How The Toronto Media Is Enabling Lies Aimed At Roosh’s World Tour

With his Toronto lecture looming this weekend, the local media has rabidly denounced ROK publisher Roosh Valizadeh in dozens of television news stories, radio excerpts and print articles. His defiant Montreal speech, as you know, was met with unprecedented fury from SJWs, before, during and after the event.

The misinformation and defamatory statements spread by Toronto media outlets are shaping up to be even more ad hominem, nasty, and violence-condoning than anything in Quebec.

As covered meticulously on ROK so far, feminists have resorted to false rape threat allegations, physical threats ([1] [2] plus more) and other intimidation tactics to try and shut down, futilely, Roosh’s right to free speech. The Toronto media will continue to assist them, and here are three of the most egregious examples of “journalistic” bias against him in recent days.

“Psychology” 101 with “tabloid psychologist” Dr. Oren Amitay

Being a professional media consultant in addition to practicing psychology, Oren Amitay benefits from quick, unconsidered “appraisals” of people. It is a serious conflict of interest.

In 2012, Roosh wrote an article on his personal website entitled “14 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosh”. In it, he revealed things such as having schoolyard fights he lost and that most of his life is boring. With seemingly all the data of a 20-year field study involving ten Nobel laureates, City News took this information to Dr. Oren Amitay, who proceeded to almost psychoanalyze him (despite being a psychologist) based on several lines of Roosh’s writing at a time.

In relation to having had schoolyard fights, Amitay opines that “this is someone that,” as if juvenile Roosh from two to three decades ago can somehow be conflated with the 36-year-old Roosh of today. Considering that probably a third to over half of all children have lost several or more schoolyard “fights” (usually just a few punches involving scratches and tears), it is startling that Dr. Amitay isn’t called upon every day to render a new quasi-diagnosis for anyone disliked by SJWs.

I am also surprised that this “professional” didn’t equate one-year-old Roosh soiling his diapers with a probable interest in scatology in 2015. That’s honestly how far back and how desperately Amitay is trying to dig to promote himself.

What’s interesting about Oren Amitay is that he’s a registered psychologist and a media consultant. Instead of a considered, clinical setting in which to ascribe concepts, motives and characteristics to people, Amitay has made these pronouncements without ever having met Roosh, “safeguarding” himself by inserting occasional words and phrases such as “possibility” and “if this is true.”

In fact, as a media consultant, it is entirely in Amitay’s interest to have quick, less than three minute interviews with his name attached so he can “diagnose” strangers, which seems more like a pickup artist cold reading a girl in a bar than anything resembling a scientific process. There’s a reason why psychologists aren’t usually media consultants.

Glenn Pelletier and the white knight rat race

Super white knight Glenn Pelletier gave Shannon Dea an unmitigated platform to defame and misrepresent Roosh, plus allowed her to claim without contestation that “all the statistics” in society favor men.

Filling in on The Eric Drozd Show, Glenn Pelletier interviewed Shannon Dea, Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Waterloo. Amidst a fusillade of explicit and implicit bogus accusations that Roosh glorifies violence against women, Dea spouted the usual feminist fanfare to Pelletier, namely that “all the statistics” favor men. She conveniently forgot, of course, that men represent the majority of both homicide victims and non-fatal assault victims, commit suicide at four times the rate of women, and get paid less in their 20s now than women of the same age.

A recurring theme of the vitriol against Roosh has been the lustful willingness of submissive men to chase after and vilify Roosh for women, from the pack of males backing up Jessica Lelievre’s violent mob “leadership” to the manginas supporting “rape culture” protests. Pelletier fulfilled this obligation on Wednesday, gleefully lapping up the “good doggy” patting of Dea for “supporting women.”

He didn’t mention that the mob that attacked, tried to attack again, and then falsely imprisoned Roosh and his companions after his lecture, or bring up any of the litany of violent threats against him throughout Twitter and other mediums.

Only regurgitating Roosh’s reasons not to date American women (without trying to counter them) and flogging their already dead horse, his February 2015 article, Pelletier and Dea were unable to paint any picture of the wider philosophy Roosh has created: self-improvement, male self-respect and challenging the cultural status quo.

If pressed to say what they know about Roosh, Pelletier’s audience would be clutching at straws, and very mangled ones at that.

Toronto’s CTV News falsely claimed SJWs forced the cancellation of the Montreal lecture

No fact-checking, no impartiality, no balance.

Deprived of the attention they crave, SJW Twitter fiends went into overdrive over the weekend and afterwards, claiming that the Montreal event never took place (then what’s this?). Abandoning any semblance of journalistic rigor, CTV News took these bizarre feminist divinations at face value and falsely claimed that Roosh was forced to cancel his lecture.

Not only has the media in Montreal and Toronto largely sided with SJWs, they have resorted to using them as supposedly impartial sources of information and gospel truth. After all, as newsmen and women, what’s the point of presenting a balanced and truthful account of an escalating controversy if you thoroughly despise the person you’re reporting about?

Condoning hate

With the Toronto economy struggling, Mayor John Tory has welcomed any opportunity to distract attention away from the pressing municipal problems he should be solving. He is the Mayor of Toronto, not the police or the federal or provincial government.

The problem is that by being continually silent about the mob mentality of SJWs, aside from finding it humorous, and the flurry of threats directed at Roosh over weeks, Toronto media outlets, like their Montreal counterparts, are giving carte blanche to the anti-social, dangerous and militantly fascistic behavior of feminists.

The political climate in Canda is so antithetical to his safety that Roosh has been forced to find six venues for Toronto (as of writing) and hire bodyguards. This underscores the ridiculous low to which Canadian free speech, freedom of expression, and political dialogues have fallen.

Should anything happen to Roosh, we can lay much of the blame on the Montreal and now Toronto media.

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165 thoughts on “How The Toronto Media Is Enabling Lies Aimed At Roosh’s World Tour”

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing, but you guys should not have revealed your winning strategy in Montreal until you were also finished with Toronto.

    1. yeah I hope revealing all your tactics and strategy you used in Montreal won’t be a detriment. Toronto is 10 times worse with some of the worst women and radical feminists and SJW types around.

  2. Keep fighting the good fight. We’re all with you. Don’t take this shit from these swine. Just remember how easy they caved in montreal.

    1. While a significant minority of Torontonians are of the Leftist variety, most simply don’t pay much attention to the typical bullsh*t coming from the media. A significant minority know it’s garbage. Rest assured, the average Canadian is not really being represented by the shills in media, politics, education, etc.

      1. I’m not living in Canada, but I hope what you say is true. It gives me hope in humanity.

        1. I would agree with that assessment. Most of us tune out the media non-sense. The leftist ideologues are just so loud and obnoxious that they get a lot of attention. The look goofy to the majority of people.

  3. Put on the event, hiring bodyguards was a smart choice, and keep outplaying them with chess while these losers play checkers.

      1. That, and a Kevlar vest for Roosh. You’ll never know whether some indoctrinated SJW/white knight takes it to the next level.

        1. Like that psycho guy who shot up the family research council in Washington DC because the SPLC labelled them a “hate group”.
          The SJWs can literally be inspired to shoot and kill people as long as some other leftist nutjob accuses them of “hate.” In their mind violence and murder are justified to end “hate.”

  4. Somehow I’m still surprised at the ridiculous reaction Roosh is getting from Canada. Even tho I see this kind of shit almost every day.
    People I’ve known for years are posting about Roosh on FB that he’s a racist/woman hater etc. and the utter lack of critical thought from the general public still has me shocked, and I have a low opinion of humans to begin with.
    I think you’re right about this kind of non-sense being shared to distract Torontonians from the very real economic challenges we are facing. But you’d be amazed at how casually many people here accept poverty, debt, and an utter hopelessness at being able to raise a family or begin an industrious career.
    So long as they can smoke pot and live off the tax payer, they seem more or less happy in their delusional worlds.

        1. It looks good on the outside but dig deeper and we have big problems especially now the price of coal is down. I was referring more to the how Canadian think, sounds very similar to over here.

        2. Commodity prices are down, and China is not growing like it use to, so there is not the same demand for iron ore.

    1. clark, any of us on americans on here would sponsor you for citizenship to escape that sinking ship. cheers man.

        1. lol good point. maybe a black-hole analogy is better… canada’s beyond the event horizon… america’s almost there.

    2. Western society is one of the most conformist and standardized societies to have ever existed. The lack of thought outside of mainstream media and Hollywood cliches condemns inhabitants of Western society to the same mass ignorance.

    3. Living in Toronto is like living in a religious theocracy. Except instead of Catholicism or Islam its political correctness which is enforced.
      Roosh giving a politically incorrect speech in Toronto is like someone giving an anti-muhammed speech in Tehran. If you go against the state religion you’re going to get opposition.

      1. I wonder how Sweden would react if Roosh were to give a speech in Stockholm. I guess it depends on whether he identifies as a Muslim. If so, the Swedes will roll out the red carpet for him, and receive him with full state honours. They might even offer him a few of those Swedish blondes.

        1. The Swedish government is completely rogue. They have turned against the Swedish people. Government policy is to import people from some of the worst places in the world and turn them loose on Swedish society.
          Recently some African asylum seekers that the Swedish government brought into the country stabbed a Swedish mother and her son to death inside an IKEA.
          The Swedish government’s response was not to re-evaluate their policy of brining these kinds of people into Sweden but to send police to GUARD THE ASYLUM SEEKERS FROM THE SWEDISH PEOPLE.
          That’s right in Sweden when asylum seekers kill citizens the governments response is not to guard the citizens but the guard the asylum seekers.
          The Swedish government has forsaken their responsibility to protect their citizens. The Swedish government is the enemy of the Swedish people.

        2. Yes, I’ve heard of it. Sweden is irrecoverable. Done. The UK, France, the Netherlands, and Germany aren’t far behind.
          I’m convinced opening the floodgates to barbarians is part of the plan. Nobody can be that stupid as to allow unlimited immigration from all kind of shit holes and not expect rapid degeneration of your society.
          They’ve also seen to it Europeans are disarmed and are unable to defend themselves. In fact, as a European, you can get into severe legal trouble if you use violence (any kind) towards an attacker.

        3. The UK is already there. A couple years back an off duty soldier wearing a hoodie for a charity to help wounded soldiers was hacked to death with a machete by a couple of Nigerians that the UK government had brought into England. Has that changed the British government’s policy of brining in endless numbers of Nigerians? Not a chance.

        4. A heinous crime of enormous proportions is being perpetrated upon the European peoples by their own elites. People need to wake up.

        5. Yes. There a some rich European families who look upon other Europeans with contempt and destroying their communities and culture is deserved punishment in their eyes.
          They also think that Europeans are a greater threat to their “power” than people from other populations would be so that’s part of the reason they are steadily replacing them with third worlders
          I’ve really never understood their logic. I would much rather live as a common man in a European majority society than rule as a king over a mish-mash of third worlders but apparently they think differently.

        6. From what I’ve seen the Netherlands, now largely rejects feminism. They say the problem is fixed and feminists get no traction. Finally a sane country. Of course I’ve met and been hit on by dutch girls, no exactly the shining example of femininity.

        7. The Netherlands has bigger problems than feminism. For example, immigration and immigrants who dominate the crime statistics, ridiculously high taxes, shortage of housing, government corruption, political correctness, etc. Make no mistake, the Netherlands is no sane country, especially not if you consider its rulers. Dutch people are being screwed over and bled dry by the EU overlords and their sock puppets in the Dutch government.
          Native Dutch women are generally tall and butch (and demanding). Just like their American counterparts, their faces are buried in their smartphones 24/7. I must say, however, I like tall women.

        8. “The Swedish government is the enemy of the Swedish people.”
          It applies to all governments.

        9. I don’t like what either of them were involved with personally. However leftist deify Mandela because his violence was in the name of a leftist cause.

        10. A man who looks to others to protect him is not a man at all.
          Reconsider your words, friend.

        11. Mate, illegal immigrants can’t get into the UK, not easily anyway. And they are constantly getting grabbed and put into concentration camps. I know people this has happened to (wrongly in their case). This idea that you can stroll across the border into the UK is pure fiction.
          And there is no unlimited immigration. If you have doubts, take a look at the Home Office website.

        12. Yeah a few years ago Joey Barton’s brother hacked a man to death in Liverpool. We should never have allowed the Bartons to enter Britain.

        13. And what would you have done in Mandela’s place? Rolled over and taken it in the arse like a little bitch?

        14. Clever picture based on a statement taken out of context. Bitch move. Now try a considered and intelligent response.

        15. “I’m convinced opening the floodgates to barbarians is part of the plan. Nobody can be that stupid as to allow unlimited immigration from all kind of shit holes and not expect rapid degeneration of your society.”
          Absolutely. I’ve been saying this all along.
          “They’ve also seen to it Europeans are disarmed and are unable to defend themselves. In fact, as a European, you can get into severe legal trouble if you use violence (any kind) towards an attacker.”
          Yes. How long will the native europeans tolerate this shit? It’s time for another revolution but european men are too chick shit to take back their country.

        16. Wow, that’s fucking sickening if true. WTF is going on in that country? And WTF is going on in Canada? I have read that Toronto is one of the most PC cities in the world, but still… The mayor of Canada’s largest city pissing on the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms to public gratitude? That’s brutal.

        17. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Sweden had him arrested. The do not allow thinking against the state propaganda. They literally pull children away from their parents if their parents teach them to be free thinkers or teach them something not in line with the state’s propaganda.

        18. I saw an article just the other day 1500-2000 were attempting to get thru the chunnel per day…

        19. Yupp……..Agree with you.. Sweden is totally FUBAR ! France, UK, Germany & the rest of western Europe is very close to a total FUBAR as well !

        20. That’s because the war is only starting. He went straight to the hive. Churchill is still a hero. When the dust settles they only write sonnets to the victors and the martyrs.

        21. My friend if you think it’s OK to kill defenceless children you are need of serious reflection and contemplation. That said, you will never find many people who do anything more than recoil in disgust at this man’s actions.

        22. The bombing of Japan mainly targeted children as with Dresden. Winning a war any war has the death of children. Yet these children were highly politically active. Once your are politically active you forfeit your defenceless cards

        23. This comment is meaningless. This is the juvenile’s defense (“well he did it too!”)
          Try again.

        24. I’m not sure what you are trying to say. You said yourself they were “attempting” to get in. The implication from your own statement is that they are in France not in the UK, and that they are failing to get into the UK.

      2. Toronto is a JOKE, drake can rap about shooting people, and people get shot in the middle of his event and no one calls to ban drake, this is a common occurence at rap concerts. But imagine if women were being raped in Roosh v speeches, they’d use it as proof it leads to violence.

        1. I agree, but its a double standard. Man goes on a stage talks about murdering people, people in his audience are literally murdered dead, and 5 others shot, every year. Man goes on stage to talk about men’s issue and possibly rape, no one is raped, but it is concluded that the first man who promotes murder is ok, but the second man who “promotes rape” despite no rape in the audience is ban worthy?

        2. Because he is more of a threat to the ruling order than all the rappers put together.

        3. Rappers USE to be a threat to the system back in the 1980s when the songs were fight the power and the message, but then the coporatons took the west coast rappers and paid them off to promote their degenerate coporatist life style. Buy a car, throw away your money, buy my liquor, buy my rims, this is a commercial it is not music. They even have a song called holiday, airforce one (a shoe) etc.

        4. Yeah, a song like “Burn Hollywood Burn” would never get released these days…

      3. Roosh is being strawman’d like crazy by the feminists and SJWs, who are afraid of what would happen if people started questioning feminism. They won’t actually interview him to find out what he really believes. They just say he promotes rape and a bunch of other bullshit.
        I agree, SJWs are religious fanatics who can’t stand someone questioning the “One True Faith.” If Roosh just says he a muslim he’ll be untouchable. That’s what I would do. Who is to say he isn’t? He’s of Iranian ancestry, after all.

        1. That’s exactly what he did in the video he posted on his Youtube channel today. Unfortunately a lot of people thought he was being serious and couldn’t tell he was being sarcastic.

        2. “Roosh is being strawman’d like crazy by the feminists and SJWs, who are afraid of what would happen if people started questioning feminism. ”
          Exactly. So rappers can go on and on about killing, etc because that is a part of his “art”, but anyone giving a simple, straightforward talk that might prompt questioning the status quo is the real threat.

        3. It would be dumb if Roosh accepted an interview with them. They would have a SJW audience of women and beta males jeering and other nonsense to make him look like a monster. Also video editting an evil music ambience to demonize him further. Pointing the SJW flaws with no subliminal aids getting in the way t getting the point across is the right wayo

    4. What saddens me about the reaction from the media here is that not one outlet is willing to address the theme of Roosh’s talk or much of his online content: the state of men. Men these days—perhaps especially young men—face challenges and existential questions about the nature of their role on the planet that are truly unprecedented in human history…and no one cares.
      To mention here that men’s lives might be anything less than a stroll on the beach is to invite derision and contempt. I know because I’ve tried it. Or, at best, women will throw out a bone and say that our woes stem from men’s very nature: (toxic) masculinity. We just have to fix the operating system, take away everything that’s even slightly masculine in nature, and you mens-folk would be so much happier.
      I’ve yet to see any suggestion that Roosh’s message has appeal due to the fact that many men are lost, don’t know their role, need guidance in realizing again that it’s OK to be who they are. They hate the fact that it’s a male telling other males how to be better men, all with no interference from females.
      I truly believe that many in the media here (I’m a journalist myself) feel that to mention society’s open hostility towards anyone with a Y chromosome would be dismissive and contemptuous of women. Instead, it’s become almost impossible to open a newspaper (I still read them) here without seeing the words “rape culture” or “misogyny.”

      1. Luckily there is the internet, and much of roosh v direct content comes up when you google his name. Let them hate you so long as they spell your name right.

      2. It’s sad because “back when” there used to be debates…a little Q and A..back and forth.
        Today, it’s like the old Soviet Union…believe what we tell you or it’s off to Siberia. That group (SJWs) is always the group the incites violence whenever this subject (men) is mentioned.

    5. John Tory is a politically correct nutjob. He believes that anyone who doesn’t share his politically correct beliefs should not be allowed to speak publically. He is an embarrassment to Canada and an enemy of freedom in our country.

      1. He’s basically a classic politician who needs to say popular things to hold onto enough votes to get through the next election. He’s been trying for years to get into office.

        1. I disagree. I’ve been observing him for years. It’s not just an act. He really is a True Believer in political correctness and has absolutely zero tolerance for people who don’t share his beliefs and value system.
          You are right about his political career though. The guy was the most embarrassingly failed politician in Ontario history. Couldn’t win an election to save his life. It literally took a previous mayor smoking crack cocaine to make him a viable candidate.

        2. Yeah, a crack smoking previous mayor who bowed out due to a cancer diagnosis and no other viable candidates.

        3. John Tory is the political equivalent of that loser kid in gym class who nobody wants on their team but he’s the last available player so someone has got to begrudgingly take him.

    6. These people are fail at critical thinking, because since childhood, they’ve never been trained to do so. They have been made to conform to the feminist bullshit since childhood, and any opposing, critical thought of theirs, has been crushed, by shaming since a young age.
      So, suddenly Rooshv comes into the big picture, disagreeing with them and challenging them, and bringing new ideas, and these people resort to violence, and shaming, because that’s what has been done to them, and that’s what they have seen people doing, since childhood, if someone deviates a bit from the feminist beliefs.

      1. Stalin must turn in his grave he couldn’t accomplish this. Remember this is not government imposed. This kind of thinking is grass roots. Unreal to see this here after I lived most of my life under the communist boot.

      2. This is exactly right.
        You have to live here in Toronto to understand how feminist, liberal and politically correct it is. The women here have all the men by their balls. No one dares utter the slightest criticism of women. Feminists columnists and commentary is everywhere .. even in our shitty free papers:
        This is the kind of feminist garbage we have to put up with every fucking day. It’s all over the place. This city cultivates feminist Princess Snowflakes like crazy. It’s in the water here.
        So yes, most of these women and SJW types have never encountered a contrary opinion or an intelligent, thoughtful and factual rebuttal of many of their core liberal and feminist beliefs. Feminism and liberalism/leftism is a religion to them. They believe they are the “righteous” ones and history is on their side. They are as much of fanatics as hard-core religious fundamentalists are.

        1. The way I see it is this: These people are just like religious fanatics. Just like the ISIS, a radical, extremist organization, that is prepared to kill others who have a different religion, these people are prepared to resort to violence and harassing Rooshv in the streets, if he dares to have a different opinion, from them.
          Just as religious fanatics are brainwashed from a young age with hardcore religious values, these people are brainwashed from day one with hardcore feminist values. And both of these people are ready to kill and be violent to defend the ideology they’ve been brainwashed into. And I’m not exaggerating a bit. If it was not for the fear of the law these Canadian, feminists and SJW’s would have no qualms in actually killing Rooshv, if that was what could silence him.
          Just as religious minorities and Christians are fleeing from ISIS dominated areas, I think, normal men and women must flee from Toronto and Montreal.

        2. The men living in Toronto should get out (and let the women, manginas, white knights figure out how to run their own city; fix it when shit starts to break).
          Men in that city should read between the lines …you are an enemy of that city (maybe even the country at this point).

      3. Sadly I was a product of this engineering. It always felt wrong to take the side of the SJW but I only did it because there was no cues that defend the other side and the SJWs were noisier and I couldn’t think for myself.
        The red pill was the answer.

    7. What happens now in Canada with Roosh proves that the majority of people are still as “middle aged” as 500 years ago. Then, there were priests actively prosecuting people with unpopular beliefs. Now, their role has been taken over by the media, feminists and their political orbiters. Then, critical thought was completely absent. Now, as you said, the same thing: people don’t question anything. As long as it is a popular opinion, it’s OK and no questions should be raised about it. Then, people who did question society were shamed and vilified. Now, considering the articles and attacks on Roosh, this is not much different.
      And many libtards claim we are getting more and more civilised and that they’re fighting for a better world…. Tsss, we’re back from where we were 500 years ago… except for the torture devices (degenerate gays and heterosexuals practising BDSM not included).
      Btw., remember Erasmus? He also didn’t bow down to the doctrines of the Church but he was lucky enough to find a safe spot. Thomas More didn’t have that much luck though.

      1. We’re back from where we were, except for the torture devices.

        That may only be true for the time being.
        Who knows what the future holds.

        1. A few years back I was reading a comment section on reddit and someone suggested that people with “racist” thoughts should be forced to undergo brain surgery to remove parts of their brain associated with these thoughts.
          The scary part wasn’t that there was someone insane and evil enough to suggest this. The scary part was that the comment received DOZENS OF UPVOTES. The majority of people AGREED with this suggestion.
          It’s frightening to realize that I live in a society where a good portion of people would like to see me strapped down to a surgical table and have parts of my brain cut out because they don’t like the thoughts in my head.

        2. Exactly. We’re living in truly dark times, at the moment. I don’t think it has really sunk in for many of the men here.

        3. This isn’t to be taken seriously unless this was by a brain surgeon or a biomedical engineer and thankfully 99.9% these comments are by someone that just want to get applause and recognition for saying something the SJW crowd sounds clever.

      2. “We think we’ve come so far. Torture of heretics, burning of witches, it’s all ancient history. Then – before you can blink an eye – suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” –Captain Picard
        Star Trek seems to be prophetic at times.

        1. I cut Patrick Stewart slack for being an SJW because of his growing up watching his dad be abusive to his mom. And he’s come out in favor of shops rights not to bake certain types of cakes that send politically motivated messages.
          And i will always love his portrayal of Jean-Luc. This speech of his is most fitting now considering what Roosh is having to endure at the hands of free speech nazis.

        2. “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.”

      3. Great post, just one thing, Thomas Moore was beheaded by his PROTESTANT king, not the Church. In fact, his crime was to question and doubt the spiritual authority of a man who founded his own church just cos’ he wanted to marry another woman (Henry VIII).

        1. I second that, I merely mentioned More as an example of someone who also questioned authority (just like Erasmus did, although his target was different as you have pointed out), but who had to pay this with his life. But I agree, I had to specify this.

    8. For the media (aka large corporations), it’s always all about the money (ratings), first. They are not going to piss off their best and latest customers (women) by doing their duty as journalists – too much money could be lost. Instead, we have these “news” agencies that are one sided and told what to report (similar to the old Soviet Union style propaganda). You can forget about the other side, the truth, facts, etc…
      Similar to our politicians…I can no longer listen to them, watch the news etc…because it truly is “programming” being fed to the public.

    9. I think it’s a general lack of critical thinking namely among Millenials. I am a millenial myself, and I admit that they are collectively incapable of digesting more than 6 words at a time. Its fucking pathetic.

    1. I think all men in Canada (at least Toronto) can consider themselves an Enemy of the State.

    1. Given the comments on that site, one has no other option than to conclude a lot of those guys remain firmly entrenched in blue pill world. Bunch of quasi-manginas over there.

      1. Don’t loose sight of the overlap that exists between the MRAs and the Manosphere. I tend to spend more time in the Manosphere but occasionally frequent AVM.

      2. The rift between the neomasculine and MRA is as wide as ever, and I don’t see that changing.

      3. quasi-manginas? oh no conrad… full-on manginas. the indoctrination runs VERY deep in canada (get’em while they’re young).

    2. Yeah, saw that too. Hopefully, Roosh remembers these comments next time he is tempted to defend mras. An this is coming from an MRA.

  5. toronto’s gonna be worse than montreal. be safe roosh.
    guy’s giving a private seminar and the plebs are trying to eat him alive… meanwhile they don’t recognize the absolute shit-life they themselves are leading (in a rapidly demising country on all fronts where their dollar is worth a third less than USD). lolz.
    blue-pill manginas and white-knights (the toronto maple leafs couldn’t be more suitably colored).

  6. I’ve lived in Toronto for a long time, and I’m enjoying watching the media and SJWs go insane over a lecture. It just goes to show that many people with ultra liberal beliefs are only liberal as long as they agree with your opinion. Keep up the good fight Roosh.

        1. Present day Liberalism has its roots in Marxism. The values of present day “Liberalism” has not been aligned with Classical liberal principles in a very long time.
          Which is why the vast majority of cretins, who consider themselves “Liberals” are Atheists, Feminists, hold socialist views and subscribe to that “class struggle” rubbish. Classical liberals gave us the Rights of Man, the concept that individuals are more important than the State, etc. Modern liberalism would be unrecognizable to it’s progenitors.

    1. Tory is progressive conservative. conservatives are also happy to ban whatever they can and oppress our freedoms. probably even more than liberals.

  7. Its good and bad. It shows how scared they are of this information actually getting out there. It also shows they can’t refute the things Roosh is saying, so instead they attack his character. I’d submit a complaint to the medical board about the Psychologist and his “professional” opinion. I’d also sue for defamation of character because his “opinions” were given as an expert but not on expert condoned methodology.
    Keep up the good fight Roosh. There is always struggle in any revolution. People hated Rosa Parks at first too. People hated anti-slavery proponents. It just takes time to win the people’s hearts and minds… but eventually the truth will win out… at least in the minds of people who are rational.

    1. “It also shows they can’t refute the things Roosh is saying, so instead they attack his character.”
      It’s not that they can’t refute it. It’s that they haven’t even taken the time to listen to what Roosh and the manosphere’s criticism of feminism, the crisis of masculnity and of the problems and difficulties facing men in the modern West today. They jump on the fact that he’s PUA and that he wrote this thing about legalizing rape on private properly (without taking the time to even read what is a hypothetical thought experiment that is meant to encourage women to take more responsibility for their own safety and actions), and that gives them an easy narrative.
      They just aren’t interested in even considering there might be some intelligent counter-arguments and criticisms to feminism and that Roosh and the manosphere might be on to something. So they simply dismiss him as a “misogynist” and PUA who advocates rape against women, and the SJWs and feminists can gather around for their 2-minute hate against Roosh. Their belief system is like a religion to them, and they need their Devil to rail against. There’s nothing particularly rational or intelligent about their actions and behaviour. You’re dealing with a fanatic religious group.. except in this case, their religion is feminism, liberalism and political correctness.
      The funny thing is I heard this Norm Kelly individual dismissing Roosh’s lecture or ideas by saying there’s nothing substantial about them, and saying it’s all misogyny and hate speech and what-not. Now say what you want about Roosh, but he’s no idiot. He’s an extremely well-read, thoughtful and intelligent man… who doesn’t kowtow to the mainstream and lives a fairly independent life which gives him the luxury to challenge the established feminist narrative and liberal order. Compared to him, Norm Kelly is a buffoon who hasn’t even begun to think about and engage with the issues we talk about on the manosphere.

  8. Also, if you can please donate to him. He needs money to fight this kind of crap. No i don’t work with anything related to roosh.

      1. i met a black cat in peru who used to come visit me in my bed at night and i could swear there was a sexual tension between the two of us.

    1. He is playing The Muslim card in the Roosh forum, I’m not sure how serious he is about it though.

      1. I think he’s just being satirical to expose the intolerance of the supposedly tolerant SJW’s

        1. Yea it struck me a satirical but it would be a masterstroke. I’ve noticed 3 things that SJWs won’t let you even debate with them about, 1 is gay marriage, if you disagree you’re automatically labelled a homophobe, 2 is criticizing women, that automatically gets you labelled a mysoginistic rapist and thirdly is Islam, if you criticize Islam you’re automatically labelled a racist, bigot, Nazi and Islamophobic. This is despite the fact Muslims are actually anti gay marriage and for the most part anti feminism. By identifying as Muslim Roosh can ruin SJWs, they have to decide if they’re mysoginists or bigots. A couple of politicians in Australia have done this recently, they said they won’t support gay marriage because it would upset Muslims, I’m waiting to see how SJWs respond to it.

        2. The left really suffer from cognitive dissonance. How can you be pro-feminism and pro-Islam?

        3. I always wonder that myself but I assume it’s because Muslims mostly arn’t white men, are considered a minority group and are anti Christian so that gives them a pass mark.

        4. Mark Steyn wrote about this. Some of the left radicals that support Iran, would be in prison if they were in Iran.

  9. We get it. I get it. Media has an agenda and smart people realize this. It only takes these manginas getting screwed over by their pussy overlords. Even as a woman, I got screwed over by these bitches and I will never forget. They will have to learn the hard way just how lunatic the twats are.

  10. Lol, is that all it takes to be a psychologist?
    Just rationalize and project relationships between childhood and adulthood with no context?

    1. From the American Psychological Association:
      “Psychology is a core STEM discipline because of its direct scientific and technological innovations, as well as its indirect contributions to education and learning in science and technology.”

  11. I’m ashamed on behalf of Norm Kelly, a political dinosaur in Toronto who’s tweeting like an over wrought teenage girl trying to goad Roosh into a twitter spat. How embarrassing.

  12. Canadian SJW’s should be ashamed of themselves the Biggest News in the country is about stopping a Man come and Preach his beliefs, and meanwhile Christians heads are getting lopped off by ISIS, I guess there aren’t worse things happening around the World that Canadian news Thinks story should be told.

    1. It’s all faux outrage hyped up by the few to instigate the masses. Sometimes it’s the media, sometimes it’s some feminist twats.
      Look no further than the Cecil the Lion incident. Media created a public shitstorm and for what? Turns out the doctor did everything legally and even had a professional hunter provided by the game conservationists with him. All were surprised that the lion was tagged. Does that matter to the media though? Nope.

      1. 100% agree. No one here outside of a handful of politically correct wingnuts gives a rats ass about this guy giving a speech. The wingnuts are just very loud and have the ear of the media. Most of us don’t care.

  13. As a Polish Canadian-born man living near Toronto I am ashamed at the behaviour of the people in this country.

  14. Three words sum up article truth. “SJW mob mentality”. Or rather, 3 letters and 2 words.

  15. Canada doesn’t have Freedom of Speech laws like the USA. The First Amendment does not exist in Canada.

  16. Roosh made the biggest mistake by playing the religion card. It was unnecessary and contradicts all he stands for. I am a non-practical Muslim living in Canada. I can tell Canada is very tolerant towards religion and this whole SJW and feminist cunts have nothing to do with Roosh’s religion but neomasculinity. Roosh should have never brought religion into this, he was doing fine before pretending to be a practising Muslim who also drinks and fucks girls on the side. Roosh has sex with girls out of marriage and that’s a sin in Islam. Roosh drinks alcohol and that’s a sin in Islam…
    I was mind-blown when I saw his video in the mosque. I was supporting him until he pulled the religion bullcrap as I thought he is way wiser than to bring the religion into this. Why Roosh? Why?????

  17. I hope RoK keeps at least one neomasculinity introduction article in the top 3 at all times. With this much free publicity in Canada, there must be hundreds if not thousands of young men who become aware of him & check out his site thanks to the Social Justice Worrier crew’s whining.
    So these SJWs might accidentally help save a few young men from the living hell of a blue pill eunuch’s life. Probably the only good they’ll ever accomplish.

    1. Even old articles pinned to the top would be great. Some of the older articles are great.

  18. Roosh should go to the lecturn during one of the talks wearing full medieval body armor. If there is a way to get your point across that would be it.

  19. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Its actually heartening to see how frightened they are of a rather small gathering discussing male self improvement; you would think gatherings like these would be innocuous. They are terrified of loosening of even a tiny bit of their grip of the narrative. Bat shit crazy stuff.

  20. Makes me ashamed to be Canadian… Roosh, we aren’t all like that. I love your website. Keep up the fight- don’t let these pussies walk all over you.

    1. You present a softer, more tolerant picture of Canadians. Never been there, but just hope that the majority of Canadians are like you.

  21. What’s funny is that the Muslims living in CA would probably find Roosh to be too “lite” but don’t want to come out of the woodwork for fear of retaliation themselves.

  22. Captain Jean-Luc Picard:
    You know, there are some words I’ve known since I was a schoolboy: “With
    the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the
    first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all
    irrevocably.” Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie, as wisdom
    and warning. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all
    damaged. I fear that today…

  23. Posting constantly and daily about this topic makes it seem like Rok writers are becoming beta bitches whose sole purpose is suck Roosh pole. While for you it may be sooooooo important. For me it’s making you look weak. Instead of caring the least and winning you’re carrying too much and losing. Like a dumb girl who never will stfu about how her ex boyfriend hurt her feelings pushing all the new possibilities out to throw a pity party.

  24. why waste time with Canada anyway ? even southpark made fun of them, and most all of it is true..

  25. One thing I noticed since Gamergate is how the medias are willing to lie and make up stuff when it is time to protect feminists. They don’t act this way usually (they actually use facts and sources), but to protect feminists, they go the extra mile and flat out fabricate stories. The same thing happens on Wikipedia, where feminists are allowed to edit articles and fabricate lies to further their agenda (while most people are not allowed to do it).

  26. Amitay is such a schmoo. Let’s get everyone in a bar and see which man has the game. Amitay would wet his diapers going neck in neck against the world class pua’s and red pill minds about to converge in town.

  27. I was wondering if I could use Canada’s hate for Roosh and turn it into a business. Like selling anti Roosh tees with Ridiculed Roosh on. The money would go to RoK of course. Imma need to monitor the hate level of Canada

  28. The end of free speech leads to the end of building networks the end of building networks leads to the end of organizations the end of organizations leads to an all encompassing totalitarian dictatorship.
    Women want to be leaders of this dictatorship but unlike other leaders you arr not allowed to criticize them or blame them for poor decisions. There are women that want men to lead but that’s only so they can blame the man for any problems that happen in their relationship and the law will side on their behalf.
    As you can see women make the worst leaders.

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