Women Sexualize Themselves For The Public As Much As For Their Husbands

Countless American and other Western men already live in de facto polyamorous relationships, including marriages. Why? Because so many long-term girlfriends, fiancées, and wives sexualize themselves as much as for the general public as they do for their boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands. Sexualization can take many forms, but is perhaps best demonstrated by constantly dressing hyper-sexually, rather than just to look good, for strangers’ eyes, instead of for her husband’s or established male partner’s.

Even when this sexualization does not take the form of infidelity via penetrative sex (and many, many women do cheat in this way), enough women now believe that they must sexually present themselves to the entire neighborhood (and then some), above and beyond anything we used to see. In this vein, the distinction between the average husband-wife sex life and the third-party sexualization engaged in by the wife is becoming less meaningful with each passing year. What we are getting is a watered-down yet still marriage-undermining form of polyamory.

This behavior by wives is not as uncommon as you might think.

Aside from producing children, who, sadly, are likely to inherit–or be scarred by–the self-entitlement and overt hypergamy of a mother behaving this way, what’s the point of these kinds of marriages? The man has presumably already traded his ability to have sex with other women, on pain of a wife’s meltdowns or divorce-rape if he doesn’t. So what does he get? Very little, it seems, except for a world of half- and even full cuckery, as his wife parades herself for every leery male nearby.

Enter Chrissy Teigen

The new poster child for this growing form of female exhibitionism is one Chrissy Teigen. Thanks to her, just when you thought female narcissism could go no lower, it did. Recently at the American Music Awards, “supermodel” Teigen deliberately showed off her vagina to a throng of celebrity photographers, red carpet onlookers, and–most importantly–the entire world. The problem here is not so much Chrissy Teigen did what she did (although it’s still bad), but rather that she was married when she did it.

It’s great to see how female empowerment is rocking marriages like never before, as shown by Chrissy Teigen on the red carpet at the American Music Awards:

Here she is with apparently complicit (read: cucked) husband John Legend on the same night:

How Chrissy Teigen is a so-called supermodel is beyond me, but we could pretend she was a stunner and my underlying point would still stand. Of course, she takes off most of her clothes for a living. Yet that’s a different kettle of fish from showing your hooha on a night that’s meant to be about your husband (Legend both performed that evening and was nominated in the “Collaboration of the Year” category).

Except for when Legend is in her vajayjay, anything Teigen gives her husband has essentially been offered to every man with access to a TV or computer. Unfortunately, there’s a massive difference between an Elle Macpherson of the 1980s and 90s and the Chrissy Teigens of 2016 (and not just in terms of looks). Likewise, there’s a yawning gap between the wives of past years and many of the wives of today.

So what’s the point of marriage?


Well, there is no point, unless it’s done right. And “done right” can be a very elusive outcome, as a man marrying today may have little indication of how his wife, supported and too often encouraged by a backward “culture,” will behave into the future. The argument that game provides a solution for a betrothed man is only relevant up to a point. After all, the gender malaise affecting society is decidedly real and potent. Consider game as the collection of tools to climb an oftentimes very steep hill steadily becoming a mountain, when the hill should have been bulldozed long ago.

At the end of the day, marriage has been stripped of the intimacy and exclusivity that used to define it. Even if a married man had mistresses in the past, his sex life was less publicly on display than the sexualized attention-whoring indulged in even by married women who don’t cheat. Consequently, in many or most marriages, there is next to nothing that is special about what a wife sexually provides to a husband, as she’s offering a light, moderate, or, frequently enough, heavy version of it to the public.

Are you in a marriage or relationship like this? Then prepare to leave it

Yup, it’s time to leave.

Don’t act prematurely (secure your finances and develop a plan to keep any kids you have first), but you need to prepare to eject from toxic liaisons such as these. Without exaggerating, in 99% of cases, your energies are better spent finding another girl than trying to reform an attention-whore, even if you think she hasn’t cheated on you. Move as fast as you can to end things without jeopardizing your material situation.

Here at Return Of Kings and on the Roosh V Forum, we believe in–and expect from other men–a mentality of abundance. This can often be the harder choice, but it is the right one. In no sense should a “wife” or “girlfriend” be rewarded for behaving like a whore. Your self-respect should come light years ahead of her vanity.

For men considering either marriage or a long-term relationship, the same basic principles apply. It is much better to be on your own for a while than to be the guy taken advantage of as a cucked first among equals, the equals being the swarms of other men she tries to appeal to.

You may not have the riches and fame of a John Legend, but you can have bigger balls and excise Chrissy Teigens from your life.

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419 thoughts on “Women Sexualize Themselves For The Public As Much As For Their Husbands”

  1. In retrospect, I am glad my wife never dressed like that after we got married. Once early on, I actually tried to get her to wear some of her pre-marriage hot dresses and boots but she refused. One thing I did not like was when she cut her hair. She listened to me there, though, and grew it back out.
    All that was 25 years ago.

    1. There’s “looking good” going out
      and then there’s “flashing your clam on TV”
      A vast gulf of values and attitude lies between.

    2. I’ve found women are very susceptible to subliminal messaging and suggestive language / NLP. I would just play this every time you’re in the car together.

  2. Isn’t John “Legend” the guy who was constantly going on about Trump being Hitler? No surprise he can’t control his wife.

    1. I’m of the mind that a man needs to control his wife and girlfriend and tell her what to do and what to wear if necessary. Of course, such a man would be called “insecure” and “not a real man”. But whatever. Keep this in mind, look at the women who stay for years on end in relationships with controlling men and come up with every excuse in the world to do so.
      Now, look at the number of women who cheat on and leave their equalist husbands/boyfriends.
      Any questions?

  3. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the seam has been torn on her dress.
    Deliberate or otherwise, that’s the question.

    1. Women love hiding behind plausible deniability. This woman, starved for attention, took it too far. Just look at how high she attached that safety pin.
      I blame the husband.

      1. But she isn’t starved for attention. She has a television show with a gay bff. She also has been showing tits and ass for years. That didn’t really change come relationship. Maybe it slowed down for pregnancy sake. The husband may not even be present enough to keep this chick from flaunting the goods. Likely she will continue unless if she is afraid of losing the guy.
        Now look at Legend. Does anything about him, or their finances, inspire dread?

  4. Thank for articulating this. This is an aspect many men bereft of common sense don’t understand. They think the sexier their woman dresses the better, and I am not talking about one night stands but girlfriends! What fools they are.

    1. Some of them likely get a thrill out of other men wanting their property, not really realizing how emasculated it can make them appear. I think it also comes down to sexy/classy, vs slutty/trampy. A nice slim cocktail dress for when you go out to dinner, vs vulva outling yoga pants to the mall.

      1. Most of the times is the latter they get. At least I can admire their girlfriend’s camel’s toe…so there’s that.
        *Correction: I meant the latter, not the former

        1. I also think there are some that dress like that just so they can act indignant when they get ogled.

    1. Actually Legend is a pretty talented dude who has won loads of well deserved awards and has a history of being a very generous philanthropist. Not saying the guy is the best thing in the world, but he isn’t a nobody.

      1. ok so he compensates for his cuckdom by getting awards from award giving somebodies and gives away money to get tax breaks. nice.

        1. no. but like I have always said….a performers personal behavior, politics and sex life doesn’t interest me. It is like caring what brand of underwear your plumber wears. Totally irrelevant. The guy may be a total shit but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is how well he performs the job which is is supposed to perform and Legend is pretty good at his job. Getting awards at the thing you do for a living is a good thing. As for giving money away for tax breaks…the fed government is going to take it anyway so you might as well give it to people who are needy. It is better than the cocksuckers in U2 who basically just lie cheat and steal so they don’t have to give a penny up.
          I am not going to spend a day defending John Legend. He is good, but not Quincy Jones good. Just saying that the guy isn’t just some nobody. He has done a lot with his talent.

        2. you shouldve just have come out and said you like his music instead of writing a wall of text . I on the other hand do not know or care who he is.

        3. you asked a question, I was answering it. Unless you asked just to be snarky and I misunderstood. In which case I apologize.

        4. His cuckdom comes from our society by law and culture lack of respect and contempt for him as a man to marry. We have been conditioned by culture and law over the years to see any man that marries and at this point in history as submitting to his woman. Civilized society properly sees marriage from a man as a gift to a worthy woman. A sane thriving society by law and culture can only be truthfully civilized when it does the same.
          sooner or later the men here must change our mindset from surviving feminism and liberalism to defeating both with an end goal of respect for the beta family man. Civil society guided by law culture and tradition take full advantage of the beta male and give full respect and admiration of that man that his wife has no capacity to see and appreciate. No civilization survives on the good will of women ever.

        5. From one point of view I would have to disagree to the idea that we shouldn’t consider the socio-political lives of celebrities and rather we should simply enjoy (or ignore) their talents (or lack thereof). People like John Legend are destroying society and making the choices available for hard working honest men, well, less than desirable. The rise of the current mix of liberalism/communism/3rd wave feminism (outlined by the elite, and then carried out by influencers such as John Legend), is in no small part the doings of a tainted Hollywood and Corporate Media. Giving Legend a free pass will only continue to make the situation much worse. There is a place and time for shaming people in society in order for them to “get in line” so to speak. Right now there is very little shaming in Western society, and it shows in numerous facets of daily life (the fat epidemic, for one).

      2. Yeah, one of the few rare modern musicians I find entertaining, and I’ve heard him speak before and he’s intelligent and compassionate. Don’t know or care about his personal life, honestly didn’t know he was married. These days, it’s somewhat rare to have a musician who both composes and performs original pieces that are above average.
        Edit: I haven’t listened to him recently, didn’t know he wrote that “All of me” song, which of course is ultra beta but is kinda catchy. He’s definitely got a good singing voice but he’s embarrassing the hell out of himself at this point.

      3. Legend had a long history of serial infidelity. He was a famous guy plucking every vagina he could. No big deal. He’s a singer.
        Then he met Miss Teigen and went FULL beta.
        Look at this video. Great song, incredible voice, huge talent — but jeeeesus criminy it churns the stomach.

        1. I didn’t know anything about his life. I did know he was a talented dude. I can def understand how it could be stomach churning…but whatever…he is a guy doing what he does. I would assume that he at least thinks this will make him happy and if and when he finds out it doesn’t he will make some decision to change it. Still waiting on Taylor Swift to have that realization. Woman had 500 songs about bad relationships and not a single song about giving blowjobs….she’ll come around

        2. Leaders of nations only goal is to ensure these men are respected in marriage and commitment.His children are his to love and care for. What she thinks mean nothing. This man is a sports coach,plumber, office drone,mechanic,lawyer etc. These men should never have to by law and culture take shit from his wife. He gives her her “half” and takes his children and leaves a contemptuous wife respected by law and culture and with that same wife this story doesn’t exist. That is the end goal of masculine truth of leadership of civilized society.

      4. Winning awards is completely irrelevant these days means nothing. I listen to him trash trump like he was gonna murder everyone after the election I didn’t realize he was such a radical and pussy whipped.

        1. what in the world do you listen to John Legend’s political views for? Do you want to hear Mike Pence do Motown covers? Who fucking cares? As for awards…I don’t know. The guy is very talented and has won awards for that talent. Don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t feel like the fix is in on this one.

        2. You know, this is exactly what I was thinking of when I made that comment, Honest Injun.

        3. Ha, I was unaware of the reverse version until I searched it, and it’s much better backwards.
          Anyway, the only non-philosophers or politicians I listen to about political issues are comedians, because they are basically paid to think, at least the really good thoughtful ones, whose acts had a theme, like say Kaufman, Carlin, Hicks. These guys were very observant, very sharp, and regularly tour the country and see all kinds of different people, make observations, and have some great common sense ideas that of course no political party wants to hear.
          Oh but all politicians aren’t terrible entertainers. This was pretty good

        4. Do you want to hear Mike Pence do Motown covers?

          At least Mike Pence has the common courtesy to spare us from those, because that’s not his job and all. 🙂

        5. True enough…though based on his love of musicals I figure when he finally comes out of the closet and goes full Jenner he might start a cabaret career.

        6. “that was the worst experience an American politician has ever had in a theater” Mike Pence (presumably)

        7. “Do you want to hear Mike Pence do Motown covers?”
          Yes. That would be the funniest shit imaginable.

  5. Ah, an attention whore who thinks dressing like a cheap piece of ass will carry her until she crashes into the wall. The fun part is calling out single moms who are like this and laughing at their response.

    1. Worse are the attention whores who long-ago hit the wall but are trying in vain to still attract the same attention as a sexual object as they did in their pre-wall days. It’s a sad, pitiful display at times (most of the time). And so easy to mock and deride.

        1. Pretty bad looking for an Asian, especially mixed. No hips & bona fide cobra face. + opens her mouth on politics & lives on social media.

    2. When she slams into said wall and no longer gets modeling gigs, she’ll chop off her hair and bitch about the patriarchy objectifying women.

  6. This article strikes me as a bit prudish. The point about marriage is taken, but I guess the question is answered in the article….what is the point of marriage? It seems like there are other, far more beneficial things that a man can do with his time and resources and if he feels otherwise, if he feels that marriage is that important to him, he can reorganize his life to live a traditional marriage….this might involve moving, leaving aside other personal ambitions or even converting or at the very least getting more serious about religion.
    I feel a lot of problems come from people who want it all. You want to make a fortune, drive some expensive sports car, have a high power job, have a 9 for a wife blah blah blah but you also want it to be an old fashioned and traditional marriage? Well too bad. That is what feminists and liberals do. FREE EDUCATION! But we want education to be amazing and meaningful FREE MEDICAL! but we want medicine to be all the same good that privatized medicine is. If you really want to be married…and I think that is, as they say in latin NVTS, then go be a small town farmer, go build barns with the amish, go move to some third world shithole and be a poor fisherman. It is a perfectly valid life choice if that is what makes you happy. But stop trying to universalize your puritanical behavior. You know where to find like minded people. Go find them.

    1. Don’t get too hung up on the popular lies. High income,expensive car 9 wife and traditional marriage are the point of civilized society. That is the civilized goal of a family man a builds huge powerful nations. Your comment is a surrender to hypergamy and full acceptance to the shit we have today. Ironically the place you described where to find marriage is where your mindset causes to most destruction.

      1. It is in no way merely a surrender to the shit we have today. I like what we have today. I think what we have today is, in many ways, superior to what we have had before. Traditional marriage, to me, seems like a pointless waste of time and resources. If it is what a man wants I won’t criticize him for it. Each man should decide what he wants. You talk about a surrender to hypergamy and I talk about a surrender to some fake image of value based on family that was sold to you. That’s ok though. These are merely different ways of looking at the world and different values. Nothing wrong with that.
        What bothers me is when the idea of the traditional marriage is pushed as being “correct.” This is bush league leftism. The things I want personally need to be universally extrapolated and applied to everyone or I am triggered. There are plenty of places where you can find yourself a nice bride and live a simple life and have your lifestyle.
        I see too many people who want all the good of both types of life and wind up dissatisfied and then blame society for their lack of satisfaction rather than blame themselves for not having a more realistic vision for their own lives.

        1. “What bothers me is when the idea of the traditional marriage is pushed as being “correct.””
          Remember where you are: The House of ROK tends to focus on patriarchy, traditional family, etc. You can’t be too surprised to find views here slanted in that direction.

        2. “I see too many people who want all the good of both types of life and wind up dissatisfied and then blame society for their lack of satisfaction rather than blame themselves for not having a more realistic vision for their own lives.”
          This is full surrender and lack of vision. This is coasting on the good will of men of the past. What this looks like is the poor african american community and the poor white community. This is the thug culture and bad boy getting laid with the betas paying the bills. Take a look at Sweden, germany and Europe in general.
          Traditional marriage is correct just not in the world you have accepted. I don’t accept it nor do I want my son to accept it. The people that voted in Trump may not know why or how but they do not like the world as it is.

        3. Sorry but I see it differently. I see you trying to universalize your personal choices into moral imperatives which too is the problem of the ultra liberal European countries, feminists and ghettos. Again, I don’t just accept my world. I absolutely love my world. I think it is great and I think I am living my life to a potential which is impossible for men in your world. The difference is that I am allowing for the fact that different men will feel differently and go and live different lives where you are not. In my eyes that is a far more enlightened, advanced and evolved way of thinking.

        4. I don’t think it is fair to say that ROK is focused on patriarch and traditional family when there are so many how to get your dick wet articles. I think it would be fair to say that some authors and some commenters are focused on traditional family and others are not. It is a big tent. What bugs me is that where I will say that what is most important for a man is that he make his own decisions and live his life as he see fit, to do it, as Francis Albert might say, his way with no apologies or regrets some (not all) in the other camp are trying to elevate their preferences to moral law which is no different than what liberals do when they try to tell the world that what they think is absolute truth. It is, pardon my language, a big pile of bologna. I think it stems from a lot of butt hurt that you can’t have it all but rather have to pick and chose which is, again, indicative of feminist and liberal mentality.

        5. Hey, ya know what they say. Everybody’s got a special kind of story. Everybody finds a way to shine. It don’t matter what you got not a lot so what they’ll have their, you’ll have yours, and I’ll have mine and together we’ll be fine.

        6. I concur fully with your point. A reasonable man knows there are as the article states women not suited for marriage. And just the same men do not desire marriage. Only a righteous damn fool doesn’t understand it. At the same time that group should no be the basis of society. The hard foundation needs to be solid commitment and respect of marriage but not a requirement. Respect for a family man is not synonymous with disrespect for a single man. My view is a strong nation of men and not some moral judgement of of individual men. A mans choice to marry should never be a choice to surrender his being to an insane society for the sake of a woman.

        7. I think we are edging closer and closer to seeing eye to eye. I would say that while the hard foundation of society was once solid commitment and marriage, it is, in my opinion, increasingly less so. I think at this point in history we can start to see the foundation of society as men who follow their passions and strengths and stay true to themselves. This will have some of them being in solid marriages and others not, but the foundational aspect is shifted from the marital unit to just men who will follow their own path. It is a very marginal difference of opinion though and I am glad we understand each other better now.

        8. I’ve found that what people expect to be able to do is have one aspect of life’s values – Hot bitch, blockbuster porn sex, playboy life – then flip a switch and instantly have the other – Docile yet nubile wife, community respect, broad-perspective leadership value. It just doesn’t work that way. Not even for women entirely, but thanks to cucks and betas… more so for them as we all know too well.

        9. ” I think at this point in history we can start to see the foundation of society as men who follow their passions and strengths and stay true to themselves. This will have some of them being in solid marriages and others not, but the foundational aspect is shifted from the marital unit to just men who will follow their own path.”
          This is key. The shift you have observed and adapted to is based on the destruction of the choice for men to be committed family men. With out this choice society is much weaker. Than its full potential of viable men. Making that a viable valid and respected choice needs to happen for all men.
          enjoy yourself and be free as you should be

        10. This is the point on which we do not agree. Your choice for that life is still there. All over the Midwest, I have been told. You could also move to Ecuador or Bolivia or the Philippines but if you wanted to stay in the US what about Rural Montana? Northern Ohio which, I am sure GOJ will tell you is a wonderful place to live and to start a family with a traditional family.
          My further disagreement is that I think this modern world is a marked improvement in society. This isn’t some observed phenomenon which I am tacitly accepting. It is, in my opinion, a great option for men to be self-realizing outside the confines of a traditional life and in the end society is improved my men who can disregard the vestiges of the old world like traditional marriage and the necessities of family, and become something greater. That said, there are still plenty of places in this country where the old fashioned way of living life is available to people who want it.
          What isn’t available is the best parts of both worlds at the same time.

        11. “What isn’t available is the best parts of both worlds at the same time.”
          This is available. It’s called
          “roommates who fuk” or “an open marriage”

        12. both of those sound terrible to me. They seem to involve cohabitation which is just stomach turning in my opinion.

        13. No it is not a man’s choice. It is what she allows. By law his marriage is determined by her not his commitment. That social and legal dynamic is not sound and has no understanding of female nature and hence this article is written.
          Do not see a man that marries as a confine, it is a choice that is as valid as yours. The choice you make leaves you less vulnerable to the issues a married man has as it should. It is and needs to be a respected option for all men and not some criminal offence. Nothing stated here is to be taken as in anyway negative for single men. All men need to strive freely for personal greatness and be respected.

        14. here we agree again. The laws that essentially tie a mans nut sack behind his back the second he says I do are really, really dangerous both to the option of marriage and to the general well being of women.

        15. worst of both worlds….sharing a room with a woman, knowing she’s cockin’ someone else…
          Then I dont understand what you mean:
          “What isn’t available is the best parts of both worlds at the same time.”

        16. I live a pretty swinging life. I have a ton of freedom, when I come home I am alone in solace, I have no responsibilities in my life that I don’t create, I can bang women, leave them, be seen in public with a different one every night, decide to be celibate for 6 months to clear my head. Further, I can (and have in the past) worked hours that would have pissed a wife off…even if she wasn’t mad she would feel unattended too. Also, another thing, every single fucking penny I earn is spent 100% on shit that I want. Fuck, if I want to set it on fire and dance around the flames naked like a lunatic indian in my living room I am free to do that. No kids, no wife, no responsibility. I am fully my own man in every single way.
          That said, doing this I will miss out on stuff. I am not so obtuse as to not recognize the fulfilment and comfort of a stable life long relationship, teaching a son how to throw a football, watching children grow up and become young men and women, having a home life that is like a rock foundation on which I may build a line. I get that that stuff is good too. However, I have made my choice of which I want and in making it I went in knowing I would sacrifice the good stuff along with the stuff I didn’t want in the family life.
          If you want an old fashioned, traditional lifestyle you can’t have it while also having my lifestyle. Where your priority will be the family unit my priority is totally me. Everything you do in life has some cost. The question is whether or not you find it a price worth paying.

        17. Sorry for being obtuse, I thought you were calling for some
          lifestyle which combines the two, which would have contradicted your initial “can’t
          have it all” argument.
          I’m back with you now.
          You’ve spelled it out very clearly. It is the choice of every man and he alone which
          life to lead. Trying to combine the two is
          exactly the kind of “have it all” attitude that will ruin either lifestyle, not
          to mention the participants, willing or unwilling.
          The Great Mr. Miyagi put it best – “Do karate yes, OK; do karate no, OK; do karate ‘guess so’ – squish like grape.”
          Having taken the opposite path you did, I too know damn well
          that I’m missing out on a lot (mostly thanks to your stories, damn it), but a
          commitment is non-negotiable – and you CANT FUKKIN HAVE IT ALL. A successful man has SOME, but it is HIS.

        18. THat’s how I see it at least. You took the opposite path. You will get some benefits where I have draw backs (I will most likely die alone and someone will find my stinking corpse a week later) and I get some benefits you don’t. In the end, if you order strawberry ice cream it is unseemly that you should be sad that it isn’t chocolate.

        19. Unseemly perhaps, but the grass always seems greener. Envy is a weakness I have to constantly fight back. We all have them.
          And that “die alone” crap is an Old Wives Tale – we ALL die alone. Sure most are surrounded by some people joined in the misery created by your death, but you go you can count on pain, fear, and total isolation. Being childless I’ve made peace with the fact that I will die in a piss-stained, unattended public facility surrounded by no one. I’ve already made it clear to the Girl that I plan on outliving her.

        20. It’s not so much as people trying to push their moral high ground on to you or your way of life. More to-the-point is the REMOVAL of brainwashing by the current methods of cultural marxism/feminism will in turn create a more civilised traditional society. So what some people here are saying is that yes we must DO certain things to remove the gross evil that has befallen western societies. Do not misconstrue this line of thinking with the same tactics performed by the current ruling elite along with their liberal minions, who actively virtue signal and seek the moral high ground and finally force their ideals onto the rest of society at the point of a gun.

        21. Sorry, but that is exactly how I see it…at least some of it, not all. The world is constantly changing. There is a give and take. New things come and old things replaced. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.
          I do not have a value system that holds the traditional family unit as some great thing…at best in apathetic to it and think if that’s what people want then they should move to places that are like that….often times I feel that those are just values of a time past which are simply no longer relevant.
          Complaining that some 30 year old musician and his model wife are bad influences because they have liberal politics, a non traditional marriage and dress in ways that some firebrand preacher from some town I wouldn’t visit on a dare would find “immodest” according to his nonsense puritanical beliefs doesnt impress me—in fact it just seems absurd to me.
          I am not saying that modern 3rd wave feminism is a good thing by a long shot but I am saying that a more relevant understanding of patriarchy will need to be created. We simply aren’t going back to ward and June cleaver. It’s dumb to bother trying.
          The world changes. People who don’t change and keep up with the time fall by the wayside. Look at Ludd. For all his protests, violence and destruction of property the loom put weavers out of business and weavers needed to learn a new trade or starve

    2. “This article strikes me as a bit prudish.”
      And both pix are censored 🙁

        1. Homer: Oh, what a day. Maybe the headlines will cheer me up.
          [the headline says “You suck, Angry Dad”]
          Homer: That’s opinion, not news!
          [His head inflates and his eyeballs explode]
          Homer: [laughing] That guy’s hilarious. I especially like his white shirt and blue pants. Wait a minute… Angry Dad is ME!
          Lenny Leonard: Yeah, didn’t you know? You’ve been world famous for an hour now.
          Carl Carlson: You’re the Internet’s #1 non-porno site.
          Lenny Leonard: Which makes you ten trillionth overall.

  7. Why would a woman settle for admiration from ONE man when the device in her purse can give her admiration from a THOUSAND men?
    Traditional marriage: Coming to a museum near you.

    1. She has over 9 million followers on Instagram, I suspect at least half of those are thirsty guys.
      We’re at peak thirst.

      1. Ah, the Instagram cuckschmuckery… If a girl doesn’t share my narrow-minded (with much pride!) same interests in film and music, like Hell is she going to be followed by me!

      2. We’ve hit a bubble in thirst, but I wonder what all of the wall street pundits would be saying about this phenomenon if they knew a single thing about the manosphere? Nothing to see here…we’ve only just begun this bull market in thirst! Everything is Awesome!

      3. “We’re at peak thirst”. Or guess we have been made to believe, forced and pressured into giving in … !

    2. Finding yourself in a traditional and happy marriage is a gamble. The odds are on the house, and the bet you make is all you own, as well as your emotional, physical, and psychological health.
      There are good marriages out there, yes. People also win the lotto, and that Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. While the odds might not be to that level yet, they get worse every year. Know the odds. Because if anyone actually says, “I never thought it could happen to me.” they need to be pimp slapped.

    3. A thousand men with no sexual value to her are meaningless. One man that she’ll crawl over glass on her belly for means more than the 10,000 men that she could give a care less about.

      1. So what, if you are putting her on a pedestal for the “favor” of choosing you over the 100,000 other men you are still being cucked. Once she hits the wall you hit the “reset” button and get another one. Any other option is the path to ruin in western culture.

    4. That’s it. That’s literally (hitler!) what we as guys are up against. You must appear greater than the thousand men otherwise available to her at any given time. I’ve done well for myself, but until I am a shredded astronaut musician ufc fighter…one day.

      1. Society used to keep women in check. Shaming was there for a reason. Now that shaming has been removed and we are being more culturally Judaic we can see the affects on women.
        The truth is that women need a structured society or they devolve. That is in essence what we are witnessing right now.

      1. You’ve lost your faith in man-woman relationship…
        Oh, the tears of hopelessness…

        1. Or joy of understanding, yet hating the outcome? Why do I feel like suffering through a philosophy book all of a sudden?

        2. Sometimes I wish I were still as ignorant and as “blind” as I once were.

    5. All fleshly pursuits dealing with the majority of females today. A wise man immediately disqualifies the common female for the poison she is. She definitely is good at putting her character flaws on open display.

    6. I have the misfortune of being close lifelong friends with about 5 girls from childhood. The shear number of men they “date” at a time is disgusting. If they think they are doing what “all guys do” they are mistaken. Very few men can get laid as quickly or by as many people as the average twenty-something woman.
      It really changed the way I view all women. I used to feel bad about not returning a phone call. Now, it’s hard to give a shit if they live or die from AIDS at this point.
      They are all miserable and lonely, but they continue the same behavior.

        1. It’s been one year since I left my previous work and I am so happy now… I started working online, for a company I stumbled upon on-line, several hrs each day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office work… My pay-check for last month was for 9 thousand bucks… Superb thing about this gig is that now i have more free time for my loved ones…

      1. “It really changed the way I view all women. I used to feel bad about not returning a phone call. Now, it’s hard to give a shit if they live or die from AIDS at this point”
        This describes me perfectly, good sir. I used to feel the same way, but any man can be rest assured that women could care less if he dies from AIDS, or a car accident, or if he is suffering in any way.
        As a result my attitude about women has changed. No, I do not hate women, but rather I simply like them as much as they like men.

      2. The stupidity of these women who justify their sluttery by claiming men (as in: all men) sleep around just as much and (((muh equality))) always baffles me. Ladies: about 5% of men are “naturals” and can get laid just by smiling at a woman (think like James Bond). The rest have to do tremendous work on themselves, both on a physical and psychological level and even then it’s not like they just have to look cute and wait for a woman to come and say hi. They have to approch hundreds of women in a short period of time, face rejection all the time, sometimes in a cruel manner and after all that they’ll be lucky if they find one broad who is worth more than a ONS or at best a plate.
        Furthermore, entire generations of men at this point have been raised by single mothers and feminist teachers who tell them that women don’t care about looks, money, status and game, they just want an emotionally open partner who will care about her feelings and have no shame to express his. We’re talking about decades of setback on the sexual marketplace and many of them will never recover because they’re being labeled mysogynists for reading things like ROK and r/TheRedPill.

        1. I didn’t say that all women are sluts. I said that slutty women who justify their sluttery by comparing themselves to a straw man of the average man they made up in their head are stupid. Well, my only mistake was calling them stupid. In fact, it’s just typical female hamstering. The same kind of hamstering that will make a woman say to her date “we won’t be having sex tonight” only then to fuck him a few hours later. That way, she can claim sex isn’t something she initiated because she didn’t want to have sex but the man “”””forced”””” her to consent by being so sexually desirable (basically, having a balanced combination of looks+game). Women don’t do things, things happen to women. That way, they can retain plausible deniability and not take responsiblity for anything, like being a slut.

        2. You’re not in any way going to respond with something that isn’t a shaming attempt, are you?
          If you want to know how that makes me feel, look at the first characters of your username.

      3. Same here. Here is a man who allegedly tricked women into sex by posing as a porn producer. He promised the women money, but never paid up. Instead, when they complained, he sent the video to their boyfriend and told him “she does porn”.
        Imagine the look on the blue pill Beta’s face seeing what his oneitis is willing to do for money.
        Now, do I feel bad for these women? No. Do I think this man deserves punishment? Again, no.
        This is the reality of the times we live in. In the age of promiscuity where “confidence and charm” rule over having steady employment and being good and decent, this is what you get. You get smooth talking charmers offering false promises in order to get what they want. Why? Because it works.
        Also, this shows that every woman, unless she has some outside constraints, has a price and is willing to sell herself as a hole to be used.
        Finally, it exposes how naive and gullible women are. Tell them what they want to hear in a convincing fashion and you can get what you want. No matter how outlandish.
        Keep in mind, when women string men along that they know they are not sexually interested in, in order to get money and favors and help with bills, these women don’t feel at all bad about it.

        1. As I was watching that repeated news report I felt kinda like I was watching the movie “Groundhog Day”.

        2. Woman uses the allure of sex to get money from men…all’s fair in love and war.
          Man uses allure of money to get sex from women….FBI get’s involved.

      4. They know their time-window of usability is short; 18-36, after which the tables are turned and they have to assert to catch something good.

        1. “Author argues that it’s a miracle that marriage has survived the twentieth century at all”

    7. If men started rejecting sluts, women would stop being sluts. That’s why male sexuality also need to be controlled, as it creates a demand for sluts. Hedonism is a threat to civilization.

      1. I let sluts know just what I think of them after turning them on. What I don’t tell them is that most of them were out of my league to begin with.

        1. Do you think it is possible to sex starve slutty women until they realize they are disgusting?

    8. Wow, this is new to me.
      Everyone knows that South America is an easy going for those who wants sex adventures. In Brazil (my country), it’s common to see highly sexualized women on a dayle basis. We like pretty women, and we like more when they are barely dressed.
      But, I never had heard of housewife behaving like this. Usualy, when a woman marry, she becames more discreet in the way she dresses and behave. No man would marry a woman who intend to behave like if she was single even thought she’s married.
      First and foremost, no man in his sane mind would marry a whore. In my country, being sexy does not mean being a whore. Most woman want to be sexy so that they can attract the best male possible. The majority of them will change drasticaly their behavior when they marry.
      You americans indeed are having a hard time to find good women.

      1. Same thing. I seldom see women in my Home country (Bharat) behaving as a whore and seducing the public, especially after Marriage. That said, obviously, there are increasing number of women (in general) with slutty behavior, influenced & encouraged by foreign funded NGO’s, hollywood and western women.

    9. Got your satire ! but a woman MUST settle for ONE MAN, because she is clever enough to realize the fact;
      “A KEY that can open many locks is called a MASTER KEY, but a lock that can be opened by many KEYS is a USELESS / SHITTY LOCK” !!!

  8. Cuz, duh, she makes her living from flashing her tits and bits. Now if your jeans and hoodie wearing motorcycle mama starts mucking out the barn in whore wear, that might be cause for concern.

  9. when ur girl stop trying to look nice for you, and start only wearing makeup when she/you guys go out in public, it’s time to end that shit STAT

    1. this is why I end all relationships, regardless of circumstances, at 8 weeks. Most get ended shorter. Just a few months ago I was with a girl who I really, really liked and 8 weeks was up and I had to end it. It really wasn’t easy…it usually is. But I know the score and my rules are in place for my benefit.

      1. Hmmm. How did you come to the conclusion 8 weeks is optimal? Maximum fun to bullshit ratio? Bell curve peaking out about 8 weeks?

        1. Optimal for me based on tinkering and experience. It is right at the level that will allow me to get out with the girl having minimal expectations, with me (if the girl is great) having minimal feelings, and before I get so bored that I start praying for her death (my old line was as soon as a prayed she would die I’d end it but that was insufficient as sometimes it went too long and sometimes too short)

        2. Seems fair. I tend to get bored with a woman after about 3 months. Once the “newness” wears off I’m usually looking for a window to throw her out of.

        3. That’s the essence of it. I can usually go three months but I feel that 3 months is too long because they catch feelings and then it becomes annoying. Better to leave on a high note. But yes, same theory but everyone’s mileage may vary

      2. oh lolnee, t he manosphere’s resident nihilistic sociopath.
        So you really liked a girl and she liked you but you just had to end it after 8 weeks?? Would another few weeks really have made that big of a difference? Maybe you could enjoyed her company for a few more weeks until you really did grow tired of her. Every relationship and woman is different and have different event horizons.

        1. I find 8 weeks to be ideal. I don’t want her getting all involved emotionally to the point where the breakup is ugly. There have been times when I thought a few extra weeks would be good but the rules are there for everyone’s protection and must be behaved

      1. I mean, model-dancer-escort-hooker – it all requires differently levels of hawkin’ the beev. He knew and accepted her vocation when he married her.
        Shit, some people actually marry porn chicks.

        1. Sounds insane, but at least you KNOW what you’re getting, and you know she can really please you and loves sex.

        2. Wifes (ideally) only hawk the beev to one person though (private, dedicated beev-hawking).
          That’s the difference.

        3. If I have been with a girl for more than a few months she would have to have PT Barnum levels of hawking skills to sell me her cunt.

  10. Chick is maybe a 7 at best, IF her weird look is something you are in to; I don’t see how she became a “supermodel.” Sounds like she is just riffing off of the fame her cucked husband gave her. I searched her name, and of course she has all the elements of the attention-whoring slut kit, twitter, instagram, slutty pics and videos. Apparently they have a kid, so I guess I can understand if Legend doesn’t leave her, but dude needs to intervene and cut that shit out, or if not, I suppose the wall will take care of it shortly.

      1. Yeah, she looks pretty hot there. But putting her on the John Legend scale, she should be at the low end of what he can pick up. Kinda like how the George Clooney wife is not ugly, but, considering he’s George Clooney, she kind of is.
        Anyway, something about the girls face bugs me, and you can see some crows lines around her eyes (click the image) which you know were much worse before Cosmo airbrushed them out. Also she’s Asian, so she should look like a 17 year old until she hits at least 35, and she doesn’t, so that’s troubling.

        1. nah. even whoring Asians lose their mojo from continuous use. this whore has access to expensive maintenance via cuckband’s money.

        2. agreed on all points. I think the fairest way to say it is a) due to her mixed Thai and Norwegian heritage she has a unique look which may make her more to or against the tastes of some (though does account for one of the reasons of her being a model) and, b) as it is with so many women, especially those who get famous and live life in the fast lane, the wall hit this bish fast and hard. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating chips even now at 30, but I can see your point for sure.

        3. Jesus Caligula, EVERY goddamn headline on that cover is about sex/manipulation/attention whoring! Go fucking figure Western women are goat carcasses now!

        4. She’s got that giant alien mouth thing going on, like Julia Roberts.

        5. 35? Asians’ own “expiration date” for their women is 25, and in my experience that is a very solid rule of thumb.

        1. of course they are. It is the cover of sports illustrated! But if you are seriously going to deny that a 24 year old Chrissy Teigen was hot I don’t know what to do with ya….

        2. different people like different things buddeh. she’s got a weird shaped looking face. and it seems she’s got a droopy pair of titties. the kind that need taping up.

        3. A quick web search reveals naked photos of her which show: 1) boobs are fake as they are now much larger and 2) She has no curves, zero child bearing hips. She’s thin, which makes her appear attractive, but my biology makes me crave a curvy woman who has a body built for procreation. Would post here but I think full nudity is frowned upon.

        1. Meh, she is a celebrity who is famous for being hot and fashionable at an event where hot fashionable people get all dressed up in fashionable clothes for photographers to take pictures of them that wind up in magazines. I’d argue that she was wearing that dress in the one place it actually would be acceptable

        1. yes, but it doesn’t mean it don’t warrant further and closer inspection.

    1. She’s 30 now. Not SI material any more. So she locked down a one hit wonder pop musician to maintain her lifestyle as the modeling gigs become fewer.

    2. Her level of hotness is up for debate. But I think we can all agree that she probably smells. And no level of hotness can overcome a stinky bitch,

    3. Before I left the US: ~7.
      After leaving the US: ~3
      It’s a big world out there. 🙂

  11. Women themselves used to police this sort of thing – the wives and chaste would collectively drive “loose women” away. It still happens in rural small towns (think Mormon Utah). Meanwhile, when their husbands eyes would wander, they’d treat him well so he didn’t stray.
    Now women have slutwalks, and see men as a spare income.

    1. “Women themselves used to police this sort of thing…”
      Valid point. Some women still do to some extent. I complimented my wife last year about maintaining her figure and her reply stuck with me, “I am a Russian woman. I have too.” I never deceived myself about her doing it for me (nor do I lift weights “for her”), but it revealed that there is a level of expectations russian women hold each other too. If they let themselves go, they will be castigated for it by their own.

      1. Which do you think has a greater impact, her own self-respect, or the possibility of castigation of her peers?
        I’d hope for the former.

      2. Logic suggests that this impulse fades at some point in time, otherwise, we wouldn’t even know what a bubushka was, let alone see pictures of hordes of them from Russia.

        1. Hard to keep appearances when you have grand kids hanging on you. Would say your social-economc status would play a role how you age and what is expected. But your right….saw alot of babushkas selling fruit along the road.

    2. Now you understand why women are the way they are. Contrary to feminist mythology, men did not atually control women. Nor do they now. It has always been the same people who buy Cosmo, and force their cucks to buy them appliances in the 50s. Other women!

    3. If women want to treat me as spare income, I’ll play along with it. I’ll promise her whatever her heart desires and then kick her to the curb when I get what I want.

  12. First, American “Music Awards” is an oxymoron if I’ve heard one.
    Second, John Legend’s balls need to drop at some juncture in his life to get the testosterone flowing in that one-dimensional body. For fuck’s sake, she seems bigger than he is!

  13. Think of all the women (girlfriends guys here also have) who are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Potential suitors, ex-boyfriends and even the horny old neighbor are just one click away from connecting with her after drooling over the profile pictures. I think that no man should accept a relationship with a woman who is so focused on external validation. If you have to pin every location you’ve been to, if you have to post pictures of your body and face for the world to see, if you are available for other people to contact 24/7 in a non-business way… THAT IS SICK. Traits of an attentionwhore. And not a potential life-partner. Because it radiates noncommittal behavior and thus is also a lack of respect to the other party.

    1. Its surreal, isnt it? 10 or 15 years ago, would you be okay with your girl’s ex boyfriend or hubby calling her on your house line? Hell no. Somehow, if its on social media, its okay.

      1. People in 2016 are more conscious with their privacy than in 2005 or so, when the social media madness began. I’ve deleted facebook and other “social” media platforms since a couple of years. When you see them for what they are (information gathering tools for corporations and governments) you can’t do anything else but delete them. And you won’t miss them. I think men are much more aware of this fact, because we, in the first place, don’t crave or are familiar with the need for external validation in a way women do. I was shocked to find out what a girl I was dating posted on Instagram. Guys from the other side of the planet were commenting on her fitness-photo’s, asking her if they could meet. And to her… Instagram was “just a way to keep in touch with my Family”.
        Don’t get fooled guys. Fck ‘m, use them, but never cohabit with somebody who has such as naive point of view and sloppy morals. The biggest problem nowadays? Almost all young girls are putting themselves up for sale like this. Be it Facebook, Instagram or even worse: Tinder.

        1. The worst part now is every girl aspires to be a social media whore. They all want to be like Kim Kardashian. They see that as highest level of success. They all want to whore their selves out. She wants you to take her out for social media, she dresses up for social media, takes pictures for social media, orders food and uploads to social media, travels for social media. It’s madness.

  14. Pre-red pill, I made a similar, though slightly more chaste, observation.
    Picture the woman being married, getting ready for that wedding. She will spend hours and $$ on hair, makeup, dress, etc., all so she can look good for everyone else (hubby to be is only one of many to observe her).
    Husband-to-be asks that wife gets certain lingerie for *under* the public presentation and is told that is too much work, that he’s treating her like a whore, and whatever else.
    Who was more important to the new wife than the husband?

    1. Many years ago, pre red pill I had two acquaintances that I trained with occasionally. One of them was a natural alpha and red pill to the core. No intellectual but a shrewd and savvy mind that could cut through the bullsht in an instant. I recall the other fellow got engaged to a woman we all knew – she wasn’t a slut per se but had had her share of serial monogamy. One morning he was bitching about the wedding and honeymoon plans his fiancé was making. Something about a wedding night in some quaint hut on an isolated beach in Fiji. You know… one of those ridiculous things that only an irrational women could come up with having no appreciation for the modest means of her fiancée. After a while intently listening to his complaining, natural alpha says, “What the fukc does dhe need a special wedding night for? It’s not like she’s a virgin.” I’ll never forget it. The guy getting married had no response but I could see him processing that and realizing that, yah, in bygone days a special wedding night meant something for a virgin bride but for him and his wife-to-be it was pretty much meaningless.

      1. “It’s not like you’re a virgin!” — THAT is a perfect ego deflator for ‘Princess Perfect’ when she gets on her ‘high horse’ when making demands.
        For instance: “Why all these plans for such an expensive wedding? What’s so special about it? It’s not like you’re a virgin!” — THIS should become the response given to every ‘special snowflake’ about the demands for ‘HER day’.

    2. I’ve never ever heard of that before, actually. Any woman who told me at the altar that it is too much work and wrong to treat her like a sex toy for my pleasure, would immediately disqualify herself for the position of “Wife, Quantity 1” and would be left bawling at the altar.

      1. At the time, I was being trained not to have those kind of expectations.
        That kind of thing, I found prevalent in certain pseudo-traditional, pedestalizing circles.

  15. Only a wife with no respect for her husband or herself would dress provocatively in public. Unfortunately, this is the society we live in now. I know from experience that a wife who allows her husband to have an opinion about how she dresses will be told that she is being “abused”. A real man knows how to keep his woman in line.
    Ever since we started dating, my husband let me know that my body was for his eyes only. I don’t dress like a fundamentalist Mormon but there’s no way that I would flash my breasts or nether regions for the world to see unless I wanted to lose my husband. Wives who engage in such reprehensible behavior might as well become porn actresses!

    1. “might as well become porn actresses”
      and that is only a few tough breaks from ‘modelling’ at any given time….
      He KNEW what he married!

      1. That’s true but it’s still gross.
        John Legend had his pick of women and he chooses some dirty woman who has likely been passed around. Ewww!

    2. Good for you. Maybe one day I’ll find a woman with a modicum of decency like yourself! Seems to be mighty rare.

      1. You may want to try looking in a small town, preferably in an area with strong Christian values.

        1. I haven’t been to Denver but since it’s a big city, I doubt that you’re wrong about the lack of decent women there.

    1. Well, his mother was a massive whore. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it turned out to be true.

        1. I need to get some epaulets for my suit jacket. I have some bowling medals from bowling in the 7th grade, I can just pin them to my lapel

        2. Look at how his mom is touching Castro. ANd how is “supposed” father is smiling in total cuckoldry. He had to know that the future PM of “Communida” was not his proud son, but the “Dick”-tator who tooled him like the cuck he probably is.

    2. Great find. Just when I heard his father was Fidel’s pal, something in the back of my mind just pointed out to this very possibility…

    3. Whoah. Just looked into this. Totally feasible.
      Not a fan of Castro’s politics or actions, however, he was clearly a man. The strongest argument against wold be the fact that Justin is such a little girl.

      1. The strongest argument against wold be the fact that Justin is such a little girl.

        That’s where nurture kicks in…

    4. Wow. Seriously, it’s really hard to avoid jumping to that conclusion.

    5. Saw this theory in development in internet…places..I won’t mention here, and I’ve gotta say I think it has legs. And the irony that he is a “my wife’s son.” Castro at his “dad’s” funeral, etc. It explains a lot.

    6. Yeah, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was his son either. A DNA test is clearly warranted, and potentially, his “father” is about to realize how cucked he actually is. Or was if he is dead. That both the mother and son knowingly cucked him for stuff. WOW! Women just love a nice guy eh? LMAO

      1. Without the DNA it’s not absolute but all the info points to Justin Castro… Until proven otherwise I’m pretty much convinced…
        Your analysis of the pics is the same as mine, and what’s more alpha than the liberal prime minister of Canada? A Latino zfg dictator of course.
        It’s already common knowledge that she was a slutty feminist that banged the Rolling Stones while married to Pierre…
        It’s really not a stretch at all.

        1. She banged em all? Even Charlie Watts?
          Based on that last pic on the left side, I think he is the super duper grandson of Inigo Montoya

        2. Also had a thing for Kennedy’s, particularly Ted. I seriously don’t believe she could pass up a Marxist revolutionary hero, especially one as allegedly charming and masculine as Fidel. Not to mention they were alone more times than you can count. Then you look at the pictures, and look at her quotes about him, and at minimum it’s guaranteed they smashed at least a few times.
          Someone on the article claimed that they never met until a few years after Justin was born, so if true that would be the hangup on possible parentage.

        3. A miserable existence for sure. I never want to be cucked. If I ever discover I am, I think murder would be an acceptable solution.

        4. So that explains the guitar play. He had six fingers on one hand. At least the Canadian PM’s mom knew why he plays sharp.

        5. Truly. To cuckold a man, then fool him into thinking the offspring is his is akin to genocide against his entire family lineage. Especially if he is the only child. For in that case, you have effectively murdered a family from our society. And you deserve, I feel, a life sentence. Doesn’t matter if it was once, or three times with the same guy. If it was multiple men, then multiple life sentences.
          Sounds harsh?
          Well think about it?!
          If I am a woman, and you are the only child of your parents, I have cut them off as well. As well as any and all descendants that they, and their parents before them (and before them, and before them possibly), will ever have. Simultaneously robbing those resources that would have gone to your offspring, for my own, and another man’s!
          That is effectively genocide, and the incestual degradation of a society or people as a whole. Our society has a right to punish such nonsense in the harshest of terms, for it is truly NOT a victimless crime!
          Also, you deny that man, without his knowledge or consent the ability to find a better woman to have offspring with, and deny the actual father (most likely) and his family the joy of their offspring. AND, you deny the offspring the knowledge of who they are. Almost like a monster who kidnaps another’s child from the hospital nursery. You are lower than low!
          With today’s technology, there is no excuse any more.

    7. Sorry to kill your conspiracy theory, but Justin was born December 25, 1971, nine months after Pierre and Margaret’s honeymoon in British Columbia and long before the couple traveled to Cuba. Castro didn’t meet Pierre or Margaret Trudeau until 1976
      I wouldn’t doubt that Justin’s mom actually did fuck Castro though lol

    8. I saw this video on Rebel Media as well, it just blew me away how similar they look to each other. If I was a betting man, I would bet Trudeau is Castro’s bastard son.

      1. Yeah ppl are saying it’s on record that Margerett and Castro didn’t even meet until after Justin was born… But then why do they look fucking identical lol?

  16. These people are just superficial attention whores. That’s it, nothing more. I’ve been out with similar, the shoes, handbags, clothing, jewellery, the whole gamut. It gets very borning and tedious after a while. The sex can be amazing but once that looses it’s thrill what are you left with? A beautiful clothes horse that can suck the chrome of a ball hitch but can’t make you a sandwich………hmmmmm, I’ll have to think about that one…..

  17. Women have always used sexuality to manipulate and exploit men. It’s just their nature. If they can (barring extraneous influences) they will. If they can’t, they have low self esteem. In any case, they all consider themselves to be victims of the “oppressive” patriarchy that they exploit; it’s always men’s fault. That way they can blame their female gender failings on men and society.

  18. I would say that this type of behavior is not that common in most of America. In fact, its just the opposite. Most women are sloppily dressed and have zero sex appeal. Maybe this stuff happens in LA, Miami and New York, but not too many of other places.

    1. Exactly. Most wives I’ve seen go to the “mom short haircut, no need for makeup, and hey, look, mom jeans” thing pretty quickly. That is the opposite of attention whoring.

      1. Because they settled and I venture to guess they are not even interested in sex anymore, at least not with their husband…

      2. I am trying to remember how mom jeans became a thing. I can’t. I can’t recall when someone said, hey lets cover ourselves past our bunt right up to our goozle in denim.

        1. I tend to think that mom jeans is just a polite euphemism coined to keep us from saying “fat ass broad jeans” in polite company.

        1. We laugh because it’s the Onion, but that really is the reality for most married women.

  19. didnt this cuckhold saw her before leaving the house for 5 seconds and thought to himself “you know , maybe that dress is too revealing”?
    and if (big IF) he tought that, why not say something? whats wrong with some men?

    1. What’s wrong with some men? They’re thirsty mangina simps (who are usually cuckolded and divorced after a few years).

  20. On more than a few occasions, including this past saturday I’ve been at the club dancing pretty sensually with a woman who I later find out is married.
    What kind of culture do we live in that a married woman normally grinds it out with strange men?
    I guess this is why I’m still single.

    1. “What kind of culture do we live in that a married woman normally grinds it out with strange men?”
      A dying culture.

      1. “What kind of culture do we live in that a married woman normally grinds it out with strange men?”
        A Western, liberal, feminist, cuck culture.. which is supposedly so superior to more traditional and patriarchal cultures that it has to spread all over to unenlightened non-Westerners.

  21. I really think that this is a bit silly. Extrapolating the misdeeds of a few attention whores in public, to the vast majority of wives in the West, is disingenuous. My wife, and all the wives that live around us (and that’s a lot of wives) all dress modestly and casually. I rarely if ever see an inappropriately dressed wife, hell, most of them barely take the time to even put on makeup or do their hair these days, let alone get all exhibitionist-dolled-up for public consumption. Even at formal parties (yes, I go to them on occasion), the wives all wear tasteful and elegant clothing, not outfits from the Stripper Emporium.
    And sorry, but Game is in fact important during the course of a marriage. All of the marriages I’ve seen fail, fail because the man lets the woman take the reigns of the relationship as he figures that he’s snagged a broad so now there’s no need to do anything else. We all know what letting women have control means, in any situation, and the same applies to marriage.
    My grandfather used to neg on my grandmother all the time in a playful manner, and he made no pretenses about the fact that he was the Pater Familias. Seemed to work out well for him. I do the same thing, seems to be working out for me too.

      1. Yes, my son was directly across the street when it happened, and texted me live updates as things unfolded. He takes class in that building actually, but didn’t have class there that day, thankfully.
        Here’s the interesting thing: These Ay-rabs have tried at least three times now in flyover country to do some fucked up move like this. Texas, Georgia and now Ohio. Every single time, no dead Americans BUT the Ay-rabs do manage to get killed. I think that the Mooslim leaders should consider sending out an “avoid American flyover country” memo, asap.

        1. At least this time. if the Dindus come on TV and say he was going to college, they wouldn’t be disingenuous.

        2. hahahaha….he was just protesting the institutionalized racism in the campus driving code when a mob of unruly racists got infront of his car. News at 11

        3. This is why we try to avoid having anybody but Nordic Blondes in central Ohio. It just saves a lot of grief in the future. I hear that they’re voting at the state house today on a measure to make anybody with dark hair and less than snow white complexion wear giant stars on their chest in public. Just to be safe. Heh.

        4. The star would seem superfluous as they probably already stand out like a sore thumb.
          BTW: was just having this convo with a co-worker. My family roasts chestnuts and brazil nuts in the fireplace on Christmas. Not sure why, we just always have. However, while we call chestnuts chestnuts we have a different name for brazil nuts….is this an upstate new York thing or is it something that is everywhere?

        5. Nigger toes? They’re called that here, if they’re the nut I’m thinking about.

        6. What’s interesting is that is what my maternal grandfather and grandmother called them, as well as their brothers and sisters who also called them that.
          Thing is, they were all from the heart of London, England.

        7. yesssir Nigger Toes it is. In fact, I just found out last year that they are called Brazil Nuts because my grandmother didn’t have any and asked me to pick some up at the market. I went over 40 years never knowing that these nuts were called anything other than nigger toes. One of those things that makes me laugh

        8. those nuts were just called nigger toes. Like I said above…it was only last year that I even realized there was another name for them.

        9. You’d think growing up in various parts of the deep south, I’d have heard of that term by this point.

        10. Maybe just not a southern thing? I’d be interested for others to chime in.

        11. Seems it might be that all the way out in California. At least my parent’s generation. Because… that’s what I thought they were called too!

        12. ok just checked the wiki:
          In North America, Brazil nuts are sometimes known by the epithet “nigger toes,”[8] though the term has fallen out of favor as public use of the racial slur became increasingly unacceptable by the 1960s. They can be seen being sold in a market under this name in a scene from the 1922 Stan Laurel film The Pest.

        13. I don’t recall racial slurs being out of favor even through the 1980’s. After that though, yeah.

        14. ha…..my grandmother, on my visit for Christmas last year, when I asked her if she needed me to pick her anything up at the farmers market said “get me two bags of nigger toes” I just thought that was what they were fucking called and that was 2015

      1. Yep. Mooslim killed within 60 seconds of jumping out of the car, all of the kids he hit with the car are expected to be just fine, and score another victory for Flyover Country when dealing with these Islamic thugs.
        OH! IO!

        1. My son is considering gathering signatures of students in the STEM section (where this happened as it turns out) to get a drive to legalize campus concealed carry. Or so he told me last night.

        2. That might attract some unnecessary attention. It could be a don’t ask don’t tell situation, depending on the level-headedness of the campus authorities.

        3. Not at all. Ohio is a very pro-gun state, and the STEM area of campus (north campus, just a few blocks from the Horseshoe) is rabidly pro-Trump. During election season you’d walk down campus and see the Hillary sign here or there, then you’d get near the Math/Science buildings and see Trump signs everywhere. If anything, I’d think that not bringing it up would seem strange.

        4. OSU is a small city within itself and me thinks there is going to be push back about allowing students (over 21, no criminal record) to CC. The youngins’ are definitely not buying into the gun control narrative from what I last read.

        5. It’s a fantastic idea. They’re adults. Additionally, there are colleges where this is now permitted. The Wild Wild West has yet to materialize.
          It turns out, to get a CHL, you have to be a pretty upstanding person to begin with, from a legal standpoint. Then there’s the training you go through, etc.
          You New Yorkers, laugh riots, heh.

    1. I disagree. She’s an example that lots of young girls are observing. There is no mistaking the obvious change (degradation) in young girls looks and behavior over the decades. On two, I agree. Women like men who operate as men, just like men like women who operate like women. For me, she’s a 5 at best.

      1. I have yet to see any woman, in public, exposing her crotch while wearing a formal, or informal, dress. Less so married women.

        1. Apparently I live in the non-exhibitionist area of town.

        2. Get over yourself. The fact that a woman parades around in this manner changes the idea for other women. Even though you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it or something similar isn’t brewing in the background. Maybe you don’t see a crotch, but there’s all kinds of other suggestive clothing women and young girls wear compared to the past.

        3. Indeed the whole role model thing is something to think about, but that’s what parenting’s for.

        4. Yep, but I believe its a deliberate attempt to degrade or attempt to degrade those without parents or those with weak parents. Idk maybe in a good way it ensures survival of the fittest (to avoid)?

        5. Snippy. How cute.
          I live in real life, not Article Life. The vast majority of wives do not strut around dressed as strippers. If they do so where you live, then I advise moving.

        6. I think you *live* in your own world. LOL. Who’s the one who’s *snippy?* If you were clear then you’d be able to correctly understand the meaning of my response. If you are understanding MY response from your OWN pov then perhaps you have NPD or are simply one-way?

        7. And…nothing but ad hominem. You’re just trying to make this about me, instead of understanding that the context of my original post was that this is not a universal nor even a majority of wives type of behavior.
          A proper discussion requires both sides to not only be able to make points, but to admit errors. From what I’ve seen thus far, I don’t expect you to fulfill the second requirement.
          Have a good one kid.

        8. Hollywood really is the absolute worst dregs of society. Even back in the Golden Era they were trash. The studios just kept that fact as hidden as possible. Now they’re all free to disgust us with wild abandon.
          If we pay attention. I have no idea who this thing is, nor who her husband is. I’m currently thinking ignorance is literally bliss in this case. 🙂

        9. They are already doing very similar to what you “have not yet seen” ! But you sound very extreme. They will do anything to get “attention and free publicity”.

    2. I tended to see this type of behavior when in high school and college, back when girls were in their prime. Most of them rarely took their boyfriends seriously, though, so they were mining for new prospects.
      I’ll occasionally see a 40 y/o housewife trying to squeeze into her night club dress from two decades ago or wearing a string bikini on the beach, but most of these women are low quality and are likely on their second or third marriage. They were used up long ago. Now they’re utilizing what little sexual appeal they have left to find another sucker to fund their 10 AM drinking habits.

      1. I expect young unmarried women to be flaunting the goods. In fact, it would be detrimental to their success in life if they couldn’t grab the attention of a young man through her sexual charms.

  22. That photo of a bride tells you everything you need to beware of. No bride should wear a strapless wedding gown. Her shoulders to her neck should be covered up. She should be taking herself off the market at the point of exclusive dating, not merely the engagement and wedding.

    1. That picture was pretty much proof that it was HER wedding day, and he was relegated to his position as one of the furnishings. I’d bet that the bride was a refugee from the Carousel with more interior mileage than the Chunnel, the groom was a spineless ‘thirsty’ mangina simp whose only purpose was to be a living ATM and pack mule, and that the ‘marriage’ was short-lived and ended in ‘cash and prizes’ for the attention-whore ‘wife’; if NOT, I’d truly be surprised.

  23. That’s how I knew to give my current girl a chance for ltr: she refused to dress slutty despite having the trendy big ass, no tits build. At our first meeting she complained about how her bitchy, though attractive, sister lets it all hang out and gets hit on by gaggles of googles. My friends hit on the bitchy sister too. I don’t blame them, but personally, I wouldn’t tap her sister with a rented dick. I try to keep that crazy slut shit out of my gene pool.

  24. If you’re boycotting Hollywood, why are you paying attention to their celebrities? You know you can just look at porn whenever you’re taking a break from reading men’s rights manifestos and blog articles, rather than pay attentions to Hollywood celebrities. Anyway, I’m going to be paying more attention to Hollywood entertainment news, and then look at porn when I need to take a break.
    Also can you recommend 9 Men’s rights manifestos that I can read. I need to expand my vocabulary to sound as smart as you guys. You guys might also want to send those 9 men’s rights manifestos to Donald Trump since he doesn’t read much: https://newrepublic.com/minutes/133566/donald-trump-doesnt-read-books. Trump might actually appreciate the men’s rights manifestos since they would be similar to his worldview and personal philosophy. It might help Trump to highlight key concepts and passages in your Men’s rights manifestos so that he could easily recall them from memory when faced with difficult questions.
    I also want to add that even though there are some people comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler, Trump is very dissimilar to Hitler in a couple of things, one of them being that Hitler actually read alot, I mean the guy had a huge library: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2003/05/hitlers-forgotten-library/302727/. Check it out. Of course there are others who say that neo-nazis and Ku Klux Klan members support Donald Trump, but that’s mainstream media news and should not be trusted despite all their investigative journalism: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/donald-trump-hate-groups-neo-nazi-white-supremacist-racism. What should be trusted is your undying loyalty and fervor for Donald Trump.
    Hitler was also a teetotaler, here is a video of Trump vodka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vydPnqtrY5s.
    Hitler was also an ex-smoker who hated cigarettes, here’s an article about Trump cigars.
    Hitler was also a vegan, here’s an article about Trump Steaks: http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/273968/donald-trump-steaks-bad-reviews/
    Anyway, thanks for the article about women flaunting their healthy bodies, it looks like the liberals and progressive celebrities of Hollywood take care of themselves. I know there’s this article from a while ago that points out that liberals and progressives don’t take care of themselves: http://www.returnofkings.com/100887/12-reasons-why-liberals-and-progressives-will-always-be-losers. But now that Trump is going to be president, it’s galvanized liberals and progressives to start thinking about their health and safety: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/11/18/krav-maga-vs-maga.html.

    1. Galvanized *liberals* and *progressives* are usually the least appealing in looks. Sorry. Cruel but fair. They’re also generally the most hostile and non-sensical, thus the reason people voted in DT. People know what’s really going on.

      1. Yeah, you’re right, liberals and progressives can be really hostile. Back in 2013, I remember trolling a liberal progressive vegan and mocked him for alcoholism. I found a video on the beer diet and said something about it being vegan. He didn’t really find that funny and totally messed up my work out routine by fucking with the electricity over and over again. Anyway, can you recommend a couple of alcoholic beverages, anything that’ll get me as drunk as a vegan? I need to start binge drinking. At least you men’s rights activists have something in common with liberal progressive vegans like the binge drinking vegan who hangs out at bars and nightclubs getting shitfaced. I think he’s trying to learn a foreign language other than english.

        1. You don’t know yourself, which isn’t surprising. A liberal progressive vegan is about as natural as pink hair.

    2. Uh oh, we have a Literally Hitler on board. And not the amusing kind.

      1. I’m just pointing out that Trump is very different from Hitler, Trump even has Jewish In-laws and relatives. But I’ve heard some of his followers who voted for him are neo-nazis, white nationalists and KKK which is of course untrue since that’s the mainstream media talking.

        1. Um, no, you’re trolling.
          Interestingly enough, a lot of the KKK are blue collar union guys. You know, democrats. Funny world isn’t it?

        2. I’m not trolling, just adding to the discussion. I’m not saying that the blue collar union guys are KKK, I’m just saying that you shoudn’t believe the mainstream media when their investigative journalism says that the KKK and neo-nazis support Trump. But whatever, if you’re a white, straight and Christian conservative who is wholly loyal to Trump, chances are that nothing bad will happen to you in Trump’s regime.

        3. Subversion tactical fail. What’s REALLY going on inside your mind and whats the REAL reason you’re insecure and paranoid??

        4. What is the true REASON you are paranoid and worried? Bottom line— What is the real reason for your manipulation and subversion attempt?

        5. Yeah, you’re not trolling, you’re only saying that Trump is going to harm minorities but that me being a white male, I’m safe.
          Take it somewhere else, Ms. HuffPo.

        6. Are you? Tell the truth. Why would anything *bad* happen to anyone else? Have you seen what the Black Lives Matter campaign did for cops sitting in their patrol cars lately? Who’s to blame for that?

  25. It’s too bad the WWII generation is gone. They were probably the last large group that told their grandsons that selfish pussy is to be fucked and chucked and nothing more.

    1. Was that before or after selfishly voting themselves an entitlement package which effectively fucked the asshole to gaping status for the next 3 generations?

      1. What entitlement package would that be? Pissing away trillions on bullshit wars or gibsmedat feed deez keeyuds n shit?

        1. That and making sure the next few generations subsidized their health care and retirement

  26. She very recently became a mother so maybe she’s overcompensating. Women do tend to feel , and are often made to feel, less sexually attractive after becoming a mother. Being sexual is her livelihood – she’s a Sports Illustrated/VS model – and she can’t afford to be considered otherwise. That, plus she’s an attention whore.

    1. Who are you kidding? Every millennial chick in college is hitting spring break pantie-less in mini skirt with bald pussy.

      1. I’m aware. But this isn’t an anonymous college chick. It’s a married mom whose “success” is still dependent on her q score and sexual appeal.

    2. Well— She’s no Linda Evangelista, Chrissy Turlington, Naomi Campbell. She looks like the dragon lady in a costume.

      1. I met Christy Turlington very shortly after moving to NYC seven years ago. Even past her prime she was stunning.

    3. Nobody is out “making women feel less sexually attractive after becoming a mom”. Get off that shit. 90% of the time, the woman does that to herself. She spurts out a kid or two, then gets the pixie gut, widens her butt out five sizes, throws on mom jeans and a sweatshirt and then wonders why hubby has wandering eyes.

      1. Yes, that. It’s a reality based stereotype. Maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, too. Whatever the case, we expect women who have hit the wall and become mothers to be less attractive than a 19 year old girl. Is that an unreasonable expectation in your experience?

      2. EXACTLY! I feel truly blessed to have found a “good woman.” Married for almost 19 years and she’s in the best shape of her life. She never has any excuses!… Puts girls half her age to shit. “There is no desire for me to test drive a Hyundai when I’ve got a Ferrari in the garage!”…

        1. That’s awfully nice, and you’re fortunate, but most men are complaining about the abundance of fat, ugly woman, no? So if you’re older wife has maintained and you’re happy with her, God bless, but it’s not the norm, as I think you would agree? Women know when they’ve hit the wall. Sometimes they overcompensate. And sometimes, like this model, they do whatever they need to stay in the public eye. An insecure attention whore + a beta unwilling to put his foot down = the photo above.

    1. Every well adjusted male feminist is proud when his wife flashes her cooch to anybody who will look. (sarc)

    2. Dude needs to lift some weights, his wife is almost bigger than him. She clearly wears the pants of the house.

    3. I have to admit (considering that he’s black) i’m surprised he let his bitch flash her vajayjay.

      1. The notion of decency and privacy between a couple simply does not exist in these bastards.

  27. This hits so close to home. I briefly dated an online attention whore last year. When I met her it was great, I could see tons of sexy photos of her on Instagram and she was all too willing to send sexy photos to me. However, it wasn’t until she ended up jumping over to a friend of mine (Attention whores need drama and this definitely lead to drama) that I realized how lucky I was that things ended.
    Even when they were in a fully-committed relationship and doing everything together, she was still posting sexy selfies online, most of them featuring her tits hanging out. She even did that thing where her tits would take up 50% of the screen but then make a comment about how good she thinks her eyebrows look. On top of that, all these photos were liked by guys, and there were tons of guys hitting on her. One spectacular beta is her biggest fan – I noticed him calling her beautiful and hitting on her when I first met her, and a year later he’s still on there commenting on her photos and trying to get with her. And of course her boyfriend often times has to step in and remind these guys that she’s taken. But it’s futile – She’s basically flirting with guys via her photos while in a committed relationship. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating, but it’s the equivalent to how a girl would view a guy who jerks off to other girls on porn.
    And side note, what makes me laugh about her boyfriend is that he’s constantly taking her out to nice dinners and getting her good seats to sporting events and concerts. The thing is she’s not only the town bicycle, she’s been his social circle’s bicycle, too. I could’ve slept with her the night I met her, but logistics prevented it. Instead I hit it after the first date, where I didn’t spend a single cent on her. I suspected she was used/damaged goods and would’ve been hesitant to even buy her McDonald’s. So thank god I wasn’t dumb enough to spend hundreds of dollars on her for dinner. At least it’s not as bad as guys who wife up porn stars.

  28. Women’s cloths and other style elements are generally messages to other women. It’s a major way they communicate. Except when on particular missions they don’t care what men think about how they dress.
    This also means it’s no point going clothes shopping with them because they’ve already decided what they’re going to get and if not will evaluate what women think of something that gets their interest. They’re just playing when they ask your opinion.

  29. In the end its really all a woman has to get a mans attention, her pussy, without that they are nothing…

  30. Recently out for lunch, a nice looking woman say in her 40s walked in with her daughter who I’d say was 15. The girl looked like she had rolled out of bed, including that she wore super tight yoga pants. The girls shape was so well defined and I have to say she was perfect. Once I closed my mouth, I had to wonder what her mom was thinking of letting her go out like that? (I can figure the answer.)

    1. I see so many young girls with sweet bodies wearing yoga pants everyday. I’m not sure how parents let their daughters wear them when they go out with them. You’d think a good parent would be a bit worried seeing grown men constantly looking at their daughter’s ass.

    2. Yep now follow that out to logical conclusion. If she has the yoga stretch pants, that means she has thong and sports bra etc. If she’s got the outfit down then she’s got smartphone selfies on instagram, snapchat. What’s her notch count by the time she finishes high school? Cracks me up to read comments here from the so called red pill parents in denial.

  31. If there is no God, no Christianity, no Catholicism….then traditional marriage and modesty simply doesn’t matter and would just be a personal choice of a female. Assuming there is no God.
    But what if there really is a God. And the bible really is a divine book. Do you think these whores of today that like to walk around sexually harrassing men and whoring around are going to live in God’s presence in the afterlife, or will their souls fall into hell? I think the latter is the likely scenario. There will be a day of reckoning for these whores. While they think they have taken advantage of the anti-male oppression of our society and conquered men, they have one entity to deal with in the end: God.
    Females of today are in my opinion lower than actual prostitutes. At least the prostitute gives you want, is up-front about it, pleases you, and is then compensated. The female of today, emotionally abuses men while whoring herself out for free. They give themselves away to 10, 20, 100 guys before they ever decide to marry. MOST young men today that are married, are married to females that have had other dicks insider their pussies. It’s disgusting. A 100 years ago, no man would marry or lay in bed at night with a woman knowing she had fucked 10 or 20 or 50 other guys before. That’s disgusting. Women today are whores. Sex before marriage is whoredom. About 99.9% of females today are literal whores and will go to hell for it.

    1. I’m glad to see there are other men out there that realize this. It blows my mind that men will marry a woman that has had so many previous sexual partners. Most American women have had significantly more partners than their own husbands have!

    2. One of the reasons I left the US. Well.. OK, later on it was a reason. Initially it was just because the women were so ugly.
      Thing is, I’m not going to marry a girl that’s slept with … well… anybody really. When you’re that picky in today’s America you either get used to celibacy or get out of Dodge.
      The good news is traditional women can be found. Just expect it to be one or more orders of magnitude harder in the US.

  32. Back when I used to do door-to-door sales, a cool guy I sat down with gave me all kinds of life advice for free, but among some other gems he said “women get distracted and forget why we married them in the first place: for sex.” Back in the day that probably worked out well, but now I can go out and get laid if I put in the work so it’s like what’s the point?

  33. The vast majority of girls who are even borderline attractive are constantly attention whoring themselves. There is really no incentive to enter a relationship with any of them and when those women are in their 40s they’ll regret what they wasted their 20s doing.

  34. Isn’t that a safety pin in the Chrissy Teigen pics? So, just an ordinary wardrobe malfunction, don’t you hate it when that happens?

    1. All part of her act to give her plausible deniability. She’s not really a ho its all her fashion designer’s fault she looks this way. lol

  35. One of the longest-lasting couples I know is a guy whose girlfriend is a burlesque dancer/fine art model. When I met them I remember thinking this guy must be some kind of alpha, because it’s cool that he’s going out with this sexy girl. But in hindsight I should’ve seen that this guy is as beta as he can get – He’s living with and providing for a girl who makes a living taking her clothes off either for an audience or a photographer. Imagine if they have a fight and she denies him sex, then she goes off to work and reveals her body to complete strangers. How humiliating is that?
    We value things in life that are scarce, and it’s really hard to value a woman’s body when anyone can see it. I remember seeing some of her nude art photos online shortly after meeting her – I didn’t game her, I didn’t go out with her, yet I could still see her naked. Thanks, internet!

    1. These whores upload their nudes and semi nudes for free now, yet they are in a relationship or are married. The attention seeking never ends.

  36. Who in the hell is Christy Tiegan? Looks like a crazy eyed broad standing with a chigger
    And fuck Castro. Asshole hasn’t meant shit since Kruschev and Kennedy took his dildos away.

  37. “So what’s the point of marriage?”
    I don’t of any married guy today whose wife doesn’t disrespect him at some level – even if minor disrespect. Women think that disrespecting their husband is normal, and cucked loser men either think too it is normal, or are to weak to leave the bitch.
    Problem is that all too often guys who are married were also being treated disrespectfully by the same bitch before he married her, so it was not as if there was no previous indicators of her behavior.

  38. Speaking as a woman, usually women will want attention from other men if they feel as if their significant other is slacking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to cheat on you, it’s actually to remind you what you’ve got when you stop appreciating it. Your boyfriend will pay more attention to you if he feels like he has to fight off other suitors; it also increases his sexual desire for you. If a man thinks he can’t lose you, then he tends to take you for granted after a while/get bored of you.

  39. in the summer i asked my gf why don’t she wear stuff like tank tops and similar dresses in public to keep herself cool. she said she only dress like that for me when we are alone together. and she said other chinese people will say “that girl is____________ etc

  40. Its all about control baby; the minute some poor short-leashed schmuck stops with the ‘yes dear’ and asserts himself, they goad him with the threat of looking going elsewhere in the herd they’ve kept around through dangling the goods.

  41. This Teigen thing is not even good looking. You will find better looking waitresses at your local Buffalo Wild Wings. John Legend is a fucking nut.

  42. I would assume that men like to be buzzed up a little by their wife’s sexiness when she is in his presence and also that they want to show her of a little as a hot wife raises status.. So long as she is demure in her dress and comportment when away from the husband i.e. at work should be OK. The vagina dress goes way to far.

    1. The good:
      The hotter the wife is and dresses in his presence the higher status and more masculine is her man. She wants to keep his eyes on her ass and boobs because she knows the other girls want to steal him from her given the chance.
      The bad:
      The lower status the male, the more he is afraid of his wife dressing hot or “slutty” because this will attract other male. Other males he is afraid might take her from his weak hover-hand grip.
      The ugly:
      The wife who dresses like a grandma when with her man but shows her sideboobs and more when she is out with her BFF. She has checked out, lost all respect for her husband and is looking for an upgrade.

      1. The uglier: the woman who does the ugly above, but keeps Mr. Cuckwell at home doing chores when he’s not busy working to pay the bills.
        Then she shows her respect for him by occasionally getting gangbanged by her men-friends in their bedroom, and doesn’t even get mad or yell at him when they catch him looking in on the action through the keyhole.

  43. This always bothered me. This applies to the trend in breast-feeding videos and pictures. Some things are MEANT to be private. Breast feeding is natural and beautiful, but really it’s not everyone’s business to stare at your breasts whether a baby is feeding or not. I always wondered how women could be okay with this, and not realize the intimacy that should be reserved for the husband. Sex is like a sandwich. You can get it anywhere. But if you’re married the only person you can have sex with is your spouse. Therefore it’s your job to reserve all that you have sexually, for your spouse. Cause they have nowhere else to meet their needs.

  44. P.s. to the writer, I just found this site and I want to say, I love you. The Ariana grande article made me fall in love. How I wish people everywhere (especially my age, hideous millennials) could get a nice big dose of rationality into their brains.

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