Mike Tyson Speaks The Undisputed Truth

ISBN: 0399161287

“I am the best ever, I am the most brutal and the most vicious and most ruthless champion there has ever been, there is no one that could stop me. Lennox is a conqueror? No! I am Alexander, he is no Alexander. I am the best ever, there has never been anybody as ruthless. I am Sonny Liston, I am Jack Dempsey, there is no one like me, I am from their cloth. There is no one that can match me, my style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable and I am just ferocious, I want your heart, I want to eat his children, praise be to Allah!”

Tyson was a smelly kid, an ugly kid; no one wanted him. So Tyson became a bad kid. He learned early on that in the fast, materialistic, life of the hood he could gain acceptance only through crime. He stole anything he could get his hands on and eventually found a group of older neighborhood kids who taught him to break and enter. He finally had the nice clothes, the watches, and most importantly the acceptance of his peers. This didn’t last long as after multiple arrests Tyson was sent upstate to a reformatory where his life was changed forever.

Enter Bobby Stewart, ex national amateur champion. On weekends Stewart helped the children vent their frustration by boxing them. 170 lbs of Irish fury vs. a 13 year old kid. Tyson had his ass beat, but in this he found a focus. Stewart admired Tyson’s dedication and natural skill so he brought him to see Cus D’Amato. With this act Tyson’s life was changed forever.

A Mentor Is Necessary For Success

The first time Cus D’Amato saw Mike Tyson box he knew he was watching the future heavyweight champion of the world. Cus took Mike into his home and nearly overnight Tyson was a changed kid. He was 100% dedicated to the art of boxing. He spent all of his waking hours watching old fight videos, shadow boxing, and reading about the greats. He idolized these men and wanted to be them. Cus fed Mike all of his wisdom and molded Mike’s mind to be a spartan warrior. To be a savage one-focused knockout machine. He did this through teaching Tyson the power of self-talk, affirmations, visualization, and overcoming your emotions. Cus D’Amato taught Mike Tyson that discipline and focus was the holy road to victory. The blank slate impressionability of youth yields nothing without the right direction.

Cus on Fear:

“Fear is the greatest obstacle to learning. But fear is your best friend. Fear is like fire. If you learn to control it, you let it work for you. If you don’t control it, it’ll destroy you and everything around you. Like a snowball on a hill, you can pick it up and throw it or do anything you want with it before it starts rolling down, but once it rolls down and gets so big, it’ll crush you to death. So one must never allow fear to develop and build up without having control over it, because if you don’t you won’t be able to achieve your objective or save your life.”

“Doing something you hate to do like you love it is good conditioning for someone aspiring towards greatness”

tyson 3

People Are Vultures Who Will Scavenge You While Down

It wasn’t long before Mike Tyson was on an exponential trajectory toward the top. He was obliterating nearly all of his opponents and was further being lead by Cus and his vision. Cus may have been selfish in that he wanted the glory of training the heavyweight champion of the world, but he loved Mike Tyson he always had the best in mind. This isn’t the case with nearly every other person Mike Tyson encountered on his rise to the top and subsequent fall. Cus died before Mike Tyson became the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Cus’ drive was still instilled in Tyson, giving him purpose. He won the title for Cus, but what was next? Hyhenas in human skin circled Tyson, they could smell the weakness, the decay of desire, and the jumped in tearing him apart.

Aside from the sleazy promoters, managers, and trainers who saw Tyson as nothing more than a money making machine, his biggest problems were with women. He never knew how to act around them. He grew up seeing his mother pour boiling water on a cheating lover and then hanging out with her prostitute friends. In his time with Cus, Tyson was banned from getting any pussy. So whats a famous teenaged millionaire to do? He obliged to every woman throwing herself at him and it yielded nothing but trouble. His life was studded with sexual assault lawsuits. He’d have to pay women he’d never even touched tens of thousands of dollars so they do not bring a case to court. But the two women who fucked him the most were his first wife Robin and a false rape accuser Desiree Washington.

“I got married to Robin because she was pregnant and I was thrilled to become a father. That’s the only reason. The problem was that Robin didn’t tell me she was pregnant. Jimmy Jacobs did. And he found out when Ruth, Robin’s mother, called him to tell him. I didn’t know it at the time, of course, but it was all bullshit. Robin was never pregnant.”

On the mother of one of his children:

“I was going to prison, so I called Natalie, the mother of my son D’Amato. ‘Listen I’m going to send you a hundred thousand dollars now. Then when I’m in there I’ll have them send you something every month.’ As soon as she got that money, she went out and got a lawyer and sued me for millions.”

Mike Tyson reacts after being disqualifi

Image Is Everything

One of the defining moments in Tyson’s life is the controversy over his imprisonment for the alleged rape of Desiree Washington. In the book there is an extensive account of the trial and Tyson’s side of the story. Tyson claims he invited her over late one night and met no resistance. After sex he dissed her and as a result she cried rape. Both the prosecution and the defence were shaky, but the factor that led to Iron Mike’s incarceration was the public’s image of him as well as the presented image of his accuser.

Due to the ‘rape shield’ law – a law in which a woman’s sexual past cannot be used against her in a rape trial – the prosecution was able to paint Desiree as “some shy, naive college student who was a Sunday school teacher and an usher at her church.”

Along with this fact the legal teams involved couldn’t even comprehend the claims of bestial sexuality by Tyson. They “made a big deal out of the fact that when I said, “I want to fuck you,” an eighteen-year-old would never answer, “Fine, call me.”” and were baffled when Tyson claimed he ate Desiree out for 20 minutes claiming “his description of the event veered wildly counter to everything I knew about sex.”

Despite giving hundreds of thousands of dollars back to his neighborhood, financially supporting those around him, his hobby of raising pigeons, years of dedication to a sport, and despite having an interest in classic literature and great thinkers the public image of Iron Mike is what lead to his downfall: the “boorish, vulgar and unredeemable sexual animal” the hood-tainted, illiterate, viscous, rapist, addict, megalomaniac, no good nigger – with a hard r. People just couldn’t take his intensity seriously. They couldn’t conceive that a man can be anything more than what they perceive him to be.

tyson 2

However, Tyson did and does battle with depression and addiction. He may be a different man through different periods of his life, but childhood patterns always worked themselves into his existence. The lack of self worth, the poor self image, the lashing out for attention. These all came out in his relentless rise to the top and his equally as intense fall. “Undisputed Truth” is a great read, it is an honest read. It teaches us that man is fragile, but man can fix himself. The only knowledge one needs is that if you conquer your mind, you conquer the world.

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  1. this is so inspiring…makes me want to quit my dead end supervisor job and get a uni degree to get a high paying job.
    fuck the feminists and women that hate this site…this is what this site is all about…self improvement as a man…..in all aspects.

    1. I think you’ll find this site will suggest a uni degree may not be the panacea you’re looking for.

    2. A Uni degree will do you little good in todays jobs market.
      You would be better off learning a trade like plumbing.
      That’s where the cash and respect is right now.
      Fuck those white collar snobs. Right now they are being replaced by computers.

      1. As an IT professional I can say that degrees are indeed worthless, but not because the respective competence isn’t needed: It’s because the respected competence is simply no longer taught at university – if it ever was. What counts is competence, not degrees.

        1. Yours apparently was. IT, STEM etc are nerd degrees for people with worker mentality and don’t even pay well. Even top scientist doesn’t make any real money unless he owns some company.

        2. You repeat what I said so apparently you don’t have degree in reading comprehension lol

        3. As an electrical engineer I can say that degrees are indeed, not always, worthless. That stuff they tought me at university I could never have understood just while working at home, in that limited time.

        4. Nor would I have learned as much about maths to get my degree in it – primarily because I wouldn’t have been motivated to. But the point is: I just don’t need it to be a good software developer, and it took many years away from time I could have spent working.

        5. But I have to say, from that experience I have,
          regarding Software Development, it seems that especially that field does
          not necessarily need an college education, as there are lots of
          motivated people that devoted all their free time as a child to learn
          that stuff.

        6. Pyjama boys have bad verbal and logical reading skills.
          Even top scientist…….. was merely an example that could apply to anything by the context. I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.
          What was your SAT verbal score? And don’t lie.

        7. Correct, STEM degrees are not worthless, but the current economy in the US sucks.
          I suggest a vo-tech dregree, or petroleum engineering right now.

        8. ^^yep …an article in my local paper said there is a shortage of “highway construction workers”.. Those jobs generally pay well. Vo-Tech , trades, anything to do with petroleum is a safe bet…

        9. I am not American. There is no SAT.
          I received an A* in my English language GCSE, if that’s comparable.

        10. I was considering doing a computer science university course since I want to get into mobile phone programming or C++ programming(preferably mobile phone prog.). I could not find any online courses for it.

        11. I wouldn’t pick C++ as a language to start learning with. If you want to target mobile phones, either do Java on Android or html/javascript. C++ has a steep learning curve that doesn’t pay of for most application programming.

        12. You don’t think in English so you will never understand nuances. I spoke English before puberty and lived on Park Lane in London and also Sutton Place in NY, Once you are over perhaps 12-14 you will never be able to fully speak and think in a foreign language. It also matters about how well you spoke your first tongue. If you come from some group, like American Ne—gro for example you may not even be able to ever really learn a White man’s language. The languages that people invented and developed come from their genetic characteristics just as their anatomy and things like facial expressions (it’s not learned) do.
          So you see Mucilage you may even be deficient in your own dialect and are no smarter in English. You can’t even begin to understand English unless you begin from the beginning and have read books like the Canterbury Tales and have kept reading forward to the King James Bible, Shakespeare, Marlowe, and so on until the present and should have to at least have read English literature from the beginning until today and a minimum of a 1000 real work.
          The reason that the pyjama boys on here sound so stupid is because they are uneducated and don’t know how to think like an intelligent person. They have the logic and reasoning of an 8 year old and are from child races. There’s a reason that we refer to them with this term.

        13. I’ve read Shakespeare to death, so too with Chaucer, Huxley, Orwell, so on and so forth, and personally I find Nabakov to be light reading. While being well-read is an advantage, an understanding of the nuances is not contingent on such a claim.
          While my IQ is high, and I am well educated, I am importantly, English, and a far greater proof of proficiency is being able to associate with all tiers of the social ladder, as I have done. Therefore, It is an obvious nigh-on axiomatic truth that I am in no way “deficient”, owing to chiefly the schooling I have received and the culture in which I have grown up in.
          You can contest this of course. But to anyone reading with a modicum of brain-power, it’s clear I am no “pyjama boy” as you affectionately state. We’re probably on a par, in fact. I could probably teach you a thing or two.
          Ever heard of morphosyntactic alignment?

        14. Good starting point would be basic. Yeah I know its is not widely used compared to Java and such..but it is much EASIER. Once you get that, you can move on to stuff like Java.
          Personally I prefer Scala..but I would never recommend anyone starting there..not that it’s impossible but it might scare some away.

        15. The only basic that would be relevant for mobile phone development would be VB.NET, either on Windows Phone, or development with Xamarin (formerly Mono Touch). The former is ok if the platform is ok for you – I have a Windows Phone, but it’s so unpopular that I factored out my eccentric taste and assumed that only iPhone and Android really count. Xamarin I wouldn’t recommend to beginners because it’s a more unusual development stack and so beginners can expect less support from others.
          I’m not a Java fan, and I was a C++ zealot for many years, while now doing mostly C# (which I now also love). I just think that the question “beginner&&phonedev” has “java||html” as the reasonable answer.

        16. Yes..but problem is I think, no noob will be able to grasp all these concepts. Its too complicated starting with something as difficult as mobile programming when you cant even write a for/next loop.
          The perfect way to learn was the Commodore 64. A platform with similar simplicity would be great.

        17. That’s true. I started on a Commodore as well, a C-16. Those were the days. Ok, I’m feeling old now. 🙂

        18. damn my first Computer was also a C-16 ! Remember my first command still..circle (10,10,100,100)..would draw a circle ! after that I was hooked !

        19. You have rather poor grammatical and argumentative skills in a language you claim you are so familiar and educated in.Perhaps your genetic characteristics (possessing two X chromosomes) and anatomy (lack of testes) are the culprits.
          Here are a list of your failings
          >>>>I spoke English before puberty and lived on Park Lane in London and also
          Sutton Place in NY, Once you are over perhaps 12-14 you will never be
          able to fully speak and think in a foreign language.<>> It also matters
          about how well you spoke your first tongue. If you come from some group,
          like American Ne—gro for example you may not even be able to ever
          really learn a White man’s language.<<>> The languages that people invented
          and developed come from their genetic characteristics just as their
          anatomy and things like facial expressions (it’s not learned) do.<>So
          you see Mucilage you may even be deficient in your own dialect and are
          no smarter in English.<>You can’t even begin to understand English unless
          you begin from the beginning and have read books like the Canterbury
          Tales and have kept reading forward to the King James Bible,
          Shakespeare, Marlowe, and so on until the present and should have to at
          least have read English literature from the beginning until today and a
          minimum of a 1000 real work. <>The reason that the pyjama boys on here
          sound so stupid is because they are uneducated and don’t know how to
          think like an intelligent person.<> They have the logic and reasoning of
          an 8 year old and are from child races.<>There’s a reason that we refer
          to them with this term.<<
          We? Are you schizophrenic? It appears that you are really a patient at this hospital in Princeton rather than a med student.

        20. You’re a good example of a kid who believes he’s sounding smart but in fact is a dummie and hasn’t made any point. Go back to school and begin by doing the 1st grade over.You’re one BIG fail pyjama boy. And stop with all of this silly teen type internet arguing because it’s retarded and boring. Go find yourself a girlfriend, one as dumb as yourself, and argue with her.

        21. 1)More spelling and grammar mistakes.
          2)Continued fails in Logical arguments.
          It is clear that you are frustrated at not being able to communicate in a language that you claim to be so good at.Maybe you should try Old English or even Anglo saxon since modern American(or British) English is outside your area of expertise. Scitan ansīen

        22. And you sir, are walking on thin icy, if I may say so as an educated non-native speaking alien with a faible towards violent sports.

      2. Nobody here is interested in your opinions. This site is for men only.
        Please do us the courtesy of respecting that.

      3. The purpose of attending Uni is to begin to become an educated person not to get some job. I suggest a Liberal Arts course of study for this.Concentrate in 2 major areas that you like as well so you can go on to law, economics, med. or whatever.

        1. You can become indecently rich without going to university if you have drive and found companies. Becoming “educated” just means that you get into certain circles you really don’t want to be part of anyway. I can’t recommend that for anyone.

        2. As a physician you can open an anti aging center and make a mint. But it is work and you gotta work hard.

        3. Then become plumber haha And which circle you want to be in? Trailer park circle of dummies.Becoming educated is not just getting into a circle it is twofold. You’re just bitter because you can’t found co. or get into any good circle. Out of the top 1000 billionaires in world very few didn’t attend Uni or at least top prep school where they knew friends. Tell me how many of 1000 billionaires in world fit your silly idea? 1%?

        4. You also repeat what I wrote. But you still need M.D. degree and then business to make any real money.

        5. On an self improvement blog, of this magnitude, do you really think becoming a billionaire is an necessary achievement?

        6. I don’t know the stats, but I know one example of a guy I read a biography of (Felix Dennis, the guy doesn’t even have a driver’s license). I do know that a substantial amount of very well-of people are dropouts and self-made entrepreneurs without academic background.
          Also, I probably have more formal education than you do – I just don’t pride myself in that because I don’t think it’s an achievement.

        7. Becoming a millionaire before 45 is a realistic achievement not necessary. I would suggest becoming whatever you wish as long as it is what you want not what is expected of you by others. I know a lot of men who wake up 40 in a marriage they hate, with a mortgage they never wanted, being pressured by family and society to slave away at jobs they hate. You get one shot at this life remember it yours to live. Becoming a billionaire is more work than I or most people are willing to do.

        8. Well said. This third-world idiot Masheka doesnt warrant responses from us.
          Anyone that has any intelligence knows that the regulatory environment, taxation and barriers to entry in the US make the odds of someone establishing a successful business akin to those of winning the lottery.

        9. Masheka sounds a like the caricature of the quintessential establishment snob to me.
          The barriers to entry the US are particularly painful to me, because they keep me out (I’m German). I’m doing fine here though.

        10. who gives a shit about your upper class. as long as you earn good money and have lots of sex and lots of friends…that’s what counts.
          Status is too overatted.

        11. I don’t know the stats,
          I do know that a substantial amount blah blah blah
          So you’re just guessing and projecting here. Try using some feminine logical thinking before opening mouth and looking like a durak.
          ‘Also, I probably have more formal education than you do blah blah blah
          I have an M.S. in biology from MSU and am now a medical student at Robert Wood Johnson and also intern at a hospital in Princeton.

        12. That amount of education and you write: “Then become plumber haha…”, “..before opening mouth..”, “You want to be boss where you profit…”, “And Tyson would be killed by gorilla.”, etc…
          I assume English isn’t your first language, but it’s not mine either – and I still know how to use articles and have done so since I was in high school, long before I ever set a foot in an English-speaking country.
          If you want to play the educated snob you should make sure that you don’t sound like a dyslexic at the same time.

        13. It is always refreshing how people who have made 0 money and are in education for a job (read: jobs are for loosers) try to teach wisdom.
          If I was to take advice regarding money and life I would seek the guy who did retire with 40 because his investment income?
          Maybe the person who did reach such a nice goal has the experience (!) to teach others to do the same?

      4. Selfimprovement eh? Being a plumber if you can be something with a degree and having a job that needs some little more knowledge..

      5. pick something slightly out of the mainstream that you have an interest in and an edge in… know that if you do it well people will follow you,
        figure out how to start shifting product and creating cash turnover
        this shit is nothing special – google bought them for $3 Billion….
        there are dozens of examples like this

      6. Ahh fair enough, I only though a university degree was legit because one I have been a warehouse supervisor or factory supervisor to pay the bills . Plus I heard that university was a pathway to becoming a doctor/lawyer and all those high status white collar jobs .
        I’m the only member of my family that does not have a uni degree so there I that feeling of inferiority.
        I was considering doing a computer science course since I want to get into mobile phone programming or C++ programming. I could not find any online courses for it.

      7. I have a bachelors and a masters in electrical and computer engineering, and pulled my first six figure salary at 27. I think this is pretty legit for having to take very few risks career wise, great benefits, and not working more than 40 hours unless I want too. Currently working on my license, then I’ll be able to open my own shop, but you need a certain amount of experience to even sit for the test. There is a list of the top college by ROI floating around the internet, if you can’t get into the top 100 (which are almost all either ivy league, engineering, or mining/petroleum schools) then I can agree with you somewhat.

    3. Decide what kind of job and field you want to work in and research it. Better to get your foot in the door of the company you want to work for and work your way up, be exposed to people higher up the ladder and acclimate to the companies culture than waste your time with rote memorization of worthless College garbage. College is and always has been a scam – for the colleges and the banks that underwrite the student loans that you can never walk away from.
      If the company offers tuition reimbursement, then supplement your career path with night classes on the companies dime.
      Fire, drive, sharpness, enthusiasm and character are what a hiring manager will look for. Fucking worthless degrees are so minorities and females can get jobs they have no right being in.
      Thats the kind of females that you get commenting here, with their snark and their two-bit degrees they think they are qualified to espouse their boring, repetitive, philosophical, sociological, metaphysical pycho-babble.
      Which by the way – is getting extremely old.

      1. Female is smarter than nerd pyjama boy who has mentality of lower class prole and thinks like dumb peasant. Good looking well educated sophisticated boy with class does not start at bottom and then always stay near bottom. He marries boss’s daughter haha and begins as executive or is member of club where he knows top men who can do him some good. Does not work as cubicle drone where he hopes to get $100 raise if he’s good boy.

        1. Little girl thinks she is superior because she can reference the proletariat.
          Brings a tear to my eye.

        2. And regular RoK readers dont pay attention to suchkas that come around here begging for attention.
          So what is your point?

      2. Do not throw minorities in with women, black , Asian , and Hispanic men work hard and get real degrees in law, medicine , mathematics and engineering .

    4. You want some real money?
      Go get a two year vo-tech degree and learn to weld. Then move to the Bakkan oil field in NW North Dakota.
      Bring a cheap ass camping trailer, rental units are impossible to find there.
      Make a quarter million a year, buy gold and silver with the extra cash, store it in Canada ( https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6414395061628337922 ), and get rich.
      Laugh at the boomers when the stock market crashes, and the US dollar crashes.

      1. Boomers will always beat you..” A fool and his money are easily parted”
        They have the highest IQ’s recorded in history. Whatever you earn in Dakota freezing to death working 60 hrs a week you will pay in taxes, living expenses there and the rest will be taken from you in medical bills recovering from the climate. You’ll have arthritis in your 20’s and be a cripple. Typical lower class little loser boy and you think like one where a little money is worth more than the one thing you can’t replace-your body. You probably take better care of some old pickup than yourself.
        Go buy gold you idiot. Boomers will just manipulate the price and lower classes panic and sell when it drops. Then the top people buy it back at low price haha
        Walmart greeters earn $20 hr there so what do you think they and other businesses will charge for goods.
        Go live in trailer too trailer park boy then you can freeze in winter even with heat and have no water to wash.
        The only people who ever make money in these boom towns, gold rush towns etc are the smart businessmen who invest money and sell the dummy workers goods


      1. lol what’s the matter ? Mike Tyson reject your fat ass. I understand, many chicks wanna have sex with him.

      2. Every time I see some feminist talk about rape they are gross, fat, unattractive, and look like the LAST PERSON ON EARTH THAT ANYONE WOULD BOTHER EVER RAPING.
        Like Lindy West pictured below.
        It seems to me that there is a sick fantasy exhibited by the envy (of not being raped) and the desire (of wanting to be raped) running rampant among ugly loudmouth trolls like Lindy and you, that compels you to constantly talk about it and find topics that deal with it.
        Seek help.

    6. By all means, get the college experience, but be careful which course of study you select. Some degrees are just expensive pieces of useless paper. You’d be better saving your valuable time and banking the 30k plus you have to fork out for it.

      1. agree. I was going to do something in IT…related more to programming. But I am not gong to make a rash decision.

    7. Then donate, keep the site going. You can afford it. You can’t afford not to read these articles.

  2. tyson is an insecure manlet bitch who gets angry for anything that he thinks touches his ego. Just because you are a bunch of nerdy fanboys looking for male examples (and unable to find them) doesn’t mean you have to take them from retarded monkeys.

    1. In utter resemblance of ignorance.
      Your ‘moniker’ …one so completely telling of your maturity…places you right in line with the kind of extraordinary belligerence your mental state sets forth.
      Pathetically misunderstanding.

      1. shut the fuck up nerd,
        keep reading this shit, it’s gonna get you laid when you are 60 with some hooker

    2. outside the ring perhaps, but since you’ve never won champion of the world title, and have no idea of the dedication it takes, and probably break into a sweat putting your shoes on, you have no place criticizing…. get in the ring …..

    3. Tyson likes pigeons because he is a bird brain himself and feels comfortable around them. Just like you pyjama boys here feel comfortable around fat 40yo female you find on OKStupid. You would be out of place around a sophisticated girl who would laugh at your poverty and poverty of brainpower. Only top men get top girl. Pretending to walk or talk like alpha man is just big joke and we laugh at it. This is what your jive game talking sounds like to a girl.

  3. Mike Tyson was a badass alpha because of his success in boxing and the reputation he created. But when it came to relationships he was a complete beta. In his own words, when in personal relationships, he would expect the women to “mother” him. Since he didnot receive the affections of his mother as a child, he would try to reproduce that dynamic with his partner, aka, a wife-worshipping beta.
    It would be interesting if someone at ROK wrote an article exposing this alpha/ beta dichotomy when it came to relationships v/s social status. Many social alphas are complete betas when it comes to relationships.

    1. I”ve heard stories of cartel soldiers dismembering people, spilling the intestines of their victims and during the middle of it all taking calls from their woman saying, “Hello my sugar love, you hear the screaming in the background? I promise I’m at work… please don’t be mad at me…. yes dear..yes dear.”

    2. Very true. I have a friend who’s a power player when it comes to the corporate world and has to be totally subservient to the fattest, ugliest, nagging bitch on the planet. The dude commands respect when he enters a room, yet he has to book a time to leave the house to see friends and isn’t allowed to watch “violent” sports like UFC. He recently had to quit the gym because his wife was worried that he was talking with women when not in her presence. Truly a case study of extremes.

      1. He’s a pyjama boy and prole worker from lower class. No upper class man takes orders from wife. This big Playa was probably from blue collar background and it’s in hia DNA

        1. Good read. We’ve been friends forever and he was as poor as poor gets growing up. Totally self made though, success wise.

    3. It’s not his “partner”, what are they, in business together or something? it’s his WIFE.

  4. We know him because he’s a powerful boxer….but we act disgusted when we discover he’s a vicious pit bull….even though he’s a professional violent fighter.
    Again, it’s like Teddy Roosevelt. (The most misunderstood president in US history.)
    “Oh my god! I love Teddy, he’s such a fighter and doesn’t take sh** from anyone. This guy is a Rough Rider”
    “WAIT! You means he uses the Federal Government to fight Robber Barons too! The guy is a Commie Tyrant!”

    1. And Muhhamed Ali himself said if Tyson would have hit him, he would have passed out. Take a look from 10:56

        1. Tyson knocked Dougles out in the 8th round and the referee took 17 seconds to get to an 8 second count. Do not believe me google it , I say this because you are not a troll and I want engage you in real substantive conversation about the refs call. Watch the video and be objective , it looks like a knockout in Japan to me. Your opinion I will value based on the sincerity of your past comments, you seem straight up.

      1. All of these gorillas are brain damaged from being hit in the head and that’s not good when you started out with an 80 IQ to begin with.
        The only reason that they’re interviewed is because the typical prole watches this boxing crap. Otherwise these would just be four dopey and boring niggas sitting around mumbling.

        1. People on this site dislike Heartiste because he is not ashamed to be White and he calls them on their crap when they make absurdly idiotic claims about their personal lives.

        2. Heartiste plays to his audience and is often race baiting for traffic, fun site though.

        3. It’s a joke about the descending quality of this website based on the comment section. A huge number of trolls who for some reason are allowed to stay instead of being banned by the mods. I stopped reading Heartiste because of the idiocy in the comments but ROK is getting just as bad. Just bickering, trolling and stupidity now.

        4. Again Roosh founded this site, and Heartiste even has links to Roosh’s other sites on his own site……….since when did we ever bash Heartiste?

      1. What I find funny is that Heartiste has a link to Roosh’s other site on his own………….note that Roosh is the founder of this site…………

    1. I agree fully. What pathetic “men” we see on this site, who think congoidesque machismo is what they should aspire to.

      1. I wonder exactly why any female would “see” men on this site.
        Its a site with articles by men, for men.
        Not women.
        What exactly is the reason you are here?
        Guess these horny dry vagina bitches are tired of their MSM mindless blather so they troll and lurk around here to actually read something interesting and hopefully try to trap a guy and get a dicking in the process?
        Its really the only rational reason I can come up with.

        1. The commenters on this site, probably a majority of them, are angry beta males who pretend they are alpha males. They also hate their own race. To them I say:
          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…………. _.·´

        2. You have a limp shem and numb nuts and a face even your mama can’t love. The only girl you could get is a fake porn girl or someone you have to pay(maybe, even whores have standards).Or some 40 yo fat girl with 4 kids on OKStupid

        3. This is a joke site open to the public where people come to laugh at pyjama gameboys. If you want an exclusive site then Roosh should make it a pay members only site. But the problem with that is that you loser boys wouldn’t even pay a dollar to join. That should tell you something about its quality. Just another of a million dumb useless sites on Net.

        4. Are you afraid of women pussy boy? And stop having delusions because any boy on this site is a loser and their tiny wallet with no money and dick would be laughed at by a woman.

  5. That bitch lied about this man, and feminism perverted our laws to the point where he could not defend himself against a false accusation. For the record that false claim against Mike was not Ms Washington’s first.

    1. From reading the book it also seems he had a horrible legal team. “boorish, vulgar and unredeemable sexual animal” is how Tyson describes his attorney’s defense. Not too wise in a rape case, but one of the biggest problems was just getting people to comprehend that yes, pretty young girls are having casual sex on the regular. That pretty young thing working the till at starbucks has probably had a gangbang at one point in her life.

      1. His attorney was a tax attorney , not a seasoned criminal attorney . No one was really looking out for Mike. Another lesson from this is you look out for you, only you deal with your money because only you truly gives a damn about you.

        1. He was Don Kings accountant/tax attorney. Don was a huge part of Mike getting sent to prison as he was losing control of Mike. Instead he got him sent down, fucked with his money while he wasn’t around and then signed lucrative deals based on Mike without his consent.

  6. Awesome article. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this book and will definitely check it out.
    One thing I find interesting about Tyson is how he was able to find balance between being a hard hitting boxing champ and having appreciation for things like classic literature.

    1. Yup. Look up the Klitschko too. They are pretty inspirational, having their doctorates and being beasts in the ring. Chess boxing seems very interesting, and I believe that man can (and must have) an outlet for their more primal side along with aspirations of a higher order.

      1. Russia is just like that, you can be a hardcore gangster, a killer, and a physicist. I meet a lot of Russian dudes in Miami who are doctors , lawyers, and hard as hell. The Klitschko brothers do not fuck around in the ring.

        1. You never meet anyone above garbage man level loser. Yes, Russia is like that where even our thugs are educated not like stupid like US. You’re smartest people are like morons.

  7. Caught Tyson’s one man show on HBO a while back. I was utterly fascinated by the guy from start to finish. Worth checking out.

  8. There’s some irony in leading off with that quote; when Tyson said it, he was lying his ass off, and had to know it. He was hyping his fight with Lewis, who far outclassed him at that time, both technically and physically. (“Who would have won in their primes” is a discussion we can just pass over.)
    Tyson has always been pretty good at marketing himself, for a guy who seems at least partly insane.

  9. Mike Tyson was a great fighter but he was his own worst enemy. Learn from hs mistakes. In his career he made over 300 million dollars. He has almost none of it now. Trust no one with your money but yourself. Anything they can do for you, you can learn to do yourself. If you are going to risk losing YOUR money in investments, take the time to research the investment yourself. Wealthy people stay wealthy by being hands on with their money.
    If you are a well to do man and you are not married, don’t get married or at the very least, in the United States. Remember, when you are well off, women are only with you for what you can provide for them, that is in their nature and its okay…..this is the truth. Live your life and enjoy yourself. Enjoy women, lots of them. Enjoy travel and adventure. Be the author of your own destiny. You want to be able to look on your life and say, “I have little if any regrets, I did as I was pleased to do and it was one hell of a ride”.

    1. Bernard Hopkins has no manger no promoter and handles all his business himself. He said I won’t fuck me over, that’s why I trust me. BeHop also doesn’t do drugs or drink period. When asked how he celebrates he said that he trains year round and if he wins a fight he treats himself to a pice of cheesecake. The man spent years in prison and came up in extreme poverty. If he can control his urges and manage his own finances, every man reading this blog can do the same.

  10. John Doe here, the guy who wrote a few articles for RoK. I just wanted to say one thing.
    I am sorry for being such an asshole to the American women on here. Truth be told? I hate 95 percent of Americans, both women AND MEN.
    Let’s face it, Americans in generally are very evil, shitty, stupid people. America is a satanic country and I am happy to see it collapse.
    So to all the women whose feelings I might have hurt? I don’t hate you. I hate both men and women equally. American men are also very shitty people too. American men and American women are EQUALLY shitty people. I hope you all burn in hell, both American men and women.
    And to the 5 percent of nice people who aren’t assholes? This message does not apply to you..

    1. You are a racist! You hate the human race! You also hate NASCAR , motocross , and the hundred yard dash ! You hate races of every kind!


    1. You’ll know if your husband has been reading this site when he fakes his own death and heads to a warm climate to make up for his years of beta-slavery to your menacing personality and predictably large frame by fucking as many younger, hotter, and nicer women as it takes to cleanse the memory of your ever-protruding gunt from his mind.

    2. Actually everyone is being pretty restrained on this discussion.
      I always try to avoid assuming things about people online but seriously you sound mental and your husband (the poor bastard) would probably be better off without you in his life.

    3. Let me guess. You are 35, looks fading, career you hate and a man that doesn’t make you wet anymore, right? Terrified that men don’t even pay attention to you anymore and angry at the world. Know this, your husband hates you…

      1. Let me guess. You’re some ‘tween boy from a lower class slum. Your single unwed mother collects welfare and picks up extra money for her crack by giving bj’s on the side. You’ve never had a gf and watch fake porn on your Salvation Army computer and jerk off every chance you get.In fact, your nickname in your ‘hood is the little wanker.

  12. Our boxers like Klitschko have PhD and speak 4 languages. Tyson is just a dumb hoodboy who speaks eubonics and couldn’t get 300 on at SAT with his 80 IQ. He’s like a baby who needs a nanny and after his White handler died he was like a lost little boy who couldn’t even wipe ass on his own.
    Just a big brute like a gorilla and even a gorilla has more game with the females.

    1. To bad your government collapsed and lost the Cold War so now Russia is America’s whorehouse. In fact your country is a good example of what happens when Eastern Europe over steps their bounds and tries to beat a first class powerhouse like America . The Klitschko brothers would get knocked the fuck out fucking with Iron Mike in his the 1980’s , like Russia got knocked the fuck out fucking with American capitalism in the 1980’s. Bitch learn your place when you talk about the country that dominated your sorry ass , and our superior athletes . For the record this website was started by an American , America is the number one superpower in the world, and the oil in Russia is bought and traded in dollars not rubles. Respect your betters when you know better шлюха .

      1. Indeed, Tyson in his day was unstoppable. Klistchko’s PhD wouldn’t be much help and he’d be too dazed from that right pounding him into submission to use any of those languages.

        1. USA represents when it comes to ass whopping. We gonna handle ass in Sochi too. There will be no gold left in Russia it is all coming west to the US, cause we the best!

      2. And Tyson would be killed by gorilla. Humans must fight other humans.
        And btw, I am well aware that when Nixon was in office that the US dollar because the reserve currency from the British pound. But all of this can change and if China’s currency becomes the reserve currency or if the IMF decides on a basket of currencies as the reserve than the US is down the toilet and it will be a depression.Russia will survive unlike the US bad EU.

        1. “Russia will survive unlike the US bad EU.”
          Uh, says who? You and your idiotic analysis of geopolitics? You guys can barely control threats to olympics in your own backyard, instead relying on 18th century molded Ukrainians for help. In that absurdist scenario, even China would take glee in stomping you dumbasses.

    2. You Russians have no idea how absurd you sound. Constantly having to brag about yourselves and insult Americans – it’s so transparent how insecure you are, men or women. Learn your place bitch – you and your whole country. Your corrupt, husk of a country is run by a thug who plays you all for fools and you grovel before him, just like Russians groveled before Stalin and the Tsars. Face it, we ate your country up and shit you out without even breaking a sweat. And now Russia is a country full of thugs, drunks and whores like you – with big mouths but nothing to back it up.

      1. Putin paid off all foreign debts with oil money when the price was high a few years ago. What is your black Obama doing? And little sex starved pyjama boy, you don’t appear to have ever gone anywhere in life except perhaps Wallyworld with mommy and daddy(if you have one around) You’re a good example of why the rest of the world thinks that Americans are stupid, silly and naive children.
        Scan the visa page on your passport so I can see where you’ve been. Don’t worry your name isn’t there pussy.

        1. Wallyworld does not exist, like the Russian democracy and middle class it is fictional. Your knowledge of America is as flawed as your elections, seriously understand you are beneath us.

        2. The price of oil is way down, what else do you produce in Russia aside from weapons you sell to Syria, and that is soon to be over. All you will have after we topple Assad is young Russian pussy as your main export, and that is free. Lets see how your economy looks in five years…

        3. You can’t read either. Putin paid debts when it was high. You sound like a dopey pothead from some trailer park with an addled brain. Now go look for a job, MickyD’s is hiring

        4. You’re a moron who has never been anywhere. Last election had every voting site on video camera to prove honesty. Not like crooked US where illegals and nignogs vote more than once and negro thugs scare white people away.

        5. Like I said, you have no idea how absurd you are. The reflexive aggression and presumed superiority are obnoxious and revealing of your insecurity. This is how you compensate for knowing that you sold out your country to a thug because he got you wet.
          Russia is barely an industrialized country and Putin only maintains power due to his control of your oil resources and ruthlessness towards any opposition. You see in our country, bitch, the people own most of the oil resources, and we profit from them directly, we don’t have leaders skimming billions off the top for them and their buddies. Nor does Obama build mansions to go bang little sluts like you in when he wants to.
          Wake up – for your own good. You don’t come across as sophisticated or superior, you come across as vicious and insecure. You are bragging about having a kleptocrat and authoritarian thug for a leader. What you don’t get is that even if I don’t like Obama (and I don’t) we actually have a functioning democracy in which the people select our leaders. You wait on your knees for Putin to spray you with more of his spunk – and we laugh at you because you are pathetic.
          Put another way, there are millions of Russian girls dying to come to America – but no Americans lining up to go to Russia. Keep it up, I know this is all you have to rest your esteem on. You should also wake up to the fact that being a mouthy, obnoxious bitch will have you end up being 37, alone and with few choices and wondering, “How come I’m alone?” You are earning that.

        6. Considering that now even the illiterate swaths of India and China think their country is better and has a better future than Russia, I wouldn’t be so glibly confident and insulting.

      2. You do realize Klitschko is from Ukraine?
        And your rant missed its mark completely.

    3. By the way bitch we bailed your ass out of WW 2 , without our manufacturing and supply lines giving you fuel and ammo your sorry ass agrarian based country would have been rape fodder for the SS. Respect the US cunt, we are the reason you don’t speak German when you trash the country that saved your ass.

      1. I do speak German. Now, aside from ebonics and nonsense what do YOU speak? You know nothing of Russian so just write about what you do know-trailer park and hood trash. Without the Russians the US would have never been able to invade at Normandy because all German troops would be there. Americans are the worst soldiers on earth and if it wasn’t for Britain they would have got nowhere. Stop believing Spielberg Hollywood childish nonsense films too.

        1. Look bitch the fact is we won, you lost. you cannot rationalize your way out of that fact. Whose currency sets the standard, who has the most influence in the world, who goes to Eastern Europe to fuck and leave, who went to the moon, who runs the global economy? you claim to be educated, know when you you lost. You watch american film, no one gives a fuck about Russian movies. If you are famous in America you are famous the world over , if you are famous in Russia the world could give a fuck less. Nobody gives a fuck about you politically either , your country voted against the Ira invasion and we went anyway because you have no political capital. You are Pakistan with white people, a failed state with internal turmoil and outdated nuclear weapons. We are not even concerned about your shit country unless we want to do some sex tourism, so know your place bitch, a Russian mail order bride website not Return of Kings.

        2. US is a joke. Average IQ of kid who goes to NYC school is 85. Mostly dumb blacks like you who are bitter because they were born with no brains or looks and can’t get white girl. Now go flip your burgers dumb boy and listen to nigga rap bebop crap music because that’s your culture. Smoke some more weed because you’re not stupid enough without it lol
          And these Americans you speak of are unknown outside of blue collar and hood trash areas. You need to get out of your crap area and see real world you bitter little sex starved boy. You’re like animal that thinks Hottentot butt is good looking because that’s what animal sees when fucking haha

        3. Your entire country is trash, you cannot even have credit cards with the number on it because fraud is so common. You have more murders per year than America by far with half our population and no second amendment gun rights, alcoholism is the default state of your men, and you cannot even control your caucasus leading up to the winter olympics. You could not even hold on to East Germany after we beat them for you. Your best city Moscow is a crime ridden ,overpriced piece of shit that almost burned down in 2011 due to pollution and oligarchy environmental abuse , and most of your population would leave and come here if your government would let them. Bitch just accept third place after China and accept that you suck. Your country is so fucked up you don’t even make premium caviar any more (Iran has that) and your vodka is second to Poland.

        4. Most women in your country would marry a complete loser just to have a chance to be a citizen here because your men are just drunks and abusive as fuck. the worst city here is better that your best city there. You know this is true. I know because I have fucked plenty of you Russian women and all of them wanted to come back here with me. You are not special, you are just a white bitch from a shit country who brags about her education and travels everywhere but where you are from because you know it is shit. When I was in Russia the main thing I noticed was for the first time in my life I saw a bunch of dishonest white people that did not have shit with no class. I fucked a Russian Lawyer, Doctor, and several broke bitches while I was there and it was a blast seeing a defeated country, and fucking like I was the conqueror. You are part of a sad legacy of a iot of history, and nothing to show for it. Truth hurts..

        5. Not one woman I know would marry a US poor boy like you. We marry in our class and we prefer Russia or Europe not shit culture in US with cities infested with blacks and other trash people. Moscow is beautiful, not like Detroit that looks like jungle with savages.

        6. I disagree with your sentiments in general so far in the comments, but I give you props here. Being trilingual myself(need to learn Russian to get more in touch with my Slavic ancestry and Japanese as well) speaking a foreign language is a plus. I hate the stupidity some people have with their blind patriotism and lack of realization that the United States is not the only country in the world.

        7. There are intelligent rappers(check our Immortal Technique if you have not or Rakim), but in general I understand stupidity is rampant and I hate living in the United States. Lack of class acts, rampant ebonics(butchering of the English language), and false labeling of everything as rape(don’t mind the Kangaroo rape courts).

        8. I fucked a Russian doctor and a model from St. Petersburg while living in NYC. On my last night with the Russian doc I actually did her in the doorway of an officebuilding on 5th avenue in midtown at about 11 at night and then dumped her the next day, lol. The model seemed to think that I would save her from her drunken, scumbag, criminal husband – left her with my load and her regrets. So desperate to escape their miserable culture and nation, they will do anything. The funny part? Just like this foulmouthed, obnoxious bitch, they all thought they were smarter than everyone else and could get over on me with their pussies. Lol.
          I actually liked those women – and both were hotter than this little skank. She’s so angry and so vicious, I imagine any sane man in the real world steers quite clear of her. Although I might fuck her in the men’s room of a bar like I did to that Russian doc….

        9. I fucked a Russian doctor and a model
          In your dreams pussy whipped boy. The closest thing you’ve ever got to sex is when some crack Ho spit on your microphallus and laughed at it. The only thing you ever screwed was your pooch and they locked you up in a lunatic asylum for it.
          Go look in the mirror if you want to see a short little poor loser living in mommy’s doghouse with the dog(you don’t even have a cellar)
          And I’m still waiting to see that visa page. A loser like you has gone nowhere and doesn’t even have a passport. Can’t afford the $100 lol Now go play with yourself and jerk it to porn you cretin.

      2. We? You weren’t even born so don’t take credit for the small contribution that US did. And if your grandpappy served he probably was a cook or other servant and not a fighter haha

  13. Mike Tysons trainer helped him focus and brought out his greatness. When his trainer died, Tyson become a bum, returned to his old ways and barely even trained for his last fights. It was pathetic. He isn’t a role model for anyone but thieves and thugs. A vile human being. He was one if not the greatest of boxers, a natural born fighter, true warrior blood. And a piece of shit attitude to match. His trainer helped prevent him spending his life in jail, and in a negative sense his profile after success probably kept him out of jail when he should have been inside.

  14. Good read. I grew up loving boxing and always liked Tyson, unhinged and relentless, even if he was a little crazy. even if he had his issues, he was the baddest knock-out machine in the history of boxing.

  15. Tyson is admirable because he is a self-taught man, when he did not have to learn anything more than boxing. In prison, he read scores of books, the classics. His insight and ability to reinvent himself show raw intelligence. I hope things work out for him.

  16. “…… childhood patters always work their way into his existence.”
    This is the case for all of us, to a much greater extent than many of us are willing to admit.
    Do NOT think that this is lost on any of those that want to shape society, whether ideological and control reasons, financial gain, or both.
    You can remember on your own that most of your teachers up through middle school were women. If you have kids, or nephews, or just pay attention to things, you can see how public schools that serve middle class neighborhoods in particular have increasingly become indoctrination camps.
    There is a reason that there are 5 times as many male high school drop outs as female. There is a reason that 60% or more of college enrollments are women. There is a reason for the politically correct “hipster” style output of the males that make it through college. Thoroughly indoctrinated.
    Feminists have undue influence in public schools and college campuses. Witness all the relatively recent manufactured hysteria over “date rape.” This manufactured hysteria is paid for by the federal government now, courtesy of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which now directly target boys in high school and college as potential (even likely) rapists.
    The elite, who have control and financial interests in mind (as do feminists more than they will ever admit), want legions of pussified men. Pussified men are easier to control and easier to extract money from. They are afraid to be independent.
    To truly live red pill, you have to deeply examine how these things have influenced you. Of course, if you come from a single mother household, just taking on that issue is probably enough for any human man to handle for a lifetime. But, if you come from a two parent household, you should examine your childhood memories for the cultural programming you got in institutional settings. Believe me, except for some basic things like getting up early and following a schedule, as well as most sports, the programming was not done to your benefit.

  17. Tyson in his prime wouldn’t last one round against either Klitschko or even Fedor. White guys who worship this punk are slime.

  18. Tyson always seemed like a real lowlife to me. I know he hit hard. But boxing, despite all its tawdry attributes, is a primal sport calling on the highest levels of sportsmanship. To compare Tyson to majestic human beings like Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard is just ridiculous.

        1. Calling an asshole like Muhammad Ali a majestic being is ridiculous. He was no fucking sportsman. Tyson was honorable by comparison.

        2. Why do you say that? I’m not being snide or anything else. Ali has always been one of my heroes. Tyson strikes me as nothing more than a common thug. Fill me in on what you think.

        3. Well, first of all, I think Tyson was completely railroaded by an complete and utter ho in that rape trial. Yes, he came from the lowest of the low background, but I suspect he actually has a pretty high I.Q. He’s an interesting guy, and, frankly, I like him. Interstingly, Lennox Lewis wouldn’t criticize him for biting Holyfield’s ear–he alluded to the fact that Holyfield was dirty as hell, with his headbutting bullshit. I like Tyson. He’s an interesting guy and I could go on about that, and I could go on and on about what a jagoff phony I think Ali is. One anecdote: he suckered Frazier into thinking he was his friend, then held a press conference and condemned him as an Uncle Tom. It really hurt Frazier to the core. His naked egotism set a model for the crap we see in sports today.
          Tyson is an interesting, philosophical guy with an animalistic side. Ali was phony and and backstabber and represents a lot about what I hate about our popular culture today.

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