Chapter One: A Dozen Felines

Eric’s alarm wailed away the morning of his fifteenth birthday, waking him up bright and early at 5am.

“New notifications,” he croaked before lifting his head off of his pillow.

“No new notifications Mr. Peterson,” answered a disembodied female voice.


“Crap: Something of extremely poor quality. Also used as slang to describe…”

“Cancel,” said an aggravated Eric as he pulled himself out of bed. He was disappointed that Claire Bonner hadn’t chosen him yet. Still, he was hopeful. She had allowed him to talk to her for the first time yesterday, which was very promising. After all, it had been only six months since he signed the consent form giving him permission to release his number to her, so having a face to face conversation in such a short time was real progress.

He walked into his bathroom and stared at the three medications he’d taken daily since he was reprimanded for his boisterous behavior as a first grader. Every morning he fought this battle to decide whether or not he wanted to choke down these energy-sapping pills. He picked up the first bottle, dumped a capsule in his hand, and gazed at it as he’d done many mornings before.

“Fuck it,” he said putting the pill back in the bottle. “It’s my birthday.”

After he showered and dressed he made his way downstairs where his father was eating breakfast. To his great surprise his older brother was also at the table.

“Richie?!?” Eric exclaimed as he ran to embrace his older brother.  “When did you get out?”

“Last night,” Richie replied. “They let me out early for good behavior. How are things at school?”

“They’re alright,” Eric said taking a bite of toast. “Mr. Graves got busted for talking to Miss Anderson in the hallway the other day. They said he was violating some sort of PUS law or something. It was all over the news.”

“PUA,” said Richie correcting his kid brother. “Pickup artist. They probably got him on one of the Street Harassment statutes.”

“Did they fire him?” Eric’s father said joining the conversation.

“No, but they suspended him for a month and I heard they might make him move schools when he comes back.”

“Damn shame,” said Richie. “I liked Mr. Graves. You gotta be careful these days, kiddo. I just got out for virtual rape and if you don’t watch yourself you’ll find yourself in hot water.”

“It was just a picture and she wasn’t even naked,” said Eric. “Besides, she was your girlfriend. It’s not like you hacked her phone or anything. She sent it to you remember?”

“Doesn’t matter, said Richie. “You gotta to remember that all rape laws are subject to interpretation. They always take the woman’s side so you’ve gotta watch your back.”

“Your brother’s right,” said Eric’s father as he slid his tablet across the table in his older brother’s direction.

“What’s this?” said Richie swiping the screen a few times.

“I’m being investigated for ‘insinuating a possible sexual encounter’ with that woman we were in line with at the grocery store the other night,” he answering using air quotes.

“You mean that fat lady buying all that kitty litter with the tattoos on her face?” Eric asked.  “Are you serious?”

“I wish I was. I was just making conversation with her to pass the time while waiting in that long line.”

“Rape laws…” said Richie sullenly as he shook his head at the court summons.

Eric finished his breakfast and set off for school with his two best friends, Brian and David. They’re a gay couple and very popular at school on account of their sexuality. This enables them to mingle with the opposite sex much more freely than other males who have come out of the closet as heterosexuals or who haven’t declared yet.

“So Richie’s out, eh?” said David.

“Yeah, finally,” replied Eric.

“No offense, Eric,” said Brian, “but he shouldn’t have had that woman’s picture in his phone. He should have erased it as soon as she sent it. No telling what kind of thoughts were going through his head. He’s lucky he didn’t get charged with telepathic rape or he’d still be in prison.”

Eric stayed silent. He didn’t dare get into a public debate about rape laws lest he be overheard and reported by a bystander. Plus he didn’t want to compromise his only safe communication link with Claire, who was best friends with David. So he kept his opinion to himself and quietly boarded the monorail bound for school.

Chapter Two: Subsidized B.J.s

Other than a few of his other friends wishing him a happy birthday, the school day was otherwise uneventful. There was the usual gossip about male students being suspended for holding hands with female students, or getting a week’s worth of detention for speaking to a girl without her consent. Nothing out of the ordinary at Sheryl Sandberg High.

The day did get a little more interesting when Miss Anderson had to console a hysterical Cameron Brown (whom everyone called “Cam”), who had a dramatic mental breakdown during class. Rumor had it that the cops were at her house the night before because things got violent between her mothers again. Apparently domestic violence was a regular occurrence at the Brown residence and this particular fight started because of accusations of infidelity involving a man which sent one of them over the edge.

“Did either of them go to jail?” Brian asked at lunch.

“Doubt it,” said Eric. “I heard they’re looking for the dude though.”

“Which one cheated?” asked David.

“My money’s on the one with the government titties,” said Eric. “Besides, they don’t arrest women for shit these days anyway. She’s gotta be shooting up a mall with an AK and even then she’ll get off with a slap on the wrist if she says she was heart broken over some guy.”

“Yeah they didn’t even arrest the woman who tased a toll booth guy who wouldn’t let her through without paying,” said David. “She told the cops he was being rude to her and they let her go home.”

“Typical.” said Eric as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” said Brian. “If he was being rude to her he totally deserved it.”

“Some chick gets her feelings hurt because she couldn’t bat her eye lashes and get a free pass so she tases the poor bastard?!” Eric could feel his adrenaline rising…something he hadn’t felt in quite a while.

“Shhhh…” urged David. “The monitor’s looking over here. Keep your voice down.” David was right. They definitely had the monitor’s attention. All two hundred pounds of him glared in their direction.

“All I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be legal for some butt hurt bitch to tase some random dude and get away with it. Especially if he was just doing his job.”

“What’s gotten into you today?” asked Brian. “You’re acting different. Being all aggressive.”

Eric didn’t respond but it wasn’t because of Brian’s incessant nagging. It was because Claire Bonner had just walked into the cafeteria. He stared at her longingly as she walked by with her eyes glued to her phone. The butterflies in him told him to try and talk to her but just as he stood up to walk over…

“Mr. Peterson!” said the monitor who was walking quickly toward him. “Don’t even think about it!” David pulled him back down in his chair. The monitor retreated to his post but Eric didn’t take his eyes off of Claire.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Brian asked again.

“Don’t worry,” said David. “I’ll see her in Gender Diversity later on.  I’ll tell her you said hi.”

“Does Claire look thinner to you?” Brian asked looking over at her table.

“A little,” David answered. “She says she’s down to 180.”

Chapter Three: To Kill A Paramour

“…and that court decision was the genesis of the Paramour Act of 2042,” said Miss Sweeney. “Any questions?”

“Yeah,” blurted out a rotund girl in the front row. “Why didn’t she kill the son of a bitch?” The girls in the class shook with laughter and exchanged high fives with one another. Miss Sweeney smiled and looked to be fighting back giggles herself.

“But why did he end up in jail?” said a male student in the back row. “She cheated first didn’t she?” A hush fell over the classroom immediately. Every wide-eyed, open-mouthed student turned to look at Marvin Owens.

“Marvin!” yelled Miss Sweeney who’s smile had vanished. “You will not talk out of turn in this classroom! You will raise your hand to speak! Do I make myself clear?!”

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Marvin said sheepishly wilting under the scowl of his teacher and his onlooking classmates.

“Do I need to send you to the nurse again? You seem a little brash today.”

“No,” Marvin answered. “I’m sorry.”

“Good. Now to answer your question,” Miss Sweeney continued, “male cheating is now a crime under the Paramour Act.” Marvin slowly raised his hand. Miss Sweeney sighed loudly.  “Yes?” she said sweetly in a sarcastic tone.

“I-I understand it’s a crime now,” he stammered. “But…it wasn’t before.”

“Well maybe he should have thought of that before he slept with that skinny little slut,” said another porky female. Once again the girls cheered while Miss Sweeney crossed her arms, tilted her head, and looked at Marvin with her customary duck face claiming victory in the debate.

After a little more one-sided female commentary, Miss Sweeney eventually steered the class into a discussion about the recent protests to give benefits to transgendered males in accordance with the Female Security Tax, which grants free residence, food, birth control, post secondary education, cosmetic surgery, and health care to all female U.S. citizens, enacted by President Hillary Clinton in 2021.

Eric, who stopped paying attention at the onset of the Paramour discussion, was checking his phone every two minutes looking for that precious acceptance notification from Claire. None yet. He decided to text David for an update.

Eric: Have you talked to Claire yet?

David: yea

Eric: And?

David: she said hi

Eric: That’s it?

David: she says shes juggling like 7 other guys right now so it looks like ur in for a long wait sorry dude

Eric sighed in defeat and put away his phone.

Toward the end of class Miss Sweeney gave the class a pop quiz on the amendments to the 75 Rape Laws. He barely finished as the bell rang.

“Remember everybody,” said Miss Sweeney as everyone packed up and began filing out of the classroom. “Your essays on the Vasalgel embargos of the 60’s is due tomorrow.”

Chapter 4: The Cheese Stands Alone

Brian and David stayed after school for Glee Club leaving Eric to ride the monorail home alone. The screen in front of him was tuned to a cooking show called “The Violet Chef” which was hosted by a quad-gendered celebrity chef who was famous for his flowery, violet colored apron. Today he was teaching men how to entertain guests with hors d’oeuvres garnished with purple parsley. Eric touched the screen to turn the channel.

“Senator Paul Pelosi IV and his push to ban heterosexual pornography on all mediums, tonight at six.”

He touched the screen again…

“…the NFL will now recognize Breast Cancer Awareness year round, requiring teams to wear pink uniforms for all home games…”

…and again…

“…this ‘Roosh’ character probably wasn’t even a real person. He was probably an online fabrication dreamed up by some pathetic….”

…and again…

“the 25 year anniversary of the ban on high heels is upon us and to celebrate we’re…”

…and again…

“…the newly redesigned 2085 Volkswagen Lady Bug will help you get in touch with your feminine…”

…until he finally turned it off. For some reason he didn’t have the tolerance for T.V. today. He checked his phone again. The only notification was a email from his father:


We’re going to be late getting home tonight. I’m still tied up in court over this bullshit with the cat lady and Richie’s still waiting to be put on the International Sex Offender’s list. Anyway, I transferred some Bitcoin into your account for dinner. Male curfew is 7:12pm tonight so you need to be inside before sundown. They’re increasing security in our neighborhood after the cops picked up a man taking a jog after dark the other night. We cannot afford the fine this time so get your ass inside tonight. See you when we get home.


Eric tossed his backpack into his closet, fell onto his bed, and grabbed his gaming controller.

“Open Grand Theft Auto Twenty-Nine,” he ordered.

“Grand Theft Auto Twenty-Nine is temporarily unavailable pending review under Statute…”

“Fuck—cancel,” he said remembering the GTA mysoginy hearings that started last week in the Supreme Court. He tossed his controller on the floor and grabbed his phone to order dinner when it finally happened:

“New notification from Claire Bonner.”

“Read!” he eagerly said jumping to his feet.

“Claire Bonner wishes to inform you that she has not chosen you for potential contact as her queue is full at the moment.”


“Claire Bonner wishes to inform you…”

“Cancel. Respond.”

“Response option disabled at the request of the sender.”

Eric stood still and stared at the wall for a few moments. He let out another dejected sigh, ordered a cheese pizza for dinner, then walked into his bathroom to take his medication.

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118 thoughts on “2084”

  1. Nice story, but Lena Dunham’s attorneys will probably soon be contacting you for lifting this from her book.

  2. Jokes aside
    – Expect the criminalisation of approaching girls. By that I mean anything less than a 9 out of 10 stud approaching a girl. Rich and incredibly good looking dudes will be OK, but ordinary guys will be prosecuted
    – Expect rejecting a girl you don’t like to be a fireable offence, if in the work place. This will fall under “anti-shaming” legislation. It may well be outright illegal if in the public sphere
    – Expect laws that say you must pay alimony to a girl if you date her for more than 3 months
    – Expect law suits against men for “hurt feelings”, and possible criminal legislation against “broken promises”.
    – Expect grounds for a very prejudicial divorce to include “husband losing job. Not enough money spent on gifts. Not keeping up with the neighbours” and other such frivolous shit
    – Expect paternity tests to be made illegal, like they are in France
    – Expect an open gender redistribution levy/tax on men’s wages. Once governments go to the wall financially, they’ll have to think of more direct methods to buy votes
    Some of these may sound a bit far-fetched. They would have to me a while back. Now I expect movement on these issues from feminists in the very near future

    1. Had the MGTOW movement not taken root I would expect these things to happen pushed by the inertia of un-challenged feminism. But we are becoming more aware and while there is still enough men with a good pair in this country the trend can and WILL be reversed.

      1. I remember reading an unbelievable article in the British Spectator Magazine a few years ago that basically said paternity tests unfairly removed power from women to cheat with no consequences, and how this is somehow morally wrong.
        What it meant to say is that a women should be able to sleep around then fraudulently lumber some poor victim with 18 years worth of parental responsibility.
        Reading that was a red pill moment for me. I was completely ignorant about how extreme feminism was until then.
        Here’s the article

        1. I just read the article… Somehow these feminist writers continue to find new ways to surprise me… I thought I saw it all by now.

    2. “Expect?” More like “realize.”
      Everything you posit is already happening:
      The criminalization of approaching a girl – see the “street harassment” video of a few months ago. Now realize this, if that girl told one cop that any one of those dudes was being “creepy,” the cops would have detained and possibly arrested him.
      Rejecting a girl being a fireable offense – under existing sexual harassment laws, and the policy at every company you could work for, all some disgruntled bitch has to do is complain to HR that you propositioned her and made her feel uncomfortable. You’re done. It doesn’t matter if she instigated it. You will not be allowed to defend yourself.
      Pay alimony to a girl you date – it’s called “common law marriage.” It already exists.
      Hurt feelings lawsuits – its’ called false rape allegations. Look at what’s happening to Bill Cosby. Zero proof. Not even one picture of him with any one of these women. Lawsuits seeking millions in damages.
      Lax divorce standards – it’s called “no fault divorce.” It already exists. It doesn’t matter that it’s “no fault,” she still gets cash and prizes.
      Paternity tests illegal – what difference does that make? In this fucked up country, you can be held liable for child support even when the paternity test shows that the child is not yours: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/national/court-says-man-owes-child-support-kid-who-isnt-his/nhtJ7/
      Open gender redistribution – we already have that with child support, alimony and welfare. Perhaps it will get a bit worse, but it’s here.
      Men need to realize that this dystopia is not some hypothetical, far-fetched future scenario. It is here. The question is: are you going to dig in your heels and start to fight back?
      The UVA rape case sums this up perfectly. It is now beyond debate that Jackie Coakley lied about everything in order to get attention from a man she wanted. The frat members finally spoke up after the police concluded their investigation, and they felt compelled to say that they were not the victims! They said that the real victims are those who have suffered sexual assault. This is a perfect illustration of the exact wrong way to go. All it does is give more inches to these SJWs that add up to miles. These guys should be saying they are victims and demanding prosecution. At the very least, they should be asking why a university that has an honor code that prohibits lying isn’t taking disciplinary action against this woman who has been caught flat-footed in a lie. They should be suing the school to make sure innocent men aren’t victimized in the future. Instead, they feel compelled to trot out the approved feminist talking points when their execution has been stayed.
      Fuck this. This is war. Men would be well served to recognize it and fight back.

      1. Sexual harassment does not apply in the public sphere. Show me any legal action taken against the men in the streetwalker video.
        You are being a bit dramatic man, leave the histrionics to the chicks.

        1. I beg to differ that this is “histrionics.”
          It’s long, but here’s the key passage:
          It’s impossible to know how many street harassment incidents occur in the region each year. Police departments and federal law enforcement agencies categorize crimes by type — rape, assault, public disturbance — which mean the details of each case would have to be dissected individually to determine whether it also fits the category of street harassment. Even then, it’s largely subjective. While some incidents are clearly criminal — grabbing someone’s privates, for example, can besexual battery — most fall into a gray area. Even if people call the police, it’s difficult to say how each case will be handled. Catcalling is not a crime but depending on what is said and how it’s said, a person could be charged with disorderly conduct, says Montgomery County police officer Rebecca Innocenti. Harassment is also a potential charge, but a pattern of behavior must be shown and the person must have been warned to stop.
          “What I would say to people, women or men, is if you have an area of concern, call police,” Innocenti says. “Call us.”
          And do it quickly to improve the chances someone is caught, says Robert Icolari, a detective with the special victims unit in Arlington County.
          Folks are arrested for this – and sure, some of them deserve to be. But let’s not assume that you can’t be arrested for some trumped up story – just because you aren’t hearing about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

        2. Also forgot to mention – this will not be classified as “sexual harassment,” though that is undoubtedly what the alleged victims think it is. There are a variety of other laws within the public sphere it can fall under, from assault to battery to hate speech, all of which you can be arrested for.

        3. Ghost – not to bombard you, but the NY Penal Code also has laws against harassment:
          Of note:
          “Harassment in the Second Degree: A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person:
          He or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose.”
          That last part is an invitation for women to report street harassment.
          The NYPD will accept such reports: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/1790/harassment

        4. I wish it were true, but I live in a purple state that until recently was reliably red. Even still, living in a red meat state only goes so far if no one is willing to stand up to constitutional overreach by a federal government that feels it can tell states what their laws should be – see gay marriage. A right leaning SCOTUS has done little to block this overreach, so geographic relocation is no longer a workable solution.

        5. Yes, and whenever i meet a frenchman, i remind him what a bitch and pussy he is – paying for some other dudes kid.

        6. It was about dusk one evening in the fall. A man sat on a park bench in Reykjavík and looked at two young women as they jogged by. They must really have been “creeped” by his “gaze”, even if it lasted only a few seconds because he didn’t turn his head. For they pulled out their phones and reported him to the police who showed up minutes later. True story. If you happen to stroll by yourself in broad daylight on the sidewalks in Seltjarnarnes, and women are taking to the sun on the balconies above your head, the same thing can happen. Have nothing to do with modern women. They can destroy you. And given the chance they will.

        7. I should have been clear, I meant in the U.S. The idiot leftist tyrannies are far worse in Europe and direct European proximity nations (England, Iceland, Ireland, etc).
          A girl calls and reports that she’s laying out in a bikini and some random guy that walks by and looks at her, will get laughed off the phone here. There are no laws against looking, here, yet.

      2. Agreed, I just read something that the actress was paid to destroy Bill Cosby’s reputation. I am not sure how true this is but notice you don’t hear to much about the rape charges anymore.

      3. Well said.
        I don’t understand the “street harassment” nonsense.
        When I am complimented or approached by men in public, I feel flattered if he approaches me in a polite way. I let them know that I am married and enjoy feeling extra attractive for the rest of the day.
        When men make animal noises or approach me rudely, I simply tell them to fuck off and move on. No need to amplify such a small incident and call it “harassment”.
        As for “no fault” divorce, I believe that too many women focus on the wrong things when they get married. They spend months planning a wedding when it is only one day, instead of thinking about how to be good wives. They also think nothing of ending a marriage for ridiculous reasons such as boredom. I have no desire to end my lifetime commitment for frivolous reasons perpetuated by anti marriage feminazis. My husband and I married in a private ceremony next to a lake; we both thought huge weddings are a waste of money.
        As a sexual abuse survivor who spent years in counseling so that I could be a healthy partner to a good man, I find false rape accusations offensive and ridiculous. Women who take advantage of the legal system’s bias against men should be jailed.

    3. The good news: None of these (except maybe illegal paternity tests) will happen. Why? Because feminists have already killed the golden goose. Men are already on strike and dropping out. How long do you think this can continue? Men are waking up, refusing to marry, refusing to even work. Why bother? Push any harder, and American men will go the way of Russian men, only even more belligerent and angry, looking upon women with contempt and scorn, at best. They push any harder, and you can kiss American productivity goodbye, and without that, no more economy, no more money to prop these whores up.
      How ironic… These feminists hurting men only lead to them killing themselves. Feminists cannot survive without men and masculine productivity.
      How ironic that I am the one consistently bringing the more optimistic outlook in the Manosphere….

      1. I hope you’re right but I think there will always be hordes of men who will give up everything they have to women in exchange for love and sex.

        1. MGTOW kinda disproves that. It’s what I’m doing. I was like, “Jeez.. what do women have to offer other than a fun series of holes? Oh, right… drama and bullshit… You know… I think I’ll just work on my degree, lift weights, and focus on martial arts for the time being… kthxbai”

        2. True, Recently I just started to think about the same thing. “What exactly do I get from my chick?” Sure It’s a stable income of pussy, but in return I have to put up with her emotions and drama and all that bullshit.
          She gets to enjoy my company, she gets to spend my valuable time and she enjoys my support and comfort.
          I regularly go down on her, yet she can’t be bothered to give me a blowjob. Claims that she doesn’t feel comfortable about the idea. Doesn’t seem to have a problem with making out with me after I went down on her though, yet sucking on my dick is just too “icky” for her.
          Fuck this shit man, long live the sluts!

        3. No, no, NO!!! Everything has its price, including pussy, and everything shown here and experienced in the real world shows that the price is too high for the vast majority of men to afford.

      2. It’s fascinating to ponder where all these babbling blogging feminist strippers would be… without the alpha males who frequent the joint… and run this country. lol

      3. Your right but a bunch of mexican immirgrants can just take the place of the men like capitalism is already doing.

        1. No they won’t. Mexicans only work until the gibs start flowing in. Feed them welfare, they become as worthless as ghetto blacks. I know this from personal experience at family reunions. Lulz.

    4. I have a solution for those of you who are not weak of heart, as a, how you say it, “red pill” man wouldn’t be: Just stand your ground. Stand your motherfucking ground. Hurt feelings? Broken Promises? Anti-shaming? Good God the 21st century really is the pit of human excrement. Here’s how it works: some woman, namely a first-world middle/upper class delusional cunt, accuses you of something trifling and stupid, and expects some kind of legal recompense. You tell her to go fuck herself and walk away. If police come after you, don’t give in to the system, tell them to go fuck themselves and walk away. They are probably either “minorities” or females themselves from what I’m hearing of the law enforcement in the US. If enough men make a stand the weak arm of the law will do one of two things: intensify their worlock-hunt thereby forcing our hand to take radical measures, hopefully violent, or back-off, thereby revealing to the world that there is a psychotic paradigm in their agenda. The great human warriors of the past would weep if they could see how far we have fallen, so stand your ground, to your dying breath, at least to honor yourself as a descendant of greater sires instead of continuing a line of lesser men.

        1. Every man should. When it comes to differences in agreement between white men and non-white men, keyword being men, and men only, think back on your ancestors before modern times and remember each had their own successive empires, and realize that perhaps the best strategy would be to separate your community’s proximity in order for it to flourish again. The only problem people face then is the unidentified “mixed” population of people who have no singular cultural identity in this century.

  3. You forgot the ending: American men stop being productive and overall useful due to having lost a stake in society, with MGTOW having reached critical mass. America stagnates and is surpassed by more patriarchal societies. An Islamic invasion of holy warriors wearing power armor and packing plasma rifles happens. The US military, which hasn’t seen any arms development since Future Warrior was discontinued due to being too toxically masculine, is outgunned and swept aside before it. Servicemen rout, desert and surrender in droves, thoroughly unmotivated by the fight, in no small part due to seditious voices within which suggest it would be better if America lost and the invaders would put the bitches back in the kitchen. In a vain attempt to stem the tide, the Man Up and Don the Armor of the White Knight Act is passed, and FEMKVD blocking detachments established to prevent unauthorized retreats.

  4. I’ve said this before and it needs repeating: This age of nonsense can’t endure, human reality abhors it.
    The longer this nonsense goes on, the harsher newer generations react against it. As someone said, people don’t change their minds. They die, and are replaced by people with different opinions.

  5. This is more like 2034.
    2084 will look more like a combo of Soylent Green, Elysium, with a dash of Minority Report’s pre-crime.

      1. Its like brave new world now. Will be like 1984 of course. Not sure why you would include Neuromancer, those 80s-90s writer thought everything would be awesome in the future. all were dead wrong.

    1. Throw in “The Giver” and you will have an even more accurate recipe for the end of critical thinking and masculine behavior as we know it.

  6. While entertaining, I don’t like hysterical bullshit like this too much. This is the exact same thing, though opposite in narrative obviously, that RadFems would write to justify bullshit. This is why the pendulum is starting to slow, if not move, in the other direction against them. Just like the McMartin case in the 1980’s was the death knell (though it was a long, expensive, and tortuous time for the family) for the child abuse hysteria that swept America we are approaching (or have hit) the peak of rape hysteria.
    We, males at large not Phi Psi, should be thanking Sabrina for her bullshit article. No, really, we should. We should also be thanking, praising, those who had the wherewithal to to dig into “Jackie’s” story. The third wave feminists will come to rue the day they let the narrative run itself so far that they lost control of it. Don’t believe me, believe that the 1 in 5 stat was ripped out of the senator’s webpage. Rather than, as would have happened as little as a year or two ago, defend the stat or pull some smoke and mirrors bullshit to keep it there it was unceremoniously yanked. Quietly, lest it get tied around the senator’s neck like a stone.
    The biggest problem I see with this community is the same hysterical tendencies I see in SJW’s. Whether it’s about China, which is now looking at a series of economic tests (slowing economy, drastic competition in it’s market, strapped resource pricing though oil’s fall has helped, rapidly aging work population, et al.) or about feminism many of us fall into that trap. Don’t be that person. A hysterical response is what feminists want because it is polarizing, and they’ll play the maiden / victim card. We know who will win that way: feminists.
    So, what do we do? Simple things. The article mentioned VasalGel. That’s a big one right there, and it can be accomplished, with female help! What females? The mothers with sons first off. They don’t want their sons being trapped by women, and they know women. They are women, and know the bullshit lies women tell to get what they want. What is the action? Fast track approval. Why? Because it frees men from trusting women. You can sell it to even more women, the hippie / naturalist girls who don’t like hormones in food (et al.), this way: (read in the voice of Morgan Freeman)
    “For too long women have had the near sole responsibility to take hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy. Now it’s a new day, one where men can take some of the burden. Introducing VasalGel, the first easily reversible, non-hormonal, male birth control option. It’s time to free women from taking unnecessary hormones, talk to your doctor about VasalGel today.”
    Couched in that language, it should be a pretty easy sell to many (or even most) women. Why? It hits all their little emotionally controlled buttons. Then they’ll learn what others have learned: that once something is legalized, safe, and shown to be effective getting rid of it is a bitch of a thing to do. Of course that backlash won’t happen for a decade or two, and more women who are left barren by men refusing to give them a child start to blame it. The trick is we have to get it as an option first! Getting a bunch of women on the FDA’s ass will make it happen that much faster because they’ll pile onto the train and howl and cry until it’s done. Women are much more pack minded that way.
    The one thing the article is spot on about is the use of chemicals in children. This affects boys far more than girls, obviously, but society has fucked this up. Kids, especially boys, are naturally physical and rambunctious. We don’t give kids recess like I had as a child, and it’s leaving them too wound up to learn! When I was a kid, we had a 20 minute morning recess after a lesson or two (lessons varied by length), followed another lesson or two, lunch (with more recess, usually 40 minutes to eat and play, and kids ate fast to get outside, even the girls), with another set of lessons, plus gym and another recess in the afternoon. We’ve (society) fucked that up badly. My neice’s private school is no better than a public school in this regard. One afternoon recess, and gym a couple days a week? We’d rather drug our kids than let them run it off? We wonder why they get fat, other than the food? No shit, here’s a big part of it. I blame a combination of factors here, including lackadaisical parenting and the pharmaceutical industry. I’m glad my family is pilots. The school suggested my niece end up on some drug bullshit and had mom half talked into it. My brother said fuck that: she’s a kid, she’s active, and she wants to learn to fly in a few years. That drug will make learning to fly (legally) near impossible. He told the school (politely) where to shove their pills and talked to his daughter about focus in the classroom if she wanted to learn to fly. She’s done better, but she (and so many of our kids) need MORE physical activity to be able to settle down and learn.
    In short, leave the hysterical writings to the Social Justice Warriors and RadFems. Posit useful things to correct, not just use a narrative to inflame, and be better. This is for us, not for them to decide. We decide how we want people to view us if they take an dispassionate look. Do we look like men discussing ideas dispassionately for the betterment of ourselves and society, or do we look like hysterical people crying about “OPPRESSION!”? I can tell you which is far more threatening to the SJW narrative, and you should be able to figure that out too.

    1. I agree with everything you said. Mainly the part about this community being just as hysterical.That is the main reason i decided to leave the red pill. A lot of the things they said, such as how women act/behave proved true, but there was all too many hysterical far out posts.
      Either way, i think in the future, some things will become easier, and some will become harder…the main point is for there to be men to raise boys to men. That means being able to provide for themselves, knowing what to do, exercising, etc. Those will be the men who don’t have problems if any compared to the guys who do nothing and expect women to come to them.

      1. You don’t leave red pill or MGTOW or whatever you want to call it. You evolve past it. You no longer need validation. You know. You understand. You accept. You see the word for the bullshit it is.

      2. I just think playing into the attention seeking behavior won’t help. I know that responding to hysteria with hysteria is pointless, and shows a lack of leadership. Leaders respond with ideas.

  7. I want to see a YA dystopian novel/movie which shows what girls would really like to do to a lot of the boys they know: Round them up when they turn 18, evaluate them for tingle-worthiness, and then murder the ones who don’t make the cut so that they won’t hang around and keep bothering these young women for sex.
    Any suggested titles?

        1. Funnily enough – that was just what Krista Femitheist was proposing. And Mary Daly. And Valerie Solanas.

  8. 2084 ? Nope, 2015 in the case of chapter three in regards my college classes- in chemistry – the girls can act like toddlers and shout out, but the few guys, we have to toe the line and “be polite” “put your hand up to talk” etc. And of course, it the guys’ fault for everything, even if we weren’t there.

  9. This is just my opinion, I think the Name MGTOW is kind of a Defeatist name for a Great cause. When I think of Men Going Their Own Way, I think of a defeated man who has given up, who prefers a Asexual Lifestyle,who is running away from a society which he built,and at worst I think homosexual tendencies may form from it when women are thrown off all together and the male sexual urge needs to be fed. I propose a better Name For the Great Cause…MTBR or Men Taking Back Rights, This name firmly states that we are not giving up, Its says Men are going to fight for their rights, it says that society is ours and that we are not going to let them push us out .. but take it back, It is the Alpha answer to take back, and not cower or go a different direction with the least resistance but to face off when times become unfavorable. MTBR states clearly that men are going to dig in and fight for a society where they have rights, MGTOW to me says , “I’ve had enough” , “its not worth it”, Ect ect.

    1. I have to disagree entirely. MGTOW is how a man reacts to a ridiculously unfair scenario. Decisive, final, self-interested. That kind of “Fuck you, I’m leaving,” attitude is why America exists. MGTOW is a more legitimate threat. It’s more like “Fuck it. You’re terrible. You know it. We know it. And we’re done. Off to Thailand. Girls who look good in bikinis, right? Yeah, we like that. We kept trying to tell you that and you just ate even more ice cream. We don’t like all this clutter in the house. We tried to tell you. You didn’t give a shit so now we’re MGTOW/Minimalist. We tried to tell you. We don’t like giving our lives over for absolutely nothing in return. You already knew that. We tried to tell you even though you already knew it and you laughed it off anyway because you know what the divorce laws are. Fuck you. Hope your car starts tomorrow morning. We’re gone. Watch out for that unwashed horde of immigrants who want to rape you. Fuck you and good luck.”
      MTBR sounds like “Hey we want to have some fun with victimhood too.” I think of marches, martyrdom as pleasure, zany SJW theatrics. Yet another group of narcissists who want to play in the street, wear Guy Fawkes masks and get on TV. That’s my snap impression of how it sounds. I know that’s not how you meant for it to sound and that’s not the kind of activity you’re calling for.
      I like the finality, suddenness and maleness of MGTOW. MTBR sounds like a drawn-out pleading for some concessions handing out by our female and mangina overlords.
      But you’re definitely thinking about the issue in a clear, proper way.

      1. I’m not going to give up, this society is ours.Most men have been brainwashed to believe they are useless or that they can do nothing, there needs to be a social reengineering of young men so they believe in themselves and are not ashamed of acting like Men. All this can be achieved with enough votes and the right Politician. The work is getting the message out.

        1. That’s all cool. You’re doing your part and trying to fix a wrong. It’s almost the same thing anyway. MGTOW and being proactive can happen at the same time. I like the ability that men have to take immediate action simply because we do EVERYTHING. A one day strike and the country gets the idea.

  10. Our dystopian (not nearly as distant as 2084) future has already been predicted in Brave New World: state replaces family, loving relationships replaced by cheap sex with multiple partners, people are ruled by pleasure, music and art is sexually driven, people are numbed with drugs, uniformity of ideas and opinions.

  11. Great work man! But look, you should/can take it to the full by writing the whole novel. There are a lot of things from the 1984 that have counterparts here like the 5 minute hate, Winston’s affair with his colleague, their dissidence and arrest, etc. Other things to include are the disenfranchisement of men who do things better than women do, culling of old men at a certain age (already alluded to in NYTimes in 2011 under the title “Costs vs benefits of men living longer”), etc. You can do it if you want!

  12. I wonder if they have they have Robocops on steroids then, because 30% of the male population would go Elliott Rodgers on the bitches sooner or later. Heck 80% of men would consider becoming Islamic terrorists, since the promise of anything – even sweet death is better than that crap-fest. Even that 72 virgins option on Family Guy would be an improvement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtS9ssgR9C4

  13. Suddenly there was a great blaze across the sky and a
    capsule fell into the ocean. Emerging from it was an astronaut who had been in cryogenic sleep for the past few decades. His name was Genghis Sherman
    Buzz Max Power Armstrong, recently returning as the sole human to come into
    contact with alien life.
    Immediately upon landing Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong’s testosterone levels were so high that it set off the masculinity alarm. All feminists on the planet were immediately triggered and went into a PTSD panic.
    White Knight beta security forces, imagining that they might get to have sex for the first time ever, flew into action and patrolled the streets looking for Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong.
    But Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong was to
    powerful. He had spent a number of years on the alien planet Yasina where gravity was 5x as powerful as on earth. The first security teams to try to take Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong on were instantly destroyed as he used his mighty gravity powered fists to beat them to a pulp. Then the Feminists sent in the tanks and helicopters, but due to “equalizing” work quotas- no men had been doing the maintenance for years, and all the vehicles were barely operating.
    Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong, seeing the
    pathetic state of the helicopters and tanks used his alien death ray- given to
    him by the naturally three breasted princess of Yasina for giving her the best
    lay of her life and a wonderful half human son which she dutifully cared
    for. The death ray vaporized all the antiquated barely functioning war machines of the feminists.
    Suddenly Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong, opened
    his shirt and bared his manly chest hair. All the non-fat women who had somehow escaped feminist programming thronged to Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong. He took them off to a secret island paradise and set up his death ray to autoshoot anything that came near. All the feminists of the world complained and bitched to each other because Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong had created a male space and taken all remaining thin feminine women with him. But they could not approach and could not invent anything to overcome Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong’s death ray because that would require science and there was a feminist quota for that
    The end.

    1. This sounds like GayLubeOil’s story where he beats the shit outta feminists while screaming, “YOU CAN’T STOP THIS RUSSIAN ANABOLIC GAIN TRAIN! NOW GIVE ME BACK THAT MEAT TRAY!” Good shit.

      1. ha ha ha “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”

  14. The teacher paused and then asked, “So what do you think of the story, class?”
    A sharp boy stated, “That was repulsive. I’m disgusted that human beings could be described as descending to such a horrid level.”
    A girl about his age snuggled against him and said “I thought it was more scary than nasty.”
    Another strong fellow spoke.
    “I was laughing in my mind the entire time. Nothing could be further from the reality, though I think the author wasn’t going for an honest prediction anyway.”
    The teacher replied, “Oh, he was.”
    The student showed slight surprise.
    “Well class, it’s almost time to leave. Be sure to read “The Antimans” for homework. It has a similar theme. Until next time, students!”
    *Bell Rings*
    Teacher: Remember to enjoy life!
    As the students happily walked out, with more pairs than singles, one boy turned around and waved.
    “You too Mr. Valizadeh!”

    1. Something tells me this story (the article) will not be the future. The tide is turning, men are waking up.
      “It is only when you lost everything, do you realize you have everything to gain.” And men today have lost everything that matters.

  15. Awesome read. Great outline for movie script. But hollywierd won’t be calling because too many feminist / queers in control now in american media.

    1. just strike out the word ‘dystopia’ in the title and write ‘utopia’ and they’ll snap it up. Oh, and change the hero figure to the fat bird getting virtually harassed by those 7 rapists

  16. Good stuff. Although if it were adapted for mainstream readership it would probably need to be ‘diluted’ there’s nothing here that isn’t in some or other form present today:
    Here for comparison is the summary of a news story from a week ago:
    “Boy, 15, hanged himself after teachers grilled him over sexual encounter with girl and he ‘feared he’d be sent to prison’. Yale Howarth, 15, found dead in the garage of his home in north Wales. He had been quizzed by teachers after a girl asked for morning after pill. Yale told them he and the girl had drunk alcohol but had not had sex. He expressed fears he might go to prison, the inquest in Ruthin heard.
    Oh, and by the way if you read this ‘story’ written by a lady Daily Mail fiction writer you’ll note that only 9 people have been allowed to comment on it, and all of those comments barring one plays down the gender factor, the fact that this kid had become so terrified of being imprisoned for a completely consensual non-penetrative sex act for which he alone had been blamed that he decided there was only one way out.
    2084 is right now. Well done feminists.

      1. The daily mail is glam porn, feminism with a bit of right wing intolerance thrown in. But at least they covered the story. Two other mainstream outlets, the BBC and the Daily Mirror covered it, but neither allowed comments. Basically a young man died, his death threatened the ‘rape culture’ narrative, so they ignored his death to the extent of a virtual cover up.

  17. So…there will be a national monorail in the future? Hey, silver lining!
    What can I say I’m a glass is half-full kind of guy.

  18. Amusing story but fails to take into account the deterioration of infrastructure and superstructure of civilization which occurs under bitch rule. Bridges collapse and skyscrapers tumble as their core beams rust away from the acidic urine of cockroaches and other insects.
    In the Micronesian and Oceanic South Pacific there are many island ‘micro nations’ which reveal the real life effects of total matriarchal ‘BITCH RULE’. Long ago they killed ‘THE ARCHITECT’ and forever eradicated his male energy from their genestock. The precession of centuries following have seen an evolution as the females grew larger and more dominant than the smaller males.
    In these aboriginal island cultures it is common to see a fat marm or queen with toothed necklace and unclad sagging tits clapping her hands ordering her ‘kept’ males around while human arm and leg bones are cooking in a large pot placed in the center of the encampment. Ancient aboriginal peoples who live eternally in GRASS HUTS and practice cannibalism is what you get when you KILL THE ARCHITECT.
    The South Pacific is the region where the legendary continent of Lemuria once existed – UNTIL IT SANK. Under bitch rule THE WHOLE PLACE FUCKING SANK!!

  19. Disagree – In my opinion, women two generations from now will be unhappier than in documented history and men will be happiest. There will be a single measure of every human going forward. Utility. Utility is the providence of men and makes women shake in their boots. Measure a woman by utility and utility only and she will have a nervous breakdown.
    Care is a cheap commodity. Very cheap – like preschool teacher cheap, like minimum wage cheap. Care cant be stratified. It can be effectively outsourced too. Much of what women do will be outsourced in the future. For simple example, education will be at a terminal – high school will resemble community college – its starting with A & B days at schools already. Teaching profession will go the route of used car salesmen (dust bin). Additionally, once we as humans understand the human needs of care better, we will be able to get more effective and more rewarding faux-care technologically than from women. This will up-end about 30% of what women do.
    The future will be technology, technology driven and technology only. Feminists love the idea of Eco-Whatever, but find the dais full of men. Women will hate life, more and more. Women actually missed the boat, they would have probably been more successful in previous technological times, when things were not as abstract, but business still required community. That is over now – an email will suffice rather than a long drawn out sale.
    What I think most miss is that thoughts and ideas do not change a culture, its the tools in the humans hands that change the culture. Iphones and the internet changed the culture recently and we now see women expressing their silliness in a very public way. Appliances allowed for women to work away from the home and also allowed for men to live without women – so meh.
    The tools in humans hands will change things – for all the ranting and raving, once the SJW types get traction, they get pounced universally. Even Women are getting fed up with the demands of Women, if only because they are in a pickle now, and dont even realize it. One side is a man (which they are being told is bad) and the other is fear. While reaching for independence, they are giving up on their core being. This is causing them to lash out so much – its fear of the future. Fear of only having themselves as guardians – fear of not being “taken care of”.
    As men, you will have all the cards in the future IMHO. There is something that i think is missing from most Gender related debates. Men dont achieve full mental maturity until 25. This is just a few years after formal education typically. Then women are left behind – way behind.

  20. Much of this has already come to pass, such as the unequal treatment under the law. There are lots of studies about the differences in male/female sentences for the same crime.
    The reason feminists & women scream about the patriarchy so much is to obscure the fact that we live in a men-bad-women-good matriarchy. At least in the US, you have to be going through life with blinders on not to realize this.

    1. I agree. The more their power grows, the more insanely shrill their cries of injustice will be in order to deflect attention from the lopsided power structure.

  21. When the book “1984” was written, his fears were big brother is watching, never in his darkest fears was the horrific scenario of “big sister is watching”

    1. What is depicted in this story is REAL and is currently called the BETASPHERE. Many are trapped in it. The happenings all occur only without the overt overtones and the bitch rule is with the whip of domestic and corporate browbeating.

  22. A cross between Orwell and Huxley.
    It’s very hard to do but I think this was done well. Would be curious to see Eric in 2 years.
    10 years ago….nah….
    Now? Certain….

  23. “…this ‘Roosh’ character probably wasn’t even a real person. He was probably an online fabrication dreamed up by some pathetic….”

  24. I don’t think so. The military, PD and gun owners or mostly male. The twats know that if they push too far there’ll be a ‘ground and pound’ , if not a full blown Elliot Rogers in their future.
    They can pass all of the laws they want but who enforces the law?

  25. This was a painfully beautiful work of art. But I have one problem: The fat chicks giving each other high-fives already occurs. I think you need to change the title to 2024.

  26. Hate to say but if this is what 2084 is gonna be like we should do what Elliot Rodger suggested: Overthrow the gubment and women.

  27. When you put it this way..it’s creepy. I wouldn’t last two hours without being sent to jail,just because I wouldn’t bow down to these bitches. I understand that feminist are working for a future like this, even if they don’t know they are doing it. So we can’t let things get this far.

  28. I just posted on ‘The Antimans’ thread about Barker and Corbett’s ‘The Worm that Turned’ TV serial. You might want to look it up if interested in related entertainment. It does date back to the 1970’s though.

  29. Long before the embrace of the politics and culture of the Junior Anti-Sex League, I expect the following to happen to avert it:
    First, we are heading ultimately in the direction of a far more patriarchal society, as Philip Longman has pointed out. Don’t believe me? Consider the following scores at halftime:
    Michelle Duggar, 19
    Sandra Fluke, 0
    Mitt Romney, 18
    Bill Clinton, 1
    You catch my drift here? Not to mention the growth in populations of far more patriarchal groups in both North American and Western Europe. In fact, if the characters in this fable are white, then there’s a good chance they won’t even exist in 2084 due to the failure of those whose would have been their great/grandmothers to breed.
    That’s the most likely scenario. A much less likely path is a rising tide of violence against women perpetrated by men rationally concluding that if they can be put away or even executed for saying the wrong thing or looking at them the wrong way, they might as well bear the consequences for a REAL crime.

  30. As a close friend and expat who has lived in SE Asia for many years once said to me: “Man ceded the territory of the United States of America to women in the year 2000. None of this crap is a problem in many other countries. Read “The Hedonist” by Brett Tate for an introduction. Nor is age, looks, or income. You’ve got it made simply because you’re an American. You probably won’t want to date here any more but if you still love American women when you get back, then this is your leverage to keep them in line. So get your ass on a plane 😉

  31. Geez, just reading this further lowers my opinion about Angle society, to the point it only validates Game of Thrones memes; I don’t even watch Game of Thrones, for the record.

  32. Anyone remembers trailer for movie called GRAY STATE? Its about totalitarian police state, trailer here:

    Week ago director and his family were found dead. “Suicide”.

  33. Lots of mentions of “Eliot Rodger” in the comments, which is a known and obvious hoax, and not one mention of the people who created Communism and inspired “1984”.
    Are you guys stupid, sackless, or both?

  34. This reminds me of an incident at a job I worked at years ago.
    A young man and I engaged in flirty banter; we would compliment each other every day and have lunch together. One of the office walruses complained to HR that we were making inappropriate sexual comments. I guess she was upset because nobody ever complimented her. I was happy to defend my male colleague as he had done nothing wrong.
    Feminists are ruining courtship and gender relations. This society we live in glorifies divorce and stifling masculinity. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

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