Women Are Experts At Wasting Men’s Time

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When you have a lot going on in your life, you don’t waste time on pointless activities. If you’re a single guy with plenty of dating options, you won’t spend a minute of your day talking to a fat girl. If you’re looking to make your first $1 million, you won’t go searching the ground for pennies. Women, on the other hand, are not like men. Every day and night, millions of women waste the time of men they aren’t attracted to, simply to be entertained and to pass the time.

I was recently the victim of such a woman in a club. She was quite pretty and petite so I approached her with a standard opener. I moved her to a quieter room so I could entertain her like the professional clown that I am. To rule out her being a “shy” girl, I did my jig for a little longer than necessary, but after getting strong red lights to further escalation steps, I had to withdraw.

I spent 30 minutes on a girl who had no sexual interest in me, but who didn’t mind having an ultimately meaningless conversation because at that moment I was more exciting than her smartphone or friends. In other words, I was just another TV channel, another app, another web site, another radio station, another dancing cock that made her life slightly more interesting and tolerable than what she is capable of doing herself. She used me to temporarily forget about her boring existence.


When was the last time you used a girl for entertainment? Unless you’re Julien Blanc, a broken clown who trolls women to provide cheap laughs for his paying customers, you view women in intimate or purposeful terms. You want from them a specific role that only a female can provide, meaning you plan on either extracting intimacy from her or from one of her friends, and if not then you’re a damn fool because there is nothing more a girl not related to you by blood can provide.

Men have their existing forms of entertainment that provide far more value than a conversation with a typical modern woman, but women view us not just sexually but also as a chimp performing sign language, which means that a trillion hours are wasted every year with men trying to start a sexual relationship with a woman who has no intention of doing so, or who is so confused about want she wants that she can change her mind halfway through the seduction with no shame of leaving you in the lurch.


I’ve done things to minimize this wasted time component, especially when it comes to going on dates, which can be huge time sinks. I analyzed my past successes and compared the behavior of girls I’ve banged to girls I didn’t, but in spite of that, I still manage to waste unacceptable amounts of time on bad prospects. As long as you want to get laid with women, as long as you don’t want to have sex with your hand or with a hooker, your time will be wasted, and girls who you think will not do that to you will surely prove themselves to be another poor investment you made.

While it wouldn’t hurt for you to understand the profile of a flake, that can only minimize the problem of wasting time, not eliminate it completely, because with our strong desire for sex, we have to grind it out and spend hours to entertain many women in order to experience 30 minutes of sexual pleasure with one. My advice to you is to not have such a busy lifestyle where you can’t occasionally spend a couple hours a day hunting for women. Don’t be so tired at the end of the day that you can’t do a handful of approaches or go on a long date. This is what’s necessary these days for men just to get laid every once in a while.

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152 thoughts on “Women Are Experts At Wasting Men’s Time”

    1. I read every single article Valenti writes.
      Just to remind me how fucked up western feminism is.
      Thanks for the reminder.

      1. Mate, she is taking the piss in that article constantly pushing the discussion in one direction. You can sense a shred of guiltt in her fingertips as she wrote that pile of cac.
        Plus she was getting battered in the comment section by her own kind.

        1. The Guardian Comments section is a fucking toilet, but to its credit it usually does reject Valenti’s ultra-extreme femi-horseshit poison

        2. I hate it when all the journalists use the word “victim”.
          They are not a victim until proven so. They are a “complainant”, or “alleged victim”.
          But to expect anything else from Valenti would be foolish.

        3. It’s an entire article based on her feeling, and not on facts, looking like she’s shamelessly pushing an agenda, the “rape at all costs” agenda.
          Furthermore, the whole UVA thing just died down and lost 99% of its credibility. To me it looks like she’s dragging a dead puppy by the leash as if it’s still alive.

  1. A woman outside of the one job she was born and equipped to do (be a mother) is pretty much a waste of time in many respects.
    There are some outliers who are “worth the time” even for not being mothers as they have sought some other role or vocation in life. I call them “useful”.
    Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is not that women have eschewed the role of wife and/or mother, but that in doing so, they went nowhere else. They were told that men are silly and frivolous and urged to be more like men as if some agency in life was installed by default (“male privilege” they call it). So on they went, to be like what their handlers THOUGHT men were like, and end up worse and hence more useless than most men.
    That’s why they are a waste of time. They are also a waste of effort. This is why I’m against space travel, discovering cures for disease, or anything that furthers civilization.
    Imagine, in space travel, all the thousands, if not maybe millions, or hapless men in various gruesome accidents in space or in the efforts to terraform planets or mine them for materials. Imagine, as the oligarchs, attempt to exert control over everything and the horrid stellar wars that might come of it.
    And someday, maybe in 1000 years, some woman is going to sit in a beautiful park on some other paradisical planet somewhere, the bones of men who made it so long into the ground, and on her datapad or whatever she cranks out some article or dialog on how men are scum etc. etc. etc.
    No thanks. I’m not wasting my time directly, and not wasting my time trying to improve their world (or the next) for them either.

      1. Crush your enemies.
        See them driven before you.
        And hear the lamentation of their women.

        1. Did you understand the riddle of steel my son ?
          “Crom is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, ‘What is the riddle of steel?’ If I don’t know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me.” ~Conan the Barbarian
          ,,Conan is nailed to a dead tree in the desert for several days until rescued. As he heals, he reflects upon the Riddle of Steel. No longer does the barbarian limit himself to direct brute assault. Using covert methods and battlefield tactics, Conan and his friends inflict great damage to their enemy. However, the cumulative result of all Conan’s vengeance does not harm the overall power of Thulsa’s cult. It isn’t until his father’s sword is broken that Conan realizes the true answer to the riddle: all the power of both steel and flesh come from one’s beliefs. ”

    1. Women aren’t allowed on submarine crews and there is no protest. It has always been so aboard subs because a sub cannot be equipped with a birthing facility. They let jane wear pants on every shuttle flight and even though the cap on their travel was a mere low orbit, three missions ended in tears.
      Lengthy interstellar travel would have to implement the sub rule if its only purpose were to scout or explore an area. If the mission were to colonize, then women aboard would have specific WOMANLY ROLES. A mission to colonize involves breeding by definition and protocols would be strict and unwavering on the woman’s duties. Feminine roles like breeding and nurturing offspring and servicing the man.
      In a space capsule there is no room for error whereas the Earth is one big pleasure dome as far as the unkempt woman is concerned. A space mission to colonize wouldn’t be possible without females aboard. We need them to breed. They are the other half of the story.
      The frontier of space is a piece of cake. We put men on the moon with the technology of a Studebaker, so the real and immediate frontier for our species is to conquer and restore the natural order to our women. No interstellar NOTHING is possible until we get UNWHIPPED and WHIP our women in line.
      A space mission is so much easier with women who know their roles and dutifully give themselves to the command of their men rather than behave like mutinous caged animals that would just as soon kill their own offspring. Colonizing requires the kind of women you rarely see these days. The kind of women that the Dutch pilgrims CAREFULLY SELECTED for placing aboard the Mayflower, which was a successful mission to colonize new territory.
      The boat would have sank if they had loaded it with party animals and sluts with a feminist captain. In that case, they would have been better off not venturing out but remaining in the old country to endlessly piddle about, and eventually they might have gone so far as to invent some improved breakthrough new formulation of itch creams but that’s about it. They would still be landlocked even with the sea in their front yard. Learn to SMACK YOUR BITCH CORRECTLY and the universe opens up before you.

      1. You know Marge Simpson told Lisa she couldn’t be an astronaut because women distract men from doing their jobs, not because woment can’t do the job. Submarines dont gave women because of a lack of birthing facilities, its because the men would be too busy fighting each other for priority rights over the woman to get on with doing the job. Without women theyre just secretly being MHSWM and not competing over some prize.
        Its about a mans inability to focus on getting work done, not on a woman’s inability to do the job.

    2. Woman waste your time even if you are banging them. Ever try to get a bitch to leave? She just wants to hang around wasting your time. I’m with Clarence Boddicker:

      “Bitches Leave!”

  2. It’s pretty vague to say “Women Are Experts At Wasting Men’s Time”.
    Honestly varies on a woman’s upbrining. If she was raised to value her motherly instincts by supporting and submitting to her husband, then she holds a lot of value to any average guy.
    If women aren’t used correctly (nurture their home, raise their young, etc..) then there’s not much use for them.
    Women are pretty much forced to be wage slavers through indoctrination from public institutions. Men don’t want to compete with women, man wants a woman who completes him. If more women just knew their role, they’ll be worth every second.

  3. There is an easy solution for you. Just head to the next brothel, pay her, you your deed and leave. So much time saved, it will pay for your expenses. Otherwise, a pretty stupid article. You are a bit too full of yourself.

    1. I wish they legalize prostitution.It will be safe for women and income for the government.

        1. If it’s illegal for both parties than I’m cool with it… Under the table black market kinda economy…
          But here in Camaba, it is only illegal to purchase sex, but still legal to sell it… Because women only make 77 cents on the dollar… Or something… If someone can explain to me how it makes sense I’d appreciate it.

        2. That’s nice… The pinnacle of hypocrisy.. No, I’ll take that back.. Not even that. It’s all in the open. Fuck men every which way possible and impossible. It’s the world we live in.
          The better question is: How in fuck’s name did we let it come to this? I’m not gonna even ask how much longer are we going to tolerate it, because we will for a very very long time. Depressing…

        3. What would make modern men revolt?
          In the past it was making liquor illegal… Do you think men would revolt nowadays for the same thing?

        4. I don’t think so. At the time they still felt men. Today not anymore. It has to be something very traumatic, like concentration camps, hunger etc..and that will only be driven by fear. Nobody will revolt Clark. It’s all talk. Today’s men are extremely docile. Life is too easy..
          Look at Japan. Men are grazing. Japan, for fucks sake…Samurai, kamikaze, and so on..
          It’s disgusting what happens when men’s spirit is broken.

        5. Yea fucking ridiculous, if it’s illegal to buy it why is it legal to sell it? It should be illegal or legal both ways.

        6. If the premise if male happiness, life satisfaction or comfort, it will never even make it to the table for discussion.

        7. Not only that, but they switch it up when it’s about drugs. Since most dealers are men, they make SELLING a much worse offence than possession, which has a much much larger proportion of women. Any day now I expect it to be illegal to go fishing (men), but legal to eat fish (lots of women).

        8. Easy. The goal is to acquire as many resources as possible from men by any means possible. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

        1. For now. But y’all gave women the vote in the early 1970’s and it’s already starting to show with some of the recent shit going down in Switzerland. You still have time, rescind that vote privilege from them.

      1. Roosh is responsible himself, how to spend his time. I don’t waste time to hunt chicks. I am married. My wife does all the cooking, cleaning, washing etc. I have more time at hand because of her.

        1. True, but you said it yourself; you’re married. So, your situation is very differnce from his. As a former single man myself, I can attest that women are masters at wasting a man’s time.

  4. A man has to be vigilant as a motherfucker to ensure that his Wife or GF doesn’t ruin his potential by distracting him from a higher purpose and directing him towards trivial ends.
    Just to note they needn’t even intend to do this. It’s not deliberate, just hard-coded

  5. Apart from the meaningless existence Mr. Blanc seems to lead I actually like the way he treats the broads.
    Not my style but quite fun to watch. To see the kind of shit they respond to positively is as red pill as it gets.

      1. Anyone who is not allowed into Australia for what he says, is probably a decent guy.
        Given Australia’s status as the feminist, bitch-entitled, politically correct, tree-hugging, cry-me-a-river SJW capital of the world. (possibly matched only by Sweden).

        1. As an Australian I concur. It’s fucking nauseating. Even the somewhat manly men are infected by it now. I can’t wait till I’m financially independent, then I won’t have to bite my tongue at work.

    1. And couple of years later, when she files for divorce, she will get half of the money he earned in that lab.

      1. What is truly sickening is not that women get half the assets. What is truly sickening is that studies demonstrate they do 80% of the household spending including being the ones who push to buy the house in the first place, and after they spent off 80% of the maritial income which they may only bring in 30-40% of, they go on to demand half of whatever assets the man has saved with his 20% of the remaining income. Fucking sickening. Its not 50-50, to put this in an example it is like this.
        man earns 100k
        woman earns 50k
        (both after tax)
        Man saves 30k of his own money maybe spends 20k, Woman spends all of her 50 plus another 50k of the man’s. Let’s say this goes on for 10 years. Man then has 300k in assets, woman is likely in credit card debt to 50k. Woman then demands HALF of assets, after spending off 500k of the man’s money. She also demands man takes half of her debt. When it is all tallied up.
        man earned 1 million
        woman earned 500k
        man spent 200k
        woman spent 1.05 million
        Woman demands half of the 300k and man takes half her debt. Plus alimony and likely child support.
        Its more like 85% to the woman, 15% to the man. Fuck that.

        1. This is quickly ending for any man perceptive enough to see this grotesque charade for what it is, yet still capable of earning a large enough salary to make himself ‘interesting’ to a select number of concerned parties that would all like to attach themselves like lamprey and suck his juices until he becomes a shriveled, dried up and discarded corpse.
          Why do you think the bachelor tax was invented in the first place? And during antiquity at that? It is not the first time leeches have panicked at the though of their compliant host waking up and shaking them off his body mass, only to then carefully reposition himself in life in order to prevent new ones from attaching themselves in their stead.
          Want to keep the party going? Either create or preserve the incentives required for the productive class to maintain their high level output while permitting some bleeding of their vital juices along the way. Remove those incentives and (worse still) shame and ridicule the producers for their contributions to society, and don’t be surprised as it drops off or even disapears entirely as the newly cognizant ex-pack mules either run off to greener pastures or simply choose to go Galt.
          Well done social ‘elites’. Well done indeed (claps sarcastically).

        2. This is why the women always get the kids- they spendspendspend (and keep our shaky economy going).

        3. The worse part of this all is women then go up on tv and wonder why after fleecing a man of his life savings why he would kill that said woman. That man knew that woman better than anyone else, and decided the world was a better place without her. Do they not stop and consider that wow, she must have been one evil bitch.

        4. Ive been reading around and I agree that the marriage laws are quite archaic given the opportunity for women to choose a career over being a mother. I also agree that being a nasy pasty is something that both genders have an equal opportunity to be. Though not all people choose to abuse the opposite sex with angry entitlements. Lets agree there are fools andadvantage takers in all categories.
          The only real point to a marriage contract is where a woman is agreeing to a mans deal that she does not have a career and instead makes babies with him. Should the man break that contract and cause a divorce then the woman is left without the ability to support herself independently, so the man buys his way out of the contract.
          Thats all it is. If the woman earned as much as you throughout the marriage and can continue to do so afterwards, then morally you only owe half the costs of childcare.
          When you stop being angry and allow genuine equality and responsibility then marriage will only be something unintelligent women need and hot ones get the benefit of.
          Its the same deal as the dating issue in the post, determine the terms of the deal before making your investment, and no one will be disappointed and angry. If you go in blindly with expectations that dont match the other person, its going to get messy. If you went into the situation with a naive assumption that you were going to benefit, or with unclarified expectations you may lose.This applies to all people everywhere.
          Im sorry to say it but it comes down to empowering yourself with knowledge, communication and offering a fair deal, if you are genuinely the better smarter or more powerful person, you have a negotiating advantage.
          Now this feminist anti feminist war is a symptom of aggressive people trying for an advantage. There are plenty of men and women who see things as deals between equal but varyingly skilled individuals. That approach is more peaceful, fair and profitable for all.

        5. Classic post and very astute analysis. I have a girl trying to attach herself on to me now…won’t happen, at least not in the USSA where legally I would be her indentured servant until I took the big dirt nap. She’s going to be unpleasantly surprised when this pack mule walks out of his soul-crushing corporate job and this relationship soon.
          Men need to learn to be as selfish as women. And lucky for me I learned that lesson before it was too late.

        6. Garbage post through and through. I would love to here how a man could be a advantage taker in a marriage.
          Most men want their wives to both work and have kids, like most men work and have kids. It is women who out of laziness and personal choice who choose to quit the rat race of work.
          We have no fault divorces, and if the woman breaks the contract, the man is still on the hook. Her body her baby, support your own kid stop looking to men for handouts.
          There is no equality in a relationship that is 85% 15% where the women spend 85% of the money, then demand alimony, child support and half the assets and equal division of debt which she created most of. Marriage is an inherently unequal matriarchal sexist misandrist structure.
          The only truth you talked was at the end, marriage is about extracting profit for women.

        7. Well if a man wants a wife to work and have kids, and you think a woman is responsible for supporting her own kid then Like I Said, there’s no point in a marriage contract.
          I cant belive how fricking blind some of you lads are in jumping to argue with a woman without noticing she was essentially agreeing with you.
          I agree the contract is archaic, I say it had a purpose when women were expected to not work And shed loads of you red pill addicted are of the opinion that women stay at home, That being the ONLY time a woman needs a contract. I made no indication or preference regarding gender in who is the advantage taker, but its sad youre so defensive about it you cant see anything positive. You obviously got ripped off, it sucks to be you, I get it.
          I also made no such point at the end if my post about marriage being for women to extract profit. The end of my post was about mutual agreementscand peacful deals between equals. The part you are trying to appropriate to back up your bitterness refers to the fact that in the system where marriage still makes sense, only hot birds benefit by getting to choose not to work, since they will be chased by rich men, and only stupud women have no other option. Stop chasing after dumb hot bimbos and there wont be anyone trapping you into marriage or spending your money.
          FFS man, stop raging, I live my own life, I dont trap men into marriage, I dont rip people off and belive me, if I have a baby Ill have no fucking expectations or desire to be married to angry shits like you. Absolutely none of you on this site have the right to hold me responsible or accountable for your failures or problems with women. But if you want to discuss something and come up with a plan or maybe even find some women who can find points to agree with you on then calm the fuck down bitch and start solving the problem. All this anger is so nasty.

        8. There’s many girls – particularly on Tinder (that cattle-mart of love) who use radio silence to game men.
          Problem with radio silence is it can mean many things:
          1. I’m mysterious, find out more.
          2. I’m interested, woo me.
          3. I’m not interested; fuck off.
          4. I’m not interested, but i still like the attention and/or ego affirmation your texts bring me.
          5. I’m not interested, but i’ll toy with you anyways, because that gives me power and control and helps stave off the numbing inevitability of cats and Valium addiction.
          Funny thing is, with all their talk of No means No, it’s nearly impossible to get a No from girls these days; just radio silence. Which i think is kinda unacceptable in this day and age.
          There’s two courses of action one can take to circum-navigate all this (actually there’s really only one; delete number and move on,) but there’s another thing i’ve been doing of late where i’ve started shaming any girls who do this to me. “Yaknow it’s generally polite to say no thanks….i was talking to another guy who said you did the same thing to him”
          Every time i’ve tried this approach, they ALWAYS text back. Your chances of getting laid are of course minimal (hence why i say there’s only one real solution) but that’s beside the point for me.
          The important point here is that it teaches these flakey girls a lesson: Our time is valuable. Radio silence and general flakey-ness are not acceptable in this day and age. Men do 90% of the heavy lifting in terms of time and energy spent in initiating relationships. The least women can do in return is say “thanks but no-thanks”.
          This all comes back to the feminine psyche: they want all the power but none of the responsibility.
          It’s our job to politely remind them of their responsibilities in this regard, otherwise, no-one else will.

    2. haha. but don’t let her near your super expensive cool experiment with that paint brush. Or, she’ll be like, “I thought this room needed a little color. It’s so, well, science-ey looking and cold. Oh, and I went with PERIWINKLE since you didn’t bother to even help me decide.”

      1. My wife has insisted since we bought our house in the late 1990’s that my office needs to be “repainted” in some doofus neutral “nice” color, some kind of off yellow or whatever.
        Still flat white just like the day I claimed it as mine. The attraction in the room is what I put in it, not some bizarrely named pseudo-color.

    3. I argue that her work is actually more important. Assuming she is doing it to create attraction to her man and to strengthen their bond (I know, she isn’t) That is because we can do without a supercollider, we cannot do without heathy heterosexual families, which is based in wife/mothers who are submitting in a healthy and positive manner to the man.
      Furthermore, although I do not have the personal experience, I base on annecdotes from men I regard as trustworthy, that a true wife is far more valuable to a man than nearly anything else. Again, this is not my personal experience, so I admit the matter could be mischaracterized. But too many thoughtful and insightful men have made it clear that there is such a thing for me to ignore.
      Unfortunately women have been trained and taught to trivialize this absolutely critical job, so that they are currently much like a five year old playing with a loaded shotgun.

  6. Just look no further at all the great women scientists/builders of civilization throughout history (I could probably count them on one hand if I even knew their names.
    Women are either good at following directions (running errands, memorizing useless crap for classroom tests, cooking, etc) and/or accomplishing a mainstream achievement for fleeting praise (OMG I like…just ran a marathon, selfie time!)
    Other than that, they’re useless and just waste the rest of their time making goofy faces at their kids or liking pictures on instagram. I guess that’s why Schoppenhauer said they’re so good with little kids. Because they’re just lifelong kids at heart who take nothing seriously.

      1. Yes, but why? Most women today are mental children. And they want to be entertained all the time. I have absolutely no interest in entertaining an overgrown child, no matter how good she looks. Why would I do that? There would be no time for anything else, such as acquiring money or improving my life in general, and you can’t build a family with someone like that. What, precisely, is the point besides endless hedonism? Where is the payoff?

    1. That was fucking fantastic, never heard the man before.

      1. He was a very good comedian, and red pill to the core. My favorite bit:

        The “ain’t that betta!” part is now an inside joke between me and my friends.
        I didn’t know this until I found ROK, but he did an entire radio series with the obnoxious and beta Opie and Anthony guys focused entirely on masculinity / women and you can listen to them all an youtube.

        1. Opie and Anthony were beta as fuck, but throughout his appearances on O & A you can hear Patrice’s influence on them and dropping those red truths he did woke them up for sure.

      2. This guy spits redpill truths for a loong as time, I highly suggest you watch all his videos. It’s sad he died early

  7. Here’s the real problem – you can’t know, going in, whether the time will be wasted. And, worse, I don’t think most women do either. With me, it’s a binary proposition – I will, or I won’t. If you’re fat, obnoxious, tatted, or otherwise unacceptable, it doesn’t take me more than two seconds to make up my mind that it’s a no, no matter what you do. Women on the other hand can sit on the fence for hours. I have literally had a solid 8 who was prepared to walk out of the bar on me later be turned and banged through persistence after I recovered and played super-clown game for the rest of the night. The reason we waste time is because we all know that this possibility is there. So, knowing that I have to make the best out of a shitty situation, I try to focus on what I am doing right versus what I am doing wrong. If I get to the end and fail, I expect to at least know what I fucked up so that I can avoid it in the future. Not perfect, but better than simply viewing the time as completely wasted.

    1. spot on. the other spanner in the works is that we have to approach first. women still to this day refuse to approach any guy they’re interested in, not for the myriad of bullshit of excuses they put forward, but because of what they lose – power. power to extract attention ambiguously, self validation and leverage their popularity for social gain. if women had to approach first, they’ve declared their hand, they risk rejection, they can’t leverage ‘popularity’ for social power. and they know it.

  8. I agree with the premise of this article, and I’d only add that this is yet another reason why P4P needs to be legal everywhere in the world between two consenting adults.
    Beyond their roles of motherhood and wet hole provider, the usefulness of women is severely limited. They are chronic deceivers and liars and I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to any of their inanities, plus I don’t like being a PUA clown. Let’s just reduce all the bullshit down to a single transaction.

  9. Women want a man’s attention. The trouble is they have no f-ing clue what the best use of a mans attention is, and likely will simply abuse it.
    Never give your attention away for free, especially to women.

  10. ehh… I coulda swore they already wrote an article on this already. Im finding that This website gives alot of bad advice overall….

    1. Its approprite advice to the readership in evidence on this comment thread. The more angry an entitled the man is, the less likely he is to reproduce in the end. This redpill stuff is doing a great service in making aholes more obvious to women and making the worthwhile men who think for themselves shine out like a beacon.

  11. The only thing I can Think why the Woman in the Club didn’t Give it away is that She may have been looking for a relationship, I do Believe that their are some women and some Men looking for things other than just Sex.

    1. so why do hot women give it up quickly to a John F Kennedy look-a-like hedge fund manager or the 75 year old Mick Jagger?

  12. You get better (over time and experience) at noticing (and identifying) these “time wasters”. The worst thing that you can do (as a man) is not trust the flags (or your gut).
    Read the flags (and listen to your gut)…no matter what. Women really have no shame, today, and they’ll waste your time (just for the fuck of it). Recognize it and bail as soon as you do….you’ll keep your self respect intact (blow her off).
    Also, you should always have other options.

  13. Attention for females is like a drug, they are addicted to it an constantly crave it.

    1. and the fakebook old pervs, betas, and orbiter meathead d-bags keep giving it to them

      1. So do you by constantly approaching them and getting shot down. PUA’s are the worst for overinflating girls ego. Take a step back.

  14. So what is the appropriate way to let a man know you are not interested? because quite honestly I’m quite annoyed at the frequency with which a man offers to buy me a drink and I say “that’s nice of you thanks but I wouldn’t want to accept one if you were planning on pulling as I don’t want you to be wasting your time” or, “If you are looking for sex, perhaps your time will be better spent elsewhere”. Then they get all angry and indignant and tell me I’m full of myself, or that they were only being friendly,and I have to apologise for apparently assuming the worst. Then they stick around a while to prove they really were only being friendly, which would be fine because I said I was fine for conversation but I wont be going home with anyone, and I didn’t mean to offend them, and they buy me a few drinks anyway and when they think I’m drunk, they try to pull me, and they end up disappointed.
    I did tell them, straight up, no bull, no insults, and the only reason I learned to to this was to avoid all the anger when they fail to pull and call me a time waster. Its mad, I used to think clubs were for drinking and music and dancing, not everyone thinks its a meat market.
    So how do you help a man not waste his time, and avoid lies, insults and indignation?

    1. “So how do you help a man not waste his time, and avoid lies, insults and indignation?”
      You can’t.
      Buying drinks for women is a very stupid thing to do. Only betas/omegas do that. Just blow them off without mercy and you will do all of us a favor.
      Fyi: Nobody is just friendly for the sake of it. They all, without exception (I can testify in a court of law even) want to fuck you, but that’s beta behavior…. You don’t want those, do you?

      1. Well I certainly appreciate the irony in preferring a man who is able to take no for an answer. So long as no-one is going to turn that into ‘playing hard to get’ as if *everyone* is at this gaming lark.
        Given the choice of a man who needs to be alpha and has the kind of opinions I’m reading on here, and men who have tantrums when they fail to pull, I’ll stick with box number 3, where its just me and my dog for company.
        I figured out the nobody being friendly for the sake of it a good while back, I just wish they’d stop lying about it though. I cant enjoy my job, or a nice quiet sit in the park without being called a bitch by a man who is basically angry at his own failure in incorrectly assessing me as naive. The park I can handle, but its significantly affecting my career, I need a version that doesn’t inspire hatred from my single bosses, since becoming married in order to provide them with an ego preserving excuse for my lack of interest, is no longer an option.
        Is there a way I can dress where they assume I am some mild mannered lesbian who is good at their job in a non threatening way, and they just leave me be?

        1. Here’s the truth unfortunately and this can get into a very long discussion. We see things a little different around here, but the bottom line is this. The current culture/society brought the inter gender relationships down to only one thing: sex. And that’s it. There is no family unit anymore. That’s done. Put a fork in it. So, women are whoring around with a small percentage of men, and the rest.. the betas, the divorced, the broken men are absolutely frustrated as you very well noticed due to sex starvation. It’s a lot going on and the state of affairs is not good neither for men nor for women. Anyway…

        2. Happy to agree with all but this correction: _Some_ women whore around, the sex starved angry lads are putting the smart girls off and ruining their rep with bitter gossip ;).
          But thanks for the advice, I shall slap all the idiots except for the haters in my bosses pocket.

        3. Dude. Chill about the getting hit on. It happens, yay. Accept it politely decline, get on with your life. I like to pick up furniture off the street and revamp it as a hobby, guys always try and white knight for me by offering to carry it and walk me home. I know it means I’d need to bang them or awkwardly accept a dinner date so I just say “I’m good, thanks. Have a great day.” Smile. walk away.

        4. now thats funny. its a bit sad you probably have different guys doing this each time i guess? it would be way funnier if it was actually the same guy multiple times, and then muse how long it takes before he figures out carrying your shit wont get him laid, or make you even interested in him. i bet the most guys today arent capable of this at all ;D just give your number the next time and call him at times he shouldnt normally be able to come? see and witness whiteknights in action! upping the difficulty from time to time makes you more skilled at things, you know. i think that would be a nice addition to your hobby.
          #antiwhiteknight #Betaabuse

        5. Go to south east asia for a 2-week trip. Most of the men there will not be interested by a gaijin/farang/western girls, unless you are incredibly hot. The locals will probably be, but they are not too pushy, it’s not the culture. Be careful though, it doesn’t mean they are harmless if you are alone at night outside crowded places.
          I have seen that many time, the girls find it super refreshing and nice, at least the first few days. They can have girly fun in disco without being disturbed much, and local girls will have fun with them.
          After they wonder why so few people talk to them, even if everybody is polite when asked for help. They just don’t hang around…
          And then they got bored, and when back home they tell how this place stinked and was full of perverts fucking children (25 year old childrens, but nobody says that, it’s children).
          If you are honest, you will stop at one, and have great relaxing holidays. I have my doubt but maybe you are special 😉 I have seen some girls being part of men groups, drinking buddies, not caring when most of the men tasted local talents. Most of them were dykes, and I had fun with a few (they have great taste in local women too 😉 ).

        6. It’s the internet. The goal of conversation here is neither to attract for sex, nor to repel for sex. This is why it is a men’s site. We talk and sometimes it’s rough edged. If you think the guys here do that in real life, I suspect you’re taking some kind of prescription medication.

        7. Not complaining about being hit on. I was asking for the preferred response so that the men can not turn nasty. Its being called a bitch by those who lie and claim that they were only being helpful that is the crap that causes difficulties for both the women and the players.
          We’ve pretty much already established that the NiceGuys who insist on carrying shit are bitter drama queens and need a slap to wake them up, same as the idiots who waste their time buying drinks in bars and trying to entertain women for some reward they didnt pre-arrange.

    2. you need to straight up tell them they are wussies for offering to buy you a drink without reciprocation. that’s all you need to say.

    3. All your questions would more or less answer themselves if women who don’t want to hook up stopped going places ostensibly designed to facilitate hook ups between men and women (ie, where it isn’t unreasonable for men to believe that the available women are open to going home with them). So with that in mind, what are you doing in these places to begin with?
      “I used to think clubs were for drinking and music and dancing […]”
      No, it’s not. And if you’re cognizant enough to articulate the problem as you have here, you’re cognizant enough to know better. Stop being an idiot.

      1. shes lying. she goes to bars so she can get a self esteem boost, alcohol buzz, and attention…and get it all for free

        1. Really? You can say with confidence that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN is like that? Every one? Wow, maybe we should just start calling you God.

      2. “I used to think clubs…” *Used to* I don’t bother anymore.
        But when I am there, I’m there with friends, we drink, we dance, we occasionally see someone we like.
        You and David should not try so hard to see evidence of the stupidity you wish to see. But this is your manosphere and I am not welcome, I shall leave now the insults have begun.

        1. sounds like you want to hang out with men or else you wouldn’t be here. that attitude will not get you attention 🙂 go grow old alone

        2. Actually just here to understand where the recent wave of man shit came from. I’m fine with being alone, got all the answers I need thanks, not looking for attention.
          I do keep noticing this particular style though, where a lad like you needs to hammer out the same point and accuses people of his own insecurities. You must be omega, not enough men in your life, not enough success with girls either, needs a lot of attention, and your grapes are so sour.
          Lets not turn nasty eh, I said Id be away now, theres no need for insults.

        3. women and their nonsensical feminist arguments are not welcome here, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

        4. “I’m there with friends, we drink, we dance […]”
          Yeah yeah, don’t worry sugartits, the question was rhetorical.
          Gurls, just wanna have fu-un. We know.
          “You and David should not try so hard to see evidence of the stupidity you wish to see.”
          No trying required. Your naiveté is evident for everyone to see.

    4. You’re an attention whore.. you just want to tease men.. and get validated by men’s attention.. and get drinks bought for you by them.. without promising or doing anything in return. Of course the men get pissed off and angry.
      Stay home, bitch and drink a glass of wine by yourself.. or watch some romantic comedies with your girlfriends. Clubs are not for “drinking and music and dancing”… they’re for mingling with the opposite sex for the explicit purpose of hooking up.
      This has been a Public Service Announcement.

      1. What’s interesting is that you failed to read my question, which respectfully stayed within the frame of the original post, and chose to respond with hatred, accusations about my character and demands about where I should spend my time.
        Where I grew up, buying someone a drink meant buying their time for as long as it takes to drink it. If you choose to spend the time trying to get sex and fail, that is your problem. If she is not interested she should not accept the drink. If you were to insist you only want to talk and try to get her drunk and she will forget she already turned you down, and you still fail, that is your problem.
        What you fail to see about this whole topic us that youre here to get group support for an aggressive response to your failure, and to rally some reduculous sense of entitlement that you have the right to determine what women should do with their lives, but it really comes off as whiney bitchiness from men who are not doing the right things to get what they want. You are a loser.

        1. oh shut up, you stupid bitch.
          What you seem incapable of understanding is that if you’re in a venue that is explicitly for the purpose of mingling with the opposite sex in order to hook up, you don’t get to act all outraged and play innocent about why men get angry and pissed off when they don’t get what they want from you.
          Change your fucking place of venue if what you want is “music and dancing”.. go to a lounge maybe. What you want is validation from men… to feel all superior for rejecting them.. but still basking in the validation their approach and flirting gives you. So me accusing you of being an attention is actually right on the money. I was also being slightly humorous and facetious with my reference and watching a romantic comedy with your girlfriends.. rather than “demands” about where you spend your time.
          “Where I grew up, buying someone a drink meant buying their time for as long as it takes to drink it. ”
          blah blah blah..
          Where was it you grew up? In the 1950s in some picturesque small-town americana town? Because no man buys a woman a drink just to enjoy her wonderful company and sparkling wit. Not in this day where most women like you are huge whores. .. and don’t have anything interesting in the slightest to offer men except for what’s between their legs. In today’s day and age, when a men buys you a drink, he’s not doing so because he wants to waste 30s mins of his time on some attention whore who just wants to validate her ego. He wants something from you.. i.e., sex… or at least, the promise of it in the future. Don’t kid yourself.

        2. Again, moaning about nightclubs was not the point of my post and telling me to do something I decided myself while you were still underage and making love to your sock is pointless.
          Regarding the rule on buying drinks, I learned this from a male friend my own age in 1996 in a rock club where we all drink, have a good time, and not everyone was obsessed with shagging as a primary goal. The reason the rule came up was that another mate who was skint asked for a pint and I was happy to help. This pal pointed out to him that he was rude to expect a drink from someone and not offer their company in exchange.
          The point is that it is a fair exchange and if you expect that sex is a fair deal for a drink or half an hour of entertainment, then you are a cheap sod who should go down the road to the crack district and buy yourself a blow job.
          Granted though, in those days the internet was limited to low resolution jpegs and text besed porn for those intelligent enough to have access to a university computer. Things are different now and it is after this time that I chose to not spend my time in clubs which became increasingly full of young sweaty desperate shagless idiots.
          This idea you have of women being attention whores who need a man to validate their ego is an indication of the type of woman you are going for, and an inflated ego of your own. As previously discussed, perhaps you can learn from this and limit your attention to the kind of women who are looking for a quickie in the loo and learn not to waste your own time. You will find though that these women are independently minded and do not require a drink to convince them and will consider your attitude a massive turn off. You could probably do well to learn to be less angry about the whole thing.
          You may or may not be correct about most women being whores, if so they are selling themselves cheaply and that is their own stupid fault for encouraging your sense of entitlement, but your assumptions about me being one of them are not correct, you stupid bitch.

    5. Rosie, you can never win. I was in a nightclub and a guy asked me if he can buy me a drink…
      Me: That’s a nice offer, but I just want to make sure you know I have a boyfriend so I am not into anything else than a friendly drink.
      Guy: You bitch! You are so ugly no one would fuck you wahh wahh!
      Me: Okay, have a nice evening.
      And apparently if I do accept a drink from someone, I am an attention whore who just wants to abuse the poor menz. 🙂
      But it seems to be that according to these people, just being a woman is already a crime. Wimminz are boring! They have no hobbies! They are BORING! But if they like traveling and talking about it, they are sluts who definitely banged everyone during their holiday. If you like reading books it’s definitely just because women just want attention and try to impress men. Playing computer games? You crave attention, again. It seems that everything women do is either for attention or validation. There is no way they are just interested in something else than shoes or shopping.
      It is sad that when you are trying to address that that is not the point, you get banned and shamed away. Then the circle continues.
      No wonder you guys have such a narrow view of women. To me, it seems that hearing anything else than your own preaching is easier to ignore than accept.
      It’s exactly the same as ”Where have all the good men gone?”
      People love to complain about it, how women should not only go for the bad boys etc etc. They get told how, of course, the nightclubs they go and try to find a soul mate just attract douche guys.
      Maybe the same applies to women. Maybe if you prefer perhaps quieter girl who rather spends time at home reading books than clubbing, you should check out the library or bookshops, and not try to ”game” women while going out. There are different types of people, within men and women.

      1. Let compare notes then ms Kat . I recently went on 3 dates with a 30 year old woman, with an educated marketing degree from a private university , former college athlete, 3 fucking dates where I paid around $ 40
        Per date. I figured after date #3 I would have at least received a clear indication that there was going to be a relationship coming out of it . I usually get sex by #3 or a heavy make out session . She proceeded to yell at me stating how unimpressed she was and how she only enjoyed date #1 and was a real mean bitch about it. I was out $120 , upset , and got yelled at for being a nice guy. The only bad part of your experience was being yelled at. So who has it worse ?

        1. Here we go again.
          You know that ”There are no women at the library” is a false statement. I do not even have to start arguing about it.
          You went to a date with a woman who turned out to be an asshole. There are assholes everywhere, men and women.
          I definitely think you had it worse, spending so much money spoiling an idiot, no doubt. Being yelled at is not bad, I found it funny.
          It’s too bad you had bad luck with your date! I have heard a lot of horrible date stories, both from men and women. Sometimes it really seems like the world is full of idiots, but that’s why we keep trying.

        2. Women do NOT go to libraries unless they are high school students FORCED to go for research papers etc. However, there are plenty of women @ the magazine rack @ Barnes & Noble.

        1. wrong. a lot of women hang out in the harlequin romance novel section.

      2. You’re an attention whore or you wouldn’t be writing long messages on a men’s site to get attention from men.

        1. Well if I am an attention whore, at least my work is well done here! Look at you giving me attention despite of the good old “Don’t talk to girls here! They stink!“ -rule.

      3. IKR! Glad to know Im not alone, cheers. Amazingly even though my contribution is written down and available for rereading and checking, the majority of responses are still managing to twist what I said it into a preconcieved idea they have that suits them, and advising on how to stay indoors or go live in Thailand to get out of their way.
        I was in Thailand recently, theyre right it was lovely, I was only approached once, an english guy who tried to game me on xmas eve with his insinuations of my vunerability and desperation and need of his rescue. Yawn.

  15. Roosh, great job, this was the missing piece of the puzzle and I am glad you made it clear that there is no clear cut solution and if you hit on 100 women per week you are wasting a lot of time, a lot. it is like you need to be wise with “attempts at getting laid time” and spend time on it in moderation like everything else in life.

  16. Dear Roosh, I notice how hot women never eat alone. During lunch, they always order to go and quickly leave. Some of them are not in stressful jobs so I doubt they are always in a hurry. They know professional men eat at those places, at least where I eat, but they always order to go. I’ve approached a few but the time is so limited they always respond “but I don’t know you, so I’m not giving you my number”. then they proceed to their vehicle. What’s your take on this ?

      1. actually if they were all rejections, I would accept that. I hit on a married girl at lunch, her ring was hidden from view, and she said I worked too fast and even if she were single she would hesitate on giving me her number. she may have been bullshitting me too. Anyways I want to hear other guy’s experiences.

        1. No, I noticed this too. For some reason the work lunch place is not conductive. Somehow I think they have the bitch shield up… kinda…more about them being so into their “mission in life” i.e. work (wired) that they’re just not receptive.
          Hope others will chip in too. Interesting topic.

    1. You’re not “hawt” enough. Did you put on a clown nose? Women are only attracted to clown game now, its not enough to just go up to them and talk to them confidently like it waas ten years ago.

      1. Women are only attracted to clown game now
        That’s not universally true. I’m in my 40’s and while I’m charming I don’t do “clown game” (and am married) but I still have young women basically handing me their numbers nearly unbidden.
        Clown game may be the go to for Millenial men, but the older, established, hard edged masculine men don’t need it at all that I can find.

        1. the older 40+ women realize that their expiration date has arrived and they will do anything to “land” a man. They may require less game, but who really wants them except for an easy fuck?

        2. You are in your 40s having a dick and a job at that age is like a hawt chick with big knockers in her early 20s. You don’t need much.
          The women are either unattractive or you are lying. You won’tt get laid without being a clown sorry.

        3. So you say that I am “attractive” in the hot chick way, then say I’m lying.
          Consistency isn’t a strong point with you, is it?
          Your lack of success does not mean other men lack success. Stop extrapolating your experience to the whole, that’s a very feminine mindset. So you can only get by through being a fool, good for you, others don’t have to resort to such. Get the burr out from under your saddle.

        4. Not talking about 40+ women actually.

        5. You are attractive to OLDER women, and you are lying about young chicks. The ones you getting are likely UGLY.

        6. You have absolutely no experience outside of clown game which is obvious, and you’ve never met me. To cast out “liar” demonstrates your immaturity, as well as why you seem to have to rely on being a doofus for women in order to get pussy. If it ain’t “your view” it’s false. Quite a narcissistic way to approach reality actually.
          If you ever get around to central Ohio I’ll be happy to invite you to go out with me to a bar. I fear nothing of your snarky assumptions, kid.
          End of the day this is about *your* insecurities more than anything. You can make nothing else work, so rather than face yourself in the mirror, you cast insults at others who can do things you cannot. That’s fine. But grow up junior, you’re impressing nobody.

        1. http://bulk2.destructoid.com/ul/149882-clown.jpg
          The old adage that women and children are about of the same capacity holds true. And all children love clowns, and all women love clowns as well. If you can entertain women, whether it is singing and dancing or pulling a flaming card out your sleeve, getting laid will be a breeze.

  17. It wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t a risk, it would be a chore. I am not against being on the look out for women who simply want some momentary entertainment, however, it’s not the color of gold that gives it its glory, it’s the time and risk in getting it. If there wasn’t risk of loss (wasted time), then the reward for victory wouldn’t be half as sweet. It’s called ‘game’ for a reason, and that’s is because it is suppose to be fun.

    1. “It’s called ‘game’ for a reason, and that’s is because it is suppose to be fun.”
      fun? rather a nuisance which reward isnt worth the risk at all. how many woman did you meet who were worth it? in my case i can count them on one hand. when you have game knowledge it basically comes down to “if i pull this string, she`ll likely do that”. works sometimes, sometimes not. its dry and boring, and i cant understand why PUA put in so much effort for cunts who 80% of the time just lay on her back and let you do the work.
      nowadays i only engage if i perceive that she is into me, preselection solves alot,

  18. “compared the behavior of girls I’ve banged to girls I didn’t”
    A good idea. I keep a dating diary of the dates I’ve been on with each girl, essential facts about her you probably won’t remember but when pulled out in future make her think you actually care about her life,..etc.
    Its good to review it, and look at the common threads of girls who end up wasting your time. My first 100 page diary is full, starting a new one, and the common time wasters are…
    1. Christians – Want to feel sexy, without having sex. Occasionally you might cop a BJ from one, but overall, the cost vs benefit is too high.
    2. Girls who pull out their smartphones on dates – I have no patience for this, and it shows someone who thinks she has more important things happening than getting to know you. Walk out.
    3. Girls who pull away from a kiss on the cheek at the end of the 2nd date – Shows someone scared of intimacy. I usually deal with this my sending them a message afterwards asking if they are a virgin. Occasionally this has whipped them into shape, but often not.
    4. Flakes. Girls who change plans, drop out of communication for weeks, or are late for dates. They are jacking you around, and you shouldn’t put up with this behavior.
    5. Girls who talk about ex-boyfriends. Another favorite hate of mine. Any girl who still talks about an ex, is probably still fucking him.
    For me, in my early 40’s.
    Teachers and nurses, between 26-33yo, are my bread and butter.

    1. Damn I was going to give the Christians a try…thought they might be dirty bitches behind all that holy repression. Sigh, never-mind Teachers and Nurses it is.

      1. Real Christian women, not the “born again virgin” should be commended for not putting out. There is hope there, assuming again that she’s not a “born again virgin”.

    2. Real Christian women just want someone who is patient enough to wait until marriage and won’t cheat on them.

    3. Christian women are no different than any others. Especially nowadays where there is no consequences whatsoever for their behaviour.

  19. This may be true, but I do wonder, with the view of the shoe on the other foot. Do we men in general, ever waste women’s time who we are not sexually interested? I’d imagine we do, because lots of times we don’t even know the women are attracted to us. There have been times women have approached me but I never realized until weeks later they were interested in me.

    1. In a woman’s mind we always waste their time when we fail to do something for them.
      “There have been times women have approached me but I never realized until weeks later they were interested in me.”
      That’s happened to me plenty of times. Often question what exactly do they want from me.

    2. Yes, but the difference is that women generally know when a guy wants her and then wastes his time, whereas some women can be downright cryptic about that shit so the guy honestly doesn’t know.

  20. One our most valuable resource besides our health of mind, soul & body is TIME. The time we spend or invest on / into something defines us. You like spending time jerking off and playing video games ? Well then guess what you are. You like investing time in reading constantly and improving your life and the life and perspective of others ? Guess what you are. You become a mentor, a stand-up guy, the man that others give you as an example.
    From Experience !

  21. If it flies, floats, or fornicates, RENT IT!
    I haven’t owned a plane before, but I’ve can testify that the other two wastes of time and money. There’s wisdom in these words from our elders who have succeeded before us.

  22. “While it wouldn’t hurt for you to understand the profile of a flake, that can only minimize the problem of wasting time, not eliminate it completely, because with our strong desire for sex, we have to grind it out and spend hours to entertain many women in order to experience 30 minutes of sexual pleasure with one.”
    It’s reassuring to hear this. If someone of your experiences and stature in this area still has put up with this, then it puts it in perspective for me. That I’m not some complete loser.
    Incidentally, this ultimately why women refuse to make the first move – they lose the ability to waste your time and extract attention.

    1. If a woman likes a man, she will let him know. In all other cases, shes just not that into you.
      The reason you fail to see this, is because it would remove your option to bitch about bitches, or to assume she is helpless and needs you to dominate or rescue her.
      Besides, If you are only looking for women who are going to shag you that night, its even more true, You need to assess your techniques are appropriate for that kind of woman. if you are wasting your own time with the wrong type for you, you need to improve your game. If you are trying some generic method and hoping the numbers game will work for you, then while using the wrong style, you essentially are a loser.
      You lads ought to ask a woman. Its like the blind leading the blind in here.

  23. Women like to be entertained. That’s particularly why most women are boring. Spend most of their time doing nothing while being entertained by others. More than enough guys who are willing to waste time to perform a song a dance.

  24. Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
    Robert A. Heinlein

  25. I’d rather spend time learning a foreign language or a musical instrument.

  26. But Roosh, how are you any different? She is trying to extract commitment from you using a non replenishable resource (her sexual value, both time and notch count diminishes it), whereas you have made it clear in other articles that you simply will not give that commitment under any circumstances?
    this is one of those cases where polygamous marriage would probably help. As well as sane marriage laws. Unfortunately the marriage laws are nothing more than a trick to enslave a man to the state, and most men are simply to selfish and irresponsible towards other men to allow polygamous marriage.

    1. The state primarily is guilty of enabling POLYANDRY where a whore keeps a number of orbiters in her periphery. The jealousy between her and other effectively polyandrous whores can reach insane levels. The queen bitches behave like mad insane kings under this brand of matriarchy, and polyandry is indeed a matured and advanced stage of matriarchy.
      Sister wives in a polygamous community lack the jealousy which is mostly learned or copied from other females in a cosmopolitan community or society. Even a nominally monogamous woman copies what she sees in her greater community and can’t really think for herself and fears standing out or running against the grain of the local cunt police. Monkey see monkey do, like the jealous dentist’s wife who famously ran over her husband with her Mercedes, and was mainly acting out her response to keep in vibe with the clatter and noisemaking of her contemporaries, the concentration of gold digging beak nosed princesses in her Long Island community.
      To be successful, polygamous families must live separate from state or cathedral run economies or plantations where monogamy or marriage is policed in any way. Polygamy is a natural course and needs no recognition. Its only pitfall is state persecution.

  27. The most time wasted for me is in internet dating. Never do internet dating. Worst return on investment imaginable. Frustrating thing. Waste of time: to much attentionwhores, secret fatties, all tattooted ones, single mothers, pierced from toe to brow.
    A man lives from what he achieved in life. A woman just lives of attention. Positive or negative. From men or other females.

  28. If a woman had to put up with the amount of BS that women give to men in the whole text/date setup/ courtship process, even a handsome man, they would have a nervous breakdown. They would whine about men being “assholes” and liars and how unfair it all is and they can’t BELIEVE that someone would be so wishy washy and unreliable, etc.
    But us, as men, not only do we have to tolerate it. We have to be good natured and act light hearted about it as if it doesn’t bother us in the least how flakey and wishy washy they are. If we were honest and told the bitches what we really thought of their behavior, we’d be labeled “needy” and “creepy”. Such is the game….

    1. Womens power ultimately rests on this very fact that we have to always initiate and make it happen. don’t believe the horse shit about men ‘having the power to approach’. in any interaction its the party who gives the final green light that has the power (i.e. the woman). Despite all the horseshit feminists falsely complain about as unequal, this is the one thing they are consistently silent on.

  29. Maybe your sparkling personality just wasn’t doing it for her, roosh. I know, hard to believe, isn’t it.

  30. I’m making a stand on this website. We all know that the modern western woman is a pile of shit. START TEACHING US HOW TO FIND GOOD MARRIAGE WORTHY WESTERN WOMEN IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

    1. Because somehow a “good marriage worthy Western woman” will stay that way forever and change the laws?

  31. But for their vaginas, men would otherwise have nothing to do with women.
    Live long and GYOW

  32. Very interesting post. I recently saw that movie referenced in the article with James Dean (East of Eden) and the girl pictured is originally his distant brother’s fiance, who ends up fancying James Dean’s character whose aloof attitude has her all giddy. She constantly references the fact that other girls follow him and keeps asking if he gets with them, or if he’s ‘trouble’. He tells her to go to his brother, who is becoming more and more distant because of the town’s celebration at going to World War 1, but they end up going together on the ferris wheel, where she keeps confessing how ‘confused’ she is, up to the point where they end up kissing. Brother gets jealous, James dean shows the brother their mother is a Madame, ends up getting drunk out of his mind and joining the Army during World War 1.
    Definitely an interesting movie to check out for that alone.

  33. Just recently i got tired of staying home, having some drinks and calling it a weekend. I kept preaching how chasing girls was a waste of time. This mindset didn’t last very long. I’ve since been making to time to grab an Uber, head downtown, talk to a few girls, try for some numbers. Yes, i’ve had to run into a few assholes, get kicked out of a few places, but being able to talk to women, make them laugh, pick up numbers has been worth it. This article really hit home for me, thanks.

  34. A attractive woman gets approached by 5 guys a day,this can be either in the public space (point of origin her home to her destination or at her destination example grocery store /night club/bar/work etc)or the internet domain(social media example facebook/twitter/instagram/datting apps/dating sites ect) so thats 7 days in a week 5×7 = 35 .. So 35 men approached her in 1-week It’s 52 weeks in a year 52×35= 1,820 men try to get at her every year(this number can be higher it depends on the amount of men that try to approach her) Now that you understand the simple equations you will understand the following:
    Men are NOT single by choice
    Women ARE single by choice
    When their is abundance of men that she can chose from
    (1,820 men a year ) she will always try to upgrade to get the next best thing (SMV =higher Sexual Market Value) that is female nature at its core
    This is why I can safely say the majority of women aren’t sluts but whores if women were sluts that implies that their a abundance of women for men to chose from in other words men would be drowning in pussy which is not the case in realty

  35. So women are basically useless animals meant to play only certain petty roles in the life of the big, strong, “useful” men like yourself? Yeah, that makes so much sense. Thanks for the enlightenment, man. You’re a fucking genius, let me just get on my knees and worship your glorious asshole. Ever thought of the fact that maybe you’re the one wasting women’s time? They have to listen to your bullshit, and the only reason that they don’t turn you down the second they see you attempting to score with them is because they are being POLITE, which is obviously something you never learned, and probably have never even heard of. If you don’t want your time “wasted”, you should probably just stick with fucking your hand, you inconsiderate, selfish asshole of a prick.

  36. Amazingly enough, a woman complains to me on today, Mother’s Day, that I didn’t say hi to her. I told her I left her to be with her family. She was still upset. I told her she should have this expectation from her boyfriend, not me.

  37. It would appear that men are also masters of wasting time, because this article was one of the stupidest things I have ever read. Congrats.

  38. Only women on holiday are interested in meeting douche bags.. Outside of that all Roosh is doing is validating some attention whore and if she hangs out in bars she spots a man like Roosh and knows his intentions before he even notices her. Roosh will never get a clue until he starts thinking like a woman and that takes years of really getting to know women many women and not by always fucking them and dumping them. Roosh is the perpetual deliquent when it comes to affairs of the heart and ALL evening types women know it.

  39. ” As long as you want to get laid with women, as long as you don’t want to have sex with your hand or with a hooker, your time will be wasted, and girls who you think will not do that to you will surely prove themselves to be another poor investment you made.”

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