Indian Lynch Mob Kills Two Men, Shows The Same Disturbing Mentality Seen In The United States

Two men in India have been killed by a lynch mob due to accusations (not convictions) of rape. Though mob mentality in the United States has not yet reached this point, recent events suggest it may be moving in that direction. Both of these men have extraordinary relevance in the context of due process and rape accusations, irrespective of whether the suspect did or did not rape someone. We will never know what truly happened.

Syed Farid Khan is now dead, having been forcibly removed from a well-protected detention facility in the north-eastern city of Dimapur in Nagaland. He was stripped naked, hit with fists, stones, and whatever other objects people could find, and then dragged, still nude, for seven kilometers (between four and five miles) from a motorcycle. He was then strung up in a city square like some 2015 Benito Mussolini.

In the northern city of Varanasi, another man was publicly executed after allegations of sexual molestation by girls.

Khan, a Bangladeshi in India, deserved his fate no more than these two men.

Critics of sites such as Return of Kings will point out that this horrendous murder took place in India, not the United States or Europe. Feminists will wash their hands of the situation and attribute it to a pack of people almost exclusively male, ignoring reports that dozens, perhaps hundreds of girls in school uniforms helped lead the angry mob.

Yet aside from the outcome, how is the mentality of this mob any different from the mobs laced throughout American colleges? And given the superior education and wealth of the average American, shouldn’t those in the US be held to a higher social and moral standard?

Both breeds of mob are dedicated to vilifying people accused of a crime and dispensing with established legal principles. In the case of college mobs or those supporting them, much of the time the “accused” has not even been charged by police, let alone convicted of an actual crime.

Paul Nungesser was (and still is) the victim of a mob

Paul Nungesser, the man accused in the Columbia mattress girl false rape fiasco, still has his physical life. But the ex-boyfriend and sexual partner of Emma Sulkowicz continues to face a social lynching. When, if ever, this lynching stops, his reputation is permanently sullied, not from any proven misdeed, but through others’ harassment, defamation, and innuendo.

I have mulled over for weeks, even before this Indian news came to light, about whether I should identify Nungesser in an article. On balance, because his name is already out in the open, usually to pillory him or atavistically juxtapose him with the word “rape,” however tendentious the use, I decided to be one of those rallying for his disregarded moral and legal rights.

“Anti-rape” protests are now typically conflated with calls for an absence of due process, hence a social lynch mob.

We all need further reminding that Nungesser was neither charged by the police nor found “responsible” by the woefully biased college tribunal system. Despite many colleges using a “preponderance of evidence” model, rather than the higher “beyond reasonable doubt”, the standard is in practice much lower. Accused and their representatives (if they’re even allowed one) are usually unable to test the accuser’s allegations through any form of cross-examination. “Attorneys” are often forced to be silent and are simply observers of the “process” in specific instances or generally.

At the head of the anti-Paul Nungesser mob were public figures such as Jessica Valenti and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who grotesquely defamed Nungesser by calling him a rapist. Their cowardly method was to not mention Nungesser by name, though it was either public knowledge or readily accessible that he was the only person Sulkowicz had claimed raped her.

In February, Valenti mustered the audacity to refute claims that Nungesser had been hard done by, all whilst not mentioning her own public statements calling him a rapist.

Feminists want the right to call someone a rapist without due process

Just as this mob in India condemned a man without even a modicum of due process, feminists demand the right to call someone a rapist without ever resorting to modern inconveniences such as the rule of law. Somehow, just somehow, they think, a “rapist” found “responsible” by a college tribunal is equally culpable as someone convicted of rape by a court.

And when even the self-serving college tribunal fails to “convict,” SJW’s such as Valenti and Gillibrand will be waiting, still happy to claim rape where absolutely zilch has been proven. To them, you’re a rapist whether convicted, found responsible or nothing at all. Non-court procedures, no matter how much they resemble a kangaroo court, are window-dressing to create an acrylic veneer of due process.

Her Guardian overlords force her to occasionally use the word “alleged,” but otherwise Jessica Valenti was happy to refer to Sulkowicz’s ex-boyfriend as “her rapist.”

In the meantime, the social lynching creates terrible processional effects. Despite not being found criminally responsible, the socially accused rapist is often kicked out of college. Modern sharing of information, including of “disciplinary” matters, means many or all colleges will reject them if they seek to transfer.

Without a college degree and having lost years of their life (years of both potential income and wasted college tuition), their lifetime earnings are grossly depleted. Their friends abandon them and the strain on their families is immense and intense.

When academics and others defend the concept of due process, and highlight the gross unsuitability of colleges to determine “rape” cases, these brave, principle-driven individuals are called “rape apologists” infected with a rabies-like sexism.

What’s right is not always popular

In the time of John Locke, the separation of powers and due process were alien concepts to not just average citizens but also the elites. Over recent years, due process in particular has fallen out of fashion, all while its proponents are slandered as encouraging and supporting rape.

Sometimes the most graphic outcomes of anti-due process hysteria have to be unearthed and presented to start restoring balance. Syed Farid Khan and his fellow victim in Varanasi, sadly, are two of those examples.

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112 thoughts on “Indian Lynch Mob Kills Two Men, Shows The Same Disturbing Mentality Seen In The United States”

    1. part of being redpill is to not fall for feminists propaganda in other nations as well not just western ones(though india is quite western influenced).
      their rape rate is tied with canada at 1.8. Local feminists jumped on their really bad one to push their agenda and push their laws. Now rape carries the death penalty, and women can use false accustations for rape and dowry(its been a huge problem even by the mainstream there)
      shouldnt be a shock now that india now has its own redpill site

      1. Rape is a heinous crime when it has been committed, but the death penalty is an extreme solution to what is a rare crime in most parts of the world. I would listen to an argument if the victim was a baby and permanently damaged.

    2. This is exactly the type of assumption a rational man should avoid. Avoid like plague.
      These words should not have come from a manosphere dweller. Let us leave such half baked ideas for the SJWs to feast upon.

      1. Indeed. Even if the accused was guilty it does not justify wanton cruel torture and execution without trial. This is the worst form of white knighting, particularly if the accused is innocent.

        1. Red pill land is where you get enlightened. Decades of brainwashing is washed away here.
          The most basic difference between left wing fanatics (a group ruled by feminists) and real men is rationality.
          To be rational you need data. Data needs to be gathered rationally. It must be analyzed rationally.
          Assumption does not go well with rationality. Test your assumption. Test it against data.
          Men have suffered everywhere without realizing it. They sacrificed everything for the other sex. They were shortchanged. This is because our rationality went down the drain when the wants of the other sex were presented before us. So, failing to be rational at all times may cost us dearly. Redpill land is where you learn that.
          There are millions of Indian men who suffer every single day in family courts. Millions who will never see their child again. Millions of men who have committed suicide unable to bear the betrayal. An assumption that an alleged rape may very well be a rape if it is in India is a very ridiculous statement.
          India is home to civilizations, most of which, are thousands of years old. Women have always been respected. They are treated as goddesses. There are huge festivals to celebrate womanhood. Many societies are matriarchal. Even where women are less powerful, a false accusation by a woman will mean death for a man. Women extract men’s power to rule.
          There is no rape culture in India. Men do not just rape whenever they feel like. A country populated by more than 1.5 billion people will have higher crime rate in numbers. Look at the percentages and the truth will reveal itself.
          I hope I have been clear. Redpill land is not SJW land. Men do not have to adhere to any ideology. They do not have to pass any test. The only requirement for a man to stay in Redpill land is rationality.
          One last thing. Check this out:

  1. “You ask me to say what you should consider it particularly important to avoid. My answer is this: a mass crowd. It is something to which you cannot entrust yourself without risk…Associating with people in large numbers is actually harmful: there is not one of them that will not make some vice or other attractive to us, or leave us carrying the imprint of it or bedaubed all unawares with it. And inevitably enough, the larger the size of the crowd we mingle with, the greater the danger.” ~ Seneca the Younger, Letter VII
    A comment I found lingered in my mind for a while:

  2. shit looking at that pic, reminds me of those jim crowe days where one accusation from a white women meant death to a black man…scary shit

    1. Considering the amount of black on white rape in US, it is likely that there is some validity to those accusations. That isn’t to say that they shouldn’t have had their day in court.

  3. Twitter is now the mob
    How many livelihoods have been lost because of these narcissistic, time-rich leftwing thugs?
    The world is going back to totalitarianism. We didn’t win the cold war, just the goal posts were moved

    1. “The world is going back to totalitarianism. ”
      And don’t for a moment think it isn’t by design.

    2. Twitter is one billion people shouting at once. Totalitarianism is one government website. Different things.

    1. totally the gendar imbalance sucks. And it doesnt help either that some western born indian boys are pushed to marry the motherland ones and that there have been cases of groom kidknapping.
      Honestly Indian guys should get their money down and learn russian and game in the FSU. Over there they have a good sterotype of indian guys thanx to bollywood. Even met an albanian women whom whose named Anila by her parents because of Anil Kapoor.

  4. Morality or rationality is not the aim of mobs. Morality as a construct has nothing to do with compassion, much less emotional outrage, it’s just used as rationalization for emotions.
    Rape is not a subject worth any more discussion than crime in general. Do not give undue attention to rape, even if it actually happens. The idea of a “rape culture”, the hysterics over pretend rape, witch hunts over unproven rape, these things are manifestations of emotionally driven grievancemongering, which in turn is also founded on an emotional desire to appear socially legitimate by leveraging victimhoods simple enough for the average person to understand. I.e. Gender, Race, Class.
    This may not be the cause of this particular lynching in India, but it is the cause behind female behavior in the US and other developed countries.
    Put simply: Immature women seek attention and status by taking positions on irrelevant social and body issues. Both of which should be ignored for that very reason.

    1. “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  5. Excellent article David, I personally found the Nagaland incident and the related social media response in India extremely disturbing.
    In this particular case, as many would have noticed, the accused was a Muslim and this is a very important fact in understanding the ethno-political reasons which quite likely contributed to the lynching.
    The State where the lynching took place(Nagaland) is part of the North-Eastern portion of India, which has historically been dominated by Mongoloid tribes. On top of that, in Nagaland, most of the population is composed of Non-Muslim, Non-Hindu tribes who are largely practicing Christians(Baptists).
    Due to a heavy influx of many Hindus from other parts of India, as well as illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants, into the region, there are strong “anti-outsider” tendencies in many North-Eastern States, especially Nagaland, which has had a very violent separatist Insurgency.
    The alleged Rapist was initially declared an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant by the police(though there are now media reports that this might be untrue) and it seems to me that this was a major reason why the local Nagas were so enraged by this alleged rape, and thus decided to attack him in such a brutal fashion.
    In recent days, my facebook newsfeed has been filled with posts applauding the actions of the mob, and completely overlooking the very basic legal principle of Due process, which is an integral part of the legal system here(like in other common law countries). What’s worse is the fact that such views come from people who are studying to become Legal Professionals(I study at a Law University), further proving to me that objectivity and rationality are worthless to the masses.
    Aristodemos Hanno

    1. Honestly I think the northeastern india aka the mongoloid region should seperate since they technically arent “ethnic Indians”. They only hold that area because of china in regards to the mcman line(or what ever its called) I belive

      1. Indians don’t look like one another. It was culture that held them together. Which is what is under attack. So separation does not make sense.

        1. Can you elaborate on that? As per most information I’ve come across, Christianity has already been accepted by most of the tribals in Nagaland; the situation might be different in other States where Christianity is not as entrenched.
          No doubt in States like Assam and Tripura, where Indo-Aryan Hindus are the dominant group, most of the local anger against outsiders is directed against Bangladeshi Muslims, but things are different in areas dominated by Christian Mongoloid tribes; there have been many attacks on Hindu migrants by the tribal separatist groups in these parts, though they are also equally, if not more, threatened by the Bangladeshi illegals.
          Aristodemos Hanno

        2. At the cost of Naga indigenous culture. You make it sound like the tribals comfortable accepted Christianity.
          Also, feminists popularise the Aryan theory, not scientists or science. They also call for easy secessionism.
          (Frawley, poliakov, 2009 study)
          I believe Nagaland has a large baptist percentage population compared worldwide. It didn’t come comfortably.
          The attacks you speak of are encouraged and sponsored.
          In the rest of india migrants are not defined by religion, but simply from the place they come.

      2. They’ve been trying that for decades now. Almost all tribal parts of the North-East have witnessed violent secessionist Insurgencies, though they’ve all essentially failed.
        In countries like India and China, the majority public view on secession is radically different from Western attitudes on the same.
        Whereas in the West, the People, as well as the State, generally believe that Self-Determination for a region within the existing country is well within the Democratic rights of the People there( and thus you have Referendums on secession like in Quebec and Scotland), here in India, any Demand for Secession is seen as a very “Anti-National” act, and can result in a forceful response by the State.

        1. Self determination of people, not religion. Else you’d have easy secessionist movements in UK.
          People driven out of their home states will not let go of it just because they don’t live there any more.
          Back to the article, Assam and Nagaland face tribal wars. Add to that frustration of immigration from Bangladesh. Add to that men wanting to separate themselves from the stigma of a rapist – hence taking lead and showing off by lynching one.
          Add to that the promise by the current prime minister to deal effectively with this issue.

        2. dam thats brutal. heard it was maosits doin the fightin. are there nonviolent groups goin after independance. interesting they label it as anti nationalists for spliting. with a name like that its easy for citizens to aidw with tge governnent.

    2. Majority of any population is stupid. The liberal and brainwashed next generation of “Legal Professionals” will certainly inject a lot of emotion into the legal process thereby rendering it worthless.
      Almost every “educated” man in India feels that all other men are rapists. This “holier than thou” approach coaxes him to become a mangina. The education is that bad.
      When I ask if they have ever seen a rapist or a “rape survivor” (any other term is offensive for them), they invariably answer in the negative. However, they have heard about rape on TV shows.
      Yes, the media that ruined the West is working overtime in India.

      1. honestly they should tell the difference between “modernization and education” to “westerniztion and indoctornation”

      2. India made a huge mistake in the last 15 years by allowing foreign media companies to buy major stakes in Indian media. It’s a bloody trojan horse. All Western media conglomerates push the Elite agenda and are heavily infiltrated by the CIA. Just google Operation Mockingbird. Gloria Steinem was famously outed as a CIA agent.
        Basically India will be socially programmed by the trojan horse media until they become even worse than the west in terms of hysterical feminism.

      3. It seems to be the case with the more intelligent portion of every society on the planet. The higher the IQ, the more gullible and sheep like one becomes.

    3. They are struggling to keep their tribal culture intact and away from Christian missionaries. Missionaries do not enjoy good reputation there.
      The anti outsider tendency is largely for the Muslims. The tribals share many Hindu practices and are chastised by the missionaries. It is them that fight the Hindus to complete their goal of harvesting souls and all that.

      1. Can you elaborate on that? As per most information I’ve come across, Christianity has already been accepted by most of the tribals in Nagaland; the situation might be different in other States where Christianity is not as entrenched.
        No doubt in States like Assam and Tripura, where Indo-Aryan Hindus are the dominant group, most of the local anger against outsiders is directed against Bangladeshi Muslims, but things are different in areas dominated by Christian Mongoloid tribes; there have been many attacks on Hindu migrants by the tribal separatist groups in these parts, though they are also equally, if not more, threatened by the Bangladeshi illegals.
        Aristodemos Hanno

  6. I truly like the handful of Indian guys I work with. But there is no getting around the fact that they are total Blue Pill Betas, just ripe for Support Rape by the right woman.

    1. I know a couple of Indian guys one I would say is more red pill than blue pill but the other is the most blue pill man I’ve ever known. He makes me cringe sometimes with how blue pill he is, believes in true love, thinks women don’t like bad boys, puts pussy on a pedestal an white knights. He’s a great guy an will do anything for you but is blue pill to the max an I swear he’s a virgin. IManybIndians I’ve met seem to be bluepill.l

        1. India has a much more traditional society, so for all I know “Blue Pill Game” works great there. But when the Indian guys get to the USA they are totally unprepared for the American women raised from birth on “U Go Grrrl”. Not to mention the Indian women who come here and get totally ruined by American feminism.

  7. due process and all that other legal stuff aside, one is regret “rape”, the other forced penetration coupled with beating.

  8. Sampat Pal Devi, is an Indian woman, who is the leader of a feminist gang. Yes, it is called gulabi gang. It is a group of women who gang up and publicly beat up men ACCUSED of domestic violence and other crimes against women This gang has been cheered by women and beta men of India. Actually they have become heros. They are so appreciated that their leader was a participant of the most widely watched indian reality show, “Bigg Boss” season 6. People treat them as national heros, instead of the ugly, crazy, emotion driven, sexist and violent women they are! Therefore feelings of violence against men is viral.
    India, being a developing country, is at the moment, undergoing going extreme westernization. Feminist organizations attract huge sums of donations from the west and from within India. Therefore, the Indian media, being the most powerful, asset of the feminists, is keen at promoting radical feminism.
    Indian Programs like “India Fights Back” and “Code Red” which recreate crime stories often promote and glorify violence against men accused of rape or domestic violence. A sickening, misandrist mentality has engulfed the Indian society. Here, follow these links, especially the wikipedia one, and read the “History” portion.

      1. They won’t. I come from the subcontinent, that has been a British colony for about 200 hundred years. Everyone here has some sort of white people superiority complex, believing that white people’s culture, values and feminist equal right’s stuff are superior, and therefore they succumb to radical man hating feminism. Maybe it is the colonization that has made us believe that it is empowering for us to be puppets of the western culture.
        I believe, every culture has positive and negative aspect, and we should absorb positive stuff from other cultures, but not accept another culture’s value because we think that they being white will always be right. Racial equality and equal rights for women, no doubt are positive aspects of western culture, but man-hating feminism is not. Even the west is realizing this.

        1. From India, completely agree with this. It’s high time that Indians begin to think rationally and deeply regarding following the dangerous precedent the West has set by integrating socialism, feminism, and Marxism into the mainstream culture. The only way out is by developing a philosophy in which you can integrate rational conservatism with scientific progress and investment in education at the grassroots, poorest levels.

    1. they need a red pill relief aid to counter it. Be it librarl nations like sweden and usa to conservative nations like india and saudi arabia, the feminist plant needs to be stomped and salt the earth so it doesnt grow back.
      Gets me wondering all these people supporting these causes have a family like this. LIke how many of them have abusive families and rapists friends honestly. Like indian families are crazy but not typically this violent for no reason unless you fuck up real bad then you are punished accordingly like every other family. This brainwashing is so deep that normal families believe this.
      I bet this female gang, attack non aggressive men, if they were dealing with an aggressive man theyll need more then sticks to stop him

      1. Yes. It has many times been pointed out that they attack innocent men. They have never waited for evidence to prove that the the said man has beaten his wife. It’s like whenever a woman says that her husband has beaten her, they take the accusation as a proof. Many times women do it because they think that their man has been cheating with some other women, so sometimes because their man has found her cheating with another man, and threatens to divorce her, or because the woman himself hit the man and he retaliated.
        It’s just too fucked up. These gulabi gang women are crazy. Moreover, they are also fucking ugly. Write “Sampat Pal Devi”, that gang’s leader’s name in google and see her images. No doubt she is ugly. Maybe that is why she is a feminist. Ugly women usually don’t get any validation from men, and they therefore have lots of anger towards men. They will often take out this anger at men under the guise of standing up for women’s rights

        1. totally wonder why no one in india says these things to shut em down. im surprised no gang of men have come up to beat these wannabe gang bitches. india is a poor nation shouldnt it be easy to get away with crime?

    2. Such is the plight of a developing country like India. On the one hand, we have our strong traditional outlook on the role of women in society. But on the other, the economic aid from the West in return for promoting liberal policies is sometimes too good to pass up. I can’t blame the Indian government, sometimes you have to do what’s best economically for the country.

      1. America gives aid to Islamic countries who don’t adopt this type of attitude though, I think there’s something deeper to the Indians becoming so blue pill.

        1. I would disagree a little. That aid is because those Islamic countries are located in areas that are highly strategic to American interests. By that I mean they are located in high value energy transportation routes, i.e. they have oil. All we care about is putting our military bases there and letting the oil flow, as oil is the main driver behind much of the world’s economy today.
          In India, on the other hand, a lot of multinational corporations take advantage of the educated population for support services such as IT, call centers, etc. In order for this to go smoothly, they have to keep the worker drones in a beta mentality so they don’t try to cause too much trouble.

        2. That makes sense I read a few other comments after I posted saying the same thing, learn something every day.

      2. Are you Indian?
        If so, could you tell me if it is in fact true that in your country sleeping with a woman and not marrying her is also considered rape. I heard this on another forum and literally couldn’t believe it.

        1. Yes. The woman can claim that you slept with her promising to marry her. Then it would be considered rape per Indian law. Ridiculous!

        2. Dafuq? That’s mental.
          Although india is still very caste centric. I could see the rationale behind that being to prevent the abuse of girls seeking hypergamy.
          Still, that kind of abuse is *not* rape. To call it such belittles rape.

        3. Well I’ve lived in the US for my whole life but my parents are Indian.
          I would like to start by saying that the whole “India=rape” thing perpetuated by the feminist media is not true. I’m surprised that so many people go along with it without looking at the numbers. Read this article:

          If you look at the per capita statistics (rapes per 100,000 people), India has a lower rape rate than many countries that you would consider “safe” such as Spain, Greece, and Germany.
          But anyways there are a plethora of weird local and state level laws in India, just like anywhere else, and in some instances they might still have outdated restrictions like this still on the books. But as far as I know, consensual sex is not outlawed by the national laws of India. Besides, many of the young generation (under 30) who are the majority of people having premarital sex think that there is nothing wrong with it. So overall attitudes are changing rapidly.

        4. The problem is that the same people propagating the “India = rape” myth are those in the “young generation (Under 30) who are the majority of people having premarital sex think that there is nothing wrong with it”. Premarital sex is only going to hurt India’s progress, not help it.

    3. You can see how governments, as well as private power, would love feminism in that it is a not so covert attack on regular men. Regular men, when getting screwed by business and the government, are a threat. Feminism brings out the bitch in female nature and is used to sic women on men while helping condition the women into being good bitches to the big daddy alpha government that rewards them with “treats” (from the men’s wallets thru taxation) in the form of more spending on “women’s issues”.

      1. And that’s the shit women don’t understand. They are happy being the bitch they always wanted to be.

  9. These are the kinds of situations we need to teach feminists so that they can begin to understand how toxic this thought process is. Lyncing, death, torture – none of it is okay for any reason, so why would you do it to someone?
    Rape is punishable by the law like many other things, so does that mean “rape vigilantes” will be treated in the same way by the law?

    1. Teach a feminist?
      I suggest you do a Phd in Quantum Mechanics and relocate to Mars. Build a laboratory there and distill a bottle of Dark Matter. Enjoy a glass of it while your eyes feast upon the Martian sunset. This is a task that is infinitely easier than the one you are dreaming of.

      1. Yeah. It’s not happening. Never. The very first track laid down in their brain is that nothing is their fault. If you point out a flaw in their reasoning then they leap forward past facts, logic, whatever to ‘Patriarchy!’ emotional payoffs and you’ve actually done exactly what they baited you into doing.
        I don’t know computer software so I can’t nail a perfect metaphor but they are simply programmed to NEVER acknowledge any criticism of their thinking, especially when on the topic of feminism (emotion) and especially when it’s a man criticizing them (enemy). You want to bring logic into a purely emotional realm. This is bringing your MMA gloves to fight a nuclear war. This is why they can make claims of patriarchal oppression and female dominance within seconds of each other in the same breath. When you point it out to them they’ll just give you a “That’s right!” drenched in ‘You go girl’. THERE IS NO LOGIC. EVER. Not part of the equation at all. It’s all pure emotional payoff.

  10. If females get to employ lynch mobs over mere accusations of rape, can we return to stoning females for sexual immorality? Eye for an eye anyone?

  11. Your article is severely lacking in context, and most of the commenters complaining that India needs the “redpill” lest it become “feminised” and “westernised” miss the much larger issue at hand here – India is also the country in which this happens:
    And before you say it’s an isolated incident: a) no it wasn’t; b) pay heed to the literal “rape culture” of India, where even LAWYERS – educated professionals – blame the woman for being raped, when her behaviour was not remotely provocative (which is no excuse, but I digress.
    I oppose gendered violence of any kind, and don’t agree with, for example, the prosecution rape guidelines in the UK, but are you actually so tunnel-visioned that you think that MEN are the oppressed in India? Ay dios mio

    1. GTFO.
      (a) That bus horror WAS an isolated incident
      (b) The only “rape culture” that exists is in your putrid SJW micro-brain
      Sweden, the UK and the USA all have significantly higher rape rates than India.
      India is the most blue pill, white knight country on earth, with men willing to come to a woman’s rescue at the drop of a hat, even if SHE is clearly in the wrong:

      Ay dios mio.
      So again, GTFO.

      1. Ive known a shit ton of guys that have been to india and surrounding nations be it born there or not and they all say “dont game here” even in the day. And the quality of women there sucks thanx to the gendar imbalance.
        if you are a lost tourist you might wind up lynched like this poor uk bastard, if you need directions, safer to ask a guy. Indian women are crazy and could say anything if they feel annoyed…or what bystanders may assume.

    2. With your short account name and content, I have a feeling you are a feminist white knighting a “poor girl from her scary swarthy men”. But I cant tell since we get commenters that basically throw their forgein bros under the bus at times, so Ill let roosh decide
      that women get raped every 20 min bascially calculates around 26000 a year for a population of a billion people which is .003% when you round it up.
      for a poor country, india shockingly has a very low crime rate with many areas that are ethopia poor.
      Its primarily young men commit crime and one can argue its a westernised mindset(dont give a fuck attitude) since they are less religious then their parents(whom belive if they suffer this life theyll be rewarded in the next) and theres an appernt “spike” in indian crime, its not old sadhus behind it.
      In terms of crime it may not be isolated though unrelated, but the severity of it was. That brutality coulda happened any where. An local feminists jumped on it like vultures to push their agenda in the heat of the moment. Its disgusting gift handed to them.
      Lawyers dont blame victims, however they grill them on their stupid mistakes too. Standard questioning isnt always blaming.
      This happens with all crime and altercations on how the victim fucked up. Then its sentenced accordingly. And if there is “blame” its typically 2 lawyers fighting it out on technicality and blaming each other. Its standard law practice to win their cases.
      This “rape culture” and “patriarchy” is just used as a weapon. Hell even those local feminists get complaints from poor women that they got no help, it just benefits the upper and sometimes middle class women. The ones on the bottom are just mascots to win their causes. If anything the “patriarchal” part of the government are the ones getting them in school and giving some handouts for them.

      1. Thanks for confirming my point that India’s radical feminism is a direct product of Victorianism and I’m not even from India!

  12. It has always seemed extraordinary to me how numerous the number of willing men is that will commit murder for a woman, even on a mere accusation devoid of evidence.

  13. The blame can be summed up in one word: LAWYERS.
    People have no faith in government or the legal system and it’s due to lawyers gaming them for personal gain.

    1. Indeed.
      I did not know they murdered a suspect! When i read another article they said that he was guilty of rape.

      1. What an interesting creature humans can be, murderers regard themselves better than rapists. They seldom consider that if caught they end up in the same cage.

        1. LOL eric you are very smart man. Did you see the vid. interview of one of the rapists? It is incredible what he said. rapist have a twisted reasoning and they have no remorse.

        2. I did not see the vid, but I can only imagine, I have seen much in my life that should not be witnessed in “normal” society lest ones own character becomes scarred with cynicism, resulting in misanthropy and a battle not to become cruel and indifferent. I am brought back to earth by minds not suffering from hubris who have seen as much yet retain independence and can still be charitable, it would appear that you are one of those, I defer to your greater wisdom. 🙂

        3. Eric, you have such a beautiful and rich vocabulary; I am learning from you 🙂 You are a wise man.
          I also saw cruelty in my life time too but I could not live knowing that I inflict cruelty to others, regardless of what some did to me. I guess it will destroy me… I build strength by being kind and helpful to others, that is what gives me peace; it encourages me and makes me happy.
          Thanks you very much for the kind words 🙂

        4. I fear that some peoples post’s meaning can be compromised , either watered down or sounding completely radical, because of their injudicious choice of words. I am one who reads between the lines, sort of a character analysis presented on a plate. Sometimes a sentence can give away an attitude so entrenched, the owner of the statement can be blissfully unaware of the implications and so destroy their credibility at a stroke.
          An example that is not uncommon is ” I’m not a racist, but…”. Then there is the level at which a words meaning is taken, am I a racist if when I see a black pedestrian I think to myself “the pedestrian is black” rather than “the pedestrian such as I”. Through such convoluted thinking I realize the important thing is to not be prejudiced against other cultures and races. I am not a religious person but most of the people I know that take their particular faith seriously are good and peaceful, they would not steal and believe in fidelity in their relationships. However I do not like religion as I agree that it is “the opiate of the masses” and the unjustifiable is justified by representatives of religious orders, acts such as blessing weapons that are to be used in an upcoming battle in time of war, is a glaring example.
          Enough from me. I am glad that even one person can relate what I try to convey, if I could choose a motto it would be “Do no harm”. 🙂

  14. Tricky one really. If my girlfriend or sister told me someone molested them I’d want to do something about it myself. Never mind due process and the legal system(after all that’s what ‘men’ do, right?) India is full of perverts(although this guy was a Bangladeshi/Muslim, which might have had something to do with it). Probably(if guilty) serves them right.

    1. “India is full of perverts”
      How can you be so sure? Do you possess a “degree” in “Indian perversion” or such? I hear colleges in the West have such fancy degrees.
      Such statements add little value to the discussion. They, however, reduce you to the level of a SJW. Whatever you say next is already automatically pushed into the bullshit bucket.
      “If my girlfriend or sister told me someone molested them I’d want to do something about it myself”
      What if, like all other female scum, she too is lying?
      What if, you go about and deliver justice only to realize that you were gamed by your “girlfriend or sister”?
      You, my dear friend, are in dire need of some education.

      1. Really? If your sister told you she’d been raped you would automatically assume she’s lying?
        Can you not see that an attitude like that is what leads to these murders!? If a judge or lawyer did as you’ve done and assumed that the woman is entirely to blame based on nothing but personal sentiments then the only course for justice is to take matters into ones own hands.
        I know my sister well enough to know that if something like that did happen that in all likelihood she wouldn’t tell me unless she was drunk, in which case it’s entirely possible that she would, and then likely beg me to let it go and not make things worse when she’d sobered up and realised that she’d told me.
        Thing is, I wouldn’t. If she’s too afraid to take him to the courts, or if she does and the courts fail to convict him then I would break the bastard myself.
        Why would she not come forward about it and see him duly punished? Due to attitudes like yours.
        Don’t just assume. You treat a rape claim seriously. It’s a serious crime.
        Before you respond, yes I’m aware that mob rule whereby mere suspects are murdered before any trial or conviction will also make women afraid to come forward.

        1. What are you saying? You make no sense at all.
          Read my comment carefully. I am asking questions prefixed with “What if”. This is to stop people from being impulsive. I am advicing that people should never jump to conclusion based on allegations. Even if the accuser is your “girlfriend or sister”. I am not saying not to believe your “girlfriend or sister”. Being rational is what I advice.
          Presumption of innocence is the foundation of modern justice system. The burden of proof is on the accuser. If you have proof, go to the police. Why would you break any bastard when there are laws to deal with any situation?
          My attitude is what keeps the world sane.
          You said, “I would break the bastard.”
          You are the mob. You are one of those many stupids who take law in their own hands and deliver “justice”. You too are breaking the law. Do you not see that? Your attitude is what promotes murder.
          You may know your sister very well. How can that be generalized? How can you say that all women need to be believed? This is just what the SJWs say.
          We need a system. We need people to follow the system.

        2. Meh. My comments made sense in light of how I interpreted what you were saying, I just seem to have misinterpreted you.
          To be fair, I’ve spoken to some seriously irrational monkeys on this blog site before so please forgive me for being presumptuous in how I was reading things.
          To make my point clear, I’m not saying that I would want to take matters into my own hands, I would far prefer for the courts to do their job properly. I never said that I would be right to “break the bastard”, just that it’s what would happen. I would accept the punishment afterwards.
          I’ve got one childhood friend in prison because the courts failed to prosecute the man who raped his fiance. He couldn’t handle living with the rapist being free and so he carved him up with a knife. The courts failed and the rapist died.
          Rage isn’t rational and the court system is not flawless by any stretch of the imagination.
          I agree that we should always seek due process first but it does not always work. Especially when the people involved are either actively or passively working against the rape victim, deliberately or accidentally.
          The lawyers of that video “India’s daughter” are prime examples of people who are fanning the anger that leads to murder.
          The mob are in the wrong for taking matters into their own hands. The people who make women feel like they can’t come forward regarding something like this are in the wrong.
          It’s very hard to be in the right here when you’re deeply involved because of the level of emotion involved, however it helps to first assume the woman is telling the truth, while entertaining the possibility that she could be mistaken.
          Automatically applying the assumption that she’s lying only ever makes it worse (I know this is not what you said. Just explaining myself).
          Maybe you consider that to be practically arguing semantics. I think it’s an important distinction.
          Please also consider this, I maintain this view as a man who has been falsely accused of rape himself. Funnily enough for dumping the girl after I realised she was a sociopath.
          I know some women lie, but I also know how extremely emotionally charged this issue is. If it were my sister or my wife I would not be rational.

        3. I was a bit harsh too. I mistook you for one of those really pathetic SJWs.
          This is what I like. I would love to see more of it in manosphere. People accepting their mistakes and moving on.
          I too have been through false allegations and the entailing legal and financial troubles. I know how bad it is. I remained calm and it helped me. It did not come to me naturally. I listened to wise men and learnt from them.

        4. Automatically assume the woman is right?
          What a stupid comment.
          That is why I keep my CCW and 45 ACP locked and loaded.
          To bury some tough guy like yourself who “comes for me” on some mere unproven accusation.
          I would love to put a bullet though your fucking eyes when you attempt to “carve me up” on some fake accusation.

        5. You really should make more of an effort to understand what you’re reading.
          I wouldn’t “come after you” unless I knew you’d actually raped my sister or wife and the courts failed to put you in prison. If there was doubt that you’d done it then I wouldn’t be coming after you. If some random woman or new woman in my life said you’d raped her I wouldn’t be doing anything except being wary.
          My point was that a flawed court system and an attitude of automatically assuming the girl is lying leads to these murders and frankly it’s an anger I can relate to.
          I would not want to take matters into my own hands but (and this is crucial to what I was saying) I would be so angry that I can’t say I wouldn’t. I would be being torn apart by rage.
          It’s hard to be in the right on this one. I’ve already stated two stories from my own life where the concept of rape was involved and I have another that I remembered of an girl who lived in my student halls while I was at uni. She was raped in her school days and her brother ended up going completely off the rails as a result because he failed to help her and failed to get revenge.
          Her father was strong enough to deal with it rationally but not everyone is.
          Rape doesn’t only mess up the girl who was raped. It messes up the men who are close to her as well.
          As an aside, the irony of your “tough guy” thing is not lost on me given what you said there. If you’d raped someones sister and they had it in for you do you think they’d come up to you, tell you that they’re going to attack you and give you fair chance to defend yourself?
          They’d just run you over or stab you in the head from behind or just quietly pull up by you as you walk down the street and whack you over the back of the head with a paving slab (I’ve seen that happen in person, even on a crowded street the victim gets no warning. Just bam and lights out).
          Or they’d just walk up to you and shoot you from behind as you put a burger in your mouth.
          Quit being such an internet tough guy yourself. If someone seriously has it in for you to the point that they no longer care about going to prison then chances are you’re fucked. Unless they’re some kind of incompetent idiot who squares up to people they intend to hurt.
          I by no means think that it would be any different if someone had it in for me.

  15. I’ll guarantee you that those dudes lynched in India were out-class. Lower caste. And that their accusers were higher-caste women.

  16. Did anyone happen to catch the BBC documentary called India’s daughters. I refused to watch the program but read a liberal review. Any Indian men here catch it?

  17. I read somewhere that Paul Nungesser identified himself as a male feminist. Ironically, now feminists themselves are fucking up his life. Another cruel, reminder how for men, feminism can fucks up it allies, if they are male. Karma is a terrible bitch, because what goes around comes around. If you engage in feminism, believing pussy in everything, one day a cunt may falsely accuse you of rape and then they will be a thousand brainwashed idiots like you who will be after your life.
    That being said, I am not gloating over the fact that this happened to Paul. No man deserves to be falsely accused of rape, even a male feminist! Personally I sympathize with Paul, and wish that things turns out better for him. This however is a lesson for all white kinghts and beat men. Stop perpetrating the shit or it will come back to you.

    1. A whiff of pussy is all that is needed for the mangina. Manginas are addicted to it. They are pussy junkies. For them, the stink of pussy trumps everything.

  18. Shirtless man:The unfortunate guy
    Recently an angry mob cut off a man’s penis after a girl ACCUSED him of rape. No due process or anything. Three Cheers for mob justice! Read more about it on these links.
    Crazy women, beta men and SJW’s in India have glorified this incident. Mob justice in India against men over an unproven crime against a women is becoming common and sickening, thanks to the mainstream media which makes everyone believe that there is a rapist in every corner.

  19. It’s not just the feminists, it is also the Civil Rights Industrial Complex. The destroyed the life of George Zimmerman and they are trying to do the same with Darren Wilson. They tried with the Duke Lacrosse Team. They were successful in the case of Tawana Brawley even though she was successfully sued for the entire hoax. Then there is Bernard Goetz. His life was ruined also.
    Social Justice Warriors thrive on lies to rationalize their illegal actions. They hijack government and use its heavy hand to impose their will which always results in the loss of rights.

  20. Serious question, have any of us actually been accused of rape? I’ve slam pieced my share of blackout slags but no one has come after me.
    Don’t flame me cause I’m new, I just found this place. Say hi to your mother for me.

    1. Yes I have. Years ago I was accused publicly, fortunately not legally. It was by someone who at one time was a friend and became a side piece. When I decided to end things and reject her request for a threesome, she took the opportunity of being alone in a room with me for 3 minutes, with someone else on the other side of a bathroom door, to cry rape. Because somehow I was able to get myself undressed, rape her without a sound and get dressed again in 3 minutes, and not break a sweat. The accuser then went to my business (not job, I owned the place) and told everyone what I had “done”. She was a regular and I had to avoid my own business for about a month, while everyone else slowly figured out how much BS she was spewing. After that time, as I returned, she would even frequent my table to be part of the crowd. That is until her BF would come in, and she would go into hysterics, as if I magically teleported myself in the middle of the group she was on the edge of. Several years later, the beta with a good helping of liquid courage physically attacked me at a concert. The fact that his punch was so weak, that only the spiked wristband he was wearing caused a small scratch, and otherwise no damage, was probably the most laughable part of that episode. So beware.

  21. The best thing the manoshpere could ever accomplish would be to do the impossible, get laws passed that make false rape claims a crime punishable by serious prison time.

  22. Over recent years, due process in particular has fallen out of fashion, all while its proponents are slandered as encouraging and supporting rape.

    Leftists and SJWs are more interested in demonizing their opponents than having a rational conversation. They’d lose in a rational debate.

  23. Jessica Valenti is a hideous vile, slandering cunt. The damage a cunt like her does with her megaphone at the WashPost and others is vicious. But to her, hey, it’s a living! A wonder someone doesn’t stalk her down and kill her.

  24. I agree about the so-called “rape culture” hype being out of control in N. America, outside of the prison system, it does not exist.
    There is however in some conservative circles a similar hype of “rape culture” when it comes to male immigrants in Europe. You can’t really cry foul about US fraternities being rape factories while slapping that same label on say, Scandinavian male immigrants.

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