5 Unexpected Ways To Be As Vapid As The Girl You’re Dating

Biggest Issue Evah!

The YWCA in New Zealand has come up with a unique way to bring attention to the gender pay gap. For one day only, the organization set up a coffee cart on the lawn of Wellington’s Victoria University Law School campus and sold coffee drinks at different prices based on gender, with men being charged 10% more than female customers. Read this article.

From the comments section: “Never thought about it before but the gender pay-gap would be a great comeback to all those creeps who complain about “Ladies Nights” at bars.” ~ rollerblades2

A Man’s Right To Choose? Hahaha! Don’t be Silly; Dude gotta pay!

A Wisconsin judge has ordered a man who owes $90,000 in child support after fathering nine children with six women to not have any more kids, at least for now. Racine County Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle sentenced Corey Curtis, 44, to three years of probation on Monday with the condition he is not to procreate until he shows he can support his children, according to court documents. Read this article.

From the comments section: “I agree that the women are just as much to blame – it takes two to tango. Unfortunately, no matter where the blame lies, the damage lies with an innocent party – the poor kid/s born out of this mess. Ironic times we live in – I am 34, married, employed, with savings, and a house. I have been trying to get pregnant – unsuccessfully – for 4 years now. Guess we should’ve just made irresponsible mating decisions when we were younger. No good deed goes unpunished, eh?” ~Jules78

Lindsay Lohan Tries Not to be a Hooker, but Charlie Sheen Insists

“Anger Management” star Charlie Sheen reportedly reached into his bank account to help Lindsay Lohan pay off her outstanding IRS tab with a $100,000 check, sources told TMZ. Lohan, 26, reportedly declined Sheen’s offer to pay down her IRS debt, but TMZ said he sent the check to her manager anyway. Read this article.

From the comments section: Why didn’t he leave the check on the night table like every john do? ~CITYGUY4051

5 Unexpected Ways to be as Vapid as the Girl You’re Dating

Show off your knowledge of celebrity families. She’ll assume topics like Kate Middleton’s baby bump and Suri Cruise’s divorced parents are only allowed when she’s with her girlfriends, so surprise her by knowing what’s up with A-listers and their offspring. Read this article.

From the comments section: [No comments at this time. There’s still hope for American men.]

Don’t Let Dirty Looks Kill the Nice Guy (but women still don’t need you)

Don’t get discouraged by a few dirty looks. Keep acting like a gentleman. You’ll stand out in the crowd and will find a lady to appreciate you. So, the bottom line: We don’t need you to be the infallible knight in shining armor—but when you try, we literally melt into a little puddle of smitten goo. Read this article.

From the comments section: “How about WHY women would give you a dirty look? You may often run into a stubborn woman who is self-assured and doesn’t like accepting help. PEOPLE are like that sometimes. Not just women. However, [blah blah blah] …manners. ~Rae Vanille

Women Over 40 “Surprised” by Lack of Fertility

[…] messages about declining fertility could also have “unwelcome social implications,” the researchers said. A public education campaign that the ASRM undertook between 2000 and 2002 was criticized for pressuring women to have children before they were ready, and for undermining women’s efforts to become educated and have careers. Read this article or read a smackdown of this article.

From the comments section: “Men ought to be made more aware of the fact that their fertility declines with age as well, in line with women’s fertility, in fact. I have a number of guy friends who’re not taking romantic relationships seriously, thinking that they’ll just find someone younger than themselves when they’re ready. The onus should not be entirely on women’s planning and awareness.” ~JenniferCarter

“Roosh 5” Gets a Little Competition from “REAL” PUAs.

We thought roosh 5’s books kicked ass but we wanted to write similar books for the common man who may not be a PUA yet or is still working on his PUA skills. if this sounds like you, and you have to fap it because your not good with…. Read this article.

From the comments section: “I assume this is a joke. If not, Roosh is going to sue you. And the V is for his last name, not the number 5. I assume you know this though and are attempting to be funny. I believe that the subjects discussed in the Androsphere are serious and should not be made fun of, and what you are doing here hurts the cause more than feminism and family courts combined.” ~Jeremy

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