The Australian Military Is Enforcing A 70% Female Quota For New Recruits

First the SJWs came for the firefighter departments, then they came for the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy…

Military recruiters in Australia are facing punishments from top brass if they do not conform to draconian new gender quotas. For the weekly 50-person recruitment target across the Royal Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, and Royal Australian Navy, 35 (70%) of accepted applicants must be women. One of the only exceptions appears to be if some of the recruits are male Australian Aborigines or Torres Strait Islanders.

So why is all this happening? Well, the Australian military wants to double the proportion of female soldiers, from the present 12.5% to 25%, in the next eight years. The solution is to encourage an influx of otherwise physically inferior and unsuitable extra female recruits, who will only be required to pledge two years’ service in roles such as infantryman or artilleryman (yes, -man), compared to six years’ mandated service for men.

The initial physical tests only demand that female recruits in the Royal Australian Army complete four push-ups and 20 sit-ups. After seven weeks of “grueling” training, they will be required to complete–wait for it–an amazing eight push-ups and 45 sit-ups. Physical standards are typically lower in the two other principal services, the Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy.

In a classic case of Orwellian doublespeak, one Australian military source told The Daily Telegraph: “Yes, they [men] can apply – but only women will get the job.”

Australia will be in huge peril over the coming 50 years–and this is making it worse

Australia will depend on technological sophistication and soldier training to counteract the threat of much larger military forces, such as Indonesia’s. Yet the influx of physically poor female recruits into the Australian Defence Force will severely undermine this.

Australia’s self-inflicted female soldier problem is one it shares with many other Western countries. The US Marine Corps has already gone down the rabbit hole of so-called “gender-norming,” after a couple of years ago zero female recruits passed particular forms of training. In the United Kingdom, three female “soldiers” received £100,000 (US$130,000) each in compensation after they were “forced” to keep up with male soldiers by marching. The pussy pass runs very deep in Western militaries.

Nonetheless, I do not think that Americans and other Westerners seriously appreciate the terrible geopolitical challenges Australia will face over the coming decades, more so than other Western societies. Sandwiched between an economic relationship with China (our biggest trading partner) and political and cultural links with the United States and Britain, Australia is eventually going to have to make a more decisive choice between the old and the new.

Added to this dilemma is the presence of plenty of other fickle allies/potential future foes, principally very densely-populated and poor Indonesia. Australia’s prosperity, which is even more miraculous in the context of its isolation from the rest of the world and its very lightly-inhabited landmass, will increasingly become a jewel in the eyes of larger would-be aggressors.

All of this underscores the clear and present danger of lowering standards in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). In the case of a serious armed deployment to stave off an enemy attack or, worse yet, an actual full-blown invasion, how can Australia depend on recruits forced to complete only four push-ups in the initial stages of their recruitment? Even eight is deplorably low.

The Australian (wo)manpower disaster cannot be denied. Having only 25 million people, with two-thirds of the adult residents being overweight or obese, Australia has a very modest 60,000 active “soldiers” (many, if not a majority of whom will never expect to perform any fighting), while Indonesia has 435,750. Because Australia’s basically uninhabited northern coast faces Indonesia, it would take minimal effort for Indonesia to land thousands of troops in any conflict.

And what about other possible enemies?

This is about far more than Australia

It’s in China’s best interests to avoid recruiting more women like this who can’t throw a grenade. Why? Because right now the West is doing its fighting for them, with countries like Australia recruiting physically subpar soldiers in bizarre gender experiments.

Do not let the focus on Australia’s military fool you. If you are not an Australian, but live in the West, your nation is either currently caught by the tentacles of gender social-engineering or will be next.

Just as our societies are progressively (pardon the pun) being undermined internally by SJW and other politically correct madness, even our external means of defense from foreign adversaries is rapidly being destroyed as well.

When the shit hits the proverbial fan, how will countries like Australia survive?

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247 thoughts on “The Australian Military Is Enforcing A 70% Female Quota For New Recruits”

  1. You can only participate in this type of dangerous experiment when you have no strong enemies that are capable of invading you. Without enemies, both countries and individuals grow soft and then finally deranged.

    1. Too late, they are already there…Nobody will invade them because nobody wants to deal with the over abundance of estrogen there. Even the muzzies hate that much estrogen in one place, so no point going there if their is no benefit. Do you know why the muzzies keep their women cowed like they do, to control the excess of annoyance of their estrogen running chaotically.

      1. I lived in the UAE for three years and Qatar for about the same, while working. With respect to your comment, yes, I enjoyed the air of masculine dominance in those countries for it allowed me to embrace my red pill for sure. When I returned back to the States, wow!, What a shock. I was disgusted and repulsed at the degeneracy and effeminate air that has been allowed to proliferate.

    2. No wonder Australia panicked so much over your little “invasion,” with that many women in their “military” and so many cuckholds eagerly watching you might have completely penetrated their entire country.

      1. Believe it or not, thats the actual reason. Only its on an unconcious level. Because they are gutless egomaniacs their minds refuse to acknowledge that reality and so they rationalize it. And because they know deep down inside that they are pathetic cowards they make a lot of noise and fake outrage that they also rationalize as being righteous indignation.
        And if you want proof that Im right, ask yourself why they get all self righteous about Roosh, a man who’s never harmed a woman in his life, whereas these same vermin wont say a goddamn word against Muslim rape gangs. And you cant say its because the wretched cowards are sensitive to Muslims, because as far as I know, Roosh is also a Muslim. Its because they know Roosh DOESNT hurt anybody that the miserable gutless cowards finally find the courage to puff up their sunken little chests and threaten him.

      1. Knowing the current state of Australian women, I’d rather not see them in pole dancing attire.

        1. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

        2. Most of them will probably break a pole like a twig. Australia itself is a beautiful place, but the local women are ugly.

    3. Yes, this is one of the things that have prevented the Leftists from having absolute control over Israel’s military. The reality is that we have to fight wars every couple of years, and in the interim are subjected to relentless vicious attacks. It is a tremendous irony that the Arabs who desperately want to kill us all are actually saving us from our own internal enemies.
      Every time these “people” manage to ram through one of their insane programs, we end up with dead women and that puts the test to their nonsense. As a result, the Israeli males realize more of their own value, and the women also realize they do not have the same ability as the men.

      1. “…women also realize they do not have the same ability as the men.”
        Pussies realize and are well aware that they are no match for MEN, since the evolution began. From the Tampon they put between their (lower !!) lips to Antibiotics, Antiseptics, Mammography, Breast Cancer, C-Section, Test-tube Babies to Gynecology (to name a few), they knew it… BUT they will never accept & acknowledge the same, because they are; UNGRATEFUL.
        PS: I strongly wish that if something happens between HINDUstan & porkistan (similar to “kargil war”), pussies (aka pussy soldiers !) should get caught by the porkistanis !!

      2. Well if you take notice it’s Jews responsible for these insane social experiments with men and women and with different races. They do not want the same in Israel, double standards but Jews as a whole are the most two faced untrustworthy people I have had the displeasure to encounter.

        1. No, we in Israel do not want double standards for anyone, thats what people like you want when you celebrate the most psychotic regimes on the planet while bitching about how we “humiliate” the Arabs in the west bank for forcing them to go through checkpoints to work in our territory, they work in our territory and we dont work in theirs because a) outside of a few protected exceptions we’d be murdered if we did, and b) despite the billions you cretins give them, the only thing their kleptocratic regimes can spend it on is palaces for themselves and fat pensions for families whose members have self detonated on a school bus. Checkpohts btw, that you have now erected in bus stops in your countries,
          And this sickness of blaming Jews for everything that is wrong is not just false, it is self destructive and misses the point. Jews like that are “conversos” they are tryong to be like you. What sort of people try to be like outsiders? Those who always go for the easy route, what sort of people go for the easy route? Leftist degenerates.
          If you want those Jews to stop, I can tell you exactly how to do it.
          STAND. UP. FOR. YOUR. SELF.
          Tell people who are acting badly the truth about how wrong their actions are to their faces. Leftists look for the socially easiest route, MAKE IT HARD. Shame them, call them out for shitty behavior.
          you are calling out everyone collectively , so you think that will work. Well it wont and I will tell you why, because one of the major r-selected personality traits is to pit their K strategists against outside forces. This weakens their sexual competitors of their group without having to engage in direct conflict, while at the same time allowing them to benefit from the hard work thise competing K selected group do.
          In english, all you are achieving with your blanket condemnations is to set us up to fight, while the r selected vermin on both sides who pull this shit run off and snicker.

        2. For a perfect examole of how r selected personalities pit K selected groups against outsiders, look at any antifa rally.
          Because the garbage has managed to infest itself into political offices, they are able to control the police. The police are absolutely K selected, the Leftists and the antifa are r selected. The police are an outside group to Leftists. When Kyle Chapman went to Berkely what was holding him and his friend back from utterly crushing the antifa vermin? The absolutely certain knowledge that if they did what they inew they really could the police would be on them. But we also all know that if the antifa manage to run wild, mace, stab, etc, then those police had orders to stand down.
          These are antifa leftist r selected vermin scum and their Leftist enablers in office, hiding behind one K selected group (the police) while antagonizing a second K selected group (patriots). If the patriots and the police finally snapped and fought it out, the leftists would run and hide, and laugh their asses off while you murder each other.
          Well, thats what you are achieving with your blanket condemnations. You set me up against you, and the vermin giggle.

        3. I don’t know who you met in your life, and I don’t care. I just told you that we have the EXACT same problems going on in Israel with the Leftists, but if it wasn’t for the fact that our military problems are literally right next door then all of these policies would have been enacted.
          Everything I said can easily be confirmed if you’d take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to look into it. If it makes your life easier to simply demonize Jews, then have a good life, but it tells me you aren’t serious about solving any problems.

    4. As someone whom has recently discharged from the Royal Australian Navy with 7 years service I’d like to point out that this is worse than you think, recruiters have admitted that they’ve had to protect the defence force from Canberra, like the politicians the military’s top brass is all based in Canberra and is detached from reality. Before leaving a mate and I hit up the PO PTI (Sgt equivalent physical trainer) on base about us being transgender and we want to do the female standards for the annual fitness test and he said its allowed but you need your drivers license changed to prove it we then asked if we could be transage and do the fitness test of a 60 y.o woman in defence and he just stared at the wall then changed the topic of the conversation

      1. Insanity. The politicians are absolute fucking clowns and need to be removed. They sound like an absolute embarrassment.

        1. This should be basic training for Aussies. Any female recruits who can k/o kanga is fit to fight

    1. In case Lex Luthor demands Australia as reward for helping Zod with his Kryptonian invasion.

    1. We could turn it into an all American amusement park there. They got surfing, too.

    2. We got Marxists in our midst and elites creating division in our own society. We are in no position to tell others what to do these days. I was reading what Mattis told the troops and realized America’s days as Superpower are numbered.

    3. They were in our corner for a while, and now moving more towards China. I bet Trump will finally cut them loose.

    4. Piss off sunshine. We worked out how to defend this country long ago, and the US armed forces would be rooted with a big stick if they tried. We Aussies will be sitting back giggling at the US getting all screwed up trying.

      1. Sure. The way the country is being run by that clown Turnbull and the cavalcade of other clowns and SJW freaks infesting everything they couldn’t defend themselves from a case of protein farts.

    5. USA should conquer Mexico, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines
      Mexico is so corrupt, you can’t tell the difference from the democrats. Most of those countries would revert to normal in a generation, when the losers passed on, or wised up. US, Canada and Mexico have lots of oil. Taiwan is very industrious. Heck. Throw in South Korea too. The Philippines? Tens of millions of delightful LBFM’S to repopulate the planet, with pleasure

    1. Soon to be a province of China, they don’t need to worry about Indonesia, China effectively owns them already. I was there 11 years ago and amazed how Asianized they were at the time, its only going further and further.

      1. Correct. Asians already own a large part of Australia. They own major cattle farms. Dairy farms. Prime agricultural land. They own the port of Darwin (the northern most state capital) and they are buying residential and commercial property at an alarming rate and pricing locals out of capital cities.

        1. They remind me of a certain minority group in America. Taking control of a nation’s finances and politicians and media.
          Visited Australia 11 years ago and it was very Asia-philic. It must be more so today.
          That being said the Aussies found a way to deal with a rising Asian power. It’s the EU and US that have no plan whatsoever. Europe is almost dead and the US is going nowhere. The only prosperous white Christian nation left will be Russia.

        2. With, what’s it called? Virtual money.
          There is the problem.
          A huge part of it.
          The other problem is, a solution would at first glance look unethical, and at a second tedious, but we have a few edges.

        3. Na, Merkel is smart.
          The price in rape is payed by the whores and the stupid ones.
          While our initial problem has been Turks, US forced them on us, we didn’t want or even needed them, Mutti is inviting raging Muslims with the opposite confession.
          We’ll see if we can tell them the truth about Islam, Slavery and Arabs.
          I’m kind of optimistic.
          And I guess, the feminists learn something too. Not yet, they only scream about other things they don’t understand, but maybe they’ll learn some day.
          And isn’t it interesting, all the bad news happen elsewhere.
          We count 125 victims. From 9/11 till today.
          Maybe you will some day be ready to share the Enlightenment with us. There are a few obstacles in the way, I guess people know a few, and we managed to keep the fire burning till that day.
          MAGA and stuff.

        4. The Jews think Indians are their Asian cousins. All sorts of deals being made between Israel and India. They also in bed with China.

        5. Have you never helped some of them and hold the camera?
          A German women’s mouth isn’t haram.
          Google Zwiebelmettbröttchen
          Muslims hunt after breakfast and always in groups. Looks a bit like a strange form of missionary position.

      2. Go to the Melbourne CBD. Half the real estate signs are all in Chinese or bilingual English/Chinese.

        1. I guess its better than Paris or Berlin where everything is in Arabic and Turkish, and signs say Halal or Moschee(German for Mosque).

        2. Those fucking Chinks are armed with money from their currency manipulating government and are artificially inflating housing prices; there needs to be laws passed where a foreign national is barred from property ownership. That’ll stop that kind of shit very quickly.

        3. When I visited it seemed like many Aussies liked having Asians in their country, not all, but a very high percent. Its mostly seems to be financial because they feel Asia is good for their economy. Its hard to argue the opposite because since the financial crisis, whereas Europe and America have struggled, Australia has coasted right through it as if there was no financial meltdown.
          I always learned that money seems to break down barriers like nothing else.
          I also noticed white Aussies eating Asian food with chopsticks there, never saw that in America.

      3. But we have to protect the environment by consuming more goods produced in Chinese factories etc, with energy from dirty coal powered plants, that is then shipped to Western countries in huge fuel guzzling container ships, most of it crap bought by women using men`s money.

        1. The Chinese and Indians will accelerate climate change and ocean acidification while global Islam and the Leftist Judeo axis in the West stall scientific advancement that could get us off the Earth.

        2. Yeah, cucked Europeans want all electric cars and renewable energy even in tiny countries. I`m sure electric cars is Estonia with it`s 1.3 million people will improve the environment, when more and more Indians and Chinese by petrol cars, with their populations of app. 1.3 billion each.

        3. The developed world can start living in mud huts and ride horses instead of driving cars and sail on boats instead of flying and it will only be a pindrop because the Chinese and Indians are 3 billion and easily outpollute the West.

    2. They’ll be un-cucked about 5 minutes after their first real conflict with a dedicated enemy. The only thing is they’ll need to survive long enough to make it stick. That’s why it’s essential for the warriors in the military to keep their heads down and their minds clear of the nonsense, so that they can keep their country alive when the fighting starts.
      However, the men outside of the military must speak up and fight against these sick, degraded policies.

      1. Well said. Guess the Asstralia is doing this because of obvious reason;
        NO wars to fight !!!
        Coming to “our” Country (sorry, can’t help it !! in the past I worked in the UK and now, since the past few years, in this Country. I always treat the Country where I stay for long term as “equal” to my Home Country; in every aspect);
        ever wondered why ALL (5) the Police Officers killed in the march were MALES !? what happened to those “empowered, independent and strong” female Officers !!??
        I don’t know why the United States is allowed this kind of “cowshit” but I am hopeful that it wont last much longer.

    3. Sad thing is they, along with the Kiwis, were once the most manly part of the British Empire, perhaps only rivalled by Rhodesia. They produced some of the toughest soldiers ever seen.
      And then from the 1970s onwards it has all fallen apart – they decided to become an Asian nation, rip up their heritage, become cucks to feminazis, just the whole lot. You can date it from the end of the “White Australia” policy – and today you can find schools in Sydney with every child being Asian.
      Sadly I think Australia and NZ will be gone before too long as their populations just aren’t that big and they will be overwhelmed. Only 30 years ago they were the most pleasant places to live, today it is all coming apart.

      1. Come on jimmy ! Why to blame Asians or others or other MEN !? Yes, I understand your point and concern but blaming others is escapism. West is responsible for giving tooooooooo much “freedom”, chivalry, pedestal and pampering the pussies.
        Tell me, how on the earth Asians (by the way, I am “brown” not “yellow” !!) or other MEN are responsible for:
        =arrogant, bitchy, slutty, whorish and ungrateful nature of pussies ?
        =pussies disrespecting the Religion, Culture, Tradition and MASCULINITY ?
        =the west allowing pussies not to face any Consequences and be un-accountable ?
        =the pussy pass in every aspect of day-to-day life ?
        =the “pink saturdays” ?
        =pussies walking “bare chested” in the name of equality with MEN ?
        =pussies shamelessly doing “slut walks” ?
        =deliberate & desperate sexposing of pussies & yet blaming MEN of “objectifying” ?
        Again, I understand your concern, even I am concerned with what’s happening back in my home Country and how degenerate the pussies are becoming day by day.
        Femicuntism is because of Politicians, Manginas, White knights and “vested interests”. I don’t need to stress the fact that no other religion/culture on this planet gives and/or allows and/or encourages pussies, as much as the West does.
        Time for the MEN to realize whats happening around and to “keep” the pussies within their “natural” limits.

        1. I can understand your point. Feminism is a cancer in every culture and manly virtues, regardless of the man’s background, are important.
          I suppose I was making a broader point and trying to set it in context.
          Australia and New Zealand once had exceptional quality fo life and very open societies where a poor man could get a decent job and get on in life. It was seen as a sort of paradise by Brits, a place where people played cricket and had fun in the sun. Bringing in huge numbers of Asians is undermining that. Asians are capable of building advanced civilizations so I have no dislike of them, but they are extremely numerous and bringing them to settle in western nations is just another factor loweing the quality of life. Look at life in China – endless grinding hard work, no kindness, a certain brutality to it. Yes it has good points too but I don’t wish to bring those bad points to the west. Sparsely populated coutnries are often not so good for the rich but they are great for the poor and middle class. That is why the rich in Canada are desperate to keep immigration flowing, it provides them with an endless supply of cheap workers.
          I went back to NZ for the first time in years last year. In Auckland I went into a big supermarket and every single worker there, every single one, was Indian. I am sure that seems great to the middle class Kiwis – prices will be kept low as Indians work hard for lower wages. And immigration is pushing up property prices. So the middle class think they are doing well. But their children are now going to have to compete against third world people to just get a basic starter job. A society is made up of people, replace the people with third worlders and you will get third world problems (and yes more interesting food etc).
          How is this connected with feminism? Well women consistently vote for mass immigration to the west. Show them a photo of an immigrant baby and they behave as women and say “oh let’s be nice and let’s make sure everyone sees us being nice by bringing in that child”. A hard headed, rational and logical approach considering the unintended consequences in an abstract way that would lead the west to stop all immgiration is a mindset that one finds far, far less among women. And then, when faced with the inevitable problems of mass immigration, women will rationalise it away and pretend they can ignore it.
          So I don’t dispute much of what you say. I despise feminism and believe sincerely that women must be stripped of the right to vote. I believe in the virtues of masculinity and this is very evident across cultures, from the Japanese to the Sikhs. Nonetheless I believe mass immigration of thrid worlders into the west willd estroy the quality of lfie in the long run and it is being driven by women and their irrational approach to politics and also the way feminism has caused them to not have many children and the powers that be are trying to use this as a chance to replace us. That was why I tried to draw together these two issues.

        2. Indeed, mass immigration from third world Countries will definitely be a challenge to the host Country and it MUST be discouraged & stopped. Only a restricted, selective & streamlined immigration policy should be used.
          Of course, as you said, the femicunts, leftists and “vested interests” will always try to push their selfish & destructive agenda.
          May be out of the context. I noticed that more number of females:
          “smoke”, spend time of their own “entertainment” (eg: Casinos), cross the “red signal”, are arrogant and bad tempered, leech out TAX PAYERS Money, pose threat to the religion & culture, are opportunistic & ungrateful than MEN.
          PS: Do you know ? it’s the Femocratic (aka Democratic) party that allowed the H1B dependents (H2B) to “work”, even when the whole nation wants to limit the H1B program. And do you know why; 99% of the H1B dependents are… well, you can guess; pussies !!

        3. It’s true, men essentially can’t get away with bad behaviour so easily and also men will tend to think in abstract ways about right and wrong, justice, honour etc. A great many men will try to do the right thing whether or not someone is looking. Women on the whole don’t think like that.
          I don’t really blame women for it. I think the world must appear a strange place to a woman, suddenly given an incredible power aged 18 just by existing but its a power that will disappear quickly. At one time fathers and society protected women form themselves and their worst instincts; today nobody guides them and they consequently behave badly then aged 38 decide they would like a child and husband and panic when no man wants them.

        4. The Indian conundrum is really bad everywhere. In America, it’s becoming close to the same issue, Indians everywhere in certain regions. The UK is already swarmed with a lot of Indians and Pakistanis (just see all the people working at the airport), and Canada too is inundated with a lot of Indians. America keeps worrying about illegal Mexicans, but Indians have now overtaken both Chinese and Mexican combined in the number of people entering our borders. And they never leave. Lets not forget how Indians are heavy breeders. In America, that guarantees a birth right citizenship. The Indian infestation is becoming really bad and no one is stopping to look at it. Parts of Africa are overrun by Indians (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa). And the worst thing is, they NEVER assimilate to Western culture. In fact, Indians are the most racist people I ever met. If one wants to see how scary Indian migrants are, just open an Instagram profile of any attractive Western girl, and see who she has the most followers following her. 70% are all creepy Indian men. Arabs and African migrants come a close second.

        5. Dr.Money
          Look into him and what surrounds him, there you have very open the root cause of the problems.
          It weren’t MEN.

        6. You’re quite right, and they will be ruthless in then securing immigration for their family and for them that will eman very distant cousins etc.
          I had a rather strange experience of this only recently in Texas – many Indians are going there for jobs. I was introduced by a friend to a guy from Calcutta, he seemed ok, we were all chatting while we waited for some colleagues. The Indian then started a conversation with an Indian family who were sitting next to us. They carried on speaking in their own langauge for a while before switching to English. It turned out the woman was an IT worker who was on a work visa of some sort and had managed to get her husband and several children into the states. The elderly mother was there and they were upset that she was going to have to go back – they were quite brazen that they were just going to do everything they could to get citizenship and then it would mean all their family could come and settle in the US. The Indian friend of a friend, who had seemed quite ok moments before, suddenly switched gears in offering them tips on how to game the system and what to say and the interview etc.
          It’s essentially an invasion.
          Some of them are ok. I’ve been to India and enjoyed some of it – it’s a dirty and corrupt place to be frank but it also has a lot of wonderful history and architecture (even if quite a lot of it was actually built by the British). But if we let them settle in the west they will just simply turn it into another version of India with all the downsides.

        7. The Mexicans have been around since 1680. Why all this worry? Twenty percent of the military is Latino. In the Civil War you had former Mexican citizens fight for both the Union and the Confederacy. What is happening is this absolute focus on Mexico to equate Mexican to illegal to criminal. I myself am Mexican and a veteran and I did not know I was a “criminal, rapist, and drug dealer” until last year.
          truth be told in the past 10 years 1 million more Mexicans have left the USA than have in.
          Now this wall thing. I am thinking of leaving the states and only coming back when that damn thing is built. I need peace of mind now.

        8. I have nothing but respect for Mexican immigrants minus the criminals. As far as illegals are concerned, they should never be granted amnesty. We do need our borders protected and prevent any illegals from entering. Latinos in general are able to assimilate and follow Western culture. Indians and Muslims can’t.

        9. Yeah, that’s the issue with them. None of them have any intention of going back and the worst is when they sponsor everyone in their family and their extended family. For some reason, Indians are the one race that really irks me. They are like parasites who just keep multiplying and care only about themselves. Texas is becoming like Calcutta. New Jersey is pretty much fully occupied by them.

        10. I disagree, they might seem pleasant to your face, but Indians are very two faced and always scheming. They are very intelligent compared to blacks and they know how to talk and how to charm you, lot of it stems from British colonization.
          India is one of the few places that can make an African or Middle Eastern nation look good in comparison, its that backward there. It doesn’t surprise me that so many flee that country, even in places like the Gulf states where they have no rights, the material gains outweigh living in a “Democracy”.
          I think the US is headed where India is right now, and that is a bad thing.

        11. I can udnerstand that mindset. The problem with it is that the asians and Africans and Middle Easterners are breeding – and doing so in our homelands. So when white women are reaching the age of 40 and are childless in unprecedented numebrs it is a hamemr blow against our very survival as people.

        12. Well Western morality changed dramatically. I don’t see the current generation making babies and becoming homemakers.

        13. Indeed. I’m not trying to be a white knight. On a personal level I admit I even take some satisfaction when entitled women hit the wall and suddenly find they are competing with 19 year olds and losing. It’s fun to watch feminists become unhappy and try to rationalise it to themselves.
          My point though is that on a societal level this is a bad thing, those women should have been controlled by their fathers, teachers, priests, brothers and not been allowed to become sluts. That was the norm not long ago and it meant that men could marry a virgin and build a family; millions of such families built up the civilisations that give us all the wonderful thigns we have today – no civilisation means no computers, medicine, airplanes, antibiotics etc.
          My appeal isn’t to women – they are, in nearly all cases, incapable of logic on this topic. My appeal is to men. Actually I fear it’s probably too late, ‘m not even wanting to make an appeal, just noting what appears to me to be a truth.

        14. The biggest problem with women is that they were educated into a system where they were told to have “careers” and therefore compete with men in the workforce. This “empowered” them even more than voting rights. The latter gives them power once every for years, the former allows them to be competition to men in the workforce. The most asexual women are the ones with graduate degrees and have the Prefix “Dr.” in front of their name.
          Despite all this horseshit about women earning less, they make up 80 percent of sales at most retail stores and other consumer venues.

        15. White men becoming a rarity means their SMV levels will only go up by the way. I see nothing lost.

        16. The problem is that soldiers ARE expandables.
          I Wonder what they will learn in case of War…
          War is Hell, and it’s not a place to mess with.
          If your not up to the task…

        17. I upvoted you for the wall thing, nothing else. Please stop whining and falling prey to the MSM narrative that is false, unless I missed your sarcasm somewhere buddy.

      2. Most of the West was “pleasant” up until 30 years ago. Europe was quite nice in the 1990s up until the Euro in 2002 ruined it.

        1. Time travel will be invented and hopefully undo the communist Marxist damage done to destroy civilization

        2. Marxism is an outgrowth of r-selection. r-selected behaviors are an inevitable consequence of a society oversaturated in high resources without the awareness of the mechanism and a proper framework to discipline itself in a state of high resources.
          This isn’t about one guy coming up with a shitty idea, because those “ideas” were never well constructed thoughts, they were RATIONALIZATIONS for people to steal and murder. And if one corrupt jerk didn’t come up with a clever rationalization, some other jerk would have come up with something just as disgusting to justify his shitty behavior.
          The problem is one of integrity and character, and the willingness to beat the living crap out of the next con artist who tries to come up with clever justifications for whatever bullshit he wants to pull.

      3. I laughed my ass off reading this, I visited Sydney in 2006 and never saw so many effeminate men in my life, makes the West Coast of America seem manly in comparison and most West Coast men are weak.

      4. Masculine Aussie Men!!! LMAO!!!! Maybe that is why they want to recruit women for the military there.

        1. Two? I could name a dozen. And a quick google search would give you another 100.
          But that’s besides the point, I was talking about them overall as an example of manly strength.
          Nobody knows whether he really said it but the fact it was accepted as pretty uncontroversial – even when enemies at war – to express such admiration speaks volumes about how all sides in the war knew just how hard the Aussie and Kiwi soldiers were when Rommel is alleged to have said that: “If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it.”
          It’s all in its final years now, I accept that, that nation is dead and gone, rotted by feminism and weak men, invaded by Asians, one day the British imperial civilisation will be as dead as Rome’s but it was a reality.

        2. upvote needed, my grandfather fought against the Desert Fox & the Afrika Korps

        3. so what? so did half of europe….
          you anglos are a bunch of stuck up mugs who think they’re better than anyone else, and the rest of the (white) world is seeing right through you
          ozzie and kiwi -heroes-…….what a fucking joke you are

        1. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four
          weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

    4. Not to mention the number of third world migrants that are there in large numbers. It looks like Bangladesh there in certain parts.

    5. They’re relying on the USA to do their actual military defense. This allows them to do social experiments with their military at their leisure. In any joint venture they know that battle hardened US Marines will be taking the brunt of the enemy engagement.

      1. Same with the Europeans, they do all sorts of “social experiments” because they know America has their back, so they let their own defenses down. Same with Japan, although Japan isn’t really into social experimentation like European countries. Eventually there will be a point where US troops will not be watching their backs, then what?
        America is not going to be the policeman of the world forever. Eventually these smaller countries will fall apart or have to begin watching their own backs, or find a new alliance, for Australia its likely to be China, and the terms won’t be as favorable.

        1. Japan has an excuse though, since after WWII we made them write into their constitution they can’t have any offensive military capability.

        2. Germany as well, now they are richest country in Europe, and they love being dependent on America and not getting involved in foreign conflicts. Average German these days is financially better off than the average American. Got to love these alliances.

    6. If you look into this more deeply you will realize standards for people entering positions of great responsibility in Western nations are dropping. Go to an Asian country, its the opposite, intense competition to get the best people. You often see people who seem overqualified for their jobs in Asian countries while in the West you see dolts in positions of high responsibility.
      Fly on Asian airline, compare it to your typical Western airline, I bet you will get better service and deal with more professional staff on an Asian one far more often than on a Western carrier.

    7. they were the moment they banned guns, then it was solidified when they banned roosh.
      people think they’re traditionalists because they say cunt a lot. they’re idiots

    8. Now they are mostly stoner with police turning a blind eye on drugs problems and SEA people try their best to get on the continent.

  2. I heard about this. It’s always good when SJW itis results in visible insanity, with the potential for existential threat (providing it isn’t realised). The electorate needs to feel vulnerable because of policies like this.
    I seriously doubt Indonesia will invade, although they’ve got a pretty scary military

    1. they are a mooslime nation, you have been round here long enough to know what it says in the koran about non-slime people

      1. I’ve been to Indonesia – although quite a while back. It was always fairly secular and moderate for a muslim nation (notwithstanding what they say about moderate muslim nations). The government and generals always kept radical islam in check, although I’m not sure how well they do that now. There would be no historical precedent for any such invasion, and I just don’t think it would happen

        1. I’ve been staying in Indonesia for quite a long time and I approve your comment.
          Indonesia is never interested in conquering anything. They have scary army indeed, but they have them “just in case”. So does other SEA countries in general.

        2. It’s probably the only non-western country I would consider staying in longer term. An ex-military guy once told me if you say you’re a communist they’ll just shoot you. That was in the’90s under Suharto so maybe things are different now. I imagine as long as you show due respect for how they do things and don’t take drugs westerners should be ok out there for the most part.

        3. “an ex-military guy once told me if you say you’re a communist they’ll just shoot you.”
          Then don’t be a communist. But if you are, just STFU and don’t even dare to act on it. For your own sake. But I doubt you are. Haha…(please tell me you’re not)
          And yeah, don’t do drugs. You can smoke cigarettes all day everyday here. Just don’t do drugs. I have no problem with that anyway.

        4. No, definitely not a communist, although at the time as I remember I was quite serious about anarcho-communism, but yes, I kept my mouth shut (and moved towards the right)
          I thought alcohol was fairly widely available too. At least it was when I was there

        5. About alcohol, that depends on the region. Each regions have their own policy regarding alcohol. But in general, it’s not a problem. My Indo friend told me he bought his first beer after he turned 21. Didn’t get asked for his ID at all. Hahaha.
          As long as you don’t get drunk and make a scene, you’ll be alright.
          When was the last time you visited?

        6. Over twenty years ago – early 90s – for a couple of months. Just the once. Beer was available without difficulty in both Jakarta / Java and the Malukus
          I imagine its changed in the meantime, but I hope not too much

        7. No. Not much. I grabbed it every now and then. I’m currently in Java now.

        8. I personally don’t like Bali. It’s too tourist-y. People are not so “original” anymore. They are nice to you because you mean money to them.
          Just my opinion anyway.

        9. never got to Bali actually, as I ran out of time. Some really nice people there, but a minority do seem to see any from the west as a cash machine or equivalent

      2. There are Catholics, Hindus and other “non-slime” soldiers in indonesian army too, you know.

    2. Part of the problem is, it would be a bloodless coup. All the entitled quirks would survive and nag the Chinese to death. There is NO use for them. As there is only so much need for dog food, or lousy sex

    3. SEA countries in general are not interested with the idea of invading other countries.

  3. I once had a discussion with an acquaintance who was a Colonel in the United States Air Force. We both agreed that war was primarily about lowering the population of useless eaters (i.e., the lower classes and the insane/unfit). Because of this, it’s pretty easy to see why Australia’s military recruitment strategy has gone feminocentric. Now all we need is for other nations to adopt this strategy, prior to the next really big war. After the smoke clears there will be far fewer insane cunts and DNA defectives walking around…which is the whole point of the exercise. (I believe that’s referred to as a win/win.)

    1. most of the money was on the irishman…floyd really pulled that one out eh 🙂

        1. floyd walked into the casino and tried to bet $400 grand on himself. they turned him away…

        2. Guess he was too dumb to have somebody else make the bet for him…all those punches to the head, etc.

        3. He was given that chance on the condition that he didn’t knock Floyd out. Too much money was on the line, for the boxing entertainment industry I mean.

        4. Hahaha! This beez funny an sheeit, dog !
          (Apparently down in Houston some of the dumb fuckers are taking a break from looting, and shooting at those white “Cajun Navy” rescuers. Think about that one).

      1. Much of boxing has been dominated by black men, never a good idea to bet on a white guy. The Klitschko brothers were really the only white contenders in professional boxing, noticed its these fighters from the former USSR that can get in the ring with black men but not so much white boxers from Western countries.

    2. The biggest problem with women in the military is there is no fucking way women in western countries would ever actually fight. They like the idea of fighting because men do it, but would never actually take the field. They’ll throw down their weapons, pick up the pussy hat, and march around indignantly shrieking instead.

      1. Shoot, a lot of them won’t even go on peaceful deployments. Any honest military man will have plenty of stories of the myriad ways in which women avoid ever having to leave their base.

        1. I have a myriad of stories about how often they find a way out of their assigned specialties that they don’t like (mechanics, welding, truck driving, combat communications, chemical specialist, etc) and worm their way into sitting behind a desk in the orderly room, supply room, and such.
          Not to mention the injuries, pregnancies, can’t do PT, can’t deploy, yadda, yadda.

    3. If that was true then the US should be one of the slimmest and most sane societies on Earth. In reality America is the fattest developed nation and has the highest rate of mental illness. A large number of Vets are mentally ill, I would not call mentally ill people “useless” in many cases its trauma and a lack of social support that ruined them. That being said lower classes like ghetto hood rats, feminists, and leftists are totally useless.

    4. Well the lower class in America is growing, the number of insane is growing, and of course the number of unfit people has increased 300 percent over the last 25 years. The NeoCohn war strategy is paying off handsomely into transforming the US into a nation of fit sane people.

  4. the Chinese must be licking their chops…read something years ago, they wanted to colonize australia…

    1. They wont have to send military forces, just ships with slaves throwing their slave made pumps and stilletto heels…

    2. and NZ as well, i dont think a shot will be fired in anger in this takeover however, politicians on both sides of the Tasman are selling their countries away 1 square inch at a time, the chinese are prepared to play the long game.

  5. I said this before, but I swear that these people think we live in a video game. Not that this is anything new, either. Cultural revolutionaries ignore military challenges because nothing ever escapes their insatiable need to “purify” anything that they see as being outside their “moral” worldview. The pharaoh Akhenaten, for example, the pioneer of the cultural revolutionaries, ignored the growing threat from the Hittites because he was too busy trying to build his paradise on Earth. This led to a big loss of territory and countless problems for his successors over the next century.
    Happened before many times. Will happen again. It won’t be under the sunbeams of the Aten this time, but rather “muh gender equality.”

  6. Wow, any smart tactician that wanted Australias resources should pay heed and just invade with boat loads of new shoes, and the surrender will come in minutes.

  7. Economically China already owns Australia, China became their largest trading partner almost 10 years ago. Well they will prosper as a colony.

  8. I have a young, predominantly red-pilled friend who is currently in the Swedish military and he said that the females were not so bad shooters. Let them shoot from air. As much as we want to romanticize our ancestors ground troops with sword and guns, that is not how the United States and other Western nations dominate the Rest anymore, although in part foot soldiers are still required under some circumstances.
    What is equally or more risky is the fact the women have higher empathy, lower assertiveness and may reconsider to kill the enemy. Are they ready to take a man’s life? Cheating is one thing but killing is another. Not much in the evolution of human being shows that female ancestors have killed to a significant extent. Men on the other hand have a latent predispostion to kill the enemy or in self-defense.

    1. The West is screwed. All the corporate elites are doubling down.
      As far as Australia is concerned they are dependent upon Asia. China is their largest trading partner. China and Japan both weild heavy influence on Australia.

        1. Well got to love political correctness. It’s literally destroying Western society.

        2. If anything, the Chinese will take over and cull the cowards…and I don’t mean vans, buses or trucks.

        3. Well the Chinese will do as they please. Think about the power white Europeans used to wield and then notice the Chinese will have even more power.

  9. Let the Kuntz populate the front line. Men have been doing it since we were living in caves. The funny thing is even though they have a 70% female recruitment rate it will be interesting to see how many women actually take up the places. I would put money on it the quota will not be met. They would rather slut it up at the weekend with their fat friends……..

    1. Well they are demanding a 70% recruitment rate in a hope to eventually get to 25% women. Kinda says it all. Think how much will be wasted on training for women who will flunk out and anyone with a functioning brain could have identified the fails.

  10. Aussies don’t need an army anymore, they’ve been SJWed to the bone. Wars are fought on Twatter now.

  11. “Because Australia’s basically uninhabited northern coast faces Indonesia, it would take minimal effort for Indonesia to land thousands of troops in any conflict.”
    And what would that achieve? They capture some cattle ranches?
    “in roles such as … artilleryman”
    I would love to see someone who can only do 8 pushups try to lift a 155 mm round (I know they’ll be injured or pregnant or whatever excuse so it’ll never happen, but it’s funny to imagine it).
    “Yes, they [men] can apply – but only women will get the job.”
    They’ve given up any pretense of arguing the value of diversity and gone simply with “we’re forcing more women in because the numbers. And because we can.”

  12. Luckily for Australia, no one want`s to invade them.
    It`s just a big dry rock, with a few Anglo-cunts scattered around the edges.

    1. the chinese would LOVE to offload a hundred million or two on that continent…

      1. The time for military invasions are over.
        I think Australia will become more and more a part of Asia, with less white people obviously. Sydney and Melbourne might resemble Singapore or something eventually.
        Australias mining resources in particular will fuel the Asian economies.
        But as I said, invading Australia or any other major Western country with military force is not an option anymore.

        1. no need for military invasion, just buy up large swaths of the country, like they are currently doing in California and British Columbia

        2. Right, you might call it new form of invasion.
          Economical/demographic invasion.

    1. Don´t know but they will blame men for impregnate them. I heard a comment in disqus of a guy claiming to have a vasectomy and the women soldiers suddenly became very horny 2 months prior deployment, so he fuck the better looking girls without disclosing his vasectomy. I bet 99% of girl try it, conscious or unconsciously, those who could not get pregnant before try harder during deployment, they just hate to be there so much. The chances to get pregnant in their most fertile day is 33% I bet that all of them tried but not all of them got it. Also no one talks about the number of cheating girlfriend and wife of soldiers, women just love cock so much they can´t wait 6 months in chastity.

  13. Modern soldiers already carry a TON of kit. With women in the mix the men will have to carry more so the women can keep up, endangering them more.

  14. I predict lots of pregnancies after every battle they lose.(All of them)
    Can you imagine any greater incentive for a soldier? And all they have to is defeat the 30% that’s male….. then, party!


  15. This madness all starts with allowing women to vote.
    When you take an isolated case like this the truth is you could probably take your time and explain to most women why it’s a stupid idea. But that’s not the point – allowing women to vote unleashes all kinds of dynamics where politicians have to cater to emotion driven nonsense, to the self-raitonalising ways of women, to their sheer inability to understand logic or face hard truths.
    So my hard truth for everyone here is that unless women are stopped from voting we will see more and more and more of this madness. Exposing one area where they go too far isn’t enough, we need to remove that bloc vote of irrational and emotional voters, ie women, from the electorate.
    There simply isnt time in life for every point to be argued over. When we have to waste time explaining why women shouldn’t be soldiers it is time we never get back. If women continue to vote we will continually have to have such stupid arguments. Far better to avoid them in the first place.

  16. My obese man hating feminazi lesbian toad-looking gender studies professor says women can fight just as well as men, or better. SO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tell her/it/xer/xim/ that there are plenty of women getting man justice vidoes on youtube proving otherwise.
      And screaming “you can’t do that to a girl” is not going to stop the enemy from fckng them up.

  17. I reckon the point is to recruit chicks into military, and fast track them into leadership. Same as STEM.
    Ultimately to control/mange internal savages – white men.
    Indonesia and malasia can walk into kimberly/WA mines without resistance.
    Except for USA/Britain

  18. Well… (((they))) have destroyed the counties from within, not (((they))) want to make sure that said countries won’t be able to defend themselves.
    Sneaky buggers (((they))) are, closest thing to a human parasite.

  19. This is a fantastic idea! We should also have a 70+% quota for women in the front line of a firefight!

  20. Just think when all of these women “sync up” one week of each month, they will be one angry fighting force during that week.

    1. Served on frigates with more than 200 people crammed into a tin can and I can tell you right now that when those sea beasts come out of their fish locker all synced up you’re in for a shitty week

    2. …all breaking down crying and cramping together…what a winning strategy.(sarc off)

  21. Notice how they won’t compromise the standards of SAS/2CDO(Special Forces) by letting females in. Politicians and elites don’t want women coming to the rescue if they’re taken hostage.

  22. I’ve been married twice and have numerous sisters, daughters, and granddaughters. There is little anyone could teach me about women. None of them should ever go through what I did in the blood, shit and hell of Vietnam, carrying a hundred pounds of equipment for endless miles through the jungle, digging fighting positions out of thick mud, lugging heavy sand bag after heavy sandbag in the hundreds to improve them, patrolling with ambushes and punji sticks and booby traps everywhere, then fighting off screaming and suicidal hordes of little communist fanatical bastards dead set on killing us while watching air support come in and drop napalm that melted the clothes and flesh off them not but a hundred or so yards in front of us. Can any father, brother, son, uncle, grandfather who is a true man wish to see that for the women in his life? Aren’t our daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives what we traditionally are sworn and expected to protect? It has never been the other way around in the history of man, and never should be in what is the rest of the history of man, say I.

      1. yes it was well said, but the counter argument, is the average “beautiful” woman in today’s western society worth what he said?
        especially what we know about wars now anyway, who fights who dies who wins who loses etc..

        1. I am an old man who retains a sense of honor and duty and self-respect that I got from my father’s WW2 generation, in which he and my uncles all fought in the front lines and miraculously survived to come home, work hard, and raise large families; helping to make the fifties and sixties decades of prosperity in our nation unmatched by any other.
          Such is sorely lacking today, as it has been poorly if at all passed on by my generation, so many of whom became drugged up hippies with stinking selfish values they’ve passed on even to the present generation of young people who are now a generally lost generation without traditions to rely on and nothing sacred or worth fighting for any more. History tells us that is the clearest sign of decadence.
          Well, in eastern nations of the world the traditional is still much retained and the sacred is worth fighting for, and the barbarians are now crowding at our gates eyeing you, the young American generation, for signs of weakness. What will you do?

        2. Well you cannot undo three generations of Feminist inculcation with anger. we are on a terminal trajectory now. Sit back and watch, but I agree what a freaking waste. if the SJWs what to throw themselves on swords, encourage them, good riddance.

        3. upvote x 100 for being a Vietnam veteran, you fellas deserve alot more respect than is given IMO

    1. If feminists want that bad enough, LET THEM HAVE IT…we as men should not throw good male lives into the shiite stew with them.. Men have bent a knee to this stupidity long enough and suffered for it, we should accommodate them, then promptly have a war so they can live it for themselves, against the Islamic invaders. the men can handle the homefront, if they want to be ruff n tuff political SJW “soldiers”,’ expedite them to the combat front to meet their rapists to be. the muzzies can apologize to them.

      1. Thank you, Roosh, for your interest in my military experiences, but this is a place for young men and there are plenty of experiences from continuing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan to draw from. What it takes to soldier hasn’t changed one bit and that will continue until such times as robots take over; and Vietnam is but a vaguely mentioned footnote in current history books anymore, if mentioned at all except in efforts to malign America.
        I look at white-haired bent and often handicapped old men with Vietnam Veteran on their ball caps and wonder what the hell happened to the charged up boys we were at that time. I can still see us in high school classrooms and my wrestling class, and especially one great wrestling buddy who did not return from the war. It is truly amazing how time flies by.
        I have become a very private and introspective misanthropic curmudgeon over the years who occasionally gets worked up enough to throw in his two cents on given subjects of interest and would like to keep it at that. Nobody gives a damn about WW2 or Vietnam anymore, and it is likely to stay that way.

  23. They fall behind on many aspects, but they have huge advantages, when you plan for warcrimes!
    A soldier who has always the moral edge?
    Not bad in times in which much of the military problems are related to PR.
    And since women don’t have empathy, and lets be honest, abortions? Many have already killed a child when they’ll enter the force!
    Those are on one hand obviously very sick arguments, on the other hand, they are honest, tell a lot of truth about women and make sense from a PR/Propaganda perspective.
    We didn’t hear very often about the Hutsi women slaughtering the Tutsi or whoever slaughtered whom.
    Why? BLM and their *only whites can be bad” logic was an open invitation to remind Melanoids about that (Melanoid is still the woke term for them?.
    But, 98% of them would believe anyway the devils made that up to screw with em. xD

  24. The White cucks who already got theirs and their high leadership positions want to close the door on young White men. They should be hung first.

  25. Given that 90% of Australian females (basically the non-muslim ones) seem to be alcoholics, are there any that can even pass the entry requirements?
    I’m sure those Indonesians will be awed at the sight of women with purple hair and hairy armpits surging out from foxholes…

    1. Nothing kills people faster than the Communist agenda…History proves that time and time and time again…Millions dead at the hand of Communism. this is no different.

  26. Sooooo…. Austrailia is building up a diversionary force. All the rapist Muslims will go after the women and get shot in transit? Great plan! I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine… Not like people won’t respect them as warriors or anything… right?

  27. Hollywood has oversold the bodybuilder as the model soldier. If you look the traditional soldier in the old moves when wars were still going on a real soldier was very lean.

    1. Grunts need endurance above everything else. I’m talking about the physical and mental ability to keep going through hardships that would cause ordinary men to quit or would kill them.
      In Vietnam our enemy was often half our size but could out march us with a heavy load anytime, and keep going day after day on a small bag of rice and a fish head if he was lucky. It is that quality that makes for great soldiers. Big muscles are at best but icing on the cake.

    2. Most bodybuilders are homosexual. Nothing wrong with building muscles but bodybuilders are gay as fuck.

    1. ” slut wives bruise their knees” Ohh ?? That’s why I see lots of broads with tear on the jeans at the knees ?? Was wondering, why jeans torn at their knees ??

  28. Any dyke who would want to join the military is better off there. Bullshit cultural degredation always happens when there’s a war and all the honorable men go off to fight, and while their dying for their country, the dregs of society realize they can get away with anything. Just like children pull all shorts of shit when dad’s still at work, or slut wives when their husbands not around. When the men aren’t home theThe men aren’t home so lets get out Rosie the fucking rivertor or

    1. 95 percent of women in general are worthless. Can’t even be a reliable life partner thanks to Jewish feminist indoctrination.

    1. You just hit on the solution. The first orders given to the new recruits will be to assign them a gender. 25% ordered to be women–if you really want to accelerate it, go for 100%.

  29. I suspect they’ll eventually be forced to disband that quota due to lack of recruitment potential.

  30. Sloppy sensationalist writing. How the fuck can you expect to be taken seriously, ROK? There is no such thing as the “Royal Australian Army”.

  31. Australia’s defense policy seems to consist of following the U.S. into wars in the hope Uncle Sam will come to our aid if need be, and hoping that our open borders immigration policy and willingness to absorb the excess populations of Asian neighbours, remove any incentive to attack.
    But if a full-scale invasion were deemed a real possibility, it would of course be young men conscripted to serve; name’s, D.O.B.’s and current addresses readily available from the Australian Electoral Commission rolls all citizens are supposed to be registered on (maybe these ladies will provide clerical support for the undertaking).
    This really is just taking the piss.

  32. Don’t worry about Australia look in the US how affirmative action has ruined whole cities. Large numbers of government employees are hired because of their race. Wonder why Chicago and Detroit look like third world hell? Take a look at the people running them, they don’t hire the best and brightest.

    1. She shouts to the black man who presides over that legislative body: “you not my daddy!”
      The age-old Fathers’ Day joke just writes itself 🙂

    2. “Who da HNIC heah?”..”Ah’s da HNIC!”.. “No, Ah’s da HNIC!”… LMFAO!

    3. Hey thanks for this. Regarding the first video of the “legislatures” screaming…that’s why we have this bullcrap about women in the military.

  33. The terminators whether they are the female or male model will have no problem destroy what’s left of human civilization because they will have the benefit of artificial industrial robotic strength……I would’ve totally had sex with the female Terminator from the Sarah Connor Chronicles including the redhead

  34. Female troops?
    I once dated an Israeli infantrywoman. She could give one hell of a good blowjob, but she couldn’t shoot or fight worth a damn. She had a fine set of tits too — gigantic..

  35. I think we dodged our delayed this sort of thing in the US by avoiding Hillary. Australia already had a female Prime Minister, an overt lesbian, no less.
    We’d get ‘now that we have a female President, why can’t half of the NFL be female’ and stuff like that.

  36. It’s a brilliant strategy. The Emu will never expect a woman. They might kill more than 20 of them in an ambush before the Emu overrun their position and force a second surrender.

  37. 4 push ups you say? Maybe they should evaluate them using squats. After all, I hear they’re good squatting on dicks.

  38. It’s like western countries are competing to know who is the dumbest. Sweden use to lead, but I feel like Germany and Australia are making a great come back.

    1. you know what’s funny – the disparity in opinion between the published media and the public – you only have to read the comments on any article in the News Media Stable to realise only about 5% of the population actually believe all the bullshit

      1. Except that 5% are extremely vocal and unfortunately have wormed their way into positions where they can do as they please to the rest.

  39. They pushed the Women’s AFL on us last year as well – no one was interested so they made it free entry – and anyone that pointed out that they level of gameplay was about the same as the local under 13’s team was immediately ostracised by the leviathan

  40. These women are just going to keep demanding more comforts to be put in barracks and training camps for women only. When there’s war/action the men are the first to be sent out. And these women return home as war heroes doing nothing. Feminist media is going to hype up their roles and be having talk shows of them and then a movie will be made about them which will be more talking then action.

  41. What I loathe about all this women and military stuff is that its based on a quasi-religious/cultist belief system, which, oh by the way, is totally false and based on attributes contrary to any remotely functional martial tradition, namely feelings and “fragile” egos i.e snowflakism. This is about furthering radical egalitarianism to an absurd degree. And the efforts to include women into the military are NOT based on any kind of practical necessity, rather, its completely due to ideology and politics. The ideology is postmodernism, which I believe we can all now agree encompasses socialism/communism/marxism etc. Postmodernism says there are no absolutes and reality is not objective, therefore, regardless if its the undeniable biological differences that distinguish men and women or even a nation’s very own national defense, such things are of much less importance than keeping the postmodern diktats alive and well. And the diktat, in this case, is keeping the “perception” that women are just as capable of men in all things in-tact. And what I even loathe even more is that these policies rooted in postmodernism, again an ideology that rejects objectivity and reason as “phallologocentric”, are being created to effectively masturbate the egos of an already overly inflated and undeserving group in society. Its as if a tiny despondent group of societal rejects looked upon the beginning sequence of “Born on the Fourth of July”, where the WWII veterans marched in a parade flinching at each explosion of firecrackers. What did these malcontents and twisted lost individuals see? Was it Stone’s true message, which was look at what war does to men? No! They saw men being admired, even though they were portrayed as damaged and, frankly, pathetic. Instead of honoring the sacrifice and understanding deeper message of the futility of war, they said “I want that admiration for myself!”. These policies are all based on lies and they are dam lies!

  42. I smell opportunity:
    Let’s sell ’em PINK guns, for the double price

  43. The one army they would ever be fighting is the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Those are about 99.96742% men. Horny young guys with a cheap knockoff Kalashnikov of a different race who will have exactly zero respect for any Australian female privates. Those Chinese are probably going to take their pants off during combat and storm their positions with pelvic bayonets. And if they fight the Russian army, chances are they’ll end up in the brothels of the Caucasus.

  44. These ladies won’t be getting close to any battlefronts, this is just a ruse to give women “equality of access” to Australian DVA benefits.

  45. It is funny to think back in the 90’s before gun confiscation in Australia many of the militia guys thought that was the land where independence would reign. Man were they wrong. By long and far too.

  46. If you want to know which jobs in the Australian Defense Force are being earmarked for these ladies, just look for those labeled “female opportunity” (these aren’t artillery, rifleman or other combat roles):
    Just reading the job advert for the “Intelligence Analyst” role raises questions about what confidence front-line troops should have, acting on intelligence formulated by anyone who got the job based on anything less than being the absolutely most qualified and capable for the role.

  47. Even if it were all dudes, a two year enlistment is a joke – you barely know your job after about a year and finally know what the hell you’re doing at two. Then it’s time to leave – totally inefficient way to manage MANpower.

  48. When a country the size of Australia has enemies on several sides training everyone to fight is a very wise course. Pulling a trigger does not require the strength of Hercules. In WW2 many Russian snipers were female. Part of the problem is history buried women warriors.
    If history was taught not to serve some political-economic exploitation our species might learn and not repeat the same mistakes.

  49. When female military units surrender en masse or get wiped out the media will report smashing victories for the girls.

  50. I retired from our Navy in Aug ’12. Just in time. A Corpsman, so also with the Marines. I can say authoritatively that they train their females well, because they insist on one gender boot camps. The Navy and the rest mix, crazily, so of course its all way too soft.
    The tough female Marine leaders teaching boots know how to push their fellow women with much more assurance than men who want to protect their careers, no matter if some rare bird is willing to tell truth to power, and become a quick civvie.
    Anyway, up to my leaving the Aussies made great fighters. Tragic to see this mess, and I hope Pres Trump hits this mess Ex Pres Obama left him with our military.

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