10 Signs Of Passive Aggressiveness And How To Stop Displaying Them

Passive aggressiveness is a distasteful trait that no self-respecting man should possess. Although to many it seems like mocking, it is a completely different animal. Mocking comes from a place of power and it’s stemming from entitlement.

Passive aggressiveness, on the other hand, comes from the resentful weakness of the schmuck, in spite of the fact that white knights think it comes from being strong and well-articulated.


Ask yourself this: would a strong man start acting in a passive-aggressive manner? Of course not—a strong man won’t have any trouble displaying his beliefs and core values, no matter who gets pissed in the process.

In the meantime what a passive aggressive person conveys is “I would like to kick the shit out of you, but I’m too much of a pussy to try it so I’ll keep on bitching at you. God, I hate YOU because I’M NOT able to express my anger.” Did you spot the blame shifting? Typical beta move. A beta will usually blame external factors for his own shortcomings.

Here are 13 types of passive aggressive behavior:

1. Intentional avoiding responsibilities, or purposefully performing incompetently to display anger


2. Procrastinating

Time Lost

3. Resentfulness towards others


4. Complaining about being feeling under-appreciated or cheated


5. Sulky, pouty, and argumentative behavior towards authority figures


6. Laying the blame on others


7. Contradictory behavior (enthusiastically agreeing on a job but performing poorly on purpose)


8. Displays of unexpressed anger or hostile attitude


9. Intentional forgetfulness


10. Inability to take constructive criticism


Assuming you have a decent grasp over yourself, there are viable options to cut out the foul trait that is passive aggressiveness. Above anything else, you are the product of your own mindset, which means you can be what you want if you concentrate long enough to produce consistent results


It is not a hard task accomplish if your will is strong. All you have to do it catch yourself (mid sentence if you have to) and switch to being more aggressive and express yourself, or switch to being aloof when increasing your aggressive stance might not be your safest option.

Granted, you might find yourself in the middle of a fight at times, but if you want to exorcise the inner wuss, you can’t go half way. One must be willing to fight in order to win a fight.

If this approach is not an option for you (apply your judgement to the situation), go with a “I’ve seen it all” attitude. Amused mastery if you will. Don’t be impressed and don’t get rattled by anyone.

At the end of the day, passive aggressiveness is a bitch move that doesn’t serve you at all. Truth being told, such behavior is a sign of the profound weakness of one’s ego.

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74 thoughts on “10 Signs Of Passive Aggressiveness And How To Stop Displaying Them”

  1. These lists are getting ridiculous. This site is becoming a lot like Men’s Health – just trying to make men insecure about every little thing they do. If you are a human being interacting with other human beings you will be passive aggressive at times.

    1. >If you are a human bean, interacting with other human beans you will be passive aggo at times
      I strongly disagree with this. As long as you are not a little bitch and actually man enough to say what’s on your mind instead of squirming and squeezing your man nipples over every single thing that makes you ‘ feeeeeeeeeeeel’ bad and brings discomfort, you wouldn’t be a passive aggressive wimp.
      Rationality + calm stoicness > Passive aggressive.
      Passive aggressiveness is a negative characteristic, and not all of us embody it.
      However I do agree with you on the recent articles being lists.

      1. There is a 100% chance you will behave passive aggressively at some point unless you are willing to go to jail. We live in a society where physical violence is punished with jail time, even bar fights. There are just too many circumstances in which legally/socially you cannot be openly aggressive with people.
        Haha, hell you even started your response with passive aggressive mispellings on the quote lol

        1. everyone wants to be Rambo shoot first and ask questions later and rectify all the injustices that have been committed against them. These movies all provide outlets that people think that if they had special training they could take down the system themselves. there is rarely a case put forward to be cunning and wait like Shakespeare’s Iago. Everyone builds up to the moment where they go out guns blazing which often makes them look short tempered and foolish. How do i know this? I’ve tried to put my case forward guns blazing (metaphorically speaking) and it has nearly always needed up to my determent. Even the cases where people thank you for voicing their very same concerns. these people will only do it in shadows and with a faint whisper.I’m only thankful i learnt this lesson before having children and real financial commitments. Moral to the story- passive aggressive might not seem “manly” but hey we are on an anonymous blog for that very same reason that we don’t go out guns blazing.

      2. In the modern world being man enough to say something will get you fired and if you don’t have any other source of income, you need to keep your fucking mouth shut. I’ve worked out from my mistakes to never say anything outspoken to a person with authority over you in certain situations, like the work place. Especially something that could hurt their ego. Even if they’re complete idiots, let them think they’re better. If they’re telling you something, even if you know it’s wrong, just ignore it, agree with them, and let them feel good about themselves.
        The other day I was talking to someone about cutting body fat (they started the conversation with me). He told me to eat food x because it will target fat on certain body parts. This person is fat and weak, yet he was giving me advice. It’s biologically impossible to spot reduce fat, it’s complete nonsense, but I still agreed with him and just said that’s interesting. I could have told him that it’s complete nonsense, but for what? Instead I agreed and went on my way.
        If I was him and he was me, I’d be happy that someone corrected my information because that would mean I could improve, but from my experience, most people are not like that. People become resentful over the slightest things. Things that you may consider trivial, but it could come back to bite you in the ass.
        Of course, there are situations where you stand your ground. Though you need choose wisely, there’s a trade-off for anything that you do.

        1. I’ve learned that your boss is never really your friend. In some cases to some degree they are your team leader but when I’ve joked around or tried to impart red pill wisdom to my employer, things soon got funny for me at work. Never ‘better’ or try to ‘best’ the person signing your check. If you team up with other like minded men at work, your group is like a family and harder to break – like the ‘union’ concept.
          At home, you are mose easily defeated ( beta beaten) when isolated, but with either like minded buddies or loyal female harem, you aren’t as easily divided and conquered as a group. DIVIDE AND CONQUER is as old as the concept of civilization. You can’t shove an entire 16oz. t-bone steak down whole, NO you cut it up into bite size pieces. You DIVIDE AND CONQUER the steak.

        2. >spot reduction
          I see where you’re coming from. Of course you’ve got to assess the situation before opening your mouth.

        3. I had a friend like that back in the day, since middle school he always had to make things up to feel important whatever it was, upcoming movies, video games, Manga, Cars etc.. at one point i started to genuinely correct him and say that he didn’t need to put a front with me… Big Mistake!
          He trash-talked me, tried to make me feel bad about myself and the situation i was in (that i had previously shared with him). A true shit storm. I put him in his place by telling him that he needed to educate himself and stop rejecting people that didn’t hold that against him and whom, actually had taken is defense while other talked behind is back since he was everybody’s fool.
          The bottom line is to leave people swim in their shit, nowadays delusional and narcissistic trait are the norm and honesty is for the weak! People are just happy being ignorant.

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        5. to this, the advice would translate to:
          if you choose to not say the truth, don’t be bitter about it.
          a lot of people complain about other people or work. maybe it is shitty. but they chose to do it.
          complaining about things is a relief at first, but spreads negativity and kills good conversations.
          it’s the belief of not having a choice that makes you feel like a slave. craving every part of life as a challenge is the way i like to go about it. every time i consciously think that things should be different, i flip a switch in my head and think “i wouldn’t want it any other way”. works very well for me and kills the wish to bitch around. it just becomes pointless. accept or change things.

    2. Lists are a convenient way to lay out key points, especially if there is an order of importance, or even if each point holds equal value. It sure makes for easier reading so I have no complaints.
      I think #2, #3, & #9 can arguably BE or NOT BE passive aggressive behavior, if taken out of context. Pretty much everyone does those at some point. Reducing them though is a sound goal.

    3. Why the site is becoming ridiculous is not this specific article, but the fact that almost each article is some kind of numbered list where each point is followed by a short thematically relevant picture and a short description of the point. ROK’s articles now look like the typical Buzzfeed dripple. “5 Things Every Man Under 30 Needs To Know That Guys From Normal Families With Fathers Were Already Told As Teenagers”, “If You Can Convince Yourself That Your Date Was Born Female You’re Going
      To Get Laid Tonight: 5 Tips On Cultivating Obliviousness”, “5 Tips For Living A Location Independent Lifestyle In A Van Down By The River”, “Tuthmosis Road Tests These New High Tech Shoe Inserts And Almost Convinces A Woman He’s Five Foot Six”

    4. I agree the list is riduculous, looks like a clickbait article, and too much pictures, how about going into a little more detail on every point instead of just posting a picture. The title says “how to stop displaying them” but all i see are a couple sentences basically saying “just stop displaying them”, which is good advice but i’d expect more, maybe some examples, anecdotal experiences, anything.
      The article is mediocre in clickbait standards, which makes it terrible for ROK standards, i expect more from you guys.

  2. Procrastination is certainly bad and passive, but I don’t see how it’s passive-aggressive.

  3. I thought it was being too afraid to state your opinion/speak honestly (example: bitching about someone behind their back). Or purposely screwing up a task to avoid it in the future.

  4. About 10 years ago I shared an appartment with 2 guys and a witch. The witch used to leave notes everywhere for any stupid thing. She was truly a despicable person, created a lot of trouble and even threatened to call the cops on me. At that moment I left the appartment.
    Years later I worked with another witch and she also used to leave little notes everywhere. Damn I fucking hated that

      1. They DO exist. I’ve had the displeasure of meeting a few in my life time.

        1. Yeah I know right.lol
          But seriously you have large groups of people (men and women but especially women) that do that. The women tend to be the worst because they literally will try to cast spells and hexes on anyone (especially men) who displease them. This can happen for actual and even “perceived” offenses.

        2. dependence upon the supernatural is one of the many signs of a collapsing civilization.

        3. I know what you mean. I’ve encountered maybe one in life. The trait I picked up from her was that witches are pretty lazy folks who take liberties with using your things. Couldn’t say if she casted a spell yet or not. If she thinks they worked more power to her.

        4. And in the case of Pendejo Brujah, the spells actually work… mostly because it involves dropping poisonous ‘magical potions’ into a man’s food.
          The bible says ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’. It was referring to the mean old outcast lesbian poisoners that used to sell enchanments and potions to PMSing cunts mad at their husbands for leaving open the latrine lids. or getting drunk on fermented camel’s milk.
          Frankly, killing these wandering cat ladies seems like a good idea.

        5. ironically, most ‘religious zealots’, while placing faith in ‘providence’, don’t really hold much stock in supernatural interference… miracles are something from ancient legend, not something you can blackmail god into creating.
          growing civilizations embrace ‘god helps those that help themselves’. declining civilizations embrace ‘god shoots fireballs at people who attack people who cannot help themselves’.
          Healthy societies have minimal divine interfence, with maximal divine respect… declining societies reverse these two values.

        6. Very true. And they are right. Just like luck, it increases based on how close and relevant you make yourself to your goals. Like incessant lotto players.

        7. I wish that were all it was. I’ve seen and have experienced some REAL things behind these women. I’ll provide some stories if you guys want.

        8. Yes, I agree they tend to BE VERY LAZY. In fact the essence of witchcraft is to take things from other people that they have not earned (but with a supernatural twist to it). Unfortunately, I’ve run across some that have cast spells that really do work. It opened my eyes to a lot of things in this world.

        9. Seriously?! Funny thing is I can believe you. I’ve seen and experienced things as well. This world is very energetically based so plenty of things can go down based on intention. Now that you know of some those arts are you more aware of potential witches? Btw, that is pretty awkward having a witch for a housemate. Did they keep their shenanigans away from the stove? Did they work?

        10. The first experience was when I was visiting with a family member. She was an older woman and had been rumored for many years prior to practice witchcraft and black
          magic (sometime in the 80’s).
          (Surely, that stuff doesn’t exist right? Wrong.)
          However, I and none of my other nuclear family members at least had ever witnessed anything. In fact, she used to swear up and down that she was afraid of that stuff
          and could not understand why anyone would believe that about her.
          I had graduated college some years before, but had just secured a good job and also purchased a new house.
          I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and visit. In the course of normal conversation and talking about movies she hands me a dvd (Black Swan). She wanted
          me to watch it because “it was weird”. When she gave it to me, she was unduly nervous but I think nothing of it and head home. I lay the dvd on my coffee table and
          I go about my business.
          [Now let me tell you a little more about myself so you can get a better grasp of where I am coming from.
          I was single and lived alone. I train in the martial arts and I weight train so I have excellent health and otherwise no problems/issues. I’m also pretty proficient
          with weapons (martial arts style and firearms. I even got a cert for handgun training). I say all of that to say that I can take care of myself pretty well.
          On a personal level, I am a christian and I study the bible on a regular basis.
          I was only concerned (as I am now ) with getting to the next level, body/career-wise/spiritual.
          Now back to the story…]
          That night, my house was unbelievably cold. Now mind you, this is mid-September in the Southern US. Temperatures weren’t sweltering but they definitely weren’t cold
          either. Sometime in the middle of the night I began to hear footsteps and odd clicking noises throughout my home and bedroom. I don’t scare easily, but I jumped up
          several times during the night and flipped on a light (with a pistol in hand) simply because I heard heavy footsteps in my room and felt like someone or something was
          there. However, when I turned on the light, nothing was there.
          I searched the house to make sure there were no intruders, but I found nothing.
          I thought that perhaps I was dreaming but when I started to hear items moving around on my dresser and feel something heavy bump my bed (hard enough to jostle me
          awake) I knew something was very wrong.
          Besides there was the feeling that there was something very big and angry in the room…and it didn’t like me one bit. Almost like a predator stalking it’s prey.
          I grabbed my bible and a cross and I prayed. The entity would leave the room, (as evidenced by the sound of retreating footsteps) but it would come back half an hour
          later to make noise. Needless to say, I was terrified. The only thing that made it calm down was the rising morning sun.
          I was able to get a couple of hours sleep.
          Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well, and went to work that next day exhausted and unnerved.
          Was I crazy? I had to have been.
          This continued and me coming home to find my furniture in different places was enough to make me feel insane. This type of stuff only happens in movies right? Nope,
          Art imitates life.
          Anyway, I finally realized that the footsteps and clicking noises emanated from the coffee table where the dvd was located.
          Could there have been an evil spirit/demon attached to this thing? That’s crazy talk…but I could not deny that all of this had started as soon as I had brought it
          into my home.
          I placed the dvd outside of my backdoor on my patio and the noise stopped. The odd chill over the house left and the warmness returned. That night I would hear
          knocking/scratching sounds against my backdoor, like something was trying to force it’s way back in.
          I left the dvd outside for days just to test it. As soon as it got dark, the odd noises would return and subside by day time. I even moved it one time back within my
          threshold and within an hour, the creepy coldness had returned along with the clicking noises.
          I bundled the dvd up and took it back to the woman’s house. She had visitors so I walked in dropped it on the table and walked back out.
          Peace was mine again.
          But of course your mind starts to get the better of you. Had that really happened? I had to have been crazy. Things like that don’t happen in real life. Witchcraft
          is all tricks and it doesn’t actually do anything…I must have just been mistaken. This woman really wouldn’t do anything like that to me would she? Of course not, I am a fool
          for believing such things.
          One night though, the creepiness returned along with increased activity. This time was particularly unnerving because not only was the entity back (stronger than
          before), but I was also struck ill. I’m usually in excellent health but I felt instantly exhausted and nauseous like my life was being drained from me. Also I had not
          had any contact with the woman and not brought any more items into my home. What could it be? In the mist of praying and trying to ward off this “thing” with my bible
          and cross, I thought hard about what had changed in the last few hours. I had to have brought something else in my house. Sure enough, my eyes fell on the stack of
          mail I had brought into my home that I hadn’t even bothered to look through. In the stack was a card from the woman. I hurled it out of my backdoor into my garbage
          can. The attack was instantly halted and my health returned within an hour. I haven’t had contact with her since.

        11. The witches I’ve run across are just very seductive and come across as almost too inviting. (Like snakes trying to charm you.) A normal evil minded woman is usually vindictive and malicious right off the cuff, but a witch is more secretive. She wants you let your guard down so that she can get you to accept some gift (which usually has some type of curse/spell/demon/evil spirit) attached to it so it can harm you. OR they try to get something that belongs to you so that they can use that item as a link to you. (hair/clothes/etc) They can then cast a spell on said item and have it effect you at a distance.
          Be very wary of women who just HAVE to get into your home and then they have to leave just as quickly as they appeared. They show up unannounced and always have some crazy reason why they have to be there and then have to get out like there is an emergency. This is always a tell-tale sign. They are either trying to take something of yours or leave something behind that will mess you up. (Almost like delivering a bomb into your enemy’s headquarters and then fleeing before it detonates)

        12. That is some scary shit. Demons and witchcraft are real and very evil. Always carry a cross with you.

        13. Any such purported evidence of the efficacy of witchcraft are anecdotes and subject confirmation bias as well as conflating coincidence with causation

        14. I honestly am going to call bullshit on this. Furniture does not move around on its own, the laws of physics ubiquitous and immutable forbid it. So you are either embellishing for attention by which I am calling you a liar or you have unresolved issues in your brain.

  5. Resenting success in those around you.
    I’ve been guilty of this and made a real effort beginning about 8 years ago to cut it the fuck out.
    I also recognise people doing it to me
    The ultimate passive aggression

  6. You have just simply described the vibrant diversity. To. A. Tee.
    You didn’t build that!

  7. I think it’s time to shop around for more mature writers. There’s nothing wrong with list articles like this but I’d like to see some next level stuff written for older men by men with a little more life experience.

    1. Agreed. Half the articles on ROK lately seem written by 21-year olds, with a lot to learn. Nothing wrong with that younger perspective of course. But increasing the percentage of articles from Red Pill men in their 30s, 40s and even beyond might prove more useful to the readership.

  8. I think for this article to be better, it could have used 2 or 3 real life cases of “how does a passive aggressive person handle it” and then the corresponding “how to handle it without passive aggressiveness” version.
    And it could also have touched on the subject of “when to use passive agressiveness”. It surely makes a great mobbing technique if for example you want go dark triad on a competitor in the office etc.

  9. Passive / aggressive is very female behavior. Its what a person does who is too weak to take direct action. Like when a woman accidentally burns breakfast because you didn’t let her have her way yesterday. Its bitch behavior unless its understood to be done in a joking way.

  10. a strong man won’t have any trouble displaying his beliefs and core values, no matter who gets pissed in the process.
    In the modern corporate environment, you can’t charge around like a bull in a china shop (unless you own the joint or are othewise untouchable) because eventually you’ll just get sidelined or fired. The people who are good at building consensus are the ones who silently get things done. It’s highly Machiavellian and it works.

    1. The problem is passive aggressive can turn into tit for tat bitch behavior. IMO its one the reasons women encounter resistance in getting promoted above mid level at work. Upper level leaders don’t have time for games, neither do clients.

    1. I don’t think that’s quite right. You see…
      Hold up. The TV is on. Let me get back to you in a bit….

  11. The problem with a lot of these points is that they are not clearly defined. Depending on your own personal position in a conflict, you can say that people are being passive-aggressive or that they are being perfectly reasonable.
    When I was in secondary school, one teacher held long-standing personal grudges against several of the kids, including myself. So, I did a lot of things that would, under a broad definition, fall under the points mentioned here. I did tell other teachers that I felt cheated when the ‘bad kids’ were always last to receive their grades and talked down to while the ‘good kids’ got private tutoring for exams and a chance to negotiate about their grades (and they admitted that I had a point). I did argue in plain sight of everyone from time to time, especially when this particular teacher was on the war path again. As for the hostility, I did quite the opposite – when I was not arguing with this teacher, I was perfectly and genuinely polite. Others, not so much – they shouted, messed with the textbooks, demanded that they be put in a class with a different history teacher or even skipped those classes because they’d rather answer to the head than to this teacher.
    Anyway, it’s all very situational, so general pointers such as the ones mentioned here are totally useless. If you ask me, the people who were really irresponsible and pathetic were the ones who’d suck up to the teacher and shout us ‘bad kids’ down in public, but would tell us that they secretly agreed with us when the teacher was out of sight. Even now, many years later, I would rather have ten people like that teacher in front of me than a thousand of those kids behind me.

  12. “Keeping score” on every single perceived slight is probably the worst of these. Run, do not walk, in the opposite direction of anyone who treats you like this. That is the ultimate form of not giving a fuck.

  13. One of the major things about passive-aggressiveness, and why you should avoid it, is that it is the weapon of a victim. Or, more correctly, people who intentionally put themselves in the role of victims.
    This is not a role you want, because after a while it starts to affect you in a Nietzschean way — if the tactic works, your use of the role of a victim will become easier and easier to you until you start *thinking* of yourself as a victim. There is no more dangerous, degrading, and destructive mindset in the world than the belief that you are at the mercy of forces around you and have no agency over your own existence. Take the picture above where one fuckwit put “WAITED 30 MINUTES NO SERVICE” in ketchup on the table. The person had sufficient inventiveness to basically make a mess on a clean counter. But they thought of themselves as a victim, that the only way they could get any emotional satisfaction in the situation was to commit vandalism. Non-victim thinking would have been to either get up and leave after 5-10 minutes, or get up and ask to be served after 5-10 minutes.
    Passive-aggressiveness is used when the passive aggressor lacks sufficient will, strength, or clout to accomplish his violent aims by direct force, so indirect force is applied to achieve the same goal. Passive-aggressiveness is a sword always used in combination with one of the following shields: “You wouldn’t hit a girl/a guy with glasses/an old woman/someone smaller than you, would you?” It is the tactic of a coward.
    Passive-aggressiveness is largely a perverted outgrowth of Christianity. When Jesus tells people to “turn the other cheek” he’s not pronouncing passive-aggressiveness as a Christian tenet — not when Jesus in the same book picks up a whip and starts upending tables at Judaism’s most holy site a few pages on, or demands why people hit him even later on when surrounded by troops. Turning the other cheek has one of two purposes: either stopping aggressiveness carried out against you, or letting the aggression go without response – both of which are superior and direct methods to passive-aggressiveness.
    Walter Wink’s take on turning the other cheek is insightful:
    To illustrate with the saying about turning the other cheek: it specifies that the person has been struck on the right cheek. How can you be struck on the right cheek? As Wink emphasizes, you have to act this out in order to get the point: you can be struck on the right cheek only by an overhand blow with the left hand, or with a backhand blow from the right hand. (Try it).
    But in that world, people did not use the left hand to strike people. It was reserved for “unseemly” uses. Thus, being struck on the right cheek meant that one had been backhanded with the right hand. Given the social customs of the day, a backhand blow was the way a superior hit an inferior, whereas one fought social equals with fists.
    This means the saying presupposes a setting in which a superior is beating a peasant. What should the peasant do? “Turn the other cheek.” What would be the effect? The only way the superior could continue the beating would be with an overhand blow with the fist–which would have meant treating the peasant as an equal.
    Perhaps the beating would not have been stopped by this. But for the superior, it would at the very least have been disconcerting: he could continue the beating only by treating the peasant as a social peer. As Wink puts it, the peasant was in effect saying, “I am your equal. I refuse to be humiliated anymore.”
    In other words, turning the other cheek is not passive-aggressiveness. Passive-aggressiveness is accepting the power imbalance and just bitching about it, to a greater or lesser extent. Turning the other cheek is, in its way, taking no shit.

    1. research the term “external locus of control” btw your name is epic

    2. “Turning the other cheek has one of two purposes: either stopping aggressiveness carried out against you, or letting the aggression go without response – both of which are superior and direct methods to passive-aggressiveness.”
      This and the rest of what you said with regard to “turn the other cheek” is something i truly appreciate you elaborating upon. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone who takes the time to thoroughly understand biblical text in spite of public misinformed belief. I never thought i’d find something like this here, not because the readership isn’t capable of it, but because it’s not something that would naturally pop up in online conversation.
      I salute you good sir. (taps shield)

  14. The “manosphere” is becoming popular thus these corny articles are starting to become common. I feel like this will eventually be viewed the same as we view feminism, a big ol’ joke. But i have learned much from early articles posted on here and the few gems that pop up every now and then.

  15. ROK fucked up. “Here are 13 types of passive aggressive behavior:” but only lists ten. get your shit together

    1. I think the article writer counts point one twice (because of two related yet distinct points) and counts point 5 three times, because of three related but not necessarily equal, points.
      I could be wrong though.


  17. 7. Contradictory behavior (enthusiastically agreeing on a job but performing poorly on purpose)
    Hey its the American way, we don’t strike or quit our job, if we are underpaid, we just do a shitty job.
    #4. Complaining about being feeling under-appreciated or cheated
    This is not passive aggressive it is called manipulation. When you do something nice with the expectation you will get something in return its not alturistic, it is selfish, you are doing it to be “appreciated”. And the 99% of people who do this are woman. I washed a dish and you didn’t notice, I feel “unappreciated”. How come men never get to use this bullshit.

  18. 3- 8 and 10 are all demonstrated reliably by the female persona, interestingly enough.

  19. 11. Post angrily about the Vaginocracy on sexually frustrated male website for extreme pedophiles.

  20. Excellent post. Hooray for the equality of flaws and personal responsibility. Passive aggressiveness is a flaw all young people experience and fix, and all older people need to regularly remind themselves to stay on top of.
    The funniest one I ever heard at work was after many snarky comments where I was expected to read between the lines I calmly and directly asked him if there was a problem, and should we have a chat and figure out and fix the misunderstanding. He tells me if he had a problem he would tell me to my face and not talk about me behind his back.
    So I’m golden, there’s no problem, and he never learned that up till that point the only conversations I’d been in about him, were ones where I was not the one complaining. He was on his own after that.

  21. There’s a trend sweeping the young, college-age male population in the U.S.: Post-it notes. Men shouldn’t use post-it notes to communicate their grievances. In my experience, the best way to resolve these things is a straightforward, civil, face-to-face interaction.
    Every time a male that I knew used post-it notes to try to communicate that they had a problem I lost respect for them. That’s just not how men communicate.
    It seems to be a trend of people in general trying to avoid actual interaction because that would involve putting themselves out there.

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