New Birth Control Ads Show Women’s Fucked Up Priorities

Every time I see a semi-attractive girl in line at the pharmacy I assume she’s picking up birth control. More times than not, her body language and outfit remove all doubt. I’m shocked at the club attire that chicks have the temerity to wear to pick up their Nuvaring. It’s as if they intend to use it inside the very Walgreens the moment they get it.

In a general sense, I don’t object to birth control. It’s given me, and men like me, unprecedented access to the naughty bits of a variegated and replenishing bin of 20-somethings. In theory, at least, it keeps women from having a bunch of unnecessary kids from performing the task of emptying their husbands’ balls every couple of days. And, truth be told, that’s how birth control was marketed for a long time. Women could control how many children they could have inside of their committed relationships.

Things have changed.

In just the past couple of years, I’ve seen a drastic shift in the tone of marketing campaigns for women’s birth control. Gone are the wives and fathers of previous pitches. Enter the floozies. Today’s woman, the new ads inform us, is busy. So busy and distracted, in fact, that taking a pill every day is too much of a burden. Ron Popeil’s famous set-it-and-forget model has reached the American pussy in the shape of rings and wishbones and an array of other suppositories. You crush the thing into the love canal and don’t have to worry about “forgetting” to take your pill.

A recent campaign is even more eyebrow-raising. An off-brand IUD (intrauterine device) product that goes by the name “Skyla” recently put out a series of banner ads not just trumpeting the just-how-busy girls are these days, but just how much their hobbies and extravagant dreams are stand-ins for motherhood. Musical instruments and introductory textbooks, we learn, are the same as fulfilling your biological imperative of producing healthy offspring during your prime years. Having children is mutually exclusive with a rewarding life.



These ads naturally inspired excoriating lampoons at the RVF. Because let’s face it: the overwhelming majority of 20-somethings aren’t postponing children to become cello virtuosos or movie makers. They’re putting off motherhood for such frivolities as riding the cock carousel, accumulating pets to serve as child proxies, and pissing away their days—one swipe at a time—on their precious iPhones.









I’ve always said you can tell more about a society by its advertisements than by its politicians. Skyla’s new ad campaign only seems to reinforce that belief.

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378 thoughts on “New Birth Control Ads Show Women’s Fucked Up Priorities”

  1. Just one more reason why the latter is becoming the increasingly obvious answer to the Bush era “you’re either with us or them” question.

  2. Fuck yea a Tuthmosis article!! Been waiting for this for a few weeks 🙂

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        1. it wouldn’t upload for some reason…. probably too long for her server to manage…

      1. I really should delete this big black cock comment but it really fits the discussion. 36 upvotes do not lie.

        1. Because stupid women do a certain set of stupid things from rejecting motherhood to miscegenating.

  3. No doubt birth control broke the damn wall and allowed feminists to flood the mainstream media and cultural zeitgeist of a sexual revolution with the mantra that women were oppressed for their sexual desires because they could dictate who they had children with and what social and economic benefits they could extract. Having the best of both worlds- still having the social clout of being with the alpha yet still having the economic security of the beta as a windfall. I can only hope with a glimmer in my eye that a male sexual revolution will occur when men have the pill. With almost a sense of a sense of certainty the social and economic repercussions would drown out the feminist mantra when no man has children with women who have no family values. The position of power will change.

    1. I find myself being a bit dubious about the male pill. As has been mention, the female counterpart messes around with hormone. One can only assume it would be the same for testosterone. I can the the male version of the pill being a softer version of chemical castration. I may be completely off base with this as I cannot be arsed looking into the science but want makes you think they would be willing to give man any benefits whatsoever. Just something to look out for I guess.

      1. Male birth control does mess with hormones, but not the way your thinking. And it’s certainly NOT chemical castration, it’s actually the opposite. If you take testosterone, you’re body will see enough test in the body and will shut off production. Without test production in the body, you will stop making sperm. So, there’s your birth control, no sperm, no kids.
        However, because you are taking test, you’ll still have as much sex drive (and likely a lot more) than you had before. You still have an orgasm, and still have an ejaculation. There’s just no sperm in it.
        The reason this hasn’t been released and that it’s not common knowledge is, as you said above, nobody wants to give men that advantage. Test increases muscle, aggression, and decreases fat. So, if you take male birth control, you’ll be bigger, meaner and better looking than you were before. And sterile. It’s not something that the government wants out there, especially when they spent years demonizing steroids (remember the congressional baseball trials, what a farce!).
        Also, IMHO, the reason you don’t see more knowledge/acceptance of male hormonal birth control is because it would cause a catastrophic drop in worldwide birth rates, much more so than even the female pill did. 50% of births today are unplanned. How many of those do you think would occur if guys could take a drug that would make them sterile, aggressive, better looking and more muscular? Let’s just say, “not a lot of them” is probably a good guess. Birth rates would drop far below replacement rate and the economy would start to topple (more so than it already is) as more and more men decide that they don’t want to have children in the world as it is today.
        I’m hoping to write an article here about how to use hormonal male birth control, what to take, where to get it (legally) and how to test to make sure it’s working. I’m hoping there’s enough interest to get something rolling, but, this knowledge has been suppressed for FAR too long; too many men are facing the choice of perm sterility or “oops children”. It’s time that others understand what bodybuilders have known for 50 years; test makes most people sterile, it’s easily reversible and, of course, it makes muscle grow.

        1. Wouldn’t this feminised society love that. But by that token I would love to here more about this testosterone option. Seems like there is a whole lot of win with that option. Do you think that should a commercial option ever become available, that it would be based upon a synthetic testosterone or that they would go down any alternative route that would present the axillary benefits?

        2. The reason we don’t have it today is because a feminised society demands that we don’t. There’s absolutely no technical reason that any drug company out there couldn’t release a hormonal BC solution for men tomorrow. Any endocrinologist knows what I’m saying and knows that it works this way. There are some problems with it (namely, you have to inject it), and it’s not as effective as the pill (some people are non-responders), but, if you respond (90% of people do) you’ll have a solution just like the female version without many downsides and lots of upsides (no kids, big muscles, aggression, etc).
          I don’t think that they will release a version based on testosterone until the political climate changes. And it is changing now, “Androgel” is just testosterone, and they are advertising it on TV/magazines now. Rub on some Androgel, become sterile. It’s pretty much that simple, although, testosterone is MUCH more effective and reliable when delivered in a shot rather than as a cream. But, the wall around “demon steroids” is starting to fall. Problem is, when guys realize that Androgel is like “the pill” and the birth rate drops through the floor, will the knowledge/chemicals be suppressed again? Who knows, but, what I do know, is, if it became more widespread, it would totally change gender interactions between men and women (in our favor). Not knowing if the guy is taking “the pill” and if you can trap him or “accidentally” get preggo is a huge problem for women. Frankly, most my friends who are married who have kids have them because of a “birth control failure” which is code word for “Bitch “forgot” to take the pill”. Let me tell you, no guy on earth who doesn’t want kids is going to forget to take his damn shot!
          The other benefits are because it’s testosterone, not because it’s birth control. That’s why they don’t want to give it to us, not because it doesn’t have enough benefits, but because it has too many (and those benefits are very troubling for feminists; good looking, strong men walking around who can’t knock them up is bad news in their playbook).
          Write in to the site and tell them you’d be interested in this article; I’m happy to write it, but it’s going to be long and way too detailed to go into a reply.

        3. Overtaxxed, can’t wait to see that information. Feel free to email me that information.

        4. It was always my understanding that as long as the right dosage of testosterone is taken and 3 months has passed by that there is no such thing as a non responder when it comes to sterility. I think the non responder stuff comes from the fact that the average dose of test E or C is 100 mg a week, and that this dose will put most men in the 700 ng/dl to 800 ng/dl range. A few unfortunate souls actually need 300 mg of test to reach 800-900 ng/dl.
          So if one of these guys takes 100 mg a week it will only slightly boost his test level, and its not going to completely shut down his natural test and sperm production. The other problem is that even if you are on the right dosage of test, it takes 3 months for your sperm cells to die.
          My point is, as long as a guy takes an amount of testosterone that will completely shut down his testosterone production, and waits 3-6 months, he will be sterile. Of course I am open to being wrong, but I have never heard of any real evidence of someone being a non responder when it comes to test. It’s always been either all of the guys sperm cells haven’t died yet, or he is not taking enough test to completely shut down his own natural test production.

        5. Honestly, I’ve never known anyone who didn’t respond, I’m only quoting research that I’ve read that said that some people did not become sterile and they don’t really understand why. Simple solution, buy a microscope and learn how to use it; it’s not that hard. If you see lots of swimmers, you’re not sterile. If you see none/very few, you are.
          I take 240mg/wk split into 2 shots. Puts me in the high 1000’s, low 2000’s total test. Not a single swimmer after 2-3 months on it, and now, years later, still none of those little bastards showing up. 😉

        6. I’ve been on 180 mg a week myself for about 2 years now. I cant go any higher than that without an AI. 210 mg a week was giving me high estrogen nightmares and I prefer to not use an AI. I will keep that microscope in mind though if I ever get curious lol. I had low fertility before I started TRT though and at this point I’m 99.9999% I am sterile.

        7. The problem with using testosterone as a male hormonal BC is that it is often not reversible. That is to say you can take it for a while and then when you go off it you stay sterile. I know lots of you guys say, “So what?”, but what most young guys want is a temporary sterility. If you want permanent then just get a vasectomy.

        8. Mikediver:
          That’s primary people who take huge doses (bodybuilders) not people who take TRT or slightly supra-physiological doses. But, yes, it’s a potential problem. However, I will say, I’ve been in the bodybuilding world for almost 2 decades now and I’ve never known a guy, even the most hardcore “abuser” of steroids who couldn’t restart. Took enough HCG to start a hormonal response in people just walking by him, but, he did restart.
          But, yes, just like female BC, there’s a risk of possible perm sterility. If you’re really worried about it, freeze your sperm before you go on male birth control.

        9. Fas:
          Don’t be afraid of AI’s, they will make you feel much better if your E is even a little high. I take Arimidex, .5mg 3X per week. However, you need to get your E2 level tested and see where you land. What I’ll tell you, if your E is even a little high, you’re going to feel a LOT better if you bring it down to the bottom of the range. Of course, if you take it too far, you’ll feel like shit too, E is a dirty bitch, too much or too little and you feel like shit.

      2. Some show promise. Imagine what that would do to the “oops” industry?

      3. That’s basically the problem. In women fertility and arousal aren’t linked at the chemical level, but it turns out if you monkey with a man’s ability to have children he loses the interest in or ability to have sex. That’s why we don’t already have a male pill.

        1. Sorry tsotha, but that’s complete BS. You go shoot 2-300mgs per week of testosterone and then come back here in a month and tell us all how you have “no interest or ability to have sex”. That should be pretty comical.
          For those who don’t get the sarcasm there, testosterone raises your sex drive, sometimes dramatically (the humorous comments abound on bodybuilding sites, one of my favorite was the guy who said he needed to get his sex drive under control because, after starting test, he was “beating off in traffic on his way home from work”).
          The reason we don’t have a male hormonal birth control method is because it’s based on testosterone and testosterone is “evil”. It has nothing at all to do with men and them losing the drive if they are shooting blanks. Trust me, I shoot blanks, and I have as much/more drive than just about anyone else I know at my age. Of course, I don’t have kids, so I spend a lot of time sleeping and relaxing, 2 things that are actually necessary to have a sex drive.

    2. The last thing you want is a male pill. Don’t mess around putting chemicals in your body. The negative effects could seriously affect your grandchildren. This is no joke.

      1. Do you have any research to back up the idea that testosterone causes defects in children after the father stops taking it? Because, if not, you’re just making up a story and you’re part of the problem in preventing men from having hormonal birth control. If you do, please present it, because I’d love to see it.

        1. I was responding to FisherKing who vaguely mentioned the “male pill”. There are many mooted forms of male “pills” of which testosterone injections are only one form.

        2. Like what? Give some sources of a “male pill” of any sort that causes genetic damage that can be passed down through generations.

        3. The best male BC pill, not available due to no one willing to fund it, is Gandarusa. It is an Indonesian plant extract that in several studies of significant size and duration has been 100% effective and 100% reversible. It is no non-hormonal. It acts by deactivating a protein on the surface of the sperm; making it unable to penetrate the ovum.

        4. Yes, this shows great promise. Again, nobody will fund this stuff because of the obvious implications to society if men get a non-detectable method to control their fertility. It would be <3 years after something like this was released before the wall would start to fall. Government would become desperate to the level that we’ve never seen in modern history because, without a constant supply of new taxpayers, it will topple. It will only take a small change in the fertility for a short period of time to get the wheels in motion

        5. Test is not the only option mate. That said, it presents another set of problems. Synthetics have their effects and then their side effects.

        6. There isn’t one is there? Thats the problem. We have not yet been able to study the epigenetic effects of the female pill yet because a) it would be unethical and b) not enough time is past. What we are finding out now is that certain chemicals absorbed into the food and water supply (and transdermally) have effected not the daughter but the grand-daughter resulting in sterility. The danger of a male pill is that we do not know what the epigenetic effects will be. And when we do, it could be too late to do anything about it. We are talking mass sterility and potentially extinction level events.
          I am not saying that this is definitely the result of taking a male pill but to me, the risk of introducing unnecessary chemicals into your germ line is not worth the short term gain.

      2. Agreed. The male birth control pill will not be your savior. It will be as damaging to your health long term as the female equivalent.
        When in doubt, use condoms.

    3. “The position of power will change. ”
      -> Yes from the western world to the asians.

      1. Another good option, something I look forward to seeing. Not too keen on a needle in my balls though. 🙂
        We can control procreation today; it’s just that most men don’t know how or that it’s very easy and safe. While I’m all for more options like RSIUG, I also want to make sure that others know that there’s no need to wait; I’ve been on birth control for years; no kids, no sperm, no significant negative side effect (and some very significant positive ones).

        1. It used to be a man was proud of his sperm production. How times have changed!

        2. Hey man I have 5 children but even I fear for their fate. Will they find good spouses? I will not allow them to use the internet or have a cell phone until they are adults, even though I will be teaching them computer science and programming along with advanced telecommunications since those are hobbies of mine. I don’t blame young men for fearing children. They will do the dirty work of equalizing and/or destroying our sick society while I have the job of raising red pill kids for the next gen. A one-two punch! I’ll leave the dead to bury their dead.

        3. For me a large part of the problem with children is that they are not allowed to work. This makes them incredibly expensive. It used to be you wanted a lot of children, partly because of mortality and partly because they represented an economic boon once they reached a certain age.

      2. I take back my upvote after reading the article in the link. I assumed it had to do with testosterone injections. Still like the idea, but not as much as test injections.

      3. We already have male birth control. It’s called don’t come inside her (pussy). In my opinion, the societal problems we are all lamenting stem from female sexual activity severed from the natural consequences to women that are inherent in sex. Not risks (disease), but consequences (procreation). Male contraceptives are a solution in search of a problem, and I think they may generate some unanticipated problems if adopted.

  4. Superbly written article.
    “Ron Popeil’s famous set-it-and-forget model has reached the
    American pussy in the shape of rings and wishbones and an array of other
    suppositories. You crush the thing into the love canal and don’t have
    to worry about “forgetting” to take your pill.”
    “the overwhelming majority of 20-somethings aren’t postponing children to become cello virtuosos or movie makers. They’re putting off motherhood for such frivolities as riding the cock carousel, accumulating pets to serve as child proxies, and pissing away their days—one swipe at a time—on their precious iPhones.”
    +1000 times
    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. 1000x times.
    I fell off laughing from my chair reading the hilarious sarcasm in those paragraphs.
    But again, that’s the truth about the dysfunctional breed of women today.
    You’re a superb writer, Tuthmosis.

    1. I never see any woman just walking in my city. She is always looking at her phone even when crossing a busy street.
      Went to the clinic with my wife A young girl had positioned herself at the entrance so she could stand there looking at her phone while feigning to ignore the rest of humanity. “Look at me look at me look at me ignoring you because I am communicating with someone important on my phone. Do not dare attempt to interact with me.”

      1. I’m switching back to a flip phone when my “device upgrade” window opens this fall. I finally switched to a smartphone in 2012 after years of steering clear because I didn’t want to become the person that can’t enjoy their surroundings. I was pretty good at treating my iPhone like a normal phone for about six months to a year, but now I noticed that I am always reading sports articles on it when I am “bored” in public. It is unhealthy, and I am shutting my self off to possible interaction with the strangers around me. I spend enough time looking at a screen at work; I don’t need to spend any more time of doing that in my free time.

        1. I have fallen victim to that myself. The smartphone is not a net benefit to society. Unfortunately, it’s also a fact.

        2. It will be like trying to quit crack. I told myself I will never buy another smart phone, couldn’t do it. Thank God I never got the facebook disease.

        3. Agree and it’s a good move.
          I stopped carrying my phone into different places (I leave it in the car just in case I need it). But I’ve stopped carrying it around with me.
          It does give you a sense of new found freedom or more of a care free attitude.

      2. Take her phone, drop it in a grande latte, hand it back and say “there, I fixed it for you”.

    1. My advice: bleach and coat hanger may yet be the safest, cheapest and have the greatest net societal benefits for some of the new generation.

      1. I think it is, but the fact that anyone’s even considering it possibly valid says enough.

        1. Haha she even admits that he is a nice guy, and therefore can be fucked via child support. No sense of right or wrong whatsoever.

        2. I keep losing hope for humanity when I see questions such as that… 🙁

        3. “Nice guy” = “doormat”
          Yet another example on why you should treat a single mom like a dalit in India or a Japanese burakumin.

        4. Here’s a book idea: Compile questions like these as a young men’s survival guide.

        5. “Edit: The real dad died in a car accident almost seven years ago…”
          Lucky bastard.

        6. This doesn’t surprise me. Women in general do not value things like honor in the same way that Men (not males) do. Women do the right thing because it’s the law, Men do the right thing because of an adherence to the golden rule aka honor. I am of course referring to secular women; most Women of faith abide by the religious equivalent that prevents them from waxing despicably over things like this.

        7. Yes. Throughout history it is Men by a larger margin who have held things like honor in high esteem wheras Women did not or did so to a much lesser degree. Even today ask any female on the street why they should obey the law and i will bet you that most (the secular ones) will say “because i don’t want to go to jail.”
          That is NOT honor, that is simply doing the right thing because it is required of you.
          You see, an adherence to honor requires an objective disposition that is not inimically influenced by emotion.
          Because of their physiological nature Women tend to be more influenced by their emotions, hence a prioritization of the self over a selfless disposition.
          This is why you see things like this: A female finding no issue whatsoever with taking a Man to court over a motive as despicable as this.

        8. LOL, women even trying to make betas pay for sex and kids they didn’t have and aren’t theirs.

        9. Yeah paternity fraud is the law. Women do whatever the fuck they think will benefit them most. If they don’t get their way, they go get a woman’s group to change the law until they do and play the gender card.

        10. Okay, I understand some women are bad, but some people in general are bad. Generalizing won’t do you any good. Just make you look like a bigot.
          Maybe you should all try homosexuality.
          Hue Hue Hue
          Hue Hue Hue Hue
          Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue

        11. I think you are making a gross overstatement when you say ‘women’ without a ‘some’ in front of it. Did your mother not love you?
          Maybe you should try homosexuality.
          Hue Hue Hue
          Hue Hue Hue Hue
          Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue

        12. My mother was born in an islamic republic under french colonial rule where women did what their husbands and fathers said. A girl who behaved like the typical american woman was usually hanged in the town square and every other girl was told not to behave like that savage

        13. Topkek,
          And this is the principle you are basing your hatred, or prejudice, towards American women on?
          Fucking Islamic culture is like 600 years behind in human rights. I feel sorry for your mother.

        14. Same thing with freedom. Security is priority one and freedom is a threat to said security. To women freedom only means being able to to do what they “feel” like doing when they “feel” like doing it.

        15. I can see where you would get that assumption. Men where were required to codes of honor because let’s face it only men were allowed to be knights, for a long time only men could go to college, for a long time only men were allowed to go to war and fight for freedom of not only their men, but their people that resided at home.
          But you are wrong in the fact that honor such as that is the ONLY honor. Women had to stay at home, have children, feed and love their children, while also answering the whims of their husbands in order to repay him for the stability and peace of mind that she had. That is also honor. That is a thing that women have done for centuries and some women still continue to do today.
          On another note, if you were to walk up to a non-secular human being ( notice how I didn’t say male or female), and you asked them why they wouldn’t do something such as steal or murder they might say” Because it is wrong.” You may ask why and they will probably say ” Because it is against God”. That is just another way of saying, I do not want to receive punishment not only by the degrees of this earth, but in the degrees of the next life. Saying you will not because it is wrong in the eyes of God, is saying you will not because you would be sent to damnation if you do. Which is just a more spiritual way of saying, ” because I don’t want to go to jail.”

        16. The questions aren’t real. They’re posted by MRA trolls.
          It’s not a matter of honor, specifically, but also empathy and morality that drives people to adhere to a specific behavioral code. Women usually score higher on those types of tests and are actually more likely than men to report crimes.
          Men who feel “all women” behave a certain way are exposing themselves to the wrong women. Go to church on Sunday, or an art class on an early Saturday morning. Meet new people who aren’t bar hopping sluts. You might be surprised.

        17. Firstly, it isn’t an assumption. If it was, females of today in general would be proving me wrong more often than not, instead of proving me right.
          What you listed of the past has no bearing on our present conversation…now that females can do all these things and more, they still don’t show the same degree of honor as males do, if at all. For example: most females in the corporate world are too busy trying to bust chops because they are trying to be considered as tough as males…they will assign blame and will rarely own up to making a mistake. I should know, i have worked in the corporate setting for several years now and it was always the same. Other Men can offer their experiences as well. Where is the honor there?
          Secondly, what you listed as far as honor goes in regards to females being caretakers, has more to do with an instinctual response to the social stimuli of progeny, which makes the nurturing effect in most females come to the surface. Granted it can be resisted so it’s not absolute HOWEVER it still should not be considered honor any more than a parent is considered “honorable” simply because he or she does not kill his children for annoying him (for ex)
          Finally, the fundamental flaw in your final response is equating the reasoning behind obeying the law on secular terms and obeying the law on religious terms. The first is far less sophisticated a reason than the second, which entails obeying the laws of an (invisible) God with no immediate and clear punishment. To put it another way, it’s far easier to break God’s law than Man’s, therefore those who do not, value things like law with a far greater standard than those who merely follow Man’s law, for fear of immediate legal consequences.
          Your comments therefore, are straw Man in nature.

        18. These reports you mention are offset by the fact that females tend to be more liberal than males on social issues, specifically the two biggest ones: homosexual marriage and abortion. These two especially are the litmus test for what passes for “morality’ in the eye of the beholder.
          And i don’t believe all females are necessarily like this, just a majority. Indeed, the religious ones tend to be more in possession of things like honor, at least.
          If you’ve read my comments from the past, you’d realize i recommend going to church for the same reason you mentioned. We are in agreement on that much, at least.

        19. On the contrary, the past has everything to do with our present conversation, because the past explains the condition of the current world and our world in the future.
          For example, women being seen as the more fragile sex in the past and present has forced some of them to prove themselves as aggressive and strong (traits we traditionally award to men) in order to receive respect not only from male peers but even female peers. As a man you would not know that struggle to its exact nature, because you haven’t experienced the life of a woman in a predominately male atmosphere. That is nature, to be physically smaller and more fragile than the other animals in your environment, but to bite back harder and make yourself seem bigger. Perhaps if more men would accept a woman who wants a film career or wants to become a musician or as one of their peers more often a woman would not have to bust anyone’s balls to deserve respect, but that is the world we live in and it’s a double edged sword.
          I also did not say that you are honorable just for giving birth and making sure your child doesn’t kill themselves before they are off on their own. But to give up your life goals or perhaps struggle to make sure someone is fed sometimes in place of yourself, that is honorable. Which, by the way, is why a lot of women choose birth control to avoid having children. Some women are not ready for a husband or children, and while it is honorable to be a mother ( or a father) it is honorable because there is great sacrifice in being a parent. In some ways, putting off parenthood when you are aware that you are not ready for it, is the more honorable thing to do. You know, so you don’t just sit your kid in front of the tv while you are off trying to live your dream.
          But that does not mean that women who do not birth children period are not honorable. And a child should not state her success in life, just as the number of wives a man has should not state his success in life. I have seen women travel to third world countries. I have seen women become nurses, doctors, police officers, and other things. Perhaps we are speaking to very different groups of women, because I go to college and have female professors and fellow students whose honor would shame many men. Not just in their positions in life, but just as people in general. Besides, there are men who rape, kill, beat, and commit crimes like women do. Did you not hear about the three male football players that raped a girl and filmed it? Perhaps you heard about the man who shot up a school of children. Yes, I know of the women you speak of, but there are equal amounts of bad people in both genders. For you to demonize one and not the other is wrong. Because I could say, I have seen men who have proven my point and the point of other women and that makes all men less honorable than women or even myself. Though I don’t, because that is a general accusation that is wrong in so many ways, because a handful or even hundreds of women can not speak for an entire gender.
          As for that last part, I am not going to answer due to the fact it is rather off topic, but if you wish to continue that argument then by all means say more.

        20. “On the contrary, the past has everything to do with our present conversation, because the past explains the condition of the current world and our world in the future.”
          I would agree if you weren’t attempting to use the past as a means of justifying females current narcissistic attitudues and hopelessly paltry imitations of male strength. I also disagree with your entire premise that essentially can be summed up as “if women were allowed to be knights, they would have been great knights” there is no evidence to justify such a belief, indeed one can clearly see that in regards to occupations where physical labor is a given (firefighter today, and knight in the past) women would never have excelled, simply because their physiology is not designed for sustained manual labor. I’m not sure if you’re aware but a suit of armor or firefighting equpment isn’t exactly lightweight. I therefore question your judgement in regards to your suppositional argument that women would have made decent knights.
          “For example, women being seen as the more fragile sex in the past and present has forced some of them to prove themselves as aggressive and strong (traits we traditionally award to men) in order to receive respect not only from male peers but even female peers. As a man you would not know that struggle to its exact nature, because you haven’t experienced the life of a woman in a predominately male atmosphere. That is nature, to be physically smaller and more fragile than the other animals in your environment, but to bite back harder and make yourself seem bigger. Perhaps if more men would accept a woman who wants a film career or wants to become a musician or as one of their peers more often a woman would not have to bust anyone’s balls to deserve respect, but that is the world we live in and it’s a double edged sword.”
          The only “force” involved is voluntarily instituted. Women who try to pass themselves off as males in the work field do not earn respect from their male peers (rather their scorn) because it is often the case that their interpreted definition of “acting male” is a ridicuolously pantomimed version of male bravado aka machoism. When a female does it, it simply comes across as artificial and it breeds a reaction of digust, because any perpective male will interpret it as a front for insecurity. Women who excel in the workforce do so becasue they remain Women, not because they to act like a cartoonish version of a Man.
          You speak of women in the workplace as if they are constantly harassed for being females, when i’ve found the opposite to be true. I personally have been sexually harassed undeniably on at least one occasion and subtlely on several. Other Men can provide you proof of their own likewise examples. Females in the office in general do not honor the same corporate rules they hold men’s feet accountable for. I may not be a female but i have seen this multiple times during my corporate career; talented males being passed over for promotion simply because they were not in the clique of the head female, and females gossipping and backbiting about each other during moments of gender based solidarity. Hell, i’ve even heard it from other females how bad it is to work for a female, it’s been quite often that (through a whisper) i’ve been told by a Woman that working for a females can be an especially obnoxious experience for a Woman who does not want to partake of the drama that females in charge tend to bring more often than not. They prefer working for and with Men, and i certainly cannot blame them for thinking that, because i agree. Men by their very nature are not gossippers, nor do they engage in the petty backbiting most females do as a matter of habit.
          Perhaps if more females didn’t try to pass themselves off as male, there would be far more mutual gender respect in the work force and there wouldn’t be as much of a need or reliance on current sexual harassment laws, especially given that (as they stand) they are typically exploited by females who think nothing of getting a Man fired simply because he was acting on biological inspiration to ask them out. This only reinforces the belief of females in the workplace being weak and insecure, because they prefer to rely on unfair rules designed to insulate them from having to interact maturely with an adult of the opposite sex. These rules act in defiance of the natural roles Men and Women play on the stage of life, which reduce Men to the role of potential predator and Women to the role of helpless victim. While there does exist legitimate sexual harassment from Males to Women (and females to Men) most so called sexual harassment cases against Men were nothing of the sort. There is also same sex harassment, incidentally.
          “I also did not say that you are honorable just for giving birth and making sure your child doesn’t kill themselves before they are off on their own. But to give up your life goals or perhaps struggle to make sure someone is fed sometimes in place of yourself, that is honorable. Which, by the way, is why a lot of women choose birth control to avoid having children. Some women are not ready for a husband or children, and while it is honorable to be a mother ( or a father) it is honorable because there is great sacrifice in being a parent. In some ways, putting off parenthood when you are aware that you are not ready for it, is the more honorable thing to do. You know, so you don’t just sit your kid in front of the tv while you are off trying to live your dream.”
          “But that does not mean that women who do not birth children period are not honorable. And a child should not state her success in life, just as the number of wives a man has should not state his success in life. I have seen women travel to third world countries. I have seen women become nurses, doctors, police officers, and other things. Perhaps we are speaking to very different groups of women, because I go to college and have female professors and fellow students whose honor would shame many men. Not just in their positions in life, but just as people in general. Besides, there are men who rape, kill, beat, and commit crimes like women do. Did you not hear about the three male football players that raped a girl and filmed it? Perhaps you heard about the man who shot up a school of children. Yes, I know of the women you speak of, but there are equal amounts of bad people in both genders. For you to demonize one and not the other is wrong. Because I could say, I have seen men who have proven my point and the point of other women and that makes all men less honorable than women or even myself. Though I don’t, because that is a general accusation that is wrong in so many ways, because a handful or even hundreds of women can not speak for an entire gender.”
          Some things are expected of a human being in order for that human being to remain humane. Being a good parent is one of them. Clothing, feeding and tending to a child are all things you are expected to do as a parent. You don’t get any special points for being a good parent. These do not qualify as honor. Then there are things that a human being can do that go above and beyond what is normally expected of them as a human being or parent.Those are usually considered honorable acts. In regards to a parent, making sure that child has the best education possible, sacrificing everything including personal happiness for the benefit of the child is honorable, because it goes beyond the normal expectations tethered to a parent.These actions and more differentiate a good parent from a GREAT one. The very definition of the word honor is “respect” which is what a parent shows a child when they do more than is merely expected, but actually go above and beyond.
          I therefore see it as being neither honorable nor dishonorable for a Woman not to have a child because she feels she is “not ready” it’s merely a circumstance of her self centered priorities, which may be legitimate (income necessity) or purely selfish. There comes a time however, when a female must decide whether she is denying her biological destiny by continuing to focus on a career. Like salmon swimming back upstream, a Woman’s biological role is fufilled by going with nature and becoming a Mother, which is essential for the human species to propagate itself. While not every female can, those that can and do not, are unintentionally or otherwise denying the role nature has assigned to them regardless of their personal feelings on the matter. I would therefore disagree with you that a child “should not state her success in life” because biology would state otherwise in all but a few marginal unnatural exceptions. Being a doctor or lawyer while prestigious, means very little in the scope of mankind. It is ground that has been trodden by others and in most cases, it has been trodden far more often and far more effectively by Men. You may disagree but the facts stand as they are. Most Doctors are male. Most physicists are male. Most inventors are male. Most chess players are male and from those the masters are exclusively male. Most architects are male. There is no longer an excuse that Women are denied these roles, in fact, one could argue that there are gender based affirmative action programs that exist to give females an unfair professional advantage over males and even still, males tend to thrive in each of the careers i mentioned and many more. Males in general tend to excel at EVERY career that requires intelligence, strength, and tenacity as well as the obligatory logical mind, which most women lack in abundance due to a physiology that is susceptible to hormonal influence and emotional sabotage. This is undeniable biological fact.
          Furthermore, you should specify what you mean as birth control. If you are including abortion, i would disagree that that is honorable, since it is the murder of developing life.
          For the record and with regard to your point about honorable females and dishonorable males, please bear in mind that i already made mention that most females tend to operate dishonorably as a matter of habit, but it’s not necessarily all of them. The religious ones tend to carry more honor than the secular ones, because of a belief in a higher power that holds them accountable for their actions in things that are not necessarily illegal. The secular ones however, are almost exclusively narcissistic, because they are raised on secular “values” that teach them they are prized china to be worshipped and coddled by mainstream society, an unfortunate fact further reinforced by beta males who enablde this sort of puerile behavior. You can read articles about this feminine and mangina phenomena on ROK and see plenty of examples of it on facebook.
          Finally, for every legitimate case of rape, there is at least one instance of a “cry wolf” rape charge where a female falsely accuses a male of rape simply because she cannot accept the fact that she allowed alcohol to lower her inhibitions or because she is afraid her social status will suffer. This phenomena is the elephant in the room that the mainstream media does not speak of, because it denies the bs “rape culture” charge the feminist agenda tries to tattoo on the social consciousness of America.
          I take exception to the fact that you are stating i play gender favorites. If you read my past posts you would have borne witness to me speaking about intentionally deadbeat fathers, for instance. Your unspoken charge of sexism on my part is therefore refuted entirely.
          Getting back to the issue of honor, this is a term that a lot of females lack for Men because they have not been reared to respect Men thanks in no small part to their parent(s). To be fair, this is not solely the fault of the Mother but also (moreso) the fault of the Father who, more often than not, is perpetually in absentia. For the first time in history, there are more single parents than married ones, a trend that will only cause further ruin for the nation as a whole through the obliteration of the normal family.

        21. If American women were simply compelled to be responsible for the consequences of their own behavior they could do as they want. As long as the government and social agencies are composed of gynogrovelers it won’t happen.

        22. I wouldn’t brag about being brought up in a society that worships a child-molesting murdering thug.

        1. Can’t believe the upvotes on this idiot’s post. Of course feminism had a major impact on this woman’s worldview. Idiot.

      1. WTF, do you not understand the difference between abortion and birth control? Did you even watch the ad?

      2. We should be encouraging and funding women who aren’t interested in motherhood to get both birth control and abortions. Why do you want these people reproducing? They don’t want children. Deal with it.

    2. Ameeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrricaaaaaaaa……..AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaamerrrrrrrrricaaaaaaaaa God shed his grace on THEEEEEEEEEE….crowwwwwn thy hoood with BROOOTHERHOOD from SEA to SHININGGGGGGG SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    3. Skoll, quick question. How did you embed just this part of the page and not the whole thing? Thanks.

    4. I usually think eternal damnation -Hell- is the worst idea invented by humans and find it appalling. I don’t know, maybe a just say …a few hundred years in the pit is an entirely appropriate fate for some sorry excuses for human beings.

      This spanish advert is promoting freezing eggs for women so that they may travel (cock carousel), achieve career goals in the cubicle, and other banalities.
      The thing that makes me cringe the most is that the woman, 30, is being advised by her future self, 45, that she should freeze her eggs for a later date if she wants to have kids. IF YOU DONT HAVE KIDS BY 30 YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO REPRODUCE YOU CUMM BITCH, GO KILL YOURSELF

        1. I had 2 kids under 30, and my last kid at 33, I guess I should have killed myself after that one.

      1. I hate how the Spanish pronounce their C’s, along with their Z’s…. annoying.

        1. If they have had none bu 30 let alone 40 wtf are they doing? Its proven that womyns kids are more likely to end up fucked up the older the woman tries to have them.

        2. It’s actually older sperm that is more genetically mutated. Once a woman’s eggs are past their prime, they are generally not able to be fertilized. Nature quite literally weeds out the “bad eggs.”

    6. that is fucked up how shes complaining that she cant murder her child because she needs to feed her desire foe more stuff/phones/materials

    7. Sushe it, either you pay for the abortion, or we have to pay for the future criminal for life and its education and healthcare which likely include motorcycle accident and gun shot wound. Then youll have to pay for her iphone and then its iphone and welfare for both of them forever.

    1. It really does look like it just rolled off the Saturday Night Live feed, doesn’t it?

  5. Birth control and abortions are the two things that have ’empowered’ women to control their narcessistic life script so they can ‘have it all’.
    Delay pregnancy so they can persue an education, get a career and ride the cock carousel well into their 30’s only to realise at the end of the day that they actually hate working in corporations and whoring themselves out to alphas for peanuts.
    Waking up in their mid 30’s and crying ‘where have all the good men gone’ only demonstrates how little responsibility they are willing to take for their actions.
    Also, after ingesting hormone altering drugs for the past decade, do you really think this will have no effect on the progeny of these women? Every second baby born these days has some defect, pre-mature, limb amputations, down syndrome etc etc
    Women are abusing the options given to them and men are the ones who are expected to pick up the slack.

    1. “Every second baby born these days has some defect, pre-mature, limb amputations, down syndrome etc etc”
      Indeed. Also of note is the rising number of children being born with severe food allergies… severe as in put them in a box underground if they even look at the wrong food.
      And not just to traditional things like peanuts or seafood. These kids are popping out of the womb with mile-long lists of items that will potentially kill them. For the children I’ve known personally who were born this way, every last one of them was produced by a woman who had spent years on birth control.
      You can’t grow healthy crops in polluted soil, which is exactly what women are doing to themselves with the birth control pills, the injections, the shitty diets, the lack of real exercise, the antidepressants, the late nights spent boozing and pogo-sticking on random cocks, etc.

      1. I think homosexuality might be a birth defect.
        They ARE “Born this Way,” LMAO

    2. “Women are abusing the options given to them and men are the ones who are expected to pick up the slack.”….
      Why should they NOT expect that?
      It makes perfect economic rational sense……they can be as promiscuous as they like….ride every possible Alpha cock…..take birth control and morning after pills like M&Ms….and in the end when the Wall hits there is a Beta Knight provider waiting like a thankful puppy (with a wedding ring in hand).
      Hell! If that is not having the cake and eating it too…I don’t know what is.

      1. Women who follow this path in life tend to be the most miserable human beings alive.

        1. Yeah….but that is DECADES down the road!
          If you are a hot 20 something…Would you care what life maybe like (and that is a BIG maybe) when you turn 40?

        2. I would argue that misery begins in a modern women’s life from when she’s a little girl. The only thing that can bring a women happiness and fulfilment is to be a healthy mother to healthy children.

        3. Miserable or not there’s always a man available every step of the way providing a safety net for them. They can bullshit their way through life scotch-free and always taken cared of.

        4. Well said. Life turns and slaps them in the face when they hit middle-age and they never see it coming.

        5. How do you figure? Middle age is not great for men either, especially for the vast majority of men who are not financially preparing for it.
          Ever hear of a mid-life crisis? Men have a shelf life too. We don’t go stale as quickly as women, but at some point we do become sexually obsolete. Do you really think you’re going to be pulling hot ass when you’re in your 50s? Are you George Clooney? Be honest with yourself on this one.

        6. If you stay in good shape and manage your life well, you will in fact do quite well, at least through your 40’s. I’m married, don’t hide it, and I have women coming on to me openly and even brazenly all the time. Don’t underestimate the power of the “daddy” factor, especially since so many young women these days have an intense vacancy in their lives of a father figure that they’re looking to fill.

        7. What I’m saying is that your experience will not be the same experience for MOST men in middle age. The vast majority of men will fall flat on their face in middle age, just like most women.
          I agree that middle age is not nearly as bad for a man who has his shit together. Middle age can be awesome for a guy who stays fit and has some money; granted he takes the red pill of course.
          I just don’t think most men will have their shit together in middle age. That’s all I’m saying. Tons of guys will be broke from their multiple divorces. Any even more men will be overweight and sexually invisible to the opposite sex.
          Men hit the wall too. Can we agree on that?

        8. Men hit the wall too. Can we agree on that?
          Most men, yes. All men, however, have it in their capacity to not hit the wall until very late in life. Money, workout, good diet, hormones.. You can make it, pretty consistently, to your 60’s without hitting any major “wall” today. Women are having trouble making 40. That’s a huge disparity.

        9. It’s sad, but men too, will hit the wall. At least if he still is in good condition and financially healthy, it will be better for him……..Sort of…. Unfortunately, I have met a number of gents that have all the above, but only attract sluts that want to use them for money etc… Now, if you have been diligently working away at investing, last thing you will allow is some bitch to fleece and use you..

        10. There are still many women that want this life, but society and feminists shame them into thinking that it’s a waste of life.

        11. Even beyond that – I would argue that some men e.g. Michael Bloomberg, David Letterman, etc. actually look better the older they get. Women really got the short end of the stick in life when it comes to aging. It’s the biggest practical joke life plays both on men and women, that women start off so beautiful you can’t help but give your life for them, then end up so ugly you’d give your life to get away from them.

        12. I may have read this somewhere before, but a woman’s beauty is kind of like wings on a insect, after a certain age when it’s no longer necessary, nature says too expensive! Lol. On the other hand, men who crave sex right up until death and aren’t restricted by how many children they can sire, must maintain their attractiveness, thus we see a steady increase in beauty right up until death (assuming the man has taken care of himself). Being human adds an interesting element to all of this as we can reflect on these things. And I can’t help but feel there is a bigger lesson here as well.

        13. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean your mother material. I know some women who have never wanted kids and they shouldn’t feel guilty about it. It’s all about choice.

      2. Well then it’s our job to wage an infowar and make sure Mr Beta Whiteknight is not waiting there when the carousel ride is over. Heck the media is even afraid to attack us directly as they know they risk giving us too much attention.

    3. Hormonal birth control ruins women, harms their offspring tremendously, and leaves women very susceptible to a variety of gyno cancers as they age.
      Can you imagine giving testosterone supplements to a 14 year old boy? It would fuck his health up pretty bad in the long term. Yet, American women are pumped full of hormones beginning in puberty. Is there any wonder why Western women are so irreparably damaged, fat, emotionally unstable, and generally impossible to deal on a human level?
      I’ve been saying this for years, but nobody is really listening. It’s like screaming in space.

      1. It’s also a pretty good reason why so many men, especially the younger ones, are so effeminate these days. All that estrogen in the water supply might well be damaging males when they are very young and impeding their development into men. Just a hypothesis. I’ve read actual science articles which are suggesting that the recent upsurge in dual-gender fish/animals might be attributed to exactly this cause.

        1. Estrogen in the water supply may be a valid theory, but I would need concrete proof of that happening on a wide scale level. Our Govt is very corrupt, so I wouldn’t put it past them. However, as a rational man I need concrete proof of such a phenomenon.
          I would argue that the feminization of men (pretty observable and undeniable phenomenon) is more the product of cultural conditioning rather than some insidious chemical poisoning.
          Maybe it’s both. The young men of this era appear pretty weak. Many are overweight, and MANY are sexually confused.

        2. There’s definately something fucking up the younger generation. I’m not sure if it’s environmental or something psychological, but younger guys become more feminine every day. Those that don’t; stand out like a sore thumb. Test levels have been dropping pretty dramatically though the time that we’ve been monitoring it (since about the 30’s, IIRC). But it could just be the environment, being around males doing masculine things raises test. Sitting in an office all day and walking around Homegoods for hours with your cupcake brings it down. It could also be all the soy/GMO or whatever the fuck they are putting in our food. And, it could be that people don’t eat as much red meat as they used to. Whatever it is, result is the same, a lot of men walking around with very low testosterone levels, even at an age when they should be through the roof high.

        3. Not the goverment, it’s the women’s peepee. Medicines can’t be cleansed from the water supply, this includes whatever is left of pills.

        4. It is deliberate. Over 100 years ago scientific papers were written about bringing down the birth rate by putting female hormones in the water supply. Thanks Charles Galton Darwin for that.
          The agenda continues, unabated. The only battle you can win is the one for yourself.

      2. You are correct. We are living in a horror show on multiple levels. You have to understand that people are dying around you and there is nothing you can do about it. They are lost to the system. You warn them, but you get derision and the system shifts it’s weight to treat you as an enemy. The best thing is to insulate yourself from the worst of it.
        I hope that some of the hardiest souls will make it out of this age and live to reproduce and see a brighter day. But it won’t be in the US. The US is becoming a more perfectly controlled society every day.
        The men become more androgynous, the women transforming into something unspeakable. Turn your head, friend, for you are amongst the real.

      3. You do realize that hormones are used to *even* and help control hormones in women? As in, most women do not have even cycles or experience negative health consequences from irregular cycles, and a significant portion of women on the pill use it to prevent these negative repercussions.
        What would I know though, I only work in medical research.

    4. Women – The Sex and the City philosophy meets reality.
      Nope…you can’t have it all.

  6. Sadly, I anticipate seeing a number of studies 10-20 years from now, examining all the health issues that ingesting massive amounts of extra hormones over a number of years has caused in women. The body is very delicately balanced chemically, and while taking birth control now might help keep those pesky kids from being born, it will most likely throw all these women out of whack in the long run.
    But ladies, when it comes time and you’re complaining about how terrible you feel and how sad you are without children, just remember- YOUR body, YOUR choice!

    1. Bodybuilders have known for years high estrogen and high progestin are very toxic hormones that interfere with health and mental well being. With TRT becoming more popular, men of all ages are learning that high estrogen is a pesky hormone that blocks the effects of testosterone. Women are really screwing themselves over fucking with this shit. On the other hand, there is very little danger to testosterone levels being 3-4x higher than normal as long as estrogen is kept at a normal level. Makes you wonder why male hormones are banned.

      1. Male hormones are banned because they can make men “better” than nature intended. Simple as that. They are banned because of sports and because the government can’t stand the idea of more men becoming independent/alpha with an ass full of testosterone.
        And yes, high E will turn you into a raving lunatic. And it can happen on either TRT or bodybuilder doses of testosterone. Thank god for Arimidex! 😉
        The danger of testosterone is cancer liability, simple as that. Test makes shit grow, we all kind of think that if you get cancer, test will make that shit grow too. Nobody really knows this for sure, but it seems to make sense. Test in “reasonable doses” is a very, very safe chemical. Shit, there hasn’t been a single death reported from testosterone in all the years it’s been out despite the fact that pro bodybuilders take so much of this shit that if they bled on a woman they’d make her clit grow an inch overnight. 🙂
        Progesterone is harder to control, but it’s also doesn’t get out of control for most people if you’re just taking testosterone. The drug to control it (Prami) has some interesting side effects too, makes you crazy horny and can remove the refectory period (yes, it can make it so you can have multiple orgasms). I don’t like it, and try not to take it often because it makes me very unmotivated and sleepy; but it does work well at controlling unwanted hormone conversion.

  7. I have a number of friends who are spending tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments so that their 40 something wives can try to get pregnant.

    1. That happens when women overdose on birth control pills in their 20’s and early 30’s. Their wombs then don’t release eggs in the womb every month, but instead release the ingested birth control pills.
      Of course the guys would then have a problem fertilizing a birth control pill.

    2. And in 20 years they will be spending a fortune on a cancer treatment. It’s a win win for the pharmaceutical business.

    3. Yeah a life of chugging cocks then it’s “I want a baby”.
      I don’t care what women do with their lives, it’s that they think they can have it all. No man expects to be a slob and make shit decisions and get away with it or expect positive changes without some work. The environment even reminds men of consequences almost all of the time so much that even men of good repute and actions are under siege by it (the constant screeching of “rape culture” is grating on men who find rape to be repugnant).

    4. HAHA! What a bunch of tools. Why don’t they spend that money on cool shit that gets them laid?

    5. Recently happened to my friend, she is around 40. After years and loads of money invested on fertility treatments she finally got pregnant. Gave birth about 3 weeks ago. The baby has deformed legs and hands, legs are shaped like horse hooves and the hands are curled in a ball. Sad but she knew better- she can thank the “36 is the new 16” for this misfortune. Poor child.

  8. I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who once roomed with a woman who had a cello-like ring tone.
    Consider this article refuted

  9. On the other hand very few of these cunts are likely to be worth impregnating any way.

  10. Women are the architects of their own misery i have no interest from saving them from it. No sane man would.

    1. As I like to say, in the aftermath we should have a lot of shovels available to give to the typical women who will be living in their Subarus and eating their fru fru dogs. If they ask for anything, food, protection, anything, all they get from me is a shovel.
      You see it will be handy to bury them with so they might as well make themselves useful for once and carry a shovel with them.

    2. “Women are the architects of their own misery…”
      So true. They actually seem to thrive in a state of misery.

  11. My wife had some bowel problems the other night and asked me to go to Walgreens to pick up some remedies. So I took my son Hermann. Naturally there was a hot chick in the aisle as I looked over laxatives (with the requisite chorus of screaming black chicks on the audio system). I said to Hermann loudly for the hot chick to hear “just take some of this and you will feel a lot better”.
    Last night was cleaning up and pulled out a genealogy book I got from my Utah kinfolk about my g-grandfather and his progeny. Not unusual for these hardscrabble families to have 10-12 children. Amazing to see family photo after family photo with 14 people standing proud. My own mom had 10 brothers and sisters. My wife came from a family of 10 children also. Her mother is still the clan matriarch and the center of their social order.
    I wish I had kids earlier and more of them. I would love to see some granchildren. It is depressing to see so many viable young women forgoing life’s ultimate happiness to spend their days in cubicle furniture that is destined for a landfill.
    No professional, academic, or adventurous achievement compares to the simple act of having a child. Getting a hug from a toddler is like getting a million dollars.

      1. No. And his brother’s real name is not “Shemp”.
        When I went to Army Basic Training the black fellows nicknamed me “Hermann” after TV’s Hermann Munster. It stuck.

    1. Heck yeah bud! I got 5 kids and love impregnating my wife. Nothing’s hotter than a good looking girl who WANTS you to impregnate her. All other sex acts short of impregnation are mere masturbation to me now. Taking my son shooting and hiking and fighting and teaching him philosophy and theology- good times.

    1. Right on! I noticed it in the late 90’s (the speed of the decline is increasing exponentially) and have been doing my best to insulate my wife, daughters, and myself from this decline. We’re living at the end of an evil and corrupt empire that is going to end in ashes, misery, and suffering. Especially for the true believers who refuse to acknowledge that the end of this society is very near.
      We do indeed live in ‘interesting times’.
      Keep your head down and your powder dry friend.

      1. I don’t believe the end of this society is near. I think that things will get much, much worse over a long period of time, but the society is not going to come crashing down. Things are more stable than you think.
        Expect laws to get more harsh, expect an explosion of the tax payer funded police state, expect the constitution to get thrown out “for our own safety,” etc. But don’t expect America to simply turn into Thunderdome overnight. It’s not realistic in the modern era.
        The ‘collapse’ of this society will look a lot more like the collapse of the Soviet Union; relatively quiet with a pronounced decrease in average standard of living and a massive increase in corruption.
        Life will continue on with lowered expectations.

        1. I agree.
          I actually think we’re all PRAYING for such an immediate collapse…
          At least that would feel like living. At least you would be engaged… survival would be the powerful motivator. Maybe there is a dream of being part of building a civilization where we as individuals can achieve greatness that would ring on beyond Facebook likes and selling yourself for pieces of paper.
          Maybe I need to get out of this all female office….

        2. Deep down, I’m also foolishly hoping for a fast collapse as well. Many of us hate this society and the direction it is going in. But I’m wise enough to know that I’m a fool for wanting this.
          A civil war is a lot less likely than a gradual turnover into a totalitarian state. We can see the police state growing all around us. America is becoming a giant corporate prison. There is more long term profit for the elites if this country is turned into a oppressive regime rather than reset into something better via short civil war and reconstruction period.

        3. I believe you are right. 99% of all males are happy to support the system, act like worker ants and give children and all their money to reformed sluts.
          There’s no revolution on the way, everybody is happy with the way things are, because they cant imagine any other way.

        4. Agreed. Though I fantasize about such a catastrophe I’m pretty sure it would be quite unpleasant… No guarantee at all that I would come out on top… I’d probably be wishing for tap water within a day.
          Nonetheless, I think we as men have urges that need to be satiated or they will turn into inward or outward rage… I think the Way of Men by Jack Donovan described this scenario well. We need outlets to express male characteristics (strength, courage, mastery, honor) or we’ll turn into herbivores. Or worse, as you described it… corporate slaves…
          Yeah gradual totalitarianism is right… how could there be a civil war when we don’t even know who is in power monitoring everything really?
          At least the slaves knew that the guy running the plantation was the guy in the big house.
          If people (er.. men) did hypothetically band together for civil war… who do you even go after?

        5. It’s very unlikely that there will be any sort of mass civil uprising, organized revolution, or any immediate change in the status quo. Things are simply too comfortable in modern America. I know I’m not going to leave the couch and the comforts of my home to go fight for some ideological cause.
          I’m gonna sit here, lay low, watch this fucker burn, and keep my eyes peeled for the warning signs to get the fucking hell out of Dodge when the time comes; which I don’t think will be for a few more decades. The only question is, where the hell to go? With modern population control techniques, it doesn’t look like there will be any greener pastures to migrate to.

        6. I’m too soft, and I’m not built for the brutal struggle of war. I don’t fit in well with the current society, but I highly doubt I would thrive in a post-society environment.
          The lesser of the two evils is a totalitarian state, because that would be easier to survive in. But would life even be worth it at that point? Who knows.

        7. I envision two events that will likely catalyse even a more rapid decline of the country.
          First, America will be attacked again by the terrorists. It is only a matter of time. This event precipitate the war on the Constitution, as the politicians race to make more stringent laws “for our own protection” to prevent further attacks, and most elected officers will go along with it. As a result, our liberties will become severely limited.
          Secondly, with more men taking the red pill and quietly going Galt, the Empire will begin to totter, and it will require harsher laws to force them to “man up”. Mass property seizures (in the form of high taxes); the draft, etc will likely be brought back.
          God help us all.

        8. I can see the scenario you described playing out, almost exactly as you have stated.
          A terrorists attack, either completely real or a false flag, is almost a foregone conclusion at this point. I don’t need to rehash the current events in the middle east to make this point. It’s obvious. This will be the pretext for the legal destruction of all of our basic constitutional rights. The population will willingly go along without much dissent. On a societal level, we are basically a scared, stupid woman who demands protection from imaginary boogy monsters at all costs. America is a broken society of weak, sad people who neither care where their freedom comes from, or care how to preserve it. The events of 9/11 showed us that the American public will not challenge the Govt in any way.
          I do see many, many more Draconian laws being forced upon the already beleaguered male population of the Western world. If recent history is our guide, I do not anticipate ANY sort of resistance to the further disenfranchisement of men in Western societies.
          I do expect outright asset seizures, much higher taxation, many more men participating in the prison industrial complex, and a general continuation of men into second-class citizen status. I do not expect any real, organized resistance to this.
          The demographics of the nation will be atrocious. Expect EXTREME political subjugation of the male population as the current generation of female carousel riders seeks to blame men for their own poor decisions.
          Of course a brutal, militarized police state absent of any due process is needed for this. Expect the next 30 years in America to be very, very different than the last 30 years.

        9. Yep and that’s what everyone else is doing sitting around comfortably.
          It’s like the movie IDIOCRASY.

        10. There’s a reason why post-apocalyptic movies and other forms of media pertaining to this genera is so popular. There are so many secretly fed up people that don’t speak up because it’s easier to just stay quiet and lie.

        11. Not hard to imagine that the producers are going to be taxed more when half the US population doesn’t contribute to the tax base. And yet, this is also a problem in (the Free Shit Army sucking off the welfare system) a lot of European countries–a result of failed policy.
          Same phenomena: depleting tax base, fiat based economies and massive misalocation of capital, rising taxes, seizure, taxing prostitution (see Italy), militarized police state, destruction of the Constitution (for our own safety, as noted), welfare-warfare state.
          What’s a Red Pill man to do but Go Galt, diversify offshore/safer currencies, get out from under the machine, find untainted femininity where ever that is, stop being a corporate debt slave and Enjoy the Decline.

        12. It’s hard to predict the future, but it’s worth pointing out that in every empire near collapse, people have said the same thing: things are stable, the empire isn’t going away any time soon, it’s still strong despite all it’s problems, etc.
          But you’re right that collapse doesn’t have to mean fire and brimstone. Look at how the British empire or the Spanish empire collapsed. It was a gradual period of decline and eventual submission to a greater superpower (in Britain’s case, the USA, even though they don’t like to admit it).

        13. Yes, I believe the fall of the US empire will be more of a gradual, decade upon decade slide into eventual 3rd world status. The decline has clearly already begun.
          However, the US is very much different than so many other empires in terms of it’s size and geographic makeup. The US encompases nearly an entire continent, much like the Soviet Empire. The US will likely break off into different large regions or possibly large ethnic enclaves.
          In the end, it’s very hard to say what will happen to the US. On one hand, it’s very much the same as other empires. On the other hand, it’s so much different than empires of the past in terms of it’s size, unity, and wealth, not to mention it’s broad ethnic makeup.
          One thing most intelligent men will agree on is that the United States of America will be completely different in 30 years time, if it’s even still around at all.

        14. Nope, no prayers here.
          I’m actively bringing the collapse about by and treating whores (read: all women) like the garbage they are and banging them until they give me money.

        15. Terrorists? I know the plantation owners have successfully programmed everyone to shout “conspiracy theorist – get em!” to anyone who says something like this, but the more I study it the more I think 9/11 was a false flag. I mean, it sure was convenient that the military-industrial complex got to go to war right after that and the government had a pretext to start stripping our civil liberties away one by one.
          It should be an interesting one for the historians to sort out. And if indeed, the government was involved in assassinating JFK (same reason, military-industrial complex) it would mark the beginning of a new era in American politics. Not without precedent, mind you, the same thing happened in Rome, in which assassinations occurred for people to get into office.
          “My notion of deep politics…[and the deep state] posits that in every culture and society there are facts which tend to be suppressed collectively, because of the social and psychological costs of not doing so.” -Peter Dale Scott

        16. I’ve been thinking of getting a Happening Kit, food, ammo, toilet roll etc….what do you reckon i should buy?

        17. Want to see the future of Amerika? Look no farther than that shithole known as Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    2. I would say we will have something for the future to learn from…
      But they never do…

      1. The only thing that we can learn from history is that nobody ever learns from history.

  12. I’m actually in favor of any type of birth control that prevents a pregnancy and doesn’t terminate an already-established one the way the so-called Morning After pill does. My reasoning: Snooki is a mom now. That should be all you need to know.

      1. She’s technically pregnant right after the fertilized egg burrows its way into the endometrium of the womb and sets up shop. Nine months later she can get the courts to start ripping you a new asshole

    1. You can also strap padding to your 5 year old boy to prevent him from falling and hurting himself, but he’ll never learn to walk or run correctly if you do this. Providing the option of terminating/preventing pregnancy means that women never learn, they never come face-to-face with their own biological reality. They delay, they ignore, they pretend-it-doesn’t-exist, but it does. Society was not ready to teach young females responsibility in the face of so many options to cover up their mistakes. The modern decline is the result.

  13. Rofl nobody is asking these cunts to have children, they’re acting like men are forcing them to have kids. They’re only taking them because the 2-3 random strange STD dicks they’re letting nut in them after the “girl’s night out” has the risk of them having to raise some little future convict brat who will make them haul their fat 40 year old asses into the principal’s office every other day because the kid won’t stop “misbehaving.”

  14. Guys, you really should read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Huxley published it in 1931, but he clearly saw what contraception would do to women after it became mainstream. The world state in that novel has abolished natural childbirth, and all fertile women wear “Malthusian belts” stuffed with contraceptives so that they can fuck indiscriminately without getting pregnant. The novel’s vacuous future slut character, Lenina Crowne, probably sounded like an impossibility in 1931. But in our century Lenina practically jumps off the page and into our lives. She would just need some tattoos, a smart phone and a Facebook account, and she would fit right in with the other tramps waiting in line at the drugstore to refill their versions of Malthusian belts.

    1. That has been my favourite book since highschool… Even more than 1984 I think it is the most prophetic book for the post-modern era.
      Huxley’s portrayl of John the Savage and his relationship to Lenina Crowne… that is as RedPill as it gets…
      Also, John’s fate towards the end of the book is a nice metonymy for mgtow.

  15. It’s not surprising that intelligence is inversely correlated with fertility. Those who have lots of children from a very young age are always the daftest.

  16. 85% of the women who will take the pill are not busy doing anything interesting with their lives. Just cycling from cubicle to apartment to bars/clubs to brunch, repeat ad nauseam.

    1. Seriously? I don’t socialize with any women who are not working towards a family, building a home or business with their husband/fiancé and actively volunteering in the community. Maybe you need to rethink the circles you run in.

      1. Thanks Bluebird. I am actively branching out as we speak. I moved to a city and my home community is probably a lot like yours.

      2. Where is this?
        Most of the women I know are totally retarded. Or not from Toronto.

        1. It’s a major US city. I’ll grant that quality people don’t abound but they do exist if you look for them in the right places (volunteering, classes and boards of worthy city programs).

        2. I am in philadlephia and I see little to no loyal, caring, loving, intelligent women.

  17. You know what the worst part of this is? The longer you wait to have kids the worse off health-wise the kids will be. It’s bad enough you end up with a fat 40 year old mother huffing and puffing after toddlers (though that’s funny to watch) but the kid is going to have health issues or defects. I’ve seen kids born to mothers are “early” as 28 and have the “usual run” of asthma, adnoids, autist, (triple A kids). Waiting till 35-40 is even worse. Usually when I see fat momma chasing the kid, the kid is vocalizing like a retard and flapping its hands (autism).
    That’s 2 crosses to bear. Hope those ladies really loved the cocks.

      1. My mother was 35 when I was born,but she married right out of a Catholic all-girl’s school to one man (that would be known as Dad – a rare thing). I have sisters who were born when my mother was 33. Now my sisters had all kinds of strange issues though not debilitating or life-threatening. I know I’m not “normal” though but have had good health otherwise. This is fortunate.
        One of my sisters started having kids at 28 and her first three were OK but the last one, born when she was around 36, was iffy. There were some projections early on that had the doctors saying something to the order of “this one might be born retarded”. Mind you she married at 28 to one man, still married to this day and all kids have one dad. The kid was born but apparently without any mental defects but he certainly is different from the other three.
        In fact I am told that this kid is “a lot like his uncle”.
        There’s a pattern for sure.
        The reason why I was born 17 years into a marriage was due to what appears to be fertility issues. My mother states that for around a decade she simply could not get pregnant. My oldest sibling was born in 1959, but she did not want to stop at one child.

      2. Born when my mum was about 35. I got astma, regular headaches and slight social retardation at times (I will underline -slight-, as in a bit bellow average. Not autistic retarded. Got regular sleeping problems too.
        On the plus side, I’m tall as fuck.

    1. “That’s 2 crosses for women to rationalize to themselves and deflect onto men so they can bear them instead.”
      fixed that for ya.

    2. Yeah I have to question this one as well. I’m another one who’s mom had me late (39) and I’ve turned out to be pretty successful for my age.
      Maybe it’s because she was pretty conservative as opposed to the modern Western woman who wants to have her fun in her 20s and 30s

      1. There’s a lot of factors involved. My mother was a stay at home mom, a bit conservative I think. She made it a priority that we were fed right and I was born around 15 years before the food supply turned into an endless train of GMO and additive shit. So it’s probably a compounding issue. If I had been punted to daycare and fed crap things would have been different for sure.

      2. did she have any other children before you?
        having a kid at 39 after having a run of kids seems to lead to fine, healthy babies.
        It’s apparently the first one that’s important.

    3. Waiting til you’re older is never good however more genetic defects are introduced by an older father than an older mother. It’s something to do with the fact that we generate a shit ton of sperm while women have a set number of eggs.
      Lots of cell division means men are more vulnerable to accumulating defects down there.
      Moral of the story, if you want kids don’t leave it late whether you’re a man or a girl but especially if you’re a man.

      1. You might want to recheck your facts on that one. Women dramatically increase the chances of birth defects having a first child after 30. Men don’t start increasing their chances until almost 50, and then it’s mild… it becomes cumulative until they are about 80, when they finally surpasss the 40something women having their first.
        There’s also the birth control issue… apparently a lot of the pills developed in the 70’s and 80’s fucked up women something feirce, leading to a run of 30something mothers with fucked up babies.

        1. As far as I know no such precision has yet been achieved with distinguishing when men contribute more to defects.
          I’ve just read a few papers on the topic and seen nothing to indicate what you say.
          It makes sense that fathers would introduce more defects from a physics perspective.
          When cells are dividing they are most vulnerable to defect causing radiation damage, it’s why young babies are so vulnerable to skin cancer and should be kept out of the sun. The location of the testes means that the high degree of cell division going on there is constantly exposed to any background radiation that can make it past half a cm or so of flesh. Any gamma ray can do that and some charged particles as well.
          On the other hand women only produce a much much smaller number of eggs in a location much more heavily shielded.
          So over time men are just going to get more fucked up down below than women.

        2. Nuclear Physics and Biology differ pretty radically. and you are also confusing the process that an egg goes through with the process that produces sperm.
          The seminiferous tubules PRODUCE sperm, almost umm… 8 billion or so per month, I think, It is not a cell-devision system. While this system is indeed vulnerable to damage, this sort of damage is usually of the production sort, not genetic information-wise. Assuming testicular damage causes birth defects reeks of Lysenkoism. (You know, cut off two of a spider’s legs and the babies will be born with only six legs… dye a sheep purple and the babies will be purple sheep, minecraft-style)
          Eggs, however, are all produced at Birth. They are far more vulnerable, because every single substance the mother ingests can potentially influence or damage the egg itself. The mother’s flesh is absolutely NO protection from any sort of radiation, ionizing or otherwise, with the sole exception of alpha particles… which are injested.
          Everything that effects the Mother’s chemical balance can affect emerging eggs, because they are not a production system, they are a storage system. Much like a giant refrigerator, anything can make them ‘taste like the fridge’ and ruin the resultant babies.
          There are recent studies, anecdotal studies, that try to link male age and testicular damage to birth defects, but most birth defects are caused by two things… either egg damage or reinforced recessives. Radiation damage to sperm does NOT produce birth defects, as the chances of ‘magically’ creating a recessive that matches a recessive in the mother is roughly akin to that of a lightning bolt ‘magically’ turning a tree into solid gold. Damage to the male reproductive system produces dead or non-viable sperm, not monsters.
          Questions of child intelligence, well-adjusted status etc. questioned by the modern scientific establishment are anecdotal and far more likely influenced by parental experience, nutrition, home schooling, the availability of online education resources, family, established financial resources, and a thousand other factors that it generally does not suit the politically biased university study to account for when calculating their statistics.

        3. You’re right on the eggs at birth. I’d completely forgotten about that. Yes, that does change things from how I was seeing it.
          However you’re wrong to think that more flesh wouldn’t offer more protection. The average depth of penetration of a gamma particle of ~1MeV is a few cms. The average depth of penetration of an electron would be a few mms.
          UV light and alphas would mostly not get past the skin and anything not ionising (besides getting exposed to a shit ton of microwaves) doesn’t matter even nearly as much.
          As for sperm, the creation of sperm still requires the DNA helix strands to split and have each side copied. It’s when they’re split apart that they are vulnerable because they can’t take advantage of our natural repair mechanisms for DNA damage.
          Let’s put it a different way. If the sperm wasn’t vulnerable to radiation damage why does making sure you “blow your load” so to speak at least 5 times a week dramatically reduce your risk of testicular cancer? You’re dumping any sperm that got damaged before it can damage its surroundings.
          Having said that, you’re right that the majority of such smashed DNA strands would simply cease meaning anything, killing the cell it’s forming rather than leaving a mutation.
          It’s a considerable minority that continue functioning.

        4. I was simply discounting the effect that a stray beam of ionizing radiation would have on one of 8 billion sperm competing to get to an ovum besides making it miss the train 🙂

        5. I can accept that. It made sense to me but it also makes sense that the statistics involved are not in favour of how I was seeing it.
          It’s more complex.

        6. Interesting conversation guys, learning something here!
          Just wanted to pipe in on one thing, I don’t think that blowing your load is good for preventing testicular cancer because your dumping damaged sperm. Nothing I’ve ever read says that damaged sperm contribute to cancer.
          I think it’s good for you because it simple “cleans the pipes” and keeps your body busy making more sperm. There must be something to the idea that your body wants the sperm to be produced and released or else wet dreams would not exist (IMHO)..

        7. Yea. Cleaning the pipes is pretty much it. You’re dumping out anything that’s carcinogenic, which would include free radicals in any water that’s there or any cells that are currently locked in “grow and grow” mode before they break up and lodge somewhere that can’t be got rid of easily.
          Pretty much any DNA that’s dividing is vulnerable to being broken in this way and is therefore best ejected. It’s a part of why our skin, as our first line of defence against the bulk of the radiation exposure that we get, is constantly shedding.

        8. Men’s chance of birth defects from bad sperm increase from 45, but it is indeed cumulative.
          For example, a 20 year old man has a 1% chance of having a child with Down, while a 60 year old man has a 100% higher chance of having a child with Down, but at the end it accumulates for a 2% total chance. Men’s risk for childbirth defects are, at the end, statistically minimal compared to a woman’s chances.

  18. Everyone really covered my opinions in the comment section already but one area society needs to address is companies selling drugs on tv. Seriously…wtf is wrong with people? Hey doc, I have back problems…write me a script for somas bro. Every doctor with any dignity should be insulted that people today can watch a commercial and think its ok tell their doctor what to do.
    Enjoy the decline… Where a high school drop out thinks its ok to give his doctor suggestions.

  19. How sick and brainwashed society have to be to exchange families with smartphones?
    Western genes have failed the evolutionary race quite badly. This just shows men are work in progress in the never-ending progress of evolution.

    1. That’s assuming that evolution is geared towards some sort of ‘improvement’ of a species.
      I think evolution and adaptation are more for survival and fitting into the current environment. Our current environment is toxic and quite confusing to our genetic makeup. Who knows how the human animal will adapt to this current and ever changing environment.

  20. Does anyone else note the irony of the commentators extolling the benefits of the male “pill” below an article critiquing the issues caused by female contraception?

    1. One does not follow the other. Yes, the female pill causes issues. A male pill will as well. However, just because women are irresponsible alpha baby making machines does not imply that men need to be a party to getting “trapped” into have a child.
      Women have the choice; that genie is not going into the bottle. Men should have the same choice.

      1. Nobody is disputing “choice” here man. You have a choice. Be wise about where you plant your seed.
        The “pill”, male or female is about freedom from responsibility and extended childhood. Yes the genie is out of the bottle. By extending the same demonic choice to men you hope to improve things?

        1. In a word, yes. The current situation of women having the choice and men NOT having it is the shittiest possible outcome. The best outcome would be if none of this shit was ever invented.. But it was, the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in; let’s just get men on the same footing with women.
          There are FAR too many “oops” babies out there, which makes no sense given the near perfect control women have over their fertility.
          Your solution would be to keep the situation as is?

        2. I have no issues with the absence of a male pill. I think you have a “solution” in search of a problem. “oop” babies will continue even with this pill.
          The solution is an individual one. Practice discretion about who you have intercourse with. Problem solved.

        3. The male pill will merely be a safeguard that men can implement to prevent being;
          2.Duped into taking a woman back after a break-up when she makes a false claim of pregnancy (happens quite a bit)
          3.Duped into impregnating a woman when she *says* she’s on birth control, but really isn’t, thereby being trapped into a relationship.
          Male birth control will simply level the playing field. You admonish men to “be wise about where they plant their seed” and who they have sex with, but you neglect that female birth control would be unnecessary in the first place if women were wise about whom they allow to plant their seed in THEM, and whom THEY have sex with.
          I see through your smokescreen, boy. You seek to absolve women of all responsibility and acountability, and you seek inequality against men in the realm of reproductive autonomy.

        4. “I think you have a “solution” in search of a problem. “oop” babies will continue even with this pill.”
          Tell that to every guy who’s wife/GF stopped taking birth control without them knowing and popped out a kid they didn’t want/couldn’t afford.

        5. With who you marry mate. Who you associate with. Somehow I have made it to middle-age without this “problem”.

        6. How does a male pill prevent cuckolding? Women cheat as autonomously as they breath. They will cheat on you in spite of and despite who you are – its part of their makeup.
          In fact, when her babymaking urges come along and your hocked up on male fertility pills she’ll probably cuckold you even more. You’ll pop pills and she’ll have as many randoms as she pleases shooting loads off in her.
          I advocate men having as many choices as women currently do but we’re much smarter than them; we can use other safer methods than some pill that could potentially fuck up our reproductive ability like it fucks up theirs – shows how morbidly stupid women are. Lets not be as dumb as them by pleading for options like they do to have some demented pharmaceutical company answer us enslaving us to life-ruiining pills

        7. Two wrongs don’t make a right… boy.
          How you think I wish to absolve women of responsibility given it is precisely what I argue against is… bizarre.
          Anyway. 1) and 2) the male pill will not solve this problem completely. Anyway, DNA test. 3) Sure but small gain, short term solution to long term problem.
          My friend, the article essentially decries the womens freedom from responsibility and womanly duties. You think that freeing men from their equivalent responsibilities will somehow improve things?
          This is a childish argument. You want to jump into the fire just because everyone else is.

        8. God you’re fucking retarded. Can you really not see the absurdity of your position?

        9. It will prevent it in the sense that a man on the male pill will know for a fact that that baby cannot be his. Of course she’ll still be able to cheat, but he won’t have to live with the consequences of her treachery – at least not to the same extent.

        10. Look my last word on the subject and then we will agree to disagree.
          As I see it, you have seen the problems wrought upon society by the female pill and discussed in the article above. The genie is out of the bottle as you say. Your solution is to release another genie. I cannot see this as a solution given a) it releases men from their responsibilities with potentially massive social impacts, and b) and men will imbibe drugs without knowing their true impacts on the delicate environment of the human body.
          I think you have misspecified the problem. Unwanted babies are a real problem but they generally affect a fraction of men. That said the problem is not the lack of a male pill but divorce law, child support and single mother welfare. Eliminate these items and the motivation for women to have accidental babies diminishes signficantly. This is where our efforts need to be directly most strongly as it will resolve a host of problems.
          Anyway, thanks for the info on test, etc. I expect there will one day be a male pill regardless of my arguments.

        11. “You think that freeing men from their equivalent responsibilities will somehow improve things?”
          Male BC will not absolve men of anything…it will merely, as I said, safeguard them. Women’s misuse and abuse of BC, as well as their deceitful behavior towards men regarding BC, makes male BC that much more necessary.
          The PERFECT solution would be to ban BC and thereby restore some level of accountability to women for their mating choices. Seeing as that will literally never happen, the next best solution is male BC. I make this argument because it is what I believe is right and true, not out of a herd mentality instinct, though it is very convenient and comforting for you to think so, isn’t it?

        12. “Cuckolding” as in being duped into raising another mans baby, not as in being cheated on.
          Woman; I’m pregnant! 🙂
          Man: I’m on BC
          Woman: Sheeeeeeiiit…..
          I agree, the potential health risks must be carefully explored, but I honestly don’t believe that Male birth control will ever hit the market; they tried in Brazil, and the Feminists there killed it in the crib. ANYTHING that would return a modicum of control to men in the Sexual Marketplace will be attacked by Feminists and their puppets in government.

        13. James,
          You took the words right out of my mouth. Best solution, no BC for anyone. That ship has sailed. Next best solution, birth control for all. That’s what I want to make sure is better known. Worst solution is what we have now, one gender with absolute power over conception, the other with none.

        14. Unwanted babies don’t affect a “fraction of men”. 40-50% of the children born in this country are unwanted. That means that about 1/2 of men with children are directly impacted by this issue.
          I’m not sure that the male “pill” will be generally available anytime soon. Because, if it was, society would collapse post haste. I think our leaders recognize this; our society if built on a ponzi scheme, without more babies in each generation, the entire thing topples over. Even if only 40% of the babies are “accidents” and only 1/2 of them would be prevented by MBC, that would still pull our birth rate dramatically below replacement levels. IMHO, however, it’s much worse than that. Most of the men I know with children had them by “accident”. So, I think that 40% number is dramatically misstated.
          Here’s the thing. IMHO, men have children when things are good and things, today, are very shitty. Women have children no matter what. Kind of like men with sex, our options for sex suck today, but, most of us are going to “make due” and fuck what we can find.
          “Eliminate these items and the motivation for women to have accidental babies diminishes signficantly.”
          I couldn’t agree more strongly with this statement.
          We can agree to disagree on if MBC would be a good thing for men, I think it would, but, I agree, there are possible issues. I just can’t stand that this is just unavailable for men while it’s not only available, it’s fucking FREE for women. That’s outrageous, no matter how you look at it (IMHO).

        15. I require hormonal birth control as a method of controlling my periods. I’ve been on it since I was 13 due to severe and uncontrollable bleeding, and at the age of 25 I am still a virgin. Banning birth control would harm those such as myself who need it for medical reasons.

  21. All those pharma companies will make a killing when they try to have kids in their late 30s and 40s and need fertility treatments (with the betas they settled for and plan to divorce and extract child support money from).

  22. With each passing day, ROK is turning into a modern bible. A new religion may sprout out from all of this. What we may be experiencing is the start of an online civilization.

    1. All the world’s religions and philosophies came from these conversations among men without women and fags nearby to interrupt.

    2. Maybe not a religion but probably a return to the sensibilities of our primordial ancestors who knew about women’s true natures. They had no pretences about women and relegated them to the second class inferiority that is their natural birthright. Time ebbs and flows like the tides; feminism is having its day today- tomorrow is for the sensible astute man.

    3. I wish Roosh would make an ebook out of the best ROK articles. Make sort of like a ROK Bible kind of like The Book Of Pook.

  23. Another fucked up priority of women today is the propensity for anal sex.
    A lot of women go from cunt to ass and back from ass to cunt while having sex, influenced by porn. These women then get nasty UTIs and have reduced fertility, not to mention the risks of passing the same to you. I’d never raw dog a woman till I knew 100% that she was clean of STD risk. Again, it depends if you’d want to have kids with her some day.
    Even though I’d love to have unprotected sex with a girl, there’s simply no incentive to do that with most women today, who have some strains of HPV due to promiscuity. Even though it may be not appear serious, it could reduce your fertility, forget hers. That’s women are so fucking irresponsible today when it comes to their sexual choices. I’ve had women who were lazy in bed, to even ask for a condom. The same women in public act like health conscious prudes and freaks. Fuck their hypocrisy. And damn them for taking the fun out of sex. That’s why sticking to condoms maybe one of the best investments a man can do for his health, till he finds a clean girl.
    I think it is imperative for a man to get his woman tested for STDs before if he ever decides to go serious with her. That’s a decision a man is doing for himself, not for her. It doesn’t fucking matter what she thinks, she’d play the emotional card asking whether you don’t trust her, what not. Fuck it. If she can’t show her tests to you, she’s simply not worth it. I’ve seen a lot of my friends get burned like this, so I’m just sharing this. They didn’t get life threatening STDs, but they did get nasty ones from ‘innocent’ looking girls. The innocence in a girl’s looks has nothing to do with her actual innocence. In today’s world, the more ‘innocent’ a girl looks, the more like she is not in behavior.

    1. If you plan on having kids with her, both should take tests at the same time.

  24. This website sends mix messages. Are women fuck toys or baby factories to you guys?

    1. Baby factories in a perfect world, fuck toys in the world we’re forced to live in. It’s not that complicated.

      1. Or, to put it another way: both. Except they’re only fulfilling one of those roles in today’s world. Besides, the roles aren’t mutually exclusive – quite the opposite – one leads to the other.

        1. Just to make sure I understand you pukebucket… The mother of your child was once your fuck toy? Trying explaining that to pukebucket junior. 😛

      1. How does having autism relate to addressing whether or not this website sends mixed messages? Does this mean that you don’t want to think critically about the issue?

    2. One or the other. Many of us just realized that’s it’s impossible to be both or neither.

    3. I’m sorry you were born with Downs. Your mother could not get birth control in her late 40’s while fucking the garbage man on his weekly run by her motel?
      In any case, I’ll help you out. Women are to suck hard and swallow.

      1. I am trying to follow your logic here… If all “women are to suck hard and swallow” and your mother is a woman, then…

  25. I’m not sure why ROK readers seem to have a problem with this. The goal seems to be to want to avoid getting screwed over by children and marriage. With this ad, it makes birth control more appealing to women, which can assist not having the aforementioned things happen.

    1. It’s a problem for people who actually consider more than “live for the day” and who actually want to see the West not self-terminate.

      1. Fair enough — but the ones who care for more than the “live for the day” perspective will pay no attention to the sort of ad above. The ones of which heed it are the ones that we hope should do so.

        1. That’s the whole problem though, nobody, especially women, are looking towards the consequences of embracing these kinds of ads. There is a constant propaganda effort to convince women that this is the right path to take in life, so if we let it go un-commented upon and un-analyzed, we’re doing a disservice to ourselves and our very culture. The more we expose and shame these kinds of things, the better, because women are not hearing any other message currently other than “self terminate, it’s empowering!”.

        2. I certainly see what you mean. It’s compelling women to see this sort of viewpoint to be the correct one — glorification of sorts.
          Unfortunately, this is something that must continue being “un-commented upon,” because anything less than praise on this subject matter yields the berating and shaming of a lifetime — especially on the political level.

        3. Absolutely right. Wall up and mortar wherever and whenever the opposition rears its head. Take a nap on it and when you wake, you can’t even walk around the place without stepping in feminist shit. Sleep on it and you’re knee deep on a sunday to boot.

      2. Who cares if we self-terminate. None of us will be here to see it, and, if you don’t have kids, you don’t have to worry about the next generation (who, no matter what we do, are likely screwed). Frankly, not bringing kids into the world is the best favor that you can do for them.

        1. You’re free to bring your line to an end, not my problem. I care, and I proudly have children. Even if I didn’t I’m not so atomistic that I don’t want to leave something good for posterity.

      3. Hmm…but isn’t that what your god Roosh is all about? He has admitted to wearing condoms during the majority of his sexual encounters. If he were interested in not seeing the west “self-terminate” surely he would have a family by now instead of banging a different chick every night (and then essentially complaining about his ability to do so by calling any woman who has sex before marriage a slut).

        1. Roosh isn’t our “god” he is our spokesperson. Just because you tend to apotheosize your feminist overlords it doesn’t mean we do so in turn.
          You’re also not aware that Roosh is a Man and a Man’s instinct to mate distinguishes us as serving a different function from a female with regard to her instinct to nurture a brood.
          Eventually Roosh may settle down or he may not, but that is his affair. Personally i don’t recommend his lifestyle but i do respect him nonetheless.

    2. There are many thoughtful contributors here, but there are also a lot of clueless 20-something guys who are going to share with us all their vast knowledge and experience with life. Plenty of guys who have never even had a LTR telling us how marriage works.

  26. Jesus Christ, when will women just be given basic rights in America? Why isn’t abortion okay in all states? Ridiculous. It’s her body, her rules.

  27. Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. In correlation to these ads, birth control manufacturers should had just taught women NEVER to dump their biological ovarian cells down the drain (read: disposing them responsibly).
    I better not hear a single blame from women to men how their choice is the men’s fault.

    1. And for your country to be conquered by Islam. Because while you care about reading they care about breeding

      1. Conquered by? Not a chance in hell. Islamic countries are still, for the most part, living in the stone age. Sure, they can shoot some Americans and can fly planes into buildings, but, they have absolutely NO CHANCE of conquering any first world nation. We, and other first world nations, have nuclear weapons; if we felt that our sovereignty was threaten, I don’t doubt for 1 minute that we would use these weapons and, in a bright white flash, erase our enemies, everyone they know and love, and their entire country from the map. Same thing goes for any of the other first world countries, there’s just no way to “take over” a country that has nuclear weapons by force unless you both have them and are both willing to burn the world to the ground to destroy your enemy (thankfully, there aren’t any situations like this anymore since the fall of the USSR).
        However, that said, there is another method, and it’s the method that Islam is currently practicing. Take over the country, not by force, but by fuck. Outbreed the natives and, in a few generations, you can start to vote in leaders who will enact the changes that you want. This is the current playbook that we see in places like England today.
        Problem is, this isn’t going to work either. When you take a devout Islam family and put them in England, the first generation has 10 kids. The next generation will be fully westernized, and will have 2 kids each. Their children will have 1 or 0 kids. Islam has miscalculated the corrupting influence of the west; no matter how insular they try to be, their children will become indoctrinated not only in Islam, but also in “Western philosophy”. And, because of that, their birth rate will not come close to the projections that the Islamic leaders are hoping for.
        In closing, this is a problem that, frankly, will fix itself. Islam will remain a radical religion that’s mostly centered in god forsaken areas of the world where people have nothing else to hang on to. The 1st world countries will become more and more hedonistic and atheist, no matter the immigration patterns of Islam/Jews/Christians/ etc. Never underestimate the corrupting power of the Internet and an iPhone coupled with a little dose of the pill to fire up the attention whoring and carousal riding.

      2. No. It’ll be over run by mexi-chatholics but it will be a browned out sky sea and earth by the time Jose gets it.
        Besides we’ll see a Yugoslavia Solution to the Muslim question in my life. That goes for the shit colored mexis too. They don’t e in have a friend in Hilary or Barry any more.

    2. I’m Rabbi Shlomo Van Shekelstein and I approve this message. Kids are bad, especially if you’re white.
      Watch some porn, goyim

  28. The propoganda storm to cease reproduction in the west is in full force. We see pieces of the puzzle of how this culling is being perpetrated but to strategize WHAT to do about it we must first understand WHY it is being done. We are a bit shy of being a pure species and our brain function on average is throttled to 10%. A slight handicap. Every country in the world has laws against marrying your sister, for example – that would BLOW THE LID off the junk DNA coverup. Our true origins are kept privy outside the masses. If these are shortcomings, too many still see beauty and virtue in life and the conquering of woman and the forging of family. Our vision is our hope. Our driving souls are above what is physical. If we’re propogandized, we must rebuke. If we’re captive, we break free. If threatened, we rise and quell. We must get a bead on those who are instruments of the forces playing down our will. Common sense.

    1. That 10% is a myth. You use 100% of your brain.
      ~10% of everything the brain does is used for cognitive thought etc.
      The other ~90% deals with keeping your body working.

      1. Correct statement, incorrect analysis. Most of what keeps our body working is housed in the spine, not the brain.
        We do, however, use almost 100% of our brain. 40% of it is storage (Always active, but not ‘in use’ unless we are recalling something particular) but each area of the brain is used for different things (although their interrelation for each kind of activity is often noted)
        However, unlike what fantasists wish (there’s part of the brain unused that we can use for magic! or psychic ability, or whatever…) we use almost every part of our brain in the course of a single day.
        Frankly, our brains produce enormous heat from being used, just like a CPU. if, by some miracle, we WERE able to use ALL of it at one time, we would die almost instantly as our brain temperature surged past our ability to dissipate heat… it would literally burn itself out.

  29. And your knowledge that “the majority of women are wanting to ride the cock carousel’ stems from where? The fact that no one wants to fuck you or let alone be your girlfriend? big surprise, douchebag

  30. If they would GET MARRIED and have babies in their late teens their bodies would snap back into shape and they could continue their education while still young, in their 30s when the kids are becoming autonomous, and get a job to help THEIR HUSBANDS because they’ll still be young and attractive to him and more able to get a good job.

    1. I agree with this, however my experience of most young men is that even if they have a good girlfriend they don’t wanna get married too soon. They’ll delay it as long as possible. What are you guys on ROK doing to promote marriage (in a much nicer state it is now of course) to younger men. Perhaps these younger girls can get with an older guy in this mid-late twenties perhaps he’ll be ‘ready’ but I think it would be better for long term if most people got with people who are 3 years within age of each other.

      1. Marriage doesn’t offer men the benefits it did. Women are taught not to cooperate with and help men, and the divorce laws bribe them to divorce. Men lose large percentages of their property and earnings by marriage. It’s up to women to cut the crap.

        1. Yes I know this already (hence my comment about the state of marriage). My comment is a reflection of lived experience and it seems that the pushes on females on this site are valid, however I fail to see much progress. Are you saying that if the laws around female bias in marriage changed then you & possibly ROK would promote younger men to get married earlier? Because you promote women getting married earlier, I am pointing out that there are indeed women who DO want to marry earlier but they are being turned down alto more than they used to. what is the solution?

        2. Just because they want to get married earlier doesn’t mean they won’t run out on the marriage and clean out the man. The law must specify in direct language that women are not to be favored, that if they don’t honor visitation they must go to prison, that if they are assessed support and don’t pay it they must go to prison, that they can not only be divorced for adultery but may be assessed penalties for it if the husband asks….
          Eliminate the laws automatically awarding the female part of the man’s social security and pension…
          Females who divorce should be socially suspect, especially if it’s more than once and they have kids by several men…
          In other words, treat them like responsible, or potentially responsible adults — you know, as they shrieked and screamed for decades they wanted.
          The problem is due to judges being lawyers. It was likely noticed that chivalric measures resulted in more divorces, so the legislators — mainly lawyers — began to legislate more “compensations” and “protection” for females till they could make a career of divorce and a virtual mint for lawyers.
          I believe public officials should be liable for damaging results and punished for them — but that’s in the far future when citizens are again in the government.

  31. This is a tricky thing. Everyone has different priorities. Yes, children are a blessing from God and nothing is more important than a child. However, some women do choose to hold off on pregnancy until their priorities are straightened out. They want education, established married life, travel the world, etc…that may not be attainable after they have a kid. The ads do come off as a little insensitive, but must we get offended because some women choose to not want a child (just yet)?

  32. Does this men that these women will also take advantage of the “right” to abort their pseudo babies by smashing their violins and breaking their cameras? This ad is asinine. It makes the case (tries to actually) that a material possession or enhanced talent is on par with a human life…this is the epitome of the murder movement that has come to represent the collective sentiment of the unholy union of the hardcore abortion affirming/feminist lesbian of today. Feminism only maintains its power because ugly and misandrist women need access to beautiful and decent looking/non-misandrist women in order to interact with popular society and warp it with their gender based antipathetic sentiments. Christina Hoff Summers wrote a wonderful book called “who stole feminism” that details with great aplomb what the true goal of the modern day feminist movement is: undermining the natural role of men by empowering women to believe themselves as gods over them. Ads like this make an emesis movement almost a given in any human being that values life above everthing else. Great article Tuthmosis…i wish i could write for you and ROK. I am a writer myself and could contribute greatly to the virtual verisimilitude of ROK that exists as an oasis far far away from the arid desert of misinformation that passes for the norm in the mainstream media.

  33. Thank fucking god for birth Control, the very thought of bearing a child to a man like anyone of you, makes my womb want to abort itself!

      1. Not that it matters, but im not a lesbian. Im married and have 3 children. Im 36 and now take permanent birth control, just because thats MY choice….get it?

        1. What you don’t seem to get is that extolling the virtues of birth control in the same virtual breath as you do a predilection towards legalized murder of life (abortion) makes you a perfect example of what this thread is trying to emphasize: a warped level of proper prioritization among a growing number of Women today.

  34. Women are sluts if they use birth control and sluts are to be avoided; they’re frigid lesbian bitches with bad priorities if they don’t put out so fuck them? enjoy your sex doll.

  35. What about condoms? You men use them to stop pregnancy, are you all being selfish too? I don’t believe in abortion, so preventing unwanted pregnancy is the only solution.

    1. condoms stop the fertilization process from taking place BEFORE it takes place, whereas abortifacients act as disruptors for ferilization that is in progress.
      If you use morning after pills you are still engaging in abortion even if you are aborting life that is still miniscule in nature.

      1. The article is about birth control that stops fertilization taking place. Eg. The girl picking up her nuvo ring. There is nothing wrong with preventative contraception. The morning after pills etc, I agree with you, totally irresponsible. But like I said, the article is putting shit on women who choose to use it. Totally sexist.

        1. The article is also about females who make regular trips to their pharmacist to replenish their stock of contraceptives, which gives an implied indication of whorish behavior. That was the initial point i gathered from the article, as well as the poor prioritization of females who think that a career is a perfect substitute for Motherhood.
          I wouldn’t say it’s sexist in nature, because by the writer’s own admission he isn’t saying ALL Women are like this, simply an “overwhelming majority.”

        2. You’re aware that contraceptives, birth control pills in particular, are taken daily and, just like any other prescription, require refills?

        3. You are aware that not all contraceptives, birth control pills in particular, require an Rx?
          You’re probably not aware that I’m a pharmacist by profession so i will excuse you on your lack of knowledge here.

        4. Regardless, your implied absolute remark from earlier is still wrong because it was phrased as an absolute and one which you used to try and invalidate my earlier remarks.

        5. Your comment “not all contraceptives, birth control pills in particular, require an Rx”, was phrased as more of an absolute than my comment was.

        6. No it wasn’t. You don’t know what an absolute is if this is what you choose to rebut with.
          This is me simply stating that not all birth control medications require an Rx. It did not state “all birth control medications do not require an Rx” which would be an absolute.
          Your penchant for error is becoming legendary.

  36. A few reasonable points for discussion:
    I personally would like to have a stable career with benefits that include maternity leave, a home fit for raising a family, a car that runs well and is safe, and of course a decent life partner. All of these things take time, and rather than slut-shaming the women who are being responsible enough to think ahead, we should be questioning the young people who decide to forego birth control and protection and reproduce before they can ensure a stable environment for themselves and their child(ren).
    Also, a couple of little facts a few of you seem to be unaware of: birth control is not killing babies. Prescription birth controls work by preventing ovulation. There is no egg for the sperm to merge with, so a baby never even begins to be formed. Do you use condoms? Because they prevent sperm from being around. Same principle, different logistics.
    And let’s remember that not all women take BC to prevent pregnancy. It helps control serious conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which can start in girls as soon as they begin menstruating, and can lead to serious internal injury and even infertility, or can help women to get periods if they aren’t getting them naturally, which allows their bodies to function better (like increasing the body’s ability to absorb calcium–down with osteoporosis!)
    Bottom line, birth control doesn’t kill babies, it helps women lead healthier lives, and most women who take birth control do so in order to allow themselves and their partners / husbands to attain the stability they always wanted before creating the children they always intended to have.
    *I am not condoning the prioritization of iPhones over reproductive procedures, nor am I condoning the attempt to sue a male babysitter for child support. I think we’re all in agreement that those are all kinds of fucked up.

  37. If men could get pregnant there’d be an abortion clinic on every street corner and contraceptive pills would be free and come in flavours like barbecue and cool ranch.

    1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  38. Tuthmosis you are pathetic. Everything you write wreaks of an inward insecurity that has manifested itself as egoistical mysogynism. Get over yourself.

  39. LOL. Did you look up variegated in a thesaurus? Because the more common usage is for alternating colors, as in variegated leaves or plumage.
    Oh, don’t worry about it. You’ve got so much bullshit crammed in your head that I can’t expect you to actually have a good vocabulary.

  40. Ha ha!! This whole article is fantastic. Simply fantastic. You have done a great job assuming the role of a pea-brained caveman. Please don’t break character anytime soon! This is hilarious!
    Do you not understand that women are not your personal vessels to crap out kids for you? Do you understand that not every woman everywhere wants kids? I sure as hell don’t. In fact, asshats like yourself would be the type to go out and scoop up some cheap ass floozie because your wife got fat after having kids.
    You suck, plain and simple.

  41. “It makes me so mad that grown up women can do anything they want with their
    lifes and most of them are just wasting it, because I know all of them,
    and then later they regret it, you know all of them. I know all of them.
    Yep. You should be raising kids already. Because I said so.” Here I made it shorter for you. 🙂

  42. Are you serious? Women have more to offer than just their uterus, you know. I think it’s great that there are birth control options out there that let women plan when they’re going to shit out a kid. First, you people complain and campaign against teen pregnancy and unfit mothers, but when science comes out with a way to prevent these atrocities, you get all up in arms about it.

  43. Wait, let’s talk about this.
    Some women don’t want kids EVER. Period, end of story. For some women, work will always be their first priority and there is nothing wrong with that.
    Did we ever think not having children just because you are in you “physical prime” is a good thing. Because physically ready for children is different from mentally, financially, and emotionally ready for children.
    Just because a woman uses birth control does not means she is a slut. Just because a woman doesn’t want children does not mean she has to swear abstinence.
    NOT TO MENTION, there are a lot of women late teens and older going to college to receive an education in whatever field they wish to pursue who would much rather have a career that will help send their own children to college and not be miserable going to their dead end job.
    To continue this thought. Let’s apply this to men. If a man goes to buy condoms then he must be a man-whore. If a man doesn’t want to “empty his balls” then what is he good for? Let’s be honest, what man is going to school to be a lawyer or developmental psychologist or a musician? I mean, all they are good for is donating sperm, right? Seriously, how silly of men to think they are good for anything else.

  44. I know this is a stupid waste of a site and I hate myself intensely for stooping to a response, but I can’t stop at this point.
    Hormones have a side-effect of preventing birth because of how they affect ovulation, however there are other uses for them. About 15% of women take these hormones primarily for medical conditions. In addition, as you stated, the family planning benefits of birth control are unnumbered.
    And, even if some of these women’s priorities are on phones over babies, why is it concerning that they use BC? Wouldn’t you prefer an immature person *not* be a parent? Just as I would be concerned with a young male student buying an X-box game over condoms? Is that the sort of person you want parenting?
    I really don’t care what you think, I know this will either be deleted or picked apart for whatever reason you can think of, but I just care that women are getting medical care they need and that there are fewer unwanted children in the world. Fewer abortions too. I really don’t care what a person’s motivations for taking a medication are, the whole point of this is that you can’t know, nor should you guess, and ultimately it doesn’t matter if it prevents someone who isn’t ready to be a parent from being one.
    I won’t get into your issues with women pursuing careers or education, it concerns me that you are so incensed by people trying to improve themselves in positive ways because they’re the ‘wrong gender for it’, but we will ignore that. I just would love if you take a second to really think through why you’re upset that people who aren’t ready for children aren’t having them. A child deserves to be loved and well cared for, so maybe take your focus off yourself for a moment and consider what you’re actually advocating for.

    1. “Fewer abortions too.”
      That is a lie.
      The Pill was first invented in 1961. Prior to its invention, the abortion rate in the US was never higher than 0.57 abortions per 1,000 people. That’s how much they revered human life and unborn children.
      From 1970 onward, ten years after the pill’s introduction, abortion rates have never dropped below 11 per 1,000 people, or 12% of all pregnancies. Prior to the pill’s introduction, abortions constituted 0.01% of pregnancies in the US. The Pill hasn’t done jack shit about the abortion rate. If anything it’s contributed to it because women now will fuck thinking they’re protected by the pill when in fact they’re not.

      1. Before I say anything, next time look at studies for arguments, not assumptions based on correlation. You’re using a logical fallacy to prove your point–that correlation equals causation. By your logic, increase ice cream sales cause higher temperatures, because ice cream sales correlate with hotter days.
        In response:
        First, you’re going off of recorded abortion; prior to safe, legal abortions becoming available, many women sought unsafe and unlicensed procedures. Consider that marijuana is legal in Colorado but not California–sales numbers are higher in Colorado, this does not mean that Californians do not consume marijuana. Current research shows that unsafe, unreported abortions are *much* higher in countries with restricted access to abortion. In fact, abortion rates are highest in countries where contraceptive use and abortion is most restricted. But that is related to the point we’re on.
        Second, the pill was *not* invented in 1961. Birth control methods, including ingestible methods post conception, have existed since antiquity. Rome pushed a plant into extinction due to its contraceptive value. 1960 is when the FDA approved a safe birth control pill for widespread use. However, after its release, controversy over its use often affected use, and in fact, some of the biggest historical spikes in abortion occur *during those times of controversy*. Look at the numbers during times of restricted access or fear of side effects. (
        Third, concerning the pairing of correlation with causation, studying the progression of US society as a whole and pairing that with the pill is invalid for making conclusions. It ignores the thousands of confounding variables that co-occurred. Perceptions of women’s rights have changed radically in the last half century. You’re ignoring the changes that have occurred in regards to fertility preferences, availability of abortion, sexual attitudes, as well as women having more say in what happens to their bodies. Access to abortions also rose during this time (both safe and unsafe). There are too many confounding variables to say a single factor caused an increase in abortions over a widespread area over *50 years*. Additionally, over the same time span, abortions have risen much more in countries where contraceptives and abortions are severely restricted (see Russia and abortion rates before and after the legalization of contraceptives).
        Last, if you care about looking at evidence, look at what happens in a well studied, short period of time when you introduce easy access to the pill/contraceptives to an area that previously did not have access. In Peipert’s study of providing low/no cost birth control to almost 10,000 women, abortions dropped to 0.063% of women, compared to the national average of 0.341%. That’s over a five times difference. Participants in the study were also recruited from a population more likely to seek abortion (supporting that the decrease would likely be even more in the general population). Unintended pregnancies are also more likely to be terminated, and in the US, 50% of pregnancies are unintended, which is very high for a developed nation (about 10% higher). In 1990, prior to Russia legalizing contraceptives, abortions were up to 10% of women.
        For more resources linking contraception with reduced abortion:

  45. This is an old post but I have observed something recently and hoping someone can deconstruct whats going on. Currently pregnant I have been attending pre natal/NCT classes with my partner. There are 8 couples. Apart from us, every couple of both sexes is minimum aged 34 – 40. They are all married and have all been together for a minimum of 6 years, max 17 years. I am left wondering why if most of them have been together for most of their twenties (2 couples since 16/18) why they have waited until the mid thirties to start a family? I think to myself, well they’ve all bought property and that probably took a while especially in the expensive city where we live! but I had a boyfriend aged 18-22 and couldn’t imagine still being with him all that time and only just starting a family aged 35? It’s not unusual for these couple, It seems be the norm for most.

    1. The couples are all 34-40 because it takes a modern woman at least 30 years before she stops playing chicken with her fertility.
      A woman’s ability to make babies drops precipitously from the age of 30, and after 35 it’s about 25% chance of conceiving or less. Any gynaecologist will confirm that. There’s also that older eggs (and older wombs – freezing eggs doesn’t get you round it) tend to produce more autistic or Downs Syndrome children.
      And the main reason she’s been pretending there’s no such thing as a biological clock is because she can’t withstand the bass beat of feminist-backed consumerism that pushes her like a pinball around the glittering machine that is her local mall. The cacophony of modern consumerism is so loud it takes until the age of 30 for a woman to realise she’s not getting any younger and if she wants to either make her life have any meaning and/or to get the ultimate accessory — a child — she had better get off her arse and get busy.
      Bad enough that there is so much shit she feels compelled to buy in order to feel like a fulfilled human being, but in addition to this she’s told lies from more or less childhood that she can have a full career and the functional family at once. Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Yahoo, encourages women explicitly in her autohagiography “Lean In” to fuck bad boys through their twenties so they can find a “good” man in their thirties. This is facepalming stuff — especially given her husband dropped dead on a treadmill while in his low forties or so. How much more time might she have had with him had she gone looking for him, or a similar man, when she was twenty or so?
      That said, it’s not all her fault. As said, she’s been told these lies from childhood. And she was raised by the most narcissistic generation of them all, the generation that literally called itself the “Me” generation, the generation that first taught the lie you can put individual needs and desires over those of your children born or unborn — children who did not ask to be conceived or born, one might add.

      1. Yes all that is true. Its still wierd that the married ones waited so long. Im 29 and the only reason i just started is because me and my ex split aged 23 and it took until 27 for the next ltr. I know ifme n him stayed we would of had a few babies by now

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