The Obsolete Man: The Death Of The American Mind

The Obsolete Man was an episode of the Twilight Zone that first aired in June 1961.

In the episode, we see an authoritarian government that has absolute rule over its citizenry. A complete suppression of free speech, free thought and a complete devaluation of literature, arts and religion. A dystopian atheistic regime purportedly based on logic and reason, but is based on coercion of thought backed up by the crushing power of the state.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIFE_D6XlasK9t-OENb5T...6L8gqK65i0]

In this world, a librarian is brought before a tribunal that determines the value of its citizens. The librarian, Romney Wordsworth, engages in a heated debate with the Chancellor. The Chancellor determines that since the state has banned books, a librarian is inherently obsolete. The librarian reveals he believes in God, a belief that has been banned by the state.

The arrogant Chancellor, in his smug self-possession, agrees to have Romney appointed a personal assassin who will not divulge Romney’s preferred way to die. Further, the Chancellor agrees to have Romney’s “liquidation” televised for the nation to watch. Romney knew he had gotten under the Chancellor’s skin, so he invites the Chancellor to come to his room an hour before his liquidation.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

In his authoritarian bluster, the Chancellor sweeps in and lectures Romney about the supreme importance of the state and how people’s value is determined by authority figures in government, not from the value that people bring to their fellow man. The Chancellor falls for Romney’s plot, as the room is locked, so when the Chancellor tries to leave after asserting the state’s superiority over a lowly librarian, he finds he will die with the low-status librarian.

The Chancellor is immediately distraught, not just at his imminent demise, but also because he will die with a low-status person because the state fundamentally values nobody – not even a high-ranking Chancellor. The Chancellor eventually breaks, exclaiming “Oh, God!” and starts beating on the door right before the explosion. Romney looks at him calmly as he reads from his Bible as the Chancellor escapes at the last second before Romney himself is killed by the blast.

The Chancellor, having survived, realizes the horrible truth that the state values you only has long as you bring value to the state. Since he devalued and made a mockery of the state by begging for his life on live television, he is deemed obsolete by a new chancellor.

In his trademark brilliance, Serling orates:

The chancellor, the late chancellor, was only partly correct. He *was* obsolete. But so is the State, the entity he worshiped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete.

A potential interpretation of this episode is that the state has no business in determining what people should be able to engage in their professions. In a free market, if people find a librarian provides a valuable service they will pay for, then it is legitimate. The state should not be calling the shots on who gets to be deemed to be relevant and those who would executed as obsolete.

[Image: Protesters-demonstrate-outside-Palais-de...r-2007.jpg]

Imagine protesters agitating against a policy or law being considered in Congress.

Abortion rights activistsHands off my body you sexist males!
Gun rights supporters: Let us have our guns back!
Gay marriage advocatesPlease let have equality with heterosexuals and have our marriages subsidized and recognized by you!

As TLP pointed out, see the problem developing here? The problem isn’t whether the government should do X, Y or Z, it is that we inherently accede to the framework the state is all-powerful and we need to petition the government for rights. Instead of wondering, “Why does the government decide who is or isn’t married?,” we demand equality in the sense that all of our relationships are judged by the state. It is a victory if you are a fan of narcissistic authoritarianism.

What the government gets wrong, we ignore everything it does that we agree with. In The Obsolete Man, would you have been upset if the Chancellor deemed a doctor relevant because he was an expert at heart surgery? You wouldn’t even blink an eye probably. That is the problem, we have been taught to ignore authoritarianism when we agree with or if it suits our needs. We only get angry and agitate for superficial change we it does not.

The episode is purportedly about the failures and dangers of a totalitarian state, seemingly with no ideology but an incredibly strong dose of moral puritanism. Moral puritanism is a personality disorder that was initially embodied by the aptly named Puritans who settled in colonial New England after the Glorious Revolution. Their untoward psychology reverberates to this day still, most clearly embodied by mainstream political correctness and feminism.

As always, the AV Club isn’t one to disappoint their liberal readership and I knew they would not like this episode, pretending to be put off by the religiosity of Romney. The reviewer gives the episode a B+, mostly for Burgress Meredith’s masterful portrayal of Romney. The comments are interesting and revealing, as they so the discomfit with an atheist state being against logic and reason – betraying their narcissistic authoritarianism.

While a few commenters get the message that any ideology has the ability to fall in the depths of rank authoritarianism, many commenters are uneasy about that sentiment. Many are quick to nail Republicans, Christians and Mitt Romney to the wall as far more likely to enact an oppressive Christian theocracy. Apparently, they took The Handmaiden’s Tale as plausible in modern America.

Anyway, this comment captures the narcissism:

Totalitarian theocracies are much more plausible than a government of atheist “anti-free-thinkers.”

Notice how atheist authoritarians are put in quotes, while theocracies are not. The commenter has a real difficult time handling that atheistic regimes are capable of suppressing thought. Plentiful historical examples aside, just in America, political atheists are a lock-step group. Conservative atheists, such as SE Cupp, are shunned in greater atheistic circles. What this commenter fails to realize is that authoritarian impulses may arise from religion, their root is in untoward psychology. You can’t just will away religion and suddenly free-thought will reign supreme.

That is the sleigh of hand, though. This commenter would agree with that and then start talking about hegemonic modes of oppression based on the dominant group’s desire to cleave the in’s and the out’s neatly. More dialogue about the real and invidious nature of hatred in society, as embodied by racism, misogyny and homophobia. In this entirely predictable approach, it would be revealed that they weren’t against religion—or moral puritanism—-they just wanted an approach that reflected their indoctrination.


One of the greatest delusions somebody can have is that they are free-thinker when they are not. Many people mindlessly tune into MSNBC, Fox News, Daily Kos, The Blaze and are told that by tuning in, they are becoming free, becoming educated and empowering themselves. No, said person or people are just doing what they are taught in society – to conform to the views of authority figures, in whatever form they come in.

That is the liberal agitation here that is tellingly revealed by mainstream liberals absolute hatred of Fox News. They don’t hate Fox News per se, they hate what it represents – the wrong authority figure. The anger is not over ignorance, it is not over hatred – it is the fact that one news outlet has broken from the lockstep of other media Toutlets and peddles lukewarm right-wing liberal fare. Before I go on, understand I am not critiquing liberalism as an ideology (even though I often do), I am critiquing how liberalism is expressed in society and why the underpinnings are so rotten.

Fox News represents what authority figures should not be: not liberal. The intense anger over the Bush administration, Fox News, and conservatives on the Supreme Court aren’t about the actual policies so much as it is about the fact that authoritarianism has one fatal flaw: the mask may be lifted off and it is revealed there is no God. As TLP says, there is nothing worse than an unreliable God.

You could think, “Well, I don’t believe in God, so I am cool.” Supremely doubtful. Everybody has faith in something and, in America, there is a great change you value it in a puritanical way. Reconsider Fox News. The consternation over the alleged false reporting, distortion of facts may or may not be true. The reason it causes great consternation is those who need to believe there will always be a reliable authority figure out there.

Unemployed? Turn on the TV, hear about the green shoots in the economy.
Gay and suicidal? Turn on the “It Gets Better” project.
Upset over pro-life advocates? Turn on Rachel Maddow and hear how it is all about misogyny and male ignorance.

As usual, I am not so interested in the intent of the people engaging the acts, but why people pay attention. Remember, if you are watching it, it is for you.

The existence of Fox News suggests that liberal authority figures could wrong. It simply isn’t just the fact that Fox News is doing what they shouldn’t be doing as an authority figure, it is that they are undermining liberal authority figures. If MSNBC is unreliable because Fox News reveals serious inconsistencies in MSNBC’s reporting, that isn’t a problem—it will become the problem. Fox News will have to be discredited, as holding up MSNBC as the gold standard for worship takes precedence over all else.

fox news

You could fairly wonder why some liberals would get so mad over one news outlet producing allegedly bad, ideological news. That is a fair point, but it is dead wrong about moral puritanism. One key facet about puritanism is that they desperately seek converts to their psychology. Puritanism is about repressing anti-social impulses, so any deviation has the potential to cause great exasperation in the afflicted puritan.

Fox News represents that. Many liberals desperately want to openly censor, distort and engage in outright hatred. Their narcissistic self-image prevents them understanding they already engage in that. I recall a liberal columnist waxing about how Republicans win elections because they will do whatever it takes to win, unlike the honorable Democrats who have values about honesty, integrity and commitment to truth. A bunch of hogwash. Liberals engage in great levels of censorship and distortion of the truth, as their puritanism necessitates that. Their narcissism prevents them from seeing themselves as being what they are supposedly against. Sure, Republicans do that as well, but Democrats and Republicans are often two sides of the same coin.

Considering The Obsolete Man, in this context, it shows why some liberals are uncomfortable with the episode. Expansive, muscular government is vigorously trumpeted by them, so when they see a work that depicts that any ideology, when given enough power, will slip in jack-booted authoritarianism it can be disconcerting. When the all-powerful worshiped entity is shown to be inherently fallible, there has to be a greater entity to fall back on.

I can imagine the reactions: “Oh, the Supreme Court will save us!” or “The voters will toss those bums next election!,” or, “Even if all those fail us, the arc of human history is toward justice and human rights, so we will always progress.”

These are all excuses invented in order to not face the fact that “God,” or all-powerful authority figures, cannot save you from yourself. Legalizing gay marriage won’t solve your own inability to come to terms with your homosexuality or adding more regulations on X industry won’t solve the fact that you mindlessly trust the system so much you don’t do a little research on product X you are trying out. The system doesn’t want you thinking for yourself, going your own way, much less asking questions that cut to the heart of the issues that America faces.

The system wants your fattening ass parked in the front TV at night and firmly in your cubicle in your mindless corporate job during the day. You exist to consume and produce for the state. If you do not do that, you have no value – you are obsolete. You don’t exist for yourself, you exist to maintain the state.

The fact we have to petition for rights is the wrong question, the right question is why does the government limit our actions in the first place? I am not advancing a libertarian argument, but fundamentally questioning why we accept authoritarianism so willingly. Serling was only partly correct in his final oration—what he failed to note is that the state is already obsolete.

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169 thoughts on “The Obsolete Man: The Death Of The American Mind”

  1. In America, we are already living in an increasingly atheist and totalitarian State. That is the M.O. of the Left in this country. Their goal is to eradicate the remaining vestiges of Christianity and personal liberty. The first few paragraphs of this article don’t sound too far removed from what we are living in now. Just turn on the televagina and the MSM blankets you with messages of how important the mob (the State) IS and how important the individual ISN’T. As just one example, feminism, an offshoot of leftist ideology, seeks to completely control and suppress male sexuality while “liberating” female sexuality.
    The irony is, many of the ideals feminism “invented” are actually a new twist on the Puritanism the country was founded upon. As one blogger puts it,”By keeping sex a scarce commodity, this latent Puritanism [feminism] has given Anglo-American feminism a strong misandrist agenda and facilitated its expansion into every sphere of life.” And, “While Muslim women who defy male authority are scarred with acid, lashed or beheaded, Anglo-American [Christian] men ‘turn the other cheek’ even while their rights, assets and lives are stripped from them.”
    Is it any wonder Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?
    If traveling has taught me anything, it’s that I’m not “free” in this “free” country. Any idiot can see that when they come back and go through the prison camp known as customs. But it’s not just that. Our government regulates everything from morality to what you can eat. And they always want just a little bit more of your money and a little bit more of your personal liberty.
    Watch as they continue to invent problems that don’t exist. The next thing they’ll be coming for is your liberty to leave this country as they realize more and more men are abandoning a system designed to exploit them with no reciprocity and no payoff for their sacrifices. (Watch how the Police State is ginning up a human trafficking line of BS of late to restrict the sexual freedoms of men even when they’re outside the Matrix and breaking no laws.)
    Finally, just look at how marginalized any true free-thinking individual is if they don’t agree to the mandates from up on high that our Masters impose on us. If the Death of the American Mind hasn’t already happened (just look at the idiots that do exactly as they’re told and never question authority) we are witnessing its eradication.

    1. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world only because 1) they kill people who convert to another religion, 2) they kill or force out other religions when they are in an area (e.g. Christians in Northern Nigeria, Copts in Egypt, and Jews throughout the Arab world) and 3) they have way more kids than they can afford, then suck up Western aid and/or have unsustainable petro-states.

      1. Uh, I think you confused Islam for Zio-Judaism.
        But then again as a Zio-Troll, as evidenced by your past posts on this site, it’s your mission to do so.

        1. Really, I’m confusing Islam for “Zio-Judaism”?
          Then perhaps you could show me instances where the latter (whatever it is) 1) executes those who convert, or 2) is driving Christians from different countries (keep in mind that there is only one country in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing – Israel). If not, then there is certainly no confusion on my part.

        2. Uh, Christians are, at best, second class citizens in Israel. Israel is hostile to Christianity but tolerates a Christian presence because they don’t want to piss off their biggest supporters, moon bat evangelical “Christians”.

        3. Israel has supported, trained and run air support for Al Qaeda rebels in Syria who have been responsible for massacring entire villages of Christians (among many other atrocities):

          You are indeed confused. Israel and the subset of Judaism that is currently in control of that country (Extreme Zionism) is not only the greatest threat to peace in the middle east, it is (via their control of the USA) the greatest threat to peace of the ENTIRE PLANET EARTH!
          And for the record, I am not claiming that ALL Jews are terrorist fanatics. In fact, most are normal, peace loving people. But the 1% that controls Israeli and US politics, finance, foreign policy and media – are absolutely insane. Devils in fact.

        4. Pssht, you need to free yourself from Iranian regime propaganda. Israel is no arming Sunni militants, the very same militants that want to destroy it.
          And just because you put something in all caps doesn’t make it so. Israel is a successful, high tech, democratic society that is surrounded by hostile failed states. Those failed states maintain a stable of useful idiots in the west who they use to try to spread lies, of which you are apparently one.

        5. Lies. Christian Arabs have the highest socioeconomic indicators of any group in Israel. They are increasingly joining the IDF because they know their future is with Israel and not with Muslims who are driving them out elsewhere.

        6. A democratic society that’s only democratic if you belong to a certain race is – by definition – a racist, apartheid state. At bottom, the state of Israel is a primitive tribe: the children of Abraham.

        7. Israel has full rights for all citizens, including the ~20% who aren’t Jewish. Learn about the rights that the Arab, Druze, and Circassian minorities have in Israel before you run your mouth.

        8. The urge to survive can cause people to do all kinds of things not dreamed of in leftist liberal philosophy.

        9. >>Israel is a successful, high tech, democratic society that is surrounded by hostile failed states.
          Last month, the Health Ministry’s expert committee on the “health basket,” the package of medical services subsidized by the state, decided to subsidize abortions for women age 20-33. Women under the age of 20 or over the age of 40 were already eligible for subsidized abortions. The decision affects an estimated 6,000 women seeking to terminate their pregnancies each year, costing the state some NIS 16 million ($4.6 million).
          This is shameful. What kind of govt subsidizes the killing of it’s young? You have to pay for abortion in every other country, even UK.

      2. You are thinking of the extremists, who make up a small percentage of that, and any other religion. Just look at how extreme some Christian sects are, only they’ve been de-balled by Western culture, unlike their Muslim counterparts.
        Moderate Islam is drawing in young, disenfranchised men because they have no power and no respect and no recourse under the current Puritanical/feminist Christian ideology as is practiced in Anglo-America.
        Islam is still patriarchal, and its ability to empower young men is a magnet, to put it in layman’s terms. I’m not defending it or any other religion, just trying to state things as I see them.

        1. That’s BS. Rates of female genital mutilation are around 90% in Egypt and other countries. Large majorities of people in various Muslim countries want Sharia and not secular law. The Muslim world is not moderate.
          And certainly western useful idiots who convert to Islam are not moderate. That is why we have so many jihadists like Adam Gadhan, John Walker, and Richard Reid.

        2. Given the number of children Muslim women have, whatever “mutilation” their reproductive organs are subject to, obviously don’t have nearly the detrimental effect of whatever Western women are being subjected to.
          Sharia is pretty time tested by now. it seems to work. the West worked reasonably well, too, as long as people stuck mostly to biblical law; which is pretty much a Hebrew translation of Sharia (or was it the other way…)
          Most Islamic countries are, if nothing else, sufficiently moderate to not tax their citizens half their live’s work in order to run around the world building bomb craters in other people’s backyards, while supporting killing their own children at home.

        3. Some went to that pathway. Big deal. There are always some people who are very different than the mainstream.
          Clearly, you are suffering from islamophobia.

        4. Stop calling everything a phobia. Stop pathologizing people’s views as mental illnesses. It’s sickening to believe those who believe in a God that micro manages every facet if their lives without ever being seen, viewed or heard get to be deemed sane while those who view these beliefs as destructive get called mentally ill. It is a sick world when the rationalists are called insane and the insane called rationalists.

        5. And Rome had been Christian for quite some time before handing over law making duties to others.
          Details aside, what’s good and what’s bad in the West back in the civilized era, wasn’t different enough from Sharia to cause too much impedance mismatch between the West and Islam for most of history.

        6. Did you hear of the small kingdom long ago that had its well poisoned by a witch. All the inhabitants of the kingdom drank from the well except the king. The poison did not kill them but made them mad. The people them started to mutter that the king is mad and must be eliminated. That night the king snuck into town and drank from the well, becoming as mad as the people. The entire kingdom rejoiced as the king’s sanity had been restored.
          Which side of the majority are you on?

        7. >>Most Islamic countries are, if nothing else, sufficiently moderate to not tax their citizens half their live’s work in order to run around the world building bomb craters in other people’s backyards, while supporting killing their own children at home.
          ooh zing

      3. I’ll add that your comment also shows that you are buying Western propaganda about Islam hook, line and sinker. Most Muslims are moderate, just as most Christians are.
        Our matriarchal, feminist society wants patriarchal societies eradicated. Islam is one of the most patriarchal in the world. Hence, the never-ending (and profitable) “war” on an enemy that can’t be clearly defined.

        1. Islam is the fastest growing cult because whites always those sub-human pieces of shit into their countries and then pay for them to shit out 8 kids on the public dole.

        2. Islam is not that moderate. Example is female circumcision is not rare and widely practiced. Honor killings of females is common….Islam has not evolved. Supporting this is that there is NO movement by the moderate Muslim majority to stop these practices. No fatwas against these barbaric practices…

        3. That plus there are many non muslims joining islam because they have more rights and considerations as men then do in mainstream society.

        4. The West tried the “evolve” thing. It didn’t work. Which is why sane people are rightfully loathe to repeat the mistake. God got it right, as I guess is kind of what He is supposed to do. While those who figures they can cast Him aside and “progress” to something greater, led by some personification of a Nigerian Scam of all things, is fading to black. As they always have. And always will. And then, God will have gotten that right,too; insufferable know-it-all that he is.

        5. The fact that most Muslims are “moderate” is irrelevant. The course of history is helmed by extremists, and the moderates simply follow.
          Thats why the Manosphere is relevant; we are “extremists” but the moderates between us and our enemies don’t matter; they will join who ever gets the upper hand. For further reading see Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer.”

        6. This is bullshit. You are spreading false information. Female circumcision is extremely rare and is not obligatory for muslim females. You either have no knowledge of islam or are deliberately trying to portray islam in a bad light.
          Another BS. FGM is on a rapid decline.
          You wanted a FATWA. Here it is
          The former Grand MUFTI(head of islamic jurisprudence) of Egypt Ali Gomaa stated in 2007 that “excision is a practice totally banned by Islam because of the compelling evidence of the extensive damage it causes to women’s bodies and minds.”
          Egyptian Islamist scholars such as Mohammed Emara and Mohammad Salim Al-Awa have opposed FGM, arguing that it is not an Islamic practice and is not endorsed by Islamic jurisprudence

        7. You are wrong about Islam; do some more research before you front for a false religion.

        8. Most men instinctively want to side with the manosphere. One, it is to their benefit. Two, it makes sense to them at a subconscious level

        9. FGM is practised by women on each other to keep the secret matriarchy in those societies intact. A woman who is getting orgasms off her husband is a woman who will never really be loyal to the sisterhood.
          The sisterhood in our own society practices a subtler, emotional form of it by promoting sluttery.

        10. In the UK 75% of converts to Islam are women. So why is it that you tout the reason to convert is to get more rights as a man?

        11. Google is your friend. The difficulty you have in believing something does nothing to disprove it.

        12. You are wrong bud. There are all different kinds of Muslims. I grew up in a Muslim Uzbekistan and have never even heard about FGM until I visited Egypt. Not even all Arab Muslims practice FGM, for example it isn’t done in countries like Iraq.

      4. Good points. Islam will win simply by the demographics shift. I will say however that Islam appears to maintain the patriarchy structure, at least for the time being anyway.

        1. They really aren’t. The white race has become weak and submissive. It’s on it’s way out.

        2. Just like in Bosnia. When the demography becomes too big then there is a cull. The Serbians and Croatians worked this out.

        3. The grandchildren of nazis are going to deal with grandchildren of the mamluks and janissaries. They are gonna get a run for their money, trust me.

      5. 1+2) The average Muslim has yet to kill anyone.
        3) If they couldn’t afford them, they would be dead. Hence wouldn’;t contribute to the growth of Islam.
        Islam is growing because the societies guided by it, sorta-kinda works. Perhaps not as well as the West 250 years ago, but better than all contenders as of current.

        1. Now there’s someone who is uninformed about the hindus vs the muslims. And if christianity is not agressive, can someone explain the recent crusades across the middle east? Fuck – even buddhists will kill and die for buddhism.

          There is no such thing as a peaceful religion that stays peaceful once if has any sort of political power. This is because even if most people are not assholes, there are enough bloodthirsty assholes in the world to subvert any system. People like war. That’s why the government of the day always gets a surge in popularity anytime they start one.

        2. “The recent crusades across the middle east”
          Sure, “recent” in geologic terms, I suppose.

      6. What an ignorant comment. Are you educated? The same can be said for all religions. Islam is growing because people are believing in its teachings. There’s so much untravelled Alabama villagers who have access to the internet can say to stop the movement. Fizziks look in the mirror

    2. Leave the religion out of it and you have the right message…. falling back on an archaic primitive set of beliefs from medieval arabs is not a wise move.
      As far as the US and it’s ‘freedom’ goes… I almost pissed my pants laughing when transiting Houston airport a couple of years ago to hear the tannoy announce, in amongst all the other crap about not leaving bags unattended… :
      “please do not make jokes or remarks about the security procedures – you may be detained.”
      I wish I had recorded it, because it’s been removed now, but just the fact that ‘the system’ would take it upon itself to put such a message live online and that those ‘in power’ could do so without rolling on the floor laughing at themselves, is the shape of things to come.
      Not being able to crack a joke at the system is an indication of how fascist ./ communist its becoming and also how insecure psychopathic and power crazy those employed within its ranks are.
      All totalitarian states are ultimately based on psychopathic insecurity and thus anyone who pulls back the veil must be ‘detained’ for the safety of those who conform.

      1. “Falling back on an archaic primitive set of beliefs from medieval arabs is not a wise move.”
        True statement. I’m hearing a lot of talk in the Manaosphere praising the merits of Islam. This is foolish and misguided. Islam represents the ultimate form of rigid “do-as-we-say” totalitarianism. Islam has not progressed socially or economically in 2000 years.
        Watch as Islam overruns Europe in the next decade. Then tell me that Islam is a good template for organizing a society.

        1. I wasn’t praising Islam. Merely stating facts. Red Pill men can’t have an intelligent discussion about religion?

        2. “Islam has not progressed socially or economically in 2000 years”
          Islam has only existed for 1500 years you subhuman ape.

      2. Talking about totalitarianism, the crazy leftists in Academia have come up with more insanity — a global wealth tax with rates up to 80% — all enforced by the USA.
        We are not done with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but the leftist maniacs want the U.S. to compel oligarchs in China, Russia, the Middle East, everywhere to pay 80% of their income/wealth in taxes. Their new hero is French economist Thomas Piketty, a man from the land of 75% tax rates. Leftists are the worst totalitarians in all existence.
        A leftist mangina on Hacker News thinks this is a good idea. The mangina wrote this about TP: “He’s pointed out that capitalism is flawed — that inequality is not an unintended result, but rather an inherent feature of it. He’s done this with an enormous amount of data. His prescription for the cure is a little controversial though: progressive taxes (up to 80%) for the rich, and a “global wealth tax” that he wants America to orchestrate.”

      3. “Leave the religion out of it and you have the right message…. falling back on an archaic primitive set of beliefs from medieval arabs is not a wise move.”
        Religion is essentially a necessity for human success you degenerate mutant.

    3. Quote: ” Just turn on the televagina and the MSM blankets you with messages of how important the mob (the State) IS and how important the individual ISN’T. ”
      Was thinking the same thing. Biggest fuckin’ mistake was letting females off the dog leash.

    4. Talk to some actual muslims about misandry in their country, and you get a different picture. Misandry in inherent in polygamy – a few males get all the women and children from them, most males get fuck-all. The second, third, fourth and 99th sons – the sons of later wives – become unpaid slave labour who will never inherit. That’s the truth behind those “respect your mother and father” laws in the OT. We are not talking about nuclear families – we are talking about tribes with patriarchs.
      And then they make prostitution illegal, leaving most men to fuck boys. Sure, the system screws over everyone but the top 1%, but women at least have value. Most men have absolutely none. You don’t need sons to work the fields (and fight the incessant tribal wars) anymore, but the attitudes inherent in the system are still there.
      Talk to an actual muslim about what living under islam is really like for the majority of dudes who aren’t mini-sheiks with four wives.

      1. This is definitely true. Manosphere men who look up to Islam are stupid and committing the apex fallacy. Sure, it is good to be a Saudi prince or part of the business elite of an Arab country – those guys are drowning in loyal wives, mistresses, and western gold digger pussy.
        But for the vast majority of men in the Arab and Muslim world, they can look forward to never being with a woman until they can scrape together enough money to marry one homely girl, then living in poverty in a highly corrupt system. While they are young they may very well be made a butt boy by some imam or warlord. Check out articles and documentaries about young male sex slavery in Afghanistan and other countries.

        1. Just look at the ease with which the Islamo-fascists can get young arab islamic men to strap on explosives and commit suicide. I would say that society is not serving the needs of men well.

        2. Yep. The promise of 70 virgins in the afterlife would bean nothing to a young man getting real-life pussy down here on earth, or even a fair chance of getting it. But there’s no shortage of young muslim men who simply have no prospects whatever.

        3. Actually I think it’s respectable that someone has enough balls to sacrifice themselves for the greater ‘good’, whatever that is.
          Men are literally able to move mountains when they have a super-purpose to their lives. Something so much greater then themselves that they are willing to kill and die for it. Such a society has the fire in it’s belly and is likely to accomplish great things. And it doesn’t matter if this super-purpose is manifested as Islamic terrorism, Enlightment of the Jacobins or the communist fervor of the Bolsheviks. You see where I am going with this? Western Societies are dying in large part because we lost our super-purpose and are now living only to please ourselves. Look at what our society has made into the highest good? Unbridled consumerism.
          Hedonism makes people weak, it makes cowards out of them.
          A country of cowards will not last long….

    5. No surprise that anglosphere is where feminism is the strongest, a fuck-up leading to another.

  2. All 24 Hour TV news channels – Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and Al Jezeera – are banal and stupid. They are just a red meat echo chamber for bilking the already converted into a frothing rage while watching 22 minutes of commercials in any 60 minute segment.
    Fox is crack for cranky ignorant old Republicans who need to change their adult diaper, MSNBC is crack for ignorant hipsters, Al Jezeera is crack for ignorant armchair leftists who think that Glenn Greenwald is something other than a huckster and that Che Guevara T-shirts aren’t ironic, and CNN is crack for ignorant people who can’t even bother to have firm political convictions and instead want to obsess over missing planes or Jodi Arias for months on end.

    1. Yep, that pretty much sums up MSM as a whole.
      Same shit, different pile.

    2. First, MSNBC isn’t a news network, its an oped station. Everybody knows this because when there really is a major news event (like the Boston Bombing) nobody tunes into MSNBC. CNN is about as far left as Fox News is right.
      Second, they are not stupid. Many people subscribe to these shepherds philosophies, by watching them you know what type of people you are dealing with. This is useful to know if you are in a situation where you want to avoid confrontation because you need to get stuff done.

  3. What’s base-level ironic about that particular episode and this article is the following. It’s zionist bullshit. Reverse everything the author asserts as he uses the word “atheist”, and you might actually arrive at something resembling the truth.
    We are supposed to believe we’ve slipped into this orwellian nightmare of a police/feminazi state because the “atheists” made it happen? Get that shit outta here, now. Every American sporting event and public spectacle has military jet flyovers and camo guards getting ticker-tape receptions, while the flag-waivers fist-bump each other murican-style. All of our military and drone attacks on muslim countries worldwide are by virtue of flag-waiving bible thumpers afraid of another boogie man. Not a single person I know who claims to be a “Christian” has stood up to the jack-booted take-over of our country and the world, and are oblivious to the effects of feminism and the American MSM sewage they insist on consuming every day with their horse-blinders on. Fuck these cowards. And fuck this assertion we need to watch out for atheists. It’s the god-fearing religious zealots who need to be watched, and close.
    One of the most important tools used by the empire to gain a lock-down on its people has been the “war on drugs”. Another “war” foisted upon us by a bunch of Christian do-gooders afraid of people opening their third-eye. They’d rather kiss the boots of the local pedo down at the chapel and call everybody else an enemy than look in the mirror. Other than that, Serling was a master in his field. You just gotta know who your dealing with.

    1. Zionists, Joos, blacks, Asians, Latins. That’s why you’re sitting in a darkened room in skidmarked undies.

    2. when the cold war ended, the fascist/military industrial complex that has been having a lovely free ride, had to do into full panic mode to find new ‘enemies’.
      Clinton started winding down the military budget big time, hence a huge side track with impeachment…. I should think every president since Washington got BJs in the oval office… don’t you ?
      with Clinton disabled and finally out of the way, they had to rig the election to get Bush in, otherwise Gore would have carried on pulling the military apart…… in absence of a real enemy, they simply had to urgently invent one, and what better than a bunch of fanatic lunatics on the other side of the planet….

      1. Gore demonstrated that he was absolutely certifiable after he lost the election, and then went and made millions peddling snake oil to idiots. Better to have a “compassionate” neocon like GWB than that whackjob. At least Bush had some semblance of self control. If McCain had, by some miracle, gotten in we would have gotten out of the recession by starting WW3.

        1. If Gore was elected by the Supreme Court in 2000 here is what would have occurred. 9/11/2001 terrorists would have flown two planes into the World Trade Center, Afghanistan would have been invaded, Iraq is suspected of having WMD and subsequently invaded in 2003, there is a housing bubble which bursts in 2008. If McCain is elected in 2008 he immediately pushes healthcare mandates with McCain Care, Osama is killed in a nighttime raid in Pakistan , Libyan rebels are assisted in overthrowing Gadaffi, Benghazi occurs, and there is an uprising in Ukraine. The script is exactly the same only the actors change. The president does not run shit he just stands there and reads the Teleprompter. There was one president who tried to shake things up named JFK , see how he ended up

        2. If Gore is a whackjob, so is pretty much every climate scientist in the world (with the exception of a few oil company shills). I love how people respect and admire science right up until it comes up with a result they happen to not like.

        3. The terrorists who did 9/11 had a terrorist demand: US troops out of the holy land (Saudi Arabia). That’s what they wanted.
          And what do you know – soon after 9/11, Bush withdrew the troops to fight a war over in Iraq.
          Geddit? Bush capitulated to their demand. That’s why there hasn’t been another attack. They got what they wanted.

        4. The SC made two rulings in BvG.
          1) Ballots need to be counted uniformly. This seems like a common sense decision and it did receive a 7-2 nod.
          2) They stated the way the ballots should have been counted uniformly instead of kicking it back down to the FL SC to make the decision. While this is BS, it is effectively irrelevant because all uniform counting of the ballots resulted in a Bush victory. The reason the SC went this route is so that the Florida electoral college could vote when they were supposed to, which was the day the opinion was issued. This part of the decision is the 5-4 ruling that people seem to think decided the election, when it didn’t.

        5. You mean every climate scientist that takes money from governments interested in using their reseach to impose controls on the general population. Also, check your science again, its been clobbered the last couple decades.

    1. It’s a term commonly used by economists when they are referring to a decrease in unemployment rate/claims, increase in housing starts,ect.

  4. 2wycked, that and the fact that people can’t stand opposite opinion, as Roosh recalled in one of his blog articles. Not only government, but people online dedicate hours of passionate debate with those who they don’t agree with, and petition pretty much everywhere to have them banned/restricted, while accomplishing 0 in their real life.
    I don’t agree with all points in your article, but it is well written and tossed me into thinking. Good job.

  5. Yawn. Another Twilight Zone article.
    I am not going to change anything. The Government, Society and Feminism – all those things that comprise that what we refer to as “The Cathedral” is not going to change one iota due to any ramblings on this or any other blog.
    Im just gonna do the best I can with the shitty hand I have been dealt as a white guy. I always remember there are places that have it a lot worse. Dont wanna turn this into White Guy Problems.
    As far as game goes – for some people maybe it helps. I guess I really have no problem engaging females in conversation. I guess the problem here in the US is supply/demand. The pool of candidates is extremely small to begin with and I am sure their smartphone is already packed with numbers of dudes with much higher SMV than myself. And, yeah, I hit the gym, and have a great career. Doesnt matter for me anyway.
    What I would like to see is more articles on how we as men can show more respect for each other and solidarity for our cause. List of companies that dont put “inclusion and diversity” before fair and equal treatments. Sick of females and minorities getting all the breaks / freebies and me having to fucking pay for it.
    I want to know who is on our side, who to give my business and support to.
    We need to find out who are the politicians that will listen to us and get them in power. We need to network and meet and support each other on all levels, in all our endeavors. Time to make the most of it and enjoy life instead of crying about it all the time.
    Im sick of all the whining. I want to feel positive about being a man.

    1. “how we as men can show more respect for each other and solidarity for
      our cause… Sick of minorities [men] getting
      all the breaks”
      “Im sick of all the whining”
      Self awareness = 0/100
      Respect for others = 0/100
      Whining = 80/100
      A large percentage of the readers, commenters, and writers on this blog are “minorities.” We come from every race, continent, ethnicity and social stratus. Most of us don’t get all the breaks. Deal with it.

      1. Suck it. Minorities are on the same side of the political coin as feminists. Who will the NAACP endorse is 2016?
        I do not do business with anyone who is of a demographic that received Afro-mitive Action benefits –blacks, Latinos and women.

        1. 1. White women are the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action.
          2. Those AA white women are related to white men who indirectly receive affirmative action benefits.
          3. Affirmative action is theft from single minority men to married white men and single white women and single black women.

        2. I call it “boycotting black”. I ensure my doctor, realitor CPA etc are white men. I will not hire a black or a women for anything.

        3. Exactly. Also, racism is America’s most powerful form of Affirmative Action. It’s Affirmative Action for White Men and it’s been going on for hundreds of years.
          The racists are squealing because White Man Affirmative Action does not work as well as it used to. All that Affirmative Action Racism for White Men Only and yet Jews still rule over white men in America. Ain’t that pathetic.

        4. haha I’m not even white and I will never hire a black person again for anything! At best, I have found that they will do a barely adequate job and then have no qualms about asking for extra money or whatever …

        5. If you arrive at the hospital unconscious, you will be dealing with whoever is on duty. Once you have been stabilized and are awake and you find out it is a black doctor who saved your life will you demand the treatment be rescinded?

        6. He’s just a whiny, beta male, white guy who’s sexually frustrated. Probably wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweats after repeated nightmares involving BBC. A cuckold in the making.
          Cut him some slack, this is his only outlet.

        7. Hey asshole, blacks, “Hispanics, Asians, ect. are DIRECT beneficiaries of affirmative action. White women biggest beneficiaries my ass.

        8. Oh, and you negroes and other minorities don’t blame your failure to function in a civilized society on “racism”?

        9. Tell you what asshole, a few months ago I had a life threatening accident. Unfortunately, it was in north Houston so I was forced to be taken to the nearest hospital. The entire medical staff was made up of minorities. I almost died because one of these affirmative action guesses gave me the wrong medication. The U.S. is failing economically in large part because affirmative action has significantly decreased productivity.

        10. Why do you support affirmative action if blacks are as competent as whites? Why do you refuse to debate the issue on it’s merits? What about black racism? HUH?

        11. I am black with a BBC. I am in medical school I study a lot and this is my only outlet. I fuck my white girlfriend plenty though so some of what you said is correct. Thanks for the slack.

        12. Your ass then. White women are hands down the biggest winners in affirmative action. Why does AA piss you off so much? Were you going to go to Harvard and due to AA you had to attend Brown instead? Blaming AA for your failures in life ? Whatever failures in your life are your fault do not externalize your failure. It is not Jews , niggers , the mainstream media or feminism you common denominator in you failures in life is you.

        13. Why are you not against legacy admissions? Those prevent more students with merit from attending elite institutions than AA. George Bush took a spot from a deserving student at Yale undergrad and Harvard School of B.

        14. Yo just mad cauz we AA get all dem White Wimmenz, Affirmative Action and Welfare Checks, yo just a sad trailer trash redneck honkey sucking at life!
          That being, my own life sucks but that on the other hand is none of my own fault.
          My life sucks because of these same White wimmenz and Affirmative Action they receive! Why can´t I get that?

  6. And I’m sure JewSterling was referring to so – called fascist authoritarian governments, and not the communist ones his fellow racial brethren created. Real tyrannies…

    1. People who constantly complain about Jewish “racism” are usually the most pathetic racist brethren on the Internet.

      1. The jews aren’t racist? The people that refer to themselves as “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” are not racist? I won’t even bother with quoting from the Talmud but anyone that is stupid enough to believe that jews aren’t “racist” research the Talmud or read some of the debates that have taken place within Israel’s rabbinical council regarding whether the goyim/gentiles are actually human.

        1. The concept of the “chosen people” in Judaism does not mean chosen for special favors or treatment. It means chosen for a burden, that of maintaining god’s covenant with Abraham. If you’re going to rant at least try to get the facts right.

        2. Including the territorial claims that Abraham secured by human-sacrificing his son? (Gen 22 has been heavily edited. You can see the stitching at v15 – the stuff after that point is original).

        3. >>The jews aren’t racist? The people that refer to themselves as “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” are not racist?
          The Japanese refer to themselves as children of the Sun and have a name for pale face like me or you, it’s called ‘gai-jin, which literally means ‘the other’. Yet I don’t see you obsessing about the Japanese national superiority complex on these forums. You really seem like a chip off the old stormfront block that landed on the ROK forum. Don’t get me wrong it’s free speech and all, Jew bash all you like, but at least don’t pretend to be impartial.

        4. Yes, the burden of enlightening the goy because the goy are too dumb to attend to their own affairs. The whole “goyische kop” thing (maybe you would care to translate it for everyone). Believing that your people were chosen by God to deliver the rest of humanity is not a dangerous idea? It explains why jews were attracted to Bolshevism. An ideology that resulted in the deaths of 100 million human beings. I won’t bother pulling quotes from the Talmud or posting some of the rabbinical council’s rulings involving the gentile-jewish relations. The jews are hypocritical. For example while American jews wholeheartedly support a massive third world invasion of Europe and America they support Israel’s right to remain an ethno-nation state and have finally stopped sterilizing Ethiopian jews, they simply deport them now. I support Israel’s right to determine to retain their racial and cultural integrity but it is more than a bit offputting when they shout racism at Whites who want the same right. You are being disingenuous .

      2. as opposed to those that complain about White “racism”. You are a hypocrite and beneath contempt but if I find the time I may post a few quotes from the Talmud for the enjoyment of watching you try to defend your argument that jews are not “racists”

  7. Theists are slaves. They”believe” in nonsense. They blindly follow their pope/preacher/imam. There is no difference between the theist and a child who believes in Santa Clause.

    1. There’s no difference between atheists and someone who believes he knows everything despite his evident ignorance of his own ignorance.
      Merriam-Webster: Cocksure Atheist: “feeling perfect assurance sometimes on inadequate grounds”

      1. Happy Easter. 2014 years ago your
        Zombie Jew rose from the grave and flew up to heaven… and Santa clause makes toys in the north pole.
        Now obey your church’s commands on what you must do with your cash and your cock.

        1. Bronze age? Bedtime story? You are as much a fundamentalist as any Christian kneeling at the church of Dorkins….I’m a nihilist btw….

        2. I could care less what it says. Has no influence on me or my life. You seem to be the one having the problem a “Bronze age bedtime story”. I find it quite amusing how some “atheists” care more about other peoples beliefs than they do themselves. Seems a little totalitarian to me (the article?) Oh and the bronze age was from 3300 BC to 1200 BC (BC stands for “Before Christ” btw).

        3. It would be more accurate to describe it as an “Iron age bedtime story”, 1200 BC to 700 AD. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

        4. It’s a bronze-age story laid on top of iron age greek philosophy. If you examine the known-to-be-authentic writings of Paul, there’s no mention of a Christ who literally lived in Judea and walked around teaching and doing miracles. Paul states clearly that his teachings come from personal revelation from reading the scriptures. The gospels came later.
          Read “The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark”, Dennis R MacDonald.

        5. Iron age because, for the love of god, if your going to be asshole about Christianity at least get the fucking insults right. It shouldn’t be too fucking hard if you bothered to stay awake during 5th grade history.

        6. Interesting theory but there has been independent confirmation that a man, whether son of god or not, actually lived in the time period suggestion. Tacitus himself rights of the origins of the Christian religion and that the man was executed during the reign of Tiberius. So, Dennis posits some interesting theories, there is a body of evidence suggesting that the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Saul of Tarsus.

        7. Tacitus repeats the stories that the christians are telling about the origin of their religion. This is not at all confirmation that these events actually hapened.
          And Saul of Tarsus absolutely did not make up a story of Jesus. Quite the reverse – all that he says is that Jesus “came down”, was crucified (by demon spirits) and resurrected, and he places these events in the “heavenly” sphere just above physical reality (the greeks thought that reality basically worked like an onion and had layers).

  8. Good article. This is more on par with the usual quality of ROK writings. It sure beats another god damn article about Asian women. Well done.

  9. Ok, so we need to wean people of the idea that the state is good/bad depending on whether we like / dislike what it says. It is always bad ….at least to the extent it is ‘big’. I recall a time when big state meant paying lots of taxes and a minimalist state meant paying limited taxes for your nightwatchmen services. Now it seems its more inherently ideological. It was always clear that socialism and statism were associated, but there also seemed to alternative types of state, e.g. the ‘fascist’, the monarchist, aristocratic etc. All of those are still possible but the strange thing is that all those varieties of ‘big’ state seem somehow to have more in common with each other than they have distinguishing them. This is the case at the present juncture I think because the battle is now between the individualism (the bourgeois family in particular) and the advance of totalitarianism, without the effective checks and balances that are supposed to be in place.
    the revelation here is that progressivism, feminism, ‘human rights’ (now politicised) are all perfectly compatible and indeed required by the ever burgeoning state. The revelation for me personally has been how oligarchy and progressive causes have evolved to co-exist in symbiosis.
    The article is thought provoking but there is a dearth of practical reflection here, beyond truism that big state is bad. Increasingly I think what links all the varieites of statism, is the particular ideas of progress we have inherited. These states get their rationale from this particular sense of teleological progress. The idea that there is somewhere (particular) we have to go (remember the slogan ‘change’)
    Progress is a fine thing, just as movement, and an orientation towards the future are psychological necessities, but there is something nasty and illegitimate about the way big states take the idea of progress, any kind of progressiveness, to give itself something to do, something to justify its development as an all-encompassing entity. Go far enough back and you return to the ideas not only of Marx but also of Hegel. I am not anti-hegelian, but hegel involves the state as progress, as a vehicle for where we need to go. I think what is happening is to with (a perversion) of that idea, but also of its inversion: the way in which state power can use ideas of progress, the evolution of equal rights, feminism, etc to justify its accumulation of power and control.
    At present the state and ‘progressivism’ are using each other to destroy the power of civil society. It seems as thought progressivism is leading here, perhaps through the march through the institutions, but the money, power, control i.e. the state will always be what’s left when the ideas are shown to be hollow, absurd, and tired.
    Direct all fire at the juncture of state and ‘progress’.

    1. You should write for ROK. Add pictures and contemporary examples and you will have a hit.

  10. Excellent, man.
    Amazing how so many issues today can have an analogy with classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. This series has already been referenced a few other times in previous ROK articles.
    And indeed how scary that fictional stories from this nightmarish show is becoming our reality.

  11. Religion is bullshit , just accept it. Being an atheist does not mean you smugly know it all, it just means you smugly know that the current religious texts available for every religion are bullshit. I am currently in Medical School, I know jack shit about computer programming. I talk to a computer programmer about computers and say it is gods will that makes gmail work, he will look at me and laugh. If he tells me that a curse from god caused lactose intolerance in his sister, I will giggle.
    Let’s also dispense with this idea that liberal and conservative politicians support different agendas. Here on RoK we always say watch what someone does not what they say, back where I am from we always say watch the money. Look who donates to both parties and in what amounts. See a lot of the same names don’t you, damn near looks like a photocopy.
    The government of this and every country all the money and power rises to the top. All other nations have dictators, in the United States we have the illusion of choice, enjoy the illusion.

    1. The Great Religions are great, because those who took lessons from them, thrived, while those who didn’t perished. Saying “religions are bullshit” is fine if that makes you feel like more of a hipster cult beat poet and that’s all that results from it. But take it a bit further and what ends up being the result, is a world view that resolves to “What the Great Religions teach don’t matter. ‘We’ can do better now.” Which is basically Progressivism; that not So Great Religion that is ensuring that the West is dying. While societies following less Bullshit religions are taking our former place.

      1. Ironically the hipster beat poet is part of a movement created by the deeply religious Jack Kerouac. Whether people believe in God or not religion has always been and will remain a fundamental part of society.

      2. Saying religion is bullshit makes me feel good because it took me a long time to accept this, I consider it a accomplishment due to the amount of religious indoctrination I was subjected to in my youth. It wad a triumph of logic overcoming illogical ideas planted in my life before I was old enough to read. Progressive ideas are not killing the west. Stupid people, fear, greed, ignorance, intolerance, and clinging to bullshit is killing the human race. Once the human race is gone religion, money, and laws will be gone that is how you know these things are not real.
        Here are some things that exsisted before humans and will be here long after we are gone; gravity, the sun, the earth and the Milky Way. God, virgin births ( possible with science ironicll

        1. Saying religion is bullshit makes me feel good
          And that’s what it boils down to, isn’t it?

        2. “Once the human race is gone religion, money, and laws will be gone that is how you know these things are not real.”
          No, they are demonstrably real, you are affected by them every day. The fact that they are intangible, products of the human mind or both is doesn’t make them any less real. The question you need to ask is why these things exist because religion, money and laws are not ends of themselves they are tools used to express something else. Religion is an organized collection of beliefs about the metaphysical, money is the tangible, when not digitized, version of time and effort, laws are the codification of human customs.
          Human beings *are* more than just a collection of chemical and electrical impulses with basic programming inside a sack of flesh and puss.

      3. >>The Great Religions are great, because those who took lessons from them, thrived, while those who didn’t perished.
        Ain’t that the truth.

    2. Bullshit: “Being an atheist does not mean you smugly know it all, it just means you
      smugly know that the current religious texts available for every
      religion are bullshit.”
      Being an atheist means not believing in God. An agnostic is a “person who does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not.”
      If you are going to be an irreligious, know-it-all fundamentalist, get it right.

      1. Semantics aside, religion is bullshit. I do not know it all , however I wish I did then I would not have to study.

      2. There’s atheism, and there’s positive (or “strong”) atheism. Agnosticism is often understood to mean “not sure about God”, but it is an epistemological position rather than a theological one. Agnosticism is the opposite of gnosticism: the notion that you can “just know” something by intuition or revelation. The notion that faith is a legit way of knowing that something is true.

    3. Exactly! Endless arguments over political ideology is an incessant waste of time, which is precisely what “they” want you to do.

    1. Yes, it would be nice if ROK could get an editor. Some of these article are painful to read, even though I do appreciate the content.

  12. If you don’t notice 2Wycked’s name at the top of thee articles at first, you can tell it is him after 20 seconds of reading the article. The quality of thought and clarity of writing is just that noticeable.

  13. Look at mainstream news.
    *global warming – the banksters want that carbon tax
    *gay this gay that – kill the family- control the serfs
    *immigration – open borders to drive down wages
    *gun control – tax slaves cannot have weapons
    *racial garbage – divide and conquer
    With all the negatives above it is still one of the most incredible times
    to be alive. Full speed ahead damn the torpedoes….

  14. Atheism has absolutely nothing to do with the decadence of the West. Wealthy overeducated marxist useful idiots do (ex-spoiled children basically). Lack of morals and identity politics does. Pussy American men incapable of controlling their own country do (letting their American shit being exported abroad and poisoning other cultures)
    I do not beleive in any God and I am against feminism and all this cultural marxism trash.
    PS: please don’t come to take our women, solve your fucking problems at home.

  15. What has allowed humans to advance so much the passed 500 years is science, the empirical experimental process. Its the safeguard we have towards incorrect false conclusion hence, the reason though atheist have feminist, they are challenged successfully and constantly by prominent atheist; Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, (the Amazing Atheist, Thunderf00t) etc. atheism does not have the dogma or sacred cow that makes something free of examination.

    1. Oh the hell it doesn’t. Talk to an atheist group sometime and say “You know, maybe there’s something out there such as a God” and watch the uproar. Atheists generally are some of the most dogmatic, lock step people on the planet.

      1. I guess personal stories are now empirical evidence in support of your argument. Sir, you suffer from feminist logic.

  16. When it comes to game this is an excellent website but when it comes to politics the writers fall in the cliche political lock step thinking; “big government”, “Marxist”, “socialist” ect. If you take the red pill on one issue (women) it does not mean you also did on other. If you think down political lines, you are not thinking independently.

    1. False. You could mix every single opinion you have together into a mishmash and you’d still find a label for it already created by others at some point. Independent thinking doesn’t mean “no labels”, it means arriving at your conclusions based on your own sound reasoning ability. What you’re preaching is little more than “don’t dare express your ideology, or I will condemn you as a conformist”.

      1. No, you misunderstood me. If you come to the same conclusion on practically every topic as everyone in your political circle you are not thinking.

  17. I recall watching this episode of the The Twilight Zone.
    One of the otherwise unspoken truths was that the librarian, the caretaker of books, found great wisdom and intelligence in those works of literature. However by having an intellectual advantage from the wisdom found in those books he was clever enough to catch the Chancellor in his trap.
    When a totalitarian government wants to suppress free thought and minimize intellect, books are one of the first things to go.

  18. Ah, good start here, but, it wandering on a little too much. Plus, so what if Wordsworth was religious? The idea that the west or america could ever become a theocracy is paranoia, full stop. It was never this way before nor would it be even if we magically re-install our Constitutional Republic. If culture and local laws once echoed certain religious underpinnings, well, that’s are republic at work i.e. decentralized and empowered at the local level. The manosphere should refrain from being critical of religion unless there are issues and items that are contrary to our agenda. Frankly, like them or not, Christianity in many respects is still preserving natural law, which is infused throughout it’s tradition, and among many other things, supporting natural law supports men. Bottom-line: we need solidarity in our movement and bickering over religion WILL be exploited, especially since our enemies, the left, are admitted atheists and, above all, understand divide and conquer very well. Another thing, if you think a theocracy is waiting in the wings in america today you are certifiably nuts. Religion is being banned, which is to say that an option of personal freedom (to seek God) is incrementally being denied from people. You may not seek out, Jesus for instance, but, others do. Real atheists and religious people in the west are both losing their freedoms, so, we have more in common than you think. At any rate, gents, leave religion out of this. We’re fighting social engineering, feminism, centralized control, tyranny…etc.

  19. very interesting article that gave lots of food for thought. especially pinpointing why liberals hate fox news, its because they’re not in lockstep with all the other authority MSM types. really very interesting

  20. The state is obsolete. It is now the feminist state, based on the ideology that all men must serve the feminist ideals. Work, marry a slut, worship her, pay your taxes. Fit in with PC orthodoxy and self-censure.
    That’s no life. When a state demands you life such a life, it’s time to ignore that state, for it is obsolete.

  21. I grew up in the 90’s where family activities were much encouraged. There were family shows, family games, and family outings like Chuck-E-Cheese. Consoles weren’t connected to the internet, so you definitely invited a buddy over to play along side of you.
    I don’t see a whole lot of that now. With vanity running rampant through social media and people not educating themselves against media spin, we are becoming souless as a society. Almost zombie-ish if you think about it. So many choose the blue pill and self-medicate themselves with entertainment and you wonder why the rate of mental illness in this country has increased significantly over the past decade. But no, we’re America and we don’t have problems.

  22. I find several point of this article to be at issue.
    Firstly, Atheism is an unrelated phenomena from politics. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a higher power. As an Atheist, I believe that no one is responsible for my success or failures, but me. God doesn’t exist and the universe is indifferent. We are each responsible for ourselves. To say that Atheists lack the capacity for rational thinking is completely disingenuous.
    Secondly, The authoritarian state portrayed in the article claims to be so because of rational and logical thought. However, absolute authoritarianism is neither rational, nor logical. That’s not to say that some semblance of social control is not necessary. We live in a complex society. In such a society, it is necessary for there to be generally agreed upon rules and regulations, which keep the society orderly and beneficial for all its members. Theodore Roosevelt famously said that ignoring an unjust law does nothing more than undermine the rule of law. To change it, you must work through the system, or if you can get enough support, change the system. As much as it is uncomfortable for many macho “No one tells me what to do” guys, Roosevelt was not wrong. Anarchy is in no one’s best interest… therefore, it is necessary to create law and order through effective and rational governance.
    Thirdly, saying that Fox News is somehow unique and more realistic that any of the other news agencies is complete nonsense. People dislike Fox News not because they upset the status quo, but because they’re psychotic. Now, that’s not to say that the other news agencies are any better, but don’t make the mistake of lauding Fox News. That network is full of just as much nonsense, irrationality, and illogical thinking as all the others. You want truth? Make your own decisions based on the evidence at hand. When you let others decide what the truth is for you, you give up the only truly inalienable right that you have, choice.
    Man is not obsolete… he’s just given up his choice. Be Christian, Muslim, or Atheist. Be Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. But make that decision because it’s the right decision for YOU. Don’t let Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow or anyone else tell you what your choices are. Real men make their own choices.

    1. “God doesn’t exist and the universe is indifferent.”
      Can you prove that using the scientific model? Otherwise it’s nothing more substantial than personal belief, which, given those on the opposing side of your viewpoint, is ironic to say the least.
      I have encountered atheists who are closet agnostics, in that they believe that God may or may not exist. I have also encountered the militant variety that are closet antitheists, those who wage war on all things religious. So for you to say that “To say that Atheists lack the capacity for rational thinking is completely disingenuous” is itself disingenuous because you include all atheists in your remarks, when my experiences with them proves to the contrary.
      “therefore, it is necessary to create law and order through effective and rational governance.”
      History shows that whenever atheists attempt to do just that once they seize power, they invariably end up curtailing the rights of those they disagree with, especially those of faith. Whether it was Stalin or Mao, the results were always the same: blood red.
      “Thirdly, saying that Fox News is somehow unique and more realistic that any of the other news agencies is complete nonsense. People dislike Fox News not because they upset the status quo, but because they’re psychotic”
      That’s your evidence that a belief in fox news is “nonsense…because you believe them to be “psychotic?” Why exactly? What justifies such an aesthetic invective? I’m not cheerleading for Fox here, but neither will i support an attack on them based on a biased perspective. Please clarify your remarks before you run off at the fingers with nonsense yourself.
      “Real men make their own choices.”
      This is probably the only other thing i agree with you on here. However i question your reason for posting it, given your latter remark about Fox news. The channel gets the highest viewers for a reason: they are the ones who are providing the largest amount of non bs leftist spin on television. People who are not on the blue pill have come to realize that. Despite the fact that Fox is far from perfect, they are far from the level of sheer political sycophancy that the other networks reliably represent.
      So yes, real Men make their own choices, and the realest Men realize that the choices they make in their words may not necessarily be as accurate as they originally considered them to be.

  23. # Instead of wondering, “Why does the government decide who is or isn’t married?,” we demand equality in the sense that all of our relationships are judged by the state. It is a victory if you are a fan of narcissistic authoritarianism.
    If the government is in the business of acknowledging relationships (which it has been since the country was created), it needs to do so on an equal basis for all its citizens. Demanding it do so is a victory for egalitarianism, not ‘authoritarianism’. If you believe the government should not acknowledge any relationships you are welcome to eliminate the entire family law civil code.

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