China Will Eat The West

The Current Year in the West is unbalanced and self-destructive. Native Westerners’ demography is in free-fall, families are rare or fragile, the mainstream culture is treacherous and toxic, the power and money have been taken away and given to violent organized anti-male, anti-white groups. Most women and effete blue pills try to ignore or trivialize the situation when they’re not straightly SJWish.

I recently witnessed a leftist soyboy talking for hours to a female “friend” he never fucked and will likely never fuck to pressure her into remaining inside the leftist creed. “Doesn’t matter to be a friendzoned beta wimp, I will pretend I’m someone by acting as a leftist watchdog!” Many whites behave like that. They direct their need for identity and belonging to some version of the blue pill, thus only gaining some semblance of being by contributing to the ignominious fall of their own civilization.

Some women admire us. At another time I saw a self-claimed female “love coach” whose eyes sparkled when I told her I was writing at Return of Kings. “God, at least someone who’s neither left-wing nor an egregious MGTOW!” These kindred feelings, though, tend to remain discrete. Women are natural born conformists and fear getting singled out if they express beyond the “normal” degeneracy cesspool.

Drawing up an exhaustive list of the problems in Current Year West looks like pouring water into the Danaides’ sieve. Parasites who pose as regular people or poor unprivileged abound. White guilt, female narcissism, male conformism—the Current Year is a clusterfuck of problems fostering endless divisions and confusions.

Sometimes you just want to turn the media off

And then there’s China.

In 1816, Napoléon Bonaparte is supposed to have said “let China sleep, for when it will wake up, the world will tremble.” A century later, Lothrop Stoddard wrote in the Rising Tide of Color about China’s cheap labour combined with enormous reserves of iron and coal, then the basis of industry. Later again the French politician Alain Peyrefitte wrote a two-volumes book on China’s potential, followed by a sequel, China has woken up. These men were right.

In Peyrefitte’s words, China has been an “immobile empire” for centuries. It was forced into mobility by English cannons, debilitated by the opium trade, taken over by Communists who killed between 30 and 50 million people in the name of progress, and even then, the Middle Kingdom did come back. In a very short time, this purportedly undeveloped nation managed to become an industrial powerhouse and flood the world with its products.

Sure, many Chinese are working their asses off 14 hours a day in sweatshops. But deep down, they can do so because they are motivated to do so. They aren’t isolated atoms—they still follow traditions that keep female hypergamy in check, and they are part of a mighty empire, like cells who can fully identify to a magnificent higher organism. They do not suffer from the disease that became normal across the West. The Chinese tend to be realistic about leftism, powerful communities, to care about their family and traditions, and they are extremely optimistic about the future of their country.

When we, red-pilled Westerners, tend to struggle individually to get our lives in order and, in the better case, start a family, the numerous Chinese tend to form a homogeneous block who has been expanding in all directions. Since whitey has been leaving Africa, China has steadily taken his place. On the other side of the pond, as Brazil keeps paddling into a typical Latin-American corruption scandal, the Confucian dragon invested more than $30 billion there so that the vast Brazilian fields will keep growing food for the Han instead of feeding their own industry.

China is also heavily involved into the research race. In September, a Beijing lab has held the world’s first quantum intercontinental video call on what is said to be a breakthrough in secure communications. Before that, China had already build a complete quantum communications network between Beijing and Shanghai. Disgruntled CIA and NSA spies will have to shift to another target—for example, their own young commenting the news on Facebook.

China has also embarked on a space race and may take the lead there, in spite of decades of American accumulated advances.

Also, last but not least, China was never hostile to eugenics. Just like their Singaporean cousins, the Chinese constantly tried to improve their stock since they have become aware of it:

A Eugenic Law of 1994 made it compulsory for pregnant women to undergo prenatal diagnosis for the presence of genetic and congenital disorders in the fetus and to have abortions where these disorders have been diagnosed. Chinese physicians and geneticists are much more sympathetic to eugenics than are those in Western democracies. For instance, in a survey of attitudes to eugenic practices carried out from 1994 to 1996, 82 percent of Chinese physicians and geneticists supported the mandatory sterilization of, for example, a single blind woman on public welfare who has already had three blind children by three different men (all absent from the household), as compared with around 5 percent of physicians and geneticists in the Western democracies. (Richard Lynn, Eugenics: a Reassessment, p.41)

The Chinese prove that a high IQ, ethnocultural homogeneity and a strong work ethic can achieve much. Intelligence can be used to succeed in almost any field. No leftism at all is needed to build a flourishing civilization. Leftism looks more like a cancer, feasting on an old man’s barely alive body. China has no real leftism inside, and China wants its place under the sun. Who’s going to prevent it from taking the first place?

Even if we could, I’m not sure we would do so. No one’s motivated to defend the Western world when the West is not Western anymore. Instead, one could drift towards favoring a meritorious people over the degenerate white normies. In Richard Lynn’s words: “I am profoundly thankful for the existence of the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The torch of civilization will pass to them.”

Will the West witness the rise of tradition again, with patriarchal nationalism, identity and a vivid spiritual breath blending into a rejuvenating fountain of youth? Could China’s system crumble due to its own failures? Or will we become “a bemused footnote in the Chinese Encyclopedia of World History”, as Jared Taylor once wrote?

On the other hand, no one is forcing us to buy cheap crap all the time or to die with countries we cannot identify with anymore. The Chinese haven’t been investing in Bitcoin as they were too busy making our clothes. And definitely, we can live on our own, travel, tinker, and build the tribes we need.

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130 thoughts on “China Will Eat The West”

  1. China is pushing the New Silk Road, also called “One Belt, One Road”, or simply Belt and Road. It seeks to connect by rail and highway Shanghai to Tehran to the Mediterranean through Turkey to Russia and ultimately Europe. Trump, despite being a “stable genius”, is marching to the beat of the Deep State, and antagonizing each and every country along that New Silk Road, to include Pakistan.
    The New Silk Road will allow China to trade without threat of the US Navy, as well as push millions of troops into the energy rich Middle East within one week. It will also unite the Asian landmass outside of the control of the Anglosphere.
    The alternative would be for us to build a similar rail and highway system from Britain through Europe, Russia, the Bering Strait, Alaska, Canada and then the Continental US. Partnering with Iran would allow us to block the New Silk Road, leaving our trade route the preeminent artery of trans-global trade.

    1. Russia is against the West. The G.O.A.T. Vladimir Putin would likely send missiles to any foreign entity attempting to construct a road through Russia without his permission. i DON’T Think Putin would want a road from the West so that feminists, trannies, homos, carpet munchers and (((Chinks))) could infect his nation again.

      1. In 1816, Napoléon Bonaparte is supposed to have said “let China sleep, for when it will wake up, the world will tremble.
        Today I would have said, The City of London, & Wall st will tremble ??

    2. Was in China last year, female hypergamy is alive and well. Saw loads of hot Chinese women everywhere taking selfies and posting them on their equivalent of facebook. If fact their smart phones seemed permanently glued to their hands. It’s great writing stories purely based on western media reports, but it ain’t the truth. Difference between Chinese and western women, Chinese female fashion appears based around western hooker outfits, lots of leather look, wet look, and spiked heels.
      Afterthought, they are also building a railway line through Laos and Thailand.

    3. This silk Road project is a negotiation tool for China. It will always be in progress and never complete. Iran has built a port to counter china’s expansionist policy. And now china is building one in the coastal region of Pakistan. These two countries, Iran and china are not in friendly terms cos Iran is closer to china’s rival India. The US Army in Afghanistan has made the region a no entry tag for china. To access central Asia or middle East, you need to have access to either of these countries. As both seem to be lost territories for china, I don’t see how this silk Road could extend to Tehran or middle East.

    1. Napoleon does not approve of you calling us frogs, Brit. How’s the Victorian era going for you Brits and limeys? At least we sent hottest whores to Quebec and Louisiana to out breed the Metis.

      1. Im not a “Brit” fuckwit. The French will always be “Frogs” and Napoleon had a small cock. He was also a cuck and a member of the Tribe.

        1. Napoleon even has a smaller weiner than the Chinks?

        2. Well over 65% of the world drive on the right, which was Napoleon’s patent. Brits drive on the left. Americans and Canadians drive on the right= WIN FOR France and Napoleon.

        3. Finally an article about a successfull country in this leftist globo world and your very useless contribution is just about “the french who will always be the frogs” and… the size of napoleon’s dick ?
          Seriously man, grow up.

      2. NAPOLEAN
        All Quebec people are either Indian half-breeds or Breton hicks that went Indian.
        Its one reason that French people kind of scoff at Louisianans or Quebecois. They are the product of Breton sailors and squaws of ill-repute around the harbors.

    2. We. Will. See.
      Sure as hell Europe will be done as a civilization in 100 years, maybe 50 as Islamic majorities will vote Islamist governments fairly rapidly lol . The European men struggle to marry already with 30 million fairly young Muslims mostly men chasing chicks in Europe and muslim born women being less numerically and only about half as likely to date a non-muslim man. Hahaha what cucks their men are a laughing stock of the world now. Even the Thai men are laughing at them above them since they are far more anti-immigrant so only have tourists fucking the chicks who mostly go back to their Thai men at night. Thai men can at least betabux these hookers, European men only do that via tax. Every Asian country will be above European nations as they are one step away from game over.
      Japan was supposed to dominate the world then it could only catch up after which point the men got lazy and lost focus and went weird and reclusive. Korean men seem to be soy-ing rapidly. When an Asian country gets an issue without a problem to copy from the West they sort of just leave it as with Japanese corporate culture. There was only so far knocking stuff off can take you. They will have high social order but the innovative start-ups, all the big blue sky thinking and thought leadership could even come from some resistance men in Europe or America hidden on the Internet. We haven’t see great innovative stuff come from the most advanced Asian societies like Singapore or Japan so I’d be surprised if they could lead the world intellectually. The elite will not want the west totally destroyed as they are all major investors in it and largely only want the Chinese normal dudes to keep quiet and make stuff

  2. The Chinese middle class has been devouring Canadian real estate for the last ten years and pricing Canadians out of the market.
    In the last 15 years, real estate prices in Vancouver and the GTA have gone up 300-400% while wages increased by 20-30%.
    It’s a win-win for politicians and (((bankers))). Change the demographics, pump billions in foreign capital into the pyramid scheme that is Canada’s economy, and make it financially impossible for hardworking young Canadians to get their own place and start a family.

    1. Canada is a pussywhipped country with no balls to stand up to anyone because of SJW Hate speech laws, feminism and (((anti-racist))) legislation.
      Do you have access to a court document where a Black man, I think was a Pastor, was charged for hate speech for complaining about the cost of living in a city? I think It was Toronto or Montreal, not sure, but he was charged with racial incitement because those Chinks were over-pricing his hood.

        1. Montreal has babes, not Frogs.Half of the population of American men travel to Montreal every year to fuck the exotic 30% part-Metis, 60% part-French, and 10% part-African white Montrealer chick.
          Lots of Parisian chicks in Montreal to do some sexy stuff with, unlike in so-called “Brit” Victorian-era inspired Toronto where men go there to suffer and die under feminist law. Even in limey Britain, chicks are down to fuque and they party very hard there, but I’m not a limey so i cannot vouch that limey chicks are better or not than us Frogs.
          Montreal = 1
          Toronto= 0
          Britain= 1 schilling and a defaced 10 Pound banknote because to hell with “Queen of England” that pute whore!

        2. I just realised you’re a moose fucking frog! Haha, marched with you dudes on a French Commando course with some British Light Infantry, get to fuck loser.

        3. FROG
          French-Canadians are not 30% Indian. Your average French-Canadian might have a 50% chance of having one Indian squaw ancestor in the rural areas but Montreal French are Breton.
          If you are talking about Montreal Haitians as the blacks, these folks have AIDS and often smoke crack. No thanks.

        4. 10% black? what are you talking about?
          Montreal has some okay women. Toronto and Montreal both have some of the best brothels and massage parlours in the world, to be honest.

    2. Chinese middle class able to afford to offer over $1,000,000 on a bungalow in the middle of York/Durham region while parking luxurious $100k+ SUVs on the driveway? It’s even epic in Vancouver where Chinks as young as 19 are buying mansions for $30,000,000 with a newly released Lamborghini to boot! What’s China’s GDP? The last time I checked it was only at barely US$5,000 per capita…Those Chinks coming to Canada are likely criminals using their illicit gains to park in Canada…Chinks are very common that when they launder money, it doesn’t raise eyebrows compared to a 60-year-old mafia member purchasing coffee with a credit card…Those Chinks are really sneaky fuckers.

      1. According to a 2017 Business Insider article, China has 1.6 million millionaires which places it sixth in the world. That’s the middle class I’m talking about (because in my book anyone with a net worth less than one million is working class). But those are just the official figures. Like you said, factor in the criminals and the number of Chinese millionaires is probably closer to 5-10 million.
        The Canadian government is basically laundering Chinese crime money at the expense of Canadians.

        1. Middle class here. In your book, from what wealth level does the upper class start?
          Most of the major West European countries are culpable of laundering illicit Russian money by the billions. I’m not surprised the Chinese are getting a free pass too.

        2. You mean (((Russian))), isn’t it?
          Boris Berezovski, Arcadi Gaydamak (who has been hiding in Israel for years, check his Wikipedia bio), Boris Birnstein, Serguei Rubinstein, Alexandros Kazarian, Alexander Sabadsh, Evsei Agron, Marat Bagalula, Boris Nayfeld, Monya Elson, Semion Mogilevich… The dirty money from Russia has been stolen to the Russians by (((Russians))). Check some of the names.

        3. Dude other figures put china and japan 2 and 3 in the world for number of millionaires.

        4. Only Americans connect class with wealth, the rest of the world associate class with breeding and education. Class ain’t something you can buy.

        5. @Rheinegold
          Today 10 million+ net worth (AKA decamillionaire) is where the upper/ruling class begins as far as I’m concerned. At that point money starts making decent money. At that point you have enough money to have some say in society. At that point, according to statistics, you’re in the top 1%.
          At a paltry 5% you’re pulling half a mil just sitting on your ass. But the ruling class never just “sits on its ass”. They’re gobbling up all the wealth at unprecedented rates while the “middle class” (AKA working class, aka proletariat) is rapidly shrinking.
          To be born a cog (no connections, next to no capital) and work your way up to 10 million net worth in a sensible amount of time (before your late 30s) — or any amount of time for that matter — is almost unheard of unless you’re willing to take huge criminal risks. And anyone who buys those “rags to riches” stories being peddled by the media should stick to watching WWE.

        6. LYSANDER
          East Vancouver is battle ground between Chinese drug cartels and biker gangs. Don’t forget that.
          China is where the heroin comes into North America. If you wanted to see the revenge for the Opium War look no further than all the whites shooting up heroin on the Eastside.

    3. I’ve been saying this to fellow Canadians for years but at best they don’t care, at worst they accuse me of xenophobia and shit… Canadian liberals are completely retarded.
      What’s changing is that now some hardcore liberals that I’ve known for years are starting to change their views hard, but I know it’s only because they realize some people are completely fed up with them, and it has little to do with underlying principles. I think some social-media liberals are starting to realize that when shit hits the fan, they will be on their own. No decent man who’s listened to their bullshit about feminism and equality for the last ten years will have anything left for them.

      1. Only limited changes were made. They still buy plenty.
        Besides, its so easy for a Chink or Indian to get a passport here that it doesn’t matter.
        Your statement was hyperbole and basically a lie.

      2. An expat can still buy a farm in Vanuatu which was once a NZ territory. It’s still one of the best expat destinations with the lowest prison population per capita of any country and one of the few non interpol member countries.

    4. Same thing in Australia. They by apartments as investment properties and don’t even rent them out to locals. Rents in turn have gone up as well.
      Last year there was a march in Melbourne, protesting about foreign investment in real estate. Antifa turned up to fight the racist normal people who can no longer afford to buy a house to live in their own country. What a bunch of cunts.

  3. That’t what happen when you have a unified society !
    not the ones that hate themselves and their won people….no room for traitors if you want to build a strong economical and societal country.
    And the funny thing is no one from the left calling China or Japan a racist country ( which is not racist at all ! ) …only whites can be racists.

  4. If Chinese are going to rule the world because of the assumption that they’re smart, then why are they causing asset bubbles in real estate in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Portland, San Diego and Los Angeles?
    Why are we welcoming Chinks of questionable sources of income? If you think America or Canada is free try depositing or withdrawing over a certain limit at your financial institution without being put on some list.
    But these Chinks can launder their ill gotten gains in real estate and if any white male points that out, he’s labelled a xenophobe, racist and sexist if he’s questioning the income of that 19-year-old Vancouver “student” who purchased a 30 MILLION dollar mansion in the Richmond, BC area.
    Get these fucking Chinks out of all other countries other than China! In China, foreigners are banned from owning land, but Western countries are stupid enough to allow a locust plague of chinks to cause real estate bubbles in USA and Canada.

    1. With money its easy to launder abroad for everybody since nobody ever checks where foreigners get money in any country. My brothers good friend made over 4 million dollars in a bitcoin fund from 10k, his friend who runs it is the same age ( 23 ) and has in excess of 40 million dollars. Where is he living? Nicaragua
      These dudes are buying resorts and hotels in Asia and does anybody ask them where its from? so long as it clears they give no fucks.
      None of these dudes will ever pay a penny on it and hence they keep it abroad don’t pretend we will in a different world.

      1. Asian countries don’t let foreigners buy property. ‘These dudes’ most certainly aren’t buying resorts and hotels in Asia ….. although they may be allowed to invest in minority shares until the local government has it all off them.

  5. Interesting. Rice for thought. On the other hand, they steal western technology, or buy it from corrupt Presidents. So I have doubts about their research and ambitions. Overreach has always been the hall mark of dictatorships. Their products are crap. And they have a female shortage, created by their idiotic notions of eugenics. Who are already showing signs of liberal cancer.
    But are they a growing problem? Yes. If the CIA is looking for a weapon to unleash upon the yellow peril, they can just do what they are accused of doing in this country; flood the market with crack and crystal.
    Too bad George Soros would never let them though. Because one thing China is not, is a beacon of civilization or hope, as we conceive of it.

        1. David,
          Couldn’t buy ‘egg rolls’ anywhere I looked in Hunan province or anything that tasted like Chinese takeaway food. Thinking what we buy isn’t really Chinese food, same as what we buy isn’t really Indian food.

      1. they stole from us…zzzzzzz never heard that one before…. give us chinks gun powder back and keep the iPhones.

  6. Soras is a member of the tribe, if the tribe thinks they got the Chinese where they want them…hahahahaha

  7. France and USA began modernizing Chinese industry in the nineteen seventies. Not that it matters. The Chinese have made good on it. What has the USA done with it’s industry?
    Exported these to Taiwan, Mexico, and China.
    Today in USA, if you are a pervert, minority, or a whore, your rights are precious. If you are a single white man working hard, paying taxes, law abiding, you may have no rights.
    When an ass clown like Barak Obama can serve two terms as President;
    When a draft dodging, drug smuggling, murderous man like Bill Clinton can serve two terms as President;
    When the descendent of a crooked family can serve two terms as President George W. Bush);
    When the nations intelligence agency, the C.I.A., can spy on citizens and smuggle grugs world wide, not to mention wage private wars AND tell the President what to do;
    When police AND courts can ignore an individual’s Constitutional rights without being held to account for it;
    When Rockefellers and Rothchilds can manipulate the economy and print the money of the USA, despite this being unconstitutional and treasonous;
    When George Soros can foment unrest and rebellion, buy a major political party, and threaten to do more of the same, and nothing is done about it;
    I say the West can’t fall fast enough.
    There are no men left to defend it, rule it, ensure justice.
    No one is minding the store.

    1. There’s always men to defend, that’s kind of our job, the problem is not that many men, or women, want to nut up. Everyone is in a spiral of greed and comfort. Tell me, what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to face? Slow internet? One buck short on your Big Mac? Girl blows you out?

      1. Receiving threats from Antifa in Portland for waiting outside an anticipated Return of Kings meetup. Unfortunately gun laws in Oregon are a colder version of commiefornia. I think it’s fair game to react with a closed carry if they threatened me with a knife, but fuck Oregon and their libtard bullshit.

      2. SOXMIS
        First things 1st.
        I don’t answer to anybody. Not that you deserve it, but this one time I’ll respond to your annoyance.
        Regardless of the times I fought for my life, successfully defended myself against all odds, in places near and far….
        The hardest thing I do is tolerate the existence of antogonistic shit like you.
        All else pales in comparison.
        Have a good day loser!

    2. You have NO rights if you’re a blue collar white man. Even white feminists despise white men that they end up having sex with homeless men on top of garbage in Italy.

      1. How does one do that with women of such class?
        Nevermind, I really don’t want to know. Really I don’t. I’m trying to hold down breakfast.

  8. They also eat d0gs and c3ts. They’re a m3ntally 1ll s0ciety that would h9rm p3ts like that. These Chnks own million dollar m9nsions in Vancouv3r, Tor0nto and NYC, but they e9t d0gs. You can take the p9g out of the g0tter, but you will never take the g0tter out of the p9g…Ch1nks are always gonna ch1nk and eat d0gs.

    1. And the frogs eat , well frogs! Have you ever worked in a slaughterhouse? I have, now I dont eat meat, not because of my experience in an abattoir mind (which I have), but simply because when you smell burning human flesh and it makes your mouth water, or when you pull a human baby’s arm out of frozon mud and it comes off easier than a KFC chicken leg, it makes you want to vomit when presented with meat. It’s okay to eat some kinds of animals I suppose, but not others?

  9. If China has advanced quantum computing, maybe that is the reason why they dont invest in bitcoin (as the article states) although they have huge cryptocurrencyfarms in China.

    1. Do you even know what the fuck you are talking about, come show me a bitcoin, in person, and I might take you seriously.

      1. I dont think you know what I am talking about. Quantum computing is a huge massive dose of computing power and will only get more powerful. Its like using modern computing to decode the German ww2 Enigma Machine. Heck, a smart phone has the computing power to decode the Enigma Machine.
        Now do you get what I am getting at?

  10. Just so you know, I love dogs and hate the idea of any harm to man’s best friend (and they are), but I have friends who are Hindus and Sikhs (the best Royal Marine I ever met) who think eating cows is the lowest of the low.

  11. How about “The Tribe” or Muslims with a bit of bacon? By the way, human meat, when cooked inside an APC, smells just like it.

    1. mark me down fucker, just gave myself a down thumb, what the fuck do you know? Nut up, or shut up

  12. Chicks are needle dick pussies. Unlike the cuck nation of Canada and most of the states, my neighborhood takes action when a non-welcome family attempts to move in. Keyword. Attempts.

  13. Just had my 2nd comment deleted in 2 days, and just when I thought others making claims of deleted posts were exaggerating or that they must have said something pretty bad. Can a mod explain, or shall I bring my participation here to a grinding halt?

  14. China will get old before it will eat anything. The one-child “policy” is its doom. Also, everyone was saying the same thing about Japan in the 1980s.

    1. Sorry Dave, that policy is being phased out. And that policy resulted in a massive surplus of males that has fueled anger and will provide cannon fodder for a massive fighting force. And comparing China to Japan — well there is no comparison. None at all.

      1. I have read that there are 115 males for every 100 females in China, which has 1.3 billion people. A “massive fighting force” indeed. In a conventional land war, China would be unstoppable. Air and Naval battles would be a different story, however.

        1. I actually think we should only be considering the number of attractive women available in a country, rather than the ‘gross’ number of women. Because let’s face it, nobody in their right mind would want to have sex with most white western women in the USA or UK. Once we statr thinking ‘attractive’, I’m betting China would have a far higher percentage I’d WTB, than my home country.
          I’d rather go ‘incel’ than ‘fat lesbian SJW’.

    2. So their birth rate is 1.0 (or less)?
      They must have a bigger demographic problem than Italy!
      But they don’t. Their population is going up. How does that work?
      Is the one child policy a hoax? Is it only implemented partially? Are they bullshitting us? What’s the truth here?

      1. The one child policy was only ever for city dwellers, out in the boonies thay could have as many as they wanted.

      2. the birth rate droppes from like ten per women to about 2. its now mostly dropped ie you are allowed 2 if both parents are only children.

  15. Bravo Andre. Brilliant article that shows wisdom and a clear view from 50,000 ft. I have come to this conclusion as well, when taking all factors into account. Sadly, the gents over at Chateau Heartiste and Rollo at Rational Male are stunted, still hoping and praying that game and red pill-awareness, if just spread enough will usher in a Renaissance. “Just keep taking higher and higher doses of that red pill gents! Submissive chicks and Pussy is just around the corner!”
    China is preparing for a full-blown military confrontation with the United States in order to reclaim her place in history as the undisputed super power. She senses our weakness and disunity. I couldn’t cite the reasons any better than you. You hit on all of them, including how we are divided and diluted and Balkanized. And to you young bucks and Patriots here, it doesn’t matter that they may be devastated themselves and we might win. Mass destruction and millions of people will perish – maybe hundreds of millions. If either country senses they are losing and facing imminent collapse, they will fire off the nukes.
    There is no guarantee the US will survive in its present state when the time comes. Always remember that Mexico was “neutral” during WWII; They are NOT an ally. They will likely take control of areas in the south, de jure, if the US is exhausted and depleted. I wouldn’t waste time trying to “take back America”; it is too far gone. Instead prep for survival and if necessary relocation to places where your tribe has an overwhelming majority.

      Great comment.
      I don’t read the writers and blogs you mention, but game and degeneracy is not enough to MAGA!
      And the USA is not united. Nor do those at the proverbial top give a shit about the direction this country is headed or its demise.
      The main reason the USA entered WWI is not because Americans remembered the Lusitania.
      A cable from Germany to Mexico was intercepted. I don’t recall if the year was 1916 or 1917.
      Basically, the Germans offered to help Mexico take back the territory it lost to the USA in 1848, in exchange for Mexico’s help in WWI.
      I hope you do well, no matter what happens.
      And I like your comment. It’s great.

      1. Mexico was in the middle of a revolution. They were too busy fighting amongst themselves to declare war on the USA.

    2. Mexico was not neutral in WWII. It fought the Japanese along with you in the Phillipines. Just look at Squadron 201.
      Do not forget about the tens of thousands Mexican Americans like myself that have enlisted in your armed forced since the Civil War.
      What does Mexico have to do with China anyway?

  16. There are good points here, but I believe that the Chinese IQ is overstated. There are plenty of dimwits and degenerates in Mainland.
    Also, when it comes to hypergamy, many of you here may benefit from it with easy lays being White men, but that doesn’t mean that the hypergamy doesn’t exist, just that it benefits you. Give them a taste of the West and they can become hypersluts (once again, may benefit you for easy lays, but not for family and grassroots family building). I will say that Chinese women are generally more attractive on average in the big cities, and more pleasant to be around, but that notion is subjective to a degree.
    It must also be noted that with China rising, costs of manufacturing there are increasing, so some of the industrial base is moving to nearby Southeast Asian countries.

    1. Even the high IQ Chinese are not very effective. They are too conformist and bookish. I worked with a couple of Chinese Berkeley grads (Engineering and CS) recently and was astonished by their inflexibility and rigidly bookish thinking. I whipped their azzes

      1. Their AVERAGE IQ is maybe 2 or 3 points higher than whites. We include all our morons in the averages. They don’t.
        The averages are PRACTICALLY the same.
        We have the long tail towards 200 IQ that they don’t. Geniuses are the brains of a race, and the white race has most of the geniuses.
        Lothropp Stoddard wrote a book about this.

  17. China will self-destruct. It has been doing that regularly for the past 4000 years. The guys running the show there are the same guys that oversaw the last self-destruction under Chairman Mao 40-50 years ago.

    1. Maybe BUT the west will self-destruct more and thus the west will relatively be weaker and border on civil war in the future. China also needs to remember that when you have the opponent under foot you show no mercy and finish the job or china may find itself in the same position as the others. Europe is becoming the next Gaza strip or Morocco and yet it held the world in its hands only a few years earlier.
      Asians must never let women lead. If women decide who they mate with you can lose all chances to breed and die out where you will always mate with your own women and thus they lose nothing if you lead society. They may decide that the men should just betabux through taxation and then fuck the alpha white or black guys so the asian men would finish. European men died because they were too weak to lead the women and deserved to be bred out. Asian men need to lead the women and understand the natural order which survives is for the women to be under the men and then you get the fixed female fertility and can chance it with other women outside your tribe in that extra variable component of male fertility. Where as if you let them breed out your genetic lines finish and you only get the few women you manage to take from other groups and you die as per european men example.

    2. China’s self-destruction is what fuels its rebirth. Each time a dynasty dies its absorbs a few more barbarian tribes, sometimes it’s the barbarians who take over China and become Chinese. In any case China gets larger.
      There is really nothing unique to Chinese culture other than Chinese writing and their secular religion of patriarchy.

    3. Of the ten biggest loses of life in history, four have been in China. A rebellion during the Tang Dynasty cost China half its population. Other disasters include the Civil War, etc.

  18. The worst mistake America made was giving women the right to vote. It is obvious that they don’t have the ability to make good decisions

    1. Allowing females to vote was the 2nd worst mistake.
      1st was participating in the African slave trade.

    2. Puddle & Automatic are 100% correct. Both were the top two worst things the United States did and set the stage for her eventual fall. African-Americans and even immigrants will always be able to cudgel whites with that fact, and whites will always be considered racist and priviledged. That stain will never wash, even for white immigrants like my family who entered the US in the late 1800s and had nothing at all to do with slavery. And the woman vote lead to unleashed hypergamy the source of all our ills aside from wretched race relations.

    3. Thats the end in any civilization that does this. Its actually simple maths as men in a tribe will always choose to breed up their women and thus both hte men and women pass on their genes where when the women get to lead they may choose to get bred up by men outside the tribe and the men then only get hte few women they can take from outside their tribe and thus the tribe dies out as it was too weak to survive. European men fall into this category pretty obviously and thus don’t deserve to survive and will not.
      The natural order has women under men and the different reproductive systems means that the opposite destroys the mens chances to reproduce. Women lie to be looked after and to see them lead as in the west is awful as their brains are too emotional and they don’t see mathematical type trends that the men see. The cucking strategy they are designed to try then goes overboard and the society gets bred out as per europe. Its against the natural order of man.

  19. we. will. see.
    Sure as hell Europe will be done as a civilization in 100 years, maybe 50 as Islamic majorities will vote Islamist governments fairly rapidly lol . The European men struggle to marry already with 30 million fairly young Muslims mostly men chasing chicks in Europe and muslim born women being less numerically and only about half as likely to date a non-muslim man. Hahaha what cucks their men are a laughing stock of the world now. Even the Thai men are laughing at them above them since they are far more anti-immigrant so only have tourists fucking the chicks who mostly go back to their Thai men at night. Thai men can at least betabux these hookers, European men only do that via tax. Every Asian country will be above European nations as they are one step away from game over.
    Japan was supposed to dominate the world then it could only catch up after which point the men got lazy and lost focus and went weird and reclusive. Korean men seem to be soy-ing rapidly. When an Asian country gets an issue without a problem to copy from the West they sort of just leave it as with Japanese corporate culture. There was only so far knocking stuff off can take you. They will have high social order but the innovative start-ups, all the big blue sky thinking and thought leadership could even come from some resistance men in Europe or America hidden on the Internet. We haven’t see great innovative stuff come from the most advanced Asian societies like Singapore or Japan so I’d be surprised if they could lead the world intellectually. The elite will not want the west totally destroyed as they are all major investors in it and largely only want the Chinese normal dudes to keep quiet and make stuff .

      1. Europe can actually Islamize far faster than at present if Turkey stops maintaining its border or if Turkey joins the EU. Once several million white women marry Turks the poor white men will convert rapidly to access wives.
        The Islamic migration even those who believe that the higher-end estimates are overkill forget that history has shown this migration to grow exponentially as more the more there are, the more looking to pull others in. The biggest trick the left ever played was denying the existence of the slippery slope.

        1. Even the higher end estimates assume that migration continues as it has been and are thus really lower estimates as it actually grows each year rather than plateaus so those estimates are underestimates

        2. could europe fall quickly? thats a good article title. Sex starved men converting after wives gone. To be honest when i look at how weak germanic men are I realize they perhaps deserve their wives to be taken as happened to the french men last generation.

  20. Vancouver’s heroin crisis and gang violence is due to Chinese. In the 1950’s it was a quite British immigrant community.
    Then the Chinese showed up and brought heroin which drew US and East Coast junkies to Vancouver.
    Then came gang wars.

    Visit Philippines to see what happens when Chinese run an economy. Meth factories bubble everywhere and tweakers roam the roads. No minimum wage. Politicians horrendously corrupt. A few old Spanish Mestizo families hide behind walls on their Hacienda. No trickle-down to the peasants (Malays).
    A Chinese-owned economy is beautiful.
    To some degree Indians offset this in places like Singapore or Malaysia but the Philippines is a Chinese-owned oligarchy.

  22. In War, defense is mush easier than offense. Similarly, for rising powers, the catching up is the easy bit. Now, pulling ahead, then staying ahead and finally become dominant is a different ball game altogether. That may happen when the existing dominant power screws up on its own. If China can catch up by copying our technology and ideas, once they attain parity and pull ahead, we can do the same and keep up. It is the homos, feminists and socialists, that are the ones who can irrevocably mess things up for America that we may become so pussified that we wont be even be able to keep up for a China that has gotten ahead.

  23. China is NOT the future… merely a device to destroy the West. Not many people understand (((who actually runs Asia))) and why all these supposed geniuses live in abject squalor stacked on top of each other. Without the West as a source of creativity and reason the entire Asian world will eat itself up in a matter of decades.,, in fact that is the plan. Right now it’s entertaining to have jungle Asians standing at sewing machines for 36 hours at a stretch.. but soon the MAJORITY of workers will be utterly useless! The the cull for then begins.

    1. Let’s not forget that Kissinger has expressed the need for China to play a bigger role in the NWO. Interesting to see the claims of what used to be called ‘conspiracy theory’ suddenly coming into fruitition! Still no one here seems to accept there is an agenda to destroy all cultures to bring in one new culture, the NWO culture, we’re all for the chopping board, surplus to requirements. I think it was David Icke who said. twenty years ago, that America would be used as muscle to bring the world into line and then China would take the reins to bring in the next step. But China too will be discarded once it has completed it’s job. Im acused of being a loser, I cant see how that is possible when I have nothing to lose, no wealth for the banks to take. No care for posessions or relationships, no desire for notches anymore, at my age and with my mileage just waking up in the morning is a bonus. But you young guys better wisen up, and double time, stop focusing on micro issues and put all your efforts into the overall agenda. It’s real and you are it’s target, still waiting for one of the authors here to expose it. You cannot fight a war if you’re not aware you are at war, you cannot pick a target when you dont know who your enemy is, and you cannot prepare for a future if someone has already designed that you have no future.

    2. Innovation advantages only exist whilst they adhere to corporate business rules and subscribe to international IP conventions around patents, trade secrets, copyright ect. If they don’t acknowledge patents or software copyright can the west stay ahead of them without the levels of social order it currently maintains vs their high social order? If they just make iphones running iosx and don’t pay for or care for liscences then the west loses its advantage. You forget the west can lose its advantages as they rely on this paradigm being upheld by other countries which currently only chooses to do so as they have this niche around manufacturing as that gives them their desired growth rates. Will they still want all this IP money going to the west in 50 years since the west owns all of that IP? lol African nations aren’t involved in signing these rules or conventions as they rather allow all drugs to be made generically and Asians only do whilst it still suits. them. The west can lose its IP advantage at that point.

  24. I disagree with most of what’s written in this article.
    Fact 1: China is getting old. In 20 years, its demography will be as old as Europe.
    Fact 2: China has no oil or sufficient raw materials. Without its own fleet, it’s screwed.
    Fact 3: Its neighbors hate it and will do everything in their power to fuck with them. Yes, I’m talking about Japan.
    Fact 3: China’s money is running out of China. It’s your choice to look at the rats jumping overboard and tell yourself “They just don’t have class…” Ignore the rats at your own peril.

  25. I’ve heard the drumbeat of the 21st Century is going to be the Tiger Century and that China/Asia/Japan/Asia/India/Asia/China again is going to overtake the West. This has been steady since the 1980’s when it started as a “warning” because of the trade deficit (which really doesn’t matter by the way as long as the chumps on the other end keep on sending you plastic crap on credit).
    Well, it is now 2018 almost 1/5 into the 21st Century and no huge Asian takeover. In fact the Asian economies are growing increasingly weaker by the year. Japan is going to suffer population suicide in 50 years. China is about to implode. India is overpopulated and the West is no longer interested in using their cheap human capital to run outsourced operations. So, how exactly are they going to take us over?
    I’m not saying the West doesn’t have a lot of hurdles for the future. We have plenty. But, we are much better situated for what is going to come then Asia is currently. China stripped their natural resources bare to construct a paper tiger economy. A country can only do that once and it didn’t work in their case. Their options are 1) implode, declare bankruptcy, deflate to a manageable size or 2) invade Russia for more resources. Fortunately for us, at least here in the US, we just sat back and let them do it while watching our fancy new flat screen televisions and unnecessarily upgrading out pocket computers every 12 months while their workers are committing suicide to provide us with these devices. Here in the US we still have (at least as of now) untapped natural resources and a big old empty country full of land of opportunity. China has empty cities and a population that is only under control because they are a society used to being run by the keepers of the gulag.
    Once we deal with the cancer that is liberalism and globalism, the US is actually sitting pretty. And for everyone that mocks Trump I think he is one of the few that realize the unwashed hordes are going to be coming for the goodies sooner rather then later and we need to do something about immigration now. People in CA are really going to like that wall when the food starts running out in all those Central/South American banana republics.

    1. JEFF
      “Take us over”
      The average person in China does not want to immigrate to Detroit. If I told a businessman in HK he could have a job managing property in Detroit and raising his kids there he would decline.
      Indians are adept technocrats and some of them manage to even start businesses in the US but for the most part none of them want to live in Detroit. The average middle to high-caste Indian wants to make his money and leave Silicone Valley.
      As for the Latinos, this is a problem of white supremacy-Spanish style. The Mexicans that look like Charlie Sheen do not want to give shit to the ones that look like Danny Trejo. Somehow Catholicism is softer on racial issues than Protestantism and the Red Man vs White Man conflict was one in the bedroom whereby Spanish administrators imported white Spanish women and the average soldier screwed Indian girls until a vast Mestizo class existed between the Charlie Sheen types and the Indians.

  26. China’s New Silk Road will turn the US into a regional power at best. But, still quite a region – North and South America. That said, i’ve Read the New Silk Road will connect something like 75% of global GDP. The whole of inner Asia will be enriched and, of course, China. Will the US go to war to stop this? Probably. And then there is Russia, with a larger and more modern arsenal of nuclear weapons, plus, I’ve been told that the S 500, I believe, SAM can intercept ICBMs, so, Putin already has a missile shield. Russia and China are for now together versus the US. That said, let’s say there is a war…China/Russia wins and then its China vs Russia at some point.
    You fucking liberals this is what happens when you kill the West!

    1. The thing is, S500 exists only on paper, not in mass production. Russians cant blow sh1t out of the sky aside from their own airplanes falling apart or being bombed by ISIS wooden UAV’s.
      China isnt Russia’s ally, they are buying up land in Russia’s east and flooding cities with chinese peoeple. More like China eating Russia rather than being allies.

  27. Rich Chinese are moving the money from the Yuan to other currencies. The PROC Gov makes US companies sign agreements to voluntarily share their patents with China. All research and development is based on copies and stealing.Their economy is central controlled. The ‘have not’s far outweigh the “have’s. Take at look at Japan. Back in the 80’s “Japan Inc” was going to take over the world. They bought everything, because the Yen was so strong. Everyone was saying the same thing then as they do today, until it all crashed in 1992. and they’ve been in a recession ever since. At least they transitioned to inventing their own stuff. yet they still crashed. Why? because they like china employ rigid controls over their currency, economy, and industry. But unlike Japan, China has 100’s millions of citizens still living in the 3rd world….how long do you think that will last when China continues to get richer. Remember, China with all its might still let a little island nation with a capable Navy control its whole country and engage in the largest drug dealing operation ever in the history of the world.

  28. Bollocks, thirty years ago they were saying the same things about Japan. Look what happened – herbivore men.

    1. Oh they do Alfred, the ex pats here would make you want to vomit. The Chinese at least know that milking the fuckers for what they want and ignoring the shite they preach is the best approach.

    2. Asians could never go beyond chopsticks technologically without copying. that however is their specialty. Remember they can also take the best white men to work over there on visas and as the west falls they will increasingly only take the very best cream from europe as it falls. For many white men asia has become the new dream. We all know they have a lot to offer these nerds …

  29. China will eat itself
    because it IS the West
    if anything happens to
    The West, there goes
    their manufacturing
    sector and the stability
    that comes with influx
    of Trillions from the West.

    1. They can outgrow the west on some levels and then take a few white men to get creativity, even only a million or so. White women are junk grade thinkers who arent worth taking as they have enough folk who can work as middle managers already.

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