Females Have To Earn Your Respect

“Mommy, I want to play ball with the boys”, said six-year-old Annie, in a tone of voice that was rapidly approaching the dreaded high-pitched whine. “You will, my dear, I will make them”, said her weight-challenged mom as she turned towards the pair of laughing teenage boys that were throwing a ball back and forth in the nearby cul-de-sac.

“NICKY! DANIEL! Annie wants to play ball with you! You better play with her and behave, otherwise I swear to God, I will tell your mothers!” bellowed the mother hen at the boys.

Feathered police

The feathered police

As soon as Annie joined the game, the boys’ behavior changed dramatically. They were expected to accept Annie as their equal, which she obviously wasn’t. The ball was no longer thrown or punted with any considerable force, lest little Annie trip herself up and kiss the ground.

Instead, the ball was passed along or gently rolled on the ground. Meanwhile, the mother hen perched herself high on the balcony overlooking the neighborhood, seated on what must have been a titanium-reinforced chair, and occasionally shouted orders.

"What did the patriarchy do to you, my dear?"

“What did the patriarchy do to you, my dear?”

The first thing Annie did was make sure nobody possessed the ball—everyone had to have exactly equal time with it, and in a specific order. The purpose of this forced sharing was so that nobody had their feelings hurt in any way by being left out. The game was no longer about competition, it was about participation.

Of course, boys grew tired of her rules immediately but still went along with the charade because it seemed like the path of least resistance.

What is going on here?

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a Western country, you must have seen something like this unfold right in front of your eyes. You might have been involved in such occurrences and yielded to women without thinking twice. Besides, it can seem so natural when you’re immersed in a gynocentric culture on a daily basis. Women are people too, right? Why not treat them with the same respect men get?

The problem is that women lack accountability and will always superimpose their inner realities upon the outside world, rather than the other way around. Ignoring objective reality usually comes at a great price, but women offload the cost onto unsuspecting men, dragging them down into the darkness.

If a woman was given free reign over the Garden of Eden, she would ruin it for everyone. Want proof? Allow me to go biblical for just a second and quote Genesis 3:13 :

rok serpent deceived me cropped and resized 2

Note the deflection of responsibility – the woman hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s the snake’s fault for presenting her with a temptation she couldn’t resist. Now, the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally, but the fact that a 3,400 year old book talks so frankly about the true nature of women is astounding.

In fact, everything else in the Bible pales in comparison to that one verse and is pretty much tainted by a needless religious subtext. That one sentence is a warning from ages past—anything can be destroyed by putting a woman in charge and letting her have an “oopsie” moment.

So, how does this translate to our times? The root of all problems with women is that they are entitled, which means they want respect and attention they don’t deserve. Girls are carefully groomed from the early childhood to believe themselves to be perfect. When left unchallenged, this attitude eventually turns them into a black hole wherein all resources and attention disappear.

A boy who tries to do the same thing as Annie would be rightfully called “spoiled” and quickly humbled by his friends or his brother, if he has them.

It is your duty to call out female entitlement when you see it and spread awareness of this phenomenon, sharing your insights alongside it. Humbling a woman will generally cause a wave of triggering to occur among perennially butthurt SJWs, but it is the only way to stop females from being a liability, not just on you, but on the entire society.

If a woman still refuses to change her ways, don’t give her your respect or attention and simply move on.

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379 thoughts on “Females Have To Earn Your Respect”

  1. Aaron Clarey and “truth” are getting attacked on all of the mainstream media newspapers for exposing the feminist propoganda in the new Mad Max film.
    Both are doing a wonderful job to get awareness on this, yet they are being treated like dog shit by everyone.

    1. Where? How can they attack truth? He’s almost our De Facto wise sage. I’ll go to bat for him.

      1. There was a lot of references to some of truth’s comments in some of the press. Even someone as wise as truth, will be attacked, even though he always speaks “the truth.”
        Thats the problem with feminists- they are narrow minded to see their own faults. Also, the sad fact, is that he was also attacked by hordes of white knights and manginas, simply because he was speaking a truthful point.

  2. You also have to remember that Adam’s sin was to listen to the woman….the way the boys in the article are listening to the girl as the “path of least resistance.”

      1. You mentioned Pirates was red pill, was that an exception in Depp’s filmography?

        1. Not sure. I think Depp is simply a pro actor who takes whatever gig he and his agent thinks he can do well.

        2. What ever happened to Depp? He stars in nothing but complete **** these days.

        3. He will need the money once he gets taken to the cleaners by Amber Heard. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. 2.000 years later, Paul was talking about that same thing. And he was clear about it.
      She was decieved, not him. His fault was listening to her rather than listening to God.

        1. As is hating and fearing them.
          As is being a faggot.
          As is being a Sodomite.

        2. Pedestalizing anyone is offensive to God. There is no deep hierarchy in God’s kingdom. There’s God and there’s us. The ongoing theme in the bible is how we have to take personal responsibility for our lives and not surrender that to leaders or laws.

        3. Predestination, or rather the Greek word for it, appears 6 times in the new testament. Foreknowledge also appears so it’s obvious that both happen. There are lots of verses about people choosing Christ and also about being responsible for your own choices. It also says that everyone standing before him will accept and understand his judgement. And that he works for the good in all things. Exactly how all that works together is up to God not me. I trust in him, that’s where faith comes in to play.

        4. Nonsense. There’s a strict hierarchy between each class.Angels and the gods (sort of superior human types) are above earth humans etc Adam was sort of a hybrid of god and earth creature.As generations passed in this Adamite line they because a lot less godlike.At some point as is written in Genesis “my spirit will no longer abide in thee” which meant that the better god genetics were all diluted and goes on to say that man shall be mortal and live a max. of 120 years.It’s very similar to Greek mythology where the gods had sex with humans and people were part god.The gods are merely a superior type of Homo sapiens and very similar to humans except they lived a long time and may have been more advanced in some ways.They are not immortal though and could be killed as Zeus warns the other gods about going near them and points out that 3 gods were killed by humans in the Iliad.

        5. You means the gods. GOD is an entity so different that humans (or even the gods) cannot communicate with it. The good in all things may not be for humans but for their experimental station on planet earth. They made a mistake by allowing crew members to shag earth girls making their offspring part god.After Commander Satan who had the nickname ‘the snake’ gave these hybrids the elixir of knowledge making them as smart as the gods all hell broke loose with the team.Captain Lord closed down the experiment station (the garden) and threw the hybrids out before Satan could give them the elixir of life.He took off leaving Satan and his men marooned behind and they eventually died or were killed by savages. The semi gods like Adam etc mixed with the earth humans and lost any better qualities they had with perhaps only being a bit smarter than the savage humans on earth. The elixir changed their genetic code.The Adamites were of course the superior White race. Adam does not mean man but ‘he who blushes’

      1. I would just like to point out, where was Adam when the serpent was deceiving Eve? He was suppose to protect her. Now women today have a very hard time letting themselves be protected, society has really screwed us up. I.e. Feminism
        And God asked Adam what happened first and he blamed Eve, and then Eve blamed the serpent. So don’t try and put it all on us, both sexes have a lot of work to do to get us where God wants us to be 🙂

        1. Protect her? She received the commandment just like Adam did. How come she just couldn’t have listened and obeyed God on her own?
          Oh what you are saying is that she couldn’t think for herself and needed her husband to do it for her. Oh, I get it now…

        2. Nice try but why couldn’t Eve act like an adult and accept her mistake? Instead she gets Adam to eat the fruit as well to share the same fate.

        3. You miss the point, it is typical of a woman to think this passage is criticising woman,the criticism is actually quite light, the point it is making is not that eve is evil or something like, the point is women are easily led or influenced and therefore man should be careful when listening to woman .
          Now that’s sound advice, even to someone as non religious as me.

        4. Adam and Eve existed long before the bitterness and enmity that leads punks to ROK arose between Man and Woman.

        5. Good comment. No Trolling.
          Finally someone reads the Bible with eyes that see.

        6. Good point.
          In the Garden Adam and Eve were innocent.
          God’s presence allows innocence.

        7. Neither Adam nor Eve were particularly well equipped for the situation. They didn’t even have clothes.
          You have to appreciate the naivety of God’s first Man and Woman.
          They were like children in their Fathers presence.
          Stop hating women. It Vexes God.

        8. I don’t hate anyone. But like all feminists, you accuse people of hating women aka misogyny all because I disagreed with some. You idiots are one step away from calling someone misogynist if they have a different favorite color than you.

        9. “……..where was Adam when the serpent was deceiving Eve?” He was suppose to protect her.
          Please allow me to venture a guess, he was in the basement jerking off to porn or playing video games? That’s why it is incumbent upon us to ban pornography and video games because it stirs away men from protecting women……..oh, wait.

        10. Presumably that the one he was replying to think that Eve couldn’t think for herself and needed her husband to do it for her.
          Of all the people I know the ones who have the lowest opinion of women are feminists, male and female.

        11. WHere was Adam? who knows. But we do know said serpent(who is really the first female Lilith), failed to tempt Adam. Adam having let Eve out of his presence probably because he didn’t know better then, Allowed Eve to be tempted.
          But as noted…Eve immediately tosses the blame to the serpent(again the first female Lilith), and then Lilith blames God crying about how She is merely doing whats been done before. so both original females pawn the blame off on someone else.
          It should be noted only Adam owns up to it declaring that the woman thou gavest me and commanded that she should be with, gave it to me and i did eat.
          the creation story is a great commentary on the nature of man and woman

        12. They both couldn’t think before Commander Satan gave them the elixir of knowledge.None of this has anything to do with GOD, whatever that entity may be. Capt. Lord was just pissed that inferior officers were not obeying orders and doing unauthorised experiments behind his back and referred to Satan as ‘the snake’

        13. Eve was not Adam’s wife. She was his servant and before they were given the elixir of knowledge by Commander Satan didn’t even know how to fuck or that they were naked.

        14. Satan gave her the elixir and she thought it was fine because he was a top officer like Lord.But after she took it she became smart and realised what her pussy was for.She got the gina tingles but needed a cock so she got Adam to take it too so he’d be smart enough to know how to give her the old in-out in-out.

        15. Where was Adam?
          See Genesis 3:8. Adam was with her. He did not do his job as the head of Eve.
          He did not stop her and tell her to not speak with the serpent and to not eat the fruit.

        16. And Adam is passing the buck by blaming Eve for his failure as the head of Eve.

        17. they were both in the garden yes, but Eve has a full conversation with the “serpent” without Adam having any input into the conversation.
          it seems logical that Adam wasnt right next to her. Also given the fact that Eve is the second female as the first one also goes awol, it seems likely that maybe Adam thought Eve would be different? They make of point of saying because she is of his flesh(the rib), that they would be one. Given its a creation story, Adam probably wouldnt be very well versed in the ways of women yet.
          notice He didnt even know he was naked till part way through chapter 3. So Adam surely wasnt very clued in on the ways of the women yet.

        18. nobody is trying to put it all on women byt the article and the subject matter is about the faults of women. so thats what will be discussed.

      2. Sure, god could have just turned her back into dust or threw her out of the garden and made a new improved model for Adam :o)

        1. Yes. But Adam was responsible for that not happening. He was responsible for his own behaviour and the behaviour of his family, but he ignored God’s advice and listened to her.
          We can see everyday the consequences of his choice.

    2. I’m not super religious, and don’t bash others’ belief systems. My last LTR was a divorcee. After 2.5 wasted years that ended in hell (relevant), I ended up finally speaking with her ex-husband. What an eye-opening conversation we had. His final words were; “The further I got away from her in my life (despite having kids together), and the closer I got to God, the better my life has been going.”

      1. I have often looked back on comments women made about their ex, and as the relationship ended, wished I could meet up with them for a drink and exchange horror stories..
        I remember meeting this hot young Russian exchange student, that I got one-itis for. Early on she talked about how she had had a couple of boyfriends back home, but they refuse to even speak to her now and that really upset her and she couldn’t understand why. I was thinking what is wrong with those guys? I can’t imagine ever feeling that way about such a special delicate princess… lol fast forward a couple of months and I wouldn’t give her the time of day if she showed up naked at my front door. Whenever I hear stories about “bad” exes now, I usually assume the guy was acting appropriately. Unless she was dating a psychopath (and many hot women do), it’s usually spot on.

        1. “I wouldn’t give her the time of day if she turned up naked on my door”.
          What if she was packing a massive black strap-on?

        2. Exactly! Some people tried to set me up with a chick. They described her ex as being terrible “he expected her to iron his shirts!” Translation: chick gets with a dominant man, wants to be equal anyway, can’t deal with it.
          My standard response is that if he was so bad, why did she fuck him?

    3. Adam sinned just as Eve did. He did not listen to God, and he did not correct Eve either, despite knowing it was wrong. He was deceived, he was sinful, just like Eve. We are equal.

      1. Eve’s sin was listening to the serpent, which is a symbol of envy and hate – and those are women’s greatest sins. Adam’s was listening to Eve…and men’s greatest sin is listening to women when he knows they’re wrong. We’re not equal.

        1. How does listening to the serpent equate to envy and hate?
          have you misunderstood wordz again?

      2. Adam was the first and original blue pill beta chump for he chose to listen to a woman over the biggest baddest oldest Alpha Male there is in existence aka God.
        In all fairness, even a red pill Adam can not possibly correct Eve for the deed had been done – she had eaten the forbidden fruit. Yet at least a red pill Adam will choose not to listen to a woman as all red pill men here should not.

        1. Thank you I’m a red-pill man and needed that advice today.
          I was actually contemplating listening to a woman.
          Good lookin out.

      3. Good comment.
        Lola – can you do these young pup’s a favour and explain to them how repulsive it is to women when men hate them?
        And that women just like men can be dicks when they are younger but it’s sad that not many ROK guys understand this and just cry about how unfair the world is and how wrong women are for not wanting to have sex on the Beta-Omega spectrum?
        Thanks Toots.

    4. The bible is nothing but Red Pill wisdom, especially the Old Testament. Hell even Joseph was put in prison on a false rape accusation. (Genesis 39)

      1. LOL …… Joseph was the first recorded victim of false rape accusation ……….. cunts will always be cunts.

        1. But what does this have to do with women?
          Or the Return of Kings we await?
          ROK do you realise how blasphemous the name of your web site is?

  3. I try not to place too much blame on women when they behave this way. The coddling they receive many times start at home. I’ve had fathers, brothers and close friends of the girls I know try and act tough with me and say to me “If you make her cry, there’ll be hell to pay.” When I respond with a “What if she instigated an argument with me and is crying to manipulate people into sympathizing and siding with her?” They usually respond nervously with a “Oh-er…I’m not sure.” Then these guys wonder why their girls grow up to become so difficult. A few girls are able to break out of this but most are too comfortable with this coddling because it makes them feel ‘protected’.
    Using Bible verses, or any other ‘old stories’, as support is quite tricky. I’ve always thought that people back then were not too far off in terms of intellect and wisdom. The nature of humans and interpreting the world around them philosophically.
    Most people who disagree with us, especially if they are atheists, would probably label us as delusional for believing in ‘antiquated’ ideas. Some may even label the old religions as ‘afraid of women’ just because they ‘oppressed’ women.
    Personally, I do not believe in most religions but I still make it an effort to respect religions where it is due. To me, religions are a type of way of life. I could even take a risk and call religions a unique class of philosophy. Most religious people I have met who practice their religion peacefully and do not shove it in people’s faces tend to be the more pleasant people I know. I suppose by being religious, it gives them a sort of peace of mind and heart instead of wandering around aimlessly thinking “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is my destiny?”, etc.

    1. in addition, i also don’t really see the goal of the subtitle to this article: ‘curing their entitlement.’ fuck that, let them rot of that disease! lolz on them in the long-run. after all, the wall strikes pretty hard!

    2. I consider myself an Atheist but like you, I respect religions. Throughout the last decade with a lot of deep thought, I simply have arrived at a very different perspective than what the Christian Right wants me to believe. Yet with that being said, I was in favor of Indiana’s Religious Freedom as I think any PRIVATE business should have the right to refuse service.
      I’ve had this argument with several lefties. Most don’t ever engage in critical thought. They merely act on “feel good emotion.” I’ll always ask these people why they’re not outraged at Smith College only admitting women. Then make the point that if they think a law needs to be passed to FORCE a private business to extend service to everyone, then I guess they won’t have a problem with a Black Photographer being forced (unable to refuse service) to capture a KKK rally should the clan want them to photograph.
      Regarding Women. This is actually where Feminism is “empowered” by the right. You see … many on the Christian Right have the idea that you “Never hit a woman.” I strongly believe many on the Christian Right simply are naive regarding how violent and entitled women in some parts of the country are becoming and thus don’t even think about a female assaulting a male and the guy finally throwing back in self-defense. Sean Hannity has this attitude “A man never hits a woman” because the man is physically stronger. I completely disagree with this attitude as it allows physically abusive women to get away with assaulting men. This notion that a man has to take a beating from a woman and can’t defend himself because he’s “physically stronger” is insane.

      1. As a Christian myself I agree with you. The Christian Right does often get it wrong when it comes to violence.
        You don’t initiate violence, but as Jesus teaches explicitly you are to carry weapons for defensive purposes, and be ready to use them if and only if that happens.
        Jesus never says anything like “well if a woman is hitting you don’t fight back.”

        1. Women were also taught not to initiate violence with a man because he is physically stronger and knew should they begin to assault a man, they’d face a powerful wallop. A powerful wallop which would make her think twice about ever doing it again.
          This sensible education has gone out the window. Look at what happens when anyone brings up this common sense logic in the media. They face suspensions and negative ramifications. The new notion is that the MAN must refrain himself when being assaulted by a woman. This flawed logic is allowing women to get away with assaulting men since they know should the guy swing back, he’ll be the one leaving in cuffs and tarred by MSM. It’s to the point you can watch Google videos of women in public going up to random guys and hitting them knowing “they can get away with it.”

        2. Nature made the male of every species larger and stronger than the female.Men are 6″ taller, 50 lbs heavier and a lot more muscular on average than the females.In Nature might makes right and dominance is the rule. Smart females who want to survive do not challenge the male and remain docile and silent around men which is why men don’t kill them. They obey men not the other way about.Unnatural defective females are removed from the breeding pool.
          Male animals don’t kill the females but I wonder if they sometimes do because I saw this male lion who just clamped his jaws around the female’s neck and killed her. Did he sense that she was defective in some way and then just took her out? Who knows.
          Men and females have nothing in common except sex (reproduction) and even today with inventions like marriage the world is still a primitive matriarchy with the female caring for this part of her that came out of her body and which she’s still attached to as if it’s still in her.
          Animals only have sex when the female is ovulating but the human female does at any time mostly because she is the only species dependant upon the male for survival and needs males in her vicinity to survive which is why her sexuality is always turned on.She’s there for sex on demand and the larger male just demands it.

        3. Thank you, David Attenborough.
          Do you think women hang around men solely because of their need for protection from rabid wildebeests, or do you think the complex social systems we set up to function as a group has something to do with it?
          Humans are social creatures. The idea of killing off ‘undesireable’ women just because you don’t want to bang her, is probably not the best course of action to keep a society going.

        4. first off…..NO MA’AM …..Al Bundy rules
          secondly I agree 100000%. the whole notion of a guy cant hit a girl has bugged me for ages. Overtime I came to accept it. eventually i changed it into well, self defense okay I can do that, to now where I think a husband ought to have a right to smack his wife if she gets out of hand as they often do. I think this threat of violence 200 years ago, kept wives in check because as you plainly stated, she is smaller and weaker and would get a powerful wallop. This is something you see in movies set in older eras now and then, the wife slaps her husband, and if he doesnt punch her in the face back, he makes it damn clear if she does it again shes dead.
          not to say husbands should be bruising the wife….but its well known, they get out of hand and like a child, brute force is the only answer sometimes.
          in fact I recall one time….my mom and sister had been for the past several years going on and on and on about how under appreciated they are. their husbands are dirt. blah blah blah. Mom constantly threatening to move out. I doubt my family thinks I remember this, and at the time, i certainly didnt think I’d remember it. But i remember it clearly.
          one day, my dad had had enough. He told her “you’re always complaining your under appreciated, and threatening to move out…..SO GO THERES THE DOOR JUST GO” and he pointed to it. Imagine a 60 year old man just yelling and livid and giving the classic “striking the fear of God into your soul” expression.
          Mom shut the hell up promptly, and has not once threatened to leave.
          and my sister? She resolved mostly, whatever issues she had with her husband.
          its funny, mom wont bring up her threatenings to leave, but she sure as hell will remind me of how my sister treated her husband poorly. it really is funny to look at in retrospect with red pill knowledge.
          and its not like she hates my sister….she just does it as a matter of course, her nature. no different than a dog barking or a cat meowing.
          one problem though is your average man is an out of shape fat ass, theres nothing to fear there.
          and as a christian….Ive been studying the scriputres more lately and especially Jesus in the new testament…..Reading/listening to the new testament and comparing it to what Ive heard in church all my life is kind of amazing.
          Church tells me of Jesus the mild and timid and meek which apparently translates to pussy boy. Yet Jesus constantly challenged people, he goes ape shit in the temple, calls his best friend peter a “child of the devil”. Hes constantly telling the apostles to man up and get some faith.
          Moses the meekest man of earth at the time…..hes a damn war hero. He goes straight to the big bad pharoah and starts telling him free my people or else. and really all the prophets of the scriptures had massive balls.
          I think christians perverting the definition of meekness has killed the masculinity of it the religion. Church has been quite unhealthy for me as a result….Im just now seeing that though.
          its why I believe in Jesus Christ, but have stopped going to those mangina churches.

      2. You should ask this Hannity guy if a female wants to smack and hit a cop around if the cop is not supposed to hit her. Hannity is a dummy who never even attended college. Just another radio loudmouth entertainer.

        1. I can’t stand Hannity. He’s notorious for speaking over anyone with an opposing view to make it appear he’s intelligent and slaying them in an argument.
          I picture his target audience is the 65 (plus) Catholic Cohort who he can convince Obama is about to Executive Order Sharia Law across the U.S.

    3. There is no meaning to life which is why we have to make things up.The only meaning is to reproduce and die and pass on our consciousness and knowledge which is all contained in that 1 sperm cell and egg.We’re programmed to avoid unpleasant stimuli because these things effect our ability to survive and reproduce. Pleasure doesn’t exist, it’s just the cessation of pain(or discomfort). If you don’t eat you’ll get hunger pains and if you don’t blow that load into a female you’ll get blue balls :o)

  4. I can’t pin the entitlement attitude on just western women, when our men are just as bad. From millennials to mega-church “how can Jesus help me” Christians, this country is full of spoiled people who don’t want to work for anything.

  5. H/T https://toysoldier.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/jeremy-kyle-checked-audience-who-laughed-at-male-victim/

    Jeremy Kyle, a UK talk show host, interviewed a man concerning his experience of domestic violence. Geoff shared his story about how his ex-girlfriend assaulted him.
    This prompted a specific response from the female audience members: laughter. Fortunately, Kyle stood up for Geoff:
    I’ll tell you why I don’t think you should laugh. If this was the other way around, and a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in a flat and she had to jump out and injure herself, you lot would not be laughing. You would be saying “he’s a complete nightmare, he should be locked up. And that’s disgraceful.” But somehow if it happens to a bloke, that’s funny. That’s not funny, is it?”

    1. Violence against men is hilarious for whatever reason.
      If you watch the NFL, look for a pattern during commercial breaks. One of those stupid fucking No More commercials comes on and then 3-4 commercials later, there’s an AD for movie or sitcom where a female is assaulting a man. I vividly recall a couple seasons ago a commercial for New Girl showed her punching one of the male roommates in nuts about 3 times. Then another for CBS where the wife was punching the hubby in balls.
      I’ve always imagined some little boy watching football with Dad — seeing the double standard via commercials — and finally asking, “Why is it bad for a boy to hit a girl but okay and funny for a girl to hit a guy?”

        1. Those were from 2002? holy shit. I couldn’t even read them all. Good thing I don’t have a tv…

        2. Don’t let the government OR the pick-up community come between man and woman or between the parents and the children.

      1. ~ I’ve always imagined some little boy watching football with Dad — seeing the double standard via commercials — and finally asking, “Why is it bad for a boy to hit a girl but okay and funny for a girl to hit a guy?” ~
        The founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius Loyola, purportedly said : “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man”.
        What the best timing to instill in the tender mind of impressionable gullible young boys that their best interest in life must take a backseat to that of girls’?
        And I will bet my bottom dollar that the father would utter something to the effect of “Son, women are gift from God to us to be loved, protected and cherished. Only real men who are truly secure in their masculinity could have the power to take punches and orders from the gift of God to us”.

      1. Thanks.
        You’re absolutely right, I just copied from the linked web. Corrected.

    2. What do you tell a woman with Two black eyes?
      Nothing you ain’t told her twice before.

    1. Oh she’s just jumping from one fashionable philosophy to another to try and seem “sophisticated” like all skullfucked White women do. Pay her no mind.

      1. Monkey branching, women do this with everything. If they don’t get the instant gratification they also default to throwing their poo around.

  6. Take a girl and give her the best training and education in the world and she will be able to contend with men in the given arena. Give the same education and training to a guy and no one, man or woman will be able to contend with him. George St. Pierre and Michael Jordan are examples of this. Extraordinary preparation can make a girl the equal of a guy, but that same preparation makes a guy into a God. It is sad how participation is now seen as an achievement. Handing out cups of water at a triathlon does not make you a tri-athlete.

    1. Even the founder of radical feminist group FEMEN says about them “these girls are weak” and “don’t have the strength of character”.
      “They don’t even have the desire to be strong. Instead, they show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists,” he said in the film. “These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.”

    2. I want a battle of the sexes between Rousey and a good bantam weight fighter.

      1. T.J. Dillashaw or Urijah Faber, both from ‘Team Alpha Male”, can whoop her ass into kingdom come but we all know such fight will never happen because it will run counter against the current “powerful women kicking men’s assess” crazy culture. On second thought, both dudes will be forced to take a dive or at least be instructed not to hit too hard in order for the fight to bolster the self-esteem of women.

  7. The same could be said about guys, like when some fairy mouths off to me and I call him a “loudmouth sissy”, “faggot hypocrite”, and say something like “I could beat you like a dog”, I don’t expect the fruit pop to understand the concept that the way you treat me is the way I’m going to treat you.

        1. she put my big fat cock all the way down her throat right before I cock slapped you with it
          Get a hobby, tiny

  8. Even sports team know that men and women are not equal. Where would you find a sport that has mixed sex team with both men and women? None that I can think of. We have men’s soccer, men’s volleyball team, just like we got women’s volleyball team and even women’s soccer league. Imagine having mixed men and women team in a football stadium. That would lead majority of women to be in emergency room. As soon as men give up their role in leadership skills and hand the balls to the women, that’s where it would lead to dysfunctional atmosphere.
    When a boy is forced to follow by women’s standard as its example is shown in this article, then it would take a toll on boy’s life when he grows up. He would grow up thinking it’s natural to follow by women’s rule and it would severely affect his childhood to his adulthood. He would become the typical nice guy where he thought about pleasing women all the way without wondering why he doesn’t get any reciprocation.

    1. I recall years ago a girl from my college went off on FB regarding a coed athletic match.
      She was upset at how “the males” were aggressive and didn’t recognize females were playing.
      I went off on how she willing walked into a coed athletic match and then expected the guys to lower their standards to accommodate the “delicate females” who demand to play with the boys. And how I was sick of women chronically expecting men to change/ accommodate in certain situations while demanding men engage in old traditions which were of benefit to women.

  9. When my wife and I were dating, we would occasionally play games or sports and compete against each other. I used to mercilessly dominate her in everything. Early on, she pouted that I was supposed to let her win sometimes. I retorted that if she wanted to win, she had to beat me. Shit test passed. Since then, she has been less apt to challenge me at anything. It’s nice when your whole existence doesn’t have to be some low-grade watered down competition where I have to continually monitor who gets to win and how many times and whether it’s fair. I win. Always. If she wants to win, she has to be better than me, just like any man does. Incidentally, I take this same approach with my children – merciless domination if they choose to compete with me. Surprise, surprise, they aren’t turning into giant flaming pussies.

    1. Yet those standards don’t apply to FDNY. The other night on Megan Kelly I saw a female recruit couldn’t pass to get in … yet they waved her in as Bill DeCommio is pushing for more females in fire fighting.
      And don’t you know what’s coming? When she can’t carry hose or set ladder at a real scene, she’ll claim gender discrimination/ sexual harassment to direct attention away from her inability to perform.
      Of course the MSM will then target fireMEN as needing to accommodate women, etc. Some poor guys who bust ass will more than likely be immediately terminated off her false allegation.

      1. All of this is driven by our employment discrimination laws, which are retarded and should all be repealed.

      2. Or worse, a fireman dies trying to save her from her own stupid mistake.

        1. Or possibly a woman might actually save some people from a fire? All woman aren’t built the same you fucking freak? Something is deffinetly wrong with you people, no sane woman will ever want you. You discust me.

        2. women are on average physically smaller and weaker. so asking a 130 pound blonde to drag an adult out of a building or should I ask a 200 pound man?
          yeah theres a reason a the 130 pound blonde aint a construction site worker

        3. So if it’s a 130 pound brunette it’s all good then? It’s only the blond hair that’s the problem?

        4. I saw an obstacle course game show years ago where a female firefighter failed a course because she couldn’t knock down an obstacle that was basically a door. She spent a minute throwing herself at it until she was exhausted. The man on the other team, who was an average office worker who keeps fit type, took one run at it and went through so hard that he landed on his arse on the other side.
          My point is that we aren’t comparing men and women in general. Sure, some women are stronger than some men. But women at the top of their physical game are no match for men at the top of theirs, and they often can’t even compete with men who are merely above average. There are more exceptions when it comes to certain contests that involve speed, dexterity and agility, but a front line fireman’s work depends on brute strength, stamina and weighing enough to smash through things like jammed or locked doors.

        5. I might actually have been hurt by your comment if you had managed to spell “disgust” correctly. #JustSayin

        6. hahaha, right? Grammar is so important when Ethics is involved. I mean if someone called you a fuck’in idit, then obviously they are too an idiot, you’re still an idiot. Grammar doesn’t change the fact that you are dickless and stupid. You do “discust,” disgust, me too. You would make a blind hobbit with a rash look manly. Goofy, rape-y and violent enthusiasts usually are the shittiest people.

        7. That’ ok, crazy women are better in the sack.

        8. Yeah. Pretty done. This game was fun. I might be back tomorrow and if my account has been banned. I will just make another according to my awesome kick ass plan. You people are shapeless, shitty, stupid hypocrites and twisted as you are – none of you will ever go far. Tootles, ladies. 🙂

        9. Hold up. Did you just insult me by calling me a “hobbit”? A “hobbit” is a fictional character. You know that right? I’ve never read the books but I did see some of the movies . From what I remember the hobbits are the ones who risked their lives to save the world as they knew it for no reason other than it had to be done. Only one had to go but his friends refused to let him go and (potentially) die alone. Am I right?
          That sounds like the manliest shit I can think of . And that’s what men (not guys, not boys) do. They sacrifice and do the shit that has to be done because someone has to do it. Not for a reward, not for glory, and not for a piece of pussy. This is what cops, soldiers, marines, airmen, and firefighters so everyday for nothing more than a paycheck. So if you’re gonna compare me to that, I’ll take it. Happily. Thank you very much!
          I miss the seventies when people would insult you with real shit that actually cut deep. I remember being called “nigger” and “jig-a-boon” and “coon” and “porch monkey” by adults with small children. And you know what,? So what! Haters gonna hate. And people and their words can only hurt me if I let them. This entire generation needs to grow the hell up and realize it’s a cruel and unfair world and attempts to make it more fair and regulate the cruelty, only make it worse. (Rise of ISIS? Ethnic cleansing?)
          Let me tell you a story. I was accepted into Dartmouth for undergrad. I was gonna go but all the butthurt kids who didn’t get in could say: You only got in because you’re black. And they were right, I was a B student. I realized that had I gone to Dartmouth, that for the rest of my life people would always think “Affirmative Action” first and never think ” What an achievement”. So I declined. The point of the story is this…
          When you arbitrarily lower the standards of entry to placate a protected class, you devalue it. Period. And that’s the point. I’m not against female firefighters, female infantry so long as they can meet the standards set forth for the men. If equality is what you seek, there it is.
          Now I have to run to Petco. Tell your mother that I will be by this afternoon to fill her dish up just the way she likes it: two parts wet, one part dry.

        10. This is the single greatest comeback in the history of ROK. Care for some burn ointment?

        11. But we aren’t talking about some imaginary paragon, are we? We’re talking about an actual woman who was given a job that requires strength and stamina despite the fact that she didn’t meet the requirements. As an aside, would _you_ want to be trapped in a fire, and have to be carried to safety by a firefighter who couldn’t lift you? Personally, I’m not ready to die for Political Correctness.
          Now that I think of it, I see a potential solution to this issue. Have a fire/rescue battalion staffed with men who passed the physical and women who didn’t. Let people within the response area register which they want to respond to a fire at their residence. Then everybody will be happy, and it will have the added benefit of…ah…”moderating” the population of irrational, media-brainwashed SJWs in the area.

        12. i love showing comments like these to friends, male and female, so we can laugh about how much more intelligent we are

        13. soooo does this give you reason to be disrespectful to women in general? if you say you have a margin of respect for women, whether they’re your mom, your sister, your grandma, a friend from junior high, etc… then why are you on this site?

        14. the real men i know don’t insult women over the internet where they can cower behind a screen jfc

        15. correct, as I am tired of society hating my guts cause i was born with a penis.
          anyone who doesnt see that is kidding themselves. Society has waged a war against all things masculine and feminine. no one is male or female anymore, we are all apparently equal with 0 differences between us. if you dont see that you are blind as bat. Though I will confess perhaps 3 years ago I would be posting like you, outraged at this lunacy.
          which begs the question why are you even here?
          but dont worry honey….when shit hits fan, someone take away your reproach if you have housewife skills.
          as for your other comment. women are slammed in the bible perhaps for a reason? perhaps our forefathers knew something we dont?
          nothing of these articles in emotional except for the general outrage of what has happened to men and society.
          if you have become a feminist? then you are hopeless. women running things is a sign of decay. women have a place, at home, tending to children, keeping the house in order. its there. its always been there. it was never anywhere else. In fact if their were feminist during the revolutionary war, america wouldve lost. You see, the housewife skills women had back then actually saved an army that had no clothes, and no shoes by producing shoes and clothes and repairing them too via sewing and such. Other housewife skills such as cooking fed this same army when they had no food anywhere. Also a sweet feminine lady, can lift the spirits of any man, which is something else the army needed.
          did women whine? no. they knew they had a skill, they knew the army needed their skill, and they filled it and stepped up.
          so no one here is anti female(okay maybe some are….especially folks that have been through divorces which you are free the defend the ass raping of men in divorce courts, love to hear that!!!).
          but continue to assume i hate women….I dont. I hate women that act like men, if I wanted to sleep with a man, I’d be gay. I want a lady. a mother of my children, a home maker, a girl who is in touch with her feminine side. If I wanted a another man I’d be gay. If i didnt want any sex, I’d buy some cats and be lonely cat man.

        16. Well, that was one non-sequitor followed by another. Anyway, where did I say that I disrespect anyone in general? As a related aside, women are educated, not without reason, to be wary of new men in their lives because they might be rapists and take precautions accordingly, despite the low odds. ROK often gives advice, in articles like this, to men in a similar vein, reminding us that new women might seem cute and nice at first, but they could still be lying, cheating, thieving, destructive narcissists who can’t be trusted and to take precautions accordingly. I wonder if you’d agree that the odds of that are vastly higher than the odds of a man being a rapist.
          You are on this site, apparently disagreeing with about everything you read, so it should therefore be possible to read it and respect women, unless you disrespect men and women. I’ll answer your snarky question sincerely. I don’t agree with everything I read here either. ROK stands as an online men’s club. That is not a place where men go to agree with each other about everything. It is a place where they can speak freely without worrying about what a woman may think and have no fear of losing jobs etc over their opinions in a world choked by political correctness.

        17. who said Im disrespectful? dont change the subject.
          I respect a dog, yet I still smack its behind if it pees in the house.
          just because i understand how women think now and you’d think having a house full of sisters I’d have learned it long before this site and others like it, doesnt mean I dont respect them.
          I give them as much respect as they deserve no more no less. but honey….you aint my equal.
          i just get it….your place its at home. and i respect that.

        18. No. A woman will not “possibly” save anyone from a fire.
          If your house was on fire and your loved ones were inside, which would you call: an all male squad of firefighters, or an all female one?
          Be honest (I know, you can’t, it’s been too many years).

        19. wow really? you really think you and your group of people are smarter than most of the red piller here? that I don’t think so. first of if your intelligent you wouldn’t be wasting your time having arguments in this website. 2nd you haven’t put up any sensible argument and last your so self absorbed that you think your intelligent that you don’t know how to humble yourself which most intelligent people I know possess.

        20. Yeah but… you’re small and weak and scared of shit like spiders and rats.

        21. And the fact that, mentally, women are weak. I swear you’d argue that a blind, retarded person should also become a firefighter because not ALL blind, retarded people are useless.

        22. I’m on your side. But, seriously, women weren’t slammed in the Bible at all, it’s been misinterpreted and selectively written.
          Case #1: Eve. People are reading this wrong, it’s all metaphorical, obviously. When Eve takes the apple and gains sexual awareness before Adam that’s a nice little way for parents to tell their children that girls hit puberty before boys. Think about it for a second. Makes perfect sense. What doesn’t make sense is reading it literally.
          Case #2: Mary Magdalene. She was his wife. In fact some scholars believe she was of Royal Blood and so was Jesus and their marriage would have joined two Royal bloodlines and had to be stopped (Holy Blood, Holy Grail).
          Case #3: Mary. Jesus’ mother. Sure, if she really did tell that story to Joseph about an angel it was just to cover up the fact that she was a slut sleeping on the side and got pregnant, but still, they never say that in the Bible.
          P.S. I’m not Christian, or religious. Fuck all that, just had an interest on how it was “created” in the first place.

        23. Well I am Christ believer, so I dont take the Eve story as all metaphorical, that said I read it a lot different than most. I am of the belief, and really reading the bible its fairly easy to spot, but Eve is tempted by a serpent aka Lilith the female before Eve. WHich strictly speaking of the topic of this site adds a whole other dimension, basically the first two females go awol.
          I also must say in 30 years Ive never heard the Eve story as a sexual awareness for puberty in girls earlier. thats new to me. not saying some churches dont preach that cause I’d believe it if they do. but just never heard it.
          that said, the bible is harsh on females. But it does it in an order as the first two females are the ones that screw up first. scripture also speaks harshly of females in general and their nature and warns them to behave a certain way. They get warned in a different than men tend to. that said….when a woman actually stands out from the pack and is righteous she gets praise upon praise heaped on her. the two Marys are grand examples of that.
          Ruth if I recall eve gets one of the books named after her.
          Proverbs for instance says both of these things.
          Proverbs 31:10
          10 ¶Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
          Proverbs 12:4
          4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.
          Isiah then says this
          1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of oneman, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.
          4 When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning.
          also note hell is referenced in the feminine here. the use of the word HER
          14 Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.
          but later Jesus makes an interesting remark about one woman.
          44 Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched.
          45 And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
          46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.
          47 And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.
          notice He sees that virtue leaves him, a whole crowd swarms Him, yet one woman manages to stand above the rest. It is a curious thing. She is obviously praised.
          but then we also have this….how women should apparently behave
          9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves inmodest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
          10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
          11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
          12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
          13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
          14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman beingdeceived was in the transgression.
          15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
          so here we have women and how they should behave…so its clear.
          my point is females in scripture are condemned a lot, but they are condemned uniquely so, but also when they are good, they receive unique praises as well(seriously a good women is called more valuable than rubies? yet the female sex is used to describe hell? theres something to be said there). I could go on and on.
          yes I am aware you dont believe in Christ, thats fine, but to understand the full context of it, one usually needs to at least first accept at face value and then go from there, otherwise the story really doesnt make sense, philosophically or otherwise. If one doesnt buy the supernatural stuff, eh so be it but then thats probably not the best place for either us to debate about. Though even in that, I think there is philosophy there too.
          I wasnt trying to be too argumentative actually….but was stating that you are partly right. the bible does praise women in areas, but it also condemns them too in ways that men dont get condemned and praised.
          I tend to focus on the bad parts of women, because in my years of church I have heard no end to good parts of women all the while ignoring the bad parts. Fathers day gets laughable speeches(cant count how many cant find good things so they just start praising women), and mothers day…well everyone cites every good pro female scripture in the book.
          I think christianity needs to start looking at its scriptures and noticing that women are indeed referenced in a bad way, and we are even cautioned against what we call today feminism. so for me its not selective reading so much as, Ive read one side of the story my whole life, its time to tell the other side.

        24. Where did you get all this info about the bible from the history channel and angels and demons.

        25. No. Some from Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Some from The Jesus Mysteries: Was Jesus a Pagan God. Some from common sense and questioning stuff, e.g. 1) Moses talked to a Burning Bush, and 2) Satan is a liar, and 3) hell is full of fire, so… HOW THE FUCK can we know that Moses wasn’t talking to Satan? You know, shit like that.
          I have no interest proving Bible is true, it isn’t, I just like studying shit.

        26. Oh, wow. Was reading your post happily, but then I saw it went on for about 2,000 words and had Bible quotes. Don’t do that. No non-believer will read that.
          It’s good you have faith and all, but the Bible was never meant to be read 100% literally. A lot of the hidden meanings and equations that are found in the original text are, literally, lost in translation. E.g. (from the film Pi) the Hebrew word for Mother is also the word for 40. And the Hebrew word for Father is also the word for 4. And the Hebrew word for child is 44… and there are 44 chromosomes in the human body. Note: these words were written thousands of years before we invented the microscope. So, clearly, we weren’t the first human civilisation to invent the microscope… but that’s another tangent. Anyway, back on point, there’s, apparently, the meaning of life hidden within the original texts, and the Gnostics knew all about it. There were 4 levels of initiation. The first level is reading the Bible literally. The second is reading it metaphorically. And… I’ll stop there.
          But check out what I’m saying, it’s pretty fucking interesting to research… if you’re not afraid to admit that a lot of your beliefs are… you know. Cheers.

        27. Well as a believer of the bible and as a born again Christian, I would ask you what you believe? What is true to you? Is there a God or is evolution true. Why is the bible of course not true by your estimation, but something like evolution is true with only one stage of it being observed and the rest tied together by a couple bones and empty conjecture true. Like have you ever witnessed macro evolution the changing of one species to another. Or cosmic evolution the changing of hydrogen to the other elements. I’ve looked at darwins book and it’s pure nonsense. The only reason why people don’t like the bible is because they don’t want the consequences of it, it would be better if for people to believe they are animals because there no consequences at all.

        28. well if you are going to talk about the bible you are going to have to quote it. if you are going to say like you did the the bible doesnt slam women, its probably best to actually quote it and see what it does say. This wasn’t a convert you effort here, this was merely see here the bible says both good and REALLY bad things too. so its worth reading. either that dont comment about the bible.
          it irritates me when non believers start claiming they know about the bible, but havent actually read it or are afraid to read it.
          I am well aware the bible has errors, and there are probably parts not meant to be read literally due to errors. Unlike a lot of christians I am fully aware of this fact and accept that as part of my belief. I dont know all original Hebrew meanings and such, but yeah I know words had double meanings a lot of the time.
          While i suppose it doesnt matter much seeing as this is the internet, but in the past 5 years or so Ive challenged a lot of my beliefs. my beliefs are a lot different than your average christian. to be fair I am of the Mormon Christian variety so my beliefs are already odd. but I know longer go to church but still belief the restored gospel message through Joseph Smith. The point of saying this is….that in the past 5 years, i myself openly challenged my beliefs because I smelled horseshit all around me, my church, and my traditions. I of my own free will openly challenged all my beliefs.
          So I am not afraid to do it. and my belief in Christ is much more rock solid than your average twit because I took the brave step and challenged that belief myself and ended up concluding Christ is who He claims He is. to that end…..a lot of my beliefs have changed in the past 5 years.

        29. Fair enough. Wasn’t sure on your stance. I’ve had, as you can imagine, a shit-load of “ignorant” christians try and preach to me through the internet and, as you can imagine, coming from a stance where I KNOW and they only BELIEVE, it’s kinda like, “fuck off already with your quotes.”
          Just so you know, I did read the Bible, not the whole thing, just as much as I could before I started scratching my head, e.g. “God is jealous and vengeful.” “No, wait, in the New Testament he’s really kind and compassionate and shit.” That kind of schizophrenia is reserved for the mentally unstable, not the creator of universes, if you follow my logic.
          Anyway, if you’re rock solid on your beliefs and I’m rock solid on my knowledge then, it goes without saying, we don’t really have much to discuss as we’ll never be able to “win.”

        30. You see, evolution is the “best” theory we have right now. If it’s wrong then, fine, science will find a “better” theory, or proof, to follow. And I say evolution is the “best” because else what do we have, a Garden of Eden (which still hasn’t been located), a man being created from sand (despite sand and humans not having even remotely similar genes or dna), then the woman being made from the rib of a man (why not use sand, that worked so well before), then a talking snake (even though snakes are not able to morph their mouths into all the correct shapes to even be able to pronounce most of the letters in the alphabet), and an apple of knowledge (that was created by God, put in the Garden of Eden by God, good town planning, god) which is, apparently, a bad thing to eat because it will give you knowledge, and that’s bad because… it just is, like, uh… fuckin’ ignorance is good, knowledge is bad. Okay?
          You see, when the average person with an average level of logic and reasoning sees those two options laid out plainly, of course most people will choose evolution above creationism. Doesn’t mean evolution is 100% correct (or that it isn’t 100% correct), it’s just the “better” choice.

        31. But I can believe a snake talked before I believe it came from a bird. You have no proof but I do you have zero proof at all. See evolution fits your lifestyle one of no accountability no absolute rights or wrongs just a bunch of light Greys and darker ones. If it is a better choice the most logical one why does it not add up why is it not observable and doesn’t benefit me at all I am of average intelligence. By my veiw that would only make us as a people worse this is taught In schools and why are schools going down the drain and always increasing there budgets asking for more tax dollars. If I’m an animal why are you people locking people up for raping and killing its only natural. Why if everything occurred by accident is the human genome mapable . Being that order never comes from chaos. See man is so far from God that when one reads the bible it makes zero sense at all. But even by the laws of nature we were allowed to see by God we are dammed the law is for every action there is an eqaul and opposite reaction. See God is order for every sin ( lieing stealing cheating Ect Ect) there’s a consequence you could say like the butterfly effect we are all interconnected and when one does wrong it dominoes throughout century’s, like pearl habor or 911 for example those are huge obvios examples but we could shrink it down to the averages persons life everyone has an example if they were honest with themselves. And the consequences of one single transgression is death so man in this life is tumbling around and he will never know the effects of his actions. This is even acknowledged by secular scientist with theory’s such as global warming, or real life things such as pollution or deforestation or certian species of animals going extinct. I take those examples snd amplify them on a global scale and it becomes apparent we are the problem and the only problem we only really know how to mess things up every solution we have should work on paper but when it’s in practice it bumbles becuase there’s humans involved and we are corrupted. Hence the knowledge of good and evil knowing if evil is bad becuase it invades everything , like if every did only good any goverment system would work from dictatorships to communism but these systems fail becuase of man. So man needs to be born again knowing only good, that is the core purpose of the bible. The Old Testament lays out the law and man cannot keep it, then comes jesus God himself and fulfills his own law by being a sacrifice for ever and taking all sins in himself paying the debt man has accrued. So God himself came and fulfilled the law of for every action there is an eqaul and greater reaction, he died raised himself from the dead and lives in heaven and we act as if he didn’t come and everything else on the planet can fix us. Such as education or goverment so on and so on we even are trying to make our own god the AI. But God is coming back to set the world back in order. I hope you read this and it makes you think and consider what I’m saying, and not just mock me or make fun of the bible but really consider it.

        32. Oh, man, I was trying to be polite. Let me be clear, if you believe in Creationism you’re a fucking idiot, straight up.
          So, in a nutshell, this conversation is over.

        33. are you here because your masculinity is threatened? such a shame that your concept of “masculinity”, and that of this whole website, is so easily torn to pieces by some girls asking to play football with your sons

        34. Curious, because my girlfriend seems to be perfectly fine with my beliefs and I can vouch for her sanity. You on the other hand seem to be quite deluded, if the bitch can’t meet the standard she shouldn’t be given the job it’s as simple as that. On the other hand if a chick can perform as well as her male counterparts then I see nothing wrong with giving her the job.

        35. And by that you mean in touch with reality right? Because I can agree with that. Most of this sites demographic really does live with their both feet’s on the ground, so they realize that average women are considerably weaker then average men. It’s a biological fact, deal with it.

        36. 1) Genesis 3 doesn’t have anything to do with sexual maturity. It has to do with the fact that humans in general are easily led astray into doing the wrong thing (Eve was tricked by satan), and men must lead and act (Adam wasn’t tricked, he just didn’t act to protect his wife, which was worse than what Eve did as indicated by the magnitude of Adam’s punishment).
          2) Magdalene wasn’t Jesus’ wife, or if she was, this fact was not relevant enough to mention in the Bible. Who could prevent God from accomplishing what God came to accomplish? He finished what he came to do, which obviously wasn’t to screw Magdalene…
          3) Mary is literally a nonfactor in the Bible. She was a human. “Blessed among women,” doesn’t mean too much when put in context with the scripture that reads “There is none righteous. No, not one.” She isn’t the mother of God, and certainly isn’t answering prayers from Heaven. She was just a woman.
          Aside from that, and due to the fact that you don’t care about religious stuff, nice post!

        37. 1) Disagree, it’s clearly meant to be interpreted as a myth. BUT I can’t prove I’m right and you can’t prove you’re right so that’s null.
          2) There’s the gospel of Mary Magdeline. That gospel along with the Gospel of Thomas and a whole bunch of other gospels were ommitted from the final compilation after around 250 years of debate. Also around the exact same time Jesus was declared son of god by a narrow margin. But I still find it funny that after 250 years or so of debate and trying to get it “right” they still have so many obvious contradictions e.g. Jesus’ final words on the cross contradict themselves in the gospel of Matthew, Mark and John. Ever heard Jesus’ final words as, “It is done.” Yeah, well, go read John again, it’s in black and white. Or, if you prefer, I believe it’s in Matthew that he states Jesus said, “Oh Father, why have you forsaken me?” Yeah, not even close.
          3) The fact Mary was a “human” and had a painless birth and all that does NOT mean that she was vilified in the Bible; which was the point I was making.

    2. It’s nice and refreshing to know that even such simple situation can mean a lot when applying relationship with women and saving yourself a headache later on.

    3. Haha, I sometimes throw a game just to give the girlfriend a thrill, but the most competitive we get is board games. What’s a game of Catan in the long run? Yahtzee, however, I show no mercy.

    4. I think this is one of the biggest problems that people no longer respect hierarchy. There are people bigger(or more important) than you, and at times you really should sit down and shut up. Today we preach that everyone is a special snowflake. You are a special if you earn being special.

      1. Only when he’s posting anonymously on some web forum. Other than that, little lady has got him firmly in his rightful place.
        Why else would he have to talk such a big game?

    5. I took my pet goldfish, Ted, bowling last weekend. Trounced him soundly. I wrote down a couple spares for him so he wouldn’t get depressed. On the ride home I said Hey you’re just a goldfish. He said JUST a goldfish! so I guess that didn’t help.

    6. In the fighting arts women quickly learn their place. When sparring of course, you have to go easy or you will destroy them. A little while ago a chick tried to kick me and I caught her leg. She immediately started screaming. Surprised I dropped her leg and asked her what happened. She said it felt like I was pulling her leg out of its socket.
      Now she is one of the tougher girls, yet me doing what I do to every other guy but with less force is agonizing to her.

      1. LOL I’ve had that happen too. I’ve sparred with many women over the years and there was literally only one I didn’t have to take it easy with. Then again she was the senior most female student in the class and had been training for over ten years.

    7. Ha! I love it! Same in my house. The wife, despite having gone down this road with me herself before and knows the outcome, still tries to get me to let my 5-yr.-old son “win sometimes” when we play games together. I refuse. Just the other day, I said the exact same thing to him: “If you want to win, you’ve got to beat me.” There won’t be any free rides out in the world when he comes of age. People need to learn how to lose as well as win, and it all starts in the home.

    8. You’ll die ten years before her and then she’ll win every time she squats and pisses on your grave

      1. Is she really “winning” in your scenario? You paint a picture of a woman who was miserable and put up with it for my entire natural life, and her only outlet is now a futile gesture which doesn’t affect me in the least. Miserable is not actually how my wife would describe herself. But, let’s assume I’m wrong, and she is secretly miserable with losing, so miserable in fact that she harbors a hatred and resentment towards me that she will obsess over long after I’m gone. If your scenario paints the “win” she get’s to claim – LOL!!

    9. What you said is true and false. You don’t have to let her win but you can set up hanticaps to be more fun.

    10. You’re bragging about being better at a video game than your girlfriend? Should that even pass as bragging rights? Anyway probably half of your steam friends are girls who are too afraid to identify themselves as girls due to online abuse but whatever makes you feel better. I’m not even a proclaimed feminist but even I can see how pathetic all of this is. This article quotes from the Bible one second and then disputes it’s authenticity the next? Can’t you see how illogical this is? Don’t you claim that men are more logical than women? Stop proving it to be the opposite then. Anyway go ahead and call me names and claim my POV is invalid because i’m female see if i care because I’ve grown up being the only girl out of 5 children and I love my brothers to death and I’ve read articles from all sides but I’m pretty sure if my brothers read an article like this they would beat the hell out of you. Want me to test that?

      1. I don’t play video games, sweetheart. I’m talking about actual, physical competition, like running, biking, batting cage, and the occasional board game. But let’s flip this, even if we were talking about video games, if that’s so meaningless, why does a woman pout when she loses?
        As for sending your brothers to “test.” I’m a 6’1″ 232lb combat vet. I’m armed and I know how to handle myself. If you actually have brothers who are real men, they’d tell you to shut the fuck up and stop writing anonymous internet checks they don’t want to cash.

  10. What you can expect is that any man with a big dick and huge nutsack is not going to put up with your nagging whether you’re a girl or you just look and act like one….
    Don’t expect to run your mouth off to somebody and expect any sort of civility or respect.
    Some guys think they’re exempt from this rule, and those are the ones I like to pick on.

  11. The thing about respect is this: i only have so much ‘respect” in one day, and i prefer to spend it on myself, iam not the most charitable man on the planet

  12. at my old job, there was this girl who was one of the most entitled bitches i have ever met. around 30, she was beginning to see the wall, but far from giving up princess attitude, fleeing reality with cocaine on hot summer nights. she had definitely possessed great beauty once that was slowly fading and to this day, she has dozens of facebook orbiters liking her beauty shots.
    she was a decent photographer and that’s the reason why my old boss sucked up to her and treated her extremely nicely, like he did it with me. his behavior disgusted me and i had a hard time respecting him.
    once i was looking over her work while in the room with her and my boss. i noticed something that could be improved and simply spat it out. turns out that she went to my boss another day and actually cried because of that! when he told me about it, i couldn’t believe it and burst out laughing.
    i tried to reconcile with her by asking whether there was a problem, actually trying to be nice for the job’s sake. she told me that i shouldn’t “talk shit” about her in front of the boss and was seriously butthurt. baffled, i couldn’t come up with anything but a cold and curious “but you chose this job and criticism comes with it.” then she was like “oh, you know what? don’t come at me with this kind of bullshit.” she stood up and actually was about to go home because of that!
    from that time on, i couldn’t help myself but mock her. once i wanted to talk to her and shouted her name over a big public place, asking her to take a seat with me. she put up her nose and went away. on another occasion, i called her princess and she said: “no. if you talk to me like that, forget it” and pridefully went her way. when i was in a room with her for work, i would sometimes curiously study her for long seconds, which she acted annoyed about, much to my amusement. eventually, she got fired because she was too much of a liability even for my nice boss.
    take away your neediness and you become oblivious to any kind of power a girl might otherwise have. then you see her act in all her mannerisms to manipulate you and realize how helpless she really is, living in a dream world. take away sexuality and there really is no reason to suck up to women. at least when you’re adult, that is.

    1. they are very very sensitive and have been brainwashed to present themselves as tough and rough blue collar like men because they think it makes them look powerful, than once you treat them like the men they present themselves as, no special treatment, they cant handle it and literally go insane
      they are so easily scorned its incredible

      1. this one had more of that photo model semi-feminine kind of arrogance, but i can see where you are headed with that observation.
        my boss never had the guts not to give people special treatment, rather preferred to extort loyalty by working around people’s sensitivities. he actually once told me that he was sad that i didn’t see him as a friend.
        i just couldn’t do that. if a girl acted like that to me, i wouldn’t consider putting up with it even for a second. i’m not good with women, but i can act very pridefully in some regards.

        1. it doesn’t matter whether you are good with women right now or not. you atleast have the right attitude.
          here is a golden quote from CH:
          The right attitude is the equivalent of eight figure bank, seven inches extra height, six circles of social connections, five academic credentials, and four plates on bench press. The Attitude is irreplaceable

        2. cheerfulness as a power
          in society if you are only able to tolerate this much pain:
          (.) = you will be a loser
          (….)= You will be average
          (……….) You will do slightly better
          (………………………………) if you can tolerate and endure for 16 hours a day than you will do very well
          Progress is just “delayed gratification” the ability and vision to see and endgame in sight within even a 5-10 year period

        3. not intelligence, but…”super intelligence” will be very abundant after 2030, after that, that super intelligence will be able to make ITSELF even more intelligent, than the intelligence it has created after that, will further make itself even more intelligent, until it is so powerful that anything is possible, Some day we will merge with these computers so that life in 2045 will be one infinite orgasm compared to this demented world we currently live in ( we will have the ability to probe the brains pleasure centers accurately)
          our brain power was limited by our skull size millions of years ago, but if we augment our brains accurately with computers, we could literally have iq’s that are 2000 , Now, imagine what kind of capabilities such a being would have if we are already impressed by folks with only an average iq of 100? the first step is of course, transcending our frail biology and psychology which makes a large majority of people “almost-intolerable-morons” … when we have 200 iq’s we will look at people in 2015 as completely crazy
          We can analyze 99% of people and find 100’s of outrageous flaws in their characters
          the fact is that we are fragile pathetic beings in a hostile primitive society surrounded by people who are already doing their best just to compete with eachother in an overpopulated world where most of the low-hanging-fruit oppurtunities are taken or take 10 years of hard work to even grasp for high iq folk, our bodies are designed for self-destruction over-time, ultimately, all of the neurosis comes from trying to thrive with the pain-pleasure-principle which evolved millions of years ago, personally i see people as simply a virus with shoes that prey on eachothers kindness and goodwill in the name of personality and social climbing conquest but i dont blame a bear for shitting in the woods, it’s what humans do, they strategize for conquest over eachother even if they themselves aren’t conscious of their own motives, the ultimate goal is to form our own interstellar colonies and solve the aging problem, than, we can create our own cities in space and develop AI’s which act as we want, in order to have an anti-gravity force field, we will have nano particles in our bloodstreams and use an electromagnetic field to simulate gravity
          There is enough room in the infinite cosmos so we can develop our own paradisical heavens , so long as we don’t mess with the prime directive
          The idea is to terraform, using a tractor beam, asteroids, and than use atmospheric generators, this will be difficult at first but once we have accurate studied the structure of planets we will be able to create them this is around year 2200,
          atomic and Molecular manufacturing will enable basically, “printing out within minutes ” an enormous star fleet
          We will be able to go into any type of reality or experience on command since sophisticated computers will be in our brains, basically, paradise in a way
          The manosphere is stuck in 1950 in my opinion, still cravin the good ol days somehow but it’s nothing but magical thinking and delusion is what im trying to say, we need to think ahead, forget about todays society, we must built tomorrows
          it is important the man-“space
          ” understands that 2015 may aswell be 1950 or 1910, we are preaching to the choir, Our limiting factor is our intelligence! not some type of werido political ideology, so long as we are stuck with brains that have 100 iq’s we will never get along, any political system will continue to fail,
          its not the system, it’s the beings within that system
          It’s important to avoid trying to predict the future right now with our limited intelligence perspectives, the key is that well be better at predicting the future when we are more intelligent and capable of predicting the future

        4. i’m not sure how it relates to my comment, but interesting thoughts.
          it would sure be a thrilling project to create such complex organisms. are you a biologist or something?

        5. Hahahahahaha. Transhumanist are either crazy or extremely fucking stupid, not only is their utopia actually a dystopia, it’s impossible because progress is a myth and humans don’t get better and better, and you cannot get more and more intelligent, it just doesn’t work that way, improve something too much and another thing will get worse, there is a reason why the people with the highest I.Q.s are not geniuses.
          That name though… I would think he’s trolling if he didn’t write that much.

        6. yeah, the “humanist” scenario worked out well didnt it, how many wars and misery in the last 2 centuries again?
          In my opinion., people are already operating at full capacity that 100 average iq is being squeezed for all it’s worth which means that we can;t have social progress, they dedicate a third of their lives already into education, than 50% in salary is taken and they have only another 30 years of prime life before the decline happens,
          We cant solve problems with the same level of intelligence that created them -albert einstein
          Now, if what i’m saying is true, that we have peaked, and that we are just our intelligence, and the amount of time we have to use that intelligence, than we need to evolve, we need to transcend
          Stage 1) Rejuvenation biotechnology/anti aging
          Stage 2)intelligence augmentation
          this should bring us into the next phase where long periods of space travel are possible since at no point in time do our cells just decide to quit
          Did you know that in the 1800’s the average life expectancy was only 37 ?

        7. “progress is a myth”
          Ugh… take a look at computers in the early 80’s
          ……..take a look at cars in the early 80’s
          ……oo the internet didnt exist in the early 80’s
          …take a look at film in the early 80’s
          …………………….everything has evolved, and it was all possible with only the 100 average IQ, now imagine what will be possible when we double that and end aging once and for all, but we wont stop at doubling our capacities, we will eventually double the already doubled capacities and continue on indefinitely,
          In my opinion, this will cause the great exodus/divide, in which each man is smart enough to leave the hive of humanity and venture out into space with their own inter-stellar agenda
          it makes sense to say, we will not need eachother since we have a dependance on the hive for division of labor, but this is because we’re in the pre-automation/Artificial intelligence era
          “their utopia actually a dystopia”
          THIS is a dystopia, right now 2015. You act as if transhumanism is owned by any one individual lol
          there is no “their” “we”us””our” just you and your own consciousness dwelling in a random reality, the idea is to dwell your consciousness in the most pleasureable reality possible which is what progress is.

        8. people like you complain about the system, yet contradict yourself by perpetuating it by acting the same, and thinking the same every day,
          since a system is a verse of thinking the same, and acting the same, the song stays the same, you need radical idealists and futurists to open the mind and change the tune,
          first an idea is ridiculed,
          than it is violently opposed
          than it is taken as self-evident
          -arthur schoepenhauer
          than you call the true progressives nutjobs, it is simply an evolutuion and expansion of the qualities which make life valuable, that is intelligence, and the aesthetic principle, and the world of object/ideas / will to power

        9. Progress is a myth because you presume life with computers is somehow superior to life without it. You have no appreciation of the true joy of living, you’re a tasteless, soulless, and I wish one day I become King of the World to execute cancerous nutjobs like you.
          You can quote Schopenhauer all you want, it doesn’t make you a genius who is now ridiculed but later will be loved.
          Your view of a world is one without hardship, no struggle, no hate, no evil, and thus the lack of powerful emotions and everything good that comes from the fight against the bad.
          Oh and
          “…take a look at film in the early 80’s”
          Thanks for proving my points. Movies before the 90s were extremely superior to the shit we have today. Fuck your graphics

        10. “Now, if what i’m saying is true, that we have peaked, and that we are just our intelligence, and the amount of time we have to use that intelligence, than we need to evolve, we need to transcend”
          More material to prove transhumanist are the most retarded and pretentious cunts that have ever lived. We are not just our intelligence, our intelligence is one aspect of ourselves, without our emotions, intelligence and everything else has absolutely no meaning at all.
          There is no such thing as the evolution you speak of, people are getting worse day by day, for example 300 years ago nobody would have come up with stupid tasteless shit like you do today. Try to prolong life all you want, your existence is meaningless because you’re an Underman, I can live 10 years more and have made a timeless art out of my life and I’ll be infinitely superior to you even if you’ll exist infinitely more.
          Death to transhumanists

        11. And please NEVER fucking use Will to Power to support your concept again, it stands in complete opposition to your shit ideology, Nietzsche was anything but a tasteless pussy who seeks to escape problems by inventing a crap world where everyone is a shitty robot/cyborg whatever the gay fuck, and was everything for leading a fiery and artistic life, which is the opposite of transhumanist SHIT.

        12. Some of the greatest advancements in human history have been made by people with the IQ of a cabbage. The screw-pump. The windmill. the constant-flow toilet AND the flush toilet. bleach. The rubber tire. cardboard. water pipes. and negative-feedback nuclear reactor damping rods (I kid you not, a janitor actually suggested holding cooling rods above a reactor with an electromagnet powered by the reactor itself.)
          What makes humanity great is not intelligence, but innovation. Intelligence helps, but often too much information will destroy the creative process… If you know what ‘cannot be done’, you won’t even try to do it, and as any ‘pure’ researcher can tell you, some of the best discoveries have come from accidental discoveries while pursuing other research.
          Transhumanists are sick, pure and simple. Humans tend to wear out… extending that time indefinitely is like bailing out a business that is ‘too big to fail’. All you are left with is a semi-sentient paranoid who’s only concern and reason for existence is to prolong that life. You REALLY want to unleash 500 year old humans on the world? endlessly old, endlessly selfish? matched with ‘at your fingertips’ instant recall that destroys all incentive for innovation, all hope for broadening the extent of human knowledge?
          No thank you, I would rather have my 3 score and ten, and obtain my immortality through children, grandchildren, and my name in the history books…
          And remember, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Hitler, John Wilkes Booth, Ted Kaczinsky, These are the immortals. Their names will live long past human memory.

        13. He’s a retarded fat neckbeard living in his mother’s basement who got bullied all his life, has no spine to live his real life so he takes refuge in a life he has to live forever (imagine how meaningful a never-ending life is, because I can’t), in which he escapes problem by living in a virtual reality or travelling to space, which is nothing but a poor man’s after-life.
          He probably hates religious people because they were non-scientific, but doesn’t realize he’s doing the same thing as they did, believe in a concept that gives them eternal lives because they have no courage to be great in their Earthly lives and deal with their problems like a man.
          He probably thinks Nietzsche is a nihilist when he’s the opposite of that, and takes his concepts to fit his ideology because he’s too fucking stupid to understand them.
          Oh by the way, Nietzsche, like me, was a fierce opponent of the Idea of Progress.
          Today’s wishful future which is quite a shitty one, e.g a more tasteless artless of the Abrahamic religions’ afterlife is what makes me be completely sure those who preach progress are morons.
          Fuck space travel, fuck robots, fuck cyborgs, fuck Stephen Hawking,all modern scientists with their dumb evidence-else speculation and shit philosophy, fuck all the sheep who believe them while thinking they’re superior to religious sheep. He likes to quote Einstein, here’s a good quote of his: “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.”

        14. “Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself, because it is easier to go to Mars or to the moon than it is to penetrate one’s own being.”Carl Gustav Jung
          The lame, bland technoscience dominated view of the future being considered good by shittards is an insult to my fascinating imagination, world-view and rich inner life.

        15. “Space flights are merely an escape”
          Too late, we’re already in space, On a planet. It’s travelling, it even spins too around a fusion reactor that we call the sun! and makes clouds and an atmosphere, its like an organic space ship! (i googled the speed for ya)
          (“30 kilometers per second, Thus, the surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second–or roughly 1,000 miles per hour around the sun) we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour

        16. What’s this logical fallacy called again? You know very well what Jung tried to say. Leaving the Earth is for pieces of shit like you who know nothing of true values and have the opposite of a fiery willpower.
          Nietzsche believed in the future people wouldn’t stray from their Earthly lives and would see the world in the light that he did, he called them Ubermensch. But hell was he wrong. Instead of the religious people he hated we now have transhumanists, one side of the same coin, except their side doesn’t even have the creative and imagination rich aspect that the religious beliefs had, rather, it has reductionist physicalism and cancerous sci-fi imagination in place of it. Evolution motherfuckers.
          We need mental asylums specifically for transhumanists.
          (Inb4 all great ideas are considered insane first quotes)

        17. “Nietzsche”
          Stop living by the ideas of someone from the 18th century(who borrowed his ideas from schoepenhauer the pessimist)
          “creative and imagination rich aspect that the religious beliefs had”
          the idea of “god” is actually the idea
          of the ideal male archetype and a paradisical society, so yes, religion fails
          to achieve this which is why transhumanism is superior, instead of hoping for a
          glorious afterlife, we simply want to create one for ourselves and
          since what is certain is more valuable than what is speculative, If there were
          a god, he would want us to achieve the greatest most rewarding existence, many christian and religion groups are evolving into religious circles for the indefinate life-span

          “cancerous sci-fi imagination”
          thanks to science we may cure cancer by mid-century
          Oh, here is the mormon transhumanist society

        18. I agree, I have recently finished reading Bill Bryson’s book ‘at home’ which I think is far superior to his more famous book ‘a short history of nearly everything’.
          The fascinating thing about the way Bryson writes is the way he goes back in time for almost everything ever invented and talks about the actual inventor and I believe it is not just IQ that makes you think up Newtons law or the theory of evolution but the opportunity.
          Newton was a nutter, and in todays society he would have been drugged until sloth-like from the age of ten.
          Many of the worlds greatest men were very quirky to put it mildly and the modern world does not support this type of outlet.
          It is all rote learning/tick and flick which is perfect for females but not men, not society and not for the evolution of our species.
          It is this reasoning that I believe will not allow us to advance the next 1000 years as we have the previous 1000.

        19. well, if you could create eternal life, you could program it to not need any meaning. but i share your general sentiment, it is instinctually not any kind of life i want for myself.
          the speculative nature of today’s “science” is something i can only tolerate due to it supposedly being based on complex mathematics that i don’t understand. i realize that that statement sounds a lot like faith, so yeah, there’s a religious quality to science, and a lot of the “profound” questions science asks – based on the documentary “through the wormhole” – seem superfluous to me, although i am not exactly a religious man.
          i read nietzsches genealogy of morals. very interesting and actually life affirming, as you sayy. but i am under the impression that he and, say, one ayn rand, were very good at living life theoretically while too caught up in their heads. maybe it was their curse to write stuff that would inspire a lot of people, but not blessed to live a happy life themselves.

        20. Immortalcyborg wants to be a castrated sexless eunuch that’s what robots are.

        21. Who cares let there be more wars and misery. I’ll takeover your sterilization you sick freak
          You want people to merge into one body lose all individuality never being able to create new jobs of their own never able to think or oppose.
          You want to be as insignificant as the a mere cell in a body.

        22. And by the time humans do find a way to stop aging you won’t be around to enjoy it. Have fun preaching about something that won’t benefit you.

        23. you don’t have to ‘believe’ it. We haven’t had any serious innovations since 1980ish.
          What have we actually created since 1980? the last great invention was the mircowave oven. All we have done is speed up computer chips, make phones smaller, expand wireless, and expanded to better LED screens. Nothing new, nothing innovative. Virgin started doing something decently creative but was slammed by international law.
          What do we have since 1980? smartphones and Viagra.

        24. You can’t do homework, then snark at others about your trans humanist utopia?
          The Internet has existed since the late 1960’s. Christ, does nobody even bother to fact check any longer?

        25. “Stop living by the ideas of someone from the 18th century(who borrowed his ideas from schoepenhauer the pessimist)”
          Clearly you suck at philosophy and haven’t read Nietzsche. He was Schopenhauer’s student at first, Schopenhauer was deep into nihilism, Nietzsche’s anti-nihilism was created when he rose out of that nihilism.
          “the idea of “god” is actually the idea…” you should also learn to read, both the religious afterlife and transhumanist eternal life are two sides of the same con, but the former at least has some art to it.
          “thanks to science we may cure cancer by mid-century” Cancer is common BECAUSE of science, let’s fix our problems with MORE of what created them, right?
          Even if cancer was something common in the hunter-gatherer era and science would be soon able to cure it, I’d still prefer a world without people like you and your tasteless thoughts.
          You want eternal life because your life sucks and you can’t make anything great out of it.
          Execute all Undermen
          ‘I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than that it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to LIVE. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.’ – Jack London
          Science is the greatest evil in present, an evil without art, an evil who has corrupted philosophical thoughts with it’s reductionist physicalism, an evil that makes lowlives think they’re a computer made of meat. No cure of any diseases can redeem science for it’s crimes (or rather, scientists with bad philosophies are to blame)

        26. Mate, meaning (which generates from emotion) is the most important thing there is. Escape physicalism and you’ll do your mind a favor.
          I think your final point may very well be right.

        27. Humans won’t find any way to stop aging because all civilizations fall and technological advancement, like advancement in any field (but more so because this field has high destructive capabilities) is not linear.
          Art, philosophy, literature, music, films, all were a lot better long ago than they’re now.
          Which is the fault in his logic, he thinks science can advance forever and that if it did it’s somehow a good thing, it isn’t, it has ruined every other field which have way more worth than technology (I don’t care if it cures diseases, I’d rather live to 30 and have a great life than simply exist as a mediocre being till 70, not that the transhumanist ideal would be anywhere as good as mediocre)

        28. I think Carl Jung’s works fit the most and do your best to connect with your subconcious through your dreams, as one’s own purposes are personal, e.g there is no universal purpose that fits everyone best. I experienced God through that, and I realized I must do what matters for me at any cost.
          There are also Nietzsche’s works that are quite inspiring, I recommend reading a couple more that came after Genealogy of Morals then Thus Spoke Zarathustra so you could understand it better.

        29. You watched to much Terminator, Zeitgeist, AI and more of that futuristic garbage. We are living right now, not in 2045.

        30. “What makes humanity great is not intelligence, but innovation.
          Intelligence helps, but often too much information will destroy the
          creative process…”
          Yep, too often people suffer from “paralysis through analysis.”
          Keeps you from getting things done.

    2. You are lucky she didn’t report you for “harassment” – and then it would have been YOU without a job.

      1. i actually “harassed” another girl there and even challenged her to report me. matter of fact, i was way too important for my boss for him to consider getting rid of me. i eventually ended the work relationship myself.
        you may be right. i can’t know how i would’ve acted if the job had been important to me. maybe i would have been too afraid to act like that then.

      2. harassment is merely defined as unwanted attention. basically if i even in jest say “you are cool” and you take offense, that is harassment.
        sexual harassment is not, although it can be, but it is not hitting on people. it just unwanted attention or remarks to someone. whether its “you are cool” or “you are ugly” or “you are hot, lets have sex”. all 3 are sexual harassment.
        this is also what goes into the 80% of women are sexually harassed myth on school campuses because all they have to say is….some man talked to me and i thought he was ugly, that counts and then people confuse that with 80% of women at school are raped.
        so the harassment myth….and what sexual harassment is….is one thing men really need to know.

        1. I know this. “Harassment” means anything a woman wants it to mean. That’s why I said that he was lucky she didn’t report him for harassment.

        2. wasnt sure, well good you know that, but maybe someone roaming here doesnt know that

  13. Using the bible as “proof”. What a joke.
    Now switch the 6 year old to a boy and tell me it wouldn’t be the exact same.

  14. You are only entitled to the air you breathe. Everything else you have to work for. (Or if you’re a woman, what you can sucker a man into paying for. Which is why we’re here, stopping these whores from emptying our pockets and lives.)

  15. On mothers day I went with my mum to visit her sister who is single parent with a 9 year old daughter. Now I love my Auntie an cousin but I could see the effects of being treated like an entitled princess had on my cousin even though she is a 9 year old. She was always eating junk an never got told you can’t eat that an is getting fat already, she was never made to pick up or clean up anything after she had finished playing so there was stuff left lying all over the the house, she kept getting told how she was perfect an would constantly interrupting when adults were talking believing she was more important than everyone else, and while she had her heaphones on dancing listening to Pink I could see her watching herself in the mirror an you could see a look in her eyes thinking how great she was. I get that little children are self centered by nature but it’s a parents job to teach them that things arn’t always going to go their way an they can’t always get what they want an put boundaries. Even on the drive back my mum said she worried how her niece is so self centered an turning into a narcissist. That’s only one example but I see it all the time with young girls, it’s no wonder so many women have an entitlement complex being raised that way by so many parents.

    1. A similar thing happened to me recently, with a girl I knew 20 years ago. A sweet little thing that came to stay with my ex and I for a summer: 6 years old, beautiful smile, wonderful spirit.
      Fast forward twenty years, and now she is a bitter fat feminist with purple hair. When I saw her picture on Facebook, part of my died – like the beautiful child I knew was gone, replaced by an animal.
      It doesn’t take long for modern Western values to destroy little girls. They go from adorable angels to hate-filled monsters overnight.

  16. Some men’s groups online I used to be on — they don’t now exist — made the mistake of accommodating females who wanted to take part. Inevitably many, though incredibly not all, would be telling you what you could talk about and what terms you could use.
    We were able to run them off for a long time but eventually the owner would give in or close it down.
    I hope this essay is read and copied many times over. We have to put a stop to this crap and that has to start with young guys who can develop ways of dealing with it in current society and beyond.
    Maybe the biggest obstacle is the easily believed falsehood that you HAVE to have women, that you define men by the presence of women in their lives, that you must do anything to get them or die.
    Sex is an instinct that is designed to be under conscious control because of the nature of mating competition.

  17. “Meanwhile, the mother hen perched herself high on the balcony overlooking the neighborhood, seated on what must have been a titanium-reinforced chair, and occasionally shouted orders.”
    Hence why Queen Elizabeth I was the virgin queen.

  18. “Note the deflection of responsibility – the woman hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s the snake’s fault for presenting her with a temptation she couldn’t resist. Now, the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally, but the fact that a 3,400 year old book talks so frankly about the true nature of women is astounding.”
    The Bible should be taken literally. And studied very seriously.
    “In fact, everything else in the Bible pales in comparison to that one verse and is pretty much tainted by a needless religious subtext.”
    Any single bible page conserves more wisdom and goodness than all the Baronis have brought into the world since the inception of Baroni-ness.

  19. Brother Baroni, your citation of scripture is revealing, but I direct you to the Qu’ran and specifically the hadith that states:
    The Prophet said, ‘I looked at Paradise and found poor people forming the majority of its inhabitants; and I looked at Hell and saw that the majority of its inhabitants were women.’
    You Christians understand only some of Allah’s message, but the Qu’ran could cleans your societies completely if you would but embrace it. Your female run movies and governments are a hell of your own making, but it is not too late to turn to the light.

  20. I remember this semester in college in my Italian class, there was a good looking hot girl. So one day in class I decided to sit at her table with the other girls as well. She seems to get upset that she lost a game on her iPhone. So to get her attention I said: “if I were to beat you in call of duty, would you get mad?” She quickly retorted: “you don’t have the right to talk to me sweetgeart…” Believe me I’ve could’ve called every name on the book and made her look like a bitch in front of everyone. Since I had beef with her. Then the other day in class, she had to leave early so I heard her name, Margaux. I haven’t heard that name before therefore my reaction was, “that’s a weird name for a girl..” A few minutes later on of her friends seemed to heard me and started saying “you fucking respect women….don’t get so smart with your fucking remarks..” So when I started to defend myself as a man, the more she raised her voice: “RESPECT WOMEN!!!” and all other cursing around. All of this gave me a reason why to stay away from college girls. During this semester I haven’t talked to any girls at all except if I saw the ones from class or from high school and meet each other again. Other than that is me and my headphones. Now in days a man trying to be respected is somehow “disrespecting” women……..

    1. I wonder how telling them that you’ll respect them when they stop acting like children would have gone over

  21. I have three kids and a job. I spend my hard earned money for them.
    Got job sucking mad dick, use maternity leave, pick up alimony check, pick up child support

  22. Derek – females have to earn respect huh?
    Doesn’t everyone?
    Was it really necessary to write a whole article that covers a really basic principle inherent to the Male mind?
    Or didn’t you inherit that bit?

  23. I know Ive been commenting like a madman since I found your blog, probably because of how easy it is to comment. no need to
    register with anything new, or wait for pending approval etc. but this reminds me a story between my 9 year old( i think
    shes 9) niece and my then 3 or maybe 4 year old nephew.
    I was watching the two of them
    My niece unsuccessfully tried to steal some toy my nephew had, after failing to rip it from his hands, which was quite
    funny to see. She then proceeded to tell him “Remember, your mommy said share, so share”. the poor boy looked confused and
    looked up at me, and I quickly told her, you tried to steal it from him, that isnt sharing, so he doesnt have to give it to
    Her look of failure was great, and the nephew then proceeded to play, seemingly happy that i expressed into words what a 4
    year old could not.

    1. Exactly….women learn these things right from an early age.
      plus they have hoards of female support crew telling them exactly how to extract time and resources from men

      1. indeed, want to see the two sexes interacting naturally? watch children.

  24. Well even that phrase is coloured by religious context but referring to the Old Testament I don’t think it is surprising that a 3,400 year old book contains such wisdom. We only started jettisoning such wisdom about 150 years ago with the advent of socialism.

  25. It’s a good point – never assume a female is equal to a male unless proven otherwise
    It’s the rational thing to do

  26. So, God accounts a non-sentient, unaware being for doing what God Himself criminalised? This is why i’m an antitheist, cunts.

  27. What a bunch of scared little men.
    If you want to live in a culture of submissive women move to an Islamic nation, convert to their religion and you will have all the submissive women your heart desires.
    Short of that, grow up and realize that your demand of earned respect plays both ways. You’ve got to earn the respect of those around you.

    1. Do you people even bother to insert your own words into the copy and paste boilerplate you post here? Christ almighty, at least pretend you think for yourself, child.

      1. You mean like the rest of the boilerplate comments on here by guys stroking the authors and each others dicks so that they feel good about themselves?
        I’ll get right on that.

        1. Your ad hominem was expected. As I alluded to, you have no originality.
          Ho hum.

        2. You do see the irony in calling me out for my boilerplate comments using your very own boilerplate comments don’t you?
          Let’s see some originality from you.
          Do you have your own blog where you are posting your own original thoughts or do you simply spend you time on sites such as this one telling the author how great they are and how much you agree with them?

        3. This reminds me of a joke about a hunter and a bear.
          “You’re not here to hunt are you.”

        4. In a way yes.
          You see, in a way the replies I get are analogous to the guy with the big truck that’s got 6″ of lift and 37″ tires, A.K.A. small dick syndrome.
          I’m just here to bait you guys to see who screams the loudest or comes back with the most ridiculous reply or put down. Guys with small dicks always self identify like that.

        5. Always the fat women, like you, crowing about:
          Small dicks
          Honey, you’re a fat, ignorant cunt. Accept it.

    2. more like a bunch of scared little girls that know if men ever wake up, you ladies will be bound back to the house where you belong, and your reign of terror will end.
      you are also scared of dying alone, because your mind and soul and body are so poisoned with liberal feminism that you are beyond reproach. No man wants you, so you lash out in anger.
      the good old bible tells of your tale….this is but one pearl of wisdom by our forefathers, telling of what happens when women get to run around in charge.
      1 And in that day, seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach.
      4 When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning.
      13 Therefore, my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge; and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.

      1. Oh good! It’s turned into a religious discussion.
        How about we start this discussion off properly and delve into the various ideologies that predate and were co-opted into the religion you follow so blindly and wish to stand on.
        Or we could just start out trying to figure out which of the thousands of versions of your special religion is actually the true and correct one to follow.
        It’s your choice, I’m game for either one.

        1. standard female logic, ignore the argument, uses her emotions to insult to me, and gets all fired up.

        2. I didn’t ignore the argument. You made the argument religious in nature in your own comment.
          How is my comment emotional? You want to stand on your religion so to counter your argument I’ve got to know which version your religion is and more so the history of that religion, both what was co-opted and original has to be known as well.
          You’re a logical male after all, is it best to argue with as much knowledge as possible or is it best to argue simply because some other dude wrote about it on a blog and that’s what he said so it must be right?

        3. you failed to counter my argument and to see its overall point, which actually wasnt a bold GOD IS REAL STATEMENT.
          the bible can be read many ways.
          again emotional deflection and changing of the subject. I gave you one clue as to what my argument was about in this reply.

        4. Come on froggy! Surely you can come up with better than that, can’t you?
          Or are you stuck with the mentality of a prepubescent schoolboy who is uncomfortable around women?

        5. I agree and also disagree. Yes people blindly follow religion without venturing out and doing their own research. However, sometimes the wisdom found in the bible transcends it’s origins. Wisdom is wisdom, be it a freakishly and random wise comment/remark from an ignorant thug or the bible. I would quite happily quote (wisdom) from either without going into were it came from.

        6. You are under the seriously deluded and very mistaken impression that the universe revolves around your Boston-Habor scented cunt.
          Begone, attention whore.

      1. I find that impossible to believe. We all know that you’ve got some woman, whether it be your mother or current girlfriend, telling you what to do.
        Or it could be your boyfriend and your just putting on a false front by visiting and commenting on sites like this one.

        1. Yes, I know “strong independent wymyn” love telling guys what to do. We either humor you or tune you out. And if you keep on, we give you walking papers. Women aren’t scarce. There’s like nearly 4 billion of you out there.

        2. It’s just here to troll, she says so below. And, of course, with the requisite small penis boilerplate.
          A very unoriginal lot, these femis.

        3. It’s not even like the article says anything inflammatory about women. He/She is just butthurt that the article did’t put pussy on a pedestal.

        4. Yep. You’d think that Hivemind Central would still have them focusing on the Mad Max article.

        5. I am very original. I hope your site is seen by all and hackers take an interest an exposing your names publicly. Free speech is awesome when it comes with accountability. If I thought you guys were even close to sane I would gladly state who I am. Yet you’re all fucking bat shit crazy. I am all set with you creepy people knowing anything about me. Your core belief structure is so twisted that twizzlers could learn a thing from you.

        6. Smug Frog – you get butt hurt from living where everyone shuts you down. I am sure that is more significant. The article is as useless as the sperm that made you. 😀 You’re alone because of this stupid shit.

    3. Because expecting women to treat people with respect equals Teh Izzzzlam!

  28. If you want to see women relentlessly dominate someone without mercy, just watch them play spades with a guy that doesn’t know how to play. All that “let me win” bullshit goes out the window.

  29. Meaningless twittering, chattering, wimpy ass fuck-bags, all of you. I am digging the freedom of asshole mania and limp dick idiotic low informed opinions. I appreciate the 1st Amendment with the mightiest, biggest, patriotic pride than your obvious near-rapist, enthusiastic, monstrous collective could believe. That being said, you silence others from commenting, so obviously your like a whiny little bitch that you swear you’re tougher than. I am sure bitches must be everything you hate and love, because none of you are fucking nuts, just “Mighty MEN.” Like myself, you love pussy, beer, and guns. Unlike myself, a rather fuck’in kick ass, intelligent, badass dude – ya’ll are so fucked and fucked and fucked in that stupid head that you all must share. Don’t worry, isolate yourself as much as you can, talk to other fringe freaks. I hear the KKK and Skinheads are recruiting. You will never have to hear scary ideas from from Faggots, Dykes, Communists, Christians, Terrorists, Immigrants, and Evil Clowns. Stupid, fucking, idiot American pieces of shit you are. You shame our country, you shame yourselves, and you are filth that which drives the hands of hate. You make this dude, a true dude, laugh at the pure stupid, stupid, stupid, bullshit which you all spout. Thanks, really, this was fun to flex a mental muscle that none of you have.

      1. If I am Jewish – that would be cool because I could say insensitive words about my own culture. I am French-American. More American than french. Anyhoo, are you the type to buy this bullshit and call it candy? My bullshit is better candy, if you have been buying theirs… I promise. *sprays neutering-toxin on it before offering*

        1. Listen, Rabbi Shlomo. This isn’t the place to peddle your social justice egalitarian bullshit. Why don’t you get back to your Metzitzah B’Peh baby dick slurping, Rabbi?

        2. Is that a thing for you smug frog? Turns your crank to think of Rabbis slurping baby dick? That is kinda fucked but it does fit with your pattern of coming to this site. Phrasing intended, wussy bitch that you are. I agree that this isn’t a place for my bullshit but yours. This is like a normative wet dream, something that doesn’t involve pedophile suggestions, trolling the shit out of this site is like a vacation. This is not so much a debate, it it is eerily similar to boxing Helen Keller with her hands tied. I can see why you hate half of the human race… I would want to lower the population that makes me look stupid, too.

        3. So I wasn’t far off with my skinhead comment? Okay, actually, your screen name is more accurate to the slang for my ancestry. Frenchie, Frog, fuck’in frenchy fry waif bitch would be best. Are you also a person who hates Jews… Damn man, this is just too good. You can’t answer the charges of your small stature in all things. Shameful, ignorant, little fucktard, did mommy hold you too much or not enough? I mean minus the hate, were you touched in the special place? I only ask because you seem to have a special interest in thinking of jews performing sex acts on each other even when it is not related to the situation.

        4. C’mon, know when you’ve lost man. Go grab your coat, it’s time to go.

        5. I never lost a man, I didn’t lose a man, I am sorry your sad that I never wanted a man. You should get yourself a man. Me, I am staying at this party, it is hell up in here. You may lose a thing or two, but I am sure you already don’t have two balls too… check Smug Frog’s mouth. Manly Men that you are. I saw a chick walking down the street, you should shout obscene things at her and then talk about how you are losing the respect of women. Quote the bible… or something… and still look stupid.

        6. Sprays?
          What next, are we to learn of your fear of cooties, pray tell?

        7. If I feared cooties, specially digital ones, I would not be here. This place is as diseased as your ignorant small little collective heads.

        8. Heh, I actually laughed in real life. You are what, 14 or so? Serious question, your rhetorical skill is very similar to a person in that age group.

        9. So because I don’t fear cooties I am neurotic? Fuck’in read, you’re an idiot.

    1. There is absolutely NO argument above…just vitriol, insults, hate, yes hate, and, above all, gibberish. You loon! Your “statement” above has only reaffirmed my anti-feminists beliefs.

      1. good. I wasn’t here for you, kinda like your not there for when your lady is fucked.

    2. 1/10
      Walls of snark are so 2005, hon. Random insults mean you really haven’t put in any time or effort. It shows that you simply do not take pride in your work or yourself.
      Don’t fret though, you have nowhere to go but up from here!

      1. Pride in yourself, says that guy that is here. You guys are as baseless and fact-less as you are attractive and successful to the ladies. You loonies are random, insulting, and insane… then shocked when you are not respected. Amazing. I give you a 0/10 or a -1/10. Your post just shows that take no pride in your work or yourself. 🙂 See what I did there? You wimpy ass poser, posing as an intellectual. You’re as smart as the article was written.

        1. You’re as smart as the article was written
          Babblefish down I take it?
          Yeah, 14. 15 tops.

        2. Actually, I am seven years old and almost 15 – soon I will be old enough to “dwive”, old enough to know what grammar and snark is. Talk about more chick shaming and hating… how is the microwaveable pizza?

        3. I actually wasn’t aware you were a chick. If I’d known I would have skipped the question on your age. I expect a much lower quality of rhetoric from chicks, you see, and you do not fail my expectations in the least, now that I know.
          Actually I had spinach salad with baked chicken and a light oil and vinegar dressing for lunch, but thanks for caring about my dietary needs. You’ll mature into a fine sandwhich maker in time with that kind of attitude and proper training from your future husband.

        4. Just because I talk about chicks doesn’t mean I don’t have a dick. Don’t have sexual fantasies about me, I mean I know it is probably a deep seated issue for you. That twenty in your pocket and herpes on your face was from only a friend, named Bob. Swallow your salad, manly lady.

        5. Ah, so we’re back to 14 then it appears. Ho hum.

        6. I think of you as hateful and insane. What kid should know about that shit? You are so twisted and it is okay that you don’t understand. Because I enjoy being here… you are a minority fringe group and we both know your group will die out from lack of bullshit. I am catching a glimpse of the stupid before it is gone forever. If I acted meek, you would just call me all things that you already do, and if you wanted reason you wouldn’t be here. I am 14, do you think about 14 years old often? It wouldn’t surprise me if you were a pedophile. You seem to keep bringing it up as you act like a fat witty wimp adult who operates as a child.

        7. Just trying to pin down whether your poor social skills and immature writing style are due to age or something a bit less complimentary. Plus I have a big bag of troll food that I haven’t dipped into in a while, and your posts are cracking me up, so I’m feeding you a little. You’re welcome.

        8. hahaha. Somebody is a little pissed. Cry me a river, you wimpy ass child. Talk big and bad then correct your grammar. Go on and hate women, immigrants, and everything and enjoy the heart attack that tossed-salad will not stop. Thank you. I appreciate the feeds for real(sies). <—- just for you (the writing style). Enjoy your pathetic life, but we both know you won’t. We both know I am smarter, more successful, better educated, and a better man than any of you. Most men are better than any of you and you all know it.

      2. 1. You guys are men because of your tiny dicks.
        2. You insult women as a means to cover your fears.
        3. You insight rage with your baseless opinions.
        4. You then call anyone that doesn’t see your way as the enemy.
        5. Pretty wimpy and childish to me. Afraid is the word of the day.
        You asked for charges. I lay these at your pale ass wimpy feet.

        1. 1. So you’re saying that women have large dicks? Being a man means that you have XY chromosomes actually.
          2. Fear? Heh. Asking women to earn respect is insulting? You may want to rethink that one dear.
          3. I insight rage? Is that some kind of Zen thing?
          4. No, actually I don’t call people who do not see things my way my enemy. I honor an enemy by giving him that title. It means he’s strong and a worthy opponent. Your type are not worthy of the title, I simply laugh at you and in an hour will not even remember you exist.
          5. Wasn’t a bullet point item, it was your summary. Try to keep up please.
          It’s Froday and I’m feeling happy, you amuse me with your hate, it is making me smile.

        2. Do you have to earn women’s respect as well or are you entitled to behave as you wish without consequence?

  30. That was a good morning read. An eye opener before hitting the sidewalks. Hit the sidewalks and spread a little love now men.
    All hail the patriarchy!!

    1. O_O You do know most of these guys piss in Mountain Dew bottles and yell at their abused spouse to make more microwaveable pizza while they play the latest MMO.

  31. This is part of the reason I like country girls and tomboys. Many of them have brothers that probably beat them up and farted on their heads when they were growing up. Many don’t mind getting dirty. They are experienced with being around men and understand how they work and how the whole respect thing works.
    This is a foreign concept to well-off suburbanite devas that were raised as princesses.
    Guarantee you that is where the trolling is coming from. Bitches that have had everything handed to them.

    1. Hahaha. You guys are the true trolls, but like true failures, you suck balls at it. You’re not men, you’re pathetic wretches and are convinced of your own fanaticism that no one but third world countries agree with. 12 guys in a room hate one guy, and it is one of you. Yeah the majority is just brainwashed. When are you guys having kool-aid to catch the comet?

      1. Not our fault you can’t land yourself into some fine country girl cunny. They’re not into faggy hipsters and menstruating male feminists.

        1. But…he has a beard! And thick black rimmed glasses for irony!

        2. What freaks me out more is that you have a picture of this. WTH? Why? No, do not answer that! Ehhh. You must have a lot of pictures of this kinda of stuff. Compensating are we Mr. Frog? You sound like you need some help.

        3. Faggy hipsters wouldn’t want country girl pussy. They would want what you already see them for. I do dress rather kick ass, cheap, and I am fucking awesome handsome too. So I am better dressed, better educated, and not as stupid as you. Now stop fantasizing about me you dirty gay pedophile Jew-sex act enthusiast.

        4. You like imagining me? You also think I am 14 and now I have a beard? What kinda of fuck’in disgusting person are you? Besides, hating women, you really have a lot of horrible character traits. I can also bet that you’re not a looker and more of a looker at illegal websites with children on them. I can see why you and frog are friends. Do you guys have a van that you share? What is the license plate so I can the police. You used irony wrong, you idiot.

        5. r u a homosexzual sir or madam? does your bum smell of tacos sir or madam? do you have dirty feet? I get the sense that your feet are extremely filthy.

    2. The sad thing is, though, that the self-entitled spoiled princesses usually hate themselves the most.
      My dad’s a scientist. Playing chess with him was suicide, yet I played him every week as a kid and adolescent. I lost. I threw tantrums when I was really little. But I refused to give up, and I learned a hell of a lot about chess.
      To this day I’ve never beaten dad at chess. I got him in check once. That was a hell of a thrill. He never ever mocked me or made me feel stupid about it. He beat me fair and square, and taught me how to become a gracious loser in chess, while he modelled being a good sport as a winner. I learned that I won’t get things handed to me just because, but also never to give up.
      My parents encouraged me, praised me when I did well, but never spoiled me and threw toys at me. To quote Heinlein, keep your kids short on pocket change and long on hugs. I never wanted for affection or love. I played with my brother and preferred to be a tomboy because damn it, climbing a tree is way the fuck more fun than having some pretend tea party or whatever.
      The pretty pretty princess whose flip side so often is a mascara-running ‘party-grrl’ was too often spoiled rotten with toys and anything she wanted if it was material, but simultaneously told that the only important thing was her physical beauty – something her behaviour has limited impact on. She never learned to respect herself, and everyone suffers for it. Her most of all. She never worked to merit things, but got them by pouting or crying for them.
      Thomas Dolby’s song “Airhead” is a pretty sad but apt indictment. I don’t have anything in common with them but my gender, and I don’t care for their company, but at the root of it, I really feel badly for girls like that. The most spoiled brat of a girl with perfect makeup and some vile rat-dog in a handbag is like a hollow shell with a weeping frightened creature deep inside to my eyes.
      It’s a bloody shame.

    3. In theory, that’s all well and good, but at the same time, I don’t want a woman who acts like a man. I want a feminine woman.

  32. I’ve read all the recent posts on this site from like the last 2 weeks because I’m a fast reader and I hate being uninformed before I form an opinion. I used to be on the fence about feminism but you writers, if I can call you that, sure pushed me in the other direction. This “article” is a prime example. This couldn’t even be given a passing grade in any college level writing class. You site one verse of the Bible, while ignoring the context of the rest of the Bible, then say the Bible is an unreliable source. Every single reference to a female figure is described in a negative way (“weight-challenged mom” is that a reference to ‘fat shaming week’ this site had recently?) so readers are practically forced to see anyone female in a negative light. Before I go on, this is the most emotionally driven dribble I have read since I stopped reading Cosmo when I was 12 in 1999. Is this really how you want to portray yourselves? I don’t really care because I know both men and women who are a lot more logical than this.

    1. This ain’t college sweetheart. “A passing grade” isn’t the point.
      “Siting” that one verse in the bible pretty much sums up the entire reason why the women of today act the way they do. Just because you disagree with it doesn’t make it incorrect.

    2. men want virgins who will cook and clean for them. other wise what is the point of having you around? you think a vagina makes you special. you’re entitled. thats it

    3. this place can be extreme but if you are so enlightened can you list some supposed problems women face that THEY are responsible for?
      Either as individuals or as a group is fine.

    4. Men and women are more than equal, Katie. And men do a lot for their wives. Look up the youtube vid, “Alan King, survived by his wife”.

    5. No, we say fat women here…no filter needed. Many women, today, are just fat and many don’t even hide it any longer. Women do have a few extra pounds (that’s not the problem). It’s the fat ass minivan women walking around with the shitty attitudes.
      You want to start improving things? Start on your side with your team. It’s been going down hill for awhile now. No man wants to marry a minivan.

  33. Man: “What did you do?”
    Woman: “It wasn’t me, it just happened.”
    Man: “It happened because you allowed it to happen.”

    1. So you are saying that you need some cock then huh?
      Just come out with it and stop pretending that you are all about hating sexism when a good drilling into submissiveness is exactly what you want from a man.

  34. don’t you dare use the bible as reasoning for not giving respect to women. Women deserve to be loved and cared for and should not be made to feel like less than men. I’ll tell you right now that all the guys on this page spouting rubbish about women being less than men are not men themselves. They’re immature little boys that need to grow up and learn how to treat a woman right.

    1. Wrong.
      WIVES should be loved and cared for. An unmarried women is basically just wandering about in the wind until she gets married. Women are not to submit to ALL men. They are to submit to their HUSBANDS. If you don’t understand the difference then nobody can help you.

  35. I love the total lack of self-awareness this author has. Quite simply put the writers on this site are caricatures of men. They pretend to be men, but are really just boys.

  36. Ha-ha-ha-ha, I`m sorry, I just can`t stop laughing, this is just TO stupid……

    1. If you are going to call something stupid make sure you aren’t stupid enough to use the wrong version of “too”.

      1. I`m so sorry i got that wrong 🙂
        You could try to write something i my language, see if you get it 100 % correct….

  37. I think you might be ignoring Genesis 3:12, “The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” Funny how you ignored the passage right above it to satisfy your egotistical misogynistic cravings. Note the deflection of responsibility – the man hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s the woman’s fault for presenting him with a temptation he couldn’t resist. I would love to see you attempt to refute this with another pointless generalization, or maybe instead you could just call me a empty-headed feminist and ignore my point. Also, I found the your idea that women “superimpose their inner realities upon the outside world,” almost devastatingly ironic because you could use the same term to apply to what men have been doing since they imposed this power dynamic thousands of years ago. Is it not superimposing an inner reality to claim superiority over half of the population? Not only have men been claiming superiority over women, therefore “superimposing their inner realities,” they have also forced women to veil themselves, sold them into sex slavery, and set up a patriarchal society that teaches women that that the world is a boys club and that they should thank men on hands and knees for actually taking them seriously.

    1. You’re an empty-headed feminist.
      You cite the verse but you have no idea of the meaning behind it. Here, we do have Adam deflecting responsibility so you’re correct on that point. What you miss is the fact that he refuses to take responsibility for his wife. Adam is the leader, it was his job to keep his bitch in check, slap the apple from her hand when she picked it and tell her “no you won’t eat that because you were told not to” and to tell the snake to fuck off. If he had, we’d still be in the garden. Therefore, women are to be controlled due to their hypergamous nature that goes all the way back to Eve. If women are turned loose with no restriction whatsoever on their behavior, what do you get? Modern society.
      Men have been superimposing their ideas upon society for thousands of years. I’m proud of my gender. This superimposing is the exact the reason why we are no longer living in caves/huts/holes in the ground. Look around you, pretty much everything you look at was designed by a man. Also, women “superimposing their inner reality upon the world” is yet another reason why they need to be controlled. You just used a whole lot of words to say what I can say in three words:
      “women are insane”

  38. I am speechless. If you guys hate women so much, why spend so much time thinking about them, blogging about them, arguing about them, trying to read their minds? I am absolutely astonished and saddened by what I’ve read here. I had no idea people like you existed.

    1. People like you? Would you say that to other groups of people: like gay people or black people?
      Of course you wouldn’t because that’s just “wrong”. It’s ok to insult this group, though.
      That’s when you know that you have true privilege and power (not equality).

      1. Er, I said ‘people like you’, not ‘you people’. There’s quite a difference. And you said I nitpick, champ.

        1. Sure you did. How about you carry you ass back to Jezebel or XoJane. We don’t troll your sites with nonsense…besides we’d get banned for just having an opposing view (many have).

  39. Most of these articles are pretty much written by a bunch of simps. As a man we have to accept reality that you have to man up and impose will. And women try to impose there will on you. Crying and writing articles about this is pointless its a given.

  40. Psh. Earned respect? 99.9% of females demand respect only because they’re female. Haven’t you ever heard? “I’m a lady you better respect me!” said the slut. “Didn’t your mama teach you how to treat a lady!?” said the slut.
    The simple fact is that respect IS earned whether these entitled cunts like it or not. I will NOT blindly respect anybody, male OR female!

    1. Being an Officer of the Law I expect and DEMAND respect. Otherwise I will kill you and make it look like an accident.

  41. I’ve definitely let men win before (in both physical and intellectual games). Maybe it’s not the norm, but I’m not the only woman I’ve known who’s done this, so I guess it goes both ways. Then again, I’m not that competitive. Some women are but in general men tend to care a lot about winning, so if I have an edge I don’t mind letting them win…sometimes ;).
    My husband beats me at all sports though, but that’s because he’s just good and super fast. I still beat him at card games, etc. though. Bottom line, all people are different. And there are plenty of men that suck at sports. Plenty.

  42. Hahaha! What a bunch of low-browed bros. So yeah, real men weigh 200 pounds and they can be firefighters or construction workers! It’s comforting to know your brilliant lineage will probably die by itself soon enough… Y’know, since you like your women no smarter than you already are. 😉

  43. Several websites such as Henry Makow’s, Smoloko’s or Return of the kings’ discuss the feminist oppression of men. There is an increasing number of men who decide, in view of the appalling level of relationship and trust between men and women, to basically “go their own way”: forget marriage and relationship, they will just resort to women when they have “needs”.
    Is it a case of genuine despair at women going mental or a case of
    shooting oneself in the foot? Why would a man walk away from women? Doesn’t he understand that the whole essence of manhood is derived from his relationship to women (and vice versa for women)? For some men, apparently, it is possible to be an accomplished man without really depending on a woman, marriage, children and responsibilities. And what app is that?
    There is a difference between the idea of woman and women around us.
    If you want to be a man, it means you do not want to be only an
    asexual individual, you want to relate to women. For this purpose, you need to clarify how you want to use sexuality. What standard are you going to pick? Which one: the hooker or the potential mother? Because relating to a potential mother is quite different from relating to a hooker. Let’s see:
    – a potential mother? Sexuality serves the purpose of producing
    children, you will naturally want her to thrive in her role and serve
    her in that way. The potential mother sees in you a potential father and want you to thrive in your role and serve you in turn. You do realize that you serve your employer for money, why can’t you accept the idea of serving the person you love out of love and not for money? You will thus align yourself to correspond to her “level”, and thrive to behave like a potential father.
    – a potential hooker? No children in perspective, just sex, for your
    own pleasure, for your own, for you. You will thus align yourself to
    correspond to her “level”, and excel at behaving like a client.
    Not complicated, quite simple. No, you can’t have this and a bit of that. It’s not a buffet.
    In a nutshell, the way you see a woman in absolute, that is
    independently from the circumstances and from those surrounding you, will define who you are. I feel sorry for men who go their own way and turn to women when they have “needs”. They are turning themselves into clients and quite astonishingly ignore that the needs in question are the body and soul urging them to become fathers, to become men. I feel also sorry for men who say that all women are bitches, that would mean including their mothers. Because that would make them instantly, right there, literally, sons… of… bitches.

  44. I don’t understand why you guys want to bring women back to the 1800s. Look at every country where you have the kind of social and gender inequality that you guys are dreaming of. They’re pretty much all fucked. Your bitterness toward the type of douchbag women you’re attracted to is turning you into those douchbag women. How can you not see this? Men and women are biologically different. Nobody disagrees with that and you all go on pretending that this is the discussion. You could have easily replaced the girls from the examples above with younger boys. When it comes to physical strength collectivley men will always beat women. Who is denying this? This isn’t even up for discussion. Any woman who says that men are not physically different from women is an idiot and only an idiot would be outraged by such a statement. Facts are facts guys.

  45. Are you really quoting the bible to set a scientific fact? OMG. Then, you should remember that Adam had formerly blamed Eve because she gave the apple to him.
    After reading some of your articles, we can deduce that under your point of view:
    a) If any of you, guys, is married with a woman, then you are married to an inferior being.
    b) If any of you, guys, has a daughter, she is inferior to any other man´s son just because she´s a girl, and that´s what you´re goint to teach her: “Listen, dear daugher, you see that boy? You´re inferior to him. You can trust me, I´m you father.”. And if she tries to developep herself fully laborally, you will discourage her. “Oh, dear daughter, no matter if you´re able. YOU JUST CAN´T MATCH any other man, even a stupid one.”
    c) Your mother is inferior to any other stupid man, just because she´s a woman. “Oh, mother, ya know? You may have raised me, educated me since Papa left us, you may have work from 9 to 21 to pay my education´and you may have helped me to become a man, but you´re still inferior to any other man, (the one who left us included).
    Please check any forum of those fanatics of ISIS or any other fundamentalist group… You may agree their points on women.

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