Why Day Game Is The Secret Sauce You Need To Consistently Meet And Attract Women

A great many guys who are newly single or otherwise looking to meet attractive women for dating and relationships bemoan the difficulty of doing so in clubs and bars while barely considering the fact that there is another workable—and some would say superior—method readily available to all. That method is called day game. If you’re not aware of it, or if you are aware but you’re not using it then this is definitely something you should consider, as consistent use of day game could see your experiences with girls improve significantly.

What Is Day Game?


Day game, as the name suggests, is simply approaching and meeting girls in the day instead of at night. Imagine you simply see a girl you like waiting for a train, having a coffee in Starbucks, or reading a book in the park. You walk up to her and after a few minutes conversation, you take her phone number. Sounds good, right? Well let me tell you, it is.

Day game can take place in any public location that isn’t a bar or a club. So you have at your disposal all of the following: streets, shopping malls, parks, cafes, rail stations, subway platforms and cars, sporting events, book stores, libraries, events and conventions—the list really is endless.

Benefits Over Nightgame


Now, I’m not suggesting for one moment that it’s as easy as just walking up to a hot girl and just asking for her number—there are tried and tested techniques that I will be writing about over the coming weeks that are likely to make your approach more successful, but of course success every time is never guaranteed. Still, the benefits of daytime approaching really are legion.

Rather than battling to be heard against pumping EDM in the club, facing obstacles like cockblocking from her friends or from other guys, as well as having to pay for cover charges and expensive drinks, day game is a relatively relaxed affair. An afternoon stroll around your nearest city centre or shopping mall could easily yield ten phone numbers or more. Plus, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. For example, if you commute to work then you could easily take the opportunity to speak to one or two girls on your way there and back. Also, not many other men have the balls to do it.

I first got into day game in London in around 2005, before anyone else in the city was doing it, pretty much (London was later to become awash with day gamers of varying ability). My earlier field reports, posted on a “seduction community” forum in February 2006 (exactly a decade ago) recount how I met a Russian tourist on the subway and went on to have sex with her in her hotel the same night, and how I met someone called HBFashionGirl in a clothes stores, took her contact details and later went on to date her. I also met a long term girlfriend at a bus stop around that same time. She hadn’t given me a second glance before I spoke to her, proving that he who takes a risk in life is often likely to be rewarded for it.

I still remember the feeling of excitement and freedom that this new experience of day gaming gave me. Suddenly, the rules as I knew them were overturned. No longer did I have to turn away regretfully when I saw a beautiful girl in the street, and nor did I have to wait for Friday night at the club before approaching and talking to hot girls. I had given myself permission to talk to any woman I wanted to (within reason) and now the dating world was my oyster.

Since then I have met and dated women I have met in all sorts of daytime situations from public transport, to high class shopping malls to coffee shops, public events and more.



It is at this point that I am duty bound to manage your expectations. Yes, there is a smorgasbord of attractive young women out there and a surprising number of them will be friendly and receptive if you approach them confidently in the daytime. Does that mean that they will all be attracted to you, that you will “get” every one?

No, of course it doesn’t.

While it would be inaccurate to call day game a numbers game (with application and experience your results can and will improve) nevertheless, the stark truth is that you will experience more rejections than you do successes. This is just the nature of life. Nothing that is worth doing is easy.

That said, you shouldn’t let the fear of rejection put you off from trying, because rejection itself is not really that bad. Put out of your mind any thought of girls slapping you round the face or calling the police. Such events are outliers and are so uncommon that they’re really not worth worrying about. A more typical rejection will simply be a girl telling you she has a boyfriend.

That’s it.

Now, whether she really has boyfriend or not is another matter. Many girls do, of course, while others are using it as an excuse. You can persist a little after she drops the boyfriend line, but if she maintains her stance then simply smile, wish her a great day and walk off.

In fact, in many cases this can be win-win. The girl walks away happy that she has been complimented, while you leave glad that you’ve made her day, knowing exactly where you stand and ready to approach the next, hopefully more receptive girl.

Remember: not every girl is going to like you. Most won’t be attracted to you. Some will be lukewarm but receptive to a little persuasion (or “game”). A few will be attracted to you off the bat. Your job while doing day game is to find these two latter sets of girls, and the way to do that is to get used to approaching girls all the time in your daily life.



The most important skill that you need to make day game work for you is persistence, coupled with an imperviousness to rejection. This latter trait you can develop over time through application and repeated action. Next week I will be writing more on day game, this time getting down to tactics—exactly what you should say to that cute girl when you walk up to her in the cafe for the first time.

Roosh has some great tips on how to develop your day game in his classic book Day Bang, home of the “elderly chat” strategy and the now infamous “pet shop” line. Day Bang, which I will be referencing throughout my day game series, is a 201-page book that solely focuses on approaching women during the day. Using dozens of examples, it teaches you how to meet girls in common daytime venues like the coffee shop, retail store, street, bookstore, and grocery store, among others. It’s available on paperback, Kindle, or ebook. Click here to learn more about Roosh’s book.

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109 thoughts on “Why Day Game Is The Secret Sauce You Need To Consistently Meet And Attract Women”

  1. How does one counter the ubiquitous smartphone? It seems to me most women barely pick there head up to order a coffee or see that the subway has pulled up?

    1. The smartphone is a non-entity. Just be straight forward in your approach. Think of the smart phone as a shitty bouncer. If she is a woman of any worth she will be the one to address and not her smart phone. If she is not a woman of worth, her smart will act as the bouncer and she will never lift her head up. Make a joke about your number not being in her phone yet and how you aren’t that easy. This might get a chuckle but it will open her up some. From there, go in for what you came for, an attractive woman who may be worth the bang barring she is sane, fun, and sexy. Use those criteria to filter her.

    2. On multiple occasions I have picked up women who were sitting there swiping on tinder…the phone is powerful…beat the phone…have presence. She will forget all about it.

        1. if it were to work, you’d know you’ve got a woman with excellent taste in music (this album is massively underrated, possibly zeppelin’s best). seems to me that it’s becoming fashionable among some of the younger girls to be into the greats of the 1970s. my 18-year-old niece claims to be a huge bowie fan, and she seems sincere.

        2. If she’s at least an “8”, likes “Presence”, “Presto” by Rush, Joy Division, Rockey Road ice cream, and “Orca” starring Richard Harris she’s a pegicorn and she got the RING.
          PS Bucky why’d you kill Wasp in the a
          Avengers annual # 16? Not cool! 🙂

      1. If you’re getting beat by tiny little piece of plastic, silicone and metal, you might as well kill yourself now.

        1. truth here.
          Sad thing is, if you are worried about it — even if you get past it its a good sign you will be raped by the woman afterwards.

        2. remember the etymology of the word rape. It is from Raptus. Think of the biblical rapture. Christ doesn’t come down and sodomize everyone….it is a taking away with out will. To rape and pillage isn’t to pillage and fuck against ones will…it is simply to take (women? sure. But also resources like gold or booze) against the will of others and destroy in the wake of leaving.
          When you are raped by a woman she is taking something from you that you wouldn’t willingly give to her. Assuming she isn’t a hog, that probably is not draining your sack it is more likely resources both tangible and emotional.

    3. Wait till she puts it down, take the opportunity, and go balls to the wall. Dominate the space and she’ll forget about the smartphone and the texts.

  2. I would have to say that day game, in the winter, comprises about 40% of my game with the other 60 being restaurant / hotel bar game. As the weather gets nicer that will shift to 60% day game and often times go above that.
    Bicycle + Central Park = eh, you figure it out.
    Good article Troy.
    I would add…for those of you who are like me and take public transportation to work….never miss an opportunity. Rush hour crowded next to a cute girl on the train, make a funny comment. Platform, say something. Walking in a herd, standing in an elevator — if she is up to your standards of boning then you need to be hitting on her.
    Like Glen Gary Glen Ross….Always Be Closing….ALWAYS BE CLOSING.
    I do not interact with women pretty enough for me to want without hitting on them ever. I am polite about it. Sometimes I am ignored, smiled away, eye rolled…..it isn’t about it being a numbers game either….why in the world would you ever stand in speaking proximity to a woman that you would gladly bang without trying to bang her? For her wisdom? She going to teach you something interesting? They are there for this and so should you be.

    1. “Bicycle + Central Park”
      gotta agree with that. my best day ever was riding in central park start of the roller blade craze…
      Can’t get my act together now though…seems different.

  3. You missed the top advantages of day game. First, the girls you meet on the street or at a cultural event will likely be more quality than the drunken skanks you find in night clubs. Who would you rather date – the pancake makeup whore outfit girl who was grinding on everything in site in the discotheque or the nicely dressed girl sipping wine at an art opening?
    Second, by attending day time activities, you can actively improve yourself while also hunting for strange. While you might not get laid, at worst you learned something at a science lecture.

    1. Daygame is definitely advantageous for your more introverted types since bars and clubs require a higher energy extroverted type of game. As an introvert I tend to do better with women who are also introverted, quiet, and rather shy. I also know where to find this type of girl and how they dress, act, etc. Its important to know what type of girl you are most successful with so you can target them. You will have a higher success rate. These same princinciples are used in marketing.

      1. definitely. when i was single i specialized in bookworms and girls who go to church. foreign language conversation groups on meetup.com were a great place to meet them. on the rare occasions that friends would drag me out to a bar or a club i’d sometimes have a party girl throw herself at me, which was fine, but i really couldn’t imagine anything more than a short fling with any of those girls.

        1. The girls you described are far higher quality than club rats, who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. But doesn’t all this constant game stuff get tiring after a while? Don’t you either want to marry (oops, I mean “wife up”) or just watch xhamster for a while?

        2. like i said, “when i was single.” i married a churchgoing latina a few years ago. we’re very happy together, to the chagrin of the neo-nazi contingent that comments here. but yeah, i’m glad i avoided the party girls for the most part. it’s nice to be able to look back fondly on most of the women i was with. the one exception is my ex-wife. marrying her was the biggest mistake of my life, and i would have known better if i’d been reading something like ROK at the time.

        3. Not to be treated as a potential intrusion here, but can you give us a insight as to what were the flags that tipped you concerning the ex-wife ? Just asking for the rest of us to know and to try and avoid, as well as educate others to understand.
          Cheers !

        4. certainly. she was a russian country girl who i met while living over there. beautiful, and by far the best sex of my life at that time. this was years before ROK and the red pill, and i was pretty beta and getting mind-blowing sex from a beautiful girl multiple times a day. convinced myself she was “the love of my life” so i missed all the red flags, which were:
          1) after a year or so together, she started flirting with another western guy she met. that’s when i should have thanked her for all the great sex and broken it off with her. i still kick myself about this, because there were several equally hot girls in town who had made it known that they wanted me, but i stayed loyal to her because i “loved her” and i was a “good guy.” always next a woman when she shows disloyalty, no matter how much you think you love her. instead, i doubled down and eventually proposed. worst mistake of my life.
          2) materialism. she would talk a lot about wanting to be rich. naively, i assumed she meant that she wanted to work hard to acquire wealth. when i brought her to the US, she pretty quickly found guys with a lot more money than me. have fun with materialistic women, but don’t invest a lot of money or commitment in them.
          3) early in our relationship, she’d tearfully asked me to promise to be with her forever. for years after this, even during our complicated post-relationship after our divorce, i thought this meant that she really wanted to be with me forever and that she would somehow “work on our relationship” and we would somehow be together forever. extremely naive and blue pill. recognize that when a woman says something like wanting to “be with you forever” it is a beautiful moment and an accurate reflection of her emotional state at the time, but absolutely does not mean that she is especially committed to you or will make any effort to stay faithful when things get tough. finding a woman who will make a dramatic, romantic gesture like this is very easy and common, finding one who will make any effort to make it actually happen is very rare.
          4) bonus if you’re dating FSU girls: i showed weakness. i would talk to her about my fears and insecurities from time to time. DO NOT do this with russian and ukrainian girls. it simply isn’t done in their culture and if you do it they will disrespect you and see you as someone they can manipulate and use, and since these girls tend to be very materialistic, they will probably do just that.
          i find that i can be a little more open about my insecurities with my current latina wife, but even then, i don’t push it. as a western blogger with a lot of experience with foreign women put it, russian women’s love is passionate but cold, and they hate weak, emotional western men, although they will use them to get what they want. latina women more typically provide that warm, nurturing love that western men crave. if you’re looking for a foreign wife russian women are the worst choice unless you’re very alpha. asian is better, latina the best.

        5. Nr. 1, 2, 3 – reaches into my experience as well, expect for the marriage part – which I thank God for not letting me wife some of those bitches up. Thank you for refreshing our Red Flag detector.
          I wish you a beautiful life and a load of kids with your hispanic concubine !
          cheers !

        6. wife, not concubine. she’s an angel and deserves the full honor of what that title used to mean in a less degenerate age.
          glad you managed to avoid my mistakes. i hope what i wrote will help some other guys do the same.

        7. Latina women from a young age are taught to be attentive to the needs of men. Masculinity is respected. The women are like that because of the men, they dont let their women get out of line.

        8. never let it be said that all latinas are good women, but i think there are more unicorns south of the border than anywhere else.

      2. Introverted? Not so sure – any kind of game is all about salesmanship. If you can sell, you can day game. Salesmen tend to be naturally extroverted. I don’t see how being a wallflower can help your game, whether it be day or night.
        Lest you forget, in a Western nation, even the most charming innocent looking nubile nymph is only one left swipe away from a shiny new cock the minute you end your spiel, depart and plan on seeing her in a day or two.
        Hence, the introverted wallflower who patiently bides his time with long game will only be the last man in the gang bang, if even that. More than likely he will wind up being her emotional tampon. Introversion isn’t an advantage nowadays, at least not in the Westernized market.

        1. Being introverted does not mean you are a wallflower, even a socially stunted extrovert can be a wallflower. An introvert can be very successful in game and salesmanship, take Nick Krauser or James Marshall for instance. The principles of game still apply.
          What I am saying is that if you are an introvert, your lower energy is more likely suited for daygame, but that doesnt mean you can’t be successful at night game. An introvert who is well developed can be charming and sociable when needed.
          I do agree with you that long game is not a good idea, one should always push to bang these sweet innocent looking good girls the same night.

        2. Depends what you mean by “long game”. If you are only planning to bang these girls what difference does it make if you bang them now or later?

    2. second is right. Maybe it is my cynical nature but I am pretty sure that the girls you meet on the street or at a cultural event are the same ones skanking it up at night.

      1. It amazes me how many sweet nice girls will become total sluts provided they meet the right guy, or if you know how to bring it out of them!

        1. I honestly believe that every woman is two apple martinis and the right song away from a full on triple penetration plus bukkake session.

        2. Very eloquently put, you might not even need the martinis. A little fondling under the table with the proper eye banging may be enough for her.

      2. I spend a lot of time in big city bars, and I can guarantee you that any time there is some sort of “charity” event during the day the quality of girls is much, much higher. I always wonder where these quality women are after 9 pm. At night it’s all the same drunk skanks.

        1. I notice the same. But then I think it is the same girls, just add alcohol

      3. Eh good point but I like to not have it rubbed in my face how slutty they are. It’s the reason I can’t do tinder.
        Whats up with the new avatar.. You know why the caged bird sings?

        1. Say a Simpsons episode that made me laugh and also all the talk about Internet security. Why does the caged bird sing?
          I don’t do tinder either. That is one reason. Another is that tinder doesn’t translate to my, erm, particular charm

      4. Sure they are. And so maybe it is better to meet girls at night so you can see what they’re really like?

        1. I work on basic mathematical principles. For instance, I consider all people to be insufferable, weak-willed morons. The 5% of the time I am wrong I can simply applogize and admit my error. If I try to guess on an individual level I will be right about 65% of the time. I actually reduce my margin of error by simply white washing the crowd and then apologizing where I am wrong.
          Same too with women.
          I simply consider all of them filthy, sociopathic cum dumpsters. I am sure 5% of them aren’t, but they will be decent enough to accept an applogy and, once again, my margin of error will be far smaller than if I tried to guess based on whatever bullshit lie they are telling me for whatever the selfish reason du jour is.

    3. What you have written there should be carved in stone.
      Guys have had enough of the meat markets, music so loud you can’t think, and a drink that costs 25 cents to make having a charge of 5 bucks.
      Fuck that.

      1. Ha, where are you getting $5 drinks? I might start drinking again! I remember when I was visiting NYC for the first time and went to a bar with a crappy selection of faux high brow beers, ordered an Amstel Light and the dude said “eleven dollars.” I damn near shit myself.

        1. Yep NYC is mad expensive better before 2005 or maybe I am just getting to old for club scene. Ironic that I am more comfortable approaching women in a different culture ( Brazil )then here in the USA. There are plenty of bars in NYC where beers are less then $11 each. Hotels are expensive however.

      2. Back in the 90’s, I wrote up a great article: “Why Ladies Night is a huge ripoff.” Much of it applies to here.
        For starters, bars charge the most when they’re packing the place with skanks. You’ll pay to “impress” the “lady” with free drinks so why not rip you off? She’ll have a dozen “cockblockers” around her as well as a dozen other guys fighting for her attention. It’s paradise for her and hell for you.
        However, “happy hour” truly is the happiest of hours. Even in NYC, I found drinks for 5 bucks that weren’t total crap. You can always order tap water and flavor it up with some lemon tea sweetener. Have a few drinks before you leave the house to loosen up.
        If I was doing this all over again, I’d have picked a wingman whose a good looking guy whose married. Have him act as “chickbait” and you as the bouncer. The girls who treat you rude, tell the guy: “She’s a jerk, don’t talk to her” and the message gets around fast. Then, after you’ve allowed her to get to him after treating you with respect, have him dump her cruelly (crushing her self esteem) and offer yourself as rebound bait.
        In other words, don’t play by the rules because the number one rule of the clubber scene is: You Lose.

      3. i agree……..i’m an old gamer from way back, and the best i ever had over the years came from daygame……..random stuff that literally fell in my lap

    4. These two types of girls you refer to are often one in the same.
      Day game just give you a glimpse into the daytime habits of nightcrawler skanks. Sure there are a “good girls” who are not out at night. But they’re probably sitting home with their cats eating chocolates and tubs of ice cream while watching chick flicks on netflix while the skanks are out partying into the evening.
      I think there is plenty of overlap. Just try to get ’em and bang ’em before they their twilight transformation.

    5. To be fair, you don’t actually have to speak to the skanks in nightclubs. But it does depend on what you’re looking for.
      I find that girls during the day are more likely to have boyfriends. This makes sense since girls going out are usually looking for men.
      But ultimately, during the day you are more likely to see what a girl really looks like.

    6. DayGame advantages:
      1. less competition, and because there is less competition the girl doesn’t feel like the princesses in the club..or doesn’t feel the same as when she is in a club
      2. in a club she is with friends and so must act choosy
      3. lots of the girls you approach in the street don’t even bother with clubs, they hate them too for similar reasons to men
      4. during the day it’s possible to have a proper chat and conversation
      5. it’s easier for both to act naturally, and see who the other person genuinely is
      6. I am from the UK…it’s even much better to meet someone in a Pub instead of a bar or club. A pub is much more relaxed and natural, and not seen as a pick up joint.

  4. Daytime pool parties at hotels work as well, assuming you take care of yourself and don’t act like a total dullard.

  5. Most chain coffee shops etc… have a “secret menu” feel free to ask the lovely lass near you about that.
    Pull the whole “hey, whats the secret menu item” routine. Ask in a slightly distracted manner.
    Or go for the tried and true “Hi, my name is …. you are? If she talks you are in.

  6. I’m chuckling about something that happened with my wife and I at the beach. We met a Ukrainian couple and I gave him some great tips on how to score cheap tickets to Ukraine. She chastized me that I was helping him to “compete” with me for tickets. I pointed out that fellow slavs should help each other.
    This is a similar situation.
    I grew up in the 70’s when “day game” was largely the only game available for men. Yeah, there were discos and such but sleazy and as the author points out, skankville. Since internet dating didn’t exist and the workplace was largely stale for most, day game was the default method that most men met women.
    In the states at the time, don’t know about now (been married since Y2K), American women were the worst to play day game against because they demanded it from men (they didn’t want to take the initiative or use personal ads) and they also liked to be cruel in rejection (they didn’t want approaches from “losers” and since approaches made them think their SMV was larger than it actually was, all men were treated as losers.)
    This is why daygame requires a massive amount of psychological hardening for men to handle crushing rejection. It’s not just a polite “no” from many of them. They act like you’re a homeless man even before you say hello. They insult you. There’s even the threat of an assault. American women are the most hostile of them all but when daygame is exercised elsewhere by many men, it’s natural market forces that cause the women to harden. The more gamers out there, the harder the game becomes and back then, nearly ALL the men were daygamers!
    Which may explain why many cities are drying up: RoK and other online forums are spooking the fish.

  7. Assuming I remember correctly, It should be noted that day bang assumes you’ve read bang. Which if you are an rok regular, shame on you if you have not read it.

  8. Best part of day game is you get a darned good look at them.
    Seriously. I once set a date to meet again with a woman I met at night. And then when I saw her in good lighting on the date…. WHOA! WTF? I actually wanted to run away, get my mullet back into my old Dodge, and speed away.
    (yeah this was a long time ago)

  9. The biggest problem with day game is the low conversion rate. Getting numbers once you’re over your approach anxiety is not an accomplishment. If you look good and aren’t a chump a good portion of your approaches will end in a phone number (I’d estimate I get a 70+% success rate on that avenue).
    It’s just that most of the numbers go nowhere.
    To date, I haven’t really heard a concrete answer for this other than of course that it’s a numbers game. I don’t think many day game manuals have been written for the age of the smartphone.

    1. i found this to be the case when i was single, not that i’m going to claim that i had particularly tight game or anything. spanish language meetups and art galleries got me way more success than cold approaches on the street or at the supermarket.

        1. which is why i think guys should focus on social events were it’s easy and natural to strike up a conversation. bonus about meetup.com for those who suffer from approach anxiety: if you have a good conversation at the meetup, most women don’t mind if you ask them out by private message afterward.
          i definitely admire the guys who slog through vast quantities of cold approaches, but it just seems so inefficient.

        2. There are two main things that make daygame cold approaching inefficient.
          1)Not knowing your target group
          2)Lack of aggressiveness
          3)Being afraid to approach women who you THINK wont like you.
          Once these issues are solved, lays will become more frequent.

        3. i freely admit my game was pretty terrible when i was single. i would approach but make all of the mistakes you listed above, with the additional huge mistake of caring about the outcome. i just didn’t know any better. i’ll admit that sometimes i wish i could give it all a shot again, knowing what i know now.

        4. Not caring out the outcome is the #1 rule for game IMO. In order to be good with women, you have to not care about them. They are additions to your already awesome life.
          Once u don’t care, ull have no issue doing the ballsy shit that makes sex happen more quickly.

    2. After months of practicing daygame and getting numbers that went nowhere or led to flakes, I finally figured out the issue. I was going after numbers instead of going after pussy.
      Start going after pussy! ALWAYS go for the same day lay and ONLY take a number as a LAST resort.
      This forces you to be hyper aggressive with women which results in quicker lays. You need to TOUCH them and continue to escalate until u get a kiss, then u pull them home.
      You just need to get ur mind used to the idea that same day lays or lays within 72 hours(without a date) are possible via daygame. If you’re persistent and continue to improve, it WILL happen for you.

  10. If you practice holding direct eye contact with strangers, objects, yourself, anyone. Then you can look at a pretty girl with that level of intensity, you’ll seem like a god to her. Most men(boys) in our decade can’t make eye contact. At all. With anyone. This will place you in the upper 90% echelon.

    1. It’s a hell of a lot easier if you catch her looking at you first and you respond by maintaining that eye contact. She’s then easier to approach. In a few cases, I’ve even had the woman approach me, so that’s an added bonus.

  11. Good to know, harder than it used to be. Millenials are notorious for lacking interpersonal skills and prefer online, they are obsessed with their phones which doubles as a “sex toy.” Better they find you on it, its pavlovian association and conditioning. You can also waste lots of time day gaming hotties who are actually poor choices. 6 dates into it, you find out they’re bi, chain smokers, or not a nympho. Online this is often listed right on their profile.

    1. Date six?? Pro tip: if you haven’t fucked a woman by your second or third meetup, it ain’t gonna happen. Next the fuck out of her before she wastes any more of your time.
      And landing a bi chick is your golden ticket to regular threesomes

  12. I remember reading somewhere that even the top PUAs only convert about 11% of daytime cold approaches to lays. And they have the tightest game available to man.
    Keep that in mind, fellas.

  13. Day game is the way to go. You can find just about anything you’d like including a dramatically increased percentage of unicorns compared to night game. For all the guys to shy for day game… beat it

  14. I’ve always done day games, even at the age of 12. Everything is 4k ultra HD during the day time.

  15. Elderly Chat FTW. Just ask an unassuming question about their Chromebook like “Hey is that the new Macbook?”.. even though you know it’s not a Macbook.Works as a daygame opener about 80% of the time.

  16. Off topic here – I am currently reaching a point where I realize ( finally) that I have no guarantee for anything that is crucial to my well-being.
    The police do not guarantee my safety.
    The state & gvmnt do not guarantee my income, but they sure as hell let you that you’ve got taxes to pay buddy.
    If I can’t guarantee my safety & income, something obviously is off the fucking charts here. How the fuck I am supposed to provide education to a family If I can’t even guarantee their safety and their food?
    In the country where I live, people are living in pure ignorance, and then when life suddenly hits them to the fucking ground, then they realize how powerless they have always been. The matrix still is available to this day even for the neomasculine society. We say some shit about the elites and vent our frustrations online and with our like minded, but what the fuck are we actually doing ? Game, day-game, fuck-women, get they’re attention. What’s the fucking ultimate noble point here ? To get some pussy ? A waste of fucking time, money, semen and nerve. What we need here is a plan. So on, so forth, selling books and reading about what it means to be red pill is valuable, but what CAN WE DO about it ? The only reason I would want to have a female companion is to have kids and a lot of them. But that’s it. Then, the reality comes charging like freight train and it doesn’t stop. Fuck giving women an ounce of attention and fuck being driven by your genitals, it gets you buried and pennyles. I’ve spent most of my youth chasing pussy – new pussy, young pussy, fresh pussy, foreign pussy, blonde pussy, red head pussy, all kinds of pussy and I don’t regret it, but I do regret the resources I’ve wasted on something WITH NO RETURN. The idea of a true education is still lacking in many I know. We actually need a starting point to go from there. Safety and making money. If you’re a tough guy and make a lot of money, pussy follows. If you follow pussy, you sure ain’t a tough guy and for sure you lose money. We need to bring women off the pedestal. It seems we have a new type of Marxism oozing it’s way into the veins of the neomasculine – Womenism –

    1. There have never been any guarantees in life, and you’re never truly safe. And if you’re spending a lot of resources to get pussy, you’re doing it wrong.

      1. Did you read the comment ? Did you understand what I’m on about here ? Or did you just comment to appear wise?

    1. Indirect game will survive any dystopa. “But officer, I was just asking for the pet shop and then she asked ME where I was from.”

  17. Great article again from Troy. Nightgame is pretty much dead here in Aus, with all the shitty ratios and lock-out rules. I gotta start getting back into daygame again.

  18. Daygame is most definitely a numbers game, just like meeting women in a nightclub, it just looks and feels different. I think it’ll appeal to most guys though since it seems more natural. No matter how good a guy gets there will be long stretches of rejections and flakiness unless you simply find a good girl to date early on and stop approaching.
    After daygaming for three years, perhaps 2000 approaches, I got 100s of numbers (these mostly lead to nothing) around 100 dates and out of these girls perhaps 5 were solid prospects for a LTR. In retrospect I probably would have stopped the high volume approach sessions much earlier and just talked to girls I encountered over the course of the day. The player lifestyle is overrated and used to sell products. It’s not worth getting good at daygame at the expense of dramatically changing your personality and values.

  19. Any tips on where to meet girls at day time . I work 8-6 and I’ve stopped going to night clubs for over a year now

  20. I have done much world travel. Backpacking and youth-hostels, to first class.
    Always banging hot international chicks when doing it cheap.
    Never when staying in expensive hotels/first class…
    Always met-up with women on small tours in any and every country…
    This happens organically…
    Thinking about the same in my city. No reason you cannot join a local tour…then help out with local knowledge/info…
    Museums and galleries are loaded with pretty women…mostly not buried in their iphone

  21. I much prefer day game than try to pick up girls in bars. Why wait until the night anyway? There are many girls walking in the streets, in shops, during the day.

  22. So “day game” is just a sleazy, manosphere term for breaking the ice. Duly noted. And shouldn’t there be an article about sifting through all of the female chaff that is out there and actually finding someone safe and sane enough to settle down with? Or is that just too blue pill?

    1. “So “day game” is just a sleazy, manosphere term for breaking the ice. Duly noted
      You noted wrong, then.

  23. Don’t ever marry a girl you meet in a nightclub guys. Be proud that you never pull in Ritzis or “Ceasar’s Palace” a man who can seduce a sober, intelligent woman in a library or starbucks is much better than a “Playa” who can only score with drug addicted, drunken sluts. She’s probably had sex with someone else that night already

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