Feminists Attack Lincoln University President For Saying Women Should Be Responsible For Their Actions

The Office is a wildly popular American TV show that was originally created in Britain. The American version differs from the original—but I have only seen a handful of the British episodes—so I will not comment on that and that is also beyond the scope of this writeup.

For itself, the show opens itself up to much interpretation. The Ribbon Farm has an absolute must-read series of posts analyzing power relations in the modern workplace through the lens of the The Office. However, for my purposes here, I wish to talk about Michael Scott, as he is a perfect example of a narcissist—a person who feels no guilt, only shame.


Michael Scott, for the first eight seasons, is the regional manager of a mid-size paper distributing company. He clearly had a traumatic childhood. While such narcissism is always born out of a childhood not lived, consider a few points that reinforce my perception. First, is his appearance on a TV show for kids. His younger self said his dream was to have 100 kids so nobody can say no to being his friend.

He seems to think that childhood is necessarily limited by the parent’s wishes, which is not healthy. Further, he is admitting he isn’t not getting the positive emotional support at home. Second, consider the taped footage of his mother’s marriage to Jeff. In the clip, when bringing something down the aisle, he screams, “I HATE YOU” and storms off. He is wetting his pants the entire time. Clearly, this situation reminded him of a very traumatic experience that can only be speculated on.

Back on point, Michael Scott displays a great level of delusion about who he is and appropriate behaviors to display in society. He never displays genuine sympathy or empathy, as it is always tied to advancing his personal delusions or to show off to others. He has no self-esteem and has his delusions punctured very easily and slips in narcissistic depression with frightening regularity. He also possesses the ability to turn women into compensatory narcissists and transform himself in a pseudo-codependent. The fact the whole show is supposedly a documentary reinforces the narcissism of the workplace and Michael Scott.

As far as Michael Scott is concerned, he only experiences shame and never guilt. Guilt, properly felt, is a feeling about things you have actually done (to others). Shame, however, is a feeling about who you are, your identity.

forgetting important things

For example, let’s say a man forgets to pick a friend up from work and it forces them to miss a date with an attractive woman. The guilt-based person would apologize to the person and feel bad because he hurt a friend. A shame-based person would think “I am such a bad person!” and need public reassurance they aren’t a bad person from the person they harmed.

The guilt-based person would try to own up to their misdeeds and try to rectify the situation with good acts—i.e. buy his friend a case of beer he likes or personally call the woman and convince her that is was his fault—not his friend’s—that she was stood up. The shame-based person will seek avenues to avoid personal culpability, such as downplaying the bad act (she was probably a bitch), blaming them (you know how unreliable I am!) or ignoring the situation (dodging his calls or texts).

Guilt-based people are healthy. People should want to atone for their bad acts with commensurate good acts. Shame-based people are immature psychologically. While every personality disorder has shame-based impulses, narcissism is the one that expressly discloses any ability to feel guilt, only shame.

Shame-based approaches are born out of child-like approaches to criticism or lack of boundaries. Kids subject to intense, withering criticism as a child develop a complex that they are either 100% good or 100% bad. Recall that every child is a born a narcissist, which is why we tend to put the gloves when critiquing a child because we implicitly recognize they take criticism 100% personally as an attack on their identity as a whole.

Further, kids who are never disciplined develop the same complexes. Kids who are unschooled, receive “participation ribbons” or who are born to parents who let them do whatever they want never mature beyond the emotional level of a child. Children need boundaries set by those who love them unconditionally and are intimately based out of that child’s best interest and personality.

The Office

Reconsidering Michael Scott, he displays shame-based approaches to life. Recall the season 3 episode in which Michael and Dwight travel to the paper convention with Jim and his new boss. At the end, when Michael’s party fails and he broods in a narcissist depression, Jim visits and calms him down. Michael was jealous of Jim’s rapport with his new boss. Notice at the end when he calms down, he refers to Jim as “Best Friends Forever.” See the black and white approaches to relationships? Jim realizes he is dealing with an emotional child, so he treats him as such.

In fact, the rest of the office—outside Dwight—recognizes this. While his antics are outrageous and often offensive, you can’t really treat him badly because you realize he is—in this heart—an emotional child. When Michael hosts the Dundies in season 2, he is heckled by a group of people. He feels a great amount of shame as they puncture his personal concept of being a comedic genius. He doesn’t really need anybody to validate that, as long as he can perform, he will invent approval in his head.

Let’s consider a few more scenes that flesh out the contours of shame-based behavior. Michael once makes an incredibly dismissive and flippant remark about Dwight crying on New Year’s Eve when it started to snow at midnight while watching one of Dwight’s favorite shows. In private, Michael exhibits a complete lack of feelings about somebody.

I can’t recall the exact scene, but I believe Jim says that is pretty insensitive to mock Dwight for that. Michael backtracks and calls Dwight’s movie “stupid.” See the shame-based approach here? Michael—with no audience—flippantly dismisses a friend’s emotions and when confronted publically about it, he downplays his rejection of Dwight.

Now, making fun of Dwight is one thing, but a guilt-based person would feel a bit bad that a friend had such a emotional reaction to something. Sure, if Dwight was my friend I would razz him about it, but if he’s your friend you care about his emotional state. Rudely ignoring him is not what a good person does.

[Image: the-office-gaydar_l.jpg]

Quite possibly the best episode to talk about is season 3’s opener, Gay Witch Hunt. In this episode, Michael jokingly refers to Oscar as “faggy.” Toby confronts Michael and tells him Oscar was offended because he is gay. Michael is asked to keep this a secret as Oscar does not want his coworkers to know. A guilt-based person knows that they would feel bad if they disrespected Oscar’s wishes, would apologize to them in private and move on. If Michael had done that, Oscar would have respected Michael. That is not what happens.

Michael does apologize to Oscar, but does it in a self-aggrandizing way and only in semi-private. Oscar accepts Michael’s insincere apology only because he is worried about being outed. Michael doesn’t stop because he knows homosexuality can bring attention into somebody’s life. He has Dwight research gay porn on his computer and it results in a very psychologically unhealthy and embarrassing—for Oscar—office meeting.

As is seen, most people don’t care about allegations of homosexuality. I wouldn’t be surprised if some real-life homosexuals were upset at this (if they notice) because it means most people— today—just don’t care who you have sex with. Pam is interested in hearing about Oscar’s sexuality, but at the moment his biggest issue is Michael. Michael formally outs Oscar, narcissistically thinking Oscar will love the attention, whether positive or negative. See the self-absorption here? If Michael was gay, he would prefer worship for being gay, but would accept hatred if it means avoiding indifference.

Oscar comes out and in the intervening events, shuts Michael down badly, calling him “ignorant, offensive and small.” Michael immediately engages in the shame-based defense mechanism of narcissistic depression. Oscar realizes that Michael had no malicious intentions, just self-absorbed ones. He engages in guilt-based acts right afterward. Oscar softens his tone, proffers a genuine apology and offers Michael a hug. Michael then tries to self-aggrandize with kissing Oscar but he realizes that doesn’t work for him, for obvious reasons.

The takeaway lesson is about the differences between guilt and shame based individuals. Guilt-based people don’t consider failures to speak to their entire identity, while shame-based people do. Shame-based people are emotionally immature and that results from poor parenting of many stripes. Guilt-based people are worried about the effect of their actions on others, shame-based people are worried about their identity, especially as seen by others.

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235 thoughts on “Feminists Attack Lincoln University President For Saying Women Should Be Responsible For Their Actions”

  1. Nobody’s even said women deserve the blame for rape in the first place
    It’s not a woman’s fault for being raped while dressed like a whore in a dark alley, but it is her fault for being an idiot and putting herself in such a risky situation
    Feminists want to conflate the two because:
    1. They believe in retarded utopian shit like “let’s just teach all criminals not to be criminals”
    2. Feminism is a mental disorder

    1. “but it is her fault for being an idiot and putting herself in such a risky situation they believe in retarded utopian shit like “let’s just teach all criminals not to be criminals”
      In so many/few words, it really is that fucking simple. It’s a shame that something so goddamn basic even needs to be mentioned, much less ardently contested that if you look like a mark(regardless of gender) you run the risk of getting taken advantage of.
      Depressing, actually.

      1. I actually DO blame women for any ‘rape’ where she doesn’t end up broken, bleeding, bruised, or dead.
        As far as I am concern, if it wasn’t forcible, it isn’t rape. It MAY be some other crime, but it’s called ‘rape’ simply because of the visceral reaction it pulls from men (who envision a broken, bleeding, bruised or dead woman) and their protective instincts.

        1. Dude, thats harsh… and I’ve learned to agree with it.
          Even if a woman is ready and willing I have trouble getting it in, especially if its dark. How am I supposed to get it in if she’s struggling? I’ve had playful morning “wrestling sessions” with my girls, even though I work out and am magnitudes of power stronger than them I cannot over power them. So yes. Unless the women was beaten, bruised, or passed out, I have trouble believing she was raped.

        2. You don’t even need to go that far. Just show some evidence that there was a *tiny* struggle. Just a bit. You’d be amazed how many so-called rape cases don’t even have that.
          “He talked me into it” is not rape. Unless you also consider it rape whenever someone sells you a car (actually, hold the press, I think feminists might be on to something here (just kidding, of course)).

        3. What about threatened with a weapon? I think if weapons involved then that counts. It’s like saying if some dude with a gun takes my money I haven’t been robbed unless I put up a fight

        4. For the most part i agree with your opinion. But there are, as always, exceptions.
          I grew up in a small town. This town had in the early 1960s a catholic vicar who sexually abused children as young as 8 years old and adolescents, later on as he grew more “experienced” he also started abusing grown-ups. It did not matter if you were male or female. The victims were not raped by physical force, they did not have visible bruises, but he managed it simply by exploiting his position as an esteemd member of whichever town he was in. He wasn’t stopped until the mid-1990s. The catholic church officially admitted to nearly 200 victims, meaning, the real number is that much higher. Forcible does not always mean the use of physical force…

        5. There is an element of submission involved here. I think this is what feeds into women’s feelings of guilt after the fact and why many of them don’t report it. Real rape victims often do feel responsible for what happened to them and that they could have done more to prevent it. Possibly its some primal urge to submit to the attacker.

        6. I am not talking about children.
          the fuck do people think women have the right to be protected like children?

        7. probably has a reason to exist. ‘Rape’ literature (bodice rippers) is still by far the most popular paperback genre in print, to the tune of 5 to 1 over it’s nearest competitor (mystery)

        8. I wrote that he started with children and “moved up” to adults, both male and female. Granted it is an extreme case. But you are right, adults do not have to be protected like children.

        9. Let me understand. If I have a weapon and if I threaten to kill you with it and then I fuck you without your consent, is not rape? is sexual assault? My knowledge about sexual assault is that you don’t get to fuck your victim. Rape is all the package.
          We have assault and battery , but that doesn’t define the situation as having any sexual connotation. These definitions are pretty accurate about the action itself. But I agree, the only true rape is when the victim is actually forced or threatened, one way or another, into having sex. Second day regrets are just that.

        10. Rape to my definition is sex against a person’s will. Male or female. Which to me is a crime. The issue is the women who lie about it in hindsight, not whether it should be a crime.

        11. I don’t give a flying fuck about your definition, I only care about the legal definition.
          If you have sex with someone because they are holding a gun on you, that is not against your will. They are threatening you, and thus committing a crime, but that crime is not ‘rape’.

        12. ‘forced’. not threatened. If you fuck someone because of the threat of violence, they are not ‘raping’ you, they are committing a crime, but it is not rape.
          You could ‘choose’ to refuse. Yes, you will get shot, and then they are guilty of murder, but holding a gun on you is not fucking ‘rape’

        13. Yeah, I noticed the goalposts were going at the speed of sound in his post, I just hate intellectual hypocrites.

        14. My definition is the legal definition of rape. There’s nothing wrong with rape being a crime, the wrong is in how women bullshit about it and refuse to take any responsibility for their part in it. And wtf are you saying, of course it’s against your fucking will if someone rapes you with a gun to your head, you moron. Better be raped than dead

        15. your definition is the legal definition of rape after it has hamhandedly been expanded for nearly a century.

      2. No, if she were to wash herself with chum before jumping into a school of sharks, it’s not her fault if she gets attacked. She in no way bares any responsibility, because she’s a princess.

      3. Actually, it’s even simpler than that. Feminism is all about the revocation of consequences despite whatever action they deem necessary no matter the circumstance. There are some members of humankind who do live their lives that way. Three guesses and the first two don’t count.
        The answer Ladies and Gentlemen is CHILDREN. Children are hovered over and taken care of because they don’t consider the consequences of their actions until they are taught. Feminism reduces women to the level of witless children while talking like they are better than adult men.
        There are consequences to the actions adults choose to partake in. Some of them aren’t pretty, some of them are down right reprehensible, but responsible people realize that ignoring such consequences can be dangerous choose to inform people of such truths.
        Bottom line, to choose to ‘eliminate’ criminality for the sake of wearing whatever you want so one can do whatever they choose is asking to be taken care of by the ‘ruling class’. Sound like a responsible and empowering movement to you?

        1. That is the type of power that children can have. Not direct power to do. The power to make others do. Those that can do, unlike the child.
          True empowered women would be fanatic gun owners. Instead all they do is cry “protect me, protect me”.

        2. You just about had it, “Feminism is all about the revocation of consequences despite whatever action they deem necessary no matter the circumstance.” Add just a little and you have it, “Feminism is all about the (redirection) of consequences, (to a man), despite whatever action they deem necessary no matter the circumstance.

    2. They don’t believe in utopian shit. They believe in control — specifically, tightly controlling the sexual marketplace. Rape is universally frowned upon, so the easiest way of getting people to limit their sexual behavior is for virtually all forms of sex to be equivalent to rape.

      1. Kinda like in “1984”, where the protagonist’s wife acts as if she has been shamefully violated whenever they have copulated.

        1. It IS 1984. The “Anti-sex League.” They call everything “sexist.” Ergo, they are anti-sex.

      2. And on the other end of the control spectrum, the same feminists will fight tooth and nail to keep prostitution illegal, as it cuts off the only outlet for quick, guilt-free, no-strings-attached, rape accusation-free sex.

        1. Systems like this like confusion. All the OTHER sex has been reduced to prostitution. Of course they have to have prostitution illegal. As much as I hate prostitution, at least calling it that is honest.
          Getting married and then divorced to get money with no commitment is fucking prostitution!

        2. I just read today that Orange County CA will stop arresting prostitutes because they are “victims” and only arrest the johns. They really can do no wrong.

        3. Most likely because processing a hooker through the system costs more than shaming a john into paying a huge fine to keep his name out of the news.
          Policing for profit. Gotta love it.

        4. “the same feminists will fight tooth and nail to keep prostitution
          illegal, as it cuts off the only outlet for quick, guilt-free,
          no-strings-attached, rape accusation-free sex.” While some other feminazis fight to make women’s rights to do with their bodies as they choose, insist it be a crime for men to patronize the women that prostitute themselves. (Sweden and for a short time Canada, no bullsh!t.)

    3. Is self-delusion a mental disorder? All utoptians (the Left) ignore the lessons of our collective pasts, choosing instead to believe in the “hope” of it all having really been a giant fluke, and that it’s all actually within our power to change. The base of that is the void created by people not believing in a power beyond themselves.
      People don’t want it all to be for nothing. They want hope/belief/redemption. If they don’t find it in God, they’ll try to find it within themselves, individually or collectively. Reality be damned. Facts will never prevail, because you’re fighting a faith, not a reasoned opinion.

      1. Well-done. An excellently reasoned comment. But I have so much hope for our cis-gendered, intersectional, pan erotic, ironic, privilege-checking, selfielization. It’s all going to work out for the best.

        1. Lol.
          I actually do hold out hope, though. My kids will correct that mess in 20 years. They won’t have a choice.
          Maybe I’m hoping in vain though
          I enjoyed your comment.

        2. I’m quite worried for the future, but was mainly just taking the chance to play around with those words. I’m glad you appreciated the irony. I was thinking about how conversations used to go 500 years ago compared to today: ‘hail good fellow. what is your profession?’ ‘i’m a blacksmith’
          ‘sup mah ninja, so, like, do u hang out or junk? getting that chedda y’allz knadamean sun??’ ‘yes, I’m an intersectional, sex-positive, INTJ, pre op, gender neutral, ovo-lacto-pescatarian, dub-steppin’ blah blah blah’. Things have gotten quite technical since the frontier days, it seems.

      2. People believe or don’t believe in God for many different reasons. For SJW types their disbelief doesn’t come from a triumph of rationality ( like they claim), but rather from their state of internal deadness. Those suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder don’t have true selves. Not do they experience positive emotions like love, joy, etc. They totally lack empathy.
        In short, that ” still, small voice” just isn’t present for them. They don’t hear God for the same reason they don’t possess reason. Everything- and I mean every aspect of their existence, is ordered around trying to cope with, mask, and project onto others their own sense of inadequacy. Imagine trying to walk around after being shot five times in the back and legs. That’s life for SJW’s, but instead of physical injury it’s their psychology and sense of self that’s smashed up.
        Anyway I don’t mean to rant. I enjoyed your comment and it got me to thinking lol.

    4. We should just teach feminists not to feminist. BINGO! “Teach cunts not to cunt,” or “teach bitches not to bitch.”
      I like this idea.

  2. Life actually makes more sense when you don’t hold women accountable for their actions. After all, you wouldn’t hold a child or dog accountable the same way you’d hold a man accountable.

    1. By the same token you neither give a child a gun or voting rights. And if you know your dog is dangerous you don’t take it where it can hurt other people.

      1. BINGO!
        What we have for the most part done is exactly that: we have given children voting rights.
        (I have seen “children” handle guns and cars fairly well though).
        When we try to make women our equals, we are trying to make children, all along with their faulty logic, our equals.
        Now, can anybody tell me this is not a problem?
        When a 5 year old is babbling about something that is important to them, and you say “oh that’s no big deal” and they get all in a huff, we know we are dealing with a child. They’ll get over it.
        When a woman does the same thing, now all of a sudden we have to respect a child and make them an equal and everything they say and think is valid?
        The whole “Women and Children First” thing had NOTHING to do with chivalry. It had everything to do with knowing what we were dealing with, and the kind of mental wiring at hand, in an emergency. In other words, the women and children would be too hysterical or frightened to ensure their own way to the lifeboats and hence it was up to the men to make sure they got there. If a man wants to curl up in a ball and go hysterical he gets left behind.
        It was also of great utility that women and children were smaller and lighter so that if they did curl up in a ball and suck their thumb, it was easier to haul their asses out. Hence one more reason why a man who does not get his shit together gets left behind. Though today with these fat blob women and fat blob kids, a fellow might have to weigh his chances of surviving merely for the potential to start a new (and not so fat slob) family.

    2. Oh, look, a white knight, posing as a Jew, complete with putting Gwenhwyfar up the pedestal and a gibberish of Hebrew characters.
      Yes, I have a screenshot, mind you.
      I used Google Translate and found out your username is plain gibberish.

      1. uh yes my username is just a bunch of random symbols…glad you figured it out…doesn’t mean i’m a “white knight posing as a jew” though. get the fuck out of here with that shit.
        (at least, i’m pretty sure i’m not ethnically jewish, but you never know, those people bred a lot throughout europe)
        anyway i’m not trolling. women are subservient to men and men are subservient to god. when that hierarchy gives way, society has nothing left except worldly evils (degeneracy, hedonism)

        1. Before you posted, I personally experienced a bunch of online trolls, posing as Jews, in this very website.

        2. well yeah a lot of anti-SJW rightwing/redpill thinkers dislike jews due to the fact that 90% of jewish people tend to be pro-leftism and social justice and whatnot. posing as a judaic caricature is boring though, they’re just repeating “oi vey, muh shekels!!!” while using a cartoon rabbi avatar. how droll…not my style…I Be One Of A Kind Boiiie!

        3. In real life, I met an assimilated American Jewish girl that gave me a hint about England’s Assimilation Program just last year (2013).
          Even Napoleon Bonaparte treated the Jews better than England did and still do.

    3. Nice troll job by the way, but I’m not buying it.
      If anything, accountability is the single best equalizer I personally experienced, to the point even the Hammurabi Code is HUGE on accountability.
      On the other hand, the very lack of female accountability took the life of my granduncle at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan and at the word of an American WF, back in 1938.

  3. Another great article in a string of them lately. I’m only hoping the push-back from irrational incidents like this is starting to grow. Given the rather pedestrian response by Jennings here, all things considered, perhaps we’re seeing the start of a point where men stop feeling the urge to make these needless apologies.
    I’ve already seen a ton of support for Dr. Matt Taylor from all that hysterical fuss over his (badass) shirt from the feminist harpies. It made me sick to see this man who helped put a lander on a fucking comet come to tears over the outcry from that swarm… but I’m thrilled to see the direct result of so many people getting into his corner. As more and more wake up to the reality of ridiculous feminist ideology I can only hope we’ll see the tide start to turn.

    1. All the feminists on the planet isn’t worth one scientist
      the useless eaters talk because they don’t know their place

      1. Unfortunately we gave them a place at the round table. Now we are finding out why we didn’t do that before.

    2. I’ve noticed lately a lot of articles have been more informative lately. I don’t read every article though.

    1. bullshit black men knew this shit goes on and know white girl do stupid shit like get sloppy drunk then wonder why they get fucked by the frat boys

      1. If he were white he would have been cashiered already. Since he is black it puts the feminists in a bit of a conundrum, as they are loathe to appear racist.

        1. I wonder if he used fact he’s black as a bit of a shield in his mind to say what he did or not? Most the black dudes I know I lift with, and they’re either very red pill, or very beta/blue pill. There is no purple pill purgatory from what I know of my black friends.

  4. Ultimately feminist are fucking women over in the long run. The more they demonize men the more men will leave women to their own devices. Once that happens it’s game over.

    1. It ia happening, and it is game over…. they just haven’t figured it out yet and are trying to double down yet again… but it’s starting to simply not work any more.
      That’s why kids today haven’t even heard the story of the boy who cried wolf… because today, it’s the girl who cried rape.

    2. Since they are wrecking civilization it’s already game over.
      Just keep the rape gangs in your rifle scopes but spare your ammo. You’ll be seeing a combination of learning experience and comeuppance in the crosshairs and women know what they want, remember? Let them get it.

  5. Reading the transcript of the entire speech left me with one thought.
    Most of what he said was what fathers and mothers used to teach their daughters years ago. It all got summed up in one line of the speech for me:
    Because there’s something about the way you carry yourself and respect yourself that commands and demands respect from us.

    1. Yea, well women have learned to carry themselves in a very fake manner compared to what their actual behavior Is nowadays. The biggest sluts I’ve ever known, you’d never guess they were at all, based on their frame, body language, and image.

      1. If thats the case then I have to give them some respect. They cover up and act nice and take responsibility and choose to have sex with the man they want, when they want. Thats slutty, and hypergamous but it wont cause trouble for any men.
        A real whore is always trading up, and making excuses.

      2. The biggest slut I ever knew was studying a phd with full scholarship and came from a wealthy, well-connected, religious family background. At first I thought this was a decent woman. Then a set of circumstances happened which got us together in the same car with one of my friends, who is flamboyant about his sexual experiences. She instantly opened up and talked about her sexual history which was way more… colorful… than anything I’d heard from a tatted stripper or a $2 crack whore. In the end both I, my friend, and half of all my other friends winded up having a ‘good time’ with her. It was then that I realized that you can’t separate ‘slut’ from ‘girl’. They are one and the same.

  6. Real rape cases in college-age-girls are around 1 in 2100 – and the wide majority of those cases are perpetrated off-campus by men who are NOT college students. Real rape cases have been falling by 80-90% from the 1970s on and real college rape is even rarer than 1 in 20.000. However regret-rape, fart-rape, stare-rape, online-rape, no-touch-rape, emotional-rape, creepy-guy-looked-at-me-rape and other such serious cases of rape have been on the rise recently. Men should best learn from this time-tested GE video on sexual harassment on how to behave around women: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f39_1180686387

    1. Friday night I was talking to a female co-worker about feminism. She is an attractive girl that posts feminist crap on FB all the time and asked me why people gave her flack for being a vocal feminist.
      I had a pretty decent back and forth discussion with her about it. Tried to open her up to a bunch of ideas for what guys really think about it.
      Anyways, one thing she was ranting about is how she is glad that guy from Real Social Dynamics was ostracized and kicked out of Canada. She said that his kind of behaviour is unacceptable and men should not be approaching women in these inappropriate ways. She made it sound like he was a rapist.
      I asked her how men should approach women then and she gave the usual “Oh you know, be a gentleman, act nice blah blah blah.”
      Later that night I saw the bouncer grab her by the neck and playfully yank her downstairs, all the while saying “You have the right to remain sexy, anything you say and cock can and will be used against you.” She was laughing and smiling the whole time naturally. The guy understands how to make pussy tingle…
      She was just saying a half-hour earlier that she believes such behaviour is completely unacceptable…

      1. not surprised the right guy can butt fuck them the first time he screws them but wrong guy is creepy

      2. Good story – never listen to what a woman says, but what she does. Over 60% of women have rape-fantasies, while more than 90% of men are not turned on by rape at all. Somehow it seems to me as if women talk about rape culture as one giant pussy-tingle.

        1. Makes sense to me… you inspired me just now to look up the author of the 50 Shades of Grey novel… I can’t exactly say I’m surprised that this is what she looks like…

        2. What the fuck is that? The only 50 shades she saw was in green – the green anybody who saw her naked probably turned. Holy shit I thought that was Buddy Hackett in drag for a moment.

        3. lol
          When I was GoogleSearching I was thinking in my head “Please let her be a fat bitch, please let her be a fat bitch, please let her be a fat bitch.”
          The results exceeded my expectations 😛

      3. Just remember, when they say, “This behavior is inappropriate”, or, “You shouldn’t approach women by doing X, Y, and Z”, you need to mentally append, “unless you’re really hot” to the end of their sentence.

        1. Hot is not the only way to be atractive to women. You can be confident/cocky, or rich, or leader…

      4. Female evil in all its glory. Shame is their weapon, and they use it like a rapier. It was a majority of women who voted for hitler

      5. Check out the story of Ched Evans. Lingerie/lad’s mag model Charlie Webster http://www.gotceleb.com/charlie-webster-fhm-april-2013-2013-03-16.html/charlie-webster-fhm-2013-02 decides to resign as a patron of Sheffield United because she feels they’re associating with someone who’s a bad influence on children (Ched Evans was a former Sheffield Utd player who was convicted of raping a lady who was too drunk to remember getting into a cab with 2 professional soccer players. He served around 3 years of his 5 year sentence and is now training with Sheffield Utd, but hasn’t yet been offered a contract. The deputy prime minister even came out publicly advising Utd not to re-sign this player).
        So despite being high up on her carousel horse about this incident, she forgot about her tweet of a few months prior when she was swooning about convicted rapist and ear-biter Mike Tyson. It’s not hypocrisy however when you’re swooning in adulation about a world-famous, household name and PC-endorsed bad boi, yet condemning a second-tier, relatively unknown soccer player: it’s hypergamy. #yesallwomen

        1. 5 years back I would have thought this was just some exaggerated shit I read on the internet.
          I hope to God that not all women are like that… but enough of them are to warrant serious precaution when dealing with them…

  7. A recent episode of SVU had a black athlete accused of rape by at least three women.
    Turns out, the racist white guy (go figure) had bribed them into making false accusations. The police had confessions and everything. (The black guy wasn’t ENTIRELY blameless, his sleeping around on his girlfriend gave the RWD the opening…, so you could get a touching “I screwed up” confession)
    The man’s career, reputation, everything were utterly destroyed, and it was an open and shut case of perjury. But the police didn’t prosecute.
    It may discourage women from reporting.
    For further irony, the following episode pretended false rape accusations were just an excuse by sexist white rapists.

    1. That show has been conditioning the gynarchy for decades. It’s vengeance-catnip for women and whiteknights. There’s a reason that television is called programming. Cheers.

    2. I see women using the state as a bludgeon against men who they feel have scorned them.
      All it takes is an ACCUSATION, with no proof, to have a man put in jail and/or have his firearms seized by the badged thugs.
      And if in the end the woman is proven to have falsely accused and the man exonerated, the punishment for lying and disrupting the man’s life? ZERO.
      Just like cops,. they are not held accountable.
      And that my friends has to stop. It will stop. One way or another.


      Time to take your meds again, or stop taking them; whichever keeps your damned marbles intact.

    2. I have spent enough time in California to know there are not that many “banging” women. That being said, if they were attractive, being a self proclaimed feminist would kill that off quickly.

      1. Agree. As soon as they started talking (I don’t care how hot they were…it would drive me away – the bus would pull off).
        Because I know that I could land another….and one who didn’t spout such shit.

  9. I remember a class I had in high school where we read a story with a few characters, one of which raped another. At the end of the reading, we were told to rank the characters in order of fault.
    During the discussion that followed, I was shocked to learn that, according to discussion guide, the victim should have been ranked least to blame of all the characters in the story. Why did this surprise me? Because the list included SOMEONE WHO ONLY HEARD ABOUT THE RAPE AFTERWARDS AND WAS NOT EVEN INVITED TO THE PARTY WHERE IT OCCURRED.
    Look, we can’t completely stop rape from happening! Like lightning, it can happen at any time or place and, although unlikely, it’s guaranteed to harm someone eventually. When I hear about a girl wearing a short skirt, grinding up against guys at a club and asking them to buy her drinks, it reminds me of someone golfing during a thunderstorm.
    There are things women can do to protect themselves from rape and it’s clear to me that feminists have no interest in admitting that. I ask them: what good is it to pretend that there is nothing women are helpless? And how many more will be hurt by listening to your foolish and dangerous advice?

    1. I guess the question becomes:
      Should they be protected from their follies or be made to pay the consequences for them?
      I think direct payment is the only system that actually works.

    2. I thought we were striving for equality, anyways. At which point does the man get to say “I was the victim” in any rape case.
      Women are selective about “when” they are helpless. They are only helpless at certain times: can’t lift heavy objects or a sexual encounter ensues where the woman “feels” bad, afterwards.
      Anytime I hear that bullshit I say “where did that strong and independent woman go that I heard so much about these days?”

  10. Now even suggesting a woman take responsibility for her actions will leave you condemned. Our own brothers who we work with will throw you under the bus for the feminist cause.

  11. The most surprising thing from this story, indeed, is this university president suggesting women should be held accountable in some way or another. It’s unheard of in the academic community, where bailing out women is routine and big business. In fact, the entire higher edu establishment is so thoroughly feminized, it’s surprising one of the higher ups deviated from the party line like this.

    1. Yeah my first thought also… can’t recall a college official, much less a uni president, saying anything even vaguely counter to the fem-narrative in many, many decades. Given his prompt and groveling apology, I’m guessing that he really didn’t know that the truth is not allowed. Perhaps he doesn’t get out much and really was that naïve.
      If so, he’s not naïve now. Cheers.

      1. Of course you’re not going to hear it…we don’t want to piss off our “customers” now, do we?
        It’s the right thing to be said but it could result in loss of money. Money is always first.

    2. I believe more people exist, like this guy, among the higher ranks in education. The problem is when you open your mouth and you say something that doesn’t “jive” with the swarm…then you’re in trouble (i.e. could lose your career).
      It is a shame that Americans, as a whole, live up to feminists (first) and freedom of speech (second).
      Welcome to the new Soviet Union, people.

      1. That is accurate, since that’s where “sexist” and “racist” came from originally. It’s USSR stuff. Besides, the United States IS a Union, Soviet, Socialist, AND a republic.
        It IS the USSR on many levels. That’s why it’s been called the USSA so much.

  12. Just what in the hell is the manosphere tying to save anymore?
    Sometimes I can forget, other times I stop caring. Soon it’ll be both.
    Many well intentioned ROK readers and commenters need to stop confusing women with feminism

    1. It doesn’t fucking matter who is who or if not all women are feminists. Feminists are ruining civilization and convincing girls they can do whatever they want without fucking consequences. Feminists should be kidnapped and deported to Afghanistan or better yet, annihilated.

      1. That was what I mentioned before. The best way to deal with feminists is to ship them all to Afghanistan or Pakistan for a month and I guarantee you that all their entitlement bullshit along with their mental problems will be cured.

    2. Our women need to be saved from feminism in the same sense that our youth need to be forewarned on the dangers of drugs, street gangs and sticking a metal utinsil into a toaster. I often tell my girl that BITCHING KILLS. There need to be bumper stickers available that say ‘FEMINISM KILLS’.

    3. To me it’s akin to the result of women – as we already know – not knowing what they want themselves, but now we have a dichotomy in each women and women collectively, where the who fuckin herd doesn’t seem to know what it wants either. As others have stated on other threads, the fallout of feminism is like one gigantic blood orgy shit test from hell.

    4. You can’t have one without the other. The feminist narrative is like an infection. Turn on TV (any station, any channel) and it’s in your face 24/7…even commercials.
      The best medicine….turn the TV off (and that’s only killing off part of it). It’s been programmed into our everyday life.

  13. A few weeks back I was over at the gf’s, and while waiting on her to get ready over heard two of her room mates discussing the whole female body hair “conundrum” and how women should be able to grow hair if they’d like.
    Minutes later one of them turned and asked my opinion to which I replied “do what you like, but if you’re hairy, I ain’t interested.”
    Naturally, she followed up with “yeah but you’re conditioned to like hairless women, you’re infantilizing us, it’s the patriarchy”.
    After explaining to her “nope, I just prefer women that shave.. kinda like how I prefer women that take care of their bodies” she, no joke, responded with “omg yeah.. I saw this fat girl the other day with so much hair on her upper lip.. I was THIS close to telling her to shave it…”
    The contradiction is almost painful.

    1. Its just empty mindless chatter… diarrhea could start coming out of their mouths and no one would notice…

      1. I once knew a girl that could FART AT WILL. See ‘Will” was her boyfriend. She could ‘fart at William’. . .eeh . . there an echo in here?

    2. Just how much more of this can a society bear, before men finally acknowledge to themselves that throughout time our forefathers kept women in the home, tending to family, silent in church, under the legal protection of their father/husband and out of the any decision making position………..for good bloody reason.
      Living at this time, it’s like living in an asylum. We just have to wait silently, while they’re allowed to tear it all asunder.

      1. Upvote. I believe that females naturally value security more than liberty.
        They will always vote for more government, more laws, and more cops.
        They see it as protection. I see more laws and more cops as another avenue for them to shake me down for bullshit reasons.
        Laws don’t protect anybody from anything. They’re words. On paper.
        What protects? FORCE. PERIOD.
        I am fully capable of protecting my family and myself and need no badge wearing thug to do it for me.
        No outsourcing of manly responsibilities here.

        1. It’s good to hear more and more men realizing that. Cops are a big fucking waste. I hate those uniformed losers that can’t shoot straight and lack discipline. I hate looking at them. They’re embarrassing.
          Good for you!

    3. How could you even associate with people so stupid? Damn, I would probably start laughing!

  14. The same has been happening with these recent Bill Cosby accusations. These women show up some 30 years later after going back and sleeping with him after he supposedly “drugged” and “raped” them. These women don’t report SHIT WHEN THEY’RE SUPPOSEDLY RAPED, and then we’re expected to believe them and convict possibly innocent men on the basis of no evidence.

    1. “Rumour was loose in the air
      hunting for some neck to land on.”
      The opening lines of Half Hanged Mary by Margaret Atwood.
      A poem of the Salem witch trials.

    2. Bill Cosby is inconveniently noisy against the Establishment, especially in his sharp criticism of urban culture. He is not playing on the plantation like they want him to, so it’s time to bring out the long knives and make an example of him. If anybody thinks this isn’t really what’s happening, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell ya’, real cheap.

      1. There are a number of factors at work in the current Cosby mess. One – Cosby has run on a wholesome family-man image, but he is still in show business, which means he will get more opportunities than a guy working in a deli. “A man is as faithful as his options.” – Chris Rock. “That’s why I got into show business, for pussy. If Jimmie Walker can fuck, I’m fucking everybody.” – Eddie Murphy.
        Did Cosby sleep with women other than his wife? Probably. Did he use his status to attract women? Probably. How many women did George Clooney get when he was on The Facts of Life, vs how many during his start on ER?
        But, was it criminal behavior? Right now, there is nothing to suggest that. You’re telling me some ambitious cop or prosecutor wouldn’t just love to take down America’s Dad with tawdry details?
        The charges and evidence against Michael Jackson on molestation were fare more credible than anything offered against Cosby. As for Cosby’s silence on the matter, there is a reason we have the right to remain silent in the Constitution. The Founders knew that silence was treated by some royal courts as tantamount to agreeing to some sort of crime.
        If Cosby committed a crime, bring it to court. Twitter and cable news is not a hall of jurisprudence.

      2. Always love your comments, you’re a well-read man and your opinions are always arrived at logically. I know of Cosby’s opinions of the black community and the criticism he’s received because of it, I just find it incredible how news organizations have tried and judged him as a rapist with an astounding lack disparity of evidence.

  15. A local story in line with the 1st quote: 71 yr old man was banging a 24 yr old for a while, but they were discovered one night. Embarrassed/ashamed, she decided to play the rape of hearts card. Ambulance, hospital bed, cordoned off area for investigation, etc.. then she decided to just let it simmer down. Nothing further was mentioned by anyone, which may have been good in a way. But there wasn’t much holding her accountable for a waste of government resources or smearing his name going on.

    1. 30+ year old woman escaped jail after it being proven in court the rape claims she brought against a man were spurious. What was established was that she went to bed with him thinking he looked nice, but once the beer wore off in the morning she wasn’t too enthralled with how he looked. Once brought to the attention of ‘the committee’, she must have sensed the flock didn’t approve, so she nonchalantly revealed her cards, with a flush going straight to the rape! No accountability once more. There are so many local stories like this, not to mention international stories, coming out day after day. As kids we all fantasised about batman’s utility belt that could get him out of any situation. Meanwhile, the wonderbra women were busy in the labs devising their R-bomb. What fools we were.

      1. There’s been an increase in area campus rape claims where I live since the Y means Y law passed in Cali.. This shit is like a virus, and I heavily doubt most cases have any credibility. Recently a running back for the local college was accused of attempted rape, and arrested after some girl fell asleep at a party she claims, then awoke to him forcing himself on her… Yea sure, high profile student on a scholarship is only thinking with his dick, and has to rape passed out bitches. Right.

        1. Man I used to be gung-ho about going out and gaming bitches, but Its just not worth it anymore. Your chances of an STD or rape charge – or both – are very high.

  16. Wow. SJW’s attacking a black man? I knew the factions of the left would eventually turn on each other because leftism attracts life’s losers with conflicting grievances.

    1. Blacks are slowly but surely losing ground on the leftist victimhood totem pole. A reliable leftist support base can be exploited to the nth degree.

        1. No doubt some are slipping off the democrat party plantation but by and large the black percentage vote for democrat is usually over 90% in a given election.
          I think what we saw in the most recent election was that many who might have been inclined to vote simply stayed home because they didn’t see anything worth voting for.
          But with that aside, I still see increasingly “less smaller” numbers of blacks who would nominally vote democrat waking up and seeing that they’ve just been taken for granted by the left, especially in light of this descent on the totem pole. I don’t expect it to translate into more conservative votes, but I’ll take them not voting to advance leftism either way.

        2. SOME of them realized Obama was full of shit when he campagined on helping his black brothers but are confused when he spends all his time talking about helping the poor central american immigrants.
          Black voters got played – he got their vote, now onto a new victim group – mexicans and central americans.
          IDK why most of them are too dumb to see this.

    2. Well, you have to hand in to white, entitled women in this country (U.S.). Only this type of woman can actually “out victimize” a black person.
      I’m thinking 400 years back, the average black man had a pretty bad life (and that’s putting the shit mildly).
      The average white woman…it must have been terrible being married to a plantation owner.

      1. With all due respect, I don’t know where you all got your facts, but the average white most certainly did not own a plantation. Or even slaves.
        The propagandists have revised history and even red pillers swallow their lies whole.
        They win if we don’t take time to learn the truth.

        1. The point (over your head) being that the “average” white woman in America at any time in history had it better vs. any black man, woman or child.
          To let these women (and they mostly are white) to continue with the nonsense rhetoric is pathetic. To let a white woman acts as if she’s had it harder versus any black man (at any point in our history) is truly disturbing.
          Those are the facts.

    3. The left always turns on itself
      The day blacks become successful as a whole is the day the left starts calling them oppressors
      It’s a pity so many blacks don’t realize this

  17. It’s great hearing this coming from a black man’s mouth, with stature and poise. I guess because Lib arts sociology classes of course teach you that blacks, and women are both considered minorities. And feminism is strongly aligned with any social justice status like minorityship. This puts a crook on the whole concept crossing all boundaries IMHO.

    1. i was thinking the exact same thing. here is a highly educated, articulate man who has risen to a position of power ( and who has more life experience than college students ). he is trying to explain the importance of responsibility, honesty and integrity; and ( which is key here, in my opinion ) how using your minority status as an excuse for any regrettable choices is actually a step backwards in the growth process . his words are yet are another lesson in character building that is going over everyone’s head.

      1. He makes too much sense and he isn’t an echo chamber for feminists (two good reasons why they don’t like him so they lash out).
        And many don’t even see how stupid they appear for attacking him. He’s looking out for their (women) best interest by offering pearls of wisdom.
        Stupid women in college…do I need to say more?

        1. He’s looking out for their (women) best interest by offering pearls of wisdom. > exactly. the knee jerk reaction of attacking without thorough contemplation is like shooting yourself in the foot

  18. “White women attack black man for saying white women have culpability”
    —if this were the headline in the NY Times, you can be sure who would be apologizing to whom would be reversed.

  19. Actually I believe if you are a woman and walk down the street naked you are to blame for rape. Just like if I went into a black neighborhood and said the N word over and over again. People would feel sorry for me but question my actions.
    If I point a toy gun at the president in a playful manner but get get shot, people would say its my fault.
    Walking around naked or dressed a certain way inflames sexual desire. Just like walking with a steak in a lion’s den. You are going to get harassed and maybe raped.
    You are responsible in some way. By deciding to exist you take responsibility for all that happens to you.

    1. I’ll usually check out a woman’s breast if she’s wearing something revealing.
      If she makes a comment to me about it, then I’ll tell her “well, you brought your titties out to play tonight”.

  20. “Anyway, like the faculty of Lincoln University, parents of students were vexed at the president”
    Note where the hidden power is in this anti-masculine alliance. Jennings did well to speak the (increasingly rare) truth. But as usual for males allowed positions of influence, Jennings was permitted his position and influence only to the extent he served the Alliance — paid faculty, female students, and most importantly the parents of the females. They are the secret power of the gynarchy, contributing to a massive political and demographic bloc. These people have greatly prospered by the feminist takeover of America. Without these Concerned Parents of Princess, the feminist media, academy, and government could not rule the culture.
    When I bring this issue up in ‘Christian’ circles, I get silence, resentment, or both. Most ‘Christian’ parents of daughter don’t want a traditional culture which balances the needs of males and females. They want to continue the special princess feminist nation, through which they and their daughters will continue to reap material glut. As the Jennings incident once again illustrates.
    Jennings apologized for speaking the truth, then promised the New Totalitarians that he would never speak the truth again, and ‘choose his words’ according to their pre-censorship. Jennings couldn’t handle losing his job, his bank account, his reputation, his freedom . . . all the things a man must be willing to lose if he purports to represent the truth.
    Our k-k-culture is currently going after another prominent black man — Bill Cosby, who is Accused By Media of a rape from almost three decades ago. Like Jennings, Bill has not toed the leftist line concerning self-responsibility in the black hoods. Similar result.
    Good article, thanks.

  21. I wish he didn’t apologize.
    It’s kind of sad how childish these 3rd Wave feminists are. The 2nd Wave feminists wanted war, and could at least make some arguments that made a guy say, “Well, hell, at least the butches thought about it!” These feminists don’t even think anymore or attempt to make arguments, they just cry and play the wounded puppy from the crippled dog PETA commercials.
    The guy should have just said, “Look rape is hard to prove, and the process involved is terribly invasive on both the accused and the victim; if he’s found guilty or not his life isn’t the same and he still gets expelled due to new legislation…as a girl, you have people basically investigate your pu$$y for scars and look at your whole body and sexual history and all the nasty things you’ve done in the past: if the guy is found guilty your business and privacy is still out there for public consumption; if he’s found innocent his friends, family and other people, including women, are going to look at you like you’re a f*cking liar and a bitter b*tch, who ruined an innocent guy;s life…it would be better if you just used good judgement and avoided all the drama, thus making everyone’s life easier.”

    1. Look rape is hard to prove, and the process involved is terribly invasive on both the accused and the victim; if he’s found guilty or not his life isn’t the same and he still gets expelled due to new legislation…it would be better if you just used good judgement and avoided all the drama, thus making everyone’s life easier.
      He actually did say things similar to that in the rest of the speech.

      1. I agree to an extent. He said bits and pieces of things, and it was the bits and pieces that was used against him, since to feminists, they’ll use what ever words they can find to label you as a misogynist or rape supporter. That’s why sometimes it pays to be curt.

  22. If a woman goes out to a party, gets drunk, hooks up with a man and then is able to cry rape, then we might as well just let them be able to drive drunk without any repercussions or consequences. If she kills someone, it’s not her fault, right?

    1. dear god lets hope it doesn’t come to that. although somehow I can see a woman texting while driving becoming acceptable.

    2. Its not her fault. Vid on u tube has drunk woman in back of police car, he gets her to admit she is drunk, then he tells her you just killed someone. then, she gets really angry, “well if you told me that, I never would have told you I was drinking.” The vid is fuckin mindblowing- just killed someone, no remorse!!

  23. Why are these girls coming out of men’s college dorms in the morning hours? After hook up sex, many complaint about non consensual. What the hell? Go to library and study instead of barging into some horny guy’s dorm room.

    1. A woman’s mind: I want to be able to fuck when and where I like at all times. But, if the shit doesn’t work out, then I want the right to press charges on him (the man).
      True equality is when both sides have to give consent.
      Someone needs to tattoo this message on a woman so they all “get the message”.

  24. Get this load of horse shit that Melissa Harris-Perry (your children don’t belong to you) makes in a statement against Jennings:
    ”Well, President Jennings, it is you who created that hostile environment when you blamed women for sexual assault and implied that they regularly lie about rape. What you said was offensive, appalling and wrong. A woman always has a right to say no. It doesn’t matter if it is late, if she is in his room, if they’ve been on a date, even if they have had sex before. A woman has a right to say no. If she is forced to have sex even when she says no, it is rape.
    And a woman must actually say yes. If she’s been drinking and can’t say yes. If she is unconscious and can’t say yes. If she is sick and can’t say yes. If she is being threatened or hurt and can’t say yes, and she is still forced to have sex, it is rape.”
    This from the ‘your children don’t belong to you’ collectivist femicommie. So ‘mm-hmm’ doesn’t count? Or non verbal communication? What if she spreads her legs at you in response to your irresistable game and says ”I surrender, I’m yours”?
    The fact is Perry is among many FACIST PIGS that want FACIST PIG FORCE used to police our reproductive freedom, our free agency and our interactions with others. They are beyond toxic – more like an alien contingency. They offend the very heart and core of OUR SPECIES.

    1. see this is where it just gets stupid; take a husband and wife, wife gets drunk and jumps her husband – by the Council-Of-Dipshits decree that is also rape too, and if the husband says no I wouldn’t hear a response over all the crickets chirping in the background.

      1. The term ‘spousal rape’ is like the term ‘parental abduction’ or ‘wrongful life’. Ridiculous modern day pharasaical legal charges meant to further badger, extort or affront a subject. I’m not sure what ‘self-invalidating/disclaiming’ terms like ‘spousal rape’ would be termed as. Maybe ‘oxy-invalids’?
        The bar is being raised to make all men subject to potential rape charges (spousal rape / yes means yes) or kidnap charges (parental abduction). The term ‘dead beat dad’ is in a class by itself – a broad blanket insult followed by ‘dad’ which in itself is a noble term. A man removed from his home at gunpoint who in return refuses to pay blood money to the cuckoldocracy is called ‘dead beat’. WHO THE HELL would make this shit up.
        Only preponderance of evidence is required regarding a man being removed from his residence on the whim of the female. A females word alone trumps the timeless tenets of ‘provability’, ‘admissibility’ and ‘relevance’ and are replaced by ‘just because’ or ‘I feel like I fear for my life’ or she fears losing her free reign as a wild woman.
        The selective enforcement seems to give proven manginas, white knights and SJW’s a free get out of jail card. EXPECT SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT of all neo BITCH LAW. They are indeed trying to forge a NEW WORLD under an order of BITCH RULE. GYNOCRACY is no new ‘experiment’ in virtue. It is cold protracted and calculated ASSISTED SUICIDE for humankind.

    2. Isn’t she the braniac who wore tampon earrings to protest something?
      “Yes means yes” is going to backfire on women. They think it will be a tool to beat men into submission, but it will simply lead to essentially anyone who has ever had sex, of either gender, being an accused rapist.

      1. Agree. It’s going to get so fucking stupid that men will have to carry a contract around with them in their pockets.
        Right before sex, (and while recording on your phone) you’ll need to get her to sign here and then initial in several places before sex can start. You’ll need a full “yes” before sex can begin.

        1. It’s weirder than that. You need to continually get consent as the sexual encounter continues. Getting it once at the beginning is not enough, you will need to periodically check during the sexual encounter if the consent is still given.
          “Not indefinite: Consent may be withdrawn by any party at any time. Recognizing the dynamic nature of sexual activity, individuals choosing to engage in sexual activity must evaluate consent in an ongoing manner and communicate clearly throughout all stages of sexual activity. Withdrawal of consent can be an expressed “no” or can be based on an outward demonstration that conveys that an individual is hesitant, confused, uncertain or is no longer a mutual participant. Once consent is withdrawn, the sexual activity must cease immediately and all parties must obtain mutually expressed or clearly stated consent before continuing further sexual activity.”
          Not only that, consent does not mean multiple forms of sexual activity.
          “Not unlimited: Consent to one form of sexual contact does not constitute consent to all forms of sexual contact, ”
          You need to get the correct locations you can touch her listed out on the contract.
          Nothing is sexier than stopping what you’re doing and saying, “Hold on. We’re 15 minutes in. If you agree to continue sign here and we’ll be good for another 15 minutes.”
          The interesting thing is, “Yes means yes” opens the door for men to start filing rape charges continually as well.
          If you’ve ever spent the night with a woman and she woke you up with oral sex and let you finish in her mouth, you were raped. No one in that situation ever asks if it’s okay to do that, and I am positive I have never given an affirmative “yes, that is okay, you may proceed” type statement in that situation.
          “Yes means yes” just means everyone who’s had sex is a rapist.

        2. It’s that bullshit. They say “any party” but they should just come out and say “consent must be given on a continuous basis by the woman”.
          This country is so fucked up with its laws. And then, many don’t even want to talk about the fucking white elephant in the room.

    3. Roll the guillotines. Boiled ropes! The feminazis, statists, communists, badged thugs, and their leaders will be held accountable.
      I bet Marie Antoinette never for a moment imagined what her accountabiltity would look like in 1789. Nope she was rich, she partied, and said of the ‘little people” : let them eat cake.
      I think the cake left them unsatiated, so human heads became de riguer not long after that; not just any heads, but the heads of those responsible for France’s dire economic conditions at that time.
      History doesn’t repeat but it often rhymes.

  25. Hypothetical conversation between two American women (with annoying Americunt up-talk accent):
    Cindy – ‘So like Jessica I got so drunk last night that I really don’t remember what happened, all I know is that my vajayjay is sore and I slept with Eric, ughhh, I so didn’t like Eric, I’d rather it have been Jake’
    Jessica – ‘So like do you think you were raped? I mean if it had been Jake, it would be different, but Eric is a loser, what the fuck, he doesn’t even go to the gym, he just studies’
    Cindy – ‘Yeah girl, I THINK I was raped, no way I could fuck him under normal circumstances, he was trying to hold my arm and shit, like I would really talk to him, yeah I’m going to the dean tomorrow’.
    And they really want you to believe this type of bullshit is rape. The collapse has to be of epic proportions just to quench the decades of injustice levied against men, stolen careers, broken families, absconded children, false imprisonment etc. If the day ever came where men started to exact retribution with war rape, days like these will seem like a sad joke, that woman took the good will and love of men and used as a bat over our heads. That generation of women will curse the current day’s bitches, just as Millennials and Xers are now cursing the Boomers.

    1. It’s all about the colleges meeting their “customers” demands. White, entitled women go to college and you must keep them happy.
      If not, then many will stop going (to your college) and the money will stop coming in to that particular school.
      We put money ahead of everything in the U.S….and it will be our downfall.

    2. Black Knight to the rescue! Videos are a man’s best friend. Spend the money, tightwads. Set up a room for taping. You should have at least 4 cameras. HD is best. Yes means yes, right? A smart fellow would have offshore vendors set up. Mention to snowflake that in keeping with the sentiments of Yes means yes, let’s make sure to keep a record. Smart wanna be lawyers can figure out how to get unknowing consent. Have a off site hard drive to back up to.

      1. Many states are one-party-consent regarding video/audio recording. Meaning, you don’t have to tell her shit. Just show up with the video on a USB thumb drive when you’re called to the Deans’ off (or court of law).

        1. Point is, shoot from multiple viewpoints. That way it’s her. Make sure about the legal stuff. Be ready to fight. Be pugnacious. Understand that you are dealing with feral feminist-marxists. There’s no common ground. You cannot trust them. If that’s too much to deal with, then go to a foreign country. American females are raised thinking that men are beasts. No big deal ruining an animal’s future. Get that thru your head. Feminist-marxists are based on hatred. There’s no way to deal with such dangerous children. The available laws that they can use, and the policies they benefit from eliminate your civil rights. Seriously, be AWARE of that. True, your friends will call you a pussy or paranoid. Let them be the example. If there’s any way for you to get your rocks off away from American women, it’s best. Never leave a condom full of semen laying around. She may be hot, but she’s feral. What that means is that normal social rules and conditions don’t apply. In other words, wild, ready to bite like a wild animal. She’s been conditioned to act that way. Black Knightery is 5 he best way to go. If you have to fight, pre plan to win.

        2. I agree. I was just noting that you don’t have to say anything. Some chicks don’t want to be caught on film being what they pretend not to be in real life. It’s a determent and throws up the slut-shield defense up hard, I’d think, unless she were truly into kink.
          This is especially relevant where she sneaks off to fuck you after the party but wouldn’t want to let her friends find out that she’s such a low skank. You can provide instant shame and credibility to your denial with a covertly filmed “consent”.

  26. That’s the truth ,ugly women gravitate towards feminism but these women could make up for their lack of attractiveness by being feminine and finding guys that are in their league. But the ugly girl would have to please her man and have mutual respect for each other ,thus has a shot at getting a man just not the frat boys.

    1. That’s so not true in the modern era. That may have been true circa 1968 when ugly bitches such as spiteful, malcontented and malevolent Betty Friedan juxtaposed to a plethora of attractive dutiful housewives, inculcated in home-economics from their mothers and keeping the hearth clean and food prepared for husband and children. That was America under a semi-Anglo-Saxon order. Those days my friend, are long dead, when I say dead, dead! Today all women practically in the West, are infected with feminist memes, I’ve had some beautiful women in my day and trust me none of them were lining up at the door to clean, cook or sew. They all want careers and irrevocably to supplant men from careers, they are by default feminists by proxy. It’s only that the ugly feminist is more militant because she thinks her success or independence intimidates men, because men are ‘all fascist pigs’, when in reality it’s her obesity and/or hideousness that repels eligible bachelours a la’ Betty Friedan and Andrea Dworkin.

      1. I always love when women say men are “intimidated by a successful independent woman”…..no, they’re not intimidated, those women are just ugly

        1. Honestly I can’t place the onus of blame on modern women (1975-current) because they were/are raised with the belief that careerism and thus feminism is the only option. When they go to college this is further cemented into their brains by corrupting Cultural Marxist professors that in turn support the legal apparatus that gives women all the power. The radical French feminist Simone de Beauvoir once said something to the effect, ‘that if you give women the option of being housewives/mothers and working too many will choose the former, you cannot give them that option’. That’s non-verbatim, but you get the gist. Feminism is a top down movement that can only come from severing its foundations which are the universities, professors etc.

        2. Agree. Mothers are looked down on by these career (and feminist) women.
          If a woman says “all she wants to be is the best mother to her children” or “be the best wife to her husband” then she is like a plague to them.
          How dare she say what she really wants in life…that doesn’t line up with our feminist narrative at all.

        3. If a woman says “all she wants to be is the best mother to her children” or “be the best wife to her husband” then she is like a plague to them.
          Real women will need to step up and start pushing back, instead of being made to feel like traitors to their sex if they disagree.
          Feminism was supposed to be about choice and empowerment. Instead of it being a foregone conclusion that women would be mothers and housewives they were to have choices. You can choose to be an astronaut if you want, but you can also choose to be a housewife and mother….it’s up to you.
          It’s not much of a choice if you’re ostracized for wanting to fulfill the more traditional role.

        4. The level of contempt feminists have for women, namely mothers and housewives, is so flagrant it’s incredible women accept any part Feminism. What’s more ironic is how, if one were to compare Feminism to the ideology of RoK, we have far more in common than not:
          Feminism says women are helpless, children;
          We believe women are helpless, children.
          Feminism says women shouldn’t have certain choices;
          We regret giving women total license.
          Feminism says women are parasites;
          Us: Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.
          If I didn’t know any better, it would seem as though Feminists were more interested in usurping the patriarchy than smashing it. To wit, Feminism was never about equality but rather becoming the moral authority. I leave you with two gems from feminist jew Gloria Steinem:

          [Housewives] are dependent creatures who are still children […] parasites. ~ Gloria Steinem

          Women have two choices: Either she’s a feminist or a masochist. ~ Gloria Steinem

        5. Agree. It was supposed to be something that was an option for some. But, today, if you were to even mention it to a woman she would march right down to the HR dept.
          Women are their worst enemy at times.

  27. I think we should defend this guy with the left’s own medicine. “You feminists are doing this just because he’s black!” That’ll get them to shut their whore mouths.

  28. Can you imagine how much trouble he would have got into if he was white?
    Anyway, feminists don’t want women to take responsibility because they seek to transfer the costs of women’s behaviour onto men at all times. So not only do we have to watch our backs when we talk to them, we are also expected to protect them when things go wrong.
    It’s time for men to drop their social obligation towards protectionism. We don’t owe women a damn thing. If a woman is getting hassled by a man, it’s not our responsibility to save them unless she is being raped or attacked physically.

    1. Right. Women are “strong and independent” but only sometimes.
      You have to laugh at a woman when you hear one of them say it.
      “I’m a strong and independent woman..I don’t need a man”.
      Sure you do.

    2. We have no reason to defend or protect a feral feminist. Say snowflake encountered some members of the religion of peace. They are fixing to relieve her of her head. Let them go about their business. Walk away. Virulent, feral feminism depends on male protection. Let them seek their own fate. You see, if you try to help, welcome to lawfare. So, if snowflake is dead drunk in a parking lot….leave her alone. The hyenas will get her soon enough. Indifference is the best attitude. Yes, society depends upon cooperative efforts. Feral marxist – feminism destroys all that. Men are being ruined to satisfy depraved jealousy. So, let them perish as they will. Don’t help your sworn enemy. As for the average woman, she has access to the same lawfare options to destroy your future. MGTOW is the rational response.

    3. “Can you imagine how much trouble he would have got into if he was white?” If there’s a lack of outrage, more likely due to the women being non white.

  29. “Women are not partly responsible for rape…”
    In the case of false rape accusation, woman is the only one responsible for rape. If she willingly had sex and after that she categorized the experience as rape, then she have “created” the rape all by herself.

  30. OK then, RoK commentators and column writers, you keep on criticizing feminism but isn’t time we start looking at the root cause, if we are ever going to tackle it successfully.
    How about an article which traces the roots of the movement? What about an article which investigates the reasons why men would give women all the rights if they knew they were not fit and proper to handle the?
    Why is RoK afraid to go down the rabbit hole?

    1. these roots are so in the open for the one who wants to know about it but it will not help to beat these assholes any day right now. Exposing the danger that the western society faces right now is much better because everyone with a brain cell left can see who these people realy are. Exposing their hypocrisy, hatemongering and just insane agendas for the generations to come and us is what needs to be done imo.

  31. What a job ıt must be for a male to work ın academıa these days. If you are both an alpha male and an intellectual scholar, I suggest you fınd another lıne of work. There ıs a bulleye on you, and even ıf you have TENURE, ıts just matter of time before you get “taken down”!! I have an old frıend from college who got hıs phd a few years ago. He ıs constantly postıng on facebook these STUPID mangına artıcles and meme vıdeos about how women are oppressed. I know he ıs just doıng ıt to prove to hıs academıc cırcle was a lefty-beta whıte knıght socıal just warrıor he ıs, but I stıll thınk he wıll one day be toast. One day he’ll “slıp up” and say somethıng that actually makes sense around the wrong people and the wrong tıme! On that day, he wıll be FUCKED!

  32. Be aware that helping a feral female in any way is dangerous. The stakes are too high. Yeah, I know we were taught differently. But the rules were man friendly back then. Just let snowflake experience her mistakes without any help whatsoever. Stone drunk in a parking lot? Too risky to help. You might get accused of rape. Let the real bad boys find her. Most guys don’t understand that feminist-marxists HATE men. Always will. So, Black Knight it is! When you come across a drunken feral female, walk on. Let her aspirate her own vomit. Darwinian, right? What’s more, don’t offer to help. Indifference is the best policy.

  33. I don’t find this story particularly shocking. I will wait for the article about the feminist response about the shirt of the guy from ESA who landed a probe on a comet. Now that one is fucking disgusting.

  34. It’s a shame that articles of this caliber will never be picked up by the mainstream media like they ought to be..

  35. I’m onto their game now. It goes like this:
    1. Destroy normal gender roles in society by embracing ideas that are the direct opposite of observable reality.
    2. Blame the consequences of the resulting f-up on men.
    The university gorgon who gave up the patriarchal dream of husband and children lives a grotesquely unsatisfied life. She has alienated herself from the primary font of joy and meaning available to a woman, one that can immeasurably enrich the life of even a poverty-stricken peasant.
    What she has instead is a degree, a job, some cats, some clothes, and money. Bar the occasional manboob, she is forced to associate with other damaged women, who all share an unstated subconscious understanding of their shared empty plight. Joy will never come to her. Ever. She has turned her back on life. If she had an abortion at some point, her torment is even worse.
    Of course this creature will hate men. She will lash out viciously at them, because they have become the canvas upon which she projects her own failures. She cannot destroy herself, because she is a narcissist, so she tries to destroy the canvas instead.
    It is really rather sad, because at the end of the day the feminist is not always a victim of unattractiveness (unattractive women can marry), she is a victim of gullibility, and she pays an obscene price for it.

  36. i think its high time to address the topic of victim blaming vs. personal personal accountability. however, whoever writes the article or moderates the dialogue would have to be of mixed race and completely gender neutral. because someone, somewhere, would find a reason to discredit their opinions due to the fact that they’re male, caucasian, asian, middle class, left- handed, lactose intolerant, whatever. its just spinning wheels at this point, IMHO

  37. When a woman drive her car, does she solely depend on other cars on the road to get her home safely?

    1. Yes. It´s the red light that oppresses them to have a little break while cruising trough the city. Red lights are a sign of the patriarchy 😀

  38. Too bad he didn’t say, “I am a man, I mean what I say and I say what I mean.”
    It might sound cliché on the one hand, on the other, I rarely see people who practice this maxim.

  39. I think some guys miss the nature of women when talking about rape. It is in there nature to yield to request most women can be punked simply pressured into doing something they don’t want to do then they feel like you ran a game on them. What about those women, it’s not in every women’s nature to fight to the death that is the quAlity of a man its what makes a man a ma and a women a women. Becuase they need protection from men the rape laws are a hazy grey but I do believe women should watch out for themselves to keep from situations like that, and should accept blame for bieng in a compromising situation if you leave your door unlocked whose fault is it when thieves break in and rob you blind. But on the same note a women when threatened can freeze when put in flight or fight, as much as women like to think they are self sufficient they are not so treat them like you would want your daughter treated.

  40. One never meets a sexy young feminist.

    To be honest there is one rare exception that proves the rule, not young anymore, but still sexy, Naomi Wolf. 😀

      1. I they are attractive they are not feminists. 😀
        If you act like alpha male, not like mangina and beta orbiter their feminist indoctrinated brain would say no, but primordial female instinct would say yes.
        It is proven theory, biologically and evolutionary self-explanatory and it could be find on this web site.

        1. This site and it’s supposed Alpha-Male complex is just a way for men to have an excuse to dominate women.
          Secondly, just because they are attractive does not mean I want to have sex with them. They are unfortunately very stupid.

        2. This site and it’s supposed Alpha-Male complex is just a way for men to have an excuse to dominate women.

          I was thinking it’s about to get them in bed.

          Secondly, just because they are attractive does not mean I want to have sex with them.


          They are unfortunately very stupid.

          I thought so, but this explains why are they feminists, because they lack grey matter. I presume this is turn off for you.

  41. Feminists have now produced more reasons for men to ignore them. Issues like this will lead to what Dave Chapelle joked about on his show: “consensual sex contracts”. Now here is the best part. Feminists are already losing the battle in this war, men are already running from them like The Plague. If sex contracts get thrown in the mix, men will avoid them even farther. Because it is just one more hassle to avoid with Western Women and their endless problems. They’ve got more issues than the New York Times. If prostitution ever gets legalized, the Jig will be up for Western Women.
    Cat Herding is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy as FemBots dig a larger and larger hole for themselves.

  42. “Rape” is one of those things women cry about to make their opinions sound more relevant
    It’s right up there with “think of the children”

  43. As a feminist, I agree with what he said. However I think your idea that all feminists are ugly and therefore, can’t be happy is misguided for a couple of reasons:
    * Believe it or not, not all happiness is derived from attractiveness. Yes, it helps a fuck ton, especially when you have a vagina and people allow their primal instincts to control them(ex. people want to associate with you more because you seem more fertile or what have you). It’s one of the first things caveman survival tactics cause people to judge girls/women on. It’ll help a lot in obtaining “friends” and lovers/boyfriends, but if you have little else going for you personality wise, or don’t do anything with your life, you’ll feel a void eventually. The more attractive you are(assuming you’re devoid of any non-superficial talents) the more possibility you’ll have to wonder if they only like you for your looks. So while it’s understandable that aged people of either gender are likelier to be angrier at a society that basically treats them like shit, it’s also not an absolute that gorgeous people will be impeccably joyful 24/7.
    * Feminists don’t identify with the cause for the same reasons all the time. The “frumpy, nerdy, outcast” stereotype you like to use may apply to some, but even then it’s not necessarily due to jealousy. My feminism teacher in HS, for example, was probably one of the most attractive female teachers at the school, and she was married happily with children. Or my mom, who did commercial modeling in her 20s, is happily married, and loves to help people. She’s identified as a feminist for the bulk of her life.
    I understand that the goal of the site is to create a platform for men who feel “wronged” by society(and women, especially) to lash out to their hearts’ content, and put feminists down whenever possible to advance your dogma, but the generalizations are getting nauseating at this point.

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