It’s Time For A New Standard On Judging Rape Accusers

University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan’s premature accusation against fraternities illustrates the standard of justice for men accused of rape.  Therefore, there is a need for a new standard in judging rape accusers: Lying Until Proven Otherwise.  Making this a publically-stated default position blunts the feminist charge of insensitivity towards alleged victims. University Administrator to Female Student: “I’m sorry, Ms. Led, I can’t help you with your complaint because of the Lupo Higher Education Act of 2016.  My hands are tied.”

If a purported victim didn’t fight back; didn’t scream; has no injuries; does not mention the use of any weapon; was within 20 yards of a hundred people who would have instantly defended her; admits that she never indicated that her alleged assailant should stop; is afraid of her alleged assailant without specifying exactly what threats, if any, he made to keep her from talking; is afraid of her alleged assailant because of undocumented threats he allegedly made to keep her from talking, threats totally out of character for him; glosses over the physical act in her description of her ordeal; doesn’t use the word “rape” but let’s others use it; went on future dates with her alleged rapist after the incident or otherwise maintained a documented, cordial relationship; had to be convinced by someone else that she was raped; is afraid of her university’s mascot, statues, or hit songs; and didn’t report anything to the police until much later (if ever), we should now take the initial stance that she is a liar, which includes naming her—since by assumption she is not a victim—if the media mentions the name of the accused.

(Ironically, the University of Ohio accuser did go to the police that same night, but of all the recent rape accusers in the news, there is the strongest evidence against her that she had consensual relations, since about two dozen people saw it and captured it on video.)


Crying Wolf: Feminist Carolyn Luby says this University of Connecticut logo promotes “rape culture.”

A good example is the Tucker Reed case, which Occidental College professor of politics, Caroline Heldman, and her student, S.C.U.M. myrmidon Baillee Brown, discuss in a dangerous and misleading article, “Campus Rape: Why Not Law Enforcement?

It’s rather gross to go through the details, but here is Miss Reed’s own account:

He and I ended up making out on my couch. When he started taking off my clothes, I moved the make-out session to my bedroom in case my roommates came home.

Eventually naked, in my bed, my date told me he wanted to have sex. I told him repeatedly that I did not want to.

All of us agree that at this point she has not given consent. “That I wanted it to be special.” She has not given consent. “That I wasn’t ready.” She has not given consent. “That having sex so soon would ruin our relationship.” She has not given consent. “But it happened anyway.” She gave consent!

Not sure about that? Reed continues: “I told him he was hurting me and I tried to pull away.” First of all, it’s he-said-she-said—sorry if our code of justice is too exacting for Heldman and Brown, but, regardless, the act’s hurting doesn’t mean “stop” and (trying) to pull away doesn’t mean “stop,” as anyone who has engaged in the act would know: it can mean “stop,” but it can also not mean “stop.” If Reed had said, “Stop,” that’s a different story, but she didn’t.  (I’m using the exact same logic applied to the woman on the street who recorded men chatting her up in New York, after which many feminists collectively ordered men to only attempt to say, “Hello,” to a woman if she tells them they can: women are adults and can and will make their desires known.)

Reed continues, “He pulled me closer. In the end, after he was done, I interpreted it as a ‘misunderstanding’—surely he’d just been too drunk to listen.” Ignoring the fact that under feminist interpretations of California law she’d be the rapist (she gives no indication that she had been drinking, but states clearly that she knew he had been drinking)—Reed is stating that she did not consider it rape, but later retroactively withdrew consent.

I had continued to see my rapist. He’d told me he was in love with me and wanted to marry me.

And when did she withdraw consent? “It took me a year to talk openly about my experience.” A year? OK, fine. So that’s when she went to the police? “I told my best friend.” No, she went to the police two years later.

She knows English. “No” means “no.” She’s heard that expression 1,000 times and could have said it a thousand-and-first time herself.

We all get it. One can create a scenario that we all would agree was rape where the woman does not say, “Stop.” But for Heldman and Brown to claim that this is such a clear-cut case of rape (or a case of rape period) is appalling and I hope someday soon we will see successful defamation lawsuits.  There is already a petition on to fire University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan.

The new standard of justice—Lying Until Proven Otherwise (“the Lupo Doctrine”)—goes against our white-knight upbringing. But every revolution begins with one man saying, “No.”

And meaning it.

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209 thoughts on “It’s Time For A New Standard On Judging Rape Accusers”

  1. Lying until proven otherwise would mean that the alleged rapist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is basic US Constitution, what this country was founded on to avoid tyranny. What is so wrong with this concept that people don’t understand?

    1. Yes, no need to be labeled a liar until your claim is proven. The accused are innocent until proven guilty, and then if found guilty, the accuser is investigated to see if there was some sort of motive, it was a mistake, she’s mentally ill, etc.

    2. Though it’s often repeated, “innocent until proven guilty” has never been true. All it takes is a mere accusation from a cop or woman or anyone for that matter and you are handcuffed and thrown in a cage. You have to pay a large bribe to be temporarily released and then have to hire someone who actually works for the system (an officer of the court, aka lawyer) to “represent” you. If you do not take a plea you are trying your luck in a system with a 97% conviction rate. It is just clever marketing because the same system that runs the courts runs the schools. It should read “guilty until proven wealthy.”
      But don’t worry, the warrior-lawyers that are always posting their own accolades on this site are working on changing the system from the inside. They’ll get right to it, they swear, right after their next BMW purchase.

      1. Your first paragraph is perfect and almost completely agreeable. Your second paragraph is garbage.

      2. Correct. Innocent until proven guitly is nice in theory, but it’s never really been practiced anywhere on the globe, including the US.
        When I was a kid I truly believed that the US was the only country where you were innocent until proven guilty. Childish naivety at it’s finest.

    3. The problem, today, is that it only takes a woman accusing a man (of anything) for it appear to look as though the man is guilty – regardless of any outcome later on.
      The MSM has done another great job of “if it bleeds it leads” journalism to sell more papers, air time, etc…so in the end we all lose (except for the profits by these large MSM outlets or corporations.).

      1. If theres no evidence they dont get in trouble. If a woman showers after her attack, the rapist is as good as free. According to you however, a rapist isnt a rapist unless theres evidence, im sorry to say that i know a few rapists who are out and abouy because the women they raped didnt get a rape kit done. Guys dont just get jailed baselessly, its actually more common for men to go free after sexual assault and rape than to actually serve any time for it

        1. The attention whoring that is going on, today, is bullshit. There is a difference between the many women who are seeking attention and the actual ones who may have been raped.
          The women seeking attention aren’t doing the other women (the ones who were actually raped) any favors. The definition or rape today is so fucked up…and there are clearly many screwed up women out there in our society (currently).
          These women (attention whores) should be ashamed but they probably don’t feel anything. There is only that need to pump up their ego.

    4. The same reason leftists find excuses to protest when the law goes against them
      Because leftism is an ideology based on feelings, not rational thought

  2. My standard:
    Did they file a police report within 24 hours of being physically separated from their attacker? Yes? probably worth investigating. No? Next.

      1. He raped her sympathy! That’s like the worst kind.
        He even tried to get a “crawtch rawket” from her…sick bastard.

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      2. She’s very fair — I like her. Her message to Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill de Blasio was great.

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      3. Fuckin love this one. I loved it so much that I saved it and whenever an argument comes up about such a subject Imma show it.

      4. Punishment for false rape claims is not severe enough, If she was doomed for jail time for making a false rape claim then she wouldn’t have so freely thrown the rape card around.

      5. Were you forced?
        3:00 — “I would say more like pressured.”
        3:55 — “He more or less pressured me.”

    1. I think you are correct. That’s really the only rational standard by which to proceed now. No police report, no crime. Period.
      Although, 24 hours is a bit short. Rape is a traumatic crime. Maybe 7 days or so is more reasonable. However, on that same note, women cannot lie and say they were so ashamed and traumatized that they couldn’t go to the police. I don’t buy that bullshit for a second.

      1. Yeah, first they are ‘ashamed’ and then they proudly announce it to the world later on via social media.
        Gotta love the simultaneous beliefs of the feminist (female) mind;
        –pride and shame
        –supremacy and victimhood
        –triumphalism and oppressed outrage
        –equality and privilege
        –outrage over objectification and outrage over expectations to dress like someone who isn’t a 1/3 of the way through ‘Kickstart My Heart’ during her strip routine at Deja Vu
        –act like men in their twenties, get taken care of like a lady in their thirties
        –dominate education and then complain that there are no good men
        –only be attracted to men who will abuse them and then be outraged over abuse
        –only be attracted to alphas who are in a whirl of sexual privilege and then complain that men are dogs.
        Who can add one?

        1. Exactly.
          And I also find it absurd that women are too ASHAMED to report a rape. What a load of horseshit. Women in general SHAMELESSLY spread their legs before/outside marriage and then shamelessly consider themselves wife material.
          They have no shame – period.

        2. Here’s one:
          There’s an underlying logic in the “a man having sex with a drunk woman is always rape” conclusion that an amazing number of people miss. It requires that the following assumptions be made:
          1) men ALWAYS know that they may make bad* decisions while drunk, while women are INCAPABLE of knowing.
          2) men ALWAYS know if they are drunk, while women are INCAPABLE of knowing.
          3) men ALWAYS know if their partner is drunk, while women are INCAPABLE of knowing.
          4) men are ALWAYS responsible for their choices when drunk, while women are INCAPABLE of being responsible for their choices when drunk.
          *”bad” means “not the same as when sober”
          These assumptions are necessary for the conclusion “a woman is incapable of consenting to sex while drunk, and so therefore a man having sex with a drunk woman is always rape” to be true.
          If any of these assumptions are false, then the conclusion reached must also be false. Since we’re told that men and women are equal, and these assumptions require that men and women be unequal, let’s look at what happens to the conclusion when we rewrite the assumptions so that men and women are equal.
          If all of the above assumptions are rewritten as “Both men and women are INCAPABLE of…”, then the conclusion that must be reached is “both men and women are incapable of consenting to sex when drunk, therefore having sex with someone who is drunk is always rape”, and in a case where both are drunk during sex, both should be charged with rape, and if only one is sober during sex, the sober one should be charged with rape (note that this would apply even to those who are married). If both are drunk, we’d have to charge both with rape otherwise we’re creating a situation in which being drunk is a “get out of jail free” card, which could be applied to all other crimes (both me and my victim were drunk when I killed him, so I shouldn’t be charged), as well to civil matters such as child support (hey, I was drunk when we had sex which resulted in your pregnancy, so I shouldn’t have to pay child support. In fact, since you were sober, you raped me and so I shouldn’t have to pay child support).
          If all of the above assumptions are rewritten as “both men and women ALWAYS…”, then the conclusion that must be reached is “both men and women are capable of consenting to sex while drunk”, and in no case of consensual sex should either party be charged with rape, regardless of the sobriety level of either of them.
          The assumptions as originally written mean that men have capabilities that women don’t have; hence, women are inferior to men. That’s a strange position to take if you’re a feminist. So women, take your pick: either men and women are equal, and so consensual sex with a drunk woman is not rape; or admit that women are inferior to men (with all that implies about whether women deserve equal rights, equal pay, etc.).

        3. Human biodiversity. It basically kills off the psychotic egalitarianism pf the left.
          Sadly, it’s rude and mean to have to bring up but pther options are running thin

        4. Here you go Melmoth:
          –Credit for reliability and the right to change their minds on a whim.
          P.S. gr8 article

        5. Holy moly, that is a well thought out bit of writing. Extremely clear-sighted and clearly articulated. Keep writing, whoever you are.

        6. I’m talking about the females wanting to invade male spaces yet want their own spaces for them only. If a girl wants to play with the guys, that’s one thing, just let her. But if she’s the type, who is a poser or the feminist type that complains about video games being male dominated and wants different kinds of video games made to suit her preferences, then that is a problem. For example, GTA V, and how there is this petition that SJW’s made so it can be taken off the shelves. I like the GTA series and have been playing it since it first came out. Now I don’t think guys should have the right to harass her sexually just because she is a girl but if she is a feminist attention whore who wants to ruin video games, then that is the problem.

      2. The thing is, if a woman is raped it’s imperative that she report it to the police the moment she is able. The police can administer a rape kit and collect valuable evidence that may mean the difference between putting a rapist behind bars, ensuring that he can’t hurt anyone else.
        I understand that a rape is a traumatic, life-altering event–but I will never understand how any woman or man who has experienced it could allow the perpetrator to rape another day by not reporting. I don’t think there is any crime more invasive or more utterly degrading than another human being forcing themselves inside of you. However, as terrible as it is, I still think the victim must shed their powerlessness and fight back.
        Get the rape kit done. Record every single detail while it’s fresh in your memory. Have courage, and you just might save someone else from the pain.

        1. I agree, but because the vast majority of rape accusations are baseless if not utterly false, there will be no reporting of it to the cops. Who needs the police anyway when you have the mainstream media, right?

        2. The definition of rape, according to the FBI website, used to be “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.”
          It’s now expanded (rightfully so, of course) to include men, and is defined as:
          “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”
          But, they’ve removed the word “forcible,” presumably to alleviate guilt felt by a victim for not physically fighting back. Again, I totally understand that point and am all for it. My father always told me that, if someone attacked me, I must survive first and live to fight another day–no matter what the attacker forced me to do. The idea used to disgust me, but as I matured I began to understand his reasoning. However, I do feel that removing the word “forcible” also removes the sense that the rapist is truly using FORCE–whether it be their physical size or verbal threats that the victim believes are imminently actionable–to take advantage of his/her victim.
          The other part that bothers me is “without consent.” While the wording seems obvious, I don’t think that today’s sexual climate allows for an absolute definition of what “consent” truly is. To me, rubbing your naked body against another’s implies that you’ve consented to that person to rub back. If the so-called “victim” never explicitly says no, then decides months later that the encounter was a rape–how in the hell can a defense attorney prove that the consent was given? How can a prosecutor prove that it wasn’t?
          Do you have to get everything in writing before you get to writhing now?

        3. In ‘Mindhunter’ a book on his career by the FBI profiler John Douglas; he states that any woman who survives a rape has made the right choice. He’d seen women who cooperated and were killed because the rapist wanted them to fight back and when they didn’t became frustrated. He’d seen the opposite as well fighting back against a rapist who sought compliance.
          However, if you live in a free state which respects your right to have the effective means to defend yourself you have better options. Nothing says stop as effectively as a piece of lead moving near the speed of sound.

        4. From my own personal research and watching SVU, which often has videos at the end of information and whatnot about rape and what’s considered rape and sexual assault, consent is verbally saying, “yes I want to have sex,” but it is also good to remember that at any given moment a person has full rights to revoke that consent by saying, “no” or “stop,” or any variation. I’d even go as far as him/her struggling to get away or saying, “ow that hurts.” I mean if a partner told you something about what you are doing hurts, wouldn’t you stop? I wouldn’t call it rape if they said it hurts and the person kept going, but it is definitely sexual assault.
          I also agree with you about people who had consensual sex, but later decided that they didn’t want to do that. That is not rape or sexual assault. That is regret, but if a person regrets an encounter, they should still talk to a counselor or trusted friend about it. It isn’t healthy to keep things locked up inside.
          I do think removing the word forcible was necessary, but it certainly opens up grey area. I think it is more important for the victim to know that even if they didn’t fight back or just “let it happen” that they were still raped or assaulted and did not do anything wrong. It is better to survive, like you and your father said.
          My best friend was raped at college. She reported it to her school and went to the police, who conducted a rape kit, even though she had showered. She ended up having to leave because no one believed her and the school never punished her rapist; they let him continue to go to school there (he was studying abroad from Germany, which complicated matters even more). No one would believe her because she went to hang out with him in his room because he was a good friend. It pisses me off that they said she lied. She never gave consent, but others believed that because she went to his room that that was same as saying yes. It isn’t. And I wish more people understood that, like you seem to.
          Edit: I tried to make sure I never used just females/she/her/women, etc because I fully believe that men can and are raped and assaulted like women. I advocate for all victims.

        5. I think the point is that ‘letting it happen’, in the absence of force (with ‘force’ being defined in the legal sense to include the imminent and credible threat of force,) is ‘consent’. If someone ‘lets it happen’ under threat of harm or violence that is by force, and hence is rape, but if not, then it’s consensual, albeit passive, sex.

        6. You’re wrong. “Consent” (except under the insane recent California law, which nonetheless only applies to college campuses) is not “verbally saying, ‘yes I want to have sex.’” Have you ever had relations?
          It is also possible that a partner can say, “Ow,” and can even push away, without that meaning she wants to stop—for example, the space is too small. So it’s definitely not “definitely sexual assault.”
          If the alleged victim didn’t fight back, and there’s no threat, no weapon, and it’s a friend of the alleged victim, the question is—why didn’t she fight back? Occam’s Razor says it’s because they weren’t being raped.

      3. Thats often the case though, havi ng to relive what happened to you by confronting your rapistin court for god knows how long. Most women who are raped feel dirty and will shower off any evidence in attempts to regain control over their own bodies, not to mention a rape kit gets up in the business of a woman who was just violated. Most women feel that the court system is essentially a second rape, where she has to prove her lack of consent in terms of what she was wearing, how much she was drinki g, etc. The victim of rape always has to defend themselves, and often times the whole case gets dismissed or the rapist is not put away for a long enough time to feel safe (one of my friends cases the guy was jailed for 30 days and probation for 2 years) to me thats hardly enough time to assure he wont come attack you again. Plus most of the time women are raped by someone they know and trusted, like a father uncle brother or friend, and those are even more difficult to bring to court because assuming your family believes you, its still a humiliation for them to know a father raped his daughter. You can never assume the trauma endured by a rape and how that can affect the way its reported or not reported

        1. Sure but you can rule out a legal remedy based on the doctrine of estoppel. If you want to use the coercive power of the state then you need to preserve evidence and act in a manner that is conducive to prosecuting the perpetrator, even though you’re the victim… If you want to let it go and pretend it never happened then that’s your business, but then after you’ve rinsed the evidence away you’ve got to live with the consequences.

    2. oh come on, if you’d been butt-raped would you rush to police two hours later? No, you’d more likely just be staring at the ceiling, weeping and trying to realize what the hell has just happened.
      Although raising a media fuss about two years later is equally unbelievable.

  3. I am fed up with “news” concerning the inexhaustible meanings and meanderings of ®ape (as defined by western social imperatives).
    So, will attempt to try a new tack that I haven’t seen here before.
    Women’s natural sensibilities are widely affected by the close presence, or lack of, their Fathers. Specially those who are a true role model. Think about that for a moment.
    Do any of you think that a woman who was raised by a proper family, or even by separated parents but with a masculine and realistic father, will react to whatever events the same way that a woman from a single mother household?
    Food for thought.

    1. You’ve identified the primal cause of much of the West’s societal tailspin right there: the fact we’ve basically assassinated fatherhood. The woman who has separated parents will in realistic terms never have a masculine and realistic father: the woman has all the power in custodial matters and the backing of a court, so he has little to no power to enforce his will or enforce a healthy idea of how a man (and woman) should behave.

      1. Yes. What percentage even have a father after factoring in illegitimacy rates and divorce rates? 15% have a father in-house from birth to 18? It can’t be far from that. If 55% are illegitimate and 60% of the remaining 45% then divorce. Then an actual good father is yet another factor, not just a zombified, emasculated, embittered, functioning alcoholic work-dog.
        A really good father is down around maybe 5%. A good, smart father raising his kids right is this generations equivalent of being born into guaranteed wealth. Even half of those good fathers are dominated by their wives, either naturally or simply under threat of divorce. 2.5% of the children grow up under a strong father figure.. That’s how lucky it is these days. That’s what kind of advantage it is. It’s just flat mind-boggling how bad all of these facts are. We are frogs in the proverbial slow boil right now.

      2. Yes, and that is a vicious circle.
        I choose to attack this angle because it is one which has enormous direct implications for men, and wider ramifications upon society. But maybe we can do something about it. Most of us know, even if not by being a parent, roughly what is the cost/commitment of being a proper one. Plus, men are traditionally the responsible element in a family, therefore to minimize risk:
        If you want to raise a family, do so with the most feminine woman possible, and at the same time strive to be as close as possible to your masculine peak. For those who may consider marriage, insist on a pre-nuptial agreement with all the nuances of children and custody, should that come to happen.
        If you, like myself, are just enjoying sexual activity with as many women as possible, avoid situations where you may fall into manipulation, for example, with girls barely over the age of consent or intoxicated. Consider the “cost” of sex, protect yourself with condoms at ALL TIMES. At the moment I am thinking about a vasectomy, but I’m not rushing anything until a possible, less permanent solution is available in the UK for male birth control.
        Bottom line – for good or ill, men have a hand in creating the mess we see around us, by act or omission.
        Men lead, women follow.

      3. Something that occurred to me, while on the subject of fake allegations of rape: is there, or could it be a correlation between such claims, and the ones to do with other forms of domestic abuse? Is it just my initial impression, or is the latter less likely to be faked by females? Now, why would that be?

    2. It is not only a ”father’, it has to be a masculine figure with assertive authority, most fathers that I know are beta suckups willing to raise bastard children and allow to be abused by women.

      1. Alphas wish to have sex with everything, and the betas are more likely to be good fathers and attentive lovers. It seems the only thing men on this site fight for is to dominate women, and have the right to fuck as many of them as they want regardless of if theyre in a committed relationship or marriage. Guys already do this.. do u really need a site up to defend your less than perfect ways and somehow put the blame on all women for your infidelity?

  4. As I am typing this up I have a bullshit “online sexual violence prevention training” video in the background. i am a part-time grad student at a university here in Los Angeles and the training is required. this is all part of the “yes means yes” circus.

    1. Next time you are gonna hookup with a girl just whip out a video camera for evidence that it was consensual.

      1. Right! i’ll have the consent forms waiting for her too! that’ll really turn her on and set the mood.

        1. If you are in a California institution of higher education then you are a fool if you don’t.

        2. Just need that form in a pdf format saved in your mobile phone. Signing just requires a thumbprint and a photo on your said phone.

        3. Yeah, I’d strap a GoPro to your forehead. And probably wear it at all times…and find some sort of rounded ball type apparatus you can affix to your hands to avoid any accusations of groping. Got to be able to find some way to prove your hands are where you said they were at all times.

        4. I wonder if from now on in Disney movies when the handsome prince or whoever is about to kiss the princess he whips out a consent form asking permission to kiss her?

        5. No we’re not. The system will not allow for any ways for men to clear their names. There will be no apps, and laws will eventually be changed so that men cannot record their sexual encounters with women without facing additional punishment.

        1. He was probably just a pervert, or diabolically clever comedian: “Privates, always film yer privates!”

        2. It was during a conversation about covering your ass. There’s an issue with Army wives hooking up with new soldiers at bars close to bases then telling them the next day they are an Army wife to extort money from them, as it is illegal for a soldier to sleep with another soldier’s wife.

    2. They might say it is mandatory, but if you email the office responsible for the training with a statement such as “I would like to request an exemption due to personal reasons that I prefer not to disclose,” they may give you an exemption to avoid liability from ‘triggering’ a traumatized individual.

  5. Until the punishment for false rape claims is as bad as rape itself, nothing will change. Not only that, false rape accusers, regret rape “claimers”, and SJW’s with rape tourettes should be put under that same microscope and shamed into oblivion.

    1. In this area, as with most areas of life, a simple principle underpins it: what you tolerate, you encourage. As a society we tolerate false rape accusations without any penalty for them.

    2. My default position is usually a cynical one but i’d like to think that this bubble of irrationality is coming to the peak of its life cycle soon. And when the inevitable explosion happens, a short period of calm before, like some phoenix of Stupid, it regenerates itself.
      What I do know though is that the only ones who are gonna get this done & save us There is no Ex Machina Messiah figure to rely upon. We just need to roll up our sleeves & do what we collectively do best. Trade blows like a smart pugilist until the opponent goes down.

    1. Women are obviously physically weaker than men, in general. This physical disadvantage meant it was too risky for her to attack men directly, especially when she could be carrying a child and might risk losing the pregnancy. For this reason, women evolved an irrational fear of violence along with masterful manipulation skills. It’s much safer for her to lie and get other strong men (ex. the gov) to dish out the physical punishment she wish she could give. They will rationalize lying and manipulating by seeing it as justified punishment for some other wrongdoing.

      1. Look at how she smiles at the end too. Like, “Oops, busted.” She has no fear of jail herself. No true regret for his sake, only her own.
        Also, women are simply believed when they claim to be hit. Even if there is no mark or bruise. If there is a bruise, then “Woooahh Nelly! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” Then the pitchforks are out due to the bump under her eye or the finger bruises on her arm. Skip court and go straight to jail because there are grip marks on her arm. I said this before recently here at ROK; Do you know how easy it is to mark yourself up? It can be nearly painless. Then imagine a vindictive coked up, drunk, or methed up girl who is willing to bang herself around on kitchen counters, pinch and rip at the flesh of her own arms, scratch herself. You can easily make it look like you got into a vicious fight if you want to. Then the verdict is etched in granite. “I didn’t touch her!”
        “Then how did she get those fingertip bruises on her arm…Hmm?”
        Even the fairest, most red pill judge will be immediately swayed by minor bruising.

        1. “no fear of jail herself”
          Precisely. Until there is a genuine concern of perjury for women fabricating testimony against men, nothing will change.

        2. What if she had gotten a few of her female friends to go along with it? No cameras or ATM receipts or anything to exonerate Folino? Just imagine how easy this is getting to wreck a life, now that we have a clear and total first gender and second gender ranking system.

      2. Are they still together? Betcha they are because two peas in a pod love the drama. Really, would anyone want to become involved with these loons.

  6. Feminists made it very clear that they will stop at nothing to destroy a man, from false rape accusations to hysteria over your bowling shirt. It is time for us to let them know that we accept their declaration of indirect warfare and prepare for battle in the name of national survival.

      1. I believe now is the best time to strike while so many women are beginning to distance themselves from today’s feminists. We should combine forces with the other manosphere sites to first identify and target their top enablers, the sjws and white knights. Since they prefer Gestapo tactics like addressing our employers we should return the favor. Truth is our most powerful weapon, as evidenced by Beejoli Shah’s backpedaling. Today she remains silent after Roosh spanked her bottom with facts, not emotion. We should continue to make an example of her to give those of her ilk something to think about. Manginas can either wise up or face public humiliation as well.

        1. In this day and age, truth is not as valuable a weapon as you think. In this current cultural climate dominated by corporations and the Govt nakedly pandering to women, feelings seem to count for more.

        2. Your key words are “current culture climate.” I believe the climate is not as comfortable as it was before Trolling Stone, Lena Dunham and Beejoli Shah. Lest we forget it was truth that exposed them as shameless attention whores. If enough of us turn the heat up and keep it up public sentiment toward the current climate can change. When public sentiment changes enough, it only takes 200 people to overthrow a czar.

        3. I bet if it was, like, a small Hyundai or a Kia that a lot less than 200 people could overthrow it.

        4. Roosh to his credit also exposed Looney Laci Green and Chubby Chunks Kendal Rae in his article “Meet your new Youtube censors”.

    1. Rape hysteria has always been a tool for women to gain more legitimacy in public discourse than they actually deserve
      To even care about rape any more than crime in general is to give them what they want. It’s time some changes were made to this society

    2. Why fight a few radicals when u can side with the lovable independent women who would never ask you to move her furniture or pay for dinner cuz she views u as an equal :p if u dont like women i can understand but acting like all women who want better pay and to be treated like a human are your enemy is just a sad way to live

    3. Nice way of generalizing feminists. Did it ever occur to you that some of us hold opinions different from those most commonly broadcasted across social media?

  7. I was at a college bar when I was 21. I was at least 10 beers in when a women, who claimed to be 42, came up and started dancing with me. She ended up buying me more drinks ($6 Heineken instead of my usual $3 Bud Lights) and then she drove me back to my place where we fucked. I woke to take a piss in the morning with a splitting hang over. I noticed that I didn’t hear the sound of the piss hitting the water. When I looked down I show that I had passed out with the condom still on and it was filling up like a piss water balloon. My bang bitch and I parted ways and I never say her again. This was in 2004. If I was an Americunt who fucked a 42 year old man who feed my drinks all night, I’d no doubt be crying rape. As a man, I simply laughed it off and told my friends “Brah, I got so fucked up and banged a MILF”. Being white and having a penis means that I talk responsibility for my own actions.
    The Social Justice Warriors can only be defeated by the Social Injustice Warrior (or Antisocial Justice Warrior- I can’t decide which I like better)
    What is needed is a college age man to fuck a fat, ugly bitch and report her for rape. As the cunts have shirked: Drunk = Can’t Consent. Our modern day Beowulf needs to be a good looking young man (preferably below the legal drinking age). He needs to find an unattractive Femicunt who wants to fuck him. This needs to be done at a public event like a club, college party etc. He’ll need a support staff who can document him getting wasted e.g pictures on Facebook and Instagram of him playing beer pong, quarter and whatever else you crazy kids are into. Or he can pay his bar tab with a credit card. After that he needs to go home with his SJW and fuck her. Ensure that she drives back to her place.
    The next morning he needs to go to the hospital for a rape kit showing that his cock and pubic hair is matted with the SJW’s vaginal fluid. Then go to the police.
    Our hero will need to then make a huge deal out of it. “I don’t remember giving consent”. “I was blind drunk”. “”I was raped”. He’ll need to fight the good fight on social media, carry his mattress around campus, post bullshit stats of “A college male is raped by fat whores every 15 minutes.

    1. He’ll need to copy every dirty lie and trick that the SJW have used on him.
      Extra points:
      – A Prestigious University. Preferable Stanford due to CA’s “Confirmed Consent Laws”
      – A white man with a fat nasty black women. The race element will help broadcast the “Rape”.
      – A rich SJW for the impending lawsuit.

    2. Haha. Out there somewhere is some college age Che Guevara type who’s gonna have to take one for the team.
      But the huge cost. The neural pathway trauma between dick & brain will be tremendous. The probable effects of PTSD in years to come incalculable.
      Is there one who can make the sacrifice play so that others 😀

    3. It’s too bad that they won’t believe your story. You can carry that used condom you were raped with it on all around campus and you’ll be laughed out of school.
      It’s a shame that the same tactics will not work for men.

    4. That’s why it should automatically be assumed that inequality like a good thing, because it is

  8. Why has no one drafted a law making it illegal to make false rape accusations and, that if proven guilty, these false accusations carry the same prison sentence that a convicted rapist would receive?

      1. The number of rapes commited in Murica continues to plummet, so to keep their “rape culture” alive feminists start to broaden the definition of rape to basically include all types of sex.

      2. Men are a dime a dozen, no matter where you go. American men are easy targets because they are socialized to be pussies and doormats. American men WILL NOT FIGHT BACK. They are pussies. Expect this type of thing to continue indefinitely. There will be no end.

  9. The real culprit here is a feminist political machine that is tirelessly and systematically working to re-describe ordinary sexual experiences between men and women as predatory and criminal. Some of these women may well be describing ”bad experiences, bad sex, and some of them may well be flaky, mentally unhinged or emotionally unstable, but the issue that this misses is that there is a movement in the background, often led by people who literally hate to see men and women together, which is trying to create a particular kind of political consciousness whereby young women see it as their duty to analyse all sexual encounters they have in terms of increasingly impossible to meet radical feminist standards of what consent is. At the same time such women are given every incentive to discover that consent really has been violated. Young women of 19 or 20, may well be old enough to be held accountable for the decisions they make but they are also themselves victims of a kind of rape / seduction by the activists who are putting them up to this. The chief evidence of this is surely those activists research surveys where women describe sexual encounters they think are consensual but which the researchers then label as rape. The ‘next generation’ of similar but ‘re-educated’ women will have updated their rape-alert software to factor in the kind of consciousness being argued for by the activist researchers – in other words, they will have ‘realised’ that that type of encounter ‘is really rape’. When such ‘conscious-raised’ women then end up reporting ‘feminist rape’ inevitably anyone with a foot in the real world will scoff at them, which in turn leads to the feelings of betrayal, and of the big bad world being cold and unbelieving towards rape victims.
    We need some mechanism of distinguishing not only between real rape and false rape, but between real rape and ‘feminist rape’, as a sub-category of false rape

    1. “Young women of 19 or 20, may well be old enough to be held accountable for the decisions they make but they are also themselves victims of a kind of rape / seduction by the activists who are putting them up to this.”
      Mind blown.
      I consented to that, by the way.

  10. If feminists had their way there would be no trial at all, if a woman accuses you of rape you’re guilty automatically. Unfortunately I cant’s see false rape accusers facing serious consequences or rape hysteria going away, an can see it getting worse as long as the media an education system continues to push feminist agendas. In Australia if a female work collegue accuses you of harrsament you’re presumed guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent, this goes against the very grain of the justice system which is meant to be innocent till prove guilty.

      1. Consent isn’t withdrawn retroactively, but actually during sex.
        So she consents, and then withdraws it during sexual intercourse.
        Would you stop if she asked you to?

        1. The present experience of any number of men indicates that women may, indeed, withdraw consent retroactively in that they may well go along with sex but have regrets later and lie to a police officer that they withdrew consent during the event. That indeed is a very common form of false rape accusation.

      2. I really wanna see that play out an what would happen. We should make flyers “just coz he’s ripped that’s not a green light to touch” or ” just coz he’s drunk doesn’t give you permission” or something along those lines. I’m sure the people can come up with some better flyers to stop the rape of drunk men by fatties.

        1. “You don’t just suck someone’s lollipop without getting permission first, same as with someone’s cock.”

        2. Stop the rape of college men by fatties “be a bro, tell your drunk vulnerable mate to say no to a fat hoe”

        3. “If you’ve had one too many, an she’s carrying a few pounds to many, don’t give her any”

        4. Start hastaging these or make flyers, beat feminists at their own game an expose their hypocrisy.

  11. The bottom line is that it costs money and resources every time a false accusation is hurled at someone. For wealthy elites this is no problem, like the costly regulations on industry that choke the little guy or entrepreneur, the fees, levys and licences are simply a necessary cost of doing business and keeping the small competition out for the mega monopolies. Game life is a way of life for the wealthy playboy class but treacherous for the commoners living under them. A small family man or young buck with family aspirations may lack the resources to insure he doesn’t become a fatality of the bitch system for trying to play the field.
    Remember, the overriding western state anthem for common folk instructs you to either TURN GAY OR ADOPT A PUPPY. DON’T BREED and DON’T BE HETEROSEXUAL. There’s no easy living under the powers that be – that is the powers that be stinking up the place. The only power they have is a reciprocation of our laxness. Crack the windows and expel the stench of the bitch system. EXORCISE IT FROM THE WEST.

    1. If it’s any consolation, the “Changing Demographics”, due to the immigration and breeding rates of 3rd world brown theists in the US and EU will undo all “progress” that the feminist and faggots have made.
      Liberalism will be the death of liberalism.

  12. Rape should not be a standalone crime at all. Rape is considered a crime purely because it affects a woman’s honor. If rape involves restraint or coercion, or threats, or violence, those are separate crimes and should be treated as such. But the mere act of inserting a penis in a vagina: Why is that potentially such a heinous crime?
    The answer is it all boils down to feelings. She is “violated”.
    The mere fact of considering rape to be a crime demonstrates inequality. Women are special, fragile creatures, and if they have sex they didn’t particularly want, or later regretted, it must be that heinous of crimes, rape. They are fragile, vulnerable, helpless creatures and must be coddled like fine china.
    When sex is criminalized, we are doomed.

  13. Dude whoa, a professional writer for mainstream publications and a Ph. D. wrote this… fuck yea boy!

    1. The red pill movement isn’t an underground affair anymore. It’s a co-opted way of life.

      1. Now with a mainstream “Instalanch” linking to this page from law professor who has taken up weight lifting, promotes paleo nutrition, and whose babe wife Helen ( ) wrote the most popular book about men going on marriage strike.
        Most #GamerGate kids and young adults have yet to realize that the libertarian streak of conservatism is actually classic old school liberalism with a Tea Party cheering established blogosphere already in place ready to support them in their revolt against SJWs. The way this new and more accurate and amusing term for “feminazis” has now been suddenly this year adopted by the whole conservative blogosphere is delightful.
        I came into this as an old Ross Jeffries flunkie who then adopted Badboy direct pickup style and became a natural who made fun of the seduction community, but then also as a Ph.D. chemist who became an outspoken climate alarm skeptic, suddenly the #GamerGate rebellion against the slanderous MSM was so damn exciting. Yet when the Republican landslide, including local politics, suddenly arrived this season, and conservatives got cocky again, my years of activism as a sort of front line mercenary instead of a stodgy blogger preaching to the choir, was over. I was done. We won. The front line at least. It’s still up to the rest of you activists to carry out the clean up operation and win the overall war.
        Glenn Reynolds is yet another “based lawyer” supporting both game and #GamerGate. It’s nice to see the seduction community adopt much more general self-improvement than before when every braggart was starting his own coaching company and e-book biz, never addressing physical fitness as a way to break out of angry nerd syndrome.
        I’m still aghast that Rooshv is promoting indirect game as some manner of compromise business policy, since he’s a pussy, alas. The guy is a bit of a head case, so much hand wringing and existential issues. Should try LSD or ayahuasca a few times as an adult to tap into some spiritual groundedness.
        -=NikFromNYC=-, Ph.D. in chemistry (Columbia/Harvard)

      2. AND he is black. Plus plus plus. The biggest danger is that we look like a bunch of angry white men, and worse is that we dont welcome in black people with open arms as Athlone McGinnis pointed out, they’re about 2-4 decades ahead of the rest of the country. By including minorities it looks like we have serious indisputable issues.

        1. Agreed. There are quite a number of reasons for the non-acceptance. Fear of change, fear of assault, disdain for ignorance, and so on. If black men were co-opted into this fight, SJW would think twice, as their chief attack is to take down white men. Amongst men in America, white men have the most power but the highest blame ratio, for everything detrimental to America.

        2. Merry Christmas Shep!! I hope this coming year brings plenty of joy for you and your loved ones. And here’s to adding new allies and friends!! Those poor SJW won’t see 2015 coming!

        3. Yea sure. But don’t expect this to become a tryvon marton memorial. Blacks are “21 times more likely to be killed be the po-po” for the same reason that Pit Bulls are more likely to be put down than a German Shepard.

        4. Not currently as I haven’t had much knowledge of their existence. Thankfully. But I am reading up on them and they appear the epitome of asinine. Been meaning to expand my knowledge based anyhow and televised media seems to ripe with programming for my liking. What have you got in mind?

        5. There is a dual identity troll poster who uses the acronym. I’m thinking of doing some troll hunting. This one is kind of like troll big game. On Feb 1 I’ll throw up a new Disqus ID, “DGJC _said_ what?”
          DGDC frequently throws up bogus or non-supporting links to back up his heterophobia. He cuts and pastes the same replies in multiple forums.
          My buddy Sam has written quite a few rebuttals to his bogus cut-and-pastes, but DGJC just takes his special brand of hate to a new forum.
          He has accumulated quite a cadre of people who dislike him. He is a vile misogynist.
          I have developed a safe rubric to share the idenitity with multiple folks who dislike him. Once could check to see if the ID was being used at that moment, log in, and attack him for a while.
          The user could go back in the ID’s recent posts, and post the standard rebuttal to DGJC’s standard posts in the The idea is that multiple people would use the same identity to slap him down. He would get tired and go find a new hobby.
          If he has never targeted you, this won’t sound too exciting. If he’s come after you the idea of multiple operators using a single disqus ID to push him out is appealing.

        6. Please let me know if it works! I hope your holiday was happy and healthy! :)you

        7. You may contact me through Facebook.
          I have a good rubric for each of us to prove legitimacy to the other.

        8. Oh, you know him. It is DGJC.
          Friend me on FaceBook if possible. I have a good way to confirm you are who you say you are and to demonstrate that my FB identity is really me.

        9. He thankfully has never targeted me. But as I’m curious about him, so, let’s do it! Good debates are hard to come by as people shoot for PC living.

        10. When you have a moment, friend me on FB. I have a foolproof rubric for us to confirm we are really dealing with each other without giving up any privacy.

        11. Ha! He flies into a rage when I talk to him but most times rolls over like a puppy when a strong male shows up.

        12. Ahhhhhhhh…. Mystery solved. DGJC is an idiot? LOL
          Yes, yes he is. He runs in circles getting kicked in the pants, and thinks he’s “winning.”
          If I wanted to develop an unsympathetic homosexual character playing to every outrageous negative stereotype of homosexual men, I couldn’t do better than him.

        13. He really does become nasty toward you.
          Fortunately, it mostly just seems to amuse you.
          I just thought him a comical buffoon, but the way he reacts to perceived women, and the way he talks about women, is beyond disgusting. He’s a disturbed individual.

        14. Yes he has mental issues. It doesn’t have the effect on me he wants. I sent a batch of his latest hits to the female editors of the site and he was quickly deleted. The content is vile but is more a reflection of his issues and not mine What amuses me most is how I can trigger a grand mal hissy fit complete with tourettes like barking in someone who claims to be so intellectually superior to me. That is what’s funny.

        15. Contact me on FaceBook.
          I have a way to confirm I am talking to Mars Attacks. It also allows you to confirm you are really talking to Shep Schultz without giving up personal information.

        16. How do I contact you on face book except with my real identity (which I give up for nobody)? Is there a way disqus can interface with face book?

        17. Sadly no.
          You might create a new FB Identity, Mars Atticus.
          It wouldn’t hurt to have an Email address dedicated to political work and troll hunting too.

        18. I’ll gladly try.
          To be honest, I’ve never done anything with Facebook. I’ve heard of people who have gotten harassed by unwanted trolls. That’s the main reason why I never learned how to use the forum and never pursued it.
          If my memory serves me correctly, I read a few months ago how a Troll went to your Facebook page and then posted condescending comments about you. If that was the extent, I wouldn’t care with regard to myself. I don’t have the strength to deal with hardcore stalkers for obvious reasons…
          Please let me know. I have no reason to doubt you. Being in the legal field has made me very cautious and cynical for good reason. You cannot think everyone is a stalker and out to get you. But having a “Pollyanna” mentality, makes one a fool, which is something I never was, nor do I plan to ever become one.
          Please let me know. 😉

        19. Don’t use your real FaceBook page,
          Or stand by for further instructions about an alternative solution.
          Please upvote this post so I know you’ve read this message.

        20. I’ve never had a Facebook account, but, back in the day I had owned some dot-com websites and learned the hard way that your ‘whois’ information is open for all to see by a single click unless you purchase a third party advocate which masks your ‘whois’.
          After having to change my phone number numerous times via stalkers and spammers, that was a lesson harshly learned.

        21. Good morning. Hope all is well with you and all of your loved ones.
          Just saw this posting this morning. I would LOVE to hear an alternative solution.
          David wanted to know how one can authenticate a situation when their real name is not posted. I am wondering the same thing.
          In all honesty, I never had the need to be authenticated before in such a situation. Who I am, and what I stand for, is posted all over Disqus. That will never change. I am an extremely ethical person who will never be bought or sold by anyone.
          There is a very famous creed in Orthodox Judaism that I live my life by (among many others). “It is far better to live your entire life and be thought of as a fool in the eyes of man, then for one moment to be thought of as a fool in the eyes of the Almighty G-d!” That, I believe, says a great deal! 😉
          Have a great day!
          Most sincerely,

        22. I am so sorry that you went through that. That is so awful. That is why I never bothered learning how to set up social sites. I have heard of too many people getting burnt. I have too much going on in my life as it is, to be saddled with that nightmarish situation.
          I hope that your websites are doing well despite this abysmal economy. I pray for every patriotic American to do well in every way possible.
          Best wishes to you and all of your loved ones for a happy and healthy New Year!
          Most sincerely,

        23. Shep you can create a private chat in Facebook where chatters can only enter if they are invited.

        24. Trolls at FaceBook don’t bother me in the least. I haven’t had one for some time, but when I did all of my Central American FB friends beat him up and took his lunch money.
          Please check your replies over the past 4 or 5 days. Not necessarily those from me. One will jump out at you.
          Please don’t reply to this message. It will bring it to the top of the feeds for folks who don’t like you to read.
          Simply upvote me so I’ll know you’ve read it.

  14. A real solution would be giving a convicted liar the same status as a convicted sex offender. On a publically accessable list. Must notify neighbors about their presence and put pictures of themselves up in public places so everyone knows what they are.

    1. Agreed.
      But the Femo & SJW clans wouldn’t go for it. Why? Too damned hard with all that icky logic & accountability that’s required.

  15. My standard:
    If the accused is a college student who is one or more of:
    (a) white
    (b) a noted athlete
    (c) a fraternity member
    (d) from an affluent background
    Then the accusation is politically-motivated or politically-sanctioned bullshit until proven otherwise.

  16. Roosh
    Is it possible for you to create a database of individuals that have made false rape accusations? Someone making a false rape accusation in a rural hick town may evade scrutiny but the social media attention whore can and should be exposed. Such a tool may spare a lot of men some grief in the future.
    Just throwing it out there.

  17. False accusers (of rape or anything else) receive Equality prison time matching the male victim’s average sentence if found guilty . . .in men’s jails and prisons, not the country clubs where female offenders are ‘punished’.
    Irresponsible rags like RS and NYT to be prosecuted civilly and criminally for gratuitous attacks on men or boys. Individuals separated from corporate culture and held to answer. Heavy fines and front page public retractions.

  18. I hear what you are saying, but I highly doubt any new standard will be implemented. The system which is all too happy to throw men in jail for no valid reason is entertaining all this sick feminist shit including false rape. And of course there exists in some states and local areas the notion of the “he raped me with his eyes by just looking at me” BS. That shit is scary because a man is convicted simply on the whim of a hornonal driven animal.

    1. I believe we’re not actually asking *them* to accept the standard. It’s a standard that we should propagate and teach other men. Let the leftists and feminists seethe.

      1. You have a point, but unfortunately the powers that be will remain in charge and have final say.

  19. I’ve always gone by this standard:
    If the woman is white and believes in liberal causes, any alleged claims she has to suffering should be taken with extreme suspicion

  20. Evidence, timely prosecution, or nothing.
    That’s why I do not accept the idea that Bill Cosby is a rapist either.

  21. Single men and men who can no longer trust their wives should begin recording every encounter with women as a means of defending themselves.

  22. Your fatal flaw in this whole article is the following line:
    “She knows English. “No” means “no.” She’s heard that expression 1,000 times and could have said it a thousand-and-first time herself.”
    These entitled and spoiled fools probably haven’t heard the word no. They have probably never been told no you can’t do that, no you can’t have that, no that’s a bad idea, no you are wrong. Not from parents or teachers or anyone in authority who should have familiarized them with the term and its meaning.
    I blame the parents for never telling these idiots no and meaning it.

  23. “If a purported victim didn’t fight back…”
    All men falsely accused of rape should fight back in the courts. I am dismayed that the UVA frat in question has not done so. Everyone of us knows what happens when you give in to a bully: more bullying. And what happens when you punch a bully squarely in the nose? Even if you get your ass kicked it generally stops the bullying.
    Fight back: sue false rape accusers and the institutions that back them.

  24. What should be common sense has been made radical by the corporate media, feminists and liberals. Edit: Oh and some conservatives too.

  25. I doubt there are really as many rapes as feminists claim. American women are so disgusting and fat that the only way a man could get it up for them is to stand on his head.

  26. If your causing someone pain. You should stop. It’s a simple rule to follow, unless you get off on hurting.

  27. That’s not anew standard of justice, it’s a very old one. “Innocent until PROVEN guilty.”

  28. That bystanders will rush to aid is not necessarily the case. There was that rape of that drunk unconscious girl a year or two ago that made the news and everyone was just sitting around and laughing about it. Then theres the Kitty Genovese murder in which bystanders didnt even call the police. People will do some cruel shit and even watch cruelty happen and laugh and cheer, whether its murder or rape or punching a kitten.
    Rest of this article is solid.

  29. I get that some people lie about rapes or sexual assaults all the time. It really makes me mad because they fuck everything over for real victims of rape and sexual assault. But I do not in any way agree with the author saying that if a victim “…didn’t fight back; didn’t scream; has no injuries; does not mention the use of any weapon; was within 20 yards of a hundred people who would have instantly defended her; admits that she never indicated that her alleged assailant should stop; is afraid of her alleged assailant without specifying exactly what threats, if any, he made to keep her from talking; is afraid of her alleged assailant because of undocumented threats he allegedly made to keep her from talking, threats totally out of character for him…” because all of that has been proven by many psychologists and investigators to not be a red flag that the victim is lying. Often times rapists will lie to their victims about having a weapon or whatever to stop them from fighting back. It is always better to survive than die. Also, the majority of the time a rapist is someone whom the victim knows, such as a friend, family member, co-worker, fellow student, etc., which causes victims to be unable to draw attention or fight back because of shame or fear for their attacker. If your father or mother or sibling raped you, would you feel shamed? Would you feel guilty turning them in? That’s how many victims feel.
    Becoming paralyzed by fear and an intense desire to simply live through the attack is also what keeps victims from fighting and trying to get away. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll look for an escape, but not many will risk the chance they’ll be seriously harmed or killed for not complying.
    Rapist are good at hiding their true desires. Society paints them as these evil, scary, and obvious looking people, when most times they are charismatic and normal people. That’s what makes them so terrifying. They hide in plain sight. And I’m not just talking about men; women rape too.
    Obviously, we do have people who falsely report rapes or assaults, and they are punished for it. And those people are the ones who make it impossible for real victims to report. They hear people talk about fake victims all the time and falsely believe that if they reported, no one would believe them. I read a comment from someone who can’t understand how a victim lets a rapist continue raping and not report. There is a very messy web of trauma, shame, guilt, depression, self-doubt, and, often, PTSD woven into a victims brain. And when/if they report, they experience the rape all over again during the rape kit, the telling of the story to a detective, and facing his/her attacker. It is something non-victims have trouble understanding. I do because my best friend was raped four years ago, and still relives that trauma. It isn’t as bad or as often as it used to be, but it isn’t something that will ever go away.
    I wrote a lot, but I am very passionate about this subject. It is a personal mission of mine to educate whoever I can about the realities of rape and hope to dispel the myths. Rape is a real problem in this country and around the world. It needs to not be one. And it begins with people understanding what rape is and what it isn’t, and making sure all of them are being reported.

    1. “Obviously, we do have people who falsely report rapes or assaults, and they are punished for it.”
      The latter part of your assertion is incorrect. When you look at the rates of prosecution, conviction, and incarceration of false rape hoaxers, they are much, much lower than rape itself notwithstanding a prevalence that justifies a much harsher response. Various rationalisations are given for this kid gloves treatment of such liars – that it’s a “delicate subject” that’s “hard to prove”, that it would “discourage real rape victims” to report. I have seen case after case of feminists who will continue to assert a woman was raped even after she retracts the allegation entirely.
      The answer to that is simple: what you tolerate, you encourage. Western justice has repeatedly observed, back to William Blackstone, that rape is a horrendous crime which by its very nature is apt to cause people to abandon critical evaluation of the claim. Rape has not changed its fundamental nature as a crime: easy to allege, difficult to prove, more difficult to defend. For that very reason, and because a rape allegation carries an un-dis-proveable aspect to it similar to a child abuse allegation, some women see it as a very useful weapon for causing pain and social destruction to men. The false rape allegation rate is appallingly bad. If you go by the FBI’s stats, it’s roughly 8 in every 100, which sounds low until you realise that’s nearly 1 in every 10. If you go by more focused and careful studies, it’s much, much higher — even to 90% in one survey.
      “There is a very messy web of trauma, shame, guilt, depression, self-doubt, and, often, PTSD woven into a victims brain.”
      But it’s not terribly relevant and we’ve heard this rationalisation many, many times before. The brutal truth — and like it or not, there are many, many brutal truths in life — is that if the person has been raped and decides not to report it, they are letting someone they know to be a rapist walk free and possibly do it again to another person. That is a horrible crime of omission, even allowing for the fact the only person who rapes is the rapist.

  30. That logo is definitely rape culture.. Why do I believe that? Because it’s Connecticut . and people only wake up when it directly effects them
    The SJW going after the stupid liberals logo will wake up some from their mind fogs.

  31. Could the two-finger test once again become relevant? I know i used to do it every time. Call me old fashioned.

  32. Just been looking at the posts on this thread and I’d just like to say that I hope none of you guys have daughters, or for that matter any female relatives at all.

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