Islamists Harass Swedes In Increasingly Immigrant-Filled Swedish Suburbs

The clash of civilizations continues, and Sweden’s immigrant neighborhoods have now become one of its battlegrounds. Several women have testified this summer to being controlled and harassed by Islamist men. One woman says that her neighborhood “increasingly resembles Afghanistan.” Leftists have responded—by calling the concerned women “racist.”

Troubling testimonies

Islamist enclaves have formed in the suburbs of Sweden, where men with beards and white dresses tell women what to do and how to dress. So says Amineh Kakabaveh in an opinion piece for Swedish tabloid Expressen.

In places like Husby, Angered and Rosengård—suburbs of Sweden’s three biggest cities—the situation for women is one of increased oppression and harassment.

Islamists and fundamentalists tell the adolescents here that they have to veil themselves, that Swedish food is ‘Haram’ (unclean), and that they have to read the Quran.

amineh kakabaveh

Amineh Kakabaveh, speaking out against Islamist oppression.

“Death to infidels”

Amineh Kakabaveh backs up her claims with testimonies from women living in those areas. Like Seve Saleh, who has lived in Husby, Stockholm for 13 years, and says that it “increasingly resembles Afghanistan.” In school, Seve Salehs children are reprimanded by fundamentalists.

Another woman who can testify to the Islamist oppresion is Helin Gül. Amineh Kakabaveh writes:

Last week one of her friends who don’t wear a veil was told at work that those who do not follow Allah’s laws deserve to die.

In some areas, women are not welcome in cafés anymore. Young women are not allowed to go outside after noontime. And boys are being recruited to jihadist organizations like ISIS (about 300 Swedes have gone to Iraq and Syria to wage holy war). Meanwhile, authorities and politicians do nothing, says Amineh Kakabaveh.

They just talk and worry—year after year.

More bad news

Several other tales of harassment and subjugation in city outskirts have become widely spread this past summer. Zeliha Dagli fled the imams of her home country to be free. But her childhood tormentors—whom she calls “bearded shadows”—followed her to Sweden.

In my area, I don’t want judgmental gazes from staring men. I want to bring home whoever I want, but today I can’t when my rights are restricted and controlled in my neighborhood.

Now she’s looking to move somewhere else.

We are many women who are very worried about the development in Husby and the threat to equality here. Isn’t Husby a part of Sweden, do the rules not apply here?

Carina Hägg, a former Social Democratic member of the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), is also someone who’s spoken out about the rise of Islamic extremism.

We must break the dominance of radical Islam that exists in Sweden today. It is a very small group with great influence who support a caliphate in the Middle East and who want their own societies with Sharia laws in the suburbs.

Apart from women, homosexuals are another group that face harassment. Per Pettersson has lived in Husby for ten years, and has seen a change for the worse. In the street, people shout “f*cking faggots” when he walks by with his boyfriend. Eggs are thrown at his balcony.

I don’t know what’s changed in the last years, but I no longer recognize myself in Husby.

zeliha dagli

Zeliha Dagli, resident of the Stockholm suburb Husby.

The leftist response

A week or so after Amineh Kakabaveh’s article was published, three senior representatives of the Left Party (formerly known as the Left Party-Communists, founded in 1917) responded. Don’t blame people, they say, but blame inequality.

It is in class divisions and disunion that reactionary fundamentalist and racist movements find nurishment to grow and prosper. To single out the suburb and a particular religion increases that disunion.

According to them, Islamism is not at fault whatsoever. The suburb is not unique in any sense, and women are oppressed everywhere.

As feminists we know that oppression of women and homophobia exists all over the world, in all social classes and contexts, but that it manifests itself differently.

Islamists are not to be held accountable for issues facing women in the suburbs, right-wing politics is.

For at the same time as the right have paved the way for reactionary movements by increasing segregation and poverty, they have—then as now—opposed progress that contributes to equality and women’s liberation. That is—if anything—a betrayal.

Racism and class hatred

Dan Jerrestam, writing for the socialist magazine Clarté, makes the case that pointing the finger at Islamists is hateful.

The sweeping generalizations that Amineh makes, which everyone understands are referring to male Muslims, devalue them as a group as the guardians of honor cultures and natural candidates to become jihadists. This is racism if anything!

In the same magazine, Dine Malmsten calls what Amineh Kakabaveh wrote a case of “class hatred.” The real problems at hand are unemployment, low wages and a “welfare state in decline.” The middle class is “licking upwards and kicking downwards.”

In a perhaps somewhat surprising turn, she puts the blame on “inner city feminists” who “target the men in the working class”.

They want to divide and conquer, they say they defend the ‘poor immigrant women’ who are to be pitied, because they have such evil men.

Her litany over the plight of the working man (i.e., Islamists) ends with a reference to Nazi Germany.

When Zeliha […] describes men as ‘staring bearded shadows’ it is hate speech plain and simple. It is the same rhetoric that was used in the thirties in Germany about Jewish, Polish and Russian men.

karl marx

Karl Marx, a bearded shadow looming over the West.

Preserving freedom

It’s hard to decide which is more sickening—the religious fundamentalists who deprive native citizen of their freedom, or the leftists who cover their backs. Both form an unholy alliance to take away the freedom of not just women but men as well.

The ironic thing is, the same ideology that aims to destroy Western civilization was created within it. Leftism is like a cancer that forms and grows inside the body. It is a part of it, yet at the same time alien. Slowly the internal organs weaken and deteriorate, until ultimately the parasitical tumor dies with the rest of the body. That is, if not treated properly.

In comparison, Islamic fundamentalism is like a contagious, deadly disease which the Western world risks contracting. If the immune system of the West is weak—perhaps on account of another ailment—the risk is elevated.

Never abandon Western values


Women wearing what they want and being happy.

Freedom is a key Western value, and with it comes pluralism and openness. Pluralism in the sense that people are allowed to think differently, and to speak their mind openly and without fear of repercussions. This means that different ideas can be tested and compared, until one proves to be superior.

As Western men, we want to defeat the evil beings who come here to destroy our great society. These Islamists hate our way of living, and some would even cut our throats if they only had the power to do so. But let’s not let our anger get the best of us. Let us be guided by reason, truth and freedom—and let us remain true Westerners.

People like Zeliha Dagli didn’t come here to live the same life as she did in the Middle East. She came here because she saw that life in the West was better. Because freedom is better than tyranny, many like her are now fleeing tyranny as well.

We can perhaps consider welcoming them as new members of our team—but only when they assimilate into the native culture, obey our laws, and stop leeching off of the wealth and social support systems built by the very culture they rage against.

Until that time, they will remain unwelcome to any thinking person.

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528 thoughts on “Islamists Harass Swedes In Increasingly Immigrant-Filled Swedish Suburbs”

  1. Open Borders advocates often try to use the Bible to shame us post-Christians into unfettered immigration.
    Never mind that the Bible makes it clear that borders should exist, it also demands that foreigners obey laws of the Nation.
    Open Border advocates forget that, because it justifies Norwegian style deportations:
    Also, being a deceiver is frowned upon in the Bible. So how can one tolerate a religion which advocates lying to unbelievers?

  2. If they can’t criticize a protected minority they turn to class. This is a very common deflection. Shows you clearly that leftism is based on resentment of the local majority, not fairness.
    No culture is morally obliged to replace its own with outsiders, regardless of how well the outsiders assimilate. That said, you can’t really blame the Muslims for this. They, like all people act in their own interests, in the way they know how. The cause of these problems is the domestic left, the idealists and people who hate their own. All criticism should be focused on them.

  3. “As Western men, we want to defeat the evil beings who come here to destroy our great society.”
    Oh man, where should I start. OK, here it goes: I will not move a fucking finger to defend the Western “civilization”. It can all go to shit for all I care. See? That’s the problem.. Sweden is getting what it deserves for pussifying men. Fuck Sweden. It can turn into a caliphate. I don’t give a shit about them. Problem is the real men who are the only ones that can do anything about it all, will just sit on the side laughing… because it really is too funny..

    1. Atta boy. This whole deal adds a whole new meaning to the words “Enjoy the decline”. They thought the Muslim President of the U.S. was such a great idea? He’s going to go build new mosques for the new arrivals. All of Europe is already taken over. They breed rapidly, these Islamists. It’s all over for the West there and best of all, the Leftists that allowed all this are the first to go. Turns out feminism and Islam don’t quite go together. Now we get to see how strong Feminism is. Equal, strong feminism, “Come On Down, you’re Islam’s NEXT contestant!”.

    2. Uh huh laughing until they turn to you and demand you convert or become a dhimmi. Then what are you going to do? Seriously are you living on your own walled off fortress or private island somewhere? These scum will need to be driven out by force, and after the white European men have accomplished that mission it will be time to tear the Marxist EU down and put the feminist bitches in their place. Or it will be extinction. Either way there will be no fence sitting.

      1. No no no… You don’t understand. White men (real men) will get involved, but first the SJW will have to taste their own shit. It needs to all go down and crumble, there’s no other way to completely disqualify them, and then ride it all on higher moral ground.. Do you want to fight this scum while being called a mysogin and a racist? I don’t want to have any part to it.
        When that time comes, it will all be on our terms.

        1. Aye. Consider all the empires that white man have built and destroyed. It will take time, but the sleeping giant will awake. And it will be pissed.

        2. Barbara’s hair is great: look at how swirly it is…
          Let them see for themselves what happens when they become “multicultural”. These little guys need to realize that all because they’re oppressed (or think they are) doesn’t mean you get hugs and a prize. You simply live on.
          American Indians would let their children touch the fire to learn the hard way not to. Apply the same principle here.

        3. This is why many intelligent people refuse to free themselves from the myth of egalitarianism. It cant be disproved in theri minds factually. It has to discredited morally. That it is the foundation of so much evil in the west. Outside the west no one believes it.

        4. Yup. And this PC “equality train” is killing the west. The self flagellation of these white libtards has me stumped.

        5. Ive traveled the world and not a single non white country believes in egalitarianism. They laugh at us behind our back. Its not that they hate us. They simply want to dispossess us. Oh and they want our women.
          Just try to get thru a couple of minutes. you will see how the spell is being cast.

        6. As a brown guy, I will definently side with the sane people (mostly red pill white med). I have typical western Christian values ingrained in me and we have common enemies.
          So hope you guys dont think all dark skinned are the enemy.

        1. It’s also a question of who I hate more, honestly I hate both but a feminist society will simply deteriorate. Did you know that twice as many white women in Europe convert to Islam as men? You know what that means? Time to get multiple wives and a harem.
          I have no naivety about the brutality that can be brought by Islam though, as soon as Islamists get any real power and start tearing down feminism, that’s when things will get ugly. I can’t even imagine who I would support between status quo feminazis and any white-knights they can convince or Muslims. At least with Muslim immigration more Europeans are waking up, after 50 years of hardcore feminist indoctrination they haven’t lifted a finger.
          In any case if I was in Western Europe with their generous welfare system I would stop working immediately. At the end of the day there’s no reason to continue supporting a gov’t and a people who spit on hard-working and decent men like they had Bubonic plague. I would take that time to do whatever I wanted, perhaps start a low cost online business, but I certainly wouldn’t slave away for the gov’t tax vultures. I mean why work in Europe if 50-60%+ of your income is taken to pay for people you don’t like? For governments who make it their public policy to hate you, your nation, your people, and your long-term interests? Fuck ’em.
          People might call me a bum or a scumbag for giving that advice to Western European men. I would call you a fool for not seeing what’s right in front of you. That to support your gov’t in it’s current state should be considered more like a criminal act akin to treason for supporting them. Working means the continued survival of the treacherous state, your wasted time and effort, inability to have time to read and gain real skills that would enable you to leave, and paying outrageous fees.
          If you’re an American I would recommend to try and do as little as possible. I am an American, the system is not as generous but still I wouldn’t work my ass slaving. I’ve been moving to start my own niche business online. Good luck, gents.

        2. Feminists are ordinary women who have been affected by a virus. I don’t think it’s incurable and since they still are OUR women I wouldn’t give them up to the goatfuckers, no matter how shitty they have become.

        3. Exactly! Just because one hates feminism there is no need to give up reason, no fucking way were gonna lay down flat and hope for the muslims to deal with the feminist problem after they take over.
          Its up to us to deal with the feminists because they are our women and we are responsible to straighten them out as well as fend of the invaders.
          No being a pussy fencesitter anymore, but rising to the occasion and taking responsability.

      2. “Sometimes the White World doesn’t need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster.”

      3. Where’s the fun in halting the rape train right away? Feminists and cultural marxists invited it in so I think it’s only right they get to enjoy it.
        When I know old people, women and homosexuals have been voting left I feel no pity whatsoever when they end up being culturally enriched.

      4. If they demand I convert then I will declare my self Caliph and demand THEY kneel before ME.

  4. If the people coming to Europe from Arabic countries do not agree to the pluralist and secular values of the west then they should not be admitted. Those already here spreading medieval, hate filled credos should be expelled without exception. I actually agree oddly with many of the SJW in these cases about the treatment of Arabic women and children by their husbands. Many of these men are a menace and danger and should be deported if they cannot abide by the basic standards of western civil society.
    The European left with its alien, inorganic ideology of equality for all cannot be allowed to rot the last few shreds of civic society. One is almost left to conclude that the left is not about promoting its much espoused values, but, it seems to be about not only internally causing the west to hate and weaken itself, but, it seems that it will even actively encourage barbarians in the true sense of the word to take up “home” in western countries where known elements who are actively violent and hostile to the host cultures (including all their beloved left wing values) can be indulged and allow grow. Is there no level of cynicism and crass manipulation that Marxists will go to, to proof the point that we must all be enslaved to that other middle eastern tribe? I used to be very skeptical about those tales about who really runs the world, but, recent events make you wonder.The west has been enfeebled like an old dotty woman by this poisonous ideology.
    To get our collective nerve back we must act in a tough but fair way with this issue, and say to those Arabs who want to be respected in our nations, you either play by our rules, in every sense, (talking our language, dressing our way, treating your women right, being civil to those you hate) or you get the hell out. It’s that simple.

    1. Not a good idea to alter your demographics so radically even if they did share your values…

      1. The Romans let the Franks and the Huns across the frontier, Rome fell…but new nations rose.

    2. I don’t disagree about the Jews, but their political importation of Arabic Muslims is the most confusing thing about their agenda. How do they expect Muslim beasts to treat them any nicer than European whites, whom they have culturally neutered since that one time with the Germans? Until someone can explain it better, I must conclude that Jewry is a self-defeating parasite which will bring us down and move on to the Arab and Latin-American peoples.

      1. It causes confusion. When things become confused you can get away with doing the most monstrous things?

  5. Our ancestors would have cut them all down as soon as they set foot on our shores.
    If they had the chance to opress and enslave us in our own countries they would in an instant. I don’t have a shred of human compassion left for this vermin. They all need to die. All of them.

    1. Yeah, well let EUROPE worry about it, Leftist Euros would have called you a racist for talking about their new oppression 5 years back. Must be quite a shock to live under Islam. Good. Fuck em.

      1. I am from central Europe nigga. And I know my cucked and dildofied people brought it all on themselves but that’s what generations of relentless white guilt propaganda from “you know who” does for ya.

    2. An excellent primer but dont be confused. Muslims are simply the battering ram that you know who is using for white genocide.

    3. Hey I am Muslim and I do not see you as an enemy or would like to enslave you in anyway. In fact I do not see white people in general as enemies to Muslims and feel as though both our communities are just being pit against one another. Think about it, who benefits the most if White Christians and predominately Asiatic Muslims slaughter each other? All of a sudden you will have a whole bunch of empty real estate with no owner, food for thought.

      1. Poor Muslims are being used as a battering ram to smash White homelands. By International Jewry.

      2. I don’t disagree and I have no quarrel with you, as long as you won’t come to our countries to leech off of us. And I’ll also aknowledge that the problem is very much our own fault.

      3. Mohammed loved molesting Aisha, right? Quite a moral paragon. People should print pictures of the “Prophet” fucking camels and molesting little girls in every major Western print publication as a big “fuck you” to all the cowardly raghead fucks who whine and threaten whenver they hear about a cartoonist printing a picture of that filthy pedo, Mohammed in one of our printed publications

    4. And most of the Syrian refugees right now are fucking ungrateful assholes. They don´t wanna stay in Hungary because it´s not a safe country in their eyes. WTF? At least you don´t get bombed and killed there you stupid fucks!
      What they´re really looking for is social benefits and that´s what makes Germany and Sweden so attractive to the lazy sand nigger.

      1. Yes. Actually you can’t even blame them that much. It’s really our own fault for leaving the door wide open with a huge “free shit” sign on top.

        1. Milton Friedman said you can not have open borders AND the welfare state…Europe is now discovering this

    5. whats there to fight for. THe right for your daughters to dress and act like sluts, to have no male spaces and bow to homos.
      well guess what theyre doing the dirty work for you.
      they told to cover up and look modest, if she brings home snls she gets shame stared and gays get eggs thrown at them for act like degenerate fags. And now in some cafes you can have guy talk….where you find that now a days. Everything is female approval

      1. And why is that? Because of weak, whiney, excuse-making losers like you. Noooo male spaceeees…nigga get the fuck out of here. Women talk like that. You’re literally using their speech patterns and vocabulary. Look, you might be a nice guy, but you reek of weakness. Go lift some weights and read some Nietzsche…or at least Jack Donovan’s Way of Men.

        1. way of men, got it its an awesome read.
          Dam quick with the shaming language(gotta use their jargon against them) and getting mad quickly, now thats feminist thinking.You’re the one that came here whinning about them hurting your feminist culture. Would it still upset you if it was swedish men doing this.
          Male spaces, thats the whole point of ROK thats why you came since feminists pc it up faggot. If you are feeling so brave you can take your shit on their circle. You mustve been pissed too when that male only barbar shop opened up in europe some time ago.

        2. Then you must have missed the part about defending your tribe. You were basically saying fuck ’em, give them up, let the savages have them.
          You don’t bring a violent child rapist into your home to fix your bratty, slutty daughter’s behavior, you slap the shit out of her yourself.

        3. If you care more about porking some dumb club whore than saving Western Civilisation from demonic Zionist parasites, you’re a cuck and have no right to call yourself a man. When we retake our lands, we will deal with feminism and restore the natural order. But we can only do that if we rediscover the spirit of our ancestors and prepare to fight.

        4. be realistic, most of is sadly enjoying the decline. In a perfect world wed be acting like those muslims but wont. The western man is no longer a man, those guys are. The typical western man cant even say no to a fat woman or hell get the dog house and you mean to tell me hes gonna chase the migrants, thats dilusional thinking on your part.
          Only when western men get their house in order before they can change anything else. THe first major battle is internal

        5. exactly, but western especially swedish men dont do it they encourage it, then act all shocked at why are the piranhas coming at her. Its a feminist thinking of no consequences and no accountability that the world is at fault and you are perfect and dont need to change.
          If fear doesnt shake them up I dont know what will. Swedish society is like the bonobos or bunnies when the society is safe and feminine. When it gets hard and masculine then itl be like chimps or wolves.
          Very easy to say that you can beat the boogeyman, but the western man has to get his balls back from his woman first.

    6. The Franks had Roncesvalles, Spain had the Inquisition, Bosnia had Ethnic Cleansing. There is no way ‘modern’ liberal Europe would allow such.

    1. They left because you welcomed them. Why didn’t they leave for Saudi Arabia?

        1. it was a metaphor, sir. Pretty much the punishment of the world after, eternity, whatever you’d like to call it. Still ingrained in Catholicism, Baptism etc. NOT about people’s lives on earth.

        1. Spot on.
          Saudis are the most conservative muslims on the face of the earth whose oil wealth has made them believe that they’re superior to everyone else.
          Marriages between Saudis and Pakistani, Banghadeshi, Indian and African women are forbidden by law in Saudi Arabia. The country attracts vast numbers of South-Asian workers who are treated with abhorrent cruelty and abuse.
          All Arabic countries have rarely, if ever, lent a helping hand to the ‘fellow muslim brothers’ in countries that have had major humanitarian and poverty issues- Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine, etc.
          Egypt closed their borders onto Palestine, officially citing disapproval of Hamas, however everybody knows that the real reason is the lawlessness and incompatibility of Palestinians with more ‘superior’ countries.
          The simple fact that all these ‘refugees’ want to come to Europe, an ‘infidel’ sphere, and don’t gravitate towards their next of kin is highly indicative of their real views- cushy, pampered and spoiled life in tolerant and generous Europe versus hard work, respect of local laws and tight control in the Gulf states.

        2. Very well said. Europe is becoming a victim of their own ‘tolerance’, vilifying every opposing opinion as ‘racist’. But when the whole situation will explode just as was the case with the Rostock-Lichtenhagen riots in 1992, they can always blame ‘right-wing policies’ and ‘neo-nazi’s’ – without realising they are the ones to blame and that they have let things go out of hand. As such they can still maintain power and – with the help of the media lefties – cover up the fuck-ups they made.

        3. saudis actually do give aid, just not alot compared to usa. Currently they are sending guys against isis as well along with turkey but lets face it they suck, they are not skilled like russian american fighters

        4. But… How can filthy, dirty, boy-loving sand-niggers be superior to anything? Even the camels that sodomise them are cleaner and are far superior life forms to followers of the pedophile, demon-possesed POS who hacked Judaism and Christianity to create his bogus religion. Middle-Easterners smell like rancid sand farts, speaking from experience… They thinking they are superior to grub worms is laughable beyond belief

        5. I am sorry to disagree with you, but the Saudis are only ‘officially’ and very vaguely ‘against terrorism’. It is common knowledge that in reality, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and other etcetera rich Gulf countries are the main financial supporters of terrorism in the Middle East. They actively fund all terrorist enclaves, not to mention the spreading of Islam in Europe. Most of the large-scale, opulent (so to speak) mosques in Europe are financed with Saudi money, this being also publicly admitted.
          Terrorists and ‘freedom fighters’ in the Middle East might get their weapons from the Russians, but how do they pay for the AKs, the grenades and the tanks? With what money?
          Saudi ka-ching.

        6. possible, but who trains them considering those rebel fihters are better then any standing army the middle east have, they may as well be seal team 6

        7. They have sufficient combatant factions to train each other, basically.
          Most ME countries have obligatory military conscription, unlike Europe and the US. That’s one.
          Two, the tribal areas in certain countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen-less developed in comparison with more developed societies that still function on the basis of tribal relations and ethos- think Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc), where there’s a general absence of the rule of law for obvious reasons, smuggling is rampant, people have rather free access to anything in the category of weapons, chemical substances etc. without strict government control.
          Same for two- governments rarely exert control over such areas. Also, if you read a bit about the most famous terrorist factions so to speak, you’ll notice their transitory ‘careers’ – almost all of them traveled to either Pakistan or Afghanistan, while originating or having again traveled to one of the Gulf states. Call it social networks, human relations, proximity of culture or whatever, it does happen.
          Three, the famous USSR invasion of Afghanistan has left sufficient marks on its people and their ‘fighter’ culture. Most of these communities are organized in tribal structures and abide by traditional codes of ‘honor’ and ‘solidarity’ (people who behead their daughters if they ‘dishonored’ the family would pretty much take a much harder stance on foreigners trying to invade their land).
          They call it tradition and culture while in the West is known as barbarism, lawlessness, no legal culture, no democratic values such as peace, voting behavior, political culture, etc., but need for strong dictatorial-like figures (think mujahedeens, sheiks, caliphs etc.). Religion is of course another important factor (one of the most important ones).
          Four- their sense of community. The societies are much more tightly linked in the non -western worlds to a degree that we can’t imagine. From Iran to Indonesia and Afghanistan to Algeria and Sudan, they are ‘brothers’ who had sooner or later encountered the less favorable influence of the West.
          And no, they’re not better than any standing army. They employ the same tactics as the Huns used to- surprise and lighting-strike attacks, massive savagery and horror-like approaches meant to scare the combatants. Piling up on the religious and motivational talk to handle new recruits (this different from the Huns…I presume)
          The West is still weighed down by principles of international conduct, rule of law, war law, humanitarian assistance, bla bla, while these people couldn’t care less. So that’s why to the media it appears like groups such as ISIS are invincible overlords.

        8. This is true. And Qatar is the Switzerland of the Middle East, providing financial services to terrorism in the entire region.

      1. Funny thing is, post this on Facebook, you’re likely to be attacked by a mob of suicidal europeans.
        Kumbayya kumbayya, I wanna perish, yeea..

        1. facebook is full of lefties…it it had been around in stalin’s time it would have been full of informers forcing everyone to follow the party line…

        1. Horrible.
          I hate even looking at this.
          Im sure its the son of some twisted evangelical missionary degenerates.
          His parents were probably eaten.

      2. just curious for your opinion? would you even go to Europe now?
        I have never been and now with this Muslim invasion, I really don’t feel like it would be the best thing to do.
        Maybe certain countries in the East are still good?

        1. Go how? To visit or to live?
          Certainly you must visit as much of Europe as possible. Its impossible to begin an exposition on the necessity of that. To live? it depends on many things, your age, your profession, your goals. For that I would recommend life in Eastern Europe outside a major city. Low taxes, good women, decent people. Its hard to say without knowing more. I think it would be preferable to have a few residences in different countries.

        2. I couldn’t agree more. If you want REAL living, go to Prague, Budapest, Poland, Czech, Hungary , SLovakia even Ukraine and, if you are adventurous, fSU! Soon it will be ALL that is left of Europe. They have demonstrated the only common sense in this entire mess of Middle Eastern mass migration to Europe, and it will definitely show in as few as two to three years, forget twenty…..W. Europe is OVER. I lived for over a decade in the West (Germany -where I have family) and the East (multiple countries)….hands down, go there now……and take lots of pictures. If you go to W. Europe (and you might consider it)….again, take photos. It won’t look this way much longer. What a colossal cockup for Western society and all that is (was) wonderful about European liberal progressivism….they’ve destroyed themselves with a decidedly retarded manifestation of political correctness. When Europeans decide to brainwash and be brainwashed, they hold nothing back. Apparently some lessons are harder to learn than others, historically speaking. Sonoran? Are you from Tucson? I am.

    2. They want western wealth and technology. Their shithole countries don’t have the former (with certain exceptions) and can’t afford to import the latter, certainly not on a large scale. Plus more resources and arguable better weather (at least more varied).
      Alternatively, it is just a continuation of the effort that began in the 8th century and only paused in 1922 with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

    3. You speak as if the reason why their countries became shitholes was known, and a matter of established, undeniable fact. It isn’t.

        1. Hi Infa! Hope you and all of your loved ones are doing well. I’m praying for a great New Year for all of you.
          Thanks for always having a great comeback. You always make me smile. : ) !!!!!!!!!!

        2. Thanks, Infa! I am positive that you make every Patriot who loves America as well as ally of Israel smile.
          Thanks for being such a staunch supporter of my people, and Israel.
          Thanks for also all of the love and support in this nightmarish Hell of battling for my meds. I will G-d willing keep you posted.
          Can I ask you a personal question? If you’re uncomfortable, just say so — no worries! What brought on your tremendous love for Israel and its people? You are truly one in a billion!!! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!

        3. I am not sure why I am so passionate about defending our ally Israel, Mom. A seed was planted in my heart over a decade ago, out of the blue and i was determined to visit Israel. For ten years my friends promised to go with me “next year”. In 2013, they all said they were going to wait until “things settled down” in the Middle East, perhaps 2 or 3 years. I told them things will never settle down and I was going myself. They didn’t believe that I would do it, and I didn’t believe it until I was on the plane. One of the best things I ever did.
          People who have been will understand the feeling of absolute peace that envelopes you when you get there. They say you cannot ever visit Israel for the first time because you are actually just “going home”. That is how I felt. I am going again in March or April 2016 and have so far recruited one friend to go with me. I hope to get more friends to come along when I finalize my plans over the next two weeks. In a war between the civilized man and a savage always choose the civilized man. Have a blessed day Mom. 😉

        4. yes, I did. He likes to shove people’s noses in it and have them beg him for little scooby snacks of attention. It’s a she i think? She is a moron straight up. The new crop of mods, for which the qualification bar is very low, has been a bunch of whiny petulant bullies.. I couldn’t care less if I am banned. I can predict when I will get banned. I am fully aware of which sites will “not tolerate” my having a different view than them. If i get banned it’s my doing and it’s mostly from left wing nutjob sites anyway, so if i am banned it’s no loss at all. Have a great day Jed. Looks like you have a visitor in your neck of the woods again…

        5. About defending Israel, perhaps it was a seed placed in your heart by God, who said of Jacob, who God later named Israel, and which became the nation out of his birth, said that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. The reason for this is because God gave to Israel the Word of God, and He told them to share it with the whole world. But Israel became a rebellious and stiff-necked nation, yet God in His grace, and who made a covenant with Israel, said that because of their rebellion towards Him, they would suffer, and suffer greatly, but in the end, He would bring them back because they would eventually recognize Christ—who they to this day have rejected. God tells us we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I believe too that this is the first Administration to curse their nation, and we are seeing our own nation unravel before our very eyes because of it. 🙂

        6. Our nation is unraveling before our eyes and many say it is because we have turned our backs on God. More so with this admin than any other those elected to represent us are determined to appease the enemies of Christians and Jews and even worse, to allow them access to the $$ and arms necessary to destroy us as they continue to vow to do. Our president gets ready to ram through an agreement we the people do not want that will give Iran 150 BILLION dollars and the ability to acquire nukes as the Iranian leaders chant Death to America! Death to Israel!! WE are committing suicide.
          We sit back and watch as Christians are being purged from the Middle East, men are beheaded and children are kidnapped, raped and/or sold as sex slaves for evil barbarians. In our own country, the Little Sisters of the Poor and bakers are being forced to participate in things that are against their faith. Even non-believers have to see our country is going down the wrong path. The things that are going on are wrong because they are crimes against humanity and some people are using their “religion” to justify horrific evil acts.

        7. All you said is true. I must leave shortly, but I hope to continue our discussion later. Meanwhile, while so many things are at a tipping point for this country, I hope you are at peace. Jesus said, “Who by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Take care, Infadelicious. (I am going to from now on—if you do not mind—call you ID, to shorten things and to give some “Identity” to our conversations. :))

        8. Good morning, Infa! Thank you, yes we’re having a great time. Going to rendezvous with a mutual friend Monday! TGIF and have a fabulous weekend!

        9. Rabbi Jonathon Cahn, a Jewish Rabbi and Christian. I could not put this down.
          I cannot offer you any greater words. Please…..

        10. Missing you, but I get it. I have always cringed when mods censor others; it has happened to me even with 28 up-votes (which for me is monumental). I have had my disputes to the point where I actually copy/pasted my deleted response on the same channel as a teaching event. I put it in parenthesis and then asked what the readers thought. The mod was not too happy but he allowed it. My original comment was REMOVED. No reason, no chance to reword it, no hope to be restored. Just removed. Instead of moderating, it became a power problem. It always comes down to that. They are given that right but it doesn’t make it right. I am no longer contributing on that channel needless to say. I am reading that it does not bother you. It bothers me; it makes me angry that some mods invent a pedestal to climb up on and pretend to be someone other than a moderator. :))

        11. No. If I cannot read them in my email, no sense in cluttering up the Inbox, but if I had not seen it just now, I would have missed it. I am glad I did, and I am sorry you have an unwanted follower. I have had that happen to me, but I dealt with it differently. I let the follower follow me. The whole world was reading how this follower was adding to his/her own persona daily. The more the follower wrote, the more obvious it became to everyone. I did not need to add or subtract a thing. It eventually stopped.
          Yes, I despise cliques and gold stars. Sometimes a few of us have been given our big brains by mistake. I stopped following you because I saw that it really did not make a difference—nothing against you, I hope you understand that. But if there is any consolation, you were the only person I have ever followed, even if it was for only a short time. I hope we continue to correspond. I very much enjoy sharing things with you and I hope you with me. :))

        12. edited…….
          Enough about her, i also saw you talking to Cora and I didn’t want to go on that ethics site either because it is a disqus channel…so i contacted her through another site.. I have followed her for a couple months and she seems like such a sweet lady and i wanted to let her know that her writing is appreciated and that it has touched people on the internet more than she knows. You offered her good advice as well.
          I hope all is well with you stormee…i will see you around the internet . I like your thoughtful comments . I stayed up to watch the moon last night, it was awesome, a brilliant white crescent inside a blood red moon and now today the sun shines on the autumn leaves. Have a great day stormee.

        13. Thank you for your concern, and your compliment.
          Yes, Cora is not only a sweet woman, but a very intelligent one. She has endured a lot and has handled it well.
          Thank you ID. It was cloudy here—no Moon. No Sun either. The glow must be within. haha! :))

    4. they come for money not to be a degenerate.
      Is ok to work at the pig farm just dont wallow in the mud

    5. But what is wrong which their laws??? It’s about banning women from men space.At least muslim men aren’t white knight pussies

    6. Sounds like democrats moving from NY and California into Texas. We have no state income tax and no alimony laws, yet the first thing they do is try to vote democrat to put them into place. No thanks.

    7. Sort of makes me feel like I am living in some sort of bizarre alternate reality universe — not unlike Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass Land!
      Living in Amerika a/k/a the U.S.S. of A. where we have to purchase “government approved” health insurance makes me feel the same way — along with all of the plethora of unconstitutional laws that the Libs shoved down our protesting throats.

  6. Hey John, your request of Western men?
    “Freedom is a key Western value, and with it comes pluralism and
    openness. Pluralism in the sense that people are allowed to think
    differently, and to speak their mind openly and without fear of
    repercussions. This means that different ideas can be tested and
    compared, until one proves to be superior. As Western men, we want to defeat the evil beings who come here to destroy our great society. These Islamists hate our way of living, and some would even cut our throats if they only had the power to do so. But let’s not let our anger get the best of us. Let us be guided by reason,truth and freedom—and let us remain true Westerners.”
    Go screw yourself. This is the end of feminism. Those hypergamous women being free in the picture, the good looking ones? Let THEM defend themselves. After 40 years of exactly that sort of woman telling me the White man is enemy to all, now that the REAL enemy has set in, it’s miserable for women, as predicted and warned. All od Europe has set the table for these monsters, now YOU defend it or leave your own countries because brother, THEY own it now, not you. All of Europe treated the U.S. military like pariahs and so, we left. Your societies treat the very men that WOULD have defended you like trash. Now? Not one of us will lift a finger for the Leftists countries that are awakening to the very nightmare I and my ilk warned was coming 30 years ago. Up side is, MEN are boss, women are of the lower caste, probably where that group belongs, Feminist, White Western Leftists. Tough cheese for them, I always knew they’d be first to fall. WHERE oh WHERE are the strong, empowered, equal women? Go clean house, women, do something about it. Hope you’re happy.

      1. “Western women “wearing what they want and being happy”
        Muslim: Weah ah yoooo goo-eeeng dressd lie-eek thot?
        Feminist: I’m goin out with the girls.
        Muslim: Theee ooo-nlee tie-eeem thot eh wooo-mon shoood beee ne-keed es when sheeee es bean bea-tun! Now goo ond mech me ah sond weeech!

  7. I’m curious about if anyone here wears a butt plug harness? I’m very interested in stretching my a nus, I’m very tight. Are there any special types of butt plugs for this purpose? I’m more interested in girth, then length. Although I’m very tight, I’m also very deep, I’ve had d ildos inserted into me, that were 12″ with no discomfort at all.
    Also any specific types/brands of lube to use? The adult stores near me seem to have very little variety in a nal lubes. Most are either astroglide or KY

    1. No need in the West. We’re in the tight grip of the Jew with his nose far up our collective ass.

        1. I didn’t know that Middle Eastern Countries civilians could own Guns, I do know that if masked Jihadists showed up at my door they’d look like swiss cheese, The Christians in the picture above may not have been armed by my guess. I don’t wonder about how guns grant individual security or freedom I know they do, just look at all the gun free zones liberals fight to have in society and you’ll usually find a story where killings of defenseless victims took place.

        2. No but it does make me realize there was truth to Admiral Yamamoto’s warning against invading the U.S. during WWII “There would be a soldier behind every tree.” — Perhaps if Bush & co. had realized this we could have avoided the mess in Iraq.

    1. For fuck’s sake ISIS is a Mossad/CIA creation. All of those vids are fake and produced by Rita Katz.
      I thought you guys were smart. Sigh…

      1. I suppose that burning video was fake too, eh?
        First the guy died of asphyxiation.
        And then all the muscles in his body contracted all at once.
        The back muscles dominate and so the body arched backward.
        Exactly what happens when somebody dies.
        True those videos DO have a slick Hollywood look to them.
        That’s just because ISIS has access to premium video software, equipment and talented producers.
        Doesn’t mean the stuff is fake.

  8. I’m sorry if I sound callous… But I have no sympathy for the Swedes… They are first to accuse anyone of not being pro-diversity as Racists & Nazis… So now they have diversity & screw them ! They’ve got what they deserve ! Their Viking blood has transformed in to a worm blood !

    1. Yes they are fucking cucks but they are still fellow whites. And if we want our gene pool to survive we’ll have to start thinking more in terms of race instead of country. Every other race does. Think of them as misled brothers. You wouldn’t give them up so easily.
      Plus, there are some good ones left.

        1. She is delusional. She completely ignores the Islamic influence. Jews are going to be at the center of WHAT in Sweden, exactly? The caliphate? Spectre is out of her mind, OR, she’s so politically correct, she can’t say the truth. Jews need to make plans to exit Sweden, not to center themselves there.

        2. She’s not delusional at all, the only thing that has ever been able to stand up against Jewish domination has been strong, white European leaders. Through the decimation of Europe from within Jews remove their only real obstacle to total control.

        3. But Jews are massively leaving Europe not because of your “strong white leaders” but because of Muslims. Blaming Jews for your shit is pathetic. Only pussies avoid responsibility for their deeds.

        4. Massively leaving Europe to where, exactly? Israel? The probability that an individual Jew will be killed by an aggrieved Muslim is way higher in Israel than anywhere in Europe.

        5. Care to post statistics? lol this is ridiculously stupid, Israel is the safest place for jews today.

        6. So far, Israel has lost something like 25000 Jews to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It has existed for 67 years. That’s 373 dead Jews per year. Compared to just a handful per year in Europe.

        7. Ok your numbers are an “average” which is meaningless. You are including war casualties and murders in times of high conflict. After building the walls, Israel has become much more secure, and there is calm. How many jews have died a year in the last 10 years? A lot less than 373. Besides, even if that still held, 373 jews a year is a relatively small price to pay for having your own country. That could change with another war against hezbollah, but who knows how long that will last.

        8. The average is entirely meaningful, since it’s been the nature of that conflict to have periods of higher and lower intensity. A war might just as well break out in the future that kills Jews in unprecedented numbers.
          Why, last year Israel lost something like 50 soldiers in its latest Gaza lawnmowing operation. Care to show one year in recent times where that number of European Jews have been killed by aggrieved Muslims? Such events are rare enough that they can be sensationalized whenever they happen.
          As for whether it’s a price worth paying for having a country, you’re moving the goalposts. You started off saying that Israel is the safest place for Jews, now you’re rejecting that as irrelevant.

        9. You’re the one moving the goal posts though; first you said that 373 jews “will die on average” every year, despite the fact that the intensity of the conflicts has been decreasing; then you stated that 50 jews died, even though most were soldiers, i.e., a very specific demographic; if you had stated this in the times of an intifada, your argument would still hold, as no jew would be particularly safer than soldiers, but that doesn’t apply right now. It’s speculative to say how many jews will die in the next war, as speculative as saying that there will be a massive massacre against jews in Europe or anywhere else in the world if they don’t leave before muslims or other extremists reach critical mass.
          Anyway, you’re assuming *every* israeli is a soldier in the frontline, and you’re assuming the average applies every year. That is wrong use of statistics. Your “facts” are meaningless for any jew that wishes to immigrate and isn’t involved in combat. You’re also ignoring the fact that Israel has 6 million+ jews concentrated in a small country. In France, which has about 300,000 jews, only 5% of the amount in Israel, there were 166 attacks against jews, of about 766 worldwide (Source: Haaretz). In Israel, excluding military deaths, there were about 4 civilians death, including foreigners, a similar death toll to the one in the Je Suis Charlie terror attacks or the attack on the Kosher Market place. When you take into account the fact that there are 20 times more jews in Israel than in france, the percentage of casualities in Israel are smaller in comparison to the ones in France. Any jew would feel safer walking in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv than in the streets of Paris. Sure, there could be war; there could also be another massacre against jews in Europe when muslims hit critical mass (or any other kind of extremists), which would be worse than any war that Israel could face. That is, unless we’re talking about nuclear war, but then nobody in the world would be safe so the point is moot. So Israel is, when taking into account Jewish population size, still the safest choice for jews, especially when taking into account growing muslim population everywhere in the west.

        10. She ignores the islamic influence in the video because its her tribe that brought the muslims to sweden in the first place.

        11. Not only Israel, but also N. America. Actually, many representatives of the European middle class (most of them are not Jews at all) flee to N. America for a second chance. In other words, when the process of replacement of middle class by illiterate barbarians, triggers looping effect => the more muslims come, the more European middle class vacate.

        12. Wrong again, sir. I wonder,are you Muslim or you just don’t read? Seriously, no offense, you sound like you take your arguments from comic books.
          Israel is a ‘peaceful country’ for Arabs, mostly the persecuted intelligentsia who stood against brutal regimes or had other little things to hide (homosexuals, white-collar crime etc). Israel is not a loving puffy cuddly teddy bear for the Muslim minority or for any minority for that matter. People are actually unified in front of common threats, they have all legal escape routes to avoid courts of law for what we call ‘hate crimes’ or discrimination, and are actively encouraged to discriminate in their favor as Israel is and will always remain a Jewish state first and foremost.
          Yes, Jews from Europe are migrating either to Israel or the United States. The highest chances of a Jew to get attacked by a Muslim is not in his highly militarized country whose history is based on self-protection, self-defense and anti-Arab feelings and attitudes, but in one of the politically correct countries of Europe.
          I strongly suggest you start reading before commenting.

        13. You can’t compare conflict v. civilian life loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        14. Well, Israel has conscription, so any Jew could be the one biting the bullet. I have moved no goalposts, I mentioned the number 50 as an example of a specific year, 373 as an annual average over 67 years during which the intensity has gone up and down, not continuously down. Of course, if you get to make the convenient assumption that the current all-time low death toll on the Israeli side will last forever, sure, your conclusion would hold, but that’s a pretty big assumption. The conflict doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, nor fundamentally change character anytime soon, so historical averaging is the best, least biased measure.
          Meanwhile, Jews actually getting killed by aggrieved Muslims in Europe is rare enough that it makes headlines when it actually happens. In the recent couple years, there’s been two incidents in France and one in Denmark.
          If Jews feel safer in place A than in place B, it proves jack shit, other than maybe something about paranoia and irrational feelings of relative safety that flies in the face of the numbers.

        15. And I strongly suggest that you actually read what the discussion is about. Your bloviation about Israel is utterly irrelevant for the question of whether Israel or Europe is safer for an individual Jew.

        16. White flight on an intercontinental level, huh? Cool story bro. Get back to us when it actually happens.

        17. I have read what the discussion was about and I directly answered your comment. As you can see, other commentators have replied to you in the same manner.
          You have some personal issues with white people and everything that goes against Muslims from what I can see. Nothing that I said was a ‘bloviation’ and you’re using the word wrongly. I gave you facts, which you can READ about. if you inform yourself from unreliable sources, get your facts straight.

        18. History proves you to be incorrect.
          Israel is the only land where the Jews were promised open miracles of protection.
          I have a cousin in Intelligence in the Israeli army. The amount of suicide bombers stopped and caught in Israel daily is mind numbing.
          Moreover, at West Point, every battle is discussed about every major country. Israel’s wars are NEVER taught and analyzed. This is because ALL of them should have been lost in a big way.
          The Almighty G-d fights Israel’s wars and protects his people. As King David wrote so eloquently and beautifully in Psalm 121 “Behold the Guardian of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.”
          Israel and the Jewish People will exist for all eternity. The Bible speaks about this concept many times over.
          We are at the cusp of the Great Messianic Age when the epic war of Gog and Magog will be fought. That will be the final war to end all wars. The only ones who will remain standing to enjoy the lasting peace, are the Jewish People and the friends and Allies of the Jewish People.

        19. You positively slammed the proverbial ball waaaaay out of the park and over the wall.

        20. History proves me incorrect? Bitch, please. Tell that to Titus and his legions. Or Pompey, or Nebuchadnezzar. Or to the something like 25000 dead Jews who are the cumulative death toll on the Israeli side of the conflict. Aggrieved Muslims in Europe have their work cut out for them if they are ever going to get anywhere near that number.
          If you think Israel’s victories can’t be explained by anything but divine intervention, you haven’t thought very hard, maybe because you like the explanation you have settled on. Military history is full of victories by powers who were, on paper, far more outmatched than Israel has ever been.

      1. Sure thing, Sweet Potato, we of the U.S. and NATO will be right along to rescue your sorry, stoned ass.

        1. Yeah, you of the US better deal with your dindu problem first. Put them back in cages, and build that beaner wall otherwise you’ll end up as enriched as we are…but what am I saying, we’re all getting the same end of Shlomo’s dildo, that’s what it boils down to.

        2. Got news for your, Bond. The Hispanics are HERE. Blacks are HERE. But they aren’t going into cages, but I do believe the Hispanics and Muslims that are already here will one day battle for supremacy here in the States. We have enormous enclaves of Muslims around the country and it is a demographic on the move with a high birthrate and high immigration levels into the States. Islam happens to everyone. And, the only way to cope is to breed and maintain dominance over your society. The Hispanics aren’t establishing here to hand it over to Islam.
          Newsflash for you: the White man’s day is done in the U.S.. Oh, they’ll keep a few of us around to design, invent and build things, a few more to keep the lights on and maintain the water, foodstuffs, medicine and such. We invented everything, they HAVE to keep a few of us. I suspect however, that feminism will fall mightily as both the Islamic and Hispanic culture tolerate rather less nonsense from women and certainly won’t be surrendering supremacy to women as have White men.

        3. LOL! You of the U.S. (your jew leaders) started this whole shit in the first place. Bombing half of North Africa and the Middle East is responsible for this mass migration we have to deal with right now. Thanks a lot, btw!
          All the countries you´ve bombed to ashes are much worse now than they have been before.
          Instability is all you achieved and left behind.
          Saddam and Gadaffi had their countries under control…now they´re totally out of control.

        4. “You of the U.S. (your jew leaders) started this whole shit in the first
          place. Bombing half of North Africa and the Middle East is responsible
          for this mass migration we have to deal with right now.”
          The leaders in my country are insanely corrupt. But that seems to be true of politicians no matter where you go. They’re blood sucking insects.

        5. They hate us SO much but insist on chasing us down to every county in the US to live right next to us. White flee and then they chase them again. Not a single successful block or neighborhood of city or state of country to show for their mighty brilliance.

        6. The most selfish pricks in the history of thr U.S. were the Southern plantation owners who were to lazy/cheap to do their own work and/or hire white indentured servants to pick the tobacco/cotton, etc. Now, our country is stuck with the blacks and their bullshit problems, along with the Mexican hordes due to the equivalent laziness and greed of contemporary elites importing Mexico’s underclass to serve as meatpackers, construction workers, produce pickers, etc. Great idea, if you live in gated communities and don’t have to deal with the fallout of your epic selfish fuck-ups, eh???

        7. Just know that those southern planation owners were anglo whores of the jew slave traders.
          NOT the ancestors of the typical scots-irish southerner.
          Nothing changes, really.

      2. “Yes they are fucking cucks but they are still fellow whites.”
        Look at Mexico.
        A land of brown folks that idolize blondness and whiteness in a way that puts the likes of David Duke to shame.
        Why doesn’t anyone realize that if Ayrians go extinct they will most certainly be revived by genetic engineering?
        And whether or not Ayrians were superior will become a mute point when genetic engineers eventually produce a race that (WILL BE unquestionably) better than ALL of us!
        (Lol maybe they’ll borrow Mexican DNA to create a race of Ayrians that can breed competitively with Mexicans!)

        1. Look at India. The women advertise themselves in searching for a husband based on how ‘wheatish’ (white) their skin is. As far as Mexico goes, even the Mexican’s hate the short squat Toltec looking folk amongst them.

      3. Henrik Palmgren and Lana Loktetof (spelling?) are still in Sweden and are doing what they can through Red Ice Radio. I hope the Swedes wake up soon. Such a beautiful culture and people, throwing it all down the drain to become a third world cess pool.

        1. IM sorry to say it but it has to get worse. The amount of invaders were talking about is really not that many. What has to happen is that the invasion has to continue and the middle ground needs to be erased. When it becomes Us vs them and the purge will begin. Societal order and institutions need to collapse.

      4. “Plus, there are some good ones left.”
        Just another limp wristed neo-pagan romantic.
        3:14, “I’ve actually worked on the Pride parade for (wherever), as a dancer. So I’ve seen it firsthand. They market it as a family event, it was not a family event.”

    2. Yeah. Their whores should stop complaining and look at the bright side… They don’t have to travel all the way to the Middle East in order to be shat on. Big savings as there’s no air fare.

    3. The last good that Sweden will do for western civilization is to burn, no, blaze, as fast as possible, so that ethnic Europeans who want to preserve civilization will have an example to point to.
      Even if, as this article shows, nothing is enough to wake up the suicidal/genocidal left, a burning Sweden, the burning of the most welcoming place, will open the eyes of the “moderates”.
      Just pray it happens soon, very soon.

  9. For the sake of balance, it should be noted that when they say “infidels”, they do not mean Christians.

    1. Good video.
      But the Jews had the hammer and sickle even before the Nazis came to be (not something conjured up later as depicted).

  10. Wow, this article is alarming proof that Sweden’s perfect Western Utopia and it’s poor freedom loving women are being destroyed by Islam. Kakabaveh’s testimony is all the proof I need to show there is a clash of civilizations. Never abandon “western values” because really is there any other kind that matters?

    1. Well, those values have to be defended. The gents that do the defending have been made a mockery by the Leftist feminist tides for over 40 years now. Why on earth their men would defend that culture is beyond me. I’d be damned if I defended a feminist-driven culture that did every dirty trick in the book to subvert my interest and made it a crime for me to defend my own interest as a man because every word I could utter “offends”.
      I can tell you, here in the U.S., we’re getting damned close. Liberal feminism figures it will never need defending, but I can tell you, liberal feminist hordes that defend Islam in the face of their own interest against those that would defend against Islam are insane. And those that would defend the Leftist culture before will certainly not now.

      1. Really, all we can do is shelter in place. Just remember….Feminists can’t fight in combat…..and that very fact is what we count on.

  11. “Women wearing what they want and being happy.” – – – We call these “SLUT WALKS!” NO! You can’t wear what you want and expected to be treated the same! >:I

  12. Shitty culture equals shitty values. Plus religion is not a race, so those who cry racism, swim to the bottom of a fjord and count to a million.

  13. If I were PM Orban of Hungary and wanted some lulz, I would offer asylum to Swedish and Norwegian women persecuted by Islam. I would pay to see the reaction of their mentally deranged leaders, who are clearly suffering from Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome.

  14. Haram doesn’t mean “dirty,” as the original article suggests. It means prohibited.
    Pluralism in the sense that people are allowed to think differently, and to speak their mind openly and without fear of repercussions. This means that different ideas can be tested and compared, until one proves to be superior.
    I guess that would mean “Islamists” get to have their say. Their ideas can compete in the marketplace of ideas, and if they are wrong, they will lose. Isn’t that the idea?
    I live in the US and CHOOSE a gender separate social life. No man forces me to do that. I would like to think a commitment to pluralism means I’m allowed to make that choice.
    I’ve been reading this blog for months, and this is the first (and last) comment I plan to make here.
    Best wishes.

    1. I guess that would mean “Islamists” get to have their say. Their ideas can compete in the marketplace of ideas, and if they are wrong, they will lose. Isn’t that the idea?

      That only works when people cannot impose their ideas with force or the threat thereof, which Muslims are inclined to do.

      1. Really? Because at least in America, Muslims don’t control the laws. If they break the laws, they go to jail, just like everyone else.
        We are allowed, for example, to think (and say) homosexuality is a sin. The article suggests there is some problem with that. That sounds like thought policing to me. This very site talks negatively about homosexuals in some articles, and I assume it’s not run by “Islamists.”
        Also, your comment comes off as an excuse not to let Muslims have their say. If they have their say and then go beyond those borders and try to impose on anyone else, there should be a means of handling that–not curtailing “free speech,” which is supposed to be one of the awesome “Western values” the article tells us not to abandon.

        1. Except nobody wants them around because the majority of them are rude, obnoxious, smell like shit, and then demand everyone be tolerant of their views while being the least tolerant of everyone else’s.

        2. That would be because there are not enough of you in the US. Once a country reaches a certain percentage of muslims it’s destined to turn into an utter shithole, rare exceptions being those nations with endless oil wealth and/or brutal dictators capable of suppressing the muslim penchant for destruction, slaughter and mayhem.

        3. The Muslim penchant for destruction, slaughter and mayhem? Who destroyed Iraq? Palestine? Afghanistan? Who created the chaos int he Middle East and Africa? Who is spending enormous sums on weapons? Stockpiling and using those weapons?
          The West. You can’t come up with a modern example of Muslims killing on the scale the West is killing now. The West has been meddling, plundering, poisoning, decimating countries all over Asia, the Middle East, and Africa for at least a century. It’s laughable anyone in the West has the audacity to condemn other people as violent.
          You don’t want Muslims in your countries? Tell your governments to stop destroying theirs. It makes ZERO sense to go sticking your nose in everything, bombing and destroying and rendering other people’s countries uninhabitable, then taking in streams and streams of refugees, and finally, complaining that you have a bunch of refugees. What is the logic behind this process?
          I really want to know. Please tell me how this makes sense. The people behind this destructive process are NOT MUSLIMS. They are people residing right in your own countries. Why don’t you direct your anger at them?
          The person who wrote this original article, which I went and read in translation, is a liberal. The very kind of SJW who would most likely denounce as a bigot anyone who dared to say flooding Western countries with refugees is a bad idea. Yet these very same people act surprised and complain when those refugees–from entirely different cultures–don’t think and act like they think they should. Did liberals think Western countries were importing Wiccans?
          Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And you have ONLY your own leaders and elite political class to blame.

        4. “The Muslim penchant for destruction, slaughter and mayhem?”
          Indeed. You’re proving my point exactly. Iraq was fine, as long as it had a dictator more beastly than his population. Syria was great, until control slipped from Assad’s grasp. Libya was a safe, stable country as long as it had a strong, ruthless dictator.
          Muslims are much like fictional orcs, only capable of a modicum of civilization and modernity under the rule of a dictator willing to eliminate anyone who steps out of line.
          Now, just because the West had a hand in deposing or otherwise eliminating some of these fine gentlemen doesn’t change the fact that in groups such as IS we see islam in its purest form, a force of total destruction never before seen in the history of mankind, 1.5 billion barbarians united by a common creed. Priceless artifacts and architecture such as the ancient city of Palmyra survived, largely unmolested, for thousands of years but even they cannot withstand the monstrous onslaught that is the religion of peace.
          Islam, if left unchecked, will be to modern civilization what the Asteroid impact was for the dinorsaurs, the end of all things.
          We can only hope humanity wakes up in time to get rid of this sickly beast once and for all.

        5. How did Iraq get that dictator? Who drew the borders of that country and how? Who brought Saddam to power and how? Who supported him through the worst of his atrocities? Do you know? Judging from your post, I would say you don’t. Hint: It wasn’t Muslims.
          Also, all this stuff going on in Syria and Iraq. Where did all those weapons come from? MADE IN THE USA.
          Finally, what business is it of yours how Muslims run their countries? You are being duped by power elites who want to plunder and dominate other people’s lands. Instead of just saying that openly, they spew a bunch of namby pamby nonsense about spreading “freedom and democracy” and saving the women and whatnot.
          The truth is if Syrians want to kill each other, you should let them. Mind your own business. Stop sending weapons and stop sticking your nose in it. If Muslims want to start a caliphate in their own lands, let them do it. If they want to stone people or hang them from rusty cranes, let them.
          What’s it to you? Westerners would do well to get out, stay out and mind your own affairs. It is BETTER FOR YOU. Stop listening to SJW garbage and peering over the sea while your own society falls to pieces.
          As for your paranoid delusions about 1.5 billion Muslims, let me interject some simple LOGIC. One thing most Muslims the world over agree on is that Palestine should be liberated. The Gaza strip is about 5 miles wide and 20 miles long. Israel is a tiny country in a SEA of Arabs and beyond that, Muslims. Yet all the Muslims put together can’t liberate Gaza from Israel.
          Think about that. Then tell me again how Islam is a huge threat to the West.
          Westerners are a threat to themselves. The US is past its zenith and in decline. Society is unraveling. Feminism is a symptom, not a cause. But hey, don’t worry about it. Fix your gaze on the Muslims. Brilliant.

        6. “How did Iraq get that dictator? Who drew the borders of that country and how? Who brought Saddam to power and how? Who supported him through the worst of his atrocities? Do you know? Judging from your post, I would say you don’t. Hint: It wasn’t Muslims.”
          As I’ve previously stated. The only thing that can keep muslims in line and borderline civilized is a strong dictator. Saddam was one such vital beastmaster and whoever got him in charge was a saint as he kept his muslim horde under control for decades.
          “Also, all this stuff going on in Syria and Iraq. Where did all those weapons come from? MADE IN THE USA.”
          I’ve never argued otherwise. It is indeed because of the West that muslims wield modern weapons in their savage tribal conflicts.
          “Finally, what business is it of yours how Muslims run their countries? You are being duped by power elites who want to plunder and dominate other people’s lands. Instead of just saying that openly, they spew a bunch of namby pamby nonsense about spreading “freedom and democracy” and saving the women and whatnot.”
          It’s everyone’s business as it is vital for the continuation of the human race that muslims are contained and suppressed by strong, apex level dictators lest their plague spread across the planet as it is currently doing. Again, im not arguing against the fact that the West let the dogs out, im arguing we should put the dogs down.
          “The truth is if Syrians want to kill each other, you should let them. Mind your own business. Stop sending weapons and stop sticking your nose in it. If Muslims want to start a caliphate in their own lands, let them do it. If they want to stone people or hang them from rusty cranes, let them.”
          I agree completely. Unfortunately muslims believe the entire world should be subject to their cult of death. At least when other nation, religions and creeds go empire building they have redeeming factors. The religion of peace has none.
          “As for your paranoid delusions about 1.5 billion Muslims, let me interject some simple LOGIC. One thing most Muslims the world over agree on is that Palestine should be liberated. The Gaza strip is about 5 miles wide and 20 miles long. Israel is a tiny country in a SEA of Arabs and beyond that, Muslims. Yet all the Muslims put together can’t liberate Gaza from Israel.”
          Because Israel will glass the entire region if anyone tries, the average muslim might be a genocidal maniac but they’re not stupid. Besides, nobody really cares about the insurgents on the Gaza strip, they just really, really hate Israel. Understandable, as it’s the sole shining beacon of modernity in a sea of shit and barbarism.
          “Think about that. Then tell me again how Islam is a huge threat to the West.”
          Islam is a huge threat to all of mankind, in the next century humanity will either vanquish the cancer that is islam or it will descend into utter barbarism, undoing all that mankind has accomplished over the past 10,000 years.
          “Westerners are a threat to themselves. The US is past its zenith and in decline. Society is unraveling. Feminism is a symptom, not a cause. But hey, don’t worry about it. Fix your gaze on the Muslims. Briljant.”
          The cultural marxism that is spiraling the West into an irreversible decline is an entirely seperate issue to the beastial nature of the average muslim.
          Just because the West is dying doesn’t mean the rest of the world should be subject to the barbarism of islam.

        7. [Israel is] the sole shining beacon of modernity in a sea of shit and barbarism.
          Yes, apartheid is the light unto civilizations.

    2. Islam doesn’t play well with others. Western perversion is well documented. Pluralism is a mental disease in the face of feminism.

  15. It really defies logic the Muslims migrate to Sweden to seek a better life, then crap all over the welcoming country by trying to turn it into the same life they already had. As for the Swedish feminists who are they going to run to if western men aren’t interested in saving their a$$es from the muslim hordes.

      1. No, they won’t. Feminism has worked hard to produce an emasculated effeminate class of males called manginas. Thing is, they won’t fight. They love living on their knees. Literally. Low testosterone.
        Here’s the real kicker…..the Islamic hordes have plenty of testosterone. Yeah, you look down your nose at them, and scoff at their barbaric behavior……but they will win. Perversion will not win a protracted fight. Perversion will not sacrifice for the common good. Perversion will not execute a woman who is a deadly threat to society.
        So, here we are, looking at what feminism has wrought. Old time values would have nipped those bitches in the bud. The bill is coming that we cannot pay.

    1. Because youre trying to think logically, superimposing your reason on them. It is their nature to move to another place after they have devoured all the resource in their shitty lands. They dont give a fig about welcomes and reciprocity and egalitarianism. Just like we dont care about their BS sharia crap.

        1. No, they are a voracious cancer on the planet whose sole pursuit is violence and reproduction.

  16. The progressives/liberals have turned the Western World into complete Cuckolds. They will sit by and watch their nations get fucked by anyone who the Progressive elites deem Politically correct. I’m not even Swedish and I feel ashamed.
    How did they go from Vikings, to the biggest Cuckolds in the world?…

    1. “How did they go from Vikings, to the biggest Cuckolds in the world?…”

      1. ” ‘How did they go from Vikings, to the biggest Cuckolds in the world?…’
        Yet, there is gold standard Orthodox Russia right next door. Shame that the Nordics ended up on the wrong side of the Great Schism.
        Moreover, Vikings are overrated to begin with. Barbarians with a 200 “golden age” of plundering, really only notable for being aquatic in nature, aren’t a realistic role model for any advanced society.
        I’m only interested in empires/civilizations that have lasted thousands of years.
        1. Byzantium/Russia.
        2. China.

        1. You are right about that christianity is not the cause of the problem that we see today the knight templars and the romanians who defied the turks should be enough proof to dispell that myth.
          The root of the problem is definetely secular jewish ideals and philosophies poisoning the folk soul of europe ie marx, bronstein, freud etc.
          And feminism obviously.

    2. Vikings, you mean the people who went native in almost every place they conquered and settled in? Who were assimilated by those they conquered? That’s taking cuckservatism to a whole new level. For nordic nationalists to idolize vikings is comically absurd.

    3. the crazy thing is those muslims have more in common with those vikings then the swedes themselves

  17. It’s as if the “Left Party” and the attendant progressivists are subconsciously sowing the seeds of destruction of their utopian goals. Bring in hordes who will eventually create a repressive society of their worst nightmares. All while feeding of the government teat. It’s like a lemming effect, a race by the western European states to see who can collapse first.

  18. Those Germans and Austrians clapping while the Syrian migrants pour over their border won’t be so delighted when the hoards start taking over. They escape their shithole countries and bring their shithole problems and attitude with them.

    1. Liberals are too short sighted and naive to identify future dangers. They´re all living in the here and now like hippies.

      1. Taking in these refugees gives these liberals an immediate good feeling of compassion, never what the consequences would be. Let the real men who they bash and lash out against take care of the consequences.

  19. Now every country is being shamed into taking on these godless savages.
    It’s not a refugee crisis, it’s a mass muslim invasion of European countries.
    When things start blowing up all over the world and gang rapes and incest rates go through the roof liberals will still pat themselves on t he back for being so tolerant and compassionate.

    1. Until their daughters are raped. For whatever reason most people always wait until it reaches their front door before saying, “Hey, wait a minute…”

    2. It’s not always that simple. Our Neocon Masters cause chaos and strife in places like Syria. It’s kind of a double kick in the balls to then complain when they risk their lives and lose their children in desperate attempts to flea what we have sown.

      1. “We”?
        No. You and I had no part of it. None whatsoever so don’t you dare take the blame or feel guilt for something that you have not been involved in.

  20. Too bad it takes Muslims to put women in their place these days. Oh, well. The libtards wanted “multiculturalism”. Well…you got it kids.

  21. Just as Feminists were the kryptonite for Traditional Conservatives, Muslims are the kryptonite to Feminists. Misogynists AND Underprivileged–you can’t attack them, they’ve had it worse than you!

    1. When I listen to popular rap music, I marvel at the idea of what would happen if a white, male artist expressed some of the sentiments these doggerel-spouting black “artists” throw out there about women, sex, etc. A fully-assimilated wigger with the backing of major black power–like Eminem–is allowed to brush up against that freedom, but white boys who identify as white would be crushed like bugs by the system if they went there. It’s because American feminists are mostly white cultural Marxists and, thus, mostly totally cowed by concepts like “white privilege” and basically exist in a perpetual state of total obsequiousness toward blacks. There are exceptions here and there, but mostly it’s just kind of funny and horrifying at the same time to watch these stupid bitches grovel and make total hypocrites out of themselves.

  22. Please stop saying radical Islam. This is Islam and what all Muslims do when they start to become the majority.
    They do it where ever they invade I mean migrate to they start demanding things such
    as no beer, smoking or anything offensive to Muslims and coward governments bow
    down to Islam in fear of being called racist even though Islam is not a race it’s a religion.

  23. Damn they’re still following the agenda even when WOMEN are complaining… must really be sticking to the cause here lol

  24. Ah, so the West is best because of its freedom, plurality and openness. But immigrants don’t get to exercise any of those, but must assimilate?
    The hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed defenders of Western civilization at its rankest.

    1. Dude, nobody said assimilate. I think the word was meant with the sense of ‘integrate’. I studied in Sweden, I know very well what those people, the native Swedes, have to go through.
      It’s one thing to be welcomed into a country, be accepted for who you are, be allowed to practice your faith as you wish. Nobody shaved the beards off those immigrants, nobody forced them to wear Western clothes, nobody told them to convert to Christianity and become Lutheran and go to church every Sunday. Their children were given free healthcare, free schooling, and the adults received free language classes and generous welfare checks.
      It’s a completely different thing when the ‘foreigner’ who has not integrated into the society considers himself superior to his own host country. When he says he’s a Muslim above anything else and God’s law takes precedence over anything man-made. If God told him in the quran to go kill some infidels, he’ll do it without thinking about the consequences- he’s special, his special religion allows him to do whatever he wants.
      These people are literally making large-scale transplants of the lifestyles they had in their undeveloped countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine etc.) directly into Sweden, without any concern or respect for the local laws. They have their daughters marry at 15, they instruct their children to hate the infidels and engage in crime, as it’s accepted to scam and prey onto the ‘kaffirs’ in their religion.
      They have no interest into having normal, peaceful lives, but in introducing sharia laws and the same disrespect, disarray and lawlessness from their original countries.
      It’s one thing to accept that a foreigner has a different culture and religion. It’s a different one to submit to that culture and religion in your own country where you are the majority.
      If foreigners wanted to import wine into Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim state for that matter, what do you think would happen? I mean wine is part of the Christian traditions and religious rituals from the beginning of the faith itself, is part of the sacred rituals, it’s part of the identity of all Christians. Have any foreigners ever been allowed to introduce a single bottle of alcohol in an islamic country? Of course not. Their country, their rules. Like a Russian colleague used to say, ‘you no like, you go home’.
      It is as simple as that. Those who have a problem with the West must go, end of discussion. Nobody forces them to do anything they don’t want to do.
      The problem is that the West is way too tolerant, and this is where the anti-foreigner, anti-islamic feeling generated.

      1. On the contrary, the author specifically talked about assimilation, not integration. You are correct in that nobody de facto forced them to assimilate into Sweden, but that’s no thanks to guys like the author of the article, who’d very much force them to.
        Over and over when this topic comes up, the Muslims are accused of trying to force the majority to conform to them, yet the only one attempting to force conformance to anything is the author. All those examples he cited of Muslims allegedly misbehaving are only cases of Muslims expressing disapproval of things they disagree with. That’s not coercion, nor an attempt at it.

        1. Red Knight, I shake my head at you. Seriously.
          First, you hold the author of this article accountable for the vast, overwhelming majority of non-muslim, or non-Middle Eastern better said, people writing here.
          As if his singlehanded use of the word ‘assimilate’, which most probably was used with the intended meaning of ‘integrate’, is the root cause for Europeans having some beef with Muslim immigrants.
          Secondly, you are incorrect in stating that the author attempts at making Muslims in Europe conform with anything. The author is an author, not an institution, not a legislative body, not a mass of constituents or policy-making forum. He is a person like you and I, writing his opinion. He is just expressing an opinion that, as you can see again in the vast majority of the other comments, is fullheartedly embraced by everyone.
          Muslims are not only ‘accused’, they are guilty of trying to impose their former local laws, many of which originate in tribal traditions, over deveoped, European, Judeo-Christian cultures and norms. Whether you personally have an issue with this ‘generalization’ or not, you are most probably not an European, you are not forced to live there, you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve lived it.
          You consistently refuse to give the gravamen of this ‘case’ its place simply because you think it is discriminatory, just because it depicts a realistic view of the factual situation.
          Facts, repeated patterns of behavior, statistics and the overwhelming majority cannot ALL be wrong, all at the same time. This isn’t a ‘conspiracy’, this is the world we live in.
          You don’t have any logic, pardon my saying.
          For example, you disagree that the Swedish government should try to impose assimilation. I am now referring to ‘assimilation’ and not integration (so be it, if you are so keen on this aspect).
          ANY country has full rights to PROPOSE and OFFER the breeding ground for assimilation. It is not enforced, never has been, and Europe is proud in its EUROPEAN diversity. NOT Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Moroccan or Sudanese diversity- first, it is the European one, then the others.
          IF muslim populations are not willing to assimilate, NOBODY forces them to. BUT they HAVE to integrate- recognize the supremacy of the law of the country they live in and not their religion, adhere to local customs, regulations and tenets of life, accept and understand that they should return the favor to the majority since they are the minority, etc.
          I am sure you know of Christmas trees being replaced with abstract sculptures in town markets in Europe, because local authorities were accused of being racist by Muslims living there. Or the banning of Christmas carols being played in public spaces for the same reason.
          Muslims have way more rights and privileges in their host countries than they ever had in their original countries. They should be grateful for that and not create problems.

        2. Assimilation and integration are different things, he chose one term over the other. Everyone agrees that integration is something desirable.
          He literally said that those who refuse to assimilate are unwelcome. He was thus advocating forced assimilation on pain of being denied membership in society. Whether he is in a position to singlehandedly enact such a policy is irrelevant. He advocates it, thus it is highly relevant to hold him to account for it, and subject what he advocates to debate.
          If the great majority of the commenters here agree with him, it only shows how parts of the Manosphere have become an echo chamber of far-right anti-Muslim moonbattery.
          Besides, you’re framing the entire matter in terms of Muslims and host countries, implying that it’s not their countries, but countries that they are mere guests in, allowed to do so on sufferance, presumably granted by the rightful owners of the countries. Which is, in itself, a denial of civil equality and an assertion of supremacy. Many of these Muslims, probably most, are actual citizens of the countries in question. That means it’s their country too no less than that of whitey. Whether their citizenship is a result of an act of immigration in the past is irrelevant, a citizen is a citizen. That’s the rule of law, another vaunted Western value.
          It’s one of the ironies of this whole topic that the far-right nationalists ranting the hardest about Muslims and their nefarious designs are themselves guilty of promoting and advocating the very thing they accuse the Muslims of.

        3. So do they (in this case Muslims) want to abide by Western rules or not?
          They take the citizenship with both hands and run, but when it comes to actually behaving like a citizen, not so much.
          I still believe that the author meant integration, not assimilation, and IF he meant assimilation, he meant the same type of process that, for example, happened with the Asian community in the US- highly educated, no government handouts, hard workers, law-abiding citizens who respect everyone else even if in the privacy of their homes they might retain Korean, Japanese or Chinese culture and religion. In the US you see mostly Betty Wong, David Wang, Mark Li Ping, for example, people who consider themselves Americans of Chinese/Japanese/Korean heritage and have fully integrated in the society despite their parents arriving on a boat without speaking a word of English.
          Why would an immigrant assert himself as a ‘supremacist’ if he isn’t integrated?
          ‘Whitey’? Sir, i believe you’re a non-white who has issues with white people being equally proud of their culture and background, just like every other race and minority is encouraged to do.

        4. In case you didn’t realize, the Muslims *are* abiding by Western rules in the cases cited by the article. They are breaking no laws, they have merely ended up forming a local community with social norms different from mainstream society.
          Unless you by “abiding by Western rules” don’t just mean not breaking the law, but conforming to some ill-defined standards that can’t quite be properly defined but you somehow just recognize a violation of when you see it. Standards that you like to believe that are, and act as if they are, some kind of universal Western social consensus and foundation of Western civilization.
          Much like “actally behaving as a citizen”, another rhetorical buzz-phrase that means nothing meaningful, since citizenship is a legal state of being, not a role that comes with legal and/or social prescriptions.
          The only offense the Muslims in the article have done is to dissent against contemporary feminist-dictated sociosexual norms, and chosen to live according to their own, while breaking no laws in the process. Much like the Manosphere. That so much of the commentariat would scream bloody outrage at the fact that Muslims are doing pretty much the same thing as the Manosphere is, doesn’t speak much to the intellectual prowess or integrity of the commentariat here. It’s almost as if they are reasoning backward, starting from a position of anti-Muslim animus and rationalizing a basis for it. Which is how you end up with crazy chimeras of contradictions like the aforementioned position.
          Non-white? Why, no, I’m a basement-dwelling socially inept virgin, just like everyone else in the Manosphere.

        5. There’s a problem with the realistic application of what you said.
          First off, the article doesn’t limit to certain Muslims and their ‘normal behaviors’. I guess it refers to ALL Muslims, for better or for worse. There’s this newly coined phrase that accurately depicts them – ‘a radical Muslim wants to behead you and a moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you’.
          The simple fact that the Muslims have ghettoized themselves and establish their ‘communities’ (physical ones, mind you) with their own ‘rules’ transcends the social and spills into the societal, no matter how much you’d like to believe otherwise.
          Social norms based on Islam are never purely social. Muslims who abide by their ‘own rules’ should be abiding by the rules and principles of the country they live in, in public, while doing whatever they want in only the privacy of their own homes. For these people, Islam is a way of life, not just a religion.
          Not only they engage in behavior such as blocking traffic with their human chains when praying, but mosques all over European cities phonically pollute and disturb other people with their five time- a day praying rituals. Religious services are never (maybe 1%?) conducted in the language of the respective country, but in Arabic or Urdu. That poses an important question- what exactly are those people saying there? It is logical that the language of a state be used, as it raises matters of national security.
          The madrassas- Islamic schools- have nothing to do in the West. They are centres of indoctrination, social separation and hate-teaching. Ah, if they want their own religious schools such as the traditional Christian seminaries and divinity education establishments- no problem. Run it according to state laws, in the national language, with state audits and certification standard requirement. Just like all other private and public schools are run.
          Other stuff that they do is to demand the removal of Christian religious symbols from state schools in predominantly Christian countries, such as Spain and Italy. They also refuse medical attention from male doctors to Muslim female patients, they refuse minimal, normal and necessary male-female interactions in public places such as schools, universities, work places and institutions, they request that non-Muslims behaved in a certain manner when entering areas mostly populated by Muslims, etc.
          Many Muslim communities in the UK and France, where they are the most numerous, have started demanding separate male-female public facilities, such as swimming pools and sports centers. Not to mention the huge expenditure of taxes on the criminal/correctional system (where non-whites/Europeans mostly Muslims, in Western countries constitute the majority of inmates) on halal meals, praying rooms, religious services etc.
          As you can see, these are not just ‘their traditions’ that they keep confined within the walls of their homes, like a Chinese ethnic with US citizenship would pray to Buddha in his house, and then behave perfectly normally when outside on the street, for example.
          These are behaviors that impact the traditional, majoritarian residents of those cities and countries, and such behaviors are always funded with state money.
          Muslims always seek to import their ways of life from their countries of origin despite Western countries being completely incompatible with such practices. Not to mention those who demand the introduction of Sharia laws, the hate preachers who publicly claim that those who insult Islam should be beheaded etc.
          And yes, they do break the law as to them, their religion overrides everything else.
          One case included a man who committed tax fraud by hiding assets from the UK Government while holding large amounts of cash in secret accounts and living on welfare with his numerous family; he claimed that the money had been given to him by his father for his children’s education, that he couldn’t break a promise made to his parent as his faith dictated that, so therefore he considered himself perfectly entitled to tens of thousands of pounds a year from the taxpayer pocket. This case was amply covered by the British media.
          Not to mention polygamy- by invoking their ‘religious right’ of having more than one spouse, Muslim men bring several women from their countries into the West and have them live off the dole with their children, claiming that it’s their ‘human right’ to practice their faith. Utterly insane.
          The larger a Muslim community gets, the more aggressive, assertive and demanding its members become. This isn’t a comment I just randomly make, it is a general truth that ALL white European citizens are aware of. Yes of course not each and every single Muslim is a criminal with a death wish to detonate himself in a public market; but that doesn’t mean that when push comes to shove, he won’t choose his religion above his nationality and behave according to those principles.
          There is a strong anti-Muslim feeling in Europe, and not because people don’t like the prophet Mohammed’s beard, or they have a problem with the spelling of the Quran, or they just dislike darker skin tones- i assure you. It is because of the behavior of the Islamic followers.

        6. As for the manosphere, it is a community (if you will) based on rational principles and not emotional ones. That’s what Muslims do, they refuse reason and embrace their emotions because ‘God’ tells them to. A manospherian who thinks that ‘all women are sluts’ won’t prevent them from leaving the house, force them to cover up, beat them up, coerce them to get married at 17 and have five children before the age of 25, to then continue living off state benefits. A manospherian doesn’t think that slutty women with tattoos deserve to be beaten in public, spat on, refused entry from public spaces or be gang-raped at knifepoint.
          Manospherians simply speak in terms of their personal preferences. Yes, they yearn for the days that men were men and women were women- if you think about it, Western women wore bikinis at the beach, went to the same school with male classmates and worked in the same places with men even in the 40’s and 50’s. Manospherians speak in terms of personal choices- they will avoid a slut, not associate with her under any circumstances, and let her live with her own decisions instead of jumping in to lend a helping hand.
          This is the identical mentality of 99% of Eastern Europe, where I come from, and where I grew up in a very conservative family and community. There’s nothing wrong with this view as it is based on actions adopted towards yourself and not against another.
          I wouldn’t be friends with a girl with blue hair, tattoos and criminal records who I deem to be a slut. I will simply stay away from her just like I would stay away from someone I dislike for other reasons. I won’t physically attack that woman and claim that she’s a prostitute who deserves to die, because that’s what the Bible says and that’s God’s law that overrides man-made law. That’s the difference between aggressive Muslims and everyone else.

        7. Your mile-long bill of grievances against Muslims doing whatever wherever is irrelevant. I’m talking about this specifc article by John Hydenius, which is about certain suburbs of major Swedish cities. You’re moving the goalposts for him by making it about Muslims elsewhere.
          That their social norms have societal implications is tautological and irrelevant. Everything affects everything in a society. Do you support individual freedom, defined as being allowed to do whatever you want without state intervention as long as you break no laws? If you do, well, the price of freedom is that the way others choose to use their freedom affects you too. And by extension, if a large enough number of people choose to exercise their freedom in the same way and adapt the same norms, you might have to make concessions to those norms if you want to deal with them, but you can always choose not to. This is equally true for the slut who gets slut-shamed by Muslim immigrants as it is for the Muslim woman who gets shunned for being veiled in public.
          If you don’t support individual freedom and rather support coerced compliance with the majority norm, well, you first. Feel free to ditch the Manosphere and start abiding by the feminist majority norm anytime.
          As for your assertion that the Manosphere is different because our choices are personal, well, you have still provided absolutely no evidence for your assertion that Manospherians would be less prone than Muslims to impose their values on anyone else, given power and opportunity to do so. You have simply made a series of just-so statements to the effect. I doubt you really know any more about what Muslims think than the average feminist really knows about what Manospherians think. You, like the feminist, just think you know all you need to know.

        8. Red Knight, you are again falling off the wagon with your consistent and repeated fallacies.
          You claim that my comments are not applicable as they refer to other Muslim communities in other countries.
          You speak about ‘freedom’ and abstract, very volatile and hard-to-grasp concepts when the article is about the aggressive behavior of Muslims in Sweden. And I quote the article, which includes the words ‘Islamist harrassment’, the picture (‘freedom go to hell, Islam is the answer, ‘Sharia the true solution’), as well as other keypoints that the author makes- ‘death to infidels- Swedes are being reprimanded by fundamentalists’, ‘aggression towards women’, neighborhoods increasingly seeming to belong to parts of Afghanistan.
          Interestingly, the author chose a photo taken from a Muslim rally in the Netherlands, where you can see half the word ‘Netherlands’ and ‘sharia’ on one of the posters. I believe it was to pinpoint the aggressive behavior of Muslims in Europe, which transcends national boundaries.
          And I hate to break it to you, but Sweden is one of the two Western countries where I lived as I studied there for several years. I am extremely familiar with the political and social environment, as well as with what is really happening with the Islamic communities. This is reference to your ‘you don’t know any more than the average feminist’.
          No, I am not a feminist.
          Manospherians wouldn’t impose anything beyond traditional gender roles, if given the opportunity to do so. I doubt they’d implement death punishments, physical violence and literal shunning from the society for ‘sluts’.
          I am very surprised at how you construct your arguments. You go on and on and on about the same matter with the same idea, despite being offered multiple answers, from multiple perspectives. We all must agree to disagree, but the manner in which you express yourself reeks of ignorance and racism (your ‘supremacy’ over white people, perhaps).

        9. Funny, I could say the same about you. You keep reformulating the same points over and over, even after I’ve either refuted them or stated why they’re irrelevant red herrings. That, or making the same unsubstantiated just-so statements after I’ve either asked for proof or challenged them on the notion of being entirely untestable.

        10. RK, are you high on something?
          How exactly did you ‘challenge’ and ‘refute’ what I said?
          The only things you complained about was my ‘long list of grievances’, which was absolutely necessary, as well as the fact that you insisted to keep the point to the article- about harassment of Swedish citizens by the Muslim minority.
          You didn’t state WHY they were irrelevant, you just said that according to you, they were.
          What type of proof did you ask? About what?
          Nothing I said is ‘untestable’ (try to use unverifiable the next time), as you can see by the plethora of comments above and beneath- everyone has pretty much the same opinion and invokes the same arguments.
          You yammer on and on about feminists and freedom and how the Muslim community is the victim and not the perpetrator. You have no logic, bring absolutely no argument, and are really ….weird.
          I will stop participating in comment-battles with you, as you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. The whole idea of Western “openness” is to achieve best practices. Progressives are rather retrograde in that respect because they have such an open mind that their brain falls out.

      1. Ah, so plurality is great and implies that the West is the greatest, except when it leads to an outcome you don’t like?

        1. Plurality itself is not great but rather the best practices achieved through it. It is like the free market and free marketplace of ideas. The incoherence comes in being “open” to ideas about censorship, state control, or proto-fascist mobs that want to be their own state within a state. In other words, the left has largely abandoned what makes the west great.
          So called progressives are now causing societal decline. One manifestation of this is their fetish about “culture”, that it is some hermetically sealed, off the shelf thing that must be accepted in all its dysfunctional glory rather than as a learning experience.

        2. And who gets to decide what’s “best practices”? The marketplace of ideas becomes an empty buzzword if someone (you, presumably) gets to bang the gavel and decide which ideas have won and which have lost and are never to be revisited.
          The examples of Islamist “harrassment” given by the article are nothing but entirely non-coercive expressions of disapproval by tradcon Muslims. Nonviolent expressions of opinion. The Islamists are playing on the marketplace of ideas, and if their ideas have become pervasive on those suburbs, it looks like they have won, and our vaunted Western civilization lost.

        3. You seem to be getting things kind of backwards by trying to strawman me with the exact opposite of what I am saying.
          Nobody gets to decide, they develop organically through a process. The only gavel that gets banged in the marketplace is when an idea is “sold” to someone who finds value in it. Ideally, that is updated over time. However, the left wants to corrupt the process for its own purposes, have “tied selling” of cultural ideas, and manipulate the market.
          You may have a point where Muslims are not resorting to threats, vandalism or outright violence in enforcing their standards. A small point. Still, the left will make excuses for Muslims while dropping the hammer on western males who do anything remotely similar.

        4. Glad to hear that you support a marketplace of ideas free from government interference. But then, why are you arguing against me? The “Islamization” of these suburbs, going by the actual examples given in the article, has simply happened through the marketplace of ideas. Something that the author of the article, and the secular immigrant women quoted by it, are sore losers about.
          True, the left has a tendency to ignore misbehavior by members of (allegedly) disadvantaged groups, but I fail to see how that adds any validity to the points the author of this article is trying to make.

        5. Not really a marketplace when the immigrants come from a totalitarian ideology to start with and demand enough acceptance rope to hang the west with. One battlefield in the culture wars is regarding what it means to be open and how to manifest the idea of “tolerating intolerance” actually manifests itself. In the left’s view, it is when people criticize non-western ideals while the right sees it when western ideals are under attack.

        6. Ah, so because Islamists allegedly would impose their ideology by force if they lost on the marketplace of ideas, the fact that they won on the marketplace of ideas in this instance doesn’t count?
          What you call “western ideals” are just whatever ideas have currently dominated the marketplace of ideas. The notion that “attacking” those ideas should not be allowed is nothing but state intervention in the marketplace of ideas on behalf of its established ideas, its current winners. Regulation of the absolutely worst, most market-failure-inducing kind.
          A thought experiment. Let’s say the ideas of these Islamists get even more traction, and a significant part of the contemporary Western population comes to agree with them. At what point does Islamism, them, stop being “an attack on Western values”, and instead Islamist values start BEING Western values? How large a % of the population of the West would have to embrace Islamism for it to be so?

        7. I definitely didn’t imply what you are saying and I don’t think it is a reasonable inference. My point is that free thinking is as foreign to many Muslims as Islam is to a free thinking society. The online echo chambers of right and left have nothing on, say, a Palestinian household where a guy is the product of two generations or more of severe indoctrination.
          Western ideals are long standing which is why 1) we can trace them back over 2000 years and can be referred to Judeo-Christian-Hellenic and 2) conservatives identify the modern left – “progressives” – as the source of social decline because they reject the fundamentals.
          A marketplace itself is never completely unregulated nor should it be. There are social conventions that impose a context to the practice of commerce. As those social conventions disintegrate, or are not acknowledged as foreign elements become introduced, the conventions become codified in law. Setting ground rules to manage the process is not the same as determining the outcome. That is the difference. Great swaths of free market economic thinking eschew the idea of monopolies because that becomes the end of the process that allows for better outcomes. The endgame of the marketplace of ideas is not so that a totalitarian ideology can take over. The joke that was circulating a few years back about the elections in Egypt were: “One man, one vote, one time!”
          For the right, democracy is an ongoing process; for the left it is simply a means to power. So there are two radically different notions about “the end of history” when discussed from the right or the left: Fukuyama vs Marx.

        8. Ah, so the marketplace of ideas must be regulated by force so as not to allow bad outcomes, and make sure it sticks to just select ideas from within the Overton window. As it happens, the Ayatollahs of Iran agree. They too have a democratic system and a marketplace of ideas, just one regulated by unelected clerics tasked with preventing unacceptable outcomes from happening.
          Nevermind that any assertion of what is a “bad” outcome is is a subjective valuation made in accordance with whichever ideas have currently captured the market. You use monopoly prevention as an analogy of interference in the marketplace of ideas is particularly ironic, since letting those ideas that currently dominate the market define how the market should work empowers them to turn their temporary win at the market into a permanent, legally enforced monopoly. What you are defending as monopoly prevention is nothing but regulatory capture.
          Your invocation of Egyptian elections as an example is even more self-defeating. The election victory of the Muslim Bros didn’t lead to the end of democracy. The Bros won every election they took part in, didn’t cancel a single election, and were undemocratically evicted by the military.
          Your assertion that Western ideals are somehow part of some “Judeo-Christian-Hellenic” foundation is nothing but an ex post facto narrative. And even if that were true, well, most of our current sociopolitical ideas were born in the Age of Enlightenment, and were neither Jewish, Christian nor Hellenic. Our vaunted Western civilization is what it is because Voltaire & friends did “reject the fundamentals”, as you accuse contemporary progressives of doing.
          You didn’t answer my question. How many % support must Islamism (or Juche, or Martian Space Anarchofascism) get within the Western populace to stop counting as a foreign idea and start counting as a Western idea?

        9. Cool picture of Russian hillbillies fucking bro. What does it have to do with anything? Is it symbolic of the kulak exploting the rest of the rural proletariat? Needs more liquidation of the kulaks.

        10. Any public process has a public purpose and requires the minimal amount of regulation to effect that purpose. This is true in markets as well as the marketplace of ideas. It has little to do with an Overton Window which is driven largely by personal preferences rather than principles upon which the process operates. While one could compare the robed wizards of the judiciary with the Ayatollahs, the constitutional underpinnings still makes the comparison absurd in the end. Again, it isn’t about particular outcomes but the process. The only unacceptable outcome is one that brings an end to the process.
          I think you see irony where it isn’t. Competitive markets exist for a reason, monopolies end competition, the market then ceases to function for the reason it was intended.
          Free inquiry has been a western hot button topic since Socrates and the foundations of democratic ideals comes from the same time period. The Christian angle is a historical fact but the Hellenistic roots were re-established in the Renaissance which paved the way for the Enlightenment which is obviously more proximate to our own time.

        11. They have? Looks more like the self-proclaimed defenders of Western civilization have taken over.

        12. You never have told us your background. How did you come to possess such a distorted view of history?

        13. No. Islam is the enemy. I don’t agree with Christians, but they are not well known for forcing conversions, so we get along just fine.
          My favorite part about modern Christianity? The universal adoption of the concept of free-will.
          You Islamist boys would do well to emulate their example. Raping and killing Christians must be so tiresome for you.

        14. Why should I validate your attempts at armchair psychologizing who I must be based on what I post? The Feminists have already done that to the Manosphere, and established that we’re all a bunch of basement-dwelling socially inept virgins.

        15. You are a muzzie revisionist using affiliation fraud to conceal your identity.
          Al Taqiyya much?

        16. Even if I did accede to your request (which I won’t, I refuse to answer to attempts at ad hominem games), would it fucking matter what I say? Would you believe me for an instant if I said anything that doesn’t line up with your preconceived ideas?

        17. It is you who is trying to bend the world to his pre-conceived ideas. Does it bother you that you must lie to advance your religious goals?

        18. I am sorry Shep, but you are the enemy of Jesus. All who do not believe are the enemies of God Almighty.

        19. Technically, I am not supposed to associate with the unbelievers.
          2 Corinthians 6:14 King James Version (KJV)
          “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”
          However, if you truly wish to know the one and only, true and living God, then I will gladly lead you to Him.

        20. On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
          Mark 2:17 (NIV)

        21. If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
          Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
          Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I
          reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
          And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

          1 Corinthians 13 (NIV)

        22. With all respect, Jed, you should research the NIV. The NIV is a disgusting Satanic perversion of the Word of God! Look up all of the things that were taken out or changed, compared to the KJV. The KJV is the only good version of the Holy Bible, in English.

        23. No offense, but with the possible exception of the Psalms, I never was all that fond of the KJV. For general use, my preference runs to the RSV, but when I really care to examine a passage, I check several different translations. Short of becoming fluent in at least Hebrew and Greek, I know of no better way. All the translations borrowed from the Septuagint and the Vulgate in any case.
          I used the NIV here because that’s what came up on the website I copied from. I have not read the entirety of the NIV, but find it hard to believe it is “a disgusting Satanic perversion.” I very seriously dislike the NRSV, and if the NIV follows it I can better understand your position.
          Going back to Mark 2:17 as an example, we find these variations:
          On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (NIV)
          When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (KJV)
          Jesus hearing this, saith to them: They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick. For I came not to call the just, but sinners. (DRA)
          And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I came not to call the
          righteous, but sinners.” (RSV)

        24. Many thanks, but I’ll take your word for it and stop quoting the NIV. As I mentioned, my general preference is the RSV.

        25. The problem with the NIV, is that they changed a bunch of passages regarding the Deity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. They also removed a large amount of passages regarding salvation. That’s why I don’t like the NIV.

        26. It almost sounds like you’re looking forward to the destruction of all of those souls. It’s psychotic righteousness. Sort of like Hannibal Lecter converting to Christianity, just to witness the “good” parts of Revelations.

        27. new converts to any religion always take it to the extreme and they forget all about the Judge not lest ye be judged part. Some claim that God has chosen them in particular to do his work (as if God would pick someone like that) Similar to the rantings of Ace Milner/Ace Delighted who uses his “God given” duty to denounce in the most vulgar of terms those of the Jewish faith and anyone who disagrees with him …One wonders if he had a hard time choosing between radical Islam or radical Christianity….

        28. Quite a few Christians feel as if the world is set against them and they are enduring trials of the wicked. Since they are so busy turning the other cheek, they await with glee, God coming down and exacting brutal revenge on all of the “wicked.” This makes them very happy. They don’t understand their own faith. Every soul that is lost, that you could have possibly saved, is your failure and is on your judgement sheet.

        29. When I read this I always assumed it was about marriage. Do I have it wrong?
          (gentle teasing voice)
          Are you coming on to me?

  25. The Islam-bashing that has become prominent in the Manosphere is particularly ironic when you consider that if you ask the average manospherian and the average radicalized Muslim immigrant what’s wrong with contemporary Western culture, you get pretty much the same answer.
    A manospherian who ordinarily is of the opinion that Western women are worthless sluts turns into a massive white knight the moment he sees an unwashed muzzie horde out to get her.

    1. That’s because a manospherian who thinks Western women are ‘worthless sluts’, like you put it, does it (IF he thinks ALL women are like that) only when it comes to his personal choices.
      He wouldn’t date or marry a worthless slut, but he wouldn’t attack her, rape her, beat her for dressing in a certain manner, behead her or stone her. He wouldn’t demand to live off the taxes that she pays, alongside other Western people, men and women equally.
      It’s one thing when YOU can say something about your fellow compatriot, ex. the worthless slutty woman, but it’s a different thing when an unwashed third-worlder does it. He ain’t got no business judging anyone, but looking into his own backyard.

      1. Exactly its our place and responsability to put our women in place and not some external invaders, for them to even think about dictating terms here is preposterous, and eventually liberalism and “tolerance” will have run its course and have reached full inflation and then we will have no choice but the iron fist to bring order back.

        1. You are absolutely right, Ragnar. If you are Swedish as your surname suggests, let me tell you that you have an absolutely beautiful country, and the people I have met while being there, the experiences I had and friendships that I made have surpassed everything I ever thought Sweden would be.
          You are using the correct words, ‘dictating terms’. It is sad that Sweden allows foreigners to do as they please in the Swedes’ country without thinking of the consequences. It is shameful and has already created a dangerous precedent.
          My faith remains in the self-preservation of the Swedes, particularly the older generations (30 years +) or those from the Northern parts who are more conservative.
          You guys should do something about your extreme tolerance that has ironically made other people extremely intolerant.

        2. Ragnar….a question, please. Are you serious? Feminism is a mental disease that can’t be cured, only eliminated. What has happened to the Swedish army? Feminised, right? Islam has no use for feminists. They’ll be beheaded if captured. Will you fight for a feminist that has destroyed everything of value in your culture? Do you understand that women, in a collective sense, have destroyed your country?

        3. Yes i am swedish and i appreciate the kind words, thank you.
          This that we face hear is a bigger problem than feminism although most certainly related to the whole of the same problem, ironically though i see conservative and traditional forces growing stronger by the day for the simple reason that the feminists and liberals etc are shooting themselves in the foot trying to bring the rest of us down in their quest fo self destruction, they ultimately do us a favour as their stupidity become more displayed in its horrific nudity.
          Im not gonna say im hopeful because hope is for children but lets just say its not over yet and there is a counter reaction that is intensifying by the day.

        4. You are a hundred percent right about feminism but you mis the forest for the trees, feminism is ONE of the weapons directed at us, try to see the synergy of the attacks on us and how they serve the same purpose of destabilizing us and creating chaos, we are attacked from all directions and we must have a bird perspective.
          What your gonna bow down for the muslims thinking “at least they will get rid of the feminists” im sorry but all i can say out of the ashes in to the fire.
          And btw they will not win they will destabilize and create chaos but they will ultimately lose in europe.

        5. Guess I have to disagree….this is a multi generation fight. Birthrate is the Trump card. White women kill their babies, Islamic women couldn’t even conceive of such a thing. The actual forest that you speak of is the growing perversion in western society. I’m not a fan of Islam, because I know that millions will be slaughtered in this war. Even if the feminists were taken out and shot, the damage has been done.
          Here in the USA, Planned Parenthood actually kills babies and sells their corpses. Literally. No exaggeration at all. Women here agree with this. That’s why American white women are morally dead. They just turn their heads, but they still want the feminist agenda.

        6. Its okay to disagree but you seem to have your heart in the right place as far as you can tell frome some letters on a screen :).
          I believe the pendulum will have to swing in the opposite direction eventually, and we might possibly look at fascism and bloodshed once again, history tend to repeat itself, its the way of life.
          Anyway time will tell howthings will go down.

        7. I sometimes wonder if the feminists and liberals has a desire for self destruction. It doesn’t make sense. I’m thinking that they are too nearsighted to see what they do ultimately leads to their own destruction. Good luck even trying to reason with them.

        8. Ofcourse they have a desire for self destruction, they might not be self aware of the fact that they are a trojan horse designed and weaponized against the civilisation of the white man, its a virus of the mind.

        9. Well, their political beliefs are their religion. Like I’ve said elsewhere, libtards and feminists treat their political ideology like some kind of bizarre suicide cult.

        10. What exactly makes them *your* women? I think they belong to themselves, just like everyone else. Thus I recognize no difference that matters between a white and a brown man who considers a white woman to be a worthless slut no good for anything but pump and dump.

        11. Its not my place to have any opinions about lets say sri lankan women. But hey europeans are the general public right, not A people in its own right. No sorry, i disagree strongly with you because i consider my female genetical counterpart to be me and my peoples responsability and vice versa. First you look after your own thats the natural order of things.
          This whole multicultural “we are all one big rainbow family” thing is not reality, obviously.
          I do not know where you are from or where you live, so i cannot put your statements in a context to understand you fully when you speak about european women.
          But you are right about a worthless woman being a worthless woman and who makes the observation is irrelevant and that is probably what you are talking about, i am talking about tribalism, family and survival.

        12. Well, wars have been fought over less. Problem is, Sweden has been feminised. Worthless soldiers. Sweden needs to fight now, not in the future, Ragnar. Just how much longer will it run its course? Iron fist? Selective assassination is a time honored way of dealing with your problems. In Africa, schemers wait until enough of the right people take a flight. They’re always waiting in the wings😈

        13. You are right in that we dont know how much longer it will run its course. We will reach a breaking point soon anyway, the economy will collapse, violence is rising, everything in our society is degenerating steadily and people feel cornered and extremely provoked, but i dont know what will happen exactly i am not a prophet.
          I guess you are an american so your situation is similar, so you probably have your own ideas of how things will turn out.

        14. Truly, they are the property of no man. That’s why no one will fight for her, when she’s threatened. You see, future events are going to show women just where they fit in the scheme of things. If a woman is worthless, you know, a feminist, then we watch her bleed out. We don’t interfere with the true function of nature. Predator….Prey…..Women think they’re independent, when in fact feminists completely depend on masculine protection.
          The serious thing is that men who will fight and resist won’t take up for a feminist. Misandry has a very high price. If you hate men, and proudly proclaim that, we’re listening. I never forget those who hate me. Reality in the future will be very brutal. Mental agility is paramount. Don’t waste precious resources on useless women. Don’t waste the bullet. Let them starve, or better yet, point them at a rival, and let them feed useless mouths. Primitive? Perhaps. The point is this….food, shelter, protection are a precious commodity.
          Feminists are mentally diseased. They’re jealous and greedy. You cannot afford one to know you have food.
          Medieval, sure. Same problems, different times. A good short sword is a very wise investment. I’m real tight with my Kabar.
          Emotion has no place in this process. Sure, women are stupid, but if a woman is a feminist, and nearly all white women are, she’s dead weight that will get you killed.

        15. We have the open possession of firearms. The reason is to “reason” with our government. Google death squads, please. That’s what’s going to happen here. Folks will just disappear. Lots of open country, plenty of excavation equipment.

        16. Checked it so i have some idea about it.
          Who will do it to whom do you suggest if you care to elaborate?

        17. Did those women choose to identify with the same community you identify yourself and them to be with? I’m a libertarian about such things, I let people freely choose whom to form communities with. I don’t recognize anyone else’s imposition on me about who I’m supposedly part of the same community with.

        18. I believe strongly that yes most women in europe will feel drawn to an identitarian ingroup based on blood and kinship more and more in the coming future, its natural instinct especially when the goings get rough, but like i said i dont believe in the multi cultural rainbow family so we might have to agree to disagree.
          Where is your foothold in the world, are you a individualistic man like a leaf in the wind or do you have a community to lean against?

        19. It’s a hate cult built up out of shimmering resentment towards the world. What’s really dangerous is their dark impenetrable irrationalism that’s akin to a force of nature which cannot be argued against. It’s pointless to fight it through reason. The ancient Greeks in the 3rd century AD saw this threat emerging, the Arabs knew this and use force to keep this element in check within their societies, while at the same time being consumed by a greater irrational force themselves.

        20. It really depends on who is organized. In Central America, the Landowners and the armies kept the communists killed out. They would be found in mass Graves if they were lucky.
          Texas is a different place. Outside agitators for various radical groups come to mind. It’s going to be a dirty civil insurrection.

        21. Radical groups will play a big role in the near future i believe especially when the government gets wobbly.
          The governments and the globalists i feel will lose control in their attempt to increase it or maybe thats by design as well.
          I dont know wich radical groups play a mayor role in the states although i assume you have simmilar equivalents of what we have here.
          Wich ones are you looking out for, except the dindus they seem to be best at offing themselves frankly.

        22. Ragnar, I’m an older man in Texas. Folks know who I am. They’ll leave me alone, due to activities in my past. No one wants to fool with a known danger. Out here where we live, everyone is armed. Different calibers, and some are more likely to shoot than others. Thing is, assault rifles in the hands of competent folks just ain’t worth fooling with. Hell, the Black folks around here are landowners and stock owners.

        23. I’m too much of a natural-born dissident to commit to a community. You might have noticed that even here in the ‘sphere, I’m often something of a contrarian among contrarians.
          If the poop hits the fan, well, if I perish, it’s the price of freedom.

        24. Ragnar, I’m a student of history. We’re witnessing the fall of a civilization. Be careful, store up emergency rations, get a good, clean source of water. You need 3 months rations per person as a minimum. It’s a cold business, but you can’t feed other people.

      2. Most Muslim immigrants, the radicalized included, don’t do those things either. I’m pretty sure many a Manospherian would do those things if they could. The intellectual basis for the rectitude of coercively putting the women in place has been built a long time ago on the Manosphere.

        1. Muslims immigrants DO those things, and it is prevalent and outstanding in countries that never had such occurrences- please google Norwegian and Swedish rape waves.
          Foreigners have no business applying ‘corrective’ measures to other women than their own. VIolence is only state-sponsored in civilized countries, and only in exceptional circumstances.
          What about homosexuals and Islam? Would radicalized Muslims tolerate them or attack them?
          Dude, you’re either a Muslim or truly ignorant. Pardon my saying, i don’t want to offend anyone, but you reek of ignorance.

        2. I never denied the existence of such actions by Muslim immigrants. I said that *most* don’t do. If you have evidence that an absolute majority of them engage in such activities, let us know. None of the incidents quoted by this article indicate that. On the contrary, they are perfectly content just being contemptuous of the sluts and choosing not to associate with them, and apply some amount of social shaming.
          Other women than “their own”, eh? You speak as if the menfolk of each ethnos collectively own the women of the same ethnos. That’s… rather patriarchal.

        3. Patriarchal societies are the only ones who last. You know, Red Knight, the ones who control the sexual impulses of women. Kind of like……Sharia, for instance…..Ever wonder who weaponised the perverted sexual impulses of western women? Personally, I believe that feminism and marxism are one and the same……but nowadays, Putin needs children. Go figure…, here we are…..isn’t the future exciting? We have a front row seat for the slow start of the next world war. 4GW with a twist, right?

        4. MOST don’t do it because they are STILL afraid of the consequences. However that’s slowly changing, as you can very well see, as the minority is aware of the political corectness yoke on the majority.
          Their women in the sense that Muslims have always separated themselves from the community and have preached that ‘their women’ are modest and pristine, in comparison with Western ‘sluts’. School-aged girls come home beaten and spat on, because they are not wearing the hijab. If a white girl walks down the street in a skirt or a dress, a symbol of femininity, she is harassed, shouted at and told to ‘cover up’ and ‘be decent’. That happens in parts of British cities where Muslims are the majority.
          So, if they have made these norms with ‘good women’ and ‘bad’ ones (Muslim women who cover their heads v. local women who don’t), then yes it’s ‘their women’. Maybe it has something to do with patriarchy as far as I’m concerned, that is my personal opinion, you should have no problem with this.

        5. Your assertion that they would engage in such actions if they could get away with it, is rather rhetorically convenient. It’s an assertion that is completely untestable. A feminist could just as well claim that most Manospherians would do such things if they could get away with it, and nobody could prove her wrong.
          What Muslims do in British cities is irrelevant, this article deals with select Swedish “Islamized” suburbs, and “harrassment” going on in them. I’m calling out the article for the BS it is and taking apart the arguments it makes, but you ignore that and would rather talk about other Muslims elsewhere because that somehow proves that Muslim immigrants are bad, and that somehow validates this article, even though the article itself is BS.
          You are of course free to believe that the Muslims have no business judging Western women, but then it is you, not the Muslims, who are objecting to the existence of people who disagree with you.

    2. You can’t stop the flow of history. Western women have practiced unbridled feminism. Take a hard look at what’s happened. Perversions everywhere. The only way this is stopped is by the destruction of feminism. That means exactly how it sounds. Islam will execute them all to protect their own society.

    3. Not if he understands the true nature of feminists. They’re infected with a moral disease that is lethal. They call it pro choice, but that’s a euphemism for murder. They swear that a fetus is only tissue. They look away when body parts are sold. They see no moral problem with what they are. That’s why Islam hates them.

    1. They will have been slaughtered. Islam is very clear about that. Massive beheadings will be the order of the day. Women will be examined very carefully, and suspected feminist will meet the sword. Islam controls women, and this sad state of rebellious women will not be allowed to happen again.

        1. Yes, any woman who is educated will be executed. Islamic military history indicates that the women who survive will be slaves….brood mares if you will….perhaps tongueless. I reckon landwhales will be summarily executed in combat. ANYONE who is deviant from the Islamic viewpoint won’t see the next day. That’s how you ensure a continuation of society.
          Gays, transgendered, feminists…..all will be put to the sword. You would think that such folk would be protesting.

        2. Islamic military history is there for all to read. The Koran essentially is a manual of military dominance and strategy. That’s why young masculine men who thirst for revenge will go over to the other side.
          You see, when the women are being interrogated for feminism, young men will be used to denounce their neighbors. This is a practice that’s been used for thousands of years.
          Masculinity will have its revenge. Feminism has made this a fight to the death. Look at the cultural destruction all around us. The Human organism, as we might describe humanity in total, well, it destroys perversion that interferes with human reproduction. Plainly put, when women quit having children and caring for the home, society is out of whack. High testosterone societies – known as “Barbarians”, control their women. Yes, they beat them. And, at times, they kill them in various ways. Generally, it happens when the woman strays from her place in the social order. This is the future.

  26. Fucking swedish cuck, traitor, imbecile, turd…
    “In the same magazine, Dine Malmsten calls
    what Amineh Kakabaveh wrote a case of “class hatred.” “…
    When Zeliha […] describes men as ‘staring bearded
    shadows’ it is hate speech plain and simple. It is the same rhetoric
    that was used in the thirties in Germany about Jewish, Polish and
    Russian men.”
    No you piece of shit, it’s these bearded men who are the hateful one, it is the bearded men who beat a native french girl to a pulp because she wore a bikini in a park in her native homeland, France.
    It is these bearded men who shout death to the west, that are full of hatred.
    You piece of shit named Dine Malmsten, since when is self defense a hate crime?

    1. Everyone committing atrocities claim to do so in self-defense. Most sincerely believe it too.

  27. That is a fantastic article, an unholy alliance indeed. We wouldn’t have a problem if it wasn’t for the leftist enemy within. Can’t work out what drives these people. Have thought it is some kind of “white guilt”, but the more you observe it, it seems to be an irrational drive for equality über alles… it’s an extension of this .. Rather have the poor poorer as long as the rich are less rich. The left does not care about actually improving the lot of the people living in the third world, as long as they can invite a destructive force into our countries and make them less peaceful, less pleasant and less prosperous. Really is a cancer..

    1. The left really has no skills that they can contribute to civilization so they conjur up “causes” within their own protected walls so they would appear relevant.

    2. Thats easy. They have Power. They dont want to lose it. The easiest way to ensure its continuity is this . The more societies are destablized via invading populations the more whites will be distracted by taxes and traffic and problems etc and not threaten the continuity of their power.
      They are happy to burn their own countries down as long as they can be rulers of the ashes.
      And becasue you see the same thing happening simulataneously in all white countries regardless of party it stands to reason there is a supra national agency at work.
      In Short, International jewery.

      1. Yeah, Secular Jews are arguably the worst humanity has ever seen. That’s why folks are really tired of their continued presence. The real reason is that they use economic wisdom gained over the centuries as a weapon.

  28. You, my dear author, are a fucking beta male. I fail to see the problem – women are being put in their rightful place – at home where only their husbands can fuck them and ogle their ass in privacy.

    1. I was going to say that the editorial slant of ROK seems to be for Goldilocks Girls: not too slutty, not too oppressed, but juuuuuust riiiight!

  29. Okay, then what about countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE etc.
    They are all peaceful and have a Muslim majority, they have not and have never been,in an “utter shithole” place to live in.
    I would like to hear opposite opinions

    1. You are correct and thats because they are homogenous and left alone to be who they are.

      1. Exactly. Nations comprised of a group of people with common ancestry and common values.
        I recently flew over Japan. Most of the country is frikken rocks. Zero natural resources. But they have a functional incredible orderly society because they are a single homogeneous people sharing common history and values.
        Even the US until 1965 was homogeneous. All the BS about the melting pot is BS. Pre 1965 it was simply all white christians whose ancestors spoke different dialects and had some differnt cuisines.

    2. Ah, ever been to Jakarta mate? If that’s not an “utter shithole”, I’m fucked if I know what is!

    3. I don’t think that’s really the point. Successful or not, no group of people wants to see their own kind replaced by outsiders in their own homeland. Muslims can be successful in their own countries, which is perfectly fine.

    1. Ofcourse they can succeed but attack them with multiculturalism and liberal tolerance they will surely fall

        1. Well it should be self explanatory, a society is strong because it shares a common unity with every part of the whole, same values, homogenous culturally, even ethnically homogenous at best, but start introduce minorities with different systems of value and tell them that their right to put their imprint on the society/nation is equal even though they have no roots there and are a minority, and tell them that they are victims of racism if the indigenous majority does not give the new foreign group the same recognition as they themselves have, and the harmony of the culture and the social order is disturbed and breakdown is now inevitable.
          This is modern warfare (infiltrate and create an unnatural destabilization from within) this is what happened in libya, egypt and syria…
          this is what will happen in europe and america.

        2. Paradoxically, this is exactly what the ISIS caliphate is about, namely to produce a homogeneous, absolutist, society that is based solely on a set of non-negotiable tenets without any minority rights or special dispensations for those who disagree.
          Ironically and perversely the west then protect these Islamic groups with their barbarian belief systems as a special “minority” when they are in our countries. This is backed up and supported by feminists and other neo-liberal groups who’ll be the first to disappear under their boots.
          T.E Lawrence was right when he said that the only thing Arabs respect is force. Unlike, for example Latin american countries that made the successful transition from juntas to democracies during 1980s, the Arabic countries of the middle east have failed to make any such transition, because, again the notions of state and civilization are competently alien to them. This is partly why you’ve so many tribal religious fanatical groups, like Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in the Arab countries. The west will have to understand, sooner or later, that there will never be a happy accommodation between sets of beliefs that are so far apart.

        3. Essentially, one faction will prevail, and slaughter the rest like dogs as apostates.

        4. As the Bible itself points out, you have to choose life or death. I prefer the folks who haven’t killed 55 million babies. Words fail me….

    2. I believe that a society that doesn’t control women is doomed to perversion. I believe that the coming world war will revolve around that core concept. I believe that feminists will be killed in hideous fashion to extract vengeance.
      I believe that human society is not designed to be run by women. And, in that belief, even though I live in the USA, I believe Islam will win eventually.

  30. Plain fact is that the Swedish feminists have brought this on themselves. Misandry has a cost. Why would a Swedish man try to help a feminised society that hates him? Here’s the kicker…..Islamic men shall start their discipline of Swedish society. Acid in the face of unruly feminists is just the beginning. Mob attacks and beheadings will follow.
    Feminism has destroyed the very source of their protection. Stupid women eat the seed corn. You see, there is true evil. It has many faces. A sick society that destroys the warrior class will perish. Just the same as a society that practices infanticide, selling the very bodies of the children they kill.
    Islam is a reaction to the outright evil being practiced in Western societies. Women have brought us to this. That’s why Islam will execute any western woman with any college education. Consider, please, Islamic military history from the past. Infidels are put to the sword. And in this day and age, feminists are due to reap what they’ve sown.
    I’m a student of history. I firmly believe the human genome cleanses itself of perversions occasionally. We know this as world war. Thing is, the west doesn’t deserve to survive. I write this knowing that Islam will end up winning. The reason is that perversion will not fight a self sacrificing war. Islam does.
    This is the true cost of feminism. It actually destroys civilization. The future belongs to those who show up. Western birthrates are explicit. The main function of women is children, to put it bluntly. Perversion destroys all of that.

  31. Sweden has suffered from extreme liberalism for quite some time now wich has resulted in many people here becoming psychotic and started hallucinating in blind idealism whilst losing touch with reality, disturbing to say the least and the results are self evident.
    Also remember that the cucks are the only ones you hear of, even though when it comes to the true feelings of the people they dont represent the majority of us.
    The people that rule this country at least as far as i can tell is the leftist media, they dictate the terms and spread their mass psychosis relentlessly 24/7 and they are waging a war against anybody that raises their voice against them by public shaming in the media, putting out anonymous people who writes on the internet names and adress publicly so that they in turn get life threatened by communist fanatics and even home invasions from the “pravda style” journalists.
    Take a guess about the ethnicity of the families that own and almost have monopoly of the media in sweden, let me give you a hint they are those dubious “europeans” who are known to rub their hands together gleefully.

  32. As I’ve said before, Leftists are more inclined to lean away from Christianity and toward the Religion of Pieces because they collectively view the latter as a religion of oppressed brown-skinned people, and they collectively view the heterosexual Judeo-Christian Caucasian male as the embodiment of all that is wrong in their world.

  33. no dude a girl should act like a bitch and blame the guy for acting like a dog and throw him in jail now who is the cuckold,liberal fagot,pussy beggar or at least fade hearted
    ps most of those bitches are from muslims countries so you at least get to fuck them while you protect them from the evil muslims men

  34. Funny how when it’s a muslim oppressing women they just say ‘oh well, you know, oppression of women happens all over the world…’ like that means anything. But when a white man does something they don’t like: ‘You misogynist shitlord cis-scum!’

    1. Feminists are cowards. They know for a fact that if they call Islam out, acid in the face is the mildest response. Have you ever considered that feminists have tried to destroy the very ones who would protect them?

      1. Feminists are the most retarded fools. They will argue against you with bitter hatred, but when they are threatened, they come running to you for protection and expect it.

        1. Just turn away, if you can’t stand the sight of blood. Here’s the truth of the situation…..Feminists are a disease. Let them die, don’t protect them.

      2. I think it has less to do with cowardice than it does with female sexuality. Women have a deep-seated desire to be dominated.
        Western men have more or less treated women as equals, which the female hindbrain interprets as a sign of weakness, which therefore elicits shit-tests. These shit tests manifest under the guise of Feminism.
        Islamic men, on the other hand, dominate women, and they do so unapologetically. No need to shit-test, hence no need for Feminism.

        1. No, I don’t agree. Feminism is actually Marxist in thought and action. Totalitarian in nature. My own mother was a feminist back in the early 50’s on. Thing is, you judge the thing by its fruits. What’s truly unbelievable is the whole abortion thing. Selling baby parts……and women can make accommodation with that evil, because they want to be superior to men.
          Women, by their very nature, can’t be trusted. Mature Men understand that. We call it red pill, but we’ve come to it very late. Islam has always controlled women, recognizing that women who are unsupervised end up like what we have today in the west.

        2. Inaccurate. Feminism is a product of western chivalrous patronage which treated women as goddesses to be protected and put on a pedestal. As victims and damsels in distress who could shame men into rescuing them from any situation, western women were taught to treat men as servants.
          And feminism merely extended that paradigm into absurdity (demanding that men protect women as victims so the women can be equals.)
          Believe it or not, “equality” really does work, in a sense. If a man acted in a “shit” test kind of way, or made unreasonable demands of us, we’d tell him to F’ off. That’s what “equality” is. It also is usually the best way to defeat a shit test.

    2. dont know about that, heard quite a bit of feminists complaining about women africa,middle east and india.

  35. “If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” – Thomas Sowell

    1. That’s a plain fact. Perversion can’t fight and win. Perverted societies kill their children. They commit all sorts of sexual depravity. Islam will win for many reasons. Masculinity will have its revenge.

  36. These guys are not so different from RP guys. Islam is just an extreme form of Red pill. Muslims understand the reality of human nature (particularly female nature).
    The real difference with the Manosphere is that they are not afraid to lose and destroy everything to get what they want.

    1. They are extremely different from us. They don’t hold their views on female nature or anything else red pill because of some empirical based evidence or reasoning, they do it because they’re all fucking retarded and blinded by what they’re shit religion tells them to do. They don’t think for themselves they just go along with whatever their doctrine tells them to do. And that would be fine except that their doctrine tells them to kill non believers so as far as I’m concerned they’re vermin to be eradicated. Fuck em

      1. So they’re retarded and unable to reason, but still happen to believe in the same truths that we in the ‘sphere have painstakingly discovered and refer to as the Red Pill? Funny coincidence that.
        Which is why it isn’t a coincidence. Conservative religious traditions of all kinds are simply the age-old wisdom of men that has stood the test of time. The Red Pill with a bit of metaphysics on top.

        1. Yeah, Red Knight…..another old wisdom deals with feminist rebellion. Various gruesome ways of execution. Generally, I believe they were accused of witchcraft. That’s where this train is headed.

        2. As for religion and feminist rebellion, I came to think of the story of Lilith. It’s not entirely canonical, but the fact that such a story could appear and got propagated tells you something. The patriarchy of the Abrahamic religions is built right on top of a feminist rebellion which was crushed in the dawn of time.

    2. Well, Mike…..Islam isn’t an extreme form of red pill. Islam is a serious religion that hasn’t been corrupted by feminism. Adherents truly believe in a better life after death. That being said, Islam will not suffer a feminist to live. Just look at where the USA is today. Infanticide, perversions of all sorts, the destruction of our young men…..there are many things to lay at the feet of feminism. Such conduct would get a woman sewed up in a sack and stoned in Islam. Plain fact.
      It depends on your viewpoint as to whether feminists deserve stoning. I personally believe so. History is on my side.
      Yes, there’s going to be a horrible war in our future. Western civilization will lose if we don’t control our women. Look at what feminism has done to our young men. Those are our soldiers in the future. There’s nothing funny about what women have done to our society. If we have a major land war here on this continent, exactly who will fight for these feminists?
      Islam will execute feminists when they capture them. Feminist infidels will be beheaded or crucified. They simply are not going to let feminism spread. That’s why I believe Islam will win, at the end of the day. Perversion will not fight for the future.

      1. Actually you are just developping my point.
        Taking the red pill is just looking human nature AS IT IS and that’s what Muslims do in their own fanatic way.
        Why would you want to fight for feminists? Let them die at the hands of the Mullah. I won’t shed a tear.
        There are plenty of women outside the West. You can find other White women in FSU or Latin America. If you don’t mind skin color, you can find women EVERYWHERE outside the West.

  37. The sheer utter horrible degeneracy of Western liberals and the far left is there for all to see in their political and ideological union with Salafist Islamists who support jihad and the subjugation of non Moslems.
    No matter how low they have sunk to date, Western liberals always find new ways of digging deeper. They are paving the way for an Islamic demographic and creeping sharia takeover of Northern Europe in the mid- term future. Liberalism in action in effect is a project for Islamification.

  38. It’s the same coddling you see with the left and Black Lives Matter. Instead of calling it out, they appease it, which only makes the bully stronger. The left is going to get everyone killed.

  39. But the women in the picture above aren’t dressed like fucking whores. Perhaps it’s easier to be happy when you keep narcissism in check.

  40. This article is full of shit.
    The “Islamization” it describes, by the very examples it makes, is simply the fact that some tradcon Muslims are socially disapproving of certain things, and expressing their disapproval, and the number of such tradcon Muslims is relatively high in some areas, causing those residents who don’t comply to face social stigma. The fact that you face social disapproval and social consequences for your actions is not tyranny nor a violation of your freedom, it’s an exercise of the freedom of speech and freedom of association of those who disapprove. Every Manospherian gets this when sluts scream “You have no right to judge me!”, but somehow it’s magically different when the one doing the judging is a Muslim.
    Now, if these Islamists were sending out goon squads to pummel everyone who refuses to abide by sharia, yes, then they would be forcing their values on everyone else. But they aren’t, not by the examples cited as “evidence” by this article for the points it tries to make.
    If these suburbs have been Islamized, it is not because Islamism has won over Western Civilization (TM) on the battlefield, but because it won on the local marketplace of ideas.
    The author is as totalitarian as he imagines the Islamists to be. He does not abide the existence of people who don’t share his values, as much as he pays lip service to pluralism. If he believed in the Western values he proclaims, he would recognize that those who disagree with him have a right to do so without being subjected to deportation or forced assimilation by the coercive power of the state.

    1. I think these people have internalized Western values when Western values should be explicitly rejected. There is not much good about tolerance, multicultural, diversity, equality, and so forth. Without these assumptions, the immigration policies cannot stand, and should not stand.

      1. Brother you just won the internet in my book.
        Very clear and concisely you cut to the core of the matter.

  41. when they realize its too late those foolish politicians will be burned at the stake with the rest. Darwin wins again.

  42. So they do slut shaming and got some cafes that are male only spaces and dont give a dam about gays.Hmmm you take the relgious aspect out I think most rok readers wont mind haning out in their hoods.In fact isnt that something how it was back in the more masculine days in the west that we miss and hope to get back.
    Seems like they are doing more work making it happen.
    why is it on here that we shit on this feminist culture and rightly so only to get defensive when a foreigner basically agrees and chooses not to follow it….Like suddenly youre white knighting for a culture that cucks you. Like a redpill swede there I can imagine would be hanging there.
    And I say yes men are the guardians of honor culture. You let females rule like in the west you get degeneracy that we always talk about. These guys are the only ones fighting against it.
    HOnestly Id like to see them win, screw swedens feminism

    1. Yessir, folks notice that interesting bit of comparison. What’s even better is the feminists leave them the hell alone. I like that a lot. If a man is masculine, Islam is looking better and better.
      I think the thing that tore it for me is Planned Parenthood and the whole Gay and Transgender thing. Actually selling baby corpses. Late term abortions for older babies. I really can’t say here how I feel about that. An eight year old child doing transop surgery. Feminism is evil.
      And, yeah, there are those who bring up ISIS atrocities. No doubt. However, I understand the tactical necessity of such actions. Different culture, much closer to the bone. Don’t really care. Beheading means a lot more in Arabic culture. It emphasizes the helplessness and femininity of the captured prisoners. You see, everyone knows what will happen. A Man won’t let himself be captured. There are better ways to die. So, those prisoners are contemptible in Arabic eyes. Best way to put it is if you ain’t got the balls, your surely gonna die hard. Brutal? Depends on your situation.
      We are here at this junction due to feminism and it’s influence on our society. In the coming world war, we aren’t the good guys. Not even close. Nuremberg was supposed to be the answer to intractable evil. Men and Women were shot and hung for far less than is going on right now in the local chapter of Planned Parenthood.
      The cold hard lessons of history are being repeated. Infanticide is unspeakably evil. So much so, that it will be a major reason why Men decide to quit protecting women and this country. Women in the US have a great thing going on in their eyes. Feminist law backs them up, and they don’t even have to profess being a feminist. Fact is, if a woman has been educated, she’s a feminist.
      Feminism will be eradicated by Islam. There’s simply not enough room on this planet for both. Remember this…..we, collectively, are the great Satan Islam makes us out to be.

      1. feminism is not education its indoctornation. People have to stop calling it that.
        values is not education, learning facts are. Be it math science etc.
        Honestly these muslims have more in common with the vikings then those swedes today

        1. Indoctrinated, indeed. And they’re ruint for life. Once feminism takes over, the young woman is morally worthless. Because, you see, she benefits from the feminist agenda. Here’s something to consider…..if a young woman will kill her baby, what won’t she do to you? If she’s that far morally gone, she’s worthless.

      2. Can’t agree. The Roman empire was a strong and vibrant civilization that ruled with a sword and an iron clad. For this most masculine of cultures to simply give up and join the barbarians would have been a complete negation of every manly principle they had. Unlike you, they believed in more things than simply serving their dicks- they believed in greatness, in creating a brilliant civil society of which you are the heir too.
        I believe that people like you that simply want to “give up” and surrender and join the barbarians are nothing more than selfish, cynical cowards who don’t give a dam about the legacy of our values. You quite frankly are no better than the feminists and the Marxists. If you love ISIS so much well go join them in their utopia.

        1. Take a hard look at what happened when Rome fell, please. Essentially, the men who were masculine went over to the Barbarians. No choice, really. But the corruption back then pales in comparison with what’s happening today. As for our values, well, I’m a Texan. However, the Nuremberg trials made the sickening point that orders that result in the slaughter of non combatants are illegal. And morally wrong. Planned Parenthood is quite simply slaughter.
          Islam is coming. Feminism has destroyed this country. A baby isn’t a choice.

        2. I agree with you on the abortion issue. It’s still (thankfully) illegal in my country. However, the success of the gay rights marriage referendum has now brought this issue back with a vengeance, where a small vocal minority are demanding full abortion rights.
          Oddly, despite what I said about Rome in my early post to you, I do understand, (but cannot,and will not accept) why many white traditional christian men admire some of the (domestic) values that groups like IS have. I can see why this has happened, rabid feminism, cultural Marxism, and ubiquitous consumerism have reduced the white European man to a reflex automation where his natural instincts, mind and spirit are reduced to caricatures or advertising slogans in the market-place of metro-sexaulised “whatever” post blow it out your ass modernity. Who gives a shit anyway, is this post-modern know it all cynical smirk that sums up everything from about 1988 onward. Well, this attitude, I think has done more than any Marxism and Feminism to undermine our values in the west. The rise of superficiality and conformity in the work-place (psychometric and structured interviews), banality in modern cinema and the whole twitter generation, the inability that so many young people have in knowing how to converse rather than merely talk and chatter.
          Yes, is it any wonder that the traditional white self educated male is pissed off as hell and couldn’t be bothered to rise his hands in arms against the barbarians at the gates? Maybe you’re right….but I’ll never join them.

        3. Well, it takes a long time to produce a soldier. Young boys playing and fighting… see where I’m going with this, right? Feminism hates white men. The very men who are supposed to protect them. Curious, that.
          So, it turns out that feminist hatred has produced a very rational response…..withdrawal. Fact is, I will not fight for a woman I’m not related to. I’ll just let nature take its course. If I’m watching a situation develop in overwatch, I won’t intervene. It’s irrelevant exactly how an enemy dies, isn’t it? I’ve become a black knight with a twist…..yes, I’m well versed in counter manipulation, but the best way is to send them into a trap.

        4. Curious, would you not intervene for a “normal” woman you were not related to? As a man you have to surely use your critical judgement and discernment too, separate the wheat from the chaff?

        5. The problem is this…..Women often change their minds, especially if their survival is threatened. However, almost all white women in the US benefit from the feminist agenda…..Planned Parenthood and the absolute destruction of marriage and the family unit. So, they are carriers of a lethal moral disease process. Women are facile liars. I would never expose my resources to such a threat. Cold, perhaps? Pragmatic…..I’m going to expose myself to ruin by helping a feminist? Do you understand the legal climate here in the States? Men have no civil rights anymore. We can be ruint easily by false accusations.
          So, James, the best advice I can give to a young man is this…….Women in this country are feral, and have been trained to consider you as an animal. And, following my own advice, no, I wouldn’t intervene. She lives or dies….not my problem.

        6. Well, I don’t live in North America. I don’t think feminism of the radical political type has gone completely into the bones here yet. Abortion is still illegal, most women work but also have families. A lot of women in my country take radical feminists as crazy lesbian american nutters when they come here, i.e not to be taken seriously…..besides it’s not very womanly to to be like that (women have made their own minds up on this)…they know that most Celtic men find it a big turn off.
          Feminism in most European countries (excluding Sweden) is largely perceived as an american importation and so it has limited appeal, especially for women, who although independent etc generally are not indoctrinated like their american sisters.

        7. James, feminism here runs most things nowadays. Sickening, but true. That’s why Trump has such appeal. The President has made border enforcement illegal. Seriously. There are so many things happening here that are evil. Hitler came to power under much milder circumstances. Trump is going to be the next President. Civil war is near. I know that sounds farcial, but no. Trannies are openly going about their business. Gays are destroying christians businesses. They don’t seem to understand that hatred always ends up in a ditch, with its hands wired behind its back. Truly…..this is the distopia that feminism has wrought.
          Right is wrong, and wrong is declared right. The closest parallel is the Spanish Civil War. That ended up being a prelude to the main event, right?
          Islam is going to fight perversion. That, basically, is their mission from Allah. I personally feel like a citizen in the Third Reich. I know horrible things are happening, but can’t do anything to stop it.
          Eve was the first feminist. Things haven’t really changed. Demons are literally walking the earth.

        8. I think America might actually destroy itself or at least realign itself into separate autonomous areas over the coming years- perhaps certain states will become part of a greater Canada? Some parts of the South might break way?? But, now see the malevolent forces who really rule this planet are setting out, very successfully I would say, to divide and conquer the remaining nation states..the US and Europe. They use the left, they use the right, they use Islam, they use Christianity etc and play each off against the other for their own motives. I doubt whether there are even fully human forces at work in this maelstrom anymore. The fact that they’ll merciless use people like putty would seem to indicate this.
          Golden rule..never belief anything the mass media states, it’s a complete control mechanism for these forces. However, the fact that the Internet was allowed develop beyond their control, which is word (logos) based rather than visual (Imago) is an interesting observation. It means by definition, that the forces at work are neither as smart or powerful as people were led to think…a bit like our leffy friends, ultimately the truth will prevail:- people can see through the left wing bullshit and manipulation more and more.

    2. Ding! Winner! Someone gets it.
      Somehow, crazy far-right anti-Islamic sentiment is so rampant in the Manosphere that it can turn even the most hardened red-piller into a white knight. And a Don Quijote at that.
      It’s as if they didn’t even read the article, didn’t stop to notice that what these Muslims are doing is largely what the Manosphere is advocating. No, they just read the title, saw the stock picture of Anjem Choudary’s posse, and skipped right to the comments section to regurgitate standard anti-Muslim fare.

      1. Our women weren’t whores, cunts and pigs in the 1950s. We don’t need Islam to come in to fix things.

        1. Then go ahead and fix things on your own. Let’s say you, or the greater Manosphere, can succeed in that. Doesn’t confer validity to the anti-Muslim fare that is so rampant here.
          It’s as if red pill truth and a patriarchal social order are the greatest things ever when white men of the Manosphere are promoting them, but suddenly become vile foreign invasive ideas that must be resisted when it’s darkies adhering to them. That betrays a massive lack of intellectual integrity on the part of much of the Manosphere.

  43. In my area, I don’t want judgmental gazes from staring men. I want to bring home whoever I want, but today I can’t when my rights are restricted and controlled in my neighborhood.
    how does that infringe on your rights…..she just feels bad about slutting it up

      1. Nope, those older Moslem Men have an intact sense of morality. They just despise perversion. They know Sharia Law is coming. With Sweden supine, it’s men emasculated, well, the stoning will begin. You see, you’re a damaged woman…..and you don’t even realize that you should flee. And, with that, the gene pool begins to cleanse itself. Historically illiterate people are always surprised. Feminist theory, that actually depends on masculine protection, is helpless when the real killers show up.

        1. Dude. What are you going to do when Mr. Muslim demands you convert? You are damaged with a shallow thought process.

    his shirt should say western feminism and degeneracy.
    Honestly religion, race,culture aside who would you rather mentor your son, who would you want your daughter to marry, who do you want watching your back when you are out.
    If you cant come up with an answer pretend hes a viking, a group of people that they have more in common with then their own descendants….. A son they never had so to speak.

  45. Sort of hard to feel sorry for the Swedes. They are THE radical feminist capital of the world. They put women in charge, the women happily threw open the doors to the “poor oppressed minorities”, and now those women are surprised when the Muslim hordes do exactly what any person with half a brain could see coming a mile away? “But…but…WHITE men are the oppressors! How can this be? These noble Muslim men were supposed to be our allies in fighting the white male patriarchy which was keeping us ALL down!”

    1. So…..Sweden goes out with a whimper? Have all the men been emasculated? Or, more likely, do they refuse to save a society that literally hates them? Why would they help? If all the feminists were helped on to the next life, would they be interested then?

  46. “In some areas, women are not welcome in cafés anymore”.
    I observed this in the predominantly turkish “wijks” (boroughs) in the Netherlands already 10 years ago.

  47. Having lived and travelled in the Islamic world, I have a lot of respect for Islam but there’s no way that it’s compatible with a Western world that includes Slut Walks, transsexual worship and “men” who need safe spaces in which to weep and eat cookies after they fail an exam. Either the men of the west grow a pair and reject Jews and their toxic ideas (including multiculturalism) or we submit to Islam.

    1. Well, Johnny….if what you say is true……just how will western perversion defeat Islam?

    1. Much sooner…..Sharia isn’t far away……I’ve got to admit……rebellious women, white cloth bag, pile of stones……that will “cure” the disease.

      1. I would opine that all “womyn” are die hard Libs. It goes hand in hand with the belief system and psychotic behavior patterns.

  48. Let me get something straight here. Every man has a God given right to control his women, whether he be blue, orange, purple or green (haha, if a chick had green pussy, damn you better put on THREE rubbers. Green, dat some funky shit there). Seriously people don’t come in rediculous birthday cake colors but purebloods do maintain tonal consistency throughout the tribe.
    Islam is used to further weaken a very compromised feminist state like Sweden, but in the end the circumcised Islamic men are still little bitches of the theocratic state and whip servants of their imams. The sharia control of their women is all fine and good BUT LIKE I STATED, EVERY MAN has the god given right to have dominion over his women, and the right to his FULL UNCHOPPED ‘ROD OF POWER’.
    A tribesman, whether he be Ubangi from the Congo or Celtic or even ARYAN from the northern fijords all the same have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to reclaim and posess their tribeswomen. No theocracy or state bureaucracy has the right to either allow or disallow man’s access to his own tribeswomen. It’s between THE BRAHS of the tribe who gets what and WHO BELONGS TO WHO!! Honor and fairness only exists in the tribe and the ever encroaching state or church has no honor, but usurps honor with betrayal and manipulation and replaces tradition with dogma.
    SCREW THE STATE. A mature honorable man knows what’s good for his tribe and knows the role to be laid out for his other half, the women, who toil and mule for 9 months carrying the jewels of the tribe, its future progeny. A good bitch keeps a smile when delivering a little king into the world because she knows she’s done good contributing to the hegemony of her tribe and her accomplished name hangs appropriately below that of her man, HER MASTER.
    Still I have to admit, Islam has come up with some pretty neat ideas to keep their women in line, like burqas and sharia.

  49. Liberals refuse to speak an unkind work about Islam. They’re too scared to. That’s why they harass Christians instead. Christians are pacifists, and quite rarely does angering a Christian end up with someone beheaded on the street, or bombing a coffee shop.
    Libs won’t even make a target of Muslim-owned bakeries refusing to serve gay weddings, or Muslim workers refusing to handle alcohol or pork, or Muslim taxi drivers refusing passengers with service dogs despite violating the ADA. (Employers must accommodate their employees refusing to do their jobs… but the only “religious freedom” the left defends is when that religion involves explosions.)

  50. Well, I guess the Swedes are beginning to see what feminism has done to their country. Just what is the penalty for treachery so foul that it destroys the country? Perversion cannot fight a long range fight that Islam presents.
    Who will fight for a society that hates and marginalizes them?

      1. You slammed the proverbial ball waaay out of the park and over the wall.
        Also real men are never intimidated by real women. As a friend of mine always says there is nothing greater than being married to an intelligent, beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin and with who she is.” To that, I always say AMEN AND AMEN!!!

      1. The fact that that series starts in 1896 proves that whoever made it, and whoever reposts it, is either ignorant of history or a liar.

        1. So we are in agreement that Islam has been a complete waste since 1896, at least.
          I never thought I would find myself seeing the world the same way as an Islamist. Maybe there is hope for the world.

        2. Maybe you are just an apologist.
          Maybe you are a Western Decontrutionalist.
          Maybe you uncritically accepted what you were taught in your multi-cultural learning environments.
          Maybe you are an Al Taqiyyaist.
          Either way, something is wrong with you.
          So are we, or are we not in agreement that Islam has been a complete waste at least since 1896?

        3. If you mean to say that not much innovation has happened in the Islamic world since 1896, then yes, that’s a simple historical fact. As for whether that makes the dominant religion of that part of the world a “complete waste”, well, that’s a meaningless discussion since any position taken in it is grounded in a subjective determination of value.
          Just curious, do you consider Western Civilization to have been a total waste until it started inventing stuff during the Renaissance? Did Charles Martel fight to defend something that was a total waste and by implication not worth defending?

        4. First, a correction, Western Civilization was making significant advancement at least as far back as the Ancient Greeks. Western Civilization did not begin with the Renaissance.
          Martel prevented a further backsliding of Western Civilization.
          Most of the advancements attributed to Islam were in fact ideas stolen from other civilizations.
          Islam, and it’s lack of respect for the individual, make the “…dominant religion for that part of the world a “complete waste”…” to this day.
          So are you more of an Islamic apologist, a Western Decontrutionalist, or an Al Taqiyyaist?

        5. Western Civilization was born out of the synthesis between Germanic and Latin society that happened in the aftermath of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. After which it was the poor, underachieving, backward ass-end of the Eurasian continent for a thousand years.
          The notion that the achievements of Islamic civilization were stolen from conquered civilizations has become a standard talking point in this context, but is rather thoroughly refuted by the fact that the high point of medieval Islamic civilization happened in Spain. Which was not inhabited by some advanced civilization before the conquest, but by fucking Visigoths.
          I’m none of the three. I’m the finance minister of Nigeria. This is the Internet, where everyone can be what he wants.

        6. So the Greeks had nothing to do with it?
          Why are you so invested in your lies?

        7. Thanks for bringing that up, Infa. I’ve tried explaining that to these “Abu Jahl” types in the past to no avail. In per capita terms, the facts you have posted mean that Jews have surpassed Muslims in Nobel Prizes by a factor of some 32,250 to one. Islam is death to civilization.

        8. a parasite, moving across the Earth swallowing up human potential and civilized societies. Destroying that which is good and decent. A parasite with a ravenous appetite, destroying the planet they feed on.

        9. I heard the other day that a Palestinian Muslim had designed a printable stethoscope.
          Cool, I thought. Then I realized that Jews contribute so much to society on a daily basis that no one would find a Jewish designed printable stethoscope newsworthy.

        10. Good morning, Shep!
          That is positively smashing and so very true!!
          Just wanted to remind you to wish Pierre a happy New Year. Today is the Eve of Rosh Hashanah which literally means “the head of the year.” It is the Jewish New Year and lasts from sundown today until an hour after sunset Tuesday night.
          The Almighty G-d of Israel judges everyone and will decide what kind of a year it will be “from soup to nuts.” Besides for who will live and who will die, He decrees specifically the how, when, and where. For the ones destined to live, what kind of life. Will they be healthy or sick, rich or poor, etc., etc. The Judgment is finalized on the Day of Atonement, a/k/a Yom Kippur.
          May all who love America and who stand with Israel be inscribed in the Book of Life with tremendous blessings and be saved and protected by the Almighty G-d.
          May this year be the year the Messiah will come and usher in the era of everlasting peace on Earth after the epic war of Gog and Magog, the war that will end all wars.
          I want to thank all of my special friends on Disqus and all over for praying for me during this difficult time. I will keep you all posted.
          With much love and appreciation,
          Rebecca. : ) !!!!!!!!!!!

        11. Pierre is about half way between his first round of chemo and the second. I call him every day. I’ll talk to him a bit about Rosh Hashanah tonight.

        12. Shep, I just saw this now. I was shutting down the machines for before the holiday, and noticed your posting. I am horrified and deeply grief stricken to read that Pierre is sick.
          I will positively pray for him and ask my family and friends to do the same.
          May G-d heal him quickly and completely! Please tell him to hold on. G-d can do anything at any time —- there is NOTHING that He cannot accomplish!
          Another bonus to the Messianic Era is that all sick people will be healed. The only other time that happened on a grand scale, was before the Jewish people received the Torah at Mt. Sinai. We were a nation of cripples due to the backbreaking torture that was done by the Egyptians. It was not fitting for the Chosen People to be a nation of deformed and sick people…
          Death and sickness will be words of the past when this glorious time comes. I realize that it might sound too good to be true…
          But as the great Rabbi Akiva said, the Almighty G-d kept his word about the tragedies that befell my people. It is without any doubt that every word of the glorious prophecies of redemption will take place as well.
          May we all merit to see it with our own eyes.
          My prayers are with you, Pierre, and your families….and any others who need salvation.
          With much love and my best wishes to you all,

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