Chad Actor Announces He’s Scared To Hit On Girls Because Of #MeToo, Gets Immediately Attacked

Henry Cavill, an up-and-coming actor, was the subject of a long, breezy feature on GQ Australia. Reading between the lines, I gather that attaining stardom had its ups and downs (as can be expected), but he’s handling it well. At the end, he addresses #MeToo Mania.

Cavill’s take

I’d buy this bloke a lager in a pub anywhere. Cheers, mate!

In brief, the worst he’d seen was some cast members “being perhaps overfamiliar”, and he told them to knock it off. His conscience is clean about his own conduct, though he notes that anyone’s actions can be misinterpreted. He disapproves of genuine bad behavior, though he fears that overreactions are harming courtship. Specifically:

“There’s something wonderful about a man chasing a woman. There’s a traditional approach to that, which is nice. I think a woman should be wooed and chased, but maybe I’m old-fashioned for thinking that.

“It’s very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place. Because then it’s like: ‘Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something’. So you’re like, ‘Forget it, I’m going to call an ex-girlfriend instead, and then just go back to a relationship, which never really worked’. But it’s way safer than casting myself into the fires of hell, because I’m someone in the public eye, and if I go and flirt with someone, then who knows what’s going to happen?

“Now? Now you really can’t pursue someone further than, ‘No’. It’s like, ‘OK, cool’. But then there’s the, ‘Oh why’d you give up?’ And it’s like, ‘Well, because I didn’t want to go to jail?’”

The first item is that the climate of fear will worsen Approach Anxiety. I’ll further add that sketchy dudes who don’t care about their reputation or jobs (if they even have any) will ignore all the new unwritten rules and continue having a field day. MGTOW got a little stagnant a while back, but this feminist puritanism might well revive the Black Pilled part of the Manosphere.

The second item is that Bitch Shields as Shit Tests have become a red flag, even for token resistance when they expect the guy to keep plowing. So the ambiguous Chick Game shtick of “Are you man enough to storm my castle?” isn’t going to give girls the results they want. This might become an improvement; I have no tolerance for immature games like that, and I disqualify girls who behave that way.

Yahoo!’s reaction

It’s a better Yahoo! article than average, simply because it doesn’t discuss trannies.

It’s hard to find very much objectionable in the interview, even from a Blue Pill perspective. However, speaking of sound bite politics, Elizabeth Di Filippo of Yahoo! Style Canada dissected it quite thoroughly. Two days after publication, she fired back with “Henry Cavill missed the point of #MeToo — and he’s not the first one“.

Instead of making headlines for his new movie, Henry Cavill is receiving backlash for his off-the-mark comments about dating during the #MeToo movement.

…Cavill exhibits a growing trend for men in the post #MeToo era: A confusion for how to interact with women.

…Cavill comes across as seemingly afraid, or unable to make a misstep — and that fear extends into his romantic life.

Maybe he wants to keep his job?

At first, his comments read as seriously cringeworthy, and there’s no denying that they are. The #MeToo movement wasn’t a witch hunt to crucify all men, but an attempt for women to share their experiences of sexual assault to illustrate just how common women and men are victims of verbal, physical or sexual harassment.

There’s a major difference between this stated objective and what #MeToo actually became. Why is this hard to understand? The Spanish Inquisition probably had some lofty-sounding goals too.

She quotes some others who (in her opinion) also missed the point. One stated that #MeToo led to a “climate of mistrust between the sexes.” Another is from a psychotherapist who “believes there is an hesitancy for men to pursue women romantically out of fear of their actions being misinterpreted.”

According to him, guys see the dating game as having been hard enough already before #MeToo complicated things further: “one false, unconscious move and you have been categorized … there is no spectrum from being someone who just flirted badly or made a faux pas versus a serial rapist.” She also cites a dating coach who’s worked with guys fearful that even an innocent past conversation in college could ruin them in the present.

The confusion and subsequent fear is a new reaction by men to an age-old problem that has impacted women. The newfound paranoia that perhaps a man’s interactions with women haven’t been appropriate is a direct result of rape culture quieting and discrediting victims, and conditioning women to believe that it was our duty to police our actions, instead of holding men accountable for theirs.

Translation: the witch hunt is entirely our fault. Remember that feminists are selective puritans who also say “slut-shaming” is bad. Can you dig the logic?

The over-correction to avoid women altogether out of fear that their flirtations could be misinterpreted is an indication that perhaps men or “some men” are unable to decipher between flirtation and aggression, between a woman’s interest and a woman’s discomfort.

Really, who’s incorrectly deciphering? Let’s clarify this.

Everyone disapproves of genuine wrongdoing, except for outright criminals (who get rewarded with sex). However, most of what #MeToo actually has been describing is poorly-received flirting. Although bad game is a mistake, everyone (including women) is “guilty” of it occasionally. Still, #MeToo has effectively conflated that with real crimes, and encourages feminists to push the nuclear button. Also, when a guy is dogpiled on social media, investigated by HR, etc., he’s guilty until proven innocent. Careers have been destroyed in the wake of this inquisition, an exceedingly disproportionate penalty for botched flirtation.

Further, this emphasis moves the focus from objective wrongdoing to someone else’s subjective reaction. What may be well-received by some guys and in some circumstances may get a bad reaction in other cases. Men don’t want to cause offense, but we don’t read minds. Unfortunately, crossing the invisible line brings disaster. Finally, remarks without flirtatious intent can be misconstrued too. When drama queens and attention harlots got involved, #MeToo became quite a toxic brew.

She concludes:

Confusion is a good thing. For any man worried that their actions could potentially be held against them, maybe it’s time to be more conscious of what they say to a woman, what they text to a woman and what a woman says in return.

So feminism is still all about that “cold spike of fear” shtick. Awesome! Ironically, what Ms. Di Filippo wrote doesn’t reflect on the actor in question, but rather the mindset of feminists and journalist types today.

Et enfin

At least they’re in little “danger” of a guy asking them out on a date.

It concludes by stating that Cavill apologized for saying what he did. It’s rather unfathomable why expressing honest opinions needs an apology, but hey, it’s the Current Year.

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118 thoughts on “Chad Actor Announces He’s Scared To Hit On Girls Because Of #MeToo, Gets Immediately Attacked”

      1. No thanks! Nobody gives a shit to bang or to entertain the arrogant, bitchy, entitled, unfeminine and ungrateful white putrefied pussies !!

        1. Black men are climbing in on the old, used up ones, also the too-fat-to-be-pretty ones, so there’s hope for white women.

  1. Um if he is scared of feminist bullshit then he is NOT a chad, I suppose that makes him a regular beta wimp!

    1. I am sure he is not so scared that he won’t find a woman to be with. I think that he is doing men a great service by pointing out how toxic feminism really is. To be sure he as do most men that want to remain employed have to be cautious. I feel sorry for young men just reaching adulthood now. One of the most difficult things a young man has to learn is how to approach women and not be intimidated by them. Me too and toxic feminism has made that even harder.

        1. Ooh u post toxic shit on ur fb? So it appears u don’t need job, maybe u are rich enough to live that much dangerously haha

      1. Dating women on the job–or at least flirting with them on the job–has never been a good idea. There’s an old saying “Don’t foul your own nest.”

    2. No, it makes him a smart man who’s simply covering his ass. Same thing with Vice President Pence – he won’t be alone with a woman aside from his wife. Feminists don’t like it because they want men to be in vulnerable positions so that more of them can be accused of impropriety.

      1. Agree. PoundMeToo has made me seriously consider putting secret video cameras and audio recorders throughout my house and on my person, keeping record 24/7. The mere fact that a woman’s word is worth gold to the kangaroo courts means that you need bulletproof evidence. You could be in a different zip code from the accuser, but if you don’t have proof…
        On the other hand, I don’t come across as a lawsuit mark, but I still have to keep tight lips about assets to friends/family.

    3. @ Troll
      Not wanting to be falsely accused of “sexual harassment” by stupid SJW women, for a bang is a sensible approach. You clearly do not understand the current Feminist mood of the West, or of the AngloSphere. And worst, you do not get the legal situation in America.
      The COST associated with a false accusation of a rich guy like Henry Cavill is NOT the same as a regular guy. A regular guy gets fired form his job for “saying something a cunt did not like” or gets yelled at or attacked on social media. After a couple days, it blows over and it is done, ciao, finito. Average regular guy feels some pain and moves on.
      A rich/powerful guy like an actor, a CEO, a celebrity, or a politician like Trump gets falsely accused of ANY “behavior” the SJW crowd on the FemiNazi Left does not like = a massive in cost. They have to pay “out of court settlements” in the tens of thousands of Dollars. They are attacked 24/7 by thousands of FemiNazis online. They get fired and blacklisted and become un-employable. They lose their businesses.
      Look at Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS (I do not even like him), but some woman in the Boartd of Directors wants to force him out, so SUDDENLY, accusations from 32 years ago have resurfaced. Magically and suddenly. 🙄 Thank God, CBS has hired outside Counsel to investigate and di not unjustly fired the guy.
      Look at Chris Rock, 2 false rape accusations of rape by some golddigging whore. Danny Masterson of that 70’s show, Kobe Bryant, Bill O’Reilly, and so many more.
      Think about this “Stormy Daniels” fraud pulled on Trump. She went to his golf course working as an escort/hooker for some guest who was there on that day as well. There were over 600 people there at that time. Trump was there with his private security detail, his wife Melania, his whole family all there. Daniels was working for a guest at the resort. Daniels has ZERO EVIDENCE they actually banged. The “evidence” she has is HER WORD and a standard photo at the resort’s entrance with Trump, which every single guest there got as well that day.
      How, pray tell, can Trump go bang Daniels with all that going on? How come her employer that night allowed her to leave to go find Trump and bang him? 🙄 Daniels admitted on TV that Trump did not pay her, she was not attracted by him at all… so WHY did you bang him?? 🙄 It is preposterous.
      And yet, because rich people like Trump get targeted by mobs of scum around them suing them and abusing our legal system on a regular basis for all sorts of false reasons, these rich/famous people have to pay these “nuisance value settlements” are done ALL THE TIME. They get an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and the scum lawyer and scum false-accuser get some cash and go away. This is standard procedure in America, land of frivolous lawsuits and sleazeball lawyers.
      That is 6 years of legal work + law school = REAL LIFE experience talking here, my friend. I have seen this happen all the time. It is sickening and this is very real. You have even a little bit of success, you have to have premium car insurance and also get an extra “Umbrella Insurance Policy” because you WILL be a target for false accusations and these shakedown lawsuits of all kinds, from “slip and fall” on “icy sidewalk” in Florida (and we do not have icy walks there) to car in front slamming on brakes suddenly to get a tiny bump to false accusations of threats that cause “grievous mental anguish”. These cases just do not go on TV because you are not famous. But happens DAILY, I assure you of that.
      Fender-bender car-barely-scratched accidents in a parking lot between two vehicles under 5MPH result in a $3,000 – $5,000 “nuisance value settlement” to prevent the tens of thousands of Dollars in attorneys fees for the insurance company, so they pay off the “victim” and their sleaze ball lawyer to make the headache go away. This is why liability and car insurance are so freakin’ expensive in America. Insurers have to pay false claims all the time.
      Thankfully, some insurers are now fighting and spending $50-Grand in defense attorneys fees to fight off such claims (when they could settle for $3 grand), and that has been helping to reduce the nuisance shakedowns in some states. 🙂 The goal is to de-incetivize the shakedown behaviors.
      It is NOT “beta” fr someone rich and famous not to put oneself in such a situation. Henry Cavill would be SMART to pay-for-play in a country where that is legal, and keep video and written records to protect himself. Approaching and hitting on some cunt he works with is financial and career suicide for him.
      Good for Cavill, he is doing the right thing.

      1. His purpose was to signal he was alpha, something weak men do often. The desire of weak white men to appear alpha is why white men have lost the cultural war.

        1. No, white men lost the cultural war, not only because of their weakness, but because they have been:
          a) Indoctrinated from birth into a Feminist system by our schools, media, and even parents and churches;
          b) Born into a country with open borders and mass immigration, where they became a minority even before they were teenagers;
          c) Help the enemy (Feminists and globalists) against their own self-interests. They are traitors to themselves and their own cause.
          d) They fight against each other (circular firing squad mentality), while women and Left all fire in same direction.
          e) The culture that our parnets gave us is Afro-centric (especially music), Marxist-minded, and corrupt. Katie Perry and Miley Cyrus are the “role models” for girls, with toxic crap from CNN to Sex and the City to the Kardashians 24/7. technological advanced have been turned by the Left into addictions like FaceBook and InstaGram, which women grow up in. White men have no power to stop any of the cultural Marxism around them, unless they use violence, which is NOT a viable solution.
          This situation is much more complex than “men were weak”. Most of us under 40 were born into this system already, we did not “allow it”. It was imposed on us from elementary school – college – our first job. Just now, many Gen X’ers like me (age 36) are now beginning to organize and fight back/resist. We had not way to organize, share info and fight back. NOW we have websites like MGTOW, RoK, and aVoiceForMen, which allow us to understand the issues, organize, and fight back.
          Even MGTOW, which I do not personally endorse or support, has a major role to play in unraveling FemiNazism in our society. These MGTOW guys are checking out and stop supporting and feeding the system that oppresses all men. They are dropping out of college and not working, creating a strain in society. They are not marrying and allowing themselves to become slaves of a woman who uses courts to oppress and imprison men.
          This fight will take years to unravel (you should check out FabiusMaximus sometime, they are doing a series on actionable SOLUTIONS to actively combat FemiNazism.
          This fight will take at least a few more years, because we have had court-enforced, legislative-backed FemiNazism since the 1960s in America and ZERO leadership to undo this legislatively (think a coward corporate shill like Paul Ryan will do anything to end male slavery or stop the Invasion via the Border??). 🙄
          Men simply cannot undo such a well-entrenched scam like FemiNazism all of a sudden, short of armed insurrection and the complete collapse of our great country, a country that CAN be saved if men work together to reverse FemiNazism one step at a time.
          Ps. Not allowing yourself to be a target of false accusations by lying women is not “weak”. It is SMART. Just like running away if you are alone and un-armed and a mob of 5 guys with baseball bats and tire chains come at you, RUNNING in this situation is NOT weak. It is smart.
          Henry Cavill is SMART not to allow himself to have his money stolen and his career ruined. Henry has NOTHING to prove to a woman, and neither does any man. Your worth as a man should not be determined by an intellectually, physically, and mentally inferior creature, whose primary asset is a smelly hole between her legs and her ability to reproduce. Your worth as a man should come from within and from what you achieve. The woman has nothing to do with any of it, unless she is a the rare unicorn that supported you 100%.
          And what does a man like Henry Cavill have to prove themselves to a woman at work for? To try and score some poosy at work, when he has thousands of other poosy around, trouble-free? 🙄 To prove a point to some woman he does not care about or even respect? 🙄 Tsk…. Makes no sense. Use your brain, do not risk your livelihood and freedom for some work poosy. It is dumb.
          Big difference between smart and weak, my friend.

        2. @ChristianCool
          good points.
          Do you think stars, such as Justin Beiber, are banging groupies after the show? Just like the rock and roll days of old?
          seems risky business.
          Watched documentary of Elvis Presley’s crew -one stated he counted the groupies in the house one night – 250 – and probably all 9s and 10s…
          can’t imagine they would be able to do that these days..
          But, I am still hoping – for me – create that killer app – and 250 groupies per night – but must sign a waiver – haha

  2. I expect to tell any woman at this point, “Because of the PoundMeToo movement, you are out of luck, I have no interest at all in even talking to you beyond this patent rejection of your attention. Good day.”
    Eff em, I am going to spend my money on what I want, and not any ho that thinks I should be interested in them. I’ve paid my dues already to the “out their mind vagina” owners. If I pay any more, it will be for an escort.

    1. And what woman would have any interest in talking to your stupid sorry ass. Women of the world thank you profusely for saving their time and a nasty interaction.

      1. Waa waa waa waa……You hatchet gashes are creating and pushing men to go MGTOW as they are waking up to your crap. you made yourselves the bad investment, but are too stupid to realize you are self defeating. the internet just made things easier for men to share their experiences and pass on advised caution that women are a very bad deal relationshit-wise, economically speaking a very bad negative return and socially a very stupid risk, (please thank yourselves PoundMeToo nonsense and the witch hunt it created.) I hope you choke to death on your feminist accomplishments and you die childless and alone because your brainwashing and self entitlement and ultimately you shitty attitudes reap the poetic justices it deserves. I’ve met your nemesis, and her name is Karma. She is an unfeeling uncaring bitch about ANYONES feelings. Frankly, I really like her now that I know how to stay out of path. I get to laugh my ass off as she eats you stupid feminist excuses and then spit out the bitterness.

        1. Deplorable piece of shit, investing time and attention on a loser like you would be a bad investment indeed. You are a bitter asshole with nothing to offer but a state of perpetual hate that could interest nobody in their right mind.
          On the other hand, a decently paid job and a fair retirement plan makes sure said women are free of the whims and utter stupidity of losers like you. And free to decide for themselves. Nobody has any reason to want you or your sort of bitter loser.

        2. @lolz
          “On the other hand, a decently paid job and a fair retirement plan makes sure said women are free of the whims and utter stupidity of losers like you.”
          Then I guess you haven’t heard about the “economic side” of MGTOW. What makes you think that you’ll have a job if enough men just “check out” and it collapses the economy entirely? Oh, and we’re NOT going back when you’re homeless and out of luck because we deserve better for having created and maintained civilization for millennia – no man except for those at the bottom of the barrel going to want your ugly self because feminism destroyed your looks, or turned you into some shrill robot, or because you can’t cook and clean house. Hopefully the state that helped empower you spoiled rotten hags and your cuck enablers will collapse too; no more junk technology either, just a clean patriarchal slate with THE CHURCH at its head and life by THE GUN, THE NOOSE, and THE BIBLE as it should be.

      2. You don’t even know your value to the species. Once your fertility was gone, you are useless to the species, you become literal DEAD WEIGHT. Once an ersatz womb is figured out, women will have no function at all. If it weren’t necessary for procreation, you wouldn’t exist, not even as workforce slaves, you are so useless. You have already killed off your usefulness as companions, you suck at mothering, you can’t even work out reason and logic, and your biological makeup is useless for labor or athletics as even teen boys out perform you. So what is left? Nothing except being destroyers of society. Choke on those truths, feminist trash.

        1. Hey Deplorable…how bout I “deploy my fucking balliz” into ya momz eager mouth?
          How bout that bragh?

        2. Lol, what is the very last job that women will always have in society? It is that of a prostitute because it relies on no skills and is the very last function you can do for pay as some desperate penis owner may decide to pay you for simply spreading your legs.. But even that job is subject to supply and demand. As long as there is vagina owners that look better than you and market themselves better than you, you will have to beat every other marginally better looking or disease free competitor out there to get business, and never mind your price, that will be determined for you as well and would be haggled before you put out, never mind customer satisfaction will actually determine if you get paid at all. Because you hags have already priced yourselves out of the market now, your demands will respond to reality later as you starve from lack of interest. This is why feminism is os desperate, you THINK you run things.. But the reality is you are working in a one stepped on nerve away from living under a bridge, and you don’t even know it. Men will always have jobs and utility and income because we have the intelligence endurance and strength to adapt and fill the labor market. But when the economic situation prices you out of it because of all your liabilities and the artifical supports are cut out because of markets and demands for men not propped up by technology, the businesses will have to trim down and cut personnel so they can survive with the minimum of productive capable trouble free non liability and extra cost inducing problems, that means you hatchet gashes will be cut as an overheard cost saving measure. When that happens, there will be millions of you competing to sell your sex to survive, never mind keeping a standard of living. You will then wish you had ignored all the bullshit that feminism has put in your heads and made you hate men and believe you control men. Karma is a bitch when reality sets in. Like I said, I know better to get out of her way, because she like you is playing for keeps and she will always win.

      3. lolz,
        “what woman would have any interest in talking to your stupid sorry ass.”
        Apparently, you do, cos you’re here, and you’re talking to us.

      4. @lolz, it is you who is a “pile of shit” !! What do you mean by “women of the world” !?, you ungrateful skank !! Every damn thing you are using, from wiping your sorry ass to the Technology you used to vomit your gibberish; are ALL Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
        Go and bark on the blogs & websites run by shameless & ungrateful putrefied pussies !!

  3. Seriously – this is fucked up.
    Quote from Basketball player Dennis Rodman – “Playing Basketball was a license to fuck”
    How things have changed.
    I read a Twitter player(since banned) forgot his name – but world champion kick-boxer – millionaire chick fucker…left USA because 100% of female interaction become legal/civil attacks…

    1. Wahmen don’t want to fuk, we get it! I had my suspicions since I was a child lad. Just observe how they do it in porn, how they fake an simulate everythin, it’s so obvious they do it cuz of other factors like social glory or monyz and not cuz they inherently want it.

    2. @BadMan
      I worked in legal field, you have NO IDEA how much rich people get shaken down in USA this day and age. Almost all false accusations are initiated by women.
      This is not new, either. If you are rich AND famous, you are guaranteed to have to have a fund and a lawyer specialized in dealing with shakedown accusations. This is so common that you never even hear about this on news, unless the woman has spent all the cash and is truly desperate now (like Stormy Daniels).
      Read my post above, I describe this shakedown situation fairly well.
      If you just happen to have SOME money, you will need special car insurance and Umbrella Policy on the side too because sooner or later, you will have a “touch the bumper” fender bends in a parking lot and some sleazeball will come after you saying he/she is now crippled for life, so your insurance will hand scum $5 grand “nuisance settlement” just to make the scam go away.
      When you are rich, the stakes are much higher and settlements are in the tens of thousands. And if famous, the false accuser uses #MeToo in order to threaten a “scandal” to scam even more money.
      This is so common, I cannot even begin to describe the extent of how bad the whole thing is.
      We need tort reform in USA nationally and we need criminal penalties for false accusations. There should be stiff legal remedy as well for someone making ANY accusations after the Statue of Limitations, civil or criminal ones.
      Otherwise, we are moving into a society where every chat, every interaction, and every conversations will have to be recorded and stored for LIFE, in case some hoebag decides to make an accusation decades later.
      It is just insane. Men of success have it worst then us, middle class or upper-middle class men. ‘Nuff is enough.

      1. way bad.
        have been thru divorce where she was the $25,000,000 salary versus my $250,000 income(which immediately stopped – fired).
        the shit was still bad – and the shit only flows from female to male no matter the finances…
        the screaming to the judge “impute an income on him” (very important lesson men – that’s your jail term right there). Luckily I was able to dodge much of it.
        But went on for years -and as a women she is immune from it…
        private investigators following you and overtly harassing – -really evil shit…

  4. “Chad actor”… “Chad”
    This site is officially just another incel site. With hating women to bitching about western civilization, it’s all the same.
    Return of Kings is actually Return of Incels.
    P.S. I can’t wait for all the pissed off commenters to start calling me a fag and an loser like they always do.

    1. LOL, well you trolled ROK and then also invited it. you got what you asked for. Don’t cry over it like a baby or a feminist.

    2. Return of Kings is actually Return of Kings, you dumb ass! We don’t hate “feminine” women!
      Its upto them; to be feminine or otherwise !!
      STOP commenting negatively, just to gain attention! By the way, why are you here, you dumb ass! This is not a place for manginas, faggots etc.! GTFO !!

        1. Thank you Willy. Our differences aside, when someone blames and/or disrespects the efforts of ROK platform, the MEN and MASCULINITY, I can’t just keep quite or take-it-easy.

  5. I’m shocked that nobody’s spotted the man behind the curtain yet. The puppet-master who’s pulling all the strings. Doesn’t it seem odd that prostitution crackdowns are more severe than ever, #metoo is in full swing, and men and women are having a harder time getting together and staying together now more than at any time in history? There’s an invisible hand behind all of these efforts to make it harder and harder for men and women to connect with one another. And that hand has a limp wrist attached to it. Think about it. Who benefits the most from a bunch of sexually frustrated guys who, regardless of looks and money, all of a sudden find themselves unable to get laid in a women’s prison with a pocket full of pardons? Sure, the porn industry benefits, to a degree, but guys still tend to buy porn even if they’re in a relationship. So that’s not it. The war-pigs, SMILFs, post-wall cougars, and purple-haired pierced princesses? Yeah, they do tend to get a bit more attention whenever the level of male thirst reaches an all-time high, but in the end, they can take it or leave it. Besides, there have always been drifters and weed-smoking dudes in flip-flops who play Madden all day on the living room couch who’ve had no problem banging these rejects in exchange for three hots and a cot. Nope, the answer is the LGBT, specifically the “G” and “T.” Starting with Obergefell, Bruce Jenner and these bathroom bills, TPTB (“The Perverts that Be”) have been pushing harder and harder for acceptance of gays and transgenders, and coming down like a ton of bricks on straight male celebrities who aren’t willing to say “trannies are just as hot as real women.” Netflix and most pay channels have become LGBT minefields…every five seconds, you can expect a man’s junk or extra helpings of man-ass to be thrown at you, almost always without warning. The sad thing is, there are guys out there who are weak enough to fall for this mind-job. Hell outta here with that insanity. No, gay is not the new black. No, there’s no such thing as “chicks with dicks,” just dudes with tits. At the end of the day, you get to decide whether you’re going to be a mainstream media puppet attached to a lotus-eater machine pumping pablum into your skull 24-7, or a right-thinking man with a purpose and a sense of integrity, direction, and awareness.

    1. Good post you are almost there. But who is really behind the LGBT? On their own those degenerates could accomplish nothing. So who really wields the hidden hand? What is their agenda?

      1. Thanks. The fact is, though, all you have to do is follow the money. Remember those hundreds of businesses and mega-corporations that filed Amicus briefs supporting same-sex marriage before Obergefell was handed down? Who’s running Apple and Chipotle right now? What about all of the billions commanded by Hollywood? What about the billions of dollars supposedly spent on HIV/AIDS research that nobody has to give an account for? Where are all of these dollars REALLY going? You don’t need large numbers or the support of any outside groups when you’ve got unlimited resources to work with. That’s how a handful of Chinese nationals controlled huge swaths of land and resources in the Philippines even though they made up only a fraction of the country’s ethnic demographic. It’s the same way Anglo-Saxon England ended up being run by a Norman (French-speaking) king after the Battle of Hastings. He who controls the spice controls the universe, and in this case, spice is cold hard cash, and it’s being used to buy up votes, political clout, airwave time, TV stations, the list goes on. What Right-Wing, Protestant, or Pro-Male groups do you know of that command the amount of money and clout that’s being wielded by the weirdos and the degenerates? Don’t feel bad, I couldn’t think of any, either.

        1. Well good post. My position is the degenerates, feminists, etc. are all funded by a small group that has a lot of money and influence. Without that group none of the ills currently afflicting our dying civilization would exist.

        2. @Ajax
          Thought you were going to blame it on (((you know who))). Let me tell you as a member of The Tribe myself that all this has been going on for many, many years. George Orwell even described the phenomenon as the Junior Anti-Sex League.
          I don’t think the LGBTQXXXX are behind it, but rather a small cadre of determined feminists that think that a woman’s purpose in life is the pursuit of power, and nothing–not men, not children, must get in the way of that. Sooner or later, when enough men have had their lives ruined by false accusations made on a whim, some cunt is going to get killed.

      2. Judaism that leads to world government, global submission and the arrival of Antichrist.
        That’s the agenda. They don’t need your money anymore.
        Money doesn’t exist. They destroyed it and built the world’s economy out of this air.

    2. Correction,
      White men and women, the rest of the world’s men and women are getting together just fine. Feminism is a game designed to wipe out the white race.

  6. What’s the future hold for the #metoo crowd? Lesbian spinsters with cat “children”. Karma is a bitch.

    1. If wahmynz had the capacity to plan that much ahead they would have led human civilization for thousands of years.

    2. No one will know then where the cat piss smell will be emanating from, but the cat gives sure cover for it.

    3. they’d rather be alone than saddled with a weak man.
      Before you get upset, let me explain.
      If you think about it, you will realize that we are all weak men to some degree or another. Even the alphas are weak to a degree. They can get laid but to keep her they have to pass shit test after shit test. To keep a woman you have to be an absolute master of psychology, strategy, shit testing, law, religion, etc etc. It was not always like this.
      The difference between now and 60 years ago, is that MOST MEN HAD YOUR BACK.
      Nowadays, you can expect your “best friend” to fuck your wife ragged in a moment of weakness, maybe if he really likes you he will use a condom, probably not. You know with absolute certainty that if you see the inside of a family court room it is effectively over for you. If your woman calls the police after beating the shit out of you, you will be the one who gets arrested (actually true btw). etc.
      The end result is that in effect, we are all weak. Men who work in a pack are always stronger than isolated men. Men who were part of WW2 got what they wanted b/c to a large degree they had one another’s backs. There is a true story of a town that got taken over by corrupt democrats in ww2. It was straight out of a horror movie. The “sherrif” was beating people randomly, the vote was openly rigged, black people were openly abused (yes, I know many think that’s fine. but this wasn’t like it is now with BLM and welfare and crime. then they were an actual community).
      The men came back and within about a month, they physically took over the armory, locked up the sherrif and his deputies, then mercifully told them that if they wanted to continue breathing to drop it and go. they dropped it and went.
      These men had each others backs. If a woman tried to pull bullshit they spotted it a mile out and called her out on it.
      But it was a two way street. If a young man met a young woman they would be chaperoned by the parents. Women were expected to be married and having babies by 19, the fuck fest that is now college wasn’t on the table. They understood that men had to have the power and be the ones working.
      It wasn’t perfect, the road to self emasculation goes way back past suffrage all the way to the chivalric codes. Dalrock does a great job showing us where the rot started:
      I’m not giving women a free pass here. AWALT, yes, but there are those who are Like That, and those who do what they can.
      These days if you are not 100% on the ball you are a man in trouble. If you are a nice guy, you had better have your eyes in your head b/c a lot of people will go for you any chance they get. Nowadays, only people who really get anywhere are the psychotics and sociopaths, b/c nobody wants to get on their bad side, and it’s useful for most cowards to have a murderous animal who will hurt others for them.
      most of us will never have a woman show us even the love that this murderer is getting from thousands and thousands of girls.
      When a girl says “he has beautiful eyes” or “his walk entranced me”. Maybe so, maybe not. But a lot of it is rationalization after the fact. Nicholas Cruz was invisible to women before he gunned down innocent kids. I promise you, no one looked at those beady pig like eyes and said “you have beautiful eyes”. No one even knew he existed. And if he had approached he’d have been called “creepy” and “scary” at least until he got good at it.
      If that egotistical halfwit and “gentleman supreme”, Eliot Rodger, hadn’t done us all the courtesy of blowing his worthless brains out, he’d have girls clawing the goddamn prison cell to spawn his children. Anyone who doesn’t realize this needs to reexamine the situation with an objective mind.
      The difference between them and you, is that a slave who is a psychopath is more powerful than a kind slave. The psychopathic slave can occasionally get his way. This doesn’t mean the women will love you if you are a good free man. They will still happily fuck their way through a crowd of slaves and cannibals. Because psychotic behavior is as attractive to them as tits and a .7 waist to hip ration is to us.
      What it does mean is that with the brotherhood of patriarchy you can keep their worst instincts in check. The Victorians fucked up. They tried to change women by being nice We have had 200 years of this shit. At some point we need to recognize it isn’t working.
      Women are what they are. They are the concept of the material, of disorder. We are men, we are the concept of the spiritual, of order.
      We understand the concept of hierarchy, honor, unrecognized sacrifice for the collective good. We grasp these things, because all those various groups of men who did not grasp it died out.
      Our job as men is to bring God into this world. Every aspect of this world. That doesn’t mean meditating about divine concepts while doing something obscene. Stealing is stealing, no matter how many prayers you say while stealing. Murder is murder, no matter how much you give to charity. Fucking another mans wife destroys the concept of family whether you are a better man than him or not.
      I know some of you have issues with that. I’m really not here to criticize any individual. I’m criticizing what does not work.
      What it means to bring God into this world, is to think about what God really wants, what He REALLY wants, as opposed to what our narcissism pretends, and then try to make it happen.
      To do that we need to read a lot, think hard a lot, and have honorable friends who can tell us when we are full of shit.
      God wants this world populated. He gave us a very effective means to make that happen and He expects us to use it. God also wants this place ordered to provide the maximal happiness for all men. That means we can’t be doing just anything we like, but have to consider the larger impact.
      In the current environment, we do what we have to. But our job is to make it so that future generations of men don’t have to “do what they have to”. But can instead think about what is the most honorable form of behavior in accordance with society and their own conscience.
      That’s impossible for most of us right now. Because we are weak and fractured.
      Anyway, sorry if this came across as preachy. I was reading that article on Nicholas Cruz and got very upset about all of it.

      1. Nice analysis but one thing is wrong. U don’t need all this shit to keep a woman, all u actually need is to be aggressive and abusive alcoholic and that’s it.

        1. In the short term that works, but long term, not so much. But for many, that’s probably for the best anyway.

        2. When I drink, I actually become somewhat pleasant! The rest of the time, I’m an ass.

      2. I appreciate your perspective. I have grappled for a long time with the conflict of females/gynocentric society rewarding bad behaviour and following my conscience despite the social consequences. Do you have a blog or reading material you can point me towards that fleshes out this viewpoint of yours relating to mans job manifesting God’s wishes in the modern world?

      3. Great post.
        ” is that a slave who is a psychopath is more powerful than a kind slave. The psychopathic slave can occasionally get his way.”
        I believe Cicero wrote something of the frustration of “negotiating” with head slave – similar to a woman…
        Not just men had your back. The community depended on the family unit. And hos were dissuaded from stepping out.
        An man caught at your back door would get a slap- and the local cop would show up and give him a slap too…
        Nowadays – the cops would show up and take the husband away -and he would pay for the guy to live in his house…(happening to a friend nearby)

  7. Why do they always cave and apologize though? I doubt anything would’ve happened to him. Caving into feminist whining sets a bad example for society as a whole.

  8. All of this problems starts when you give women , minorities like jews , Gays & people who have mental illness RIGHT to have a Voice . To Speak fearly and shamless about their satanic & unormal desires.
    When you give women right to vote , you have to give them Power , job , Forced support of big daddy government and etc .
    When you see shameless & brainless people celebrate their Anti_religion Elites, when you see women doing manly things and men doing womenly things
    Its our fault , its men fault beacuse we Dont doing real for earn power over Our women except writing articles on internet about why & how society Fucked up .

      1. ‘Mentally Ill’
        How else could you define someone who always appears to act against their own best interests?

  9. Why give ANY credence to some Yahoo whacko’s response?
    Let me reiterate what a comment poster on ROK said so eloquently, in a previous article: The trend is this: every man who was indicted on some #metoo accusation and expressed shame and forgiveness, faced the most severe of consequences (job loss, media scrutiny, legal troubles, etc.
    Bitches are two-faced and play games. They will act two-faced just to judge your fame- it’s the oldest shit-test of all time. Here’s an example of such a shit test that occured to me recently: I’m at a hot spring and a girl arrives, sits next to me (asks about me) and I scoot closer to her. Minor leg/foot contact (playing footsie) ensues and before long she’s stepping over me “OOPS, I have to go over THERE…” and then she’d conveniently “OOPS!” fall in and sit in my lap. This is a young girl’s way of communicating consent.
    About an hour or so later, she goes to leave and I slap her butt. She turned on me like a boomerang
    I maintained frame in tone and body language (acting nonchalant) while I simultaneously called her out
    “OH, it’s okay for you to sit in my lap and grope my cock though. My gesture was a friendly goodbye but now it’s translated to you get step the fuck out of here ho!”
    If I would’ve acted apologetically, it would’ve elicited a response from her subconscious lizard brain that “I can’t believe I was flirting so heavily with such a pushover who TAKES my SHIT!” (And in this #metoo cultural climate, it’s easier for her to deflect accountability on to YOU)

    1. So u say that a girl that doesn’t know u at all just comes out of nowhere and starts asking u stuff, showing interest and touch u just like that? Hmmm interesting, interesting…

  10. He’s a Hollywood actor. This means a lot of things and most don’t include what he does on screen. For one, you have to ask: how many men did he have to sleep with to get his movie roles? 100% of Hollywood male and female actors have to do this. It’s the rule of Hollywood. Another thing, is he a pedo like all the movie directors and “made” men in Hollywood? I think he has bad intentions with this interview. He wants men to go MGTOW or be Incels. He doesn’t want us to approach women. He wants to instill fear in men. Guys will read the interview and think, “well, if he’s afraid to talk to women (which I guarantee you he’s not) then I don’t have a chance.” Don’t fall for it. He’s evil.

    1. Good insight, Vic. I also agree that anyone who is promoted and given jobs in Hollywood has to run the “gauntlet” — and that includes sex with the top psycho Jew$, homosexual acts of various kinds, drug consumption, compromising pedophilic activity, and attending strange rituals best described as Satanic. The music industry is exactly the same.
      Furthermore, anytime someone “famous” does any kind of interview, a small team of publicists and handlers makes sure every question is vetted and every word of every answer is carefully considered in order to promote certain agendas and create a controversial buzz. Virtually nothing is spontaneous anymore.

    2. Lol what? Sleep with men for social gains? Nah nah dude that’s wahmyn’s curse… but okay let’s assume that the little jew producers wants it behind to clear my path to fame and mony, I’ll just fuk the grande nose and I’ll set up my life but u know what, I won’t complain about it, that’s life if u want something u have to pay the price, being a man I realize that nobody forces u to do anything. U know I laugh when some whamyn says that she is scared of walking alone in the night, they think they can get raped well my answer is I’m glad I’m a man because I don’t have such fears… if somebody wants it that badly then cmon u gonna get it, let’s see if u really wanna fuk with a man!

  11. There is no reason for any man to “date” when he can hire hookers and/or become a Sugar Daddy. It really is that simple.

    1. I’d rather be a monk than a sugar daddy.
      Paying for a woman to be close to you both physically and mentally – what can be more damaging for your souls?

  12. The solution for men is to seek wealth and power (success), but never fame. Fly under the SJW radar (no documenting your life on social media) and then you can pretty much do as you please when interacting with women — assuming, of course, you stop short of actual rape, as defined for millennia up until about 5 years ago.
    And although I don’t like lecherous creeps who constantly think with their cocks, there should be nothing illegal or career-ending about acting like an asshole and embarrassing yourself in front of women.

  13. How many people here (other than Jon Dodds) are banging prostitues? I thought to myself when I was in Amsterdam that the hookers in the window brothels were less attractive than normal Dutch women. Not to mention that prostitution in itself is a disgusting and unattractive job. I do not want to ban it though.

    1. Hakan,
      I wouldn’t bang a western prostitute either (never have, not one), they look nasty.
      However, Asian hookers make you think they have feelings for you and really want you. In fact, most of the Asian hookers I have been with were more convincing and responsive for the $30 I paid them than my western wife of 30 years ever was. White women just aren’t very good at doing feelings, don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue!

      1. I’ll tell u why is that, cuz the western whormyn knows that there are many suckers to choose from around the corner, they are desperate and society implants their minds with the social expectation that they have to accumulate wealth so that they can provide it to the queen whore. On the other hand the sais cunt also knows that she can even go without all of this shit, if she can’t be bothered with even playin the role of the gold digger she is completely free to become a lawyer, a CEO or just the beautiful face of any office. Why would she bother with even simulating care at all?

  14. …Cavill apologized for what he said”
    Lord. When men who look like that simp, its worse than when your average joe somebody does. Guess he didnt want his career in (((Hollywood))) railroaded. Fair enough i suppose. I personally believe the majority of #metoo is to scare off the undesirables. Looks like its doing that and then some. Maybe im stupid, or maybe i dont give a fuck, maybe i dont have that much to lose, maybe a bit of all of that, but i have minimal fear of it. (Let the downvoting begin). I do admit i am more cautious at work these days bc of #metoo, and i have done some beyond ballsy shit in the past like grabbin em by the pussy (before trump made it popular) whilst on the job, another i shot water at her face from a water bottle i made a hole in with a pencap bc she was shootin off at the mouth after i wasnt flirtatious back (dumbest, riskiest stuff ive done in hindsight, specially at work). 2 months ago im on the beach in PR and chat up a 22 yr old local stunner in a gstring bikini, she gave me the hand and said “im not interested” line minutes into our convo…5 hours later shes on her knees in my hotel room moaning that she “wants to feel me inside of herrrrrrr”. This is not to brag gents, just to illustrate that these chickies want is as bad or worse than we do and depending on certain factors, you have minimal to worry about. Think if henry Cavill was a lifeguard and wasnt famous (nothing to lose) hed be worried about some girl #metoo him? Hell no. Hed be doing them a favor by screwin em..not thr other way around…as for metoo backfiring on women as a reap what you sow.

  15. Want to stop the decay and degeneracy?
    Start contemplating war and the pile of bodies it will take to eliminate the infection.
    It’s the only way.

  16. It’s usually Anglo/white women who have a problem with ‘enthusiastic consent’.
    They’re so messed up from anti depressants, alcohol and feminist conditioning, that they don’t even know if they’re attracted to they make the guy pay for their indecision with this enthusiastic consent shit.

      1. The actual soviet union was not sjw, it was pretty oldschool primitive culture. Russia is always the same brutal Russia regardless how it is called and modern sjwism and cultural marxism has nothing to do with the soviets. It’s just that modern hipsters pervert anything they touch.

    1. You hit the nail on the head with that comment Lewis.
      Modern Anglo women= all over the effin place.

  17. Maybe the debt will be paid off by illegal immigrants, technology, a zero percent tax rate, or magic fairy dust, but the reality is that the US debt is increasing constantly, no one cares, and spending more money to reduce the debt will only lead to disaster.
    Debt didn’t work out too well for Rome, Germany, Japan, Greece, or Zimbabwe.
    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    1. Nah, as long as there are suckers who would give their oil or their sweatshop produced tshirts for ur imaginary mony the US is fine. America is the first civilization in the history that found out how to play the game with cheat for infinite mony and it’s up to the chinks and the sheikhs to say hey fuk u amerikanski we don’t aknowledge ur imaginary mony anymore, but since we know the slave mentality of the chinks, this is not going to happen soon.

  18. I always figured the #metoo movement was a way for:
    1) Women to fake stories about sexual assault/harassment as a way of virtue signaling to beta men and increasing their social (media) presence among the public by doing so.
    2) A way for lesbians for create more lesbians by cutting off straight women from straight men who are frankly scared stiff to even interact with women because of fears of fake accusations.
    3) Mean, ugly feminists who can’t find a man who is attracted to their blue hair non-binary status getting revenge on women who can attract high value men.
    When I travel for business I won’t share the same flight as female colleagues, won’t stay at the same hotel, won’t go out for drinks after conferences, and if I have to meet with a woman one-on-one I always find an excuse to have a third party present or do it in a public space in the office such as a commons area unless it needs to be of a confidential nature then there is always at least one other person in the room.

  19. The only men who are getting #metooed are precisely those institution men who empower and embody this guttural Hollywood culture we despise so much.
    I do not care, in fact, I am overjoyed to see the left eat itself.
    These sluts are just pissed off at a system which has utterly failed to meet their needs while spiritually exhausting them on sweet conceit while their vaginas rot away.
    I don’t blame them, but they’re still filthy whores.
    Let that ship sink to the bottom.
    But at least they’re going after the right men, precisely those men who most embody this hideous system of feminism and vapid consumer culture.
    It’s interesting to note that these same women will not go after violent Muslims or Africans.
    Because even their primitive cultural memes are far superior at meeting female needs than an all-you-can-eat consumer culture predicated upon avarice and narcissism.
    It’s all going to hell, and the sooner the better.
    If you’re a White man then it’s your job to jiu-jitsu out of the way as this catastrophe passes overhead and ensure you have something better to offer when it’s time to clean up the mess.
    Because you got competition from Muslims and other savagely partriachial men who would be more than happy to appropriate White women into their tribes.

  20. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Henry Cavill truly gets it. Great article and news item. Beau Albrecht in the house — solid and perceptive with the style and structure, man.

  21. >…Cavill exhibits a growing trend for men in the post #MeToo era: A confusion for how to interact with women.
    Disengagement is not confusion. We make any approach and you can potentially torch our careers on a whim. This is perfectly clear. There is no confusion. Apparently Superman does have X-ray vision of a sort as he can see through this.
    But he is not a mindreader and neither are normal, quality men who are not superheroes.
    One of the greatest victim catch phrases is “unwanted sexual attention”.
    Just how the fuck – setting aside the most outlandish behaviour – would any man know whether his interest was unwanted until he expressed it? There have been some polls with girls saying shit like asking them out for a coffee is rapey or something.

  22. The key concept here is ‘gaslighting.’
    All these campaigns are clever, insidious psychological attacks on men that are especially potent bc they masquerade as legitimate grassroots movements about ’empowerment.’ The gaslighting part comes in because the real intended effect (of creating fear and uncertainty among men) is never acknowledged and if anyone attempts to point it out, it is met with a barrage of accusations from every direction of ‘you’re “crazy”, “insensitive,” or “misogynistic.”‘ It’s basically what your mother or girlfriend does to you to get her way but on a grand scale that uses social media. It is an attempt to manufacture reality by creating the illusion that there is a critical mass of women who are all on the same page when it comes to any objections that #metoo might not just be about woman finding the strength to come forward with their closely-guarded secret and finally speak up and name their attacker.
    It relies on the illusions of:
    “if women seem to be really passionate about it, it must be true” (outrage can be manufactured)
    “if enough seemingly-independent, everyday, real women are all tweeting about it, it must be true” (these are either sockpuppet account identities or else women who have been inducted into the cult of thirdwave feminism)
    It uses minimally-plausible throwaway ‘reasoning’ or slogans combined with righteous indignation to make it appear to carry the power of legitimacy. It’s the same method that allows organized fembullies to occupy and intimidate men in the public space. Just play-act the position that the truth is so obvious that anyone who can’t see it is a beast barely worthy of moral consideration, similar to calling any opponent a terrorist and then saying we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Every man has been exposed to this form of attack by a woman before.
    It uses the strategy of absolute intolerance to any dissenting opinion to discourage men (and women) from even discussing it.
    Because it largely operates using social media, people aren’t aware of all the work behind the scenes that makes it work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the twitter responses were all coming out of one central clearinghouse where faux emotion was being manufactured much like the Hallmark card factory. Organized bullies masquerading as ‘women’s rights groups’ do as much harassment and threatening as it takes to get the man fired and discredited in every way imaginable. None of this is seen by the general public.
    Why do the planners want men to be afraid? In addition to the general depopulation agenda, especially among whites, I suspect it is one aspect of a multidimensional approach to neutering the sex that will actually mount a real opposition. Women talk big but have little to no actual power (so in this way feminists are actually correct about women being powerless, only they misattribute the cause to men taking it away from women when in reality women evolved to leave the power-grabbing to men and then vicariously enjoy the benefits of this power by offering up their pussies to these men. This shouldn’t be a reason to hate women, only a basis for understanding them and a motivation to become a powerful man).
    The irony in all this that this isn’t a fight against women at all. They are just a convenient and easily-manipulatable front-line. As usual, the generals of this army are men, even if they work from the shadows.
    But these men are hardly men – they fight like girls.

    1. Excellent analysis.
      Have endured gas-lighting from a BPD, was excellent boot-camp – and realized there was much more from MSM. All nasty women, etc…
      One new friend, who I was mentoring in my profession, had been gaslighting me – while hitting on my girlfriend…I relaized too late. But, I’m far more experienced with the tricks now.
      Men behind the scenes?
      I sometimes wander whether they( those that have unleashed them) use women’s innate manipulative abilities, or teach them somehow/somewhere???
      The main ones I am inured to and can spot far easier than when younger – especially when the anti-male trolls run wild in the forums:
      gas lighting.
      straw man arguments.
      ad hominum attacks.
      mocking and shamming.
      The Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Isolate, polarize, destroy…
      “make the enemy live up to its own set of rules” – this is very common – they attack for nothing with nothing. you defend – they play innocent and insulted, then attack again – you defend with fact -they feign insult – accuse of breaching rules -attack with nonsense…and the cycle continues…
      Simialr to them accusing Trump admin of being rude to journalist…alinsky times gaslighting squared.
      An obvious troll was doing it here yesterday – attacking and insulting and then stating “we should all get along – whats wrong with you all?” lol

    2. Good post
      Kind of like people believing the Bolshevik revolution was a grass roots movement.
      That the federal reserve is owned and controlled by American congress and its people.
      That their media is beholden to its share holders and interests of the public.
      It’s simply not true and they are/were controlled by the same men of a particular group that has given us modern feminism.

    3. “The irony in all this that this isn’t a fight against women at all. They are just a convenient and easily-manipulable front-line. As usual, the generals of this army are men, even if they work from the shadows. But these men are hardly men – they fight like girls.

      Excellent observations in your post! But let me elaborate a little further…
      All of these degenerate societal machinations are a massive divide & conquer NWO psyop designed to weaken the only country that has a fighting chance to reverse said degeneracy: The US Republic and the brilliant Constitution written by its Founding Fathers who left a 2nd Amendment gift for the electorate to use in order to repel a future tyrannical government (like Americans have been under since Woodrow Wilson sold out to the banksters in 1913 via The “Federal” Reserve Act).
      Ben Franklin: “Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you”
      George Washington: “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
      Clearly the Founding Fathers had an abundance of wisdom that does not exist any more in the District of Criminals. Agreed?
      Anywho, this NWO/Deep State psyop operates on many levels:
      1. Black/Muslim/Hispanic males vs White males
      2. Islam vs Christianity
      3. Queer vs straight
      4. Destructive Immigration policies by government NWO bureaucrats who willfully encourage globalist war refugees that don’t ASSIMILATE into Western culture.
      5. The deliberate & successful attempt to sour the familial bond between traditional post-slavery conservative Christian black society (ie. black women vs black men) by offloading tons of CIA-supplied drugs (primarily crack cocaine) into black communities thereby creating massive black-on-black violence resulting in death or long prison sentences for black men & thus encouraging most black women to EMASCULATE their own black men. These cause & effects then lead to single black mothers trying to raise very DIFFICULT males without a black FATHER figure at HOME who have no issues with using a belt to discipline these black male children like they used to do a looong time ago. Then there was the degeneracy in black-produced music (ratchet thuggish Gangsta Rap, etc. in contrast to real authentic black music by black pioneers like James Brown, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Sammy Davis, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Jimmi Hendrix, etc…you get the picture, yes?) that fueled greater DIVISION.
      This further led to the ZioPress propagating black men/white women “relationships” as cool, which further created a great DISTRACTION by the crafty 1% elites (who by the way are ALL of white “Western” European origin — not Black, not Russian, not Iranian, not Chinese/Asians/Indians, not Hispanics, and most certainly not Muslims!) and greater tension among black women/black men, white men/white women & black men/white men.
      In essence, the ultimate goal is to disarm white Americans so that the tyranny can begin. The 5 distractions I mentioned above are all designed to bring the American Republic to its knees.
      So far, this NWO script is playing out brilliantly and, as I can see from some of the comments on here from a few ROKers (just a few!), they seem to think that ALL blacks are somehow against white society which is a dangerous assumption that can easily lead to a race war — a war that my spidey senses tells me that some elements of the 99% would like to inflame because they are better armed than other groups thanks to 2A. The focus should be on the 1% and their alphabet agency henchmen instead.
      The future is fucked. No doubts about that. I need to get OFF this insane planet before the fireworks begin!

      1. If the .01% and the 1% who follow them were gone tomorrow, in less then 2 generations, the ones underneath them (mostly human Leo’s, Geminis or reptilian offworlders) would take their place. The question would be is would the new elite follow in their predecessors footsteps?
        As Machiavelli put it: “”All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
        To end on this note, I think the elite we have today are the most vicious, psychopathic motherfuckers the world has ever seen.

  23. “The Spanish Inquisition probably had some lofty-sounding goals too.”
    Yep, without it Spain would have fell to Juish subverters and Islamic hordes.
    Do people not even research or wonder why these things happened… I mean fuk Spain came incredibly close to being lost forever to foreign invaders/usurpers
    We can see the same thing today taking place in Europe. No inquisition to save Europe though. The (((usurpers)) have taken care of that this time.

    1. Aaaaand 1000yrs later they fell/are falling under the talibanic hordes… the inquisition did nothing wrong!

  24. I totally get it. I go to business conferences and they all have a “code of conduct” that is very broadly worded. If I am taking to someone and the my find anything I say “offensive” then I’m in violation. Maybe I’m expressing my political views — doesn’t matter — if they find it offensive, I can be ejected.
    So at the last two conferences during social hours, I only talked to other men. Talking to women just wasn’t worth the risk of getting kicked out and explaining that to my employer.

  25. Chad? Really. I love this mascudork terminology. Is he a hanging Chad or a dimpled Chad? Younger alties won’t get this joke I know.

  26. #MeToo is nothing more than female sexual entitlement. Its basically the female incels, and nothing angers them more than when they are surrounded by betas signalling to them while guys like Superman himself are walking away to their fortresses of solitude.
    Just look at how the Yahoo article desperately tries to shame him back onto the plantation by mocking his truthful statements. If they called him a rapist instead, then that would scare away all the men with his type of SMV, which isn’t the end goal for the Wicker Man society they hope to achieve some day.

  27. Very good article. However, I suggest you emend “attention harlot” to “attention whore.” That is the proper term. Once a man starts using euphemisms, it ’tis indeed a slippery slope.

  28. Screw these undeserving whiny entitled white scraps of shit………go online, find an Asian girl and your life will simplify itself

    1. Russian or Slavic women, in general, may not be feminists but that doesn’t mean she will make it easy for you to drill her in her ass and pussy on your sofa. Many Russian women want husband and will question you endlessly before you can even coffee date. 6-7 years ago, this was not the case.
      They knew what you want, they’ve talked and been with 100 men just like you. Men, like you and I, that want to fuck them all night and walk out the door while she sleeps in her cum stained hair, pillowcase and headboard.
      Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino women are about all a white guy has left.

  29. It looks as if there are not many western places left to flirt with girls.
    The American South (not the ultra urban parts) seems like it has some promise judging by my short stay. Maybe my judgment is clouded but the gals were feminine and family orientated all around, and they like to dress to the nines even for normal outings like dinner at a normal restaurant on a normal day. Not all of them were like that but it definitely seemed like the majority. It was quite amazing to witness at considering this is in the West.
    Aside from that, going abroad to get a gal is pretty much what a lot of our ancestors did anyway and it’s not like western in general women want strong families (if you find one that wants one).
    Wife hunting/raiding happened as late as WWII and Vietnam. So if you think about it, it would be kind of cool if we started doing that stuff again.
    Lastly, it’s probably why the Romans have that myth of “raping” the Sabine woman; because their original women were too PC and unfeminine all around.

  30. Most white guys that I see who look like him are with Asians. Hitting on any white women in the ‘Western’ hemisphere while ‘white’ and ‘hetero’ gets you a pass around the Monopoly board of life again, again, and again.
    The type of guys I see feminists, or in general, young white women with are emaciated, emo white faggots, blacks, and fat headed, diminutive Hispanics.

  31. We are all screwed if Superman can’t get a (safe) date with a woman. It has come to this so now they get what they wanted. Steer clear of western women but for a few unicorns. This is why you have to practice self defense by keeping copies of every exchange, media, audio, video if you are going to risk any relationships. Lots of (epidemic) harpies and gold diggers. They are all strong and independent until it comes time to pay for their own $hit. Then they have no problem putting a vacuum in your wallet. Most dangerous situation is telling a pretty one “NO”, and mean it to whatever they wanted. Then you see the dragon come out and they will fry your bacon. Seen too many guys get hurt / do time for things they never did on the word of a sociopath. Been there done that. When you reach the age of IDGAF, life becomes much easier. Women won’t even be on your radar. You can then live your life like you wanted to.

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