A Typical Tuesday

Stupid alarm clock. “What time is it?” Becky mumbled to herself as she laid on her bed, her cat Ariel right next to her. She moved the six pillows around until she found her Iphone 5 and hit the snooze. She couldn’t fall back asleep, however, so she got up and started getting ready for work. She put her hair in a bun, put on her jeans, tanktop, and Converse shoes and headed into work. Becky was a marketing manager at a mid-size company in LA.  She stuffed a Cliff Bar in her purse and grabbed a bottle of water as she headed to her Jetta parked outside.

Once in the car, she took her birth control pill and started driving to work. On the way she checked her text messages. A few random numbers she didn’t recognize from the weekend had texted her last night but she had already fallen asleep. One guy proposed dinner. “How creepy!” she thought to herself. She immediately texted her best friend Alexa and told her how the guy from the bar wanted to take her to dinner. Alexa responded “Ewwww, next!” Becky laughed as she pulled into the parking lot of her office.

She went inside and grabbed a donut and coffee from the kitchen before settling in at her desk. Yesterday she had taken an intense “cardio-fit” class at her local gym. Before getting into her breakfast, she took a picture of the donut and coffee and put it on Facebook. “Work hard play hard! Nothing like a little treat for my hard workout yesterday :)”  She threw her Iphone to her side and started making some calls for work.

A few minutes later, her boss came by to ask how she was, because she had taken a “personal day” yesterday. Becky quickly replied “Oh I’m fine, you know just women issues.” In reality Becky was just hungover from partying all weekend. Nonetheless, this made her boss back off quickly and he told her he was happy she was back and reminded her of some meeting the next day.

Becky grabbed her phone to text Alexa about her boss’s rude comments but saw some notifications from Facebook which, of course, Becky had to see.  Thirteen likes, one comment on the donut picture! Becky was happy, though really she didn’t know why. She checked the comment, it was her friend Melissa who exclaimed “As if you can’t afford to treat yourself!  Bitch lol.” Becky was a size 6, and enrolled in the gym to get some of that flab off.  But seeing Melissa’s comment (size 12) made her wonder if she really needed to go to the gym after all. Whatever, Becky thought, it’s just one donut.

Right as she was about to get back to work, she remembered she was going to text Alexa. She grabbed her Iphone and texted Alexa about her boss reminding her of a meeting right after she told him about her personal day. Alexa quickly responded, “what an ass!” And because girls cannot put all their thoughts into one text, a string of replies quickly came telling Becky that “You should quit your job, fuck that guy.” Next, Alexa told Becky she should just marry rich and “end it lol.”  Becky responded “I know right? I’ve got time though, I’ll find my Ryan Gosling ;)” Becky was 30.

Work went along slowly, with Becky checking her phone every few minutes. She went to lunch with Charles who worked in her same department.  Charles really liked Becky, in a sexual manner. They went to the cafe downstairs and Becky got a Cobb salad, dressing on the side to be healthy, a brownie and a diet coke. Charles offered to pay for lunch, but Becky said she could pay for herself. They sat down and started to eat. Becky told Charles all about the random guys texting her from the weekend and how creepy they were. Charles agreed: “Seriously, how rude of those guys to think they can just ask you out for dinner after just meeting you!”  “You have no idea Charles, these guys are just weird,” Becky disgustingly stated as she finished the entire dressing despite it being on the side. As they were leaving, Charles asked Becky what she’s doing that night, if she would like to join him out for a movie. His original plan was dinner, but after Becky’s comments he had to improvise. “That’s so sweet, but I already have plans. Maybe another time.”  Becky had no plans…yet.

That reminded Becky, it’s Tuesday night tonight…Taco Tuesdays? Wine night with the girls? What should we do!? She texted her core group of girls on what they wanted to do that night. All of them already had plans. “Whatever,” Becky wrote Alexa, “I’ll just respond to one of these guys who texted me last night.” She scrolled through the texts and chose the guy who offered dinner, because she didn’t have any food at home and was too lazy to go to the grocery store.  She texted the dinner guy at 4:03 p.m., roughly 16 hours after he texted her the night before. He responded at 4:05 p.m., stating “Sounds great! I’ll meet you at the restaurant.” A date was set.

Becky went home after work, and when she walked in saw Ariel curled up on her pillow on the couch. “Soooooooooo cute!” Becky exclaimed with glee. “I need to put this on instagram” she thought. She sat next to Ariel, made a duck face and took a picture with her Iphone. Uploaded it and went to shower and change for dinner. She put on another pair of jeans, flip flops (but with studded rhinestones), and a slightly tighter tank top relative to her work one, but still loose given her size. When she showed up at the restaurant, roughly 15 minutes late, dinner guy was already there with a table waiting. She sat down across from him, said she was sorry for being late as they started chatting. “Hmm” she thought, this guy is not as lame as I thought. They ordered some appetizers and drinks.

Despite her initial interest, after about 30 minutes or so Becky got bored with the conversation and slyly took her phone out of her purse. “One second” she told dinner guy. “Just need to take care of something real quick.” “Go ahead,” dinner guy said.  She checked her Instagram, seven likes for her cat picture. Kind of low, she thought. She checked her phone’s internet connection to make sure it was working and it was. “Whatever, people are probably out to dinner or something,” she rationalized. Just as she was about to put her phone away, she got a text from Rick. Rick was someone she met two months ago at a bar and ended up going home with that night. Rick fucked her pretty good, and simply texted her at nights for a booty call when he has nothing to do.  “whats up” said the text, with no capitalization or punctuation. She quickly responded, “At dinner with a friend! Kind of bored, what are you doing? :)” She left her phone out on the table.

Dinner guy finally got some attention again, and started chatting about his work and what she does for work, if she is close with her family, and so on. Becky responded to all his questions, but kept one eye on her phone. “Come on!” she screamed in her head. “Why the hell doesn’t Rick text me back? He always fucking does this!” She kept smiling the entire time at dinner guy however, completely keeping him none the wiser that her mind was elsewhere. After another 45 minutes, she decided to herself “That’s it, I’m done with Rick.  I had enough of his shit.”  They ordered another round of drinks and now Becky was getting a little buzzed. 30 minutes later, the waiter brought the bill to the table. Right as he put the bill down, Becky’s phone vibrated. It was Rick. He texted Becky “nothing, come over if you want.” She excused herself to the bathroom and once there Becky angrily texted Rick “what took you so long to respond??!!  Not sure if I can make it anymore.” Rick responded back, “yes or no, make a decision.” Becky without hesitation, responded “K I’ll be there in 30.”

She went back to the table and dinner guy had already paid the bill. As they were getting up, he suggested a drink at the bar next door. Becky convincingly hesitated for a second, and said, “You know I have to get up early, I have this fitness class I need to go to before work. I shouldn’t skip it.” “Sure, another time,” dinner guy responded.  He walked Becky to her car, gave her a kiss on the cheek and watched her drive away.

Fifteen minutes later, she was at Rick’s apartment. He opened the door in a tshirt and shorts and sat back on the couch watching TV. Ten minutes later, they were having sex. They both fell asleep after, and Becky woke up around 2:00 a.m. to drive home. When she got home, she got on her MacBook Air and pulled up the gym’s website to cancel the fitness class. She grabbed Ariel and plopped her cat next to her, set her alarm and got ready to pass out.  Laying in bed, she thought about her day and her life in general. “Melissa was right,” she thought, “I don’t need to get into better shape.” After all, Rick just fucked her, dinner guy was all over her, she had several guys texting her and her coworker Charles keeps asking her out. “I’m just fine :)”

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159 thoughts on “A Typical Tuesday”

  1. — “I know right? I’ve got time though, I’ll find my Ryan Gosling ;)” Becky was 30. —
    The best.

    1. There are also undertones of feminism here . Most of us would never hire someone who parties and is unproductive on weekends. But thanks to affirmative action and discrimination laws we have this problem.

    2. All across the bigger cities of the U.S., I’ve come across way too many Becky’s.
      I’ve hit on this girl, I’ve worked with this girl, I’ve been acquaintances with this girl, I’ve even dated this girl.
      She thinks that her life is all about having fun, and she needs to keep doing girls’ nights out, and that she’ll magically meet the man of her dreams who hits all 365 items on her checklist.
      Becky is a pain in the ass. You have to constantly ride herd to keep her in check. You have to tell her that it’s rude to check her phone and to put it away; warn her to do her work on the team project; purposely delay text responses back to her; tear her away from her friends when she drinks too much.
      Time for a foreign woman.

  2. Wow, really enjoyed reading that article, what a great example of female social psychology.
    This shows how being alpha(telling a girl what you want) >Beta(telling a girl what you think she wants to hear)
    Dinner dude(beta)- replying to texts instantly(oozing desperation)… predictable conversation, super early for the date= used and discarded
    Rick(Alpha)- casual ‘whats up’, taking 45 min to respond to her reply(aloof), tells her to get her ass to his place if she wants- ‘yes or no, make a decision”(confidence)…when she gets to his place he’s laying back watching TV= sex
    Thank God I’m not the dinner dude anymore

  3. Uncanny how accurate this is. I’m slightly disturbed by it now. Roosh makes narratives like this all the time but this is like i was watching it in real life. Nice job, Law Dogger. I’d love more than anything to say this is wrong…but it isn’t. Not even a bit.

  4. Excellent illustrative article, depressingly accurate. How pathetic things have got to this level with the majority of women.

  5. Yeah, I try and do my bit for the manosphere. I’m on BeautifulPeople.com just cause I was curious whether I’d make the grade or not – btw the site’s bullshit, need to pay monthly fees just so you can read messages sent to you. Was going to quit then thought, “this might be a nice tool to crush female’s egos.” Unless they’re 9’s or 10’s AND don’t look like sluts/attention whores I’ll give them zero marks. Also, if they send me a wink and aren’t a 9 or 10 I’ll systematically go through their photos and award zero marks. Yeah, it’s a tiny drop in the ocean with regards to destroying their ego’s a bit but, hey, every bit helps.

  6. Interesting tale. Girls in today’s world are stuck up and shallow. They fawn over superstars yet naively believe they will ever be with them. Then they see their biological clock tick. That’s where game comes in. It enables us to have a slight advantage. But girls need to wake up from their blue pulled reality. It’s really pathetic.

  7. Jeez… as much as I like this site usually… what the heck was this? Can’t believe I read the entire thing waiting for some kind of punchline or moral to it? This is everything that wrong with pickup and seduction. As much of a proponent as I am for men improving themselves and getting the girl I want… the moral of this story is what? “All girls and dumb and materialistic… oh and dinner guy was such an “AFC” *snigger”… seriously? If all you are meeting is the “Becky’s” of this world you might want to rethink what “success” is.

    1. It portrays how twisted relationships are in general.
      Primordial man and woman qualities + feminism = fucked up world

    2. This article demonstrates the sick state Western, and especially American culture, is in.
      Just because there isn’t any bullet point list of take-aways, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any.
      Learn to read between the lines.
      The lesson here was to remind readers not to become the “dinner/lunch-beta-provider-guy” in today’s culture.

      1. Then why not an actual story? It doesn’t prove anything. Sure, some girls are like Becky, some aren’t. Some guys are dinner guys, some are the other… the world goes on. It’s this twisted way guys have of looking at the world when they become aware of seduction… all women must be sluts, end of story… it’s an awful way to view the world. Seduction can be so much more powerful when you actually learn to respect and appreciate women a little more and give them SOME credit. Would I date “Becky”? Hell no… she sounds like a tool… but it doesn’t mean every girl is Becky!

        1. So what that not “every girl” is exactly like this?
          I’ve known, or been acquaintances with, or worked with, or even dated, too many Becky’s to count.
          This story is illuminating

        2. If we leave it up to women, none of them are like that. We would also have to believe that they are always honest with each other.

  8. If only I had read this story when I was 16… and reread when 17, 18, 19…
    There are men out there who claim Tyler Durden is wrong with his secret society post.
    Blind trying to teach the one eyed how to see, the deniers.
    Man has a choice, because women have made the choice already;
    Be the dude who takes her to dinner,
    Be the dude who takes her to lunch,
    Be the “whats up”.
    Be the “whats up”, or at least be the man with the potential to successfully “whats up”; and only then do you have the true option of finding a woman worthy of wifing up.
    The secret society. As true as the moon and the sun. As true as every breath I take.
    Forgive me while I do a “whats up”

  9. Jeff from Coupling is out of his cage.
    “I… I… I… have only one leg”.. To the butcher on a date with his friend: “Buck… you need to cut my leg. I told her I got only one leg”…
    Coupling, might be the best educational tool ever made by the mainstream, followed by that torturous Horsefaces in the city.

  10. I fail to understand the purpose of this article, other than to reiterate the undeniable fact that women prefer men who don’t really give a shit about them, this is nothing new.
    Or are you perhaps maligning the fact that this is the way things are and you wish they could be otherwise?
    As long as men are brainwashed by the cathedral into believing that women are special and they have to do things to get them to like them, this situation will perpetuate itself and women will continue to take advantage of it.
    Shit if I could get a free meal from some sap who thinks I’m special, who says I wouldn’t indulge in it once in a while?
    If indeed your point is that the cathedral has warped things to the point of self annihilation (Becky is 30, has no desire to settle down, and only wants to fuck guys who don’t give a shit about her) perhaps dissecting the ways in which mainstream society turns us into these selfish little shits incapable of raising proper families should be the focus, not this narrative.
    While it is entertaining to read, it reeks a bit of misandry, you can’t blame bitches for being bitches when the system encourages them to be bitches, can you?

  11. I fail to understand the purpose of this article, other than to reiterate the undeniable fact that women prefer men who don’t really give a shit about them, this is nothing new.
    Or are you perhaps maligning the fact that this is the way things are and you wish they could be otherwise?
    As long as men are brainwashed by the cathedral into believing that women are special and they have to do things to get them to like them, this situation will perpetuate itself and women will continue to take advantage of it.
    Shit if I could get a free meal from some sap who thinks I’m special, who says I wouldn’t indulge in it once in a while?
    If indeed your point is that the cathedral has warped things to the point of self annihilation (Becky is 30, has no desire to settle down, and only wants to fuck guys who don’t give a shit about her) perhaps dissecting the ways in which mainstream society turns us into these selfish little shits incapable of raising proper families should be the focus, not this narrative.
    While it is entertaining to read, it reeks a bit of misandry, you can’t blame bitches for being bitches when the system encourages them to be bitches, can you?

  12. I fail to understand the purpose of this article, other than to reiterate the undeniable fact that women prefer men who don’t really give a shit about them, this is nothing new.
    Or are you perhaps maligning the fact that this is the way things are and you wish they could be otherwise?
    As long as men are brainwashed by the cathedral into believing that women are special and they have to do things to get them to like them, this situation will perpetuate itself and women will continue to take advantage of it.
    Shit if I could get a free meal from some sap who thinks I’m special, who says I wouldn’t indulge in it once in a while?
    If indeed your point is that the cathedral has warped things to the point of self annihilation (Becky is 30, has no desire to settle down, and only wants to fuck guys who don’t give a shit about her) perhaps dissecting the ways in which mainstream society turns us into these selfish little shits incapable of raising proper families should be the focus, not this narrative.
    While it is entertaining to read, it reeks a bit of misandry, you can’t blame bitches for being bitches when the system encourages them to be bitches, can you?

    1. “I fail to understand the purpose of this article,…”
      This is a site for men. Men are at different points along the blue pill-red pill continuum. Even those of us who are fully red pill need an occasional reminder.
      For further support see:
      ” finndistan
      • 2 hours ago
      If only I had read this story when I was 16… and reread when 17, 18, 19… “

      1. A minority opinion? What opinion is that prey tell? I stated that the root cause of this childish spoiled behavior is the system in which these women are raised. Complaining about a symptom without properly dissecting the cause is largely a waste of time.
        To say that this behavior is innate to women, is wrong. Women are a function of their environment, which by the way is something Roosh has spoken about at lengths…

        1. Max – I was referring to your dismissive attitude towards the article…your insinuation that it was a waste of time to read…

    2. Read some basic psychology. You can read posts about how women are like this, but a story is so much more effective at getting that information to really stick. It makes it real in a way that talking about it with other men doesn’t do.
      Now, if you’ll allow me a tangent, this is why men shouldn’t just ignore mass media. Stories are powerful. This includes short stories, novels, “Journalism”, TV and movies. I’d love to see a story like this in an academic lit mag.

  13. I know the kings normally hate female commentators but I’m 23 and I find this hilarious!
    I was lucky to have a mom, grandmother, and other mentors who steered me away from liberalism, feminism, and a bunch of other isms that have made gender relations so toxic and unnatural. My mom worked her whole life and she told me at one point
    “you know — I don’t think feminism is the savior of women it claimed to be.”

    1. Plus 1 for the comment. Nothing wrong with female perspectives here, often this place is like a sausage fest of bullshit.

        1. Fucking White Knight? Are you fucking kidding me? I swear there should be a fucking age limit on this site, no one below the age of 12.
          Okay, so you learned the term white knight and you think that applies to anyone who agrees with a woman… even when what she says is, effectively, “Feminism is bullshit?” HOW FUCKING DUMB ARE YOU CUNT? Seriously, tell me, are you fucking retarded?
          Oh, and while you’re writing your furious reply, why not tell everyone here exactly how old you are and how many women you’ve fucked. Go on, try not to bullshit us too much.

        2. Because his remark “be gone, wench!” wasn’t fully sincere, and he didn’t feel like rationally explaining that to you because of your emotional and rude reply, recognizing accurately instead that you are jumping at the chance to defend a woman against a slight that wasn’t even really meant. That is a white knight actually, not because you agree with her but you insult him over something trivial in defense of a woman

        3. Hmmm, a lot of speculation there. Firstly, was his first comment insincere? I don’t know, hence why I backed up my “gay-boy” comment. Second speculation: “emotional and rude reply.” Wrong twice, wasn’t emotional in the slightest; wasn’t rude (for reason stated above). Third speculation: “Jumping at the chance to defend a woman.” Wrong, I was jumping at the chance to tell one of these gay little fucktards what’s what. Every single time I’ve voiced an alternative opinion here lately one of these little cunts starts shouting, “MGTOW” or “White Knight,” like they’re men or something. And I’ve seen it with other posts too. But it’s only been the last couple of months which leads me to believe (or speculate, as you prefer) that a bunch of high schoolers have suddenly discovered the manosphere and think they’re one of the boys by sprouting catch-phrases.
          So, fuck you and your fucking speculations. You don’t know shit about me. Also, rather than try and twist/pervert the definition of White Knight around to serve your purpose, why not… just fuck off. Actually, lets coin a new term, “White PoleSmoker.” That’s someone who defends cunts (who aren’t worth defending) on the manosphere.
          Oh, and for you, tu_ne_cede_malis, here’s a summary since this is all tl:dr for you, I was just describing, in my long-winded way, how much your mother’s ass smells like crusty cum and how she should learn to wipe better as it’s a hell of a turn off when I’m trying to fuck her doggy style.

        4. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the ………….
          ah im to lazy

        5. ^
          Remember gentlemen, this is an example of a man who is not emotional in the SLIGHTEST. I hope you’re all taking notes

        6. Hey cunt, rational thought isn’t your strong point. Let me enlighten you out of the goodness of my heart.
          1. You’re probably gay so this may come as a shock, but “game” isn’t about hating all women. Hell, I like women. Maybe ’cause I’m not a little bitch.
          2. I’ve read articles here complaining about how women aren’t like they used to be (e.g. 70’s chick). And guess what, I agree. So when I chick (real or fake) voices an opinion (either genuinely or for attention whoring) that fits with the “old-school” mentality I’ll happily support it. Why? Because that’s real game. Let me break it down, real simple-like so ya’ll understand, know what I’m sayin’? If you have a dog and it shits on the carpet you shout at it. Still with me… Now if the dog slowly learns cause and effect and starts shitting in the garden and so you say, “Good boy.” The dog wags it’s tail and everybody’s happy. And that’s the way you train all bitches.

        7. I agree 100% White Knights are fags. So are White Pole-Smokers (obviously). So what’s your point, cunt?

        8. my point is you are a whiteknight and the article i wrote informs you such behavior will not be tolerated.

        9. Hmmm, ain’t too bright are you? Re-read my message just above your link and try to comprehend it. It shouldn’t take you too long (I assume). Maybe grab a cup of coffee first, I mean, it’s 16 lines long and all.

        10. You really don’t get it, do you? All you’re advocating is for the manosphere to become the male equivalent of feminism. That’s fucking sad. Why? Because feminists are fucking sad. But go ahead, sprout your borderline gay mantra that “all women are whores/wenches/whatever and keep believing that you’re the “man.” All I see is a pussy-whipped little boy who doesn’t know how to handle women.
          Hell, I don’t know why I’m even trying to reason with you, since you obviously lack the capacity to understand what I’m saying.

        11. Don’t know Kain or smth or Patrice so your jibe is lost on me.
          Return jibe: Are you trying to round up a posse of women-hating closet-boys so that you can form a little community out in the sticks where you can suck each other off? ‘Cause it sure sounds that way to me. If so, you go girl.

      1. I don’t know, she’s displaying respect and a grown-up attitude, I say she’s welcome. Far too often we have women here who pretend to be ‘red pill’ but really have ulterior motives, and that’s one reason why Roosh doesn’t want women here. But as long as women behave like Anon is behaving, I see no problem. It seems you fail to make the distinction between these types of women.

      2. Wench enters man space, tactically drop shit that will endears her to men’s ingrained yearn for ideal wench. What’s the difference between Becky’s likes for a donut and Anon’s likes from her viral Simps? Well played Wench.

        1. You should deal with your sexuality issues before it gets out of hand. Nothing wrong with being gay… I suppose, but maybe you’re on the wrong forum if you hate all women.
          Kingsley: “So this bitch comes up to me the other day and was, like, hey I’ve seen you around and I find you cute and I want to fuck your brains out, no strings attached. And so I said to her, Yo bitch, I ain’t a piece of meat, I have feelings you know. Why don’t you try buying me flowers next time, Wench? Bitches these day man, I tell ya…”

    2. absolutely right… feminism is the women’s version of communism….. any demand for equality = communism… we are not equal, unless we get off our asses and compete…. and a woman who wants to compete with a man has little ambition and even less intelligence…. and a man that tries to compete with a woman is absolutely lost….
      the problem i have with this article is that it’s just TOO true and women of all ages are so empowered with their smart phone chitter chatter, and their over entitled “women’s rights” attitudes….
      That I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the only solution is to find a couple of young escorts and put them on an exclusive contract for 12-24 months, and be done with all the BS.
      I just haven’t got the time of day to play all the social mechanics that are necessary to hold a woman down long term… it’s such a risk and a fuss and a stupid childish game…. it’s practically a full time job…..
      i like having a woman around, on tap… i don’t want to chase her up with SMS and play games… there are so many more valid things to do in life….
      the male-female relationship has been so under minded these days, that it amounts to little more than a transaction.
      so be it… sign here… you will get $X per month, X benefits and you will carry out these tasks and we will have sex X times per month.

      1. That is not communism, or at least the variant I am interested in (Market Socialism). It means basically that the plus-value generated by workers should be appropriated by workers and they should be the owners of the means of production (yes, private shared property, not the State, not a third party that we call today “a capitalist”).
        But OK, everybody has its own ideas about it.

    3. Ooooohhh. I think I’m in love!
      Nobody on the internet can tell or cares if you’re a girl.
      Don’t try to make it about you.
      I won’t claim to speak for everybody else, but I’ll try nonetheless.
      Nobody hates the females as much as they hate the nonsense with which they pollute the world.
      This comment adds very little to the discussion and looks suspiciously like fishing for attention.
      40+ upvotes?
      Come on guys, you should know better than to give sweetie-pie a cookie for so little.
      Have we learned nothing here?

    4. I too am a female commentator and I agree with you Anon, My grandmother taught me to be a lady. NOT Needy, Greedy or Sleazy. I can’t believe how vapid & self absorbed women in the U.S. have become….. sad

  14. Would have been more accurate if you would have talked more about how many “passes” women get in the workplace that men simply do not enjoy. My boss chewed me out this morning because I came in an hour late (with notice) because my water was out and couldn’t shower. (Ended up having to shower at a friends place.) I made the point that women in the team will simply leave work early or come in late (usually without approval or notice) for a myriad of excuses involving kids, doctor appointments, or just generic issues and it is viewed as acceptable. He backed off when I made the point that policy has to be applied evenly when it comes to gender and even though men were getting screwed it was still sex based discrimination and the pattern would be more then easy to prove. His parting words were don’t let it happen again and I’ll tell all the supervisors the attendance and time off policy has to be enforced equally across the board.

    1. Yeah it happened. What would make you question that it did not? This stuff happens all the time across corporate america. Women get all kinds of passes and perks that are simply not available to men.
      Just today as I was getting yelled at I noticed the woman across the way sneaking into the office more then an hour late. No one bothered to yell at her. Turns out that she fucked her boyfriend last night and slept at his place. The reason she was late was that she had to go out of her way back to her place to get clothes in the morning. The lunchtime hen club thought it was “cute” and “exciting”. Another woman left at 4 today to get ready for a date. She just slipped out the back and I highly doubt her female supervisor cares in the least. Heck, if I try to leave even when the office closes at 5pm I get the evil eye. For whatever reason, it is acceptable for all the women to clear out at 5:01 but if a man leaves before 6pm they get the evil eye from management.
      Maybe you don’t work for a big company in corporate america, but this kind of stuff is standard operating procedure.

    2. Some other fun disparities from corporate america:
      1. Women at my company get six months fully paid maternity leave. Men get two weeks, even if they have primary child care responsibilities. Plus, executives will de facto punish men who even try to take their paid paternity leave. They will saw those men do not have the best interest of the company in mind. Never mind the free loading women.
      2. When those women exit the workforce for six months of paid leave men are left to pick up the slack. When a secretary goes out on maternity leave I go from a 75% time admin support to effective 30-40%. The company does not hire a temp to replace the absent worker. It just means everyone has to work more. Of course, the non-exempt employees, mostly women, do not work overtime and the exempt employees, like me, get caught holding the bag working late nights or on weekends.
      3. Flex time and work from home arrangements are routinely granted to women. This is not just for accommodations involving commuting and children which might be more acceptable. A woman in my office works from home every Friday because her boyfriend lives an hour away and she would prefer to spend a three day weekend at his place. Another woman has flex time arrangements because she goes out on weeknights on dates and drinking and is hungover every morning. Instead of starting at 9 like the rest of us she is supposed to work 11-7. Management is usually all gone by 6 and she slips out shortly after that.
      4. There is a women’s workers committee that meets twice a month. They usually have a speaker that talks about women’s empowerment, but of course that comes with a catered lunch and one that last two hours at that. While I am working through lunch eating a day old ham sandwich they are enjoying the latest trendy catering and some down time. When their women’s committee meets close to deadlines of course it does not get cancelled. All the men are expected to step up in the absence of all the women. Needless to say there is no men’s equivalent.
      5. Men are expected to be on time and work late. Women are the complete opposite. They will leave the office early with little real reason or simply come in late. No one seems to question this. It is just assumed they have a good excuse and the mostly male executives would rather let women slide then provoke something that might result in claims of discrimination.
      6. Women in the office will take long lunches, usually going to the latest trendy restaurant. We are allowed one hour, but sometimes they will openly take up to two hours. Excuses like “the line was long” or “traffic was horrible” are somehow acceptable. But, if a man takes a 45 minutes lunch to run an errand his boss is breathing down his neck and wants to know why he was off site and unavailable.
      Sexism and discrimination is blatant in corporate america. Men mostly just deal with it and I do think they get paid slightly more then their female co-workers. The wage gap might be real but it exists because simply men work under harder conditions and put in more hours then women. Most men realize it is going on and just put their head down, pound out the day, and go home. It is a sad existence for most men.

      1. If this is really all true, why are you whining about it? You’re talented and hardworking, right? You should be able to find a job at a firm that values those things and holds all employees, men and women, to high standards and is accountable to shareholders/owners. If you can’t respect your employer, how can you respect yourself having chosen them?

  15. Accurate for a large swath of American women, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure “A Typical Tuesday” for an average American man would be almost (not quite, but almost) as inane.
    Average, boring, uneventful, unexciting people steeped in delusions of their own greatness lead average, boring, uneventful, uninspiring lives that continually frustrate with their inability to live up to those delusions of greatness.

  16. My most recent ex could literally be Becky. Word for word. It’s uncanny. I thought about forwarding her this article to make a point, but there is no doubt in my mind that it would just sail right over her head. She’d read it and think “Huh. This girl sounds just like me. I wonder why he’s sending me this? Oh! Look at that! Four more likes for the picture I took of my glass of wine! Yay!” And then she’d promptly forget about the whole thing…

  17. „Never mind that Shelly felt content with her life just the way it was. Never mind that she wasn’t interested in marriage and children…at least not yet. That time would come, she was sure, not now, but someday soon—or rather, some year soon.
    For the moment, Shelly was absorbed in her career. She was proud of her work as a video producer, although she continually suffered the cash-flow problems of the self-employed. Her relaxation videos—seascapes, mountain scenes, a flickering fire in a brick fireplace, all with a background of classical music—were selling well. Her cat-baby-sitting video had recently caught the attention of a major distributor, and she couldn’t help believing she was on the brink of being discovered.”
    If you think this is something written by an author of the manosphere, think again. It is written on the first page of one of those romance novels.
    Indoctrination is everywhere, no wonder most women are batshit crazy.

        1. Well, you did (I assume). Nah, I’m talking about all female authors, J.K. Rowling, Ayn Rand, Mary Shelly, Anne Rice etc. Been burned by all of them (well, bored to tears, at least). Only exception that I can think of is Harper Lee, kinda liked To Kill a Mockingbird, even if I’m against tolerance and PC bullshit, which was the main theme of the book (or at least as far as I can remember, been years since I read it).

        2. Rand was insane. The funny thing about her ideas, is that the movies based on her book were a complete market failure (the last ones).

        3. I never bothered watching the movies. and i wouldn’t bother “debating” the merits of the free market to you. I

        4. Market (never “free”) =/= capitalism. It existed before capitalism, and it will exist after.

    1. shit dude, that is so correct. the worst is the crap that is Mandatory to study in school. in my case, in litterature for a foreign language, we had most of a year’s content of novels and speeches we had to present, promoting the Theme: “image of women”, successes of women, and the booring novels i had to read where the man was a selfish asshole, and the main female character was an oppressed victim. This appeared like a joke/waste of time next to math lessons

  18. Truth is stranger than fiction?
    Also, of note . . . it never ceases to amaze me how careless and cavalier chicks are with their iPhones, other than getting zebra-striped and rhinestone-bedecked cases for them. For all the money they put into them, you’d think they’d take care of them better.
    Then again, don’t get me started on chicks with their cars . . .

    1. You can blame part of that on the cell phone carrier subsidy system — and chicks’ limited ability to understand ideas that aren’t tangible.
      In her mind, she only payed $99 (or even $0) for the iPhone. She may have even been forced to read an article that discusses how she actually pays the full $500 or $600 over the 2-year contract, via her monthly bills. But does that idea gel in her mind? No.
      So because she wasn’t forced to hand over the $600 cash, she’s unable to understand its actual value — and she treats it like shit.

      1. And besides, we’re talking about girls who go out on “girls’ night” and drop money on $60 dinners at the hot new restaurant and $75 on martinis with the ladies. They also rent $1900 one-bedroom apartments in NY/LA prices.
        All this on the $50,000 salary for the PR / social branding she earns.
        I’ve lowered my expectations of a girl having a sense of money or financial wisdom.

        1. Not to mention these girls usually have a degree with a student loan debt upwards of 100k+ depending on the school and if they indeed borrowed. Most of the time they have. So not only are they spending their money carelessly, they have a 7k-8.4k per year student loan payback. So even on a 50k salary, you may as well subtract all of their debt right off the bat and say they make 30k.
          That is why I’m not really impressed with high income career women. Because once you learn enough to get an idea of their debt to income ratio, most of the time they really don’t make shit and have mediocre to bad credit.

  19. Nice story.
    This reminds me of something similar I’ve seen some time ago.
    Anybody remember and able to share the link?
    Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

  20. as i was trying to get network to call a friend today on the stairs of
    the appartement building i live in, i overheard 2 girls about to
    conspire against a dude, they were going to “get back at him”, something
    like that, idk exactly, because he was “already with another girl,” as
    they walked past me dressed in a rather refined manner, i looked
    straight at them and said good evening/”bonsoir”, and bonsoir they
    immediately replied, in a very friendly/welcoming looking way… who
    cares i guess?? …but when i was a lot younger, i guess like almost
    every dude, in this kind of simple example i could easily fall for that
    kind of very friendly looking response in a “wow, girls are so nice
    around here” kind of way… like the above story, on the surface, so
    many girls(because they know they will get away…), have a way to fool
    most guys around them into thinking they are so moral and innocent, even
    through very long conversations(which i haven’t bothered with recently,
    and i try gtfo as quickly as possible if they try and get intellectual,
    or describe their lives… have too much math homework to do, or sports
    during the day

      1. Signs she thinks she’s a 9:
        1. Taking a photo with multiple mirrors so that she can see herself a dozen times in one photo (that’s how big her ego is)
        2. older woman in younger woman’s clothing (Express brand tight-fit polo shirts are for girls 17-24)
        3. look on her face that shows she thinks her body style, hair, and makeup are a lot better than they are in reality
        And most importantly:
        I’ve met this exact type of girl many times at social events, bars, birthday parties, etc. And every time, they’re 6s who act like 9s.

  21. Too many ladies give these niggas too many chances
    Too many brothers wannabe lovers don’t know what romance is
    Too many bitches stuck up from too many sexual advances
    No question; Jay-Z got too many answers

  22. This article is excellent on so many levels. It is also disturbingly accurate. You wod not believe how many receptionists at work I would see and hear behave in that manner.
    Also, like Boz said even the picture says so much. A 5 acting like a 9. Acting like they are entitled to have men chase her. A few years ago I was the beta taking this trash out to dinner.

  23. the thing i find so ridiculous is that chatting with someone in writing, on a 3 inch screen using your thumbs to type is probably THE most inefficient and exhausting way ever devised to communicate…. honestly the Victorians wasted less time writing with a feather quill on parchment….
    where people used to type 70 words a minute on a proper keyboard, now they take 1/2 an hour to have the most basic broken conversation about something so trivial and mindless, they be better off sticking their head in a trash can for the same amount of time… the contents would be more interesting….

  24. Posts and attitudes like this really give guys the wrong message. sure some girls lives are like this, but not all of them. Most girls are bored out of their fucking minds and would kill to have any good looking guy whos not a fucking chump talk to them. and if they blow you off who cares? their loss not yours. Plus this girl is 30, so who really gives a shit. Posts like this make guys respond negatively and think that they’re gonna be douchebags to every girl because they don’t want to be dinner guy, they’d rather be a Rick or whatever.

    1. How can u tell though if a girl really wants to hang with you or if she’s just killing time with you to get some free food and drink before heading over to blow “Rick”? I’d rather never do a dinner date the rest of my life than take a chance that I’m helping a girl carb-load before a wild night with Rick.

      1. To answer your question “how do you know if she really wants to hang out with you”, I would personally judge on the following:
        1. She’s not a ball breaker – nagging bitch, attention whore, drama queen, needy, generally fucked up in the head, etc. (This is more of a qualifier to know if she’s worth your time).
        2. You actually enjoy spending time with her. If she constantly gets on your nerves but you endure it just for the prospect of sex, it’s most probably not worth investing in.
        3. You get first date sex, or at least a serious make out session that makes it clear your are into each other and very compatible sexually.
        4. After the first sexual encounter or two, she makes it clear you turn her on a lot and is looking forward to having great sex with you again. In other words, you know that your needs will be met if you keep seeing her.
        Unless your fling makes it past the above check points, do not waste your money.
        Go for ‘cheap’ dates when hooking up at first (wine bar, just hanging out at your or her place, whatever). If a good rapport develops, then there’s nothing wrong with the odd dinner date as a special treat. But never splash out the cash before it’s clear she’s into you and wants to make you happy, and not just get a free ride. And even then, special treats should be ‘earned’, not expected. Oh, and she should be the one willingly paying for you at least every now and then 🙂

        1. 1. AWALT
          Much easier, more accurate assumption. Be Rick, don’t be a douche cuckold, don’t throw your time and money away on “dates.”

    2. “Sure some girls lives are like this, but not all of them.”
      Ok. How many exactly? The reason posts like this should be appreciated is that we don’t really know what we could be dealing with. Ask a girl at any point “how her day was going?” And you will get “it’s ok” “it was alright” But in fact it’s much more.
      During an email exchange with a chick I was hooking up with, she accidentally sent me an email meant for another guy who bought her lunch during work lol. ( thanks for lunch babe) Some girls are really good at being a hoe. And she actually had the nerve to get mad at me when I played along.
      While I do agree the story has a bit of a PUA angle to it, if this is what it takes to achieve the end result (sex) then why knock what other guys are going to think?
      We all know girls who string men along. And logically, the path of least resistance (to sex) is ideal right? And since we have no way to truly determine what kind of woman we are dealing with, seeing as how there is the incentive for a woman to present themselves dishonestly, as shown in this post, men don’t really owe women the benefit of the doubt.

      1. If you are spending more than 10 dollars on the first few dates with a chick…you are a chump.
        The less money…the better.

      2. Exactly. “It gives guys the wrong idea,” “not all girls are like this,” blah fucking blah. This is the standard. They don’t deserve ANY benefit of the doubt.

  25. Wow very well written. It was like reading about every millennial white girl in a big city in the US. Funny, insightful, subtle. A modern classic!

  26. As far as dinner dates go, what’s the consensus? I never make the 1st date a dinner date, but I reward good behavior subsequent with dinner dates. Thoughts?

  27. In big cities this really is how many, if not most, of the girls you regularly see at bars and clubs live their lives.

  28. Damaged Goods.
    Modern Feminism is based on what is good for woman alone, hence lesbianism. Pre 1960s Feminism was based on and viewed everything from the point of view of what is good for the family as a unit.
    Early feminist (Susan B. Anthony) opposed Divorce and Abortion, and preferred laws to criminalize abandonment of family and divorce only in extreme situations.
    No woman should be forced out of the home and into the work place was an early feminist goal.

  29. I always felt like a Rick in Life, minus getting laid. I was the guy who women hit up when they needed something done, or had certain resources. This wasn’t to say that some women weren’t interested in me, in fact quite a few were, but in my mind that was always overshadowed by the fact that I was the “on call guy”, and a commodity. People have go to hold more value then being a sexual commodity or meal ticket. Is that what we reduce our relationships too, getting our kicks likes on instagram and even on this page. Is Becky aware how superficial and benign her existence has become. Is Becky content with this? Does Becky realize that she in fact is being used. Idk my fellow peers. This shit is not what I signed on for. I did not sign up for a life of weaving and bobbing through useless human being who insist on projecting their emptiness on to others. I know that there are gems out there, but at 20 years old, I wonder if I can stand another 65 years being as jaded as I am, maybe I need to get laid.

  30. If you know a girl like Becky and hit on her and get shot down or used…its your own damn fault.

  31. For the sake of the story, you can’t have the beta at the restaurant try to pull the sacred “venue change” move.

  32. The writing is appalling I don’t??
    So was she texting in the car? How did she not crash? Does she keep her BC in the car? How do you make calls with your phone to the side?

  33. So true, brilliant and classic. I am in San Francisco, and all this applies even more so than to LA. San Francisco might be the douche capital of the US.

  34. As an American woman, I can say this was terrifyingly accurate- not of my own life, but of the lives of plenty of people I know. The donut thing had me laughing out loud.
    My day looks something like this:
    WALK to work in a dress (I almost never wear pants unless I’m exercising), do work (and maybe…read some blogs or browsing on the side, I’m no saint)
    Work out at the gym, either walk or bus home depending on how dark it is outside
    Make dinner at home with boyfriend
    Cuddle up with boyfriend, watch a movie or just chat. Make tea
    Go to bed with boyfriend
    When I was single, I admit I did my fair share of partying, but if a genuine guy took me out for dinner (that’s how my boyfriend and I met), that was far preferable. Partying lost its novelty once I hit 20.
    Side note: when i walk to work, I wear sneakers because it’s a really long walk (helps me stay thin and save money). I’ve tried heels, and it’s a huge waste of money because they always wear down and get ruined. My boyfriend says flats would be the best in-between option. Thoughts from the community? 😀

  35. What this story accurately shows is that the behavior of modern women would not be possible without the compliance of modern man.

  36. You’re calling each other fags… if fags is a derogatory word on this website, than you are all fucking fags.

  37. Did you honestly make all of this up?
    You’re a sociopath and shouldn’t be practicing law.

  38. It’s disgusting it works this way but it does. A guy tries to be nice and this is what he gets??? Why don’t we just all use caveman game from now on bcuz who wants to be the chump to feed whore before Rock dumps a load in her on your dime? If the poor chump went through 3 dates like this he could’ve just payed an escort-equally disgusting I know but my Dad who used to be quiet a Ayer told me escorts have more talent and more ethics than all these regular
    Bimbos out here. America sucks- surely there has got to be a place where we can find a decent feminine Caucasian wife not a Starbucks Forever 21 zombie?

  39. The most sadistic part of the story was when she switched from one set of sandals to another pair of sandals for the dinner date while the beta did not call her out on that. It sounds like the author has been on both ends of the story (as myself unfortunately). Luckily for me, the times women arrived late = decked out in heals looking their best ready to go the distance :). Well written again bro!

  40. Have you ever met a 30 year old woman with a career in your life? I’m guessing not because you just described a 17-20 year old college girl with a part-time job. You’re an idiot. There’s really not much else to be said about this.

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