what they think like me. I haven’t been to Sweden in more than 10 yrs, for the simple reason that they consider me a thought terrorist.
          What many don’t know is that they have ridiculous power for police in Sweden. Swedish police can confiscate and then destroy any property you have with impunity or near.
          I’ve had almost €10.000 worth destroyed by them, and it took more than two and a half years and 3 different lawyers to get them to compensate me since none of what they took was illegal.
          Yes, I’m not joking, when I was passing through Sweden, it wasn’t even my destination, they took and destroyed my stuff for no reason whatsoever.
          I know first hand what it’s like to deal with the unscreened bad apples of immigration, I had them in school growing up. The only effective thing I found is to beat them up publicly.
          Almost same as the police there, who protect the immigrants at the cost of all others.
          Sweden will blow up completely sooner rather than later, and for my friends still there I feel bad. But they have had it coming for more than 20 years.

        8. Immigrants in Sweden complain that the police don’t touch immigrants so some kids become thuggish since there is no law, but you do 5% of that in an Arab country – lashes and a long prison sentence. People cry about trouble maker Raif Badawi whose wife protests with Houthis and Iran when Saudi is at war with Iran – treason during war. Sadly bringing back British Empire corporal punishment would work. And they are too progressive and stuck up to figure it out. Some bad apples killed a daughter of a Lebanese refugee. It’s just not safe because of stupid progressive feminists.
          That’s ridiculous how a normal person like you is a thought criminal who destroy your stuff. But the Hezbollah militant who almost killed another refugee, the UN certified refugee went to the police – police were like “no he’s a refugee, we can’t do anything.” UN certified refugee after coming out of hospital was like “these are Hezobllah terrorists that can from the warzone in Syria, you have jews in Sweden, who do you think they’ll attack next?” The police could not care less.
          It’s smart that you beat them up publicly – because where they come from – that is the punishment for criminals. They think if someone doesn’t beat them up, they are stupid.

        9. Many of the good guys I grew up with have either left the country or become one of the sickos, because Sweden is beyond saving now.
          I know exactly what you mean, some refugees come and claim to be 14 years old – dental exams show them to be at least 30! Some of them are even found to be in Daesh propaganda videos…
          People like me, who carry the spirit and blood of the Vikings, are no longer welcome in the immigrant paradise of Sweden. But we will not be beaten and we will come back.
          It’s sad but quite likely I will never be able to safely take my children to see where I grew up. And the worst part is that it’s the government, not the immigrants, that make it so.
          I have been told by Swedish customs officials that I am not welcome. In the country I was born in… They openly admitted that it is because of my opinions that they are doing what they did.
          For me it’s more important to have a good wife and a family in peace, than it is to fight a lost battle like Sweden.
          Don’t get me started on Hezballah, I used to do small favors in a way to AMAN, and I know well what they are up to.
          Yes I’m pro Israel but not all the shit they do. They have really good people and really bad people running different things.
          As for the beating up part, that’s what I do. Immigrant or not, step on my toes and I will put you on the ground and sit on you until you calm down. I’m trained as an instructor for hand to hand/close quarter combat by the army…. And that’s the Finnish army, not the Swedish pansy ass one.
          I have been arrested more than 10 times for assault lol, and never once charged. I made a hobby out of it for a while, going around and beating the shit out of people when I had a reason. One night I will always remember, in a bar where the bouncer knew me and the people behind the bar as well… I pick up two local girls and this Iranian asshole comes in the middle and says he is Italian. Ding ding out of luck – I speak native level Italian (grew up there from age 10-14) so I told him he’s a lying faggot. He pushes me, I look at the doorman/bouncer who gives me the OK – I wipe the floor with him and then throw him down the stairs in front of the exit.
          That teaches people.

        10. Brilliant with the Iranian. I bet you he respected you and never pulled that shit again. You know nobody would let him get away with that in Iran. Why can’t Europeans understand that and think more like you?

  40. Uh, have you read Albion’s Seed? The different British groups who settled in the American colonies didn’t even like each other. Literally opposites sides of the English Civil War came over – the Cavaliers and their indentured servants to Virginia, and the Puritans to New England. The animosity between these two groups shaped American culture and politics for generations. Fortunately the Quakers formed a kind of buffer state between them in Pennsylvania, but the Puritans and Cavaliers both disliked the Quakers and their weird religious cult.
    But then a quarter million Borderers with their cattle-rustling and feuding ways sailed over from the Scottish-English border region and Ulster, and the Puritans, Quakers and Cavaliers all agreed that they didn’t want these feral whites around, even if they came from the home country and they spoke mutually intelligible dialects. So the coastal elites encouraged the Borderers to move to Appalachia and parts west, and the Border immigrants became the ancestors of America’s Trump supporters.
    Even today America’s white population shows deep divisions, despite some common origins, and these divisions go back to the chaos of English politics in the 17th Century. Obviously we don’t want to make matters worse by bringing in people from random places around the world, but at least don’t romanticize the actual situation in American history.

    1. and the Border immigrants became the ancestors of America’s Trump supporters.
      Seriously man, you went there? I’m not a fan of Trump per se, but his supporters span the spectrum. Stop parroting the Leftists sneering elitism.

  41. Diversity bull*hit. Ethnic and religious division forms naturally it doesn’t matter whether they’re “nice” or “responsible”. Besides, as we’ve seen in Europe it’s not even the first generation that always becomes the biggest problem, their children and grandchildren are loose cannons.

  42. If I want to experience a foreign culture I will go to that country. My country has its own culture. People come to my country to experience my culture. With “diversity” the indigenous population and culture become diluted beyond all recognition making the home country a mish mash without any cohesion. No culture……

  43. The issue with immigration today is the left forcing third world rejects into first world countries. Nobody in the US has a problem with a Mexican coming here, embracing the culture, learning English, and working his ass off to make money. However, we do have a problem with Mexicans who come here, can’t speak a lick of English after living here 20 years, and who bring their third world bullshit with them. When a family of 15 moves into an upper middle class neighborhood, parking their shitty cars on the street (or front lawn), blaring their shitty music, and letting their stupid fucking dogs roam the streets, people aren’t going to like that. Respect the country you enter and maybe its citizens will respect you too.

  44. International students are not immigrants. There are two types of visas: immigrant (like a spouse visa etc.) and non-immigrant (tourist, business, student, work etc.). A student does not become an immigrant until they apply for and obtain a permanent resident status or citizenship. Many students come to get a degree and leave, so don’t confuse expats and immigrants, dude.

    1. Expat = nice word westerners use for immigrants they approve.
      For the purpose of this discussion immigrant is someone who comes for a long stay in your country. Irrespective of reason.
      If you stay longer than 3 months, that’s you.

  45. Japanese exchange students are even worse than Chinese in regards to self-segregation. A good 5-10% of my university was made up of exchange students from Japan, and 7 out of the 8 roommates I had during my time there were Japanese. With all but one of them, it always felt that there was a strong “barrier”. They talked almost exclusively in Japanese, spoke very, very little to me and spent their time almost exclusively with other exchange students. There was another dorm on my campus, composed almost entirely of Japanese students, that my roommates spent far more time at than in their actual dorm rooms; often they’d just shack up at that dorm for nights at a time with no explanation to me where they were or why they were leaving. In all honesty, most of them were pretty good guys (never had any problems with them like fighting, drugs, etc.), but it would have been nice for both of us if they had tried to come out of their shells a bit more.

    1. One of my neighbors in college had a room mate like that. A dude from Taiwan or something that had been raised as a survivalist by his father. The dude only slept 4hrs a night and then would go out and do his martial arts training before dawn. It got to a point that there was such a culture clash between him and my neighbor (a rich well off white kid from the south), that he had to change rooms.

      1. That’s pretty insane; must have been hellish for the poor roommate. The motivation and drive for success that Asian students have is admirable, but can be a pretty big shock for Americans who are exposed to it. My best friend had to change rooms from his Asian exchange student roomie as well, over a similar kind of cultural clash. His roommate became convinced he was trying to seduce him, simply because he gave him lots of pats on the back, and that he was a Satanist, because he had a heavy metal album in his room with a picture of the devil on it. My friend was told one day out of the blue that he would be murdered if he ever set foot in their room again, and thus had to pack up and get out ASAP.

  46. An african gentleman walks into a bar, and asks “can you recommend a good port?”
    Barman says “Yeah, Southampton now fuck off!” (or Long Beach for Americans)

  47. This article seems to be based on the faulty premise that culture could not be tied to genetics and that the races are equal and there is no such thing as regression towards the mean.

    1. Exactly, immigration from non-white countries is lose lose; if they don’t integrate you get foreign enclaves. If they do integrate and intermarry, the next generation will be biologically different and may not be able or willing to perpetuate the host nation’s cultural heritage.

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