Why You Should Emulate Jim Bob Duggar Of “19 Kids And Counting”

Jim Bob Duggar is the patriarch on TLC’s reality television show “19 Kids and Counting.” Yes, Jim Bob has nineteen children—all by his wife Michelle. Jim Bob and his wife are devout Christians who take the Bible literally when it says that “children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” so they have tried to have as many children as possible.

While you might not subscribe to Jim Bob’s religion or want such a large brood, there are lots of reasons to aspire to be like him.

Jim Bob gets as much sex as he wants

Jim Bob has a lot more sex than most guys, especially married ones. In an interview with Today, Michelle Duggar said: “In your marriage there will be times you’re going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day’s work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you.”

Her advice to other women is to “be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls.”

Granted, not everyone would want to sleep with Michelle Duggar. This is a valid objection. Michelle is a little past her prime (she is pushing 50), but if you make allowances for the 80s fashion and hairstyle, young Michelle was actually attractive.

Young Jim Bob and Michelle

Others might raise the objection that Jim Bob has limited himself to sleeping with just one woman. This is also a valid objection, but seducing good-looking women takes time and effort, even for alpha predators. And not all guys are irresistible alphas. If you happen to look like Jim Bob, it might take a lot of effort, so Jim Bob’s deal is actually pretty good.

While Jim Bob says he treats his wife like a queen, it still pays off. Michelle takes care of his needs. She has a home cooked meal on the table and cheerfully tends to his brood. There are many other men who treat their wives or girlfriends like queens and get TV dinners and no sex in return.

Jim Bob is not a wage slave

Early in their marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle made the decision to live debt-free, and it was a decision that paid massive dividends. Living debt free means that they are not able to play “keeping up with the Joneses” by accumulating status symbols like expensive cars and designer clothes. Instead, they shop at thrift stores and follow the motto “Buy used and save the difference.” This kept living expenses low and freed Jim Bob from the wage slavery that accompanies working for an employer.

Instead Jim Bob started his own used-car business—the first of several successful businesses that he ran. Today, Jim Bob is a multimillionaire. While some of this is due to his television show, the rest can be attributed to frugality and entrepreneurship. Even without the show, Jim Bob would be financially well off.

Jim Bob is self-sufficient

Jim Bob tries to avoid paying someone to do something he could do himself. The Duggars currently live in a 7,000 square foot home that Jim Bob purchased as a kit for $82,000. Jim Bob, his sons, and fellow church members assembled the home. The Duggars treated the building of their house as a learning project: experts such as electricians and plumbers were only called in to teach Jim Bob and his sons how to do each task.

This mindset continues today. On a recent episode he had new carpeting installed at a rental property but made his boys “help out” thereby learning the trade for future endeavors.


Duggar Family House

Jim Bob is having an impact on the world

Most modern day parents abdicate their duties as primary educators of their children to the state and to popular culture. Jim Bob, on the other hand, has done a great job of instilling his values into his nineteen children. Assuming that each of his children has ten children, that will mean that within a few years, Jim Bob will be the patriarch of over 200 people. Few men are fortunate enough to establish that kind of a legacy.

Additionally, Jim Bob takes his role as father seriously. While many modern day dads provide little to no guidance about relationships and marriage, Jim Bob makes a point to teach his children the importance of picking a suitable husband or wife. And by home schooling his children and monitoring Internet and phone access he has managed to prevent the culture from corrupting them.

Additionally Jim Bob’s strict approach successfully prevents his daughters (and sons) from becoming promiscuous. No father, no matter how “progressive,” wants to see his daughters become grist for the serial pump and dump mill, and Jim Bob’s method has been successful so far.

The Duggar girls prove that not all western women are beyond hope. They were taught to cook, clean, and save themselves for marriage. And if they are like their mother, they will never deny their husbands sex. Jackpot.

Jessa Duggar and Husband

Jessa Duggar and Husband

The Duggar’s way of life is obviously counter-cultural. It might be too extreme for some men, but we can all still learn a little from Jim Bob’s approach.

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197 thoughts on “Why You Should Emulate Jim Bob Duggar Of “19 Kids And Counting””

  1. Life exists to propagate more life.
    I plan to reproduce with many females rather than just one.
    I’m leaving the caretaking for others though.

    1. Your bastards will be enslaved (economically and spiritually, if not legally) by the sons of men who have fathers.

      1. No they won’t. Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison were raised by non-biological parents. Beta dads and beta sons are the slaves.
        There are people out there doing it in droves. They’re winning. Guys are meant to sire, not raise.

        1. Manosphere does not adequately address the topic of procreation.
          That’s why demographic changes are occurring worldwide. (Dysgenic fertility)
          Western style marriage is not proving successful in countering the dysgenic tide.

    2. “I plan to reproduce with many females”
      Don’t you have to actually have sex with one first?

  2. Children born within the legitimacy of marriage are a gift from God. I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Duggar.

    1. I concur. As an extension of the article above here are some timeless rules that every male must follow after entering the wedlock :-
      a) Control finances.You make the dough,you decide how it is spent.No more
      joint bank account bullshit
      b)Be a domineering and inspiring father figure. Don’t emasculate yourself by
      letting wife having the iron grip on your offspring.
      c)Have a buddy’s night out.Might sound cliched but don’t underestimate
      your mate’s impact on your life.It’s invaluable.

      1. Financial control is key. In my own marriage -I handle all of the money for house/savings/food/transportation. My wife and I have an agreement where we are allowed $50 a month on whatever we want that is not a “need”. Any more than that we discuss the purchase together. Nine times out of 10 we don’t purchase the item. This keeps the unnecessary purchases to a minimum.
        Agree with time out with your guy friends. Not just a church men’s group gathering -or some other bullshit but a bonafide night out with your guy friends. At a minimum it should be every month if you’re married

    2. Breaking news: ROK is under attack in UK mainstream press for promoting rape, and first amendment rights under attack in internet neutrality bill for US:
      We all need to wake up – God exists, but we need to wake up to the realities of the world we live in and be aware of our environment, not just passively existing here.

  3. My mother lives in Springdale. She doesn’t know the Duggars, but she follows the show for some reason.
    Northwest Arkansas has a cheap cost of living and a decent climate, and a lot of wealth has started to accumulate there because of the Walton family. But it also faces diversity rot, like many other parts of the U.S., because Mexicans and people from the Marshall Islands, of all the unlikely places, have moved in to take the sorts of jobs the local white people like my grandmother used to do. (She worked in a chicken processing plant near Decatur, Arkansas, in the 1970’s.) Did Arkansas business people have to import outlanders because they ran out of hillbillies or something?

    1. They likely had to import foreigners to do the work because the American underclass doesn’t have to work. Why work for 38k a year when you can have a few kids, not work, and have the lifestyle of someone making 60k or thereabouts? Lower class Americans, especially if black or brown are the most privileged group in our county’s history. They walk out to the mailbox and pull out cash. Unreal. 100 million people do that. Real number. Royalty doesn’t have to work in a factory. It’s beneath them.

  4. Duggar has clearly rememebered the GREAT MEN and read the GREAK BOOKS FOR MEN and taken to heart the Law of Moses.

  5. Bravo Michael, excellent article. Tip of the cap as well to Mr. and Mrs. Duggar. I read that either he or his wife chaperone all of their daughters’ dates to ensure that their chastity stays intact. Of course the feminists mocked them and said it was “ridiculous” and “creepy”, but I assume they’re just mad because their vaginas have more mileage on them than a ’72 Pinto whereas his daughters’ are still factory fresh. They can’t seem to grasp the simple fact that a woman’s virginity is her greatest asset and the greatest gift she can give her husband, and no matter how much you call yourself a “Born-Again Virgin” on your wedding day by not fucking your fiance in the six months leading up to your marriage, that white dress doesn’t make you any less damaged goods.
    I’m always reminded of the scene from the first Taken movie, when he’s watching a bunch of assholes bid on his daughter. If I remember correctly, she went for double what all the other girls did simply because she was still a virgin. If disgusting, lowlife, piece of shit sex traffickers and old, fat, perverted pedophiles can recognize a woman’s virginity as making her more valuable (even if it is from a financial perspective), then why can’t Western women? So there you have it: even degenerate pedophiles and scumbag sex traffickers have more sense than feminists.

    1. this is a prime example of, if you are going to do it, just go for it….. take no prisoners….
      the best thing about large families is the girls get to grow up with younger siblings to help take care of and thus become more maternal and versed in the family way. At the same time the boys compete with each other, learn to brush off the bitchy little sisters and maintain a masculine polarity.
      the problem is if that if everyone did this, the world would have a population of 100 Billion pretty quickly….

      1. But I’d rather have a huge population with strong family values than a kind of big population with no family values. I really like that point about bigger families, though. I never thought about it like that.

      2. I’ve noticed that the kids from large families tend to do well. I’ve known a bunch of people from large families and not a thug amongst them. I worked with a RN who was the mother of 12 (Catholic) kids all high achieving and good kids. I think with large families the kids have to help out with chores and be autonomous. The older kids have to raise the younger kids and be like grown ups.

      3. But then you wouldn’t need so many smaller families. With the way the traditional family has been destroyed by feminists and queers, we can only hope it’ll leave well-trained women for the rest of us.

      4. “if everyone did this, the world would have a population of 100 Billion pretty quickly”
        Nah, they’d simply produce a political majority who would then stop funding non-self-sufficient people, thus lowering their birthrates, or produce incentives for lower birthrates for the poor. However, with the trend of more production from lower resource use, a much higher (sustainable) global population isn’t out of the question. Many inefficiencies can be extracted (such as how we move a 3k lb vehicle with us to get a few pounds of groceries), and the net effect is a higher population capacity without sacrificing standard of living.

      5. Excuse me sexist much what about the boys? I see them do nothing domestic. Isnt it important they get paternal. Anyway it’s a shame when especially a female’s worth is based on child bearing. What if one doesnt want kids or doesn’t want to marry? I doubt if you would want to be 25 stuck in the same room as a 3 yr old. I can’t believe 47 liked this.

        1. Amanda,
          I am with you.
          While the Duggar’s do a lot of things right, this article is all about a selfish male perpective.
          Remember, you are visiting a misogynistic blog. This site is about turning women back into nameless domestic slaves. Female needs and perpective are dismissed.
          And these loser guys insult Michelle like somehow they deserve better, like they are God’s gift to mankind when they are really just nasty beasts that no good woman wants.

    2. Keep in mind that the sex trafficking you see in Taken is probably a myth.
      Pretty white college educated upper middle class virginsl girls don’t get purchased by drooling middle eastern fanboys.

        1. Stealing american and western european girls is far more trouble than it’s worth. Czech and Georgian girls are prettier, closer, easier to control, easier to break, have a better attitude, are often virgins, aren’t fat, last longer, are healthier and less prone to sickness, are more accepting of reality, and have fewer nosy and wealthy relatives, agents, and diplomats to screw up the life of a procurer.
          Many Georgian families will flat out SELL you excess girls that refuse to ‘behave’, for super cheap prices that lead to massive profit when you sell them down the road.
          Code is right, though… ‘Taken’ is unrealistic and rather stupid. Why in the fuck would someone drag girls halfway across Europe, especially ugly, sickly, stupid, cheap, untrainable Americans? Especially since the American girls pretty much require drugs to keep them cooperative, while an eastern European girl, once she finally realizes that there’s no getting out of her situation, is usually an enthusiastic earner, cheap to maintain, and will almost never try to run away… where would she go?
          Well, at least it made for an entertaining movie… Dances with Smurfmonkeys was not particularly realistic either, and fanboys ate it up.

        2. In June 2003, the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, launched the Innocence Lost National Initiative. This combined effort was aimed at addressing the growing problem of domestic sex trafficking of children in the United States.
          In the 11 years since its inception, the initiative has resulted in the development of 69 dedicated task forces and working groups throughout the U.S. involving federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies working in tandem with U.S. Attorney’s Offices.
          To date, these groups have worked successfully to rescue more than 3,400 children. Investigations have successfully led to the conviction of nearly 1,500 pimps, madams, and their associates who exploit children through prostitution. These convictions have resulted in lengthy sentences, including multiple life sentences and the seizure of real property, vehicles, and monetary assets.

        3. Exactly. Sex trafficking is incredibly rare. Even with massive resources, they only find a few hundred per year. Basically one trafficked person per year per million people in the United States, and of course, most of these are probably from overseas, not white US citizens.

        4. Not another czar. They need to bust the CPS – the child pedophile services. More kids are lost in the corrupt system than outside the system. A news piece aired about countless DC foster kids who couldn’t be located. The records were lost. The segment was to air on the news at 10 pm so I watched and they pulled the piece off and instead did some story about whales. PRETTY FISHY if you ask me. The UK government is also notorious for having an appetite for kids with no strings attached. Makes you wonder why the state comes up with these initiatives to wrest kids into state custody and keep such a large pool of kids to do with as they please. I’d be terrified to have the state as my sole guardian and nanny. The state is doing something else (probably heinous) with these untracable ‘lost’ kids. I can SMELL IT. The state is and always has been a PIECE OF SHIT. Let the townspeople take care of the predators like they take care of their lawns and the weeds.

        5. Pretty sure it’s not so much “an appetite for kids” as much a way of maintaining control.
          If you want to be elected into power, you need the backing of the super-rich. And from the super-rich’s perspective: you don’t help someone into a position of power higher than yours without some way of controlling them, that would be not just ridiculous, but dangerous. So the political heavy-weights-to-be give the super-rich something *on them*, a few photos or some video that would end their careers and practically their lives if ever leaked to the public.
          And that’s where the children come in. They’re a tool.
          It’s a simple principle of power-play that goes all the way down to the unions, in various other forms.

        6. Unions – ever heard the one where Jimmy Hoffa former president of the Teamsters union was last seen alive accompanied by two men in suits and walking into a HOT DOG FACTORY in New Jersy. Like the customer services response to the question: ”What REALLY goes into an Oscar Meyer wiener?”
          and their answer: ”We don’t know and if we DID know then we sure as hell AIN’T SAYIN”

      1. the story line for “taken” was the norm for most of Europe during the Muslim invasions starting from about 750AD ending at around Crimean War. The recurring image of the crescent moon and star that the Albanians wear and the settings should really serve as no surprise. In taken 2 Liam Neason makes the point to tell his daughter that every major war between the East and West has needed to set forth in Turkish harbour. While taken 1 is set in paris which has massive Islamic gangs. Anyways “taken” will soon be the norm for most of Europe.

      2. I thought the same thing when I saw “Taken.” More fodder from the feminist bullshit factory. It’s a lie designed to shun men away from prostitution. Cancel that trip to Amsterdam; instead, focus on the obnoxious barista from Seattle with five tattoos.

    3. Its really messed up if a girl had gone on the cocky-go-round for years and then make future husband wait. If a girl did that to me she’d be dead to me. She can fuck all the cocks she wants and hubby has to jerk off for six months. Yeah right.

      1. Such has been common for centuries. Remember the Alpha-Fucks Beta-Bucks dichotomy of the female sexual imperative.
        A man that makes a woman wet is seldom the same man that entices her to marriage and child-bearing. Only that today it is much more crude and cynical. Literally and biochemically, most wives are sexually disgusted by their husbands, and a [quick] pity-fuck every 6 months is only a natural result of the sexual and personal traits of her husband.

        1. Even a self respecting beta will not accept such horse shit. while Asian men are commonly portrayed as beta losers, most of them in asia know not to accept a used up pussy who is trying to make them wait.
          I don’t see how any man even a beta with a drop of self respect could accept such a situation, I’d rather pay for a hooker than that.

        2. Actually, hookers represent the relationship between man and woman reduced to the absolute basics: sex for resources.
          The best reason for a man to not use hookers is that developing your Game will help you in many of your personal life, not just getting laid.

        3. Unfortunately, yes. Many modern women are not worth the time and money used to get them into bed.

        4. Let me restate your claim:
          Unfortunately yes, many guys, you hateful losers are included, are not worth having sex with.

    4. The only issue I have with the whole scenario is this: they haven’t really raised the kids since the first could really start babysitting. I personally know a guy who has 8 kids. He isn’t there for them really, anymore than mom. He is most definitely not a wage slave either, but when you pass kid four, you don’t really have time anymore individually. My friend’s dad is a great guy in many ways, as is his mother, but he was the second youngest. Despite his parents being strict, he didn’t (really) have exposure to them.
      Similar type family, and believe me, the girls did not have much less mileage on them. The quintessential “ass is the other vagina so I stay a virgin” type of girls. Oh, and their mouths had been filled with enough cock to qualify as a sperm bank. Only the oldest son and daughter really took in the full dose of religion and probably were actual virgins until marriage. The youngest (a girl), well, she lost her anal virginity on a church trip at 15.
      The best thing I can say about Jim and family is that they work. They rely a lot on others, cached favors, but that’s the type of world that I see as superior anyway.

      1. I just posted this same sentiment. My dad is the youngest of 7 and that’s exactly how it was for him. The first few kids get the attention but after that the parents are burned out. And then dad died in his 50s from a heart attack.. theres gotta be a lot of stress with an enormous family. I can take away some positives from Jim’s story, such as his self sufficiency and lack of debt, but who wants to be a full time nanny?
        One of the biggest reasons I don’t have kids is a) don’t want to raise them in this shitty society and b) the sacrifices it would require to my lifestyle.. I would no longer be able to travel and do all the things I love. I would imagine if you multiply this 19 times you are almost a slave to your family.

        1. Get 3 kids with a beautiful female.At least you will leave some progeny behind.We raise children here in Africa despite the economic hurdles.Make sure your wife is of good stock or else you will compromise the genetic quality of your offsprings.

    5. “I read that either he or his wife chaperone all of their daughters’
      dates to ensure that their chastity stays intact. ”
      Reminds me of the short- lived scene in godfather pt I when Michael is escorted by the town matriarchs when he is wooing that young girl.
      Granted, that ended in tragedy, but I understand and respect the rationale.

      1. That scene is exactly how it should go in terms of marriage. You get the permission of the father, you date under the supervision of the parents to ensure you don’t resort to your inherent inclinations as a man to try and get in those panties, then you get married and make strong, good-looking kids. While this obviously seems excessive in our modern society, the societies who followed this system all dominated the known world at one time or another.

        1. Dads need ot stay out of their daughter’s vaginas and focus on teaching sons to be gentleman.

      2. I wonder how feasible that is with 19 of them. I think you are really stretching the limits of how much real interaction and leadership you can have with that many. My dad has 6 siblings and they left a lot of the childraising duties to his brothers and sisters, teenagers who don’t have the best parenting skills. I think once you get more than 4 or 5 kids, you are really reducing the quality of upbringing at the expense of quantity.

      3. I can’t explain why (the music is probably a factor) but they are to me, some of the most beautiful scenes captured on film.

    6. I’m not a Christian but you don’t have to be a Christian to know that many of the points they make especially in regards to family life are very healthy.

      1. No they arent’ So many have been raised like this and it backfired. They talk about i ton sites like recovering grace.org Parental over control is unhealthy when you get an adult. anyone who thinks this is healthy should look again.

    7. >perverted
      is the past tense of the verb “pervert”, which means “to affect with perversion”. The proper adjective is “perverse”, but this perversion of the word has trickled into the English language through, as best as I can tell, grammatically challenged anime fandubs.

        1. How about no. “Perverted” as an adjective is an erosion of proper word form. Using the word “literally” as “figuratively” is retarded and must be stopped. “Could of” is a fucking language abortion that needs to die as painfully and disgracefully as possible.

    8. THis is the reason we need feminism .How about the best gifts being her brains and love she gives? It’s great if you want ot stay virgin for you wedding, but non virginal females arent’ dirty and to even hint at that is sexist. Elizabeth Smart has things to say about purity and how it made her dirty.
      White means nothing for wedding dresses. it was a trend started by Queen Victoria and was a sign of wealth. Poorer people wore whatever they had on hand. Then what if you never marry? there’s things purity culture never addresses.Jim Bob is creepy. Dad should stay out of their daughter’s vaginas and focus on their brains and making them feel loved no matter what..

  6. I want to thank Mr. Duggar for pumping out some hot white Christian daughters and for living on his own terms. Both are activities which really piss off the libtards. He’s a good man, and more women need to learn from the example his wife has set. Bonus points for being named Jim Bob.

  7. What do you mean “allowances for the 80s fashion and hairstyle”? She would be hot anyway, but it would help if today’s sluts adopted such fashion and hairstyle too.
    I also note the irony of calling them counter-cultural, which is sadly true in our times. However, their lives are not simply a reflection of their Christian beliefs, but rather the embrace of patriarchy. As I’ve said before, eventually white liberals will die out while the Duggars will prosper and proliferate.
    And my Tribe reflects this too. While the score so far in the current contest is Michelle Duggar 19, Sandra Fluke 0, consider this one too:
    Yitta Schwartz, 2000
    Sara Silverman, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Shulamith Firestone COMBINED, 0

    1. So will the mexicans and the muslims and africans in Europe. They will proliferate. White liberals will be swamped by minorities in the cities, so it seems.
      As long as the country folk are sending their sons and daughters to the liberal cities, to be culturally infected with “education” and “opportunity” , white liberals will not die out.

      1. This is why it is important to discuss how college really is to your children. As each of my children went off to college, we had profound discussions on many topics. I gave all my children papers and articles supporting my case and so far my children have identified the tactics professors use negate their effectiveness.
        Teach your kids the tactics and type of arguments they will use in college and you will allow your children to defend themselves. My three oldest boys not only did not get infected but strengthened their religious beliefs. We still debate many political and religious topics in our house, much like my Father used to do with his children.

    1. They can afford 19 children. The couple are millionaires.
      Ordinary Joes should just have 2 maybe 3 kids.

    2. I have six children, live in a town that is 50% higher income than the surrounding county and I am the only one that works. Granted I am in IT and had personal skills most IT folks do not have so was able to climb up the corporate ladder easily.
      My wife cooks all our meals and makes my lunch, coffee, and breakfast. She sews and makes many items and repairs cloths so they can be worn for longer periods of times. We did not home school but my 3rd oldest son was Captain of the football and wrestling teams and is now Pre-med and wrestling on scholarships. My oldest has graduated with an IT degree and is working.
      We clip coupons, use hand me down principles and sell/trade cloths and shoes(Works great when they are young) and only vacation when I can use my free miles flights, rental cars and hotels. We have one credit card for emergency’s only and pay cash for most big items. We recently bought furniture and bedroom set all paid in cash. We Budget everything which allows me to put 13% of my salary into a very generous retirement program for my management level.
      Anyone can live frugal but it takes discipline and a structured life. I agree most people cannot live like this and there fore my values and ideas will be passed on while theirs die.

      1. Send an email to Roosh, Deep. If you have time, then I think this subject could be a great article for younger men (and couples) starting out. We need more of these types of articles giving good examples of how men (and couples) should be living, today, versus consuming or keeping up with the Jones.
        This subject, in my opinion, is invaluable advice that young men only hear once in a blue moon.

  8. A ton of Christian women could learn from Mrs. Duggar. She is a woman who has discarded the lies of Feminism, treats her man like a King, and has helped to raise up a next generation of wonderful daughters to follow in her and her husbands footsteps.

    1. It must be miserable for her though… A husband who respects her and surrounded by loving children. Wouldn’t she rather have a masters, a career, cats, and wasted life to look back on?

    2. Real Christian women as well (not the typical Sunday Christian). Too many women (and people in general) will readily identify as a “Christian” but very few will actually live up to it.

    3. if you think she is a feminist. She picked her own life. I hardly find her an example. Her entire self worth is based on reproduction. They were talking about 20 when Josie was fighting for life. Once on the show Jordyn went up to her and Michelle just ignored her.They also preach to give it when ever the DH wants. I wonder they ever discuss consent and teach signs of an abusive husband to the girls. I hope the unmarried daughters run from there and pursue their dreams without being saddled with 10 kids and DH working for Dad.in law.

  9. The family is christian apparently. This just shows how important religion is to leading a traditionalist based life.
    Doesnt look like the Family is stuffing their faces with junk, obesity is a non-issue. And the girls look neat, tidy and non-skanky. As far as I can gather, they also home school, freeing their children from cultural marxist propaganda.
    The Duggars should be an inspiration for all Americans, especially white Americans. They are doing their more than fair share to make sure America is not browned for good. Making sure their daughters and sons are married off to god fearing White christians. Everything about them signals long term survival and Building of sustainable community.
    A real beacon of light in the darkness.

    1. There’s nothing “christian” about claiming white supremacy.
      That only exists in your own mind.

      1. This has nothing to do with “supremacy” as you suggest. Its simply a question of survival and keeping parity of numbers.
        The fraction of Whites is continually going down. Before mid-century it will be less than 50% in the US. Europe is heading in the same direction, albeit at a slower pace. This is not something going on in my mind. You just dont want people to care.
        At least be honest about it.

        1. I’m brown and I agree with Jannik.
          I don’t want to see whites in America or Europe become a minority in the nations they developed.
          For all their faults, I feel the traditional WASP way of organizing society is superior to other models.
          I do draw the line at segregation and miscegenation laws. A healthy society doesn’t need that. But if we could simply eliminate cultural Marxism and the welfare state and reverse the declining European birthrate, everyone living in the Anglosphere would be better off.
          Again I’m brown (east Indian) and as much as I revere my heritage and consider my fellow ethnic kin to be some of the most intelligent in the world – we are *terrible* at organizing society! Just take a look at the urban disaster of any Indian city. We are advanced mathematically and spiritually but for some reason are deficient when it comes to urban planning. (Hey, no one is perfect).
          I would argue that Latin Americans and all Asians (except the Japanese) are also terrible at organizing societies. Ditto for all Roman Catholic countries.
          Let the WASPs organize society. Let the Indians and Chinese program computers and run businesses and let the Mexicans work. Everyone can be happy. But if you over-brown North America and Europe, the world will turn into Brazil – great place to visit, terrible place to live (unless you’re filthy rich).

        2. Eloquent response. I found your insights interesting especially b/c they were not shackled by political correctness

        3. For the benefit of those reading this at a later date, let me just remind everyone that you can google “fertility rate ” for up to date numbers on just how well (or, rather, not) we are doing in the population department.

        4. Heh. The Chinese were put on this earth TO COOK. They have the sweet, the sour, the hot and mild. What do the billionaires in boardrooms always say at lunchtime? ”How about Chinese”. They could afford anything but it’s always unanimous. Chinese. Not Japanese which is all RAW. Japs can’t cook because I guess they have the taste of A CAT. If you had a bunker with the last 20 surviving humans you would want one Chinese guy in there TO COOK. Then you’d want a Swiss or German machinist to fix the pumps and life support systems. Swiss are the ‘metal magicians’ who made watches with their bare hands before electricity. No one else in their right minds did that, not even the Japanese. And an Indian physician of course. Also include race appropriate home girls for each member. The point is that everyone has predisposed genetic traits that they should pursue and make the most of. The Chinese shouldn’t be miserable in leg chains with suicide nets assembling Chevy Volts undercutting Detroit. No they should be swizzling a wok. The happiest kids I’ve ever seen are the Chinese teens that work at the local ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET.

        5. Those statistics are useless for most countries excluding Japan and Korea. Its important to view them only within the frame of immigration. Most countries birth rates are artificially high due to immigration. the ones that are still low despite immigration patterns. e.g italy are doomed for a terrible fate of losing every part of their cultural identity and heritage. in “diversity we trust”

      2. WHites make up less than 10% of the world’s population. If they choose to marry amongst themselves to prevent that extinction, then it’s better for mankind. Interesting how you denigrate whites while proclaiming the core of your identity as being “Blk”. SO just who is the supremacist here? The white christian family living a good life that sustains culture or the “black aviator” whose entire world was created and developed by whites and blames all of his people’s failures to integrate into the dominant culture on non-existent white supremacy? Unless of course you are a Nation of Islam believer that thinks before the evil white men came blacks could do all sorts of magical things like fly without the use of planes.

        1. Africa will have 4 billion people in 85 years(all population projections suggest this). Most liberal whites will be so old and slow of clue that they will not take notice of the groups they allowed into their homelands as effectively slaves to look after their most basic needs as eating, bathing and clothing. their all white old folk homes will fall like Masada.

      3. Well, keep in mind that White European culture has generated some of the greatest persons in all of human history.
        Newton, Shakespeare, Bach, Homer, Alexander, Caesar, Einstein, Da Vinci, and so on.
        Christian or no, the fact is undeniable.

      4. And there was nothing Christian about Africa or South America, until white people came along. It certainly wasn’t African negroes who lacked sea going vessels and a written language, that popularized said religion…..it certainly wasn’t central American Indians either, who sacrificed each other and worshiped the jaguar and the stars. White Christian supremacy exists all around you, it only doesn’t exist in your mind. As they lose their Christianity they lose their supremacy, if only through lack of numbers….the problem for all of us is most races (blacks especially) are not fit to replace them, so there is no all black modern Utopia, Christian or otherwise, as there could be an all white one.

      5. “There’s nothing “christian” about claiming white supremacy”
        He didn’t suggest anything about white being supreme. You’re a white hater.

      6. From the movie, “The Good Shepherd”:
        Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something… we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about you people [WASPs], Mr. Wilson, what do you have?
        Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.

  10. It is good to see that there men who are not afraid to instil traditional values into their children and have his daughters become women and not short haired potty mouth girls who look like they had an accident with a staple gun. Also, a wife who treats her husband rather than some couch poatao who worships Oprah. This makes me yearn for the old days.

  11. This is exactly how every family should be. Men & women everywhere can learn from these two.
    It makes me sad that there are thousands of young men out there, (myself included) that’ll never have this family life for themselves because of what feminism has done.

    1. There is some hope my friend. I married late. My wife is a real Godly woman. She also is a great cook, caters to my needs, keeps herself fairly fit and works hard to please. We may never have that many kids, due to our age, but I do have a great marriage.

    2. Women were put on this planet to cater to our needs and that’s it. Feminism ruined our lives.

    3. Such women exist, but they’re not looking for a man like you (no offense). They are looking for a man who was raised like them. Chances are, you don’t want to become that kind of man either.
      I seriously doubt that Michelle found Jim Bob in a club on a Friday night, downing shots and hanging with his bros trying to increase his notch count!

        1. True, which is why I said, “No offense”. What I meant was, are you willing to join the kind of church a Duggar-type girl would attend and agree with? Are you willing to give up all the “worldly” things they eschew?
          You just might. Maybe already have. But so many men in the manosphere think the problem is with all the women in the world when it’s really only with all the women they meet in the places they choose to hang out.
          Google “Hutterite” and “Amish” and “Mennonite” and see a different kind of woman. Definitely NOT to the liking of most men of the manosphere.

        2. Actually, that kind of woman is exactly to my liking.
          And it’s funny you should say that seeing as I recently kicked out one of those “different kind of women” for being what we shall say, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
          And I agree with you, women like this do exist but one has to be careful as even “religious” women put on a good show just to hook someone.

        3. So sad, so true! And unfortunately none of us has a “spidey sense” that unfailingly tingles to warn us when we are being duped.
          However, learning game and being the ALPHA to your woman is the best defense I have learned against such a woman. Also, marry BELOW your level. Make sure she knows she can NEVER do better than YOU.

        4. Agreed. I actually vetted mine as much as I could in every way I knew how before taking the plunge. She’s a couple levels below me in SMV as she knows damn well that she will NEVER replace me with anyone of equal value.
          But we’re talking about women here. They don’t think logically. Either the man does what they want, or they get upset. Let them I say, as I have no qualms about putting her ass out into the street for that amount of disrespect. But in the end, when women have the capability to sic big daddy government on the man (and fall back on BDG as a “husband”) for exerting dominance in his house, you have the beginnings of a dead society. That misplaced power needs to stop. Hence my participation in the manosphere.

        5. I feel you, man. And if you are talking about black women (given your handle, I’m just guessing), doubly so. Black women are totally owned by the government and black men are nothing but human vibrators to these bitches. And many black men think it’s great!
          That is, until Big Brother comes after them.
          I used to work at a law firm in the same building as the DAs Child Support Division. A friend and I used to take our breaks outside so he could smoke. It was both funny and sad because we would be standing there in our dress shirts and ties, talking, and some really forlorn, beaten down black man would walk up to him, not me (he was black. I’m white), and say, “Hey, man. Is this the Child Support Division?” And he’d say with all sympathy, “Yeah, man. It’s right in there.” Then as they walked away, he’d turn to me and say, “Man, is there anything sadder? I am so glad I always wore a condom.” He said “wore” because at the age of 38, divorced after 15 years, he had decided to live celibate. Last I heard from him, he still was!
          So good luck, my man! Maintain your frame!

  12. It’s funny to see women justify turning into a land whale after giving birth to 1 kid..
    My response : Oh really? Here you have a woman who has popped out 19 and still holds a respectable form. There’s no excuses

    1. Yes you turn into a land whale if you just lay on your back for 9 months, while binge eating on every sort of snack and fattening food available.
      The worst sort of women are the ones who use nutrition for the womb as an excuse for stuffing their faces non-stop. Women should be on a controlled and nutritous diet when pregnant.

    2. My wife and I have 6 children and my wife a former lifeguard and swimmer may not look like her 18 year old lifeguard body but she has a flat stomach and keeps active and watches what she eats. It can be done but the woman has to give a damn,
      years ago I used to work with a very attractive young woman. Body was a solid 10 and the face a 8-9. After having just ONE child, five years later she has fallen to a 5-6. She just doesnt care.

      1. Thats why slim women are far more valuable.The rate of fat accumulation is exponentially low when you intergrate time and bearing as a factor.

    3. It’s that bullshit idea that a pregnant woman is eating for two, if you think an unborn sleeping baby weighing no more than several pounds needs two thousand plus calories a day you probably shouldn’t be reproducing

  13. By the way looking at the photos Michelle Duggar has aged very well. Something I can’t say for a lot of Hollywood starlats

  14. Amen to all of this.
    Seeing success like the Duggars inspires me as we take our own “countercultural” approach to our family.

  15. The Duggars face hostility from social justice warriors for the same reason the media mock Phil Robertson and his clan: The Wrong Kind of White People, namely white Southerners, raise awkward questions about the abilities of whites over some of the minorities when they demonstrate well organized minds which enable them to have stable family lives, support themselves and build wealth well above survival requirements, even when they have a whole pack of kids to support, and they also display unfashionable religious beliefs. Their ability to thrive without the help of the state sets an example which conflicts with the social justice agenda.

    1. Raising a large family of spiritually and physically healthy white children is about the most rebellious thing you can do.

  16. What a lovely story. Like @BlkAv8er I celebrate their triumph, but mourn that I learned the way things really are far too late in life to have a family and family life such as that. Although obviously not every woman will have the physical makeup, health, and stamina to give birth to so many children.

  17. ROK actually publishing an article on how to make our culture and society viable again instead of pushing “pump and dump Asian girls” articles? The world is now going to end.

    1. ROK regularly posts such articles. How long have you been reading?
      RoK is all about battling the feminized culture and reasserting the dominance of the masculine. Married men fathering and raising the next generation with strong religious values has always been the backbone of American society, up until the 60s.
      For pump and dump, go to Roosh V.

      1. No Tom. ROK has degraded into a post anything and slap an anti feminist label on it even if its filled with blue pill advice for the ad revenue website. Invariably it comes down to bad filler content.

    1. Classy really classy. Your ignorance shows. Doctors ask the wife if they want their vagina sewn up and how much.

      1. The most admirable thing about the Duggars is that their physician would know not to ask the wife anything. Particularly not something as important as whether or not she wants reconstructive vaginal surgery which deals solely with her husband’s wants and needs. I’d be willing to bet that Jimbob insists she’s stitched up tight as drum every single time. That’s not a decision to be left up to the woman who would always default to the easy way out versus obeying and heeding her husband desires. It’s up to the husband to remind her that her biblical responsibility is to experience as much pain as possible during labor. The “extra tight snatch stitch” is like the “cherry” on top of a Godly pain sundae for women.
        It’s heartening that those little Duggar girls get to witness such a meek, subservient role model in their mother. It really is one of the most important shows on television in my opinion.

  18. Interesting people. She actually got started pretty late for the number of children she had, I’m surprised that she didn’t have many complications. Did she? I only one just browsing Wikipedia.
    My dad’s paternal grandmother had 13 children. Her first was born in 1900, not long after she got married. My grandfather was the middle boy, he was born in 1912.
    I know from dates on gravestones that she was 15 when the first one was born, and then went on to have another approximately once every other year. Amazingly, each one of them survived! I assume she was 14 when she got married, looking at the copy of the wedding photo I have great-grandpa looked like he was about 23-25 when they married. They lived in rural Texas. She was definitely a working girl, you can see that from her hands. Getting married that young was not uncommon back then, especially considering that in that time and place there were very few people, let alone women who were old enough to bear children. They were pretty much peasants.
    Nowadays great-grandpa would be considered a sick sexual predator. Back then, it was fairly normal, at least for poor country folk.
    I guess the moral of the story is that Michelle Duggar is actually very abnormal. If you want to have that many children, you best get started early.

  19. Excellent point. The Duggars are extreme examples of couples like my parents. Never made more than 37K as a Boilermaker but he still retired early and has rental units numbering nearly 100. As children, while others went on vacations 2-3 times a year, we installed kitchens, put in our own landscaping, built our own brick dog house with concrete floor, and many other home improvements.
    Car repairs? Unless it was severe, it was all done by us. It has paid dividends. When my copper pipes leak, I cut and insert new pipe. No money for college? I joined Marines and had Tuition and a stipend to get me through college while I worked. I was older when I finally entered college but I was still able to get two undergraduate degrees and a masters in IT(A very demanding degree).
    Being frugal is why my wife and I can still enjoy nights out with six children (18 months to 22 years). I would like to add that bringing up your children with strong religious training and avoiding today’s toxic culture is key. My family barely watched TV and had no cable at home(we read a lot). My children are not allowed ANY TV or video games during the week and only 2 hours during the week. This rule was in place all the way to their Senior year.

      1. Yours, Mine, and Ours. (19 children on a Navy pilots salary, stay-at-home mother)
        Cheaper By The Dozen.
        But Daddy! (11 kids)

  20. Not many couples that aren’t polygamous can produce such a large brood and function as well as the Duggars especially in the hostile anti family climate. Both the man and woman must have unique qualities and together have a chemistry that results in the ongoing ‘baby machine’ dynamo as we see with the Duggars.
    Jim Bob isn’t just some high paid professional like many with a limited and narrow scope of abilities like a medical specialist or computer engineer. Many well paid specialists are so narrow in their abilities that they end up mortgaging their whole life just to pay someone else to fix a leaky faucet, fix their car and build a house for them. Jim Bob is quite multi talented and his wife Michelle is no ordinary find for a mate. She’s quite an exceptional fish in several ways. Not all multi talented people even have the makings for the ‘baby machine’ even with enormous resources.
    Take Prince Charles for example. He can fly an F16 and can also paint a counterfeit Rembrandt painting that looks so genuine that you need a magnifying glass to tell the difference. He’s multi talented without a doubt but who knows, his mommy complex must be the default law in the kingdom. For all his riches and to live such a beta drama. He’s lucky his sons have survived thus far.
    But back to the Duggars, if you look in typical family tree records from a century ago, you frequently see families with 8 or 12 children. 12 was a common number but what’s interesting to note is that NOT ALL of those 12 children would turn around and produce a family with 12 like their mother did. USUALLY ONLY ONE daughter turns out like her mom and is the big producer. Then in the family tree of 12 you always typically see a few ‘dry hens’ or girls that turn spinster and of the boys there is a lone wolf or two. Then the ‘in betweens’ with up to 5 children. And there is usually one multi talented boy who is like his dad. If he’s lucky to find a fitting womanservant with half a brain and that can multi task, then he produces another 12 and if her system can break past 45 then maybe 13 or 14. But still 19 from a non polygamous family is unbelievable. I thought it was make believe reality television at first. BUT IT’S TRUE. They are a rare but fitting match the Duggars.

  21. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2015/02/22/italians-really-really-need-make-more-bambinos
    Need to salute this couple. If his children have at least an average of 6 children he can have at least enough size to form a militia.Fred Phelps for his lunacy knew that if you want a listening and willing audience one needs to breed.Either way if men don’t procreate they pay higher taxes and don’t have any insurance for when the groups that have 10 children decide to invade for lack of resources.

  22. This guy Jim Bob also has some luck on his side. I do not think emulating this man’s life is what to do today. He’s lucky his wife didn’t decide to cash out (but we will see…) and having 19 kids = debt if one is not a multi-millionaire.
    A lot of things on his side. And religion is not a strong enough mitigating factor.

    1. It’s sad that so few men today can even imagine a woman who actually loves her man. Who’s hypergamy is satisfied because she knows he is the BEST. Not just the best she can do, but the best ANY woman could do.

  23. I have to applaud both of them for making it work. However, it rests on two basic accomplishments:
    1) The financial success to support a dozen and a half kids or so. Face it, most people are not smart enough, creative enough, persistent enough, charismatic enough, or – dare I say – lucky enough to become multimillionaires. Sure, you can do the thrift store thing. Sure, you can buy a kit house if you can afford the land and get a bunch of discount or free help. In the end, the upkeep on a 7000 square foot home, and feeding 21 people plus all their other living expenses is not something in the realm of possibility for anyone near a median level income.
    2) Michelle Duggar is exceptional. The whole equation falls apart unless you have a woman like her. In a country of 300 million, how many are like her? Look at any 5-year age bracket (18-22 at the low end, but whatever might be appropriate for you) and how many women will you find there like Michelle?

    1. Girls looks for the perfect husband, because they have to stick with what they get.
      Men do not need to find the perfect bride; a man forges his wife as he needs her.

      1. Girls have plenty of blue pills who they can shape to their own desires. On the other hand, how many Jedi mind tricks would Jim Bob need to know to “forge” another Michelle from different raw materials?

    2. They weren’t millionaires when they started. I only watched the show a few times and they were early episodes. They lived in a much, much smaller house and they were doing more than making due. Children are not expensive when you don’t live on credit cards and you shop in bulk, eating staples and making everything from scratch.
      It’s all about priorities. The richer a country/society gets, the fewer children people want. Europe isn’t even replacing itself, which is why they “need” the Muslim hordes who will eventually take over all of Europe without a shot being fired. America is next. If the Muslim invasion fails it will be because of families like the Duggars.

      1. Just to put things in perspective, a couple with 19 kids has a poverty line income of $94,866 according to federal guidelines. That is basically the top quintile of household incomes, just to be at the poverty line. Something more comfortable like double the poverty line (like for a single person with a $12 an hour job) would be $189,732 which is around the top 5%.

        1. Federal guidelines? You’re seriously quoting federal guidelines? We’re talking about an organization that spends $1,000 on a hammer! Since when have they ever gotten anything right?
          I know a young guy, 21 years old, who had just moved to my city. He had full custody of his two boys, four and five! He went to Welfare and received, are you ready for this? $900 A MONTH in food stamps!!! That’s NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.
          But children are CHEAP to feed, even feed well. Food, clothing, shelter is all they “need”. It’s not a lot and it’s not that expensive. No one is saying everyone should have 19 kids when they can’t afford them but that is not what the Duggars have done or ever done. What is being said here is children are a man’s legacy. His gift to the next generation.
          And they are a blessing.

  24. Seriously, consider what a radical message the Duggars broadcast these days: How dare these rednecks in Arkansas show self-reliance and success without needing help from the state! They make the non-Asian minorities who need all kinds of welfare assistance for their haphazardly bred kids look like a bunch of morons and fuckups.

      1. I apologize for my earlier post, B.A_2014! The way it appeared in my notification was that you were replying to advancedatheist, NOT Richard Goscicki. So don’t I look like a trolling asshat!
        Respects to you. Sorry for the misreading.

    1. There are better ways to show self-reliance than bringing so many kids into a perilous, overpopulated world. Nature is at her carrying capacity right now so what’s it going to be like when the kids are grown?

  25. Michelle Duggar may not be the prettiest woman in the world, but to me, she still looks fine, considering the fact she got 19 kids and she worked hard for years to raise them. She definitely still looks better than many feminists who criticize her.

  26. Much respect to Jim Bob for holding his house down. The Bible tells men that you are the head of the home and women are not. Too many lukewarm christian men (men in general) let their women take over their home and destroy them. Proverbs explains all of this to a T. Take command of your home or fall, it’s simple. It’s the reason society is in a complete dystopia. Single mothers/ welfare state queens (mothers) run the home and everything falls a part.

    1. Those manginas are pathetic and should have their man card revoked forever. It’s like wearing pink for breast cancer. Deuteronomy22:5″The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

  27. a clown car for a vagina,and children robots who have no idea what real life is like in the real world.and how about the carbon footprint on our planet…all for the glory or a man made god.no this family is a sick joke on humanity…put them all out in the real world of reality and they will fail..cant wait for the first book that one of the kids will put out,title,i was a dugger robot and now i cant deal with the real world.

  28. I don’t know, guys, Jessa has that party slut look to her face. Very pretty girl but that manjaw…

  29. I’ve got nothing but props for Jim Bob. He and his wife understand that sexual satisfaction is all about the man, not the woman. She (and all women, really) finds her deepest satisfaction in his domination (alphatude) and sexual satiation from her personal ministrations.
    Also, parents never used to “raise” their children in the modern sense of that word. Children were free labor who learned what they needed to know to survive in their culture by living IN their culture. All the various social institutions worked together to make all children productive members of the group. Also, children learn by WATCHING their parents, not by LISTENING to them.
    Socrates even raised the question as to whether virtue could be effectively taught to children directly, like mathematics, and if so, then where were the teachers of virtue and why did many virtuous men have dissolute sons? His conclusion was virtue could not be taught. So what does this say about our modern expectation that parents are responsible for their children’s choices?
    But I am willing to go out on a limb here and insist that most if not all of the Duggar children will decide to live life just as they lived it growing up because, No. 1, they see it works. 2. Why not? Their father is a man they can admire. He is a true role model. Lovingly alpha to his wife/their mother, a strong, competent provider who is unafraid to face the future because he is successfully making his way in the world. I wish I’d lived his example as a child. I loved my dad, but he sure as hell wasn’t an alpha. He was the quintessential “nice guy” at a time when being a nice guy could still get you married to a good woman. He and my mother built a good life together. But he lived most all of his life with the low-grade depression of an AFC. His frustration came not from being denied sex (I am the youngest of six), but from never having the balls to claim his masculine birthright. The strength and power of being THE MAN.
    As far as Jim Bob’s wife not being a 20-something hottie, who the f**k cares? As Roosh and a lot of the PUA guys are learning, slag pussy gets old, old, old. Loving, easy pussy offered up and taken from someone who deeply feels you and knows you and respects you? Shit! Nothing beats that. And that from a woman you lovingly care for and respect because of her success as a wife and mother. . . You got something better than that?

  30. I used to be appalled at breeders breeding like rabbits. Too many people, way, way too many people. But seeing as how whites are a tiny minority in the world and our “elite” want to mass import cheaper labor and essentially replace us, well fuck it. It’s a war of the cradle and too bad whites didn’t recognize or care in time, but hell more power to whites that can afford it and do it well!
    Btw, I’ve worked with many Latinos, or around them, and they are breeding like animals and they do get government aid. You’re funding their families and your replacement.
    America, A Beautiful Melting Pot,
    of Bull$hit.
    (I know that’s racist to say, that you like being white and want there to be more whites. Ohh well.)

    1. Mega producers like the Duggars beat out at least a dozen 1.1’ers in the stats. The arguments that not enough attention is given to the individual is moot. I’ve known quite a few families with an only child and their excuses are revealing. The stressed mom will usually go on about how hard it is to raise one single child yada yada or that she just doesn’t have the nerve to deal with another living thing etc. It is inarguable that child rearing is not for everyone. Not everyone is cut out for it. Let folks like the Duggars take up the slack. They do a hell of a job. Just because someone loves kids doesn’t qualify them for the task as we see in the adoptive couples who line their homes with cages for disabled kids as they reap the state kickbacks. The cat ladies who die in their homes to be found with feces everywhere and unfed cats gnawing at their faces surely loved the felines but they were qulitatively failures in their mission to save every cat.
      Again let the pros like Duggar & Co handle the deficit. I’ve seen hispanic households that were mega producers as well but they more resembled the cheap life of the cats in the cat lady house.
      There was a gold wreath necklace that Hitler would personally award to blonde women upon the delivery of their 10th child. I guess the 10th hispanic child in a crowded apartment would get a burrito party platter and string bean necklace from Obama.

      1. Most parents are really shitty at it, not to be judgmental, just seems a fact. Most adults are just bigger kids that’ve been around a little longer. Fools.
        This Be the Verse

  31. I still wouldn’t want a shit ton of kids but I like the fact that he isn’t materialistic, a good father, and is self sufficient.

  32. Never.
    I hate children. I truly despise the feral little bastards. I will never allow a single one to rob me of time or money. I truly believe I’d murder my child: adopt a pitbull, take a phone call during bath time or maybe take the kid to the mall, buy $300 worth of shit and ‘accidentally’ drop it down 20 feet of stairs. I’ll scream “Ahh Lawd. I guess Geezus needed another angel.”Find 12 who’ll convict me.
    But let’s say I didn’t hate children. Unless there are holocausts and ethnic cleansing on the horizon, the white world is fucked. The EU will become a caliphate and the US will become just another Spic filled 3rd world cesspool. The Druggar children will grow up in a swamp similar to the one that the shitskins fled- choosing to live in the shadows and scrub shitters for poverty wages. Hitler or Honduras… Pick your poison.

  33. The ridiculousness of actually having 19 kids is ludicrous in and of itself but there are a few things that any professional shrink will tell you. First is that there is no way the parents can parent 19 kids. Its called neglect !!! CPS gets called to scenes like this all the time. This means that the other older children in the family will end up raising their siblings which may look good on the surface but I don’t think many here would agree with the notion that a 13 year old girl getting knocked up and raising a child is a good idea, yet when the task of raising her younger siblings is thrown upon her or him for that matter all of a sudden its acceptable. Frankly its total bullshit. Take away the tv show and they would be on food stamps. Kids need to be kids and do kid shit without the stress and pressure of being a hostage in a parent-less household. There is just not enough time in the day to pay any one of the kids enough attention after #5 in a 2 parent home. . If they have a drive to be parents let them become parents on their own at age appropriate times. The duggars- an exception to the rule. More kids in the family = less time for each child. Learning to be self sufficient is all great too, but having 19 kids and putting it on tv parading it around as an acceptable family model is a sad joke. I am all for getting sex when you want it but it is not a reason to have 19 kids.

  34. this is what you call child abuse if you use critical thinking not dementia or delusion..this man is a self serving person that has made a clown car out of his wifes vagina and idiots think that he is a man,no he is a demented delusional person that keeps his family stupid for the glory of a man made god.i cant wait till one of his delusional children come out with a book on life as a robot..its a shame that those children have no idea what real life is all about..when he cuts them lose on the real world they dont stand a chance.

  35. Human runaway overpopulation is the worst problem facing
    humanity and nature. A hundred years ago the world population was 1.6 billion, now it’s 7.3. Look what people are doing to one another in
    Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh (16 were killed last week by trampling over each other in a stampede like buffalo.) “God
    will provide,” declared the Darfur peasant as he buried his fifth child to die of starvation. God doesn’t seem to with fifteen million children dying every year.

    1. Due to declining birth rates in the US immigration has been the cause of the increase in US population. End the open borders and we have declining population. If more people had big families in the US we wouldn’t have anyone justifying the need for more imported labor.

      1. True, good post, quite right. But we have to look at the big, worldwide picture. I believe in Gaia theory, that the Earth is a superorganism. We have to live in harmony with nature, not just our own economic system.

  36. Human runaway overpopulation is the worst problem facing
    humanity and nature. A hundred years ago the world population was 1.6 billion, now it’s 7.3. Look what people are doing to one another in
    Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh (16 were killed last week by trampling over each other in a stampede like buffalo.)
    “God will provide,” declared the Darfur peasant as he buried his fifth
    child to die of starvation. God doesn’t seem to care about the fifteen million children dying every year.

  37. Well there are a whopping 7 billion people on a planet with a relatively small size. If Earth was the size of Jupiter, then overpopulation would not be an issue at all.

  38. I’m seeing a disturbing amount of blue pill “overpopulation” comments on here.
    First of all, a lot of this (mis)understanding stems from the book “the population bomb” which was written by Paul and Annie Ehrlich, two eco communists who having been pushing for the eugenicist idea that there are simply “way too many people on earth.”
    This belief is a canard when one comes to understand that the earth can sustain far more life than we currently have. There are areas where the land has not been properly cultivated due to a lack of agricultural technology, primarily in 3rd world areas. Many of these regions are therefore barren because the poorest people will tend to stay more bunched up in shantytowns where free water and government granted food can be more easily obtained.
    What is often the case, is that the resources we do have are seized upon by governments who hoard them or otherwise price control them to make them more expensive for the poorest of the poor to afford, so they can die off or at least have less inclination to reproduce.
    Stalin and Mao mass starved their people for just these reasons and even in the US prog presidents like Franklin Roosevelt pushed for acts which had remarkably similar results, albeit on a lesser scale. Roosevelt helped pass the agricultural adjustment act of 1933 which resulted in the FED purchasing then destroying millions of hogs from farmers, and paying farmers not to plow for cotton (among other things) ostensibly to keep market prices up but in reality this was done to keep the poorest of the poor from reproducing and consuming foods. To Roosevelt’s defense, Herbert Hoover set the stage for these conditions which only ended up making the beginnings of the great depression worse through his interventionist approach to government policy.
    With regard to the loss of life suffered during the GD, there are no reliably exact numbers (suspiciously enough) but it has been speculated that up to 7 million people starved or otherwise died because of these and other population bomb policies.
    To further elucidate: these nihilist policies are designed with population bomb theories in mind, where having less food would result in more people starving and therefore having less poor undesirable people taking up space on the earth and making more room for all those who are considered useful and productive members of society (the middle class, the upper class, etc) With the great depression affecting over 1/5 of the entire US population at the time to the point of having them be considered indigent and even itinerant, the unofficial theory was that if they died off they would no longer be counted and therefore affected by poverty…if this sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same exact argument abortion nihilists use to try and push for expanded abortion laws, because those behind abortion stemming all the way back to Margaret Sanger are eugenicists themselves.
    To conclude, don’t believe the bs population bomb theories of progs like Ehrlich, who is cozy with John Holdren, obama’s science czar, who believes undesirables should be weaned off of reproducing and there are simply way too many people on this earth and that people should be mass sterilized…(paraphrased)
    If you think he doesn’t believe that includes killing people off through acts similar in nature to the one Roosevelt helped pass, you are sadly mistaken.
    Bear in mind also, this guy is cozy with the current president in power.

    1. You are absolutely right! If people are the problem you are justified to do whatever it takes to solve it.
      This argument was created at the same time as “The Limits Of Growth” was published by the Club of Rome. It’s argument was the same. People are a problem and we (the elite) must limt the growth of the civilized world.
      Everything this communists said has been demostrably PROVEN wrong. Not guessed wrong, thought wrong. Proven in experience to be WRONG!
      Just like Al Gore has been PROVEN wrong when he said in his first Stupid Book, “Earth in the Balance,” that we had only 20 years to save the planet. In 20 years the earth would be destroyed. Sorry, I can’t check my references right now.
      NEVER listen to naysayers unless they are saying “No!” to fear and “No!” to defeat.

  39. Duggars are a family to learn from. St. Catherine was child #20 I believe. I believe in having lots of kids if I marry and would like to prepare accordingly for this.

  40. Well they can fuck while their kids cook, clean and do the gardening. Dream life ! Can’t imagine the width of her snatch though…19 kids…mayn !

  41. The last two sentences struck me kind of funny: “The Duggar’s way of life is obviously counter-cultural. It might be
    too extreme for some men, but we can all still learn a little from Jim
    Bob’s approach.”
    Of course it’s counter-cultural, and that’s why it’s obviously good. The mainstream culture is garbage. Anything that advocates virtue, chastity until marriage, loyalty and hard work, is to be prized, as it’s so rare in people nowadays. If anything, this community should adopt its own counter-culture, probably one based on traditional American and/or Christian values that everyone can rally around not only for the community aspect but because its a tested and proven method on how to run a working, western society.

  42. didn’t realize michelle duggar was over 50. She doesn’t look bad at all for an over 50 year old woman, looks way younger than most over 50 women.

  43. I was raised Catholic and I saw many “pure” girls rationalize that sex doesn’t include anal or oral. I thought they were gross and stupid. A woman who doesn’t have penetrative sex but goes down on a lot of men is still a slut; I wouldn’t want a woman like that if I was male. I wonder if the Duggar girls go down on a lot of men.
    I admire Michelle’s traditional marriage advice and I use some of it in my home.
    Being a feminine woman frees my husband to be my masculine hero. If more women thought like Michelle, America wouldn’t be going to hell in a handbasket.

  44. Good job on writing this article Michael Sebastian. Mr. and Mrs. Duggar set up a good example of family values specially here in America. I can’t stand all these single mothers are proud to raise their kids without a father but they are receiving child support and Vaginamony from him. Most of these bitches are raising Carjackers, drug dealer, kidnappers and losers. Another reason why I listen to The Tom Leykis show.

  45. The truly Christian way of life is superior to all other forms. Sorry if I sounded Muslim there.
    But what we have become familiar with as ‘christian’ is a load of rubbish, catholicism being rubbish chief.
    Whatever perspective you view it from, the stable family unit is by far and away the best – including from the perspective of Darwin and all the natural selection/survival of the fittest crowd. Having loads of sex thus kids with women of questionable status, integrity and intelligence may be sowing the seed far and wide but it’s sowing it in poisonous fields. Dumb people are no prize in the mind of evolution nor are broken, vulnerable families. Nor are societies who are dependable on government intervention and guidance.
    This guy is a great testament to anti game actually and how truly wonderful Men and Women are when they walk with Jesus. They also started their family at an young age before she got all messed up by feminism and the real world (inherently incompatible…).

  46. Ah, sexism. How you make me die inside.
    Thanks so much for belittling women down into nothing more than personal slaves, dudes! It’s not like they can’t go and actually have lives of their own, including having their own job, social life, and interests! It would be a TRAVESTY if women were to step out of the house, amirite? Gah, the idea of my future spouse having a job and being independently successful while still maintaining a great relationship with me that doesn’t even have to have sex is just awful! I can’t stand it. And men cooking and cleaning? Horrible. Women being breadwinners? Terrible! Simply awful, just like misogyny.

    1. WTF??!!
      “Gah, the idea of my future spouse (I am being presumptuous to think this mythical future spouse will be a man?) having a job and being independently successful while still maintaining a great relationship with me that doesn’t even have to have sex(????!!!!!) is just awful! I can’t stand it.”
      And neither will your “spouse” be able to stand it either! Only a woman would idealize a married relationship “that doesn’t even have to have sex.” Please promise to show this comment to your more and more mythical “future spouse”. That way he will have a fair chance to ESCAPE WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!!!!
      Sex isn’t the only reason a man marries. But it is the FIRST and LAST reason he marries.
      Thank God woman are like buses. There’s always another one coming along any minute (as expressed to me by my wife!).

  47. Aaaaaaand “Jim Bob lets his son molest his daughters…”
    Good one, ROK.

  48. Lets not forget about raping your sisters and covering up the police report…

    1. He did not rape his sister. No one covered up the police report. You are spreading slander and lies.
      I was a foster parent of special need children for nine years. I had many dealings with the juvenile court system. The court system routinely uses non-judicial avenues to resolve even possible criminal behavior in juveniles. The courts are VERY lenient, especially when there are involved and concerned parents, as in the case of the Duggars. They will usually only seek criminal sanctions if the victim was OBVIOUSLY physically harmed or showing signs of mental instability as a result of the offense or if the parents of the victim insist. The juvenile court system is NOT set up to PUNISH juveniles, but to steer them in another direction, to offer them a chance to get back on the right path. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.
      By all evidence, that is exactly what Josh Duggar did. He does not deserve the hate and censure he is receiving.
      Oh, and confidentiality in juvenile cases? The sealing of records? That is the RULE, not the exception. It is the LAW! A judge does not have discretion in the matter unless the juvenile is being charged as an adult.
      Josh Duggar’s rights were violated by this revelation and it WAS a criminal violation.

    1. Nonsense! This demonizing of a family because a 14 year old boy got carried away by his hormones is so friggin’ hypocritical it makes me sick. What amazes me is Josh didn’t get caught! He went to his parents and TOLD them what he was struggling with! How many of us had that close a relationship with our parents? I know I didn’t. His parents tried to handle it on their own and when they felt they couldn’t THEY went to the police themselves! The fact that the cop they went to was a possible pedophile (I don’t know if he ever acted out his porn fantasies) just exacerbates the irony.
      This faux outrage by the left, this secular hyper-puritantism is a joke! These are the same people who in a few years will be chanting “Sex before eight because then it’s too late!”
      Josh was 14 when this happened. NOT legally an adult. What kind of sh*t did you do or want to do when you were that age?

      1. If it had of been anyone else they would have been charged. Praise the Lord! and hide it under the rug.

        1. Troll! This happened BEFORE the TV show.
          Sh*t! I’m breaking my own rule agaisnt feeding trolls. Gotta stop that!

        2. I was a foster parent of special need children for nine years. I had many dealings with the juvenile court system. The court system routinely uses non-judicial avenues to resolve even possible criminal behavior in juveniles. The courts are VERY lenient, especially when there are involved and concerned parents, as in the case of the Duggars. They will usually only seek criminal sanctions if the victim was OBVIOUSLY physically harmed or showing signs of mental instability as a result of the offense or if the parents of the victim insist. The juvenile court system is NOT set up to PUNISH juveniles, but to steer them in another direction, to offer them a chance to get back on the right path. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.
          By all evidence, that is exactly what Josh Duggar did. He does not deserve the hate and censure he is receiving.
          Oh, and confidentiality in juvenile cases? The sealing of records? That is the RULE, not the exception. Josh Duggar’s rights were violated by this revelation and it WAS a criminal violation.

      2. It always amuses me how Libs suddenly become bible thumpers and moralists when they think it will suit their real agenda.

  49. I agree fully with the article. I am a christian man with a (real) christian wife who I pursued and married when she was a virgin(though I had a history), after obtaining permission from her father and getting pre-marriage counseling from 2 couples.
    On our wedding night she said to me in her lingerie that her good christian friends gave her at the wedding shower, “I want to please you” as my wife, and she has, and continues to as we are expecting our 3rd baby in March. This pornogrified culture doesn’t understand the paradigm shift that is a good wife, and trust me no pua ever truly gets a “good christian girl”, they are completely out of your league.
    I know you younger guys won’t believe me, but it’s true: the sex is better now than before, she is learning me as a wife : how to please me in food, words, sex, respect, help. I get all the sex I want, plus some that I didn’t ask for.
    Her girlfriends don’t talk trash but encourage her to respect and help, raise kids and never withhold sex. Both of us have been set free from the slavery of our culture.
    She and I run a business together, and any feminist who saw her at work would be proud, until they realize to their horror that she considers her true vocation as christian, wife and mother, willingly submissive to me.
    She is not inferior nor duped, but with full understanding she submits herself to my leadership with a whole heart, and I have seen her femininity blossom as she lets go and leaves the providing and protecting to me in trust.
    When I come home, my kids joyfully yell “daddy’s home!!” their mom has communicated to them that response and excitement for their dad. God willing I will raise my daughters to be the same for my future soon in laws. Like my wife, they should defer to dad with respect naturally when it comes to interested men. And nobody can sniff out a scummy player like another man(which is why zero actual good christian girls have been had by puas).
    I wish you all the same…but you also need to nurture your good wife to get these kinds of results, and you need a community which supports it

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