How A Vasectomy Improved My Game

Prior to getting a vasectomy my biggest fear in life was some girl I was fucking telling me she was pregnant. Forget thoughts of cancer, natural disasters or dying in a car accident this is what kept me up at night. Truth be told I had heard those words before and I have had to pay for more than one abortion—it was a road I swore I would never go down again. To ensure I would never be a dad against my will a couple years ago I got the best form of prevention available to a man, a vasectomy, which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Obviously if you know you want to be a father one day do not get it done. But I believe a major life-altering move like becoming a parent should not be controlled by some girl you’re fucking whose period is late. You need to really, really want to be a father and anything less you should just stay an uncle or be a big brother if your need to be around kids is that strong.

If you decide to get the vasectomy do yourself a favor and bank some of your sperm prior to the procedure. While it might end up being 3-500 dollars a year in storage fees it is worth it. Think of it as an insurance policy so if you change your mind you do not have to go under the knife for the dreaded vasectomy reversal (not always successful and usually not covered by insurance).

If you do decide to go through with it get a non-scalpel as it is the least invasive option and you should plan of taking at least 3-4 days off work/physical activity after its done. Then it is just a waiting game as for how long you will be shooting blanks but generally speaking after two months you will be sterile. After that the fun and attitude changes begin.

How Does A Vasectomy Relate To Game?

It gives you leverage with women, a sense of control that has made me feel untouchable to the biggest trap a woman can lay on a man, making him a father against his will. For instance, with the exception of one night stands, prior to getting a vasectomy I always would prescreen the girls I was with to see if they were religious or if their biological clocks were ticking just to make sure in the event of a pregnancy they would get an abortion. Today those thoughts are a distant memory and even if I am raw dogging a Mormon chick I can be assured she can’t stick me with 18 years of child support. I sleep easy at night knowing as long as I don’t get married legally no women can ever be entitled to any of my wealth.

While variations of a man’s game may differ we can agree being alpha is a key component to it. That who gives a fuck, you-can’t-affect-me attitude which is central to being alpha is on overdrive post vasectomy. My advice is don’t tell the girls you are banging that you have had it done, as the way you act after a vasectomy will only further your I-don’t-give-a-fuck nature in her eyes, and she doesn’t need to know why that is.

This attitude extends itself to the bedroom as your prior inhibitions are now a thing of the past. Now you don’t have to check your condom during sex to make sure it has not ripped or in that heat of the moment you don’t have to worry about wrapping your dick. There is energy you expel post vasectomy that is palpable to the females in your orbit. The best part is that unlike so many things this feeling of being untouchable does not go away with time. It’s a constant feeling that you carry around with you and you come to absorb the fact that now you are immune from being trapped by a female. That indifference to the consequences makes you attractive. I genuinely feel pity for men who have not had it done as I know how much their life will be altered in the event that some girl they are laying pipe to finds she is pregnant and decides to keep junior.

Waiting for the male pill is an option. But for how many years has it been talked about? Believe me if that was available I would not be writing this article as every player reading this would likely have a prescription to it. Upon disclosure of my vasectomy to other men I have been asked if I feel like less of a man. I find this amusing, because I have never felt as alpha as I do today.

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144 thoughts on “How A Vasectomy Improved My Game”

  1. Do you feel any reduction in testosterone and/or sex drive? That’s really the only thing holding me back and crossing my fingers until RISUG or something comes out.

    1. THIS.
      Do your research, men. Vasectomies immediately diminish testosterone levels. This has been shown repeatedly in clinical tests.
      Vasectomies lowering testosterone is predictable. In both men and women, there is always a positive correlation between fertility and virility. That is, men with the highest sperm counts and women with the highest ovulation peaks also have the highest sexual desire. People who say, “I don’t want children!” and have no desire for Darwinian survival? Those people are also sexless (even if they act like sex gods).

      1. That’s fine. But vasectomies lower T-levels, and T-levels are generally correlated with sexual virility.
        It’s a general consequence of vasectomies, but not absolute. Either way, men should understand that their testosterone levels are liable to dip with a vasectomy.

      2. Fertility though is influenced by FSH, not Testosterone. What kind of reduction are we talking about, anyways?

    2. DON’T DO IT!!!
      Your body knows that you’re shooting blanks and your libido will suffer. I know mine did and I finally had it reversed then felt fine and much more manly.
      It got me nothing from the women too. In fact, wife and mother material saw it as a downside.
      All in all, this is a feminist plot that I regret buying into as a young man.

  2. no loss in testorerone. shit i squeezed a load some 12 hrs after i got it done just to make sure my pipes we working.

    1. dude abortions and visectomies disgust me. like, the fact that people would do it. you mutillate your genitals and destroy your offspring. to me its comparable to getting a sex change.
      you have gone against your own animalistic masculine instinct out of fear of a woman. you have given your imprint on humanity (posssibly a large one) to me because you are scared of bitches.
      you neutered yourself like a dog. you made yourself sterile. you are now a waste of being, your existence pointless. you are useless as an animal. you will atrophe and die and nothing more.

  3. there are ways to insure that you never pay a cent of child support even if you sire 1000 children. It’s another tragedy of the american culture that men who grew up in its context feel mutilating themselves to the point of sterility is a form of empowerment; one of the most delusional articles I have ever read; the author is a victim who has voluntarily become a neutered mouse owing to the oppressive rules of his society…
    To all the deluded gentlemen who claim banging some pussy liberally is a form of advantage / alpha status etc., how does your puny masculinity compare to say that of a guy like Genghis Khan ?..

    1. Somehow you left out the interesting part of your comment.

      there are ways to insure that you never pay a cent of child support even if you sire 1000 children.

      Other than being piss poor, what’s your suggestion?

      1. If you must have a bank account and pay taxes and be in the system somewhere, do it in a country that doesn’t penalize men for siring children, like Turkey, where at a maximum you will pay 50 bucks / month for child support. If your income is derived from another tax haven, let’s say Dubai, and your savings are in Turkey, you are untouchable. This would mean of course being off the records in any of the corrupt western states that dominate men, even though you can live there, you just cannot be working there…

      2. not to mention that the mothers in those countries will be ashamed to go after men who don’t want to be involved with them with legal proceedings like DNA tests etc. The shame for being undesired by the father of your child is disgrace enough for a real woman that she feels it’s beneath her to go after the man’s finances like a disgusting leech; quite a contrast to the western mentality once again isn’t it ?

    2. Renegade im fucking with you. voluntarily give up my capacity to potentially dominate the human species? because im scared of the pussy?
      fuck that. i dont like hating on articles, but please do not ever again encourage men to neuter themselves.
      rubber up. pull out. but you are gonna lop your nuts off because you like the creampie?
      any man who does this and claims to be masculine i will tell you this. your masculinity is outward only. it is a facade. you cannot perform the most basic of male function any longer. you have made yourself a eunuch with testicles only for decoration.

      1. If you think the ability to make a screaming brat is what dictates manhood, you’ve got a lot to learn about life. And there are functions way more basic than reproduction… Like breathing

      2. TRUE 100 for me a guy who has his balls cut off lol is major turn off its like fucking with a female to male transexual

        1. Do you even know what a vasectomy is? It’s not castration. Men are not Eunuchs afterwards. Unless you were told, you would never know a man has had it done. A vasectomy has no effect on your testosterone or any other hormone, it simply severs the delivery tubes for semen.

        2. Does anybody here even know the difference between semen and sperm? Men without vasectomies ejaculate semen that is filled with sperm. Men with vasectomies ejaculate semen that contains no sperm.

      3. So any man that can’t provide semen to impregnate a woman isn’t really a man? Odd since some men are born infertile and many men such as Tesla never reproduced.
        You will not dominate 7 billion people with your genetics, it is practically impossible. You simply don’t have the time or fluid to do that. Genghis Khan did it only by masterful conquering and fucking a vast amount. He was an Alpha for sure, but not because of the fucking, it was the conquering that brought the Alpha moniker. If Khan hadn’t been an alpha conqueror, his genetics would be just as lost as most of ours will be.

    3. While Khan did have a venerable genetic legacy, He still died. He has no idea that his genetics still exist. Granted it might have been some comfort to him in his old age, but ultimately we all die and our particular genes are of little importance and could be eliminated in an instant.
      This is really pretty simple, for men who want kids, don’t get clipped. For those that see little need to make sure our DNA goes to the next generation of behavioral sink, get snipped and enjoy the peace of mind. Your body your choice, until it’s her body, her choice with your wallet.

  4. Vasectomy: smartest thing I ever did.
    No problem, no change, no drop-off, nothing. ALL good.
    Also consider that the reversals are enjoying a high success rate due to technology, so even if you have the Big V at 30 and then at age 60 you want to reverse it, your chances for success are better than 90 percent.
    I am so very happy that I got mine.
    As far as the game aspect, I don’t know. I was blue-pill until after the divorce, so I can scarcely remember chasing girls with live ammo as a young man. Since then… well, its just brilliant.
    The girls are thrilled about it, and even the girls who might want kids with you know it can just get reversed, so it wont stop them from being interested. I heard one chick in the manosphere say that she had a real distaste for a non-virile snipped guy, but she was a catholic, she I think she was just reinforcing her religious beliefs by choosing to see it that way. My experience is that is has not stopped a single chick, and in most cases, it was a huge positive.

  5. That sound of power knowing you have the upper hand over all your female interactions sounds great. (no kids/custody battles/ bullshit pregnancies whatever). Largely i think the physical just informs the psychological. You know you can fuck freely, so you feel free-er.
    That said I don’t know. i kind of seeing it as self mutilation to an extent. Man exists to some degree to fuck and reproduce. Taking your own pipes out of the equation seems like a hugely drastic option. This seems like an option i wouldn’t mind taking in my 50s-60s but definitely not in my youth.
    Questions for all those who have had vasectomy’s:
    1) so do you just like not cum at all? no thick white stuff, it’s just like shooting a bit of pre-cum or something?
    2) any differences in testosterone levels and things like that? Am i right in understanding the balls are still making sperm, but they’re just not making their way down to the right area?
    I still can’t get it out of my head that being ‘seedless’ as it were is being like half a man

    1. The part that makes the thick white stuff isn’t in the balls. After vasectomy, there is absolutely no change in color, consistency, volume, or distance. Its the same as it always was, just without the sperm – which makes up only about 5% of semen.
      I had a vasectomy 10 years ago and still want to get laid every night.

      1. I agree!
        I had my mine done nearly nine years ago and am still horny as all fuck now im almost 45!
        I go to gym and still have good muscle size so i dont think my testosterone levels have diminished all that much – except for the natural ageing process when you start losing some anyway.
        Otherwise i can bang 2 -3 times a day no problem.
        The snip was the best thing i have done.

    2. The best way to find out is to talk to several urologists about the procedure, what their clients have said, and then get tests to find out the levels of your T before and after. Too much anecdotal evidence exists out there about the negative effects of getting snipped. It’s not for everyone, and there’s a small percentage of men who have suffered some pretty serious physical side-effects after the procedure. That, as my urologist said, is in the same category as men who were circumcised at birth: it really depends on who did the procedure.
      I got snipped late last year and have felt no adverse side-effects at all. It really took a weight off my shoulders, but there’s no way that I would bang a new chick without wearing a rubber the first time. You don’t know what kind of STDs she’s carrying at the time. Best to err on the side of caution. The plus is that, if you have an accident, there’s no sweating it.

  6. OK this site has some great articles and contributors but this is the dumbest idea I have read.
    Getting yourself sterile for bitches sake? If this isn’t the most anti-man, beta thing to do then I don’t know what is.
    Bacon dude…. having paid for more than one abortion? Considering cancer a lesser evil than unwanted pregnancy? you got some issues man.
    If your bitch is dumb enough to use abortion as a way of contraception how much dumber is to mutilate yourself to advance your game?
    Sorry for the harsh tone but this is BS….

    1. The consequences of an “oops” are far greater than the act of sterilization. You miss a child-support payment you end up in prison with violent offenders. You have your passport taken away, your driver’s license suspended, you can even lose your home, AND job. So a vasectomy is PERFECT for that “oops.” FTD. Financially Transmitted Disability a.k.a. HER baby. And Paternity Fraud, to date no woman has served jail time for Paternity Fraud they collect money from the man by order of the court!
      There are natural ways to sterilize oneself. Just google “Natural Birth Control Methods for Men.”

  7. @just my 2c
    i didnt get a vasectomy for a bitches sake. my point was that if you dont want kids which i dont, getting a vasectomy takes away their ability to make you a father against your will. which considering its a girls body and she has the ultimate say in the matter is a valid concern. like it or not that is a leverage women have over men. all a vasectomy does is take away that leverage.
    i dont expect this article to convince most readers. but if your a guy on the fence about getting a vasectomy who doesnt want kids maybe my experience will help you in your decision to get one way or another.

    1. I second that emotion. Unfortunately, the male pill doesn’t yet exist, so getting snipped is the only sure option other than not banging at all, or going for the other orifices.

    2. Agree totally with you Bacon.
      Its not for everyone – but i have no regrets having mine done.
      My sex life has gone thru the roof ever since having it done.
      Just my 2 cents worth

  8. This one gets the OlioOx stamp of approval. And I read stuff constantly on the Web so you can trust my authority.

  9. This article lost all credibility for me when you said you “genuinely feel pity for men who have not had it done,” really? You are worrying about other men’s reproductive capacity, kinda weird. I have never before heard of the technique of having a vasectomy to feel alpha. You should have done this article as an info piece not a weird mess that draws parallels between a vasectomy and being an alpha.

    1. yeah well hes gotta hype his bullshit up for all the alphaphiles somehow. some of these dudes on here lately are so dumb that you call anything alpha and they will run out and buy it.

  10. This is location-specific, obviously. In non-feminized countries, the financial risk is much, much lower. You can refuse to sign a birth certificate and provide as little assistance as you desire.

  11. Rule #1. Don’t ever fuck with your junk. Never get unnecessary surgery. Use condoms. Don’t listen to this tool.
    Don’t ever castrate yourself or purposely destroy your virility. Very few women are willing to go long-term with a guy who is sterile. Few women are going to be interested in a young guy who has had a vasectomy. The success rate of vasectomy reversals is questionable.

    1. Rule #1. Don’t ever fuck with your junk. Never get unnecessary surgery. Use condoms. Don’t listen to this tool.

      Condoms aren’t a 100%, especially if the bitch is out to get you.

      Don’t ever castrate yourself or purposely destroy your virility.

      It’s not a castration and it doesn’t destroy virility.

      Few women are going to be interested in a young guy who has had a vasectomy.

      Why should I even tell her? Also, if you clearly state that you don’t want children, a woman placing great value on your fertility is a huge risk. And one would think that many women would very much like not being on birth control.

      The success rate of vasectomy reversals is questionable.

      You could freeze sperm. The success rates aren’t 100%, but they aren’t that bad either. You gotta weigh the risk of never being able to father children against the risk of being screwed over by a woman.

      1. fucking jesus dude. you want to cauterize your vas defrens and sever it from your body.
        jesus if you are that scared that some bitch will pull the shit on you there are ways to handle it.
        take her to ride roller coasters. put her in the hot tub. lace indian food with ibuprofen. shit man kick the bitch in the stomach. if shes willing to ruin your life selfishly then she deserves it.
        rubbers are 98% effective. pulling out is 94% effective. of course severing your testicles is 100% but really dude? 2 fucking percent?
        i realize that its not technically “severing your testicles”.

      2. “shit man kick the bitch in the stomach. if shes willing to ruin your life selfishly then she deserves it.”
        Your ignorance is on full display, stay classy.

      3. “Your ignorance is on full display, stay classy.”
        What ignorance? That dude got it right. No one wants to kick a bitch in the stomach, but if she is pushing for it then she deserves it.

      4. Next he’ll tell us about the roofies and the coat hanger. It might be justifiable by a certain moral code, although I don’t know of many men (or women) who are depraved enough to abort their own child themselves, but that doesn’t make it legal.
        You are kind of making points for having a vasectomy here, all the alternatives you present would land you in jail or serious trouble. Or Turkey.

      5. rubbers are 98% effective. pulling out is 94% effective

        If you only bang once per year, the risk is negligible I guess.

  12. Getting a vasectomy is the most beta thing a man can do. This article is shit.
    A rare miss for the manosphere.

      1. Absolutely. Dude, wearing a condom right makes it almost impossible to get a girl pregnant. I guess he doesn’t like to get it rubbed.

  13. What good is a man if he has no ability to provide children to a woman. No woman is going to bother with a sterile man. Terrible advice.

    1. So a man’s worth is contingent on his “ability to provide children to a woman?” You must be a woman.
      I don’t want kids, so I got a vasectomy. It was an easy same-day procedure, with a quick recovery and no change in sexual performance.
      As for the women in my life: my fertility is none of their business. As the femnazis say, “My body, my choice.”

      1. Right on! 😀 Men do not exist to serve women, and women do not exist to serve men. It is a matter of mutual respect.

      2. no but a man should be able to “make bitches give him children”. this is something you are now incapable of doing. congratulations, you are a walking fossil. your species is now extinct. you have destroyed the only chance you have at being immortal.
        one of the most powerful thing a male has is his ability to fucking make bitches pump out HIS humans.

      3. Correction needed to: “Men do not exist to serve women, and women do not exist to serve men. It is a matter of mutual respect.”
        Women do exist to serve men.
        Of what value does a woman bring other than her serving me?
        Sex – serving
        Cooking – serving
        child rearing – serving
        cleaning – serving
        Now, if I love her, and I enjoy her company, sure that is not “serving”. That is the icing on the cake.
        The real meat and potatoes is her serving. Full stop.

  14. “Very few women are willing to go long-term with a guy who is sterile.”
    another annoymous
    “What good is a man if he has no ability to provide children to a woman. No woman is going to bother with a sterile man. Terrible advice.”
    think you both should head back to jeezebel

    1. yeah well jeezabel and her tight pussy grip you have nightmares about just convinced you that its somehow liberating and manly to castrate yourself. you allowed a females “power” to convince you to voluntarily turn yourself into a walking carcass. your power in the world ends in 30 years.
      i will exist til the end of the world.

    2. What you think the whole point of this article was??!! To not have kids dummie and be pin with them for 18 yrs. Can’t you read and comprehend???!!!

  15. This article freaked me out, bros. One of the few remaining powers we have left in the West is the ability to transmit our DNA. And now you want to take THAT away from us too? How about just exercising a little self-discipline and using a goddamn condom? If you’ve had to “pay for more than one abortion”, then you need to check yourself, man. Something’s not right…you’re trying to cure a headache by cutting off the head.
    And about all the bad consequences of getting a bitch pregnant? Suck it up, players. You want to run game, those are the risks. And it’s still worth it. You shouldn’t be bare-backing these bitches anyway.
    Any way you slice it, this article doesn’t add up.

    1. I agree, Quintus.
      He’s basically saying that men should choose to make themselves the “unfit” in terms of evolution’s “survival of the fittest” (which means reproduction of the fittest, technically).
      No children = Darwinian dead end.
      Vasectomy = lower T-levels and limp dick

      1. How many posters with a vasectomy have debunked your low t-levels comment? Every single one, DERP.

  16. I’ve considered getting one and I’m leaning towards doing it. I guess some of the readers enjoy paying 18 years of child support or possibly dealing of some psycho bitch for the rest of their lives. As seeing I have close friends going through this scenario right now and man do they seem miserable.

    1. dont do it man. the power of the pussy which is given by men will come to an end. you have no idea how powerful you are.
      you will father nations. fucking NATIONS dude.
      your friends are dumb crybabies. they get in the pussy, they get weak in the knees and cant resist the creampie. and you want to let their idiotic decisions influence that?
      fucking nations dude.

      1. If you want a child, you unfreeze your sperm or have the procedure reversed. Have a child while you are broke, and you won’t be able to knock up anyone because you’ll be in jail, getting screwed in the pooper.

  17. I’ve heard there can potentially be some serious side effects like low testosterone and chronic pain. This seems like a pretty big risk, especially if you think you might want children later in life.

  18. The hamster is strong up in here. a bunch of guys who have never had a vasectomy comparing it to castration and afraid it might destroy their “manly vitality” if they arent making swimmers.
    If the only thing you have going for you that makes you feel like a man is the ability to impregnate women this site is not your speed.
    and lol at the “its beta to get a vasectomy” lines. i think its beta NOT to get a vasectomy. since we are just calling anything we disagree with beta, I can’t be wrong. And you people who are ragging on the author because he “did it for the bitches” are being obtuse. You do things because of how they make you feel, which translates into more bitches. Maybe we should all stop lifting weights. Doing so is beta because it makes our bodies look good to women, which means we are qualifying ourselves to them. The 300 pound slob is the real alpha because he doesnt care.
    I dont even want a vasectomy and you guys have me tripping. Your posts arent exuding much “manly vitality”.

    1. Your hamster is pretty frisky, too.
      Can’t it accept that some posts on this site are garbage?

      1. yes, but only if its given a better reason than rumors like “itll make you less of a man” “you cant pass on your darwinian legacy” and “you will have limp dick”. no one who has admitted to a vasectomy so far has said anything of the sort.
        if i could be convinced that these things were regular side effects of properly done vasectomies, or that some other undesirable thing would happen if i got one, then i would agree with you.

      2. Seriously. Not every post in the manosphere is good. Lot of sycophants in the manosphere. Don’t get a vasectomy. It’s a bad idea.

  19. This is total jack and this is one of the reasons we’re in such a horrible mess as a society. Slicing off your reproductive capacity simply so you can get pussy? The modern man at his finest. Let the third worlders have our country. We don’t deserve it.

  20. You guys are aware that even cockroaches have offspring, right?
    Assigning your masculinity to a function that’s no more or less biologically automated than taking a shit is borderline retarded.
    Have a kingdom to pass to your first born son? Need to keep the royal genealogy flowing? Have a farm that won’t produce enough food to feed yourself unless you have kids to till the ground? Then don’t get the snip.
    For the other naysayers who clearly don’t have the cognitive skills of a toddler, I offer you this:
    You: “One vasectomy please.”
    Doc: “Ok… Snip.”
    Chick: “I want to have children some day.”
    You: “Me too, babe. Get naked.”
    How hard is this shit to figure out? I swear the comments section of this post is like a future MRAs of America pre-rationalization convention. Five years from now half of you will be over at AVfM sucking Elam’s pole and begging him to save you from the bitch you knocked up so you could feel like a man.
    To V or not to V; that is the question. And there’s no wrong answer.
    Lighten up. Christ.

  21. You guys are aware that even cockroaches have offspring, right?
    Assigning your masculinity to a function that’s no more or less biologically automated than taking a shit is borderline retarded.
    Have a kingdom to pass to your first born son? Need to keep the royal genealogy flowing? Have a farm that won’t produce enough food to feed yourself unless you have kids to till the ground? Then don’t get the snip.
    For the other naysayers who clearly don’t have the cognitive skills of a toddler, I offer you this:
    You: “One vasectomy please.”
    Doc: “Ok… Snip.”
    Chick: “I want to have children some day.”
    You: “Me too, babe. Get naked.”
    How hard is this shit to figure out? I swear the comments section of this post is like a future MRAs of America pre-rationalization convention. Five years from now half of you will be over at AVfM sucking Elam’s pole and begging him to save you from the bitch you knocked up so you could feel like a man.
    To V or not to V; that is the question. And there’s no wrong answer.
    Lighten up. Christ.

    1. Hatch-I’m with you 100% on this one, see how alpha you feel when the judge has you bent over the bench with your perfectly working balls hanging out, letting the woman who said don’t worry about it- I’m on birth control, fuck you in the ass with the gavel.
      The one thing that makes a majority of western women able to be tolerated for the little bit of time we spend with them before they get sent on their way is the fact that we have access to her vagina. If not for that we wouldn’t haven’t given the dumb slut 10 seconds of our day. Once they begin to incubate your DNA you no longer have the option of sending them down the road. You get the weight of the legal system and lawyers who bill by the minute to “help” navigate you through a system built against you, the evil sperm factory.
      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (for feeling rejected because you can’t fucking stand being around the crazy bitch) and now that you both mixed some DNA she has ample legal tools to rip you a new asshole out of spite. Not that a woman would ever do that but it happens once in a while.
      Parenting is not for everyone, I’ve come across a lot of people who’s parents should have had abortions and vasectomies, so you gotta respect someone who chooses not to pack the world with more unwanted fucked up off spring.
      By the way, speaking from experience, never tell a woman you just got pregnant that if things don’t work out between you two, you will always work with her to raise the kid together. You can think it but don’t fucking say it aloud. She’ll start building her knowledge of family law starting that day. Just saying- the women won’t need lawyers but you will.

    2. So it makes sense to deal with an headache by cutting off your head?
      Also what about STD/STI’s?

      1. You can’t even comment correctly? Please get a vasectomy so you won’t be a real man anymore.

  22. i have fear of wht can go wrong in an operation . arent relgouis chicks less likly to fuck since its a sin

  23. It seems to me that some articles here (very rare in fact – this is a great and useful site) miss the point.
    Some well intention folks seem to ignore a fundamental (to me) element for a Man: integrity.
    Our quest for a lot of poon seems to take us on the wrong path, making us slaves of it.
    A man mutilating himself for some peace of mind JUST to get laid? WTF?!
    Thank you but no thank you.
    This article sounds a bit like the other one that advises men to always suck it up in the female dominated office environment.
    I would respectfully say that this article is the work of Bacon´s rationalization hamster.

  24. You know what you should be worried about?
    Fucking HIV or STDs, man. Go raw-dog only with chicks you know well. With total strangers, use a condom, but not only for the risk of pregnancy, but mostly for the huge risk that the bitch was sucking dick 5 minutes earlier. Who fucking knows, dude.
    The easier the chick, the greater the odds. That should be you nightmare nº 1, not a fucking positive pregnancy test.

  25. Sounds like you’d rationalise going raw dog more often, perhaps even in situations where you usually wouldn’t pre vasectomy.

  26. Lol fucking idiot advice.
    Guy just spinning it SO positively because he’s seeking affirmation that this was the right move. I.e he is already having regrets.
    Gj extinguishing your bloodline and shaming all your forefathers. But hey If you’re truly happy with it. Then congrats.

  27. 1. Being in a 3d world country where there is no child support would you even considered V?_ No. So you are doing it for the women.
    2. Google it. V has side effects for some. Are you sure you aren’t gonna be one. Would you take that risk just so that you don’t use common sense during intercourse? What about STDs?
    3. How real is the danger of a random one night stander wanting your child. Ziltch. The fuck buddies or the relationship chick can be screened if they are on that sick train of thought using pregnancy as an income. If you cannot do that then keep gaining more women experience before you commit even to a fuck buddy relationship.
    Anyway you look at it doesn’t add up. Refusing your manhood to defuse some of your own fears and not real threat doesn’t save you brain power, makes you dumber.

    1. 1. And if he were living on the moon, he wouldn’t study game. And if my sister had a dick, she’d be my brother. What’s your point? The V isn’t for women, it’s for not having children with women. A man who wants children wouldn’t get snipped. End of discussion. He doesn’t want children, so he got snipped, and an added benefit is that he can bang the girl your traditional ass will knock up some day.
      2. “Overall, 7% of respondents said they had pain, much lower than the well-recognized and commonly published rate. In addition, no man in the survey was self-medicating for pain. But the survey investigated the pain even further. From this, Dr. Turek learned that the pain his patients were having was not only found in the scrotum, but was also occurring elsewhere in the body. To further examine this issue, Dr. Turek also surveyed healthy medical students who had not had a vasectomy and found almost identical findings: 5% had chronic pain, sometimes in the scrotum, but often elsewhere – and without a vasectomy!” Get your facts straight.
      3. What planet are you living on? Women don’t just get pregnant when they want to. Perhaps the author has much more of an Alpha vibe than you do, and women want to have his kids. I personally haven’t dated or casually hooked up with a woman in years who didn’t at least casually mention what a good father I’d be. And yes, that includes the casual hookups.
      Your obsession with the author’s sack is a little disturbing, and if you keep insisting that the primary function of manhood is to knock up some Western broad – and anything that doesn’t line up with that is “fear” – you need to take shaming language classes because your tactics are laughable.
      Be fruitful and multiply. Replenish the earth and subdue it. Show us how its done, won’t you?

  28. Vasectomy participant here. No decrease in sex drive, some ball ache for 4 months afterwards. Increase in confidence with single women once I only cared about STDs not crazy preggers.
    I will though, also offer a theory on the low T complaints that exist. I think its a case basis that exists outside of the procedure, think about this, 2 separate cases under which a man may get a vasectomy.
    Case 1: Myself, after multiple pregnancy crises by girls who couldn’t manage taking a pill every day or having break downs when I said I didn’t want anymore children I decided to end the discussions and get a V done. Afterwards I would approach and bang like crazy and just smile and nod when a girl would steer into “you’d be a great dad” territory. Its like playing poker with an awesome bluff, the girl can say you meet her biological selection but you don’t have to reciprocate or be trapped by her admission with procreation Sidenote – I have 2 kids already, DNA imperative is met.
    Case 2: Late 30s married couple, wife tells husband she doesn’t want anymore kids and suggests he get a vasectomy. That is the reverse of above, essentially the guy is now in a situation where he doesn’t meet his wife’s biological standards anymore but can’t select a new mate and she still wants to use his resources. Man now wakes up and realizes that he’s just there to provide resources and his wife isn’t preselecting for his DNA. That would cause my virility to crash also.
    I wish there was a study run on that, post Vasectomy virility or T based on who initiated the procedure, wife asking husband to do it or husband/single guy deciding it for himself.

  29. I got a vasectomy before I turned 21, best thing I ever did. Great Article. Thanks for the validation.

  30. I had a vasectomy when I was twenty-five years old; that’s thirty years ago. I have experienced no decrease in sex drive or other side effects. I have never regretted my decision. However, caution is still in order. Check these out:

    The courts are still against us, and a woman’s word can stick you for years and dollars, at least in court battles, if you are not careful.

  31. The manosphere arose out of a desire for men to help one another. Not all advice is appropriate for all men. If you want kids or have concerns about snipping your sack, I get it. Don’t get a vasectomy. Men are not monolith.
    In other words, some of y’all are far too concerned about a stranger’s nuts.

  32. Some of you guys warning against the snip are going to end up on Maury Povich with some screaming psycho slut bitch in your face claiming your the daddy of her illegitimate chillins. You’ll be praying that the envelope hold the news that you’re NOT the father.
    You’re absolutely positive that night you banged her you took every precaution–rubber, check, cleanup clock, check, post coitus shower, check! You But a sudden flash back to that night awakens doubt that you failed to tie and flush that condom, or that you left one cummy tissue fallen on the floor beside the bed–a tissue with your semen and DNA on it. You break out in a cold sweat awaiting the verdict, and perhaps the sentence of 20 years to life of child support without cutody.
    A Vasectomy is only Beta if you do it because your woman tells you to get it done. Otherwise, like all a man’s decisions, it’s his to make. That’s an Alpha quality in my book. Being forced to pay child support because you were dragged into court against your will by the mommy with the help of the beta legal system is as Beta as it gets.
    Get the snip. This world is suffering from overpopulation because men are unwilling to snip their baby makers. Condoms alone protect very little. If they did, we’d have solved the overpopulation problem long ago. Instead, it’s the Alpha idea of the bitch will take my seed and deal with the consequences that the greater problem.
    If you really can’t bear the though of raising a child that isn’t a product of your own sperm the freeze it and store it. Sperm, as opposed to ovaries do really well in the icy arctic. Even if you find the “perfect” princess of a woman and marry her (most beta move these days) then you’ll still have the upper hand and she’ll be hard-pressed to make procreation the center of your relationship, as many women do.
    Remember, this is man giving this recommendation — an Alpha man. Not some snibbling feminist trying to turn you beta by getting a V. If you want to hold on your notion that getting a V is a beta move, then for the love of humanity go pump and dump in a country where you can escape the consequences of making mini-me’s. I can tell you that if you do it here, you’ll be forced to 10 times more beta than you’d ever be if you just got snipped.

    1. What slags are you nailing who are trying to impregnate themselves with a used cum-rag? Have some standards, man.
      Besides, I really doubt the science behind the get preggers with a used condom theory. Sperm has to be kept at just the right temperature or they die. Plus most condoms have spermicide on them. Does anybody have stats/studies on this?

      1. Properly disposing the condom after the deed ensures that nothing is left to chance — science be damned.
        In one of his classic shows, Tom Leykis recommends taking the used condom and adding super hot habanero sauce to it, or something that burns and stings. That way, if the chick steals away to the bathroom while you’re asleep or doing something else and tries to impregnate herself with your semen, she’ll scream and you’ll have two benefits to this:
        1. She’s not likely to have succeeded in impregnating yourself because she’ll flush everything out to make the burn stop.
        2. You’ll know that she’s a devious bitch with baby rabies and can use this as grounds to kick her to the curb once and for all.
        Of course, Leykis strongly recommends that you bang the chick at your place, where you have more control and are likely to have the habanero sauce close at hand. 😉

  33. Got the V done about 3 years ago, im in my twenties and i dont have a single regret. I actually forgot i had it done after a few months. For a player with an active sex life, fucking 3 or more women a week a vasectomy makes a lot of sense. Every man’s situation is different, i already have nephews and nieces and know i dont want kids. I can relate to the feeling of bliss knowing no bitch can destroy my life a la child support.
    I think most of the backlash to the article was when the author said he had pity for guys that didnt do it. Ignore that line and the rest is a great article.
    Ive had no side effects, except slighty more sensitive balls. It actually feels better now when chicks lick my nuts. My cum looks the same and girls dont notice.

      1. Polly,
        And? What you seem to have missed is most men here don’t want a serious relationship with the damaged offerings of today that are “modern women.”
        Besides many of the “Strong independent” types don’t want kids in their 20’s and early 30’s, so a vasectomy is of little import. Plus as the author noted, simply don’t tell her. Unless she is gold digging or wants marriage and would use a child as a trap why should she care if you are fertile?

  34. All this fallout over a personal choice is crazy. It’s like some of these dudes are emotionally invested in another balls and are deeply concerned about whether he’s shooting blanks or not. This is just like the series of post Professor Mentu had about his vasectomy.
    Shit is crazy…
    We can go in-depth about raw dog anal with a club slut and everyone rejoices, but a guy who makes a personal choice to proactively not get fucked over with a baby trap…by their reaction you’d think he committed mass genocide in Africa.

  35. I’m actually grateful for this article because it has made me think about what types of “cosmetic” surgery I would or would not be willing to get.
    I do not, in any way, think a man’s sole value or purpose is linked to his ability to procreate. A man’s knowledge, abilities, skills, etc. are the key determinants of virility. I don’t have kids, I hate kids, and don’t want them. But let’s not take that too far. On some reptilian, fundamental level, potency is always going to viewed more favorably than impotency. Unless, of course, your goal is to be a eunuch at the court of a Chinese emperor, or guard the Ottoman sultan’s harem.
    Voluntary neuterization, it would appear to me, would carry some subtle adverse psychological consequences. I just sense it….but reasonable minds can disagree, of course.
    I would use the analogy of the loaded gun or the nuclear weapon: you may never use the loaded gun or never launch the nuclear missile, but the other side needs to know that you could do it, if you needed to. Male power, like female power, is as much about the perception of potency as it is about anything else. Potency carries with it a psychological advantage, just as education, skills, and knowledge confer psychological benefits on the holder.
    I’m glad so many posters have addressed this issue so passionately. Get mad, you bastards, and let the chips fall where they may! One way or another, have an opinion and defend it! Not having any opinion would be the only wrong answer. So, my final thought on the V debate is that while it is not right for me, it may have its uses…
    But what about other forms of “cosmetic” surgery? Is is desirable or good to have corrective vision surgery to avoid wearing glasses? What about hair restoration?

  36. alright. look men, i can completely understand the need for security in the parlence of our time. we live under the very real threat of having our lives taken from us. of being enslaved. and if we have sex with a lot of women, and we dont really want to be concerned about a womans motives, then this may sound like a great idea. it takes a load off our mind (no pun intended). we can move through the world carefree. doesnt it sound great?
    sure its a mans personal choice. i can completely respect that a man may make his own choices. but i do not respect the man. and i have hatred towards any man that actively encourages others to neuter themselves.
    understand that yes, in our lifetimes we may have a great time. but when we die thats it. understand that this “phenomena” of feminism and male enslavement will end. maybe in 10 years, maybe in 100, it will end. and one day the last thing you will do is become a grave and thats it. you are extinct.
    to those of you who agree, good. to those who disagree, who think im crazy, my crazy seed will rule the world one day because of the decision you make. i will win. you will remove yourself from the grand competition. you will forfeit the prize of siring humanity. this is the ultimate goal of existing. and you will cede it to me. because of a temporary phenomena, a societal fad. a piece of ass.
    and sure this benefits me greatly. but the fact that im so adamantly against advocating voluntary sterilization should make it obvious that i am being selfless. i speak loudly out of commradery.

    1. You will win nothing, and you need to get over trying to save everyone’s nutsac, very beta.

    2. Your seed will not rule the world one day. Likely your seed won’t even rule a cubicle. Don’t be mad, everyone thinks they (or their offspring) will rule. Very few are right, and they are not the types that worry about the mundane things in life. To rule one virtually needs to come from the elite ranks of society in this modern time. In times past you might have been right, but for every Khan that rose from nothing there are billions who just died with delusions of grandeur.

  37. Vasectomies absolutely do *NOT* reduce libido or affect erections/potency in any way, shape, or form. I have gotten laid every fucking night for the last week, and my stable is as stable as ever. Anyone on here saying it reduces your testosterone or libido or any of that shit has obviously not had a vasectomy.
    If it did in fact reduce testosterone, mine is reduced by such a minute amount as to be imperceptible
    Lot of bullshit in these comments. Talk to someone who has a vasectomy and wasn’t already a bitch before, and you’ll understand.

  38. Got my snip in my late lates (37 to be exact ) and it was the best decision of my life.
    I never wanted kids so it really was a non issue for me.
    Sex has been amazing ever since and the women also love it as well knowing they don`t have to worry bout getting knocked up. Sure not all do but i have never had any complaints.
    Highly recommend it to those who are ready for it.

  39. People…this article was written by a pasty, basement dwelling, and very lonely man who likes to pretend he is some kind of player. It’s really pathetic, because he clearly has no clue that the alter ego is a total loser that no woman would want to sleep with.

    1. All women are the same.
      You are like fucking robots, not one of you is different.
      Why do you care what a man does to his body.
      “His body his choice”.

    2. Women get on my nerves. They act like they are superior to EVERYTHING and can do what they want, but if a man makes his own choice toward free wheel then he’s lonely or pathetic etc. I predict a lonely future for you Shannon.

  40. I have two amazing kids and am divorced. I don’t receive any child support and am completely independent. My kids are one of the best things in my life. I don’t know who has hurt you in the past for your heart to turn so utterly cold. Lord willingly, I pray that God radically changes your life. Children are a gift. Marriage and love are a gift. I married someone that hurt me because of unhealed childhood wounds. I am not giving up hope though. I am waiting for someone special. It’s okay to have hope. Just think about it.

    1. ” I married someone that hurt me because of unhealed childhood wounds.”
      Protip: they all have ‘unhealed childhood wounds’. Especially the ones you catch with another man balls-deep in them. They’ll all say it was ‘unhealed childhood wounds’.
      Guess what: that doesn’t fucking matter. Love, honour, obey. She made as many promises as you did, and you kept your end of the bargain.

  41. So much utter crap from the “be a man” side. I’ll be a real man who doesn’t father children with every woman that passes my boner test. The side effects are negligible for most m, and you can freeze sperm. As a last resort, you can always try IVF and even reversal…and if you can’t afford those two things, you shouldn’t have kids anyways. Until a reliable form of birth control is invented (sorry condoms aren’t), vasectomy is the only reliable form of birth control in a man’s control.

  42. you sound like such an asshole every hopefully girls dont have sex with you and all you do is watch porn i wouldnt in 10000 years

  43. A little more advice for those considering getting snipped. I NEVER wanted kids. Never. Ever. I think I made that decision around 13 or 14. So I put some boys on ice, just in case I changed my mind (hell, if I can afford to put a kid through college, I can sure as hell afford IVF, right?), and had it done. A big thing I remember tho: the night before, during the process, and for a few days after, my brain kept nagging me with “what if’s”.
    Not to worry, that went away after a few days, and I haven’t looked back. Also, I too highly endorse the no-scalpel version. It only had me on my back with frozen peas on my junk for 2 days.

      1. No, no, no. Nothing like that. It felt like the sore after-effects of getting kicked in the balls. I got a few days’ worth of percocet. Between the pills and the ice packs, the pain was very manageable, I just spent a long weekend on the couch catching up on movies.

  44. I had my vasectomy done in September of 2014 and it was liberating. I rarely tell the girls I sleep with that I had it done. They don’t need to know. When they ask if I want children some day, I always smile and respond “Of course! Id love to have children with the right girl.” Its the truth, however unlikely. Prior to having it done I researched guys opinions and experiences out in the Manosphere, and there was very little feedback. I couldn’t find anything. This is a topic that needs to be addressed as it could benefit many guys out there. Post-vasectomy it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. No more worrying about that crazy chick I ba

    1. You’re a serious motherfucker – if you’re serious. Instead of a vasectomy, why didn’t you learn to pull out and shoot in their mouths or on their chests?

  45. continued . . . barebacked last month. No more worrying about the cost of child support, and the cost of raising a child. It amazes me that more guys don’t take back their freedom. Like Kenny Powers said in season 4 of East Bound and Down, “Im Django Unchained up in this motherfucker! Signed my own freedom papers!” That’s exactly what came to mind in the weeks following my vasectomy. No more living in fear. I spent 18 years of my life living in fear of getting a girl pregnant and the repercussions! No more living in fear!

  46. An interesting fact is that the biggest lobbyists against the male birth control pill are…wait for it…womens groups!

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