Masculine Strengths And Weaknesses In Germanic Tribes

Roman historian Tacitus wrote Germania in the first century A.D. as a study of the strengths and weaknesses of Germany’s tribes. He observed men who failed to lead their families and nations, but also strong marriage bonds that kept the people united.

Strict Marriage Code

Tacitus was most impressed with Germanian marriage customs. He noted that women remained devoted wives and mothers due to this arrangement, and that “every mother suckles her own offspring,” leading to healthy childhood development. Dowry gifts were a crucial part of the religious marriage ceremony.

While women today look forward to the wedding and put little thought into the actual marriage, the German wedding served as a life-long reminder of their duties.

“Their marriage code, however, is strict, and indeed no part of their manners is more praiseworthy. Almost alone among barbarians they are content with one wife, except a very few among them, and these not from sensuality, but because their noble birth…

The parents and relatives are present, and pass judgment on the marriage-gifts, gifts not meant to suit a woman’s taste, nor such as a bride would deck herself with, but oxen, a caparisoned steed, a shield, a lance, and a sword. With these presents the wife is espoused, and she herself in her turn brings her husband a gift of arms. This they count their strongest bond of union, these their sacred mysteries, these their gods of marriage.

Lest the woman should think herself to stand apart from aspirations after noble deeds and from the perils of war, she is reminded by the ceremony which inaugurates marriage that she is her husband’s partner in toil and danger, destined to suffer and to dare with him alike both in in war…

She must live and die with the feeling that she is receiving what she must hand down to her children neither tarnished nor depreciated, what future daughters-in-law may receive, and may be so passed on to her grandchildren.

Thus with their virtue protected they live uncorrupted by the allurements of public shows or the stimulant of feastings. Clandestine correspondence is equally unknown to men and women. Very rare for so numerous a population is adultery, the punishment for which is prompt, and in the husband’s power. Having cut off the hair of the adulteress and stripped her naked, he expels her from the house in the presence of her kinsfolk, and then flogs her through the whole village.

The loss of chastity meets with no indulgence; neither beauty, youth, nor wealth will procure the culprit a husband. No one in Germany laughs at vice, nor do they call it the fashion to corrupt and to be corrupted. Still better is the condition of those states in which only maidens are given in marriage, and where the hopes and expectations of a bride are then finally terminated.

They receive one husband, as having one body and one life, that they may have no thoughts beyond, no further-reaching desires, that they may love not so much the husband as the married state. To limit the number of children or to destroy any of their subsequent offspring is accounted infamous, and good habits are here more effectual than good laws elsewhere.”

Women Led Battles


Women were venerated as symbols of freedom, and they were respected to such a degree that women stood before soldiers and made passionate speeches to urge them forward. This caused massive slaughter as men mindlessly charged forward against an obviously stronger foe. The women were in turn raped and subjugated. Tacitus wrote:

“Tradition says that armies already wavering and giving way have been rallied by women who, with earnest entreaties and bosoms laid bare, have vividly represented the horrors of captivity, which the Germans fear with such extreme dread on behalf of their women, that the strongest tie by which a state can be bound is the being required to give, among the number of hostages, maidens of noble birth.

They even believe that the sex has a certain sanctity and prescience, and they do not despise their counsels, or make light of their answers. In Vespasian’s days we saw Veleda, long regarded by many as a divinity. In former times, too, they venerated Aurinia, and many other women…”

It is certainly commendable to fight as a soldier for one’s family, however such worship of women is not positive. Unfortunately, today we see the same nonsensical ideas that women have special prescience or nobility.

Women’s involvement in war matters breeds extremism, as evidenced by the female jihadists involved in the Paris and San Berandino attacks. David Chelsey’s daffy defense of Farook’s wife just goes to show how irrational this extremism still broods today.

Need For Patriarchy


“Whenever they are not fighting, they pass much of their time in the chase, and still more in idleness, giving themselves up to sleep and to feasting, the bravest and the most warlike doing nothing, and surrendering the management of the household, of the home, and of the land, to the women, the old men, and all the weakest members of the family. They themselves lie buried in sloth, a strange combination in their nature that the same men should be so fond of idleness, so averse to peace.”

It seems that the main issue here is that men surrendered of leadership to women and the elderly. This brought weakness to families and the community. Patriarchal leadership has been established from the beginning of time, and patriarchy is important in modern advanced urban societies as well as ancient migratory communities. It is no coincidence that matriarchal societies and religions have always toppled, one by one.

Less Distinction Between Sexes

Tacitus seemed unimpressed with the way women dressed. They looked too much like men. Still, at least they had different roles for men and women, and never even considered “gender equality” like our culture does today.

“The women have the same dress as the men except that they generally wrap themselves in linen garments, which they embroider with purple, and do not lengthen out the upper part of their clothing into sleeves. The upper and lower arm is thus bare, and the nearest part of the bosom is also exposed.”

Willful Enslavement


Tacitus was shocked that barbarians willingly became slaves through gambling. Slavery was not very serious, though. It was only temporary until a debt was repaid, somewhat similar to accumulating credit card debt today. His warning is therefore applicable to many of us today.

“Strangely enough they make games of hazard a serious occupation even when sober, and so venturesome are they about gaining or losing, that, when every other resource has failed, on the last and final throw they stake the freedom of their own persons. The loser goes into voluntary slavery; though the younger and stronger, he suffers himself to be bound and sold. Such is their stubborn persistency in a bad practice; they themselves call it honour. Slaves of this kind the owners part with in the way of commerce…

The other slaves are not employed after our manner with distinct domestic duties assigned to them, but each one has the management of a house and home of his own. The master requires from the slave a certain quantity of grain, of cattle, and of clothing, as he would from a tenant, and this is the limit of subjection. All other household functions are discharged by the wife and children.

To strike a slave or to punish him with bonds or with hard labour is a rare occurrence. They often kill them, not in enforcing strict discipline, but on the impulse of passion, as they would an enemy, only it is done with impunity.”



Tacitus presented barbarian hero Arminius as a pillar of masculinity. In the first century A.D., the Roman empire swept across Europe until one man stood up to them. Due to his intimate knowledge of Rome’s military, Arminius subverted the empire and ended their conquest.

Defeated tribal chiefs were forced to give up their firstborn sons to Rome as hostages in case their tribe attempted a rebellion. At a very young age, Arminius was given up by his father Segimer of the Cheruscans, and subsequently transported to Rome, where he received a classic education and military training to fight for Rome.

This story causes me to reflect. Do we not see a similar characteristic of today’s education system? Traditional parents are forced to put their children in public schools, where they are indoctrinated by social justice proponents to hate their parents and fight for a revolution. Is Rome’s strategy for conquest much different today?

When he witnessed the brutality of Rome’s governor Quintilius Varus, Arminius rejected his pro-Roman indoctrination and turned to the people of his birth. He gained the trust of the barbarians, united the tribes in a ruthless subversion of Rome’s military, and kept their plans secret until his sneak-attack at Teutoburg Forest. His small force led a sustained campaign, which took advantage of his home terrain and knowledge of Roman military tactics.

All this came at great cost to Arminius, however. His wife’s pro-Roman father handed his wife over to Rome, where she and her son eventually died in captivity. Arminius was “driven frantic by the seizure of his wife and the subjugation to slavery of her unborn child.” But Tacitus notes that her devotion to Arminius remained steady, as she stood “unconquered to a tear, without a word of entreaty, her hands clasped tightly in the folds of her robe and her gaze fixed on her heavy womb.”

Arminius serves as a model of a man who thinks beyond the propaganda of his education, who unites and leads, and who sacrifices for his nation.

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46 thoughts on “Masculine Strengths And Weaknesses In Germanic Tribes”

  1. On women led battles-
    Don’t see how Rick Moser can claim that the women’s presence was detrimental. Not seeing anywhere in Germania that the women were actually involved in the fighting. They were, at most, providing some logistical support and motivating their men. They weren’t actually “leading”, except in the sense that cheerleaders “lead” a Football team.
    My guess would be that the origins of what we call cheerleading is based on this ancient practice.

    1. Having cheerleaders is one thing. Having your woman and children next to you on the battlefield is another. It makes a man think emotionally and irrationally. Like that scene in 300, that commander with his son… We see a similar thing with radical Islamists who bring their women to the battlefield. Yes, it absolutely inspires soldiers if they are fighting for their families and women. But to bring them on the bloody battle field? A rational man would keep the women secure in a safe place, not out in danger.
      Perhaps, though, Lena Dunham could benefit from serving in the military. Feminists might change their tune if they see the horror and hard work men put into their military service, so that feminists could get jobs they didn’t earn and then complain. Maybe we do need a compulsory draft, but only for leftist women?
      Did you note the quote about female deity worship? Read it again. Some of these tribes revered women so much that they made them gods, and used this as militaristic inspiration. Tacitus here claims that they literally worshiped the prophetesses called Aurinia or Alrunen. He references Veleda as well, whom they worshiped as a living goddess. Women were not just cheerleading and providing logistical support, according to historians. They were being worshiped. It is not just coincidence that every civilization that has worshiped female deity has fallen.

      1. “But to bring them on the bloody battle field? A rational man would keep the women secure in a safe place, not out in danger.”
        Maybe it was more like bringing Marilyn to Korea for a song and a dance.

        1. I think the author mentions this mainly because he must find something negative too, he can’t write a work that is praise through and through. But how many historical accounts have actually talked about women playing any prominent role in Germanic armies? This is the first time I have heard about it. Also, it comes from one man. And it’s not even very prominent – as you say, like bringing a singer to the army for entertainment.

      2. Any Civilization that doesn’t Worship the Christian God (the True God) is either a 3rd world Country, Subpar, or has Fallen.

        1. Like Japan. The jizzuchrist emphasis on get cucked in all ways possible has nothing to do with the current white altruistic suicide….

        2. “the True God” LOL Prove it, religionut. By the way, the world is round, not flat. So sorry your religion lied to you.
          The Goths only became Xtian because the priests could point to the splendor of Pagan-built Rome and lie that it was created by their Jew god. The Goths brought Xtianity to the Franks who had taken Gaul. These Franks benefited from the inventions and economy created by Pagan Rome, and so they could invade other Germanic lands to the north – with great difficulty, but they had farm lands to sustain them while the lands in the north were covered by forest until the Middle Ages.
          Their success was about Germanic might, not your laughable fantasies. They succeeded in the same way Germanic Pagans before them had succeeded as Rome’s auxiliary forces, which became bigger than the Roman army itself – even the Roman emperors had Germanic bodyguards.

        3. The Reason the Christian God is the One true God, is because Christian Nations are the Most Powerful out of all other Nations on the Face of the Earth. Prove Me wrong.

        4. The goths brought chiristianity to the franks is not true….2}The god was not jewish…3}yes the franks had taken their chance …the franks transferred the political and economical center from the meditteranean sea from the greek roman civilization to the north of Europe..they took advantage of the circumstances and legitimize their arbitrariness.Because of desception legal.

      3. Boudica is a great example of the disasters that follow from women leadership in battle. She also brought the the families to watch the battles. They were slaughtered.

        1. Boudica did not fight though, that’s just a later invention. There are no actual historical accounts of her swinging a sword in battle. And of course she wouldn’t since women don’t have the strength for that.

      4. The Celts used to have their women on the battlefield, screaming and cursing at the Roman soldiers. True that the Celts held Rome for a while, but when the Romans took the war to Celtic territory and the battles included the Celtic women, the Romans wiped them out.

    2. Except in football, even if you’re team loses by a monstrous 50-0, your cheerleaders are not dragged into the field and brutally raped by the opposing team. Nor are your elderly murdered and buried into mass graves. And your children either butchered or sold off into slavery in far off lands.
      These Germanic tribes were dumb as hell. Lazy too. As awful as Rome was, let it be a lesson. Not all diligent peoples are kind! Be lazy at your peril.

      1. “These Germanic tribes were dumb as hell”
        Says the little Slav. How funny you people are with your hatred of the Whites who invented everything you benefit from. No, the women were not “dragged into the field” by their own side, liar. That they would talk to warriors is because they LIVED there. Was that too hard to understand?

    3. Lololololzozlzolzozlzkozlzkkkzozlloz even in africa people know a WOMAN mustN’T lead ANYTHING and germans give them and army, lololzozlzol ancient hitzzzlaryzzz we worship youuu. Fucking german dindus. Jews throw stones to bitches and then Hitler comesss and sayss Mainzz kamaradenzzz j€w$ are feminist they are THe POZzzz, lmao 60% of white voterss are commies but j3ws have the guilt… we should remember the geeat german tribes lead by WoMynZzzzzzz LoLzlzZzzl. Ku Kuck(ed) Klanz llzlzlzlz
      we should remember the geeat german tribes lead by WoMynZzzzzzz LoLzlzZzzl…
      “THE MOST VALUABLE PART OF WHITE RACE IS WHITE WOMEN” Adolf Rudolph Average Wman lllzlz
      we should remember the geeat german tribes lead by WoMynZzzzzzz LoLzlzZzzl…
      Boycott the poz!!! lzlz

      1. “geeat german tribes lead by WoMynZzzzzzz” Nope, liar. There was nothing in the text about women leading the tribes or leading anyone in battle. You Slavs are prone to lies, of course, so what you say doesn’t matter. Next time try not to sound like a retarded nig.

  2. Happy 2016 Gents!! Good News is this November Obozo is out, bad News is (And I’m not Making this up but I wish I were) in my area Males are starting to dye their Hair that Feminist “Triggered” Shade of Purple ( the almost silver white shade), the Manoshpere is reaching Many Many Men on the Internet, but in the Real world some ground is being Lost!! WTF!!

    1. Men don’t want to be men anymore sadly, this is why many men have been pushing female empowerment while telling young boys that it’s ok to not be masculine.

    2. Yes. Lispy girly boys are everywhere – TV, ads, media,TV announcers. I hope there isn’t a war because these panty waisted sissy boys won’t be on the front lines. Guess this old gal will have to pick up the slack.
      Onward Christian soldiers……

      1. Yeah if the Muslim hordes come over the hills swinging their swords, there is going to be a lot of Purple haired Heads in a Pile.

  3. Arminius’s wife seems a remarkable picture of devotion and good temperament despite her bad situation.

  4. Rome knew about the plans but refused to believe it since they thought Arminius was considered “loyal”. They even got warnings from the locals near tgr forest

  5. I seem to remember having some interesting discussions about germanic tribes fighting the romans who were chock full of giants – literally massive teutons who stood twice as high as the diminutive roman centurions. The French tribes likewise
    I also recall one roman historian, it could have been tacitus I don’t recall for sure, describing a roman victory in which either the germans (or it could have been french) being defeated turned tail and fled back to their womenfolk who then cut down their own injured and retreating men pretty much as the russian high command would machine gun any troops who retreated in the battle of stalingrad. Could well have been a french tribe though, but the roman historian who narrated the event was appalled

    1. Hm, as far as I know it was custom to better die than be taken prisoner.
      Maybe they wanted to die at the hands of their loved ones?
      I mean you can’t tell me that a bunch of unarmed or sparely armed women can simply kill trained warriors.

      1. That would make sense. It seemed strange to me too when I read of it. Yet one would you presume it would be more honourable to die on the battlefield. I am sure there would be such a no surrender code but we might be talking about a few wounded warriors returning to a multitude of their people and womenfolk and being cut down without any fighting being involved

  6. Nice touch on history there. This probably explains some level as why Germanic women and other Scandinavian women are masculine in general. German women also have masculine features like define jaw and wide shoulder from what I notice. They need MUCH stronger, taller, and more masculine rugged Nordic or Germanic men for them to feel feminine. Most German women are interested in ultra masculine guys.

    1. “This probably explains some level as why Germanic women and other Scandinavian women are masculine in general.”
      Typical bullshit from a jealous Slav or Med. Funny you are too cowardly to reveal your own background, but that’s only to be expected.
      ” German women also have masculine features like define jaw and wide shoulder”
      LOL Fucking bullshit. You just pull things out of your ass.

  7. Good post but some of what Tacitus said must be taken with salt, as we are not sure to what extent he had contact with Germanics (also “Germanic peoples” refers to a large population which was widespread throughout Europe, not one single group). For instance, women certainly did not “lead battles.”

    1. Exactly. But Americans are notorious for believing whatever bullshit they read about other countries. Sorry to say. There are many good Americans, but in general you either have a post-card picture of a country or a demonizing view, depending on what political ideology or religion you want to serve by praising or condemning another country. Amazing how many numbnuts believe the above story from one man without questioning any of it the slightest. Tacitus also wrote about Scandinavians WITHOUT EVER HAVING MET ANY.

  8. Note the high price of infidelity. What a good thing for a husband to be able to cut the hair of a cheating wife (taking her femininity) and flogging her naked in the streets (bringing great shame- one of the few things women fear).
    Bring back the high price of adultery for a woman. Should also bring back the ability to sue the male seducer for money damages. Being a player screwing sluts is fine, but there should be a cost to messing with wives.

  9. Almost all the pre-Christian tribes of Europe were pathetic if you see how easy they abandoned their own culture, religion and customs for Christianity, because being a Christian could give them a better position in society.
    It’s something you still see today in predominantly white countries. If they can get wealth and power by being a traitor to their own people, they will just do it. I’m from Western Europe myself and I see this shit on a daily basis. Most leftists are left, because they benefit from it. Even the right wing parties are for feminism and gay marriage, because they benefit from it. We even had politicians from anti-immigrant parties that converted to Islam and joined an Islamic party.
    That’s why Western countries change so often. They only live for money and power and don’t hold on to a particular frame.

    1. Well you are right that some people might publicly support such things in order to avoid getting persecuted by the system, such as getting fired, for example. However, that is not a bad thing, that is smart and strategic.
      The main problem is that people are brainwashed, and that they actually believe such things as feminism to be just. Fortunately, more people seem to be waking up. We may yet turn the tide.

    2. Well, at least you have one thing in common with the leftist: You hate your own society, or the people that creates it.
      And be fair: Part of the Saxons were massacred, up to two thirds of the population, to force them into conversion to christianity.
      We are all allowed to be pissed off at times, but take caution with the sentiment you demand to spread through this type of negative pondering. You can do better!

    3. “They only live for money and power and don’t hold on to a particular frame” This is exactly the point that Nietzsche and by default the entire western world have being unable to resolve after the so-called “Death of God”.
      How do we move on from this Nihilism? Western humanity is now largely free from the twilight of the Gods and the metaphysical assurances that these beliefs once gave us, but, the price for this freedom has been excessive in terms of our loneliness due to the loss of our essentially Christian frame of reference. Nietzsche and et al never escaped this frame entirely despite his belief in “this world” with his affirmation in its immanence he could never really shake off the Christian metaphysical legacy. One recalls Zarathustra invoking “the joy that wills the eternity of everything, a deep eternity” like the heavens above “pure, profound abyss of light”. Does this sound like a nihilist or an atheist, I think not, and likewise his “Will to Power” which was discussed recently on this forum is a metaphysical idea that invokes a high degree of world renunciation and dedication to producing a class of man that is something between a spiritual leader and a creative artist, which is beyond the reach of 99% of men I’d imagine.
      However to return to your observation about western countries living only for money and power these days, is I think a reflection of the fact that we’ve never moved beyond the first stage of Nietzsche’s revolt. He moved on from his initial nihilism to create a new set of metaphysical and transcendental values like the Ubermensch, The Will to Power and The Eternal Return that gave him a post-nihilistic frame of reference to counter the nihilism that he partly created. The question is that our societies have never moved beyond the revolt against Christianity phase, everyone assumes “God is Dead” and people have embraced communism and consumerism at different points as quasi, and, largely unconscious responses to this nihilism. In capitalist societies the modern response to this loss of frame has been a complete naked endorsement of a Will to Power that is based on the hedonistic notion of maximizing as much money and power as possible as there’s no other purpose in life. This is the perfect devolution of Nietzsche’s Will to Power which was opposed to the “effeminacy” of decadent hedonism which was born out of a nihilism that he left far behind.
      As a Roman Catholic monk you must realize that perhaps just like Nietzsche, the teaching and true message of Christianity is made perhaps for very few ears as it places such a burden on the shoulders of the common man who could never be expected to fulfill most of its obligations. At the heart of our western nihilism, which at least Nietzsche had the courage and imagination to move on from, there is surely this question? How can western civilization ever again produce a such a powerful set of values as was once provided to us by the frame of reference given to us by Christianity?

      1. This is exactly the point that Nietzsche and by default the entire
        western world have being unable to resolve after the so-called “Death of God”.

        Then you misunderstand Nietzsche. He didn’t say the religionuts had stopped believing in their fantasies, but that the morality the churches claimed was bogus and not followed by anyone – and well it wasn’t, since it was suicidal and would have killed Europeans. “Turn the other cheek”, “if a man wants your coat you should give him your shirt as well”, “The first (dirty capitalists) are evil and shall be the last while the last (glorious proletarians) are good and shall be the first”, “All are brothers in Christ and therefore it’s no problem if the races mix”. Luckily people ignored this and defended their lands, and conquered. What Nietzsche said was that a morality should explicitly approve of this defense and conquest, or else the priests could keep make people feel guilty of their instincts and keep causing perpetual fear and division that way.

    4. Funny how the religionuts make shit up. Europe was built by Pagan societies, for whom religion was an expression of their people’s nature, not some Jewish dogma imposed on them. Greece founded European civilization. It was not Xtian. Rome carried on the civilization started by Greece. It was not Xtian. Xtianity was simply a parasite feeding off what Europeans had built, and then destroying it – Rome became great under European religions and was destroyed under Christianity, which said that “all are brothers in Christ” etc, poisoning the minds and mixing the peoples.
      Marcus here is like a typical fanatic American Christian, completely unaware of European history. It was Pagan Greeks, Romans, Celts and Germans who built Europe, before the Jew-invented religion could take root and halt scientific advancement for centuries, so that non-Whites could take over large swaths of European lands.
      Only when the Black Plague showed people that the churches were full of shit could Europe advance again. See, the ignorant priests had lied to people, telling them that “sins” (LOL) were the reason the plague killed them, and if they would submit to the priests by gathering in their churches they’d be cured. But that was the reason so many died – packed inside the churches with the diseased. People then understood that the priests were full of bullshit, and went back to their homes instead so the plague could abate. After that came the Renaissance, when Europeans freed themselves from the Catholic fanaticism and started THINKING about the world instead. Figuring out how things REALLY worked instead of listening to religious lies. That’s the reason we could move forward.

  10. People today take too much for granted. We have nothing as tough as that today. Only one percent of our population is in the military. We have benefited from the most unprecedented distribution of the world’s wealth that not even Rome had.
    Yet, we languish, and proclaim we’re victims. It’s utter nonsense.

  11. You cannot call them “Germans” as such, since it defines a group within the wider Germanic peoples which formed as a coherent ethnicity somewhere around the 9-10 centuries A.D. Before that, their ancestors were all Saxons, Vandals, Lombards, Ostrogoths, Burgundians etc.
    After the fall of the Roman Empire, the crumbling Central and Western European territories were taken to task by the Franks, yet another Germanic tribe, from the 5th century onward. It was this time when the aforementioned Germanic tribes in what today is Germany came together and formed the proto- ethnic German people.

  12. Tacitus also observed the aversion to exogamous marriage among the Germanic tribes. Any woman who married or had sex with someone of a different tribe or race could be ostracized by her community or even put to death.

    Well, why don’t you sign Hillary, jeb, and Obama up! Then take them back to whatever country you’re writing from. Then promptly shove them where your head is.

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    She is trying to sell us a poz, rape! Rape!!

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
    PROUD GERMANIC AND IRISH ROOTS. A PROUD WHITE AMERICAN who is gladly ready to destroy non-white subhuman species!

    1. Really?
      I keep forgetting that guys like you still exist. I’m a white guy, tall, athletic, and able to get an engineering degree. My first son is half black. MY next two are half south Asian.
      I hope you seethe in your mastabatorium.

      1. Your first son is half black and your next two are half south Asian?
        You by definition are a race traitor and it’s people like you that white race’s morality is falling off.
        How is your son half-black and others half-south Asian? Did you adopt them? or did you decide to procreate with non-white?
        Makes me sick to think about it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  16. There’s a reason why most societies today are Pariarchal: Women-led cultures simply died out. Roman historians talked about Matriarchal nations where the women rulers did one crazy, self-destructive thing after another, untill their neighbors had to destroy them. Simple evolution: Women weren’t meant to lead cultures.

  17. The small book Tacitus wrote isn’t relevant to any gender-issues or manosphere. There was no academia or historians back then, we can’t tack everything Tacitus wrote as reliable/fact.
    There’s no evidence “women led battles”. Tacitus just wrote about sometype of folklore Germans had which is like the folklore of amazons. AFIAK, war was done exclusively by men like in 99% of human societies.
    It’s clear from other aspects of his book “Germania” that men were the primary leaders, like in 99% of human societies. The counsels tribes had were lead by men and their chiefs/kings/leaders were male.
    “Need For Patriarchy”
    Their leaders were male. Tacitus just said the warriors were lazy in times of peace. Sure that’s a bad thing, maybe their families lacked father-leadership. But he also said uncles mentored their nephews, and that once a boy reaches maturity close male relatives handed him a spear and shield before a counsel. It clearly shows there was male-leadership/mentoring in boy’s lives.
    “Less Distinction Between Sexes”
    Come on, Dude. You got to understand that 2,000 years ago it was difficult to make sex-specific clothing. People back then basically just wore rags and animals skins. It isn’t because they saw less of a distinction between men and women.

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