Why Feminists Want To Destroy Gaming

In recent decades, gaming has been one of the few areas of mass entertainment where creative freedom was not subject to the politically correct whims of the day. But in 2014, the cultural elite declared war on this idea of creative freedom and sought to make gaming as bland an experience as watching a CBS sitcom.

In every era, men have sought safe harbor from the drudgery of everyday life, a place to relax without the grasp of their bosses and womenfolk. In times past, this could have been the pool hall or the strip club, but for millennials this sanctuary has taken the form of gaming.

As the hydra of feminism, low social mobility, and economic stagnation has devoured the living standards of young men in the west, video games have provided a welcome and mostly healthy escape for them to blow off steam. But in recent times, this vent has been sealed shut by so-called “Social Justice Warriors in the name of an extreme socio-political agenda.

Video games have thrived in part thanks to offering a level of complexity, humor, and occasional lack of political correctness which would simply never fly in the mainstream media. Developers were able to get away with this subversiveness due to gaming being seen as a fringe pursuit.

Now that gaming is in the mainstream, it is subject to the same homogenizing demands as a TV show or Hollywood movie—with every controversial idea being sucked out in the name of not hurting a certain group’s feelings.

You want a game featuring a bold, alpha male hero? How sexist of you! Here’s one about a chubby girl’s bout with depression instead.

The question must be asked as to why this is happening, and I believe there are three main reasons for this establishment attack on gaming and the young men who form its audience:L

1. Male-dominated spaces contradict feminist ideology


All men need to enjoy a dame-free space on occasion. Whether it’s schoolboys going to the treehouse or some executives hitting the golf club, it’s a chance for the guys to relax, engage in some real talk and tell the filthiest jokes and stories they know.

As someone who spent most of 2001 getting repeatedly banned from a supposedly unmoderated, unofficial Halo LAN group, I know all too well of how fun it can be to talk smack with no recourse or real-world consequence, it’s a release and any adolescent with an ounce of testosterone in them needs that occasionally.

Yet for some reason, feminists hate the idea of a private gathering of men. Centuries-old male golf clubs have been forced to accept women, and universities have banned “men’s clubs” before they could even be launched. They believe that if the nanny state takes its eye off us for one second, we’ll start collectively devising ways to increase the “pay gap” and discussing our shared appreciation of the finer points of “rape culture.”

The reality is that despite the often vulgar language, most online gaming chats and forums are fairly innocuous, yet the solipsistic worldview of feminists somehow manages to construe that all of this behavior is somehow related to the oppression of women.

2. They see gaming as a way to shape the next generation of men


Just as any act of violence committed by a young man in the early 2000s was attributed to big, bad violent video games – any act of supposed sexism committed by a young man is now the fault of irresponsible game devs.

Social Justice Warriors subscribe to the view that everyone is equal and that all of a person’s character is defined by the media they consumed while growing up. This is entirely true of course; video games are a massive influence on one’s character. After all, I am sitting here writing this article with blue spikes atop my head, an affinity for collecting gold rings and I’ve developed a complex frenemy-style relationship with a rebellious echidna…

Given this belief, video games are seen as hot property for winning the minds of the next generation. If a generation of little boys grows up wanting to be like Princess Peach rather than be the plucky fellow who saves her from a fire-breathing turtle, the SJWs will have succeeded in their goal.

3. Gaming distracts male attention away from them


Ultimately, the main currency in which women deal is that of male attention. Even the most ardent, mohawked, proudly obese Tumblr feminist would cry herself to sleep on a day where no male had lavished her with some form of attention, whether positive or negative.

Video games offer men a chance to tune out from nagging girlfriends, angry feminists, and a judgmental media. Whereas once we had to leave our homes to seek solace, we can now in a matter of seconds load up Steam and be transported to a realm where the aforementioned have no influence.

Did you really think feminists were going to allow that? Absolutely not, that would be far too much freedom and you’re a troll if you disagree.

All games must now offer a strong female perspective on events, and perhaps controllers could be modified to include a “trigger warning” button if things get too heavy for the gamer girls and their beta male accomplices.


The recent Zoe Quinn affair is merely one facet of a wider movement which seeks to co-opt gaming and turn it into yet another anodyne form of entertainment which offers no place for men.

GamerGate presents a larger question. If men are being demonized for the types of video games they wish to play and their opinions, and their hobby is to be co-opted by social justice warriors who regard gamers with utter contempt – where else can these young men blow off steam?

Faced with declining living standards and the atrocious state of western women, if gamers have their hobby stolen from them the SJWs may have awakened a generation of frustrated young men who will finally question the cultural forces which have actively sought to worsen their lives.

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551 thoughts on “Why Feminists Want To Destroy Gaming”

  1. Feminists don’t know what in the hell they want to do, as long as the end result is chaos and destruction. We might as well just hand them over a Pandora’s Box.

    1. Alright, story time. I’ve been basically silent on this issue, I am not sure my contributions are relevant, and I have…
      Posted by Cole Nasrallah on Friday, October 3, 2014

      Its worth a look.

    2. Gaming is one of the last strongholds of masculinity. It’s therefore a threat to feminism and must be destroyed, or at least censured to reflect feminist ideology. This isn’t a joke, these Marxists really are attacking freedom and wanting to brainwash males into docile, effeminate worker drones. Defending masculinity isn’t just about video games, it’s about national security.

        1. I was waiting for a troll to come along and write that. It’s the content of the games that’s masculine, and what threatens feminists.

        2. That depends on the game. I’d not call ‘Assassin’s Creed’ particularly masculine. I’d call it ‘normal’. The games that usually pass for ‘masculine’ I’d call ‘homoerotic’ at times, considering pretty much every single guy in there is beefcake.

        3. Yes, because anytime men are attractive that means they must be gay. My G.I. Joe’s were muscular and good looking, so I must have been a total closet case to play with them.
          What a stupid point. I never thought nor cared whether the characters were “beefcakes.” I’d say you’re either gay yourself or a feminist posting under a male name.

        4. I didn’t say gay, I said homoerotic. There’s a difference. Anyway, to address your second point – I’m a feminist, and I’m also male. They do exist, you know.

        5. Not that it would matter one way or another, but no, I’m not gay. Also note I said some games, not all games. Assassin’s Creed, Dishonoured, those are pretty damn good games.

        6. I know that’s the stereotype, but even the most alpha guys are going to enjoy Call of Duty and Madden Football. The difference is they will actually take a break from gaming and go out get laid once in a while.

        7. Typical muddying of the waters. Homoeroticism is same sex attraction, which is what gays have for each other. ‘Homoeroticism’ is used by feminists to undermine traditional masculine behaviour and rituals. it is essentially saying the following: ‘you known what, you may think you are engaging in macho behaviour but it is really quite gay’.
          That ‘insight’ has ruined much of literary and social criticism and is an exclusively Western perversion.
          Nice try though.

        8. Oh, I hate when guys try to play that card.
          “I’m a male and feminist”.
          LOL. No such thing.
          So many so-called feminists guys would try to shut their girlfriends down from talking by saying the “I support abortion” and expect that the girl would shut up. The idea being he is just so understanding of women’s issues.
          I distinctly remember this one “feminist” guy who tried to buy me a drink in a bar. After just a couple sentences when I tried to actually “talk” to him, he tries to go, “I support women’s right.”
          I stare at him. Confused. What was the point of saying that? It soon becomes very clear.
          It was for me to shower praise on what an “understanding and enlightened” man he was. I didn’t play that game.
          Instead I ask, “So what are these special rights that women get? I mean they’re called “women’s right’ implying that men don’t get them.”
          He turned red-faced and stormed off calling me a “b***”.
          So much for being a feminist, eh?

        9. That would be a really… strange conversation. Why on earth would someone walk up to a woman and say stuff like that?
          As far as I’m concerned – the only thing needed is to just treat a woman like another human being. You respect them, and … really, that’s all that’s needed.
          I’ve no idea what that guy was thinking – if you want to talk to a woman, talk to them like you’d talk to anyone else. The woman I wound up marrying – we met on a bus, she was reading a book, I brought up the book, and we got to chatting about literature. I didn’t bring up ‘woman’s rights’ or anything like that – it wasn’t part of the conversation.
          Seriously… that guy was being a dick.

        10. It sounds like you met a good woman. I wish you all the best.
          It wasn’t just him. I’ve met several men who’ve abused the “I’m a feminist” card and yet they were some of the most misogynists guys I ever met.
          One was a co-worker and he sure charmed the ladies with his “I’m a feminist” BS. Meanwhile, when the women weren’t around I’d hear him bashing women with the other guys in the office. They thought it hilarious how easily women thought men were concerned if they said, “I support abortion”.
          It still to this day makes my skin crawl when I hear a guy say “I’m a feminist”.
          But that’s just been my own experience. I’m just not a fan of labels.

        11. I’ll admit, that guy sounds like a grade-a douche. I don’t go walking around telling women I’m a feminist. I’m not doing it to score points with anyone. I’d rather simply do what I feel is right, and be judged by what I do. But when people talk about feminists – such as here, then I’m willing to step forward and say ‘you’re talking about me, too’. Once that’s been established, it doesn’t have to be repeated again and again, I’ve let people know what side I’m on, and I can get to the job of standing my ground.
          By the by, thanks for the kind words. We dated for about ten years, and we’ve been married for 15. 🙂 Not bad for my first girlfriend. :).

        12. Sounds like a lovely relationship. The man I married was my second boyfriend. So it just took two tries for me. 🙂
          I suppose my opposition is to labels. I don’t automatically agree with all positions taken by a “feminist”. But people run around saying I’m this and and I’m that. It’s so tribal in a large way.
          So many no longer distinguish on the merit of the issue, but simply on what their “tribe” says about it. I’m a feminists so I agree with all of the above.
          But that is not possible. Especially since not all things that “modern feminists” agree with are good for women.
          I have witnesses so many of my female friends absolutely destroyed by hook-up culture. Going clubbing once or twice. I’ve done it and it’s not a big deal. But they go every weekend. They hook up every Friday and Saturday and now in their thirties they look way older.
          So when I see “feminists” promoting hook-up culture as a female right I feel disgusted. Do they not see how terrible it is? What it does?
          Many don’t seem to know how to meet the other gender outside of a club these days and that’s really sad.
          I don’t believe in “slut-shaming” but I don’t believe in promoting “hook-up” culture. Yet if I call myself a “feminist” I have to almost take that position because that’s what a lot of modern feminist take.
          I was disgusted by that video a feminist group released of little six year old girls dropping “f-bombs” and saying “penis”. They’re children. WTH?
          Is that what feminism represents? No thank you. A lot of feminist only seem to live to tell other women what to think. I’ve seen “feminist” attack the ceo of yahoo non-stop. She should be celebrated for breaking the glass ceiling instead they hate her. And for petty reasons.
          That’s why I think it’s a mistake to take on a label.

        13. OMG are you this dumb ? When his “I’m a feminist” line didn’t work he gave you the “I’m prince charming, in a comitted relationship, hint hint” and you fell right for it.
          You’re too smart to fall into his pathological need to receive female aproval, this is just some oediptically fucked moron and no he didn’t stay married 15 years to his first gf, no one does.

        14. Really? You don’t think it’s possible? That’s… kind of depressing really.

        15. And I gave him the sweet talk back. It’s a game we’re playing. He had to return the favor.
          No, I was skeptical of his story and his quick, “Oh thank you for saying so”. It seemed too good to be true but what would I gain by saying such? It’s more beneficial to go, “Oh really, how lovely” and continue to prod him in the argument.
          I have no way to disprove what he says is true and sometimes an effective strategy in a debate is to use flattery back. He wanted to play that game. I’ll play it right back.
          And wait for his mask to slip…

        16. Some would say what you did on the bus was harassment and cat calling. You’re not a feminist, stop pretending to satisfy your lingering feminist wife watching every post you submit. Weak men like you are the same reason games like Duke Nukem Forever got bad ratings. It’s good that you treat women equally but damn.

        17. “Hey, that’s an interesting book” is not cat calling. I’m saying nothing about the person’s appearance or clothes, I’m talking about an interest that we both have. And if she ignored me, that would have pretty much stopped me from talking to her the entire trip. Fortunately, she decided to reply, and we spent the bus trip discussing books, and then I got her into roleplaying games, then eventually into video games. She cut her teeth on Shadowrun, and Call of Cthulhu. (Though I feel bad about killing her CoC character five minutes into the game…)
          My wife’s not watching my posts – whatever gave you that idea? As for Duke Nukem? Erg. I didn’t even like the original – I wouldn’t touch Forever with a 10 foot pole. I’m more a God of War fan, myself.

        18. *shrug* If you want proof, go ahead, it isn’t that hard to find us, I mean, I’m using my actual name here. Have fun. Anyway, I like being polite. I see no benefit from being a jerk or lying about my personal life.

        19. Hey i was baiting you, I didn’t think you’d reply. I was in another discussion on fb about that youtube video on the girl walking through New York for ” 10 hours” and girls were saying that shit was inappropriate. It wasn’t . so cat calling isn’t about common interests? Damn well I’m gonna have to say that I take interest in female clothing styles, or hair styles cause I’m a designer So naturally I’d appreciate a woman who had a certain sense of style. The book she was holding was arguably part of her appearance. …

        20. I’m not sure why you’d want to put quotes around “10 hours”. Do you have any reason to believe it wasn’t 10 hours? I doubt it was all at once (breaks to get food and such permitted). I haven’t seen the video yet – but I kind of have to look at it from the flip side. If I was trying to go about my business and I had women cat-calling me for the entire day, I’d find it would get very old, very fast.
          The book is what saved my life, figuratively speaking. I wanted to talk to her – and I don’t consider ‘appearance’ to be a conversation piece. I like books, fortunately she liked books, so that’s what we talked about. We discussed fantasy novels, she was into pagan-goth novels and music (she introduced me to Queensryche and Depeche Mode, I introduced her to Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft), and it was almost a month before she dropped the bomb on me of ‘do you like me?’. I’d not commented on her appearance or anything, and she put me on the spot. I wanted to deny everything, because I’d never dated before. I said the truth, she was relieved, and we started going out.
          But yeah. I think it was good that I was more interested in her interests as common ground. I don’t see why you’d want to date someone who can’t be a friend first, and aiming for more than that before you get to know the person well is… perhaps not thinking ahead. Did I want to date her? Yes. Was I going to bring it up? I had no idea how to even start – and I was enjoying just being friends and sharing interests.
          As for your last statement – I think it’s because Duke Nukem embodies every over-exaggerated male trope that ever existed – and those tropes make me cringe. I’m not a fan of the bishie-boy trope either, I prefer the characters I play to be somewhere mid-line and a lot more realistic in look and attitude.

        21. Well to each his own dude. I just don’t see in defending an ideal that applies to you. Your woman definitely doesn’t sound like the type, you’re definitely beta and that’s fine too. Good job keeping your cool, like I said, I was baiting you.
          10 hours? I just don’t believe it. It’s a fluffed up number to over dramatacize an already over reactive dramatic stance on male new yorker behavior. I ignore pan handlers, what’s the difference? Feminism is BS and you shouldn’t say you are one. I believe in equality between all genders, but I’d never label myself a feminist.

        22. I think that the ideal is something that does apply to me – I have social advantages that my wife doesn’t, because I’m a guy, just like I have social advantages some my friend don’t, because I’m white. I could sit back and enjoy these advantages, but I think they’re unfair, so I’d rather try to even the playing field.
          Before I get to addressing this alpha / beta thing, I’m going to need to figure out what you mean. I looked it up for the definition, and as far as I can see, I’d fall under alpha – as far as I can tell, I’m the primary decision maker for my social group.
          As for the video. As far as I’m concerned, unless I can get evidence to the contrary, I’m willing to take their word for it. I don’t see how hard it could be to take ten hours of footage and cut it down to a smaller video. As for pan handlers… most are more passive on what they’re doing. If I had to deal with them calling out to me, “hey, Mr. Rich, can you give me some money? Hey, that’s a mighty fine suit!” and so forth and so on as I was trying to conduct my day… that’d get under my skin right quick.
          And if you’re for equality, awesome. If you don’t want to be called a feminist? That’s fine, too. There’s elements in every group that are… let’s say… questionable in their ideals and need addressing.

        23. I agree that holding women to the same standards of ability, character and behaviour as men would be fair – this is equal treatment. But feminists do not want equal treatment. Expecting women to earn any respect they think they deserve (because, contrary to what you have asserted, respect is not something to which one is entitled by default), just as men must, is labelled misogynist and sexist by these screeching harpie lunatics. Make no mistake – feminists are interested not in equality; they are either self-interested (that is, useful idiots), or knowingly pushing towards totalitarian socialism. That is what Cultural Marxism is really about.

        24. Sure, respect can be earned. However, the standards required to earn that respect should be the same standards that men have to deal with. This means getting the same raises that men get, for the same amount, for the same amount of time worked.
          It also means not enforcing gender roles from childhood (books targeted ‘for boys’ showing ‘boy activities’ and books targeted ‘for girls’ showing ‘girl activities’, for example). There was an awesome commercial during the Superbowl showing how stereotypes work (the ‘throw like a girl’ one).
          By the by, I am a feminist, as is my wife. The goal is to cut down enforced gender stereotyping, and to ensure women are treated fairly. Totalitarian Socialism isn’t on the agenda. By the by – look up pre-Marxist socialism. Charles Fourier had some cool ideas for dealing with poverty that would probably work very well in the modern age – pay being based on how unwanted a job is, and the idea of the ‘mincome’ (which Canada’s looking at again, finally.)

        25. Equal pay for equal work is a myth based upon the thoroughly debunked labour theory of value. Work does not exist in a vacuum. There are inherent differences (chiefly, pregnancy and parenting) between men and women which makes the hiring of female employees (assuming they’re not utterly barren) inherently more costly (in the sense that there is a higher risk of incurring additional costs, e.g. the cost of finding a replacement – short-term or permanent – if a female employee falls pregnant or needs time off to look after a newborn). An employer who is forced to pay male and female employees as the same rate is thereby spending more on females, because there is already an additional cost associated with hiring them.
          Now, with that cleared up, let us anyway suppose that it is not a persuasive argument, and so we still want to introduce identical rates of pay for males and females (and, presumably, quotas so that rational employers have no option to avoid the additional costs of hiring females at the same pay rate as males). How will you go about enforcing this?
          Any feminist who claims not to be a totalitarian socialist is no more than a useful idiot.

        26. You do know men are allowed maternity leave just like women are, right? Same amount of time, and everything. So the idea that a woman is ‘more costly’ doesn’t hold up. The amount of ‘additional cost’ is almost a drop in the bucket for most businesses – typically when someone is on maternity leave, the other workers pick up the slack, or someone who would normally get less hours get more hours instead – the cost is exactly the same. The money spent just goes to someone else who’s already employed, rather than to someone new being hired.
          This comes from personal experience in the work force. I’ve never seen a business hire someone new to cover a maternity leave. Instead, the hours needed are simply covered by other workers. You might normally work 20 hours a week, but while someone’s on leave, you work 30, while someone else works 30. Just like if someone takes a three week vacation – that doesn’t require someone else being hired on. So the idea of ‘additional costs’ is a myth.

        27. Men certainly do not get maternity leave. That is absurd.
          Now, men may get paternity leave. But even so, there’s no physiological requirement for them to do so. Men do not get pregnant and cannot breastfeed. So a woman must take time off work if she will give birth, but a man simply has the option whether to do so or not if his wife is giving birth.
          The significance or otherwise, by your reckoning, of the amount of additional cost is irrelevant; the fact that it necessarily exists is what matters. The one whose money it is is the only one in charge of whether or not it’s significant.
          Even using current employees to fill gaps will incur additional costs in most sectors, because of overtime schemes. An existing worker working more than usual is a replacement in exactly the same way as a short-term contract worker would be a replacement. And anyway, even if we consider only sectors in which overtime pay is not a factor, the fact is that the majority of women who leave work due to pregnancy and childbirth do so for the long-term – many, if they return to work at all, do so only after decades have passed (and then generally not to the same employer).
          Additional costs associated with hiring females, as I have clearly established, is an unavoidable reality. What you are doing is looking for excuses to retain your totalitarian socialist outlook, regardless of the facts.

        28. you’re such a loser, he had more important things to do like watching his toenails grow.

        29. Begone, worm! I will not fall
          for your cheap wiles and easy guiles
          or think for a moment that this mortal coil
          is only worth throwing away.
          My work is far from done, and I
          will fight through tears and sorrow,
          however bleakly I see the morrow–
          until my time to go arrives
          unbidden, and not by my own hands.
          — Author Unknown

        30. The biggest reason why the ‘pay gap’ exist is due to occupation. Men and women don’t work in the same sectors and when controlled for ( and pro-rated), the gap becomes irrelevant.
          Besides that, I’m finding it hilarious that feminists dwell these quarters. It does seem like these ideologues are fracturing away quite nicely.

        31. AH, I don’t want respect by default, I just want equal respect. There is a lot that’s unfair on both sides, men should be taken more seriously, especially about abuse, domestic and sexual. Men’s feelings shouldn’t be shoved so far up their asses they drink themselves to death. Men shouldn’t be treated worse in schools just because they learn differently… Men should get paternity leave to also bond with children. You have interests other than sex… I don’t think it’s fair how often men are portrayed as weirdly stupid, especially in commercials about household products.
          Feminism is about gender issues, and that effects us both. Notice, how while defending my stance on gender issues, I came here to say I understand, things suck for you, and I’m not trying to minimize them by saying “Well girl problems!” Men do need a gendered space where they can bond with other men, that’s understandable, but just because you go hunting and bowling with your friends doesn’t mean women are incapable of those things… What makes those things gendered in that you’re doing them with your friends, and it’s a lot of fun to curl up and teach your spouse to fish (mine happens to hate it, but I love it) or to cook or whatever it is you do… that doesn’t prevent guy time from being guy time.
          Also, being into video games has drastically improved my relationship with my husband. I understand that when he’s in a game of league, or pubg, with his friends he has to be on until it’s over, I don’t nag him to get off, I politely ask him to get off in between rounds (to help me real quick or to eat or help me do dishes) Sometimes we bet sex on video games. Sometimes he’ll tell me about a patch he’s really excited about and I can get excited too, or we’ll read the lore together and argue about Nahiri and Sorin and cry about the death of an aetherborne. Does that sound so bad? All we want is to be able to be a part of the things you love in a meaningful way. Like Rakhan and Xayah, it’s nice to see her be the revolutionary in love with the stripper. They both are round and awesome and sexy characters.

        32. BUT THEY SHOULD. Men get maternity leave in many European countries and it’s great. Paternity leave is a great way for men to get more time to bond with the baby and vice versa… it also is much healthier for the baby to have time with an adult longer. If there’s anything we should care about it’s the mental health of children in the first 2 years of life, when children gain emotional balance. studies have shown that children who are stressed and alone frequently and don’t get enough play in the first two years go on to be stressed and have harder times balancing anxiety issues for the rest of their lives.
          I don’t have to breastfeed, but I do have to recover while the rip from my vagina to my anus heals. Yes, that happens. You think rather than being like “that cost something from me” men would be like “I cost something from women” because of you your mom pees a little when she sneezes.
          We’re out of the day and age where a couple with kids can afford a single parent with a job… the one real problem with women working is that individual salaries didn’t have to be as high, ergo salaries not increasing.
          Times are changing, women are single mothers and often not by choice, and that means those work risks are more dangerous to a society where those moms have to work a second job and don’t have time to make sure their children are well balanced and well adjusted, creating a weaker work force. This isn’t just about money, it’s about public health.

        33. No. Most women tend to understand the difference between hitting up a conversation and cat calling, though we are genuinely worried that we’re only being talked to for sex and not for interest in who we are as people and genuine companionship, which isn’t exactly a flattering assumption on anyone’s part.

        34. I think that 10 hour video could be shit too. I also know what it’s like to have someone intimidate and pressure me into a corner… It’s not simple, it’s not fun, and it’s legitimately terrifying. Since when does being an Alpha mean you use your power indiscriminately?
          The problem with Duke is that he’s a lie. Women don’t owe you sex for saving their lives… that could easily be considered a kind of rape, it’s taking advantage of a heightened emotional and vulnerable state after a traumatic experience… in which case, he’s kind of a coward… he seems like kind of a psychopath with sado-sexual tendencies. He’s not an alpha, he has no pack. He’s a loner and kind of a freak… the loner type isn’t the worst if it’s done well (Shadows over Morder) Now on the other hand JOEL (Last of us). DADDY. FUCK YES. Witcher, Mastercheif, Big Boss, commander shepherd, wrex, etc. There’s a fuckton of not totally insane people that are alpha males that don’t just consider women as sidepieces and rewards. We can be characters and you can also be characters, hell The Boss was a pretty awesome female role… and made the story more meaningful without demeaning the men involved… we just want more of that. Is that so bad? Also, more fat women. We have zero equivalent for Gragas in league of legends, we have Roadhog but the female body equivalent is a robot? Like, just make a human being that is female, that is fatter than most characters that is more than a punchline.

        35. We hate them toooooooooooo… Like a lot. They’re essentially those fedora guys… you owe us sex because we’re nice! Uh, no. No I don’t.

        36. Uhhhh this was 3 damn years ago…you’re posting now?
          Fine I’ll bite. It’s been a while since I’ve engaged on Internet garbage. I’ll reply to both above comments here.
          Ofcourse Duke is a lie, but he’s a hilarious over exaggerated lie. No one says anything about deadpool, and he’s just like duke nukem in a more millenial kind of way. Though look at how popular he’s become in the past 5 years. His personality knows no limits when it comes to witty comments on any subject matter. I mean clearly, the movie shows just how far they’re willing to go. Makes me wonder if they’ll make any transsexual jokes in part 2 to make it reflect events in our society as a 4th wall break.
          Fat female roles in games? Really? Who the hell wants to see that? Fat women? Sure some people like that i guess… wait…how dare you call Orissa fat! LOL! This convo became full blown AIDS. Fine I’ll humor you… put a fat female transsexual male who inversely to Pharrah, burrows beneath the ground like a mole and pulls them into their demise as an ultimate, rides a jackhammer like a pogo stick (oh man a fat person on a pogo stick is gold), and swings a shovel. How does that jive with your need for pc anal leakage? No one cares. Ugh…moving on.
          Women have nothing to fear, they have more power over men than men could ever have over women. Oh the wage gap? Go fuck yourself with that… it’s not true. Don’t believe me? Do the research. You’re afraid of a man raping you? Take jiu-jitsu, its a martial art based on fighting opponents bigger than you. Take some self defense classes, carry a gun, a knife, whatever makes you feel safe. Women are cops and soldiers too.
          You’re worried we are only talking to you for sex huh? You’re right, in the beginning, that’s all we care about! I mean damn, if you’re a hottie, (beauty being in the eye of the beholder and whatever) then I can speak for most men that we are thinking of penetrating every one of your orifices. It’s up to you to reel us in the rest of the way! You clearly already know our mindset, use it to your advantage. Hell, we’re practically 85% invested, the least you can do is pull us in that remaining 15%(pun intended) and secure our future together. It’s tough I know, but all you have to do is appeal to our interests and the rest practically falls into place!
          There’s so much to this topic that I can go on writing about, but really what I want to convey to you is: men and women are different! This is true of our biology, psychology and social dynamic. What needs to happen is acceptance of these differences and what seperates us. Stop trying to be like men! We don’t want women bragging about how many dicks they imbibed or sloshed around in their pelvic regions. That’s guy talk, It’s not lady like! There’s a whole social psychology to why men do this that I won’t get into right now, but trust me. Just know its not historically true that women take their daughters to brothels to get fucked for the first time so they can learn to please a man. Men on the other hand… did take their sons to learn the intricacies of pleasing a woman and rightly so, each woman is different in her own right. For the most part, sexually, every man is the same.
          Enjoy your life. Don’t ruin it with arguing about this drivel.

        37. Single motherhood is bad for children. Breastfeeding is good for children. If you really cared about the physical and mental health of children (and the eventual adults they are to become), then you would not be attempting to denigrate breastfeeding or excuse broken homes.

        38. I respect you enough to tell you that I don’t respect you enough to bother actually reading this brain-vomit. I’d say the same to a man.

      1. Seriously, I do not like the implication of Marxism, especially when its aim is about turning humanity into both ant and termite colonies.
        To anyone that has a background on entomology, you know what I’m talking about.

      2. Also let’s not forget that video game tech is the platform for VR sex.
        You can bet your new Playstation that the feminists haven’t.

        1. I’m all for VR sex? Like. If I’m a feminist, why can’t I like porn?

        1. These cunts and manginas even want to alter Buddhism to fit their form of thinking, can you believe that shit ? This is beyound Feminism
          There’s something way bigger backing these pieces of subhuman debris

        2. Lol I red an article that feminist see gay porn as bad for women lol. Gat porn where dudes fuck each other is offensive to them lol. Feminist don’t want peace they want war and conflict the sad part is if men really wanted it they could inslave all women in a day with a vengeance unseen in human history but we don’t shouldn’t that be enough for women to leave gaming alone. They pretty much fucked over relationships, and marriage and even having kids. I want kids but the thought of having to deal with a female demon makes me not want to I might just get a Russian surrogate from Siberia lol so deep in the snow she won’t know what an iPhone or Facebook is ill pay here a good 50k and then leave. I’ll probably give her a fake name so she doesn’t try to get more money from me.
          I foresee that if gaming is taken from men there will be hell to pay

        3. >There’s something way bigger backing these pieces of subhuman debris
          >alter Buddhism
          >form of thinking
          Pleaſe ſee http://www.gnosticmedia.org/ regarding the cultural revolution of the 60’s and the who’s who involved in its geneſis.

        4. What,!!!!!!!!!!! I know I’m late but what the fuck. Where is the link to this. Buddhism is the mosy peaceful religion on the planet. It has been number one forever to be honest no other ideology is as peaceful of ever will be as Buddhism is.
          Wow, bitches are crazy as fuck. I also saw one where feminist thought gay porb was sexist towards women go figure.

        5. *SUBHUMAN DEBRIS*
          I really hope you get help. That’s not a healthy way to treat another human being.

      3. … seriously? Does ‘masculinity’ even need a stronghold?
        I think games would do just fine if the ideology was ‘don’t be a dick’. If overall game design was balanced, you could have your God of War, right beside your ‘Daughter of Ares’ game.
        And seriously defending misogyny is not patriotic. And it is definitely not about ‘liberty’ considering how the attacks go. “We should be free to oppress you any way we want” is not ‘liberating’ anyone. It’s trying to keep the ability to be oppressive.

        1. so then stop defending their misandry! its’ really simple. You’re just upset that people are telling little girls of various ages ‘No!’ and they can not handle that. I would also suggest you look into the female perps of crimes as there are a great great number of them out there. equality indeed, too bad the Duluth model is trying to hide it from you.

        2. Does masculinity need a stronghold? YES. If you want to act like a woman, then that’s your right, but don’t tell me how to live my life. Masculinity is natural and healthy, as is actual femininity. Ying and yang. You can keep your androgyny.
          Ah, so quick to label everything “misogyny.” It’s just an ad hominem attack, the modern version of the word “heretic.” It’s a label used for the purpose of discrediting rather than engaging in debate. Just as hundreds of years ago a skeptic would be labeled a “heretic” for disagreeing with the church, we are labeled “misogynists” for disagreeing with feminism. It’s the exact same intellectually dishonest technique. Trust me, nobody here gives a fuck if you think we’re misogynists. No body. In fact, using that word will just make anyone who reads your posts instantly dismiss you.
          If you think someone is oppressing you by playing a video game then I cannot take you seriously. This is about YOU trying to tell people what they can and cannot do. It’s about YOU trying to tell people how to do their art form. Here’s what you don’t understand, the more you try to tell us we can’t do something, the more we’re going to do it. Liberty.
          Our enemies in the world are not effeminate. A weak and effeminate population is easy to conquer. Men are not women, and women are not men no matter how bad you want them to be. Tuck your penis between your legs and wink at yourself in the mirror for all I care. To each their own. While you’re entitled to your opinions, so are we. In other words, fuck off.

        3. If the word fits, use it. Misogyny: the hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women. I’d say it generally fits. The “go make a sandwich” comment. The ‘women don’t play games’. Doxxing them. Telling them ‘this is a guy’s space’. That falls under misogyny, and it’s complete bullcrap.
          And no, I don’t think you’re oppressing people by playing video games. It’s by demanding that gaming be a ‘guy’s club’, or that there’s nothing wrong with making games where women are beaten, raped, tormented, abused, or treated as a coatrack (IE, serve no purpose at all except to be eye candy).
          Hell, the guys who made the GTA series actually agree that those kind of games are problematic, and they’re looking at doing something different. Cool. They’re still going to make games, and people are still going to play them.
          I’d rather see more variety in games. Sure, you’ll have your Call of Duty. That’s cool. And if they have women avatars, that’s better. It doesn’t take away from the game in the slightest. Mass Effect was awesome because you could play a guy or a girl – did having the option take away from the game? No. (Now the ending… whole different story).
          And yes, you’re totally entitled to your opinions. Nobody I’m aware of is saying otherwise.

        4. Hey, if I see misandry, I’m more than willing to challenge it. I want an even playing ground, not lopsided towards women. If I go to an anti-GG site, and see women tearing down on men, I’ll deal with it. If a friend points me to a pro-GG site, and I see men tearing down on women, I’ll deal with it.

        5. I decided to take a look and… seriously?
          “Save the barbershop”?
          I remember that.. it happened here in Ottawa. A guy tried to refuse to give a woman a haircut because he wasn’t allowed to touch women. While I fully respect his religious freedom, he really should have thought of it when he opened a public service. Hire someone who CAN touch women – because a public service is just that… public.
          It touched off a pretty interesting discussion – religious freedom versus discrimination. If I remember correctly, the courts agreed – if you’re opening a business which caters to the public, you’re not allowed to then restrict service based on sex, religion, sexuality, or race.

        6. Actually, to go back to the ‘does masculinity need a stronghold’. I’d say… no. Seriously, if you want to hang out with the guys, go ahead and hang out with the guys. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, in the same ‘zone’, you can also have guys hanging out with girls, or girls hanging out with girls. That’s why you have private games. Just be picky who you give the access code to.
          I like to hang out with the guys once in a while. Hit the local bar and watch UFC (I hope GSP comes back in, though I don’t know how well he’ll do). My wife sometimes hangs out with her friends (I’m trying to get her to do next month’s NaNoWriMo, so she can finally get her erotica novel written). And sometimes, we all hang out together (usually to play D&D or whatever flavour of RPG we’re doing).
          I can fully understand ‘me time’. I just don’t see why it has to come at the expense of anyone. If I run into a woman at the pub, I’m not going to be offended. If my wife runs into a guy at her friend’s get together, she’s not going to get angry. That’s life.

        7. Yes, I’m a white knight. I’ve been such pretty much my entire life. The barbershop thing was one of the articles on the main page, and just… wow.
          But yeah, ‘white knight’. I was that since forever, I was called that in the 80s. The only guy in my social circle not to be worried about the cops catching me ‘doing something wrong’.
          … come to think of it, my social circle was a little different from the stereotypes. I actually had gamer girls in my social circle, when the stereotype was ‘guys in their basement’. *shrugs*

        8. Do you have a problem with female-only clubs? Minority-only clubs? Religion-only clubs? Then what’s the problem with male-only clubs? Are you a misandrist?
          Misandry: the hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of men.

        9. Did I say ‘you’? I was saying ‘the culture that brings us that’. If you’re not a part of that culture, then awesome. Notice I didn’t call you out specifically. It isn’t all about you as an individual – of course there’s going to be exceptions.

        10. You’re using a strawman to misrepresent my argument. I wasn’t arguing to defend those things, but you wrote them in response to my argument. It was a strawman fallacy. Learn how to debate.

        11. I’m not sure I’ve seen a women-only club in my entire life. I’ve seen a special ‘girls get in free’ type thing at some of the local bars, but that’s to inflate business. Minority-only? Nope, haven’t seen any of those around here, either. I’ve seen clubs which cater to specific minorities (and I live three blocks away from a store which caters to minorities), but I’m not going to be stopped from going in and buying things – or chatting with anyone behind the counter. Religion-only? I believe that’s actually illegal here.
          So, to be blunt. I am actually not aware of any women-only clubs in the area. Nor minority-only clubs. Nor religion-only clubs. I’ll look around, but as I said, I’m pretty sure that the closest thing I will find are those which are slanted towards a specific group or community, but will actually allow people outside that group in.

        12. I am writing them in a response, because they’re relevant. These problems exist, and need to be removed. They’re a part of the gaming community at this moment, and need to be removed.
          And, by the by, wanting a balance in gaming, and promoting the feminist cause? Doesn’t make you any less of a man.

        13. I don’t think any of them should be banned. However, for the group to exist, there really needs to be a good reason. An ethnic-only club would be to promote cultural identity – it might be for people from another country, to touch base.
          Actually, I just remembered. I AM fully aware of a men-only club, and I support it 100%. My father in law’s a member. ROMEO: Retired Old Men Eating Out. It’s a bunch of retired gentlemen who go out once every few weeks for breakfast and to talk about things.
          I’m a long way away from retirement, so I’ve never been to one of those things. But not a woman in the bunch, and I think everyone’s fine with that.

        14. And there’s not a “good reason” for men to have their own club just because they’re men, but it’s okay for women and minorities? That’s sexist and misandristic.

        15. Again, ethnic is to touch on culture and history. Religion to discuss religious doctrine, religious matters, or similar. I have trouble seeing validation in a ‘we want to make a Shinto group that only allows Shintoist because we’re Shinto’. And then what? Do you discuss …. religious practises? “No, we’re just Shinto”. I don’t think that’d wash. I picked Shinto, by the way, because I am Shinto… so yeah, I can talk about my own faith without denigrating anyone.
          The ROMEO group has a purpose. It’s for retired men, it’s go to have breakfast, and it’s to just relax and chat.
          But to have a group get together. “Oh, we’re a men’s group!” And… what do you do? “Be men.” That serves a purpose, how? Besides making the guys feel good about themselves? You can do the same thing just going to a game, or a club, or someplace and just hang out with your friends. Is there any reason to formalize it?

        16. It does serve a purpose, even if it’s just making the people involved feel good. What’s wrong with men feeling good?
          So you’re against a women’s only club as well?

        17. If the sole existence of the club is ‘we’re women!’ then I don’t see much point to it. Now, if you say it’s a ‘men’s self-esteem’ club, well, then that’s something. It serves a purpose, and it can be described in that way, and I’m fine with that. If it’s just ‘we’re men!’ … then I don’t see a point.
          (By the by, why did you remove the other post? I was in the middle of replying to it…)

        18. ROK is a blog for traditional masculinity in a world of political correctness and androgyny. That’s a purpose. Don’t like it? Well that would be misandry: the hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of men.
          I didn’t remove any posts, you just don’t know how to use a web browser.

        19. Dude, I actually saw the post, with a video link. I was in the middle of replying to it. It’s sitting right in my e-mail box showing me it existed, still.
          Anyway, I’ll reply to it here. I’m well aware of what a feminist is – I also know that feminism isn’t one monolithic group – it is divided into scads of sub groups, some of which I’m completely and utterly against.
          The other thing I was going to say is actually relevant to what you’re saying here. What is ‘traditional’ masculinity? Because I’d have to say what’s defined as ‘masculine’ would very much be based on culture and religion. There’s no ‘traditional’ masculinity, just as there’s no ‘traditional’ femininity. Those concepts are very fluid, evolving over time as cultures clash and mingle.
          For example, what would be considered ‘traditional’ for a guy from Ottawa, Ontario, is VERY different from Calgary, Alberta, or Miami, Florida, or Tokyo, Japan, or Berlin, Germany.
          My former roomie was, I think, the manliest man who ever manned. He made his own ale, upheld his Norse heritage, worshipped Thor, practised heavy weapons fighting, went to the local pagan campgrounds to drink, beat people up with grotesquely heavy boffo swords, throws axes of doom, wore a kilt proudly, had the biggest beard I’ve ever seen, and stood 6’4″ and weighed over 240 pounds. And I’d say that he was FAR from traditional – he’s also a solid feminist, gentleman, writes poetry, knits, sings, and does a damn good karaoke.
          And that latter stuff doesn’t take away from his masculinity at all. Mind you, the women there are also pretty powerful as well, so more power to them. They’re more ‘masculine’ than some guys I know.
          So, what’s… traditional?

        20. (Actually, come to think of it, at the last tournament of ‘I’m going to beat you black and blue’, a woman won the zweihander of doom he and I built for him. That thing was about 6′ 6″ and was evil…)

        21. The post is still on the page. Have you ever used disqus before? Posts aren’t in chronological order.

          I’d have to say what’s defined as ‘masculine’ would very much be based on culture and religion. There’s no ‘traditional’ masculinity, just as there’s no ‘traditional’ femininity.

          Wrong, wrong, wrong. Typical feminist tripe that all gender roles are “cultural.” It’s a scientific fact that male and female brains are wired completely different. Here’s a BBC documentary on the subject of brainsex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKk-VAMOsLk
          If you want to know what this blog is about, then I would suggest reading the about page: http://www.returnofkings.com/about

        22. Yes, I KNOW that men and women are wired differently. But they don’t exist in a vacuum. And actually, I’m more in objection to the article – it’s why I came here, I think a friend of mine’s pro-gamergate and was pointing to this article to support it – though I could be wrong, I’m waiting for his reply.
          But no, I’m actually interested in YOUR definition of ‘traditional masculinity’. How do you define it? Like I said, my roomie was, I figure, textbook for how I define masculinity – to the point where I considered his presence intimidating. He was an awesome guy, but his presence was pretty overwhelming.
          For me, it’s kind of hard to pigeonhole without stepping into culture, and considering I live in North America, I’m pretty much soaking in that culture – physical activities, aggressive behaviour (not hostile, but more extrovert), challenge-and-goal oriented.
          However, I see nothing wrong with women doing this either, and if our culture shifted to support women going into places where, say, only men were expected 20 to 70 years ago, hey, more power to them – that’s awesome.
          Which is why, when I see a woman join a man’s football team or hockey team, I’m cool with it. When I see a woman strap on 50 pounds if plate metal and throw down with the vikings, and kick their butts, I’m cheering. Not because she won – but because she was able to take part, and not be judged because ‘she’s a woman’.
          Personally, I think a strong sign of being masculine is to not feel threatened when a woman shows up. ‘We’re doing our thing, sure you can do it too’. It doesn’t take away from who you are – because it isn’t a zero-sum game. If a guy wants to play ringette or field hockey, nobody should be telling him ‘it’s a girl’s game!’, and nobody should feel less about him for wanting to play.
          Are there some activities men are better wired for? Yes. Are there some activities women are better wired for? Yes. Does that mean men or women hold exclusive rights to those activities? No. Does that mean something’s wrong if someone wants to ‘cross over’? Not in the slightest.
          On that note, it’s 3:30 AM. My wife’s been wanting me to get to bed, because she has trouble getting to sleep when she’s alone. I’ve got a tournament I have to referee in nine hours, so I probably should crash.
          Thanks for the chat, by the by. It was interesting – and I wish you and yours the best of luck. 🙂 No hard feelings, we’re obviously on different pages, and I’m fully willing to agree to disagree.

        23. *Tips hat* Keep serving up this lyrical ass beating. A male feminist is quite a hilarious contradiction.

        24. Dude, you’re talking to a fuckin’ male feminist. Of course he doesn’t think there should be male only clubs. He’s bordering on being a total faggot to be a male feminist in the first place. His experience bonding with other males came from being allowed to be Ken when he was playing Barbie with the girls.

        25. I get real suspicious of someone who makes it their mission to change someone else’s culture. How arrogant can you get? Let people be who they are.

        26. Um, cultures should evolve. Considering if it didn’t, we’d still have child labour, women couldn’t vote, and blacks weren’t people. Times change. So do cultures. And sometimes culture needs a kick in the pants.

        27. Um, let cultures evolve themselves. Don’t take it upon yourself to force it to evolve in ways that suit you.

        28. Those changed I mentioned? Forced change. People resisted, kicking and screaming. It was still for the better.

        29. Notice ISIS is trying to take away rights, not give them. Big difference there. BIG difference. Seriously, that’s not a tactic that works on me.

        30. You ARE like them. You don’t like the way we do things and have determined that you are the one to MAKE us change. You are arrogant.

        31. Yes, I’ll agree – I am arrogant. Because I believe that any shift in culture that helps to reduce harm is a good thing.

        32. Here’s where I have a problem with your statement:
          “If the word fits, use it. Misogyny: the hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women. I’d say it generally fits. The “go make a sandwich” comment. The ‘women don’t play games’. Doxxing them. Telling them ‘this is a guy’s space’. That falls under misogyny, and it’s complete bullcrap.”
          First off, there is a problem with throwing around the word misogyny every time a female is criticized.
          Also this very statement implies that women can’t defend themselves at all from this. Woman can’t tell a guy to go “eff himself” if she doesn’t want to make his sandwich. Everything you’ve said implied women need protection from these things.
          You may not have meant it that way, but that’s how it reads. Females like myself are just little sheep who have to be protected. I hate that mentality.
          And yet that is exactly what is taking place with this gamergate. Women are rushing behind men to defend them from other men.
          None of these women are doing anything to resist or fight back or counter argue. They write articles from the safety of their communities. They’re just hiding behind men and criticizing from over their shoulders.
          And then they wonder why the other men don’t respect them. It’s hard to respect someone who is hiding behind a corner and having their “boyfriend” shout at you what they mean.

        33. Women can defend themselves. That doesn’t mean men can’t, or shouldn’t, as well. And no, not every time a woman is criticized – it depends on what they’re being criticized about. “You know, that dress doesn’t look good on you” isn’t misogynistic. Telling my wife she’s not good at math isn’t misogynistic (she isn’t – and she knows it).
          And no, women aren’t sheep. They’re equals. I’m willing to defend women just like I’m willing to defend transexuals, gays, blacks, pagans, or anyone else who I feel is being wronged.
          As for the ‘not fighting back’ – you saw what happened to Felicia Day, right? She stepped forward. She said why she’d not spoken sooner. And she was doxxed in less than half an hour. Why? Because she’s a woman.
          Chris Kluwe steps forward, and goes on an anti-GG tirade? Nothing. Not a DAMN thing is done to him. Why? Because he’s a guy.
          That kind of bullcrap needs to be fixed. If women who stepped forward were treated the same as the guys who stepped forward? This wouldn’t even be an issue.

        34. Thanks for admitting that. You have really convinced anyone here that they are doing any harm though.

        35. I doubt I’m going to be convincing many/any. 🙂 I’m just standing up for the other side.
          So, you’re from Canada? I’m in Ottawa.

        36. “Because he’s a guy”.
          I don’t agree. That’s an opinion. And since it’s just an opinion based solely on your perceptions how can it be debated?
          I can’t debate an opinion.
          “That kind of bullcrap needs to be fixed”.
          An opinion.
          “This wouldn’t even be an issue”.
          Solely speculation based on an opinion.
          You say women aren’t sheep and can defend themselves, but you’re own opinion defies that. You feel the need to defend them here. If you didn’t think they “needed extra protection” you wouldn’t be defending them.
          It’s like a male soldier to a female soldier, “you are a strong and independent woman who needs no man. Now get behind me. I’ll protect you.”
          He wouldn’t ever do that for another guy. Not one he viewed as an equal.
          The more you say “they’re equal” and then turn around and talk how things need to be fixed the more hollow you’re own words sound.
          I would often see female co-workers who would go on and on about the need for equality. Then heavy boxes would be delivered to the office and they would just look expectantly at the men and be like, “You gonna get that right? I’m just,” flutters eyelashes, “not as strong as you.”
          What happened to equality?
          Or so many women would complain to me about they went on a date and the guy DIDN’T pay, but go “equality”.
          They’d have the men lifting the heavy stuff, paying their way, pulling out chairs for them, and no pull their share and then turn around say, “But I’m not being treated equal”.
          I’ve had several women even brag to me about how to maximize how much they got out of their “boy toys” as they called them. One even kept a guy around for his car.
          I’ve long since cut these people from my life. But I think women need to start pulling their weight if they want equality. I see my gender abusing things to much and making so many excuses for their own poor decisions.
          And that’s why I respectfully disagree with you. Women are as much of the problem as men. They need to stop hiding behind other men.
          It keeps my gender weak when we give into the temptation of pushing men to fight for us against other men.
          But that is just my opinion.

        37. We need a stronghold from SJW such as you who seek to regulate and modify our behavior and values under the guise of being “nice”.
          I’m so sick of making concessions on my freedoms for the sake of being “nice” to people.
          You know what, FUCK NICE. I choose to embrace being a dick and offending as many people as I can.

        38. Well, here’s a question. Are you willing to force other people to make concessions on their freedoms for your desires? If so, where’s the balance to be set?
          As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t a zero sum game. I’m willing to yield when it will do more good than harm. For example, I don’t see ‘making more balanced video games’ as being bad – it isn’t like they’re going to stop making video games which aim at a male audience (God of War comes to mind). If the series sells, they’ll make more. So there’s game that target men, games that target women, and games that target both. (Or games which target a different demographic).
          I don’t see that as making concessions to my freedom, I see that as expanding the umbrella and allowing more people to be involved in video games.

        39. But to know if something ultimately reduces harm you would have to know everything, and you don’t. A bad excuse for lusting after power over others.

        40. I’m sure the rule of common sense would apply. ‘Right to vote’ for example, reduces harm. You don’t need to be omniscient to pick that one out. Desegregated schooling is another good example. Empowering those who are normally forced into a minority role is, I feel, a good thing – and no, nobody is required to ‘know everything’ – you can make an informed guess by looking at details and researching first.
          (Actually, my grandmother in law was one of the key witnesses in court about how segregation was harmful – her testimony helped desegregate schools in the US. I never met her, but I found that kind of cool.)

        41. How do you know the extent of applicability of your common sense and if it is representative of others as well? You don’t. How you feel about something being good or bad is not provable to be objectively correct, and to pretend it is is an act of supreme selfishness. It is idiotic idealists like you that piss off empiricists like me the most.
          I am done talking to you. You are a male feminist who follows a japanese religion trying to get nonchalant snarker kicks on a website where you are not wanted and rightfully ridiculed.

        42. Actually, fairly simple. Look at the people affected by it, weigh the benefits they would gain, versus the harm they would suffer. You can use examples from other areas and other events as a case study.
          Objectivism, unfortunately, is not a working model for determining benefit versus harm. And at times, you need to make a leap of faith and hope for the best. Empiricism, by the way, while a good start, is not the end-all and be-all. There is some information you have to take for granted without direct evidence. Some things, you can only take another person’s word for – like a lot of the sciences.
          As for the last bit – you’re partially right. I wouldn’t say I’d go with ‘nonchalant snarker kicks’, but I do enjoy discussions, and I don’t mind going into areas where a person’s ideology contradicts mine. As for where I’m not wanted – that doesn’t bother me – it is interesting how some people tout free speech – except when the person is saying things they don’t like.

        43. You obviously are incapable of understanding that your perception is limited and not omnipotent.

        44. Everyone’s perception is limited and not omnipotent – that isn’t even an argument. By that logic, nobody should have an opinion or decide anything, because they could be wrong.

        45. Don’t stick my people into your agenda, you sick fuck. You have no idea what it means to be black, and no idea what we fought for, or just how wrong it is to compare our active, honest struggle for opportunity to feminism. People like you have never experienced hardship or fought an actual fight in their entire lives. Stop being a whiny bitch and get the fuck off this site.

        46. “People like me.” You have no idea who I am or what I’ve had to go through. I’ll give you a hint – “people me” have had to go through imprisonment, torture, abuse, starvation, beatings, electroshock therapy, and burning. Not to take away from the history of black people, but “people like me” haven’t really had a walk in the park either.
          “My agenda” is equality. Equality doesn’t stop at skin colour.

        47. Really. Trying to push for equality is taking away your rights. Care to explain how? Oh, by the way, did giving women the right to vote take away men’s rights? I’d love to hear your view on this.

        48. Actually, churches are open to the public – and you don’t even have to be a member of the faith to go in. A college fund isn’t an organization, but I get your point.

        49. Actually, you know what? I’m going to stick you front and centre for a moment. I’ve had time to think about you, and what you’ve said actually makes me angry.
          If you didn’t have people like Martin Luther King help push for your rights, you know where you’d be now? In media, such as video games, television, and movies, you’d be relegated to comic relief. You would be servants, second class, villains, and victims. You’d have almost no heroes i video games who were black, and you’d have almost no characters who could be taken seriously. You know the saying “token black guy”? It’d be like that, but worse.
          BUT! You had people like Martin Luther King, who helped push for the black population to be taken seriously. You had strong voices who wanted black people to matter. And you know what? That fight is still going on today – because black people are not given the respect they deserve. They’re not treated as equals. And that pisses me off to no end.
          But the rights of black. Did that diminish the rights of whites? Only where it matters – it helped lead to equality – and while we’re not there yet, we’re a lot better than we were even 30 years ago, let alone 60 years.
          Women are still having that fight. They’ve come a long way than they had 30 years ago or 60 years ago, but that fight’s still being had – and video games and television and movies are the current battleground. Society is a bit too culturally aware to degrade blacks in the media – you just have it happening on the street (which is bad enough), but women have it on the street and on the screen and in the games.
          So, that’s a fight that’s still going on, and it’s running a bit hotter than the fight for ethnic equality (though that fight should never stop). So yeah, guess what – you’re in my agenda – because I’ve friends who I worry about every time they visit the States. They’ve been called terrorists at the borders, for being black. They’ve been stopped for “walking while black”. I worry about them – and it makes me sick to my stomach that I have GOOD CAUSE to worry about them.
          The fight for woman’s equality – while not exactly the same, is a parallel battle. Goddess help those who are black AND women in the gaming, television, and movie industry, because they’re getting it from both sides.
          And yes. Again. I have experienced hardship. I’ve had to actually fight because of who I am. But I have friends and people I care for who have had it worse – and I’ve actually seen this prejudice in person – so this means that yes, I DO know what I’m talking about, and I WILL use that experience to help push this ‘agenda’ – where *everyone* is equal.

        50. Really. I guess you also think tearing down gender roles and stereotypes is wrong, too?

        51. Tearing down gender roles is why most ‘developed’ countries have below reproduction level birth rates dumbass. Stereotypes are a whole other thing. Those are (evolutionarily generated) psychological constructs we all create automatically to help us understand the world, because without having some heuristic to approximate what the actions of other people will be when we immediately encounter them, we’d get stabbed by people we trust despite obvious warning signals.

        52. Citation? I thought it was because developed countries have more access to birth control and abortion clinics which allowed us to prevent pregnancies or terminate unwanted pregnancies. Less ‘developed’ countries have access to neither, which means a much higher birth rate.
          Forcing children (and adults) into what we think men and women ‘should’ be hinders our potential. The only reason there’s fixed gender roles is to impose our view of what a person is supposed to be, instead of who they actually are. If someone wants to walk their own path, good on them!

        53. There are spaces for men to be around only men and boys based on association as there are spaces for women girls to be only around women based on their association
          It natural and

        54. So what are you actually
          Because most of us want to be as far away from it as possible. We disagree with you’re school of thought, it’s garbage…we know what the jig is, we know Feminism was created for the purpose to turn
          Gender roles upside down to scramble society, to confuse the young, and bring about unnatural faggotry…It was engineered by the global elite of low life scum, to destroy harmony on a global scale, but not so fast Bucco,
          We will kill feminism and it’s double standards, it’s happening now, un brainwashed men and boys women and girls are waking up and seeing the destruction, regardless of what you think or want… We will reclaim our own spaces, to develop the inherent
          Nature of our genders, uninhibited
          By groups that disagree with our beliefs, and want to impose their will on us such as your group..Seperation is healthy when implemented correctly, because it keeps people from trying to alter another’s way of life,regardless of color, beliefs, food they eat, games they play …Feminist want to stick their nose in everything, (the typical miserable nosey bitch/cunts that they are) But guess what? It’s about ready to get cut off. Men and women are standing up and calling Feminism what it really is,
          We disagree with your sense of reasoning, we know and understand it to be bullshit of the lowest order,
          And nothing you put here is going to sway our convictions… You want things removed and guess what ? So do we… We Want feminism removed… We want its head chopped off, ground up and flushed down the toilet to the sewer where it belongs …
          I’m not changing my masculinity
          To what a feminist thinks It should be, or Feminist lobbyist trying to alter my manhood using every outside influence they can possibly use under the sun..
          If feminism becomes successful in convincing men to start questioning
          themselves, Who and what they are, men will wind up being a brainwashed slave to Feminism…They will eventually reflect the twisted desires of their masters
          Which are feminist women… Twisted, deranged train wrecks within themselves…

        55. I don’t think video games is one of these spaces. Not in the slightest.

        56. I don’t think anyone’s going to ‘kill’ feminism any time soon. It looks like it’s doing quite well – video game companies like Blizzard and ArenaNet, game designers like Tim Schafer, and actresses like Emma Watson are stepping up to the plate publically to promote feminism. Hell, Mortal Kombat X has decided to reduce the amount of boobage in their game. I think that goes a long way to show that feminism is alive and well in 2015.

        57. I don’t think anytime soon as well
          It’s on the horizon , it’s coming
          And for some of us it’s already here… We are making the changes on a fundamental level,the movement has started..,Feminism is going to be kicked to the curb, where it belongs … it doesn’t matter who’s stepping up to the plate, that’s just temporary…
          feminism is a disease, it may be alive but it’s not well, and it’s getting sicker.by the minute,

        58. Really, I never thought of ‘equality’ as a disease. So, I’m curious, what indications do you have that feminism is on the way out? 🙂

        59. Yes, Feminism is a Disease
          Not equal rights you shill woman.
          Here’s just a little glimpse
          Of proof people…This is a really cute little Chant, created by the biggest Feminist organization In North America, Named NOW. At one of their Rally’s: by the way, this thread was posted by a leader in the Feminist movement, that had seen the light and kicked the twisted mindset to the curb, anyways read on…
          Why are we here today?”
          “To make revolution,”
          “What kind of revolution?”
          “The Cultural Revolution,”
          “And how do we make Cultural Revolution?”
          “By destroying the American family!”
          “How do we destroy the family?”
          “By destroying the American Patriarch,”
          “And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?”
          “By taking away his power!”
          “How do we do that?”
          “By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.
          “How can we destroy monogamy?”
          “By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!”
          Or check out this little psychopath who thinks murdering 90% of male human beings is a dandy idea:
          NOT ALL FEMINISTS the feminists will shriek, presumably to convince us that those “other” feminists really do care about equality. Do they?
          Let’s take a look.
          Child custody
          #womenagainstfeminism and the MRM would like to see the presumption of joint custody upon dissolution of parental relationships, based on the idea that men and women are equally capable of caring for children and that children have a basic human right to an equal relationship with both parents unless it can be PROVEN that the mother or father is an abusive partner.
          The feminist response to literal equality?
          The largest feminist organization in North America NOW issued a position statement actively organizing against father’s rights groups to shut down their demands for equality.
          They have also declared fathers who protest being cut out of their children’s lives by vindictive, manipulative women as abusers who are seeking to control women.
          This is feminism in action, folks. They are fighting against equality, not for it. And in the process destroying countless families, children and men.
          So ah…. FUCK YOU

        60. Actually, there’s a lot you’ve got there I just don’t agree with. For example, I know men and women who are perfectly fine being in poly relationships. There’s nothing wrong with that. Monogamy isn’t the ‘one true path’. I’m fine with gay and lesbian relationships and marriages, and as an aside – who’s the ‘patriarch’ in a gay or lesbian relationship, anyway?
          Legalised prostitution? I’m all for it. It will do wonders for protecting people in the industry. Eroticism? What the hell’s wrong with that?
          As far as I’m concerned: Love who you want to love. Be who you want to be with.
          Strangely, though, none of this has to do with feminism, really. You can be for gay marriage, legalised prostitution, and poly relationships without being a feminist.

        61. Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry
          NOW panics and dumps articles after AVFM exposes hypocrisy
          March 8, 2015 By Paul Elam
          We saw it recently with the planned boycott of Christina Hoff Sommers at her recent speech at UCLA. A women’s campus law group thought she was going to tell some icky truths, so they launched a thoughtless campaign to libel Sommers and perhaps pressure her out of speaking.
          When Sommers tweeted the totally fabricated claims they posted online, they quickly took them off the internet. It is as though they did not get the memo that this was easier said than done. And so now the Law Women of UCLA, the group that attacked Sommers with wild and unsubstantiated claims, has egg on their faces for trying to hide that which cannot be hidden. All for the purpose of attempting to erase their mistakes from the public record.
          It looks bad enough on a bunch of entitled little college girls, but how about the National Organization for Women (NOW)? NOW is the certainly one of the oldest, most influential and prestigious feminist organizations in the United States. They are, in the absence of any real competition, the gold standard of women’s rights in the western world. They simply have no peers.
          NOW has relied on many double standards and hypocrisies in its illustrious history in order to a) make sure they collect money in the name of promoting equality between the sexes and b) make sure their supporters knew they were not really all that serious about equality.
          Case in point, NOW has long been on the frontlines of chastising society because men were not expected to take on their fair share of childcare in families. They have argued that gender roles place women at an unfair disadvantage because those roles assume that women are default babysitters. NOW’s core values demand that this change and that men be available to take on half of that responsibility so that women will be free to pursue professional opportunities with which pesky and inconvenient children tend to interfere.
          At the same time, however, NOW has fought tooth and nail against shared parenting initiatives that would provide a path to accomplishing the very gender neutral goal they claim to pursue.
          It’s easy to understand the angle here. NOW leadership understands that the only banner they can fly is the alleged pursuit of equality. At the same time, getting that equality in a family court is not something most of their base wants anything to do with. Shared parenting arguably implies less control and less cash for those who are used to calling the shots.
          What NOW did was to parrot rhetoric about equality even as they lobbied with no insignificant amount of muscle to make sure that equality never happened in a family court. I won’t say I feel sympathy for them, but I do understand what got them between a rock and a hard place. The fact is that NOW’s supporters pay them to be hypocrites, and they won’t pay for anything else. NOW leadership is acutely aware of this.
          Damned if you do…..
          Whatever hope of anything redeemable in the NOW leadership was laid to rest late last week when AVFM contributor Prentice Reid wrote an article documenting NOW’s decades long jihad against the idea of shared parenting.
          NOW responded by losing it and removing ALL of Reid’s sources from their website, and removed all other material from their website that opposes shared parenting.
          You heard that right. The National Organization for Women are so panicked over an article at AVFM that they have attempted to erase the public record of actions by the organization going back decades. They have literally jumped the shark in the worst possible way, providing the world with proof positive that the entire organization is not only hypocritical, but also devoid completely of any kind of moral compass. They also proved they don’t really know jack about the internet.
          Quelle surprise.
          The temptation here from a personal standpoint is to gloat a little. And I am. It is with no small amount of awe that I consider the fact that a single article on AVFM caused the most widely recognized “women’s organization” in the United States to self-inflict the most ginormous Streisand Effect since the original in 2003. They went full McIntosh on it, conducting a search and destroy mission on the record of their own work within 24 hours of the Reid piece running.
          I will put a lid on the unavoidable smugness that comes with making big dogs act like scared puppies. However, I won’t ignore the myriad of implications that this rather enjoyable moment implies.
          Most readers here will be aware that just during the short month of February, the mainstream media launched four consecutive, malicious hit pieces on AVfM and the greater Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM). Between vox.com, Mother Jones, GQ and Buzzfeed, the attacks were as vicious as they were yellow and misleading.
          We have heard from a lot of people who think we are reaping the rewards of what we have sown. They feel that our harsh rhetoric and gloves-off style has come back to haunt us; that more progress would be made with a softer touch and more conciliatory action.
          What I ask you to consider is that the proof of what really lies behind all the attacks is now fully exposed to those looking for it. What lies behind all the attacks is a boatload of raw fear. NOW knows they have abandoned whatever their movement ever stood for in favor of collecting bucks from a bunch of entitlement whores who want to have their cake and eat it too. They know the irrefutable proof of it was all over their pages waiting to be pointed out. And when it was they clamored like desperate rats to get rid of all of it.
          Too bad the internet is forever, and we have copiesofeverything they removed available for viewing in Reid’s article. What started as an embarrassing set of double standards has now become the final nail in NOW’s credibility coffin.
          In fact, it is advisable that the organization consider a more appropriate acronym for what they actually do. I am thinking “They Hide Everything Notable” (THEN). And how much more appropriate for NOW to become THEN considering they have already accomplished that in spades. What was once arguably a women’s rights organization has now become little more than a latter day SPLC, dreaming up boogiemen and removing the evidence of their own malfeasance whenever circumstances dictate.
          Sounds pretty THEN to me.
          The larger lesson for the people who really matter is what is important here, then. The fear is the tell. The fear is the revelation that despite the money and the social blindness and the political clout, we are essentially up against a paper tiger. They fold like cheap suits at the first hint of pressure. And they do so because they know what cockroaches they really are.
          In what is already a banner year for the MHRM, things just got a whole lot better. Anti-feminism is rising. More and more people, especially women, have started to publicly reject organizations like NOW because they understand those organizations have completely betrayed the pursuit of equality in favor of raising funds driven by fears, hatred and hypocrisy they encourage in their supporters. Pay close attention, because if you are watching you can see the end of gender feminism as we know it.
          This is all courtesy of A Voice for Men — and the society we are informing about the toxic cesspool that modern feminism has become.
          These folks are getting scared. That is good, but I personally want them past scared and into the realm of terrified. I want them to panic and scramble into even more monumental screw-ups. I want them to feel it as their moral and financial support erodes, and as the society around them stands up and calls them out on their lies and their corruption. And I am going to predict right now that I am going to get what I want. I want feminism dead, and I want AVfM to play the lead role in killing it.
          I hate to go all Tony Robbins on you folks, but the fact is that the time for NOW to be THEN is at hand. There is plenty of fighting ahead, but the writing is on the wall. The only thing left is to have more people stand up and challenge these ideological hucksters to a public showdown.
          And the sad truth of it for them is that at this point if AVFM were to pull the plug tomorrow, the death of feminism as anything but a banner of hate would still take place. It is too late for any other outcome.
          You can see this in play all over the media, as the misandric and discriminatory tone of mainstream writing now consistently draws fire from readers who are tired of the victim narrative and tired of the lies. You can see it as critiques of feminism and feminist ideas find their way into the mainstream. And you can find it as AVfM pushes forward with a shaker of salt, poised to dispense it into whatever deep cuts we can inflict on their actions.
          In a few short years we went from a one-man blog to a social force that has organizations like NOW hiding their own articles like they were part of a pornography collection.
          This is what men’s rights looks like.
          In just a few weeks we will announce that tickets are on sale for the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Houston this October. When we do, please buy your tickets and plan to attend. The theme of this conference is going to be tagged as “Building Bridges” (between men and women). The locus of this conference is the idea that the social contract between men and women needs to be rebuilt (at least for the percentage of men and women with the integrity and vision to do it). And the assertion will be that the way to get there is with equality as the guideline. Not just the equality that equates to the most choice selections on the sexual politics buffet, but the equality that includes responsibilities with rights; the equality that in many ways is a step down for women and a step up for men.
          That wave is coming whether NOW likes it or not. And if they seriously don’t want to invest in rebranding themselves as THEN, they should think about that good and hard and start acting with intellectual and moral consistency. It is hard to imagine that, though, from an organization which just humiliated itself in front of the entire world because it was scared of the truth seeing a single strand of sunlight.
          Take heart folks. I know the ride is bumpy, but the fact remains undeniable that their ideas are getting less popular, and our ideas are capturing the imagination of more and more people all the time. If we continue to grow, and continue to convince more people to grow a spine and stare these bastards down in the public arena, the day will come when these ideologues have nowhere left to go but down.
          And make no mistake about it, this is all happening because we refused to take the advice of weak, ineffectual people and go back to what never worked to begin with; because we refused to play nice or care about the sensibilities of a bunch of ideological thugs. All this is happening because we understand that the only way to kill feminism is to bash it in the head over and over again with bricks of logic until it finally quits breathing.
          Every single person reading this has the opportunity to join that noble pursuit. Every single person reading this has the opportunity to add themselves the dogpile on feminism till it is crushed beneath the weight of everyone who will ante up and go after it.
          You can witness the collapse of feminism in your own lifetime. And after that collapse you can join us in taking on misandry and gynocentrism in all the other forms they take. Feminists are cheerleaders for female entitlement, male disposability and lying to achieve ends; like, for instance, plundering through their own website to remove any indication that the charges against them are true.
          The time to kick them is now, folks, while so many of them are down.
          [Ed. Note: The House of Leaves – Burning by LearningLark is licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.]
          Equality? What exactly do you mean by that?
          The new N-word
          Update: This classic essay, read by its author, was flagged as “Hate Speech” on YouTube within hours of it being uploaded. A revised version of that video noting the censorship effort was then uploaded, and those who wished to fight the censors copied it to dozens of other channels on YouTUbe. It was eventually restored by YouTube management, who apparently grew a conscience. –DE
          To Kill A Mockingbird: All men are Tom Robinson now
          I was asked recently by someone still learning about the Men’s Human Rights Movement if there were any books, movies, or other media that are generally popular with or illustrative of what the movement is all about. He was really surprised when I mentioned Harper Lee’s 1960 masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird . To me that’s funny; I think Harper Lee’s masterpiece more relevant today than ever.
          Do you want to publish a book?
          This is an early call for manuscripts. AVFM Education, LLC is opening a publishing house in the near future. Zeta Press (under construction) will house a wide range of literature addressing issues faced by men and boys. It will include literature not acceptable for mainstream sensibilities, which means it is the stuff you want to read. It will also host an array of other interesting nonfiction and fiction offerings.
          Wikimasters, Editors, Translators, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*
          Welcome to AVFM
          You have been told that we hate women, that we support and excuse rape and that we promote violence against women, particularly feminist women. You have been told that we are homophobic, transphobic, regressive ideologues.
          The in-group bias mistake and Darwinian gender studies
          In my opinion (granted I’m merely a layman) one of the most important studies performed in terms of explaining societal interaction is this one . You can get the full report (pdf) here . It is called “Gender Differences in Automatic In-Group Bais: Why Do Women Like Women More than Men Like Men?” by Laurie Rudman and Stephanie Goodwin. Unfortunately, I believe its authors (and most of academia) have drawn the wrong conclusions from it.
          RapeHoax: The Joshua Strange Story
          AVfM Video Source is a group dedicated to finding and presenting to you the best videos from the internet that help illustrate the growing and evolving Men’s Human Rights Movement, or that indicate society’s changing attitudes toward the sexes. AVfM does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything in every video.
          Raheem DeVaughn’s “Queens For A Day” have on no clothes
          “Black women are almost three times as likely to experience death as a result of domestic violence/intimate partner violence (DV/IPV) than white women. And while Black women only make up 8% of the population, 22% of homicides that result from DV/IPV happen to Black Women and 29% of all victimized women, making it one of the leading causes of death for Black women ages 15 to 35.
          Feminism and eugenics: Engineering reproductive totalitarianism
          Today the feminist movement is rightly given credit for helping to usher in a revolution in family planning. Unfortunately, presenting this obsession with controlling female fertility without examining the motivations and philosophy behind it leaves people naïve and with a shallow understanding of where this mindset originated.
          The Factual Feminist takes on Anita Sarkeesian
          AVfM Video Source is a group dedicated to finding and presenting to you the best videos from the internet that help illustrate the growing and evolving Men’s Human Rights Movement, or that indicate society’s changing attitudes toward the sexes. AVfM does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything in every video.
          Let’s bring this billboard to cities across Canada
          Donate so we can extend this ad beyond 1 month or get these billboard ads up across Canadian cities. Currently we are committed to a single billboard for a 1 month period. Donate through the link top right, then email us if you wish to direct your donation to a particular city.
          Concerning concern trolls
          One thing we get around here is people who come in either feeling or feigning support for “the men’s movement,” but who nonetheless more closely resemble concern trolls than Men’s Human Rights Activists (MHRA). Take that back, they more closely resemble just about anything in the known universe than MHRAs.
          Professor Judy Haiven and the silencing of men on campus
          NOW panics and dumps articles after AVFM exposes hypocrisy
          We saw it recently with the planned boycott of Christina Hoff Sommers at her recent speech at UCLA. A women’s campus law group thought she was going to tell some icky truths, so they launched a thoughtless campaign to libel Sommers and perhaps pressure her out of speaking.
          My return to the feminist cave
          Plato asks us to imagine there are people in a dark cave, chained their whole lives and unable to turn around. They know nothing else. The only world they know is living in a dark cave. Behind them are puppeteers who pass objects in front of a fire, projecting shadow figures on to the cave walls. These shadow figures are taken as reality to the prisoners. We are then asked to imagine that a prisoner breaks free and sees reality for what it is, sees what’s actually being done and then walks out and sees the world for what it really is.
          It’s Over – Hunger strike for men’s rights in Bangalore
          The fight for men’s rights in India continues. Supporters dismantle the tents and prepare for the next battle. One thing is certain: they will never give up until men are equal, under the law.
          Newlywed young mother confined to wheelchair comes out as MRA
          AVfM Video Source is a group dedicated to finding and presenting to you the best videos from the internet that help illustrate the growing and evolving Men’s Human Rights Movement, or that indicate society’s changing attitudes toward the sexes. AVfM does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything in every video.
          Library War: an anime review…
          So I was bored as hell, and figured that I must be criminally behind in my anime consumption. Well off to anime freak I go, a few clicks, some ambush ad pop-ups I had to fight through, and some multiple choice genre search… military. Quickly reminded why I don’t often search military, most anime military are heavily mechanized (bi-pedals are inherently unstable, I can’t see any sane financier budgeting billions on giant military mechs), overly romantic, or magical; I just want plain ol’ fashion blood guts and gore, is that too much to ask? Le dramatic sigh, Kantai Collection is a fun watch, but that pantime Strike Witches was such a let down… scroll scroll scroll…
          Marissa Mayer – this is what a feminist should look like
          Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo! and former collaborator of Google, is one of the most prestigious women working in the field of IT. In her youth, Mayer took piano and ballet lessons, she was on her highschool’s curling team and precision dance team and she excelled in chemistry, calculus, biology and physics. She studied symbolic systems at Stanford University, where she engaged in multiple philanthropic activities. She got her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees in artificial intelligence. After graduating, she was hired by Google, becoming their first female engineer. Her career skyrocketed from that point and now she is CEO at Yahoo!, having acquired Tumblr and making Yahoo!’s stock price double just 14 months after her appointment.
          Tommy Sotomayor says No One Should Ever Be Arrested For Not Paying Child Support
          AVfM Video Source is a group dedicated to finding and presenting to you the best videos from the internet that help illustrate the growing and evolving Men’s Human Rights Movement, or that indicate society’s changing attitudes toward the sexes. AVfM does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything in every video.
          An interesting web comic called Sandra and Woo
          APRIL 5, 2014
          Male-friendly song(I): Parazitii – Goana dupa iluzii
          AVfM Video Source
          JANUARY 30, 2014
          MEME – Your thoughts must be correct
          Robert St. Estephe
          DECEMBER 21, 2013
          Beyoncé’s Bootylicious Feministic Art-killing Fun Fest
          Nicholas Alahverdian
          MAY 30, 2013
          ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ an allegory of gender feminism
          Robert Franklin Esq.
          NOVEMBER 22, 2012
          New Posters for Fall fun
          Dean Esmay

        62. I’ll accept that as an opinion, but it isn’t backed by science. 😉

        63. Ah, I understand. So, if people who actually study society (like, say, anthropologists and sociologists), and actually know what they’re talking about contradict you, they’re the morons. Interesting!

        64. Yawn
          That’s right
          Some, don’t know what there talking about on certain topics. They were educated to be stupid morons and don’t know any better because of it..
          Just like you Chrissy…
          Feminism is a disease..
          It doesn’t take an education to figure that one out Missy..

        65. Educated to be stupid morons. I wonder how many PhD’s you have in that, then. Because seriously? That’s some Grade A head-up-butt right there.

        66. No missy
          The grade. A head butt is today’s brainwashed education To make you a fool, Phd’s, in CERTAN FIELDS are a joke…
          You morons need to read a book just to open a door…
          All that time spent studying just to learn how to be an idiot…
          The bottom line here is Feminism is a disease no doubt…

        67. You keep calling me missy. Obviously you’re flirting with me. 😉 And you know, I do look around me. I see my friends – pretty much all of them are feminists. I have friends who are gay and in happy relationships. I have friends who are straight, devout Catholics. I have friends who are trans, I have friends who are in poly relationships and quite content. My life’s fairly vanilla – I’ve a wonderful wife – but I see the diversity around me, and I think ‘yeah, they’re happy, and really, that’s all that matters’.
          I’ve lost nothing from being a feminist. I want my wife to have a job, and get paid just as much as anyone else. My wife is a gamer, and I am too – and seeing women in video games treated with respect? I lose nothing from it. (Actually, I wrote an essay on io9 about my favourite game, Guild Wars 2 – and how it’s very much a great game for women). The entire point of the article above ‘feminists want to destroy gaming’, is complete bull. Having video games where the women aren’t victims, where they can kick as much butt as the guys, and not be the damsels in distress, the sex dolls, and the wallpaper, won’t destroy gaming.
          Hell, one of my wife’s favourite games is the Batman Arkham series. Somehow, I don’t see her ‘destroying games’ – or is there a problem with women enjoying playing Batman?

        68. Then what’s wrong with all games having a Women’s version,
          Because men of a more let’s say Gruff degree of Masculinity enjoy the ones that have been developed for their market…
          That way women can leave them the fuck alone…
          And should..

        69. Really. A ‘man’s version’ and a ‘woman’s version’. Why not just one version, where people can choose who they want to play in the game? So, we’d see a woman’s version of Batman? I’m curious, how would it be different from a man’s version? Or a woman’s version of Tomb Raider? Or Alice, Madness Returns (damn, but that game was dark).
          Of course, doing that, the video game companies would have to spend almost twice as much money making the games. So, you’d get less games available. Or, you know, they could start doing what they’re doing now. Blizzard decided to add another woman to their list of characters for their new game, and Mortal Kombat is going to have an additional female character that isn’t a sexpot (and her move set is creepy as hell – they made her a Japanese ghost. I love it, personally).
          And the thing is, that’s not that hard to do – just allow there to be another one or two characters, to even out the roster so women can have someone that represents them. And apparently (from a recent poll of students in Primary and Secondary school), guys actually like that option. They want to see more female characters, are inclined to play them, and want to see more girls playing video games. (About %70+ in favour, versus only about 20% or so against).
          So there’s that.
          The games you’re probably talking about, however… there are women who enjoy those games, but some of those games have aspects which are questionable in how necessary they have to be. Do there have to be games where you ‘Press X to slap the woman’, or ‘Press X to kill the prostitute’? Is that really necessary in a video game? I’m sure the games could be just fine without that kind of thing.

        70. I’d just poison the sandwich… or worse, not unwrap the cheese.
          Most women feel like men don’t listen to them, normally the best way to get rid of a guy at the bar is “I have a boyfriend”.
          Interesting decently sourced article… Discussion is often how women solve problems, how they work through things and sort things out. Also female game developers are making gender friendly games like Journey, portal, farmville, littlebig planet. Adding representation to series like Halo and Ghost Recon. Female developers have been there since the beginning, Roberta Williams is credited with the creation of the graphic adventure genre of games, it was marketing that made it a boy thing to begin with.

        71. This is wrong. I fight for minority rights even though I’m not a minority. Also, society doesn’t listen to women… and I’m not terribly offended by LaHaise taking up the torch on a website almost no female is going to reach… and a little support is appreciated.
          Women have been groomed to get money through relations instead of through their own efforts, yeah it’s a problem, feminists, believe it or not, also fight against women. All. The. Damn. Time.
          Women use men too, and I think that’s a fair discourse to have… many relationships aren’t healthy because women put too many unrealistic expectations on men, you can’t fix us. We can’t change you to suit our idea of who you should be, that isn’t love.
          Feminism is talking about what we feel on our side, and rather than telling us that we are wrong, maybe it’s okay to just… like say, “I see that, that sucks…” and then you post a thing, and we’re like “I see you there, that sucks…” and then come together…
          The thing I hate about the article here is the exclusionary way it views an entire media and the facts that someone actually called someone subhuman debris and you’re all like “That’s fine” No it isn’t. You are a human being, even if you have awful opinions you are still worthy of being treated like a person and not an object. I try to call out women who say this shit, why can’t you see that it’s hurtful if not dangerous? Dehumanizing someone makes it easier to commit atrocities against them, hence propaganda and Jews in world war 2. Making them seem so ‘other’ and beneath you. That’s bullshit. If you don’t call that out and make it seem like the trash it is… It’s part of that oppression we talk about. If I hear racism, I try to call it out. If I’m being inadvertently racist and someone isn’t feeling like a human being because of what I said, I sure as hell want to know so I can have compassion. Sometimes it’s bullshit, sometimes it’s not. You have valid points, but shaming someone for sticking up for basic human dignity is pretty wrong.

        72. Someone called feminists subhuman debris here, if that’s your culture. Change it. It’s dangerous, it’s sick, it’s not okay.

        73. Uh, I’m all for dads maybe getting custody… like I’d like it to be a 50/50 split, but first we’d have to weigh things differently. My mom went to a mental hospital for post partum depression once, my step dad left welts up and down my legs because I was depressed and didn’t clean my room or insulted his ego… or who knows. The child should go to who would best be able to get down on the child’s level and be able to recognize that the child has a limited ability to understand the world around them, it’s up to adults to reach the child.
          It’s definitely a valid complaint, and probably one you have personal experience with. (You seem really fired up about this) I think a civil discussion rather than attacks and hate-filled insults are much more likely to get to people. Please, understand that there are two sides. We also have valid problems and fears, calling us names and dehumanizing us isn’t going to make the world any better. Please, reach across the aisle… It takes so much more strength to love those who you disagree with and see them as people.
          One of my favorite stories is of the man who helped kkk members change their minds and disavow the kkk just by being kind, becoming their friends.
          Cruelty is another form of cowardice, on any side and belief.

        74. If you give me nothing but dress up versions of halo and modern warfare I will cut some bitches.(Jk but I’ll want to) Like, no. I didn’t grow up having dolls shoved in my face and skirts shoved on me and being told it was inappropriate to have fun so I could grow up and be told to play the girl games. FUCK THAT NOISE. The girl versions are usually cash-ins with terrible stories graphics and characters. Separate but equal is never equal. *Shudders*

        75. Book clubs. You can read books, it’s still girl time if we read them with wine. Video games, you can play them with guys at a lan party and I can play them too. Religious only clubs? Does any non-religious person want to join those? Ethnicity only clubs: uh, maybe? Depends on how much the club brandishes hate on other people.
          Also: Why are you not mad at comic picture guy for saying he wants to cut off feminism and control that? Isn’t that hypocritical? It is. it is indeed.

        76. uh, talking about life experiences is an excellent reason. Talking about problems too. Women try to shut down male hating, some women just hate on all men (probably have good reasons to feel that way) just like some of you guys can be absolutely cruel to feminists and women (which I’m sure you have reasons you feel that way too) It’s important to remember that opinions and biases should be discussed, not treated as some holy grail to be protected at all costs… Let it flow, let us reason together you and I.

        77. Uh, women like different men depending on their ovulation cycle… like I can be sexually attracted to a bad boy one day and then a dependable type next day. It’s fact.
          Pure masculinity can be toxic to you too.

        78. Because 90% of otome games don’t focus on the “Princely” type. No seriously. You are our type. The bad boy, yeah, if he’s got a sensitive side…. but idk, the asshole isn’t a type in female games. Maybe the controlling studious character, but no… he’s always well thought out and kind. I can’t think of a single romance game that has women wanting men like these guys.

        79. I had to look up what ‘otome game’ meant, but yeah. I agree 100%, the characters you see in these games are usually well rounded since they need to be *interesting*. 🙂

    3. “Jews don’t know what in the hell they want to do, as long as the
      end result is chaos and destruction. We might as well just let them make it up as they go along.”
      Fixed it for ya

      1. You should read the incredibly negative generalizations made of gamers thats been posted on Mother Jones site in the wake of Anita Sareekaians latest traumatic incident. Go on the thread and every time a feminist says “gamer”, substitute it with the word “Muslim” and youll catch my drift

        1. That’s an interesting thought experiment. I tried that with a few articles. Actually, I was lazy and wrote a plugin to substitute the word for me, but the articles didn’t read much different.

        2. I hate Anikta’s stupid stuff too. It’s bad, it really makes me mad. She took some of the least sexist games in history and used them as examples. DRAGON AGE IS A FUCKING OASIS. And she was mad because you could rescue your SO from rape or save yourself.
          This video is feminist frequency, it’s a feminist thing that is like, no: this is shit.

      2. Ruckus, I’m outing you as a white knight, especially when it’s a British tradition to blame Jews for everything, even their own self-destruction.

        1. Lolz it’s not like the international bankers have their world headquarters in the CITY OF LONDON or anything…

        2. Even the 13 households constantly accused of being “Illuminati” are being set up into a new version of the Round Table, while the Church of England is on its way into ordaining Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) into a *SAINT*.
          Talk about a low blow one millennium in the making.

    4. You know who feminists should back in gaming? A woman like Roberta W. who was a thorough and thoughtful game designer. She was a force in the industry during her time.
      Who do they back? The likes of Z. Quinn.
      There’s plenty of women committed to designing great games. They deserve support the best way possible: paying them for their art. People like Z. Quinn deserve nothing except temporary ridicule and then being ignored like the inconsequential little people they are.

      1. @disqus_ct6DcefvSf:disqus , it’s safe to conclude they are not willing to back up who earned their way, as their hamster dictates “anyone with accountability is a sellout to the patriarchy.”

        1. Unfortunately, your statement is almost assuredly correct. That’s why I respected Roberta, she let her work speak for itself. I remember reading a review she had in PC Gamer. She was very humble, especially toward the end as she was more of the story writer than coder. She loved the art of the medium, and simply wanted to tell a story and entertain people.
          Thats the difference between a Z. Quinn and Roberta.

        2. Ah, that reminds me of something I read recently. ‘Guys prefer their women in gaming to be silent’.

        3. Roberta, I did meet her once, was a classic artist. Intelligent, wanted to push the limits of the medium, and entirely awed by the ability to tell a (funny) story. I’ve met John Carmack (Doom, Quake), Chris Taylor (Supreme Commander, hilarious guy, midgets and porn), Sid Meier (Civ series, Pirates) and a couple other designers. The best, other than having some comedic skills or odd deep thought patterns (Carmack), are humble. They lead a team. The team produces the result, not them alone. Roberta, like these other famous (more contemporary) guys, was a leader. She didn’t code. Carmack could code, but couldn’t do artwork. You get the idea.
          You want to see a poor designer / leader? Well we have Z. Quinn here. You could also look at another ego out of control: John Romero with Daikatana. People panned Daikatana because it was shiatty. Romero was a famous guy from iD. Did it matter? Well, it bought him some time while he came up with a product. A very late delivered product with a shiatty AI, engine, et al.
          We don’t need women in gaming to be silent. We need them to ‘cut their teeth’ and learn how to do it right. Then they need to write great games. John Carmack once commented on his ‘crappy little QC language’ in a post. He was self deprecating because he was humble. Chris Taylor uses humor for the same reason. People like Quinn and Sarkeesian bring little, if anything, to the table.

        4. I agree. Fez was cute. Meh?
          I think game designers should be just good or bad, bringing their gender into it makes it sexism. Like, Sarkeesian has shit arguments that are trying to be scandalous, I hate her stuff. She doesn’t create discourse she destroys it. Rather than talking about the themes in a healthy way she just slams everyone who doesn’t agree with her tirade, it’s shitty journalism, it’s shitty feminism, it’s being a shitty person. That series would be equally shitty if a man wrote it.
          Kim Swift’s work on portal is excellent whether or not she’s a woman. Portal was designed in large part with a woman, and it’s like my favorite game. My wedding was portal themed. Her gender only applies really to the content themes and the strong female lead, but not the quality. It was top notch. She wasn’t as good as she was because she’s female or despite it. She’s just good and is part of a good team that worked well.

      2. I’m sure there’s plenty of great women in game design. I’m also sure that for the most part, the industry standard still wants games to cater to guys. Remember ‘The Last of Us’, and how the company who designed it had to fight to have the female character on the front of the box? Things like that are an example of what needs to be changed.

      3. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Stupid women rally together to destroy the most productive and competent women what they call “competition”.
        So it’s obvious they’d back Quinn. She’s like them. Roberta is a threat because she actually do competent work.

      4. I LOVE how you just assume my opinions for me. It’s been like 90% of this horse shit.
        Roberta is awesome, she’s an IDOL. I have a SHRINE. (not really, but it’s deserved.)
        Z.Quinn did some work on fez? That was cute. She was kind of insignificant, but she got death threats and shit… which… why? She just said she wasn’t sleeping her way to an interview because her ex got jelly and felt she didn’t deserve the shout out from a reporter. I mean, I’m not rallying with her, but I feel like we might have two completely different stories and we might both be wrong. Like, she’s no saint of video games, but she doesn’t deserve this weird vilification. Like, chill, she’s just a person.

    5. Or, I don’t know, they want women to be treated like people, rather than just objects of attraction? There’s nothing wrong with that. Getting the right to vote didn’t cause chaos and destruction. Getting the right to serve in the military didn’t either.
      As for video games – if you could flip the sexes in a video game and it wouldn’t be laughed out of design or cause guys to twitch at how the guys are being treated , then there’s probably very little wrong with the game.

    6. Actually, after having given it some thought, I think Guild Wars 2 is the perfect example of what people like Anita Sarkeesian, et-al might want in a video game.
      1) You can make a male or female character.
      2) You can choose from any number of ethnicities for your character.
      3) The armour for men and women are fairly broad in what you can look like, you can be beef/cheesecake if you want, but on the flipside you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and most NPCs aren’t beef/cheesecake, but are dressed sensibly.
      4) Racial dimorphism is done intelligently.
      5) Sexuality runs the full spectrum, and nobody bats an eye at finding out their friends are straight, lesbian, gay, or simply not interested.
      6) There are male and female heroes beyond the players, and they all kick butt. (Logan rocks, I love his ability to snark when it comes into play, and the subtle play of wit of Lady Kasmeer and her girlfriend is awesome).
      7) Enemies, as well, are both male and female, and the plots they’re involved in are deep.
      I think GW2 stands up as a prime example of a pro-feminist game. It doesn’t cripple the male characters – it’s a guy who winds up being the general of a united enemy to help you take out the end boss, and there’s plenty of strong men in the game (Rytlock Brimstone being a great example), but there’s strong women in the game, too.

    7. Honestly, it’s counter intuitive to throw a hissy fit or show anything but indifference, the vast majority of all the media (and new found fame) these woman have found is due to the negative response guys have shown. The worst thing you can do to a woman (short of rape or murder) is ignore her, something a lot of gamers on twitter doesn’t know yet.
      Now companies are hiring these feminists to tell them how to make their games gender neutral and all that, so now you need to show indifference with your wallet, don’t buy lousy games these woman guilt companies into pouring tens of millions into.

  2. “After all, I am sitting here writing this article with blue spikes atop my head, an affinity for collecting gold rings and I’ve developed a complex frenemy-style relationship with a rebellious echidna…”
    Made me laugh. Yep, I just spent the night at an inn and now I am 100% healthy, mentally and physically. Time to go in a stranger’s house to break some vases and open some chests looking for coins. They won’t mind, they just walk in circles in their kitchen all day every day.

    1. I just went to a boarding school and smashed the place up. I just felt like outrunning the prefects, beating the jocks to a pulp, stuffing the children into bins, breaking into lockers and driving across the school grounds with a kart. Perhaps video games really did change me.

  3. Well-written article. It’s another attempt by the feminazis to propagate their political correct agenda over meritocracy.

  4. Gaming has been dead for a while now, these vultures are raping what is left of it.

    1. Games have totally gone down hill in the last few years (never thought to blame feminists though).

      1. I disagree. I can’t remember a time when you had more genres to choose from. Platformers, shooters, racing, ‘story-rich’ types, puzzle games, sports games, simulations games, stealth games, etc. AAA is not all that exists, even though I enjoyed some of those as well. The only thing I’ve seen go down the hill is MMO’s. I’ve played WoW for the longest time and there’s certainly a drop in quality, main reason for that being ‘casuals’. I can’t really blame Blizzard (though they’re kind of greedy fucks) or other companies that produce MMO’s for making decisions to make their games easier and more accessible as there really isn’t that many people who are ready to dedicate huge amounts of time needed to progress in hardcore, old school type of MMO.
        What I do see as a problem is sites as Kotaku turning their gaming ‘reviews’ in tumblr type crazy rants. I also think there’s an overwhelming amount of fear-mongering coming from similar publications all screaming ‘if you’re a woman you shouldn’t game because rape threats and harassment and objectification and reasons’. All the while gaming community itself is one of the most inclusive. Uncivilized 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do than call men faggots and tell women to ‘make them a sandwich’ are a minority which should be ignored and effectively deprived of attention they crave so much.

        1. Yeah, whatever happened to ROK being a male space? The rule of not replying to women was put there for a reason.
          We don’t reply to women on this board, even reasonable-sounding women. Discussing with women could certainly be done on some other website if you want, not this one.
          Women can certainly post here (and do) but should not expect any kind of engagement.

    2. I wanna bring it back some day with hard mode replacing normal mode. I’d probably go broke.

        1. Sure the pic isn’t doctored? Then again, I certainly believe it’s possible for it to be legit.

        2. The person who posted the tweet sends mentions to Feminist Frequency and the tweet got retweeted by anti-feminist Gavin McInnes, so it’s pretty legit I think.

        3. Yes but the #killallmen #endfathersday “male tears cups and t-shirts” have everything to do with feminism.

        4. wasnt that killallmen bullshit an idea of the bitches from Pussy riot ? I loved it when they got bashed in a mc donalds somewhere in russia.

  5. “Why Feminists Want To Destroy Gaming”
    Because anything that men enjoy man-hating feminazi’s hate and therefore has to be destroyed.

  6. Porn will be next, though it is already on their radar. Soon there will be no refuge, at least in the West.

    1. I’m not sure porn is a male refuge or a natural expression of male sexuality. The rise of hardcore porn correlates with the decline of male influence and leadership. Its another virtual realm, that’s not necessarily bad, but its not necessarily good either

      1. Both. It has kicked the legs out from under the pressure for pussy in the SMP, which is why SJWs hate it, really. When a dude would rather pass on a demanding hose beast and an uncertain future in favor of fapping and a couple of hours of WoW, this damages the delicate balance of Betas.
        Video games are an exercise in masculine art, no matter who plays them.

        1. I’ll reserve judgement for the time being. I have no truck with puritanism, but the results aren’t in yet with respect to what may to some extent amount to substituting masturbatory over reality based pursuits. Porn can make men less dependent on women (a good thing) but also weaken men’s reality orientation (and affect brain chemistry / reward systems) as to some extent can gaming (consider the problems faced by young jap men adapting to girls / life etc). The key variable is probably the level of control achieved over the activity in question. In other words any level of addiction / dependency is harmful and the positives will relate to specific qualities and skills that might be possible. Re. gaming / porn the question should be are you master of the domain or simply masturbating? Both dangers and opportunities here.

    2. We will find out if 262 is right when the money shot goes into a napkin or doily.
      *edit* or in a corner followed by an oath “I promise to honorably uphold and respect–” and a ban on ass slapping. Maybe we may not see it since they probably watch that stuff in droves.

    3. Nah. They’ve gone full-tilt against the porn industry, and as a result it’s a multi-billion dollar international juggernaut, now. And a very decentralized one. 90% of the folks who work in porn work in small mom-and-pop operations, which makes the industry as a whole highly resistant to attempts at cultural coercion by SJWs. At most they try to co-opt the industry with “feminist porn”, with lamentable results in both quality and sales.
      The same thing will happen with video games. Christmas is coming, and if someone were to publish a list of the most sexist and misogynistic video games they would be doing the Manosphere a service. Large corporate entities do respond to sales figures, and if games with guns and boobs are selling, they’ll make more of them.
      Somehow I don’t see “Depression Quest” as a big hit for Santa this year.

    4. Porn is a SJW stronghold and has been for a while.
      Feminists don’t even attack porn anymore even though feminists loathe male desire.
      Porn actors/actresses/directors/hustler/playboy/vividall SJWs.
      Porn’s become a way for SJWs to broadcast their ideas about sex to the rest of society. For example, they have recently started to blackball actresses who wolnt do IR scenes.

    5. A year ago I watched a documentary about 2 or 3 woman here in germany doing porn for ladies… heh. The guys (or goofs) where the complete pussy munchers, looked like goofys on sleeping pills and didnt said just one little word. Thats porn for “ladies” here…
      hehe… they begged to be punished by their “ladys” afterwards i bet.

    6. Porn is still a fringe element of society so its not fallen under their whim yet fully. I look forward to the advent of AI sexbots and fully immersive virtual reality where you can literally disregard the real sex act for a safer, fully controlled experience. Can’t wait for the shitstorm from the social justice warriors and feminists.

    1. Theyre winning the battle over an already sinking ship, but the gaming industry as we know is dying anyway.

  7. Everything within the state and nothing outside of the state .. the totalitarianism of feminism.

  8. “if gamers have their hobby stolen from them the SJWs may have awakened a generation of frustrated young men who will finally question the cultural forces which have actively sought to worsen their lives.”
    This could be true. Arguably games were a refuge not just from women but the reality of what feminism was doing in the world. The choice is now stark, resist and vanquish the SJW orcs or simply accept learned helplessness forever.
    Incidentally, its time all those zombie apocalypse games featured identifiable social justice warrior type zombies. We need to train young men to battle the people who actually do want to eat your brains, ideologically speaking.

    1. I don’t know about a refuge from feminism. I played vidya to get away from life in general.

  9. Unfortunately, there’s a large group of gamergate that thinks this isn’t about feminism. That it’s strictly about fighting for journalistic integrity. That’s like fighting symptoms instead of the root cause.
    Feminists are an infection that want to seep their way into every aspect of your lives. They’re not content with capturing all forms of mainstream media, sports, and tv. Now they want the gaming and tech industry as well. They don’t care about the truth, which is why they’re fine with rationalising journalistic fraud if they think it’s crucial to forwarding their “righteous cause”. Integrity, loyalty, truth, freedom of speech, and due process, are all ripe for the chopping board if a feminist deems it as an obstacle to whatever they’re trying to get accomplished in the moment. Feminists operate just like religious fanatics. Human rights and honesty are considered secondary to whatever issue they’ve decided to get angry about this week. Thinking that this is just a small issue of journalistic fraud plays right into their hands.

    1. people may be able to unite around journalistic integrity more easily than they can unite around anti-feminism. Once they realise that journalistic integrity is incompatible with feminism they’ll make the connexion.
      Are there any feminist journalists who care about objectivity, fairness, genuinely getting all sides of a story? If there are any they’d soon find themselves exiled from the SJW / mainstream feminist camp.
      You cannot have feminism and real journalism as feminism is activism

      1. There’s a few old school feminists out there who care about objectivity and fairness, but yes, they’ve been mostly exiled to right-wing conservative outlets and they’re drowned out by the 99% of jezebel-reading scum that infect the internet and are now something every man is beginning to experience frequently in the real world (despite the blue-pillers thinking it would be a fringe non-issue just a few years ago).

    2. Feminists operate just like religious fanatics.

      That’s because they are; Feminism stands in for God, Patriarchy for Satan, and Privilege for Original Sin.

      1. Feminism is a religion because it’s an ideology build on the myth that gender roles are purely cultural, and have no biological basis. We now know this is completely false. Not only are men and women physically different, but we’re mentally different as well.

        1. This is the whole issue. Feminists always blame the culture. I honestly think that many feminists and white knights can be converted if the biological differences between men and women can be clearly illustrated to them.

      2. You are onto something – there is no philosophical foundation for Feminism. They adhere to it like a religion.
        1) a random collection of female complaints that are disjointed; ergo a degree in complaining randomly
        2) a view of men as social pathology from which all negative things in society arise (other views of social pathology – Nazis for jews – holocaust, People for blacks – slavery, etc. etc. These are the most radical, because when you look at a group as social pathology, you can be pretty nasty toward them.
        3) a religion for those whose own social inadequacies (looks, brains, abilities) are lower than their perception of self, thus they must justify their social standing by saying they are “oppressed”

  10. Every male space will be infiltrated by women because women are motivated by envy. They can’t stand the fact that men have their own interests and hobbies that don’t match their own. So they try to get access.
    Then once they get in those spaces, they try to change them. This is what is happening in the video game world right now. Feminists are already inside, they just want to change it to suit their interests and hobbies.
    What we need to do is engage in more black knighting. Andy Kaufman did it to a certain extend decades ago by entering women’s wrestling matches. We need to do the same kind of things. And then we need to change them.
    Then, when the feminists have succeeded on their end, they’ll find their own places damaged and changed.

      1. Nah, my cunt rocks! Still like playing games though. If you ruled the world would I be forced to do embroidery or something instead?

        1. Nope. You can do whatever the hell you want as long as you don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.

        2. Dude, no replying to women. Roosh’s site rules. I asked him to reiterate the policy because arguing with women is not what this site is about.

        3. It is never easy to judge what the most appropriate or effective response to Return of Kings’s untoward opinions is, but one unfortunate fact remains clear: Once in a blue moon, which is still far too often, one encounters the lie that anyone who disagrees with Return of Kings is a potential terrorist. A quick way to refute this myth is to note that Return of Kings claims that education should be focused entirely on such bosh as “self-actualization”, “finding one’s joy”, “minority empowerment”, “contextualizing knowledge”, and “performing one’s identity”. It should have nothing to do with actually gaining knowledge or learning facts, facts such as that Return of Kings refuses to come to terms with reality. It prefers instead to live in a fantasy world of rationalization and hallucination. It would stand to reason that I once announced quite publicly that Return of Kings fits the description of a pot-valiant tatterdemalion to a T. When I announced that, Return of Kings could not be found for comment. Perhaps it was embarrassed that it professes that black is white and night is day. In the long run, however, it’s only fooling itself. Return of Kings would be better off if it just admitted to itself that I once tried to explain to it that its vaporings will hurt people’s feelings. Rather than feel ashamed of itself, Return of Kings got angry at me. What this says is that in these days of political correctness and the changing of how history is taught in schools to fulfill a particular agenda, we should not concern ourselves with Return of Kings’s putative virtue or vice. Rather, we should concern ourselves with our own welfare and with the fact that Return of Kings uses obscure words like “anthropomorphical” and “eulamellibranchiate” to conceal its agenda to take the robes of political power off the shoulders of the few honest people who wear them and put them upon the shoulders of belligerent mythomaniacs. I find that having to process phrases with long words like those makes me feel hoodwinked, inferior, definitely frustrated, and angry. That’s why I strive for utmost clarity whenever I explain to others that if history follows its course, it should be evident that I undeniably feel that Return of Kings has insulted everyone with even the slightest moral commitment. It obviously has none or it wouldn’t smear and defame me.

        4. “Rather than feel ashamed of itself, Return of Kings got angry at me.”
          Only a woman with narcissistic personality disorder would have the idiocy to think this website gives two shits about what a woman thinks, particularly one who seems to self-congratulate herself about doing precisely nothing.

    1. Do it! Start shopping for high heeled shoes , gossiping and drinking cosmos – or whatever else you identify as a female hobby (you might even find you like it)

        1. Sounds find to me. Would some women mind? We do that stuff already in much of Europe, people drink spirits for breakfast.

    2. Punch the cunts in the face. They want te pro sledges of being a man. They should take a punch like a man

    3. “Every male space will be infiltrated by women because women are motivated by envy. They can’t stand the fact that men have their own interests and hobbies that don’t match their own. So they try to get access.”
      It’s feminist entryism.

  11. Totally agree. Wish this would have been written earlier. The part about wanting attention was 1000% correct. I love bangin out as much as anyone but when im talkin smack and dispensing white privilege justice on a game i couldnt give less of a fuck about women. Maybe if she was in panties and ready to go would i put the controller down.
    props to the writer for saying he spent most of 2001 getting banned repeatedly on Halo. I could relate to that lot

  12. Interesting for a female gamer to see this posed as a gender issue. Never seen it that way – but then I’ve never got involved in the male club atmosphere you describe. I’m a ‘proper gamer’, I play alone – woman against the machine. Total escapism and my husband knows he cannot touch, speak to me or walk in front of the screen while I’m so engaged (I do make it up to him later on).

    1. Thats exactly how i and im sure others feel. Thats what its all about. Ive had several girlfriends and even at the most passionate and fun early stages of the relationship i wanted her to go away from time to time. The feeling is usually mutual. Go away so i can miss you.

    2. Social Justice Warriors like to define things that aren’t sexist, as sexist, in order to implement newspeak where only feminist approved ideas are allowed to exist in video games. Think of it as the thought police. By labelling everything as sexist and misogyny, they can shape culture and our minds, because women do things in a subtle passive-aggressive way instead of an upfront aggressive proactive way like men. For example women with breasts aren’t allowed to be in video games because it’s “objectifying” and “male gaze”, so they want Lara Croft’s breasts smaller in Tomb Raider.
      Rather than be constructive and create new content (video games), they want to control the content that already exists by using 1984 tactics of newspeak and thoughtcrime. Do you see Roosh V telling what articles feminist websites should and should not publish? No. He made his own website and now Return of Kings gets more traffic than Everyday Feminism within 2 years, all bootstrapped
      Gamergate crowdfunded money to women to fund their efforts of creating a new video game made by woman. What has Anita Sarkeesian done other than bitch about games on YouTube and conferences.
      And that’s why this world is built by males and not females.

      1. I don’t like it when feminist label everything sexist. But nor do I like being told what my character is like (based purely on my gender) by someone who has never met me or seen inside my head. RoK and feminist sites are so similar, they make massive generalisation and are both pretty lame. Pity I can’t lock radical feminists and RoK writers in a room and…well just leave them locked in and never go back. Life is so much nicer when you belong to neither group and can just focus on being who you are.

        1. there is a huge difference between ROK and your feminist stormtroopers. ROK people dont run around like the little dogs called feminists just to get some attention!

        2. Nope. you can’t lock ROK up, period full stop. If you’re not a feminist, than good for you and us, and I can see your point of being the same vis a vi feminists. However, feminism is an oppressive and supremacist movement and its causing damage…this site, call it a reaction or whatever, is only going to grow. Why? Simple, men have been made into second class citizens and we’re all waking up to this, and I don’t use this term lightly, nightmare. It will go parabolic soon enough.

        3. I understand where you’re coming from. Make no mistake about it, we are here and I feel the way I do BECAUSE of feminists. If you’re going the take a neutral stance, and you seem to do so, you’ll realize that the manosphere is a mirror image of feminism.
          However, Im pretty sure we’d all like to have healthy relationships with woman, but our shared experiences reveals some common threads that just dont get talked about.

        4. I did used to think I was a feminist because I believe men and women are equal and shouldn’t be tied to the outdated stereotypical roles if it doesn’t suit them. But a feminist told me you have to also believe that women are disadvantaged by society – which I don’t agree with. But I don’t quite buy the idea that men have been made 2nd class citizens either by dangerous powerful feminists (maybe I’ll be proved wrong in a few years when all you men are locked in camps!) I think both groups have an oversimplistic ‘us against them’ mentality and should just chill the hell out.

        5. Sure, I mean, as a women, I can see that you’re not seeing the oppression and 2nd class citizen status etc. No offense, but, that’s just human. If you’re here at ROK then listen-up, not to repeat myself, men are being treated like 2nd class citizens, period. Now, are we being locked-up because we’re men? No, but what level of sub-citizen would that make us and does that qualifier really matter? You see, if we take the feminists standards that measure their (women) apparent “oppression” and you really look hard in an un bias manner you’ll see, as you mentioned above that 1. women aren’t victims and 2. that men, again, using feminists standards of oppression are very much so.

        6. Massive generalizations are only lame when the are wrong and done so for political reasons. Can your girl brain understand this key distinction is what separates feminism from rok

        7. Don’t feel for me, please don’t patronize me. Over emphasizing feelings is why we’re in this fucked-up situation in the first place. If you want to do anything its spread awareness. Oppression will always exist but the weak oppressing the strong is just stupid and it won’t last.

        8. Oh cool! Guess you’ve nothing to worry about then. I had found it a bit confusing, some articles on here say feminist are ruining men’s lives, others that all women are weak and stupid – the two didn’t quite add up to me. If your oppression won’t last perhaps just chill out and wait for it to pass by.

        9. So there’s video games, talking back to me and then there’s satisfying your husband’s cock last.
          Glad you seem to have your priorities in order.

        10. @taelanbaylor:disqus
          ”If you’re going the take a neutral stance, and you seem to do so, you’ll
          realize that the manosphere is a mirror image of feminism.”
          No, the manosphere doesn’t wallow in victimhood and promotes masculine virtue. Feminism promotes androgyny and victimhood.

        11. And you going around like a Monty Python sketch ‘Help, help , I’m being oppressed’ isn’t victimhood?

      2. Dude, no replying to women.
        Your post is great content; just don’t put it up as a reply to women.

    3. So games are your first priority and blowing your husband is down the list.
      Marriage is dead. Thanks for confirming.

        1. Not sure what you mean by that. But maybe you’re right? I am pretty happy with what I have. Is that a bad thing?

        2. Your husband’s dick ain’t gonna suck itself…. and yet you’re still here wasting time. Of course.

        3. Of course it does. But not nearly as much you coming on here sharing his cuckold tendencies with other men.

      1. We compromise. He gets to spend hours watching his crappy sci-fi. But of course he comes first, but then he’s not the kind of guy who would insist I give up all interests except him when we got married. Marriage isn’t dead, we’re very happy and having our own space now and then is part of that, so don’t feel sad about the state of marriage. We’re fine, but it was nice of you to show such concern for our marriage.

        1. Hmmm. So he’d rather watch crappy sci fi than let you blow him? Are you really that bad at sucking cock? Your marriage priorities seem screwed up. Maybe feminists should invent a game to teach wives how to suck cock better. That way you can be efficient.

        2. You think we should do nothing all day but endless blow jobs!? Jesus, give us a chance! We have been together 15 years. Perhaps your marriage priority is all-day-blowjobs but I don’t think that would suit us. We like at least a bit of variety. But thanks for sharing your fascinating views on the state of modern marriage.

        3. Yeah you are a cunt. 1 blow job =15 minutes of your precious day..
          But of course you spin it as some massive burden on your time as if I meant chain you to the bed with a mouth spreader all day.
          Yup. Marriage is dead.

        4. Do not reply to women.
          Not only are you wasting electricity and oxygen, it’s against site rules. For a good reason.

        5. Just read your comment out loud to my husband and we both had a bloody good laugh about it. Cheers!

        6. That’s fine (and I’m guilty of the same thinking), but post what you want about her in reply to a guy.
          The thing is if you interact with them directly you inevitably you get sucked into an infinite vortex of fembabble.
          Roosh made it a site rule for a reason.

        7. Of course you laughed. Because both of you are brainwashed idiots.
          Understand that those of us who are not brainwashed realize that in the same amount of time you pumped out all those stupid comments you could have instead pumped out all the semen in your husband’s cock.
          Great marriage there. You and your husband sure showed us.

        8. Some guys do get sucked into the fembabble, but I’m not one of them. I have an end goal which is to shine a bright light on these seemingly reasonable cunts. Please review my last comment to fiona and reconsider.

        9. Dude, I understand completely where you’re coming from. I too can barely resist trying to straighten them out. But even in the best of circumstances, they’ll just rationalize – hamsterize – away what you’ve said. Worst case it will just go on and on and on. Hell, Fiona even replied to one of my no-reply notes with, “Why?” They live for this shit. It’s a shit test; they’re baiting you, fishing for emotional responses.
          I’m not a mod or anything like that; I just saw the wisdom in Roosh’s site rule and wanted to support him. For the record, I think what you had to say to Fiona was on the money, but maybe it could have been directed at her in the third person, not directly replying to her.

        10. I don’t think you do understand.
          I’m not interested in enlightening Fiona. I’m interested in making an example of her. Indirect replies slow down the process. Which if you haven’t noticed is already coming to close.
          I think the ROK rules are just that…. sometimes you need exception…. even ROOSH himself said so during the barrage of female commentators whining about the tattoo article.

        11. Well we’re happy (and I even managed to pump out his cock in between comments!) guess we’re all good here.

        12. Naw. It’s more likely you manage to pump out a lie, but even still…. you shouldn’t need a catalyst to blow your own husband…. Y’all are sad.

        13. Right you are. You weren’t trying to straighten her out. It’s hard to tell sometimes.
          I’m just one guy trying to help stop this from degenerating into arguments with women. I emailed Roosh asking him to reiterate or clarify the no-replying-to-women rule, because I really am not entitled to play vigilante.
          I got sucked into replying to a woman or two, and very quickly regretted it. The way women think is just different. It’s strange how simply ignoring them is usually the quickest way to get them to go away. I guess when you don’t have anything useful to say, you pretty quickly get tired of talking to yourself.

        14. I don’t need a catalyst to blow my husband – what makes you think I do? Also I’m extremely hurt you would suspect me of lying to you. I thought we were becoming friends!

        15. Roosh got back to me on the no-reply rule. He is leaving it suspended until the material ceases going viral. So have at it. I probably shouldn’t have tried to be a vigilante, anyway.

  13. I don’t play games anymore and I don’t care what happens to the gaming community; but maybe if feminists destroy gaming, men will finally wake up and start to fight back.

    1. Gaming IS fighting back. It’s a way to violate the precious premise of the Female Imperative, that is, that men want pussy more than anything and will work like dogs to get it. Games provide an alternative means of entertainment that doesn’t require a massive wealth-transfer. A dude who “wastes” five years of time in gaming emerges with stronger sexual capital by virtue of age, alone (although he’s still far from adequate in other ways). That was five years he wasn’t some shrew’s beta bitch. Win for us.
      Games also teach some important and essentially masculine values: competition, perseverance, tenacity, ingenuity, and creative problem solving. That’s one reason the SJWs are gunning for them, the shooters in particular. Teaching masculine values=bad. Teaching values of cooperation, depression, and hopelessness, on the other hand, are “good” games…that no dude would ever want to play.
      So double down on the videogames. Buy a kid a FPS for Christmas this year.

      1. While I think there are more productive ways for a man to spend his time than endless video games… I really like this high-level thinking on the subject.
        I think you’re dead on about why women hate men playing video games… but I also wonder how many of these “gamers” you speak of would trade their video games for a women if she ever showed interest in that particular male.
        I know both kinds personally… men that play games because they’re “forever alone” and other guys that would honestly just rather chill out when they come home from work rather than deal with a women.
        I think the japanese herbivores are the most interesting model for this. Seems like they are just outright saying no to the system regardless of whether or not women show actual interest in them. They see the whole system as a scam… and I wonder if the MGTOWs/herbivores will have a noticeable socio-economic impact in the coming decades.

      2. Games features masculinity and tells a masculine story but it does not have the male gamer do masculine action. Therefore it does not necessarily instill it in males. While your character is shooting guns you are clicking the mouse and tapping the keyboard not like shooting a real gun or facing real danger in IRL hand-to-hand combat.
        We need more than mere videos games for the development of masculinity.

        1. But I do agree it instills those qualities:
          ”competition, perseverance, tenacity, ingenuity, and creative problem solving.”
          It is not however holistic enough to foster complete masculinity.

  14. I miss the days where we could just slap these retarded loud wimin to just shut up and show them their one and only true god…the broom!
    What we now see is female hysteria out of control. Someone brought it up already and yes, it´s true. The guys back then were right, its female hysteria!
    These “I´m feelings positive” idiots have influence no doubt about it but thanks to kickstarter and other crowd funding options some developers are not longer dependant on these infiltrating feminist marxist people. And they already make that clear in eastern europe. My hope is that the russians start to develop games too.

  15. Considering that even Gawker media is now destroying itself because of Gamergate, I’d say that people are underestimating the pushback that we are seeing on the part of gamers right now. They are using the SJWs own tactics against them, and the results have been both awesome and hilarious to watch as the politicos get a dose of their own medicine for a change. Also don’t forget that gaming is an INTERNATIONAL hobby and therefore you got people all over the world whose viewpoints on feminism and PCness are not the default mindset, so they aren’t so eager to swallow the Kool-Aid.
    I think it’s safe to say that we’ve hit a turning point. The economy is worsening, we have inept political leadership in the US letting in ebola, the marriage rate is plummeting. While this was fundamentally about corrupt journalism, people are waking up to the political aspect of all this and are realizing that the SJWs don’t care about “equality”, only THEIR equality. Their hypocrisy has been exposed, and now people are fighting back. Even the game industry hates the SJWs, and even if they can’t directly give support, they won’t attack their customers.
    Look at what is happening in Britain (and Europe) right now: You are seeing a resurgence of nationalism, and the deterioration of the old political machines, especially in Britain with UKIP. And this is despite all the smearing that the mainstream and online media has been giving these movements. Likewise look at what’s happened to GG. They almost uniformly get smeared in the media, both mainstream and online, yet they are still devastating the journalists who started this whole mess despite that.
    In Britain and Europe, the reality on the ground is as such that nobody can ignore what is happening to them and are acting (and voting) appropriately in their own self-interests despite the media propaganda. Likewise, we are seeing with GG that despite the media trying to do everything to obfuscate and demonize the gamers, they are still holding strong, growing in allies, and are achieving their goals.
    Remember this moment, because this was the moment that the seemingly impervious SJWs got knocked on their asses, and HARD. It was like Rocky finally landing a blow on Ivan Drago and cutting him. They’re not monsters, they’re just people, and very WEAK people, at that. And if we can knock them down, make them bleed, then we can most certainly beat them.

    1. Im 48 and you are 100% correct sir. The future shows people measured on one thing only. Utility. Utility is the providence of men and masculinity. Measure a woman on strict utility and your cut her to the core. Have a woman live as a utility and you have an unhappy woman. Austerity is natural to men like a duck in water.
      I know women who were major feminists 10 years ago that have a dirty secret. They are VERY hot for Putin.

        1. Probably a woman I quote:
          ” Especially once the pill we women use for birth control is changed.”

        2. Not a woman – i was going to riff on once we invent a pill for women that wont fuck up their hormones, but decided to truncate and didnt clean it up.
          thnx. and fixed.

        3. Yea, and when writing “we invent a birth control” I realized that i wont be doing so. So i backspaced, but not far enough. Thnx for the catch.

        4. I’m right there with you. Although things are tough, men are equipped to handle it with the right information/guidance. It’s in our DNA.

        5. There was a male version of birth control, it had all the same symptoms, but it didn’t take. I have a REALLY hard time with hormonal birth control. It’s life threatening, luckily under obamacare I got a non-hormonal IUD… but wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure that there was actually no chance of getting her pregnant? (Baby trapping is horrible)

      1. Im 27, I feel like Im at the epicenter of millennial liberal feminist/SJW bullshit. I think my generation is the first who bought into the liberal shit hook, line and sinker. As such, they will crash the hardest.
        We have crossed the peak and are only plummeting now. Living standards, incomes, and marriages are all falling…..these young liberals who bought in are being crushed the hardest. Its FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!

        1. Actually, its a very strange thing, but the SJW’s are the new puritans – they have a dogma that may be indecipherable, but in reality they are very ill-liberal.
          The thing is this – they are arguing about videogames – they have given up on music and porn – as they would not have a chance there.
          The SJW’s are very much so feminist driven and hysteria driven. They are pro sex as long as its homo sex or female displays of sex, but not male. Give it time.
          In the early 1980’s before the internet the US was gripped with fear – child abduction. There were more than 50,000 children abducted per year. One reporter noticed that number was similar to the number of men that died in vietnam. Every one of us knew somebody that died in vietnam either directly or through somebody, but nobody knew of someone with a child abducted. Further research the number was around 100 kids. The internet would have debunked this on the first day it was spewed.
          In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s there was devil worship fear in daycares, people went to jail and daycares were feared by women. Gloria Steinam went around digging in backyards of the daycares looking for tunnels (as children dont lie they said). None were found, the children were coached by feminist minded social workers. (I believe this led to the jailing of the west memphis 3 as the country was gripped with fear)
          In early 2000, the manufactured rape stats were on the forefront only to double down again. The campus rape hysteria is same as the previous moral outrages.
          SJW’s and other victim based fear mongers have been around a long time. This is the first time they have been attacked at simply the point of speaking. The main stream press pushed these issues to get people to watch. Now its clickbait.
          You guys are winning – if only that you have a voice you are winning. Journalists have an approval rating on the level of congress. Basically everyone knows they are full of shit.
          Liberalism will always exist, so will conservatism. The reality is that the future will not be either – it will be libertarian. And Utility. This is the providence of men and austerity. Dont negotiate – if only because you do not have to.
          The internet gives you guys a bullhorn. The SJW’s come off like an organ grinder and a monkey begging for sympathy with their pablum. The left is moving right as compared to before.

  16. One think to realize is that the SJW and feminists aren’t just now starting to infiltrate and “purge” games from anything that is not PC and “equal”, but have actually being doing so, subtly, for years. Go back and look at any major games series, which has new parts coming out every few years and compare them. It will be shocking to see how with each new edition/sequel the games have become more PC, PG, gender neutral etc. Thus, to actually win, SJW and feminists, not only have to be stopped, but their actions reversed.

    1. I would like to know what a gender neutral game is. I dont even understand what gender neutral is. This stuff doesnt gets into my head. It´s to stupid!
      At one time i asked someone what a gender neutral toilet is, how does that looks like… i never got an answer that made sense;)

      1. Yeah, its pretty much feminist brain washing. Portraying male and female characters in games more and more alike; same height, same strength, same abilities and same roles in society(male nurse vs female general or hero etc). Trying to program the next generation of men into thinking that women and men are truly equal and the same in every way. Its not only feminism, but other PC agendas. Hard to even find a game today where you won’t be bombarded with homosexuality etc.

        1. you see. It´s all just wishfull thinking mumbo jumbo. Why they dont just take a look into the mirror mirror on the wall, stop for a moment and realize YES. Me = man or me = woman! But that simple 1+1 is already to difficult for these… these…. those…. you know… 😀
          hopefully i die before the first “man” gets pregnant… somehow…accidently… fucked by a strapon!

    2. What is the name of that painting in your profile. For the life of me I can’t seem to remember it.

  17. Something interesting regarding gamergate etc. You see, much of the progressive agenda, to include feminism, occurred via stealth and by un-elected “officials” exerting their influence and increasingly making policy…disturbing indeed. Red pillers have had to watch this, in horror, for nearly two decades. My wake up was in the early 1990s when I joined the state student teachers advisory council in Massachusetts (thinking I’d goose my appeal for college) only to find a literal progressive brainwashing mill…and, believe it or not, kevin jennings (he was a counselor and no I wasn’t fisted but he was a creep). All along we wondered why people didn’t do anything as one disappointing move after another was made with little to no resistance. Answer: because of bread and circus i.e. people were distracted, which in modern times includes video games and things like professional sports. Today, the sjw’s and progs have made a fatal mistake…they’re trying to invade and take over the very things that were helping them push their fucked-up and perverse agenda. Had the population not been overly occupied by the NFL and games etc, I doubt that much of the progressive agenda would have gone anywhere. By trying to infiltrate the very distractions that led them into power, they’ve exposed themselves. Look at the backlash in the NFL and against espn etc. Its about time.

    1. “By trying to infiltrate the very distractions that led them into power, they’ve exposed themselves.”
      Spot on. They’ve over-reached with that self-same fist

  18. Great points. The mythopoetic men’s movement in the 80s was all about this. Men need a place to gather as men, just as women need a place to gather as women. If the concept of “men’s night” makes you wince, take a second to really think about it. And a masculine culture that departs from feminine values in gaming is a good thing, not bad.

  19. Feminists and SJWs are once again doing the evil work of their predominantly male leftist masters.
    They are totalitarians. Whether you like video games or not, they will come after you soon enough. They will infiltrate every aspect of your life and try to force you into conforming or ostracize you. Even if they don’t get you, they’ll work at getting your children.
    Soon enough they will be using the NSA and the police state apparatus against all their opponents. It’s just a matter of time,

    1. It’s not nearly as organized a conspiracy as you imply, but yeah, the end result will be ramped up militancy.

  20. Gaming is an avenue where for an hour every night, regardless of your color or sexuality, I will remind you that you are a nigger and a faggot. I will do this while pointing out the fact that I’ve done your mom in the ass, and that your dad sucks dick for coke.

    1. And the best part is, everyone involved gets to talk shit at each other. It’s the online equivalent of Fight Club. At least it used to be, don’t know how it is now…

  21. I can’t wait until women want to barge into my world of cryonics. I plan to position myself so that these broads have to get past me, first.
    Considering that cryonics has a (wrong) stereotype as a rich guy’s thing (these rich guys include the gay Peter Thiel and the transgender Martine Rothblatt), normally you would think that adventuresses would show up at cryonicist gatherings, like the one in Laughlin, Nevada, next month, and start to sniff around for lonely guys with money. This hasn’t happened yet because (1) cryonics attracts mostly middle-class men, despite its reputation; and (2) something about the cryonics idea acts as “female kryptonite.”
    You can read an exploration of the “female kryptonite” aspect of cryonics here:

  22. “Male-dominated spaces contradict feminist ideology”
    Good point.
    There literally is no fucking place in the physical world where men can hang out with other men without some female chaperoning the get together; making sure guys don’t talk to each other about the bullshit of women and the scam life has become for men. Only the online manosphere has been able to allow men an exchange of experiences and dialog about what is going on today.

    1. And there are plenty of female only spaces where men don’t want to go.
      I don’t give a fuck what these “hens” are clucking about in their circle. It’s all noise to me.

      1. That plus women are given the right to make any organization ‘women only’, not so with mens organizations. They are mandated to accept females.

  23. Video Games are the last stronghold of Western male values. The only place where tales of heroes and great warriors triumphing against darkness, where discussions on the nature of morality are explored, and where pure chest thumping bravado have been preserved. It is truly the most interactive of the arts. The feminists hate this, because it follows in line with the Western tradition.

  24. I love that this isn’t going away. I love it even more that I’m seeing references to Zoe Quinn on socially approved websites.

      1. Ha! They do not! Of course, socially acceptable websites never reveal that wimmin ever do anything questionable.

        1. THAT’S what she used to get all those favors? Well, I guess the body’s ok, in a pinch, but the whole package? Man, there are some thirsty guys out there.

    1. Not about playing games, but about feminazis and SJW trying to spread their sick ideology even further and especially onto young men via a hugely effect medium.

    2. Sure, this is a small battle in the grand scheme of things, but these types of battles are being lost by men every day. It started with the workplace, and the home, and the bank account, and it has spiraled out of control to encompass private social clubs, traditional service organizations, and now it’s gone full retard and is seeping into the realm of hobbies. If we don’t take a stand here, are we going to take a stand *anywhere*?

  25. I more or less recently got into a bit of debate on how “cool” it would be if a certain male protagonist was suddenly changed to a female.
    I argued that chancing his sex is lazy, unnecessary and just insulting. Of course I’m the one who is looked at as being of inconsiderate of others. I get so tired of political correctness.

    1. I am not into comics and things like that, but just recently read in the WSJ that Marvel is changing the character Thor(as in Norse god) into a woman. WTF

      1. Superman -> Supergirl
        Batman -> Batgirl
        Spiderman -> Spidergirl
        Thor -> Thor with bewbs
        You never see female heroes get turned into male heroes though…

        1. Yea id rather not see the male version of Wonder Woman, he probably belongs in a west Hollywood gay parade.

  26. Since the beginning of time girls and women could never stand the idea of men having fun at something that doesn’t involve them,

  27. As an avid gamer, I am actually quite optimistic about the future for GamerGate. It seems as though gaming may actually be the line in the sand, the gaming community may be the first community in history to successfully resist infiltration and subversion by feminism. I figured maybe the Atheist/Sceptic community might manage it, but they sadly fell, putting up even less of a fight than I expected. It is my hope that gamers stay angry enough for long enough that the particular tentacle that feminism has extended into gaming will be forced to recoil in defeat.

    1. The gaming industry is the sleeping untapped giant. Surviving regulation debates since the days of Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat, the females who could have grown up to hate it had no alternative but to love games since they replaced the entertainment system formally known as the radio or even the nightly dinner chat. With women long co-opted into video games, which is why games while being graphically better, are noticeable easier than those of the ’90s and ’80s. Women needed to be included to widen the audience and increase revenue. Women are still okay to socialize and most feminist of today who buy into equality are used to the anonymous equality afforded by playing games and trash talking online. In games, as soft they wish to make it, there is an allowance for the truly violent nature’s of both sexes to display themselves. Aggression is fine and I suspect the feminist will see a backlash unlike anything they have ever dealt with. And I say, YES! YES!

      1. No shit about games getting easier. I loaded up some 80s era cRPGs last month, got my ass readily handed to me. Don’t remember that much trouble back then. But then feminism didn’t down games, that was already happening long before GG.

        1. Agreed. Expanding the market had to do with revenue and not about feminism. I still have never beaten Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I almost don’t think the games were made to be beaten, but to keep kids out of grown-up affairs.

        2. It’s always about the money, first. Corporate America has caved to the feminist narrative just to have more customers.
          It’s why we are fucked up, today.

    2. I have not gamed for years, and only today made myself privy to what is up with GamerGate. This is absurd. Feminism has gone too far. Half the guys who game probably aren’t pussy hounds nor PUAs or anything, and the cunt rag women can’t leave them the fuck alone to make the games they want. What’s next? Censoring porn?

      1. Don’t get me started. Just last week some scrag was rambling about ALL porn being violent towards women. And this was during an un-related conversation about Tinder.

        1. Of course porn is violent towards women….women are always the victim.
          See feminist playbook 101. It’s their “go to” complaint when all else fails.

  28. I don’t game, but it strikes me that the female resistance to gaming is simply to cut off an avenue to escape, to remove an avenue for independence (from the female imperative), and to eliminate as aspect of MGTOW. Especially since there’s a larger percentage (on average) of betas who are into gaming.
    Females need providers and orbiters, not dudes smoking herb, tuning out and gaming.

    1. It makes you realize the old school christian family unit was designed to protect old (32yrs+)women from being alone. Marrying a virgin was meant to be a sweet deal to entice men to commit life/resources to a woman.
      They had to make the deal appealing otherwise women end up helpless.
      Now, obviously the deal is so bad that men have checked the fuck out and instead prefer hobbies (video games, porn, travel, etc). Womens’ sexual liberation backfired and now theres 0 incentive to get married. Youre correct, theyre trying to force men to go back to supporting women, using the government in many cases.

    2. Agree. It’s one of the last “male only” spaces that women haven’t invaded.
      The shaming tactic was used as a way to get guys out of gaming. Now, women are attacking the developers with the feminist narrative “everything is not fair or equal”.

  29. http://therationalmale.com/2014/06/03/male-space/
    “Overseers in the Locker Room
    The second purpose in the goal of female inclusion into male space is really a policing of the thought dynamics and attitudes of the men in that space. When women are allowed access to the locker room the dynamic of the locker room changes. The locker room can take many different shapes: the workplace environment, the sports team, the group of all-male coders, the primarily male scientific community, the ‘boys club’, the group of gamer nerds at the local game store, even strip clubs and the sanctuary you think your ‘man cave’ is – the context is one of women inserting themselves into male space in order to enforce the dictates of feminine social primacy.
    When the influence of feminine-primacy is introduced into social settings made up mainly by men and male-interests, the dynamics and purpose of that group changes. The purpose becomes less about the endeavor itself and more about adherence to the feminine-inclusionary aspect of that endeavor. It starts to become less about being the best or most passionate at what they do, and more about being acceptable to the influence of the Feminine Imperative while attempting maintaining the former level of interest in the endeavor.
    Men unaccustomed to having women in their midst generally react in two ways; According to their proper feminized conditioning, they embrace the opportunity to impress these ‘trailblazing’ women (hoping to be found worthy of intimacy) with their enthusiastic acceptance of, and identification with, their feminine overseer(s), or they become easy foils of an “out moded” way of thinking that the new ‘in-group’ happily labels them with.
    Once the feminine-primary in-group dynamic is established a ‘feminine correct’ social frame follows. This feminine correction restructures the priorities of goals, and validates any accomplishments, in terms of how they reflect upon the feminine as a whole. Thus any in-group success is perceived as a feminine success in male space, while in-group failures or simple mediocrity is either dismissed entirely or blamed on out-group men’s failure to comply with, or the rejection of, the Feminine Imperative’s ‘correcting’ influence on the in-group.”

    1. When an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to the establishment of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

      1. I guess it comes as no surprise that the female owned company I work for (husband died) is run like the government. Extremely inefficient and wasteful of money.
        We’re lucky in that she isn’t a complete idiot and maintains employees who know what the f-ck they’re doing, but we waste a ton of money in the process. Our industry is quite resistant to recession, although not impervious.

    2. Mykeru’s Law:
      As any progressive movement grows and achieves success, the probability
      of it being co-opted by women who want to make it all about their vagina
      approaches 1.

    1. How come only the fit chick is actually doing something while the dumpy dykes just stand around trying to look important or something?

    2. It’s funny how those idiots painted themselves as amazons, but the males, the players as toddlers.
      They want to invade a toddler’s space?

  30. I think is all its doing is waking up a group of men who previously wouldn’t have realised how much society is trying to fuck them with this third wave feminism. If gaming is your escape from the truth of the world and your no longer rescuing a female from the dragon but instead a gender neutral character your going to get pissed off that someone is limiting your fun.

  31. Just want to let whoever runs the ROK Facebook page know, thanks for sharing this. I can’t “like” it on FB yet because of the social implications, but I appreciate the share.

    1. And that’s pretty bad. Women can do anything, say anything, share any article and they have plenty of freedom.
      A man shares an idea, thought or article and he’s bashed or becomes a social outcast- right away.
      And we’re still supposed to believe that women have it so rough in this country? They are the oppressed ones? Fucking hilarious.

      1. Right on, Driver. I’ve lost about 10 friends just from liking posts involving men’s rights or the hypocrisy of our current “culture”.

  32. Good article. It may sound dissapointing but here are some good news: Feminists are playing a race against biology, which it could never be changed; remember the alcohol prohibition laws at the beggining of the 20th century: people bougth alcohol in the black market. No matter how much something is forbidden, there will always be a way out, and game developers won’t allow their sales diminished by law. Don’t worry fellas: biology cannot be defeated, therefore human freedom will not perish under any legal system.

  33. As for women that aim to destroy gaming, meet me in the arcade.
    Oh, wait, that’s gonna destroy your reputation within your WFF sisterhood! And don’t you even dare use non-Anglo/Western women as a bait for thirsty white knights.
    It’s no wonder Englishmen literally jumped ship to now-former colonies, knowing fully well the maltreatment they face daily in Victorian England; yes, the same timeline that gave us Jack the Ripper.

  34. The little pussies that ate all their progressive, man-hating salad served by SJW professors in liberal arts schools are getting what they deserve. They bought into a dystopian world defined by feminists and SJW’s, and followed their leader Obama into the abyss of male destruction. Now they have to live with the result. Their lives will suck from here until their death.
    Those of us a little older and more sensible escaped the clutches of wrathful feminism. And I have hope for the next batch of 20 year old men, as long as we fight for and carve out a masculine niche in these depraved society over-lorded by the feminist state.
    On Gamergate, fuck the feminists and SJW. Fuck Ezra Klien and his self-loathing. Men are going to play the games they want to play. No amount of coercion is going to force a guy to play a video game that has pink everywhere.
    Hey feminists: Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

    1. Chess. The goal is to leave the opposing King no escape, but the primary tactic to accomplish this is to kill the opposing Queen.
      The sides are distinguished by colour. One side white, the other black.
      The white side is privileged.
      Let’s see them take away my violent, misogynist, racist games.

      1. “But the Queen is actually the most powerful piece on the board–”

  35. I noticed a complete lack of any mention of the death/rape/violence threats against Zoe Quinn (among other females who’ve taken stands against harassment in the gaming industry, including most recently Felicia Day–who was doxxed within the hour. Just thought I’d point that out, and that nobody, regardless of what they say, deserves that sort of treatment, especially not when it involves the callous spreading of the addresses they share with spouses and children. I hope we can all agree on that).
    Moreover, as a female gamer myself, I completely (and respectfully, as I do not believe that you have had my life experiences and therefore understand what I, and others, have gone through. Rather, you’ve had your own issues and understandings of ways the world isn’t perfect, and maybe even ways you can help to make it a better place in that regard) disagree with all of your points.
    Many of us, myself included, DO want a larger number of games with female voices and options for customizable player characters. After all, studies have shown that half of games are now bought by women. However, I have friends who have to use voice changers or not speak at all when playing online multiplayers because of harassment and sexism (if you’re trying to blow an alien’s head off before it rips you to shreds, would you really think that’d be the best time for someone to demand you make them a sandwhich or send naked pics?).
    Gaming helps me be with friends that’ve left for different states and even hemispheres, as well as to find new ones that I will likely never meet. Yet there are times, playing games that should be fun for everyone, that I feel as terrified as I did when I realized once, after class, that a man had parked his car and was undeniably following me (he eventually asked me to stand in the street while he jerked off). If people in a game say the same kinds of things that man did to me, I can’t threaten to call the cops. Maybe if I report them, they’ll be banned–but chances are they’ll just come right back.
    I work with kids, and I know many of them, of all ages and genders, play some of the same games I do. And if you’re surrounded by voices shouting at you that you can’t win because of your gender, telling you in no uncertain terms that you are not welcome, that you don’t have just as much right to play a game as any other human being? Or if those games show, overwhelmingly, women being beaten, carried off (I’m looking at you, Duke Nukem), women as prostitutes and hardly anything else (GTA), and the only games you can see someone who’s a girl like you on the cover or play as a girl deal with Barbie or cooking? Don’t you think dealing with all of that might send female gamers a message?
    I’m not saying this is the case in every situation, especially as more and more games allow for character customization and companies start cracking down on harassment. And many games are very female-friendly without having the option to play as a female lead, with franchises like Zelda, Persona, Mario, and Sonic all showing a number of strong female characters that girls and women can relate to. Growing up, I always wanted to be Saria or Zelda, and save the world alongside of Link.
    I don’t care about what you play, so long as ALL of the kids I work with can go out and play a game and have FUN.
    (Also, that part about attention? No more true or false for any given woman than for any given man. I know plenty of couples who have dates involving WoW or Assassin’s Creed, and others where it’s the female who games and the male who doesn’t.)

    1. “Many of us, myself included, DO want a larger number of games with female voices and options for customizable player characters. After all, studies have shown that half of games are now bought by women.”
      – Shut the fuck up. The types of games typically played by men and women are vastly different. Men aren’t playing “words with friends”, “Farmville”, and other games in numbers anywhere near that of women and women aren’t playing Call of Duty, Starcraft, Madden, or Battlfield in numbers anywhere near that of men.
      “I don’t care about what you play, so long as ALL of the kids I work with can go out and play a game and have FUN.”
      – Yet clearly you do as evidenced by your own fucking posts; “(I’m looking at you, Duke Nukem), women as prostitutes and hardly anything else (GTA), and the only games you can see someone who’s a girl like you on the cover or play as a girl deal with Barbie or cooking? Don’t you think dealing with all of that might send female gamers a message?”
      Get the fuck out of here.
      “I noticed a complete lack of any mention of the death/rape/violence threats against Zoe Quinn”
      – You might want to pull your head out of your ass and do a search. Some of these claims are bullshit as demonstrated by articles written by this site’s founder. Further, you can’t prevent every idiot from saying what they want to say on the internet; case in point – everything you just wrote.

      1. I’m not playing WWF, FarmVille, or anything like that either. Most of the female gamers I know don’t. Assassins Creed, Silent Hill, Skyrim, etc are more to my taste, although I have a particular soft spot for JRPGs as well. But there’s as much variety in female gamers’ preferred genres as males.
        (Also, does anyone even play Farmvilke at all anymore? Seriously?)
        You’re right that I don’t like the messages in certain games, but I’m not trying to stop them from existing, rather, I just want more options in the gaming world as a whole so that EVERYONE can feel welcome.
        As to being bullshit claims, I have to disagree. For one, their are articles on both perspectives of that issue. For another, I have no difficulty believing that people have sent threats given that reputable mainstream news sources have discussed Zoe Quinn having had to go into hiding with police help. Ratings would be even better if they could have caught it out as false, but that was not the case. It’s easy to threaten someone through the anonymity of the Internet–especially if someone else shares the person’s address and phone number.
        I’m aware that I can’t stop people from saying what they want on the Internet–but that’s a two way street. Just as you have the right to be heard, so do I.

        1. Mass market. Have you heard about it? Mass market in video games is? MEN 🙂
          _ You have to disagree with us? Oh Jee, it’s too bad.

        2. I forgot, didnot you like Depression Quest? Or Tampon, Menstruation Game? It was NOT at all a sexist game, and it was focused on women’s need.

        3. Never played either, although I’ve heard Depression Quest is very compelling and really does address an issue that’s too often pushed out of sight, out of mind. I’m not asking for games like those, I just believe that games–all games, not just indy games–that can be inclusive would be better–in terms of profit and encouraging the mental health of all players–if they were more inclusive. More strong female and POC characters, more customizable main characters, basically ways that anyone can see themselves as healthy parts of the game world.

        4. You heard it was compelling? From journalists that slept with that game developper, so she could get good ratings?
          By being friends with other journalists and have good ratings too?
          At least, in video games, men have a space where WE are the law makers, and that pisses off a lot of people.
          We don’t really care what suits you, as long as I enjoy the game, for me, it’s good enough.

        5. Yeah, I remember, when I was in secondary, there were more women having a Tamagochi than men having a Game boy advance. Yey, that makes women the mass market. NOT.
          Women pay for having more urn in Candy Crush.
          They count Candy Crush as a game, that’s it.
          Women are the mass market in Candy Crush, but on Xbox, PS4, PC, men still are the big buyers, and the big players.
          Plus, the statistics you use to explain that you are 50% of gamers are biased. They count only women and men in a certain age portion to make their claim look accurate.
          If it were true, a lot of brands would have kept their ads with gawker.
          Women, you are not the mass market in video games!
          You are the mass market in Candy Crush, Farmville.

        6. Urn? That sounds morbid. How can I be the mass market of something I’ve never played?
          Seriously, though, why are CC and FV the two go-to games for everyone here? Why not (the new) Animal Crossing, or Tomodatchi Life, or Nintendogs? Interesting fact: I haven’t played any of those. Also, I’m reasonably sure that the FV craze has almost completely died down at this point. It’s Minecraft now, for both genders.
          I could bring up the studies that found that women over thirty now outnumber teen boys in the gaming world. Would that make you feel better?
          I completely disagree about PS4 in particular, by the way. More of my female friends went with those than my brother’s frat members (proportionately speaking).

        7. You do remember that the ex-boyfriend of said woman recanted his claim, right? And never had any proof in the first place? And if you really thought it was about ethics in video game journalism, wouldn’t you be going after, gee, I don’t know, the journalist who reviewed the game to the same degree?
          But no. A friend of mine played it and said it was very well-done. She’s big on Indy on non-mainstream games (Slender especially).
          That’s good, and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able to enjoy a game. But would having, say, the option to be a playable female character really hurt you if you didn’t take it, especially when it might result in a jump in sales?

      1. Of course I’m goofy, I’m a children’s librarian. Silliness is the most useful trait imaginable when you’re doing a storytime with anywhere from 4-200 preschoolers. :3

        1. Believe what you want about me. I can believe you’re a cross-eyed Elcor. Belief doesn’t change what you are.

    2. And your comment doesn’t mention death threats that gg supporters and rok writers receive you entitled cunt

      1. True, but at this time only one prominent GG supporter has been doxxed as opposed to the several activists who have been forced to go into hiding because of threats including specific details about their homes and families. I’m not saying any of it is right, and the threats should stop for EVERYONE.
        And good job! You recognized that I have a cunt. I also have a face, fingers, toes, and various other body parts.

        1. I’m not interested in whatever cunty rationalizations you have for your hypocrisy and selective outrage. Your sentiment is what makes you an entitled bitch, not your internet access.

        2. I believe when I play a game that has customizable characters, one of the options.
          Of course I’m selective over my outrage here. This article was on one topic, so I’m limiting myself to said topic.
          You seem to have an issue with certain parts of my body, but that hardly makes you less selective. And an accusation of hypocrisy is DEFINITELY more believable when you start insulting body parts, by the way.

        3. I just love it when the cunts that fling buckets of snark, condescension and hate then whine about being insulted. Don’t you have some other site to troll?

        4. I’m not condescending. Pitying? A bit. Genuinely confused at how different some worldviews are? Of course, I’m only human. But condescending? Nope.
          And if I were trolling, I’d be here just to piss people off, not making calm arguments and points.
          Of course, when you start referring to my cunt like it’s something to be ashamed of, I’ll get cheerfully snarky, because let’s face it–a little snark can brighten up a conversation.

    3. Do you realise how much men pay out on each other while online gaming? It’s part of the fun. You’re not special…

  36. A couple things. First off I think you have confused the goals of feminism with the goals of heteronormative structures. Secondly I think you may be unaware of the cause of the vast majority of the venom being thrown at the gaming community.
    Dealing with the second point first, for no real reason. Most of the feminists I know (cause I actually know and talk to people with differing political views than mine) have become enraged because of the conversation generate about this concept by websites like this one specifically. Originally only a very small part of the feminist movement had any interest in gaming, as most of it was more concerned with things like violence, victim blaming and getting paid. However a much larger portion of the movement was incited by the personal attacks made on individual women by people in the gamer gate movement. In short the young men who support this establishment attacked a number of women and women responded. Every time an article like this gets posted, it re-lights that fire. So if you’re goal in writing this article was to empower women to take a stand against the gaming industry—then good job. You’ve succeeded. If you’re goal was to discuss where the feminist venom is coming from, then you really should have included some of the incidents that actually triggered most of this assault.
    1. Male dominated spaced contradict feminist ideology: Actually they don’t. Feminist ideology has very little to do with male dominated spaces. The concerns of the actual movement tend to be more protective than aggressive (i.e. they care more about preventing rape than taking away your down time). I spend a lot of my time in male dominated spaces, which feminists don’t have much issue with at all. What male-dominated spaces contradict (and this does set off a lot of women) is the ideology of heteronormativity. One of the precepts of that ideology is that men inherently need women in order to be valid people (not true), and women inherently need men in order to be valid people (also not true) and thus spaces that exclude one or the other are inherently bad places for people to find validity (Really, really untrue).
    2. They see gaming as a way to shape the next generation of men: Gaming is actually my favorite example of heteronormative culture influencing people. Look for a video game in which a man is able to do something without the urging of a woman (and isn’t an animal). There are very few. Heternormative culture insists that in order to be a valid man you need to have a woman present. Which is problomatic for everyone. The feminist perspective on video game design would be to “give female characters a greater breathe of personality traits”, which doesn’t actually have anything to do with how men see themselves”.
    3. Gaming distracts male attention away from them: Also not a part of the feminist ideologies. A great deal more of them focus on taking male attention away from women (i.e. stop cat calling, don’t judge us based on how we dress, don’t body shame etc.). However there are women who are annoyed by this and in doing so they are supporting (can you guess): Heteronormativity! The idea that men can exist in totally valid spaces without giving any focus to women at all, is very much in contradiction with that principle.
    While you, kids seem to have encountered a large number of heteronormative supporters pretending to be feminists (which is how I’m assuming, this confusion arose), you have high lighted the specific aspects which contradict this greater oppressive structure. Which is most impressive even if you definitions are a bit off. In short, I would like to formally welcome you to the Radical Queer Movement. You should be receiving a package in the mail shortly containing free samples of truvada, a huge number of condoms, an industrial tub of lube and a map indicating all the male dominated spaces you could ever want.

  37. For fucks sake, don’t use #GamerGate to spread your fucking hate. People like you make the rest of us who support it look like sexist/misogynistic pigs, and detracts from actual conversations that could be had.

    1. Bullshit. There is no hate in here!
      Get rid of your feminist brainwash and try use some common sense instead!
      And you may or may not like it but this “enemy” is more dangerous to your future as you might be aware off. So relax for a moment and try to think a bit about it from a much greater perspertive!
      Peace to you anyway 😉
      And i´m in this thing from the very beginning!

    2. By all means we will shut up just so you don’t suffer the unbearable punishment of being labelled a scary Greek word by your man hating enemies.
      Here’s a thought. Maybe you should worry about dudes like yourself spreading ass for feminism than dudes like us spreading some supposed hate.

      1. Firstly, I’m transgender. Secondly, I’m not a feminist; I believe ALL humans should have EQUAL rights, and not be discriminated against for being any gender, race, or sexual orientation.
        I believe that the focus of #GamerGate should be to revolt against corrupt video games journalism, and to show the world that gamers aren’t just “sexist white-cis neckbeards living in their mother’s basement”, not to remove feminism from gaming. This article is using #GamerGate to try & achieve the later, which I find reprehensible.
        There are actual conversations that should be had about political correctness in video games. There IS sexism towards women in video games, though it isn’t as prevalent as the likes of Anita Sarkesian would lead some to believe. There NEEDS to be dialogue with Social Justice Warriors, and there WILL be better games & characters that come of it. However, that doesn’t mean that a game like ZOG’s Nightmare (probably the most hateful, discriminatory, disgusting game in the entire history of video games) shouldn’t exist; with any art-form, you must allow both the beautiful and the horrendously repulsive to exist. When you don’t, you stifle creativity, artistic-freedom, and Freedom of Speech.
        Cutting SJWs out of gaming is like lobbing off an arm because you got a scratch. You’re avoiding the issues presented and simply causing larger ones later down the line. Articles like this detract from the discussions that should be had and result in slinging mud, just like articles stating “all gamers are misogynistic, cis-het, white, neckbearded nerds” do for the opposite side.

        1. Why ? If he can be both a man and woman, why can’t I be both a bull and a man ? Stop discriminating against Transspecies ! I’m getting surgery next monday.

        2. It’s only consider “rude” when you are doing it…not the other way around.
          You have to love how blind they are to it all. It’s considered the “norm” in society, today, so they don’t even see it.

        3. Firstly, you are an abomination.
          Secondly, your irrational desire to distance your self from the worst possible group on the planet… not serial killers, not female pedophiles, but them sexist white cis neckbears… makes you as feminist as they come.
          There is sexism in almost everything… and 51%of it benefits women… but you outraged narcissists would rather worry about tits and ass on a video game character than the criminal justice system where women get off easy. Must be nice.
          Now fuck you and fuck your dumb opinions about gamer gate.

        4. This is sooo not worth my time.. I’ve got YouTube videos to watch & Street Fighter to play. I’ve said my piece; I want humanist neutrality & intellectual discussion, and if you think that makes me feminist, so be it.
          As for calling me an abomination… You, sir, are a dick. I hope whatever god you pray to is as forgiving as I.

        5. Here’s a youtube video you should watch then

          Now fuck you and your bullshit narrative of neutrality and intellectual discussion. You are a goddamn feminist, no matter what you scream through you keyboard.

        6. Because women and men, last time I looked, where the same species. Transspecies is bullshit (feel free to prove me wrong with pictures of your sucessful surgery), transgender is a genuine medical condition and identity.
          Regardless of idealogy, what you said is still incredibly rude and hurtful. And that should be enough to make you question your actions/words if you have any genuine human empathy or kindness left at all. Peace.

        7. How can you descriminate me the way you do !
          What if I say that species are a social construct ?
          How can you say “transspecies is bullshit” with no argument whatsoever ?
          Do you know how many transspecies are being thrown into asylums despite the fact that they’re born this way ?! Centauros, mermaids, satyrs… all of them are labeled as “crazies” because of your intolerance !
          Again, why is that transgender a “genuine identity” and not me ? If biology doesn’t matter, why can’t I be what I want to be?!
          You speciophobic pig, is there any heart left in you ?! Shame on you.

        8. Again, feel free to prove me wrong with pictures of your surgery.
          Species is defined as “animals which can sucessfully mate and produce fertile offspring”.
          Gender is defined as “the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex, sex-based social structures (including gender roles and other social roles), or gender identity.”
          So gender is (in some views) not biological, that’s why biology doesn’t matter. Whereas species in all views is a biological concept, so it does matter.
          But transsexual (sex as in biology) people do exist, and that’s a medical condition, and people have had surgery and fought for their rights to have that recognised, same as anyone else could. When’s your next rally? ChangeIt petition? I’d sign it, if you were actually legit and not just using this to bully transpeople, because you really believe that man and woman are THAT different when they really aren’t.

        9. *shrugs* Assholes will be assholes. Doesn’t help that this is a site dedicated to sexism & Men’s Rights Activists.

  38. Fat boy looser gamers sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew. Pretty manly.

  39. “…where else can these young men blow off steam?” Look what SJWs have done to NFL football. Anymore ESPN NFL Gameday is a bunch of PC sports journalists wringing their hands and moralizing about race or women’s issues. Do they actually think their male audience tunes in to hear that?

  40. You guys are dumb. Actual woman don’t want the games that are “masculine” to stop being “masculine.” We just want some accurate females in the games. Like Zelda for instance. We would like a female lead in Assassin’s Creed, kind of like what Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did with Karliah. She was a woman, but she was a badass and was accurate and everyone loved her. We like to play Halo too, and World of Warcraft, and Borderlands, and Saints Row, and pretty much everything you guys like to play. All we want is more /accurate/ females, not boobs on legs, the men don’t have to change at all.
    Personally, I like political incorrectness. I just don’t understand how you can call something a suit of armor that leaves the stomach, heart, legs, and arms completely exposed. How is that practical?
    What this article has described is more of 10,000 Mom’s bitchy argument against games. Which is not feminism, it’s Soccer Moms that need to chill out.
    Also, it’s time for /most/ of you to grow up, stop being children, and realize that there is no. such. thing. as a gender specific form of entertainment. If you are SO ADVERSE to women being in your video games, there are plenty of video games you can find like that. We’re not asking for those to disappear, we just want some new ones to have bad ass women in them that aren’t boobs on legs with no personality and zero plot point. Understand?

    1. There are plenty of videogames with “well-developed” female characters: Beyond Good & Evil, Shin Megami Tensei, Onimusha, Metal Gear Solid, Star/Warcraft, Knights of the Old Republic, Silent Hill 3, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy, The Fallout games, actually, there was a rather large list of games with such women in them that I can’t track down, but it was rather large. Like in the hundreds.
      Honestly, there’s like what, The PS3/360/Wii, PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast, PSX/N64/Saturn, SNES/Genesis, NES. There’s plenty of games out there for women.
      Also, about the armor thing? It’s not real. It’s fiction. It’s fantasy. Maybe for some reason you can’t hold a man’s interest over digital fantasy women, then perhaps the problem is with “YOU” and not the games they/we play.

    2. I only read garbage. Maybe i filter the voice of you woman now correctly. But it´s just a garbled mess. If your husband can write it again for you maybe i see some sense in it 😉

    3. “We just want some accurate females in the games.”
      Based on current US statistics an accurate depiction of a female character would have the body dimensions of Jabba the Hutt, be unable to lift a weapon, and would be educated in a useless branch of knowledge that would get her killed in a medieval environment.
      Also, “accurate females?” In what is by definition a fantasy environment?
      “If you are SO ADVERSE to women being in your video games, there are plenty of video games you can find like that. We’re not asking for those to disappear…”
      That would be nice if idiot feminists actually managed to close their mouths about how those very games are supposedly “misogynistic”, “not female friendly”, and “non-inclusive.” But women simply do not know when to stop. They cannot handle a male-only space.
      Also, who the fuck is “we” here? You and 40 other women who supposedly don’t have a problem with male-only games? As opposed to the 10,000 Soccer Moms you describe who follow Sarkeesian and Quinn like lemmings and who have a much bigger effect on who buys what? If you support real diversity in gaming, allowing for real male and female characters, then you need to be complaining to militant feminists like the latter two, not us.

      1. Another example of a female bitching about something she sees as “unfair”.
        She doesn’t get it…we don’t give a fuck what she thinks. Not here.

    4. Well bitch, men don’t want practical female characters. We want half naked ones.
      Now can you please stop being a lying cunt about how you don’t want masculine games to stop being masculine… because that’s exactly what you want.

    5. Well bitch, men don’t want practical female characters. We want half naked ones.
      Now can you please stop being a lying cunt about how you don’t want masculine games to stop being masculine… because that’s exactly what you want.

      1. Um, if you NEED half naked characters in the game for it to be interesting and good for you, chances are it’s not a very good game. In Saints Row you have scantly dressed women AND you can still make your character female and kick-ass. There are lots of games where a female character or an option for one won’t be a big deal. Meaning that there can be boobs and something else as well. And if you don’t want to play a female character in Saint’s Row or hopefully if there is one in AC , then just play as a male character, it’s not very difficult, no one is pointing a gun to your head and making you play as a female. If the idea that there can be female characters that aren’t only boobs and butts would turn you off a game, then you pretty much have the mentality of a 12-year-old and are not all that representative of the whole gaming community. To be honest, from all the people I know who game, not one has ever held the opinion that more female characters in games would ruin them. But then again, they aren’t 12.

        1. Don’t “um” me cunt.
          And you don’t NEED to be gaming or playing with a character that isn’t dressed like a slut. I mean if the tits and ass bother you that much maybe you should stick to candy crush.
          See what you cunts don’t understand is that you think you are entitled to tell us what men SHOULD like, but you aren’t.
          Now fuck off.

        2. Tits and ass don’t bother me at all. But same as people aren’t entitled to tell you what you should like, same way you’re not entitled to tell them what they should like. Or what to play. You like butts, they like characters with more depth. Also, calling me a cunt, bravo, really showing off that 12-year-old mentality again, aren’t we 😀

        3. Sorry entitled cunt but when you call someone a 12 year old and they insult you back you don’t get to fling “immature”
          And tits and ass bother you or you would not be here screeching… men don’t NEED…
          Also get it straight. I called you a cunt. The slut guilt is on you.

        4. There is absolutely nothing stopping women from creating women friendly games. Just don’t corrupt men to do it for you.

        5. Аctually when you’re acting immature, you get called immature. It was a response to your ‘waah, I want X, and not Y, because screw you, bitch’ comment. You act like a child and will be treated like one. So I do get to fling around ”immature” in regards to you.

        6. Except that no one believes a word of what you say bitch.
          Not only are you a cunt, but you have proven to be sneaky, deceptive cunt who goes back and changes comments and who also outright lies.

        7. Oh, and also the comment was edited seconds after it was posted, because I did notice I used the wrong word, so it seemed appropriate to use the one you used. Аlso, lie about what? Now go back to calling people bitches, I’m sure it’s the best moment in your day.

        8. Naw.
          I called you out… then you fixed your comment it to appear as though you hadn’t originally made a mistake. Pathological lying cunt.

        9. Yeaaah, the edit function has a purpose, to correct something you didn’t write properly. That in no way makes people liars, it means they take notice of things they didn’t write properly. And please, learn the meaning of ‘pathological’, cause right now not only do you seem like an immature little kid, you seem a bit illiterate .

        10. Oh look the pathological lying cunt is back lying about her abuse of the edit function. Imagine that.

    6. Make your own Assasin’s Creed style game then instead of corrupting the existing one. Start a female games company and hire only females to make games for females. That way you can’t complain about some gender pay gap or whatever feminist issue is in the spotlight at the time.

      1. Or the existing companies could stop pretending like the whole entire thing needs to be a boys club or else women will infest every single console in the land to ruin every attempt at male bonding and just cater to fucking other people other than boys for once godamn.

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