5 Reasons Why Israel Is One Of The World’s Most Successful States

The nation of Israel is often held up by cuckservatives and Jews as an example of a country that has succeeded in the face of overwhelming odds. Despite being surrounded by hostile states, repeatedly being invaded by their neighbors, and lacking oil deposits like other Middle Eastern nations, the Israelis have built their country into one of the most economically powerful and stable states in the world.

Why does Israel continue to prosper while other Western nations collapse? The answer is because the Israeli government puts the interests of its citizens first. Israelis are strongly nationalistic and their country’s leadership chooses its policies based on how they will benefit native citizens, as opposed to other Western nations that kowtow to the golden calves of diversity and multiculturalism. Here are the reasons why Israel is so successful, and what the rest of the West can learn from them…

1. Israel actively works to ensure that Jews will remain a majority


You’ll often hear leftists cheering (and cuckservatives lamenting) the fact that many Western nations will soon have majority non-white populations. For example, Gregor Gysi, a prominent far-left Jewish politician in Germany, has referred to native Germans as “Nazis” and said that their inability to have offspring is “fortunate.” Leftist and cuckservative politicians in the U.S. and elsewhere justify their support for mass immigration on the basis that importing large numbers of foreigners is the only way to compensate for falling native birthrates.

Israel was explicitly founded as a homeland for the Jewish people and its government has worked to ensure that it remains one. For example, only Jews are allowed to immigrate to Israel and become citizens, a process referred to as “aliyah” (Hebrew for “ascent”). Not only does Israel have zero tolerance for illegal immigration, the government has also constructed border walls along the West Bank and Egyptian borders to deter invaders, and the country is also home to the world’s largest illegal alien detention facility.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also flatly refused to accept Syrian refugees, despite the fact that not only does his nation share a land border with Syria, Israel has been illegally occupying Syrian territory—the Golan Heights—for nearly fifty years.

Not only does Israel fight to keep non-Jews from immigrating, but the government also incentivizes its native citizens to marry and have children in order to keep the nation’s Arab minority from gaining demographic ground. Israel’s fertility rate is one of the highest in the developed world, at 3.04 babies per woman; the Jewish birthrate in Israel has skyrocketed in the past decade while the Arab birthrate has fallen.

Additionally, Israel takes active steps to prevent people living on public assistance and other undesirable groups from having children. For example, the government requires African Jewish migrants to take Depo-Provera shots as a condition for immigrating and accepting welfare. Israel is so adamant about maintaining its status as a Jewish-majority nation that it forbids Jews from marrying non-Jews, and the government even discourages Jewish women from dating Arab men.

2. Israel requires its citizens to serve in the military


Because Israel is surrounded by hostile states who have repeatedly invaded it in the past, the Israelis maintain a strong tradition of mandatory military service. With few exceptions, all Israeli men are required to serve a minimum of three years in the Israeli Defense Forces; all women are required to serve two years. Ordinary Israelis may also be drafted to return to the military in times of invasion or other crises. Prime Minister Netanyahu also served in the military as a young man, in sharp contrast to President Obama:


While the IDF is probably overrated as a fighting force—Israel’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon War being proof of this—the government’s commitment to mandatory military service is a boon to Israeli society. By requiring all citizens to serve in the IDF, Israel instills good values in its youth, gives them a stake in the country’s existence, and also keeps its populace combat-ready in the event of disaster.

3. Israel’s politicians support the country’s national interests


In most countries in the West, the major political parties are dominated by internationalists who agitate for more immigration, more “free trade” agreements, and more multiculturalism. Whether it’s the Democrats and the Republicans in the U.S., the Conservatives and Labour in the U.K., or the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP in Canada, the largest political parties are in basic agreement on the wonders of diversity and mass immigration.

In sharp contrast, Israel’s dominant political party, Likud, is unabashedly nationalist and puts Israel first. As I mentioned above, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a hard-line against illegal immigration and Syrian refugees. He’s been rewarded with electoral victory after victory, and is on track to become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister ever, exceeding the tenure of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founder. Conversely, Israel’s major left-wing party, Labor, has been losing ground for the past decade.

Israel is also not shy about flexing its muscle on the international stage. The large number of diaspora Jews in the U.S.—as well as Dispensationalist evangelical Christians—enables Israel to have considerable sway over American politics. Israel collects large amounts of foreign aid from the U.S. despite having a wealthy, first-world economy, and American foreign policy is driven by our country’s “alliance” with Israel.

In short, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. is akin to that of a hot chick and her beta orbiter. Blaming Israelis for this is as dumb as blaming the aforementioned hot chick for accepting free gifts from said orbiters. Whatever you can say about Netanyahu and the Israeli government, you can’t argue that he doesn’t put his nation above all else.

4. Israel is patriarchal and allows men to marry and form families


Most Western countries have severely crippled the freedom of men to manage their wives and children with punitive, anti-male legislation and generous welfare policies. By rewarding women who get knocked up with government cheese, the U.S. and other countries are incentivizing single motherhood and disincentivizing the formation of nuclear families. It’s gotten so bad that in some countries, it’s considered “domestic abuse” if a man tries to keep his wife or girlfriend from wasting his money on frivolous purchases.

While Israel is not immune to the forces of sterility and subversion that are ruining the rest of the West—for example, Tel Aviv is known as the gay capital of the Middle East—Israeli society is among the most traditionalist and patriarchal in the West. In particular, Israel’s population growth is being driven by Orthodox Jews, who strictly adhere to traditional gender roles: the man is the head of the household, and the woman is expected to submit to him as a wife and mother. Orthodox Judaism is so patriarchal that women are barred from divorcing without their husbands’ permission.

Not only that, feminists have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to Israel, citing the government’s mistreatment of Palestinians as a reason. Left-wing forces as a whole have sympathized with the Palestinian plight for years, with anti-Zionist activists calling for a boycott of Israeli products and divestment from the country itself, much in the same way the international community did to South Africa during the apartheid years.

5. Israeli society places religion front and center


Return of Kings publisher Roosh and other commentators have pointed to the death of Christianity as a major reason for the West’s decline. Without a religious and moral framework to guide society, people inevitably descend into mindless hedonism and degeneracy. While it’s debatable whether a Christian renaissance in the West is even possible, there’s no denying that Christianity provided innumerable benefits to America and other nations.

As mentioned above, Israel fervently defends its status as a Jewish homeland, and this includes emphasizing Judaism’s religious aspects. God and religion are inescapable aspects of everyday life in Israel, and ultra-Orthodox minorities such as the Hasidim are growing in both numbers and prominence. Some Israelis are so fanatical about their Jewishness that they openly call for Christian missionaries to be banned from the country.

As you can see, Israel’s success as a nation is due to the fact that it rejects many of the trends that dominate the rest of the West. While the U.S., Canada, Britain and other countries are eagerly greasing the slide to Gomorrah, Israelis continue to venerate God, the patriarchal family, and nationalism. This is even more striking when you consider that Israelis co-exist with a hostile, antagonistic population in their midst: the Palestinians.

Regardless of how you feel about Israel as a nation or about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is no denying that the West has much to learn from their successes. By resisting the cultural Marxism that has gripped much of humanity, Israel has given itself a strong chance of survival in the future. America would do well to emulate some of what Israel is doing if she hopes to become great again.

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  1. While there are a lot of inexactities in the article, the basic premise is a great one. Instead of bashing what is succesful, learn from it and implement it’s lessons.

      1. Many countries leech of America and it turns them into failed states. Smart people really try to understand a phenomenon and use it to become succesful. Stupid believe they are the smartest in the world and anyone who succeded it must be only because they stole from them (in other words they are leftist).

        1. True conservatives and true patriots–from Ron Paul to Pat Buchanan to countless heroes from the intelligence world–acknowledge that the “special relationship” with Israel is, indeed, special. In a bad way..

  2. Indeed. The only issue Israel has is fertility being driven by non-ashkenazi or hyper-religious Jews. Which is trouble make no mistake. Although the West cant judge

    1. This should definitely have been mentioned in the article. Billions of free American taxpayer dollars every year goes a long way.

      1. Say what you will, but everyone can learn a thing-or-two from the extraordinary degree of jewish loyalty toward one another. Kudos to them for that. Of the three most important aspect of existence, Life, Liberty, and Loyalty … they have the “Loyalty” aced.
        If people paid attention to why jews are so affluent and successful, rather than bashing them, all groups would be like jews; especially the dumb arabs who get a hard-on from envy and jealousy toward each other even more than toward others. Is it any wonder why their societies are so primitive and backward? There’s not an iota of malice, envy, and jealousy of one jew toward another, but in fact the opposite: to walk to the end of the globe and back to help one of their fellow tribesman. Bravo to them; the Universe responds in kind to that type of determination and resolve.

        1. They’re successful leaches. Not creators, not engineers, not architects. They tear apart civilization.

        2. What?? you, sir obviously do not remember relatively recent history! Allow me to refresh your memory. There was a young chap by the name of Yigal Amir that assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin back on November 4, 1995 for daring to be bold and at least make the attempt to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians! Moreover, Jews are not a united monolithic block-many if not most Jews subscribe to liberalism-in fact in the USA most Jews consistently vote for the democratic party. Just look at Bernie Sanders, he is Jewish. Furthermore, Marxism and communism were founded by Jews; Marx was a Jew as was Trotsky. Finally, this idea that Jews are somehow a “superior race” is nonsensical-if they were so superior they would not have been like lambs to the slaughter during the holocaust and the fact that they are attached to the US by an umbilical cord ensures their survival. This incestuous relationship between Israel and the US is the reason they have endure for so long. That, and the pathetic weakness and division of the Arabs while they slaughter each other with wild sadistic abandon explains how and why Israel has been able to survive and thrive in the Middle East.
          Erol Pedersen MA Political Science & MA International History

        3. Actually….. they Create a great many things, they lead the world in several aspects of Engineering and have the highest concentration of PHDs per capita in the world, but saddly their architecture is dictated in part by their desert climate. They were given a barren piece of desert…and they created the most prosperous and successful non-oil nation in the middle east.

        4. While it’s true that Jewish culture did in fact birth many of the radicals who later formed socialist and communist ideologies….. That in itself is not the fault of Judaism, but of the individuals. Judaism teaches salvation through good works… you get to heaven by doing good, helping others and being a good person. This has historically lead to individual achievement, and philanthropy. However it has, as mentioned before, lead to misguided individuals who sought to change society as a whole to FORCE the ‘betterment’ of everyone through communism. Noble ideals…but unrealistic. They failed to calculate the depravity of the human condition and as such…no perfect commune exists this side of Heaven.
          For instance…. Bernie Sanders. His policies are impractical, well intentioned, but impractical.

        5. Right, Rachael. It’s amazing how many awards 0.2% of the world population can receive when they’re the ones giving out the awards.

        6. Ryan, you write like such an expert on Judaism. But have you ever studied the Talmud (the Jewish holy book – supersedes the Torah) or read extrapolations of what’s written therein?
          Keep trollin’, JIDF.

        7. The Talmud DOES NOT supersede the Torah. Your claim to the contrary betrays your ignorance and your pathological bias.

        8. The Talmud – the rabbinical ‘interpretations’ of ‘YVHV’s’ laws ‘handed down’ to Moses and the Israelites – DOES supersede the Torah.
          Babylonian Talmud, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): “My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament).”
          Your (not ‘you’re’) claim to the contrary betrays your ignorance and your pathological duplicity, Ryan.

        9. Citeing a verse from the Talmud telling someone to trust the Talmud over the Torah…is bullshit and even you should know it.
          That’s like you writing a book telling me to trust your book over the facts…and then claiming that your book superceeds the facts because
          the book says so.
          Grow up.

        10. … the Jews religiously attack and destroy anyone that acts like them. Pride is “racism.” Marrying within your own people is “racism.” Liberal indoctrination to destroy nations? Promoted by the Jews. Endless lies in the media to promote anti-white agendas? Written by Jews for Jewish-owned newspapers.
          If people paid attention we’d have Auschwitz working again… except this time with actual gas chambers, not showers with rickety wooden doors.

        11. Jewish Internet Defense Force. They monitor the websites on their non-kosher list (like ROK) for articles about Israel, and then troll in the comments.

        12. Sure Ryan, they create lots of money out of thin air! It’s called usury, fractional reserve banking and international central banking. All from the genius Jewish mind. Let’s nominate some Rothschild for a Nobel.

        13. “Judaism teaches salvation through good works”
          I just threw my entire dinner up into my mouth… then I shit myself.

        14. Ryan, is your real name Shylock? Did you win a ribbon for Yid Internet Defender of the Year?

        15. Numbers don’t lie? You can’t fudge how many awards are given out each year in each category and who wins them. Now, you may have a case with what qualifies someone as Jewish.

        16. Let’s pretend for a second some liar/hustler like Elie Wiesel actually deserves a Nobel Prize, why is it you Jews have no qualms boasting about being overrepresented in this field, yet work to crush/silence/censor anyone who points out the same presence on Wall Street, or as organizers of the Iraq war, or controllers of the worldwide child pornography trade?
          When some Jew wins a nobel prize its a racial achievement, yet when you point out that the people promoting pedophilia and twerking through miley Cyrus are entirely Jewish as well you spit and shout “anti-semite”. Fuck you.

        17. I’m not surprised that the comment section on a positive article about Israel would attract trolls like you.

        18. The religion of Holocaustianity holds the jew colony of 1948 as sacred, the fulfillment of prophecy. The religion of Christianity would dispatch crusaders to defeat the jew army of Israel and restore access to the Holy Land for Christian pilgrims. We’ll show you a Fascist miracle on the battlefield one day.

        19. Awards? I don’t care. Whites are superior to jews. Whites are the most powerful race still. Soon, after we detach the jewish parasite entity and ostracise the majority of jews, you will soon discover, jews are one of the lowest races. Many other races will surpass the jews as you fall back from 2nd place to last place.
          Jews have a lot to answer for. The holohoax is a crime of historical magnitude. Israel must repay every Deutschmark and Lira. WWII was a stolen victory and our Fascist Martyrs were buried under lies.

        20. Tel Aviv is the Homosexual capital of the world, so our $1.3 Trillion in free welfare to Israel is well spent, Ryan. Gerbils and fisting can commence freely there…
          Palestine, before being stolen bloomed, according to British Agricultural research..
          ‘The British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestines farmers produced approximately 210,000 tons of grain.
          About 193,400 tons of that grain were cultivated on Palestinian farms; about 16,600 tons were cultivated on Jewish farms.
          The British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestines farmers produced approximately 1,683 tons of tobacco, on 28,169 dunams of land. Virtually all the land under tobacco cultivation was Palestinian.
          The British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestines farmers produced approximately 79,000 tons of olives.
          About 78,000 tons of those olives were cultivated on Palestinian farms; a little over 1,000 tons were cultivated on Jewish farms.
          See the precise numbers, from a scan of the relevant
          The British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestines farmers produced approximately 40-50,000 tons of grapes, and between 3-4 million litres of wine. About 86% of the land that produced these products was owned and cultivated by Palestinians.
          Palestinian Arabs were producing:
          92% of Palestines grain
          86% of its grapes
          99% of its olives
          77 % of its vegetables
          95% of its melons
          more than 99% of its tobacco
          and 60% of its bananas.
          Palestine’s agricultural produce at that time had an annual value of approximately 21.8 million pounds sterling; 17.1 million of which was produced by Arab cultivation, and 4.7 million by Jewish cultivation.’

        21. “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate the rest of mankind and to be the masters of the earth.”—Rabbi Harry Waton“
          The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other Races… Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled.”—Baruch Levy, letter to Karl Marx
          “All non-Jews are evil by nature. The Jews are the crown of creation, the non-Jews are the scum of the earth.”—Rabbi Shneur Zalman“
          We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy (Gentile) are not the same thing. Every law that is based on equating goys and Jews is completely unacceptable.”—Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg
          “The blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord; it is therefore redder and their life is preferable.”—Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg“
          One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”—Rabbi Yaacov Perrin
          “We have a case of the Jew…a totally different species. The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of other nations of the world… A non-Jewish person comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish world stems from holiness.”—Rabbi Mendel Schneerson
          “Everything about us is different. Jews are ontologically (biologically) exceptional.”—Elie Wiesel, holocaust activis
          t“Jewish blood is not the same as the blood of a Gentile.”—Rabbi Yitzak Ginsburg
          “According to the Talmud, one may kill any Gentile.”—Rabbi Ido Elba
          “A Jew who kills a non-Jew is exempt from judgement and has not violated the prohibition of murder.”—Rabbi Israel Ariel

        22. Ryan
          Your gig is up.
          The internet has forever cast light upon you and yours, Lying your way out of this (Annual Kol Nidre oath for J EWs) wont help any. Best you can do is own up and beg forgiveness. What comes wont be pretty.
          Id guess when every J ew has been stripped of their ill gotten wealth, is wearing orange jumpsuits cleaning the toilets of the Palestinians, there will be justice, and then later depart for sunny Madagascar.

        23. You mean the mock copulating with their thrust pelvises at the Whining Wall, or the degenerate TALMUD Verses that says child molestation under age 3 or killing of gentiles is good and that Jesus was a bastard?

        24. “Palestine, before being stolen bloomed, according to British Agricultural research..” Well then I guess we have those evil zionists to thanks for showing up in the 1800’s, clearing the swamps and applying modern aggricultural practices. Oh incidentally….. you are aware that prior to 1948 the Jews Were refered to as “Palistinians” in Offical Britsh reports right? The Arabs were simply called Arabs since they hadn’t yet adopted the term ” Palistinian” to try and draw a connection with the ancient Philistines…who incidentally were Greek.

        25. All of that and more. The religion of the rabbis is profane and earthy, not at all transcendental, not spiritual.

        26. Moishe aka Ryan the Zionist Shill liar,
          That land has been called Palestinea, Syria Palestinea and The British Mandate of Palestine for 2500 years.
          The Palestinians even had their own currency in circulation, called the Palestinian Pound until 1949.
          You belong in Khazaria, the Asian Mongol steppes your people are form, YOU have NO claim to that land.

        27. I’m American, my parents and grandparents and great grandparents were all American and their parents….were German. Your opinion couldn’t be further from the truth.
          As for the Palestinian pound….currency issued by the British and printed in Hebrew. The Jews are the only group in the last 2,500 years to form a sovereign state on this land, and hold the senior claim to the longest ancestry in the land.
          As I said…the jews were refered to as Palestinians long before the Arabs appropriated the name

          Communism (Killing of hundreds of millions)-theft of all resources and wealth from non jews, as well as their slave labor FOR J ews,The Atom bomb, Theft of Palestine, And infantile sexual perversion ala Freud is what J ews will be rememberd for most.
          Some can argue Pornography, feminism, Usury, refugee invasion into Europe, Media degeneracy, Govt and medical subversion, and other rackets…

        29. Guess what, guy? Young women don’t come here to argue with men about race and gender politics.
          Women avoid this place like a leper colony, which is how I know you’re a man, probably a crusty old guy somewhere in Tel Aviv. Nobody is buying into your young jewish woman persona.

        30. The jews bought the land fair and square, it is not their fault they outsmarted and outbid the inferior palestinians. Modern day palestine if Israel never existed would just be another shit hole country producing nothing.

        31. I’m sorry, that was a jew army? They didnt first have to plow through the muslim hordes of infested anatolia first?

        32. Fair and square?
          No monies changed hands. Palestinian Christians and muslims are still to this day being evicted from their lands by bulldozers, they have no say.
          So I ask all. What right does one nation (Zionist England via Balfour declaration), have to take land belonging to a 2nd group of people (indigenous Palestinians), and give to a 3rd group of people who never set foot there? (Khazar J EWs from Asia who make up 90% of Israelis? NONE.
          Ever wondered why Woody Allen doesn’t look Arabic or semitic? Answer. He isn’t. Hes a mongol turk from Khazaria whose ancestors were former penis worshippers who converted in the 8th century.

        33. Bought with fraudulent money conjured out of thin air? Sure sounds fair and square to me.

        34. …of course they do its part of the script. Things get really bad and these cocksuckers will simply run to Israel while actual HUNGARIANS are fucked. Deport them with the invaders.

        35. I’m saying what the NEXT crusade must accomplish – defeat of the jew army occupying the Christian Holy Land, defeat the rabbis taxing the Vatican, claiming the Cenaculum belongs to the jew colony of Israel.

        36. Nothing but lies come out of the lying mouths of the Pharisees. They are of their father, the Father of Lies.

        37. Yes. Try to see where we all stand. Your time is nearly up, and your lying mouths will be shut for good.

        38. The answer to the “rights” issue is quite simple. Palestine is a creation of the emperor Hadrian who butchered scores of Jews in suppressing the Bar-Kochba revolt. He then dubbed the land “Syria-Palestina” to serve as perpetual revenge after driving all of the remaining Jews away. Any Arab that subsequently illegally squatted on that land is illegitimate. Jews are only reclaiming what is historically theirs. Besides, it’s mighty rich of people whose land exists because of genocide and ethnic cleansing, such as America, to attempt to take the moral high ground on this issue. Quite hysterical.

        39. They didn’t buy any land. That was stolen from the Palestinians and given to the Jews as part of a Zionist ploy happening at the end of WWI, but came into fruition in WWII. Hitler was hip to their game and tried to get them out of Germany alive. The concentration camps were detainment camps that became death camps after Allied forces cut off supply routes.

        40. Ok Ryan, we get it. You’re Jewish. They aren’t some agricultural geniuses, maybe financial or media spin geniuses.
          Regardless, they invaded occupied land and usurped it. They can no longer play victims if they victimize another people in process.

        41. That’s “leeches”. Einstein (relativity), Salk (polio vaccine), Feynman (string theory), Oppenheimer (atomic energy), Von Neumann (computing)….

        42. “Ostracize”. Why don’t you go get your polio vaccine reversed then… it was invented by a Jew.

        43. Einstein can’t be credited for the theory of relativity. He plagiarized it from Lorentz, Poincare, Gerber, and Hilbert. The Polio vaccine caused an array of other terminal illnesses, including cancer. Nice try.

        44. Hey idiot, “Arabs” come from “Arabia”. Most of the “Palestinian” Arabs came *after* European Jews had joined the Jews who had lived in the region *continuously* for well over three millennia.
          The “Palestinian” Arabs have nothing to do with the ancient Philistines – that the Babylonians and Assyrians destroyed in ancient times.
          The ignorance of the neo-Nazi racists here is staggering.

        45. FALSE. In the 19th Century Jews emigrating to Ottoman Palestine bought land from families such as the Sursocks of Beirut. Once the Jews got there they imported cheap labor from what is now Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Arabia – which call themselves “Palestinians” since a Soviet-concocted disinformation campaign in 1967.
          You clearly don’t know the history at all !

        46. Correct. This is explained in the book “Phantom Nation: Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace”.
          The word “Palestinian” was not used by Muslim Arabs until 1967 – as advised by Soviet disinformation specialists.

        47. Invaded what? the Jews have lived in the land *continuously* for over three millenia. It is the Muslim Arabs who invaded and occupied the territory.
          Why do you think the Jordanians call the territory they occupy the “West Bank”? don’t you think they would have a native word for it? but the native name for that area is Judea and Samaria – why? because it was owned by Jews for thousands of years – despite Arab Muslim occupation.
          Do you not understand that the ideology that drives ISIS is the same ideology that has driven the Arab Muslim jihadis occupying the West Bank and Gaza for more than 70 years?
          You don’t know the history at all, do you?

        48. Nonsense. Lorentz worked in magnetism, Poincare was a mathematician with no interest in physics, Gerber was WRONG, and Hilbert gave Einstein full credit. You nice try, asshole.

        49. As any intelligent human knows, there is no proven link between vaccine and any other illness. You are welcome to refuse vaccination yourself. If it’s too late, enjoy not having polio.

        50. It took you a while to Google all those names. Nobody disputes that Einstein isn’t responsible for intellectual theft to some degree, even if they do ultimately credit him with the theory of relativity

        51. In physics you stand on the discoveries of others. It’s not “intellectual theft”, it’s the collaborative effort of humanity to discover truth. When you discover something, you get credit. And if you do, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a Jew. So deal with it.

        52. BTW Poincare intervened to advocate for Alfred Dreyfus in the Dreyfus affair. Big time Jew lover.

        53. At least I took the time to fucking google them — Gerber’s theories were WRONG. That’s why he was so salty on Einstein and “Jewish Physics”. How can you steal from somebody who’s completely off?

        54. Haha, you have no response to the HISTORICAL FACTS. Loser!
          FWIW, I’m not a Jew – I just prefer them to angry, loser jihadis who follow the story Caliph Abd al-Malik made up about a fictional dude called “Mohammed” (piss be upon him).
          “An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings – Jay Smith”

          You are living a lie. You don’t actually want to know the TRUTH.
          Because Islam is a lie, the only argument you have is “shut up”. But the truth will emerge in the end and Islam will be eradicated from the Earth forever.
          Stop living a man-made fiction. Come to the reality of the 21st Century, habibi.

        55. no, big nosed shlomo. The crusades were fought on Jerusalem, it wasn’t an irrelevant province.

        56. Actually you’ve just made a pretty compelling argument that Jews end up being big contributors to whatever field they enter… Or perhaps you are making an arch reference to Numbers 24:5, where Balaam tries to curse Israel but instead can’t seem do do anything but bless them?

        57. It looked already green from space in early spring before Israel got independent. First of all, the borders of Israel were tailored according to the natural climate of regions so as to extend over the most humid part, not the other way, except for the Negev which shows out as a visible straight line on the satellite map. Second, most of the modern agricultural development making the country look greener from above had already taken place before the Jews took over all, not by the Palestinian Arabs but by the British who from 1850 onwards developed the citrus plantation industry, among others. Third, the greater region of Tel Aviv comprises two-fifths of the non-desert territory, and its only greenery is that of suburbia, not productive land, the place has otherwise been turned into an urban desert, it has turned into an ecological disaster.

        58. All intellectuals and professionals, especially the most profound and benevolent ones that delight most in the good they do and the truths they discover, only take such a delight in as much as they take energy from the people they supposedly care for, only in as much as they are leeches in the purest sense of the word. Most Jews descend from families that became Jewish in the Middle Ages or after to enjoy the joys of intellectual work at a time it was prohibited to most Christians together with usury and black magic.

        59. The worst concentration camps where most both Christians and Jews alike suffered were first operated by other Jews in Soviet Union.

        1. America gives Israel money as a result of a clause from the Camp David Accords. When Menachem Begin surrendered the Sinai to Egypt, Israel had discovered oil in the territory. The Carter administration agreed to give Israel aid to make up for the losses in oil revenue.

        2. Jimmy Carter was a believer in Holocaustianity, not proper Christianity. There was no reason to give Israel all that money, especially after Israeli Defense Forces killed dozens of American sailors, wounded over 100, in their deadly attack on the USS Liberty, lasting several hours.

        3. Kirkuk To Haifa Pipeline: Reason for the Iraq War?
          April 20, 2003,
          The Observer, Steven Scheer
          (Reuters)-Benjamin Netanyahu said he
          expected an Oil Pipeline from Iraq To Israel to be Reopened in the
          near future after being closed when Israel became a state in 1948.
          “It won’t be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa, Netanyahu told a group of British
          investors, declining to give a timetable. It is just a matter of time until Iraqi oil will flow”
          ‘Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars.’
          – Henry Ford
          ‘There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews.
          We Jews are today nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.’
          — Jewish scholar, Oscar Levy; preface to G. Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution
          ‘If my sons did not want wars there would be none’
          – Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife.

      2. Lol….and how much do you think they would actually need, or be able to get if they weren’t surrounded by the disease known as Islam?

    2. And they invest a lot of that money back into American politics to make sure the checks keep rolling in

      1. Matt Forney wrote: “In short, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. is akin to that of a hot chick and her beta orbiter. Blaming Israelis for this is as dumb as blaming the aforementioned hot chick for accepting free gifts from said orbiters.”
        Actually, this relationship is more akin to a parasite attached to a host. Blaming the parasite is pointless, yet removing the parasite is the only correct response for the host.
        Matt Forney overlooks the jewish hypocrisy, as they’ve condemned Fascism for decades with their phony holocaust narrative, and now they imitate many Fascist ideas. Jewish hypocrisy is legendary.
        At least Forney mentioned the first military defeat of Israel in their history in 2006. We should learn from our Fascist martyrs from WWII and praise Hezbollah’s martyrs who’ve died fighting the men of the Israeli Defense Forces who can call in air strikes, while Hezbollah has no air force.

        1. They also leave out the holodomor in which the Jewish Bolsheviks killed up to 8 million Ukrainians with man made starvation and forced labor. I’ve been to Israel and enjoyed it and most of the people there just wanted to live in peace but as far as the Zionist that have taken over and cause problems, they need to be removed.

        2. That place which used to be known as Southern Syria is not the place for jew racial nationalism. I approve racial nationalism for every race somewhere, just not there.

        3. How about the hundreds of thousands of White Eastern European sex slaves, chained up, raped, and sold all accross Isreal, which has no laws outlawing slavery of non-jews.

        4. I didnt know that was going on there. I know the Talmud has some crazy things in it about what’s acceptable and it’s pretty shocking

        5. The people we need to learn from is Hezbollah, not fucking Israel. As much as people don’t like to think it, we’re the underdogs, and Jews are the overlords right now.

        6. No, it’s not that, really. It’s that the white race traitors are out of control and we cannot confront jews before we confront the race traitors. We are superior to jews, and the problem is the race traitors think the jews are just pure gold.
          The white race traitors are more numerous and they have a bad attitude towards us, sharing the conceit of jewish superiority, and even being pleased with the idea of jewish superiority.
          We are approaching the day when the jew conspiracy to usurp the Fascist legacy will be decisively defeated. That is what we’re dealing with here, as people begin to lift the Fascist banner, jews are indecisive, some of them condemning Fascism, while others are trying to propose a dirty deal so that Fascism can be usurped by the jews.
          Those accomplices of the jews have been warned more than once that the jewish plan to usurp Fascism will fail and the jew colony will falter.
          It takes a fair amount of psychological fortitude dealing with mostly jews online, pretending to be Fascists themselves. We don’t find much camaraderie online because most of those posturing as white nationalists are jews or else accomplices of jews.

        7. Thanks for the video, I’ve heard about them being part of the old trade but had no idea and the modern day problem.

        8. What a stupid analysis
          White race traitors are indoctrinated and enabled by Jewry. They well know the power of media.
          That’s why they were forbidden to work in education around children for centuries as well as medicine and Govt

        9. In truth J ews can’t run anything; Israel is a total welfare flop state, j ews owned east germany and USSR, they can’t do anything with any modicum of success except parasitize off of Whites.

        10. I refuse to concede my white supremacy. Jews are inferior. The only thing jews have achieved is the illusion of superiority, because of all the white race traitors who pity jews for the phony holocaust.

        11. You can refuse to concede any point. Its your duty to uphold your beliefs, even if they fly in the face of hard facts.
          But remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, you WILL receive the CONSEQUENCES of your own actions.
          Anyone knows what sowing puerile beliefs yield?

        12. When was the last time you heard of a jew working with his hands? That is why their chosen lifestyle is as a parasitic minority in gentile lands. In Isreal they rely on Palestinian labour (even though Palestinians hate them). That is why any jewish soverign state will fail once the free Holocaust bucks stop (once people realize it never happened they might want their money back btw)

        13. Idiot. Stalin wasn’t a Jew. He had already purged the Jews from the upper echelons by that point.

        14. Relax guy I know Stalin wasn’t a Jew but the bulk of the nkvd was and they did the bulk of the killing. I know he purged a lot of them but they were still represented in parts of the government.

        15. Actually Stalin replaced the Jewish head of the NKVD with his own guy, who wasn’t Jewish. Holodomor had nothing to do with Jews and anyway the most Jewish city in Russia was/is Odesesa (in the Ukraine)… why would they starve their own people? Dummy.

        16. Dummy? Are you a child? If you’re right then why do Ukrainian survivors seem upset about their treatment from Jewish Bolsheviks? I’m not a Jew hater just pointing out that they did some horrible shit while in positions of power in Russia. Say what you want but if you’re not gonna believe some of the survivors then who should we believe?

        17. Dafuq you talking about? Ukrainian survivors are mad at the Soviet Union (and Stalin) for starving the shit out of them. The only ones who make it about Judaism already have an axe to grind.

        18. They just behave like other neighbouring Arab countries such as Arabia and the Gulf countries where the shari”a law ENCOURAGES the slavery of non-Muslims.

        19. Dont forget the Talmud encourages the same thing
          Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha
          Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.
          Schulchan Oruch, Orach Chaim 14, 20, 32, 33, 39
          A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.
          theres some more lovely quotes from the Talmud, thats why they added this clause
          Sanhedrin 59a
          To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.
          Remember Jews are not just hideous on the outside, its seeps down to every strand of DNA

        20. There are very, very little of like quotes in the Talmud, and they are counter-balanced by many other ones stating that the lot of the working masses has to be made better and better thanks to Jewish presence (I remember a quote where a guy becoming a manufacture owner after promising to God he will order only bread to the hostel so as restrain his appetites as strongly as by the time he was poor himself before his prayer for riches was granted, is told by his Rabbi to order a steak with the works, so as not to assume that his poorer workers will have to live on mere water), with the net mean opinion to be some kind of wishy-washy liberal humanism where the Jews are an elite of better ones at managing it. The Talmud is a book of methods of discussion, where one proposition such as the one you just quoted about hiding the secret knowledge to non-Jews ends up after many arguments in the position that quite the contrary everything must be done to teach as many things known as will interest non-Jews to the world at large in order to attract as many people as possible capable of taking up learning the whole thing. Anyway, the percentage of all Talmudic quotes regarding relations with the non-Jewish world, apart from being in contradiction among each other, in less than 0.5%. In Islam, on the other hand, the duty of hostility against the outside world is a central issue : 35% of the Qur’an is about the harsh treatment to deal to infidels, and about the sharing of their spoils.

        21. Jonathan Pollard. USS Liberty. Lavon Affair. 9/11. Wars in the middle east. Lehman Brothers. Enough said.

        22. But not nearly as shocking as what you HAHULS did to my relatives in Kiev (not a spelling mistake) in 1941.

        23. Nope.Balytsky ran the NKVD in Ukraine in 1932-33 (during the famine) and he was….(gasp) a Ukrainian himself

        1. @disqus_Nes7m2xsR5:disqus This isn’t disinfowars.com—-you’re not speaking to the great unwashed masses here friend.

      1. ‘I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them’
        -Joel Stein, LA Times (Jewish) Columnist
        December 19, 2008

    3. Actually…Netanyahu has worked to lessen Israel’s dependence on US aid money. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for both sides. Say what you will about the evil patriarchy…. Israel is an example of WHY it worked so well for thousands of years.

      1. “Thousands of years”? What?? Israel is a very young country and would’ve shriveled up and died had it not been for american money, support and gullibility.

        1. Did you not read what I wrote? Isreal is an example of why a PATRIARCHAL society has worked so well for thousands of years. Never mind that Jewish culture has been around for about 4 thousands years…..I was talking about patriarchal society in general.

        2. @disqus_Nes7m2xsR5:disqus
          “6 thousand years”? Lol! Only according to a book that was written by jews in the first place!
          This isn’t a classroom full of brainwashed christians you’re addressing my good man!

        3. My bad…..6,000 years if you consider Adam a Jew (father of us all ) and 4,000 years if you’re counting from Abraham. Same difference really. Hopefully you’re not to ideological to miss the point.

        4. He did actually. Back when he was secretary of the Treasury he worked to lessen the aid money because it was hurting domestic industry.
          The Article is correct…Israel is first and foremost interested in the well-being and benifit to Israel.

        5. I’ve always wondered why liberals don’t like Israel. Libs are pro welfare. Israel also receive welfare from the US…

        6. Israel hasn’t existed for “thousands of years.” It was portioned off in the late ’40s from lands previously owned by various Arab groups.

        7. @WEEZIL : Obviously you didn’t actually read what I said. You are however correct that both Israel and Jordan were formed from land conquered from the Ottoman Turks by the British in WWI.

        8. From what I’ve seen is mostly the hardcore republicunts that are pro Israel. The libtards are for Palestine.

        9. More BS. Israel would cease to exist if not for extortion disguised as ‘aid’ from the US, Germany, and other Western nations.
          JIDF needs to hire better trollers. Ryan sucks.

        10. Yes, because as we know, Wikipedia is the be all end all for facts, especially facts about Israel.

        11. I’d love to, Ryan, but they’re shoved so far up your ass that I’d need a proctologist to find them.

        12. Israel currently deals with Palestinian rockets from Gaza with Iron Dome interceptor missiles. If the US pulls it’s funding….Israel will either a: develop a laser based interceptor system or b: rockets will become a greater issue, more Israelis will DIE…Israel will gain legitimacy for action and the IDF will respond by rooting out the terrorists from Gaza. In either case….Israel wins. The US loses out on laser based ground defense and the situation deteriorates further as Israel is forced to respond to the murder of it’s civilians.

        13. Yes, Palestinian rockets are such a major threat to Israel, and so many Israelis are DYING at the hands of the almost-defenseless Palestinians. In fact, more Israelis DIE from Palestinian rocket attacks (and Palestinian rock throwing attacks) than Palestinians that die from Israeli white phosphorous airstrikes in Gaza. I hear 6,000,000 Israelis have DIED from combined Palestinian rocket and rock-throwing attacks just in the last 3 years alone. It’s a real holocaust.

        14. You illustrate my point magnificently. If the US pulls funding for Iron dome and rockets start slipping through…. More Israelis will die, and trolls like you will have to face facts. It’s FAR better for you if the US keeps funding Iron Dome…because you’d get to keep screaming your stats about how the rockets aren’t killing people…conveniently ignoring the millions upon millions it costs to keep shooting them down. If the rockets do get through…your position evaporates.

        15. Yes, I forgot. Only jews have the gift of clear sight. The goyim are visionless and delusional.
          It all makes sense now.

        16. Will the rocks thrown at Israeli tanks by Palestinian kids still get through, Ryan? To kill another 6,000,000 for the 6,000,000th time?
          What’s the dome that protects the Palestinians in Gaza from Israeli white phosphorous airstrikes called? The Invisible Dome?

        17. The political ones are, their voters scratch their heads about it, LOL. Even the “socialist dove” Bernie Sanders (a Jew) is pro-Israel. Nazism for me, open borders for thee is the Jewish philosophy for healing the world.

        18. Well first and foremost…this figure of 6,000,000 dead that you claim…is bullshit. Second, it’s not the rocks that the IDF worries about it’s the IEDs. Third, Israel used Smoke grenades and Flares for night time operations….which contain White Phosphorus…but ARE NOT in themselves weapons as you claim. Do some basic research before you spout debunked propaganda

        19. Carter wasn’t anti Israel. Criticizing Israel for some of its policies does not mean that you are against it.

        20. I’m pretty sure all of them are pro Israel. Show me one who doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist? There may be an exception but I doubt you’ll be able to find any.

        21. Not anti- Israel…anti-JEWZZZ! To this day he’s one of the most outspoken antisemites in the west.

        22. But Ryan, why is the United States obliged to give Israel anything? It’s not a business deal that benefits the country. We hemorrhage boatloads of cash to a country that has no benefit to investors whatsoever. It would serve America better to back out of the middle east and have Israel deal with its neighbors on its own capability. If it cannot, the neighboring countries will dissolve it or return it to its rightful owners.
          Then we will get decent gas prices and Americans won’t have to go to the sandbox to die.

        23. The United States isn’t Obligated by anything but self-interest and common sense, however, this is a business deal that Benefits the country. The amount we spend on Israel is a tiny fraction of what we spend propping up other countries…and we actually make back a return on Israel. As for Returning the land to it’s rightful owners…. Israel is the rightful owner. You’ll hear a lot or rhetoric and a lot of people screaming and claiming other things, but Israel own that land fair and square by every reasonable measure. The original land was given to Israel the by the British and the State is Every bit as Legitimate as Jordan…whom the British also created. The West Bank was captured from Jordan in War….just like the Gaza Strip….both are internationally recognized legitimate holdings won in war…..regardless of what the losers say

        24. The Holy Land has been in Arab, Jewish and Christian hands over the past centuries, no one has a clear and rightful undisputed claim to it, even most Israelites would admit that.
          And the amount of US foreign aid to Israel is not a “tiny fraction” of what is spent on other countries–Israel is the #1 recipient at 1/3 of the foreign aid budget.

        25. I can’t find any quotes of them that says that Israel has no right to exist. Care to find them? All I found was criticism of Israeli policies.

        26. I guess if you’re going to split hairs like that then whatever. You’re correct then. You win an internet argument. Congratulations. I’m done with this.

        27. Well, I said I was looking for a democrat that doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist. The people you mentioned criticized Israeli policies, which isn’t the same thing.
          But all right, thanks lol.

        28. Yes I did. Look up my post above, here is my exact quote:
          “I’m pretty sure all of them are pro Israel. Show me one who doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist?”
          I appreciate your jezebel invitation and insult, but maybe you misread my post so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

        29. I didn’t edit anything– so now you’re the one who’s making up stuff and acting like a broad.

      2. Not much you can do with someone who just buys into anti Jew and Israel propaganda. their knowledge of the history of that area only goes back about 5 years. They know nothing of that areas history it all, and do not want to know.

        1. Not much you can do someone who just buys into Jewish propaganda and believes that they were kicked out of 80+ nations for no reason

        2. Exactly you are all about the Jew hate. So your position then is what? They need to be killed off?

        3. So when did they kicked out of Europe, Russia the USA? But yes all the Muslim lands kicked them out or killed them. Just like they have been doing to the Christians. Do the Christians also have it coming to them?

        4. I can’t understand your first question, but I will try to answer it anyway. They have been kicked out of European nations (including Russia) many times throughout the course of history. Every nation that has kicked them out has complained of the same phenomena that we see in the U.S. today. Unethical banking practices, decadent media, and agitation of internal and external conflicts via the press.

        5. My position is that gentiles, being 98% of a nation, should not be ruled the other 2%, the Jews

        6. Really. Dude no they have not. Modern Israel has only existed since 1948. In that time Russia would not even let its Jews leave Russia. We are talking about modern history not pre modern Israel

        7. Again since 1948 other than Muslims committing genocide against them and Christians. Who has kicked the Jews out?

        8. A little shorter than 3/4 of a century is hardly a window of time that can dismiss historical parallels that we’ve seen for thousands and thousands of years.

        9. Yes it is. The subject is modern Israel. But your obvious hate of the Jews explains all I need to know

        10. So can you explain why the Jew has led the Federal Reserve since 1987, and why he gives enormous bailouts to his cronies on wall street every time they manufacture a financial crisis? We think our President calls the shots, which is really funny. When one ethnic group has controlling interest in Hollywood and on Wall Street, they have every weapon at their disposal to not only buy the elections, but hold all elected officials hostile in the event they don’t want to serve their interests. They’ll use blackmail, extortion, bribery, anything necessary to get what they want.

        11. One we are not 98% its more like 75% and two looking at a list of the USAs richest people. Jews a appear to make up about 1 out of ten of them. Assuming that they still think of themselves as Jews. That is far from dominating

        12. Gentiles make up between 97-99% of the U.S. population. Jews make up nearly 50% of U.S. billionaires.

        13. Who said it was for no reason? Don’t you read history? If you can’t figure that much out, What good is your ignorant opinion on the subject?

        14. “So can you explain why the Jew has led the Federal Reserve since 1987,” Sure….every stereotype has some basis in reality….. Jews are actually very good bankers. There are lots of Jews in Banking. It’s not at all surprising that the Fed would have Jews in leadership.

        15. Well that’s your opinion. It doesn’t match the facts…but hey, who ever said opinions had to be logical. 🙂

        16. So what your saying is your opinion is based on your own experience and not anything more substantive than your own views. Thanks for the insight.

        17. Yes, because I trust my own EXPERIENCES and EMPIRICAL OBSERVATIONS (not ‘views’ – please use the proper terminology, Ryan) over rhetoric disguised as ‘substantive facts’.

        18. They’re good swindlers, not good bankers. The Fed is going to send us into into economic ruin.

        19. You really love sucking Jewish cock, don’t you? You really want to be ruled by Jews?

        20. because of their unethical banking/finance practices, decadent media, and constant conflict agitation

        21. Far more likely…is that Catholics couldn’t charge one another interest on a load…so Jews got into banking in Europe. Flash forward 500 years and everyone owes the Jews money…and nobody like owing money….so they booted the Jews out.

        22. Chicken, only jews see clearly and are always correct. The goy are visionless, delusional, and in a never-ending dream state. Black is white, up is down, etc etc etc. Isn’t that right, Ryan?

        23. Funny how I replied to a four day old comment yet Shlomo responded within minutes. Must be that superior Nobel prize winning brain.

    4. It has almost nothing to do with it. We give more to the rest of the Arab world. Per capita we give a lot more the Palestinian authority. Those places are shit holes.

      1. “We give more to the rest of the Arab world”
        The country that gets the most foreign aid from the US is Israel, per capita or whatever doesn’t matter much imo, especially since Israel is a developed first-world country that doesn’t need aid.

        1. I see you lost track of the point of this article. That is easy to do when you get hundreds of comments. Some here were ignorantly trying to say that US foreign aid is the reason behind Israeli success. But as we give more pre capita to other nations and they stay total shit holes its not our money that is behind Israels success. As a matter of fact Israel was not even allowed to buy US weapons until 1967. They went from 1948 to 1967 without us giving them shit. They made themselves we did not do it.

        2. Now on a different subject. No we should not be funding Israel at all. That is a holdover from the days of the sovit union moving into the middle east. Back them we needed Israel as a base that would stop the Soviet Union. It was a great deal, it would out well. Time to stop was long ago

        3. Hence why so many Israeli built weapons, most of them widely known (Tavor, Desert Eagle, UZI, etc etc)

        4. Hi, you are 100 percent full of fucking shit. Your idiotic references to 1948-1967 is not germane.

        5. What Arab country are you talking about? The country that receives top US aid is Israel, then followed by Egypt. And Egypt has like 20 times the population of Israel. So I have no clue what Arab country that you’re talking about.

        6. Speaking or Israeli weapons….. the US actually buys weaponry FROM Israel because of how good they are at making truly effective weaponry.

        7. Take a look at Saudi Arabia. We’ve never fought a war for Israel…but we sent 500,000 troops to Fight Saddam for the Saudis.

        8. know exactly Israel has a great weapons making infrastructure about the only thing they really need from us are aircraft

        9. what I love about talking with you Jew haters is that in one hand you tell me that I’m going too far back in history. then another tells me I’m not going back a thousand years like he wants me to. what really is the case. whenever I kick your asses, which isn’t hard to do because you’re brain dead, you change the subject. Carry on you’re good for a laugh

        10. Yep. ….but if they did get into building aircraft….. they probably would have done a better job with the F35 than Lockheed 🙂

        11. at that particular jet suffered from do everything itis. this is the second time the US military has tried to make a fighter that does it all

        12. We took down Saddam for the Greater Israel scheme, Ryan. Saudi is a part of it; the Saudi royal family are crypto-Jews. The scheme is to destabilize and balkanize the Middle East, encourage tribal conflict, so the Arabs can’t cohesively band together under one leader (ala Nasser, Saddam, Kaddafi) and threaten Israel or their “G-d given promise” of all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

        13. Holy crap….you’re seriously misguided here. If you think the Saudi Royal Family are secretly Jews…you’re NUTS!

        14. Indeed…. having worked for Boeing back in the early 2000’s…. WE always maintained that we had a better design than a jack or all trades JSF, but the government had other plans.

        15. Care to explain HOW that could be? You’re actually trying to argue that the Guardians of the sacred shrines of Islam…are secretly Jews?

        16. Ha! A pic from 1981 with a guy holding what looks like an Uzi proves Ryan’s point that the US buys weapons from Israel! Here, here! Ryan has won the debate with the Kid!
          Kudos, Ryan!

        17. I win!! Ryan can no longer respond to me without saying “you’re nuts” or “you’re cracked.”

        18. Truth does hurt, Ryan. You must be in great pain right now. Grab an ice pack and walk it off, big guy.

        19. “Truth does hurt, Ryan.” well take that to heart and Try using some next time. It might help your argument, though I somehow doubt you know how to use it.

        20. Hear, hear ! And the winner is…The new (former) god protector of Gaius Julius Caesar, Jupiter !

        21. Oh, I’ll carry on, with pleasure. Only imbeciles still buy the line that criticism of Israel is synonymous with antisemitism. That’s played out, chump. Give it up.
          But as for haters, how about the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef:
          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”
          Nearly a million people attended his funeral–the largest in the Jewish State’s history. Bibi loved the guy,

        22. Stealing water during that time period helped them “make the desert bloom.” But the secret to Israeli success has always been its parasitic relationship with the U.S.

        23. The fact that you’re in a rational hater is proven by the fact that what you did said. Not one word of it is on the subject of this article. its just I hate Jews I hate Israel. and I have to doubt your IQ is a bit low. When you look at the amount of money the USA gives Israel it equals $500 a citizen. I’m sorry that did not put Israel on the map. they’re much richer than that. so obviously you can’t handle 5th grade level math or you’re so blinded by your new hate

        24. Stealing water? What are you talking about? You do understand the precarious position they’re in trying to prevent salt water intrusion right?

        25. I did use the truth, Ryan. You’re the one perpetuating the lies. The lies stop with Kid Jupiter, king of the gods, defender of Truth.
          Kneel before your master.

        26. Nice try. That old accusation doesn’t work anymore, hasbara. Sorry.
          “Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing the amounts provided to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct U.S. economic and military assistance since 1976 and the largest total recipient since World War ll. Total direct U.S. aid to Israel amounts to well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars. Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year. This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain.”
          – John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
          “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”
          There’s a reason they couldn’t get their original article published by a mainstream media outlet in America.

        27. Notice how Jews abuse the word “anti-semitism”, yet there is no word to articulate the Jewish hatred of Gentiles.

        28. There is no medication for what’s wrong with you, but they do recomend psychotherapy as a means to treat the symptoms

        29. Ha ha! It is far, far more objctive than ANY of the Zionist controlled sources you cite! Hilarious!

        30. An openly antisemetic source like Al Jazerra is somehow more objective than…Everyone else? Ya right….you just keep telling yourself that.

        31. Open antisemitism is in Al Jazeera’s mission statement? I did not know that. Can you give me a link to this outrage?

        32. We took out Saddam both for Israel and Saudis. Nethanyahu was pushing us to fight his dirty war for him:

          He’s a liar! And AIPAC pushed for the Iraq war too as most Israelis were scared of Saddam.

        33. The JIDF trolls are out in force here.
          Remember, when you are getting a lot of flak, you’re over the target.

        34. Yup they’re good at making murder weapons. Let’s give them another Nobel prize!

        35. I support welfare reform. I believe the Israelis can stand on their own two feet with a little encouragement.

        36. Seriously dude I didn’t say they didn’t receive aid. I said we didn’t give them weapons. Look into it I think you’re going to realize that you don’t know what you’re talking about. we even had an arms embargo on them at one time

        37. I don’t care to play “he said she said” or stroke egos on an anonymous internet post. Whether you “said it” or not, the source quoted (which is a pro-Jewish site) claims Israel received foreign aid from the US from 1949 to present every year except one. If you’d like to post data showing otherwise, feel free and the readers here can view it and take it into consideration.

        38. They ARE standing on their own two feet. They’re a first-world country. They don’t need extra American taxpayer money.
          It’s good that you support welfare, but we’re not a GLOBAL welfare state here. We need to focus on our own country’s citizens and debts.

        39. You were responding to my claim about military aid. Changing the subject to any sort of aid. well dude you can make up your own subject if you want. Just don’t call it a reply to what I said

        40. I think we’re on the same side here. I support welfare REFORM, as in Israel should free itself from the shame of its dependence on our charity. Maybe I should have tagged it.

        41. There’s nothing personal about “you” or “me” here. This is an internet bulletin board read by thousands. State some facts or move on. I’m not interested in petty personal attacks made by anonymous people. The fact is Israel received foreign aid from the USA every year since 1949 except for 1950. It has also received aid from multiple other nations during this time period. This is an objective statement and has nothing to do with your or my feelings. Foreign aid is reported by the US Department of State. I don’t even know where to get military aid numbers, but then that would just be a part of the pie wouldn’t it? IE if a country is given $50 billion in military aid one year and $50 billion in free food the next year, they are really given a total of $100 billion. It is disingenuous to look at only parts and ignore the whole.
          The point of discussing all this is that if a country receives free (food, aid, weapons, computers, clothing, or toilet paper) from an outside source, that has a substantial impact on its economic success.

        42. the fact is that the subject was military aid when I said we have not always supported them. That is exactly what I said. The fact is our total aid has not made them what they are today. it is not much and as you said it is not needed. I never argued that we should be giving anyone anything, as matter of fact I have said I think we should give all of them nothing. I only stated that we give to their enemies as well. And we give a hell of a lot of money to the Palestinian authority. That money has not made them anything anyone would want to live in. All that and you are supposedly responding to the article. DO you remember that? If so have you been trying to say we have nothing to learn from Israel, because the USA has made them what they are? If so give it up. More than just me has shown that they did it mostly on their own. We did not pay for it, we did not bleed for it, we did not work for it. France did not make the USA by fighting with us once, anymore than we made Israel

      2. fuck you, you fucking shill. Aid given to Israel is massive, and number two is Egypt who we pay off to play nice with Israel.

        1. well it’s nice that you call thatmassive. that’s probably a habit you picked up from describing your dick to women. really three inches its massive

        2. It’s amazing how predictable the small dick response is from feminists and JIDF trolls.

        3. I guess he isn’t bless in the twig and berry department. Another reason he’s probably envious of Jews, the nose ain’t the only big thing they pass down to their boys ya know 🙂

        4. No I did not know that. But then I have a bit roman myself so … hell yeah as goes the nose so goes …

        5. Oh, I do. I’m dying over here, pissing my pants. You’re wasting your comedic genius here, Wes. It has serious shekel-making potential for you out there in the comedy world.

        6. Wait, I thought you were doing the entertaining here? Entertain me! Tell another small dick joke.

        7. Please keep at it. I would say three butt hurt replies to my joke, that confirms that I hit a soft spot with it. Make it number 4

        8. Yes, you hit a soft spot – my funny bone!
          There’s #4 for you, Wes, baby! Who loves ya?

      3. Those are literally bribes to protect Israel. Check out what is expected of countries like Egypt in exchange for “aid”. Israel uses Saudi air space, Turkish waters , and other privileges that would be unthinkable in the Arab world without Uncle Sam paying, might as well consider this part of the Israel aid package too.
        The US offered the corrupt Palestinian Authority billions of dollars to overthrow Hamas, even though Hamas won fair and square. It culminated in a civil war that divided Palestine into Gaza (Hamas) and West Bank (PA).

        1. Protect Israel. Have you looked at the history of the wars Israel has fought? They protect themselves just fine. So not wanting war is corruption in your eyes. Brilliant “thinking”

      4. Incorrect. Over 1/3 of all foreign aid goes to one country – Israel, and no other country comes close.
        When you look per capita the numbers are even more absurd.
        Contrast this with the UK, which, far from a utopia, at least with foreign aid its #1 recipient is someone who actually needs the funds–Ethiopia.

        1. you’re not very good with math the United Statesgives a little over three billion of aid to Israel and has a 40 billion a year foreign aid budget

        2. also a major percentage of Israel foreign aid is actually guarantees on military purchases which Israel pays back + buying the weapons from the United States. in other words its money spent in the United States profiting our country

        3. it’s okay to say you don’t like US foreign aid to Israel but it would be good if you were somewhat accurate in your criticism

        4. Did you reply to the correct person? I make no assertation as to whether I like or dislike US foreign aid levels, merely stating the fact of how US foreign aid monies are distributed.
          What are you questioning the accuracy of (without proof or data)?

        5. This is the amount reported in the link above. (note there are additional loan guarantees of roughly $10b)

        6. Taxing the public for military industrial complex expenditures does not translate into profit. If that were the case, we could just raise taxes to 100% and spend it on bombs and poof, financial problems gone. Military expenditures have no financial return; they are at best a necessary expense to provide for public order when kept at a reasonable level.

        7. Dude you have a major hard on over this. So to be on topic, is your claim that Israel has a good nation, because we pay for it? If it only takes $388 person a year to do that damn. That is flat out cheap. With their GPA being
          $24540.58 per person that $388 is amazing

    5. For sure Israel owes a lot to the US, but Forney’s trying to emphasise the policies that make Israel a good place, as opposed to another socialist utopian shithole, which so countries become as they develop.

    6. 75% of it is reinvested back in buying from Am mil industry. It’s a federal welfare check to the mil industry complex and contractors dressed up as ‘helping’ an allied nation.
      foreign aid is never foreign aid.

    7. You realize that if they weren’t surrounded by hordes of barbaric muslim fools they wouldn’t need a hefty paycheck from us.

    8. Actually US aid to Israel is almost entirely materiel — basically Iron Dome and assorted extras. The tech is already developed. Almost no money changes hands.

  3. Of course you didn’t mention the multi-billion dollar welfare check they get from the US, made up of my tax dollars. I’m sure you “forgot” about that. They hate me as a “goyim” but they have no problem taking my tax money.

    1. As an American Tax payer…..be thankful we only send then between 2-4 billion a year. We secure a democratic ally in the Middle East…and reap tremendous rewards economically. Israel is a major tech powerhouse and inventions like windows NT and cell phones came out of the US/Israeli partnership. On top of that, the US gave Israel a billion dollars to develop, field and test the Iron Dome system which will be partially constructed by Israeli companies and partially by Boeing in the US…. A billion dollars to turn out a system like that in 18 months…as opposed to the 20 + billion it would have taken for US contractors to have done the same thing…after about 15 years of bullshit and delays. Israel is a HUGE benefit to the US.

        1. Actually…. I’ve worked for both Boeing and Lockheed in the past….Getting it done in Israel is vastly cheaper…..and that’s why the US military industrial complex indoctrinates people like you to hate them.

        2. Aside from you misquoting the title of that book……. no, I have not read it. Don’t care to read anti- Jewish propaganda.

        3. Yawn.. such a lame argument of authority. Tell me again how the USS liberty and Lavon Affair were “accidents”

        4. If there’s anyone who’s an expert at propaganda, it’s the people who dominate our media in the U.S.

        5. The USS Liberty WAS an accident!! Dude…Israel has never intentionally attacked the United States…and even if they had…. FRANCE Attacked the US, but We’re friends with them. Great Britain went to war with the US, but We’re friends with them. Germany went to war with the the US, but We’re friends with them. Spain Attacked the US, but We’re friends with them. Mexico Attacked the US, but We’re friends with them……JAPAN went to war with the US, but We’re friends with them…..the list goes on and on. Israel is our ally.

        6. We dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and massacred the Germans with firebombs in Dresden. I’d say that’s justice enough. There has been no justice for victims of the USS Liberty or Lavon Affair. Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Moorer has dedicated his life to proving that the USS liberty was not an accident. He hasn’t received much air time, however. Several survivors have come out and said that it was a deliberate attack.

        7. Don’t take this the wrong way….. Obsessing over a conspiracy theory doesn’t make it true. Israel had nothing to gain by attacking a US flagged ship….and a lot to lose. Why would they have done something like that intentionally? It simply makes no sense.

        8. Don’t take this the wrong way….. Obsessing over a conspiracy theory doesn’t make it true. Israel had nothing to gain by attacking a US flagged ship….and a lot to lose. Why would they have done something like that intentionally? It simply makes no sense.
          Israel attacked the ship by accident during the 6 day war in 1967. Both the US and the Israelis concluded that it was an accident brought on by the fog of war and the fact that the US had parked one of it’s covert spy ships right off the coast of Egypt…in an active war zone. Israel paid 30+ million dollars in reparations …the end.

        9. Because they love sending the U.S. in to fight its battles. They originally planned to blame it on Egypt. You know, you can dismiss any argument, no matter how rational, with that “OMG TIN FOIL HAT CONSPIRACY NUT!” refutation. Sure there’s a lot of bullshit truther movements on the interweb, but believing that there are no conspiracies and that the mainstream media is honest is just as dumb and naïve as believing everything Alex Jones says.

        10. Israel paid 30+ million in reparations. Okay, but this was not a civil matter, it was criminal.

        11. It was an accident. We parked a spy ship disquised to look Egyptrian in a war zone and they attacked it because they though it was Egyptian. The end.

        12. We’ve never fought their wars for them…..so you’re gonna have to explain why you think we would have this time.

        13. Thats exactly where you would park a covert spy ship, on a sunny day, with a big ass American flag on it. Isreal was in the middle of siezing Arab land and murdering civilians against their word to America, and they didnt want us picking up on it. The fact that if it was destroyed we would have destroyed Egypt was just a fortunate benefit that no jew could refuse

        14. P.S. The ship was in no way disguised to look Egyptian, It looked American with our flag and satellites and shit all over it. Plus during the attack the ship flew its 7ft x 13ft holiday ensign American flag. Even while flying this our sailors were gunned down on the deck trying to get communications back up. This battle should have been all over the news for the bravery shown by our navy but instead it was memory holed with lies flying everywhere. The only account you can trust is the accounts of the surviving sailors which say deliberate attack.

        15. just Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Iran soon. Notice something common about them? Once we deport kebabs all of these countries will not be able to attack us, plus they wont want to because they only hate us because we are over there killing them for Isreal

        16. “Just Afghanistan”….Nope, we were there to fight the soviets. “Iraq”…Nope, Saddam was our enemy too. “Syrian” Syria is a country…full of Syrians, but we’re actually fighting on the side of ISIS in Syria right now, not Israel…go figure. “Yemen, Libya, Egypt”…..I don’t recall the United States going to war in these countries, please explain. “Iran soon” ….. Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979…..try again.
          Your answer is full of half truths and outright false claims. Please answer truthfully next time.

        17. Are you 5 years old? because only a child could be so naive. It was a fucking accident, the US parked a spy ship, (a converted civilian freighter, a liberty ship design which we produced an ass load of then sold off to every third world tin pot dictatorship on earth after the war)….IN AN ACTIVE WARZONE! The Liberty was there to act as inconspicuous as possible and gather intelligence. When the war erupted… General Yitzhak Rabin (then IDF Chief of Staff) informed Commander Ernest Carl Castle, the American Naval Attaché in Tel Aviv, that Israel would defend its coast with every means at its disposal, including sinking unidentified ships. Also, he asked the U.S. to keep its ships away from Israel’s shore or at least inform Israel of their exact position. Liberty was ordered to withdraw and standoff 120 miles from the coast…but she failed to receive the message and so was within 6 miles of the Israeli coast on the day in question. Her captain had requested an American destroyer escort but had been denied. Liberty communicated it’s position to the Israelis, who marked it on their charts…but it was later removed when it’s position was no longer considered valid. On the morning in question Israeli supreme command received reports of a vessel lying off the coast shelling Arish, recon confirmed the presence of an Egyptian vessel in close proximity and in conjunction with Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin’s standing orders to sink unidentified vessels…a flotilla of torpedo boats were dispatched to sink the unknown vessel. Once they had orders in hand…that’s exactly what they went to do. The Torpedo boats encountered An Egyptian Destroyer beyond their engagement range fleeing back to Egypt after shelling Arish and called in a pair of Mirage fighters to intercept…..they attacked the wrong ship. It’s a tragedy, but hardly a planned false flag like you think.

        18. You’re mistaken…the Israeli navy was pursuing an Egyptian Destroyer as it retreated after shelling Arish. They called in a pair of Fighters and in the confusion and the fog of war they attacked the wrong vessel. USS Liberty was FAR out of position and 100 miles closer to shore than they should have been on the day in question. At the end of the day the fault rests not only with the young pilots who took the shot, or with the commanders who ordered them to intercept an Egyptian Destroyer…but also with the USN, the CIA and the USS Liberty itself which did not receive her tasking orders to vacate the war zone in time to avoid this tragedy.

        19. What do you expect? Those pilots had orders to SINK the Egyptian destroyer that had just shelled Arish. Do you really think they were going to be nice about it? Hell no! when ordered to kill…you kill. It’s a tragedy that they shot the wrong ship…but they behaved exactly like you would expect in a war zone.

        20. You can listen to chosenite wordsmiths or the actual American survivors. We can see your loyalty but I think the majority can see through this long bull shit excuse as to why Israel attacked a US ship in International waters flying a massive US flag on a sunny day
          . If Israel was any other country they would be a smoking crater after a blatant attack like this.

        21. Israel claims the USS Liberty was mistaken for the out-of-service Egyptian horse carrier El Quseir – can you spot the difference?
          El Quseir
          USS Liberty
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4bf9074de214f03f0545cef40559e9e34d3a033b03947c98dcb2a61bd0462a6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa0dde8948bf5e4ea304deb65d3dd0d5e2a8cfebc61ec864b2e033c5c71931a4.jpg
          According to a 1981 NSA report on the incident, the El Quseir “was approximately one-quarter of the Liberty’s tonnage, about one-half its length, and offered a radically different silhouette.”

        22. If your a soldier of the insignificant parasite state of Israel you might ask twice about attacking a ship flying the flag of the one country that ensures your survival

          every single survivor agrees with me and says Israel is lying, get your head out of Israels ass and support your own country

        23. No your answer is full of half truths, the US recieved nothing from any of these wars except Israels safety. Of course you havent even heard of our current military action in Yemen which has been going on for years, or the fact we bombed hundreds of sites in Libya to help our moderate terrorists to over throw Qaddafi( and sodomize him to death). Do some more research jezus

        24. The irony of your statement is that I am far more well informed on the subject than you are, yet you feel the need to resort to brinksmanship and insults to try and make your point. In regards to Libya, I encourage you to look into why we had terrorists protecting our consulate in Benghazi…and why Qaddafi pulled his troops out of the city.

        25. It boils down to this…… You were not there, I was not there, the two countries in question investigated and resolved the matter amicably…the end.

        26. So you, in your infinite wisdom, 50 years after the fact with mountains of paperwork and side by side photographic comparisons, are going to armchair quarterback the events of that morning and pass judgment on the split second decisions of airmen in their 20’s, orders in hand in time of war. Did it ever occur to you that the pilots in question had probably never seen either vessel before?
          Quick…as your flying over at 400 miles an hour…shoot the Kia Rio. But the Hyundai is a civilian
          Good luck picking out which is which.

        27. Some factual corrections: The Soviets left Afghanistan in the 70s. The US has been at war with Afghanistan for the past 15 years.
          Iraq was a US ally (even selling them chemical and biological weaponry)
          Iran has never been at war with the US, unless you count the proxy war fought by the US ally Iraq in the 1980s.
          The US did shoot down a civilian airliner, flight 655, killing almost 300 civilians and over 60 children but while this could be considered an act of war, it did not result in war.
          It is correct that the US is fighting on the side of ISIS now in Syria, and has overthrown the secular Iraqi government for an extremist radical Islamist leadership. Is the US fighting on the right sides in these conflicts?

      1. As an American Tax payer…..be thankful we only send then between 2-4 billion a year.

        That’s 2-4 billion too much (and this goes for all foreign subsidies, sometimes called “aid”). If they’re so successful they wouldn’t or shouldn’t need subsidies.

        We secure a democratic ally in the Middle East

        So what? It’s not the 51st state of the US. It’s a foreign country located on the other side of the planet.

        Israel is a HUGE benefit to the US.

        Hardly. It’s a painful thorn in our side. It has (among other things of course) got us involved in endless wars overseas, in the ME anyway. Israel’s problems are theirs, it shouldn’t be ours.

        1. If you missed what I just said…… we give them some money for defense…and they turn around and save us/ make us more than we gave them. They are a good investment.

        2. No they’re not. Getting involved in their conflicts has cost US taxpayers FAR MORE than $10-20 billion.

        3. Which conflicts would those be? We’ve never gotten directly involved… Their neighbors rattle the saber…we sell Israel more weapons = profit. They are a good investment.

        4. Uh, ever heard what Bin-Laden has said about our support of Israel? That was one of the reasons for 9/11 (but not the only). THAT conflict. Not to mention how Israel’s government wanted Saddam taken out and actively pressured the US to do so (and no I’m not saying it’s all their fault) thanks to the Israel Lobby in Washington DC.
          Also, keep in mind that Israel is killing Palestinians with (some) US made weapons. Rightly or wrongly that’s a big factor.

        5. The war in Iraq for starters….Ever heard of the Project for a new American century? PNAC? Authored by jews??….ever heard of Richard Perle? Elliot Abrams? Paul Wolfowitz? Douglas Feith?
          You can blame it all on Bush, But it’s documented fact that These Neocon dual American-Israeli citizens were calling for Bill Clinton to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 1998, long before September 11th, 2001.

        6. “The war in Iraq for starters” = Not their war. If you’re going to go all conspiracy theorirst on me and argue that anything ever done by a Jew is some zionist conspiracy to take over the world….. This is going to be a very long dull conversation where you break out the tin foil hats and I have to explain the events of history to you.

        7. Bin Laden was pissed because the US sent 500,000 troops to Saudi Soil…. JEWZ!! were not his primary concern.

        1. Any form of government is good if properly tailored to the needs of it’s people. Take 1950-1989 Romania under communism.
          Initially instilled by the soviets, it quickly was transformed into a nationalistic, revolutionary industrial, culturally and materially enrichment engine to it’s native population. Not to mention an exploding demografical number, from (get this) 15 milion to 24 milion native romanians.
          Take the overthrowing of the leaders (murder of Nicolae Ceausescu) and you have something else . Install ,,democracy” and destroy every single piece of progress that has been realized in the passed 50 years and completely eradicate all native ideology and means of survival and you have modern day Romania with gypsies growing in fast numbers, Soros legislatingly giving them the name Roma (an intelligent temporal confusion for external politics- the rest of world believes Romanians are gyspies) dissolve all means of cultural heritage, dissolve, via agents, any type of nationalistic pride and you have a decreasing population from 24 million in 1990 to today’s ,,official” 17 milliion, out of which 5 million are spreaded throughout Europe.
          These guys are not fucking around when they say ,,decrease population”. That translates into ,,decrease and destroy native populations” – that’s what’s it all about folks.

        2. It has it’s uses.
          “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”
          ― Alexis de Tocqueville
          A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.
          — Alexander Tytler.

        3. It has it’s uses….but it also has an expiration date.
          “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”
          ― Alexis de Tocqueville
          A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.
          — Alexander Tytler.

      2. 2-4 billion dollars a year in free American taxpayer money has nothing to do with private business partnerships.
        “On top of that, the US gave Israel a billion dollars to develop, field and test the Iron Dome system”
        I’d rather a billion of my American dollars go towards defending AMERICAN soil, or preferably just kept in my pocket to use however I damn well like

        1. That’s the point….it IS going towards defending AMERICAN soil. We give Israel a billion dollars to develop it…Boeing builds it and we use it to defend America…..at a fraction of the cost of developing it here.

      3. Type in Isreal steals US technology in to google and read about the massive Jewish espionage and sabotage attacks the commit against us. Jon Pollard (who was freed by the jewish lobby) alone cost 100’s of American CIA operatives their lives. You can take all the benefits that you named, multiply that by a hundred and your in the ballpark of what Isreals partnership costs us.

        1. Meanwhile…..every other nation on earth…including the United States, is engaged in the exact same stuff. If you refuse to acknowledge that fact…you’re just being nieve.

    1. They are stronger because of it too. The US loves to be the melting pot, but never before have I seen such a push for multi-culturalism. Having a dominant people is a good thing which leads to shared interests, beliefs, and customs.

      1. I wish the new world countries like the US could be multicultural melting pots and leave the old world countries to stay nationalistic.

      2. And just WHO is pushing this Multikult insanity?
        Just a cohencidence of course.

    2. The Jew is the source of multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, feminism, and just about everything anti-white and anti-male. Understanding the extent of the Jewish problem is the indication that you’ve swallowed the red pill in its entirety.
      People say Jews are successful. Sure, they’re successful in destroying nations. None of the gems of western civilization can be credited to the Jew. The Jew serves as an economic bloodsucker, conflict agitator, and encourager of decadent behavior. They do not create wealth, they only leech from it. They are the banking elite that have been swindling America for ages. They are the Hollywood film producers that have encouraged sexual immorality, senseless violence, and drug use. They are the media that has rallied support to send American kids to fight Israel’s battles. They are the academic chiefs that have made political correctness a pronouncement of higher education. They are the problem.

      1. I’m no expert in jew-ology, but shouldn’t we make a clear distinction between the normal jewish people (who some of them came up front to blame the zionists) and real problematic zionists ? Just asking.

        1. That’s fine if they want to be anti-Zionists. But the bottom line is that Jews should not have any position of authority or influence in gentile nations.

        2. Tell that to Warner Bros, Hollywood, CNN, FOX NEWS, BBC, Washington, Bucharest, Germany, Sweden, ISIS, ad infinity.

        3. Lol is right. We are so fucked that’s even funny to think we actually stand a micro-chance. But hey, here’s where all of Orthodox teaching comes in quite handy. ,,God will never let you lose, so don’t dissapoint Him by not listening to His word.”
          Word !

      2. “None of the gems of western civilization can be credited to the Jew”
        A lot of Jews have actually done wonders in the classical music world. Some of the best conductors and instrument performers (notably for piano) are Jewish, as well as a few composers too (e.g. Mahler).
        Unfortunately Jews have also played a big role in pushing for the modern twelve-tone-whatever bullshit “classical” music that just sounds like garbage (e.g. Schoenberg, etc)

        1. I’m aware there are a few exceptions. But ultimately, the cons far outweigh the pros when you mix Jews and Gentiles in one nation. History has demonstrated this.

      3. You are so wrong on so many topics… I would reason with you but it’s probably useless, you guys are never interested in truth only on incitement.

        1. If the U.S. were a 100% gentile nation, ROK wouldn’t need to exist maybe, but it wouldn’t have become independent and it would have remained an economic backwater, it would have remained a British territory quite like many other ones in the West Indies, quite small in size comprising Appalachia and little else, peopled for the most by reactionary Red Necks that would have sided with Israeli Right anyway in international affairs after having been defeated in WWII for having sided with Germany. The French-speaking, Jewish-friendly state of Louisiana would have gained the upper hand instead. The U.S. were explicitly formed in the desire to build a New Israel in the New World, never forget that. Actually America never had any soul of its own except the Jewish Zionist one.

  4. Elites jews might be a despicable bunch actively destroying goyim/non-jews (mainly euros/white americans they consider Nazis), but Jews have proven time and time again they are the master race.
    And the main reason why Israel prospers and isn’t degenerate like U.S. is because their average I.Q. is high as well. Almost on par with euros and asians.
    You combine all 6 of these things and you get as close a master race as possible.
    In order to stop them you must boycott ALL things jews.
    Read what stuff you can boycott to weaken their grip on white nations:

    1. You are that much of a cuckboy it does not matter if you have manipulation skills. they are the biggest beta males around.

      1. If the elite jews of the world are “betas,” what does that makes you? A piece of shit goyim that’s even easier to manipulate and pollute.
        Wake the fuck up. Jews and arabs you know might be lowkey and soft spoken but Islam and Jews worldwide have proven time and time again that they are alphas over christian beta white males. To call these people “beta” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and illustrates your ignorance and inflated ego. You severely underestimate these people and they will make you pay if you don’t start taking them seriously.
        Are most arabs filthy, inbred, degenerate and barbaric? Duh.
        But what are muslims currently doing? Playing a rape game called taharrush with WHITE women in their own land (while STILL being welcomed and treated!!!). They are getting away with it 100%.
        And what are white men doing about it… NOTHING. White men are indulging everyday deeper and deeper into shit jews have created in order to lower their testosterone and spirit.
        Video Games, Television/Hollywood/movies, Tinder/Hookup culture apps, social media, PORN, etc etc.
        You think syrian refugees indulge every day in this shit to the degree safe white men do? FUCK NO their testosterone in is on POINT while the average white male’s testosterone has taken a dive over the last 50 or 60 years because of (((feminism))) and other jew-created shit.
        Who’s the alpha and omega here?
        And who controls the national narrative and runs most things you indulge in everyday? Elite Jews do.
        This is not an attack post on white people, or a praise post of non-whites arabs & jews. This is a post telling all you white folk to wake the fuck up before yall get exterminated. Don’t underestimate this fuckers, stop indulging in low T shit, and take back your fuckin nations.
        Word is bond.

  5. I can see Matt Forney seething with envy when it comes to Israel. From his use of “cuckservatives” to his grudging compliments of Israel.
    It is short-sighted, but well-intention-ed non-interventionists who oppose American funding of Israel. In a global economy, the nation who doesn’t control the high seas as well as have military bases and allies in close proximity to a large percent of the world’s oil supply is the nation that loses.
    My home country’s empire was only the largest empire in history because they understood the necessity for power projection and the utter calamity of non-intervention and isolation.
    Those who do not believe that having a major ally that is anti-Islamic right next to some of the world’s biggest oil reserves are shortsighted and letting their hatred of Jews cloud their judgement.

    1. You would be right, if it weren’t for the fact that your “ally” invests a lot of time poisoning you and driving you to bankruptcy and civil war…

    2. What a load of BS: ” In a global economy, the nation who doesn’t control the high seas as well as have military bases and allies in close proximity to a large percent of the world’s oil supply is the nation that loses.” Loses what, exactly? Oil wasn’t important until the 1850’s; it won’t be important after 2050, as we will have moved on to an electric world. Things change.
      Orwell wrote, in the “Road to Wigan Pier”, how the world’s economy depended on coal. That was in the 1920’s. By the 1950’s, coal was well on the way out as a major source of energy. Oil has already had its day; the recent moves by the Saudis to reduce prices was a way to keep oil replacements uneconomical for another ten years, but that is as doomed to failure as Canute’s attempt to hold back the ways.
      The only people who think it’s important to have military bases around ME oil are the useless ne0-con warmongers in Washington.

      1. I’m glad you said this. People bang on and on about how oil reserves are running out (maybe in a couple hundred years) but before this happens we will find a new energy resource. Energy is infinite, the only thing we can do to it is transform it.

      2. The very premise if your argument is flawed. The world currently does depend on Oil, and oil the biggest industry in the world: of the top 6 Fortune 500 Global companies, 5 are Oil Companies, the only non-oil company in the top 6 is Walmart.
        Further, the Saudis (through their influence in OPEC) are driving prices downward in an attempt to run American fracking companies out of business (which are currently highly unprofitable with oil prices being so low).
        No one is doubting that oil will cease being king…at some point in the future, possibly by 2050. However, for at least the next 10-20 years, oil will continue to dominate world markets and the Fortune 500 Global List.
        Your argument that oil is irrelevant today is bunk. No doubt oil will one day be as irrelevant as the steam engine is today, however that time is not likely going to be in the next 10-20 years. Until that time, maintaining a strong military presence in close proximity to a large portion of the world’s oil supply is smart foreign policy and a national security imperative.

        1. No one’s claiming oil is irrelevant today. I think most of us own cars and we put oil in them weekly to power them.
          However, just because an item is desirable or important does not justify military aggression or any entitlement to its use on the behalf of any party. If you want oil, pump it from land you own or buy it from someone who owns it. No stealing or coercion.

        2. No one is advocating that we steal it. Quite the opposite, in fact. The point of the United States having a presence in the Middle East coupled with close allies is to that we can prevent it from being stolen, while we purchase it.

      3. The only people who think it’s important to have military bases around ME oil are the useless ne0-con warmongers in Washington.

        I know right? Only morons think they have to “play empire” to be prosperous. The dumbass doesn’t seem to realize that one of the main reasons we’re suffering this Leftist hellhole is from playing empire for over a century now. Just another neocon maggot with delusions of grandeur.

  6. Israel doesn’t have the luxury of electing completely worthless shit like Obama, once, let alone twice, as its leader and surviving.

      1. WTF are you talking about? Proof? Evidence? Israel’s never electing a Mohannadan for PM. The USA elected one twice.

        1. Words can have multiple spellings, slick.
          Actually, I usually use the word “shit” for “Mohammadan”.

        2. Mad at? Some internet hard ass? Nah. Try projecting much?
          The phlegm you spew has a kindergarten-ish twist to it.

      2. Well, at least Hezbollah does. It was created as a reaction to the invasion of southern Lebanon in the early 1980s.

      3. It’s widely known that Hamas was founded with Israeli assistance. The Israelis, at the time fighting a nationalist PLO, decided to help fund a religious alternative in the “divide (or fragment) and conquer” strategy. As Tolkien once write, “Sometimes evil mars evil.”

        1. No, dumbass, it isn’t. Apparently, nobody on these boards have heard of the Muslim Brotherhood and their open desire to kill every last Jew.

        2. The blame with Israel may lie in allowing militant Islam to bud in Gaza (instead of taking care of the root of the problem in its infancy) and that was clinched in the 2005 withdrawal from the Strip with the foolish hope that that gesture would bring about peace. The 2016 Hamas is obviously not the 1987 variant and Israel being too trustworthy towards Ahmed Yassin helped further radicalize the adherents already violent “religion of peace” in the Strip and the goals of Hamas.

        3. No. Israel helped create it. Period. They funded it and encouraged it. They were neither as clever as you think they are and they are not as “innocent” as you imagine. Here’s Israeli soldiers saving the lives of Syrian ISIS fighters. Just doing it for humanitarian reasons, I’m sure. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3315347/Watch-heart-pounding-moment-Israeli-commandos-save-Islamic-militants-Syrian-warzone-risking-lives-sworn-enemies.html

        4. Yes, humanitarian reasons. But nothing suggests Israel is aiding ISIL fighters. Do you have any idea how many Islamist groups exist?

  7. I’m moving to Israel. I don’t care if they don’t want me. I just want to get away from the goy

    1. Actually it’s not true that someone who is not Jewish cannot immigrate to Israel. He just goes through a normal immigration procedure like any other country, while Jews can get the citizenship as soon as they prove their jewishness.

  8. Actually conservative Jews are so desperate to defend Israel they probably make good allies for the manosphere. A lot of them hate communism (which usually means their progressive brethren) and some at least dislike feminism although one could probably overstate this. The Israeli position may involve hypocrisy and there’s no reason why they can’t be called out on that but to the extent their position is sound why not rope em in. It’s called pragmatism

      1. Because the Arabs hate them on religious grounds and the Palestinians raise their children with nursery rhymes of killing Jews.

        1. I’ve been looking into it for decades. I don’t think it’s purely or even mostly religious. I think religion provides a nice cover for the Arabs as it has for the West for many years. Otherwise, for example, why aren’t Chinese Muslims flowing into Israel to fight the infidels?

        2. Why would they? First of all they are Chinese…meaning they have far less oportunity to travel, but what reason would they have to go after Israel? It’s the Palistinian Arab Muslims who have been raised to hate Jews the most, those are the ones who have a dog in the fight.

        3. Yes because they have their own land. You can’t force people off their land not expect a violent confrontation.

        4. Well…. The British conquered the land from the Ottoman Turks in 1917. They gave the Hashemites 75% of all the land…and they formed the State of Jordan for the Arabs. The Arabs then turned around and drove the Jews out of Jordan. Then the British sat down and wanted to split the remaining 25% of the land between a Jewish State and another Arab state. The Jews agreed to this idea…the Arabs refused claiming that they deserved to kick the Jews out and take everything for themselves. In 1948 Brittan went ahead with it anyway and the Arabs (including Jordan) immediately attacked the new Jewish state. Jordan took the land in the West Bank that would have become another Arab state, Egypt took Gaza. In 1967 the Arabs attacked again and this time Israel drove them back, reclaiming Gaza and the West Bank. Now here’s the rub…. Gaza was full of Egyptians and the West Bank was full of Jordanian political exiles. NEITHER country would accept those people back into their countries….so they became stateless and started calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ Israel didn’t steal their land…. Their countries lost a war and abandoned them as a political statement. If Israel could have absorbed them it would have…. But they could not. It would have been like France accepting millions of Germans after WWII (size difference here) and allowing entire regions of France to BECOME Germany in all but name.
          The Arabs forced the Jews out of Jordan, indeed out of EVERY Arab country, the Israelis stopped short of forcing the Palestinians out, but they can’t accept them either or else they would destroy the nation and Israel would cease to be Israel.

        5. I disagree. Israel is willing to share…the Muslims are not. They claimed the Jewish temple mount as their own…and refuse to give it back.

        6. Israel is willing to share? You’ve really been taken in.
          Your previous argument suggested its about economics.

        7. Take a look at the history…..Israel has repeatedly tried to make peace…the Palestinians refuse. Israel has equal Arab citizens…. Arab countries don’t allow Jews to be equal citizens.

        8. Since September of 1967 after the Kartoum Resolution….. the Palistinians have maintained the “Three No’s”: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it…” Those are the details that matter mate.

        9. Israel has been an expansionary and aggressive power since it was established. Nobody would take seriously any peace overture from them.

        10. How can you claim a state that has GIVEN AWAY more land than they now control…expansionary? As for aggressive…if you were surrounded by people who have vowed to kill you…wouldn’t you defend yourself aggressively every time they attacked you?

        11. Um… Are you trying to infer that the Israeli state has NOT grown its territory since it was founded in the 40s??? Israel is expansionary, that is fact. Whether it’s good or bad is opinion.

        12. What you’re conveniently leaving out is that Israel was attacked in 1948 and Jordan and Egypt occupied mandate land until 1967..when they attacked Israel AGAIN, but this time lost the West Bank and Gaza. Israel gave Gaza to Hamas in exchange for peace…which they did not get. Israel CAN NOT give the West Bank away because of it’s military significance, to do so would be national suicide. So yes, Jordan stole the West bank and Israel took it from them in war in 1967…tough shit. Jordan lost and they lost that piece of land. They have plenty more where that came from. Israel is a TINY country surrounded by aggressive enemies. I do not begrudge them taking the West Bank back from Jordan.

    1. Because I don’t owe shit to Isreal no matter how much they tell me I do because I’m white. That mentality is the reason the west is in this mess to begin with.

      1. I’m not arguing that. I just think they might be useful insofar as they are anti-left anti progressive.

        1. A good idea, but zionists are too clever; they’ll just scapegoat rank and file jews the same way they did to jewish farmers during WWII. And keep the power for themselves.

        2. Last time they won, destroyed Russia and are now destroying Western nations. If the country was filled with individuals that were redpilled, maybe, but as it stands jewish oligarchs would buy up all of the property as the country collapses like they did to the weimar, and then we would have the choice of being slaves or extremely brutal fighting to escape it.
          If we won it would be glorious, but the risk is inherent, so I take a hybrid approach: let them scapegoat the idiotic faggots while inculcating the population against jewish entryism.

        3. There was certainly a substantial jewish presence in the russian revolution but the circumstances back then were rather different. I do think its time conscientious voices within the jewish intelligentsia started to address that, in the same way that european nations have had to address the dark episodes in their histories. Seeing everything as a ‘them’ and ‘us’ game simply perpetuates cycles of violence. Jewish identity is too often held together by fear of anti-semitism rather than by anything positive and those same oligarchs and jewish leaders you refer to seem to have the say that they do because they can leverage that existential fear of annihilation by the vengeful goy masses. So I would ask, why play into their hands: why take a disparate people, many of whom are highly assimilated (much to the annoyance of ultra-zionists etc) and shepherd them into a position they don’t necessarily want to occupy? Jews are often at pains to point out that they are a diverse people with diverse opinions and whatever the binds that hold them together I think that in the main that is correct. All I am saying is that that is something we should be prepared to work with rather than assuming its all cunning plan. If a jew says they hate communism why not take them at their word and err… set them to work on the issue?

        4. Not only in the revolution, 95% of the Russian mob and virtually all of the oligarchs that ran through looting Russia after the USSR collapsed. Turning Russia communist was a cold, calculated move by jewish/global elite that they were betting would pay off in them being able to loot in the future. A couple of jewish scientists gave them the atomic bomb to get them into a Pyrrhic economic and indirect military war with the US. They always pretend to be your friend when they are infiltrating you, and then tighten the noose around your neck when you are not looking.

        5. the problem with all this is that on ‘both sides’ its a propaganda war, where facts are constantly disputed and there’s never anything in-between. We should look to careful scholarship to establish what was (or wasn’t) the case. As it stands there is too much at stake to get any kind of level-headedness on the issue. If everything weren’t so feverish you might even get jewish historians grappling honestly with this issue – that isn’t going to happen so long as its seen as a short-cut to annihilation

        6. I acknowledge that I probably do not have the full story. Humans can’t comprehend that much information in that many different subject areas. I do wish the rank and file jewish would rise up and denounce their demonic leadership. It just won’t ever happen, the same way muslims will never sell out radical islamists.

        7. It’s a strange thing indeed. Whether the jewish or islamic leadership is demonic or not is another matter, but for such a distributed people, the leadership does seem to have considerable influence. My suspicion is that it has to do with the certainly not imaginary but not always real fear of destruction, pogrom etc. I think its a real tragedy that that should have become the basis of the identity of so many jewish people and the whole war on islamic terror will only reinforce that. Jews are brought up to question things I believe, yet it puzzles me that they seem to do so very infrequently when it comes to matters like this

        1. You do realize that both Marx & Lenin’s fundamental ideas came from the Talmud, right ? Because of those dear people you seem so upright to defend millions of native people (countries affected by comunism) died in butchering, starvation, ideological and cultural murder. There’s something awkwardly evil in you taking sides in a judicial point where soviet comunism has brought pestilence.

        2. “Because of those dear people you seem so upright to defend millions of native people (countries affected by comunism) died in butchering, starvation, ideological and cultural murder.”
          My apologies, I wasn’t aware that Rand and Mises, titans on whose shoulders the modern libertarian movement stands, were raging commie statist members of the NKVD.
          Since you’re so eager to mete out group punishment (a tendency shared by the Soviets as well), why not save time and skip the arguments in the show trials and bring out the gas chambers instead?

        3. I was referring to zionism only but obviously you’ve got some rambling going on inside there. Let it out baby ! Propaganda mode all the way !

        4. So somehow the anti-nationalist Marx and Lenin are now Zionists, advocates of the existence of a Jewish state. Do you even know the meaning of the buzzwords you like to throw around, or are you just desperate to show everyone that you know dem big words? The latter certainly appears to be the case, as is evident from “obviously you’ve got some obvious rambling going on inside there”. Using two words with the same lexical stem (” obvious”) so close to each other doesn’t do wonders for the perception of the size of your vocabulary, mate.

        5. Well, you could respond to my calling out your allegation that the founders of communism were Zionists, darling.

        6. How about you give me your number and we can go have a couple of drinks first. I love red wine and meaningful conversations with older women.

        7. Sorry sweetheart, but I don’t go long-term with lesbians. I’ve got a better idea, love. How about we head down to the local S&M club to fulfil your deepest, darkest fantasies? That way, I can tie you down and pound you up the arse hard whilst wearing a Netanyahu mask, and you can scream out verses from the Talmud in return, since you love reading it so much that you even used the search for apparently communistic verses as an excuse to run your wet, sticky little fingers through its pages every night?

        8. What if told you, I was born and bred hebrew and that now I see the light of Lord Jesus Christ?

        9. Really? You’re so mysterious! I think I like you even more than before now.
          On a more serious note though, you seem like you have a story to tell, so let’s hear it.

        10. I already told you, baby. Meaningful conversations, only in the evenings and only with a glass of red wine. Well, maybe two – if you know what I mean.

  9. The forced subsidy from the United States contributes to Israel’s viability as well. Israelis must laugh at all the Christian simpletons in the U.S. who think Israel’s existence fulfills “bible prophecy” and signals the “end times.” I have to wonder if elite Jews in the U.S. promote this nonsense behind the scenes because this delusion makes it easier to play American Christians for suckers when it comes to their support of Israel.

    1. This. I was just going to bring this up. How much of Israel’s “success” is due to the US subsidies and military support? Sometimes I think the US supplies Israel with military hardware, Abrams, etc., to ground test them against the Russian equivalents …..

      1. What I’m curious to see is what happens when America can no longer afford to cut that multi-billion dollar check. I’m sure American Jews will hold the government hostage for as long as possible to keep the money flowing

        1. That billion dollar check…is saving us tens of billion in R&D costs. It’s WAY cheaper to have things developed in Israel.

      2. While I agree that the US supplies Israel with arms…it’s a two way street, Israel develops most of our desert and close quarters insurgent fighting technologies. We supply them with Apache Helicopters and fighter jets…but we DO NOT Supply them with Abrams. The Israeli Merkava MBT is probably the world’s finest desert warfare tank…and it has served Israel well against it’s neighbors like Egypt…who are using US Abrams.

        1. Even though you might be right, still putting Israel on a pedestal seems like you’re actually putting bricks in the whole elite fortress of globalism, anti-native-ism, ,,refugee” invasion of Europe and all of the political influence, propaganda and actions that the zionists are taking, to fuck everyone over, genocide-style.
          I think you might be on the wrong website, Judah.

        2. What are you talking about? Israel is all about nativism…keeping Israel Jewish and not letting Arabs come in and take over the country……just like the west should be about keeping Arabs from coming in and taking over their countries. If you want to talk conspiracy theories…. this isn’t the place for it.

        3. May the Lord Jesus Christos reach His hand over your head so you can be awaken, friend. You’re obviously lost. That being said you’ve just deconspired your self.

        4. I’m not sure they’ve ever gone to open war between them…yet. A lot of Israel’s military success is due in part to US funding….just like most of Israel’s enemies are funded by Russia and Iran…but what sets Israel apart is they didn’t just take Russian weapons and sit on their hands…they actively improved on many of the old designs, made their own, refined them and produced superior weapons that are in use by a wide variety of foreign countries and services. Israel is a world leader in armament and weapons design….many of which the US uses.

    2. I’m sorry to say a lot of Fundy Christians are fooled with that nonsense. I really don’t see the huge need to support a tiny nation on the other side of the planet that is not the 51st state of the US anyway.

      1. It’s easier for fundamental Christians to delude themselves into believing modern Jews and Israelis are the same as the slaves who Moses lead to freedom in the book of Exodus, than for them to face the reality of Jewish prominence in Bolshevism, pornography, multiculturalism, white guilt, homosexualism, and other repugnant behaviors.

        1. Jews since their exile in Babylon and before have changed, even in the bible, it says they started to worship caanite or other gods. Archaelogical Evidences show they worshiped Baal , asteroth, asherah , and other pagan consorts.
          Plus now Jewish elites and radical Jews are different from the average Jews. Jewish elites have too much greed and they are likely influenced by their Babylonian beliefs and heritage

        2. Very true. Of course, there are rank and file Jews who live according to decent values. However, in a tribal sense, the Jewish elites, have been the force behind global Usury, Bolshevism, Neoconservatism and now the central banking system as well as the IMF.

  10. They take advantage of everyone on the planet, promote leftism to other countries, and then practice near fascism at home (this coming from a fascist).
    The are two faced thieves.

  11. Every time I see a Western politician fervently promoting anti-white policies, I always think – he must be a Jew. About 6 times out of 10 I’m right, the rest 4 times – it turns out to be a goy traitor like Hilary and her kin.

    1. Bolshevik Russia is a good indication of where the Jews can lead us when they’ve completely taken over

  12. US pays alimony to israel. Israel still receving money from the Holocaust and in 25 years it´s economy will collapsed due to the raise of ultra orthodox comunity who lives exclusively to study Torah´s book and receive all kinds of money from the goverment. Once again Matt you write article without enough research.

    1. The US gives Israel money for defense…Israel gives the US a booming Tech market in the ME and tremendous R&D capabilites. The US gave them a billion dollars to develop Iron Dome….. Israel delivered a working system, on time and BATTLE TESTED in actual combat….. for tens of billions less than it would have cost the goverment to buy such a system from Boeing or Lockheed.

        1. That’s debatable. I welcome you opinion, I was just pointing out how Israel saves the US money in the long run.

        2. I don’t think it’s debatable. It’s the main reason radical Islam has become so widespread and insane. It’s also the main reason for these damned migrants injecting themselves into Europe right now. That’s what happens when you blow up other people’s countries (with a healthy dose of idiot leftist immigration policies).
          Israel saved us maybe 10-20 billion on some military hardware. Yeah that’s all nice and dandy but the US government’s foreign policy (and the insanity of having 700+ bases all over the globe!) has cost US taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars. Sorry, not worth it.

        3. “It’s the main reason radical Islam has become so widespread and insane.”
          Muhammad PBUH (pigs be upon him) made wars and subjugated infidels, he is the person to be emulated by every Muslim male worths his salt (read: Isis dudes).
          The radical Muslims are the Muslims who are not actively trying to subjugate infidels.

        4. I’m talking about the growth of radical Islam in the 20th century and the problems we’re facing because of US involvement in it.

        5. Come on, do you really think radical Islam would just go away if the U.S. capitulated to every Muslim demand? Do you think the Darfur genocide or Boko Haram slaughtering Christians in Nigeria is because of Israel or U.S. foreign policy?

        6. I’m talking about their attacks against the US, NOT Nigeria. That’s Nigeria’s problem. Also remember that these terrorist attacks across the globe have been monstrously increased ever since the US stirred them up.

        7. Had the CIA succeeded assasinating Muhammad back in the 7th century, there won’t be growth of “radical” Islam in 20th century or any century for that matter.
          Muhammad is inseparable from Islam, you can’t just believe in Allah, you’ve gotta believe in Muhammad as well.

        8. Learn true history, Muhammad was originally a can’t-even-kill-a-fly dude until CIA bastards went back in time using Zionist-manufactured time machine in order to assasinate him.

        9. Still not thinking I see. First off (I this is the third time I’ve had to repeat this) I’m talking about attacks aginst the US. The United States of America. Here is a list of Islamic terrorist attacks against the US. Hmmmm. Interesting,. NOTHING before 1979. So why did these attacks just miraculously begin in 1979? and not 1776?

        10. If you go down a wee bit further on that very page, you’ll find these :
          WHY DO THEY HATE US?
          Islamics hate us because we have not submitted to Islam.
          Islamic scholarship divides the world in two:
          1) The House of Islam (dar al-Islam): nations submitted to Islamic rule.
          2) The House of War (dar al-harb): nations that have not submitted to Islam, so it is incumbent on dar al-Islam to make war upon dar al-harb until all nations submit to the will of Allah and accept Sharia law!
          Islam’s message: Submit or Be Conquered
          “So why did these attacks just miraculously begin in 1979? and not 1776?”
          I’d venture a guess that there was the Ottoman caliphate back in 1776 which was pretty busy elsewhere and the new-born Murica barely registered in their radar.

        11. So it’s just a miraculous coincidence that attacks against the US occurred AFTER DC went all imperialist after WWII huh? And the Islamic Califate fell in 1918. Attacks against the US began in 1979. What were they waiting for? Permission from you? You have a lot to learn pal.
          Muslims were busy fighting one another until idiots like you wanted to get the US and other Western nations involved in the ME. Who do you think was funding the mujaheddin and Osama Bin-Laden against the SU during the 1980s you fool? The US government. Radical Islam has grown hugely since then thanks to US taxpayer money and constant CIA and US military destruction of the ME. That is how you CREATE and vastly EXPAND radical Islam.

        12. “So it’s just a miraculous coincidence that attacks against the US occurred AFTER DC went all imperialist after WWII huh?”
          There was actually a war started in 1801 between US and Muslims, that Jefferson be damned, why can’t he just pay tribute to Muslims instead of occurring their wrath???
          “And the Islamic Califate fell in 1918. Attacks against the US began in 1979. What were they waiting for? Permission from you? You have a lot to learn pal.”
          Surely you jest, Muslims don’t worship me, they worship Allah so it must be Allah’s permission they were waiting for.
          “Muslims were busy fighting one another until idiots like you wanted to get the US and other Western nations involved in the ME.”
          Trust me, pal, were it up to me, I’d have nuked them all into extinction and we won’t even be discussing any “radical” Islam now.
          “Who do you think was funding the mujaheddin and Osama Bin-Laden against the SU during the 1980s you fool? The US government.”
          And then that ingrate gave US the 911 and all other shits?? Okay, lesson learned, never ever help Muslims.
          “Radical Islam has grown hugely since then thanks to US taxpayer money and constant CIA and US military destruction of the ME. That is how you CREATE and vastly EXPAND radical Islam.”
          It went back even further circa 730 AD when CIA and Zionist thugs traveled through time portal to assasinate Muhammad but failed to do so, all praises & thanks to Allah.

        13. There was actually a war started in 1801 between US and Muslims, that Jefferson be damned, why can’t he just pay tribute to Muslims instead of occurring their wrath???

          Oh please. Those were PIRATES pal not jihadists. Lol. I laugh every time I see someone try desperately to make it out more than it was.

          And then that ingrate gave US the 911 and all other shits?? Okay, lesson learned, never ever help Muslims.

          Not thinking again eh? 9/11 was a reaction to US foreign policy. Just look at the reason Bin-Laden himself said. NONE were “because we want to convert you and hate your freedoms. I can’t believe people STILL believe that shit. LOL!

        14. Excerpts from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Barbary_War#Background_and_overview
          In March 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:
          “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.”
          > Not thinking again eh? 9/11 was a reaction to US foreign policy. Just look at the reason Bin-Laden himself said.
          I dunno man, I sorta kinda don’t trust everything Bin Laden said but I do believe him that he believes in Allah & Moe though.

  13. LOL at all the haters who think Israel is only doing well because the West pays them money. They don’t realize that without strong cultural fundament the money doesn’t matter. Example: The entire West. I am sure Israel will be doing well regardless of anything, as long as they maintain their religion and patriarchy.

  14. What a load of bullshit. Israel is a parasitical nation that bleeds Western nations dry(morally and financially) in order to even exist.
    1. Israel actively works to ensure that Jews will remain a majority
    The only reason Jews remain a majority by ethnically cleansing the Palestinians and establishing an Apartheid state that treats Palestinians with extreme prejudice. Even Jim Crow and Apartheid SA did not treat Blacks with nearly as much contempt as Israelis treat Palestinians and African migrants.
    2. Israel requires its citizens to serve in the military
    Yeah, this ‘military service’ usually involves emptying M16 magazines on 13 year olds and pregnant women.
    3. Israel’s politicians support the country’s national interests
    You mistake national interest to Zionist interest, the latter seeks to overthrow or subjugate every nation(including America) that is non-Jewish to establish their own Messianic Empire, in which you Matt Forney will be nothing more than livestock(goyim)
    4. Israel is patriarchal and allows men to marry and form families
    I might give this a pass, but the fact that their Tribe are over-represented in feminism makes them colossal hypocrites.
    5. Israeli society places religion front and center.
    Go read the Talmund and decide if thats a good thing. Their racism against the goyim and supremacist theories is enough to give Alfred Rosenberg a hard on.
    Lets see how long Israel can become successful when crypto-Jewish states(US, UK, Germany and France) stop paying them a heavy tribute every year and stop supplying them with weapons, WMD’s and soldiers since you know Jewish blood is more sacred than you goyim that die for them.
    Lets see how successful Israel is when faced with half a billion screaming Jihadist that have itching for so long to drive them out of their region

    1. “Lets see how successful Israel is when faced with half a billion screaming Jihadist that have itching for so long to drive them out of their region”
      When that scenario ever come to pass, Israel has the Samson option.
      They’ll much rather die while in the process of killing as many enemies as possible rather than docilely marching to the gas chambers again, never again is their dictum.

      1. Lol. The “gas chambers.” Because a few cremation ovens can cremate 6 million bodies in 2.5-5 years. Never mind that the Red Cross did a complete assessment into Nazi labor camps and determined the total deaths were less than 500,000 and attributed them mostly to the Typhus infection.

  15. “feminists have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to Israel”
    Isreal simply tells feminists to go pound sand.

  16. Seriously what the fuck is up with the neo-reactionary movement that they hate free trade?
    Disliking carte-blanche immigration I get: it makes perfect sense to not subsidize a foreign culture from replacing yours from the bottom up. Goods however, unlike gratuitous immigrants, are only on your shores because you “invited” them there.
    I live in a country without free trade. There is so much “no-free-trade” that it still isn’t part of the WTO’s ITA despite being a “developed-ish” country.
    What’s been my experience without free trade? More manufacturing jobs? A trade surplus? Less consumerism?
    No on all three counts.
    1. Since it’s more expensive to purchase capital (which isn’t produced here) growth is slower than it could be otherwise.
    2. Even if “we” could achieve have achieved this, it is nonsensical since imports pay for exports and vice-versa.
    3. An iPhone, which in the U.S. is an ordinary device, here is an immense status symbol since it costs so much thanks to tariffs. And because nearly everything is an import in one way or another, purchasing power is lowered across the board and my countrymen are much more status-conscious about their consumption, being vulgarly ostentatious and vocal about it.
    Here’s a fun fact: you know what’s a nearly ubiquitous dream for nearly everyone in my country? Traveling to the U.S. to purchase cheap stuff.
    Let’s ponder that for a second. With the exception of crap like “truck balls” I can’t think of many a product that’s actually MADE IN USA. In fact the cheap stuff my countrymen love to buy a plane ticket to go to your country and come back paying the fees (and possibly customs) for their 50 kilograms of luggage IS BOUGHT IN A COUNTRY THAT IMPORTED SAID STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    If you want less jobs to be outsourced to China and more things to be manufactured stateside then abolish the police state that comes down even on child entrepreneurs with a lemonade stand for lacking authorization by city hall and abolish things like SOX which make it more time-consuming and expensive to make a business.

    1. Americans can’t compete with Chinese slave labor; lower taxes and less beauracracy won’t change that fact

  17. As an engineer I admire Israel on the advances they have made in technology and agriculture, although I don’t quite agree with their religion.Arabs have to stop crying wolf and get a life.

  18. It also helps to be full of white and white ish jews, a people who are only matched by north East Asians in their relentless focus on family, education, and hard work.

    1. That is certainly not true; the majority of Israel’s population consists of Mizrahi Jews, Jews expelled from Muslim lands who are virtually indistinguishable from Arabs.

      1. Note the term “white-ish”. The Mizrahi Jews I hang out with really don’t come across as Arab.

  19. Where’s the iconic jew rubbing hands pic? A thread on Jews isn’t complete without it.

  20. But why are they like this, as opposed to the West?
    I think the constant threat from their neighbors keeps them closer to conservative, survivalist values. It’s classic insecurity theory. Healthy societies require a rival, an enemy, an unknown element of danger to keep ppl from turning into weird, out-of-touch degenerates

    1. The difference is that their threat is real. The threats we have are what the elites conjured up to make us think we have a threat and stir our emotions to create policies for their own benefit.

      1. I think it might also be that their threat is immediate. If they’re not on their game all the time, they have millions of neighbours who’ll happily kill them.
        Whereas in the US or UK, any battle lost is still like 100 steps removed from meaning serious danger.
        Also, thinking about this issue, I wonder if a resurgent, revanchist, bellicose Russia will do anything to bring a dose of reality to the policies of Sweden and others.

    2. If not an enemy they need an ideology or something bigger to strive for. Germans in WWII had an ideology. Probably the US during the space race and cold war did too.

    3. Pretty much…from the moment Rome ran out of external threats to focus on…the society grew decadent and began to decline.

  21. Spot-on article except for a minor tidbit in that Israel certainly did not suffer a “humiliating” defeat to Hezbollah ten years ago. Hezbollah has since not dared attack Israel with the same intensity for several reasons; Israel is far stronger militarily than Hezbollah and also for the fact that Iran-proxy Hezbollah is desperately trying to still hold ground in Syria to help keep the Assad regime afloat–another ally of Iran.
    It’s also interesting that Syria dared not retaliate against Israel after Operation Orchard in 2007 destroyed Syria’s budding nuclear capabilities.

  22. What white’s need to do is go to Islamic countries and make them Christan. Think they
    would tolerate it?

    1. Why wouldn’t they? Last time I checked Islam is a religion of peace and 100.99% Muslims are incredibly tolerant & peaceful. As a matter of fact, I converted 9,000 towelheads to Norse Paganism during my last sojourn in Mecca and apparently still live to tell the lie err I mean the tale.

  23. I don’t think that a whole group of people can get a bad reputation through a mysterious accident or mistake. If Jews have taken the initiative in demanding “tolerance” for themselves, that really means: “We have a deservedly bad reputation, but we demand that you ignore it and pretend otherwise.”

    1. That is really unfair and entirely inaccurate; antisemitism is the world’s oldest prejudice and all supposed evils of the Jews–ritual child murder, drinking their blood, poisoning water, world control–are all nonsense and enitrely fabricated. Every single slight or unfortunate event supposedly caused by the Jews has all been based on imagined fear and wild fantasy. They are the world oldest scapegoat. You certainly don’t think people have behaved rationally over these past 5,000 years, do you?

      1. Yea… sure… they’ve been kicked out roughly 109 times from various nations and yet everybody else is the problem.
        If I get kicked out of 109 bars I go to in NYC for disruptive behavior – I’m not going to go on national television or write a newspaper article about how “every bar in NYC is racist”!!!
        I’m going to go home, look in the mirror, and say to myself:
        “Perhaps it is ME that needs to change his ways.”

      2. I agree, but with that said, there are a lot of unsavory Jewish people in the world. And yes that anti-semitism is kind of a result of Jews like Soros throughout the ages being plain evil.Maybe that average higher IQ just makes Jewish a-holes more accomplished at being a-holes?

      3. Sure but WHY is antisemitism the world’s oldest prejudice? Have you ever wondered why Jews have been hated for the past 5,000 years? It’s not a coincidence. Think about what the Jew has done to others for countless years: Lying, thieving, conniving, usury, etc, etc. This is why Jews are hated.
        No one, but jews, gained from the slaughter of the Russian and German peoples. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughters of WW1 and WW2. After murdering the Czar of Russia, his wife and children, then 40 million Christians by the jewish NKVD in less than 25 years, 22 million innocent Europeans murdered by them in WW2 by saturation bombings of Christian villages and cities.
        They have been in power from the start and behind the slave ships and trade in Colonial America. They use the internet to data mine, spy and collect information on those whom might threaten their power and assassinate anyone who is influential enough to share the truth regarding their deception to the world portraying themselves as the “victims,” when in actuality the polar opposite is true. All one needs to seal this truth is the Israeli Mossad’s own assertion and motto: “By Deception We Shall Rule.”

        1. Yeah, that whole “Jewish bolshevik” thing and “22 million innocent Europeans murdered by them in WW2 murdered by them” is total nonsense. Nothing in history supports that communist democide was concocted by the Jews. Again, people need a scapegoat. It doesn’t have to be true or based on any actual evidence or logic as to why Jews have been treated horribly over these past few millennia.

        2. No, it ain’t. The original “bolsheviks” who came to power roughly 100 years or so ago were all non-Jews.

        3. In addition to Trotsky, top party leaders included Zinoviev, Kameniev, Sverdlov, and with the rise of Stalin, Kaganovich, Lesovsky, and Mehkliss. All of which were of Jewish nationality. The charge the communism was imposed on Russians by non-Russian minorities has a basis in reality. I have no clue what you’re talking about.

        4. You need to look up something called the SNK–or Sovnarkom–set up after the 1917 October Revolution. The ones who actually implemented the deadly form of communism in the 20th century were far from Jewish. Lenin certainly was not Jewish, nor were other important figures like Viktor Nogin and Anatoly Lunacharsky. And of course, Stalin himself–easily the worst of them all–was as far from being Jewish as you could get. You could make a case for Trotsky, who oddly enough, was assassinated by Stalin.

        5. From what I’ve heard Lenin was one quarter Jewish. Not that it really matters though since he’s evil no matter his nationality. His heart and twisted head were the problem. And yeah, Stalin has got to be one of the worst brute beats in history.

        6. Stalin’s wife was Jewish, Stalin’s son married a jew and his inner circle consisted almost entirely of Jews. Moreover, NKVD—the Soviet version of the Gestapo (and just as brutal, if not more so) was at least 50% Jewish and it’s first heads were all Jews. An enormously disproportionate amount of Jews were active in the early days of the Soviet Republic.
          I’ll finally add that communism is responsible for way more deaths than Nazism ever will be and that point is often forgotten.

      4. Setting aside the imaginary grievances against Jews, you can’t deny that Jewish individuals have an amazing ability to show up advocating and cheerleading some of the most damaging trends and policies in America over the last few generations, from feminism to open immigration to mainstreaming broken and dysfunctional forms of human sexuality. Yet these same Jews and their cousins in Israel want to keep these degenerating trends out of their own special country. It reminds me of how people rent hotel rooms for doing the things they don’t want to do in their own homes, and they let others clean up their messes after they leave. The sabotaging sorts of Jews apparently treat America as a place of transient occupancy that they can trash with impunity, and Israel as the property they own, so that they have incentives to maintain it and keep it livable.

      5. Cry me a river bitch, anti gentilism is the world oldest prejudice.
        And yes NO jewish person has EVER done anything bad EVER in whole of history, and anyone who says different is an antisemite, which is a misnomer cause dude you ain’t semites.
        It’s the same as calling someone a racist, it’s the cowardly and womanly way of shutting down discussion when you know you are wrong.
        Israel is a pariah criminal gangster theocratic state, an abomination to the modern civilised world, check out any international criminal activity Israel has it’s dirty hands in it.

      6. Jews after they went apostate they did sacrifice babies like their babykonisn Assyrian neighbors. The bible talks of it and so does archaeology.

    2. I don’t think that a whole group of people can get a bad reputation through a mysterious accident or mistake.

      Caucasians also have had a bad reputation for quite some time e.g. “Check your white privilege!” Does that automatically mean they deserve that hatred?

  24. The international Zionists did play a big role in manipulating Europe and the United States in WW1 and WW2. Don’t take it from me; take it from Benjamin Freedman, a man born into a Jewish family who was personally at the Paris Peace Conference and who was highly connected within the Jewish power structure:

  25. The mere mention of Israel–the only democracy in the Middle East and a vibrant, modern, first-world gem in a sea of Islamic filth–certainly brings the anti-semites out of the woodwork. Ironically enough, these same people find common ground with shrill, first-world, self-hating feminists, many of whom couldn’t give two fucks about importing third-world Muslim rapists to the west.

      1. That’s really funny, man–use cartoons from a neo-Nazi website to perpetuate a stereotype actually implemented by leftists and feminists.

    1. I don’t really care if they’re the only Democracy in the ME. That’s THEIR problem not ours. Also, really I don’t see them going away (not that it matters to me either way) or anything though since they’ve got about 300 nuclear warheads. They’re fine on their own.

    2. Hey now, don’t forget, Iraq and Afghanistan are now democracies too. Democracy is great!!!!!!!!!!

  26. remember when israel attacked the us naval ship the uss liberty and tried to blame it on egypt?

    1. Friendly fire incident and Israel paid compensation to the affected families. I’m still waiting for “Palestinians” to apologize for the RFK assassination or the Fort Hood shooting.

        1. Amazing how you didn’t refute or condemn RFK or Fort Hood–actual, intentional killings of Americans concocted by “Palestinians.” Meanwhile, you still harp on an incident that happened almost 50 years ago.

        2. and yet there are no Palestinians running the FED, or any other criminal banks, retard. Israel is a country owned by the same criminal cabal who run the sellouts in the District of Corruption, the State Department, that traitor Obama, and the mind melting, brain washing mainstream media that’s corrupting minds across the world.
          When “men,” such as yourself deny, the fact that Israel is bad news you’re denying all the proof that’s staring you right in the face.

        3. Oh, please, that’s straight out of the Protocols of Zion–a plagiarized forgery discredited 100 years ago, and a reading you most certainly possess.

        4. I can’t recall off the top of my head who the author was but I believe it was a Russian forger who wrote it.

        5. Thanks. And yeah, I’ve had people cite it ever since I got on the internet years ago. It’s a myth that just won’t die.

        6. Who founded Lehman Brothers genius? Who was the company’s last CEO? Who’s on the current board of JPMorgan Chase retard? Jews are 3% of the US population and 0.3% of the world population. Yet, 2/3 of the Democratic Party’s money comes from Jews. If you don’t know these things, it’s best not to speak on them.

        7. I don’t get it, did the Palestinian Authority or Hamas plan and execute the Fort Hood shooting? Or did they try to blame it on Israel? Are we giving Hamas billions of dollars a year?
          What a very Jewy false analogy.

        8. “We will teach the children of the Goyim ideas we know are false” is a famous quote from the Protocols of Zion.
          Feminism, multiculturalism, open borders, liberalism–all preached by Jews (just look up the leading ideologues and activists and benefactors pushing for them, despite being a mere 2% of the population), yet not practiced in Israel. If the Protocols are a forgery, then they’re the biggest coincidence in human history.

    1. That’s not anywhere near the only reason for the US government’s insane foreign policy but I’ve got to admit that image is hilarious. Any thinking person can see the insanity of US foreign policy without thinking it’s all “the Jews” fault.
      It’s so weird. I’m annoyed at the insane neocon bullshit I see posted here and at the same time rolling my eyes at these people who think the Jews run everything. Lol. You’re both whacked.

      1. They do run almost everything. They have controlling interest in all of the influential sectors. Law, banking, and media. They can make politicians do whatever the fuck they want because they have every weapon in the arsenal at their disposal. Jewish billionaires manufactured regime change all over the middle east, as well as the subsequent “refugee crisis.” They sent us into a recession in 2007 so that they could buy up tons of cheap foreclosed homes and channel wealth the goyim to the Jew

        1. You do realize this sounds absurd without some sort of documentation. Most of the military endeavors over the past couple of decades have been in the Mideast. The only supposed ally in that region is Israel. For whom else would one suppose the US is intervening?

        2. I’m guessing you never hear of Desert Storm. We sent half a million troops to Kuait in defense of Saudi Arabia. Since 1950 we’ve sold Saudi Arabia 80 billion dollars worth of military hardware. Now full disclosure, the US has given Israel about 53 billion dollars since 1949, but roughly 75% of that was spent on US military hardware (I.E it went right back into the US economy) meaning the money actually GIVEN to Israel as opposed to just pumped back to the US defense economy is closer to 13 billion or roughly 200 million a year. That’s still a lot of money…but it’s a small price to day for a stable democratic ally in the region and the VAST tech industry in Israel has bwenifited the US billions upon billions.

        3. I don’t want to spend a dollar of my tax money for a democracy, whether it is at home or especially abroad.
          That’s an interesting theory–I’ve never heard someone posit that the Desert Storm war (yes, snarky, I have heard of it, but that’s totally irrelevant to the points being discussed) was a defense of Saudi Arabia. Even if that were true, Saudi Arabia is one of the few remaining absolute monarchies in the world. So on the one hand, the US is sending billions to Israel because it loves democracy, and on the other hand it’s giving billions and starting wars in order to defend an absolute monarchy? That doesn’t make any sense.

  27. They are clever, but that is their nature. Do you not think that they are able to keep this ascension at the rest of the “free-worlds” detriment? The better their nation gets, the worse ours do. It would seem very convenient if the failing of our peoples is somewhat linked to their steady-rise into an ideal society for survivability and the family, the Jewish family that is.
    Why the hatred for Christianity? We are ‘not allowed’ to call out people for their flaws, especially if they are Jewish in nature, but are supposed to wallow in guilt at our own supposed pitfalls and let the world walk over us while we sink further into the dirt.
    Why Israel, do you want our people to suffer? Can you not see that it is we who helped you find your land in the first place? Without the white Christian warfighters you would not have the soil upon which your boots walk.
    A reckoning will come someday, and some of us don’t have the patience to wait for God.

    1. there is a reason jews have been banned from over a 100 countries throughout history. a world without jews is a world without rats

  28. Now if only the Jews wouldn’t work so diligently against White nations trying to do the same…

  29. lol @ how the author passive aggressively attacks Israel Iol… subtlety is not his forte… but still, I love most of his his articles, including this one.
    see what I did there? 👍😎

    1. Wow she can channel Hitler, cool. I knew she was multi talented, a golden child. Women like her are portrayed as a standard of hotness that can’t be equalled. She’s 26 now and has produced zero offspring. She’s the natural born child of these two
      and she has only one brother. She blows both her mom and dad away in looks and has had no plastic surgery. It’s a pity that her parents didn’t have a slew of kids. Mom and dad were both banking/finance tycoons flipping fiat jew paper, too busy to max out moms dough hole and spit out a few more lucious pastries like Taylor. I want one at least dang it. Too late now. Moms proofer been setting too long. Shit get moldy in there. It’s too late for me to preach now.

      1. tons of white women like taylor either aren’t having children or breed with non-whites. Or they have like 1 fucking kid and call it good.

  30. Ironic eh? It’s the Jews who push feminism and multiculturalism on the USA and Europe, yet they thrive from the exact opposite for Israel.

    1. No, that would be leftists who push that feminism/multicultural crap. And yet, these very people hate Israel with a fiery intensity.

      1. All too often in the alt right, the “Israel lobby” is lumped in with Leftist Jews. The two groups are diametrically opposed.

        1. As you can see from a lot of dumbass posters here, people also tend to conflate everything Israel does with the Jews as a whole. Why else does antisemitism always spike whenever Israel is in a conflict with the Arabs?

        2. Why does Israel give its highest state award to Angela Merkel for her “work” in accepting millions of non-white “refugees” into Europe then? Why did Netanyahu and virtually all Jewish organizations worldwide go back and forth to Greece until succeeding in locking up Golden Dawn? Jackass.

        1. Cathy Young is anti-feminist. She’s one of the few people in the media who stood up for Roosh during his Canadian ordeal – in a breitbart article. she campaigns against the “rape culture” hysteria. yeah leave it here.

        2. Christina Hoff Sommers seems to have veered away from this and has been openly critical of modern-day Feminists recently. She appeared on Joe Rogan a month or two ago, not a bad interview.

      2. Gloria Steinem actually wrote in her memoirs that at some feminist meeting she was upset at the “anti-semitism” of the non-jewish feminists. She was referring not to real anti-semitism, but rather hostility towards Israel. Any consistent Leftist or liberal should be as anti-Israel as they were anti-South Africa, yet we know that the establishment Left and Jewish left all support Israel to one extent or another.

  31. I was looking forward to the comments. There be a lot of Jew hating around here. That said, for those of you who assume the Jews be evil. Are you saying that evil is the reason Israel is so successful? Or are these evil folks doing other things well? Maybe they do things we can learn from.
    And it you think the USA’s 3+ billion a year in military aid every year is why Israel is so successful. We give Egypt 1.4 billion every year. Are they doing so well? And what about that city sized state called the Palestinian Authority? We give them $400 million per year. That place must be paradise.
    Good artical

    1. People bitch and moan about Israel’s $3 billion in military aid–which must be spent on American hardware–but say nothing about the black hole that is $20 billion in aid given to the Muslim world. Antisemitism is still alive and well, sadly.

      1. The Jews have a very successful culture. And yes they are smarter than average. This makes them more successful than average. Some folks just cannot admit other people are doing something better than they are. Envy is the main main reason we hear so much about Jewish plots

    2. That’s kind of the point. The US shouldn’t be funding Israel since it obviously doesn’t need it. But then, it shouldn’t be giving my taxpayer money (called “aid”) to any of these countries period.

      1. Im not disagreeing with you. They may have needed help in 1967 when we started helping them. But now they have the money. They can buy our weapons and make their own. Their weapons tend to be very good.

        1. Yup. They can defend themselves just fine. No need for the US to become involved in other nations problems.

    3. Israel received $388 per capita vs Egypt $18 from the USA last year. A difference of 21 times. Plus Israel is a much wealthier nation, which makes it even more egregious. I’m not a fan of long term aid, but if anyone could use some short term aid in the hope that it would develop into a stable nation, it would be Egypt who just went through a civil war / revolution.

  32. In a stunning betrayal of Israeli men, and oblivious to the long term implications for the survival of their nation, Israeli feminists have successfully ripped divorce and custody from the religious authorities and placed it in feminist civil courts.
    Where women, even orthodox women, are now kidnapping children and using them to extort money from alienated fathers.
    This after Israel strongly demanded that men marry and make Jewish babies to counter the demographic tide of the Palestinians. And men did so, secure that Israeli marriage laws protected their rights as fathers. Once the babies were born, Israeli feminist set about creating Marriage 2.0 in Israel.
    As in the west, even Israeli women who profess themselves to be non feminist, rallied to the cause.
    This was done under a “right wing” Likud Government. Yes, Israel too has its cuckservatives when it comes to feminism.
    Will the feminists destroy Israel as they have destroyed the west, or will Israeli men act against their own personal interest out of allegiance to their ethno-nationalist state, even after it turns feminist and hostile?
    Will the decline of Israeli patriarchy then lead to a softer, multicult Israel, as it has in the west?

    1. What’s interesting is how many Jewish men have warned me to never marry a Jewish woman. I remember being shocked the first time I heard it. I don’t know what’s going on there but it doesn’t sound good. Ha!

      1. All women want to maintain their vagina monopoly over their own men. Even feminists know that men only need women to make and care for our babies. (Although we may like them for much else).
        Jewish women are no different. they become incensed when their men married out of the group, especially if those men have not first father Jewish babies with a Jewish woman. They take scant solace if the Jewish man gets his gentile wife to convert.
        They expect Jewish men to put up with their hostile feminist attitudes just out of ethnic solidarity.
        We see the same thing with black women.
        We see the same thing with Swedish women, hateful feminists all, who have practically outlawed Swedish male miscegenation with non Swedish women.
        As has been discussed in red pill blogs, American women got some laws passed in that direction too.
        It is, I believe, one of Roosh’s core themes. The global market for vaginas is a dire threat to western women, and Jewish women are that, especially with respect to feminism.
        Jewish men understand how horrid Jewish feminist women are. Just as we understand how horrid our feminist women are.
        It was nice of them to warn us, but we already knew.

        1. ”with black women as well” that is true. Also white nationalist women are some bossy cuckolding queens too. Women of every stripe play their men. It is up to every tribe to police their own women. Hearing whites say ”come and take our women” is discouraging. With all the naughty white girls, once the order is solidified, a system of proper and pure mothers who control the lower concubines is likely. The patriarch ultimately reigns over the totem pole heirarchy of his clan of women.

        2. As long as we make our own women understand that as long as they are in rebellion, they are outside of our protection, and fair game.
          As long as they understand that the world is full of attractive women, most of whom are not feminist, and that if our feminist women insist on being vile, we will abandon them for women who are closer to a natural state.
          Protecting them now, and granting them their monopoly now, just ratifies their rebellion in their minds.

      2. I had that impression, as a non Jew the first time I saw The Nanny, and more recently, through Howard Wolowitz.

  33. Ah shut it forney you shill coexisting with your neighbors is not putting them into open all prison camps and imposing fascism in their nation while calling for diversity for everyone else.

    1. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 with the expectation of peace and was instead met with Hamas rockets. Coupled with Hamas’ open intent to “liberate Palestine” and kill every last Jew, it’s little wonder there’s a blockade (implemented by Israel along with Egypt).
      Also, it’s fascinating how Israel still provides free utilities and food aid to Gazans instead of starving them all to death. And yet, for all this to end, all Hamas and the “Palestinians” have to do is recognize Israel as the Jewish state, and there’s nothing they can’t have. But living in squalor and sheer misery in the hopes of attaining a pure fantasy based on blood lust and genocide is more preferable than coexisting with Jews.

      1. “But living in squalor and sheer misery in the hopes of attaining a pure fantasy based on blood lust and genocide is more preferable than coexisting with Jews.”
        The very concept of coexisting is an abominable affront to Allah whose axiom is “there can be only one god which is myself yaw! Gnome Saint?”

    2. Really you believe that? what would you do with neighbors who have been trying to kill you and your family since 1948? And they kill some of your family every year

    1. I think it has to do with the fact that for some ‘torah’ jews the situation post AD70 exile is unchanged. The temple was destroyed and the jewish people exiled. Returning to Israel and re-building the temple has not by this reading been sanctioned by God. Obviously others disagree, including some with a messianic take on this. It would be interesting to hear another opinion on the matter, as I am aware there are also those who want to – physically – rebuild the temple

      1. Some do want to rebuild it themselves, even though it would definitely conflict with the idea that the Temple Mount is sacred and no one should step on it, lest they step on where the Ark once stood. And of course they’re probably pissed at the Israeli government for still letting the Dome of The Rock and the Mosque of Omar stand. And yet, I understand their yeshivas are largely funded by the government.

        1. I wasn’t even aware of that – that no-one should step on it because of the ark. I’m going to have to read up more on the issue.

  34. In addition an average IQ of 118 of Ashkenazi Jews does not hurt either aside from being highly motivated to seek out intellectual professional pursuits. They have that in common with Asians.

    1. They do not lend their intellect to anything productive. They only swindle wealth out of nations and destroy culture. Also, they tend to have a very low spatial intelligence, which makes them terribly uncreative people.

      1. Don’t equate the Jewish elite with the general population. True – the Talmud has supremacism and even swindling written into it, but the average Jew is being used by their elite as a battering ram and a shield against the wrath of other people.

        1. You Mister, need to write an article to educate us morons in the difference between normal jews and the zionists. Some of the people here are just venting j3w – hatred.
          ,,Let us light the fire from your flame”.
          No irony.

        2. Gentiles should not be burdened by sorting out the big jews from the little jews or the good jews from the bad jews. The bottom line is that gentile nations are best with no Jews.

        3. By rejecting the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ jews you are ironically strangely aligned with the cutting edge position in the fight against anti-semitism as spelled out by some recent statements on the issue

        4. You are mistaken if you believe that even wiping out Judaism in the world would make the globalists disappear. Zionism is but one important force point of the global powers. The same would go for central bankers, Freemasons, most NGOs, think tanks, even corporations influencing governments. One would have to be fully aware of the negative agenda and one would have to counter it all every step of the way. Just focusing on Jews as the solve-it-all wouldn’t even solve half the problem.
          BTW – Ashkenazi Jews are essentially Caucasians genetically, so the distinguishing aspect comes from the religion and the tribal behavior and not from any endemic behavioral patterns. This was also the prevalent opinion among European Jewry up until the mid 19th century.

        5. Arabs and Indians are Caucasians. Ashkenazi Jews are nothing like Europeans. Europeans, as an aggregate, are artistic and innovative. The Jew is neither of these things. The Jew is intelligent, but is incapable of building a civilization himself. He lacks creativity and has no sense of moral responsibility.
          Of course there’s always exceptions to this. The same way there are a few good white wide receivers in the NFL.

  35. The jew beasts will be dead within a year if the US stopped hosting that parasite.

    So apparently I’ve been banned. Funny, I was permitted to call for the internment of niggers some 30 times on previous articles but mild criticisms of the kike gets me banned. Very Telling.

  36. I dont see the Israeli Government fucking their own citizens in the name of multi-culturalism. West, take note.

    1. Nope, they’re too busy fucking over every other nation in the name of multiculturalism.

      1. Jews are leaving Western Europe en masse precisely because of leftist “multiculturalism,” so don’t spout such blatant horseshit.

        1. They are at the forefront of promoting multiculturalism. Also, Jewish billionaires manufactured the refugee crisis.

        2. That’s retarded on every level. So Jews import a toxic people sworn to their destruction all so they can leave behind a vibrant several hundred year culture and society they’ve had a huge hand in creating.

        3. They really haven’t had a huge hand in creating any of it. You won’t find many Jewish architects, painters, engineers, composers, inventors, or playwrights in the history of western civilization. They become actors (the which requires not creativity, but mimicry), banksters, directors, journalists, and merchants

        4. I guess the names Albert Einstein and Max Planck are unfamiliar to you. I know you hate Jews, but that’s really low, man.

        5. Einstein was the world’s greatest plagiarist. The theory of relativity is the work of Michelson, Lorentz, and Poincare.

        6. Over 100 Nobel prizes in science and medicine were also won by Jews. Again, do a little research.

        7. Not the bullshit peace prize, actual Nobel Prizes won through scientific merit. Medicine, physics, economics, chemistry…come on.

        8. I don’t give a fuck about any prizes. Besides, it’s the same organization that issues all those prizes, including the peace prize.

        9. Yes, and they have a homeland(complete with race-mixing laws and a WALL) to return to don’t they?

        10. Yeah, Jews also win all the Oscars, that doesn’t mean it’s because they’re talented.

  37. The orthodox jews there are a real problem, they wont fight and they don’t work much, but they hold a massive voting block, so they can’t be fucked with either.

    1. Thats not true. The majority of the combat soldiers in the IDF are Orthodox, and Nachal Charedi, the ultra-Orthodox battalions are the fastest growing part of the army. The religious not fighting is a myth the secular push as part of internal Jewish bickering.

    1. Really so what did they do from 1948 to after 1967? And when have we ever fought for them? You do know that we would not even sell them guns until after 1967

  38. Christians in the west have elevated “tolerance” to the highest virtue. Which means tolerating those who don’t tolerate Christians. Kind of fucked.

    1. Not for long. Eastern European Orthodox people don’t really have a tolerance level to what’s not the norm. Gays are being beaten’ up, feminists are kindly avoided and I’ll stop here.

    2. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christianity is actually growing, so I don’t know where you got that. Unless you’re referring to the insane multicultural bullshit in Europe where so-called “Christian” politicians in Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere are eager to import third-world rapist Muslims in order to not appear “racist.”

    3. Xians are the epitome of cuckolds. Read the faggot jew’s “Sermon on the Mount”, or the parable of the Good Sumerian. if you don’t believe me.
      Western civilization will rue the day it turned away from their pre-christian religions and choose to follow the kike.

      So apparently I’ve been banned. Funny, I was permitted to call for the internment of niggers some 30 times on previous articles but mild criticisms of the kike gets me banned. Very Telling.

  39. Israel has enemies at their gates – so they don’t indulge in the self-loathing and self-sabotage that we have in Western Europe and the U.S. Reality is too close.

    1. The same people who are so liberal in the USA and Europe. Move them to Israel. Surrounded by people who want them dead. Their entire outlook on life, it suddenly enters realty.

    2. Westerners have been educated to be filled with self loathing. That’s a big part of it.

  40. Love them or loath them, you’ve got to admire the simple fact that they’re still around after so much bigotry, ignorance and hostility from their enemies. If you’re interested in the long term survival of certain key values then you could certainly learn from them.

        1. they certainly keep things moving. There’s good and bad in that. Literally perhaps.
          There is sometimes both a light and dark side to their thought

    1. Israel has survived for one reason: America. They were on the brink several times early in their history until America showed up with weapons and aid. America also has either killed or payed off key enemies of Israel namely Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Egyptians to the South and the Jordanians. Israel survives because whites in America identify with the last remaining outpost of European colonialism.

  41. What a bullshit article. Israel is not a patriarchy. Did you ever see how the women behave? They are just like your average Western slut. Also, most younger people in Israel don’t practice their religion. And if they do it, they do it out of commitment and not out of passion.
    Israel has a strong government and gets support from the USA. That keeps them standing.

    1. Their birthrate is way higher than most European nations. But that might be due to their Hasidic population of orthodox Jews who usually have very large families, but otherwise don’t participate in Israeli business, military or social life.

    2. I was wondering how the author was going to handle the issue of the feminization of the military there. He didn’t.
      Actually, the devout and conservative Israelis, the ones who are arguably the “true” Jews, and not just the ones who like to party in night clubs and snack on dates, are exempt from and do not participate in the national army service.

  42. Interesting article, but this gets a few things wrong.
    For starters, I would hardly lump Israel in with other Western nations – if by “Western” you mean “white.” Even though, historically speaking, Israel has identified itself as an outpost of Western culture in an otherwise barbaric Middle East, the original architects of Israel – white, secular Ashkenazim – are a dwindling demographic. They’re also the demographic mostly responsible for Israel’s tech industry and other innovations.
    In fact, Israel’s Jewish population isn’t even solidly white/European; compared to the combined numbers of Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews, Ashkenazim – secular or otherwise – are at best a modest majority. That’s not even factoring in all the Palestinians living in Israel, which now includes much of the West Bank. So all in all, given its location and demographics, Israel is certainly not a Western country.
    Second, as one commenter already pointed out, Israel significantly benefits from Uncle Sam’s largesse. This isn’t limited to the few billion dollars in annual aid; America’s generosity also involves access to arms technology, not to mention considerable diplomatic support in the form of the US’s UN veto. Needless to say, if majority white democracies were to implement Israel’s policies, they would be immediately censured.
    Third, Israel’s military is more than just overrated: it’s downright feckless. They haven’t fought a serious war since 1973, and the last time they did fight a legitimate opponent – Hezbollah in 2006, as noted in the article – they left with their tail tucked between their legs. Israeli soldiers aren’t renowned for their discipline, and they’re more accustomed to harassing elderly Palestinians at checkpoints than actually fighting anyone who can fight back.
    All in all, Israel is hardly one of the world’s “most successful” states. It’s a fractious country characterized by rancor and existential angst. Israel is also increasingly becoming a pariah state, their only real friend being the US. As the US becomes more and more non-white, more Americans will identify with the Palestinians than Israelis, which will eventually impact policy. I likewise don’t see rising powers such as China and India slavishly accommodating Israel’s desires.
    So in conclusion, I don’t see a very bright future for Israel.

    1. Great. Let the white Ashkenazi go home to Europe or learn to live in the Middle east without a gun pointed in every direction.

        1. Well, what do you expect when the Zionists are relentless in asserting the lie that Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism?

    1. Yeah, I scrolled down here first to hear all the Israel hate I thought I was going to see. See a little but not too much. They may be a parasite, but at least they’re not trying to blow us up with airliners nor do they shout ‘death to america’ in the streets. Hell, they’re one of the best parasites we have if you want to call them that.

  43. Israel is successful because it exists as a parasite to a powerful host (America.) Americans–Jewish and non-Jewish–who extort American politicians into creating policies that bleed American tax dollars and makes Americans less safe are traitors.
    It’s that simple.

    1. The US has various parasitic “allies”. The list is long. The US has actually gone to war for a muslim state, Kuwait. Also pretty much gives away free weapons to muslims states like Turkey and Pakistan. The idea is the US gets access to other nations air and naval bases, military intelligence, and keeps the other nations dependent on US technology.
      I’d pretty much characterize all US allies as parasitic. Even Japan and Germany who pay for their military hardware still never have to deploy beyond their own borders. They all spy on the US when they can get away with it.

      1. In fact, Israel is very, very different. The aid we give them is massive, and number two is Egypt, who we pay off to play nice with Israel. I’m glad you brought up Kuwait. We did not go to war to defend the “Muslim State”at all-we lured Iraq into thinking they could invade without our intervention, and then swamped a willing media with lies about Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. This was all for Israel, as was the second Gulf war–look up a clean break.
        Our foreign policy is controlled by Zionists. This is treason, plain and simple.

        1. All NATO countries are parasitic allies. They just use their military as an internal police force and let the US do all the real work. What the fuck is poland ever going to do for the US? Just an example.

        2. Totally different conversation. Poland doesn’t dictate U.S. foreign policy to the detriment of the American people. The Zionist stranglehold on America is in a category all by itself.

        3. Saddam himself knew who was behind Gulf war 1. That’s why he dropped SCUDS on Tel Aviv.

    2. I don’t wish bad on anyone but I hope within my lifetime I see the day when Israel no longer receives a dime of American ‘aid’.

    3. Agreed. Add to that, that the elite Zionist Ashkenazim who rule Israel and dominate / subvert Western culture are some of the most psychotic human beings to walk this Earth and they revere the ideas and policies of enslavement which were tested and perfected by their brethren as far back as Babylon. Money lending, usury, subversion, extortion, blackmail and false flag terrorism ALL perfected by the J-tribe since those ancient times.
      Although let’s be accurate — those who we now call Zionist Jews have no connection to biblical Israelites, Hebrews, the Tribe of Judah or even classical Judaism (as defined by Mosaic Law, the Torah and the Old Testament). This sub-species of humanity was most recently called the Khazars (Ashkenazi means “white Khazar”) — a warring despotic people who practiced money lending / usury, slavery, human / animal sacrifices, occasional cannibalism, sorcery, homosexuality, terrorism and varying degrees of incest. In short, they practiced what is best described today as Satanic Communism, which is what Judaism has certainly morphed into over the last few hundred years. Do these behaviors sound like FAMILIAR CULTURAL TRENDS in the 20th and 21st centuries??
      They “converted” to Judaism for political and economic reasons over 1200 years ago, because they were strongly drawn to the Talmudic and Cabalistic concepts of that “religion” (you can read these books online now, in English) and didn’t want to side with their trading partners and perpetual dupes: Christians to the West and Muslims to the East. These “mongrels” controlled a vast area in Eastern Europe — an area now called Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and related parts. They were eventually defeated by the Rus, who eventually became orthodox Russians, which explains their hatred and payback via Bolshevism — which was invented, financed, organized and lead by angry Jews. About 80% of the top Bolshevists were Jewish, which explains why synagogues weren’t destroyed during their revolution, but Christian churches and priests were the first to be annihilated.
      The grand irony is that these Zionist beasts hate everyone else, including most other religious Jews who are decent people and live by the Torah. As such, these “other” Jews have been victimized as much as any of us goys, including being the sacrificial lambs during the “holocaust” or burnt offering to their god Jehovah / Lucifer / Morning Star. Of course 6 million didn’t die in the German labor camps, but enough actually did to guilt / coerce / blackmail / bribe the world (or more accurately, their British and American political puppets) into giving them a stronghold in the Middle East — aka Israel. They then have slowly genocided another group (Palestinians) EXACTLY like what they claimed to have happened to them during WW2!!! Looks like the spots of a beast never really change and you shall know the enemy by their deeds, not their robes or words…
      You know who the best people are to get all this historically honest info from? Sephardic Jews with real ties to the Middle East (authentically Semitic people, in other words). They know what the Ashkenazim are and their true history and intentions. The “white Jews” are essentially the Tribe of Rothschild, to be simplistic about it. They are the international central bankers — aka the puppet masters of economics, politics, war and culture. The unfortunate thing is that world Jewry is at least 90% Ashkenazi, so the “lesser” more decent Jews face an uphill battle trying to convince the world that this bloody awful “civilization” around us isn’t a complete Jewish conspiracy. In reality it isn’t, but it is a Rothschild (and related minions / underlings) conspiracy — they’re just using other naive Jews as shields as they march against their true enemy: the rest of mankind.
      Gee, I wonder what group of rich white men are behind financing, indoctrinating and mobilizing millions of young, angry poor Muslim men and then forcibly opening up the flood gates of Europe so they can rape and plunder Christian countries??? Who could that possibly be??? Whoever it is, they’re chuckling right now over a bloody steak and a deep red Chianti. They like to keep blood on their lips and tongues to remind them of how much they hate us and want to feed off us like the parasitic vampires they are. In a way these people are to be venerated — their passionate hatred of us and their patient and intelligent planning of our destruction over so many generations is truly brilliant in a diabolical way. If only we were as passionate about our well being and freedom…

  44. Is not allowing immigration really a good thing? You may not like immigration as it is in the west but is no immigration really better? If all desirable countries did this you wouldn’t have any options of which country you inhabit. You would be stuck in America. Stuck in Sweden or Germany or wherever. That is not better and not a policy we should be idealizing

  45. “Return of Kings publisher Roosh and other commentators have pointed to the death of Christianity as a major reason for the West’s decline.”
    And what do most of you surmise the reaction would be if the only persons allowed in the U.S. had to be Christian (as compared to Israel/Jew)? This is all meant to be as it is and the road is already paved.

    1. “And what do most of you surmise the reaction would be if the only persons allowed in the U.S. had to be Christian”
      Can’t speak for others, but only permitting Christians probably won’t happen.
      Too many mainstream conservatives (eg Redstate.com) and/or Churchians worship the State and its institutions (eg the Pledge of Allegiance, the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers), mottoes and things like “In God We Trust” and statues of the 10 Commandments, and believe in being ‘nice’ instead of keeping the 10 Commandments, worshiping the Christian God, and preaching/following the teachings of Jesus.

    2. US would be far better off if it never opened up its borders to the third world to flood in, and instead continued to priortise white immigration. white countries are losing racial homogeneity which is more important than religion.
      you know, like it did prior to the 1965 immigration and nationality act which was pushed in by jews like emmanuel celler et al.
      north america and europe will resemble the third world hellholes most immigrants come from in time. but, ya know, multiculturalism and diversity..

  46. Observe any SJW movement and there is a Jew behind it somewhere, either in your face, or subsidizing it…all the while Israel promotes their own fascism…..filthy heebs!

  47. CNN just beaked off about Magic Jew Sheldon Adelson and who he will pick to financially support the Republican run at Prez…of course, the candidate must love Israel….WTF?????? Who gives a fuck about Israel…..why can’t the candidate support Ireland instead, there are more Irish here than fucking Jews! Fuck Israel…they have been in our news cycle everyday for 45 fucking years!!!

    1. I firmly pledge I will only contribute funds to a candidate who loves Ireland and pledges his monetary and political support to the nation of Ireland.

  48. Israel isn’t “successful” unless you compare it some shit hole failed states like lebanon or syria. I’d rather live in any western european state before israel. Its still considered an emerging market. One capitol city with an airport doesn’t make it successful.

  49. Israel should immediately stop accepting American aid. By accepting the money the USA pushes Israel into terrible policies.
    The truth is America is at best a awful ally. In the last elections in Israel Washington pumped a fortune into various NGO’s to try to get out the Arab vote and win the election for the Labor party, now renamed as the Zionist Union.
    In every conflict the USA rushes to protect the Arabs from Israel. Thats why in 2006 Hezbollah won. If victory is defined as avoiding total destruction as the American government rushed to save them.
    Even the Oslo accords which have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Jews at the hands of the Yishmaelim only came about because of American pressure.
    Lastly Matt Forney, you made a mistake in your article. The Golan heights is not occupied it is liberated and returned to its rightful owners. Dont worry, once a Medinat Torah comes to power we will liberate far more. We wont start that war, but we’ll finish it.

    1. That you will.
      As a Christian, I pray I live to see Israel’s entire inheritance restored to her, the Temple rebuilt on Mount Zion, and the Lord’s commandment regarding Amalek carried out, from the river Jordan to the ends of the earth.