My Grandmother, The Dodo

A few nights every month, I have the pleasure of experiencing something that would either require a time machine in modern day America, or a plane ticket and a passport.  This magical event happens right in the heart of Los Angeles where all the negatives of today’s western women run rampant.  I am speaking about dinner at my grandmother’s house.

My grandmother is the antithesis of what our feminist foes want every girl to be.  She goes to the gym every day, despite being 70+ years old.  She cooks massive delicious meals every time from scratch, feeding everyone in the family with plenty of leftovers.  She cleans, takes care of her husband and never complains.  She is what used to be the epitome of a housewife.

So what effect does this have?  Let’s take a few examples:


He works everyday from 8am-6pm and comes home tired to his wife.  But given her traditional ways, he absolutely and utterly loves her.  He brings her flowers from time to time, and grandmother is genuinely excited every time.  He tells her he loves her.  There is no “beta” here, because this is the true nature of man and woman, the former the provider of security and the latter the provider of family.  Traditional gender roles foster actual love.

The Female Offspring:

After every one of these dinners, my grandmother, her daughters and her daughters’ daughters all get up and clean the table and do the dishes.  The men go sit in the living room, have a drink and watch TV.  My cousin, 24, knows how to actually make food and bake incredible desserts.  Her Iphone wallpaper is that of a cow saying “moo” to remind her not to overeat.  She despises men that want to know what her education and vocation are.  She hates feminism.  She seeks to be like her grandmother.

The Male Offspring:

This includes myself and it should come as no surprise, we all fucking love these dinners.  How can we not? Get fed and treated like kings.  In turn, we’d do anything for grandma.

Good News / Bad News

The good news is there are pockets of women like this that still exist in America — trained and influenced by an earlier generation of women that have resisted the feminist movement and all the ill effects of westernization.  The bad news is they are hard to find.  Most are not even American, but immigrants from a different culture that can still shape the younger generation females in their group.  And even if you do find them, they are sometimes hard to crack.

When I am at these dinners despite the fantastic satiety I inevitably feel I do get sad.  I think about how this is very unlikely to happen for me in America.  I start wondering if these brainwashed girls here realize that they are sacrificing their true happiness for some fabricated ideal of the independent female.  But most of all I feel bad for any son I may eventually have — as by the time he will be dating, even these smaller sects of non-corrupted females will have died out and eventually become like the dodo…extinct.

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53 thoughts on “My Grandmother, The Dodo”

  1. No. The endangered species in America will become the American alpha male. The real alpha male. Not the guy who [email protected] a lot of women, who is only a poor imitation, as it is a response to militant feminism, causing society to tank. The real alpha male is the leader who helps his people to goods and glory. This version of masculinity has more or less been killed off amongst younger English men, which is part of the problem of Western society (btw, I am of Indian descent, though I consider myself British, having been born here).
    As one of the leaders of the US (I believe it was Brzezinski) said “in the future, love will become a series of meaningless masturbations”. He said this in 1970 and was prophetic, in that he alongside others has shaped society in such a fashion as to make this true. The family unit is destroyed and people are narcisstic, hence, immediate carnal pleasures are sought by the women; men respond by becoming more thuggier, etc..
    In the end, this will result in more and more people becoming dependent on an ever increasing totalitarian state. We are already there. In the UK, most people cannot live independently of government. Also, we are a net importer of food and should the corporations decide to raise the cost of foodstuffs, there is nothing the people can do about it, as the corporations own the food supply. Checkmate. Well played upper class, well played.

    1. Hahahaha, true. It is not the military that guarantees success, but control of resources. If you control the one resource everyone needs and uses, you can manipulate the more foolish leaders to assist you in defeating the wiser ones who will try and rest control of the resource from you.
      Eventually, you own them all. It has happened before, and I assume is happening again.
      WW3 baby here we come. I hope not, but you never know. Often times it is not the warlike who start wars. They know their desire will find them. No, it is the supposedly peaceful, because their fear is easily manipulated. Scare them enough, and they will attempt to attack those stronger than they are.

      1. His daughter Mika is pretty damn cute too, on Morning Joe (MSNBC).

    2. I do not want to think about my Grandmother’s dildo. Awful article. You all should be ashamed.

      1. Back in the day, they were discretely referred to as “marital aids”.

  2. Not only are traditional grandmothers are vanishing, but grandmothers nowadays are becoming ever younger…they are no longer old helpless ladies…in the black community (am black) particularly, grandmothers are not seniors but middle-aged women…

    1. Just like Bernie Mack said on King’s of Comedy: “Ain’t no more Big Mama’s! Grand Ma wants to go to the club now.”
      So sad, So true.

      1. But here is the thing. I imagine Law Dogger’s grandmother was a similar age then to the contemporary grandmothers you are both talking about. The difference lies in mindset and circumstances. Law Dogger’s grandmother (and the ones I know who are like his) is a married matron, content to be with her family. They married young and stayed married. The young grandmothers you are both talking about were likely to have been young single mothers or young divorcees. So in middle age, they have grandchildren, but no marital family structure. They are looking to go clubbing as a result, since that is what they probably always did–go clubbing, have fun and look for men–when they were young single mothers or young divorced mothers.

  3. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and doubt it’s father.
    Women know intrinsically what they are doing is wrong. Like taking one of us home at the bar. She wants a high status male, but her lack of self control and will power is the key to her bang which we carelessly discard her broken heart after. She never stops though, she continues until she is no good for a man who might actually marry her anyways.
    If and when the economy breaks, and I am assuming it will they can’t keep inflation forever, women will be left without the subsidies they possess in the different nation’s tax codes that they milk at their men’s/husbands/exes/sons/brothers expense like now. When that gravy train rolls over the cliff this Biblical reference will come to mind:
    Isaiah 4:1
    In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat
    our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your
    name. Take away our disgrace!”
    This was written in/around 6th century B.C.E. After wars or times of great distress, technology does not save mankind alone, but it’s natural defenders; the human male. After wars, there is a shortage of men, and a surplus of women. You will see an increase of this soon I imagine.
    The problem for them today is that they brought this on themselves in their greed. Tomorrow will have a variety of men who have no such provider leanings. Now they want to die in battle? Hehe, good luck with that.

    1. The only thing this comment is missing is the lolzlzolzzol
      and the asockng brenakfied desolud fiat chcickies.

      1. Hahahaha.
        At one time I use to get offended by that until I re read GBFM’s stuff and realized what he was actually saying through what appears to be crack smoke? Either way, now I take it as a compliment.

    2. 2015 if not sooner.
      I probably won’t be sitting poolside like others…I’ll be laughing at them while dancing in the flames.

      1. 2015 might be it, however I think 2018-2020.
        I think the governments of the world have done the math and realize two problems.
        1. They cannot keep inflation going because eventually everyone will have to buy monopoly game boards, because that will be the exact value of money everywhere.
        2. Demographics. Abortion advocates and women’s righter’s all seem like an ancient Carthaginian cult. Look up what Carthage (What is Modern day Libya) did to their children, and how the civilizations (minus the Jews) actually viewed children. China is a great example, just like Ancient Rome, and Modern Europe. When a nation gets this immoral or worse, and fails to produce enough children, a single war can wipe them out and allow their assimilation into another culture.
        Even though our women no longer sacrifice children through the fire to idols anymore; they do still turn a blind eye to the replacement rate and how their self centered way of living denying children until it is the most convenient is coming back to bite them in the ass.
        I think that the Baby Boomer generation, like Quintus said, is the most stuck up, murderous, snobbish, corrupt, lazy pieces of shit to ever exist. Their parents gave them the world on an oyster platter, and they used it like toilet paper so they could live off their children. Metaphorically, and realistically.
        When the current economic model bursts in flames, 2015 or later, women (specifically feminists) are going to have to explain how Social Security, benefits of every stripe, work laws, subsidized child care, sexual harassment law, false rape accusations, and family courts just to name a few; should not be completely curtailed. Old people who neglected their kids are going to regret it while they watch their wiser contemporaries enjoy the fruits of their labor who minister to their needs week in and week out.
        The world is starting to favor an agrarian society again. Albeit with all the modern tech that the Industrial Revolution came about. When that happens, and people reject feminism and it’s apocalyptic hold on governments the world over; a billion women are going to get the message that they should get their ass in the kitchen post haste and make some sandwiches before popping out kids.
        Sadly, for say half of them, there will be no men around willing to provide said kitchen, and right to children. For the beta male, his lot will truly suck, as high status males will literally have several women or more. Rest assured though, for the half of women who did not make the cut; I see a whore renaissance equivalent to 14th-16th century Italy brothels. So the betas can at least still enjoy them on their way out. I think I hear a Metallica song all of a sudden?
        However, with the current technology, and a potential dark age, I still don’t see technology regressing even back to telephones of the 90s, let alone before.
        I think the plight that modern women has betrayed her man with will be remembered for all time, and potentially historians of the future will see records of how at least two generations of girls had to pay the price for their ancestors (male and female) whorrish behavior.

        1. Even the Romans who practiced infanticide thought the Carthaginians were worthy of death. And the Romans were well known for their relationship with death.

        2. Absolutely. The GI Bill created a population of entitled assholes. They were given homes, jobs and free education. and they felt they deserved it.

        3. The more things change…the more they stay the same.
          But since this is the 21st century history will not repeat itself. Ha!

        4. Here here, a nation that sends me against fifty cals should tell me I earned it, and have me just move along now.
          Never run a show fella, if that is how you take care of your crew who operates the back ground. As a rocker who thinks he can do without his stage hands, is a nation who pisses on those who risk their life for it.
          It does not matter if it was all a lie, or a few of them skate through and steal what they never should have gotten. The fact that some of us were available or actually did see combat is important. Otherwise, you burden yourself with well trained assholes who don’t care, and know you treat them with disdain.
          Good luck with that. They come home eventually, and history shows what happens when the service members come home and get shit on and not paid what they were promised.
          If you don’t like it, change the culture. But don’t encourage a society who shits on its warriors. Replace the politicians who order them into useless conflict, or encourage an atmosphere of complacency and government waste.
          I tried several times, and it did not work out too well for me. Yet even though we disagreed, I was not cast out and destroyed. There is a difference.
          Besides, those who are good enough to pass military training, and use the GI Bill for college are incredible workers. I know, I am one. I bring a unique skill set to the table that employers or employees can’t find any where else.

  4. Our grandparents and parents never knew they had it so good. My grandparents were able to raise 6 kids on a truckdriver’s salary, and a stay-at-home mother. That world is gone, gone, gone. We got screwed.
    That’s why in many ways I harbor a lingering resentment for the older generations. They enjoyed the best of what America had to offer. They cashed in on the good jobs, the good societal structure, the good women. (American women back in the day were at least held to some standard). Then that generation ran the country into the ground. They enjoyed the US’s golden age, milked it for all it was worth, then left us holding the bag.
    They sat by in apathy as feminism destroyed the family.
    They sat by in apathy as the US bankrupted itself.
    They sat by in apathy as the 1% plundered the riches of the nation.
    And now they just want to go to Florida and retire. And tell us: “that mess out there….that’s your problem”.

    1. Indeed. Order and hierarchy and a strong, pragmatic male presence is what oversees any golden age. Unfortunately, there are those who believe anything from the past = mean and bad.

    2. You know, I always tire of these “the previous generations fucked us over” arguments, they always lack actual reasoning.
      Sure, our modern generation is SO perfect, we’ll never do anything wrong.

      1. Our present generation just can try and fix the whole mess. But we DIDN´T SCREW the whole thing. Your argument is the one that lacks reasoning.

    3. I hear you, but I fear it’s even worse: many in the older generations did fight for what made America great. They just lost so completely that their names and their fight have been wiped from the history books.

  5. I’d take a bullet for my mother or grandmothers…they fed me well growing up. Feminists can defend themselves.
    That’s all women really have to do…keep us fed.

  6. In the minds of feminists, people like your grandma are willing slaves, Stepford wives and gender traitors. They see nothing wrong with this. To them being a good wife is an imposing obligation forced on poor wimmens, while being a good husband is just a natural and expected duty.

  7. Please answer my question!
    You hate being a lawyer. Do you really think you’d want a stay-at-home wife in practice? I think most men who dislike their jobs would resent that their wives don’t have to suffer the grind.
    Additionally, I wonder if many wouldn’t respect such a woman like they would respect someone bringing in money and would start to subtly mistreat her, as a result.
    Keeping a home well-maintained doesn’t require the time and effort it used to. This is probably part of the motive for the sneering of these guys about traditional women being entitled and lazy to not want to do paid work:
    I can see domesticity being attractive, but I just can’t believe that
    “wife traits” like being good at cooking, budgeting and childcare are
    more attractive to the average man, when he is being drawn to someone as
    a potential marriage partner, than “girlfriend” traits are, such as
    being fit, sexy, playful, easygoing, affectionate and having passionate
    Perhaps women are not domestic not so much because of feminist forces on women, but because their is no romantic/sexual incentive to be- most men really don’t care. Some large surveys suggest as much (other large surveys suggest otherwise).
    I’m very curious to know if, when I pop out babies, my husband is more likely to be secretly resentful if I want to work part-time, if he is a modern, independent man, unfettered by tradition, or more likely to be secretly happy in a way he cannot describe, because most people like traditional gender roles in a family, like it’s part of human DNA to.
    I am about as undomestic as they come, but wanted to take a cooking class and a sewing class this summer to learn skills that will enable dignity and independence (and that might be fun to use, eventually), so this stuff has been on my mind. Quality men have never seems turned off dating me (and I don’t put out easily, as that’s an obvious incentive to “date” anyone; I mean dating me, really) because I forget appointment times and cook eggs in the microwave. I think I got more points for being smart, ultra-fit and silly than lost points for being scatterbrained (children would die under my supervision) and undomestic.

    1. Many men don’t care if their wife works. In fact, men have favored a woman who works since men beat stones together most likely. You think the blacksmiths of the renaissance, or ancient caravan trader allowed their wives to sit on their duff and not handle business either when they were around or while they were gone?
      The problem is simple. Before, men and women’s relationships made sense, their was a reciprocation unique to each couple that worked.
      But now there is easy divorce, abortion or adoption without the man’s consent, family law to grind him up on your behalf, and hordes of worthless woman who castigate and belittle men as a group since before we exit our mother’s womb, and until death; even after in some cases. These women are Radical Feminists. They have had every law, societal function, and agency of every stripe written and/or shaped to be in their favor exclusively.
      You want equality? Then demand they make it equal. If not, shut up.
      Women got their ability to work unhindered (the pill, and maternity leave, and government subsidies for practically every inconvenience real or imagined). The thing is, women are never content. Like a mouse with a cookie, it immediately wants a class of milk.
      Woman today want all of the benefits of the modern world and it’s view of woman when convenient, and the convenience of male disposability and utility of the Victorian Era when it suits them; hold the negative of both please.
      As a sailor, I do my own sowing and cooking, and laundry. I fail to see how this makes you any more or less independent than me; or why I did not need a class to learn it?

      1. Learning sewing and cooking through a class is just an intelligent decision given my personality. The hardest part is starting and a class can be just the environment to help you begin. Maintenance is easier.
        I don’t understand your reply. I asked two questions, really. And figured they’d be interesting to people. And figured they were relevant to the topic. So, I don’t understand why they’re so …. uninteresting to you. And why you’d reply in a hostile way. Why would wanting to understand the average man and his desires motivate, “You want equality? Then demand they make it equal. If not, shut up.” That’s needlessly rude (I didn’t fuck you over, buddy) and I don’t know where you got the idea that I want equality, whatever that means (people use that word to mean radically different things).
        The situation this law guy describes, of grandma cooking and cleaning and grandpa working, and how this class of woman is rare in the USA, I assume she’s rare because she’s not actually wanted and I assume that he himself would not want a younger version of her. Those were really my questions, I guess. Maybe I’m not a good communicator.
        Your answer gave me a “lesson” on the ills radical feminists have done to men, but did not answer whether you would prefer a woman such as this law guy’s grandma or whether possessing domestic and childcare skills is more attractive than being beautiful, kind, etc (ie. good girlfriend traits).
        I should just ask the guys I know. That would be way simpler. And they actually like me, so would probably listen and offer their thoughts and feelings freely. Like how it makes them feel to “provide” or be cooked for, or whether they prefer the alternative. …. The direction that the views and needs of modern men is going is fascinating. This website is popular, yes? So looking for patterns on it could be informative to see what guys want and what the trends in opinion are. It has a lot of “Wish I had an old-fashioned girl” stuff on it, while also having a lot of “cook for yourself, men” and “Don’t play by society’s rules if they don’t benefit you” stuff on it. With regard to traditional home sex roles, the combination of them seems to imply a desire for an equal; a desire for a complement (those do seem inconsistent); frustration at women’s incompetence at basic life skills; blame on feminism for convincing women learning these skills is being oppressed; statement that being cooked for, etc. by a woman motivates a man to want to be a traditional provider or whatnot, himself…. Whatever. I’ll talk to people. I don’t get the seemed contradictions and want to understand the direction of society and the nature of the animals that surround me.

        1. ” I assume she’s rare because she’s not actually wanted”
          It is always wanted. What happened is that in todays world it is much harder to live.
          Back then, one (I repeat 1) income was enough to live a decent life and have children.
          Today it is different. For the same status (say middle class) lifestyle you do need two (I repeat 2) incomes now.
          Thats all. Not much more to say.
          Housewife with female traits, loving and caring for the children will always be the prize. It just happens that back in the day every dork could afford it. Today only a minority can.

        2. Whatever. I’m not being rude, I just don’t care. I also did answer your question. You seem to be portraying yourself as one who wants to know. That’s nice.
          However, whether you are looking for some sort of social convention between the sexes, or a personal understanding is all written in my answer.
          You see, and I will open up a smidge here, guys don’t operate the same way you do. Also, the current model of relationship the way it stands is not so much about who is working anymore. Like the appliances of old freeing up the housewife to more idleness, day care for their kids whether they work or not is just that; a modern appliance. Like a dish washer you load up and then go to the mall, so too is the rapidly growing day care market with college educated “child psychology” experts who raise our kids for us. Work like shopping is a fashionable trend for women, and obligation for a man.
          Life was never simple. Until the fifties, the very decade feminists claim to hate so much. That was the decade that allowed them to stop working, and start thinking how work could benefit them, like another appliance.
          And like you, most women view us as another appliance. The faceless man who completes her wedding script, or the dupe who pays for her kids while she works too; relationships are not the same. They do have one thing in common though. Women have always worked; they just now demand the social conventions they “perceived men had” and want all the social trappings of the housewife when they see fit.
          You cannot reject the utility of the housewife, and simultaneously demand the provider husband role stay as it was; your rightful utility. Marriages have evolved, and our biology and societal functions reject them. We just refuse to notice the uncomfortable truth. Men have shed women as a mate or lover, and now view them as an appliance and or partner; a convenience. Feminism wanted men to be more like women. You can’t feign surprise when your social engineering backfires. What happens when you don’t know what you are doing.
          Careful what you wish for…..
          Essentially, I have deigned not to answer you directly. The answers are there. You will have to think outside your feminine box. I have read your wording, and I feel you have ulterior motives. enjoy.

        3. Ulterior motives… I took an online Dark Triad test a few years back after reading about it on Psychology Today online and scored at the 11th percentile for Machiavelianism. Given that you’re on here, you’d probably score 70th percentile or higher. So, everyone ELSE here is who you should suspect of deception or ulterior motives and comb the words of carefully, not me.
          Also, I’m unusually masculine in personality- androgynous, essentially (except romantically and sexually, in which ways I’m ultra-feminine, in some regards. I find the “contradiction” fascinating and it, and the otherwise-androgyny have helped motivate an interest in human sex differences). That’s probably why I’m attracted to reading the manosphere. I belong here as much as most places. It, and math, and libertarian-conservatism, and being alone, and TED Talks appeal to me. A big book challenge and constant argument (without anyone seeing it as fighting) appeal to me. Applying empirically unsubstantiated victim theories to shame and censor people doesn’t. I hate feminism because feminists are patronizing, they lie, they degrade educational integrity, and they’re anti-excellence and anti- beauty and feminine sex appeal. Also, I like masculine guys, because I’m a heterosexual woman- hence, men, as sexual animals, which is much of how such websites as this speak to men, are of natural interest to me.
          “I” didn’t do any social engieering or “wish for” anything (and am to young to have had any influence on society, anyway), you shoulder-chipped, probably-damaged, overly-vigilant creature.
          That is all.

        4. The cognitive dissonance of your projection on me (70th percentile) and your appeal to your highly intelligent and somewhat feminine sex appeal is nothing I care to discuss. Whether the above is true, or most likely completely false is of no consequence to me.
          Anyone with half a brain can say the same thing about feminism. It has been obvious from its start.
          However, your appeal to Machiavelianism is laughable. You took it online. Cute. I could take an online “test” on how close to (name supposed celebrity alpha male here) I am online. Or take an IQ test and score in the 140+ range. Neither are empirical. Why I rarely stay on facebook.
          “you shoulder-chipped, probably-damaged, overly-vigilant creature.” Again, cute. I think you mean chipped shoulder. Probably damaged? Hehehehehehe. “overly-vigilant creature”…..? I’m not sure how to take that. Perhaps a compliment?
          What an overtly PC savant’s egalitarian quiver of insults you have.
          Word to the “wise” darlin. If you want to say something here, just say it. Men here don’t conduct interviews. They fuck. Supposeedly it is why you are here. You like being around the guys.
          If that is the case then just say it.

  8. “In turn, we’d do anything for grandma.” Except that you don’t. You take this treatment for granted and you expect it because you’re a pretentious lazy ass and when she dies you’d be nostalgic only for being spoiled. Let the female offsprings wash the dishes, I’m way too precious.

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I had a great-grandmother who was mean as a snake but she cooked every Sunday, she was a stay at home mom. She did almost everything this man describes. And even though we couldn’t stand to be around her judgemental behind most of the time, when she called we answered the phone, when she needed groceries we took her, when she needed fire wood we cut it, when she needed anything we did it, all of us not just the men. This is what feminist don’t understand. The minute women walked away from being wives and mothers by being ‘married but independent’ they gave up all of their true power. So to the generation of women before me who started this crap; thanks for nothing.

  9. the way to have this is via MONEY!.
    whereas before you could have it by unspoken contract and love, now everything (even love) is a commodity to be traded.
    before, women traded this role without putting a price on it… they offered their services as nurturer and supporter (and sex monkey) in return for provision and protection.
    Grandma cooks those meals, but Grandpa paid the ingredients, why the hell should he wash up the dishes ?
    Today, women can go out and work for themselves and provide and protect themselves. Therefore if you want a woman in the old fashioned role, you simply have to pay for one to do a job.
    This is actually a much fairer arrangement.
    One of the most honest transactions you will enter into.
    Most of the disappointment in marriage and LTR is simply down to all kinds of unspoken contracts being broken.

  10. I’m 28 and both of my grandmothers were housewives from the Westchester area, New York. One Jewish, one Italian..typical households from the peak of the era and it’s definitely a time machine visiting the Italian side (same house, same neighborhood). I feel lucky to have experienced this.
    Today, my fiance has a full time career and does well for herself. If she didn’t want to work I wouldn’t force her to, but it really makes things easier financially. She’s also always willing to share and spread the wealth. I don’t know how they did it with all those kids and one salary, but everything just seemed to work so well. It’s definitely a dying bread. I have female relatives and friends that have struggled with non-existent careers and have even attempted to go back to “school” as a way to avoid being strictly labeled a housewife. There seems to be this sense of entitlement that they deserve a career regardless of what choices they have made in their life. I don’t see anything wrong with a career as a housewife. It seems that some are ashamed or feel they have been defeated by making this choice. To me, it’s really about doing your part and bringing something to table (no pun intended). I can relate to the “magical event” that you are speaking of and it was positive experience for everyone. That generation is soooo different from mine it’s unbelievable. The truth is that times are no longer that simple. I’m glad that females can now pursue careers etc. They should be given the right and choice, and just like men it takes hard work. However, if they were to replicate our grandmothers, it’s really not a choice to be ashamed of…thoughts?

  11. Hmmm, interesting that no one sees the blatant hypocrisy in this article compared to the rest of the blog. You see all these kitchen jokes, and gender oriented derogatory commentary, pictures of women breastfeeding in a negative light and then go “oh gee, why don’t women do more “woman” things?
    Oh, I don’t know you fucking moron, maybe it’s because SOCIETY, men included, do NOT respect femininity?! Taking care of a family, child raring, being proud of your husbands accomplishments and supporting him was NEVER respected. Not saying it was not appreciated, but it was never respected.
    And women being humans and all, respect is a natural need. Blame it on feminism all you want, but the truth is until we start respecting what women do naturally, you will find more and more women despising their natural tendencies in search of respect and glory. And the way the world is set up to say, you only get respect by doing masculine things.

    1. You’re wrong about that. Patriarchies respect their women, it’s the feminists that shamed the traditional women. They made it shameful to be a stay at home mom, and degraded it.

  12. Out of curiosity, was your grandmother as sexually promiscuous as you seem to like your women?
    This is a trend I see in society these days. To date, men want the fun and energetic young thing who is willing to spread her legs within the first couple of dates. But to marry, they still want the virgin. All of a sudden, it matters to them whether or not she has notches on her bedpost. The girl they date casually is never one that they will marry. She is never good enough to take home to mom.
    If men want the women to be of the variety found in the past, then they need to be the men women found in the past.
    In the past, a man gave a women commitment. He wooed her. He put himself out there. He courted her and married her. Men these days don’t seem to want that. This website itself is all about ‘Game’ and how to sleep with the maximum number of women. How to be the alpha male.
    But how about not having multiple partners at the same time? How about committing all your time and effort to one woman?
    If women like your grandmother are becoming Dodo birds it is because they are not finding loving husbands like your grandfather.
    Want my advice on finding a woman that is like your grandmother and having that
    kind of a relationship? Stop searching in bars or clubs. You won’t find them there. Go to your local soup kitchen. There you will find a girl with a generous heart who gives her time and effort to help others in need. She will be that good girl you seek. And as you all have prophesied, will love it rough in bed too. But then you need to give her your time and effort. She needs to be exclusive to you and she needs to be wooed. If she is not, she will move on and leave you scratching your heads wondering where the good girls went.
    Being of Indian descent I am as traditional as they come. But I want a man who is traditional too. Not these pseudo-traditional males clogging this website only here to learn how to pick up women. I may be a Dodo but what I am looking for seems to have become all but extinct.

    1. Men don’t do all this courtship because they want to. They only do it if they have to. Since women don’t require it anymore, we don’t do it anymore. Simple as that. When women wake up and demand to be treated like ladies, men will treat them like ladies.

  13. I get that traditional values are good in someway, because they give women great knowledge about her life as a wife and a mother, but this goes a bit to far into over traditionalism. Your cousin “despises men that want to know what her education and vocation are?” . I don’t think it should offend you either way if he asks if you know how to cook or if you have graduated college. It’s it would be kind of bitchy as much as the “Oh, you want to know if I cook? you probably believe i belong in the kitchen!” rethoric feminists often use.

  14. I’m sure you let grandma know how much you appreciate her. If not, please start. Good article.

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