The Effect Of Americanization On A Hungarian Girl

This past weekend in Budapest I was given a clear look at how Western influence can ruin a society.  These two dates took place on consecutive nights, allowing me to see how much of an effect the westernization virus can have on a society.

The Meet (Sabrina)

Wednesday night I go out in Budapest and it’s a horrible cockfest—70% guys and girls are unattractive and bitchy.  Went to numerous venues and the same everywhere.  I break out my jump to conclusions mat, think Budapest is horrible (note: it is not — I was dead wrong) and the next morning go to my default back up plan of trying to set something up from the country’s online women.  They have OKCupid in Budapest? Ok odd but why not.  Message a few girls, get one bite and we agree to meet on Friday night for a drink.  She has the standard annoying profile I’ve come accustomed to in America.  When I confirm the plans, she texts back “no need to repeat yourself.”  So much for being nice and making sure the language barrier does not cause confusion.

She is late for drinks and texts me “Don’t give up!”  I tell her what I’m wearing and that I’m outside, she texts back what she’s wearing and she’s inside.  I go in, she’s cute but in a loose blouse, jeans and flats.  She’s got just a tad of softness to her body, a dangerous sign of impending fatness.  She works in project management.  She is full of sarcasm and quick retorts.  She is fully Americanized.

The Meet (Petra)

I realize quickly that I was wrong about Budapest.  There are very hot girls around, and some sweet ones too.  It was Friday night and I was at the apparent top club in Budapest, notice a tall slender blonde standing by herself.  She is tall, long hair, very thin and wearing heels and a black dress.  Go up to her and tell her she looks bored and should join me for a drink.  She agrees but apologizes because her English is not too good. I tell her it’s ok and pour her a glass of champagne from the bottle that cost me as much as a single drink would cost me in LA.  She smiles at me and has to resort to her phone to use google translate. We chat a bit and then she has to go because her ride is leaving.

We set up plans to get drinks for the next night.  She is also late, but texts me saying she is sorry because the trams were delayed.  When she arrives, she apologizes about seven times for being 15 minutes late.  She is a bartender.

The Date (Sabrina)

I ask her what she’s drinking and she says beer.  She grabs that 0.5L beer and has no problems drinking it like a German beer enthusiast.  We grab a seat outside, and when the waiter comes to tell her it’s closed down she tries to convince him to let us stay by flirting.  Didn’t work.  We change venues and she goes to the bathroom and makes sure to take her phone with her.  When I go to the bathroom and come back, she is on facebook and texting people.

We are standing at the bar and a girl asks if she can move over a bit so she can place a drink order, and Sabrina retorts that she’s not moving and there is space on the other end of the bar.  When I can’t understand something she said because of her accent, she inquires if I have water in my ear.

The Date (Petra)

I ask her what she’s drinking and she says champagne.  We get a bottle of champagne and sit outside in the same bar area.  Her phone is out for google translate for the entire date, and not a single text or facebook check was made.  She asks me if it’s okay that she doesn’t speak English so well — I tell her that’s perfectly fine.  She tells me about her family, how she likes to cook and so on.  When Petra goes to the bathroom, she leaves her phone on the table.

It comes to pay the bill and the waiter is nowhere to be found.  She goes around the restaurant looking for him and when we finally pay, she makes sure he gives me the right change back and not try to take advantage of the tourist.

My Place (Sabrina)

I invite Sabrina up for a drink and she agrees.  After listening to her gab for 2o minutes, make out with her and try to escalate.  She stops me and says “just so you know, we are not having sex tonight.”  What? How does she know the typical American girl I’m-going-to say-this-so-I’m-a-not-a-slut line? Nonetheless she told me about a million times how she was to wake up early the next morning for work, so the night had to end.  Since I wasn’t that into her and had friends at the night club already out, I didn’t push it.

She agrees to walk me to the club.  On the way there, she runs into her ex-boyfriend.  She just completely ignores me and after a few minutes, I tell her I’ll find the club myself.  She goes okay and continues talking to him like my hands weren’t fondling her breasts 20 minutes ago.  The next day she texts me that she couldn’t make our previously agreed plans of hanging out again because she ended up fucking her ex only got 2.5 hours of sleep last night.

My Place (Petra)

I invite Petra up for a drink and she agrees.  We kiss rather soon, but she will not let me go any further.  She tells me in broken English that this is our first date and this is not appropriate.  Eventually I tell her that if she wants to sleep over she can, and no sex.  She goes okay and changes into my shorts and a tshirt.  Sex followed soon after.  She gave no porn star demands that I’ve become accustomed to with American girls, just smooth nice sex.  Afterwards she curls up on me and falls asleep, waking occasionally to give me a light peck.  In the morning she types on the translator that she will go home now because she doesn’t want to inconvenience me.

And people wonder why some men go to Europe and never come back.

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62 thoughts on “The Effect Of Americanization On A Hungarian Girl”

  1. Don’t completely agree with your conclusions.
    Sabrina sounds more like a typical “eastern europe hunter”
    example than of an Americanized type of girl. You gave her what she craves: attention, time
    and bills paid. You could be one of her many satellites that she likes to keep
    gravitating around her ego. She will eventually provide sexual satisfaction,
    but you need to invest time and money on it (and a lot of patience to put up
    with her caracter). Not worth it. Petra is a more traditional example of a
    local standard girl, where the only trick required is to be a gentleman (not a
    sucker) and to lead things like if sex was not the ultimate goal (even when that’s

    1. Wrong. Typical EE hunter doesn’t have fluent English and dress/act like a hipster. Have you even been there?

      1. Ask me where I have not been in Eastern Europe. Just last month I was in Budapest (live in Prague BTW and can’t believe how this place is not mentioned more often in this site)
        Wrong: good qualified hunters know good English and travelled a lot to be able to prey on their international “customers”. However, they were already hunters way before they acquired these additional skills (just their scope was different)
        These type of girls are part of the local culture and they existed way before any international influence.

        1. Cant say, didnt meet her!
          Probably she met enough beta foreign males to know how to handle them!.
          What Im trying to say is that her behavior is not necessarly a consequence of any american influence.
          Met plenty of eastern girls like “Sabrina” that didnt know a word of English and never visited Pizza Hut or KFC!

        2. Not many seasoned hunters I know try to squeeze out only 2 beers ($6) worth from their targets.

        3. Yup. She’d recommend a restaurant that happens to be expensive and will not eat all day so that she could try three courses.

        4. Depends on the approach and the individual she is interacting with. I reckon you didnt look exactly like a drooling beta foreigner, so she just didnt go for the kill.
          Not all EE hunters dig for the gold on their first dates. They just want to get you hooked in.
          Each case is a case, but the end result was that you made the “investment” and someone else got the “goodies” and all Im saying is that I think it’s not because of “american influence”.

        5. interesting. maybe it’s passive exposure to the cunts of “sex and the city” etc. it’s amazing how films and TV can influence behaviour.

      2. I am going through great depression at this point in my life, i am 26, I have had some 2.5 years experience in IT sector, later i worked in Research Centers especially in micro.electronics lab
        I am an Indian guy, i dont want to move back to india any time soon, i currently dont have a job , i use to hold a contract position and it was expired and my recruiter did not renew it after all my requests.
        I dont know what to do in my life, i dont have enough money, i never realized that my mother is my major impediment to my progress
        With my salary i bought Gold ornaments to my mother worth €70,000 ,and a AC,Tata Nano car , and even paid for my parents holidays
        Currently i have over €18000 cash and some Gold for safety, I am applying for Academic Higher post graduate degree.
        I am not so successful ,and very depressed all the time.
        How i can improve my life and make more money for myself and live happily

        1. Well you should hope you are atleast 5’10, if not, don’t even think about white girls. Just bang fat ugly Indian women. Being short sucks, I mean atleast if you are white and short, your kinda safe cause you can target Asian women or might get lucky with a white chick.

        2. Is this a joke? You came to Return of Kings for advice on an IT career and dealing with your mother?

        3. Hi,I am 181 cm ,I am an upper caste indian guy, so i not so dark.
          I dont want girls,i want to get a career in EU or USA or UK dont want to move back to india, start a company, mostly in biomedical sector
          Later i will think about the girls, i had sex during my Engineering with ugly indian girls, after that i lost interest in women.
          Basically , after having sex with indian girls, i became more depressed and even got vomiting as they are very unclean .
          My disappointing life has nothing to do with ugly indian women but i dont want to move back to shithole india , its very hard to come out of that shithole, i worked my ass off , to move out of garbage bin
          Now i am just interested in career and i am frustrated about my future

  2. thank you law dogger.
    i’m living in austria and completely agree with this post.
    viennese women who have been exposed to NYC and the degenerate decadence of western culture are far more likely to behave like sabrina (the attire, the hipster ethos, the icy behavior, and so forth).
    but austrian women from smaller towns, and the legions of czech / hungarian women who live here, are more likely to behave like petra.

    1. I have yet to meet an Austrian female that doesn’t have a tramp stamp on her. I suspect Austrian skags are simply better at pretending.

      1. good point. i keep remembering roosh’s description of how “ladies” dress in denmark – vomit green military coats, etc.
        and it’s disgusting that young viennese women dress in a similar way (combat boots, hipster jeans, coats that look like they were stolen from a refugee camp).
        not too long ago women in vienna were incredibly elegant (think of the culture of balls, opera, concerts, etc). i went to the vienna philharmonic ball a few months ago and wanted to shout at the cunts who were wearing ball gowns with visible shoulder or arm tattoos.

        1. No doubt Europe is changing, maybe as not as fast as the States, but the classic image that we as americans have in our mind about Europe is no longer what the reality is. It won’t be long until the book “Garbage Generation” applies to Europe as well.

  3. All of them will become like Sabrina. There’s too much money to be made from their disgusting behavior and from selling them stuff they don’t need. 99% of women are like stupid children. If men don’t show a moral example, society and everything will definitely collapse in the Western world. And I doubt most people reading this blog can be an example. You are all entertainment consumers, unable to ditch your stupid useless phones & gadgets, your useless online accounts here and there, all the bullshit and drama that comes with it. Because you are products of this sick world, you don’t have the will to dissociate from it, to break out from your social environment. Don’t you realize that all this distracting inefficient technocrap was created for women ? They are the biggest irrational spenders and the biggest profiteers of a society originally created and built by stoic and unpretentious men.
    Hopefully in a few years the menosphere will internalize this reality and will create a real parallel system based on virtue, minimalism and common sense. The real values our society was originally built upon.

    1. I understand your bitterness about the situation with western women and capitalism crap. However. We are living in tech. revolution and everything now can be made super cheaply. There is abundance of epic scale, never seen in the history of our world. Just wait… until 3D printers will be in every home. This is materialism on steroids. When things will change? It can only happen when the humanity will reach a point of overwhelming absurd, when 70% of bitches will have 1500 pairs of shoes and 55 apartments all over the world – things may rather drastically change towards more spiritual and moral. Don’t forget that we have 2 billion asian/middle east chicks waiting to be corrupted by materialism.

      1. Given the economic trends, I think we’ll see another huge downturn sooner than we’ll ever reach the excesses that you described. This might be a good thing, since many women will start to recognize men again as the providers they need to survive. It’s just a matter of time before other socialist governments begin confiscating their citizens savings. It already happened in Cyprus. When basic necessities start getting scarce is when the culture will start to change. The problems we face won’t be solved rationally, they will go to their extreme and collapse, because a welfare state and unlimited immigration is unsustainable, feminism is unsustainable, unaccountable and pervasive surveillance is unsustainable, etc.

      2. “Don’t forget that we have 2 billion asian/middle east chicks waiting to be corrupted by materialism.”
        The divorce rate in China has been steadily rising, and this is in direct correlation to economic prosperity. I’m not saying its better to be poor, just that one should be aware of attitude shifts in females when life becomes easier for them.

    2. I fully agree that the decay of women is partly due to men losing their masculinity. What can be done though? We’re trying to regain our masculinity but it is again and again rejected with extreme prejudice.
      So, some guys do the only thing they can. Try to bang as much chicks as possible. Yeah, it’s only a poor imitation of what real masculinity is, but I don’t blame them, not in this society.

    3. Why so much anger towards technology? I am headed towards sixty and I can say that technology has gotten me laid with more young beautiful ladies in the last 5 years than the rest of my life before all these great gadgets. I chat with hot gals all over the world. And this was all before I discovered the manosphere and PUA. Remember, knowledge is power.

      1. I hope you are trolling.
        There’s a difference between useful
        technology and the invasive cock blocking crap most people cherish
        today. The latter reduces attention span, productivity and this sense of
        meaningfulness in human relationships.
        If you don’t believe me, check this:
        Sounds familiar ?

        1. I think that it is not the device itself that’s problematic, but the intent with which it is used. I read the article too and it is brilliant. But the smartphone is not the problem it is the user…I do have a smartphone and i really like it. It tells me my train connections and the inevitable delays faster than the announcements at the trainstations, my gps on it works perfectly,…and i can even make a phone call 🙂
          It is like saying that guns are inherently bad, it is always the user and the intent behind its usage…

        2. Haha…funny article about Patricia’s Smartphone, but then I always felt that tweexs were kids!

        3. No the problem is the constant attention women get, on the street, on the clubs and online.
          If men changed and just developed some kind of honor, you could have 10 facebooks and it wouldnt matter.

  4. Shame that such girls like Sabrina exist, but maybe this is more a consequence of certain parts of EE becoming “Americanized” or “Westernized” as we speak, not whether they’ve been to the Anglosphere.
    I mentioned some time ago here that one thing that tips me off about whether a place is worth visiting is whether it’s been mentioned as a “hot” destination in the travel mags and blogs. If so, then it’s probably too late. Not to say that it isn’t worth visiting at all, but that the infection has already started and is running its course. Same with how a place becomes a stag destination via cheap Euro flights like RyanAir and EasyJet, as Roosh has documented with his experiences in Latvia. Examples that come to mind are Prague and Moscow. I wish I could have been in Prague about 20 years ago. I’ll go one day, but am not chomping at the bit to do so.
    Fortunately, I met more Petras during my time in EE two years ago. Didn’t bang any of them, save one, but they certainly were friendly, eager to show me around, inquisitive about me and why I was there, fearful of offending me, and certainly didn’t check their phones every minute for Facebook updates. They were quite refreshing, a marked distinction from the Americunt.

    1. Agree with some of your statements:
      – I’ve been in some of the EE countries before the “beta sex tourists invasion”. Those were the days and in many of those spots the difference to today’s reality is gigantic.
      – Prague was a paradise 20 years ago. Still is, but you need to have more game or learn the local rules. A kind of Vegas environment is still present here, but not with the native population. Tourists and imigrants are the best targets
      – In some of those previous EE hot spots, the foreign factor has become a huge disadvantage and a true obstacle to attack the local market. Again, learning the local language can be a game changer (even more effective than money, status, position or good looks)

    2. Alright, so I met this girl (via online Czech site, long story, she was being used as bait for a cheating husband, posted pic looked like a super model, got real pics and she’s a solid 8.5-9, but that attitude jacks it) that was born in Prague and have been building a rapport for a solid month, between email, phone and text. By all accounts she’s coming out unscathed and seems untouched by the stuff we are noting here, and all of the bad behavior by American chicks we face everyday in big city USA.
      This chick seems like Petra but has solid morals. (Yea, I know, red-pill being what it is, new knowledge washes away beta idealizations). Hardly drinks, into cooking, speaks 5 languages, works for British Airways, parents are diplomats, dresses nice, polite…you get the point…a far cry from the whores and sluts I see that outnumber the few remaining higher quality hotties that are already locked up anyway.
      Well, I will see how this plays out, but in a month I’m outta here (Baltimore) for 17 days or so, she’s going to show me around, Prague, then were going to fly to Italy (may hit the Ducati factory) or go down Sicily…who knows…
      I’ve had enough girlfriends and notches to separate the quality and ltr material now…

      1. Just a piece of advise: keep your expectations low. Reality is about to hit you and it may not necessarly be pleasant.

        1. Yep, always keep expectations low. If nothing else, have a good experience with her showing you around Prague and maybe introducing her to your friends. That way, no bang isn’t a complete loss.

  5. Ha excellent. The good girls in Europe are almost shocked when I go into detail about the behaviour of a typical American date. The brainwashed ones I never get to a stage where I can explain they are changed for the worse.
    Sadly it is becoming about 50-50. Go to Warsaw and there’s a lot of Polish women like Sabrina. Go to smaller Polish cities and they are more like Petra. Budapest was full of Americanized morons but I didn’t give it a fair shot. That’s one weekend.
    London is a mix of both. Occasionally you bump into something that reminds you of the loud mouthed idiots back home, but you can easily drop them because there is always the possibility of something better around the corner. In America this would almost be a hopeless escapade.
    Generally the prospects are a lot higher in europe than America. So if you have to go through three painful dates to find one traditional broad I would take those odds. Spent years in North America never meeting a single girl like Europe’s best. Although women aren’t the sole reason I will never leave europe they certainly make a solid contribution.

    1. I am in total agreement with your statement about Poland. I recently returned from my fifth trip to Poland in the past 2.5 years. Each time I have visited Poland I wandered around the country for three to four weeks. Poland’s big cities are quickly being westernized. Not so much in the smaller cities and hardly at all in the small towns and villages.
      Big city Polish chicks in their 20’s remind me a lot of American chicks…
      Smartphones, “Cosmo” magazine, “Sex In The City” and the corresponding “entitled to everything, accountable for nothing” bitch princess attitude. I call these chicks “Polericans.” Sad. Some big city chicks in their late-20’s (as well as Polish chicks from the smaller cities) still have the traditional Polish values and are SOOOOO refreshing to be around. As many in the
      manosphere have commented, these Polish chicks are very feminine, sexy,
      attractive and sweet. It is so nice not having to be a cocky prick around these women.
      I’ve been thinking about writing something about Poland being at the crossroads of traditional culture and capitalism/westernization. The influx of
      McDonald’s, KFC, Subway (and corresponding weight gain!!!), big western
      shopping malls, Poles being crazy about American pop culture, chicks with physical beauty and no brains (the Polish word for these chicks is “pustaki”). And Christ!!! Sopot has a plastic surgery clinic now!!! #$%@$%@$!!!
      I’m rambling. My advice to anyone who is thinking about experiencing Poland is to do it soon… Before it is gone.

      1. You can also see this same formula taking place in other parts of europe. It’s best to find the places not many would go to right now. Belarus. Bulgaria. Ukraine. Maybe even Georgia. Real outside the box thinking. Because from everything I heard, places like Hvar, Prague, Riga and Budapest was paradise at one time not too long ago (10 years ago), but now there are only remnants.
        It really is sad. The older I get the more I realize how poisonous commercialisation is. I even begin to question just how “free” the free markets are. Bernanke’s actions alone are spreading and financial markets globally are emulating his artificially inflating of asset prices. Women in these societies are as artificial as the home prices around them and the more money they see in their environments, the more they live like they are rich. It’s sickening.

        1. The idea of believing in a “free” market is hilariously naive. Do you you think you could go into competition with McDonalds? If you ever got something going (1/10,000 odds), they would do what’s called “buy and bury.”
          And commercialization is truly radioactive. A great quote by an unknown genius” The goal of Capitalism is to reduce all human interaction to the cash nexus.”
          Think about it. He said that before Facewhore ever unsheathed its claws.

  6. “And people wonder why some men go to Europe and never come back.”
    But the future is questionable. It used to be that a european chick would get skankified if her english skills were fully fluent. Now it’s smart phones and social media. Women now need not even travel to the states to become contaminated.

  7. Petra slept with some guy on the first date after just meeting him the night before. If that is a traditional European woman, I’ll pass.

    1. My thoughts precisely — surprised it took so long for someone to mention this.

  8. The driving force behind this is the false concept of “liberation”. This is how people justify all sorts of negative traits, whether it’s shitty behavior, poor physical appearance, retarded lifestyle choices, etc.
    By shouting “I’m empowered don’t tell me what to do!”, they turn all social expectations around by draping themselves in moral righteousness. And the worst part is that most people will fall for it. Some will actually cheer them on.

  9. dude i have this ex girlfriend from when i was younger. she was christian, shy, cute, a little prude… well we remained kinda friends. then she got older, she lived in an art college town. she was horny, a little promiscuous, but still an all round decent gal.
    then she moved to austin. shes been there under a year. now shes all too proud to be a woman to shave, “ecowarrior princess” as she puts it, does wicca magic (???) with her roomie (she says its her sister) and cats cats cats. and she dresses all sloppy and doesnt “feel the need to impress anyone”. dude wtf this CANCER of female sexuality. i was hoping it wouldnt happen to her when she went but i knew it would. she went from a slightly entitled sweet american girl to a fucking single-broad-slutwalk. when i see her i used to get a little turned on, be nice to her a little and just enjoyed the effeminate behavior in general. now i see her she just turns me off all the way. she is gross to me. she is not a woman anymore. i dont give her any attention. i think she can sense this and gets why my behavior has changed but she has this proud air about her because of it, like my silent disapproval is a badge of honor. its gross. these women are proud to be unattractive and even enjoy pussy dudes bending over backwards to MAYBE wax that hairy unwashed ass.
    anyway. im not butthurt about it because i dont really care, it happens all the time and there are a lot more gals that are worth my time. but i figured id share that as it seems relevant.

    1. Most Hungarian women are sad, depressed (even without knowing anything about it) and poor. Hungary is exploited, poisoned and betrayed. So long time ago, the West forced Hungary to accept this unwanted role: the role of the slave, the colony. Hungarians suffer from this destiny. This era developed this interesting character of Hungary: too naive to learn from the past, but too self-confidented to make new mistakes again and again. Most Hungarian women just (desperately) want to survive in their unlucky, betrayed homeland. Men lie to them, hurt them, but they always hope to find a responsible man who don’t cheat on them and don’t leave them alone. I really feel sorry for the single moms around here in Hungary. They live in poverty and without any chance to give (better) life to their poor children…. and the men just leave and search for new, younger, “fresh” women and this vicious circle just begins again. So… smartphones, shoes, drinks, etc… Please! Don’t think that most Hungarian women are into these useless crap… They have so better things to do and to fight for: work and bread, home, the future of their children… because men don’t want -and don’t have to support them any more. Yes, this is because harmful “cultural” influence. But what’s not? Nowadays, many men treat average women like dumb and rude girls or cheap prostitutes. Just a little about the other side of this problem: many-many Hungarian men are also influenced by the international cultural poison they’re addicted on: overvalued materialism (or the opposite: hypocrisy and the empty shell of faith, used as an excuse to the domestic violence), porn industry, media and other brainwashing methods. Just one more thought: If you really think that the country life and morals can be only idyllic, see this movie: Jugendliebe (1947)

      1. hungary was all of that crap under the east and the muslim it was better before islam

  10. I’m not sure if it’s direct Americanisation that is creating the Sabrinas in Eastern Europe (and for that matter, the rest of the world). It’s not simply learning English, travelling to the Anglosphere or watching American television. Rather, it’s the parallel social and technological changes that are happening everywhere. Less need to depend on men economically, the spread of smartphones and Facebook, etc.
    It’s happening all over. Japanese women have been going downhill rapidly due to social media attention whoring, without any increased influence from the West.

  11. Globalisation at it’s finest, smoothing out every difference there is. Rammstein-Amerika.
    Best line of the 2000s: This is not a love song.
    Nothing against americans, you have the same problems as we have.
    BTW: Love traditional women, growing up in a small village i know there is a huge difference between city-women and village-women as the village-women seems to have greater connection to their families and the village as a whole (together with history and other things that keeps them from becoming the spoiled brat).
    Imagine an airport but in country-size and you have to live there all the time, isn’t it a horrifying picture of the future? Our saviour is that the system will inevitably collapse and the rise of the different people all over Europe. I give EU a maximum of 10 years before it has no real control over Europe anymore and Greece will propably be a free country, altough the Nato could have something to say about that as they did in Jugoslavia in the 90s.

  12. This won’t be popular, but the more I read this shit the more I realize that it’s pussy american men that are the problem and Anglo men in general.
    Guys who think their daughters are princesses and get them anything they like, fathers that never say no, that never teach their daughters that she doesn’t need an Ipad @ 6 years old and no amount of crying will get her one. Entitled women is because of WEAK ass fathers. Fathers that don’t make their little girls work, that don’t teach them to appreciate anything, don’t teach hard work, and family values.
    Men are so fucking weak in America that i’ve seen GROWN man submit to their daughter’s issy fit. SUBMITTING TO A CHILD!!!
    Seriously if this was back in the day I would kill the child and castrate the fucking father right away, without giving a single fuck.
    Then later in life it’s the WEAK ass enabling american men, Fat girl girl at the club? no problem I’ll still bang her, fat girls need loving too. Silly Weak ass American men. Wake the FUCK UP manosphere when you see a little future slut come out of your wifes pussy, it’s time to do your fucking job and MAN the fuck up! get outside get some sun produce some fucking testosterone stop being so fuckn afraid of everything.
    The Manosphere CLEARLY doesn’t give enough credit to the STRONG men of countries such as Ukrane, Russia, bulgaria and everywhere in europe where there are good girls. Guys that don’t give a fuck if she has a pussy. It’s time for your beating Natasha, I’ve also seen man in brazil reprimand their wives grabbing them by the face and talking to them in the eyes. not SORRY HONEY BS

    1. You are correct that weak appeasing father are culpable in the making of these monsters. Some are surely deserving of your harsh judgement but not all. A man cannot be the authority in his home when the princes of the realm decree that he may not. Upon the whim of the female the husband and father will be exiled from his family, his property transferred to his now ex-wife and the fruits of his future labors pledged to her. All enforced by the armed men aligned with the princes. It is the elites who bear the greatest guilt of this misandrist society. When the fall comes I sincerely hope not a single one of them escapes the noose.

  13. Awesome. Reminds me of times I spent in budapest. Honestly I met more Sabrinas than Petras there. Easyjet and Schengen kind of ruined budapest in my opinion.. It’s totally westernized

  14. There is a big reason they behave like that, they are white and live in a capital city. That being said you went to the worst place in Hungary to meet women. Go to the smaller towns and villages and you will see much nicer Hungarian women. I lived in Hungary for the past 6 years, would never touch an American woman ever. I don’t think Hungary is easy as it was in the 1990s, but women in this country are more approachable than most American or Western Europeans.
    I also lived in Germany for 3 years before moving to Hungary, women in the big cities were cold, but go to the smaller areas and it was easy to approach ladies. I lived in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany and it was harder to meet women, than I moved in a working class town not far away and the difference was like night and day. That being said there are many Eastern Europeans in Germany.
    If you want a super demure woman, you have to move to Asia.
    Also if you want to enjoy Europe, avoid the biggest cities.

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