Exposing Your Genitals For Ten Minutes In Public Is Fine If You’re A Woman

Gabi Grecko, a professional self-aggrandizer, recently escaped a criminal conviction for perhaps the most bizarre case of indecent exposure in contemporary Australian history. In 2014, Grecko, the Southern belle of geriatric businessman Geoffrey Edelsten, had walked down Melbourne’s bustling Bourke Street at night, sans all clothes bar a veil (which soon fell off) and a hairpiece.

Rather than being a quick prank which surprised bystanders captured with their smartphones, Grecko had brought along two friends armed with both a camera and video camera to meticulously document her stroll.

Only weeks ago during sentencing, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic evidently pitied the flamboyantly dressed Grecko. After all, if she convicted the “socially ambitious” young woman, how could she ever commute between Australia and her native America for work? The poor diddums! Although found responsible, Grecko was accordingly redirected to a diversion program, preventing the conviction that would hamstring her budding career.

Grecko making a mockery of the court system and decision after being “sentenced”. Her now husband Geoffrey Edelsten is in the foreground.

Given the walk occurred in the evening, one might be excused for thinking that her ten minutes of prancing around naked is no big deal. Anyone who has lived in the CBD of Melbourne or Sydney, however, would disagree. At this hour, to boot, Grecko came across hundreds of people. New York is not the only city that never sleeps.

And if Melbourne does indeed sleep sometimes, it certainly wasn’t at the hour Grecko chose. The police understandably received a flurry of complaints about her. Plus, if I could see her vajayjay on my smartphone as clear as day, the pedestrians that morning could have landed a plane on it.

Unless we regress to inane debates about male genitalia being more “external” than the female equivalent (and so exposing the former is somehow worse than exposing the latter), Grecko continues the habitual practice of judiciaries making excuses for socially deviant female sex behavior. When carried out by men, these behaviors are routinely castigated and result in life-changing negative consequences for offenders.

For example, many of you have read my piece about the perennial allure of statutory rapist Mary Kay Letourneau. Grecko’s antics are without question less serious, but the paradox of male responsible-rampant female leeway is the same for exposing yourself as it is for more conventional sex felonies.

A walk to make her more “famous”

Grecko had a miscarriage, said she was grieving about it and decided to Instagram the hell out of the situation. Classy (and believable).

Unlike more anonymous pranks involving nudity, Grecko made a crudely calculated move to increase her already overexposed profile (pun intended). Having her two friends tag along to chronicle her “exploits” was nothing but an egregious attempt at attention-seeking, not a spontaneous one. And fleeting nudity is something decidedly different from ten minutes of relaxed ambling, during which time people can see everything without even having to turn their heads and track movement.

Not only did the walk succeed in generating the desired attention, the court failed to appropriately incorporate this flagrant self-promotion, for overall commercial purposes, into its decision. The funny part is that Grecko, wanting a lighter sentence, promised that she was done with walking nude in public, as if a grown adult needs to make such a declaration in the first place.

When you combine her attempts at contrition with her courtroom attire (orange hair, some sort of indie denim combination and a daffodil-colored parasol), you’re left with the impression that the Australian judiciary was “punk’d” by Grecko.

A man doing this would be called a sex offender

Someone died and it’s a funeral, but everything is always about Gabi.

So a big question looms, “How would a male doing the same thing fare before the courts?” If you’ve both long swallowed your red pill and appreciate the need for the nascent philosophy of Neomasculinity, you already know the answer is “badly.”

This hypothetical copycat of Grecko would be called out as an unacceptable risk to children (and probably stripped of visitation and custody rights if he had any himself), pursued as a social deviant and, above all else, punished more severely by the authorities. A magistrate or judge’s sympathy in not ordering a conviction would be very unlikely.

The situation gets worse, though. Because of our society’s reticence to call a spade a spade when it comes to anti-social female sexual behavior, women progressively learn what is and what is not acceptable for them to do, within and outside the law. And the domain of acceptability, expanded by judicial decisions like the soft one involving Grecko, has become ever wider in its embrace of narcissism and attention-seeking.

A woman does not need to go as far as Grecko for massive problems to emerge. A good case study of this is SlutWalk. Its major premise is based on cloaking female attention-seeking with the false veneer of advocacy, whilst ignoring how women slut-shame females as much as (if not more than) men.

Legal pussy passes for women is a tiring circus trick

Our legal system bends over backwards to infantilize and respond to the desires of self-entitled, inveterately selfish women. It correspondingly cultivates their narcissism to the point of mental illness. What’s next? Justifying statutory rape because a woman’s maternal instincts intersected with her libido?

Sites like ROK would become largely redundant if instances like Grecko’s parading around nude for sport were properly addressed by the courts and society. Because they are not, they provide never-ending fodder for commentators like us to ask, “Why is this behavior acceptable? Why is the outcome so radically different when the genders are reversed?”

The answer to both questions is simple: men have responsibility, women receive the pussy pass. Gabi Grecko is just one of many to benefit from the latter.

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104 thoughts on “Exposing Your Genitals For Ten Minutes In Public Is Fine If You’re A Woman”

  1. So Wait.
    A hot chick walks naked down a main street and guys are complaining!!!!

      1. Exactly. Only a virgin 15 year old thinks it’s ok for a naked woman to walk down a public street. Mainly because he rarely gets to see a naked woman. So any act of women getting naked is OK for him. I on the other hand have a regular set of women to keep me satisfied. And I def don’t want to see a naked woman in the streets.

        1. And at the same time, if she were to get sexually harassed by someone warped enough to carry out the act, I wouldn’t have a shred of pity for her. She knew what she was doing!

        2. I have a seven year old son, and if I were out with him somewhere, I wouldn’t want him to be exposed to a naked woman at this age. The society wouldn’t care, however, because, he’s a boy.
          Now if an adult man were exposing himself on a street and a little girl of seven saw him, he would be literally castrated by the legal system, and the media.

    1. No we’re not gay dude. We, just like any normal, heterosexual guy would love to see women naked (granted that they are not fat!).
      The problem, however is that we, live in a world, in which the feminists, and the society at large, demands equality for women in everything positive, but keeps silent about equality for women in everything negative, like the same punishment as a man for committing a crime. Real equality goes both ways.
      If a man would have done so, he would have been branded as a sex offender, terminated from job, face harsh punishment, maybe prison, and would have his technically whole life destroyed. However when a woman does it, she gets a pass, just because she’s a woman, What about equality now???
      And moreover, feminists insist, that chivalry is misogynist, and makes women feel less equal. So why do feminists and women keep quiet when, chivalrous judges white knight for women. It’s easier for women to tell a man to not to pull out a chair for for them because that makes her feel less equal. Why doesn’t she say so when male judges, undoubtedly give them no punishment for a crime for which a man would be treated harshly? Well, again, the feminist logic. Women should be given the positive and not the negative aspects of equality.

    2. Point of the article – woosh! right over your head.

    3. First off, she’s not “hot”. She has a bad looking fake tits and lips the size of bicycle tires. She’s a cheap looking, plastic slut who looks like she’s just passed the porn star prime and is well underway on her journey to “used up porn star”. I wouldn’t want to see her with clothes on in the dark.
      Second…what are you, 12? She parades her skanky ass down a public street stark naked and we’re all gay because we all don’t have raging boners over it? It’s a PUBLIC street. I’m sure the last thing any family would want to see is a naked Australian Miley Cyrus parading her snatch around for the world to see. Especially fathers. And even more especially, fathers of young daughters.
      If a man did this, he’d be labelled a sex offender in the US. He’d do hard time for this. But because the moronic and illiterate have determined that a “hot” plastic whore dancing in the street naked is a good thing, she gets a free pass.
      You strike me as the kind of guy that worships those disgusting Instagram whores that sell themselves to rich Saudis as human toilets.

    4. Complaining at the double standards of how it was handled. You go walk down the street naked in a major city and see what happens.

  2. Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as an instrument of sexual pleasure. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object, without regard to their personality or DIGNITY.
    So, why again is she naked in the street for attention and why again did she make sure to shave her va-jay smooth as a little girl? But yeah. Empowered women and all. Yay feminism.

    1. Women are instruments of sexual pleasure, to men, and men to women. If we didn’t see each other as this, primarily, the species would die out in a generation.

    2. Third wave feminism. First wave was voting rights. Second wave was legal rights like no-fault divorce laws. Third wave is about women “owning” their sexuality, which translates to female sexuality is celebrated and male sexuality is shamed. So the wife whore is feminist hero, and men who question her are misogynist.

      1. Then there’s 4th wave; aka trannyism, tumblr style group think, otherkin crazies, and totalitarian reign over what was once free thought. This hasn’t quite caught on to the mainstream yet, save the tranny narrative, but when the rest comes through into mainstream thought things will get ugly FAST.

  3. I feel that this is relevant to mention here.
    I truly believe that humanity is approaching its end point. There is no way that this kind of disgusting, depraved and degenerated behaviour of low self esteem, would be carried out in the fourties or fifties. It is clear that society has reached a critical point where the cultural filth and decay is now celebrated and embraced by the low life individuals of our society.
    This kind of behaviour that we are witnessing, can be associated with the economic collapse and errosion of opportunities that the Western hemisphere once afforded. Think about it. When people had full time jobs, their minds were occupied and they would work hard and return home exhausted, but with a feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the fact that the zeitgiest of the country was at a good level. Sure there were politcal and economic problems (not at the scale of today) but nonetheless, those that were ambitious could earn a good income, afford a high standard of living and aim to accomplish goals that were attainable.
    Now that is all gone. Following the destruction of the middle class, industries being offshored and outsourced, inflation going through the rooftop and technology coming into play, the world as we once knew, started to disappear. Now we are living in an era, where today’s young adults have no purpose or meaning to their lives. Opportunites that were once abundant, have evaporated infront of their eyes, and today’s young adults and kids are simply left to play with their toys such as their smartphones and engage in the most bizarre acts of depravation such as walking around the streets naked and acting like immature children, desperate to grab their fifteen minutes of fame.
    It is a sad sight to see but nonetheless correlates with the systematic failure and collapse of our society. Baby boomers not taking responsibility for the destruction they have caused while millenials refusing to grow up while behaving with a spoilt and rotten self entitled mentality. Which is why I believe that as men, with whatever duration we have left on this planet, we must be able to ensure that we live the rest of our lives with highest level of standards and self respect, so that we can indeed, leave some sort of positive effect behind for those to follow.

    1. A suggestion: Investigate antique paper ephemera, specifically photography. You’d be amazed at what people in the olden days used to do and get away with. And I’m not talking medical photography.

      1. The level of depravation and immoral behaviour of the past as you say, is NOTHING in comparison to today’s disgusting and repulsive creatures in our world.
        Look at the entertainment industry: Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, not to mention the fucking whores of spring break.

        1. Its a different era now with millennial females. Internet is creating a generation of porn star wannabes.

        2. The point was that some chick doing a Lady Godiva, without the noble impulse of wanting to save serfs from taxation, isn’t necessarily the sign of the end of times.

        3. I have to agree with truth’s assessment here. We are at the end times.All the religions have given indicators as to what contributes towards the end times.
          Sexual deprivation and immorality being widespread and public, is one of the indicators. As truth said about the economic collapse, it all seems to corrolate with one another.

        4. The Christians all packed their bags over a thousand years ago, confident that the end days were quite near.
          Even Rome never really collapsed, so much as faded, and even today the city of Rome still stands, although diminished. The Dark Ages were the granddaddy of all depressions.
          Dunno brother, I’ve been hearing about “the end of times” since forever, and so far it hasn’t panned out. Not saying to be cavalier about the dire state of economics and morality, just keep it in context.

        5. Based on research from both the bible and koran as two examples of mainstream religions:
          -That athiesm would increase
          -Homosexuality would be accepted
          -Women would become like men and men would become like women
          -Economic collapse cycles
          -Weather would be manipulated by men
          -Income inequality would rise
          -Tall buildings would be built
          These are some examples that have been predicted correctly.

        6. A real prophet will continue making his predictions of the end of the world no matter how many times he is proven wrong; it is who he is and what he does.

        7. I cannot dispute your points, they are accurate and to the point.
          With that in mind, I also have to agree with the others points, that we are indeed in a “darker” period of depravity. We have condoned, even applauded things that should not be.
          I see it as a sign of impending implosion, but, that is opinion, and will not change how I will live my life in the least. Until the other shoe drops so to speak, we of the higher moral ground with have to (as St Paul said) “when you have done all this, therefore, stand”.
          Our civilization needs some beacons of light and truth, and hopefully we can be those beacons, not silent, but not boastful.

        8. “Name one thing that religion has correctly predicted?”
          Revelation 13:16-17:
          And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name


        9. Agree…not looking for “end times”…we just need a change. It takes people to keep other people in check. The balance needs to swing back in the other direction – start holding all accountable (even women). The last time I checked they were considered adults after a certain age.
          It will take men (again) to fix things.

        10. the hallmark if end times prophecy isnt that we havent seen the problems we see today as most suppose, it is rather we have not seen all of these problems on a global scale all at once before.
          the bible rightly sums up all end days prophecy claiming it will be like the days of noah….this is to say we will see one last giant global catastrophe…it isnt that we havent seen sexual perversion before or earthquakes or fires or wars or whatnot….we just havent seen every religion and their mother agree it is the final days combine with every possible catastrophe hit all at once.
          yes I know folks like to dismiss prophecy and religion and especially end days stuff because its been predicted since the dawn of time….but look at the end days predictions, and compare to what is happening today, and you will easily see we have not had such a shitstorm hit this planet since arguably the days of noah which I might add the noah flood story is something virtually every culture on this planet has some variation of in their cultural history.
          “As truth said about the economic collapse, it all seems to corrolate with one another.”
          exactly this….it is all tied together and we are headed for one giant shitstorm the likes we cannot fathom.
          the fact is this planet cannot stand going down this path for another 50 years….we will have a world war 3 only this time with the ever fun variable known as nuclear bombs in play. you’ve also got every religion and their mother hell bent on bringing about one final giant war of all wars to end all wars. the technology exists today to brutally slaughter billions in a matter of years…..human history has taught us we will use technology to slaughter ourselves…..and this doesnt even factor in any supernatural divine interferences that may occur.

      2. I absolutely know what you are talking about and what you mean…but God nowadays it really is out of control.

    2. Dont worry- I think the League of Shadows is coming (who do you think sacked Rome?)

    3. This entire post sounds like a cranky old white dude shaking his fist on Fox news. It’s all hyperbole.
      People haven’t become more depraved. They’re just more open about how fucked up we are. All that shit was carried out in the 40’s and 50’s but just in private.
      And quite reminiscing the 40’s and 50’s. It wasn’t that great. It was the foundations of the failed society we see today. The women were still on meds. The men were still lazy drunks. The west just ignored externalities and created an economy of excess and greed. They built up the US on towers of shit and then acted surprised when they came crashing down.
      The history of the United States is a group of white folk who moved in, easily took over control, and then exploited the land and resources. The white civilization has no history or connection to the land and the brown people who do and have been scraping by south of us are soon going to take it over.
      The only path now is shaping a new and sustainable future. That is going to mean giving up a lot of luxuries, which Americans are loath to do. Should be interesting.

        1. No, he’s conflating what is happening in the west with all of humanity. Humanity is fine. The decadent west is on its way out.

        2. Not just the west, but also other parts of the world, humans are repulsive. Everything has now accelerated- selifshness, greed, arrogance, evil, deprivation etc.

      1. It was carried out in private because it was taboo.
        Its not taboo anymore.

        1. Right, because society is realizing that everybody does “taboo” things. If everybody does it, it ain’t taboo. Call me crazy, but prohibition or pretending that things don’t exist is a terrible way to organize society. You drive it into the black market where all sorts of things go wrong.

        2. Society isnt realizing anything, powerful people are promoting it…

        3. Agreed. And because we realized the value in carrying it out in private… that is hopefully not passing it on the next generation.

      2. I think you are underestimating the effect that social morality had on private behaviour because you live in an era where social morality is meaningless.
        The idea that people said one thing in public and did another is a complete simplification of the issue

      3. That’s racist and mysandric, not to mention ageist.
        FIrst, taking over North America was not ‘easy’. There were bloody wars with the Indians. The pioneers lived a tough life out of chariots.
        Second, the Indians were not the original inhabitants either. Previous civilisations left huge mud sculptures of animals, pyramids and other artifacts.
        Third, the brown people scraping by south of you are the offspring of conquistadors, black slaves and native inhabitants. Few native south american tribes survive to this day, the vast majority are mixed.
        People are more depraved. Take a look at the TV shows from the 40s and 50s, there is no vulgarity.
        Back in the day, there was no such thing as: homos prancing down the street half naked ‘celebrating’ themselves; old career women renting the womb of poor third world women to implant their embryos in like Alien; women at university getting drunk, having casual sex, then trying to get the guy sent to prison; hard working people being taxed to pay for EBTs and free phones for a parasitic underclass… I could go on.
        I do agree with you that excessive comfort and convenience can be a bad thing. I was brought up camping every holiday, I’ll enjoy it.

    4. The difference between “back when” and today is they would call out crazy when they saw it (and rightfully lock it away in the nut house). Today, many (SJWs) have let these crazies out (because, they too are crazy).
      What needs to come back from the old days? Crowds gathered outside of these judges’ homes (with torches) looking for justice. If they can’t dispense it on the regular then it’s up to the people to take up the mantle.

    5. Rome fell too at some point. When empires grow too big the bottom feeders reproduce the quickest. Right now we are in the stage where the bottom feeders are starting to outnumber the people who keep society running, when the productive members of society can no longer support them the entire west will collapse into a giant economic recession. Guess who survives when times are rough? The people who have been risen by and rise high quality offspring, the people who are the foundation. Liberals r-types are promiscuous, reliant on welfare and are unable to form meaningful social bonds beyond sexuality so they are doomed to fail. They are on their own while the K-type foundation rebuilds itself and supports each other. The cycle will repeat as it always has.

  4. I’m curious though, is her non-slap on the wrist because she’s female, or because she’s hooked up to a very powerful, wealthy, connected older man? Not blaming him, I’m just wondering if there’s more to this than simple “vagina”. I can’t see any woman around my parts getting away with that kind of thing, pretty or not.

    1. I’m blaming him. She’s something you put up in an apartment and bang out, not be seen in public with, and definitely NOT wife-up. Tell me he at least did something right and failed to knock her up.

    2. “Rich dude” works well enough when the defendant actually acts sorry. At least drops a couple crocodile tears. Getting off scott free while giving the judge the middle finger is entirely in the realm of “Because vagina”.

    3. I’m going to say a little of both. The article is spot on saying that the chances (percentage) are lower of a woman getting charged versus a man but when we start to talk about wealth it becomes a different issue.
      It sad because it shouldn’t matter…but that is the reality of it.

  5. Being attention whore is job title and career path for smart phone enabled millennial females.

    1. …without the epidemic of international thirst, this would vanish overnight.

    1. Wow, what a shitty boob job for someone who’s using that old geezer as an ATM. You’d think she could’ve convinced him to pop out the extra doubloons for a decent faux-rack.
      Really, she’s not exceptionally pretty and her personality makes her ugly to me. I’m not sure I’d grant her the privilege of emptying my balls. I’m picky that way.

        1. Maybe she’s really good about getting him his oatmeal and prune juice in the morning. I can’t see that walking corpse banging her on the regular.

        2. No doubt they have “an arrangement” where she can fuck other guys on the side.

        3. Of course you would. You would have to, because if she is exposed to a ray of the sun she will burst into flames.

        4. Fuck, I could eat those things like Skittles and have her tongue my 19 year-old balls and I still couldn’t get it up around her. She just seems dirty, toxic. All I’d be able to think about is how strong the antiseptics and antibiotics would have to be for me to feel clean after such an encounter.

        5. She’s very trashy that’s for sure, but I could pump and dump but in no way would I wife her up or get into a relationship with her.

        6. I could dump a home made Kabuki mask on her face if I thought about a 20 year-old Tyra Banks while jacking it. But then again, I’m a giver.

        7. What I don’t get us he’s a guy with a lot of money yet he marries a whore like her. Plus his last wife was another attention seeking smwhore who divorced him when she thought he was bankrupt. He must just be a sucker for these types of women.

        8. Or, maybe he’s hoping these women are suckers. Their opening move was likely giving him a knob shine on the first date. You always want to impress at a job interview, you know.

      1. it is not apparent on the photographs, but she moves like a drunk homeless and talks about the same way. not even a pretense of sweetness. and the black lips – surely the socio-critical subtext implies that if you get a blowjob by her, you could as well be fucking an asshole.

      2. Being naked makes her much more attractive. I find this works with lots of girls.

        1. Really? I usually need them to shut the fuck up, too. All that harpy-esque whining really makes them ugly to me. Now, if their mouths are full of trouser sausage while they’re naked, so much the better.

  6. No, men enjoy seeing attractive naked women. BUT that is not the issue and not the situation. Aside from the obvious legal hypocrisy and double standard
    Women like this and other exhibitions are using sexual displays to manipulate others with sex. They are not offering sex, only attempting to manipulate responses. ITs unacceptable.
    Female modesty in dress has always been a basis of Western society until 40 years ago. Its importance still remains. We used to understand this– we will again.
    Although I don’t agreed with it, there is any element of wisdom and truth in Islamic societies that demand women wear a veil. IT is that females if given the chance will (lilke men in dfferent ways) use sexuality as a weapon to degrade themselves and others. IT is too extreme, but the insight is correct.

    1. on the other hand, it is fun to reject those manipulations. i would have joyfully shoulder checked this chick, had she crossed my way on the street.

  7. Probably reading too much into it, but the moment captured in the photo between the guy in the back (bald) with her after the trial, (along with other indicators: hair dye, attire, history) would suggest that she used her sugar daddy to buy a larger carousel.

  8. What’s really messed up is a gay man can be naked as he want at a pride parade and won’t get nailed with any charges.

    1. That’s what shits me the most. Those that participate in these parades prancing around half naked in costumes are all degenerate drama queens and attention whores. And if you don’t publicly endorse it you’re shamed and labelled as homophobic.

  9. Leviticus 19:29
    Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.

        1. More likely Satan, these days, to avoid being corrupted and led astray, carefully avoids most ‘formal’ religious institutions.

    1. Poignant. It may be of the Old Testament, but damned if most of those laws would save us all.

      1. We do not have to follow the old testament laws today, but they are still great guides to living life.

    2. LOL a church saying that today…..the old testament is beyond underrated….well except Psalms and proverbs which get quoted endlessly.
      but it’s underrated because reading the old testament requires some serious mental stamina.

  10. The Australian government is the ultimate white knight and Habi Grecko is a massive attention whore.

  11. WTF – in the US, a man taking a piss on a tree in a forest (no one around) gets arrested by (male) park rangers…

  12. Slut walking naked through the middle of the city: “don’t objectify me!!!”

  13. Mz. Grecko was simply taking ownership of her body and her sexuality in a courageous display of empowerment, independence and strength. Her struggle against the vestigial remains of traditional morality and male privilege freed womyn everywhere to embark on a journey of self-discovery to unleash the feral bonobo. There is already a sex tape, so now she just needs a reality show.

  14. Does it count as a “pussy pass” when gay guys walk around naked at pride parades?

  15. Lol. I remember posting a question on RoK on whether Edelsten is an Alpha or Beta for banging a chick like Gaby Grecko. I don’t think I need to know the answer to my question again.

  16. I think she should be awarded a medal for walking around naked. Happy to stare.
    Does anyone ever wonder why it is illegal to “expose” yourself? It doesn’t hurt anyone or cause any property damage even if it is a bit rude.
    Simply another example of the State turning “bad” but harmless behaviour into a crime.

  17. at least she has something to look at. glad this was not a ‘fat pride” thing

    1. Why do you assume they don’t? The fact that the term “gold digger” has such negative connotations in our feminist-infused culture tells you something. In the great majority of all societies that have ever existed, marrying up has been a respectable way for a woman to increase her status and standard of living.

  18. Mentally ill and an attention seeker. It will really get sad as Gabi ages and the attention goes away due to the younger, hotter women moving up the SMV chart.
    The wall spares no one.

  19. Not a PUSSY PASS, it’s a RICH HUSBAND PASS! If some broke ass fat female did this, they’d LOCK HER UP and throw away the key! >:I

  20. nothing here is surprising….lets be honest most women today dress like porn stars before they take off their clothes. and they call it empowering and a good use of their liberation and freedom. women today virtually of them dress like whores and hookers. they show off cleavage and their ass in tight clothing and no one says one fucking thing and we indeed celebrate it.
    a women walking around naked is merely being honest about what has been going on for years now.
    and while we’re on the subject of how women dress this is an old but classic photo
    Isaiah chapter 3 and 4 people….its true….its damn true

  21. Consider that men are often charged with indecent exposure for urinating in public. You can bet that most of them did not reveal themselves in the middle of the street, with many people around. Nor did they invite friends to film the event. Most likely, they had also had a bit to drink. They faced a biological necessity, and are treated as perverts for attending to it.
    Contrast that with the actions of this woman. After doing so, no rational person could deny that women are privileged in western societies. The pussy pass is real, women know it, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

  22. Shit that wouldn’t happen if we all were a little more like Sean Connery

  23. Glad her baby got miscarried, that child would have been another degenerate raised at the hands of this degenerated cunt.

  24. Just saw Ex Machina. Spoiler Alert!!! And I’m surprised SJW morons aren’t all over it. In the end you find out that the test is to see if the female robot is able to manipulate a human males emotions, convince him that she loves him, only to help her escape. She does, and kills him in the end.

  25. Erm.. Pussy passes are when women get off the hook for murder because they had premenstrual dysphoria. If women can legally flaunt their naked bodies and guys can’t, that’s a biologically based, intellectually sound, MRA-friendly law. It’s not a double standard when the sexes are actually different, it’s rational thinking. The only thing we need to refine here is to fully legalize and encourage female nudity for 6+ with no excuses whatsoever, and keep obscenity laws for guys, trannies, fatties and uglies.

  26. While I’d rather see female equipment than male I stand by the need for equality.
    But in fact if I see a topless or nude female in the “wrong” place I leave. Why? Because the law is just as likely to attack a nearby innocent man as a female exposing herself. Why then have I gone to bars to look at naked females? Because bars have rules and other places don’t.

  27. Let get this straight. I don’t have the desire to see another man’s junk hanging while I’m walking outside, and definitely nobody wants to see my wrinkled balls. Yet, if women can strut that naked ass with no consequences, I call bullshit.

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