6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves

In 1937, the Walt Disney Studios released its first fully animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and pioneered a new form of family entertainment. Disney didn’t have a reputation for being feminism friendly; what with all the waiting for Prince Charming in their earlier movies. But recently they have been more open about feminism and made sure to remove traditional elements into their movies.

The release of Snow White came on February 4, 1938. Then Cinderella in the 1950’s, where a kind, obedient, well-disciplined woman wanted to marry the prince of her dreams. They had made a movie on Robin Hood, a man that followed masculine roles, which wouldn’t be remade in the same way today.

Traditional gender roles are what nature assigned to humans, but breaking that provides excitement to women, despite them not being able to do well as men in many fields of work. The media has blasted a heavy image of “girl power” into young girls minds, and are programming them to believe in this fantasy. Here are a few prominent examples of Disney’s brainwashing efforts…


Mulan did not want to be a pretty geisha, nor did she want to have a “skinny waist and obedience that men like”, so she chopped her hair short and joined the military

One of the very first feminist Disney movie I watched was Mulan, a 1998 animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The plot takes place during the Han dynasty, where Fa Mulan, the tomboy daughter of aged warrior Fa Zhou, impersonates a man to take her father’s place during a general conscription to counter a Hun invasion.

In its earliest stages, the story was originally conceived as a cute romantic comedy film where Mulan, who was a daughter that loves her father, is betrothed to Shang, whom she has not met. On her betrothal day, her father Fa Zhou carves her destiny on a stone tablet in the family temple, which she shatters in anger, running away to forge her own destiny. Disney changed the original to make Mulan more feminist and empowered.

When I first saw the movie as a child, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how a woman who quit the most important position in her life had a movie based on her. They put her up on a pedestal for having a vagina? I don’t think that it should be considered “progressive” at all.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a rating of 86%, with an average rating of 7.5/10. The site’s consensus reads, “Exploring themes of family duty and honor, Mulan breaks new ground as a Disney film.”


Frozen took over a billion dollars at the global box office, and is the most successful animated movie of all time, winning a Golden Globe for the best animated film.

Disney’s animated smash hit Frozen has been accused of spreading anti-male propaganda by a US news host. Steve Doocy slammed the film for its lack of strong male characters during an early morning talk show. He claimed that the movie empowered its female fans by turning men into ‘fools and villains.’

The show reportedly showed a clip from the movie of good guy Kristoff discussing picking his nose and another of villain Prince Hans confessing his evil plan.

‘They depict men as evil and cold and bumblers,” Ms Young Nance said on the show KSDK,com reported.

”It’s not just Disney. It’s Hollywood in general that has often sent the message that men are superfluous, they’re stupid, they’re in the way, if they contribute anything to the family, it’s a paycheck.”

As much as you may hate to believe, these accusations are correct. Men are depicted as ATM machines and nothing more.


Merida does not want to get married and perfers to remain a tomboy

Brave premiered on June 10, 2012, at the Seattle International Film Festival, and was released in North America on June 22, 2012, to both positive reviews and box office success. The film won the Academy Award, the Golden Globe, and the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Preceding the feature theatrically was a short film entitled La Luna, directed by Enrico Casarosa.

Brave is a story about Merida, a young princess who doesn’t fit in with the world around her. Her passion is to fight and she’s incredibly good at archery, while her mother wants her to get married and follow traditional gender roles.

The movie received critics from A Voice For Men and MRA Reddit. The only real male character, her father, was portrayed decently, considering he was given the “stodgy old guard” ball to hold, but he checked off the feminist wishlist by stopping his “control” over his daughter so she can take on the behavior of males.


The film tells the story of Moana, the strong-willed daughter of the chief in a Polynesian tribe, who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. When a blight strikes her island, Moana sets sail in search of Maui, a legendary demigod, in the hope of saving her people.

Variety proclaimed that Moana, which grossed $300 million to date, “Is Just the Latest Feminist, Progressive Disney Hit’ to reflect “the changing face of the moviegoing public.”

“In another feminist twist, Moana is one of the first animated films not to feature a love story. Her journey is about finding herself, not landing a husband.”  Bustle describes Moana as “The Hero That Every Little Girl Deserves For Generations to Come.”

The only male characters in the movie are the father and Maui. The father again, is the overbearing, controlling dad who will not let Moana get in the ocean water or go past a certain part. Maui, the demigod, is impulsive, crazy, initially mean, and thinks only of himself and how others can praise him.

He slowly comes around to trying to sacrifice for humanity, but he doesn’t save the world, Moana does. His actions are just a small help to her and she could probably have done it all without him. His only contribution is to show her how to sail. Then he leaves and sometimes flies over her as she sails with her family. The males take a backseat of modern Disney again to this “strong” female character.

The Princess and the Frog

The movie is the story of a young, African-American woman, Tiana, who lives in New Orleans. She dreamed about owning her own restaurant named Tiana’s Palace. She works multiple jobs and saves money in cans in order to buy the old sugar mill in her neighborhood and turn it into her beloved restaurant.

Unfortunately, she is told that another man has put in a higher bid and she is given only a couple more days to come up with extra money in order to outbid the unknown gentleman. The now depressed Tiana showed up to a ball and ends up kissing a talking frog that claims to be Prince Naveen, who was turned into a frog by an evil voodoo man. Instead of turning the frog back into the Prince, Tiana is turned into a frog herself.

Tiana’s father performs the more feminine role and her mother, even though she is a seamstress, is shown performing the more masculine role. At six-years-old, Tiana shows her dislike for fairy tales and stories where a man saves the woman. She’s a close friend of a blonde white princess who has more traditional views of femininity and female roles, but who is ultimately portrayed as stupid because she believes a woman should want marriage.

While Tiana and the prince are in frog form, Prince Naveen is constantly shown to be much weaker and incredibly stupider than Tiana. It is Tiana who saves Prince Naveen from being eaten by alligators. She also makes a raft for them to escape down a river.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

New Beauty and the Beast with a feminist twist

Disney has announced that the new “Beauty and the Beast” film will add a subplot that definitely was not in the original. Specifically, one of the male characters will “explore his sexuality” throughout the movie, leading to, as the director describes it, a “delicious payoff” where the character will engage in an “exclusively gay moment.”

The director says that the gay character, LeFou, develops a crush on another male character, leading to a dynamic where “one day LeFou wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston.” That’s weird and perverse on several levels for a kids movie. The director of “Beauty and the Beast” has been clear that one of his intentions is to normalize homosexuality.

As I’ve read on A Voice For Men:

If we remove the fantasy and the characters, and look at it purely in terms of actions, then we are met with this path of characterization.

1: Horrible, evil masculine male who cannot control himself (Villain)

After meeting a woman he becomes:

2: Possibly a redeemable person, he has a few feminine traits

After changing to suit a woman he is:

3: A victim in need of love and affection to limit his masculine traits and become a feminized person, thus entering the stage of being worthy of society.

A man is only acceptable when he gives up his masculinity. When a woman enters his life, it makes him ashamed about his manliness, and thus again, another one of those feminist propaganda. This is a very common theme even in so-called masculine movies like Thor.


Any animated film made within the past 25 years with a female protagonist is going to reinforce modern female opinions and prejudices:

  • Men = evil, stupid
  • Women = human and intelligent
  • Adults = clueless
  • Pretty princesses = breaks rules
  • Non-white Princess = more empowered than pretty white princesses around her

As time has passed, Disney has gotten much more pressured with their portrayals of women. Long gone are the beautiful realistic women of the Cinderellas and Auroras, who lack any agency and must depend on men to get them out of trouble.

Today’s Disney female characters are, however subconsciously, instilling in young girls the idea that you can be empowered, fight your own battles, and create your own happy ending without the help of a man. They also teach girls that men should believe that their life is complete only with a woman. We cannot discount the effect this propaganda is having on today’s girls, and how it is sure to lead to more feminist degeneracy in the future.

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433 thoughts on “6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves”

      1. Gaston was a hundred times more badass than the faggot ass beast. Anyway they are trying to spread an even more poisonous message here. They teach women not to settle for a traditional provider masculine man like Gaston and the family life , because they all deserve a charming prince and to live in a shining castle where they have to do no housework.

        1. He takes great pride in his masculine qualities like physical strength , his hunting abilities , is a great leader , has a very red pill view on women/family etc. I think he is masculine but in a more bad boy “Heartistic” kind of way.

        2. I thought he was borderline gay-ish.
          Overall I suspect that we’re on entirely different scales for what is “masculine”.

        3. Gaston is a freaking gay (but he hides his real sexuality under the false claim that he loves and desires Belle, but is easy to say that he’d rather screw a bear man than a maiden) with a very narcissistic personality, and is cringe worthy stupid (even Belle can outsmart him). I always hated his character. Plus he’s a villain. Beast is way more masculine than him from miles distance. I real life girls would go for Beast (strong, masculine, smart and protective man not gay like Gaston). If you want a masculine villain, Hans from Frozen, he’s exactly what a REAL man should be.

        4. Hans from Frozen was a real man because: he was pretty good at fighting, he outsmarted a pretty stupid and inexperienced girl like Anna (and he was never outsmarted himself by anyone), he was cunning enough to almost become the king of Arendelle and he was so close to kill Elsa, despite her having ice powers. He was only defeated because this is a kid cartoon and villains should be defeated. But in real life he’d have won with his strategy and the stupid women around him that he controlled/tricked. .

        5. Hans, in the end was a lazy guy who would end up being dealt with by his bothers. We have to conclude he probably was not as good as his bothers nor accepted what he needed to do with his life.

        6. Yes, I agree with you here, but compared with faggot Gaston that some people admire believing that he was a “real man”, Hans was much more better in the terms of intelligence, bravery (Gaston confronted a beast without special powers, Hans confronted and almost defeated a freaking witch with ice powers) and general manliness. – Nobody fucks men (literally) like Gaston, he he.

      2. Here is the thing Gaston was vain about his looks, narcissist, perhaps had some hidden gay identify, and could not give Belle the life she would want.

      1. Probably. But this is what natural behavior looks like before feminist bullshit is hammered into their skulls.

        1. You could tell she was begging for it. Reverse the roles where some boy was hounding a girl like that, she hits him. What do you think the reaction would be?

        2. To be honest, the outcome would be quite different had the roles been reversed, but I get your point. Everyone will praise the girl and call the boy a bully. It is important to note that such praise will only come from adults already indoctrinated by feminist ideologies. Sane adults and children couldn’t care less about this.
          When boys are unfairly punished and told to be nice to girls, they will grow up to become effeminate nice guys, which is exactly what we’re seeing now.

        3. It is a powerful tool. I remember having that attitude in high school. “Never hit a girl” is fine, until they use that to their advantage.

        4. “Never hit a girl” is fine with me. But if she causes me trouble, I’ll ruin her life to the point where she wishes she were dead…

        5. Exactly…I wrote an ROK article about this once – how I broke a woman after she fucked with me. The piece was too long for inclusion, however. I will post it in the comments section at Disqus one day. It’s a great primer for any guy who wants to avoid having women fuck his life up, and it explains how a guy can get even with any woman who tries, while also gaining huge respect from everybody who finds out about it afterwards (including the girl’s friends)…

        6. Yeah, a firm rule of my father’s — no hitting my sisters. He did, however, at one point have to instruct them that given the restrictions I was under, kicking me in the balls or attempting to do so was off-limits as well.

        7. Well, when I was in HS it was fun to wind my sisters up to the point they’d flail away at me and I’d just laugh. They couldn’t hit hard enough to hurt and it would just get them angrier. It did make them realize that the feasibility of the average female taking on the average male in a fight was complete horseshit.

        8. I had an older sister. Same thing, I would let her do whatever, but every now and then, I would turn the tables and show her what male strength is. Same with my wife. But with her, it turns her on to be completely overpowered on occasion.

  1. The worst part about these movies is that when you shut your brain off they are entertaining and funny. The subconscious mind is just eating this crap up. I’m sure it makes male children feel lower than whale shit on that unconscious level.

    1. I think little boys are looking more at the Marvel series than sitting watching Frozen and saying “What does this say about me?”

    1. The Disney of old died years ago, this is just its corpse being paraded around for corporate cultural Marxism…

      1. Old leftist MO regarding institutions. Infiltrate, kill, skin it and wear the carcass while pretending to represent said dead institution.
        They don’t build value. They steal it.

        1. Let’s not make it an XOR equation.
          Tits AND GTFO, ftw.

        2. If it is your typical feminist, it is just GTFO. Who wants to see a blue haired tub of lard expose herself?

      2. So true, and they keep reaching for more to ruin, look what they have done with the Star Wars Franchise they purchased, other than Admiral Thrawn the villeins are mostly White Males.

        1. That’s bitten them in the ass. I know a lot of adults who said that they now identify way more with the Empire than the Rebels…
          Not to mention, the new movies are total ass.

    2. true of most men, but that’s also why it’s unlikely to change. Men won’t watch it, and as a result they won’t become even a secondary target market whereby the misandry would need to be kept in check

      1. True, it is turning off boys as well. (At least mine). When we let them watch Youtube, the girls like Disney, the boys would rather watch Studio C, Mythbusters, or the backyard scientist.

        1. occasionally re-discovering the non-personalised youtube homepage is quite a shock. Just girl pop and kitten videos.
          Disney needs to get hurt financially. That won’t happen while boys are prepared to watch this stuff.

        2. couldn’t imagine just clicking on some “random” video on the front page. Either some feminist indoctrination or “news” story left of Mao Se Tung.

        3. My daughter was into all the ‘dead body’ shows- CSI, CSI Miami, Mindhunters etc. Really liked the forensics thing…

      2. I spend most of my entertainment time on YouTube, lot of good documentaries and a lot of Russian historical shows that really are a treat to watch.

  2. The worst part are the people I know who just go “omg, a Disney movie? I HAVE to take my 3 year old to see that!” That brand name still pulls far too much influence. The laziness with which some people expose their children to media is truly astounding.

    1. One of my cousins is like that. Her and her bitch of a husband are do into Disney they themed their wedding after it and later named their daughter after one of the princesses. I feel sorry for the daughter.

  3. A traditional Disney princess lies within every girls psyche.
    The Princess is Pure, young and beautiful.
    The Antagonist is Old, time ravaged witch
    In all of the older movies the villain was obsessed with becoming young again or hanging on to the most desired mantle. Who was no longer the fairest in the land? Who wanted to steal Ariel’s feminine voice? Maleficent wanted the pretty girl to die at 16 (when she was coming of age).
    All of these movies are telling young women how to stop becoming the decrepit wall ravaged hag; marry the prince. But not only that, the prince must save her. In essence, the witch is really what the princess could become and the prince must save her from herself.
    Today, movies like frozen, brave and the others you have listed get the princess save herself. The young women are told, “the prince will never come”. This will only seal her fate as the witch, angry at the young princesses as they get older, less desired and eventually die with their cats.

    1. I think you just hit on a great origin story for the next Disney female villain!
      “In my youth they told me I could do anything, be anyone… that love and happiness were chains and they would show me freedom. Now I will have my revenge upon the daughters of those who didn’t listen as I did!”
      The Ms. Havisham character stereotype is more than a century old. But right now we’re making a whole generation of Ms. Havishams.

      1. I’m waiting for the married traditional conservative animated villain. It’s no longer a cautionary tale.

    2. One of my favorite villains was Maleficent. She didn’t seem old in the cartoon, but more a powerful sorceress, and a noblewoman, and really feared and evil. Charismatic, ruthless, and evil. All the perfect qualities of a good antagonist. She rated up there with some of my favorite bad guys like Darth Vader, and Ming the Merciless.
      Then.. they made a live action version of her and turned her into a God damned fairy princess/queen. UGH! Nearly as bad as the Darth Vader Lucas origin story.

      1. Angelina “I’m a victim” Jolie. She tried pulling a fast one on Brad and it didn’t work.

    3. what’s else is there are no big Disney movies anymore that have strong male protagonists. they are all princess stories. I run into girls who are self proclaimed Disney fans and they also seem to be into singing and are usually good. I am a music producer and find that most of the best female vocalists are Disney fan girls. they all have that empowered mindset but nonetheless are attracted to confident masculine men. they don’t expect their man to also be Disney fans and I find the men who are, are orbiters or gay. I have a 3 year old daughter and she watches TV and movies of course although I usually am doing other activities becides digital entertainment. interestingly I find my little pony to be s decent show for girls. I know the bronies get endless flack but the show does not appear to have an agenda like modern Disney and co. there are 2 tomboy characters but 2 feminine ones and 2 in between. although all are girls and enjoy girly things. there are however no good make role models but that’s where I come in, her father. in the end it’s best to avoid shows and movies

      1. Star Wars is even worse and Mark Hamill has been exposed to be a giant cuck, no wonder he had no career after the original trilogy while Harrison Ford went onto fame and fortune. He has been outspoken against Trump. Star Wars is just promoting SJW culture, Rogue One did not have a single white male hero.
        I heard some bigshots in Hollywood want to pull the plug on Deadpool because it has strong white males. That was one of reasons why Deadpool succeeded.

    4. Yeah, imagine Queen Elsa as a spinster living in world she no longer understands, an age of steam engines, railroads and electricity, where her powers just don’t seem as impressive compared to the products of inventive men’s minds like Thomas Edison’s, Alfred Nobel’s and Alexander Graham Bell’s.

    5. Or, y’know, she could save herself and then find someone for romance. I never looked for a prince, I always looked for a sword. And I grew up studying and reading about real royal women, e.g. Elizabeth I, Eleanor of Aquitaine, etc. And the occasional non royal badass, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
      If Disney made movies based on the, half of the men here would shit their pants and say how wrong it is, forgetting it was based on a true story. Like Mulan was.

      1. This is delusional. Like infantry being so sure of themselves they destroy their tanks and attack enemy cavalry, only to come back defeated and realize they no longer have tanks and are doomed.
        I could come with a hundred metaphors for women mistaking the relative peace they enjoy as them not needing the peacekeepers.

    6. Same thing is happening with comic books. DC introduced “Superwoman” used to be Supergirl. SJWs are conquering Star Wars, even Darth Vader can’t stop them.
      One thing I noticed is a lot of these big movies are not pulling in the big dollars like they did a year or two ago.

      1. The guy who made the decision to depict the people did it to show how when folks become dependent on government they’re the equivalent of babies. Infants having everything done for them.

  4. a one day pass to Disney World is now $105. They had a program a few years ago where you could overpay for the pass which allowed you to cut the line(infuriating poorer parents, I think they got rid of it). Even in the most magical place on earth your corp overlords remind you and your kids you are just a buncha plebs

    1. I like front of the line passes actually. Being a semi-redneck elitist, as I am, it just seems right to me.
      Cedar Point (Ohio) has these as well. I buy one every time. While I loathe Disney, I don’t mind jump-to-the-front passes. Those things cost a Benjamin or so, and it’s worth it to me.

      1. I think it sends the wrong message. They should open up a Disney After Dark section for the adults- Minnie Mouse’s Magical Massage Parlor

        1. Generally adults going to Disney without kids are absolute losers.
          Theme parks, with roller coasters and shit, on the other hand, I’m all about that jump-to-the-front pass. I’ll pay for one every single time.

      2. I have never been to a place where they have them (of course, I haven;t been to an amusement park in about 15 years), but I like this concept and would definitely purchase. After all, If I’m going to be attacked for my privilege, I may as well enjoy it.

    2. Despite me and The Girl sharing a passionate hatred for all things Disney and theme parks in general (the cornerstone of our marriage), we finally braved Disneyworld because her brother got us in for free.
      Paying to go there would be the most dismal waste of vacation time and dollars.

      1. Disney somehow was allowed to pay no property taxes when he first bought the land and built the theme park. I wonder if that still holds true today…musta made money hand over fist in the beginning

        1. I may be wrong, but I thought I saw a program on how they built it once and the land was in the middle of a swamp. I think they had to drain it before they could do anything with it. So in that sense, not making them pay taxes was probably a win for Orlando. The city took some practically worthless land, and a corporate entity transformed it into a cash machine that has brought constant business to the city for decades. I’m not normally one for crony capitalism type stuff, but it seems like they got this one right.

        2. That episode (The Stonecutters, or Secret Society, or something like that) might be the overall funniest one ever.
          Second is the one where Homer goes to college and has 3 nerd roommates.
          God, I gotta grow up. Or not…

        1. Not a scam. Numbers may be off, but not by much. I think it is 100k a year for a vendors license in NYC. That is a lot of fucking hotdogs before you turn a profit. However, if you are a vet that fee is either waved or dropped so low it essentially becomes nominal. There was a whole article in the times about it a few years back. The trick is, you have to have the vet on site. Can’t just be a signer. So if you are a vet you can make some decent scratch to open a folding chair near the museum and sit next to a hot dog cart and read the paper for 10 hours.

        2. You say scam, I say good old fashioned American entrepreneurship. In your example it is capitalizing on a disadvantage while helping people with money cut a line in front of people without. In my example it is good old fashion fucking the gubment out of irrational taxes — for a fee. These gimps and vets are the good guys.

        3. In the words of daffy duck, consequences schmonsequences as long as I’m rich

        4. How is it exploiting the good guys? There are lots of guys that would love to get paid to sit by a hot dog cart all day.

        5. If I still had an attention span greater than that of a gnat, I would try to reason through this case, but…..as it….just….I mean…..o look a bird!

        6. Vets should cut in line, they paid a price. I know I did. God knows what shit they injected me with in basic training….

        7. I actually have your comment saved as a draft email, so I have easy access to it. I guess it’s just my kind of humor. I crack up every time I read it.
          Yeah, I’m easily amused. Anyone got a problem with that? 😉

      1. I have arthritis, bad. It runs in the family. My older sisters rented mobility scooters and got head of the privileges, at one time. They don’t any more.

  5. Dyke character coming soon…
    So my next question is; how the hell would they address that in the movie?

        1. not sure, it was the coolest image of a dike that also looked like a vagina I could find on a quick googs image search for dikes

        1. Ok, I went back to see who/what you were talking about.
          For a lesbian who doesn’t seek the attention of men or care what they think, she seemed to spend a good bit of time there not seeking it and not caring about it….

      1. Scissor me timbers.
        Remember when old ladies used to whisper really loud, “I thiiink sheees a lesbiaaaan.”

  6. Fuck Disney.
    Something I’ve been saying, out loud and for real, since at least the mid 1990’s.

    1. “Song of The South” is still great because it’s so non-PC and Trigger Happy for SJW’s. I mean, black people could actually be happy in the 19th century antebellum south? Oh the horror!

      1. They sure as hell did. Diversity Wars. Fuck that noise.

      2. I was eagerly awaiting a book series about Luke’s son Ben Skywalker as an adult. I later learned there was going to be a game in which he is the main character.
        Then Disney bought the rights and cancelled all of that. Instead they re-wrote history and gave us Ben Solo, Finn and Rey, possibly the three most annoying characters in the entire franchise.
        I’d sooner re-read “The Crystal Star” or “Shield of Lies” than re-watch that Episode 7 garbage. Screw this sh* t, the 90s novel Heir to the Empire was the real Episode 7.

        1. Darksaber pls….
          If you’re looking for good old EU, I’d suggest the Aaron Allston X-wing series and the first republic commando book (the rest are gross fan fiction)

        2. In time people will start to reject the cult marx films and then it will be re-boot time. Bigger better, and a lot less gay

        3. I’ll never forgive them for wiping Knights of the Old Republic from the Star Wars canon. Those games were some of the best Star Wars written stories.

        4. Watch film noir on the Roku channel Cliffhanger (only a buck a month, no commercials…)…Suddenly and Detour come to mind. WAY better than this disney SHIT.

        5. Most of the novel series is great, and that which is not can be skipped without missing out on important story points.
          The Disney garbage is what’s fan fiction.
          I can’t fathom how retards can claim that Jaina Solo was a mary-sue, and at the same time tell me that Rey is a good character.

        6. I had a few ideas for what should have been in Episode 7, before there was an Episode 7:
          1. Heir to the Empire (no question)
          2. Possibly the Jedi Academy trilogy (could blend into Heir or just be standalone)
          3. The Legacy era (set 100+ years after the originals, largely uncharted territory with minimal impact on standing canon)
          4. Kyle Katarn’s adventures (call me biased)
          Never, in my wildest imaginings, did I conceive of an episode 7 that said, “Fuck all the excellent licensed novels and games, fuck what you think you know, and fuck the originals.”

        7. Come on, now. Heir to the Empire is the seminal EU work. None of the other books ever came close to capturing the spirit of Star Wars like Zahn’s work.
          On a biased note, “The Courtship of Princess Leia” is a fun read. Han comes back from war to find Leia has found a richer guy, so he wins her a planet in a poker game and kidnaps her. Adventure ensues. And also Luke was there.

        8. Haha I’m aware of those, I read the Thrawn trilogy when I was younger and liked Thrawn a lot as a villain, but found Zahn to be only a little above average as a writer. Great stories, though.

        9. That was when Bioware were actual game developers, not the social justice troglodytes in charge now. Seriously, “My face is tired,” will go down in history as one of the most pathetic lines of dialogue in any form of entertainment.

        10. It had that potential, but it was so long. You’d have to trim down to a few key stories, and I’m not entirely convinced it’d work.
          Now, it would definitely make an interesting show.

        11. I’d rather see it done more like Game of Thrones. Cast some actors, put some production value into it, make it uniquely Star Wars in cinematic style.
          Can you imagine what good costume designers and CGI experts could do for the Yuuzhan Vong?

        12. I would’ve picked Legacy, personally… Cade would have been really cool to see on the big screen, but I guess Disney doesn’t want a bad-ass white male as the lead character.
          Another option would’ve been to cancel the book series and set it in 45ABY, right after the last book (Crucible). The actors were just about the right age for this era too.

        13. I suspect that line will live on long after BioWare has faded from memory. It’s rare to see so many bad ideas and SJW-converged developers come together so spectacularly.

        14. If they really wanted to bring back the original actors (not a bad idea, but not necessary unless you’re banking on nostalgia to mask a terrible plot and cast of characters), that’s the way it should have been done.

        15. The best thing about the NJO series was how they killed Chewie – they dropped a goddamn moon on his head while he growled defiantly at it.
          The various authors did a solid job making that emotionally powerful to the characters, as well. Anakin’s guilt, Han’s depression, the rift between father and son, all played masterfully.

        16. I kept hearing people say “that wouldn’t work for anyone who hasn’t read the books, because they wouldn’t understand who all the new characters are”.
          But I disagree. Most stories start in the middle of an already developped situation, anyways (including the original trilogy).
          It’s not hard to introduce already-existing characters to new audiences without requiring them to read dozens of books beforehand. Plus, the last book ended on a good spot where the movies could have picked up and continued from. And I would have loved Abeloth as the new trilogy’s villain, because she was my favorite SW villain ever.
          It’s a real shame to think that everything that could have gone wrong when the franchise went to Disney, did in fact go wrong. What a f* cking joke…

        17. The NJO would have been awesome, even if it would have been a heavily modified or trimmer version of it.

        18. What I like about the book series is that it’s divided into many smaller series that all have their own original type of mood and tone to them.
          You have the ones that replicate the movie tone perfectly (Zahn’s). Then you have the more kid-friendly, misadventure-oriented stuff like Young Jedi Knights. And at the other end of the spectrum you have stuff like the NJO and Legacy of the Force.
          There’s something for everyone. People say “this series is too dark, it’s not a good fit for the Star Wars series. Wrong! The beauty of it is that there’s so much variety.
          I always scoff at people who diss the books because some of them have some dumb ideas and plots. Find me the dumbest thing you can find in the book series, and I can find you something equally dumb in any of the movies.

      3. The new movies did one thing I appreciate. The rebels look way more like terrorists now and a ton of people now like the Empire more.

        1. Except that not only now are Stormtroopers terrible, awful shots, apparently they can be knocked completely out with a single hit from a stick, despite all their armor and helmets and stuff.

        2. The old Rebels, with their X-wings and daredevil tactics, I could get behind. The new hippy-feminists can get fucked.

      4. People were shitting on George Lucas for his Star Wars Prequels, the only one that was terrible was the Phantom Menace. Only problem with his movies that it finally got good in third one and that was it.
        Now Disney milking it for all it can get $$$. I bet they will buy the rights to Avatar as well since James Cameron is selling his soul to them as well.

        1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that the disdain for George Lucas due to the prequels is immensely exaggerated. Sure, as you said, Phantom Menace was pretty bad, but still featured some superb scenes like the pod racing and the still epic to this day lightsaber duel at the end. And Revenge of the Sith was genuinely enjoyable. And unlike the newer films, I actually went back to rewatch the prequels. Plus, with all their faults, Lucas at least tried something new. I respect the man for sticking to his vision, even if they were faulty, instead of trying to placate his fans like Disney are doing now and chucking out incredibly generic and mediocre movies. And unlike Disney, he at least gave creative freedom to many authors to write stories( some bad, some extremely good) within his universe(something that people are quick to forget).
          As for James Cameron, he can be a sellout all he wants. I care very little about him or his movies.

        2. Disney originally wanted him to be involved with the new movies but decided to cast him out. TFA felt like a reboot of A New Hope, Lucas even said that, there was nothing original about the story at all.

      1. It really has went downhill since that change hasn’t it? I’m not all about huge conspiracies and stuff, but Eisner and subsequent (((CEO)))’s did a total assassination job on what was Walt’s vision of America and life.

        1. There was a nice movie starring Hanks as Roy, trying to get the writer of Mary Poppins to work with him on the movie. Later I found out the writer was a lesbian who wrote pronographic novels under a pen name(left that out of the movie thankfully)

    2. Disney is a giant media conglomerate these days, instead of creating their own content, they buy other companies, they bought Lucasfilm and Marvel.
      Disney wants to convert part of Epcot into a Marvel theme park, they just do anything for $$$$.
      You have idiots raving about the food at Avatarland, its just roast beef on rice, but costs $15.
      By the way Anime is a 100 times more entertaining than all those CGI bullshit cartoons. Hollywood tried to make Ghost in the Shell and fell on their faces, Anime is meant to be Japanese.

  7. I never pursued this inkling in detail, but EVERYTHING Disney has ever produced has always struck me as vaguely demonic.

        1. The bit in dumbo where they are drunk got to me, was that laced with PCP and Mandrake Root or what?

        2. always felt there was a Noah coming home from the corner tabernacle and Ham checking out his “tusk” thing going on there.

        3. The problem with Mandrake Root is that you can never really get its essence when you mix it with something.

        1. Oh agreed Duke! There’s no question in my mind that the typical blue haired screeching femi-nazi covered in piercings and rapidly blurring ink is demon possessed. But modern medicine claims to have a pill for that…

    1. Heh. Ironically that’s the movie but it seems like the least feminist of the bunch. The heroine is feminine, she’s not a bad daughter, needs a man to find her destiny, all culminating in marriage and babies.

      1. Rapunzel I agree is feminine but you can say it is feminist when she shows the guy what her hair can do. Rapunzel is cool in the fact she cooks, reads, paints etc. She ended up finding love and her parents. Interesting that the evil woman in this one has no desire to kill Rapunzel (unlike the evil women in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty).

  8. Disney is brainwashing girls to be sluts, too. I have mixed feelings about that – sluts give me a boner, but they create disharmonic households when they lock down beta males in marriage. But I don’t really give a shit about betas, so…

      1. Admittedly, I was being jussssst a little bit tongue in cheek there, Duke…hafta make sarcasm disclaimers. (Note to self.)

    1. Beta males deserve nothing but hell, slut are supposed to be used so not a problem for any wise man.

  9. My girls are obsessed with Frozen and want to watch it every single night. Its popularity is beyond me. There’s only one memorable song and the villain is some bunghole nobleman with a sword, approximately zero threat to a powerful ice sorceress.

    1. The villain doesn’t make sense at all. The creators where like: Hey guys, we have 10 more minutes. Let’s turn one of the characters into a villain.”
      One of the few decent modern Disney movies is Wreck-it Ralph. That one had at least semi decent male characters.

  10. What??? I thought Frozen was a piece of shit with no meaning except to empty parents’ wallets.

    1. making a billion dollars is pretty much the greatest meaning anything can have in the kneeman’s book

      1. I meant “no meaning” in the sense that I watched the movie and didn’t see any hidden message, just an empty story with even emptier characters. I think even Sausage Party had deeper themes in it.

        1. Girl makes choice to get engaged to a guy she just met, who’s using her. She’s saved by a guy she’s been blowing off who shows a lot better judgment. Lesson for girl— somebody’s gonna save her from her own stupidity.
          lesson for boy– you should expect to save girl even if she’s been blowing you off.
          Lesson for boy should be– you get blown off she isn’t your fucking problem.
          Or, as Sam Spade put it, ‘I won’t play the sap for you.’

        2. My take is that it was about seven scripts mashed together by incompetent executives.
          The original story had Elsa as a villain, a heartless bitch who got her jollies by taking young men and draining them of all emotional warmth. We can’t have that, so Elsa keeps the magic powers but can’t be the villain. So we need a new villain – the Duke. But someone decided that the Duke was too pompous and silly to be a villain, so they made it an adventure instead of a classic plot. But the adventure was boring and lacked any overt feminist empowerment, so they slapped an evil prince in there (maybe an exec had just had a bad breakup). And, of course, they need a comic relief character in every Disney film, so they put a talking moronic snowman in for some reason.

        3. Anna did not blow Kristoff off. She was friendly to him and even bought him the supplies he was trying to buy. She did not make it a secret she was engaged to Hans and Kristoff knew that from day one. But you are right about the lesson about getting engaged to a guy she just met.

        4. Well, she bought him the supplies as part of getting his assistance, which was an improvement over just appealing to a male obligation to assist.
          But you make a fair point. I think it’s the issue of he’s clearly in the category of being a friend, helps her as a friend and brings her home. Then going back due to suddenly realize ‘romantic interest’.
          Help out a friend sure, but the romantic interest didn’t need to be thrown in as the motivation. Why not just stick to helping out a friend? Why the — go be the hero and you’ll get the girl, and the — your hero is going to show up and you’ll fall in love with them when you didn’t consider it before?

        5. In the end both Anna and Elsa realized they could solve their own problems. They didn’t need the men to save them. But Anna chooses to be with Kristoff which quite frankly is much more flattering than her being with him because she needed to be.

  11. The only redeeming quality that Disney had, is that they occasionally let red pill movies slip through the cracks.
    Lion King is the one I’m thinking of. If they “remake” that… then that’s how you know that their agenda is specifically to destroy us, as opposed to raking in record profits.

    1. Fuck! you are right…..I just hope when they make lion queen it is about a female lion and not a faggot lion

      1. “Siamba, daughter of Mufaggot, who was killed by the zer evil brother Scum, must return to zer clan to overcome the oppressive patriarchy.”
        Oscars here we cum!

        1. Hakuna Matata!
          What a wonderful phrase
          Hakuna Matata!
          Full Blown Aids
          It means lower T Cells
          For the rest of your days
          It’s our Future Free philosophy
          Hakuna Matata!

        2. no, Scar is the villain so he gets to be masculine, it’ll be the good guys they’ll make gay.

    2. Nah. If they ever remake ‘Old Yeller’ though….
      ‘Old Yeller’ is one red pill film about responsibility, growing-up, dealing with the hard decisions in life…

  12. The only Disney movies that don’t portray men as bumbling idiots are the older ones, like Aladdin, Cinderella, Mulan, etc.

    1. Look, I know you mean well. It is refreshing to see a woman with similar opinions. But let’s get this straight, We don’t want your kind here.
      Here’s why……70 years ago, guys had all sorts of venues to socialize as guys without women. Work, sports, clubs, etc.. A guy was able to hang out and speak freely as he chose. One by one, those institutions have been infiltrated by women. At first, it is no problem. Eye candy, and/or your “tomboy” who is cool with the crowd. But as numbers increase, so are the womens’ demands. Pretty soon, the rough and tumble of football is replaced by Lady Gaga for the halftime show and whining about end zone celebrations and head injuries. As far as social circles, guys are relegated to small, private socials (which inevitably someone’s wife will demand to go), or to websites such as this, which is too being infiltrated by women such as yourself.
      Please respect our space, there are plenty of other websites to choose from.

      1. There was a red pill marriage forum that had that exact thing happen. Now it’s basically and *literally* moderated by women and good luck trying to get an uncensored male opinion.

        1. You see it everywhere, Like that old analogy of the camel putting its nose in the tent door. There comes a point that you just have to be rude and say enough is enough.

        2. It’s the lefts strategy. Ever read iowahawk (David Burge)’s summary?:
          1. Identify a respected institution.
          2. kill it.
          3. gut it.
          4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    1. and if you dont allow this nonsense, and you live in Canada, maybe, just maybe, you might ger your kid taken away from you

      1. memba the Merovingian from Matrix? Talking about old code/programs wandering around the matrix, not knowing they were obsolete? Are we “old code” at this point?

        1. I feel like we are kind of the background characters in the Matrix, the ones puttering around on other ships, waiting for Neo to finish wearing out Trinity’s ass so we can go destroy some machines.

      2. Well, I grew up quick and I grew up Hard
        My wrist got limp and my knees got scarred
        Roam from town to town to hide my shame
        But I made me a vow to the moon and stars
        I’d search the all the fag bars
        And blow that man who gave me that awful brain

        1. On the one hand, I abhor the desecration of sacred Johnny Cash lyrics.
          On the other hand, that was pretty funny.

    2. What a pathetic father! Islam better take this shit hole that is the west, it’s now officially worthless.

    1. More likely “Cuck Tales” to reflect the emasculated, cuck men and the “strong,” “empowered” women and girls of today.

    2. i bet the wealthy uncle gonna marry a reformed slut then die and have her the new heir of all his money.

  13. even so, little girls can distinguish bullshit from miles away: once my sister tried to buy my nieces a doll of this new Moana character; they both made a face that still makes me laugh and chose (each one) their second Cinderella and third Snow White. Girls like feminine roles by instinct; only when they are drilled with feminazi values they toss aside traditional values

  14. This is why I like Eastern Europe. These simple girls outside the city fully accept that real men should crush their stupid little dreams of being a strong woman.

      1. This comment is so much gold. The sheer amount of time and number of comments and discussions that went into it is astronomical. It does a Hemmingway-esq job of distilling weeks of discussion to its pithiest possible form and delivering it perfectly.

        1. References to Mr Kersey and Rinsed Pubes, and days of comments, all in one well delivered line. Well played.

    1. Funny thing Turbo, I meet women like that all the time I think that more than simply some EE farm girl being predisposed to it, that women are, essentially, followers and as followers follow the male lead. I meet women who like strong men that take charge because that is the kind of person I am. That same woman, next year, may meet a supplicating faggot and they will treat him like the piece of shit he is. I have yet to see a man I respect run over by his woman or a sniveling shit who had a handle on things. Living in a liberal big city every woman I meet for the most part submits to my will….this has less to do with them and more to do with me I believe. If you don’t find women who accept strong real men here you won’t find them in EE or in Asia or in Brazil or anywhere else. As for the “simple” part I grant you that…but you can also find simple women all over the US if you know where to look……ask @disqus_68anDuoclq:disqus and he will point the way to wholesome decent women and tell you what you need to get them. As me and I will point the way to less than wholesome more complicated women who will bend to your will so long as you are strong enough.

      1. To each their own market. I learned to play my strengths properly and I take advantage of the lifestyle that my career has afforded me. I haven’t touched an American woman in over a decade and have no desire to game Western women. I once knew the American big city game. I hit the targets, but the amount of work and maintenance required to bag these insufferable twats made me rethink it all. ROI is less in the west in my opinion. It doesn’t faze some of you guys. Kudos.

        1. I would agree if you are thinking of holding long term but I keep women on 8 weeks max. The honeymoon period never ends. Loads of ways to skin a whatever it is people skin

        2. My strategy is to date women for 4, 6 month then ditch them for the next one. if you can’t have the quality, go for the quantity.

        3. The limited-term relationship seems to be the best in the current dating climate. Lolknee was doing 8 weeks maximum with success, if I recall correctly.

  15. I grew up watching the original 1951 version of Peter Pan. I don’t think it’s as pozzed as the modern stuff Disney put out.
    In 1985, the Disney company was purchased by a jew named Michael Eisener.

  16. Disney is owned by ((((them)))) so it is not a surprise to see all this feminist garbage.

  17. Let’s not forget about The Force Awakens. Even black characters like Finn and legendary heroes like Han Solo aren’t immune to being made to look stupid next to an almighty, god-like, mary sue female character.

    1. I continue to refine and amplify my theory on the Force Awakens. The original Star Wars: A New Hope was, at its core, a very simple and traditional tale filled with the ancient archetypes of story-telling: the young squire seeking to become a knight; the princess in need of rescue; the macho scoundrel with a heart of gold; the cowardly side-kicks who are scared but find the courage to come along to help their friends; the evil bad guy seeking to destroy the heroes. They set off on a quest to rescue the princess and slay the bad guy’s dragon, all set in a classic setting of Light versus Darkness and Good versus Evil. It’s all very traditional in terms of the motifs and archetypes.
      The Force Awakens is an attempt to actively destroy all of those archetypes and replace them with the “new” SJW-approved themes. The female hero who is literally the best at everything without any training or experience: she’s a better pilot than Han, a better mechanic than Chewy, a better fighter than Luke, even a better Jedi as she instinctively knows how to use a light saber without any training. The emo bad guy who isn’t really bad, he’s just misunderstood because he parents didn’t love him enough. The bubbling male sidekick who can only posture and preen until the female hero comes along to save him. The macho scoundrel is literally killed off in TFA, by his emo son for not loving him enough or whatever. And if the leaks are true, Luke isn’t going to be teaching Rey how to be a Jedi, but she will be turning into something even better and more powerful than a Jedi in the next movie, some blending of both Dark and Light into a Gray blob.
      There really is something to this. I think its really an attempt to take those old Joseph Campbell archetypal heroes and destroy them, replacing them with new and improved SJW heroes. Its the SJW culture war being played out in 3D surround sound.

      1. Not to mention Episode VII completely destroys everything Episodes I to VI stand for.
        Thanks to the Force Awakens we now know that:
        1.- Luke is an incredibly incompetent Jedi and Jedi master.
        2.- Leia sucks as a politician, wife and mother.
        3.- Han sucks as both a husband and father.
        4.- All they fought for and achieved was meaningless.
        Also, Rogue One fucks up the OT as well with “Magical feminist vagina is the reason of the victory against the Death Star in spite of her crew of incompetent men” trash.
        And all that to make way for the “wonders” of SJW Star Wars. Rejoice, everyone!

      2. Excellent observations. I have been saying pretty much the same thing for a while now.. i.e, that the original Star Wars had such a powerful impact in the minds of people in the culture precisely because it was a very old, familiar tale with familar archetypes… which is what gave it a strong, powerful mythic resonance. Like all myths, it has a basis in truth.. there is an eternal truth about the characters and the arc they go through.. young boys need to become men through trial and tribulation.. and to attract attractive women to mate with. The new star wars is an attempt to destroy and dismantle those archetypes and to pretend biological reality can be rewritten. But that is why the new Star Wars is a failure despite its supposed box office success. It has no mythic resonance of the same type that the original Star Wars. It is simply not true on a basic level.. ass-kicking women don’t exist for the most part in the real world.. and no one cares, least of all men, if women are “strong” and “empowered” and kick ass. That’s not how nature or biology or attraction works. Men are the ones for the most part who sacrifice and take risks in order to rise to the top of the dominance hierarchy.. in order to win young, attractive females. Women who rise to the top don’t attract more men.. they repulse men, and they only want men at their level or higher.

      1. As usual, the gadgetry is what REALLY makes the scene. Not the story, not the acting, not the dialogue…

        1. It’s the Boba Fett effect. Few lines, badass look and that’s it.
          Funniest thing Captain Phasma was supposedl to be the Boba Fett of the Force Awakens. It’s funny that regular soldier without a name took spot. Never send woman to do a man’s job.

        1. What cool assassin robot? The annoying imperial droid that was modified by the rebels?
          I like the Vader scene, but it doesn’t match with the Original Trilogy at all. It’s cool fanservice, but it doesn’t fit the narrative established by the OT.
          Oh, and did you notice how all the soldiers killed are men? White heterosexual (I imagine) men to be precise? And how in the previous battle just seconds before all female and minority soldiers survived?
          I had also forgotten about wax statue Leia, too.

        2. That’s not true, all the minority dudes on Scarif get gunned down eventually. Pretty sure that happens right before this.

        3. I was talking about the rebel pilots in the scene. All female and minority ones survive and are shown to be superior to the white pilots, who are portrayed as incompetent and reckless, which does not match with the OT again if we take ESB and RotJ into account.
          I guess I should have specified that.

    2. I always thought Han Solo’s character deteriorated across the first three movies. Went from being a fairly decisive survivor type to kind of a, well, wimpy hesitant dude in the third movie.

  18. Emma Watson as a cute child actress might have worked playing Hermione in those Harry Potter movies. She just matured into a woman not quite attractive enough to compete with better looking adult actresses, especially with her man jaw and the chronic feminist anger that distorts her face.

    1. Walt would probably be okay with this. He wasn’t exactly Mr. Clean.
      EDIT: Or maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Every bad thing I’ve heard said about him has almost always turned out to be unfounded accusations and rumors. And for the record, I don’t mind a capitalist making money or getting great land/tax deals, so outside of that, I’m not sure what was others consider so bad about him that has an actual factual, non-rumor/smear basis.

        1. Yes. He cared about money AND craft. The dipshits there today make dreck and don’t give a damn as long as it makes money.
          I didn’t mind the Cinderella remake though, mostly because it didn’t change the story much and the director seemed to care.

    2. Yeah, just imagine if Walt tried to make a visionary cartoon now about Western classical music.

  19. Disney’s business model depends on a fertile society where women continue to have children and enough disposable income to spend on Disney’s products and experiences, like visits to its theme parks.
    So why do the degenerates who run that company now want to turn the mothers of its future customers in the 2020’s and 2030’s into lesbians or sterile cat ladies?

    1. Disney’s business model depends on suckers, and there’s one of those born every minute. They probably make even more money during gay week than they do during regular, normal people weeks.

      1. But where do the gays in the 2030’s come from if Disney’s cultural engineering represses fertility? Gay men in the immigrant invasion brought in to dispossess the white population could take up the slack, but they earn crap wages like their straight counterparts.

    2. If there are fewer children, parents will simply spend more on each child they do have. I can’t imagine a family of 10 makes a lot of trips to Disney, but only-children get to make a visit every couple of years.

    3. Simple: they are not after money only, they have a purpose, money is just a means to an end, no the end in itself, at least to the big heads who greenlight this trash.

  20. It is more worse than you assume. Not only girls are influenced by this propaganda by
    Disney and others… Even weak boys without adequate role models (especially
    with single mums) try to emulate female Disney characters like Elsa in frozen
    and therefore want to be a girl instead of a boy….
    Sadly, I know several boys (5 to 7 years old) in my circle of friend and acquaintances
    who would prefer being a girl because of all the BS they see in these movies
    and their environment about man and boys in comparison to girls and women…
    even these little boys notice that it is advantageous to be a girl rather than
    a boy nowadays. It is sad and disturbing to me to see this trend.

    1. Generally, you get more of what you reward and praise, and you get less of what you punish and denigrate. Continuously heaping praise on all things feminine and trashing all things masculine results in more feminine and less masculine.

    2. Correct, what you wrote goes a long was in explaining the current male to female transgender madness. Boys as young as six years old are now “transitioning” into females. No child at this age has a true understanding of gender.
      The scary thing is parents are allowing this insanity.

    3. Girls have a more plastic sexuality than boys, so the right environmental forces like positive portrayals of lesbians in cartoons and movies can push young women into having lesbian experiences and relationships.
      And no, I did not make this up. College textbooks on human sexuality discuss the research about this phenomenon.

      1. You are right, however the damage to the self-image of the boys is real, and even if they don’t want to become trans, they think less of themselves thanks to the years of programming.

  21. These movies are destined to create a new generation of strong, independent women… That need the government to provide them with everything.

  22. Having a young daughter I had to endure this propaganda until I put an end to it. My conclusion is that Disney is a criminal organization. The characters are often children with no parents or absent fathers. Oh and it’s run by Joos but that’s probably a coincidence.

        1. And we just found out that Jeff (((Zucker))) is behind the CNN “Muh Russia” obsession, telling the channel to push the story even though there is no evidence.
          Now we see why they’ve been booted from over 100 countries.

  23. We interrupt this program for a special announcement. What do the Vanguard Group, State Street Corporation, and Blackrock Inc. have in common? They own the lion’s share of the stock in Disney Corp., and virtually every other Fortune 500 company. Nothing to see here…move along. And now, back to, “It’s the Jews, Dammit”, right here on ABC (which is coincidentally owned by Disney)…

        1. as far as very large fish in very large ponds go he is as close to the largest fish in as close to the largest pond as it gets.

        2. Yep. And he stays out of the limelight, pretty much. As all the truly major players tend to do…

      1. After Israel was established it nearly emptied (((Scotland))) of its entire population base. Now all you see left are dudes named Ian and Dougal, because all of the Schlomo and Levi Gaels have long since left.

        1. Little known fact but the original name for Israel was MacJewishville but it was rejected by the Knesset in the end because of a conflict with McDonald’s outpost in Boca Raton florida.

    1. I read a year ago that 256 companies produce most of the worlds goods. I suspect that to be true.

  24. In defense of Moana (which is an absolutely gorgeous film, btw), I noticed that the title character differs from other Disney princess types in that, at the beginning of the film, she actually decides to give up HER wants and desire for sea travel and do her duty for her people. I have seen the film probably five or six times (I dabble in 3d and the technical aspect is mind-boggling, I get goose bumps every time I watch it) and during the opening song she proclaims that she will lead her people and stay in her place, despite her desire to go against her fathers wishes and travel the sea. It is only after her hand is forced by the loss of the peoples food source that she pushes the issue again, but though it goes in line with her desire to leave, its not brought up as a rebellious issue, but a necessary one (no fish left in the reef = go fishing outside the reef). In the end, sure, the girl saved the day, but I still think the character of Moana differs greatly in that she is the only princess I can think of that didn’t ‘follow her heart’ and disobey her parents, but actually got to obtain the desires of her heart by being obedient and sticking to tradition.
    Otherwise, yeah, Disney pushes the kick-ass girl trope like no one else on the planet. I was thinking about it the other day and it seems like all the ‘boy’ movies (Cars, Toy Story, etc.) focus on silly antics while the girl movies (princess movies) focus on females overcoming adversity. I can’t think of a single, recent Disney film where a male main character had to overcome adversity in the same manner the princesses do. Older films like The Jungle Book or Robin Hood are excellent examples of what I am talking about. There was some silliness involved, but the main male character was faced with great peril and had to fight against bad guys to win the day. This is now the plot of every princess film, with men provided as comic relief or as a bulwark against the princess achieving her goal.

  25. I was never a big fan of the original Disney films either:
    Bambi: An anti-hunting film.
    Cinderella: A film portraying women escaping a life of grinding poverty by marrying rich.
    Sleeping Beauty: A woman sleeps and waits for a wealthy man to pick her up.
    Snow White: Another sleeper film.
    One thing that struck me as unique about American culture is their ambivalence towards men expecting men to play clown game. This goes back even to the 1950’s. In other cultures, women seem to simply LIKE men and express that desire without being “slutty” for alpha males like we see in the states.
    Women in my generation told me that a “slut” asked men out (or expressed a clear interest in him) while they simultaneously saw nothing wrong with sleeping with multiple men provided he jumped through her hoops.
    It’s possible that Disney was merely capitalizing and reflecting an American cultural trend where frontier women were relatively scarce, puritan values of hyper chastity, and hyper chivalry.

  26. If I have kids I will continue not having any television service. My son will watch the old cartoons, and only on weekends. The adventures of Batman & Superman, the X-men and all the like. If you watch any of these now you will notice that they slowly phased out most physical contact between characters today. Where as, though no one ever died, you would see characters get hit and mechanical beings viciously ripped apart.
    A few years ago I watched a few episodes of the X-men series and was blown away by one particularly action packed scene between the mutants and sentinels. Entertainment has devolved. You have to go to the movies to see what they used to show on Saturday morning cartoons.

    1. When my kids were young, I changed our cable to only the very basics. No Disney, no cartoon network etc. Broadcast, plus a few odd channels.
      The issue wasn’t the ‘princess’ thing on Disney. It was that all the live action sitcoms type shows portrayed the parents as clueless, out of touch, mildly bigoted, and dumb. With the kids being portrayed as hipper, smarter than the parents. It just seemed to designed to undermine kids’ respect for parental authority.

    2. You sound like you’re roughly my age, I have the exact same views on that. I have no TV service and won’t acquire it again. My future kids can watch older, decent shows like Looney Tunes or even Spongebob. There’s no way I’m letting cable and the Disney channel anywhere near my kids with the subservise messaging you get half the time.

  27. Al Bundy constantly ripped on Marcy Darcy, the skrillex cubicle working neighbor with her ‘whip’ housepet partner Jefferson. Marcy (Amanda Bearse) turned out to be very butch and lesbian in real life.

  28. I wonder if Disney’s leaders put so much effort into making and promoting Frozen because they saw the success of many superhero movies (plus quite a few duds), and they wanted to cash in by creating a superpowered heroine of their own for the franchise potential.

  29. Thanks to my dad showing me flicks like Predator and Dirty Harry, I absolutely loathed any movie starring a princess when I was a kid.

    1. I was raised in Spaghetti Westerns, sword and sandal, epics and pro wrestling so I had it good too.

    2. So did I, and I’m a girl.
      Nope – not a bull dagger either, and certainly NOT a feminist!
      I preferred John Wayne to Snow White.
      Still do.

  30. (((Disney))) wouldn’t make Fantasia now, with the Christian symbolism in the last segment:

    1. “Feminism consists of Strong Independent Women demanding that the
      government play daddy to them with money taken from men.” Glenn Reynolds

      1. I once had woman tell me that I didn’t want her because she was too strong for me. She was a single mother on benefits who just through begging me for money.

  31. I am surprised Zootopia was not put as an example. As for Moana I think it needs better understood. Moana decided to give up her wants of sea travel to do her duty to her people. She leaves on the sea when she knows she must restore the heart of Te Fiti and find Maui. Her grandma even once asked her too listen to her father, reminded her she is her fathers daughter (including in personality) but also told her to be who she is suppose to be. Maui is masculine in that he fight monsters, gave man fire, pulled islands etc. Moana and Maui can symbolize traditional man and woman before technology. Maui is the village hero and Moana is the woman loyal to her tribe. Unlike the OP I believed Moana could not restore the heart Te Fiti without the help of Maui. I believe the ocean chose Moana after she made sure the baby sea turtle got to the water. The ocean I think made the call to other people but Moana was the one that decided to go forward after her grandma’s death. Since this is based on Polynesian culture I believe Moana will return as a turtle (the fact she is born on land and drawn to water may show this) just as her grandma Tala came back as a manta ray.

    1. Sorry, Lucas killed it for me with the pre-quells. Haven’t seen the latest two films and have no desire to, not a political or protest thing, just no interest.

        1. In retrospect I’m glad I saw the pre-quells as Mr. Plinkett’s reviews of them on Red Letter Media are hilarious (if you can get by his serial killer schtick…)

        1. I’ll probably catch it some time on DVD or netflix. A lot of folks have told me it’s good as a stand alone movie.

        2. Because they remade it before the release. when they heard some people did not want to see some anti white males propaganda in it, they changed some scene from it.
          Seems that, although cocky they still like money.

    1. Not for the shareholders it didn’t. As long as the stock rises they will keep supporting the CEO/Creative team and whatever they churn out that appeals to the new generation of kids and their their parents. $ count and cashed up females want a new type of kick ass princess.

  32. By using their word “gender” you’ve already lost the battle; the word is sex. Gender refers to grammar and language, nothing more. Also it is impossible for women or girls to be heros; women and girls can only be heroines.
    Am I the only one who reads “gay” as to mean cheerful? A “gay moment” would be taking a stroll in the morning and a gay character would surely resemble some sort of jolly fat man. Gay is cheerful; sodomy is certainly not gay.

  33. Old Walt must be spinning in his grave. Yes, they are strong independent girls/women until reality hits them in the face and……”Hot Girls Wanted” rears its ugly head. No Prince is looking for an overused vagina.

  34. I do not believe in analysis like this. I rather think that movies are made trying to please the public they are aimed to. If films have more feminist values, it is because that is what the audience likes now. Also, the people that create these movies project their own sensibilities and experiences on their works. If they are not masculine, obviously their movies wont be masculine either, because it is a concept increasingly alien to them.
    So rather than “movies are transforming people”, I suspect it is the other way around. People is changing, so movies are changing with them. Just dont go see movies that are not made for you.
    In case of children movies, the creators want to make movies the parents will enjoy as well. And since people like feminism so much nowdays, the movie gets a feminist or “progressive” twist, so mom or emasculated dad will like the movie too. If you are a traditional, masculine man taking his children to the movies, prepare for the cringe fest. But these are a minority, so film creators dont need to worry about putting something on screen they will like.

    1. Also, I think you are being somewhat harsh on your judgement of Moana. It is a movie aimed at girls, so of course the character the main audience is supposed to identify with does fun stuff like sailing, fighting pirates and saving the world. That is only natural, if you were to portray a current heroine with femenine qualities and needing a man to rescue her in a big-budget film, there would be no end to the outrage. Why should film-makers risk feminist mom refusing to take her daughters to see the movie because of some negative, ideologically charged, review she readt in Jezebel? There is no way producers would accept such risk.
      Also, I found the character of Maui surprisingly likeable. Like Gaston in Beauty and Beast, he exhibits masculine qualities and wastes no time in boasting about them in the loudest possible way, dance number included. But he is not later given the Gaston treatment, he is not portrayed in the worst possible of lights, the movie does not force down the audience’s throat the message: “this guy is actually the worst!”.
      But Maui is in fact as awesome has he claims, something I found as refreshing here as it was in the Beowulf animated film. Also, when meeting a cutie like Moana, the first thing he does is impress her with his muscles and the tale of his feats, then trying to leave her behind. The only reason he puts up with her in the long run is because the sea god forced him to. So basically, “boys, impress the girl and, once she has bought your sales pitch, dump her while she is still in a daze”. In fact, I think the only reason Maui did not fuck Moana silly before trying to abandon her to go his own way (maybe he was moving on to impress some other chick?) is because this is a movie for children. But had it been for mature audiences, I think that would definitely be what would have happened.
      At the end of the movie, Maui has acknowledged Moana as an equal. She is, after all, the quite capable, independent woman with no real femenine qualities that film makers wanted her to be. But Maui is still not interested in her romantically, despite everything she did to prove herself. This seems like a quite honest message for little girls to learn: be like Moana and guys like Maui (masculine, strong men) wont show any interest in courting you. But sure, go ahead and become a strong, capable political leader in your community instead. Who needs men’s attention, right?

      1. Maui, wanted that boat to leave the island because he wanted to get his magical hook. From day one he saw her as a “kid thing.” I do not think Moana was attracted to him and I do not see Maui as someone that would rape her. Moana probably also had an arrange marriage (if we are talking real life). He has some pride in himself on the things he done and has been cheered and told how great he was by other people. Unlike Gaston he can swallow his pride and admit when he was wrong. Gaston also was obsessed with his looks. Gaston also someone that wanted to force people (we see this with how he is with Belle). Even the brutish beast seemed more interested in wanting Belle’s consent then Gaston. Moana looks like a woman to me. She may not be supper skinny but since she is Polynesian she is going to be more genetically wired for sea travel.

        1. A man fascinates a girl with a dazzling display of manly awesomeness, and while she is still confused about what happened exactly, dumps her to pursue his how interests (in this case, recovering his magical hook, but that is irrelevant. Also irrelevant: divine intervention forces the man to accept the girl back). Take it as you will.

    2. You haven’t been paying attention. The influence is not one way but two ways, marketers have known the value of propaganda for decades if not centuries…

    3. It is a bit of a “chicken and egger”, but the cynic in me believes it is just more of the J’s pushing their feminism onto the unwitting

      1. They cannot help but push it because that is what they believe in. Doing different would be betraying everything they believe in, and no good movie can come out if the film makers are not passionate about it. Fortunately for them, their ideas are now so widely accepted that they have become the norm and audiences eat it up with gusto. Audiences know no better because there is no longer anything better, no alternative.
        If someone wanted to create a movie with different values, it would have no support because the producers simply think that feminist values are where the money is in.

  35. This doesn’t apply to Disney but I was listening to an NPR segment about the “horror movie” Get Out” which involved one of the members of Key and Peele and the host said something like they, referring to key and peele, make some of the most provocative comedy dealing with racism.
    First off, that statement itself is blatant affirmative action speak because their comedy is middle school level humor where they take what seems to be a contradiction and then beat it to death which is supposed to add to the humor supposedly or something. They don’t just bring up a point and move on or extend on it, they literally drag it out for the entire skit so that the skit can be summed up in one sentence, and that’s what NPR considers to be provocative? Like it’s not as clear as day that NPR is only praising this because it deals with PCism which NPR also supports, given the complete crap that they’re showering with sch accolades.
    Second, the movie get out had nothing to do with racism and was a crap horror movie too. So what that the antagonists of the movie chose black people to transfer their brains to so that they could be them? Isn’t that a form of admiration or something that they want to be them? So basically the film is so racist because they singled out blacks to switch into their bodies. This is basically the same kind of low level of thinking as is in their comedy.
    Are people really this dumb to consider this stuff to be ground breaking or provocative? It doesn’t even hit what it’s trying to get out, it’s like they just make some movie that vaguely singles blacks out and then say that it’s supposed to represent some profound point on racism, which you have to interpret for yourself by the way. Is that the new modern standard for society or what? Idiocracy is coming true.

  36. In the story Moana is based of she was finding her husband, so Maui did not hit on her as he could get any woman he wanted.

  37. Ah man you really nailed this.
    Frozen made we want to vomit. Have you guys seen the Honest Trailer for it on You Tube? They said the exact same thing.
    I cannot believe it’s the most successful animated movie of all time. All feminist tropes aside, it was an objectively substandard movie right?
    The plot was hopelessly simplistic and the protagonists were completely one-dimensional.
    The humor was smirkable at best.
    Many of the plot points were flawed – That Anna grew up so optimistic and confident after her parents death and the isolation from her sister is laughable.
    The storyline was all over the place by the end and amounted to literally nothing more than Elsa running away from home for a little bit, then coming back at the end? Anna and Elsa eventually kiss and make up after all the guys in the movie do everything they can to get in the way.
    What a joke.

    1. I thought Tangled was underrated as much as Frozen is overrated. Tangled makes intelligent observations into how mothers can guilt their children into giving them what they want (and without the shield of demonizing them as stepmothers). The protagonist female lead is honorable and likes men (she develops a fondness and warmth towards the male rogue lead who also stands up and does the honorable thing.) There isn’t the princess entitlement complex as seen so often in other Disney films (this is about a family reuniting less than pandering to women’s elitist fantasies.) In the end, the father and mother are together welcoming their daughter home (Disney films tend to kill off a parent or start out with a single parent household: Ariel with the father, Finding Nemo (single father), Cinderella (mother has died off). Hmmmm.

      1. Yep totally agree. Tangled was awesome, hilarious and Flynn was equal parts protagonist with Rapunzel, rather than some goofy side kick who literally does nothing of value except be an oaf. They work together as equals, and play off each others gender strengths. Flynn is a warrior and an agile manly hero who fights and wants lots of money, Rapunzel is the carer. Literally what makes her special is her magic healing hair. She’s feminine and he’s rough in a non dopey way.
        If you were a true cynic I’m sure you could contrive some feminist undercurrent there, but it’s not obvious, and is overshadowed by the quality of the movie.
        whereas Frozen was a total fem fest, it may as well have had ‘this is a feminists dream’ in flashing subtitles throughout the whole movie.

        1. I’m sure it’s been pointed out before, but it’s amusing how these grrrl power Disney films still perpetuate the 1 percenter Patriarchal oppressive monarchy and power bases. Sure the princesses have magic powers but these are often precisely because of their inherited privilege.
          Consider Rapunzel whose father utilized his control of the citizenry’s wealth to search out for the magic flower to make Rapunzel possible. Then after his daughter is kidnapped, he has the whole kingdom send up lanterns as a reminder. How many inner city kids on a milk carton get that kind of attention?
          The surest way to shut up a straight feminist (the ones who haven’t gone angry lesbo (they still want to have sex with men, kind of, but they’re so disgusted with them that they’ve become sort of asexual) is to ask her if she wants to marry a poor guy cooking and cleaning around the home while she pays the bills and the honest ones will weasel a bit. One tried to pull the trick by making a red-herring attack on me: “If a woman wants to marry someone like YOU who stays at home, I support her decision” In other words, she emasculated me (in her eyes and for the purposes of the discussion) by dumping me on some other woman who wants to be a peasant.
          That’s when I go for the jugular and observe that this is like a woman saying she wants an egalitarian society where she goes shopping and gets a high paying job while some other lucky woman can be her maid and nanny for 6 bucks an hour but since this undervalues most women’s work (amazing how “equal pay” doesn’t matter here, eh?) they want to bring in illegals to exploit. I then ask if this is even economically possible and their hamster brains explode:

  38. I don’t know that it’s such a bad idea to teach girls to have some ambition and get off their butts and do things rather than sitting around like simpering little victims waiting for some man to hand them everything their materialistic heart desires on a silver plate just for being pretty. Expecting someone else to save you, I.e. “my Prince will come” usually goes along with playing the victim, blaming others for one’s problems and not taking responsibility. That being said, the way men are represented as being only villains or at best well-meaning idiots is appalling and it’s happening all over the media not just in Disney movies.

  39. This is something that has worsened over the years. The entertainment industry is a reflection of the decline of certain sectors of the population.
    That is why it is up to us to stop or even mitigate the effects on our children. Be careful about what your children see, do not let the TV or the internet educate them. And if possible, try to inculcate those entertainment products that you enjoyed and have done no harm.
    “Would not it be better not to have televisions/computers in house and motivate them to play sports?” Well, sports are essetial to the health and well-being of children. But sometimes children want to try other activities, and that is not necessarily dangerous if it is regulated.

    1. We didn’t have TV, but internet. Two of my sons has many IT-Lessons in school so they need the equipment. It is really a problem because they are like computer games. On the other side they did not want to see films like “Wonderwoman” or Star Wars VII ;-).
      Yes, they do sports and a martial art.

      1. There are many games that have educational content. But the important is (if they are very young and therefore susceptible) be there to instruct them about what they see.

  40. Thank you for this great analysis. Of course the advertising of Disney is very efficient and most children want to see these films. You can’t forbid every film. It is correct that Frozen had a lack of male characters but it has a strong familiar message: it’s the same blood (sister) which saves the cursed queen. I hope that the planned second part will be not a lesbian film.
    My children know the true story of Andersen about the snow queen.
    The film “Tangled” – a silly version of the german tale “Rapunzel” has been unfortunately seen but my children didn’t liked it.
    Mulan, Merida and the new Beauty and the Beast Film we didn’t allow to see because of the feminist, queer and gender-destroying messages.
    I’m European and I’m telling my children that we have our own fairy tales and we need not Disney for new-interpreting. Disney often rewrites tales and stories in a wrong direction.

  41. As the disposable parent, I spent a lot of time at the movies with my three children. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the themes revolved around angry females who treated males with contempt until the hapless males proved themselves worthy. In the “Harry Potter” film series, Hermione Granger was almost always belligerent, dismissive, and at least quasi-violent, especially when she decided that she was in love with Ron and he did not reciprocate. Apparently female vindictive jealously is acceptable and humorous . At one point, an angry Hermione punches Malfoy in the nose, to the amusement of Ron and Harry. The same Malfoy who scoffingly welcomed a confrontation with Harry, cried like a baby when met with girl power instigated violence. Of course, imagine the outrage if Malfoy had responded in kind or even just gave her a dirty look. In the animated film “Ratatouille”, Colette treats Linguini with blatant contempt until he finally proves himself worthy, albeit surreptitiously with the aid of Remy the rat. When the truth is revealed, Colette’s first instinct is to slap Linguini twice and extremely hard. Still, Linguini seeks her approval. I could go on.
    In a similar vein, I am amazed that no one noticed that the crux of the film “Ant-Man” was that the protagonist Scott Lang desperately wanted to be in his daughter’s life but was prevented by his hostile ex-wife and her mean-spirited fiancee (and his daughter’s “new” daddy) until he paid child support, leaving him vulnerable to exploitation and the machinations of Hank Pym. He has to pay to play despite their knowing his understandable difficulties in getting a job, and the fact that they were living a relatively comfortable life. There was no concern about the father/child relationship beyond what he contributes. Eventually he proved himself worthy of consideration and his daughter’s love though. It just seems like the “pay to play” concept for disposable fathers is so ingrained in society that we accept the intrinsic cruelty of this plot device without question.

    1. Scott Lang’s relationship with his daughter is a central part of his story in comics. For a long time writers treated Lang like sh*t. Best example is Avengers volume 3, issue 61 and 62:
      Lang helps the Avengers to save to world and they offer him a membership in Avengers, but declines, because he has to take care of his daughter Cassie. (He mentions, that he needs to visit the judge for final heering to get custody of his daughter).
      The next day he visits the courthouse. His ex-wife had a change of heart and wants to be a mother again (originally she wanted to give Scott the custody of Cassie, because she didn’t “have a time” to rise a kid) and she is engaged to Blake Burdick (Jim Paxton in the movie).
      Judge gives custody to his ex-wife, because Cassie would be in danger with Scott and stuff.
      That scene personally p*ssed me off. Scott took a great care of Cassie and than suddently his b*tching wife, who didn’t care for her daughter for years, comes in and immediately gets a custody of her. And to top it all. She gets a court rulling to limit Scott’s time with Cassie to supervised visits. Later she forcefully moves with her daughter to Miami to be away from Lang. Scott moves to Miami too and secretly visits his daughter without his ex’s knowledge.
      Also, this is, how his ex looks in the comics: https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/40/4312305-avengers+vol3+no62.png
      Never base your opinion of character on the version from the movie. Those movies are
      perfectly manufactured to milk the casual fans.

  42. I have to disagree with the portrayal of Mulan. Her only motivation for joining the army was to save the life of her father, who was sure to be killed in battle, given his old age. Protecting fathers is not something feminists do. Also, once Mulan is in the army, she is completely worthless. She does get better eventually, to the tune of a song called “Be a man”. If that isn’t screaming “men are better than women so women have to become men to be good”, I don’t know what is. Of course, that doesn’t make anything I mentionned plausible or even desirable in a real world scenario. I simply think that Mulan is probably the best Disney movie out there just because it’s the most realistic in context.
    Mulan 2 however is real feminist cancer. The Chineses (Mulan’s side) are threatened by a really powerful empire and the only way to avoid war is with three arranged marriages. Mulan, along with three dumb but likeable soldiers is tasked with delivering the brides to the rival kingdom. However, the brides soon fall in love with the soldiers and Mulan decides to abandon her mission and instead attack the rival kingdom. Obviously at the end, the “power of love” wins and everyone becomes friends but this is telling women that they have to follow their feelings regardless of the engagements they already have or how destructive consequences will be. A man would have understood that the saving his kingdom and its people with arranged marriages was more important than the feelings of three women.

    1. The original legend of Mulan’s main message is the Confucianist Chinese ideal of respecting your parents and ancestors. The notion of always trying to bring honor and never shame the family bloodline. That in itself is a masculine and virtuous ideal. So I would agree on the deeper level – this promotes family, and masculine pursuits. However on the surface level – where most people attain their understanding is a you go grrrl story full of inconceivable and unrealistic scenarios.

  43. I got sick of walking out of movie theatres with my kids that I don’t allow them to see anything that Disney. I don’t want my kid’s souls to be poisoned!

  44. Walter Disney – 33rd degree Scottish rite mason. Masonry the introductionary secret occult society created by zionists, codified by Jesuit zionists. We all know the rest…

  45. Disney is now offcially a feminist front. All their movies are based on strong women and weak men. Look at the last Star Wars movie, the hero has to be a girl but not just a strong girl, she has to be better than any previous Jedi’s. She has to be the biggest baddest Jedi ever. So good she will never ever need a man for anything. She still has a few weak beta men beside her so the men in the audience can feel some sort of relevance but other than that it is female empowerment on the screen. Now I add Rogue One, I add Wonder Woman, I add Ghost Busters, these are not all Disney films because the problem is not just Disney, it is all mass media everywhere to everyone. T.V. shows now have strong women protagonists, every show has a strong leading woman with a man somewhere in the background. In the shows with a leading man, he is the leader but impotent, unable to function or solve issues until the super capable female cop, IT tech, forensic scientist and so on does the work to allow him to do his thing. We are constantly subjected to this barrage of hate no matter what media we use. No wonder boys are falling down. In schools girls get taught boys get tossed. Post Secondary has women getting grants, free money or accepted to University or College FAR more easily than boys. WOmen out number men on campuses 65% to 35%. I could go on forever but I think most of you know all this.

  46. It costs $500 for a family of four to spend one day in Disneyland or Disneyworld in America these days. Have no idea why people subject themselves to this, maybe a while ago it might have been an ok experience but they have become a social propaganda house and nothing more.
    If you are over a certain age and love theme parks, there is something wrong with you, they are for kids and teens not adults.

  47. Its sick ,this is we need a competing entertainment industry to challenge Hollywood and the feminist anti white narrative

  48. May they continue to sip the poison of their destruction. And may I reap a financial gain from it.

  49. I don’t understand. If you do have a daughter don’t you want her to independent and if you want a son; do you want him to be independent as well? If Disney made movies where men are the main characters and one of them was like Elsa remained single. It would calm you as well.

    1. In disney movie the men are not correctly portrayed. they are either evil, fool or sacrificing their life to help the women.
      I want selfish men motivated by greed that don’t help anyone unless, they have something to gain by doing so. Like power or a lot of cash, no more selflessness.

  50. Sad that the young boys of today have no model that teach them to be selfish, power hungry and a little psychopathic. Poor kids are destined to a miserable future where they will be nothing but tools for other.
    Maybe we should create a new market out of jewlywood hands teaching the young men the path of conquest.

  51. Its good! we should use all these sheep to fill our pocket, let’s exploit them too. fuck them all!!
    The more sheep there is, the better we can use them.

  52. All this lame shit just show that there a market for new masculinity stories, about power hungry selfish men that will do everything for power.
    We should create this new market.
    Jewlywood can keep his boring gurls powa shit.

  53. Hey guys! It’s okay you can still be a real man and have a strong woman. Believe more in yourselves!

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