5 Things Every Man Under 30 Needs To Know


Today is my 30th birthday. Rather than feel morbid and depressed on this day as many in our culture do, I’m celebrating the gift of life, reflecting on times gone by, evaluating what I have learned, achieved and experienced, and spending my time with loved ones.

In reminiscing I had an idea for this article. I want to share with the younger guys reading the five things I have learned by age 30 I wish I had learned a hell of a lot sooner. Let’s cut the foreplay and dive right in.

1. Time goes by quicker than you can ever imagine

If you can't replace it, don't waste it.

If you can’t replace it, don’t waste it.

If there’s one thing I would do differently with my life up to this point, I would be more careful about how I chose to spend my time. Time is literally the single most precious commodity on earth, a non-renewable resource which once spent can never be regained.

I gave far too much time to people who didn’t deserve it and in situations I shouldn’t have been in during my late teens and early twenties. It was only when I decided that my time was valuable and when I started to be more careful how I spent it, or rather when I started to look at it as investing it, that my life started to change for the better.

Learn early on to respect your time. If you don’t, others won’t either. Before you know it you will be getting older and your time to do great things when you’re young and free and lay the foundations for a successful life will be up.

I found it helpful to develop what’s known as a deathbed mentality. This is not some morbid fixation on your inevitable demise, but rather looking deeply into the abyss and coming to terms with the fact that you are walking wormfood.

What this does is scare the shit out of you and causes you to realize that the hour you are going to spend watching Simon Cowell judge the singing ability of people who you will never meet and wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you died of rectal cancer would be better spent watching the sunset, sipping a nice bottle of red wine with someone you care for, working toward a legacy project that will outlive you, or doing something that helps other human beings and gets you paid.

2. Money matters, a lot!

A lot of people say money can’t buy happiness, and I agree.

However, money matters a hell of a lot and it is basically the key to everything in this world. It can buy you the best healthcare, allow you to travel to the best places, give you access to the best people in their respective fields, and most importantly give you some power and control over your own destiny.

Money is the difference between a free man and a slave. Money is the thing which gives you choices and opens doors to new experiences and thus richer learning. Money has God-like power on this earth, like the fact or hate it.

Focus your energy when you’re young on getting as much money as you can, and the rest will follow.

Too many people wake up at thirty with nothing to show for the “blast” that was their twenties and then end up playing catch-up all through their thirties and forties.

If they ever do manage to get out of the toxic wasteland of consumer debt they racked up while partying like tomorrow would never come, they will be the lucky minority. A lot of people spend the rest of their lives paying for the mistakes they made before the age of thirty. Don’t be one of them.

As many a wise hip hop artist has said, “Get money money, get money money moonneeeyyy!”

3. Physical strength is the key to the confidence you desire

Build the foundations before you start on the superstructure.

Build the foundations before you start on the superstructure.

A lot of guys under thirty suffer from serious confidence problems.

You’re too young to be a true expert at something and aren’t really sure of what you’re capable of in the various areas of your life. Other, more experienced men with some successes behind them can beat you at most things, and so you aren’t really sure where you stand in the great hierarchy of life.

What you lack, and therefore what you need, is confidence. The one thing that will give you an insane confidence boost that will transfer into other areas of your life is being a physical beast.

Physical strength and the ability to handle yourself in an altercation will cause you to carry yourself in a very different way than most men in the world, and therefore put you at a huge advantage over them.

This confidence transfers into how you carry yourself in all areas. People at work will notice when you become more assertive and sure. Women will notice when you walk into a bar with your head held high and look people in the eye rather than looking at your feet like a beta-boy.

Other men will know just by looking at the lean, shredded muscle causing your t-shirt to stretch at the seams that you might not be the kind of guy they want to test. People will move out of your way as you walk along the street, and you will experience what Arnold called “the respect of size.”

A strong body leads to a strong mind and mental frame. You can’t have one without the other. They enhance each other and lead to a positive feedback loop If you want confidence, build your body and your strength. The rest will follow.

4. Chasing women is a waste of time. Focus your attention elsewhere.

Let me say at the outset that I’m not a misogynist. I have no problem with decent, respectful women.

However, I often wish the Prada-wearing whinebags at home would come down here to Asia where I live and spend a few weeks and see what real women’s issues are like. A man spreading his legs on a subway to air condition his nut sack after a day’s work is not an issue. Being beaten by several males in your family, being denied a basic education, and having a high possibility of being sold into sex slavery unless you get a decent education are real issues to be concerned about.

That being said, it is obvious to any man of experience that the majority of women on offer these days in western countries suck and they will eat up your time, money, and energy and leave you with nothing to show for it.

Classy ladies, the kind most idiots spend their days chasing!

Classy ladies, the kind most idiots spend their days chasing!

This is the inevitable result of an entitlement mentality that pervades our generation and has particularly affected women, causing them to believe that they are entitled to behave as they please just because they have a vagina, all the while claiming they are independent and liberated, never realizing that rights come with responsibilities or that to get the respect you desire you have to actually behave in ways that are worthy of it.

As a young man under thirty, the other sex is likely relatively new and mysterious to you. You haven’t been laid a hell of a lot yet and you have most probably been subjected to a relentless campaign of brainwashing since birth, telling you that women are they key to happiness. You are Prince Charming, and you need to find Snow White to achieve happiness, so they tell you.

What you will learn, and I wish I had learned sooner, is that this is utter bullshit.

There are good women out there in the world who actually want to be an alpha provider’s wife and build a family, but you won’t have access to them until you become the kind of man they are looking for. You can pretty much rule that out until you hit your late twenties to early thirties and get out of the cock-carousel scene that is bars and nightclubs.

You will also have a greater chance of finding a decent, traditional woman outside the west where traditional values such as family, gender roles, and chastity still mean something.

What is required is that you become successful, you become a man of integrity and worth, then you become powerful. You will then have your pick of women who desire you, rather than the other way around. Remember, you are the king of your own domain, and the king does not chase common street urchins, he selects from the most virtuous women in his kingdom.

Be the best man you can be, focus on your career, your strength and your own developing your mind, and wait until you reach thirty or so before you even think about getting into a serious relationship with any female. When you do, go in with your eyes open and take all necessary measures to protect yourself.

Side Note: If every man implemented the above mindset, the “war of the sexes” would be over in exactly one generation. The power would be back squarely in the hands of men, where it belongs.

5. People aren’t nice. They are selfish and almost entirely focused on what will benefit them.

The sooner you realize this hard truth, the better – people are selfish.

In my experience, people will always do what is right for them and their own survival, and this is right according to the laws of nature. They should do, and so should you.

I for one spent a lot of my late teens and early twenties trying to be a good, decent human being and thinking this strategy would get me ahead in life. Needless to say, it did not. I was used like a doormat by a series of satan-spawned, psychotic cum guzzlers and basically robbed blind (I had not yet developed the red pill mindset). I also earned the equivalent of Scooby snacks. We’ve all been there.

Do you know what happened when I became a little bit of a dick? When I started saying “no,” ruthlessly nexting neurotic, game playing women, and started seeing work as something to benefit me and me alone rather than being a good, loyal little slave boy?

Shit changed fast! I got 15x the income, women started grabbing at me as I walked past in the street, I actually found a high value woman of the caliber I desired who had values I respected and who was suitable for providing me with a child. To top it off, she didn’t have a problem making me a home-cooked steak sandwich when I came home from a ball-busting day at work. She appreciates my efforts on behalf of our family, and shows her appreciation in her own way.

Sure, I pissed a lot of people off and lost a few friends, but it was worth it. I became the kind of man I wanted to be. I became assertive, dominant and a little more selfish. As a result, I finally got everything I wanted from my life.

Before you start waxing lyrical about Mother Teresa types and the unselfish saints of the world, remember this: Mother T did what she did because she wanted to go to heaven. It was still a form of selfishness, but it was a positive form of selfishness which helped other people too. That’s exactly what I’m advocating here.

Do not bend over backwards to please people. Please yourself, and ironically people will love and respect you more for it.

I close by asking you a question. What do you wish you had learned earlier? What advice would you older men reading give the young guys coming up? What do guys who have even more life experience, in their forties, fifties and beyond have to say?

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273 thoughts on “5 Things Every Man Under 30 Needs To Know”

  1. Bravo, finally some quality content! There’s only one small caveat.
    Focus your energy when you’re young on getting as much money as you can, and the rest will follow.
    You only need money to buy yourself quality time. Trying to get as much money as you can takes a lot of time. Striking it rich often depends a lot on luck. It’s a gamble.
    He who who owns his time is the rich man you want to be.
    I run a successful wine bar and people often ask me why I don’t open more branches and make a lot of money. I usually find excuses like rents are too high but in reality I value my time and don’t want the stress that will come with it.
    Keep your life manageable.

        1. Would your wine bar happen to be somewhere in Europe? I would definitely stop by some time soon, I’m pretty centrally located here in Germany.

    1. “Keep your life manageable.”
      => That’s a good one. Keep life as simple as possible!

    2. All sensible advice. Strangely one of the hardest things to learn is that You are the most important thing in Your life.

      1. Without your existence, that’s one missing draft horse for the FI.All the advice provided above is to fulfill your life ambition.My dream is to build a great home for my kids.Intelligent males invest wisely on their children since they are the BEST forms of leaving a LEGACY.I will select my wife primarily for her beauty, great genes for my daughters is what matters.

    3. Yes. I went way overboard in my late 20’s acquiring property and starting business. Good intents, but too far too quick…now an albatross. Manageable is key.

      1. You shouldn’t have gone into business with Gustavo Fring. That was your biggest mistake

      2. Your twenties is for learning. It is a good time to learn about women. In your twenties you will be fucked over by more experienced practitioners. Leave it till later and don’t get down about it. Experience in business can and will come later.

        1. In my 30’s now and, if I do say so myself, I’m a more interesting person than pretty much all my peers. I’ve seen the world, played lots of different sports, a musician, read lots of books, etc. But the thing that sets me apart the most is the number of mistakes I’ve made, and the people I’ve met (which often goes hand in hand with making mistakes).
          I’m always a bit shocked when I meet guys who’ve never been to a rave and tripped out on ecstacy, who’ve never had threesomes, who’ve never had the cops show up to their door in the middle of the night because their neighbours thought they were drug dealers (and having to quickly hide all the stolen goods because I thought that was what it was about). Who never felt the rush of getting into bar fights. Who have never jumped off a cliff-face into the sea. Who’ve never been brought home naked in the back of a police car after passing out drunk in the middle of a cricket field. Who’ve never sold drugs. Who’ve never fucked a chick on the dancefloor. Who’ve never done a backflip on their bicycle and landed on their face.
          These are people I have very little wish to talk to.

        2. LOLALLDAYLOL- solid achievements you fuck, you must be so entertaining without drugs. Kinda lost me on the stolen goods part, would have been hilarious if some hyper cops emptied their magazines into your slum apartment & pit bull with that story though. Bet you’re so interesting, you even have tattoos with their accompanying bullshit stories of meaning.

        3. No, harold, I don’t have a pittbull, nor tattoos, nor am I on drugs now that I’m in my 30’s. But what I do have, which you don’t, is an open mind. I’ve met so many interesting people who I, at first, dismissed based on my perceptions, and have truly had a full education (i.e. school AND life). And that’s why your little bullshit comment to me is only met with a smirk on my face.
          Go fuck some Arab chick (I believe you have a thing for them based on one of your comments. Yes, I had to check you weren’t just having a particularly feminine day, which you aren’t, you’re a genuine cunt) or, better yet, go take some Acid, it will do you some good.

        4. Go steal some goods for yourself, is there a problem with a hot Arab chick? Congrats, you’ve done drugs, big deal. You must be so enlightened, probably dropped acid with Steve Jobs you’re so f’ing brilliant.

        5. Is there a problem with an Arab chick? Uh, no, they just don’t float my boat; at all. I prefer Russians and Eastern Europeans. But if you like them hairy, good luck to you.
          No, Harold, I haven’t dropped acid with Steve Jobs. But I am f’ing (note: you can swear on the internet, you mother probably won’t find out) brilliant. Cheers, that was the first correct statement you made.

        6. I’m there with you bro but you might dial it down a notch.
          Try and avoid hurting the people that have to put you back together.

        7. You are shocked? What, you’re shocked that a lot of guys aren’t complete idiots? Yeah selling drugs and getting arrested, what awesome people.
          What a fucking loser.

        8. An ‘open mind’ can be gained easily without being a fuckwit idiot like you. Selling drugs, stealing and landing on your face after a bike flip. What a classy human being.

        9. I did say they were mistakes… the most interesting people are the ones who’ve hit rock bottom and bounced back. Sure, you don’t NEED to hit rock bottom, but often times if you’ve never really had to struggle you turn into a self-righteous prick. Just saying…

        10. Selling drugs and stealing isn’t ‘struggling’, it’s being a complete fool and bringing misfortune on yourself. Self-righteous prick perfectly describes you, someone who thinks you can’t be interesting unless you have gone through exactly what you have.
          Struggling is what misplaced people in Syria go through. Struggling is what a child with abusive parents goes through. Struggling is what cancer patients go through. And guess what? There are plenty of people like that who haven’t turned into fuckwits like you.

        11. Seems you got some stick up your ass. Was your mother killed and raped by a drug dealer or something?

        12. No but my friend was killed by one. A dumbass user and dealer. Must have been so interesting to you though. A murderer too, must be right up your alley. As in, the complete fuckwit shitstains of society.

        13. Fair enough, well it’s a good idea never to owe a dealer money. And btw, I let you have your little tirade even though I never said I was a dealer. I said I delt, as in, mainly helping out friends occassionally. But, whatever, you have some idea that all dealers are the same, well that’s not even slightly true, some are assholes, and some are just hippies.

        14. Dropping in to see your cute responses- Yep, looks like everyone else has interpreted the portrait you paint of yourself as that of a complete jerk off. I bet you get the real classy ladies with those drug rotted, British teef.

        15. He didn’t owe a dealer money you dumbass, he was killed in the street for no reason, cowardly king hit from behind by some fuckwit who was high. I never said all dealers are the same, I said you are a fucking idiot if you think someone isn’t interesting because they’ve never dealt drugs. It’s some of the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever had the displeasure to read.

        16. Sounds like the “dealer” was just a nigger.
          Quick question: have you ever met anyone who lived a completely sheltered life and thought, “Man, this is the most interesting person I’ve ever met.” Nope, neither have I.

        17. @Floyd I wouldn’t worry about the people knocking your experiences. In fact, I wouldn’t even reply to them.
          Why? Because once people like you go legit, with your life experiences, you know how to read peoples TRUE motivations, that people whom have always been legit don’t know and will NEVER KNOW how to do, EVEN WHEN OPERATING IN THE NORMAL BUSINESS WORLD.
          I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved the people that I’ve worked for, over the years, from losing money, because they COULD NOT see through the scam being sold to them.
          Why didn’t they know? Because they had only ever dealt with other legit people in their “straight and narrow” lives. The minute a “criminal in nice suit” with a Harvard degree and a “business opportunity” walks into the door everyone disarms themselves thinking that someone with that persona “has to be legit”. However, as you and I know, that may not be the case, but without those unsavory past experiences we’d be susceptible to manipulation, JUST LIKE THE RUBES.
          Also don’t be surprised when someone responds here saying, “I always did my homework, built up my business and made lots of money, nobody can scam me because I have life-experience”.

        18. Not exactly things to be proud of, nor are they character building. “… never been in a threesome …” Ya, so? what’s the big deal? how is that a fulfilling experience? an experience that enlightens and expands your consciousness? Come on, it’s more of a juvenile pursuit so that you can brag to your locker room buddies that you’ve been in a threesome. The same goes for many other points in your list ie. so what?

        19. You’re so cool floyd. I want to be just like you. Seriously though, I look back on the partying I did and I don’t look at it with the same glee you seem to look back at your partying with. Now it seems it was missed opportunities to get better at things that matter in life. The ability to cliff dive, take drugs and get into bar fights doesn’t seem that useful unless you can get a reality TV show made about you. I don’t mind that you are happy with it, just don’t expect very many on this website to act impressed.

        20. Been there, and the “Trust Fund Kids” I’ve met were the most helpless, insignificant people on the planet. They get into the wigger life, or try drug dealing themselves because of the boredom. Honestly. They’ve never had to work for anything, and have no idea on how to make themselves feel significant, so they get into crime. And even at that they know daddy will come and clean up the mess.

        21. FLOYD, HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE SON? That is really all that matters now that you are in your 30’s bro. The memories and stories are in your mind and do not set you apart in the present. Please understand this. Are you a Managing Director or CEO etc.? It takes years of hard work to acheive something like that (starting from your 20s), what you have acheived is being a complete failure in life. I bet you are also unmarried and alone.

        22. Ive no wish for any of the degeneracy you described.
          Id rather step into a cage and test my mettle mano to mano agsinst another battle scarred fighter. That’s living. Ecstasy, Threesomes to get HPV, arrested by the cops….
          What you described it utter J EW Nonsense.

        23. Open Mind means you fall easily for anything….ie youre an idiot who stands for nothing, no substance, no depth, no character or integrity

      3. Yeah man. It’s the young guys we need to reach with the Red Pill message and personal growth. Far too many people have “made it” and then ended up losing it all because they didn’t have a good base. Like divorce and that kind of shit. Women pick out successful guys, and then take everything.

      1. I excitedly scrolled down to the comments section to look at what you and doktorjeep have to say

        1. Poor fool. They’re both really, really, really old and going senile. Their hey day was in the 80’s for heavens sake – when the world was really different.

        2. Hey, you can go and internalize the worldly advice from Jizzbel and Gawker. The world might be quite different now, compared to the then more innocent times, but the truth of the happiness traditional gender roles entails still remain.

    4. Great comment, time is so valuable! Glad I learned that concept in my late teenage years!

    5. People who say “money cannot buy happiness” need to be stuffed in a sack and beaten with ball-peen hammers.
      Here’s two scenarios:
      1. Someone in your family that you loved dies horribly. It’s an all around shit fest. You are flat broke and cannot afford the burial or cremation or whatever. Plus there’s cleanup to do but you can’t miss work.
      2. Same as number 1 but you can afford to take care of things, pay the bills, hire a cleanup team, etc.
      I’ll take door number 2.

      1. If you got have a problem, too much money is a good problem to have. Agree with the sack and ball peen hammers.

      2. If money can’t buy happiness, then fuck it! You might as well be a miserable cunt in a big, fuck-off mansion with a collection of exotic cars.

        1. Redd Foxx said it best. Money cant buy love but it can sure buy something that looks smells feels sounds and tastes like it. I concur.

        2. Good to keep in mind. Also, the fact that society, the media, and women try to sell the fac simile and say it’s love. And they take your money and savings with them.

      3. In my town it is usually said “Money can’t buy happiness but it buys some pretty pleasant stuff to be unhappy with/about”

      4. “Money cannot buy happiness” is the favourite motto of losers. Think about it – rich people are inevitably happier than poor people. Also, when was the last time anyone heard a successful, wealthy person say that having money hasn’t made them happier?
        Quite frankly, anyone says “money cannot buy happiness” needs to be called out and have their oxygen-breathing licence revoked.

    6. This is a great article, but I agree – that’s the one point that is off the mark.
      I can categorically guarantee, money does NOT buy happiness. It’s not the answer. Look elsewhere. Happiness lies in seeing the true nature of reality. You can have nothing, or have everything, and still be equally happy or depressed. You yourself will know examples of these types of people from all walks.
      People always have something they ‘blame’ their lack of happiness on. If someone doesn’t have money, they will point to that. But there’s ALWAYS something. There’s an important clue there.
      I definitely think its important to have financial stability. It’s absolutely an area of your life you should not let fall to the wayside, but don’t make it a focus. It’s not the answer.

      1. Depends–If you make it your focus for 15-20 years and can retire at say 45-50 and then spend 35-40 years without being beholden to the man or worried about money at all, then its worth it, IMO. Personally I’d rather do that then work for 45-50 years but be “stable” the whole time.

        1. You better go in business for yourself if you want this. It’s possible if you start your own business and try to work up to where you can just hire people to run it. And the good news is, a successful business can be almost anything, including stupidly simple things.

        2. No I don’t. Went from min wage to 260k/yr working for the man before 35. Starting your own business is very risky. Vast majority fail

    7. I’ll add another one to the list.
      If you’re going to go to college, at least study something that makes sense. Like Biochemistry or Nuclear Physics or Information Technology and not some useless shit like Journalism or English Literature or Gender Studies. (Avoid Art like the plague unless it teaches you to actually paint without all the Feminist bullshit)
      This goes double if you are taking out any kind of loan or credit.
      If you don’t come out of college after 3-5 years with a marketable skill, you also need to be beaten to death with a peen hammer. Enjoy your future in Mom’s basement at 36.

    8. I agree with most of it but number 4 is terrible advice.
      Your 20s is absolutely the time to be chasing girls. This is where you build up the confidence and game to get girls and in your LTRs you learn how to manage women. I can’t imagine anything worse than switching gears in your 30s and thinking “OK now I’m going to chase some girls” when you now have the pyschological weight of being “old” in your mind.
      Unless you plan on being a homo, young men, get out there and bang some chicks.

    9. “I run a successful wine bar”
      Was thinking of doing the same, but in New Jersey a liquor license is about 500K.

  2. I could not express more support for the theme of this blog. DO NOT WASTE YOUR 20’S. THOSE YEARS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT OF YOUR LIFE.
    Treat your 20’s like you are building the foundation to a house. If you do not build the foundation of a house correctly, the ENTIRE house will be messed up. The same goes for your life.
    I’ve seen so many young men throw away these prime years with endless nights of drinking, no ambition other than chasing tail, or even sadder just sitting in front of the TV playing video games.
    Here are the things you will have in your 20’s that you will have in no other decade of your life:
    1. Energy. After around 30-31 your energy levels will dramatically decrease. No longer will you be able to thrive off a few hours of sleep or bounce back as easy as you did just a few years ago.
    2. Flexibility. Assuming you leave college with manageable debt and no other baggage, the world is your oyster. You can travel wherever, work wherever, and explore wherever. This isn’t true once you have a mortgage, girlfriend, wife, kids, etc. Also, don’t tell yourself that you will have flexibility throughout your entire life because you will never desire any of these things. Sure, it may work out that way, but for most men they will usually develop a desire for one of these things later in life. The thought you will always be a young, happy go lucky, playboy is most likely a false one.
    3. Drive and Ambition. You are a starry eyed man in your young 20’s. You probably feel like you can conquer the world if you tried. You have no thoughts of your mortality and when you do you dismiss them. Take advantage of this natural advantage and seize the opportunities you can produce using them. As you get older you will still probably have some level of ambition but it will never be as high as it is in your 20’s.
    Use all of these to your advantage NOW, because you only have a limited amount of time to take utilize them.
    Do yourself a favor. Grab a journal, hop in the car, and drive out to a hotel or bed and breakfast in country. Unplug yourself from everything. Leave laptops, phones, and iPads at home. Then spend a few days envisioning what you would like to accomplish in one year, three years, and five years. Write it down in a way that makes sense to you. Then write down your life goals. Ask yourself this question – If I live to the age of 70 looking back on my death bed what will I want to remember I accomplished? Write down the major themes. Travel? Kids? Built a successful company? Did something daring? Doesn’t matter write it down. Then once you are done with that look at your goals over the next five years and figure out how those will help you achieve your life goals. This will help you begin to organize a plan. Once you are done keep that journal close and make entries and adjustments throughout the years.
    I did this in my 30’s and am glad I did. My only wish was that I would have done it in my 20’s instead.

    1. Early 20’s brah checking in…thanks for your advice. Glad I already implement most of this.

    2. Stop watching TV. All it does is brainwash you to be a drone serving some feminist cunt. Only use it to learn stuff of value.

    3. I disagree with 3
      My ambition hit warp speed at 30. Ambition and increased wisdom go hand in hand

    4. Older men achieving things is vastly underrated and underreported. There are many older men who achieve great or substantial success later in life, and who still have many, many years to enjoy this.

    5. If your energy levels are decreasing at 30, you’re doing something very wrong. Talk to a doctor. Any 30 y/o man who is working out at the gym will feel as energetic as a teenager. You actually need less sleep the older you get. If you spent your 20s drinking beer and watching TV, then yes your energy levels are down. But you did that to yourself, and its completely reversible.

      1. Indeed. Limit alcohol, don’t smoke, eat clean (don’t skip veggies) , workout every other day if possible. Clear your head from stress.
        Then you should be fine! Sure you have more energy when you’re 18, but your not 65 yet. Building muscle is also easier for a lot of late 20 year olds.

  3. I’m in my late twenties an this article is very good, I wish I could have a chat with my younger self.

      1. No, not as a fetish/plaything. Not at all. Same here. But careful: Precious time being wasted there when could be spent on self development and finding the right one for you.

      2. Just don’t confuse a fetish for wife material. Never LTR older women, fatties, etc.

        1. Haha… i think it was Doktorjeep that said, vaginas are “penis fly traps”. So true. I tore through older women in my early 20’s. I think I bedded more older women than girls my age. Not exactly proud of it, it was just easier. But for God’s sake, don’t let them sink their fangs in.

        2. and you can make the vacuum comparison, how? Did you date your dyson for a bit 🙂

        1. One thing I would say about when you are young and dating older women, they are easier to manage and do not take up too much of your time. If you are in your 20s, I would recommend finding some 30 something women who are happy just to simply enjoy your company and have sex. They are not interested in the game playing. This allows you to focus on your personal development.

        2. There is always an expectation hardwired in her cerebral cortex.Knock her up and you are fucked.

      3. When I was 19 i started banging a woman who was 33. Still the best fu*k of my life, but i am warning you that they will destroy your life if you let them get into your head.
        The MILF fetish is all good brother, but keep them at a distance.

        1. They are crazy. I was banging a fine redhead mom for a while. One fake pregnancy scare later to try to keep me from moving after graduation and I was done with them.

      4. They have a 30 percent higher chance of being infected with an STD ….and the kind you can’t get rid of.

  4. Maybe its a good thing we were nice guys in our 20’s. It kept us out of jail long enough to know better. Ive seen some assholes in their 20’s who are now serving life sentences.

  5. I learned #5 the hard way. “People aren’t nice. They are selfish and almost entirely focused on what will benefit them.” Running a business that involves the general population, and then finding who your “friends” are when the cash flow increases, was an eye opener big time.
    Finally, don’t trust your government, my entire 20s was wasted hard work (and a good chunk of my 30s) in recovery of 9/11 destroying the entire market I vested my life in. (Call me crazy for expecting the greatest superpower in the world to keep the nation secure during peace time). Make sure you’re building wealth in either a specialized market, or something insular to government buffoonery.

    1. Yeah definitely develop a side hustle in your 20’s too.
      I just talked to the guy I buy my sandwich off of a few times a week. Apparently he lost his job about two years ago and needed to make money. He was watching Mad Men and saw a scene where an old school lunch cart came through selling sandwiches to workers at their desks.
      He got the idea to do the same thing. He went on CL and found an old school lunch cart. Partnered with a restaurant in the city to use as a prep kitchen. Does his purchasing at local supermarkets focusing on their sale items avoiding the cost of the supply chain middle man. He spends a few hours in the morning prepping three different kinds of sandwiches and two salads. Then he got permission from two big companies in the same building to push his cart through their offices selling sandwiches, soda, water, bagged chips, and salads. He does that for about two hours or until he runs out. He discreetly told me he nets about $1000 a week working for what is about six hours five days a week. He also said he makes more money then his previous job and has better hours too.
      The guy’s sandwiches are good too and a buck or two cheaper then the local corner store.

        1. This guy really has it down. I just finish my pastrami sandwich and it was awesome. He picks up the pastrami fresh every morning from a local Jewish deli. Cost me 5 bucks too.
          He even takes special orders if you get it to him the day before (via a Google form) and will take your credit card payment through his phone. He even runs a tab for some of the regulars and bills them (via email, paid through Pay Pal) once a month.
          This guy is a true hustler.

  6. the selfish dicks in the corporate world are usually the most insecure guys. Their wives are “5s” at best, their projects are complete failures, because they spent too much time trying to impress people with talk instead of actually making the project successful, and they are overweight.
    However, it is important to say no, and I learned that the hard way both at work and with women.

    1. Anyone who has experience with this will say: Spot…fucking…on… VPs “talk” about doing extra projects to grow revenue, then toss the work onto those below, and have a delegate to blame. Garbage.

      1. Yup, of course they are both to blame in reality. Hoping to be a VP within 2 years myself..just got promoted to Sr Director. Gonna use the money to retire 15 years earlier than most (assuming most retire at 65). Delegating is a major responsibility of upper management but so is recruiting the right people for the role, developing your team, and just as important is delegating work appropriately. You don’t want to give too easy of work all the time or give someone something so far over their head they sink.

    2. I think a more accurate description, based on what he’s talking about, is self interest. You can have self interest, realize others work on self interest, and base your view on that, without having to become some selfish stingy Mr. Scrooge prick that won’t lift a finger to help a child who is in trouble.

    3. this ^ ^ ^. Soo many full of shit people its nauseating. No more will i take bad advice from shitty people, i dont care how many credentials they have after their name. 90% percent are useless windbags, the other 10% are the workhorses.

  7. Great list and advice. #1 is very important. I blinked and I’m 35 now. It’s insane how fast it actually goes. I’ve never understood people who say they are bored. I am at a place professionally where I only have to work a 40 hour week and I still don’t have enough time to do half the things I want to. People who lack drive so much that they literally have nothing they want to do is depressing as hell.

      1. I have been amazed how fast the decade between my 30th bday and my quickly approaching 40th disappeared. I know I did a lot of stuff, earned and learned a lot, but damn it was nothing like the long slow road of my 20’s. It could also be that as men rise in SMV that time for us flees in a similar fashion to those college age women who wake up at 31 and wonder where all the time went.

    1. I haven’t cut mine since August, only tapering trims at the side. I’m at about 4-5″ and still growing. Paradoxically, I grew a beard to avoid shaving. Now I have to put in the same amount of time in the morning to not look like a hobo.

      1. I’m at about 4-5″ and still growing.
        Vacuum pump or pills?
        Oh, wait, you meant beard didn’t you? heh

        1. Ha, you kid, but I totally judge people on their beards now. 5’clock stubble beard, get that shit outta here, faggot. Long and flowing, let’s go drink a beer.

    2. As long as it’s not in the Hipster fashion, agreed. Grow, groom and maintain a masculine beard, not some out of control moronic looking Hipster shit, unless you really are a mountain man (which as far as I can tell is exactly the opposite of Hipsters).

      1. I grew up watching John Wayne, and he never had a beard. And he still serves as an example of masculinity.

        1. Ok, that’s fine too, but you have to be 6’4″, square jawed and prone to draw a gun. Which is great. heh

  8. Great article. This is the type of things older men should be teaching younger men. In turn, you will realize that you should learn from men in their 40s and older. To quote Phil Collin’s ‘Son of Man’ song from Tarzan, “In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.” Do not feel bad for not knowing what you should have known back then, feel good for becoming wiser.
    If you ask me, life is like climbing a mountain. The 20s is the time you should be working out for the climb and studying the terrain, not getting wasted at the inn at the foot of the mountain. By your 30s, the summit should be within your sights at the very least. Do not fret if there are others who are ahead of you or have even reached the summit by their 30s. We all walk a different path in life. Some paths are like stroll in the park while some paths require you to brace from the avalanche and snowstorms as well as fight against hostile mountain animals. Final words, this is the type of article on ROK that many of us really look forward to.
    Happy birthday, Greg. From here on out, life can get better. Or not. That’s up to you.

    1. I find that a lot of young men with their future in front of them are actually quite open to being mentored, as long as I approach them as men who have intelligence and ability and not as somehow lesser than me. That’s what a lot of older guys get wrong, they confuse lack of experience with somehow being stupid, and that is in no way the case at all. Intelligent men will listen and process what you say if you say it in an accessible way and don’t forget how you yourself saw the world at that age. Even if they don’t ultimately agree or follow your advice you’re still ahead because you’ve treated them as men, like we used to treat young men before culture started infantalizing everybody and treating adults like children.

      1. I wish there were older men who had this outlook on life to be mentors, sadly its almost nonexistent. These sites and other places where men talk about these ideas and converse among each other is how we younger guys learn from the older wiser men.

        1. It’s a two way relationship to be certain. Younger men have to be looking for answers or at least demonstrate that they’re open to other viewpoints AND older men need to actively seek out, recruit might be a better word, men with potential. An old fogey like me could talk till I’m blue in the face to some wastoid pot head who has no ambition besides getting his next dime bag and it would all be for naught. But the guy out looking for answer OR even more importantly starting to say some of the right things, I zero in on that pretty quickly. Doesn’t always pan out, but sometimes it does.

        2. There’s the crux right there – It’s not PUA guys need – It’s how to be a man.

    1. I have thrown away all of my aspirin and cough drops on your recommendation.

  9. Damn it dude, I was in the process of outlining an article about “How you age as an Alpha” and you stole at least half my thunder! heh
    Everything you wrote is true based on my own observations as I’ve gotten older. Wait until you hit 40 and then 45. Every five years from 30 on seems to make a major impact in raising all kinds of awareness and giving you countless things to ponder and compare.
    Good article.

    1. Knowledge and experience have a frustrating way of illuminating a past not well lived.
      Life is not a dress rehearsal.

  10. One thing I am glad I didn’t do in my 20’s was treat the pursuit of pussy like a profession. Doing so takes a lot of time, money, and other scarce personal resources. I would recommend to anyone in their 20’s that you should treat pursuit of women as a second or third tier priority. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn and experiment with game. Just don’t make going out four to five nights a week with the intention of sarging night clubs for six hours each night. Instead, invest in learning skills, running your side hustle, working on your career, getting an education (informally or formally), and establishing yourself.
    I had a subgroup of friends who, in their 20’s, spent those years womanizing. It looked like fun at the time and I even thought I might be missing out. Recently though I ran into one of those guys who is now in his late 30’s. I hadn’t spoken with him for many years. The first thing I noticed is that he was a little fat and looked worn down. His tale was that everything was fine until the markets crashed in 2008. With all the cuts he lost his job in 2010. He quickly learned that a qualification for most jobs is not being an expert at spending the company’s money drinking and staying out till 2am on a weeknight. In all the years he had worked that was the only real skill he had developed. Sure he has other qualifications on paper, but when your ideal industry job market shrinks by 50% so do a lot of other people. Only those with real skills were getting jobs.
    In his 20’s he hadn’t made savings a priority, assuming the money train would always be coming to the station. The years of heavy drinking had taken a toll on his health. He couldn’t find anything other then temporary work. He had burned through what little savings he had. He was finding it hard to find someone to stay in a committed relationship with him in part because he had HSV outbreaks about once a month. This guy was the definition of a broken man. In short, it might sound fun in your 20’s, but think about the long game.
    Anyhow your 30’s are better for dating women. You are established, have confidence from years dedicated to self improvement, have money from years of making wise financial decisions, and you are going to attract women of the same age you would have in your 20’s. Plus you will probably have a much better idea of the end game you would like with your relationship.

    1. Right on. A buddy of mine in the army eschewed going out and blowing his money and clubs when we were in the service together. He didn’t avoid women, but he made bettering himself the priority. Ended up putting away tens of thousands of dollars from a meager enlisted man paycheque, explicitly stating that he was going to invest in real estate when his hitch was over.

        1. Unfortunately no, as with most of my service member buddies we fell out of touch. Wish I knew. He was very sober and serious about his future while also being a fun, funny and nice charismatic guy. I suspect he turned out well.

  11. Money. Body. Mind. Spirit.
    Hone and perfect all four (any way and every way YOU deem fit, it does not matter the opinions of homo sapiens) and watch all else just fall into place.

  12. One thing you also learn – it is a rare individual who can hear advice from one more experienced than he, and act on it.
    The majority of people will hear your words, perhaps even recognise the wisdom in them, and then go and make all the same mistakes anyway. There is no teacher quite like first-hand experience.
    The odd few who are actually capable of taking advice and using it will get ahead much faster.

    1. True. But they’ll always remember it if they’re intelligent. Eventually the words, if not the person that said them, will be remembered.

      1. Sharing experience and giving good advice to the young amount to planting the seeds of wisdom.
        I was given advice and wisdom that I didn’t understand for decades because I wasn’t ready to, because I didn’t need to. When I was ready and when I did need to, those words of advice helped me make sense of things.

        1. That’s really one of the challenges of raising a son or mentoring a young up and coming man. What to tell them, what not to say (you have to learn most shit through hard knocks), when to tell them, when telling them will mean something later but not now (as you mention), etc. Most importantly knowing when to shut the hell up (which is far easier in real life than when writing on the internet, heh). It’s an interesting exercise to say the least.

        2. I think you tell them from your own past fuck ups as an example. My old man never would share his mistakes, but would always tell me what I should do when I was young. He did not seem like a real human being at times.
          I guess he had this idea in his head that he was the father and can do no wrong. Be able to admit to your careless ways and own up to it and take responsibilities so that that someone young who is at the same fork in the road you passed can understand why not to pick the wrong path.

        3. Exactly, that’s how I handle it with my son.
          “Look son, I did that too and I got XYZ and it sucked. You can try it if you want, don’t let me stop you, but if it turns out like it did for me, you’re in for a world of hurt.”
          Being human and not some guy handing down stone tablets received from the burning bush helps. Don’t be afraid to state facts or play to your strengths, but if your boy or young man is doing the same thing you did, and it sucks, admit you fucked up and how and hopefully that will help.

        4. From personal experience, a person who is eager to show you their strengths and none of their flaws is typically a weak person who has little to truly give.

  13. As a man ten years your senior I wholeheartedly agree with this article. Particularly numbers one and four. As soon as I entered my 30’s it was as if the law of time somehow changed and hours literally started to pass like minutes to me. Money is great and also very important but you can never make more time—–once it’s gone it’s gone.
    Don’t waste any more time than you absolutely have to being around people with bad attitudes and poor work ethics.

  14. Good list of well-thought-out points!
    I’d like to say a bit more about the details of “2. Money matters, a lot!”.
    The rappers are right about making “get money money moonneeeyyy!” a focus. But it’s very important to talk about the other side of money: keeping it.
    It’s been said “There is plenty of time if you don’t waste it”. That’s true of money, too. Money will only accumulate if you don’t let it escape out of the bottom of your stash while you are pouring it in the top.
    There are a thousand ways to waste money. I remember one personal financial consultant saying he always begins by asking his clients to carry a notebook and write down everything they spend, even the few dollars for a Starbucks coffee. He says they are always astounded — they had no idea where their money was dribbling away to, they only knew they somehow didn’t have any.
    Then there are the big ways to waste money. These include drugs, liquor, gambling, interest payments on consumer debt, buying new cars frequently, buying too much house or too much car, fancy vacations, costly hobbies, tuition debt for useless degrees, and many more. Often, people do these things to fit in with their social circle. For men, there’s a special trap in motor-powered recreation (snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, trucks etc.) and boats. These can quickly turn into ridiculous money-suckers. The biggest drain of all is to marry a spendthrift… you’ll never have two dimes at the same time in your whole life.
    So, a man building a future needs to clean that crap out of his life, and keep what remains under careful control. He should never catch himself thinking, “I wonder where all the money went?!” The Golden Rule is: Always Live Below Your Means. (That almost always means not buying anything until you can pay cash for it, out of your surplus.)
    And when a man gets some money together, he must never tell anyone. Either they will try to take it away from him, or they will act out of jealousy to sabotage his career path. STFU, buddy. At times that can be hard to do when you’re proud about what you’ve built for yourself.

    1. Ah-men Brother.
      My poor sad sibling is great at making money, and his nasty wife is better at spending it. If I had made his kinda $$$, been retired long ago. Even still I’ll retire in a couple of years and he never will.

      1. I tend to think that one should only partially retire. Most men seem to find it extremely problematic to be retired.

  15. Here’s my add: take risks. The younger and less attached you are, the easier it is to fall and bounce right back up. As you grow older, collect responsibilities, start a family, and grow set in your ways, the risk becomes a lot riskier because it is a much bigger leap from where you are, the consequences of failure are exponential, and you do not necessarily have time to recover. If you’re young and have a risky opportunity with a potentially huge payoff (an intelligent one, mind you, don’t get scammed or be a retard), grab your balls and take it.

    1. Yes yes yes yes yes, 100 times yes.
      You WILL regret what you’ll later find out were good ideas that you passed up.

  16. On further reflection, here are a couple more:
    – Make time for your family and friends. Once you get into your 30’s, if it hasn’t already happened, people you actually care about will start to die. This is a one way trip, and you will spend lots of time thinking about all the missed opportunities and things you wished you had done. Get off your ass, go home to see your folks, get a good meal, hug them and hold them close. We are all dying every single minute that we live. When they’re gone, you would give anything to ask their advice or share their companionship again. Do it now while you’ve still got the chance.
    – Dream big. When you think about your goals, don’t create the same pedestrian goals as everyone else. As noted in #5, most people are selfish, most of them also follow a script someone else wrote for them. Don’t be that guy. Decide where you want to be and how to get there. And the more ambitious the better. Better to shoot for the stars and land on the moon than to shoot for the treetops and end up in the power lines. See my earlier point about failing – you’ll likely never regret trying and failing because you will learn from it, and you’ll also probably end up better off than where you started anyway.
    Figure out your limits and set your boundaries. The easiest way to not become a corporate wage slave, or some henpecked beta simp is to figure out what you’re willing to put up with, and then setting boundaries with other people that you rigidly adhere to. If your job doesn’t like it, fuck them, get a new job. If your girl doesn’t like it, find a new one. Life is too short to be miserable. Figure out what makes you miserable and refuse to go there. Don’t confuse this with being lazy or entitled though – people respect boundaries, but only when you perform. If you’re the guy who gets the job done, you can walk out every day at 5 and turn off your cell phone. If you’re the guy who treats people with respect, you can demand it. This one requires balance, but you should figure out your limits, and then figure out what you need to do to have others respect your rules.

    1. As far as family is concerned, just be sure to set boundaries if you have crazy sibling or parent. And I mean legally insane, not just an abrasive personality. My mother-in-law, for instance, probably has Borderline Personality Disorder. My wife and I try to steer clear of her as much as possible.

      1. I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that family can be toxic, and I don’t advocate investing in them just because you share blood. I’m talking more about people you actually truly care about and love. Those folks can’t be replaced.

    2. Damnit, and now you’re finishing the second half of my article idea! heh
      Ok, won’t go full blurb here, keep it short and simple (EDIT: That’s a lie)
      If you age and stay “alpha”
      – Your friends will age too. Badly. Horribly. And they will become different people. You will literally stop having things in common with them outside of reminiscing about your youth. That can be fun occasionally but it’s depressing once you realize that the guys you used to go hunting with or set off M80’s with out in the field are now stuck in their ways, boring, fat old men. Seriously depressing if you dwell on it, as you’ll start to really miss spending time with men who have been through what you’ve been through.
      – Women stop giving flirty IOI’s and start openly lusting. You’ve gotten older but you’re in shape, and if you’ve done things right you clearly radiate some level of power and wealth. Not pretentious, you just kind of do. Women, 20 something women, will hand you their number unbidden (seriously), or come up and start gushing around you. Shamelessly. The reasons I’ve deduced is that they are either looking for a sugar daddy, or they have a Daddy fantasy thing, they are attracted to your type (you do have a look, right? yes), or they are extremely attracted to a man who looks, acts and is responded to as the leader of the pack wherever he walks. It’s bizarre and my 20 something self wouldn’t have believed it. Want pussy, snap your fingers, boom it’s there. Were I not married I’d have a harem.
      – When you talk, people stop and listen with what appears to be respect.
      – You are naturally looked to, to lead. Always. Not asked, expected. People simply look to you to answer for whatever group you’re in, in a situation that requires leadership.
      – You learn to laugh off your mistakes and people seem to ignore that you can make mistakes. Feels kind of cultish sometimes really, but hey, whatcanyado?
      – You stop talking and learn to listen intently and lead any conversation to a desired outcome with very few words, while remaining charming. Works a treat, and gets you what you wish with ease.
      – The quality of your work matters, a hell of a lot. If you can establish yourself as the consummate professional at your job or business your reputation will and does proceed you. Fuck up professionally though, and you’re toast. Become indispensable if you work for somebody else, or the go to man for your customer’s needs, always.
      – You start to see how old women used to look, or how very young girls will look, just by looking at them a moment. Same with men. You can easily put them in their prime in your mind. Not sure why that matters, just something I’ve noticed. I can look at granny in a nursing home and tell that she used to be “XYZ hot” or “ABC normal” or whatever.
      – All of your cultural references will slowly disappear. Nobody except history/culture geeks will know who you’re talking about when you mention watching a Clark Gable movie (“Clark who?” – seriously, yes, I’ve heard that). Music artists you love(d) become “old person music” or “who?”. Movie references and jokes you take for granted right now, vanish, except amongst folks your age and, see my point above about folks your age. You have to keep up with current culture, music and trends if you hope to engage in conversations with others then.
      – While deadly serious for you right now, by your 40’s how women act or react will mean fuck all to you. You know what they’re going to say, how they’re going to say it, and you know that getting them to say anything is a simple exercise that most of the time isn’t worth the effort. You really do stop giving a shit about these easily controlled human beings. Unfortunately this applies to most men as well.
      There is more, but I need to go Take A Work for a few minutes.

      1. Oh yeah, one more thing.
        – You lose the ego and come to find that the words “I messed up” and “I don’t know” are signs of strength, not weakness. Admitting real errors that are honestly your fault, without hesitation and correcting them if possible without having to be prodded or shamed builds you some goodwill amongst everybody. Not saying do the “I’m sorry” thing like a beta, I mean “Wow, that’s my bad, here let me fix it” then do it.
        Saying “I don’t know” means “Show me” and the sooner you realize it the better. If nobody is around to show you, then saying “I don’t know, let me find out” is even better. Then do it.
        It sucks being young and thinking that these will somehow make you less of a man. The opposite is actually true. I had a case of the ego pride for a while and had to bitch slap my way out of it. My grandfather taught me these two things, or tried to, and eventually it soaked in through my thick skull, invaluable.

      2. Sorry to steal your thunder. But, for what it’s worth, your cultural observation could be its own article. I’ve often wondered how many jokes on the Simpsons go right over people’s heads because they aren’t culturally educated enough to catch them. So many people mindlessly consume culture without thinking about where it came from. People will listen to the White Stripes but don’t follow it back to Led Zeppelin, and on to Robert Johnson, and from there back to Son House, who in turn was steeped in old gospel music, slave songs, and African and European folk music. Much of what passes for culture these days is pure garbage, but find the right nuggets, and you unlock the doors to the historical stream of human expression.
        I don’t know what angle I’d take with an article like this, but I certainly think that men who exclusively listen to whatever house shit some DJ is spinning because they are too concerned with appearing hip are cutting themselves off from a shit-ton of red-pill wisdom accumulated in the cultural archives.

        1. nice Son House shout out. The White Stripes covered this:

        2. Death Letter rocks. I love the way he beats the shit out of his guitar while he plays it.

        3. Jack needs to reform The Raconteurs. more guitar, less singing…dude is horrible

      3. Please still make this article, GhostofJefferson, I know I and many many others would love to read it.

  17. Great article, as a 21 y.o I really appreciate this type of writing. In my modest opinion, and as the writer has explained, the main purpose of your 20s should be to lay the foundation for a financially secure life and achieve the “Position of Fuck You” as this video explains.

    One good friend of mine is 28 and is still finishing his studies and living off his parents because he made some wrong decisions earlier on (although he partied a lot and had a great time).
    Personally the main struggle comes when trying to balance out laying the aforementioned foundations while still enjoying yourself while you are young.

    1. I am realizing this at 25.
      I blitzed through my early twenties, i traveled overseas, banged foreign women, got involved with drugs, partied and let my diet go to hell. I had the time of my life but after hitting 25 i was financially broke and had made no more progression then i had at 20.
      Im now working to secure financial independence and investing the money i earn rather then waste it, i’ve given up a lot in order to do this.. but i see it as a trade-off for going so hard in my early twenties. Discipline is crucial. Seeing friends of mine at 30 flat broke and still trying to reclaim the glory years of yesteryear is enough motivation for me to sort myself out.

  18. You must have a plan. Things you do now will affect the rest of your Life.
    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  19. Thank you for this kick-ass article. As a man of 30 myself, I wish i had followed my uncles advice of investing money in index funds as early as possible. Resist the temptation to waste it on drugs, booze and hookers. I could have easily doubled my net worth by now.

    1. Add this to your to do list: SURVIVE. Too many young bucks OD’ing on drugs and alcohol. Life can certainly look bleak when your young and born into unfortunate circumstances, but listen to the folks on this website and other manosphere sites offering healthy advice for nubile up and commers. Tune out of the bullshit media, focus on self-improvement, career and money and the rewards will follow. Don’t end up in the gutters with a junk addiction.

  20. Excellent article.I wish someone was there in my early 20’s to tell me this.Time is a luxury,something I wasted a lot.I regret it.Every man should read this, irrespective of race/religion.

  21. “always have a plan for yourself, otherwise you’ll finish as part of another people’s plan”
    I don’t remember where i’ve seen this, but since i keep this in my mind, I think it’s a good advice for future redpillers and guys who begin to be fed up with all the bullshit surrounding us everyday.

  22. Men just have a much longer shelf life to build and enjoy life.
    No doubt women have the upper hand 16-26 but it goes down hill rapidly for them. It only gets worse for them after 26.
    You see so many women over 30 refer to themselves as ‘girls’, trying to cling onto youth.
    A smart woman will have her own family and children by 30, and enjoy being a mom yet still having some degree of beauty.
    Good luck telling that to millennial ‘I don’t need no man!’ women tho lol

  23. Thanks for the advice dude. Everything you wrote is 200% correct. And Happy Birthday!

  24. Good read. I wish I had a father or older brother to teach me this type of stuff when I was a young sprout. My father was basically your average working class American. He went to work, paid his bills and watched the cowboys on the weekends. I can’t really fault him too much, he kept a roof over our heads and food on the table. Beyond that, he didn’t take much interest in teaching about women,money and life in general.

  25. “4. Chasing women is a waste of time. Focus your attention elsewhere.”
    Okay, I’ll chase vipers and black widows instead.
    Wait, they’re all the same thing!

  26. For me #5 was the hardest to learn. Beware of anyone who asks you for something that usually starts with a “Hey bro, can I get a” and ends with “few bucks,” “ride,” or “place to crash,” among other variables. Honorable people don’t realize that vast majority are now without honor, and the value of your friendship is exceedingly low. I’d estimate around $5 for an acquaintance and it can be as low as $20 for a “friend” you’d think “isn’t like that.” This is the amount of money people would rather keep for themselves than pay back, no matter the consequences. They would rather spend life dodging your phone calls and crossing the street for the rest of their lives than part with it.
    I made all the mistakes several times, including picking up tabs, forgiving debts, lending a car, providing temporary shelter, etc. It always ends the same way. Far from being grateful, the person in question will actually resent you for not doing even more for them. Their inner social victim will also resent you for having the resources to help them in the first place. I agree with the article, “no” is the most powerful word in your repertoire. Or ask them if they’d be willing to sign a simple contract beforehand. Then you’ll hear some of the sweetest words in the English language: “Forget it, bro.”

  27. Good advise, couple things I would add.
    Along with strength add good eating habits. Fast food, processed stuff, chain restaurants….that stuff will catch up with you. Learn to cook for yourself, ain’t no one else gonna do it for ya these days. As you age you will find that unhealthy foods, too much alcohol, toxins have a greater effect on you. I go years without even a cold, and I am constantly exposed to sick people.
    Definitely build a strong financial and educational foundation for your life but temper it some quality experience. Your are only in your 20’s once, do some traveling or better ye, find a job that pay you to do it. At least once travel to Brazil, Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia. Some place you have an interest in but you can also experience women outside of the Western World. It will open you eyes wide.
    Seriously consider the financial implications of divorce. As a man, the deck is stacked against you in “family” courts, protect yourself. Remember….The number one cause of divorce is marriage, So be careful with that too.
    In your 20’s you still have decades of great sex ahead of you. Women are like fruit, they age very quickly. Men are like wine, we just get better with age. I’m in my late 40’s and young women are still in my quiver.
    You have a bright future ahead, just make it so.

  28. I learned the No Chasing Women / Relationships part way too late, like early 30s late. Luckily, I’m 35 now and have implemented pretty much all of this into my life. And, being a “dick” definitely has its advantages.
    One small example: I wore a suit to work today, no different than any other day. Most men dress like schlubs all week… They don’t even bother to put on slacks or a proper shirt. But, in the corporate world, today is the high holy day of “Casual Friday”.
    This female co-worker wore jeans and a hoodie; she looked like complete dogshit. Great ass, though. She took one look and said in a rather shitty tone, “Hey, GQ! That’s your nickname, now! GQ! Hah Hah!”
    I replied, before walking off, “Hey, Schlub! That’s your nickname, now! Schlub! Hah Hah!” She got this confused, stunned look on her face, then bit her lip a little and smiled. It was priceless.

        1. Well you need written permission to speak to females in the workplace, or an escort and preliminary communication review from a member of the feminazi party prior to engagement.
          it’s 2020 ffs, you should know this by now(?)

  29. Point by point those are the exact things I would say to my 30 year old self. I would add;
    Do a 100% percent swap out of Hollywood (in any form, TV, movies, gossip links etc) for books.
    It might seem less entertaining at first but it will soon invert and you will be amazed at how dull any TV show/most movies are once you do this. So not only is it better, more productive, better for your self-esteem. It will soon be far more entertaining.

  30. Amen, when you find a woman who serves her man with pride and without complaint- wife it up. I’m talking the type that considers house cleaning and cooking breakfast the norm, not likely found in an American girl. Of course, after vigorous investigation into her past and observing what her mother turned out to be. Very true how living with some virtue attracts the right type of solid woman who is also first class, all the little bottle rats are just that. Oh, and turning a good girl bad after you’ve locked it down is the best. BTW I don’t think you have to be rich to find this, many a foreign woman values simply a decent, solid man who can be trusted and counted on. Many foreigners grow up in countries where great looks still don’t mean shit for getting ahead, thus they are much less superficial and materialistic than their western counterparts. In many parts of the world, where poverty and corruption are rampant & obvious daily, people seem to value family as the anchor of life. Was it phrased here a while back as, she better be a ride or die type of bitch? That’s my girl.

    1 HATE, so weak, you basically acknowledge someone is better without learning, you should find greatness attractive not repulsive, yeah it shows you know you can’t compare
    2 GOSSIP
    3 Try to be alpha, always posturing and preening, FAKE i know a guy who works at the state and another who works at his dad construction firm and they talk FINANCE on a saturday night CRINGE WORTHY
    4 STAND ON PRETENTION externals (title, clothes) are nice but if that is all you have you have nothing, can you converse, can you approach, do you have my back, are you interesting
    5 MOST PEOPLE ARE HATERS, that will never be “alpha” recognize others greatness or you’ll only attract other posers
    REMEMBER MEN AND WOMAN recognize a sniveling little bitch, woman will not like it and neither will top 10% men

    1. Im 32 btw, and it took me this long to figure it out, DO NOT GIVE PEOPLE TONS OF CHANCES, I’ve always had a lot of haters while I’m very trustworthy and upstanding, if you haven’t fucked someone over (and you shouldn’t) and they hate DONT LET IT GET YOU DOWN, IT IS A COMPLIMENT

  32. “Side Note: If every man implemented the above mindset, the “war of the sexes” would be over in exactly one generation. The power would be back squarely in the hands of men, where it belongs.”

  33. Should there be an area of ROK where older guys give younger guys advice? Mentoring?

  34. Fantastic.
    These are the sort of article’s i love reading on here, been a man in his mid-twenties i value the wisdom and experience of older men when it comes to life and women. In a society where young men are raised by women, and there’s no longer the passing on of wisdom from generation to generation it becomes increasingly difficult to know these truths and prepare accordingly.

  35. Man. I’m turning 32 soon and not a day goes by where I don’t kick myself for wasting my 20s away. I have nothing to show now. I’m grateful that I found the manosphere last summer but I really wish I knew what I know now and learned what I’m learning now back in my teens. My life would be much much better. I would have money. Great friends. A killer body. And women. But I didn’t know better. All I did was waste that precious commodity that is time. I can only hope to salvage a decent life out of whatever time I have left.

    1. Or you know, you could of been dead already due to the different path lived with all this ‘essential knowledge’.
      This current path lead you here and presented you with a door to open, that is all that matters.

    2. I wasted my early 20s but spent my last 5 years in my 20s finishing my bachelors and then getting my MBA from a T10 school. Income went from 50-200k since I was 29 (~4 years ago). Aiming to retire extremely comfortably by the time I’m 50 or 55 and live a fairly luxurious life. Focus of my middle 30s besides saving 50k+/year is to get back into the same physical shape I was in high school.

    3. I know this is easy to type and hard to do but you gotta stop kicking yourself. Self-pity will kill you faster than any of the stupid shit we all did when we were young.
      Always look forward. It is the only thing you can change.

  36. Life isn’t over when you turn 30, as long as you have something happening. Then you can use the decade to establish yourself.
    Keep your powder dry, put away money to retire someplace comfortable and for god’s sake, don’t marry some whore and throw it away.

  37. Great article. Life for you as a man has just begun at 30-enjoy the ride. I absolutely agree with all points here-I’m 37 and know all to well. No man should get into serious relationship with a woman until post 30 and for NO reason get married pre 30. Focus on yourself and the women will be chasing you-again I speak from experience. The tables turn in our favor as we get older.

  38. Great post I always know it has to be good if you wrote it. This really resonated with me since I am only 21 years old. This year I am not being the nice guy anymore instead I am being selfish and focusing on getting what I want.
    So far it has been working out great for me. As far as women I no longer do to much game all though I do have a girl-friend, but I would leave her in a second if she takes me off my course.
    I look forward to more posts. Check out my blog and give me your opinion if you get a chance.
    Your friend from America,

  39. I’ve had my ups and downs on ROK but this one is getting bookmarked. You want red pill? Here it is, the real McCoy. My kudos and thanks to the author. True wisdom and not just for the younger men here.

  40. What I wished to learn earlier is this site and the red pill. I wish that I’ve learned that being nice wasn’t the way to get the girl. Breaking promises, not buying gifts, was the key to get the girl into me…I wish that I knew how to make money online before…..boy there is a lot of this I wish I knew..

  41. Young men need to know that education is wealth-creation tool and that there is a point of diminishing return of investment on cost. The education industry will try to rape the young man by providing minimal (true) education at maximum cost, so, the young man’s goal should be to beat them at their own game by acquiring as much free and low-cost knowledge, experience and skill as possible.
    With regard to the pursuit of wealth, prioritize acquiring fungible skills, knowledge and other intangible assets that can not be easily purloined in divorce court. Also, one’s means of earning a living should be an enjoyable activity, if possible, as the flower of one’s youth spent slaving in a law library is unrecoverable.

  42. This is quite a good article. Kept a positive tone and a strong identity without dehumanising the subjects of your analysis, and the writing wasn’t offensively bad as well. Other writers could learn a lot from this.

  43. Umm, money can’t buy happiness? And you do agree?? Hmm… think again please. Find people who don’t have enough money, and give it to them.. You will see how crazy happy they can be

  44. In your 20s you don’t know shit. And you do not even start to see life throw a different pair of glasses until your about 35. As you age life teaches you the raw facts of all situations…. But your on the right track.
    TIP: Money never chases women, women chase money..:)
    Late 40s male

      1. If you are one the billions blessed to have been born in America, you have no excuse not to have any money. America is not perfect, but what other country will loan you an endless amount of capital to pursue your education?

        1. In most of western europe you dont have to loan money, education (including med shool) is 100% free.

  45. The last point should be printed and stuck on every guy’s wall if he’s suffering from chronic niceness, being taken for granted and treated as a doormat.
    If you really want peace of mind, learn to be selfish and give people what they deserve.
    That doesn’t mean treat good people badly. But look at it in terms of ‘tit for tat’. Be nice to everyone, but then respond accordingly depending on what they give back.
    Life’s simply too short not to make yourself happy. And the sad thing is, no one will ever give this to you. You can only provide it for yourself.

  46. Another thing, In your 20s most persons have little or no real responsibilities. Fuck partying. Use that time to max out your education on a 8 year degree. Trust me, your level of partying and females will be more enjoyable for years to come not to mention your mind will comprehend everything on a different level. Your BS filter becomes your six sense. With that behind you in your 30s you’ll be able to make complex strategic investments. By late 30s to early 40s your flawless in every move. That legacy thing is still in the works but your enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. The best homes, cars, women, vacations, etc…..Banging quality flawless females young enough to be your daughter will be automatic. The younger men will envy not your looks, but the appearance of having all your shit together.

  47. You’d have to believe you’re a total moron, to need constant reminding and self-shaming for your past mistakes. Learn from em, and move on.

  48. There are a couple of things we can count on: The sun rises and sets each day. The rest is up for grabs. Discover what lies ahead.

  49. I am almost 30. And did I chase women, oh I did! Until I converted to a more mature and cynical man. Cal it more realistic.
    Just study and work hard, and soon women are chasing you! I once read that there is nothing more appealing to women than a 30-40 year old single goodlooking guy without children and with a good job. From what I see around me, I guess that’s true. Those over the hill women want children before their eggs dry out and they probably will be looking at you to have children with. I mean you as in: they will be needing your sperm and your wallet.

      1. I disagree. You are at the start of your financial life yes. But you are an adult. And at 30 you should more or less know what you want to do in life.

        1. Perhaps I should clarify myself. Yes you should have narrowed down a career by then. Not claiming to be high and mighty but, every 10 years your maturity level/life comprehension goes threw a major overhaul for the better. Then things you thought you knew, you really were just scratching the surface.
          By 30 attaining your core educational foundation should be coming to an end. After almost 8 plus years of university schooling you should be in a position to make good decisions and demand a livable income for you and your future family (if that is your goal). There are always exceptions to the generalities.

  50. Good article for men of all ages. I am 53, and I know most of what you said but it is good to focus on these things daily. Thank you.

  51. A good idea is don’t spend too much time working.
    Read THINK AND GROW RICH. It’s not called work overtime and grow rich.

  52. An absolute load of bullshit honestly. Sounds like it was written by a hedonist fuckwit out of the Wolf of Wall Street.
    ‘As a result, I finally got everything I wanted from my life.’
    Yeah, there are some people who have desires that aren’t selfish, that want happiness for others. They are called decent fucking human beings, something you clearly aren’t as you only care about yourself. You’re right, people are selfish. Why the fuck would I want to be one of those douchebags I hate?
    And it’s got nothing to do with being ‘beta’ or whatever ridiculous terminology you idiots use. I know plenty of good men who are assertive and popular with the ladies. They just have some things called honour and integrity and respect.

    1. Wah, wah, cried the spoilt child. Nothing in the article is incompatible with integrity and honour. The reverse, in fact. Respect yourself and respect others who are worthy of it.
      Did you actually read the article?

      1. Everyone on this shitty site is an entitled, spoiled little brat. Do you fuckwits actually believe the shit you post? Wow.

    2. “Yeah, there are some people who have desires that aren’t selfish, that
      want happiness for others. They are called *idiots*,
      something you clearly aren’t”
      And proud of it.

  53. As a mid 30s guy who’s “made it” (successful, no ties, own my own business and live the way I want)… my advice is learn to live for yourself. Find out what you want out of life… not what everyone else wants… then go get it. That’s true inner game… and something every young man should be focused on developing. Once you do that… the rest just sort of falls into place.

  54. Good article. I’ll hit the big 5-0 this year, and am on top of my game more than ever before thanks to lessons such as these.
    #5 if most important and is the key to why you need to focus on 1-4. I’d add one or two more bits of wisdom, but it’s not my list. These are are sufficient.
    Societies job is to turn every man into a passive beta boy so they can ass rape you as they steal everything away from you. A man’s job is to become a Manic Mad Man and make Don Draper out to be a mid-century modern altar boy.

  55. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Uh, do you live in America? ‘Cause it buys a WaveRunner…”
    Daniel Tosh

  56. Every time when I read this article it gives me strength knowing that you are the master of your own destiny. Sure things can go wrong, you can get sick. But betting on a different person for your happiness is like putting everything on red.
    The best thing to get revenge on all those snarky bitches from the past, all those bastards that bullied you in school, those people that treated you like some small shit or whatever the case may be for you. The best thing is to project happiness and be successful. That hurts them more than a bullet.
    But about point 4, and some other poster already said it: your twenties is the time to game women and learn about them in LTR’s. You shouldn’t wait with that.

  57. This articles comes in a timely manner to me.
    From what I’m seeing around me, the biggest pitfalls to avoid are:
    – Addictions (Alcohol being the biggest one, drugs)
    – Annoying women (some friends seem to have invested too much in their relationship and can’t back off, although their women are painfully annoying).
    – Depression, although this word is over used, and it’s NORMAL to experience sadness/numbness once you realize the Truth of this world. The pitfall is to fall into sloth and not take action.
    – Lack of focus, lack of drive.
    – Nihilism

  58. A contemporan romanian Hip-Hop artist, a gentleman of Romanian Hip-Hop [ raku ] has a verse in one of his pieces that sums up my gratitude and recognition for your work
    ,,From the underground I come like a freight train [ red pill info],
    I raise it to the level of your head,
    But you ain’t got no train station –
    You’re level headed”.
    The idea is that young men in their 20’s will read the article, understand the info, but it won’t burn them, it won’t stick. But at least they can slap themselves later because ,,There were some guys on a website, those guys knew the answers to my questions.”
    Anyway, noble work here.
    Happy birthday chief, thank you for bringing your work on ROK !
    What more can I say other than- God bless us, gentlemen !
    Cheers !

  59. In my late twenties, I had the same realizations. So close to what I just read, that I find it fascinating. My realization of what the reality is was very difficult to accept. Took me a whole year of ups and downs. I do not regret it one bit. I just wish I knew about RoK earlier, instead of having that battle on my own.
    If there is one thing I would like to contribute, if I may, it is this: READ.
    Imagine, for thousands of years, men had lived lives similar to ours. With their own hardships. They observed life, much as we do today. They wrote down what they learned. Today, you can read history, politics, phylosophy, rhetoric. You will never see the world the same way after Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. Find the ideas that most religions have in common.
    Teach yourself. Break free from the cage they put us in. You have a choice.

  60. My regret was that I didn’t understand this things earlier. I’ve spent all my years till 27 chasing unworthy women and spending WAY too much money.
    But hey, I didn’t lost anything. Just ONE year of living as I should, was so good for me that it made up for last 7 years. I got a better job, and a raise. I’m living and working in center of metropolitan city, during weekends I’m traveling around Europe, visiting many interesting places. Girls I date are 19 or 20 years old thin waitresses who’s main concern in life is her make up. They trust me and follow me without complications and ganes and that’s all I need from women. In next few years I plan to go work on a cruise ship as a fitness coach, travel around the world and when I decide to settle I will become enterpreneur. I’m young, healthy, with lot of disposable money, good job, single, speaking several languages. heck, I’m in position that’s really something to be grateful for.
    If I did anything right that’s job – I’m pretty proficient in several professions and my working ethic is outstanding. That become so because I had to find a way to payoff debts that accumulated during my stupid mid 20s..so in a way, that debt really pushed me up.
    I wish I had this mentality when I was 22. But heck, even if I had, maybe I would be too young and too stupid to live this kind of life?
    Now I respect my life and me and my time and I’m living every second as I like. And I know exactly what I want – that’s so important. But to know yourself and what you want, young man MUST go and fail through many trials, and through following growth and recovery he’ll find what he is looking for.
    And what I want is to take everything I can before I’m 35, and then I want to have kids..since I’m writing this, did any of you had kids at this age? How well did this workout?

  61. very good points,i am 28 and have only recently come to some of thsi conclusions,the money one for example,i deplore money but my personal feeling about money have nothing to do with anything be realistic here.
    Same with my time.I have squandered a lot of it but no more.
    I have been in shape previously and i know it leads to confidence,how can it not ???
    Really good tips and practical adivse
    I think as we get older part of maturing is finding in nuggets of information that seem like cliches to us when we are young. Like “accept responsibility for your actions” that always sounded like a way to get me to tell on myself but in the last couple of years i realize it means if you blame someone else,how can you improve ?? if i say to myself i didnt get that job because the boss was an asshole(he might have been,besides the point) then i wont work on what i undoubtedly need to improve !!

  62. At 26 I’ve already come to the conclusion that I’ll die a lonely but happy old man. I’m not exactly where I wanna be in life but it’s satisfying busting my ass to get there to live a stress free life. Even in time likes this I wouldn’t mind getting married and having a family but that life isn’t meant to be.

  63. Everyone is the captain of their own vessel, it’s foolish to assume that other people will help repair your broken and sinking vessel simply because your a good person, don’t wait for assistence that may not come, take command.
    Most people are focused on their own journey in life, this is not always because they’re selfish people, but simply because not everyone has the time or energy to notice that you’re in distress. You must therefore become the master and commander of your own ship, make the neccessary repairs, and then find the right direction to head towards, if you don’t, then you’ll just sink and be forgotten on this vast ocean called life. This isn’t an invitation to become cynical, just realistic.

  64. Even i got something from every point in the article. #4, guys. Pay attention to 4. Not bossing you, mind you, just saying…

  65. If you can swing it, get a good-paying job that will let you double up on mortgage loan payments, or more. Get that house paid off as fast as you can. I pounded my mortgage into the ground and had the house paid off by 45. Saved a ton in interest, and note is paid.

  66. I have to thank SJW’s and Feminist, because of their stupid rage about Roosh’s “Pro-Rape” Bullshit I got to know him and RoK.
    And getting to know RoK with 19 yr. is probably one of the best things that happened to me.

  67. “Classy ladies, the kind most idiots spend their days chasing!”
    Laughed my ass off when I saw the photo with the above caption 🙂 so true.

  68. Good article and being much older than you I definitely agree with you.
    I’m hoping there might be any ROK readers really old (60’s +) who will submit a piece entitled “5 Things Men In Their 50’s Need To Know” or maybe it’s simply just do Clarey’s Smith & Wesson retirement plan.

  69. As a man of 50, I have to say, Life began at 40, once I swallowed the red pill, and it shows no signs of slowing down. a 10 year Marriage was a complete scam, it cost me more than I could ever say, all men should be taught against marriage. Fatherhood was another opportunity to be taken advantage of by the state. It’s amazing how two faced our society is about fathers vis a vis rights and responsibilities. Having kids with a wife makes you a worthless slave in our culture. I just got back from a week in Tokyo, the hotel and plane fare cost me less than 1 weeks rent and I had the time of my life. If I had only know what the future held for me I would have taken the red pill sooner.

    1. Best advice, never trust a woman. Never, EVER lend money to a woman. They will NEVER pay you back EVER. A western woman’s mindset is such that she is owed by men, if you help a western woman out, she will invariably take full advantage and come to regard you as a weakling. No good will come of it, no matter how logical and right it may seem.

    2. Staying single and getting past 40 is the best thing for a modern man in the west to do.

  70. Good article and being much older than you I definitely agree with you.
    I’m hoping there might be any ROK readers really old (60’s +) who will submit a piece entitled “5 Things Men In Their 50’s Need To Know” or maybe it’s simply just do Clarey’s Smith & Wesson retirement plan.

  71. “Be more selfish.” That’s what I’d tell my younger self.
    Like the author, as a young man I was always trying to please others and be dutiful.
    Later I learned that no mater how “dutiful” I was or helped others, no one gave a shit about it. With rare exceptions, they would “forget” I had helped them when the shoe was on the other foot. I also experienced employers who shafted me and didn’t keep their promises after I gave them a lot.
    I became MUCH happier when I started putting MY interests first. Ironically, I found that others respected me more for it too.
    Understand that no one (except possibly your immediate family) cares about you. Be ruthless about your self interest. You will get a lot more out of life.

  72. This article is spot on. Some of us have an altruistic desire to sacrifice for others. Unfortunately, this energy is being mis-channeled and abused by those who feel entitled to our time, energy, skills and patience.
    I say, find a good wife, raise good kids together and channel that energy into those who actually deserve it and for the right reasons.

  73. I’m not so keen on the chasing money advise. Men will spend their prime years being a corporate slave and a slave to the almighty dollar. There is a balance they need to pursue.
    For me, I spend half the year working, half the year travelling and pursing other interests outside of money. I actually think for most men this should be the proper balance. The 2 weeks a year vacation with the 401K corporate slavery is American blue pill BS.

  74. Have friends or connections from various fields in business around the world if possible, good information and advice can mean a lot more than money, (like RoK :))

  75. “What do guys who have even more life experience, in their forties, fifties and beyond have to say?”
    Check. What do i have to say. You will be surprised. You are right and wrong at the same time. Lets be specific:
    1: Fucking true! And worse than you think. Besides quantity there is also quality of life-time. The time 20-25 for example feels very different than say 40-45.
    First this change is tiny, almost un-detectable. But when you hit ~40 boy does it hit home. More on this later.
    2: True! If you have a bad start (poor parents) and not much to show for, it is a good idea to go after money first. A cashless young guy has very limited options. But if your parents are at least middle class I would STRONGLY advice you to enjoy your 20s like no tomorrow. Tomorrow will come and tomorrow you will be able to make tons of money, you will be able to read tons of books and you will be able to have children. But you will not be able to enjoy sport, sex and party as much as you can with 20something. This will be gone forever. Dont get me wrong you can pull top chick with 40s and beyond and you can still fuck them well but for YOU it will not feel the same.
    3: True! It is much easier to build a strong body in your teens while your body is still forming. You can do it in your 20s but you may have to lower your expectations a little. A few people can do it in their 30s but injuries will be more frequent. In your 40s you can still lift but the goal will be keeping what ya got and not bulking up. In your 50s you will be fighting to slow down your losses.
    4: Fucking many women, having tons of sex while you are young is one of the best things you can possibly do. A young guy can have sex every day, sometimes several times. Dont waste your energy with porn. Fuck real women.
    Around 30-35 is a good time to start a family. By mid 40s keeping one younger woman satisfied (~3/week) might be your limit.
    5: Natural born assholes are the gold standard.

  76. More of these articles please – I’m a teen entering the adult world that needs all the advice he can get.

  77. I am 35 ill be 36 next month. I am in my prime, swallowed the red pill and realized just how little my wife contributes. Apparently I am supposed to support because she is over weight but loves me. For the love of god do not get married and do not have children both are a waste of time and finances.

  78. Remember too…It aint what you make per se, its what you save. Save at least 10-15%. Buy gold, guns, Roth IRA that’s diversified. Don’t touch or sell it. It grows real fast.

  79. what happened to fucking bitches? when did you become the life expert? what gives you the authority?

  80. This article is brilliant. I wish more young men were as thoughtful and introspective. Men must have self preservation as their number one priority in life. Get off the white horse and kick the pedestal over and start to say “NO” to women and their demands. If you don’t you will be bled dry financially and emotionally, used as a door mat and thrown out. Feminism has turned so many women into the infantilized vipers they are today, and men must realize women now have the state backed power to destroy male lives. The more men stay away from low end trailer park sluts and make sure to associate with only women of the highest value who are worthy of male respect (very hard to find today) the quicker feminism and the hatred and oppression against men it has wrought will disappear. If you can’t find a worthy women stay away from women completely – you’re better off alone.
    Trust me – I know my own kind very well.

  81. You obviously know a lot about money. I am 17 and have read here for about a year now but I want to get out into the real world and sink my teeth into making money. I feel like I am stuck in the prison of American public education and college seems like a debt trap full of SJW’s as well as a waste of time. Any advice?

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